Startling in a sentence | Use of the word startling examples

Yosemite Falls in California

The wide-open ruggedness of the American West comes into startling focus at the highest waterfall in North America.

In their startling absence you hear the wind and the rustling grass, and you see the grass swaying.

Now, thanks to Uber, thousands of people including myself completely disregard those rules with a startling confidence and no fear of getting murdered.

Cabán and Krasner represent a startling shift in how district attorney offices have been expected to operate in the U.S. for decades.

We noticed a startling trend.

Not only that, but Arrival is one of the best movies of the year, a moving, gripping film with startling twists and imagery.

The news, which potentially implicates Hobby Lobby in tacitly funding ISIS, was weird and startling enough to turn heads.

Vashukevich first came to prominence after she was arrested in February, when she made some startling claims in a video posted on Instagram.

Last week, Idaho made a startling announcement: It will allow insurers to sell health insurance that does not comply with Obamacare regulations.

This isn’t the first time researchers have come to such startling conclusions.

That’s a really startling finding.

One afternoon at the Abundant Life youth group, a teen erupts into a startling and familiar-sounding rant against “political correctness,” seemingly out of nowhere.

The result is sometimes startling and sometimes hilarious, as bits of the various manifestos are reinterpreted through the character Blanchett is playing.

And then there is a startling work that simply reads OBSCENE, in huge block letters.

Portman, a startling amalgam of cheekbones, sharp brows, and a thicket of root beer-colored hair, lets out a breathy, biting rebuke.

Each year a startling number of homeowners have fallen behind on those inflated taxes, receiving bills and eventually foreclosure notices from Wayne County.

Our polling data also casts a different light on the special House elections of the past few months, where Democrats have made startling gains.

The speed with which coal has lost status and position in US energy markets is startling.

This article was published in partnership with the Marshall Project.The comment was startling, even for President Donald Trump.

They found something startling: Earlier research suggesting the European far right draws support from globalization’s losers was simply wrong.

In that context, it’s pretty startling how much time Hillary Clinton has spent lately calling Donald Trump’s supporters racist.

The fact that the group is spending money on one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2018 is startling.

What is it about cartoons that might have inspired such startling, masochistic imagery?

Many progressives had previously said they felt like there’s been a startling lack of communication as the bill has been developed.

In Mexico Beach, which took a direct hit, some residents who returned to survey the damage made some startling discoveries.

But there’s nothing startling about that if you know how the US surveillance state works.

Kuttner continues: There are a couple of things that are startling about this premise.

Here, he answers questions about his book’s most startling discoveries—and the implications fake food has for American health.

In her initial testimony before the committee in January, DeVos displayed a startling lack of familiarity with education policy.

“The degree to which China was investing across all the elements of power in the region is startling and concerning,” Faller said.

The results were startling.

Kailash as sitting on this boulder” — a rather startling coincidence for Steger.

Horror, high school stories, infertility comedies, post-apocalyptic dramas, and more ensured that the festival was a succession of startling and sometimes unsettling delights.

The number of murders leading up to Sunday is startling, but less shocking given Mexico’s history of violence.

She burst into tears, startling the doctor.

It was a justified action — Rahm’s behavior was genuinely disgraceful — but nonetheless startling in its brutality.

This kind of intense commentary coming from a celebrity still mainly known for geniality is startling, if nothing else.

Just as Friedman brings the realities of the concentration camps into startling color, his journey was clearly an extremely vivid personal reckoning.

Others are a bit more startling.

“Chisholm’s images are often startling in their range, from humorous and domestic, to graphic and disturbing,” Oldfield said.

It is a startling interruption of a topographic experience.

And startling recent data shows that the severity of pain Americans report is increasing each year.

“Tesla’s meritless lawsuit reveals both a startling paranoia and an unhealthy fear of competition,” Aurora wrote in a statement to Business Insider.

In Sea of Solitude’s strongest moments, it communicates this core emotional takeaway with lacerating, startling efficacy.

Here’s the startling bird’s-eye view Stephen Paddock would’ve had from the Chicago hotel he booked just days before Lollapalooza kicked off.

Lurking in displays, their clawed hands grasping forward, their tiny teeth bared, the mermaids are startling ghosts of a museum’s past.

―Alfred Hitchcock Note the startling regularity through history with which society martyrs the rebel in one generation and worships him in the next.

Labour MP Stephen Doughty said Grayling’s “startling” remarks showed the government’s Brexit planning was in chaos.

Cohen’s startling admission comes as Mueller is widely believed to be preparing a final report on Trump’s links to Russia.

That’s startling news to people, because they tend to think things are not improving as much as they are.

After about 20 minutes, I felt some warm relief in my pelvic region, but not a startling amount.

Combined with the Hassett view that workers pay a big share of the corporate tax alongside capital, it leads to some startling conclusions.

It toys with how we hear the world around us, in ways that are startling and creative and tense.

All this silence makes the noises more startling, both to the characters and to us.

In in his new book of poems, Joshua Marie Wilkinson cuts, nicks, and rips the pastoral to achieve terrors both startling and beautiful.

It’s this observational precision that makes her writing so startling.

