Spend in a sentence | Use of the word spend examples

It also said it would spend $124 million on an advanced wind tunnel facility in Ohio.

I am grateful to have been able to spend my life as an entrepreneur in the global software industry.

You can spend eight days eating quinoa and rice.

In the current election cycle, presidential candidates affiliated with parties are allowed to spend up to 429.6 million pesos ($21.8 million) during the campaign.

And I like to think that the more time we spend, the more we adapt, the more we learn, the better people will do.

How could two people possibly decide whether to spend their whole lives together based on one date?

To put it in context, California is planning to spend $111.5 million on advertising in its state alone.

The federal government will spend one-tenth of that in the 34 states where it runs the state health insurance marketplace.

Educators went on strike in Arizona, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, forcing state lawmakers to raise their pay and spend more on schools.

At least Charlie didn’t spend Valentine’s Day alone …

It is the marketer’s responsibility to ensure their company is getting the most value for money from its advertising spend.

At least three Super PACs — with tens of millions of dollars in the bank — are now acting on his behalf to spend money.

“We are waiting to see who will spend the most money on influencers so they can become the number one tea.”

We’re told she recently went to Elon’s L.A. area office to spend time with him.

No one in Amber’s camp is calling it “dating,” but we’re told the amount of time they spend together has definitely increased.

But you spend a fair amount of time talking about exactly that.

Instead of spending $100 or more on a bottle of wine, spend $50 and use the rest of the money for a charity, please.

Obviously you spend a lot of time on your phone on the bus in LA; thus I started making memes to entertain myself.

The workshop participants collectively estimate that, at most, physicians spend ten to twenty minutes maximum talking to their patients.

(Actual statistics vary from country to country, but one study from Spain claims that general practice doctors spend less than seven minutes per patient.)

They can spend less on an HRA than they would on offering insurance plans.

Prime members shop more frequently and spend more than non-Prime members do, and also price-compare less.

I spend more than I should on groceries because it’s okay for me to just toss away something with a dent.

“The government red tape, and the government policies and the way they spend money prevents movement forward,” Johnston said.

In exchange, Democrats are willing to spend some money on border security — though not a wall.

Would the incoming Obama administration have had more political breathing room to spend enough to actually restart the economy?

Some was given to so-called super PACs that can spend and raise unlimited sums and a portion went to fund internal union political operations.

Cruise passengers spend little on land, while those vacationing on the island spend much more at hotels, bed and breakfasts and restaurants.

Didn’t we used to spend long hours talking to a stuffed animal or doll?

On the morning of my final timed trial, I spend more time than usual stretching and warming up.

How much will they spend on LEDs?

I watched all this happen and decided to go out into the field and spend time with families with small children.

I don’t spend time off with billionaires and heads of corporations.

But the quality depends on the amount of time you spend.

When facts don’t mean anything and people don’t trust science, what is it like to spend your time covering climate change?

At the end of the day, pick what’s most important to you and spend your money there,’” Ely said.

Kids need balance when it comes to how they spend their time.

Cassidy-Graham scales back how much we spend on the program that covers 70 million Americans, but does so in an especially disruptive way.

It can be helpful for me to take breaks from the office, or spend time alone—but not too much time.

(I did spend years of my childhood as a compulsive hand-washer, but for some reason this never raised any red flags.)

I spend several hours thinking about all the surfaces and things that are dirty in my apartment.

Currently, American taxpayers spend about $25 billion per year on nuclear weapons and operations.

“They [Gamergate supporters] have people who spend all day manipulating SEO to damage me and other high-profile women,” she says.

I wanted to be around her and spend time with her.

A recent paper in Marine Policy estimates that governments spend more than $35 billion a year to subsidize fishing activities worldwide.

Automakers are concerned tariffs would mean less capital to spend on self-driving cars and electric vehicles.

The industry feels it has a powerful story to tell about medical innovation and has a lot of money to spend to tell it.

