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I’m spending “call time” thanking small-dollar, grassroots donors who give what they can.

“He said they must raise spending by January 2019 or the United States would go it alone,” one person said.

This includes R&D spending on new technologies.

No data was yet available for actual spending in stores.

Most government employees expect to eventually get back pay when the spending bill is passed and the government reopens.

Start too early, and you risk spending a lot of time on repetitive blandness.

Representatives for the two candidates said there has been no under-reporting of private donations or campaign spending.

“The campaign (spending) limits are not respected” Ugalde said.

For every one peso declared in campaign spending, at least 15 pesos more go unreported, nonprofit Mexicanos Contra la Corruption estimated earlier this year.

Republicans mainly want a big increase in defense spending for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2018.

He said the White House wants a deal that covers spending for fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

“The economy is strong, but only because it is being temporarily juiced up by deficit-financed tax cuts and increases in government spending.

In other words, without the Cures Act spending that Congress put into place, Trump’s budget would actually cut drug treatment spending this year.

Trump, at the very least, doesn’t propose cutting overall drug treatment spending this year, based on ONDCP’s figures.

But generally, drug policy experts and researchers agree that what’s needed is not more policing but more spending on drug treatment.

It needs Congress’s approval to become law, and Congress will likely put forward its own spending measures instead of using Trump’s.

Now, they’re not sure if they can afford that spending.

They are spending ZERO dollars on TV ads.

“The Obama administration doubled spending on advertising and saw a 5 percent decline in enrollment.

Data for April was revised up to show consumer spending advancing 0.6% instead of the previously reported 0.3 percent gain.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast consumer spending would rise 0.4% last month.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell dropped his description of weak inflation as “transient.” When adjusted for inflation, consumer spending rose 0.2% in May.

This so-called real consumer spending increased by the same margin in April.

The increase in real spending in the last two months suggested consumer spending was struggling to accelerate after slowing in the first quarter.

Consumers spending increased at a 0.9% annualized rate in the first quarter, the slowest in a year.

Last month, spending on goods increased 0.5%, with outlays on long-lasting manufactured goods such as motor vehicles surging 1.7%.

spending on services gained 0.4%.

Consumer spending in May was supported by a 0.5% rise in personal income, which matched April’s increase.

Under the system, both financial behaviors like “frivolous spending” and bad behaviors like lighting up in smoke-free zones can result in stiff consequences.

In the United States, the credit bureaus don’t downgrade consumers for spending on things they deem silly or for being neglectful pet owners.

Union leaders rejected the offer on Friday, calling it “woefully inadequate.” After spending the weekend back at the negotiating table, there was a breakthrough.

After spending time studying the drink in Mexico, Mercer returned as a leading consultant, having fully earned the job title Tequila Goddess.

Without that creative accounting, services research spending was always low.

In uncertain times, it seems normal for citizens to cut spending or seek creature comforts.

There is nothing wrong with spending money on indulgences, and in fact, they can be an important part of your budget.

spending money on things that will appreciate in value — whether financial or emotional — can be a good investment.

spending money on things that will offer more fleeting value is generally an indulgence.

Political ad spending is on course to set a record, exceeding expenditures in the 2016 presidential election year, totaling up to $9 billion.

In addition to tea companies spending money to work with celebrities, they reach out to smaller-scale influencers of all types.

Lawmakers have to pass a spending bill by midnight March 23 or the government will run out of money and shut down — again.

Republicans need at least nine Senate Democrats to sign on to their spending agenda for it to pass.

Over the weekend, President Trump called for the spending bill to defund “sanctuary cities,” which Democrats will almost certainly oppose.

Democrats seem fine with leaving major policies, like immigration and gun control, out of the government spending deal.

In February lawmakers set themselves up to reach a more permanent spending agreement by the end of March.

Congress has three options before March 23: 1) Congress will have passed a long-term spending bill.

By passing a short-term bill — a continuing resolution — Congress would be keeping spending levels at the status quo.

Behind both government shutdowns this year was a policy fight unrelated to government spending: immigration.

Past shutdowns have been over fights on deficits, spending, abortion, and — most recently — Obamacare.

Past shutdowns have been over fights on deficits, spending, abortion, and — most recently — Obamacare.

Carter also vetoed a public works appropriations bill because he wasn’t a fan of water projects that he deemed wasteful government spending.

What they said: “The partisan political purpose of this bill is patently clear,” Ford said after he refused to pass the first spending bill.

Instead of spending $100 or more on a bottle of wine, spend $50 and use the rest of the money for a charity, please.

His strategy since then has been to tweet about how much time he’s spending in the White House.

“A few years ago Samsung was spending $10billion a year on marketing handsets.

The political advertiser spending the most money on Facebook ads is … Facebook?

(Well, technically, Facebook didn’t include itself on its own list, but included its spending as a footnote instead.)

Lovato is back in the game after spending time in rehab, following a near-fatal overdose back in July.

While greatly increasing military spending they also want to cut education, environmental protection and the needs of children and seniors.

This world in arms is not spending money alone.

It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

Rather, we helped rebuild their economies, spending the equivalent of $130 billion just to reconstruct Western Europe after World War II.

Tech companies lead top U.S. companies in R&D spending.

But spending on R&D is another factor in measuring productivity, and tech companies are certainly contributing in that area.

Her rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who does not have a super PAC spending on his behalf, took in just over $35,000.

Her rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who does not have a super PAC spending on his behalf, took in just over $35,000.

