Spoke in a sentence | Use of the word spoke examples

Last month, I spoke to Geoffrey Skelley, a political analyst at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, who offered a similar theory.

Noisey spoke with Ozoyo, a DJ and producer in Istanbul, to find out.

Washington spoke with VICE Sports on Friday morning about his career, 1996 Wimbledon, the state of American men’s tennis today, and more.

His father, Odell Edwards, briefly spoke outside the courtroom before heading back in to begin listening to the sentencing phase of the trial.

According to a former Twitter employee, who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity, the process was once very difficult.

So Yoda spoke to me: The Force connects all living things.

They spent a day getting to know each other, and they spoke in English, as their two states had different languages.

I spoke to several well-known Instagram creators, drawing on Motherboard’s ties to the Instagram corgi underworld.

“I spoke to [CEO Tim Cook].

“The fake media will say: President Trump — and you know what this is — President Trump spoke before a small crowd of Boy Scouts today.

In the same month, Cambridge Analytica director Brittany Kaiser spoke at a Leave.EU news conference.

Then he spoke of his admiration for my talent.

Investigators spoke with multiple witnesses — and fingered Smith as the assailant.

(Several literal billionaires spoke at the RNC convention.)

Noisey spoke to the band via email about why the hell they decided to make an EP, let alone music, about the BTZ experience.

Ryan spoke on a panel presentation alongside executives from rivals SQM and Tianqi Lithium Corp, which agreed that lithium is not a true commodity.

As Weld spoke, Johnson’s eyes drifted downward, and he looked at the floor.

“Those are really, super toxic,” Howard told me when we briefly spoke on the subject.

Neither women spoke up publicly at the time.

Because of this landmark moment, the teary-eyed actress naturally spoke about those who were historically rejected because of their race.

She said she and Thrush spoke most of the night, until they ended up the last two of the party left in the bar.

Multiple young women journalists I spoke to said that they’d heard serious warnings about Thrush from friends.

In a piece for JSTOR Daily, writer Katherine Martinelli spoke to recycling and manufacturing experts who say Styrofoam has advantages over other packaging products.

Every conference-goer I spoke to liked what he actually said about Israel, but they didn’t quite trust the messenger.

He spoke against the races mixing.

He spoke about the need for religious tolerance.

I don’t remember the words he spoke, but my new doctor’s first full sentence directed at me was hissed in irritation.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the deal has not been signed.

“Everything spoke about or done under the Nam Long roof was a lesson,” she says.

I spoke to Dr. Arely Zimmerman, an assistant professor at Mills College who has studied civic engagement, new media, and online activism.

We spoke to Marlo after this week’s ‘RHOA’ reunion show where the two went at it.

Even Pierson, when we spoke in January, said the zeal behind Obamacare repeal had him questioning some of his assumptions about safety net programs.

To find out more about them, The Creators Project spoke to MariNaomi:  The Creators Project: How many cartoonists are on each of your lists?

Vance and I spoke by phone on April 6.

That was the moment “the personal is political” spoke to me more than anything else did.

Vox spoke with Ivanic about the potential consequences of marketing low-quality foods to people of color.

I recently spoke with Carroll, who has written for an array of publications—including Broadly—and lives in Brooklyn, for some perspective on the project.

On Tuesday, comedian Norm Macdonald spoke to the Hollywood Reporter in defense of nonpolitical comedy.

“You spoke the truth,” one tweeted.

Yet, few of the gallerists I spoke with ever mentioned gentrification — which reads to me as a blinkered perspective.

Neither Manafort or Gates, who was represented by a public defender at the hearing, spoke to the press.

Neither Manafort or Gates, who was represented by a public defender at the hearing, spoke to the press.

McCabe, according to someone close to him, never spoke with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Christopher Wray, or Trump about his termination.

Trump on Friday spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about Middle East stability and the oil market, the White House said.

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Many spoke on condition they not be named.

On Wednesday, the bill had its final reading in parliament, where lawmakers spoke passionately about the need for reform.

Corinne Olympios finally spoke out about her “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal with DeMario Jackson, and wanted it known … he did nothing wrong.

VICE spoke to Danial to hear what it’s like to live among the dead.

He rode this pink rundown scooter, and spoke broken English.

The fight became public just before prominent Republican leaders, including President Donald Trump, spoke at the NRA leadership convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I say, “Absolutely do not make a decision for her.” One of the companies that I spoke to, they actually changed.

Foxconn later reiterated it would still build a factory in Wisconsin after Gou spoke to U.S. President Donald Trump.

A short while later, we spoke on the phone.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement that she spoke to Trump about passing a “robust” jobs bill.

The Russian government was responsible for the recent attacks on the DNC, according to security firms that spoke to the Washington Post.

Business Insider spoke to 11 Panera employees to get their takes on the best and worst deals at the restaurant.

When inspectors found their way to the sites in Kabul, they spoke with Afghans who reported the clinics to be in “good working order.”

But according to several people who spoke with the Times, he and his friends didn’t always treat girls as equals.

Susan never spoke, and that wasn’t me, was it?

She spoke of her dream of becoming a lawyer, and of inspiring other Rohingya girls deprived of education.

Between fits of shy giggles, sometimes burying her face inside her lap, Formin spoke with a burning passion about books and education.