I needed to get out of the house more, to spend more time around people, to stop being so hard on myself.

Free of corporate sponsorship, the “dealer’s den” hosted artists and makers selling their wares to a crowd more than ready to spend.

But if the point is to advance your vision, there seem to be wiser ways to spend your money than running for public office.

The two spend much of their professional lives together, having written books and collaborated on a character Jim played on stage together.

It’s important to me to be able to spend time with them.

“We will have so much money that we will not know how to spend it.”

Q: There is wide agreement America needs to spend much more on highways, transport, airports and other fundamentals of modern society.

It might sound over-the-top to spend a thousand dollars on a durian, but that’s nothing compared to previous specialty fruit sales.

Season six will spend the rest of its run struggling to integrate those two tones, and it will only fitfully succeed.

With plenty of disposable income—ironically, much more than I can afford to spend on games these days—I submerged myself in the import scene.

“People are like, oh yeah, you should come: You and your team should come, and spend a week!

The toy retailer has struggled in Britain in recent years as shoppers increasingly prefer to spend online rather than visit its large out-of-town stores.

… The detainees spend a very short time there — one or two minutes — and then they are sent out.

For a quick and easy one-pan brunch, bake leftover rice with spices, Linguiça, and eggs, so you can spend more time sipping mimosas.

There’s broad agreement to increase the money the House bill would spend subsidizing Americans who buy insurance on the individual market.

Her lawyers told the court that she will spend Christmas with her husband, Liu Xiaozong, 43, her daughter and one of her sons.

Watch out for exaggerations, and try not to spend all your cash.

That’s how I currently spend my days, at least.

And we actually don’t know how to do it, no much how much money we spend.

But now they are willing to spend several billion dollars on humanitarian needs at the border, according to a House Democratic aide.

Donna and Earl Eck took a bus from Altoona, Pennsylvania, to Washington, DC, on Tuesday to spend the day rallying against Obamacare.

Lonzo Ball finally unveiled his long-awaited Big Baller Brand shoe — and it can be yours if you wanna spend $500!!!!!!

Every additional minute we spend debating the merits of the “lobbyist ban” is a minute we’ve wasted.

spend 20 to 30 seconds scrubbing each side, make sure to scrape under your nails, and wash up to your wrists.

In reality, as we see in the video, the hackers have to spend several anxious moments wandering around the car searching for the signal.

I also ran upon a Louise Nevelson assemblage, and I find these always reward the time I spend with them.

Verschueren says the return on advertising spend was immediate and commensurate to that achieved by Happy Socks’ regular Facebook adverts.

Same as the old boss.” So we can’t afford to spend the interim hugging everyone who opposes Trump and singing Kumbaya.

Some are still on the mountain, about to spend a third freezing winter in tents.

To be successful, elite players now spend as much time in the gym as they do practising on the court.

LOL we just spend it.”

The brands to shop when you’re willing to spend more than a hundo, but still less than two.

Maybe you spend your movies death-staring the couple two rows in front of you, who seem to have a compulsive crisp packet-rustling disorder.

We spend the next 40 minutes training him to follow my commands.

spend time enjoying your home today.

So it’s important to decide how much you’re willing to spend and then refuse to go over that amount.

It sure doesn’t mean forcing taxpayers to spend $25 billion on a wall that candidate Trump promised Mexico would pay for.

In order to spend time with a woman, the man must provide.

SILSBEE, Texas — Normally, the airmen of the Navy’s HM-14 unit spend their days deliberately setting off mines.

SILSBEE, Texas — Normally, the airmen of the Navy’s HM-14 unit spend their days deliberately setting off mines.

We’re told he will need reconstructive surgery and will spend several weeks in the hospital.

Coaches who spend lots of time pursuing them—and shopping their own services to the highest bidder via actual agents—shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

We will spend way less time in cars.

You don’t always know what it costs until you spend the money.

For instance, you no longer have to spend Saturday afternoon laying down on mattresses with your shoes on while a sales associate waits.