A major public spending program called National Projects would boost living standards, he said, during a TV appearance that lasted over four hours.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan are also spending billions through their Chan Zuckerberg Initiative on education and health care initiatives.

The figures have also raised concerns that rising mortgage and interest rates — though historically low — were weighing on construction activity and consumer spending.

They say the public supports a deal, and that Republicans’ own divisions on spending give Democrats an opening.

Of that spending, $618 million comes in the next two years.

Of that spending, $618 million comes in the next two years.

Shoal Lake 40 Chief Erwin Redsky is optimistic about the government spending announced Tuesday, but there’s frustration in his voice.

They have made a point to advertise their so-far-successful efforts at delaying congressional funding for the wall in past spending negotiations.

Both those bills could be passed in a year-end government spending deal, Graham said.

Both measures of red ink increased with the Republicans’ $1.5 trillion December tax cuts package and a $1.3 trillion bipartisan spending bill in March.

Later, Obama embraced sharp restrictions on discretionary spending, in a package that reversed some of the Bush tax cuts.

And I think we should find ways to bring our spending on health care, both public and private, in line with other countries.

The length of time migrants are spending in Border Patrol custody (and the conditions there) have attracted some alarm before.

Game creator Shoshana Kessock left the Orthodox Jewish faith when she was in her 20s, after spending her life under its teachings.

Pernia said the pursuit of tax evaders and corrupt officials should bolster government revenues to fund the extra spending.

Cutting spending on health care for children is particularly cruel, and will also have deleterious long-term consequences for the overall American economy.

However, an infrastructure spending package is one area where Trump and Democrats could find compromise that boosts equities.

That’s why I think of what I’m doing in this election is very much about spending time at the grassroots.

These so-called core retail sales correspond most closely with the consumer spending component of gross domestic product.

A strong labor market, characterized by a 3.7 percent unemployment rate, is underpinning consumer spending.

spending at hobby, musical instrument and book stores rose 0.5 percent last month.

But spending at restaurants and bars slipped 0.2 percent after dropping 1.5 percent the prior month.

I need a new one every few years and hesitated spending so much for this one.

“People are saying, ‘Listen, you don’t need to stick to a particular formula for what you’re spending.

That means spending weeks compiling information.

Then it means spending several more reading thousands of pages of information, finding patterns, and putting together themes about yourself and your opponent.

She loved 80s hardcore and got heavily into left politics, spending her free time campaigning and attending rallies.

Companies and households withheld spending on the assumption that prices would keep falling: Things would be even cheaper tomorrow.

Netflix worked hard for this nomination, spending a reported $25 million on its awards season campaign.

After spending nearly two years in immigration proceedings, she received asylum in January 2018.

Shipments of core capital goods, which are used to calculate business equipment spending in the gross domestic product report, were unchanged as previously reported.

Business spending on equipment contracted in the first quarter for the first time in three years.

“It is likely that real equipment spending will decline again in the second quarter,” said Daniel Silver, an economist at JPMorgan in New York.

“Prior to Citizens United in 2008, there was $143 million in outside spending,” said Mueller.

“In 2016 there was $1.4 billion in outside spending.

The U.S. Census Bureau found that e-commerce retail sales accounted for less than 8 percent of all retail spending in Q1 2016.

Democratic lawmakers voted this month to repeal it in a spending bill that is set to be opposed by Republicans, who control the Senate.

Investors have been pressing oil companies to cut back on spending and increase returns to shareholders.

But a lot of conservatives also hate the details of the plan that have leaked because it involves too much government spending.

Younger people want to consume content on the platforms that they’re spending all their time on.

Who’s spending all that money at the hotel?

There are more of them eating out but they’re spending less.

His younger brother Souleymane was killed in Syria in 2014 after spending eight months there fighting in the ranks of the Islamic State.

On what grounds do these publications judge our spending habits?

spending that much time on those offenses will necessitate spending less time on white-collar crimes and regulatory offenses.

The problem isn’t that people are spending money on nonessentials; it’s that so many can barely afford healthcare or housing.

And quite frankly, he already has pretty amazing influence running Facebook and spending his billions on whatever philanthropic issues he cares most about.

CZI is spending to support this philosophy in the Bay Area.

“I’m currently spending more time exploring emerging security risks and working on election security.”

As a result, the cost of these services — relative to the overall inflation rate — has zoomed upward, consuming more and more of our spending.

Republicans, who control both houses of Congress, will need Democratic votes to approve the spending bill.

Senate rules require a super-majority of 60 votes in the 100-seat chamber to pass spending bills, and Republicans have a 52-48 majority.

It is true that fewer men are spending their careers at a single company than they did a few decades ago.

In the House, Republican hard-liners often oppose spending legislation.

In an environment where both candidates are spending lots of money on ads, they may not change any minds.

In 2010, she ran for California governor, spending $144 million of her fortune (then valued at $1.3 billion).

Museums directly contribute $21 billion a year to the American economy alone, and far more thanks to the indirect spending of their visitors.

The government’s funding is secured until the end of September, after Trump reluctantly signed a spending bill in March.

Republicans fear that having to deal with spending and debt again so soon will distract them from other issues, such as tax reform.

The government’s funding is secured until the end of September, after Trump reluctantly signed a spending bill in March.

But I’m going to “pay for” all my new spending so my new proposals won’t make the current policy path worse.

Per Nintendo Power, Northwest was spending upwards of $1.5 million per plane to get the necessary equipment installed.