Nearly everyone who knew her growing up spoke of Formin’s determination and her talent for English.

Friends and family also spoke of her equally bright and determined older sister, Nur Jahan.

She was learning karate, guitar, and spoke of an Indian-American teacher she adored.

When cops arrived they spoke with the accuser and a witness who corroborated her story.

Cops spoke with Broner — who staunchly proclaimed his innocence — but ultimately decided there was enough evidence to cite him for misdemeanor battery.

But none of the Ukrainians I spoke to so much as mentioned anti-Semitism.

Tatyana spoke carefully.

But he spoke with the calm authority of a CEO on autopilot: addressing a crowd of several dozen Jewish (or, Jewish enough) professionals.

When I found Sarah, I felt like it was the first time that something really spoke to me.”

We spoke with longtime bartenders to find out what drives them mad and makes them glad.

“Just think how many generations stand before you,” said Sharansky, pacing as he spoke.

* I spoke to Julius Genachowski, who chaired the FCC when the Comcast deal was approved and the AT&T-T-Mobile deal was rejected.

Strange was one of multiple women I spoke with who noted that Biden’s behavior, as described by Flores, was intrusive and uncomfortable.

She spoke with Tim Draper, the well-known founding partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm DFJ and a staunch bitcoin supporter.

Vox spoke to industry professionals who confirmed some of the practices and numbers.

She says she served a couple who spoke loudly and disparagingly about immigrants.

One Amazon worker spoke to Vox’s Chavie Lieber about their experience with brutal hours, dystopian surveillance systems, and inhumane policies.

Stern and I spoke by phone this morning about Senatore’s feat.

We spoke with Johnny Dang — famous for designing insanely expensive grillz — whose headquarters are in Houston, site of Super Bowl LI.

I left Italy for Spain looking for jobs because I spoke Spanish.

TMZ Sports spoke with local law enforcement and we’re told they are “aware and investigating.”

Obviously, each scientist I spoke to reckons their field is the one to watch.

He told MSNBC he spoke with the president the day he was fired and Trump made no mention he would lose his job.

He spoke in favor of an ambitious free trade area that covers the entire region.

According to Portuguese newspaper Record, Ronaldo spoke to Gomes and Portugal head coach Fernando Santos about the decision.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

Trump spoke in front of a panoply of iconic American-made products: Gibson guitars, Maryland crab pots, a Delaware-made NASA space suit and Cheerwine soda.

The two officials were not authorized to disclose the victim’s name and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

Another opposing player even spoke of being locked into a garage before a game against FK Obilic.

Clark — who’s played by Sarah Paulson in the FX show — recently spoke to the New York Post about the dramatization of the O.J.

He spoke for five minutes.

Last year, Scheck spoke to the Los Angeles Times about some of the lasting consequences of the widely televised “trial of the century.”

Broadly spoke with Salameh about the intersection of activism and art, and painting from lived experience.

The two leaders spoke by telephone on Tuesday.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because of those fears.

Obama spoke to about 90 people who paid $10,000 to $30,000 for the dinner at the home of Robert Rubenstein, a personal injury lawyer.

Companies that spoke with Reuters said the first step is to install charging equipment on their own premises.

As each woman spoke, the pageant organizers flashed images of women who had been brutalized across an enormous screen.

During this period, Whitaker frequently spoke by phone with both Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly, this same official told me.

In a July 2017 appearance on CNN, for example, Whitaker spoke of various ways the White House might sabotage Mueller’s probe.

VICE News spoke to four activists who were on the ground during the incident.

VICE News spoke to four activists who were on the ground during the incident.

After the debate, he spoke with reporters to attempt some damage control, saying Castro mischaracterized his immigration policy.

“I Immediately called the contact number in the email and spoke with the manager over the phone.”

Gloriously blunt, Sendak often spoke of not believing that there is a clear distinction between stories for adults and children.

It became clear something was amiss when McCain spoke briefly with the top Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer, and Schumer seemed elated.

Senator Bernie Sanders, spoke at a presidential forum.

According to Reuters sources, Kushner spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak three times during the presidential election.

McCain and Pence spoke for nearly 30 minutes, in a conversation that at times seemed friendly but then turned serious.

“I spoke to him [Lavrov] today,” Putin said with a smile, according to Reuters.

(He also spoke at the Republican convention.)

Putin also spoke favorably of Trump.

We spoke to Harris about what the term “takatāpui” means to those it continues to envelop, educate, and empower.

Broadly spoke to six young women to learn about what it really feels like to have a stalker.

I spoke to several members of alt-furry and the brony right in Twitter DMs to get a clearer picture of the movement.

Putin sent a telegram to Trump the day after the election to congratulate him and they spoke on the phone on Nov. 14.

As with all of the alt-furries/alt-bronies I spoke to, he is male, American (“but of European descent”), and disarmingly well spoken.

I spoke with Gross about the implications of seeking political diversity on college campuses after Kristof published his first column on the subject.

Crowdfense spoke about the new acquisition program during a party at Nullcon, a security conference in Goa, India, earlier this month.

I spoke to him about his work, his social commentary, and the nature of the comics scene in Zimbabwe.

We spoke with five people about the scary and, sometimes literally, muddy roads online dating has led them down.

VICE News spoke with St. Louis’ mayor, who’s not at all happy with the decision.