Me: “So if you wanted to spend under $10 and get good wine, is that possible?”

Steven, this is something that you spend a lot of time thinking about for traditional films now.

They pay him regular visits at the institutions in which he would spend the rest of his life.

SS: The bottom line is you get better by making things, and the more time you spend making things, the better you get.

Well, we spend a lot more than them on a global basis.

But no, it has nothing to do with content spend.

I should probably spend less time looking up stuff on The Bachelor.

But to be honest, I’m gonna spend most of my time running from The Do LaB to the Sahara.

Nevertheless, Cobain did spend time without a home, and the quiet, weary tone of this song captures a feeling of desperation.

You spend a whole chapter laying out why Russia saw Trump as the perfect vehicle for their cyberwar against America.

It’s been compounded by an online media industry that’s too busy laying off existing reporters to spend much time expanding local reporting.

Despite all the money consultants spend on sophisticated analysis, their attempt to paint a picture of the public remains stubbornly incomplete.

You can get a matching sweater if you’ve got nearly $2,000 to spend.

But since it’ll have less money to spend, they won’t remain partners in the fund going forward.

ApolloLV: I don’t spend much time on the mod, so it has been an incremental process at realizing more and more changes.

I’m furious but I’m glad I at least didn’t have to spend $30, or whatever, to file through TurboTax.

You’re the love of my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Equally important is to assess your habits and activities since where you spend your time impacts the quality of your network.

I love you and I can’t wait to spend forever with you!”

Ad buyers are mostly pulling their growing Amazon spend from other digital platforms, the survey found.

He said Putin would spend the day fielding calls of congratulation, meeting supporters, and holding talks with the losing candidates.

Which ones could you cut out in order to spend more time on others that are more valuable?

But I feel very fortunate that I was able to spend time in the studio with him and work on that recording.

Netflix spends many billions of dollars a year on content, but it doesn’t usually spend its money on content companies.

We’re told Tristan flew into Los Angeles to spend Valentine’s Day Thursday with Khloe and their daughter, True.

“You hear a lot of this: Raise a ton of money, spend it on marketing, get a bunch of customers and build really fast.

The Dallas Cowboys owner was leaving Gucci in Bev Hills (got money, spend it right?)

If you want to understand a culture, take a look at how its people spend their money.

However, if you spend Sundays dreading work, that’s a pretty clear sign that something wrong.

Students spend about $1,200 in college textbooks a year, according to the College Board.

What’s a good way to spend a Saturday night in Glasgow?With good friends and good music.

spend time with The Cool Kids and this sort of comedic interaction is bound to happen several times.

The streaming service is expected to spend more than $6 billion on programming, more than Hulu, HBO, or Amazon.

That, in turn, helped the clubs to spend tens of millions more on players than they otherwise would have been able to do.

And so I’m glad to be there, I will spend more time there, I know, but just emotionally, that’s not my vibe.

Assuming you spend this average and save everything else, it would take you 12 years to accumulate 240 million thoughts ($2.4 million worth).

How many people have $200,000 to spend on the merchandise of their enemies?

In other words, some companies spend a ton of money on ads without a message that will actually bring them new customers.

If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Stocks have risen on a combination of expected tax cuts, lighter regulations, and the great gobs of taxpayer money Trump is proposing to spend.

If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The Trumps will spend time in Corpus Christi and Austin during their trip to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

They’re going to take that money and spend it in Russia or China or someplace else,” he said.

It felt like a luxury to spend time on these existential meditations when there are so many immediate crises demanding attention every day.

They spend large chunks of time on sleep, grooming and personal care as well as “socializing, relaxing, and leisure,” according to government survey data.

I think what surprised me is how much time I spend on recruiting and growing our team.

“Having some money to spend is a factor, but it’s not always determinative,” Henson said.

On a relative basis, I don’t feel like I spend that much time doing it.

And here, “no amount of tax breaks would get private investors to spend money on infrastructure that doesn’t pay,” O’Toole says.