But seeing the field totally transformed in the space of a decade gives a sense of how fast, startling, and unpredictable progress can be.

From 1977 to 2001, Richard Sandler photographed startling juxtapositions between the grit and glamour of New York City and Boston.

But Best of Enemies is most startling when you realize its implications.

Dates and locations are subtracted (although available in an index) for the startling juxtapositions.

The stark, startling melodies that infiltrate the murk soared up tp the rafters, bolstered by their guest violinist’s beautifully weeping strings.

He’s clearly a startling talent.

East Harlem—had the highest rate of marijuana arrests in the city: a startling 1,128 out of every 100,000 residents.

While the scale of this ignorance might seem startling, it’s certainly not restricted to the UK.

The bipartisan criminal justice bill passed by Congress this month was startling because of how rare such instances are anymore.

What was startling was the size of the protest.

Like most internet-connected devices, smart TVs can harvest and share a startling amount of information on you based on your user activity.

It was startling.

A few black women filmmakers turned the camera on themselves, with startling results.

But you’re right, startling, I think, is a little more diplomatic.

It was startling to see him in the flesh.

But it is a startling reality nonetheless, and an embarrassment for a country that considers itself a paragon of freedom.”

But it’s fast-paced and startling, and Pattinson’s performance alone is worth a look.

A startling number of island’s inhabitants suffer from achromatopsia, or total color-blindness with an increased sensitivity to light.

The most startling may be the stretch of spaces showing pre-Modern, non-Western art.

What Curry does is so startling, so elementally new and weird, that a laugh is the most reasonable response.

The directness is startling.

And now, startling new data from the National Abortion Federation (NAF) shows just how massive that uptick was.

If I managed to lower their confidence to startling levels, they would be less inclined to fight back against my extortionate bets.

The Lebanese government had accused the Saudis of holding Saad Hariri hostage after he delivered his startling resignation on Nov. 4.

And his conclusion had some startling results.

Killer whales suddenly emerge in a bay at Subantarctic Marion Island, startling a huddle of King Penguins.

We think these findings are startling.

(Some rarely seen footage of Simpson in prison is especially startling.)

That reorganization — including the startling proposition that supports it — is at least as radical as its unwinding would be.

Another startling finding is that many Americans are open to “alternatives” to democracy.

Out of nowhere, a woman dressed as a fairy appeared behind us, startling the entire back row.

It’s a startling and distant view that contrasts magnificently with some of Cassini’s famous close-ups.

Those are the startling conclusions of a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released Tuesday.

The chorus occupies the sweet spot between feistiness and vulnerability, while the Spanish bits in the rapped verses add a startling depth of feeling.

That’s what makes “Once Bitten” so good: Its depictions of paranoia and trauma are exactly as startling and suffocating as those topics deserve.

The resulting graph is startling: The graph starts in 1000 BC and goes to the present day.

“It’s really startling that we have not received a single record.

The nominations for the Golden Globes, made by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, are notoriously capricious and unpredictable, satisfying no one and startling many.

In December 2010, it made a startling decision: Russia would host the 2018 competition.

The results are pretty startling.

What’s really startling about the book is how rich, immersive, and even tactile its elaborately rococo setting is.

What’s startling now is that it’s been explicitly mainstreamed.

The most startling of these details are the two slippers partially visible along the lower edge on either side of the head.

JR’s startling mural of a little boy peering over the border in Tecate, Mexico made a splash in the media.

What’s more, it lacks both the startling aspect and instantly dismissible quality of déjà vu.

It is possibly not a coincidence that Senate Republicans have displayed a startling lack of knowledge about the AHCA.

The Iranians responded with a startling offer.

But a startling new report by Reuters suggests otherwise.

They felt so much more personal than I had expected because their story had been given such startling care and focus.

This becomes clearer when the statement gets more specific, as it directly rebuts some of Trump’s most startling policy ideas.

Blair appeared in former Sundance favorites Blue Ruin and Green Room, both films that marry deftly sketched characters with startling brutality at times.

Howard’s Lacie is so chipper it’s startling even to the people who live in this reality, which is upbeat practically by mandate.

It’s a startling reality of the current White House: You can’t believe anything President Donald Trump and his staff say.

This isn’t just a startling break with precedent.

There is something both revelatory and startling about hearing the devotional music of Alice Coltrane.

I was genuinely surprised that non-black people were present in such startling numbers.

They were shocked a few months later when a bill arrived with a startling price tag: $25,000.

It’s a startling admission, one that didn’t come a moment too soon.

“It was startling,” one of the sources said.

Get swept away by The startling Testimony of Plumb Lines below, and buy it outright from Gilead Media on April 1.

Created under the specter of Nazism, these images are startling and have lost none of their power.

As a result, women often play male avatars to defend against potential harassment, which a startling 63 percent of female gamers report confronting.

(Trans actress Gabrielle Tremblay delivers the most startling performance by the uncommonly courageous lead performers.)

The results were startling.

It’s pretty startling how good it actually is at answering questions.

Arguably the world’s largest collection of outdoor painting, Shekhawati is a treasure trove of startling architecture and adornment.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads By all accounts, the debut of the UK’s first humanoid robot was a startling affair.

