Stay in a sentence | Use of the word stay examples

When asked how the spaces manages to stay commercially viable, he is Collings is refreshingly honest.

“It doesn’t seem likely that the calendar can just stay in place,” he said.

You’re trying to stay mentally and physically prepared to go out at anytime.

“It was in reality a way to stay sane.

Two of the fishermen said they wanted to stay in South Korea, officials said, and the other two asked to go home.

We’re going to take a quick break, but stay with us.

I first met Rajiv’s parents when I flew across the country to stay at their house for two weeks.

Giant squid generally stay too far below the surface to really pose a viable threat to humans.

If you’re gonna pick a fight with a hockey player, stay AWAY FROM BRIAN MCGRATTAN … so says Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano.

Check out the first episode of GAYCATION and stay tuned for new episodes airing on VICELAND Wednesdays at 10 PM.

For his part, Mike says doesn’t need to actively participate in ball culture to stay connected to the scene.

Either stay or go, one way or another,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

Metrics of likability and sociability for presidential aspirants, on the other hand, appear to be here to stay.

stay away from him.” What would his many fans, fans who included mutual friends of ours, say?

How did you stay in the area?

“The Upton incentive dulls the incentive that an AHCA waiver would otherwise create to stay continuously covered,” Bagley told me.

Yet President Donald Trump has proven himself much more willing to stay in costly interventions overseas — and in some cases, to escalate them significantly.

Then this week came some amazing news: Trump, and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, convinced Carrier to stay in Indiana.

A long-time dictator and international pariah maintains he won a widely disputed election to stay in power.

We stand with you, and we will stay with you until Democracy is restored and you reclaim your birthright of Libertad.

And I feel like that nature in us is embodied in the decision to not stay on the surface and to go into darkness.

If we were rational creatures living for the economics of everyday life, we would stay on the surface.

But we’ve had wrestlers who had the chance to go, but they chose to stay in ROH.

Others struggled to stay afloat.

Nitrous oxide isn’t oxygen, which is something you need in order to, y’know, stay alive.

Public figures who weren’t vocal about the problem to begin with get to stay silent when it’s one of their friends.

2003: Michael Moore has never been one to stay silent about his opinions.

A judge has now granted Tisha the temporary restraining order, which requires Duane to stay at least 100 yards away from her.

Afterward, they (as I did) thought it best to stay on good terms with Thrush, whatever their feelings.

She said she feels that despite her misgivings, she has to stay on good terms with him since he is connected.

Asked on Thursday if he wanted Tillerson to stay, Trump sidestepped the question saying: “He’s here.

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He could stay at Wasco or be shipped off to a different state pen.

A judge has ordered Bruce to stay 100 yards away from the nursing facility and specifically 3 of its employees.

I thought I was just doing right by myself, aiming to stay on the good side of healthy consumption.

Since these companies are here to stay, she said they are also responsible for investing in the cities where they roll out.

stay in regular touch.

So long as they stay sharp-eyed, viewers won’t miss a single second of the action.

I needed a way to stay connected with my family and music gave it to me.

How do you stay cool during the summer?

“The secretary has agreed to stay to hear all the rest of the members,” she said.

Now 31 years old, he’s a roving shooter with modern offensive skills that force help defenders to stay home and pay attention.

Hope Cemetery welcomed the visitors and said it would stay open late on Tuesday.

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Our sources say as of Wednesday morning it appeared he would stay at UCLA Medical Center until at least week’s end.

Unlike Airbnb and its peers, 3rd Home requires that you have a high end property in order to stay at other member properties.

Todd VanDerWerff: Why does June stay in Gilead?

This might prove difficult in light of Julia’s choice to stay with him after an assault.

All of the activities end at 6 PM, but make sure to stay for the courtyard party with live music and refreshments.

Remainers (people who want the UK to stay in the EU) will likely split the vote, but many are decamping to the Liberal Democrats.

Gurriel was the superstar who was supposed to stay.

Apparently, it’s getting harder for many women at Microsoft to stay silent.

I think this really is the true wealth that will forever stay with you, give you strength, and continue to shine your path.

Plus, if you’d like to stay in one place more than 180 days, the length of most visas, you’ll need residency.

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Like a moth to a flame, Trump just can’t seem to stay away from things that could potentially hurt him.

We didn’t have a baby just to stay in Argentina, but it certainly helped.

Argentina, by the way, is one of the easier countries to stay in permanently.

I’ve chosen to stay with you.

If you truly want to protest Trump, stay in the United States.

Today will bring a turning point in one of your projects: Will you stay or will you go?

