Stones in a sentence | Use of the word stones examples

I certainly cannot throw stones here; again, I’m far more Jewish during Passover than I am during any other time of year.

And then we got everyone to make a little cairn, which is like a Scottish thing that’s like a mountain of stones.

“We tried to block them with molotov cocktails and fireworks, but these ran out with time and we just had stones.”

Protesters threw stones at the Israeli troops.

Patti Hansen, married to Rolling stones guitarist Keith Richards, got her modeling start with Wilhelmina.

Mobs burned a village health center, blocked a highway and pelted cars with stones.

Their dinner consisted of hot dog bits, corners of fried , and whatever else fell onto the porous stones in front of the church.

(Sorry, 2006 Rolling stones.)

How much of the decision to bring in the Hells Angels do you think it’s fair to lay on the Rolling stones alone?

I would say it was the Grateful Dead as much as the Rolling stones who were responsible for hiring them.

The researchers also ground up some ochre themselves, experimenting with different stones and analyzing the results.

At a folding table, a local runner recorded the times on a hand-drawn chart held down by four stones.

Safe environments are a way for young people of color to remind ourselves that we are more than just stepping stones for others’ success.

I become a rumbling pile of stones, a merry band of ladybugs.

These are all some of the stepping stones you’d take if you were trying to climb to the upper echelons of House power.

When they can’t get to you so they throw stones instead but your ninja reflexes are on fleek.”

We’re told the bag contained a pair of Cartier Panther cuff links with clear and green stones, valued at $30k.

But Gallant and Aiko made fast friends, and “Skipping stones” is the result.

Choose stones to represent her family members, friends, or just mix colors you know she loves.

There were some blues progressions buried in what they did and they played some Rolling stones covers.

The Ramones, David Bowie, The stones.

India claims the confrontation broke out after Chinese troops crossed into Indian territory carrying iron rod and stones.

For Lawrence, the moment came last year, when she told a “funny story” that involved defiling sacred stones in Hawaii.

They are the only bright colors in the image and they corral my focus on them like bright flowers among gray stones.

Yet long before this hue of ground semi-precious stones, there was a synthetic blue pigment widely used in ancient Egypt.

stones had been stuffed down his throat to asphyxiate him.

I took refuge along the lake, hiding among some large stones.

The thieves stole two gold crowns and an orb encrusted with with gold, precious stones, and pearls.

“Blue & Lonesome” by The Rolling stones

“Blue & Lonesome” is the Rolling Stone’s first album in over a decade.

“These [weapons] exterminate not only the people but also exterminate even the stones, the buildings, the streets,” says Salmo.

Considering all this, perhaps oysters’ most famous ability is arguably its least impressive: They can make shiny stones.

Protestors threw stones and water bottles and pounded his car with their fists, chanting “traitor, traitor,” before Palestinian security forces pushed them away.

The camera locks on a stone driveway as water is splashed across it, then a broom is pushed back and forth, washing the stones.

Heck, they’d also like to know if medicines to treat kidney stones work in space.

Some stones are better left unturned.

No word yet on when the stones will be back on the road, but this video is a good sign, for sure.

The Beatles, the Rolling stones, and Marvin Gaye were filthy rich, but it’s hard to imagine them crooning about their money and mansions.

Here the stones’ color and luminosity, painstakingly rendered, are shown in their full glory.

The Rolling stones also fired off a letter during the 2016 campaign after Trump used “Start Me Up” to get the crowd revved up.

Yet the average person in the Stone Age knew what to do with stones more than people in the plastic age.

Yet the average person in the Stone Age knew what to do with stones more than people in the plastic age.

Now, turn up the volume … and on the right side of your screen click the gold glove with all the Infinity stones in it.

Ultimately, though, no turtleneck could save her from all those stones.

Poking through a sea of gold glitter was an assortment of what appeared to be precious stones, minerals, and shards of glass.

There were, however, no differences in treatment for definitive conditions like toothaches, kidney stones, or broken bones.

When he stopped talking, the Rolling stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” played.

Maduro blames the opposition for traumatizing children and others via protests that often turned violent, with hooded demonstrators throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

Palestinian protesters rally at the Gaza-Israel border, hurling stones and firebombs, with some militants trying to breach the frontier, according to the Israeli military.

The Elite Beat Agents achieved it with the Rolling stones‘ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”.

Being onstage with The stones, with The Kinks, with The Doors, with The Byrds, with the Mothers, with Zeppelin, The Who.

The remaining seven were injured by stones hurled by demonstrators, he added.

Police responded with tear gas and the crowd threw flares and stones back at them.

It was crushed on stones and we did not use kitchenware other than a knife.

Trump’s tweet might have been a case of throwing stones from inside a glass house.

While Thanos and his henchmen hunt for the remaining stones, the Avengers — split into various unconventional but hilarious pairings — try to stop them.

Also, Steve is tasked with returning the Infinity stones to their respective timelines.

These stones are the bedrock of the deserts and mountains of the Eastern Mediterranean and are still a common construction material.

But most players have very little equipment—the kids play barefoot or in flip-flops, and the rim is held up with large stones.”

The 75-year-old Rolling stones frontman is back in a studio practicing dance routines.

To honor Egyptian Lover’s enduring legacy, stones Throw will release a collection of his early material, Egyptian Lover 1983-1988 Anthology, on April 15.

