Splitting in a sentence | Use of the word splitting examples

Ticket splitting refers to the voters who back different parties for Congress and the presidency in the same trip to the polls.

He filled my front lawn with wood and I started splitting wood again ready for the winter,” Parr says.

The show’s best episodes usually confine its entire cast to one location and storyline, rather than splitting them up.

Nevertheless, he appears to be competing in the same demographic as PPK, potentially splitting an important voting bloc.

splitting Yellowstone into the district courts for Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana would also split it between the Ninth and Tenth Circuits,” Kalt writes.

They reunited last August before splitting up a few months later.

The new cell is only 28 square centimeters (11 square inches) and it works by splitting the incoming sunlight into four bands.

“Since you have the power, you could fight with the army instead of splitting the sea.

Culp is splitting up the power division, consolidating its power headquarters to cut costs and has named new leaders for it.

But splitting contraception is often more complex than simply splitting a bill.

I think splitting is definitely optional.

In a 2014 referendum, Scots voted 55-45 percent against splitting from the United Kingdom.

“Petrobras is splitting its Marketing and Trading area into Trading in Foreign Markets (CME) and Trading in Domestic Markets (CMI),” the company said.

The Mercantile label has also been discontinued, and four board members are now splitting the position of CEO.

The video reconstructs the tectonic fallout of Antarctica splitting from the bygone landmass of Gondwana, which was one subsection of the supercontinent Pangaea.

He ran promising to bring Americans together only to find himself splitting them apart.

Thomas responded by splitting it for a layup.

Facebook, for example, has built features into Messenger after splitting it out of the main Facebook app in late 2014.

He said he starts Feb. 6 and will be splitting his time between San Francisco and Mountain View.

That process, called fuzzing, can include adding anything from faster moving cars to motorcycles splitting lanes to joggers running alongside the roads.

The company is also splitting its new iPad software from its iPhone update for the first time this year with the release of iPadOS.

Separated by a border and bound together by a tumultuous and sometimes heartbreaking history, splitting both countries along post-Brexit lines may have lasting effects.

Civil war in which Saleh prevents south, angered by what it sees as its lower status, from splitting with north.

The result was less groundbreaking, more side splitting.

To non-lawyers this might seem like splitting hairs, but lawyers understand how important that difference is.

The Obamas are splitting their time chilling and writing memoirs … for which they’re getting paid a total of around $65 million.

The JKD world was already splitting by then.

Let’s wade into the history and science of splitting atoms to set the stage for nuclear negotiations today.

On November 5, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon was considering splitting its headquarters in two.

But other writers at the divorce section offered a rosier take on splitting up.

You can call it neo-fascism, or post-fascism, or even proto-fascism, and there is a valuable debate to hold about splitting these semantic hairs.

You’re usually excellent at multitasking, but with your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde, splitting your attention may not work out too well.

If you look at what’s happened to congressional races since the 1990s, people aren’t splitting tickets anymore.

You mention that ticket splitting worked in 1996, but a lot has changed in American politics since then.

Instead, it’s a profound debate splitting liberals in increasingly diverse democracies — in Europe and in the United States.

Bose painted scenes of women splitting husks of grain and pounding rice, potters at their wheels, and farmers out in the paddy fields.

Meanwhile, Toyakev and Nazarbayev have yet to explain to their citizens and foreign partners how exactly they are splitting the workload.

But in areas serving about two-thirds of US customers, the utility sector has been “restructured,” splitting the two apart.

The branches of the tree of life split and then braid again together, before splitting apart again.

They ended up splitting the record down the middle, having a side each.

And if Rubio and Cruz keep splitting most of the anti-Trump vote, each would have little reason to endorse the other.

There have been several false starts in the path to splitting the water molecule.

But it’s not the only American policy that’s splitting up families.

But it’s not the only American policy that’s splitting up families.

splitting Up Together” — ABC

March 27 Should you watch it: Skip.

The administration hasn’t yet found a way to split the other party without splitting its own.

splitting their lodging equally helped lower costs and allowed them to splurge within their budget.

She is credited with transforming it from a copier company to a more diversified business, and led its splitting into two parts in 2016.

The background: Viacom and CBS used to be one company, but in 2005, then-chairman Sumner Redstone said splitting the two would provide more value.

This comic takes place before she went solo wandering, and is about how The Fog ended up splitting up.

He claims the woman attacked him, punching him in the face and splitting his lip.

Take the total budget you’d end up splitting between gifts for however many people, and put it toward the holiday itself.

The humans ended their inglorious run by splitting shares of a $200,000 prize.

And any parent in detention is heard in a detained docket, which can’t include non-detained family members, further splitting cases.

The splitting of time between New York City and Kong’s hometown of Orlando influences the type of work Boy Kong does.

The reason I liked it was because it was splitting all those flavors very nicely and cleanly because it had such a precise sound.

The most obvious tactic would be for Republican candidates, and the outside spending groups that back them, to encourage ticket splitting.

Fossil and genetic evidence seems to suggest our two groups developed alongside one another, with multiple doggy lineages splitting off along the way.

A soft fork is a way to change bitcoin’s rules without splitting the network, but everyone has to be in agreement.

That hard fork plan, initially just a hypothetical, actually succeeded in splitting bitcoin into two versions on Tuesday afternoon.

But I learned that splitting the crowd wasn’t a bad thing.