I have emails where they begged us to stay.

And so the question is, do you want to stay small or do you want to be part of a bigger thing?

How long did you stay there?

I try to stay open-minded.

How long did you stay and what do you think you accomplished there?

No, I want to stay an operator.”?

No matter their age, he says there’s plenty that entrepreneurs can do to stay financially safe and continue accruing funds to last.

They can’t just stay here forever.”

But many are aware that these channels won’t stay open for much longer.

I no longer grow fur on my arms to stay warm.

Missouri’s last remaining abortion clinic will stay open, at least temporarily.

The governor also warned last month that it would be “reckless” to allow the clinic to stay open.

Too much, not enough, should stay up, should be taken down?

Ted Cruz and John Kasich both got pretexts to stay in the race on Tuesday.

Mid-conversation with Colbert, Smith heard Jon Batiste and stay Human playing his old song “Summertime,” and ran across the stage to join them.

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At 5-4, serving to stay in the match, Pliskova saved the second with a searing backhand winner.

Now the boxcar children stay in luxury hotels to solve The Mystery of the Purple Pool.

And then there’s “Lift Yourself” … who can stay tight lipped when you heard “poopity scoop”?

“We conclude that the public interest weighs forcefully against issuing a stay,” the panel said.

If those of us who criticized those comments stay silent, we risk complicity in the current bigoted campaign against her.

Although I planned to stay after completing my PhD, what with Brexit, I’m not sure I’ll be able to.

The second time, after five months in jail, the judge gave Sabah a choice: either stay behind bars forever or leave the country immediately.

It’s just so much easier to stay organized on Windows 10.

Three hours late, sure, and only able to stay for a few minutes, but still—the King showed!

Fatih and I exchanged information, and I wanted to stay in touch well before any of this happened with the photograph.

We didn’t stay.

People on the campus were instructed to go to a “secure location” and stay there.

People on the campus were instructed to go to a “secure location” and stay there.

stay active, get enough exercise and sleep, and allow for some screen time, but put checks on excessive use.

In April 2004, the base’s population peaked with 183 refugees, as family members and other asylum seekers came to stay.

Taylor clearly didn’t care about Donald Trump’s message … ’cause the Prez already told her to stay out of politics.

After Hurricane Katrina hit, some 100,000 New Orleans residents decided to stay in the Houston area to rebuild their lives.

Others decided to stay in Houston for good.

Safdar had dreamed of joining the army, but needed to stay at home because of Adil’s illness.

“Then one night when I was watching the TV series Mindhunter… the two main characters stay in all these different three-star motel rooms.

But I am choosing to stay and fight.

The longer schools stay closed, the more that gap between students could grow.

Swift already had a protective order in place against Hoover, which required him to stay 500 feet away from her.

While technology may innovate at lightning speed, good old pizza is here to stay.

Sector investors are optimistic that REITs can advance more as long as broader U.S. earnings growth stays weak and interest rates stay low.

The virus is known to stay in the blood for between five and seven days.

If I don’t get a spot near the door, I can’t stay.

At the same time, employees that stay with the company can be trained to take up more technical roles.

Finally on the last day of his stay, he pulled out his camera.

Some have to scrap to stay alive, while others have developed a friendly co-existence with the locals.

But Bharara’s case stood out because Trump had reportedly asked him to stay on during the transition.

I’m going to stay mad for a whole bunch of time until I’m …” I hear that.

Whether he’ll stay a rising star in the Democratic Party or burn out on Tuesday is an open question.

Cano probably won’t stay this hot, if only because no one could.

The Astros probably won’t stay this bad, but at 14-22, they’ve sure made things harder on themselves.

We’ve got to stay vigilant.

He Lifeng was also chosen to stay as the head of NDRC.

stay the course, my dude—I’m here for it.

But we know this will stay Syrian land,” said Sheikh Mahmoud Nazeeh, 70.

Twenty kids have been hospitalized with an average stay of five days but one child was there for 17 days.

stay with us.

But for Trump, it’s important for his supporters to stay engaged.

Iran urged Trump to stay committed to the nuclear accord between Tehran and world powers, which Trump has sharply criticized.

The midterm elections have revealed that this fight is here to stay, for at least as long as Trump is in the White House.

It’s wildly unexpected and a great way to stay ahead of the audience.

How do you stay sober while touring or playing out?

How do you stay sober while touring or playing out?

Berlin (via Italy)8 years soberIs it challenging to stay sober for you?Not at all.

Some say it would be better to stay in Mexico than return home if Trump clamps down further on migration into the United States.

I would try to go with it, using all my skill, hoping to get somewhere, hoping to stay on.