I spoke to the health minister multiple times a day.

All four who spoke to Vox said they have thought about quitting at some point because of the financial stress.

In Cleveland, I spoke to many delegates—the street leading to the entrance was not barricaded and open to the public.

However, people I spoke with at the event had a distinctly different view.

We spoke to eight Olympians about that very question.

But there was something about the comedy style that spoke to him.

VICE News spoke to female teenage actors about the future of the industry where #MeToo began.

He is the CEO of Zipline and he actually spoke last year at Recode’s evening with Code Mobile event.

VICE News spoke to female teenage actors about the future of the industry where #MeToo began.

But sources said Kalanick was proud of his letter to the team and spoke about it often.

12:30 PM PT — We just spoke with X-Pac — who’s obviously PUMPED about the situation!

During a recent interview at the gallery, Munroe, who has long lived and worked in Connecticut, spoke about her background, art-making methods, and outlook.

We spoke to three Trump voters who support the president’s decision.

Two incels I spoke to say they found the community from browsing r9k.

At the time, he spoke about talks with Amazon and Dish, which already carries a version of ESPN on Sling TV.

Reuters spoke to more than a dozen people for this story, including bankers, lawyers and corporate advisers.

Then, Spicer, channeling his inner Donald Trump, spoke in absolutes: “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.”

He spoke to the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens but wasn’t offered a contract with either.

The measure was so controversial, even some pro-life Republicans spoke out against it.

He spoke to no one, because there was no empathy to be found.

When I spoke to Rep. Lofgren, she argued that the language was open to interpretation.

On Thursday, Trump spoke with Cook about “trade, U.S. investment, immigration and privacy,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said.

Today, we spoke about my family going to visit him and his home.

She spoke to Philip Mayfield, who of all Duntsch’s victims, Beil said had the most disturbing outcome.

The two spoke just a week before his passing.

He visited all 50 states and met and spoke face to face with people in each state he visited.

Educators spoke to INSIDER why they continue to teach.

Numerous celebrities spoke out against Spacey’s statement, among them several prominent gay figures.

The first lecture, last year, was given by famed environmental writer and activist Bill McKibben, who spoke about climate change.

Of the six dealers who I spoke to on the phone, none were willing answer my questions.

Officers spoke with Kelly — determined there was no warrant — and let the singer continue to party.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump spoke to U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama on Monday and endorsed his campaign, the White House said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also spoke on Friday at the United Nations-sponsored conference on Central Asian security and development in Samarkand.

Jolie spoke in Colombia as a special envoy for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

We spoke to Nicky Palermo from Nothing and Gavin Rhodes from Emoji fame about all the potential applications of these emojis.

Page, it turns out, was one of the officials who spoke to the Journal with McCabe’s blessing.

Tanis spoke briefly on Monday, telling the judges: “I am not a democrat.

After the passport-burning video was written about, RCMP investigators spoke with Shirdon’s mother, Nura, and sister, Idil, multiple times in Calgary in 2014.

And the news outlets he spoke to have something in common: They all lean right.

And the news outlets he spoke to have something in common: They all lean right.

According to Basson, when I spoke with him over the phone, the pair bonded over their mutual belief that government isn’t working.

The pair spoke often to discuss the project, right up until two months before Maloney’s death.

Last week, I spoke with him about his book and about what America got wrong in its war on terrorism.

Putin also spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan by phone.

I spoke with one Republican state convention delegate who voted rather unenthusiastically for Cruz at the convention.

We spoke with Ric’s business partner — suit maker Adam Marks (aka Mr.

The other Trump voters we spoke with believed, as a matter of principle, that the government is not responsible for everybody’s health care.

Some experts say the way Jong Nam spoke out in the media was what put him at risk.

Investigators were poring through data on Ullah’s electronic devices, said a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Instead his spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, spoke of “the President Trump model”.

We spoke to young Republicans who were taken aback by the revelations that came out of Cohen’s explosive testimony.

He spoke Hebrew; he spoke Greek.

The Republicreported that employees they spoke with said their computers were programmed to not function until the videos were watched in their entirety.

According to several Belarusian dissidents who spoke to Tablet, the names in the cables were also used to identify lower-level dissidents.

Cox was there and spoke in favor of the proposal, and then was sitting just two rows away as Naman directly referenced shooting her.

Nasrallah spoke about the situations in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.

The Times spoke to more than a dozen participants at the Geneva meeting.

Trump praised his relationship with Xi and spoke optimistically about getting a deal.

We spoke to Professor Hanke, whose experience lies in currency reform from Ecuador to Indonesia, to find out more about this plan.

I spoke with Holiday recently about his new book, his love of Stoic philosophy, and why he thinks ego is everyone’s enemy.

If you spoke with a Google employee this week at its I/O developer conference, I guarantee they uttered these words: “Early days.”

But the former CBO director I spoke with said this wasn’t about the White House.

As the former CBO director I spoke with put it to me, “We believe in the norms of our political system.

He came out and talked with a lot of the victims, he spoke with law enforcement out there.

I spent a lot of my younger years in daycares and with family friends, where I spoke mostly English.

“The government allows the mining companies to operate, but we don’t,” said López visibly upset, his voice rising as he spoke.

Most Russians we spoke to outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg had never heard of the internet.