“[There’s] this feeling that it’s splitting in two,” he explains.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are splitting up.

Now the nation’s top law enforcement official is deriding those who opposed the administration’s practice of splitting up families.

In a nuclear reactor, heat caused by fission (the splitting of uranium) is what boils the water to spin the turbines with steam.

Nuclear fission, the splitting of atoms to release neutrons, is unpredictable and volatile.

trial’s confluence of race, sex, celebrity, and violence enthralled the nation, splitting opinions along complicated racial, gender, and political lines.

Things haven’t gone as well for Tribune Publishing after splitting from its TV division, Tribune Media, in August 2014.

It’s also a byproduct of splitting uranium 235 in nuclear reactors — a hint of the cloud’s possible origin.

They remain broadly popular, uniting Democrats and splitting Republicans.

A recent ruling by the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals is literally splitting hairs on how to prove racial discrimination in the workplace.

We discuss splitting the premium.

They say he risks splitting the anti-Trump vote and getting Trump reelected.

If I was splitting the rent with someone, I’d be paying what it’s worth.

Teaming up with a partner, regardless of marital status, can make homeownership more affordable — splitting costs requires less individual savings.

They’re able to get higher-quality amenities and services — gyms, laundry, house cleaning — than they would without splitting the costs among others.

And that’s before splitting electricity, gas, internet, Netflix, Spotify, pet insurance, and Amazon Prime.

People have been splitting up since the beginning of time!

Jeremy and Jennifer watched, the latter splitting time being a fan with protecting her husband from the threat of a stray ball.

Whatever the relation, there’s a good chance she’s causing you a splitting headache right about now.

He’s been dating the pop star for at least a couple months after splitting from Jenna earlier this year.

He’s busy splitting atoms, taking in the world, connecting neurons and figuring out how those hands and eyes work together.

Sounds like he’s splitting more hairs than 45 — but he’s clearly on Trump’s side in this.

“Filing back and forth weakens nails, making them prone to splitting,” Streets says.

Cokas is getting spousal support … plus they’re splitting a lot of the dough Katharine’s made as a singer and actress.

The final divorce docs say it was 2014 … which is why they’re splitting the “Smash” cash.

Even at 4GB of RAM, I never had much trouble splitting the screen or bopping around between apps.

It was recently reported that the couple’s courts would be splitting to reflect their different responsibilities.

If we consider Supreme Court nominations and confirmations from that era, we see a distinct pattern of Democrats splitting.

Three and a half drinks last night, and I wake up with a splitting headache — is this what it feels like to get old??

The duo have been working on their relationship since Cardi announced on Instagram that they were splitting back in December.

Bradley Pierce, the little kid from “Jumanji,” is splitting with his wife of 10 years.

His tessellated colosseums are borderline biblical in appearance, splitting the difference between an ancient volcano and a stairway to heaven.

Basically, the atom-splitting turns into a chain reaction splitting off even more atoms that throws off tons of energy.

My coworker and I are splitting the two-pack.

Fission equals splitting.

Basically, the atom-splitting turns into a chain reaction splitting off even more atoms that throws off tons of energy.

Fission equals splitting.

Hayden’s been dating Brian for a few months now after splitting from ex-boxer baby daddy, Wladimir Klitschko, with whom she has one child.

The royal family is reportedly splitting up.

But what exactly does splitting courts mean for the royal fab four?

First, they surprised the world with news that they secretly got married — not long before they announced they were splitting up.

Indeed, the show’s writers essentially didn’t consider splitting up Jimmy and Gretchen at all.

You are splitting it between local and sort of national and stuff like that.

Speechless (ABC) splitting Up Together (ABC) Star (Fox) Supernatural (The CW) – The final season will air during the 2019–’20 TV season.

Jessica agreed, but the pair ended up splitting a few weeks after the finale episode aired.

The two sides join forces and draw the splitting Gotham back together.

News that he eventually did say those words, but the pair ended up splitting several months later anyway.

He’s hoping that he’s not alone — even if it means splitting the party over a Trump nomination.

But companies can encourage retail ownership by splitting their stock or, as Berkshire did, creating lower-priced shares.

Brad’s kept a pretty low profile since splitting from Angelina Jolie.

But a family feud erupted over business and money, splitting Charles Kushner from his brother Murray and his sister Esther.

And when you have a large critical mass of uranium-235 or plutonium-239, all that splitting and neutron creation leads to a runaway chain reaction.

You run this autonomously, although you’re under Google, and it’s never been thought about splitting it out or anything like that?

They split again in 2015 and 2016, before finally splitting ways in 2019.

Protestant denominations are splitting on these and other cultural issues, gay marriage being one of them, and they’re all kind of lumped together.

But as stories of creative coincidences go, this one is already splitting off subchapters as fast as it came together in the first place.

With the HQ2 plan apparently scrapped in favor of the splitting plan, it’s not clear exactly what Amazon will be getting in exchange.

Boundless estimated that 200,000 couples per year could face the choice of splitting up or leaving the US entirely.

Halo is such a hard game to be creative director on, because you are splitting your time so much.

$6 5:45 p.m. — We go to a small, cozy pub and each get a burger, splitting an order of poutine.

Maybe this is only the beginning of a long-term process in which the Republican Party becomes more internally fractious, perhaps even splitting apart.

Elden — originally known for his role on “The Mighty Ducks” — is splitting from his wife of nearly 2 years, Kira Sternbach.