Others will spend time looking for the right distributor before they appear in arthouse theaters and eventually on streaming services.

In turn, we become more selective about how we spend those precious days—and with whom.

I used to spend about £80 a month on fuel.

Then there is the question of whether they have a new product that’s really exciting that I will spend more money on.

I will spend more money to maintain my Apple presence, but is there something exciting that I would spend a lot of money on?

It unites people in friendship, like us, who spend every day here sitting around a mate,” says Guadalupe, pointing at her friends.

JONATHAN RUBINSTEIN, FOUNDER, JOE COFFEE COMPANY: “spend some time ‘dating’ investors before you marry one of them.

We could spend 20 minutes on you growing up in Jersey as an immigrant, or about the wine business.

I spend lot of time working on the floor or just with the canvas leaning against the wall.

That takes money out of the pockets of families right when the economy needs them to have more money to spend.

I think one place that we don’t spend a lot of time talking about is actually brands.

Google would spend a billion and a half dollars on it.

Thanks to Facebook’s paternity leave policy, I was able to spend four months of fully paid leave solely focused on my family.

Whatever happens with the appeals, Chow is going to spend years behind bars, an environment he knows well by now.

An old adage about the fastest way to make a buck in the restaurant industry is frequently used at this juncture: spend a hundred.

The likeliest fight will be on a deceivingly simple question: How much should the US spend on its military?

And how much money should the government spend on providing benefits to troops in uniform and veterans out of it?

But we spend time after each project – even the relatively stress-free ones – assessing how we could do it better, smoother, more efficient.

People there spend months, sometimes years, locked up on Rikers Island awaiting trial.

If you spend your days coordinating projects with your colleagues at work — like we do at Tech Insider — Slack is a huge deal.

Starting under Newt Gingrich’s speakership in the 1990s, members have been encouraged to spend more time in their home districts.

The percentage is out of the total 5.5 hours a day on average people spend actively on their computers at work.

Notably, the total amount of time we spend communicating is roughly the same as it was six years ago.

That means the addition of workplace chat apps hasn’t actually lessened the amount of time we spend communicating.

But we can’t spend 45 minutes on ‘Previously on the Marvel Cinematic Universe….’” Markus concurs.

“The president, on his way to Kemerovo, decided to fly out earlier and spend Saturday and Sunday in Tuva, on the Yenisei River.

And when you spend 10 years building something, you can’t believe … You go through different stages.

If your parents are well off, they can pay for you to spend weekends with specialized tutors prepping for the test.

spend 10 minutes with Satya.

They spend more time on Snapchat than all other forms of media combined.

From recently launched swim collections to of-the-moment styles, these are the brands to spend on this summer.

Incredible geological forces move miles below our feet, yet few of us spend much time considering Earth’s tectonic plates and liquid mantle.

“I was shocked to learn how little time medical students spend on pain management,” Obama also said.

“We don’t spend enough time thinking about how to keep people well, healthy and balanced in the first place.

This year, the Trump administration will spend $10 million on advertising nationwide.

To put that number in context, California is planning to spend $111.5 million on health law advertising in its state alone.

People assume I’m recommending things in order to get them to spend more.

She should spend more time trying to get the F stock price up & less on her ego!

When Hield first started playing ball around seven years old, he would spend all day out there, the roots of his legendary work ethic.

Pre-fire I would spend a significant amount of time developing relationships or doing research, and then I would photograph.

Today, federal agencies spend just $2 million annually on gun violence prevention — compared with, say, $21 million for the study of headaches.

If you would like to just spend some time thinking about books and their craft, you are in the right place.

You can just craft a cheap, totally worthless plan, spend a ton to market it, and scoop up government money.

And they represent only a fraction of what other developed nations spend to boost their own manufacturing economy.

Salford council said it expects to spend up to 25 million pounds in total for the removal and recladding work on nine blocks.

Anyhow, I am uncertain if people will spend much time with these diagrams aside from perhaps consulting one or two items that stump them.