The men I spoke to, too, said the main appeal of public bathroom sex was its weirdness, its departure from the quotidian.

Tests are performed on glyphosate alone, a fact several scientists VICE spoke to pointed to as being a major and often overlooked concern.

She only attended and spoke at the launch.

La David Johnson, and spoke his name from beginning, without hesitation!

“In or about September 2016, he spoke with both Gates and Person A regarding the Report, and surreptitiously recorded the call,” the indictment says.

Raghav also spoke to the backlash response to Trump’s withdrawal.

Cohen spoke in court during his sentencing, and said … “Today is one of the most meaningful days of my life.

And I think he finally spoke out because people everywhere stood up and said something.

To add insult to injury, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, spoke outside the courtroom after the sentencing.

Democratic foreign policy experts I spoke to worry that Democrats are squandering an opportunity to prepare for the looming foreign policy fight.

Some of the experts I spoke to also said this reflects a deeper problem for the Democratic Party.

Overall, the doctors I spoke to said they didn’t find anything exceptionally egregious about WebMD.

Within the group of doctors I surveyed, some spoke highly of the site.

At his flagship restaurant 610 Magnolia, Lee spoke to MUNCHIES about the Chef LEE (Let’s Empower Employment) Initiative.

I spoke to my fellowship, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, and they were shocked as well.

One of my first memories was when a woman in the student resources center spoke really slowly to me until I asked a question.

Once she heard me talk and realized I spoke English, she spoke faster.

Castro spoke after handing over Cuba’s presidency to his successor, Miguel-Diaz Canel.

I spoke to the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance as well as other organizations that have been researching this issue for a while.

Almost everyone we spoke with took issue with the Governors lack of transparency and dark money donors.

Almost everyone we spoke with took issue with the Governors lack of transparency and dark money donors.

Björk​ and I spoke on the phone after my visit to the exhibition.

So I spoke to a few funny tweeters who have experienced exactly that.

I love them to bits, but when I was 12, I fell off a stepladder and spoke Japanese for six weeks.

Here, the UK duo spoke frankly about their past, present and future music careers.

But as soon as she spoke, all the stray dogs near her faced her and began to howl.

I spoke to about a dozen current and former Twitter execs.

I spoke to Cann through the bot after an initial Skype conversation and was surprised by the difference between the two experiences.

We previously spoke with Ezekiel’s rep who says the Cowboys RB did provide information to police but was NEVER accused of any wrongdoing.

I spoke with eight women who had gone through one or more pregnancies while working in a lab.

According to police who spoke with the New York Times, Adan mentioned Allah and asked at least one victim if he was Muslim.

They assumed that Black men spoke for us.

Broadly spoke to five survivors to break down exactly how much it costs to be a victim of stalking and abuse.

The White House confirmed that the two leaders spoke on the sidelines of the G-20 couples-only dinner.

VICE News spoke to a 16-year-old boy from Ethiopia preparing to leave the camp on Monday.

The White House confirmed that the two leaders spoke on the sidelines of the G-20 couples-only dinner.

A few weeks after his Arsenio appearance, Clinton spoke to the Rainbow Coalition, a social change organization found by Rev.

Most articles and books were relevant only to much later-stage businesses, and most founders I spoke to were reticent about sharing specifics.

Most articles and books were relevant only to much later-stage businesses, and most founders I spoke to were reticent about sharing specifics.

“Even a thin and largely symbolic agreement is far preferable to war,” he told me when I spoke to him last month.

Charles Koch spoke out against Trump’s proposed Muslim registry, invoking a comparison to Nazi Germany.

“I spoke with Jenson [Button] and said I don’t mind.

All but three House Democrats spoke out against the ban.

That would be midcard strongman Ryback, who forcefully spoke out about WWE’s pay practices on his Tumblr.

I would pop someone in the chops if they spoke to me the way I speak to myself.

Neighbors later told reporters that Gustave was devastated by the loss of his lady love, and often spoke of suicide.

When we spoke, Price seemed optimistic that this won’t get to a point of no return, however.

Many of those I spoke with connected the Fight for 15, a national movement for a $15 minimum wage and union rights, to Occupy.

“We really don’t want Hillary,” said one Russian official, who spoke anonymously because of the subject’s sensitivity.

Broadly spoke to 17-year-olds to see how these comments sat with them.

At another point, Lloyd spoke with administration staffers about the possibility of “reversing” another undocumented teen’s abortion, using a controversial, scientifically unproven procedure.

Others strippers we spoke to told us they hope to be able to pay off all of their debt after the game.

Others strippers we spoke to told us they hope to be able to pay off all of their debt after the game.

Contrary to the hype about smoothies degrading fiber, some of the researchers I spoke to actually encouraged this approach.

And the girl I spoke to, her parents wouldn’t let her use Facebook.

Many of these are ideas given to me by people who work low wage jobs at Disneyland when I spoke to them last year.

As we finished lunch, Walter’s granddaughter (the only relative that spoke to him), crashed our meal.

She died on Dec. 25 of natural causes, said son Allan Rubin, who spoke to AP.

TMZ Sports spoke to White this morning … who tells us, “It’s not true.

It was as if the prairies and badlands of South Dakota spoke to something deep inside me, beyond the territory of words.