The longer I stay in the water, the more I settle.

Fifty-six percent of Americans surveyed said they want to stay informed about the news but doing so caused them stress.

And there’s some magazines you find out that you should stay away from.

Wednesday’s alert advised all officials to consult a medical professional if they experience any symptoms developed during a stay in China.

So stay true to our reason for being: inspiring and nurturing the human spirit through a sense of community and human connection.

Of the students and staff members who did manage to escape, some are marked by scars that will stay with them for life.

stay away from oatmeal, melon, whole-wheat fig bars, veggie burgers, and grapefruit.

She will stay at the company until a replacement is found and has not gotten publicly dragged into its most toxic messes.

Southern elephant seals can stay underwater for up to two hours thanks to their blubber deposits, according to National Geographic.

“We want to be free from this situation because if we stay longer some people will die here.”

These waters may calm down and we may go overboard tomorrow, but you have to stay in control.”

“Tabula Rasa” (season 6, episode 08) Come for the memory loss, stay for the loan shark pun.

The match is gradually phasing down to 90 percent by 2020, where it’s supposed to stay.

But if the Tigers can get some big plays, they’ll stay in this one.

Yet for the most part, women stay silent about pain or discomfort during sex, either out of embarrassment or fear of displeasing their partners.

First we’re trying to find a place to stay.

Our old apartment said we can stay a night, and we have to leave tomorrow.

My ex-colleagues and ex-supervisors, really all our friends, they have sent many messages saying we can stay with them, they have a guest room.

She’s not asking the judge to muzzle Trump … she just wants him to stay 1,000 yards clear of her.

When the people of Iran rose up against the crimes of their corrupt dictatorship, I did not stay silent.

Watch the video … Johnny says he’s “really happy right now” and wants to stay on the right path.

“The fact is my client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Donald Trump,” he said.

Pay attention, stay quiet.

There’s no doubt that going forward that analytics will—as a means to help us make better decisions, that’s probably here to stay.”

That process can last weeks, and migrants are supposed to stay where they register while applications are processed.

TRUMP: My family, I told them, stay in Florida and enjoy yourselves.

NASA gets a new administrator; North Korea says it will go forward with talks on denuclearization even if US troops stay in the South.

She points to a panel that investigated the issue and recommended to Congress that prosecutions should stay in the chain of command.

We’ve got a lot more good shit in store for you in 2017, so stay tuned.

“I’ve seen a lot of kids stay home even when their parents are beating the shit out of them,” Corado says.

If we can stay one step ahead of the problem, people won’t die of aging anymore.”

They were saying If you do not stay in your place we will maim and kill you.

And so it’s like, “How do the Nigerians stay safe?

He has produced shows for VICE such as stay Melo (recently recognized as AdWeek’s Best Web Series).

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(Starbucks’ 7,000 licensed stores — those in airports, grocery stores, universities — will stay open.)

Younger people and nonwhites, in particular, seem less connected to the political process and more willing to stay home from the polls.

But you’re not trying to measure if people get married or how long they stay together or anything like that.

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stay with us here, because vinegar pie doesn’t taste anything like vinegar and we don’t want you to turn tail and hide just yet.

Sarah: So I’m not sure how easy it would have been for them to stay in the marketplaces, like you say.

And if he’s reelected, he could stay in power until 2028.

One is Aetna would have liked to stay in but needed to make good on their threat.

So if you have better alternatives, and Aetna and UnitedHealth do, why stay in?

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It’s why I fight for everyone who’s struggling to stay in San Francisco.

There wasn’t a “stay in your lane” mentality and of art disciplines being atomized.

On a whim, he visited Yunomine, where the property was located, and after a night’s stay, decided to take it over.

A long succession of families who benefited from the DREAM Act talked about how it allowed them to stay together.

Just stay true to yourself, it seems.

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That war ended in an Egyptian-brokered truce, and both the Israelis and Hamas have said they want the ceasefire to stay in place.

Translation: Getting the message might convince Republicans to stay home for fear of generating conflict with people they live with, who disagree with them.

Economists polled by Reuters expect rates to stay unchanged on Thursday and expect a first rate hike only in 2021.

Either way, he never got to stay in one place—or be one type of player—for very long.

The only choice for me was to stay downtown — I didn’t get home until almost 3am.”

Of course, the Raptors hope he will choose to stay put after carrying the franchise to its first title.

From this point on, we hope thin-shamers stay far away from Hyland’s Instagram.

Check out the clip … except you D’Angelo — you stay away from all electronic devices.