Blinking out of existence would have been bad, but spending eternity staring at the lid of a coffin seemed much, much worse.

Credit Suisse said advertisers that suspended spending in the first quarter shifted that money over the second-quarter ad purchases.

I started spending more and more time during my nine-to-five office job on forums, chatting with like-minded importers.

“After spending time in America I realized that radio was very different to that in the UK,” Wilford told THUMP over email.

spending was 20 percent higher than the 2016 presidential election.

It saw a major Trump ally in Congress indicted for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money on personal expenses.

)Trump then admits that he threatened to leave NATO unless other member countries agreed to jack up their military spending.

The BCRA cuts taxes, cuts regulation, cuts spending, and cuts the deficit.

Fox is spending a reported $3.3 billion for NFL football rights for Thursday night over the next five years.

But those were just my observations after spending a few hours on the site.

In one searing tweet, he wrote: “spending millions to roll-out an intervention at scale within weeks is a basic violation of good practice.

Our addiction to our phones can often make us forget “the true value of spending time with people in reality,” Biancoshock says.

“They’re spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs … for this country.

Membership required attendance at local government meetings and spending several hours every week promoting the Republican ticket.

These guys, again, were found to be spending more time on “socializing, relaxing, and leisure,” including watching almost six hours of TV a day.

A burst of government spending on roads and bridges could help.

Or his support for reducing spending on poor children’s health care, housing, and nutrition assistance.

Hillary Clinton has called for $275 billion in infrastructure spending over five years, paid for in part by higher taxes on the rich.

Many Democrats, however, have signaled they won’t vote for a new government spending bill without some version of DACA.

The level of U.S. spending is the second-lowest of all countries tracked, just above Mexico.

Instead, millions will lose insurance and Medicaid spending will be sacrificed on the altar of tax cuts for the rich.

“Some enrollees could see large increases in out-of-pocket spending because annual or lifetime limits would be allowed,” CBO wrote.

To enact an enormous tax cut under budget reconciliation rules, you need offsetting long-term spending cuts.

What do you think the point is of them spending that time talking about what the future might look like?

Microsoft is spending more on the latest cloud technologies to narrow the gap.

What’s the story you guys haven’t cracked that you’re spending a lot of time on?

Then came YouTube and Facebook and the opportunity to go viral without spending a ton of money.

Indeed, have I somehow betrayed the resistance by spending the last few paragraphs reminding people of Kristol’s pernicious views?

I was spending a lot of time in Silicon Valley dealing with those folks.

Many Republicans in Congress are hostile toward the idea of spending billions more on public works.

The data followed reports on housing, manufacturing, business investment and consumer spending that point to slowing economic growth in the second quarter.

And in 2011, automatic spending cuts meant no new money could be allocated for hiring.

Then Congress would pass another, real budget, with detailed spending levels and more reconciliation instructions.

For big legislation that affects taxes and spending, to avoid a filibuster you need to work within the budget process.

All of those are budgetary moves affecting spending and revenue, and thus entirely within the bounds of the reconciliation rules.

Profits stayed meager because Amazon amped up its spending by 20.5 percent.

In other articles, he has criticized previous Italian governments for failing to rein in both public spending and the level of taxation.

He burnished his populist credentials by nationalizing the nation’s energy sector and spending the profits on social programs.

The report said: Overall, overseas luxury purchases grew 10 percent, with consumers flocking to Japan, where their spending increased more than 200 percent.

However, luxury spending of mainland Chinese in Hong Kong and Macau dropped by one-quarter.

He had been living in the Jungle for six months, after spending three months traveling through North Africa and Europe.

The reductions in upstream spending were behind the fact that this total was 8 percent lower than the 2014 figure.

According to prosecutors, Hunter copped shorts and reported it as campaign spending on golf balls for “wounded warriors.”

Those potential cuts were not in the final spending bill.

One of the ways you can do your part is by simply spending some time outside and capturing a pic or video.

It’s true that repealing the individual mandate would cut spending.

There are also ongoing spending disputes between the government and a federally appointed fiscal oversight board.

But those spending cuts come with some undeniable human consequences.

We all indulge our desire for adventure somehow, whether it’s spending the weekend hiking, partying, or power-leveling in Destiny.

And Trump, with his casinos and real estate, those were businesses all about spending what you don’t have.

Some U.S. lawmakers have suggested passing resolutions voicing support for intelligence agencies, or spending more to enhance election security and prevent cyber attacks.

In 2012, the entire PC industry began to contract, and the impact of smartphones and tablets on device spending started to become evident.

Republicans, however, have resisted such calls, voicing skepticism of running up government spending (outside tax cuts for the wealthy).

It was unclear whether there would be enough Democratic votes on Monday to advance a temporary spending bill.

Instead, Trump won — so we got a big regressive tax cut and a modest increase in spending and economic growth accelerated somewhat.

Dana Bieber, a spokeswoman for the “No on 1631” campaign, said the high spending was justified.

“With Big Oil spending $30 million, that makes it a real fight,” said Bill Holland, state policy director for the League of Conservation Voters.

After spending the last hour researching, I learned that there’s a design flaw in sneakers that causes squeaking.

Kansas Republicans have been worried that dramatic spending cuts under the administration of former Republican Gov.

“More information on the future funding of the NWCU will be available when further details of the spending Review are known.

Greg Abbott tried to stir up outrage over this, even though Soros was spending in a Democratic primary for a Democrat-held office.