We spoke to Pallota-Chiarolli about her findings.

But since we last spoke, there are some things I feel extremely encouraged about.

“Today is a big day,” said Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who spoke just before Trump at the White House.

We spoke to Davanel about how he came up with the story, why he loves “Who Wants It,” and breaking language barriers.

My friend occasionally doesn’t remember people she just spoke to because “they’re not wearing a hat anymore.”

This, I think, is why both Anders’s novel and Us spoke so profoundly to me.

We spoke to Coghlan about Marbella and his business.

One diplomat I spoke to described watching an official in the State Department cafeteria get her credit card declined while trying to buy food.

Some of the people I spoke with expressed anger that their livelihoods are now threatened over a border wall fight.

He spoke less than the truth.

(Johnson, like many other Sandernistas I spoke with, only signed on as a Democrat because Sanders was running on that ticket.)

Wiggins spoke to Kotaku, who reported that she did not catch the Pokémon she was after because she stopped playing to call 911.

He spoke at the DNC, and Hill and Huma visited the set of “Scandal” … so yeah, he’s a big supporter.

But China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi, who spoke on a panel in Munich, said that Chinese missiles were defensive.

I spoke to Mckesson about his views on how to improve policing and his advice for a new generation of activists, among other topics.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) – The mayor of Puerto Rico’s hurricane-battered capital spoke on Friday of thirsty children drinking from creeks.

Looking back, the aides we spoke with did not recommend it.

I spoke in-depth with one of them, Norma Quintana, who told me that the Atlas Fire took both her home and studio.

As he spoke, he drove his tractor across a soybean field, tilling under his crop.

I took some classes and experimented, but what really spoke to me was documentary work.

The most worrying sign, according to the scholars I spoke to, is that some mainstream figures and publications are starting to validate Russiasphere claims.

All those plays really spoke to me, and I thought, “This is what I’m looking for.”

He spoke a day after he called Mursi a “marytr” and said he did not believe the former president died due to natural causes.

Two Ciudadanos sources who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity were also critical of any agreements with Vox.

Reuters spoke to five people covered by the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who spoke at Glastonbury in 2017, said the performance was political and iconic.

Merritt has said that he spoke to witnesses who heard Guyger knocking on the door and yelling, “Let me in,” prior to the shooting.

It all started back in September when Trump spoke at a rally in Alabama.

During dinner, she spoke at full tilt, dropping mid-sentence into generic Jewish and Canadian impressions (she’s both) and internet-isms (“hashtagmoodSundaybrunchpancakes”).

Last week, family members of victims of the Allende massacre visited Washington, D.C. and spoke on a panel about the drug war.

If you’re not aware of how Jackie Kennedy spoke, listening to Portman’s Jackie is like the tingle of soda in your throat.

VICE News spoke to Amira Abase’s father after that announcement last March for a documentary.

I remind Tink of the last time she spoke to Noisey.

This week, we spoke to Ben Pearce.

Jennifer Lopez spoke beside New York Gov.

As he spoke, Brian looked shell-shocked, devastated.

I spoke to him after the game and he kind of beat up on himself for not making his foul shots.

Lauer says he noticed one other difference when he spoke with the swimmer on the phone Wednesday night.

To find out more about this weird, undefinable music, I spoke to the man who compiled the record: the Madrid-born, London-based producer John Gómez.

Two heroin addicts we spoke with in Beckley, for example, felt held back by the fact that there is no state-funded medicated detox.

As he spoke, one of the church ladies behind me whispered “Amen.”

Next, I spoke to the guy behind the Facebook Group UK Drone Racing, Johnny Finnerty, for his thoughts on why humanity needs drones.

I spoke to Paul Beauchamp, who works for air traffic control organization NATS, about drones, danger, and aviation.

The wide receiver tells TMZ Sports he just spoke with Aaron and the guy seems as laser-focused as ever.

Whether or not they spoke directly, it seems clear that Woodward is providing these aides’ versions of key events from Trump’s presidency.

“Data speaks — big time.” Every doctor and nurse I spoke to that day was plugged into these quality improvement efforts.

“Sure, read it for free online if you can,” said Dennis Johnson, publisher of Melville House, when I spoke to him in March.

No question.” The prevailing attitude among most of the Russians I spoke with seemed to be a friendly, wistful appreciation of the United States.

Yet almost none of the Russians I spoke to blamed Putin.

Two of Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr. and Tiffany Trump, spoke last night.

We spoke with one actor on the show who said the experience was so unpleasant they would never work with her again.

Clarke was a vocal supporter of Trump during the presidential campaign and spoke at the Republican National Convention.

Clarke was a vocal supporter of Trump during the presidential campaign and spoke at the Republican National Convention.

As we spoke earlier, music is a spiritual experience, that’s the origin of it.

UPDATE: We spoke with Leah’s mother who is adamant the two were NOT married.

Pompeo spoke to Doval, the Indian and Pakistani Foreign Ministers Sushma Swaraj and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, respectively, Palladino said.

We spoke with the Jet about J.R.’s 1-game suspension for reportedly hurlin’ soup at Cleveland asst.

I think that once he got elected, President Obama thought the goodness of the thing he was passing spoke for itself.

He spoke like one too, that lisping upper-class stream of consciousness coming thick and fast.

Khizr Khan also spoke about why he needed to have his wife at his side during the speech.