Or you stay on the toilet because sometimes you stay longer.

Why would they want to stay, there’s nothing here.

Marnie began as a curator but couldn’t stay employed in the field.

There’s reportedly talk of increasing the bonus system to incentivize Air Force pilots to stay, but money may not be the issue.

Hannah writes, Marnie sings (even if it’s only in the car to Tracy Chapman), Adam and Jessa stay sober.

There’s reportedly talk of increasing the bonus system to incentivize Air Force pilots to stay, but money may not be the issue.

I’ll never do that again.” He also vowed to stay out of the spotlight.

When you’ve taken enough tumbles down the slopes, nearby Reno, Nevada is the place to stay.

stay at the Bisha Hotel Toronto for incredible views of the CN Tower from the rooftop.

By the way, the judge also ordered TJ to not drink ANY booze while out on bond and to stay away from all bars.

Take that with you as you head out tonight, and stay safe.

“We can’t stay,” Perez said.

All I can say is I’m truly sorry and I hope you guys stay buckled in because it is far from being over.”

If Richards manages to stay out of trouble during that time, the case will be completely dismissed.

The reality is that the capping of interest rates is here to stay,” Njomo told Reuters.

Would you be willing to stay on in your current role if you were asked to?

“The court, accordingly, concludes that Papadopoulos’ motion for a stay pending his appeal of this decision lacks merit,” Moss wrote in his ruling.

“Plaintiff’s motion to continue bail and motion to stay his surrender date are hereby denied.” Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in October 2017.

The Raiders will have 2nd option to move … if the Chargers stay put in San Diego.

At the same time, Trump is broadly unpopular nationwide which flips some voters into the D column while anti-inspiring others to stay home.

(He let himself stay in motels most nights, the main deviation from his grandfather’s script.)

Although Congress is on recess this week, staffers working in the offices were told to “stay in place” by security personnel.

Various alt-right leaders have warned others to stay away from Unite the Right 2.

stay in place long enough and a red box signals your capture.

So you should only buy if you plan to stay in the same house for five years or longer.

Remind yourself regularly to stay true to what you started it all for.

Too many people say, “I want to be here three months or six months,” and then don’t stay.

We prefer people stay dedicated and remember why they are here.

I was doing a hundred and something, and they stay there!

“I don’t want to stay here.”

But finding good light in the places we stay is the primary goal, and this spot suits that well.

stay for the R&B superstar performance.

Just stay there and work.”

As far as a tree that will stay fresh and holds on to its needles, Fraser firs are at the top of the list.

They stay fresh for several months, so [Amazon] won’t have a problem.

While 78 percent of parents with TPS often warned their children to stay away from authorities, 55 percent of undocumented parents did.

She would have to stay behind bars while awaiting the outcome of the deportation proceedings brought against her.

And he might have an uphill battle to stay in office.

You stay under the radar, you work, and that’s it.” DACA changed that.

“We’ve got to stay in government … and she’s got to chuck Chequers.” Additional reporting Kylie MacLellan; Editing by Janet Lawrence

(Clearly, the repetitive geometric patterns typical of North African aesthetics appealed to modern artist Paul Klee during his career-changing stay in Tunisia.)

Many of these judges are likely here to stay for some time — solidifying a larger conservative presence in the courts.

Send all press inquiries to Andrew – Additionally, stay vigilant about making sure people don’t infiltrate our event.

They felt sad and lonely at many moments during their stay, and missed their families badly.

They had had good experiences there along with bad ones, and they hoped to stay in touch with friends they’d made.

Ford’s been ordered by the judge to stay 100 yards away from Kendall and her home.

It was the only way I could stay focused in these times.

But I need to stay sane.

I will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you, no matter what the opposition is saying about me.

I didn’t want to stay dormant and get comfortable.

21:35 He also wants to be a “scientist of music” but he’s told to stay in an R&B lane.

So beware, we [the caipira] are here to stay!” Adriano Costa’s StorytellingCaipira was on display at Berlin’s Supportico Lopez.

They typically stay well south of Atlanta, preferring the coastal plain to the Appalachian foothills in the north of the state.

“The BoJ is likely to stay on hold at the upcoming policy meeting.

So remember kids, stay vigilant because no Pokémon is worth dying for—unless it’s Mewtwo.

In some cases, it’s allowed people to stay in the U.S. long after the crisis has ended.

Still, the United States is using sanctions and intimidation in an effort to stop Maduro from using his nation’s gold to stay afloat.

The gold does not stay there long.

“There is a desperation to stay in power at all costs,” Alvarado said.

stay tuned for more.