Google, Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud businesses helped more than double spending on data centers last year.

The Republican-controlled Senate passed by an overwhelming 84-8 vote a $4.6 billion spending bill on Wednesday.

In December, spending was supported almost entirely by borrowing (as opposed to wages).

These celebs are feeling fine and spending time out of the water to show off their sexy swimsuits!

That means my life is split between spending time in nature and then telling stories about it afterwards.

While Trump’s fellow Republicans control both the House and the Senate until next month, Democratic support is needed to pass any spending legislation.

Liberals wanted to use the money to finance new domestic spending.

Hillary Clinton ran on a proposal to raise taxes on high-income households to finance a bunch of new spending.

But by separating tax issues from spending issues, he was able to insulate himself at a time when the voters theoretically favored lower taxes.

It’s hard to cover those communities without spending a ton of money and time.

Adds $2.4 billion in spending for veterans’ medical care.

Democrats, realizing the only leverage they have is during spending fights, want something done before the end of the year.

Resulting in much more voluminous, lower quality communication.” In other words, talk is cheap and we’re spending like crazy.

There is definitely a case to be made for more spending.

More spending could help alleviate these gaps.

When it comes to spending his downtime, days on the beach with Jr. and his “Mammy” are definitely in the cards.

So Trump is willing to publicly confront US allies on defense spending, humiliating the assembled heads of state at a NATO summit.

Democrats and Republicans are still in a stalemate over immigration and military spending.

In addition to fiscal stimulus such as higher local government spending and tax cuts, more monetary policy support is also expected this year.

There are also fears that the trade tensions could dampen business confidence and lead companies to shelve spending and hiring plans.

The spending spree includes thousands of new workers to review content posted by users.

Politico, which first reported the resignation of Dean Parker, cited campaign insiders who criticized spending decisions, including generous consulting fees paid to inexperienced staff.

Low-income people who were on Medicaid get moved to the exchanges, where the plans cover less, cost more, and require more out-of-pocket spending.

I mean, contraception is as arbitrary an area as any to mandate equal spending.

In Brussels, Trump insulted America’s longstanding allies, blasting them for not spending enough on defense.

The scheme uses spending data to give customers discounts at shops they already frequent or which are in their neighborhood.

A spokesman for Santander said their customer spending data was only shared with Cardlytics if customers choose to receive retail offers.

The basic idea is that all citizens should receive a certain amount of money from the government, with no regulations on spending attached.

They have the right to be here.” Democrats actually have political leverage on the federal spending bill, and they intend to use it.

But so far, six liberal senators have committed to opposing the federal spending bill unless it contains the DREAM Act, including Sens.

The spending cuts that result from repealing the mandate help on both fronts.

The government’s own auditor’s office, known as the ASF, published a report in February that cited $4.5 billion in public spending irregularities.

The agreement would increase spending for the military and border security, priorities valued by Trump and most other Republicans.

Upjohn Institute for Employment Research suggests the agency’s spending has a positive economic impact on the areas that receive funding.

Indeed, studies have found that a key predictor for support of government services, spending, and welfare is racial resentment.

There’s a reason billionaires are spending millions of dollars to keep unions down.

The Senate never even took it up, likely because of the partisan spending cuts at its core.

They attached it to the spending bill that the House passed Friday to keep the federal government open.

We’ve cut spending in other areas of our repair business to buy spinners.

But the activist group stood its ground, with people braving the elements and spending nights in the cold as a show of defiance.

Americans are exceptional in many ways — including being number one in the world when it comes to spending on prescription drugs.

The surcharge is paid directly to the insurer, making it tough to argue that this provision is about federal spending.

“If I were on the GOP side, I would argue that defunding Planned Parenthood would change Medicaid spending,” says Koger.

Burr’s artworks here are smart and worth spending time with, but they’re also a bit slick for a homecoming.

Though spending on civilian programmes was cut, the budget included a 5% budget increase for the powerful military.

With investors on the sidelines, traders are spending more time at client lunches and less time transacting.

The budget is potentially a huge win for Democrats, with an enormous boost to domestic spending in exchange for a boost to military spending.

I got sober seven years ago, after spending a dozen years blunted by alcohol and drugs.

“Orange Is the New Black” star Jackie Cruz ain’t spending her time off from the show locked up inside somewhere.

Republicans generally favor increased military spending, and Democrats have been pushing to fund domestic programs.

Trump has not run on traditional GOP themes of cutting spending and limiting government.

“I’ll be spending the day with her family.

It’s also the idea that a new generation is spending more money on experiences over physical goods.

Wind and solar necessitate spending that money.

People are spending a lot of time on those and watching those.

spending on hydropower construction rose 12.7% to 70 billion yuan, while nuclear investment inched down 1.6% to 44.7 billion yuan.

The fact is that with more business spending, you have more help with the underlying economy.

It turns out spending time in jail after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenager doesn’t mean your political career is over.

It turns out spending time in jail after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenager doesn’t mean your political career is over.

The other side, obviously, household spending continues to grow strongly.

Republican policy priorities, as stated, lie with spending less public money on health care.

The Trump administration’s only truly new tactic may be his cap on regulatory spending, which has grown every year since 1982.

The agency is spending money on tactical clothing, body armor, bulletproof vehicles, and, for some reason, gear to break down locked doors.

“In order to balance the budget under his plan, aggressive spending cuts or substantial rates of economic growth would be necessary.

Cruz’s promise to greatly increase spending on the military would add another $2.4 trillion to the debt.