When Rickman spoke, he seemed to suck the air out of his surroundings, absorbing it with his silken purr.

“Almost everyone we spoke to said that Katrina made them even less politically active than they had been before,” she says.

Some five NATO countries spoke after Esper in the NATO meeting.

“Campaigns by people such as the Rigg family are committed to changing things,” Athwal said, when we spoke.

But many of the scholars I spoke to think that the answer, on balance, is that Congress could likely prevent Trump from destroying NAFTA.

We last spoke when we were in Washington, D.C., about lacrosse.

They were detained late on Wednesday and Thursday, according to ALQST and an associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Their kids spoke English without an accent.

He spoke about his family’s humble beginnings in a March campaign ad.

The other parents I spoke to for this story echoed a similar process; complementary apparel, no money changing hands.

VICE founder Shane Smith joined Senator Lindsay Graham at the press conference, and spoke to the protestors demonstrating outside the embassy.

She described herself as “not very bridal” and spoke about how she took a more relaxed approach to her wedding with Franco.

Trump and Xi spoke by phone on Tuesday about the summit and formally agreed to meet to talk about the trade war.

Betrayed and increasingly jaded, Rittidet spoke with hospital directors, who agreed to apply for out-of-province health care.

This week, we spoke to Born in Flamez.

But most of the experts I spoke with expressed skepticism that the decision will be overturned outright.

You spoke just about exactly a year ago, right before the Trump inauguration.

“This is not a politics thing with me,” she said on why spoke out now.

I mean, basically, like right after we spoke the last time on this podcast, I wrote …

He says he spoke to her about her inciting Crip comment, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation.

Even before Trump spoke, the rally was a contentious event.

VICE News spoke with the sisters at the Trump headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina about why they think Trump should be president.

Several venture capitalists and former Googlers I spoke to when Area 120 first surfaced believed Google has better odds than earlier efforts.

Russia also spoke out against Pyongyang’s plans and requested that the rocket launch be cancelled.

Experts I spoke with unanimously agreed that Russia has violated the agreement and that the US needed to do something about it.

We spoke in early June when the group was first beginning to make international headlines.

All the government officials I spoke with stressed that they were well aware of the potential for catastrophic habitat losses over the next century.

Instead, Manafort spoke privately to the committee Tuesday, explaining his role in a meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower during the campaign.

In the conversation, Zuckerberg also spoke about his early expectations for Facebook, which were not very high.

Lucas García was defiant when he spoke briefly to reporters after his arrest.

My grandmother achieved all of this as an outsider: She was an immigrant and hardly spoke English when she first arrived.

I recently spoke with Tank Girl’s director, Rachel Talalay, who has experienced firsthand how the industry treats women filmmakers.

Bento added that the girl had only spoke to police in the first place because the images surfaced.

She also spoke at the Code Conference this year and was unusually popular, although I don’t understand why.

When I spoke with him, I did not realize that my mother had taken medication developed out of his research findings.

I spoke with Lars from Metallica recently, and he says that the real reason he still does it because they still have fun.

But things look likely to change: Trump and Bolsonaro spoke after the latter’s victory.

Lots more locals who we spoke to about the by-election agreed.

TMZ Sports spoke with PVZ about what it was like to get picked for this year’s S.I.

VICE spoke with Mike Lacher, one of the game’s creators.

He told friends and colleagues the killing was in self-defense, according to a person close to Moreno who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Despite his ouster, Moreno remained calm, according to people who spoke with him at the time.

Here’s the thing: Every woman I spoke to pivoted very quickly if her wish was not fulfilled.

The researchers I spoke to for this story are overall optimistic that these discoveries can be used in the clinical settings.

Solar’s eyes welled with tears of pride as he spoke of Cuaron as “Alfonso,” who he said was a university classmate.

The Guardian spoke with Ahmed Jan, an employee of a bus company stationed at the border crossing.

We spoke to some of these little pieces of shit below.

Johnson spoke about Hong Kong, Huawei, Iran and Brexit.

The “House of Cards” star spoke publicly for the first time since Spacey was embroiled in a storm of sexual assault accusations.

I spoke with Gates about a week ago for nearly an hour.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

Young spoke to the players.

Aaron spoke to the players.

When we last spoke you were about to go on a tour that had some smaller rooms than you usually play.

He had a lot of feminist-identifying female friends and spoke openly about progressive politics and racial justice—something I really liked about him.

I spoke with Dickerson about how this exploration of the past informs his thinking about today.

Richardson said that before his trip to Myanmar, he spoke to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who visited the country in November.

As such, we spoke to some of our favorite musicians about the one artist we should listen to in 2019.

The night before the event — which wasn’t exactly a protest but a gathering — she seemed excited when we spoke by phone.

New institutions that spoke more directly to the needs of the present day naturally came to overshadow older ones from a much earlier era.

He spoke to my heart.–Jerry Dragon, 64, a disabled Vietnam veteran from Cleveland We lost the last two elections, but you know what?

spoke with our engineering team and new hosting provider.

We spoke with multiple major publishers who said … despite being granted parole, and all the interest in recent O.J.

He spoke in an interview on the sidelines of the Economic Forum of the Americas in Montreal.

President Donald Trump spoke to and took questions from the media for about 30 minutes on Friday morning across a range of topics.