Egyptian Lover’s 1983-1988 anthology is out April 15 via stones Throw.

A National Guard armored car slammed into protesters who were throwing stones and hitting the vehicle.

Even the Avengers were given a 1 in 14 million chance to beat Thanos … and he had all 6 Infinity stones.

It is comprised of Galilee stones that were chiseled by local stonemasons.

The crowd set fires, lobbed glass bottles, stones and ceramic pots at law enforcement, who responded with pepper spray, arrests and warning shots.

The crowd set fires, lobbed glass bottles, stones and ceramic pots at law enforcement, who responded with pepper spray, arrests and warning shots.

Entire riffs from bands like Black Sabbath and The Rolling stones were incorporated into Molam songs from this era.

Engraved boulders called “hunger stones” are emerging in the Elbe River, near the Czech town Decin, due to a lasting drought in Central Europe.

More than a dozen of the stones are now visible.

The dragonfire doesn’t directly burn the stones, it just heats up the air so much that everything surrounding it would blow up.

They’ll turn into stepping stones, crucial life lessons that have allowed him to blossom into the top-tier, all-around weapon he currently is.

Some threw stones and other projectiles at riot police who responded with teargas.

In Florence, he commissioned a pietre dure table, made with a secretive technique involving a wheel-driven machine that shaped semiprecious stones for inlaid mosaics.

People are seriously obsessed with the Rolling stones, and hardcore fans call themselves “los rolingas.”

Jungle residents also say that locals will throw stones at them.

Palestinian protesters rally at the Gaza-Israel border, hurling stones and firebombs, with some militants trying to breach the frontier, according to the Israeli military.

While his 2015 playlists covered perhaps more predictable ground for America’s foremost Cool Dad — the Temptations, the Rolling stones, Coldplay, etc.

Dressed the Beatles and the Rolling stones.

The Rolling stones proved to 500,000 Cubans, you can always get what you want … if you wait long enough.

The stones ignored the Pope’s request that they refrain from playing on Good Friday.

Strummer even made songs by ubiquitous acts like the Rolling stones and Elvis feel like whimsical experiences.

A dead white goat lies on dark gray stones in the immediate foreground.

“See the stones we are standing on?

Having suffered complications following her miscarriage, Hussein complains that carrying the stones put her in a lot of pain.

Animals Have Feelings is out on March 4 with stones Throw.

He’s been working closely with stones Throw for a while.

So Wish You Were Here came out on cassette, and stones Throw handled the digital.

If thought of as crude waste, they might be considered ugly, but they are quite lovely when imagined as stepping stones.

The Ronettes were such a big deal that in 1964 the Rolling stones were chosen as their opening act for a UK tour.

These seemingly solemn, heavy stones contain light thanks to the glass within them.

Or even how hikers stack stones to mark their path.

The pizza spends most of its time in the oven on the peel, not on the stones.

The cats alone have 1,800 stones, while the necklace has 2,800.

“All of these things can contribute to a higher rate of kidney stones,” he said.

Other doctors aren’t sure that the keto diet is the true culprit behind the kidney stones.

He said a combination of “tons and tons of meat” and not enough water could lead to kidney stones.

In Infinity War, the Avengers were tasked with preventing Thanos from obtaining the Infinity stones.

The people in that period didn’t ask to be foot stones in your road.

What if the police are overwhelmed and can’t stop the violence by arresting everyone who’s throwing stones or pointing guns?

“I placed painted stones or small sculptures on top of those paintings, and then, out of curiosity, I snapped photos of these impromptu set-ups.

Manam Island resident Jordan Sauba told local media his house was destroyed by ash and stones.

The stones in Madison Square Garden?’

“Later they pelted stones at three mosques and some Muslim-owned shops.

When my great-great-grandfather died at stones River, he was giving his life to keep black people in chains.

He ran towards the burning car barefoot across the field, oblivious to the mud and stones.

Anti-Vietnam War protests in the 1960s drew thousand of Britons, including celebrities of the day like Rolling stones frontman Mick Jagger.

Taking too much vitamin D can also be harmful, causing kidney stones, gastrointestinal symptoms, changes in cognition, and more, she added.

Most Gaza protesters stay around tent camps but groups have ventured closer to the border fence, rolling burning tyres and throwing stones.

I get some plaster, some paving stones, some roof tiles, easily stepping into shadows and alleyways on the rare occasion that I spot someone.

Chimpanzees might be more cautious about cracking nuts loudly using stones, for example, for fear of attracting the attention of poachers.

Witnesses said stones were thrown at the soldiers.

These would be specific locations that are particularly important to chimpanzees for tool use or communication—a cave or group of stones, for example.

But what if these pieces of worked stones were more than just utilitarian?

First Sculpture features 76 artifacts, from handaxes to anthropomorphic stones, that range in age from 2.5 million to 50,000 years old.

These are necessary tools, but the exhibition argues that we owe it to the stones to consider what else they might be.

Figure stones, such as the Makapansgat pebble, associated with the hominin genus Australopithecus need not have been functional.

But figure stones have never featured strongly in mainstream academic discussions of hominin evolution.

“One result of this aversion is an almost complete absence of figure stones in organized, catalogued museum collections,” write Berlant and Wynn.