Merkel’s ruling coalition, which includes the SPD as junior partner, has approved defense spending hikes that fall short of the NATO target.

For those who make less than that, cost-sharing reductions help cover the costs of deductibles and other out-of-pocket spending.

For cost-sharing reductions, the ACA requires insurers to cut their lowest-income customers a break on their out-of-pocket spending.

Automakers warned the tariffs cost hundreds of thousands of auto jobs, dramatically raise prices on vehicles and threaten industry spending on self-driving cars.

For one, after the Vietnam War formally ended in 1973, Washington slashed defense spending across the board.

“Getting our spending under control is a part and a piece of getting the country back on track,” Black said in an interview.

(For a graphic on Super PAC spending for Trump versus Obama click tmsnrt.rs/2seIbj1) Reporting by Ginger Gibson; Editing by Chris Sanders and Ross Colvin

The Senate never even took it up, likely because of the partisan spending cuts at its core.

Their plan is to attach it to the spending bill that must pass Friday to keep the federal government open.

On the table is a three-week short-term spending bill that would keep the government open until February 8.

They slashed spending on advertising and assistance programs.

On Twitter, he repeatedly criticized the Obama administration for spending billions on stimulus efforts.

Here’s what we know … Tejada had been spending a TON of time in the Dominican Republic, as he’s relocating his family.

The only problem is, NATO members’ decisions to start increasing their defense spending began before Trump entered office.

In 2015, the alliance’s overall defense spending rose for the first time in 20 years.

So spending Thanksgiving with each other was a given.

Ending spending Inc, a Republican Super PAC, is reported to be spending at least $1 million on advertisements to support Saccone.

I feel shameful spending intellectual capital on something as silly as an American holiday.

Judging by streaming services’ showing at this year’s Emmy’s, the spending is paying off.

Sluggish business spending on equipment together with a lackluster housing market could stoke fears that higher interest rates are hurting the economy.

Core capital goods shipments are used to calculate equipment spending in the government’s gross domestic product measurement.

Business spending on equipment stalled in the third quarter and is faltering despite the Trump administration’s $1.5 trillion tax cut.

spending on equipment could also be undercut by declining oil prices.

But a decrease in welfare enrollment isn’t an indication of much other than the federal government spending less money.

“What is better for us is to be paid in Syrian pounds since we are spending our money in the Syrian territories.

The central element in Klobuchar’s proposal is a $650 billion increase in federal spending on infrastructure programs.

— [Kara Swisher / Recode] Samsung is buying its way into the car business by spending $8 billion on Harman.

Nor is increasing spending on Social Security and Medicare as the baby boomers age.

Meanwhile, there is zero indication of any Democratic support for any Republican Party legislative initiatives to reduce taxes or federal spending.

The other is that this tax swap is bad news for people whose spending exceeds their wage income.

spending time looking at the artwork reveals these layers.

No nation in history has ever become prosperous by borrowing record amounts of debt to finance reckless spending.

“I plan on spending the day at CFPB headquarters taking calls and meetings with external stakeholders and bureau staff,” she said in a statement.

It was way more fun than spending 100 hours on one character that’s trying to see every cave and complete every quest.

Democrats have been spending the past few months asking the Trump administration to willingly comply with their requests.

They found that, broadly, any plans to cut government welfare spending are unpopular: You get the idea.

The index, which was previously reported at 134.1 in May, still remains at lofty levels, suggesting consumer spending remains supported.

Earlier this year Finland announced a major increase in its military spending, including boosting its troop levels by 20 percent.

Thirty-six percent of the teachers polled spent between $251 and $500 each year, and educators in low-income schools reported spending more.

That was one of the side benefits of spending the formative years of my life actually living in Mr. Rogers’s neighborhood.

Advocates note that these taxes would be replacing current employer and employee spending on health care.

Now Trump is raising the stakes, tying it to a highly contentious spending fight mere months before an election.

Sometimes we need a visual as a check-in on how we’re doing and how we’re spending our precious time.

spending time on learning obscure animals and kitchen utensils isn’t going to help you much.

Programs that fall in the category of “mandatory spending” will function, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and the U.S.

They want to start spending money on this stuff.

Speaking to legislators on Tuesday, just before Broadbent, he said he expected consumer spending to beat the BoE’s forecasts, adding to inflation pressures.

The United States alone more than tripled that, spending $596 billion in 2015.

The NABE survey also suggested a further slowdown in business spending after moderating sharply in the third quarter of 2018.

The survey’s measure of capital spending fell in January to its lowest level since July 2017.

Expectations for capital spending for the next three months also weakened.

That matches the level of spending experts have long said is necessary to make a serious dent in the crisis and reverse it.

Republicans, however, have resisted such calls, voicing skepticism of running up government spending (outside tax cuts for the wealthy).

Europe’s biggest economy grew by 0.4% from January to March, propelled by higher household spending and a sprightly construction sector.

Firms respond to this turnover by cutting research spending to smooth earnings, which helps dampen share price volatility.

The shortsightedness of a failure to invest in capital and research spending is self-evident.

Despite the unchanged reading, growth in consumer spending was revised lower and business investment in intellectual property products was stronger than previously estimated.

There were also upward revisions to spending on nonresidential structures.

Excluding trade, inventories and government spending, the economy grew at only a 1.3% rate in the first quarter.

Consumer spending was previously reported to have increased at a 1.3% pace in the first quarter.

Business spending on equipment declined at an unrevised rate of 1.0% rate, the weakest since the first quarter of 2016.