“So we have a commitment to spend 2 percent.

His proposed budget would do little to nothing to spend more on addiction treatment.

The charges he’s facing mean he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

We’re told Louis wants to take little Freddie to his L.A. home and spend time … with Danielle present.

Some people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on these treatments.

We’re told she only wants Louis to spend time with Freddie at her home.

Unsurprisingly, unlimited data plans are very popular, as consumers spend more time and complete more activities on their phones.

To spend so much time on such a trivial matter would be absurd in a city council race, much less a presidential election.

After throwing the drinks back, the participants were asked to spend 30 minutes completing tasks on a computer.

I spend more time than I would like to admit looking at real estate listings online.

Young people spend a lot of money on student loans and rent payments, which keeps them from having money for, well, anything else.

In total, eMarketer projects mobile ad spend in the U.S. to top $58 billion in 2017, a 25 percent increase over last year.

They also don’t spend much on marketing — a massive cost for pharma.

In fact, most companies spend way more on advertising alone than they do on researching and developing new products.

“We spend our money in a way that continues in the 21st century to us being the dominant team.

Afterward, they would spend hours in the village church, crafting butterfly-wing sculptures.

It feels sunkissed and sandy, but Tink is so lovestruck that she’d rather spend her time couped up in the hotel.

But, he’ll still have to spend 30 days in the slammer — starting on April 4.

〰 It sucks and it’s super disheartening to have to spend basically all of my money, just to defend what is legally mine.

The scheme allowed the church to spend the money elsewhere.

In fact, the Strand does not currently spend any money on advertising because it does such a good job with merch.

You need to spend more time convincing them to invest in the auto industry,” Sommer told Reuters.

I do spend maybe 25 percent of my time in the pixels of the product.

We spend a ton of time on modeling great behavior that I think we want other social networks to model as well.

Federal money is distributed as a lump sum to the states annually, and they then have two years to spend it.

“We spend all this energy, time, and resources to extract the materials but its designed in such a way that it can’t be repaired.

You spend a lot of time mapping the decline of norms and political customs in Rome.

He threatened that if they didn’t return to Mexico, they would “spend a very cold night outside.” “It doesn’t matter.

It’s like, oh, we can just 3D-print your perfect mate if you spend enough time on our site generating revenue for us.

“I will never spend another dime in your store,” one comment said.

And he would respond that we spend all our time together, we like each other, and we’re sleeping together.

Most news sites spend a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the traffic they receive from Google and Facebook.

“Let’s spend that money on infrastructure, health care, and tackling climate change,” Harris wrote.

Instead of wasting money on a concrete border wall, let’s spend that money on infrastructure, health care, and tackling climate change.

You can spend more time on Twitter, which shows posts in a more chronological order, leaving less room for manipulation.

“Lower-income renters are spending nearly half their income on rent, while upper-income groups spend about 15 percent on rent.

The DSCC didn’t spend any money on Menendez in 2012, the last year he ran.

“You can’t expect a developing country that didn’t cause the crisis and bears little responsibility for it to spend its own money,” she says.

Golden thinks Democrats will have to spend a lot on get-out-the vote efforts this year, something they haven’t had to do much of before.

“They have to spend a hell of a lot of money to get their people out to the polls,” he said.

If you’re stuck indoors, that’s a great way to spend an hour.”

Some Democrats hope Wallace will win so he can self-fund and they can spend their general election money elsewhere.

The next morning I told him I wanted to break up, and that I was going to spend the last week on my own.

Consider, for instance, Andrea’s stepfather, a guy who probably doesn’t spend a lot of time at morgues.

Richard is serious-minded and reticent to spend time around people who remind him of who he used to be before finding God.

This is a smart time to rethink how you want to spend your time, energy, and money.

Hopefully that will mean it will be less attractive for the US to spend $1 trillion in modernizing them.