These stones shouldn’t be stripped of their material history.

First Sculpture: Handaxes to Figure stones continues at Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas through April 28.

We’re also told the pendant is 257 grams of gold with 25 ctw/carats of VVS quality stones.

And time is present in his caveman riffs on modern technologies: calculators and remote controls are coated in sand and stones.

It starts off as a dugout pit lined on the bottom and sides with volcanic stones, which help regulate the temperature.

More rocks, leaves, and finally earth cover the subterranean oven, which is marked by a ring of smooth stones.

You’re now a walking dollar sign to anyone who has stones big enough to take you out.

Protesters threw stones and bottles at police outside its campaign party in Berlin on Sunday.

But there are many colors of paint that are made up of very different pigments that were for example metals, stones, crystals.

John stones, though?

“Who could hang a name on you?” That song—and the phrase “Ruby Tuesday”—made a chart-topping single for the Rolling stones in 1967.

Plus, they didn’t steal it, they borrowed it from that Rolling stones song JUST LIKE THE RESTAURANT DID.

We got our name from the Rolling stones song, as did they.

Though the stones have mostly disappeared from memory, the man behind them has not.

“The hollow eyes, which were probably filled with glass or precious stones, date it to the first centuries of the empire,” Parisi Presicce says.

But many protesters still managed to get near the border and throw stones at Israeli soldiers.

Japan was labelled with the tantalizing note “precious stones are found on these islands.”

When police asked one group of activists — known as the “black bloc” — to remove their masks, they were reportedly attacked with bottles and stones.

Kitaj are displayed, as are litho stones and a step-by-step guide to the process of making lithographs.

The search warrant said they were looking for unlicensed firearms, grenades and stones.

I got two more stones inserted into my shaft after the first one healed up.

But even if publishing the tape didn’t meet TMZ’s standards, he thinks “traditional media” should hold off before casting stones at Gawker.

At one point, soldiers from the two sides threw stones and punches.

But we’re talking about well into the Beatles and the Rolling stones and past Elvis.

I feel that The Rolling stones and the Beatles, they’re fantastic music, but their performances were very similar year after year.

Even today The Rolling stones in their performance, the way they perform is pretty much the way they’ve always performed.

The Rolling stones, to write about the Rolling stones would’ve been like writing about a strip club or something.

He was like, wore Brooks Brothers, even when he started Rolling stones he has a Brooks Brothers shirt on.

Then he rolls out the pantheon, the stones and the Beatles and everybody you love.

“You see holes, you notice with the placement of stones that someone has been there,” she said.

There are no stones left unturned.

Designer Sophie Monet marries blocky, Matisse-like shapes with materials like exotic wood, precious stones, and metals (sustainable whenever possible).

Clemson’s epic national championship rings feature 2 trophies … 32 signature stones … and one perfectly executed piece of shade at Alabama football!!!

Inspired by the natural world’s fractured stones and broken surfaces, Kuwata uses pottery to reflect Japanese history while illustrating modern values.

Kuwata uses a traditional Japanese pottery technique, ishi-haze—also known as stone explosion—where stones overheat in a kiln and rupture.

Usually this method involves using very small stones to make tea ceramics, but Kuwata uses oversized pebbles and rocks to distort the shapes.

In doing so, the stones explode and melt, resulting in his distinct, distorted ceramic designs.

Collapse will be out on on May 20, but it’s available for pre-order now via the stones Throw website.

“You see holes, you notice with the placement of stones that someone has been there,” she said.

He said the monuments appear to be large rectangular stones with plaques that carry some sort of inscription.

It broke out when Palestinians gathered on the border between the Hamas-run enclave and Israel then began throwing stones.

They are held in that suspense against each other, weight and gravity pressing in, by stones bracing them at the floor.

And instead of filling their pots with feathers and stones, the friars used sweets.

The Williamson mine is known for yielding high-quality “bubblegum” pink stones, according to the company’s announcement of the sale.

“Is it meritocracy that it was the Rolling stones and the Beatles and Elvis” who became music’s biggest hits?

The reason for the astronomical price tag … it’s literally covered in gold and precious stones.

Right now, we’re doing work for the stones, Lady Gaga, and Coldplay.

“When I made these phone calls to inquire about buying data, they spoke as if they were selling stones or apples.

Last weekend, the Beuys stones were removed from their Chelsea location due to construction plans.

As Dia confirmed in a statement, “Due to construction on West 22nd Street, several basalt stones from 7000 Oaks have been temporarily removed.

They don’t glide—they drop like stones.

Scientists have used GPS units to track to stones‘ movements, and have proven that they’re mobile.

We have a lawsuit from the Rolling stones to thank for its inclusion.

Norris became aware of the stones when he was just a kid.

Israel said it was defending the frontier against crowds that threw stones and burned tyres in an attempt to cross.

Hettinger got the idea while visiting Israel and watching children throw stones at police officers.

We didn’t turn over too many stones.

Stacks of stones lie in front of half-completed houses.

Kevin Hart grossed $100 million last year on the road—more than U2 and the Rolling stones.

The Rolling stones built their legend on choosing the dirty over you.

Palestinians hurled stones and burning tyres near the frontier fence, where Israeli army sharpshooters are deployed.