He also can’t be near nor possess any weapons and must stay at least 200 yards away from the victim.

Place your bets using your favorite volatile cryptocurrency and stay tuned to find out.

I’ll stay in touch.”

For something like a flash flood, it’s best to stay put, and if you’re driving, it’s best to turn around.

I’ll never forget the time I spent touring the wondrous city of Oslo, especially my stay at the Thief Hotel in Tjuvholmen.

No matter the disaster, you should stay in a safe place until all warnings have been canceled.

But instead, she agrees to stay engaged to the guy, instead of marrying him right then.

McGregor has proclaimed himself the “most flashiest” but warns in this post that we all need to “stay woke at all times.”

And asylum-seekers who come to ports of entry are often required to stay in immigration detention without bond until their case is complete.

That stay ended when Odom, who was also once married to Khloe Kardashian, was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital.

That stay ended when Odom, who was also once married to Khloe Kardashian, was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital.

Most were told their jobs would end by mid July, while others would stay for two weeks beyond that.

Next, Brady suggests an anti-inflammatory diet helps him stay healthy and recover quickly on the field.

All the ghosts of old selves stay with you.

After all, when the medium suddenly belongs to everyone, to stay relevant a space must show that it does the same.

To stay under $1.5 trillion, they’ve inserted a raft of extenders into the House and Senate bills, including a dozen that benefit businesses.

The center will have to stay on its toes, however, perpetually developing that conversation in newly insightful and inspiring ways.

So how do you stay that still when you’re acting as a corpse?

Unlike some people on this list, once Mary goes blind she has the decency to stay blind, so points for that.

How do you stay cool during the summer?

When vegan food is this good, the fish really can stay in the sea.

The internet has made it easier for us to stay safe.

They took women, girls, and children to the first floor, and the men had to stay on the ground floor.

How long Putin wants to stay in power remains uncertain.

According to the GAO’s estimates, the number of people whose withholdings are exactly right will stay roughly the same under the new system.

(For example, sex workers often exchange “bad date lists,” or information about which clients to stay away from.)

Federighi says Apple’s software team tries to stay a step ahead of the criminals who want to pry personal information from our devices.

Some say it will be turned into villas for Disney vacationers, while others think it will continue to stay in its current state.

If we can’t go back to the dairy, we have nowhere to go nowhere to stay,” she said.

It’s his home crowd and his family is there so I should really let him stay in there for more than ten seconds.

Recent opinion polls suggest three quarters of Austrians want the country to stay in the bloc.

While many vendors are subject to police raids and potential lawsuits, Chan has been able to stay afloat.

She already had her tickets, but was becoming concerned about whether she would be able to find anywhere to stay.

The concern is not where fans will stay for the Olympics, but who will come afterwards.

Because if Obamacare is here to stay, then the fate of the CSR payments is now an essential question.

Wedbush maintains its outperform rating for Apple — despite the possibility of tariff-induced price hikes — and encourages investors to “stay the course.”

If you’ve left the US to advance your career, there’s a lot more incentive to stay put even when things go south.

The old knock against Murphy was that he couldn’t stay focused on a single storyline for a whole season.

stay tuned … Oh, and as for Fiji … we’re told she’s been in protective custody and she’s doing just fine.

Be present, stay in the moment and seize the opportunity.

Drug addiction

A study done by the University of Malaya shows that acupuncture could help addicts stay clean.

“If I stay here a long time my children will wear jeans.

“We want them to stay in the accord, but we won’t accept them messing us around,” a senior European diplomat said.

“But Russia now sees that the sanctions are here to stay.”

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Afterward, they (as I did) thought it best to stay on good terms with Thrush, whatever their feelings.

If he gets a big touchdown or two, it’s going to be tough for Clemson to stay in the game.

This “quasi-satellite,” known as 2016 HO3, has been with us for nearly a century — and will probably stay with us for centuries to come.

Everything I need to stay organized is at my fingertips, so I’m able to complete my tasks more efficiently.

“They’re cool to watch, but they stay pretty obscure, because people haven’t really been recording their screens and putting them on YouTube.

He didn’t stay long at Sat Nipon, though.

Two years into his stay in Phuket, a medical emergency sent him careening off course.

Maybe before Jeff Bewkes retires — he just re-upped his contract to stay through 2020 — he ends up spinning off Warner Bros., too.

We’d like him to stay long-term.”

But if you stay in the race, it is not useful to the objective to tear down Crow.

But she was determined to stay in the house and to figure out a way to buy it back from the new owner.

Come for the cool animation and talking cats, stay for the genetically-modified robo dino fights.