The American nature writer Barry Lopez wrote that the far North reveals “in startling ways the complacency of our thoughts about land in general”.

In it, time inches along, uneventful, then undergoes periods of rapid and startling change.

So it’s startling to see him declare Wednesday that Social Security shouldn’t be cut, but instead expanded.

During a call with Trump to discuss her release, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi made a startling comment.

The former WikiLeaks volunteer said the new leaks are not that startling given what we already know.

A white flag stripped of stars and stripes — a startling detail — hangs limp outside.

But Rihanna, whose voice has never sounded stronger than it does on Anti, manages to cut through with moments of startling, welcome clarity.

Andrei Arlovski has the most startling right hand in UFC heavyweight history.

That’s a startling admission — and he said it on television.

“You’re away with the fairies again,” he’d say with a grin, startling me out of whatever reverie had momentarily captured my imagination.

The startling thing about this finding is that the price of some necessities has actually grown more slowly than the overall economy.

On the opposite wall in the darkened gallery is a spotlit and startling photograph of a white fawn titled “Cameratrap Fawn” (2015).

To listen to a country radio station or Spotify Hot Country playlist now is to see a pretty startling shift.

Even though you are aware it is a digital view, there’s still something startling about walking through the carved surface.

The transactions demonstrate the startling ease with which human body parts may be bought and sold in the United States.

Even more impressive than the rookie’s startling per game averages (14 points and seven rebounds isn’t bad!)

The reactions to both Palin and Ryan were startling.

And yet progress against the disease unraveled to a startling degree.

I just wanted to make a startling movie, which I think it actually still is.

Treder Leng, despite the DeVos’s support, has been significantly outraised by Benson, who had pulled in a startling $1.1 million as of mid-September.

He will not provide startling proof that the president has actually been a Russian asset since the 1980s.

“Spatter began erupting shortly before 5 pm.” Locals reported startling sights and sounds.

“Spatter began erupting shortly before 5 pm.” Locals reported startling sights and sounds.

Later in the debate, he showed a startling lack of familiarity with the basic structure of America’s political system.

In a lot of instances, it can be a very startling rebirth of sorts.

Influenza is especially concerning, since it races through communities at startling speeds, Kortepeter says.

When that plot point first emerges, it’s startling.

DOBBS: You know, as we look at these numbers, they’re absolutely startling.

But the breadth of the dour views was startling.

In response, starting around 2011, the Chinese government implemented a startling shift in approach.

Latin America’s femicide problem — the intentional killing of a women — is as wide-ranging as it is startling.

Latin America’s femicide problem — the intentional killing of a women — is as wide-ranging as it is startling.

Sander’s were among the most startling and compelling I saw — if not the most startling and compelling.

The statement is startling, if not altogether surprising.

But it’s a startling first response to the news from the president.

In the process, Noether made a startling discovery of her own.

A new poll shows startling partisan divides over #MeToo.

Even more startling than heroin’s accelerated rise is the even more rapid rise of fentanyl, a synthetic and highly potent opioid.

Not all opioids have contributed to the startling uptick in drug overdose deaths in the US.

A new poll shows startling partisan divides over #MeToo.

It was an incredibly startling and satisfying metamorphosis.

By startling the viewer, they ask us  to seize this fleeting life.

But transhumanism isn’t just about cultivating a futuristic, sci-fi aesthetic, and H+ doesn’t limit itself to the more startling, and occasionally grotesque, images.

Even more startling is the fact that this boom occurred while the world underwent the worst recession of the past 80 years.

The rest of the story involves villainous poachers, and a startling number of people and aliens are killed, including the young alien’s mother.

It’s a startling, even extreme-sounding claim.

And considering how often the GOP makes “certain of its righteousness” central to its brand, it was startling to see Rubio reeling.

That’s one of the startling conclusions from a recent report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

It splits with what we know, and dovetails with the story in ways both unexpected and startling.

A voice that has begun to weather rises to moments of startling sweetness and lyricism.

It’s startling to watch you connect in real time with some of these white supremacists.

Dave Jordano’s new book collects more than 100 of his startling, brilliant nighttime photographs of his hometown.

She angles her camera so that the objects she places atop magazine images meld with their backgrounds, forming a seamless, yet oftentimes startling, whole.

On January 15, Parliament voted against May’s Brexit deal by a startling margin of 230 votes.

But they did, in a startling coincidence, hire our entire voice cast.

This last part about “peer pressure” is especially startling.

It can’t-but a ceasefire can, & did!” Trump’s quasi-denial aside, there was something genuinely startling about his first announcement.

Her images of war-torn Vietnam are startling in their violence as well as their potential for beauty.

The most startling part of Trump’s campaign rhetoric had to do with Russia and its dictatorial ruler, Vladimir Putin.

His were meaty roles of startling diversity, though frequently with the same through line—outsiders with a ton of heart.

At his best, Dalí dredged up hallucinatory images of startling perversity and hilarious depravity.

In a startling piece recounting her own troubling history with Weinstein, Rebecca Traister reflects on the break: Something has changed.

It’s a startling admission from the Air Force, especially since the US military rarely admits it makes mistakes.

The results are startling.