Every superlative has long been exhausted on The Rolling stones.

There’s no glory in writing that the Rolling stones put on one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen.

Offer them an apology and ask them to fork over the mortgage payment required to attend a Rolling stones show in 2016.

The underlying theme is that by all practical logic, there should not be a Rolling stones show in 2016.

Mick rocked orange and black Knicks-colored jacket and a Rolling stones t-shirt.

He told me that he first saw the stones in DC.

Instead of the stones, Emigholz films the electronic band Kreidler as they record their EP, ABC, in a studio in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Oddly, the studio has the same spaciousness and color scheme as Olympic Studios in London, where the stones recorded in One Plus One.

And throwing stones suggests desperation, employed when one has little else for self-defense against hostility or indifference.

And the stones who’ve known all along tell the skies, invite the vultures.

We want somebody with kidney stones having to negotiate in the ER?

“In the area are sacred stones where our ancestors went to pray for good direction, strength and protection for the coming year.

The stones are still there, and our people still go there today.”

His taste moved from The Beatles to the stones to Motown and the blues.

SM: Tell me about the decision to use that Rolling stones song “No Expectations” in Lives of Performers.

A diabetic, Bae was reportedly hospitalized in North Korea for a range of medical problems, including kidney stones and loss of vision.

Afghanistan sits upon an estimated $1 trillion in mineral wealth, a combination of precious stones, natural gas, copper and lithium deposits.

Afghanistan sits upon an estimated $1 trillion in mineral wealth, a combination of precious stones, natural gas, copper and lithium deposits.

Wanting to throw stones through glass windows is an exciting notion.

Careful throwing those stones, Gruden.

As protesters chanted anti-Saudi slogans, some hurled stones and Molotov cocktails, eventually setting part of the complex ablaze.

She smashed up Kansas bars “first with bricks and stones, then an iron rod, and finally a seven-pound hatchet” taken from the railroad company.

Right, because they know where the sharks are, where the stones are buried, and they made it, so they have insight.

Brees says the pink stones are only worth $176k.

Thanos sent a bunch of people on missions throughout the course of different MCU movies to retrieve Infinity stones.

Miller’s piece has everything from 18k gold to baguette and princess cut diamonds — all VVS stones!

Before Pence, before Trump, there was an empty podium and the Rolling stones blasting through the speakers.

And what Rolling stones song did the campaign choose?

All the stones are imported from Italy, there’s a theater, sauna and gym.

Protesters set fires and threw stones in Kibera, and in Mathare a church was firebombed.

A pair of sage green velvet pants custom-made for the Rolling stones frontman, and later shared with his bandmate, are up for auction.

People have been throwing stones all day at the police.

In the past, tribes would decorate themselves with feathers or precious stones to set them apart from other tribe members and attract potential mates.

Cardi’s shiny 8-carat stone’s surrounded by 2 half-carat pear diamonds and 2 carats worth of pink and white stones.

The Rolling stones have pulled the plug on their summer No Filter North American tour because Mick Jagger has health issues.

#notaninsult #lackofcreativity” So, perhaps he’s justified on casting these stones.

There are specialists, online courses, and worry stones.

Each chapter is devoted to one famous rivalry—Beatles vs. stones, Oasis vs.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words fuckin’ hurt just as bad.”

It was made by Jacob & Co. back in 2015, it features 239 emerald-cut baguette diamond stones, each weighing up to 3 carats.

And too much urea can lead to kidney stones or kidney damage.)

Captain America: The First AvengerThis film sets the overarching narrative of the Avengers team, and gives context to the power of Infinity stones.

The presence of so many small stones led to her conclusion that the girl had been alive when she was in the water.

The Rolling stones?

Go, a two-player game, is played on a board with 361 squares, with an unlimited supply of white and black game pieces, called stones.

She was covered in a blanket so the first thing that came to my mind was kidney stones.

Others green, tiny, and hard as stones.

John stones actually nutmegs Mohamed Salah on the goal line!

In Hebron, Bethlehem and Nablus, dozens of Palestinians threw stones at Israeli soldiers who fired back with tear gas.

That zine is called STICKS & stones.

As a 1981 New York Times article chronicles, white Rolling stones fans pelted him with fruit and bottles when he toured with them.

They have placed the carcasses of cars, buses, and trailers in strategic locations, as well as heaps of dirt, logs, and stones.

If you put everything into your training and you leave no stones unturned, I don’t think ring rust comes into it.

Thanos wants the Infinity stones.

This movie hinges on Thanos obtaining the Infinity stones.

“God takes away even the hardest stones against which our hopes and expectations crash: death, sin, fear, worldliness,” he said.

In Latin America, the equivalent players start playing soccer without shoes, in stones and dirt.

“They pick up stones and offer them to each other.

Mason stones

These soapstone cubes will keep a glass of whiskey cold without watering down your pour.

Over time, that stress can lead to kidney stones and chronic damage.

And all salt is really sea salt, even if it is scraped from rocks, found underneath stones, or discovered in mines.

Doctors have long known that a person’s risk of kidney stones goes up when ambient temperatures rise.

(stones are also a risk factor for chronic kidney disease.)

So the more a person sweats, and forgets to rehydrate, the more likely they are to form kidney stones.

Hot days are already a risk factor for stones.

