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Cienfuegos was hosting Santi spiritus.

His brother, Lourdes Jr., just 16, was also on the Santi spiritus roster.

He played one more season for Santi spiritus before moving to Havana to play for the Industriales—the New York Yankees of Cuban baseball.

The dough is often richer and contains eggs, fats, and spiritus vodka (yes!

That its name and eventually its mythology are tied up with the idea of “suspirium” makes sense, then — though in Latin the words “suspirium” (a sigh or forceful breath) and “spiritus” (the spirit) are separate, for most of ancient times the concepts of breath and spirit, or life force, were tied up together.

‘s halfway point, Map 15: “Memoris spiritus” a relatively short puzzle map set in a virtual reality space.

“Memoris spiritus” also does something important—it returns us to pieces of levels in the original Doom & Doom 2.

By returning to that space in A.L.T.’s “Memoris spiritus” something is revealed.

From there, I crossed the street to spiritus Pizza, an iconic shop and cruising central, where in the summer everyone mingles, and then I rode my bike down to the art galleries.

Central Sancti spiritus province’s Communist Party newspaper, Escambray, reported on Monday its three mills had met their plan of 135,000 tonnes of raw sugar, but less than expected sugar content (yields) in the cane meant it had taken 70,000 tonnes more cane than planned.

“So much so that only two provinces will be able to meet their plans (Sancti spiritus and Ciego de Avila) and around 10 of 50 mills,” he said.

Yordan Alvarez (Las Tunas), Yuli Gurriel (Sancti spiritus) and Aledmys Diaz (Santa Clara) all belted home runs off A’s right-hander Homer Bailey (8-7) as Houston exploded to an 11-run lead by the close of the third inning.

Yordan Alvarez (Las Tunas), Yuli Gurriel (Sancti spiritus) and Aledmys Diaz (Santa Clara) all belted home runs off A’s right-hander Homer Bailey (8-7) as Houston exploded to an 11-run lead by the close of the third inning.

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ET Saturday, a hurricane warning for Irma remained in place for the Cuban provinces of Camaguey, Ciego de Avila, Sancti spiritus, Villa Clara, Matanzas, and Havana — as well as for the northwestern Bahamas.

Plano Senior High School Assistant Principal Bryan spiritus, who has known Scott for two years, said he’s heard the Texas student speak daily, though the 17-year-old nearly always was just thinking aloud to himself.

“I was concerned that standing in front of his 1,400 peers and the 8,000 people in the arena, that he might freeze up,” spiritus told CNN.

Scott’s speech was “probably one of the best graduation messages I’ve heard,” spiritus said, adding that Scott wasn’t chosen simply because of his disability but also based on presentation, message and the ability to motivate his peers.

It’s not about getting rid of the dissociative state so much as giving it a syntax, a coherence, a social function.” In an article in the journal spiritus , T. M. Luhrmann, a Stanford anthropologist who studies religion and psychiatry, suggests that there is a “shared psychological mechanism” in dissociation and evangelical worship: the capacity to withdraw from the everyday and become entirely absorbed by interior experience.

The blood in the arteries was “vital,” its purpose to deliver spiritus vitalus to the flesh.

Meteorologists warned that by early Saturday far greater devastation was sure to be caused as Irma moved westward through Sancti spiritus and Villa Clara provinces where it is forecast to turn north toward Florida.

8, nicknamed “Symphony of a Thousand.” The early-20th-century masterpiece, based on the Latin hymn “Veni, Creator spiritus” and the final scene from Goethe’s “Faust,” is one of the largest choral works in the repertory.

The group’s concert last weekend concentrated on the “Missa Veni sancte spiritus” by Richard Pygott, and, as ever, the honesty and pride of the group’s singing, directed by Scott Metcalfe, was as striking as the ingenuity of the music.

“In Sancti spiritus, Cuba, he was called a Jewish person; in Havana, a campesino; and in New York, a Puerto Rican,” he said.

Natan Wekselbaum was born in Sancti spiritus, a 16th-century city in central Cuba, on Oct. 21, 1934, to Samuel and Sarah (Chysyk) Wekselbaum.

Dr. Eugene spiritus, chief executive of SleepWatch, an app that pairs with the Apple Watch, said that his company’s focus was on getting users to pay attention to their behavior and change it.

“You have your own little microcosm that you’re trying to control the climate in,” Ms. Grace said, “and you really see how that impacts your plants.” Of the thousands in Ms. Offolter’s collection, there is one indisputable crown jewel, one she says she’ll never cut up and sell: spiritus sancti, a philodendron whose name, at least in these circles, is usually uttered with a kind of hushed reverence.

In the wild, spiritus sancti is nearing total extinction; Ms. Offolter said that the plants that still grow in its native Brazil probably number in the single digits.

Ms. Offolter estimates that over the two decades she’s been in business, she’s sold maybe 20 or 30 spiritus sancti cuttings.

The spiritus sancti is a species on the brink of disappearing from nature entirely.

In this way, he said, one “can truly be the spiritus rector” of the entire performance, invoking the lofty Latin phrase for guiding spirit, the role assumed by the no-nonsense choir directors he watched during his boyhood years in Dresden.

CNN was one of three international outlets invited to accompany Diaz-Canel on parts of his trip to the colonial-era city of Sancti spiritus, which has a population of just over 140,000 people.

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