The Wayne County Treasurer’s office declined to disclose how many homeowners are failing to stay on their payment plans.

It’s been tough the past few days to stay as active on it!

I get it, but the internet is here to stay.

Social media is here to stay, so we can all sit around and hate it for its nastiness.

stay tuned to my Twitter feed.

I will stay tuned to your Twitter feed, Jay Rosen.

That’s why people stay at a place like that.

Cosby’s pitch … that the inmate’s lead by example for their kids and stay outta prison in the future.

He also lectures on substance abuse — tips on how to stay clean.

We wanted to stay away from prom.

Isolée – “I Like It Here Can I stay?”7.

“He told me to stay there for a second and he came back about five minutes later and said, ‘Come now, with me.

Mulcair, who was elected as leader in 2012, agreed to stay on as leader until a successor is chosen.

“No matter what happens, we have to stay committed to diplomatic means as a way to seek peaceful settlement,” he said.

“The Identitarians stay clear of neo-Nazi language and symbols,” says Bernhard Weidinger, a political scientist at the Documentation Center for Austrian Resistance.

He walks to the gym, where he might stay for three hours, running on the treadmill, pumping barbells.

He walks to the gym, where he might stay for three hours, running on the treadmill, pumping barbells.

“Suggestion from Commons sources that May will stay in the House after the statement and see Graham Brady at 1.30pm.

stay safe everyone.

The me who eats Oreos when they’re presented, or the me who tries to stay away from Oreos so I don’t eat them?

I thought I was going to stay at the Journal forever.

We just compensate people competitively, and if they stay with us we do upside through other bonuses and that kind of thing.

There are others like “stay Home” and “Honestly” that I like playing more in a live setting.

I eventually called a friend to come stay with me.

“For women, we can let them know if we have a genuine reason to stay out, for men, there is no excuse.

Both groups had weak legal claims to stay in the U.S. and were quickly deported.

So many fans want you to stay trapped in amber…they don’t want you to grow up.Exactly!

I loved the fact that people told us that stay Hungry, our biggest record, was where we sold out.

When we were recording that, I was working on the songs for stay Hungry.

Is it harder to write music now that you’re happy?The band started having problems before stay Hungry.

Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they stay at work beyond their scheduled hours.

ESPN is also reporting other Texans players wanted to boycott practice and needed to be convinced to stay.

There were a couple of rooms on the island where MacEwen and his crew could stay overnight if need be.

Usually, six months is the minimum time suggested to stay out of competition after suffering such a brutal stoppage.

What I try to do is sleep, stay around people that I love, and I’m also learning that everything doesn’t require a response.

But he wanted to stay in.

He could stay in if he wanted, but he’s now going through the medical board to retire.

She had assumed some people would forget, or just stay home.

“I think he thought we were going to stay there when he left.

The Court has a small-c conservative streak, attempting in most cases to stay out of bitter partisan controversies for fear of losing legitimacy.

You can always stay indoors, or wear giant sunglasses and a hat, if you don’t want to be noticed.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has urged people to stay off the roads.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner ordered all non-essential city employees to stay at home.

Trump is now asking the Court of Appeals to impose a stay.

Schechter said on Tuesday she was allowing the case to proceed because the appeals court did not issue a stay.

We’re told this is an extended stay … at least several weeks.

Ravanan will stay on as a board member until July 17, the company said in a statement here.

For the sake of public health, let’s hope vaccine refusal rates stay put or trend downward.

He wants to remain alive and stay in power.

The Justice Department had sought a broader six-month stay.

I bought us a hotel getaway on Groupon and told my housemates that I was going to stay at my parents for the weekend.

On a polarized Court in a polarized country, though, hoping that justices would work that hard to stay together is more dream than reality.

This jobs report shows easy money is here to stay for the foreseeable future.” “I’m looking at the overall economy.

The insects try to stay alive under snow cover.

The security state must continue to exist, because in its absence, well, how would we stay secure?

Below, Tamaryn talks about all of the things she needs to stay fresh and colorful on the road.

At worst, the increased visibility of the site is being used as an excuse by ever-pickier moviegoers to stay in with Netflix or VOD.

Militants in Libya behead Christians and pledge allegiance to IS, followed by groups in other countries, but they stay operationally independent.

In the meantime, all you in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, try to stay dry!

The longer they stay, the more a lack of character is exposed.

“Sweep the suspect area with binoculars or a wide-field telescopic view if possible.” NASA says the comet should stay visible until around January 14.

The longer those little prints stay up on the wall, the greater the likelihood that we’ll come to an agreement on the sequence.