The breathtakingly ornate stones of the world’s largest medieval Armenian cemetery were no more.

The added advantage of using plant-based materials is that they can be locally sourced and manufactured cheaply and easily using presses and grinding stones.

Mansudae works in a variety of mediums: woodcuts, oil paintings, charcoal drawings, embroideries, and even jeweled paintings made with semi-precious stones.

But today, the former was confirmed when Rolling stones founding member Jagger released a new track called “England Lost” featuring a verse from Skep.

From there, Family members follow colourful pieces of string hanging from trees or piles of stones to find their way to the location.

He evokes the surfaces and textures of stones, leaves, tree bark, moss, mist, and pools of water.

He possesses the imaginative ability to infuse his stones with anthropomorphic qualities.

Look at the stones stacked on the left side of the drawing.

Are we looking at a wall or a totem made of stones?

My present work is breaking stones.

Every band breaks up except the Rolling stones.

I have two vintage typewriters and a collection of books, stones, tarot cards, and objects that keep me company.

“This excludes a bladder stone as part of your evaluation as recurrent UTIs can cause infection and infections cause stones.

A cystoscopy can further check for stones, as well as UTI causes by looking at the lining and bladder abnormalities.

“As well as being a wonderful and kind man, [Bowie] was an extraordinary artist, and a true original,” The Rolling stones wrote.

In 1981, the Rolling stones invited Prince to open up for them for some dates, beginning with shows at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

The band managed to make it through their five or six songs, but after leaving the stage, they immediately quit the stones‘ tour.

When I hear that story, I want to believe that the stones fans in Los Angeles just weren’t ready for Prince’s music.

Cherif thought it might be one of the stones that Tuareg artisans use to make jewelry.

Perhaps meditate with some grounding stones, like black obsidian or black tourmaline.

Sometimes we want crystals for specific spells and purposes; sometimes we simply want a couple of all-purpose stones to learn on before going full-mystic.

If you have a more specific goal in mind, do a little research on stones best suited to your goals.

(You can also bathe your crystals in sunlight, but prepare certain stones to lose their color or crack.)

Sticks and stones did not carry as much weight as words in the eyes of the law.

Beatles or stones?

It’s sort of like Rolling stones concerts, I’m pretty much done with them.

No, I’m just saying, they’re like the Rolling stones, right?

At that time, most Americans who bought diamonds bought tiny, inexpensive stones.

Today, however, the biggest threat to diamonds might be brides like Moriah who are increasingly willing to consider other stones.

In the past, deep, widening craters, 250 feet and growing, and large, almost perfectly-round stones have appeared in the Siberian Arctic.

The crowd threw stones and clusters of sand from the bullpit, chanting Caspa!

It’s a really daunting affair, built out of these castle-like stones with turrets that make it look like a medieval fortress.

Seconds later, about two dozen people, including young men wearing motorbike helmets, run over and throw stones at the building.

You feel that your memories are stolen from you,” she said as little Riad played with stones in the courtyard.

The film ‘The Rolling stones Olé Olé Olé!

The stones formed in London in 1962, three years after Fidel Castro’s bearded rebels toppled a pro-American government.

“That’s a tough one,” Richards said when asked where the stones might go next in the service of rock and roll diplomacy.

At one time they may be carbuncle stones, then coals, then diamonds, then flint stones, then morning dew, then tears.

A photograph from the clash provided by Arce’s office showed a man lying belly-up on blood-stained stones in a field.

But enough about that—we had some much more interesting action in the fourth, thanks to catcher Jungseo Cho and his iron stones.

Besides Queen, other musicians who have asked Trump to stop using their music include Rolling stones, Adele, and Aerosmith.

So much of the narrative around Guyville was that it was a response to the Rolling stones.

Since the dawn of time, when we had stones, I’m sure there was fraud with stones and fraud with this …

Previously, we covered pizza stones, which are excellent for pizza baking but tend to cost more.

We thought pans and stones deserved separate guides.

Read an excerpt from the book below that tells of early David Bowie shows and getting blanked by the Rolling stones.

Everyone seems to know some myth about her: “Nico had a love story with one of the stones?

He’s saying, excitedly, “My two favorite bands in the world, Roxy Music and The stones, in the same hotel!”

More excited than the promoter was yours truly, the kid from Mott and Broome is gonna PARTY with The stones!!!

And, of course, there are those Infinity stones, which are peppered, some more discreetly than others, throughout those 18 movies.

In lieu of city streets and blank building walls, the 8-bit images are inserted into the surrounded scenery by hand and stones.

The door attributed to both the Rolling stones‘ late founder Brian Jones and actor Liam Neeson made the crowd hoot.

In one picture, there is a simple church and unremarkable house rising up from behind an embankment of stones and gravel.

Not to cast stones from this awfully glassy American house, but Japan still treats mixed-race Japanese as others, no matter their birthplace.

The thick, dark elevated track feels poised to crush the already dead even further, pushing even the stones back into the earth.

Pendants made of colored enamels and precious or semiprecious stones are conspicuous.

But the Arch of Triumph, for example, was partially destroyed, but most of the stones are still on the ground nearby.

From Tlapa, the road gets higher and rougher as the sun sets, eventually becoming a narrow, winding track of mud and stones.