I think it probably would have meant splitting a big work force to put it in Florida or wherever else.

1) splitting water to extract hydrogen Water, you will recall, is made of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (thus H2O).

“When compared to water splitting … conversion rates, efficiencies, and selectivity are low,” the MIT report notes.

The electricity passes through nickel-foam electrodes to catalyze water splitting.

splitting a molecule of water takes four electrons, says [Jens Norskov, a professor at Stanford].

The two were married for three years before splitting.

He wants to treat me for date night and graciously pays himself, instead of us splitting.

Last night, I watched someone in northern Canada splitting wood and watching some guys in India goofing around and dancing.

Jenkins says the next problem the company wants to solve is around utilities and the splitting of household bills.

With regards to utilities and bill splitting, London-based Acasa could also be considered a very direct competitor.

Remember how I mentioned I was able to watch some person in northern Canada splitting wood?

Theo: I don’t mind splitting it; it’s not something I get too offended by.

I believe this is as of last night … Now they’re not splitting families?

Five-times champion Hamilton set the pace in the morning, with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel splitting the two Mercedes, in 1:04.838.

We are splitting the cost but I’m using my credit card to hold the charges.

Gap Inc. is splitting in two.

In splitting from the Catholic Church, Henry created the Church of England and sent the country into decades-long religious turmoil.

It costs $33.91, but L. has been splitting these moving Ubers with me since I am moving in with him, so he pays half.

In the wake of the news that the two were splitting, more drama has unfolded in Williams’ family.

By the way, these things are splitting up even more, right?

splitting the rent might even mean you could move to a nicer place (or at least stop living with roommates).

Ticket splitting refers to the voters who back different parties for Congress and the presidency in the same trip to the polls.

The Grizzlies won five of the past six meetings, with the teams splitting two games this season.

And now instead of splitting up families, the administration plans to keep them in indefinite detention.

Total: $358.30 AccommodationsCosts: I’m staying at a hotel near the convention center, the Fairmont in San Jose, splitting it with four friends.

Last week, it was announced that they were splitting from the charitable foundation the two couples had shared.

This incident led to Khloé Kardashian splitting from the basketball player, and the total dissolution of Woods and Kylie Jenner’s friendship.

R. wants to pick up the bill, but I insist on splitting it since I know it’s going to be a bit pricey.

This divergence is apparent in both our US and Eurozone surprise indices, and we have presented charts splitting the data into these two categories.

Lala Kent, on the other hand, is splitting her time between her burgeoning acting career and her makeup line, Give Them Lala Beauty.

Cardi B announced she was splitting from Offset on December 5, 2018, in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Or will this risk splitting the vote, offering an outcome that no one really wants?

When Erik gets close to actual bad people, he gets splitting migraines, signifying that, well, they’re bad.

Ticket splitting refers to the voters who back different parties for Congress and the presidency in the same trip to the polls.

While Audrina did some dating after splitting from her husband, she also apparently did some flirting with Mr.

Symptoms: Psoriasis symptoms include itchiness; tight-looking, red skin; discomfort or pain; and splitting of the skin.

After splitting from PayPal in 2015, eBay was mainly left with its name-bearing marketplace business and StubHub, their platform for sports and concert tickets.

To produce the powder, Solar Foods first creates hydrogen through electrolysis (splitting water cells in a bioreactor using electricity).

Rubio is currently splitting the establishment vote four ways in New Hampshire.

In the real world it doesn’t work like this because there is some cost to splitting up and recombining complex quantitative operations.

There’s a catch when it comes to splitting all the assets.

Often times, centrism is confused with being in the middle, or splitting the difference between both sides.

Stories about splitting the sea, about flooding and arcs, about enslavement in ancient Egypt.

Perhaps agents with ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations are tired of being blamed for splitting up and deporting immigrant families.

“Nominating him could put them at a slight disadvantage due to his extremism, but there’s little chance of him actually splitting the party.”

Arizona continues its eight-game road trip after splitting a two-game series in San Francisco.

splitting Up Together” — ABC, two seasons

Ellen DeGeneres was an executive producer on the show.

“Petrobras is splitting its Marketing and Trading area into Trading in Foreign Markets (CME) and Trading in Domestic Markets (CMI),” the company said.

The plans underscore Asia’s key role as a profit driver for the insurer, which is in the process of splitting itself into two.

The reorganization plan envisions splitting the bankrupt unit into an operating company and a real estate investment trust (REIT).

With 24.3 seconds remaining in regulation, Shelvin Mack gave the Jazz a three-point lead by splitting a pair of free throws.

A month before splitting with Calvin, Taylor Swift had eyes for Tom Hiddleston … or so it seems.

Just keep on moving, buddy, just keep on trying to prevent the seams from splitting open and exposing your delicious haunches.

Currently, HarperCollins appears to be splitting the difference between the two traditional strategies.

Make no mistake — even though the carriers are splitting up payments into multiple-month installment plans, these are expensive phones.

It’s a little strange to hear about splitting up narrative and gameplay in 2016, and not hugely reassuring.

splitting up with the mother of his child.

Aside from splitting ad revenue, there’s no cost to publishers for any of these features.

This strategy, of splitting into two, identically-priced offerings, is definitely an odd one.

I’m splitting a surprise magic award between Melisandre and her super-solid religion (+25 each) for getting the job done.