Most startling is the “Aladdin Sane Ticket” package, named after Bowie’s seminal 1973 album and priced at a whopping $2,500.

They found something startling: Earlier research suggesting the European far right draws support from globalization’s losers was simply wrong.

It’s this aspect of the film that gives The Conformist a startling, even disturbing amount of political heft today.

This is startling.

It was a startling piece of legislation.

The concentration is quite startling,” Leovy said.

But the most startling moments of the book happen when she comes face-to-face with some of its key players.

It’s a dramatic finish to the scandal that serves as perhaps the most startling example of modern-day election fraud.

Another, more startling, “Appassionata” from 1941 portrays a limbless woman on a hospital bed.

It’s a dramatic finish to the scandal that serves as perhaps the most startling example of modern-day election fraud.

Aside from these startling, frank tweets, there’s maybe no better example of Kanye’s conflicted feelings than his latest album.

So when Cohn on Friday said the bond market was taking a “long-term view of the economy,” it seemed like a startling admission.

Other research on diabetes has come to similarly startling conclusions.

These statistics paint a startling picture of life in rural America, especially in struggling Appalachia.

The findings were startling: Regular consumption of sugary drinks was associated with diabetes — but so was consumption of diet drinks.

The deconstruction of language is breathtaking, the interrogation of symbols startling.

After extolling at length Chardin’s loving embrace of observed reality, he takes a startling leap: With Rembrandt, reality itself will be overtaken.

His borderline indifference to health reform was startling to witness.

Nearby there is a startling inclusion, a shelf filled with hand-labeled jars of pigments from Hafif’s studio (“Studio Pigments and Shelf,” n.d.).

Glassenberg shows me photos of real operations with his creations beside them, and the resemblance is startling.

That’s what’s most startling about this episode, which draws on these shameful histories.

The figures are startling because they could indicate a reversal in the US’s decades-long crime drop.

That’s a startling expansion, especially considering its online sales had been growing at an average clip of about 16 percent prior to 2017.

Disney’s latest earnings report might not sound like a particularly scintillating source of news, but today’s included a startling piece of information.

Not another word is said before a smash cut to the Black-ish title card, in a move as startling as it is smart.

It is startling.

Those examples demonstrate an undeniable truth: Guns go off in the United States a startling amount.

She has a startling memory for how she arrived at particular story decisions.

I think the thing that’s so startling for me in that moment is just the venom that this guy has.

And the music painted the exact picture the company wanted its fans to see: a blurry, but startling warning that something was coming.

“Often the simplicity of the results is startling,” Parkins said.

A newly released trove of internal Facebook emails is a startling reminder that you are Facebook’s product.

The results were startling.

No one has ever dominated the striking exchanges against Pettis in such startling fashion.

Perhaps Gary Kubiak raised hopes too high in 2014, but it was startling how stark the difference was in 2015.

But lately the militant group has made a startling comeback.

The first problem points to a startling figure for the women who pursue careers in tech but drop out before reaching senior levels.

They dig into the story’s class satire, the startling chemistry between leads Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller, and their own romantic missteps.

It’s a startling contrast.

Donald Trump came to a startling revelation last night … Kanye West is the black him!!!

But other objects have a startling dearth of information.

I actually remember the moment I met my father in startling detail.

Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” Both halves of this quote are startling in their own right.

None of this should be particularly startling.

The film is entirely silent, except for the startling sound of a match striking at the very midpoint of the 22-minute film.

Macon Blair: Yeah, that was startling, astonishing.

The rise in deaths involving both cocaine and fentanyl is startling to experts, with big implications for America’s ongoing drug overdose crisis.

That’s the startling implication of a new study in mice, published in PLOS Genetics.

What’s startling is that this process, which usually takes years, has already run its course.

What’s most startling about Won’t You Be My Neighbor, and what makes it feel almost elegiac, is how very jarring that message feels.

What’s beneath is startling.

A startling lack of basic knowledge about current events on the ground?

Update: Urmson sent Recode this statement: “Tesla’s meritless lawsuit reveals both a startling paranoia and an unhealthy fear of competition.

But perhaps the most startling aspect of these portraits is how relevant they’ve become today.

The thinned medium alone lends the paintings a luminosity that makes the startling subjects feel lighthearted.

The results, Peters said, were startling.

We see the numbers — many species across the globe are declining in startling numbers.

Researchers broke down suicide rates in the US by gender, age, and race and revealed some startling disparities.

Researchers broke down suicide rates in the US by gender, age, and race and revealed some startling disparities.

The CDC report did not attempt to explain the startling rise in suicides among Americans.

says BrainDead, gleefully throwing a startling twist into the partisan fray.

But she has a startling memory for how she arrived at a particular story decision.

That seemed to come to a startling end with April’s Avengers: Endgame, which didn’t have any additional post-credits scenes.

It’s a quietly startling entry point and feels like the beginning of a horror movie — appropriate considering Perry is a Jekyll-Hyde monster.

Trump’s comments on the European Union — one of the cornerstone international institutions of the postwar order — are even more startling.

Most startling are thumps that sound like muffled clarions, which are simply unnerving, but fitting.

Over the weekend, this reality hit the Clinton campaign with startling force.