Bolsonaro and Trump spoke of “a strong commitment to work side-by-side” on issues affecting Brazil, the United States and beyond, the White House said.

Moon visited the fire scene where he spoke to grieving family members and firefighters.

I spoke with Gov.

We can also look at this in the way that Donald Trump just spoke about Gov.

I spoke to Sarah about working on the dead.

But Jada spoke about members of the black community taking extreme measures in impossible times.

The “truly independent, sovereign United Kingdom” May spoke of in Birmingham will be… truly independent.

François Hollande spoke at a dinner in Paris last week, a day before the flash crash.

Spiritual genius is something Einstein spoke about, and I love this language.

Business Insider spoke with a female Google employee earlier this week about the memo.

We spoke to Will Hermes about how life in the city dictated the art it created far beyond the similarities of sonic urgency.

(I spoke with Brian’s mother to confirm details of this story, but she understandably had no interest in being quoted here.)

Mercer spoke on behalf of Fox 40.

Though no one I spoke to said it directly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some scientists find that a bit patronizing.

Things changed because people paid attention, spoke up, and made a difference.

He spoke a day after a senior U.S. administration official said U.S. President Donald Trump was likely to make the announcement next week.

We spoke with a few neighbors who are thanking the Wests for putting a team on the front lines and saving their homes.

In your initial announcement of the bill, you spoke about hearing members in Congress openly admit to drug use.

Tillerson also spoke about the many times he had to rein in the president from pursuing options outside the law.

Tillerson also spoke about the many times he had to rein in the president from pursuing options outside the law.

LG: No, I don’t think you’re going to … we spoke with this … KS: That was fun.

I spoke with Olnek by phone the day before the film’s theatrical release.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel spoke on stage at Vanity Fair’s first New Establishment Summit back in 2014.

“He raised his gun and fired, I ran away, he shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and spoke about the Islamic State.

Last week, I was at Princeton, and I spoke to a scientist from MIT.

She spoke to BuzzFeed anonymously.)

Will she listen to one woman who spoke up?

“I spoke to the Pope yesterday by telephone.

The case went viral after the victim spoke out in a forceful letter read in court.

Trump himself spoke by video link from Washington.

VICE News spoke with Scott about the publication of this underground masterpiece.

Correction: A previous version of this article misquoted Seph Rodney as describing Shannon Jones as “loud.” He said that she spoke “loudly.”

All three of the former agents that spoke with Business Insider listed this portrayal as a major pet peeve.

Myth: FBI agents are all damaged people

Voss spoke on fiction’s tendency to portray law enforcement officers in general as damaged, jaded individuals.

He spoke slowly, careful not to offend, but Chang is not the type to self-edit well.

The United States was not willing to come to the Xi meeting with concessions, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In it, Cosby spoke cavalierly about using quaaludes to get women to sleep with him.

Cohen barely spoke outside of his five minute confession, limiting the majority of his replies to “yes your honor” and “no your honor.”

Vestberg spoke to Recode’s Kara Swisher last October on the Recode Decode podcast: This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

We’re told O and DT spoke for about an hour, and the conversation was warm and cordial.

Rachel Crooks, who also spoke to the Times, was similarly emboldened to tell her story immediately after the debate.

I spoke to him about how the Chandelier Tree has become an LA staple.

When Warren spoke on the floor of the Senate Tuesday night, only a few hundred people were tuned in to C-SPAN.

When I spoke with Lembach recently, he was home in Atlanta on a night off between the band’s rigorous every-other-day practice schedule.

When Mike Pence spoke in Cleveland last week, he was the main attraction, not the opener.

Plenty of the booksellers I spoke to saw bookselling as a calling.

She met Jurvetson at a conference at which the venture capitalist spoke.

I spoke with him recently about those consequences, and why he thinks the Enlightenment produced a civilization obsessed with consumption and self-gratification.

The 2 spoke privately inside but we’re told they did not squash their beef.

“She was visibly very different than when I had seen her before, and—but I can’t say specifically what we spoke about.

Kobielski recently spoke with VICE about the importance of amplifying the voices and circumstances of some of America’s most vulnerable citizens.

I spoke to many older people who had lost track of how many times they had been arrested.

Refugee Agency spoke out Monday, saying there is “an urgent humanitarian imperative,” to have the boat dock.

I spoke with President Trump on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to keep the U.S. in the agreement.

After Graham spoke, Mitchell was denied a single additional question.

Last week, we spoke to Foss about his earliest memories DJing at Avalon in Hollywood.

VICE spoke to Johnson about her work and her grandmother, who passed away when the artist was only 14.

Adelstein even spoke to an actual Yakuza boss, who told him the same thing.

The two spoke informally at the event and at a lunch in Paris earlier that month.

Conley’s attorney spoke with Cleveland19 and denied the allegations calling the accusations “ludicrous and ridiculous.”

He spoke after Italian Finance Minister Giovanni Tria explained Rome’s public finances to euro zone counterparts at a meeting in Luxembourg.

I spoke to one 20-year-old developer from Latvia who’d flown to the Apple event after winning one of the 350 WWDC scholarships.

President Obama spoke about security issues with Re/code: Watch the full interview here This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

I spoke with a manager who asked when I’d be available for an interview, and we picked a time.