Are you one of the groups that’s splitting ad revenue in that test with them?

The resulting footage is strange, wonderful, and abstract; showing droplets bursting, jets splitting, and umbrellas of water opening and closing on themselves.

If rebels show up, Assad wins, because this will deepen strains between rebels who participate and those who don’t, potentially splitting the opposition.

Flatworms can also reproduce by splitting off a piece of its own body and then allowing it to grow into a second worm.

splitting the insurance market into different pools — as this executive order would reportedly do — creates winners and creates losers.

“This isn’t us splitting the last one of our eight movies in two to wring blood out of the stone.

CBS and Turner are splitting up this week’s games, as well as next week’s Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games.

They are the result of one fertilized egg splitting into two, giving them identical DNA.

And while that sounds like splitting hairs, too much or too little of an ingredient can make or ruin a recipe.

He was hitting .236 while splitting time with Dioner Navarro with the White Sox.

The first primate ever cloned was a rhesus monkey named Tetra, in 1999, but a simpler cloning technique was used, known as embryo splitting.

We have just two remaining — Google X and Google Inc. — before Alphabet lifts the curtain on its first financial report since splitting in two.

Apparently designers loathed it — but Tam, splitting the difference, uses both.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Courtney cites irreconcilable differences for the reason they’re splitting.

By splitting his soul, Voldemort was able to survive otherwise lethal attacks from his enemies.

Modigliani never went the Cubist route of splitting his subjects into shards and facets; they were always whole and wholly human.

After the 12th and final question, the host will announce how many winners are splitting the money pot.

“We’re putting a very high premium on not splitting the user base in that fashion,” he said.

(Also returning is splitting Up Together, but we don’t have time to watch everything.)

The two companies were formerly known as Element Financial Corp before splitting last fall.

Sometimes we make the mistake of splitting, while other groups, like those in the north, are more united,” he said.

Just like in Titanfall’s multiplayer, the campaign has you splitting your time between being on foot and piloting a titan.

The federal government often pays half the cost of beach nourishment, with states and cities splitting the rest.

So the Google App is essentially splitting into two parts.

splitting of the Democratic vote could have led to two Republicans running in the general election.

But beyond that and Venmo — sorry Jack — for paying my rent and splitting brunch, I’m mostly okay with the big giant corporate apps.

Oculus is splitting into two divisions: a PC side managed by Iribe, and a mobile side managed by former head of software Jon Thomason.

“The amount of ticket splitting in 2012 was lower than any previous election to the 1920s,” he says.

“In recent elections, ticket splitting has been going away.

Ticket splitting has been declining because the parties’ congressional candidates are ever more similar to their presidential nominees.

“Ticket splitting has been going away.

An interesting story about him: We ended up splitting from him and there ended up being a lawsuit.

Two, Trump faces Sanders, and Bloomberg jumps in, splitting the left vote and throwing the election to Trump.

“If you get that hydrogen from water, so you’re splitting H20, electrolysis is extremely inefficient as an energy process….

You know, they’re sort of splitting up the pie in certain areas.

How does it work splitting your time between the two bands?Ha, ha, ha!

High tides lap at Florida streets; Antarctica is splitting; allergies are getting worse; the Great Barrier Reef is hanging on by a thread.

The lineages are constantly splitting, dying, and rejoining.

This isn’t splitting hairs.

With an equal splitting of their financial success, the firm is said to have particularly low tolerance for less-than-committed investors.

In that sense, splitting the Flir One into two devices was a smart move.

Last week, it was announced that they were splitting from the charitable foundation the two couples had shared.

At the same time, I think it’s really interesting how Ridley Scott is splitting the Alien series thematically between prequels and sequels.

But it obviously comes with the big risk of potentially splitting the Republican vote and handing Democrat Doug Jones the seat.

Another big issue would involve the splitting of its player base.

Had Microsoft decided to turn Project Scorpio into a Windows machine, it would have risked irreversibly splitting its user base.

There are other risks associated with splitting a mom from her baby at this vulnerable time.

With the announcement comes word that the network is splitting the season into two parts.

The GOP could end up splitting the vote — effectively delivering Doug Jones to the Senate and slicing the Senate majority to 51.

We’ve been partners in splitting the rent for a couple years and that’s where we recorded this song.

Sometimes we make the mistake of splitting, while other groups, like those in the north, are more united,” he said.

splitting the bill is common, unless the man — in a heterosexual situation — wants to be chivalrous.

splitting the bill is also common here.

splitting the bill is common here, too.

So far we’ve stuck to our initial plan of splitting every bill equally.

We tried splitting equally for a while, but it felt lame keeping a book on how much each of us was spending.

Al-Nusra leadership sees several strategic advantages to splitting with al-Qaeda, according to Amarasingam.

Google is splitting the two days of testimonies between two executives.

Everyone knows that splitting with a lover means losing a huge source of physical affection, intimacy, and mutual care.

The eastern part of the African continent is splitting apart, exposing ancient crust, in an area with volcanic activity.

The other moved south, splitting yet again roughly 15,000 years ago into two distinct populations that peopled North and South America.

Rathtars, unlike pythons, have babies by splitting apart, a reproductive strategy that could quickly lead to a population explosion.

Chad continues to state they are splitting up, but the 2 remain close friends who are “good in each other’s eyes.”