Over the weekend, this reality hit the Clinton campaign with startling force.

Listening to that interview is startling; hearing Chuck Tingle in the flesh, so to speak, is initially a disconcerting experience.

It’s startling to discover.

This startling shift in prospects has prompted the company to accelerate its schedule.

The company’s slick, wireless earbuds work great, but they may foreshadow startling changes to the social fabric.

Let’s take a look at the startling numbers Robo mentioned and then dig a little deeper into his comments.

Inside the house is a startling surprise: a fully functioning brewery, complete with custom-made and imported machinery, although some of it is decades old.

Be warned: Some of the noises, like explosions or simulated gunshots, can be a little startling if you’re listening in public.

On the spot, he gave them what we now call a profile, which was unbelievably and startling accurate.

That was certainly startling.

Meanwhile, Jay uncovers startling evidence that links George to the Black Dahlia killing.

Lumiere, Cogsworth, and all the rest are more startling than welcoming.

And outside the hotel, to a startling view of the San Francisco Bay.

In 1978, Brian Eno launched his startling, ambient Music for Airports.

This is evident even before you enter the gallery, when you encounter Dinnerstein’s startling gaze through the gallery’s glass doors.

What they found was a startling divide in longevity between America’s richest and poorest.

“But once started on ‘ice’ her colourful life was spent,” it ends, in a startling reference to meth.

It was a startling image showing the horror of the ongoing migrant crisis.

Their depth is startling.

What William then pitches him is startling, and a little annoying because I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.

The image of Egypt as conceived by innovative Japanese publisher Takejirō Hasegawa was well outside the dominant paradigm and thus startling to Western eyes.

The album’s towering ambition is startling, and through its boundless self-confidence, it offers its listeners something very unusual indeed: something to believe in.

Trump’s rhetoric about Russia has been even more startling since November 8.

Among startling stats: In Oregon, there’s one nurse for every 5,481 students in public schools, according to the Oregon Education Association.

Among startling stats: In Oregon, there’s one nurse for every 5,481 students in public schools, according to the Oregon Education Association.

What was more startling, the dancers apparently hadn’t slept either.

The work includes a startling array of scenes, most of them banal, but others rather poetic.

Alissa Wilkinson: For me, Get Out was the most startling movie of 2017.

The most shocking thing about Sarah McCoubrey’s paintings is their startling and deeply unfashionable, unapologetic beauty.

Well, due to some startling new footage, we can confirm that in all actuality, he probably isn’t.

But the images it puts onscreen are often startling and hard to forget.

That’s the startling revelation from a Bloomberg report this morning.

If the figurative form and the all-over field feel like historical choices, DiBenedetto’s fusion of them feels fresh and unexpected, even startling.

That kind of startling growth is reflective of the Indian user.

But a coalition combining avowed anti-capitalists with literal venture capitalists for the project of basic income is still pretty startling.

The results are pretty startling.

It’s a startling sight, Michael Bublé chomping into a corn cob as if it were a freshly peeled banana.

If Cohen testifies that Trump directed him to lie to Congress, I don’t think Congress will be able to ignore the startling revelation.

It’s startling at first, simply because it’s so unusual.

Even more startling … the warrant states Gugu’s alleged stalker lives on her street.

Sarah made the pretty startling reveal Monday on the ‘Howard Stern Show’ … telling Howard about her early days in comedy with Louis.

Because this is the internet, clever users figured out those coordinates and unearthed startling photos that show the maze’s decline over the years.

beaming deep computing problems up to some amorphous blob of Google hardware and then, with startling quickness, having results beamed back down.

Under police questioning, Chris allegedly admitted that he had strangled Shanann — but he gave a startling reason for doing so.

Nothing is less significant than the baseball played in March, which made it that much more startling when I got chills watching C.C.

That unparalleled hot streak made Twain’s subsequent absence startling.

Here are six startling takeaways from the series.

The USDA most certainly isn’t the only agency to face newfound and wholly startling scrutiny and censorship.

But it’s startling to see last year’s finalists taking a hacksaw to their (admittedly slumping) team at the first sign of trouble.

In this Reddit thread, Nolan and Joy made a startling announcement.

startling as they may be, these statistics do not paint the full picture of corporate concentration in America.

The revelation that Mobley was alive and well attracted international attention, and her return came as a startling relief to her biological family.

Walking out of the symphony hall, Odell says she could hear the ambient noise of San Francisco—cars, buses, footsteps, gusts of wind—with startling clarity.

They recorded 118 sneezes on 69 days, and found that their subject sneezed “with startling regularity” around 8:20 am each day.

When the researchers swabbed the saliva again for the same hormones, they found no signs of increased confidence, leading them to their startling conclusion.

However, what we found startling was that white privilege lessons didn’t increase liberals’ sympathy for poor Black people.

This afternoon, Facebook held an emergency press conference to disclose a startling security breach.

While some viewers commented on the merits of the offensive, for others, the livestream itself was the most startling thing.

The case took an even more startling turn in February when Alexander, a star student at an elite private school, was charged with murder.

But the percentage of Green’s shots attempted at the rim is still up a startling ten percent compared to last year.