In a year, the Air Force would need to spend more than $35 million—around $190 million in today’s dollars—to sustain the drone ops.

do they spend more time?” he tweeted.

The Alphabet startup believes that more digital technologies, like sensors and autonomous vehicles, will alter the way cities plan and spend money.

And for Jones, of course, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time in Washington or trying to court national progressive groups.

spend more time on the service, yes, but specifically, spend more time getting things they need from the service.

That’s the question about regulation, and who, if anyone, can regulate these companies, which we could spend a whole podcast series about.

And now I spend all of my time thinking about how to introduce the kind of friction that will serve us.

Presidents generally decided that it wasn’t worth it to spend US attorneys’ time prosecuting endless misdemeanor illegal entry cases.

Because they’ll be able to just … they won’t be in that kind of poverty.” spend more of their time trying to get pennies.

— and tweeted, “Made losing this game not matter ‘as much’ after getting a chance to spend time with my guy LO.

The issue is that they aren’t making enough money, and they don’t have enough to spend.

Ariana Rockefeller Businesswoman, athlete, designer The best financial advice I got from my dad was to keep track of every dollar I spend.

And they’re like, “Well, if they’re just going to spend it on drugs, am I really helping them?” Right?

So, you know, SNAP, you get a card and can spend it at a certain number of stores on a certain number of things.

Furthermore, ICE, which runs the Artesia detention center, is severely restricting the amount of time lawyers can even spend with clients.

”They spend $40 million, $50 million.

One argument is that people spend a lot on health care because it’s all heavily subsidized.

Tillerson left D.C. to spend time at his home in Texas, a State Department spokesperson told VICE News.

Tillerson left D.C. to spend time at his home in Texas, a State Department spokesperson told VICE News.

Cantv’s own offices there often spend days without internet, they said.

“It distracts from other areas that we might spend that time and money but it won’t disrupt our organization’s focus.

Many U.S. presidents have urged European governments to spend more on their militaries.

We’re not going to spend very much time on the “why?,” because we’re all generally in agreement on that.

Which is a pretty nice way to spend two days in February.

Everybody wants to spend.

There’s a lot of talk about people who are fake gangsters, but spend most of their time on YouTube.

The less time I spend looking at my phone, the more I usually get out of my training session.

“Italian women (and men) these days are far too busy to spend time in the kitchen.

But they spend a ton of money on it, right?

They have a tremendous amount of cash they can spend that they hired these guys from Sony, who apparently know what they’re doing.

Airlines then spend Tuesday coming up with deals that match the sales announced by their competitors.

By looking at variation across states, Carnes finds that states with more working-class legislators spend more on social programs.

The most fascinating people are always the ones who don’t spend their lives telling people about themselves.

In fantasy football, when you spend a valuable pick on a stud RB, you fret about injury.

Surprisingly, though, Facebook’s mobile app, where the bulk of Facebook’s users spend the bulk of their time, doesn’t offer on-Facebook games.

Do you really want to spend a fourth-round pick on Hill and a seventh-rounder on Bernard?

The point of handcuffing was always supposed to be: spend your first-rounder on Player X and your 11th-rounder on his ‘cuff.

Children today spend a lot of time online.

In 2016, the research firm Childwise found that children spend more time online than watching TV.

But if you want to spend more on wireless headphones from Apple, you can do that, too.

That’s why we’ll spend the week of its anniversary publishing stories that explore how the phone has changed our culture.

They cap how much a given enrollee is expected to spend on his or her monthly premiums.

And those higher premiums would mean the federal government has to spend $194 billion more in subsidies to help pay those higher premiums.

He has called for the alliance’s member nations to spend more on defense.

Legere claims that T-Mobile’s pending mega-merger had no bearing on his company’s decision to spend money at the Trump International.

Utilities would have to spend a combined $3 billion on wildfire safety measures to qualify for aid from the fund.

I knew we would be drinking, and he lived more than an hour away, so I suggested he spend the night.

As such, you may spend a lot of time this month in your shell.