The interplay between the directional brushstrokes (waves), storm clouds (tonal washes), and stones (black fingerprints) is unique in 19th-century painting.

“Fishes, water, stones,” comes the reply.

They’ve been doing this for 50 years, you know?The first of the bands I saw here was The stones.

How did The stones compare this weekend?The same.

I almost got to the Rolling stones’ but they had security guards on horses guarding them.

At the entrance to the solemn space are recorded protests of innocence by the victims, silently screaming from the stones.

If Coachella is a ten, this is a zero.​Nicki:​ Let’s go get a drink before The stones start.

We’ll see what The stones do.I saw The stones once at the Colosseum [a long time ago], and that was it.

Land artist Chris Drury built a series of outdoor camera obscuras out of natural materials like cedar logs and stones.

And Bob Dylan and The stones, to a certain extent.

We also did it on the first day for The stones.

He should’ve been my dad!Terri: The only one I saw prior to this was The Rolling stones.

That was on their 50th anniversary tour a few years ago.Scott: I’ve seen The stones over 30 times.

Even like at high school football games we used to rock out on The stones, and before we would go out.

Who did you come to see?Shane: Rolling stones and Roger Waters.Emily: ​Roger Waters.

I don’t know how the Rolling stones keep doing it.

Here are what those stones look like.

Watch the video for “Two Birds No stones” below: (Image via YouTube) Follow Noisey on Twitter.

For Among Trees and stones, artist Matthew Jensen explored Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, installing an archive of its history in the gatehouse.

/ Solitary stones in my ear.

The only other time that happened at the ‘Shoe was when the Rolling stones played.

The 19 paintings in Among Trees and stones were selected from over 400 works in Green-Wood’s collection.

Yet each element of Among Trees and stones reinforces that connection between New York’s culture and this historic place of death.

It’s all sun-dusted stones vibes, loaded with big piano chords, cracked vocals, and a kind of ecstatic ennui.

Dubious but open-minded, I rocketed some small stones off into the distant tumbleweeds and heaved some boulders a few feet away.

Soon, The Beatles and the Rolling stones and so many others were reintroducing American music to the fickle American teenage audience.

You still see people rocking stones T-shirts!

The ones that are blown out of the tree and land with a sickening crack on the stones?

Below, the stones Throw affiliate reflects on his relationship with Junie, and shares a career-spanning playlist of his favorite tracks.

Dâm-Funk: Junie had become a friend of mine around 2010, a year after my first full-length album Toeachizown was released on stones Throw Records.

In 2015, he would record two joints for my second full-length album, Invite the Light (again released on stones Throw).

Here the artist has fastened small carved stones to ropes, hanging them at different heights from a horizontal wooden plank fixed to the wall.

“There are probably still some unturned stones out there,” he said.

Shouts to the stones‘ “Moonlight Mile” as well, which unfortunately didn’t make this list because it doesn’t sound like despair.

At the end of the main alley, a sizeable, rectangular edifice appears with its large windows and old stones.

Rolling stones’ first records were hits.

It’s made up of 1,100 stones — white diamonds and red rubies spelling out “Loyalty 21.”

At the end of Endgame, Steve Rogers is tasked with returning each of the Infinity stones to their respective timelines.

They emerged from the vehicles, clobbered her with stones, and took notebooks and cash she had been carrying, she said.

Rogers goes back and returns all the stones, a trip that should only take seconds.

In 1969, a ticket to a Rolling stones concert cost about $8.

If Infinity War is to mean anything long term, it has little to do with Thanos and his shiny stones.

To the displeasure of sugar-lovers, rock candy, unlike real stones, cannot be  readily found in nature.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The line is from the song “Dead Flowers” by the Rolling stones.

There are scores of little jumbles of wire, conjoined bits of wood and cement, urethane foam, stones, plaster, wax, animal bones and the like.

The Sunday Times ranked the members of the Rolling stones separately.

Megaliths are any old arrangement of stones that were assembled in ancient times, presumably for mystic rituals.

The most interesting thing about Polk is that, as a teen, he had surgery to remove bladder stones with no anesthetic except brandy.

Anti-Vietnam War protests in the 1960s drew thousand of Britons, including celebrities of the day like Rolling stones frontman Mick Jagger.

Rookie Corner…stones?

I’ve probably photographed more standing stones and prehistoric monuments than anybody else in Britain, for example.

I guess that song about sticks and stones got it wrong.

Embrace the sleaze, roll out the weird coke-y Devo Rolling stones covers.

Wipe everything clean, Walk out into the path of cherry blossom trees and let your motherboard feel the stones,” the poem started.

It’s sticks and stones.”

In another work, artist Johny Andonia studies stone-cutters in the Jerusalem area by collecting from dump sites discarded stones deemed imperfect by the artisans.

Finding beauty in those imperfections, Andonia presents a series of paintings that probe the inner lines and veins of the stones that cause breakage.

Nikki Ziering says the “Rolling stones” legend tried not once but twice to score with her, but she shut him down both times.

stones is harder, so how about “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Jumping Jack Flash”?!

Like Thanos with the Infinity stones … the Dallas Cowboys will elevate into legit GALAXY DESTROYERS when Ezekiel Elliott returns — so says Michael Irvin.

Before that, I was into the stones.

I grew up in a house where The Rolling stones were the biggest band.