Last November, it also debuted group payments, letting up to 16 guests book an accommodation together, splitting the cost within 72 hours of booking.

Reddit issued the following statement to reporters, noting that it’s part of a general splitting of its rules around sexual imagery.

Numerous ICE agents have advocated this approach of splitting the agency, concerned that their resources are going primarily towards immigration under Trump.

His appointment was confirmed 53-46, with senators splitting mostly along party lines.

Microsoft is splitting Windows across the company, into different parts.

As for G-Eazy and Halsey … the two have been spotted together a ton recently after splitting in July.

They’re splitting up families, typically, by charging parents with illegal entry into the US and sending them into criminal custody.

This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before members of Congress, splitting his visit into two days of questioning.

But others know that vote splitting is a very real danger that can knock shows out of consideration if they’re not careful.

Or, more simply: Only submitting one episode per show eliminates the possibility of splitting your own vote.

MG: It’s about splitting and printing images‚ and then splitting them again.

Everyone hated the idea of splitting up Team Bitcoin, but each side believed in their righteousness, and they would not yield.

The Family juggles all these storylines by splitting its time between the present and sporadic flashbacks to the year Adam went missing.

There are other risks associated with splitting a mom from her baby at this vulnerable time.

On the plus side, that makes splitting a little more familiar and easy to manage.

So began a lengthy love affair, splitting time between Amsterdam and working at a pot farm in Humboldt County.

splitting off shows and movies is a good start.

DJI is taking one of its most popular drones and splitting it in two.

I grew up splitting my time between the two countries since I was three years old.

It was also splitting along ideological lines.

It’s sort of like you’re splitting your attention from the person you’re supposed to be talking to and your own face.

They are used for everything from splitting dinner bills to paying rent.

Like Oppenheimer, Twitter was so obsessed with splitting the atom they never stopped to think what we’d do with it.

At the very least, it’ll make splitting that next bar tab a little easier.

Thus, the first season is tightly edited, packing in jokes and only splitting stories when strictly necessary.

He belongs in a brewpub splitting chiccarrónes with and yelling at a socialist he goes bowling with; instead, he’s here.

Wilmer seems to have settled into a new groove since splitting from Demi Lovato in June.

Correction: Electrify America’s stations don’t experience power splitting, as this article previously stated.

And so the government introduced a radical reform of the probation service, splitting it into two.

It could end in intense infighting and splitting.

It also comes with a combo audio cable, capable of splitting audio for platforms that require audio and mic input ports.

They’ve been in the process of splitting amicably since June 2017 but that was delayed when production on “Roseanne” abruptly stopped.

Germany’s BDI industrial federation warned that splitting the highly industrialised region from Spain would be very damaging for both sides.

As for any contentious topics like spousal support or splitting property … Eli says it won’t be an issue.

Oppo’s Super VOOC achieves this in part by splitting its 3,400mAh battery into two separate 1,700mAh cells.

splitting up the challenges may be convenient for players of both modes, but it’ll split the player base.

It announced last month it was splitting from al-Qaeda and forming a united front with other rebel groups.)

Last month, with the passage of the Copyright Directive, I wrote here that Europe was splitting the internet into three.

It announced last month it was splitting from al-Qaeda and forming a united front with other rebel groups.)

Last week, it was announced that they were splitting from the charitable foundation the two couples had shared.

Apple argued that its commission system still distinguished it from a direct seller, but the court said this was just splitting hairs.

Current Scott killed Xavier in Avengers vs. X-Men, splitting up the X-Men.

To abandon him after splitting him in two with a thin promise to come back later, perhaps?

‘The chemistry of splitting atoms!’

How do you think the mistake that Section 230 is about splitting internet services into categories of “platform” or “publisher” came about?

He founded the Popular Will party after splitting with the First Justice party that he had also helped found.

As for Cena, we’re told Nikki and John are on good terms after splitting up last summer.

The key change in the slicker, simplified makeover: Snap is now splitting personal content from friends and content from professional media creators.

splitting the difference between these two selections gives a reasonable picture of what Knock Knock is about.

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner, the president said he has “absolutely” considered splitting up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Over the past two days, Trump has repeatedly tweeted about “Border Security & Safety,” falsely blaming Democrats for splitting up migrant families.

“I think the Democrats are splitting hairs when they talk about hate speech,” he says.

This esoteric debate became increasingly bitter, splitting the Bitcoin community into two warring camps.

The 40-year-old Hawaii native dated Heard for four years, splitting in 2012 – around the time Heard was first linked to Depp.

And despite since splitting from Spedding, Christina remains in his corner.

Affleck was previously linked to Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus, 38, for a just over year before splitting over the summer.

However in June 2016, after nearly six years of dating, the pair announced they were splitting.

The finding confirms a long-running trend: that ticket splitting is now virtually dead.

(The two couples are also splitting their offices, a move that was formally announced on March 14.)

Protesters have gathered there and across the US to speak out against splitting up migrant families.

(After splitting from Diana, Charles went on to marry his longtime lover, Camilla Parker Bowles, now Duchess of Cornwall.)

He’ll keep his title there, while splitting his time with trips to D.C. and around the country to promote his work.

Through 2015, debate over drilling deepened — even splitting state governments.

But it’s as good an excuse as any to feel a little better about splitting a bottle after a long day.

The pair secretly tied the knot in January and since then have been splitting their time between New York City and Nashville.