Over the last five years, however, Cuba has seen a startling rise in the number of new HIV infections.

— Sara Sidner (@sarasidnerCNN) September 22, 2016 The startling scene provided a brief glimpse into what was already a violent evening.

Not one to get stuck on one hobby, Tutor tried and thrived in a startling number of activities at a young age.

Eventually obtaining a drummer and bassist, the act began stockpiling material at a startling rate thanks to the Jones’ easy synchronicity.

In Biloxi, “The isolation of these people from the currents of American life in 1970 was startling and bewildering to behold.

The report is yet another startling wakeup call, and it intends to instigate global action to avoid these snowball effects.

Sol and Robert are still happily wed, but taking care of Frankie (who is rocking some pretty startling purple dreadlocks) full-time.

startling details of Smart’s captivity emerged following her rescue in early 2003.

While the scale of this ignorance might seem startling, it’s certainly not restricted to the UK.

startling details of Smart’s captivity emerged following her rescue in early 2003.

Their tragic entanglement received a fresh look in director Erin Lee Carr‘s documentary, which had several startling revelations.

Alice describes her first morning in New York as “shocking pink… Mainly I was thinking about the pinkness, the startling colour of it everywhere.”

WC: Eric Gordon There are myriad explanations for Houston’s startling success, and the first 17 are “James Harden.”

Or, it could be a “burglar alarm,” alerting even bigger predators to come near, and then startling the initial predator away.

Incidentally, this is thought to be the same mechanism that explains why startling someone can relieve hiccups.

But for early childhood advocates, the growth in programs like Upstart is startling.

Though he’s pushing 80, Sisneros looks ten years younger, a fact made more startling when you consider his propensity for near-death experiences.

I got up and got lunch, and found that after less than an hour my barely-thought-out tweet was getting a startling number of retweets.

The numbers are even more startling in Tennessee, Swift’s home state.

In August 2011, teen-focused social change organization received this startling text message.

We see Janine’s visceral, startling refusal to submit to any more indignities.

According to that analysis from before, a startling 81 percent of those low-level offenses were handed out to black and Latino individuals.

And then I spot it, the most startling thing I’ve ever seen: the hair.

The most expensive possible upgrade is a $5,200 charge for upgrading the RAM from 32GB to a startling 256GB.

But how easily it happened to me was startling.

“2685” blends delirious throwback rave elements with a flute line as startling and refreshing as a spray of mist to the face.

A startling and pleasing feature is her use of synthesizers, which glide subtly along her vocal loops in tranquil arpeggios and low-humming tones.

In general, it was startling to see so many Conservative MPs criticising Trump.

His frame fills the room; whatever he is or is not as a basketball player, he is a startling reminder of scale.

Just a startling turn of events.”

“This was a stark and startling moment, but they did mend fences pretty well,” said Dobrow.

The album’s towering ambition is startling, and through its boundless self-confidence, it offers its listeners something very unusual indeed: something to believe in.

A quick scan of the tags of what you have in your closet will reveal a startling truth.

The life that thrives near or in the wake of volcano eruptions is, frankly, startling.

Instead, it reflects a startling lack of progress in women’s healthcare.

Henry’s checkered court history further underlines startling accusations made against him in March.

To her, the most startling aspect of poor Black maternal mortality rates is the fact that it defies class factors.

Michael Moore has made the startling claim that Gwen Stefani was the reason Donald Trump ran for the presidency.

In terms of fact versus reality, this might be the most startling part of this processing technique.

New research published on Monday shows the startling present-day impacts of global warming-related sea level rise.

Easily the mostly startling aspect of the Surface Laptop is the keyboard.

To see such massive lines for basic medical care in America today is startling and alarming.

That sense of freedom is startling at first, but easily becomes habit afterward. — Zack Labe (@ZLabe) February 21, 2018 Consider some of these startling statistics.

Main findings include the underrepresentation of females “across the entertainment ecosystem” and a startling lack of women in executive positions in the industry.

“The transformation was startling.”

– Paul Ryan’s selfie — Randy Mayeux (@Randy1116) July 17, 2016 This Paul Ryan selfie is startling.

But there’s still a startling lack of product coming to the big room at the San Diego Convention Center.

In Colombia, Nashira has been a startling triumph in a country still recovering from 60 years of civil war.

Like the Garibaldi’s michelada, the premise is simple: a traditional michelada enhanced with a startling ingredient.

The affidavit also states that, before he made this startling allegation, authorities confirmed Chris was “actively involved” in an affair with a coworker.

More startling news was to come.

In the interview, Kapoor makes some startling claims, including an assertion that Smith was not addicted to drugs.

But the six of us spill out of the Benz, startling a California Highway Patrol officer who’d been chatting up the girls.

Here are a few startling facts NOAA released about how fast, and consistently, the world has been warming in recent decades.

On top of that, a startling 82 percent felt social media is a waste of time.

After dozens of adventures in Fielder’s particular brand of bumbleshit marketing, he surprises me with a startling regularity.

One Jack Conway—a turf or peat cutter—made a startling discovery in Emlagh bog earlier this month whilst cutting some turf.

“It was startling,” Driscoll said.