The stones, powered by solar panel, are activated on each full moon, which happens to fall on the second night of the festival.

The pair are even here for Friday night’s ceremony, wandering around between the marble stones.

Cost: £690k (£1 million today) The most decadent shit that happens: The Rolling stones strut around a miniature New York.

The Clash, the stones, classics.

The stones are going to kick it.

But goddamnit, you literally cannot outlaw The Rolling stones, it only makes them stronger.

Jerusalem stone, one of my favorite stones.

Well, he likes the stones and the Pistols.

When choosing his stones, Chitoku takes into consideration their color, shape, and size.

“The stones were flying, pieces of brick, everything was flying.” How did it happen?

They’re active participants, as when Lila hurls stones back at the boys who attack her — and Elena steps in to help.

Then comes the Rolling stones, which means Donald is about to take the stage.

Thirteen demonstrators were arrested and four officers were lightly injured by stones, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

I will share my snakey secrets with the whole band and they will long out-rock The stones well into their 150s!

The family couldn’t afford memorial stones for the children, so Holley carved makeshift tombstones out of sandstone.

Many relate to landscape — the stones of the show’s title.

“They started throwing stones, burning containers and generators,” the Malian reporter told VICE News.

They beat him to death with stones and sticks.

It’s reminding me of The stones.

Maybe if The Descendents really liked The stones.

The match was tied at 1-1 until the 90th minute, when Mbour scored, prompting angry fans to start hurling stones.

I see some stones in some of your convention pictures.

Protesters hurled stones at police officers, smashed windows, and lobbed Molotov cocktails.

Those “hippies” had been the Rolling stones.

The cafe’s reputation grew among the international community, attracting expat intellectuals, artists, and rock stars like the Rolling stones.

“When I was young I used to hurl stones at the soldiers,” she said.

Almost 60 massive stones located underneath Stonehenge suggest that the iconic monument was once part of a much larger structure.

From time to time a backpacker or Rolling stones pilgrim materializes in the kief smoke, but otherwise the place remains primarily a local spot.

That’s the one that got taken off because of the Rolling stones suing you, right?

I have no hard feelings toward the Rolling stones; I just wish they didn’t have it removed from the album.

What’s more, Moroccans now know who the Rolling stones are.

13) “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling stones This one is for all the dads out there trick-or-treating.

Who’s not a fan of The Rolling stones!?

I’m a huge one and I feel this has a fair amount of my favorite Rolling stones tracks on it.

Swords, stones, knights, romance — there are worse ingredients for a big blockbuster.

photograph of the Rolling stones wearing dresses.

By that time I was already friendly with the stones and a lot of musicians.

We had Diana Ross, The stones, The Beatles—they all came here.

Go, for the uninitiated, is a 2-v-2 board game in which players compete for territory on a 19-by-19 grid by placing stones, one-by-one.

Let’s also talk briefly about the picture you took of Rolling stones in dresses, which is also in the book.

The rally finally ends, and the stones play as the crowd is ushered out of the building.

In addition, he’s provided remixes for a number of artists including Madonna, Britney Spears, U2, and The Rolling stones, among others.

“But I think getting the stepping stones right is the art in this.” This article originally appeared on

Cue: “Come on babe, let’s get you out on that patio, those paving stones need breaking up.”

Many of the thousands gathered were peaceful, while some threw stones and others reportedly spoke of their determination to storm the border and attack.

And man, the sound of the ball binking off the stones just keeps me coming back to the these videos.

India is one of the largest producers of raw stone, accounting for more than a quarter of stones mined worldwide.

Beatles or stones?Beatles.

The Rolling stones Olé Olé Olé!

“Things like wands, stones, crystals, pentacles, cups, bells, tarot cards, books, and all the things that are hard for inmates to get.”

Larger than any carved stones previously found at Lambityeco, it lay upside down and against a building’s facade when the archaeologists found it.

John stones appeared, at one point, to confuse the match with a pickup game.

I felt like that garage band that manages to open up for The Rolling stones one day.

Each artist’s segment was designed and then built piece-by-piece, with stones mounted on one-square-meter metal panels.

Mud squelches under my feet as I balance precariously on slippery, slime-encrusted bricks that serve as makeshift stepping stones.

As long as the sun is bright enough, you can use a branch and a few stones to work out how to face north.

Italy’s antitrust authority fined the banks and brokers a total of 15 million euros in 2017 for selling the stones at inflated prices.

Banco BPM said last month it would compensate clients for their losses but leave them with the stones.

Drugs were never spoken about; instead, there was much talk of “precious stones,” “shirts,” and “precious cotton.”

When customers wanted to cash in the diamonds, they would resell the stones back via the banks to the brokers.

Not drinking enough water can make you feel fatigued and increase your risk for kidney stones.

At more severe levels, dehydration increases the risk of kidney stones and can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

In Paris, clashes broke out as small groups of masked individuals mingled with the otherwise peaceful procession, throwing stones and firecrackers at the police.

In Paris, clashes broke out as small groups of masked individuals mingled with the otherwise peaceful procession, throwing stones and firecrackers at the police.

In the mythology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Infinity stones are six “ingots” of immense power.

The six Infinity stones (known as Infinity Gems in the comics) are referred to as Time, Mind, Space, Reality, Soul, and Power.