Johnson would spend years paying off this debt, including as the sole licensed snack vendor on campus.

Players spend their turns establishing and developing cities, exploring the land and researching technology that unlocks new advantages.

Days later it said it would spend nearly $700 million on stock buybacks that would benefit shareholders.

“Our goal was to remove the more modern materials, and we would spend days peeling back layers of wallpaper.

We spend all our time trying to get a robot to open a door and everyone goes, “Wow, it opened the door.” Why bother?

Austin-based Parsley Energy just announced its decision to spend another $2.8 billion on Permian acquisitions.

If convicted on all counts, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Carafano expects that Trump’s proclivity to spend more on defense can help with this problem.

Given what they’re up against, they’ll probably spend a significant amount of time trailing in this series, and maybe by a lot.

President Donald Trump is attending a fund raiser in New York City Thursday and will spend the night at Trump Tower.

Most Division I schools spend between $500,000 and $1,000,0000 annually on recruiting.

There’s a reason that corporations spend 13 times more on reported lobbying than they do on campaign contributions.

So I could pay Apple $79 to replace the battery, or perhaps spend 20 bucks more for an iPhone 5C.

As someone always looking for a new way to jump between things, I didn’t expect to spend several hours with Clustertruck yesterday.

As we parted, I asked him whether how he would spend the evening.

“If members of Congress want to spend their time psychoanalyzing my tweets, it’s certainly their prerogative.

Still, given that most people already think Congress has too many staffers, Congress might as well actually spend the money on adequate staffing.

They also have to take more medicine and spend more money than they otherwise would.

But at this spend rate and with these low margins, it seems unlikely the company will be able to sustain its operations.

Collins thinks will make NY Rs untouchable next year because counties will be able to spend that money or cut taxes.

At the very least, Trump has said, they should spend more on their own defense if they want to expect American protection.

She said people are so inundated with photos, we don’t typically spend a long time studying a single image.

He wants to spend millions and produce videos that compare in quality to what you might see in the movie theatre.

“As a chef, you spend your whole life trying to be unique.

He played one last season in Ottawa in 1993-94, then went on to spend several more years in the IHL before retiring.

I spend my days speaking with elected officials, medical institutions, and community groups about end-of-life options.

I spend long days at state capitols, often debunking false narratives that the opposition has drummed up around this topic.

Compared to other distilleries who spend five to six years to complete their distillery, we only took just nine months to complete the construction.”

They don’t want to spend their whole lives being licked up and down by journalists.

Sleep is hard, especially in a world where people spend their time busy and stressed.

This was measured through a “duty cycle,” or the percentage of the time that a dolphin will spend vocalizing per minute.

We all spend time, we all do diligence, we all call customers, and we come to a shared point of view.

CN: You spend that much time thinking about who in the room to shoot?

That’s not the worst way to spend it.

And so, we spend time looking at options that will present the selected works in the best possible light.

That’s something that we definitely spend a lot of time with our portfolio companies doing.

CN: I love that idea, but I have to say, in practice, I spend so much of my time with my conference calls dropping.

We spend a bunch of time with various genome-sequencing companies because the price of genome sequencing has obviously collapsed over the last five years.

2020 Democrats, in particular, would much rather spend their time talking about policy than the impeachment of the former “Apprentice” star.

When you make pop records, you’ve got to dress up a little and spend time on your artwork.

You need to take time to relax and spend some quality time with yourself.

“So we don’t spend our time thinking about votes in the Senate.

We spend our time thinking about how we can get consensus here in the House Republican conference and getting bills through the House.”

Tekashi69 could potentially spend at least the next week locked up in NYC before he’s shipped off to face a judge in Houston.

One: spend 10 minutes doing this “Hello, World” Python for non-programmers tutorial.

Two: spend another five minutes doing this tutorial on using Python modules.

Maybe we need to go spend six months with a relative who is recovering from postpartum depression or a drug overdose.