Spencer spoke at Texas A&M last December at an event that drew hundreds of protesters but remained largely peaceful.

But the document says he spoke to “multiple individuals” on the Trump campaign about those talks.

9) CNN’s Jake Tapper: Obama spoke about top members of his administration leaving the White House.

Then-U.S. Rep. John Boehner, of Ohio, was one of those who spoke earlier to Hastert about Foley’s misconduct.

The freshman congresswoman spoke at a civil rights conference where several 2020 presidential candidates also appeared this week.

“Two years ago, we paid money to a broker, and we spoke to them for two minutes.

Feelings about Trump—who has often sounded rather like Kim Jong-un in recent weeks—among the North Korean defectors I spoke to were mixed.

Abe spoke at a joint news conference after a summit with Trump in Tokyo.

Kyaw Soe Oo’s wife, Chit Su Win, spoke to Time about her husband’s fate nearly a year after he had been imprisoned.

Rick Hutzell, editor of the Capital Gazette, spoke with Time for his first sit-down interview since the day after the shooting.

“I spoke with a number of airlines.

We spoke with multiple sources connected to the investigation who tell us the video does sync up with the Talib incident.

That isn’t what was conveyed when we spoke to Facebook executives at Portal’s launch.

I spoke with him about which ads have gotten it right and which ones fell short.

I spoke with Tom Rosenstiel, an author, researcher, media critic, and the current executive director of the American Press Institute.

Both sources spoke on condition of anonymity as the trips have not been made public.

The words I finally spoke lacked the poetry I had imagined they would summon.

We spoke with Prince William PD’s Sgt.

Trump spoke with Polish President Andrzej Duda about increasing energy trade.

Trump also spoke with Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic about natural gas exports.

Hardy says she spoke to E!’s human resources department in 2013, after it approached her about her relationship with Seacrest.

Some experts I spoke with were skeptical.

But there are two main reasons why they spoke up so dramatically against Bouteflika, experts say.

I know because I spoke with him.

“We have asked for clemency – we will wait to see what happens,” Hedges’ wife Daniela Tejada told Reuters after the ambassador spoke.

Recode Senior Policy and Politics Editor Tony Romm spoke with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in Washington, D.C., earlier today.

I spoke to [VICE contributor] Seth Ferranti for another book I’m writing.

According to the three women who spoke to McAfee, he’s also guilty of sexual misconduct.

The scientists I spoke to agreed on one thing: If the condition does exist, it affects a tiny minority of depressed and anxious people.

Johnson spoke about Hong Kong, Huawei, Iran and Brexit.

We spoke to Africans in the U.S. about their reactions to Trump’s comments:

“It’s important to note the PM spoke to (European Commision President) Jean-Claude Juncker by phone yesterday evening and talks are continuing.

May spoke for an hour, explaining her request for a delay in Britain’s departure from Friday to June 30.

I spoke with Crooked Media co-founders Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor and Jon Lovett.

He spoke like we’re speaking right now.

“The President spoke with Rod Rosenstein a few minutes ago and they plan to meet next week,” Sanders told reporters.

He spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

He spoke about artists who were not so popular, like Raoul Dufy.

Ian’s point is important: NAD+ therapy—while seemingly useful, according to everyone I spoke to—is not a panacea.

McCain and a group of bipartisan senators spoke out in favor of arming Ukrainians in their conflict with Russia.

It’s likely that they were less healthy than their single-species peers, the geneticists I spoke to said.

He spoke really softly,” Stankiewicz said.

Colin “Millennial Woes” Robertson spoke in London, having previously addressed the infamous “Hail Trump” meeting of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute.

Apparently, the aspirational and empowering images of women in Ringgold’s mural spoke less to this new, male audience.

When Reza-Jorjani spoke in February, Arktos Media had a large stall, selling books and pamphlets.

Speaker after speaker spoke of Luna’s fearlessness as an artist, his love of wordplay and incisive wit.

When I spoke to Lieberman in May, she made a prediction.

Many PubPeer commenters who spoke with Motherboard had worries about people using anonymous posts to carry out personal or misplaced attacks.

Some Democrats I spoke to for this story thought Northam’s polling numbers might wind up proving just another example of liberal bedwetting.

We’re told DeMario claims producers spoke to his lawyer and invited him back on the show, but he’s done.

Many are charged with nonviolent drug use while lawmakers and legislators in our nation have spoke openly about using drugs.

As Macron spoke at length, Putin’s eyes frequently drifted towards the ceiling, his brow slightly furrowed.

Survivors, women and men, spoke out — about Matt Lauer, about Kevin Spacey, about Roy Moore, about Al Franken.

VICE spoke to him about that uncertainty, and the psychology of hijackings, during and after the event.

He was a leading voice and during the campaign he spoke at large rallies, smiling while crowds chanted ‘Lock her up.

Instead, it more of spoke to the absurdity of American health care.

He was a leading voice and during the campaign he spoke at large rallies, smiling while crowds chanted ‘Lock her up.

During the presidential campaign, Corker campaigned with Trump and spoke positively of him.

After tearful, empathetic goodbyes and promises to get a drink soon, they never spoke to me again.

The official, who spoke on the condition they not be named, said the two leaders had a constructive conversation.

We hope spoke in a sentence examples were helpful.