I focused on the stones and decided I “felt” more connected to the crystal in my left hand than the crystal in my right.

Williams went to Everton, who signed him as a replacement for their own star defender, John stones, who left for Manchester City.

When you find out Kanye collected all the Infinity stones.

The Rolling stones‘ “Miss You” became one of disco’s biggest crossover moments.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling stones.

“People who get kidney stones tend to get them again and again,” he says.

“See the stones we are standing on?

Unless you’re the Rolling stones mainlining heroin amid debauched French aristocracy , you might as well gloss over it.

The stones were great at that.

“The foreigners throw stones.

My life would be totally different if the boys in Sticks and stones had not turned it down.

Rinse black eyed peas in a colander and remove any broken beans or stones.

Scott sees his work with these media as stepping stones in an evolutionary artistic process that led him to his current work.

Swirls formed from thousands of glow-in-the-dark stones are embedded in concrete (along with some guiding solar panel-fueled LEDs).

I mean, this is coming a guy who missed last match due to issues with kidney stones.

I had mumps and kidney stones.

“We will rebuild them with the stones that remain, and with the remaining columns,” Abdelkarim said.

VALLETTA (Reuters) – He ran towards the burning car barefoot across the field, oblivious to the mud and stones.

It’s been a while since Petersen chucked stones himself.

So this didn’t start with a group of guys in a basement trying to imitate The Rolling stones.

The previous night they special guested on stones Throw’s showcase.

“It was a bit like an end of days scenario,” stones said.

She’s been ahead of the curve, and it’s been unfortunate to see U.S. lawmakers throw stones and so forth.

A crowd angered over what they believed was the slaughter of the cow threw stones and torched vehicles outside a police station.

They blocked a road with a tractor and pelted stones,” he said.

It’s like the mother of all stones.

Thats the Rolling stones film … Yeah, thats the Rolling stones films done by the Maysles Brothers.

High-intensity shock wave therapy is the most common treatment used to break up kidney stones, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

Christopher Gibbs (1938–2018), antiques dealer, interior decorator, and tastemaker who worked closely with the Rolling stones.

You probably think that skipping stones is not an art form, but you’re wrong.

Outdoors, the garden’s paving stones led to an angular letterbox.

They each have a very specific goal in mind: Thanos wants to get the Infinity stones and wipe out life.

Helmets protect against falling lava stones, and respirators ward off sulfur gases.

As Bruce Banner explained earlier in the film, using the stones would kill a mere human.

[…] The Emma stones of the world are much more likely to get that.

The Rolling stones kicked off the No Filter tour in Europe in September 2017, playing the last show there in July 2018.

Rome is mostly a matter of rusted, dusty, crumbled stones and dirty walls to me.

Other sensors were attached to stones to measure their distance, path, speed, temperature, acceleration and rotation.

A group of Afghans surrounded them, throwing stones.

It studied records from 675,000 people who had undergone urologic surgery, including treatment for painful kidney stones.

“Sometimes, the families come out throwing stones,” says another officer, dashing off to assist.

In biblical times, lots in the form of marked sticks or stones were cast to help make important decisions.

While candles cannot be lit, fragments of incense can be lightly singed over little heated stones in front of the tomb.

(Skip to 0:50 for the goodies) Imagine being this worked up over a Rolling stones cover.

Mick Jagger is unreal, and for that matter, so are all of The Rolling stones.

It’s actually the first stones concert since July 2018.

The stones have been together for half a century.

He and others, like the Rolling stones and Lou Reed, provided the soundtrack to my teen years; I feel pretty lucky about that.

In the same year the Rolling stones had to leave five songs out of the setlist for their sexual content.

The Rolling stones?

Van Reuschen skips the stepping stones, citing that as the reason.

He did, however, complete the tilted path, which is worth more points than the stones.

He proceeds across the stepping stones.

Then there are more serious possible side effects like dysmenorrhea, kidney stones, and possibly even weakened bones.

The high street, I was told, was only a stones throw away, so I headed in that direction.

A group of 50 refugees were reported to have thrown stones and bottles in the clash with French police.

“The stones were flying, pieces of brick, everything was flying.”

The violent clashes soon spread, with pro-opposition protesters throwing stones, Molotov cocktails, and tear-gas canisters at soldiers loyal to Maduro.

The violent clashes soon spread, with pro-opposition protesters throwing stones, Molotov cocktails, and tear-gas canisters at soldiers loyal to Maduro.

He looked at the heart of flowers, tree trunks, stones.

It’s not just the Thai legal system that is guilty of casting stones.

The chunks look more like pumice or moon stones than sewer sludge.

Objects like the Tesseract and the Aether are actually powerful Infinity stones.

In 2015, the Israeli Knesset approved a 20-year standard sentence for those caught throwing stones.

That the bricks and stones act as a conduit to nearby trauma and are projecting a kind of psychic recording.

Frank’s revolutionary photography book The Americans was initially what drew the Rolling stones to Frank.

“We press it fresh with real stones every day,” Liu says, pointing to a pile of large boulders on the ground.

The stones and their entourage are, for the most part, exceedingly bored backstage.

The stones themselves are at their most honest and unedited as people and not just rockstars.

Beads and stones and pentagram charms dripped from their necks and studded belts.

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