He also argued that using basic income to replace the safety net would actually increase poverty, because the spending wouldn’t be as well-targeted.

The administration, for example, has stepped up general spending on treatment and prevention programs over the past few years.

Figure out your annual spending and sock away enough to last a lifetime.

Making the program more generous would have required more spending, and they were eager to keep the headline cost of the law under control.

Subsequent proposals asked Alphabet to disclose more on its political spending and compensation structure by gender.

The proposed defense spending exceeds caps on allowable spending, so they’d need Democrats’ support to lift those caps.

The proposed defense spending exceeds caps on allowable spending, so they’d need Democrats’ support to lift those caps.

Sources close to her tell us she’s healthy, happy and looking forward to spending the holidays with her family.

It isn’t about spending money, it isn’t about buying the newest iPhone or gift cards.

According to a 2017 survey by Gallup, the weekly median spending on food for American families is $130 — that’s roughly $520 a month.

You attach it to a spending bill and then dare Democrats to vote it down,” Padilla said.

That might pressure Trump to sign a spending deal, without the $5 billion that he wants for his border wall, and reopen the government.

Some market players worry about the impact on “Abenomics” policies of hyper-easy monetary policy, fiscal spending and structural reform.

Make time for relaxation and for spending time with friends and lovers today, Gemini.

The House and Senate have to pass the resolution before the spending deadline to keep the government open.

Yes, instead of spending our time trying to get a robot to open a door.

Saudi Arabia is spending cash like there was no tomorrow, but the party cannot go on forever.

You know, around the holidays, and spending time with family and friends.

A Monday report claims that spending on display ads — banners, videos, sponsored content and in-stream mobile promotions — will outpace search ads in 2016.

I find the whole concept of spending time shopping in stores just not appealing.

Millennials are spending more time on Netflix than all of cable TV combined.

By 2011, the company cut back its promotional spending to $752,000, mostly aimed at the general consumer market.

Agee is one of four current players from Charlottesville-area who Leonelli has sold on spending their collegiate career more than 600 miles north.

Three sources who worked on the campaign said Trump made almost all the decisions on spending, strategy, and messaging.

At that point in an election year, past candidates had already begun spending upwards of $80 million on the same thing.

So despite spending billions of dollars on research into a variety of therapeutic approaches, there have been no new drugs in 15 years.

“Some of them could perhaps be more effective and efficient in spending money in this area,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

I started following all the blogs and online forums detailing the best ways to earn airline miles without spending much money.

A per capita cap allows more federal spending in situations like that.

He could leave meetings early — or simply not attend many of them — if he feels there NATO will not dramatically increase its defense spending.

The Commerce Department said on Monday construction spending rose 1.0 percent to a nine-month high after an upwardly revised 2.5 percent surge in January.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast construction spending falling 0.2 percent in February after a previously reported 1.3 percent jump in January.

Construction spending increased 1.1 percent on a year-on-year basis in February.

In February, spending on private construction projects rose 0.2 percent after vaulting 1.5 percent in January.

spending on private nonresidential structures, which includes manufacturing and power plants, fell 0.5 percent in February after jumping 1.1 percent in January.

spending on federal government construction projects rose 0.9 percent to the highest level since October 2017, after soaring 5.7 percent in January.

Years of high government spending helped create a debt and inflation problem.

We look back at the 1980s as a time of consumption; there was opulence and an outward flashiness with spending.

Business spending on equipment slowed in the second quarter.

Ortiz played 20 MLB seasons, spending his first six years with the Minnesota Twins before joining the Boston Red Sox.

This combination of low revenue and high spending obligations has created a perverse incentivestructure of local governments.

None said they did it for extra spending money, though it’s possible that many teachers do so.

Personal income and spending will be released at 8:30 a.m.

Just the idea of spending my life doing that was horrible.

Netflix is spending billions to attract new customers while Disney and Apple Inc build streaming rivals and Amazon.com Inc makes gains with audiences.

Under modern budgetary procedures, spending and borrowing are unconnected.

spending two years, you guys bid on it, and it cost two times as much, doesn’t work as well.

It’s because I’m not spending my time focusing on the Dodgers.

After that happens, the emphasis could switch to capital spending, he said.

Kaplan expects 2019 spending on buybacks to stall around 2018 levels as companies weigh slower earnings growth against strong cash balances.

Its growth rate is plummeting, as its fundamental economic model of spending money on construction projects is reaching diminishing returns.

The math works out to a $2.3 billion increase in federal spending, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s estimates.

That’s extra spending the country can ill afford.

In 1969, Gott was a physics undergraduate fresh out of Harvard, spending the summer in Europe.

The ring was in pristine condition and hadn’t been damaged — even after spending half a century underground.

Congress was tied up for months trying to work out $1 trillion in spending priorities for the current fiscal year.

Why do you wear them?I began wearing one because I was spending an increasing amount of time around the shooting community.

Because I had all these delusional thoughts that I was going to walk away scot-free without spending a cent.

With wage growth moderating and inflation picking up, both household spending and GDP growth have slowed markedly.”

That’s where you’re going to be spending some time going through and doing some manual deletion, which is annoying.

That sounds like a lot, but it’s pocket change compared to the $639 billion proposed for defense spending.

Kim’s also spending time getting prisoners freed who are serving ridiculously long sentences for low-level offenses.

People are also spending more time inside Instagram than ever before.