“It’s my plan to stay and work as long as I can help the president drive his economic agenda,” Cohn said.

If a couple decides to stay together, they must identify areas of improvement and commit to working on them.

She described Lacey’s treatment of her as something that will “stay with me for the rest of my life.”

“How long did it stay big?” I ask Brill.

Kovari stayed for six weeks, then told John he’d found a new place to stay.

KCMU and Sub Pop Records both began as a pastime for music hobbyists who liked to stay indoors and play records.

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At Homestead, the delegation was told the average stay was just 26 days.

“He was a compulsive worker and assimilated information all the time, and that let him stay up to date for decades,” Steele says.

Then one day her teacher asked that she stay behind.

The 26-year veteran said she almost separated from the Air Force but decided to stay in.

How do you stay cool during the summer?

He has said in the past that Britons would be welcome to change their minds and stay in the European Union.

But the GIF would seem to be here to stay.

If she doesn’t get confirmed by the Senate, he gets to stay in.

I’ve just got to keep my head on and stay focused.”

I’ve come to stay.

And they credit the law with allowing adults up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ health plans.

The company is closely coordinating with the city and private partners to stay abreast of any construction or changes on the route.

Bolsonaro met Macron at last week’s G20 summit and reassured him Brazil was in the Paris Agreement to stay.

And why are you wearing this?Guy: To… stay out of the sun?Girl: And because it’s comfortable.

U.S. consumer prices rose 2.1 percent year-on-year in December and is forecast to stay around that pace this month.

Snacks startup NatureBox laid off a third of its staff — it now needs a new investment to stay afloat.

His defense team plans to appeal, and to stay his sentence pending that appeal.

But it was not clear whether those efforts had made enough progress to persuade Trump to stay in the pact.

Now, a judge has ordered Shengyu to stay 100 yards away from Bello and his car … which creates an issue, since they’re roommates.

stay tuned for the judge’s next rejection … it probably won’t take very long.

This month you’ll need to stay a few steps ahead of current trends if you want to keep your job.

It wasn’t until about 10:30 p.m. that Thomas issued the stay.

Each one of those times, he received a stay.

It wasn’t until about 10:30 p.m. that Thomas issued the stay.

Each one of those times, he received a stay.

The question is whether people will stay mobilized and ensure that the GOP stays nervous.

If robots are here to stay, they’re going to have to get smarter.

He will lose if his opponents stay energized and united.

A lot of people think we have to be firm, we have to stay the same.

“We stay human, as long as we stay above,” Katexa’s mother tells her.

Emily: stay tuned, folks!

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At times like these, I need to stay hyper-vigilant.

He would stay in the ward for five days.

Is the goal to have people stay in natural areas, or move elsewhere?

It will make you think, but it will also make you stay up until 4 am reading.

Come for the nuclear submarine chase scene, stay for Theron and Helen Mirren (yes, she’s in this too!)

Hundreds of companies signed a letter in November asking Trump to stay in the accord.

What changed in Trump’s mind after he had publicly praised Comey and asked him to stay on after the election?

Normally you’d say something like, “Hey, you gotta stay on the mic.”

I try to stay close to the ground in order to discover things first hand.

“In the absence of such an agreement, the United States will not again waive sanctions in order to stay in the Iran nuclear deal.

The question now: How does a utility price in the risks of rising temperatures ahead of the next disaster and stay in business?

“Most of my customers have told me they want me to stay,” he said.

But if I stay logged into my account, I’m definitely going to fall into temptation and start tweeting.

My eyes are focused on lines and shapes, and they communicate that to my hand, while my eyes stay glued on the subject.

“It makes it just harder to stay in the city,” she said.

Mastodon, I think, is here to stay.

That lime light is all hers—Tink still won’t lean on features, save for a Lil Durk slot on “stay On It.”

Frustrated by the lack of certainty about their future, Hazim and his sisters rely on video calls to stay connected with their parents.

“But I don’t want to stay in Athens.

I kinda stay in my own head [chuckles], but I peek out sometimes.

I ended up staying at his apartment for a few days, trying to figure out where to stay in LA.

Londoners’ interests clearly lie with Britain remaining in Europe and as Mayor I will campaign for us to stay in.

“No longer will our students see their education disrupted because their teachers cannot afford to stay in their classrooms.”

“No longer will our students see their education disrupted because their teachers cannot afford to stay in their classrooms.”

Others stay out of a deep sense of commitment.

“We will stay here until the end.

He’s been ordered to stay 200 feet away from her.

Having running stay in my day-to-day life while I’m going through this is helping me be hopeful about the future.