All seemed fine and dandy as Post was riding passenger side in his Lambo … window down and signing his John Hancock before splitting.

It’s not the shock of the moment, or the goriness of the body splitting in two.

Brandon Jenner and his ex Leah are continuing to stay on friendly terms after splitting up in September.

Brandon and Leah, who have known each other since high school, announced in September that they were splitting up after 14 years together.

The news comes after the Sussexes announced they were splitting households from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the spring.

After splitting in 1996, Maples and Trump’s divorce was finalized in 1999.

What makes “Wake Up” really hold together is the jagged white space of the wall (or negative space) splitting the two large sections.

Indeed, some people have suggested splitting the category in two, one for computer-assisted images and one for those without.)

“They are both very excited about the baby,” a source previously told PEOPLE, so “it’s hard to see Rob and Chyna actually splitting.

The splitting Up Together actor explains how sister Kate Hudson is handling her third pregnancy.

Because leather is a hide, it’s prone to drying, splitting, and cracking, just like our own hide is.

Nelson, 27, recently made headlines after splitting from boyfriend Harry James, whom she dated for nearly a year and a half.

“I didn’t know they were splitting up, no one told me!” he told Ross in an episode airing on Britain’s ITV this Saturday.

It was right as HP was splitting into two.

Combs also dated Jennifer Lopez for two years before he and Porter reconciled in 2003, splitting for the final time in 2007.

Matt is dating girlfriend and farm manager Caryn Chandler, who are together splitting their time between Oregon and Arizona.

Not unless I had someone who would be splitting it with me equally.

The CO2 splitting process here is electrolysis, generally.

Even with the help of catalysts, splitting CO2 is still an “uphill” process.

“My splitting headache is the result of a serious brain tumor.

Zayn Malik has seriously switched up his look just one week after splitting from his girlfriend of two years, Gigi Hadid.

Sofia Richie is going for the gold after splitting with Justin Bieber … ordering up 3 custom grillz.

“He always had a lot of love for her.” Bieber and Baldwin previously dated before, splitting in 2016.

Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa are splitting after more than 12 years of marriage.

Not that there tend to be that many people splitting their tickets these days anyway: It’s all but disappeared from American elections.

Well there ya have it, straight from the horse’s Liam Payne’s mouth … the rumors of One Direction splitting for good are bogus.

The Royals totaled six home runs — all solo shots — in splitting the first two games of the three-game series.

How do you look at how these different culture conversations that are going on and splitting really dramatically?

That puts her and Sanders in direct competition, and they do seem to be splitting the progressive wing’s vote.

But that also has them splitting those voters.

Let’s wade into the history and science of splitting atoms to set the stage for nuclear negotiations today.

Just a few weeks after splitting from Calvin Harris, 32, Taylor Swift, 26, has seemed to move on with actor Tom Hiddleston, 35.

Despite splitting almost two years ago, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are far from finalizing their divorce.

It seems to be splitting those duties between Emily and Serena Joy, which is a smart call.

The bank is splitting the role of chairman and CEO with Stephen Sanger, its lead director, becoming chairman.

The reality star has been dating 55-year-old businessman Doug Spedding since splitting from her now-ex-husband, Tarek.

I’m splitting it in two because I want you to properly savor it.

Douglas Vakoch is an astrobiologist who spent many years at SETI before splitting off to found his own international organization, Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI).

Sometimes it means splitting up families or forcing US-born children to move to an unfamiliar country to keep the family together.

splitting Up Together premieres Tuesday, March 27, at 9:30 pm on ABC.

But the federal government hasn’t responded to Flores by keeping families together for a few weeks and then splitting them apart.

Along with splitting their time between the U.S. and Canada, the Biebers have been finally publicly embracing their new relationship status.

splitting the pure-play chips business from the media group makes sense.

He is splitting with his party over access to health insurance as well as its recent overhaul of the nation’s income tax system.

So basically, there’s so much President T music on the way, it’ll be splitting your headphones in half.

Ben and Lindsay started hanging out again last month … after splitting up last summer.

The big question is whether the incumbent, Stack, will manage to win renomination because his several Democratic challengers are splitting the anti-Stack vote.

And he was together with Bonas for two years, splitting up in 2014.

She’s been dating the rapper since earlier this year after splitting from her on-again, off-again boyfriend of nearly three years, Tyga.

The two originally appeared on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom together before splitting.

And when it comes to “splitting a check on the first date,” Van Ness had a lot of thoughts.

Since splitting, the parents have maintained a very amicable relationship — and Fergie actually lives at Andrew’s royal residence, Royal Lodge, in Windsor.

Several Democrats, meanwhile, are splitting their party’s section of the pie into small slices.

After her divorce, de Lesseps dated French wine distributor Jacques Azoulay for four years before splitting in 2013.

“I think in the next year or so we’ll see more research splitting it apart,” she tells me.

But Democrats have three well-funded candidates all splitting the vote.

But Democrats have three well-funded candidates all splitting the vote.

So we’re splitting up Prince between me and Sarah.

KS: We’re splitting them up.

TMZ learned they were on shaky ground as early as January, when they first discussed splitting, and were already living apart.

(Reuters) – Actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are splitting up after eight years of marriage, they said on Sunday.

The pair briefly split in 2013, but got back together before splitting for good in the summer of 2014.

They are the result of one fertilized egg splitting into two, giving them identical DNA.