Yet lower interest rates are considered supportive of stock valuations by stimulating corporate earnings and capital spending as borrowing costs for companies fall.

US utilities, as readers of my primer on utilities know, make money by spending money.

When Scott Kelly returned to Earth after spending a year on the ISS, he wasn’t quite himself.

Another improvement in peace is a 10 percent fall in global military spending in the last three years, IEP said.

But whether increasing government spending will boost or harm the economy is obviously a hot topic of political debate.

The takeaway is that the US should be very supportive of increased military spending by its allies.

The House passed the same spending bill a few hours later.

Lawmakers were stuck in an impasse for three days after the Senate failed to pass a spending bill Friday night, shutting down the government.

The idea is that they will cobble together a deal on immigration and more permanent government spending in the weeks ahead.

On top of immigration, Congress still has to strike a permanent spending deal for 2018.

So far, the parties still haven’t agreed on new budget caps, which put a hard upper limit on spending for defense and domestic programs.

Without budget caps, any massive spending bill risks triggering a sequester — across-the-board cuts to domestic and military spending.

Republicans need Democratic votes to raise the budget caps on military spending and domestic programs.

As with all spending negotiations, this will be a game of chicken between Democrats and Republicans.

Minority leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have been meeting with top Republicans and the president on spending bill negotiations.

Appropriators need these topline numbers to begin putting together a trillion-dollar spending bill that would fund the government through next September.

Democrats will likely use the spending deadline as an opportunity to force Republicans to vote on the Alexander-Murray bill.

Earlier this year, top Republicans and Democrats came to an agreement on a spending bill for 2017 that nearly half the GOP conference hated.

Me spending $100 to give you a gift is probably not going to generate as much satisfaction as you spending $100 yourself.

Caruso’s daughter, Gianna, Olivia and several other friends were spending spring break in the area.

While my friend only got $75 worth of spending out of my purchase, the other $25 is not destroyed.

Even when we thought they were going nuts spending on media.

Medicaid spending is shared between the federal government and states, with each paying a set percent of each beneficiary’s costs.

It’s certainly possible to give state governments more flexibility to implement changes to Medicaid without also slashing federal spending on the program.

In the past, the White House has justified cuts to the NIH by implying it engages in wasteful spending.

CBPP expects that the block grant proposal would lead to $7 billion in reduced spending in 2017 and a $169 billion reduction in 2026.

That would curtail states trying to hit the spending metric by simply not providing care.

Specifically, research also finds that spending at the NIH does spur new drug discoveries.

In the past, the White House has argued that spending at the NIH has gotten out of hand.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, for its part, is skeptical that states could increase efficiency enough to offset the spending cuts.

Oregon is using budget caps to try to drive down its health care spending.

Read: How the spouses of Trump’s Cabinet are spending your tax money That was quick.

“They spend a lot of time these Republicans, spending a lot of energy trying to separate themselves from Donald Trump.

Whatever time I lose asking strangers to reorient me, I gain back from not spending 4.7 hours per day on my phone.

Casey: Are you spending money on that?

Sweden’s local municipalities have huge power, raising taxes and spending about 70 percent of all public money on everything from education to pensions.

McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Wednesday he was concerned about Mulvaney’s opposition to defense spending.

Starting in 2020, rather than matching state Medicaid spending, the AHCA would give each state the set amount of money per person.

Aral Kakl, 29, a journalist who fled his homeland after being threatened, is spending his 42nd day awaiting relocation to Finland.

spending a lot of money to prospect is probably not going to be looked upon with favor by investors,” he said.

There is a familiar hiccup in the ongoing negotiations for a long-term government spending bill: federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

But after spending over an hour with them, consensus wasn’t reached nor was a night table built.

Whenever Republicans have power and a spending bill comes up, they want to defund Planned Parenthood.

He started spending more time with his hot rods and with unfashionable, figurative styles of painting.

“I always regretted not spending more time with you when I had the chance.

It doesn’t feature $1 trillion in new federal spending, promising instead $200 billion.

Well, they’re spending more money.

Twitter is losing money because it’s spending big on efforts like live video in order to restart growth.

“It’s not enough,” Andrew Kolodny, an opioid policy expert at Brandeis University, told me when asked about the new spending deal.

Google and Facebook are projected to take up 63 percent of U.S. digital ad spending in 2017, according to eMarketer.

So you’re spending almost a decade single from 18 to 27.

During that time, spending within the agency has fallen by $533 million, according to CNBC.

The government has already been ramping up spending on infrastructure.

People are spending more time in top shopping apps like Amazon’s.

It wasn’t very exciting, I can tell you that.” Trump said he looked forward to spending time with Merkel rather than watching the debate.

Manufacturing production, exports and home sales dropped in April, while consumer spending cooled.

Watching him felt like spending time with a favourite grandfather and in a world of Guy Fieris, that was vital.

On Thursday, a new constitutional amendment goes into effect in Brazil that effectively freezes federal government spending for two decades.

Instead, it appears that he’ll cave on his threats about the spending bill, yet again.

The 2018 midterm elections are supposed to see unprecedented spending — perhaps as much as $4 billion.

In this country, speech — which has long been defined by the courts to include political spending — is precisely protected.

Today, America’s campaign finance system lags behind many other developed countries that limit not only fundraising, but campaign spending.

According to Bloomberg News, dark money represented nearly two-thirds of political-ad spending in the 2016 campaign.

Then there’s the political spending, which is unregulated in American politics and is the biggest loophole in the system.