I plan to stay put for while.

You stay away from the set, right?

The complacents think that things will largely stay the same.

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stay the hell out of my life.

I try to stay grateful, definitely.

The polls stay open after work!

Lewis was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her and cut any type of communication until a hearing later this month.

“Afterward, I realized my avatar should not stay away from those things.”

#targetdown.” “To my fellow target employees, stay strong in this dark time.

stay strong, Carson.

Everyone was expected to fulfill and stay loyal to their roles, their jobs.

Most organizations whose job it is to make sure Americans stay healthy oppose the bill as well.

So chances that a #China controlled telecomm will not just stay in business, but do so here inside the U.S. sadly just went up.

But in the long run, their choice to either stay on the mainland or return home will have major effects on both.

So I have to remind them during the scene to touch each other, to stay focused on each other.

Scheduled to be put to death last November, he was granted a last-minute stay by the Supreme Court while justices considered his appeal.

Scheduled to be put to death last November, he was granted a last-minute stay by the Supreme Court while justices considered his appeal.

People avoid financial institutions for numerous reasons, including in order to stay away from monthly charge fees, overdraft penalties, or minimum balance requirements.

Why do you like to stay with those?

While European governments have yet to offer official statements on Tillerson’s decision to stay away, the news was criticized at home.

In the meantime, stay in the shadows, ready to strike.

They ask us quite often: “Why, if you’re dissatisfied, do you stay in a place?”

Well, if you didn’t care a lot about it you wouldn’t stay.

They ask us quite often: “Why, if you’re dissatisfied, do you stay in a place?”

RSVP here and stay tuned for a potential Weekend 2 announcement.

Well, if you didn’t care a lot about it you wouldn’t stay.

The final night of our stay, wind gusts hit the valley, knocking out the area’s electricity.

All decided to stay for the completion of the board meeting, and it worked out well.

If mismanaged, the registry would allow forgeries or misattributed paintings to stay in the market for years to come.

)—keep things chill, and stay in the present.

“We’re finding that people stay on the road 10 years after doing 10-18 hours of training,” Ross explained.

Research suggests that the stranded crew resorted to cannibalism in a failed attempt to stay alive.

Research suggests that the stranded crew resorted to cannibalism in a failed attempt to stay alive.

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There is a strong, cohesive visual identity here that will stay with me for some time to come.

Recode will cover WWDC live from San Jose, Calif. — stay tuned for the latest.

I mean, hell, you can only stay a debutante for so long.

I stay on the phone with these people and I said, “Well, you know, how was your commute to work today?” Yeah.

My partner will keep working, but I’m going to stay home with a kid,” or — Which might have some good effects.

“What this means is that they need to be able to identify their mother so they can stay near her for protection.”

Well anything that’s temporary then doesn’t stay temporary, right?

Hillary Benton is hatching a plan to stay in bed.

Or, more broadly, stay home, in bed, acting as the center of what we can call the homebody economy.

She also says, when I ask if she loves the napping millennials, “It’s fun to stay home.

Being exploited, that’s going to make you want to stay home.” If you haven’t heard, this generation is into self-care.

— but if you’re going to stay home, there is some stuff you should probably buy.

So I decided to stay in Detroit for three months, just to see how I felt.

But he let me stay inside of his studio.

It was nice to stay off the court for a few days, started hitting again on Thursday.

The earliest phase is the most basic, and some lucky starlets manage to stay there for their entire careers.

Twenty-six percent of Americans want to see the law repealed; 19 percent say it should stay as it is.

I am always floored by how she understands the nuances of every issue, and by her determination to stay informed.

But that changed in 2017 when she left her job at a large oil company to stay home with her two children.

Ads that stay on the message are the best investments a company can make in your opinion.

You have to play the match of your life just to stay in it.

The Grammy winner was ordered to stay 100 yards away from his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and not attempt to contact her.

Weighted blankets may calm us down long enough to fall and stay asleep, which will help us feel better the next day.

The more pressing question, some company watchers say, is whether Enders will complete his current mandate and stay through 2018.

Harvard Westlake closed the school in the wake of the threats — telling students to stay off-campus in an abundance of caution.

Dewalt will stay on as executive chairman.

The mineral salts eliminate and block odor so you can stay fresh smelling for up to 24 hours.

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The TKO materialized in the following seconds, as a dazed Saenz struggled to stay upright against the cage.

So it becomes harder to fall and stay asleep.

That includes Mayer, although most think she would likely stay through any transition.

Some will likely stay with the Democratic Party and continue to press for many of the issues Sanders championed in his campaign.

I’m here to stay.

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