Additionally, a startling 37 percent of people ranked their feelings about food as being stronger than their feelings about climate change.

It’s the latest and most startling example of the most sophisticated technology used in the cause of ultrarealism as opposed to fantasy.

he asked — at a time when many Americans are concerned about the startling, global violence generated by ISIS.

Even more startling is the number of record warm overnight temperatures set or tied in the past seven days, which total a whopping 940.

It felt startling and swift, like plunging into water.

Despite the startling experience, Serwylo said she found her raccoon encounter “hilarious.”

It was a startling sight for visitors at Coex Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea, as the 8-year-old shark slowly consumed a 5-year-old male shark.

But here’s what is most startling: The Dallas case wasn’t unique.

At the haunted house, they wanted very quick, startling movements.

Viacom’s earnings were down a startling 29 percent in its last quarter.

After strapping the MASK-equipped headset on, I was able to see an onscreen avatar mimic my emotions with startling speed.

After the startling spectacle Trump has offered America and the world these last few months, how can anyone know what to expect?

That’s when they made a startling discovery: Michael was infected by hookworms.

But then the company said it made a startling discovery.

Some families go hungry What was most startling, Fargo said, is where the families had to cut expenses.

For all the things to appreciate about what Durant did in the Finals, he also broke that monotony, in one startling moment after another.

On one occasion, he says he went to the corporate offices and had a startling encounter with a PTL executive.

It was a startling sight in an area that’s normally off limits and packed with government buildings and foreign embassies.

Here, he answers questions about his book’s most startling discoveries—and the implications fake food has for American health.

Perhaps even more startling was that more than 40 percent of companies believe their inclusion of people from underrepresented groups needed no improvement.

“That statistic on its face is startling, but when you consider the societal barriers these women face, it’s hardly surprising,” John writes.

It’s a startling claim.

Kim in particular has been the target of several high-profile incidents ranging from simply startling to legitimately criminal.

Four months later, Trump himself made a startling policy announcement.

For someone only just breaking into the mainstream, this clarity of vision is actually kind of startling, but it’s working.

That’s clear from the startling revelations in the latest Education Department report released Tuesday.

But recently, the threat has evolved in ways both startling and inventive.

Another startling stat: A black student was 2.3 times more likely than a white student to be referred to or arrested by an officer.

LikeWar is an engaging and startling work.

“It’s startling.

But there were also some startling findings.

But two scientific teams working on different aspects of the question have come up with a startling, new answer.

It’s been startling to watch the political media go through the same process.

The GOP chairman insisted that having two candidates share a ticket that have diverging opinions on TPP is “not some stunning, startling” reality.

She found a startling correlation.

I think when you go in and challenge someone’s view of themselves, it can be startling, obviously.

Democrats reaction: “I think it’s startling that Democrats aren’t celebrating this,” said Sanders.

The pictures Nahon is showing me are startling.

A startling contrast When I step into the Americas Medical City Hospital, it’s hard to imagine that I’m in the same country.

These startling figures and arguably premature ICOs are hardly anomalies.

The muscles that produce these expressions were first studied in a series of startling experiments by French neurologist Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne.

But it’s what she said when asked her name that’s truly startling.

It was a startling and unwanted contrast to the blues notes and the gospel verses drenched in perpetual martyrdom and despair.

These satellite images provide a startling view of a once-vibrant city reduced to rubble.

The most startling of all was Pence’s talk about Vladimir Putin, “the small, bullying leader of Russia,” as Pence called him.

A startling stat: A recent Harvard study estimates that one in seven stateless people in the world are Rohingya.

Each week brings startling new evidence of Russia’s lack of restraint in pursuing its own security agenda.

Trump’s statement marked a startling call from a presidential nominee to urge a foreign adversary to interfere in the US elections.

It was startling, for example, to hear Pence describe a Syria policy so sharply at odds with what Trump has been outlining.

This is actually a pretty startling sign of intelligence by NFL teams.

Commentary from Tim Naftali We just saw a startling political moment.

(CNN)The statistics are startling: Around the world, every seven seconds, a girl under 15 is married.

A startling 56% of suburban Philadelphia voters said they were supporting Clinton, compared to 28% for Trump.

One startling stat: More than 45 countries have efficiency standards for cars; only four have them for trucks.

“Many Kansans may find it as startling as I do that such things could happen here.”

What’s startling is that today both supporters of ISIS and radical Christian terrorists have adopted the same language.

The info the committee could release: The committee released 10,145 pages on Sen. Packwood’s encounters described in “startling detail,” per the NYT.

The crabs catch the birds with startling ease, according to Laidre.

The video is yet another startling reminder of the toll drugs are taking on Ohio.

This is the latest finding from the Cassini mission to show the startling geological complexity of the hazy, gassy moon.

Here’s a startling big picture look at the crisis.

What they found was startling.

It’s all rather startling, because it wasn’t very long ago that young women were explaining why they had lost interest in feminism.

Scientists recently released time-lapse animation comparing Arctic sea ice since 1984 with now, and it is a little startling.

Did you find anything startling?It’s really what I thought it would be.

Several of those were particularly startling in size and enthusiasm.

One-third are employed, 16 percent are students and a startling 26 percent indicate that they are currently without work.