He got out of the car, his head splitting.

“The chance of an embryo splitting is very small, but it does happen,” Allen told ABC.

Ariana Grande made her first public appearance since splitting with fiancé Pete Davidson on Tuesday night to perform at Wicked’s 15th-anniversary TV special.

Channing Tatum has found comfort in the great outdoors since splitting from wife Jenna Dewan after nearly 9 years of marriage.

I was splitting time snowboarding with competitive soccer until I was 17 years old.

The next week we’re splitting up,” the singer told the magazine of how rumors swirled around their relationship.

It is striking how taken aback he was by the resentments and factions splitting House Republicans.

Carey is currently dating dancer Bryan Tanaka — after splitting from former fiancé James Packer.

They’re also splitting most of their property right down the middle.

Williams was previously married to former NFL star Kordell Stewart, splitting in 2013 after two years of marriage.

“He has had a very difficult time since splitting from Chyna,” says the source.

“They’re splitting time with the baby and just want her to have the best life.

Television is increasingly splitting into four different “seasons,” which roughly mirror the actual seasons we all live with as citizens of the planet Earth.

Since splitting last year,  the exes have had a contentious relationship, battling for custody of Dream and accusing each other of abuse.

It might seem like hair splitting, but here, then, is clip two: His response here is much longer, and more long-winded.

The two started dating in 1982 before splitting in 2009.

He imagined them living bicoastally, splitting their time between the two cities whenever he wasn’t touring with one of his active bands.

[tmsnrt.rs/2b7dWHn] “There is concern over splitting the message, splitting the symbol,” if Emperor Akihito stays too active, Doshisha’s Jones said.

“Not my favorite.” Kody notes that splitting the room is “not the normal thing” to do for a nursery.

One of the missiles struck a protester in the back of the head, piercing his bicycle helmet and splitting his skull.

She later dated fellow racer Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for five years before splitting in 2017.

The exact divisions of labor can vary, but recent administrations have had two, splitting up policy and operations.

(The two couples are also splitting their offices, a move that was formally announced on March 14.)

They are used for everything from splitting dinner bills to paying rent.” So does Apple want to be a bank?

And splitting off its plastics and coatings business is an old idea that may still create value.

Duff and Comrie finalized their divorce in January of last year, after splitting almost two years earlier.

They decided on joint legal custody of their 10-year-old daughter, Ashby Grace, laying out a schedule and agreements for splitting holidays.

And then they split venues and then they started splitting further and further away in time.

splitting a Democratic field there could risk handing Republicans wins in a state where the GOP is becoming an endangered species.

“The five families that are suing us are all splitting the cost of their legal fees.

Granted, Trump’s the incumbent, and the Democratic field of more than a dozen candidates is splitting the donor dollars.

They’re splitting time with the baby and just want her to have the best life.

Granted, Trump’s the incumbent, and the Democratic field of more than a dozen candidates is splitting the donor dollars.

It’s JB’s first relationship since splitting with Selena Gomez after the two tried to rekindle things a few months back.

He gets their pad in Austin, and they’re splitting the proceeds from the sale of their family home.

As for the family as a whole, splitting your time between yoga classes and the beach doesn’t seem all that bad.

“They’ve told the kids they’re splitting up,” the source added.

“But our relationship is much better like this: friends and co-parents and family.” Though Paltrow and Martin are strong now, splitting up wasn’t easy.

Minaj dated Nas for several months before splitting back in December, she famously dated Meek Mill prior to that.

Mark Ronson and his wife of more than 5 and a half years are splitting up … TMZ has learned.

After splitting in late 2011, the couple rekindled their romance for good in 2014.

Dhani Harrison is splitting from his wife of 4 years, Solveig “Sola” Karadottir.

He also says his restaurant’s alleged practice of splitting front of house tips with back of house employees violates labor laws.

O’Day, Bex, and Richard briefly returned in 2014, before again splitting.

Gavin Rossdale is stepping out with a new lady for the first time since splitting from wife Gwen Stefani in 2015.

It’s community property … so they’ll be splitting the profits.

Seems like they won’t have a lot of trouble splitting their assets with or without one …

Guess who was spotted splitting the bill on an L.A. lunch with his gf … none other than Chace “Nate Archibald” Crawford.

The pair married years later, before splitting this past December, but Amy says their nontraditional relationship made her feel set apart.

Bailon, 34, famously dated Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian for two years before splitting in 2009.

As for their assets … Khloe and Lamar are splitting their production company, Khlomar, and a checking account right down the middle.

They were married for 2 1/2 years before splitting.

The former couple tied the knot in 2012 before splitting after two years of marriage.

She’s moved at lightening speed … splitting with husband Stephen only months before she started dating the officer.

Bella and Gregg dated for over a year before splitting last summer.

Court documents show that both waved spousal support and will be splitting profits from their dissolved production company, Khlomar, equally.

The good news … splitting up a second time is waaay easier than the first.

Today, Ford continues to write, splitting time between homes in New York City, Maine, New Orleans, and Billings, Montana.

But more importantly, you won’t wake up the next morning with a splitting headache and absolutely no idea how to unlock your hand.

Ronnie Hillman had been struggling for weeks despite splitting snaps.

Dawkins said splitting her attention between the redwoods and conversation with other developers was like a game for her.

Since then the company has restructured, forming a new holding company and splitting into two parts.

Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio doesn’t regret splitting from Aubrey O’Day — in fact, he’s “so happy” about it.

Smith yielded nine goals to the Oilers while splitting four decisions against them with the Coyotes in 2016-17.

Wendy Williams is splitting from longtime love and manager Kevin Hunter.

Lohan has been living in London since 2012, splitting her time between the U.K. city and New York in recent months.

The couple welcomed sons Sean Preston, 10, and Jayden James, 9, before splitting in November 2006.

The Oscar-winning producer also saw former flame Gwyneth Paltrow; the two dated in the mid-’90s and were even engaged before splitting in 1997.

Pfizer fell 2.39 percent after it decided against splitting into two.

“For us this is more like splitting Europe because countries that are not using the euro will be excluded.

The Spurs and Thunder played four times this season, splitting the series 2-2.

The Labour Party splitting into its Socialists and Social Democrat wings.

That’s de facto splitting.

The way that the Tories are splitting is interesting.

Matusko told the AP the other woman had been in a long-term relationship with Hargrove, who was allegedly splitting his time with both women.

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“I’m the crazy visionary with all kinds of things flying, and the seams are all splitting.

The former couple, who were married for eight years, first announced they were splitting on August 6, 2017 with a joint statement on Facebook.

It’s hard to see Rob and Chyna actually splitting.

Brooklyn and Moretz rekindled their relationship late last year after previously splitting in September 2016.

Johansson filed for divorce in early March after splitting from the French journalist in summer 2015.

The photos left fans speculating if the two had reignited their romance four months after splitting.

After a few dates, you’ll most likely be splitting the bill.”

  There was one thing Miranda Lambert did not want after splitting with husband of four years Blake Shelton: a stereotypical breakup album.

Shookus was previously married to then-fellow SNL producer Kevin Miller in 2010 before splitting a few years ago.

Barnes and Govan had a messy divorce after splitting in 2014 following nearly two years of marriage.

“They’re splitting time with the baby and just want her to have the best life.

No matter how much jazz-cabbage she smokes with her rollerblading friends.” We’re never splitting.

director Darren Aronofsky for over a year and actor Nicholas Hoult before splitting in 2014.

Metro has been refocusing on its core cash-and-carry business, selling its Kaufhof department stores and splitting from electronics group Ceconomy.

Nuclear fission is the process of splitting the nucleus of an atom, usually with a neutron, which releases a tremendous amount of energy.

Which brings us back to that pants splitting episode.

DowDuPont, which is in the process of splitting itself up into three companies, reiterated that the separation was on track.

The image of two metal-masked mothers splitting a baby haunted my nightmares.

National League East-leading Washington is 6-2 entering the finale of its nine-game trek after splitting a pair of one-run decisions against Arizona.

Since splitting with Scott Disick in July, Kardashian said that focusing on fitness helped her through the anxiety over the end of a relationship.

I ask him how many records he tips per week, as a turntable cascades, crashing and splitting into two.

He dated Bonas for two years, splitting up in 2014.

“Our assessment is, there’s more value-creation in selling masterbatches as a whole, rather than splitting it,” Jany said.

“Our assessment is, there’s more value-creation in selling masterbatches as a whole, rather than splitting it,” Jany said.

The upshot of those events contributed to the splitting of the Wellington punk scene.

“He has had a very difficult time since splitting from Chyna.

“Our assessment is, there’s more value-creation in selling masterbatches as a whole, rather than splitting it,” Jany said.

The video itself is a reflection of the track’s name, replete with cheek splitting grins.

Fox, 30, and Green, 42, have decided to give their marriage a second chance after initially splitting last summer.

After splitting from The Weeknd (née Abel Tesfaye) in October, Gomez began spending time with Bieber, whom she first started dating in 2010.

How can Trump possibly make this claim?What I think they’re doing is splitting hairs.

splitting the East bracket in half has provided two very distinct basketball experiences.

“I’m the crazy visionary with all kinds of things flying, and the seams are all splitting.

According to sources, the “Sober” singer is splitting time between her mom Dianna De La Garza’s home and a sober living facility.

The former couple tied the knot in 2012 before splitting after two years of marriage.

We produce the hydrogen in a bioreactor by splitting water molecules using electricity—it’s called water electrolysis.

This could be a nail furrow—ridges that run lengthwise or across the nail—or permanent splitting or cracking of the nail.

They previously dated in 2015 before splitting in 2016.

Then comes splitting the check with your so-called “friends.”

Pay attentoin: Is he splitting first-team reps with Devon Still, or running with the ones outright?

Across the restaurant, a family of five was splitting a large; the parents had forks, and the three boys had greasy lips and fingers.

After splitting from The Weeknd last October, Gomez and Bieber began spending time together again.

The header was great, but the cross from Hoolahan was nearly perfect, splitting the keeper and the defender trying to keep track of Brady.

Now that the pair are splitting, it seems like the SNL star might be looking for new digs.

The two were in a relationship for more than two years before splitting in December 2011.

“For us this is more like splitting Europe because countries that are not using the euro will be excluded.

They stayed close over the years “but really reconnected last summer” and have been splitting time between New York City and Los Angeles.

I’m splitting nerd hairs here.

Cohabitation means you get to spend more time together, and splitting rent and bills is a savvy way to save dough.

Are you splitting everything completely evenly regardless of income or debt burdens?

We hope splitting in a sentence examples were helpful.