Because there’s no spending ceiling, politicians are always fundraising.

In Canada, spending limits curtail parliament elections to the point where an average candidate will spend between $12,000 and $90,000 on a race.

A database from the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance similarly faulted America for its lack of controls on campaign spending.

Austerity advocates say this measure is meant to freeze that spending in a bid to reestablish responsible government and restore business and investor confidence.

Many in Brazil are furious over the spending cap.

Researching this story, however, and trawling through the site for many weeks, the number of time users are spending on there became apparent.

The two researchers were spending time at the Bellingshausen station for about half a year before Savitsky allegedly stabbed Beloguzov.

Many flood-prone cities, desperate for a solution, are spending massive amounts of money building seawalls, often under USACE guidance.

“We want to deter, avoid, and prevent conflict through our unquestioned military dominance,” Trump said in September, lamenting recent cuts to defense spending.

If deficit spending boosts the economy, it could force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to keep inflation under control.

Beyond this, Hartung points out, Saudi Arabia isn’t actually even spending a massive amount of money on American weapons.

I felt bad about spending the money, but I had it at the time.

In between, they had long periods of time in their tents, cleaning, drawing, and spending time with each other.

It’s harder to rationalize spending time, money, and resources on enhancing games that are no longer big sellers.

He also played for the Los Angeles Lakers before spending the past five seasons with Atlanta.

Najib has consistently denied all allegations of wrongdoing, but his image hasn’t been helped by his wife’s reputation for lavish spending.

He is a trip, too,.I really enjoy spending time with him.

Why is Rupert Murdoch spending time thinking about local TV?

And here the interplay of government spending and economic growth requires some attention.

Health care spending accounts for 16 percent of the economy in the US, while the OECD average is 8.9 percent.

This means advertisers have the opportunity to connect with an audience that collectively accounts for more than $4.7 trillion in spending power per year.

Congress, which controls federal spending, is likely to dismiss Trump’s proposal, if recent history is any guide.

“If costs are really going to start to escalate, people are going to be far more concerned about their spending patterns,” he said.

But because they’re not laws, budget resolutions do not enact new taxes or spending programs.

Just last week, Republicans in Congress embraced significantly higher domestic spending levels, and in any case, discretionary cuts are filibusterable in the Senate.

Not spending that money, however, would stop it from gaining more customers.

Shoppers, especially debt-conscious millennials, are hyper-aware of spending, so they are turning to noncommittal spending on clothes and transportation.

Recently, because of my job as the culture editor of this website, spending time with them has involved watching TV with them.

After spending several weeks testing the Snoo alongside more typical bedside sleepers, we think the answer is no,” Wirecutter wrote in its review.

“They go from school to school, spending about 45 minutes in each one.” Recruitment, vetting, and training new officers is very time-consuming.

For all the insanity of spending seven years sequestered in a 330-square-foot apartment, Belmarsh’s conditions could prove to be even more intimate.

Trump tweeted out more of his anger overnight, saying billions of dollars in new spending by NATO allies since last year “isn’t nearly enough”.

For all the insanity of spending seven years sequestered in a 330-square-foot apartment, Belmarsh’s conditions could prove to be even more intimate.

When I told Franklin I wished the film was longer, he said spending too much time watching VR can make people sick.

“If they really enjoyed it, didn’t mind spending the money, and it helped them stay hydrated, sure,” she says.

(She worked there for extra cash for a couple of episodes, but she found herself spending most of her money on books.)

I do just fine learning about someone by spending time with them.

This feature ties into Apple’s new emphasis on spending less time on your device.

It’s a very conservative act, just spending money.

Jorge Felippe, the president of the city council, initially turned down Moura’s petition to set up an inquiry into Olympic spending.

Obama weighed in against a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that lifted limits on corporate spending in elections.

The enfranchisement of women is linked with increased spending on children and lower child mortality.

Another recent study shows why this matters: The passage of pre-registration legislation is associated with, for example, an increase in spending on higher education.

—Michael Norton, co-author of Happy Money: The Science of Happier spending 70.

At $322.00 a piece, I’m spending far less on these BILLYs than I would have on four-inch-thick concrete walls.

Should I survive a nuclear attack, I may have a little spending money left over to throw around in the barren California wastelands.

We have been spending the last week digging into the rubble of nearby areas with our bare hands,” he added.

I wasn’t up for very long, so spending the past couple years in the big leagues is just a good experience to learn.”

It helps to set a spending limit to avoid more awkwardness when one person spends more than everyone else.

I think the rise of outside spending probably works in much of the same way.

[Peter Kafka / Recode] Chinese investors are making moves to increase their spending in Silicon Valley.

The bigger deal is how Amazon is now spending more to hire sales staff for AWS and its budding advertising business.

A string of cases like Citizens United and others has opened the barn door to unlimited “dark money” campaign spending.

She’s spending a lot of time on set, and going to great lengths to hide her belly.

Near the end of 2018, it said it would be spending an additional $20 billion on buybacks through 2019.

I started spending more and more time during my nine-to-five office job on forums, chatting with like-minded importers.

My girlfriend chided me, the other night, for being way too boring onstream, spending thirty minutes figuring out how to find a rune.

Financial market imbalances could be sparked by spending from the 2017 tax cuts or further stock price gains, Goldman Sachs economists wrote recently.

But that didn’t stop the company, Summit Texas Clean Energy, from spending the money before filing for bankruptcy last year.

We hope spending in a sentence examples were helpful.