The hard, celebratory chocolate-in-the-face was almost as abrupt and startling as the sudden collapse of the Taliban.

The statistics of the game for the year show a startling list of players killed and the serious maiming of many more.

A Romney appointment would be a startling shift in the two men’s relationship.

If this seems like a startling waste of cash, imagine how much money A-list celebrities like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid make.

Trump’s expression of a preference for UK ambassador to Washington was a startling break with diplomatic protocol.

A Nixonian conflict-of-interest view Trump brushed aside questions about how his actions in the White House could benefit his businesses with a startling declaration.

He wrote to Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, laying out his analysis of Federal Reserve payments and their startling implications, but was ignored.

There’s no doubt Trump’s expression of a preference for UK ambassador to Washington was a startling break with diplomatic protocol.

(CNN)Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano surprised observers with a startling sight Friday: a massive column of ash billowing in the air.

(Read More) In-The-Know: The CDC is investigating Palo Alto’s startling teen suicide problem.

That’s why President Barack Obama’s recent words in Berlin, shortly after the election, were both startling and sobering.

Instead, the expedition made a startling discovery.

Still, it was startling to see it itemized in print, one sad and helpless debt at a time.

And what we saw was startling in terms of the absolute gap in net worth.

One of the most startling leaks — and stunning revelations — of this whole administration has left President Trump and his senior staff furious and rattled.

But when CNN interviewed American Muslims about the presidential election, we heard a startling message: 2016 is worse.

Yet the lack of women making these advancements is startling, as is the association the labels have earned with their respective creative director.

A new report gives a bleak assessment of what life is like for them, with this startling nugget.

Schumer’s startling threat, if achieved, would constitute a delay of 1,460 days — body-slamming the ancient Whig record.

startling numbers to reflect on during Women’s History Month.

Scientists recently released a time-lapse animation that compared Arctic sea ice since 1984 with now — and the results were startling.

“What was always so startling was when it was just one person just standing there alone.

Artificial intelligence systems can predict patients’ diagnoses and outcomes with startling accuracy, and we don’t even know how they’re doing it.

These startling anecdotes have been heard in family homes, police stations and safe houses for years in Manitoba.

In addition to summarizing its own investigation, the report referred to many previous government and media reports about startling shortcomings in airport security.

A startling number of children in the United States are behind bars.

Lenn Peril, in her essay on the bikini in Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia, describes the startling trickle-down effects of the bikini’s marketing.

The blandness of everything was in startling contrast to what I had known.

The rapid decline, from record high extents of sea ice, to current record lows has been startling.

Dax Shepard made a startling admission on yesterday’s episode of Sirius XM’s The Jason Ellis Show.

But today, Apple released some startling news: for the first time ever, iPhone sales declined from one year to the next.

So it’s a little startling to see a statue of Jesus outside an Indiana church defaced twice in the past two weeks.

Influenza is especially concerning because it races through communities at startling speeds, Kortepeter says.

A male streaker dashed across the stage — and into American living rooms — during the ceremony in 1974, briefly startling co-host David Niven.

But she hopes her “startling” images provide a “glimpse into a subculture of Texas women that will not become victims.”

The violence in Charlottesville is nothing new; however, it’s startling nonetheless.

SEP was looking to quantify the growth potential of the Northern Europe startup community and what it found was quite startling.

Yet while Chicago’s violence is real and, at times, startling, there are many cities with more disturbing body counts.

I start to experience a wider range of feelings—softer ones, and the depth of them is startling.

Those startling statistics are mirrored worldwide.

(CNN)Neon pink water began flowing out of the taps in a small Canadian town earlier this week, startling residents.

The details are startling.

But it is a startling reality nonetheless, and an embarrassment for a country that considers itself a paragon of freedom.

startling decline in Americans’ life expectancy Comparing American survival to that of other nations can be startling.

In MRA-affiliated forums on unregulated online spaces like 4chan and Reddit, users organized harassment campaigns, with startling efficacy.

The online article, printed on handouts that Alexis Gerard has distributed to her class at Clemente Middle School in Germantown, Maryland, is startling.

A moment of true and startling independence.

(CNN)The numbers are startling — in 2015, 52,404 people died from drug overdoses according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s not a Trump interview without a little bragging, but this one was a little startling.

Large shoes are heavy, and can make a startling sound when dropped from a sufficient height, but fortunately nobody was injured here.

Scientists say it could have been a meteor that exploded apart when it entered Earth’s atmosphere, creating that brilliant and startling flash.

And that relief only made his unpredictable outburst when I failed to answer the phone in time all the more startling and distressing.

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are getting a somewhat startling update for the upcoming West End play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The letter’s startling roster includes former CIA directors Webster (Reagan, George H.W.

“I’ve heard from a startling number of people, both men and women, who say this has happened to them,” she said.

It was a startling request to say the least.”

Turner subtly announced the startling news with an Instagram post on July 29.

But a startling new piece in Vanity Fair reminds us not to view the iconic era through rose-colored lenses.

That Trump would invoke the specter of Nixon at the end of this week is truly startling.

Nguyen and Mai have contrasting styles, and the visual dichotomy can be startling.

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