Carol Daoud, elementary teacher in Indiana “You have those kids that you like and you spend time with them.

There are even works that imagine what it would be like to spend a day with Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, and their friends.

You spend so much time convincing other people of the rightness of your cause that you inevitably end up convincing yourself most of all.

That means Flynn will spend more time with President-elect Trump than any other member of the administration’s national security team.

Have $6,000 to spend?

Because you spend a lot of time …

That’s money the company could be tempted to spend on acquisitions, especially in the cloud space.

What’s more likely is that it would spend that money on acquisitions, especially cloud companies.

This type of frictionless experience will enable people to spend less time looking and more time doing.

I think companies don’t spend enough time thinking through these things.

Offset announced on his birthday he wanted Cardi back, and to spend Christmas together as a family.

I’m beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with you @sterl_shep3 you are my soulmate, my best friend, my everything!

This year, Netflix will spend $6 billion and even more in 2018.

One: spend 10 minutes doing this “Hello, World” Python for non-programmers tutorial.

Two: spend another five minutes doing this tutorial on using Python modules.

“When a fighter needs to pay their own way to compete, it means they spend less time focusing on their training.

“Anyways, I spend a lot of time watching you.

You know, we’re going to go up against some powerful forces that will do, say, and spend whatever it takes to stop us.

But as they spend more time with the Edwardses, Jende and Neni begin to argue more and more.

Many of them acknowledge this as some of the only time they spend out of the house socializing.

They tend to spend disposable income sprucing up their city apartments, splurging on plants, and doing small DIY renovations.

Then I spend some time meditating on the abstract piece, and let that dictate the direction the work is going to go,” Hueman explains.

He recently announced he would be stepping down from his position so he could spend more time with his family.

“You could spend all day grinding, or try to get to a certain point in the game as fast as possible.”

So don’t just spend it watching Countdown – at least, that is, on the days you’re not hungover.

We would think of something cool and spend a month making that a reality.”

“Most people on our planet spend half of their waking hours building something that is important to them,” Hindricks said.

The hope is that by doing so, Facebook will improve the quality of the time those users do spend.

Virtually all of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, and the more time people spend on the site, the more ads they will see.

Like entomologists who spend a lot of time in the tropics eventually get one.

To facilitate transactions, Facebook also created Calibra, a subsidiary that will offer digital wallets to save, send and spend Libras.

If you spend time on Twitter or Facebook, this voiceless howl becomes all the more inescapable.

That should quiet some critics who say it is impossible to spend that much money that quickly.

It will look great,'” explained Suzi about the wealthy women who would spend their days shopping in the store.

“People have more money to spend there and are catching up with the rest of China,” he said.

These water-lovers spend most hours of their day submerged and they leave the water at dusk to feast on grass, according to National Geographic.

But just in case you weren’t willing to spend that much on a smartphone, Samsung also released the fantastic $750 Galaxy S10e.

We proceeded to spend the rest of the day in ride lines coming up with all the dads we wanted to date.”

If a candidate’s experience is enough to grab his interest, he’ll spend some time researching their background.

We also know they don’t spend as much time on television.

An opportunity to spend that very special day with my loved ones.

I just wish I could spend the day with my family, mostly my parents, who are getting much older.

Trump’s team, meanwhile, spent months plugging away on the “spend $200 billion but get $1 trillion” plan.

You can’t spend $100,000, or whatever it would be in the equivalent money, now, on one single.

Dig in for the long haul, spend some time with the enemy.

Whether you use AirPods or any other kind of audio-listening device, it’s probably best to spend more time worrying about moderating volume.

spend time at home and with family as the moon enters Pisces later this afternoon.

But whether those two defections are likely — particularly given how much money banking lobbyists spend on Capitol Hill — is anyone’s guess.

But we got brands all over the place so I spend a lot of time on planes and on the West Coast.

“If you spend enough time digging into people, almost all of them are complex,” McKinnon tells me.

spend time in meditation and listen quietly to what your inner voice has to say.

The phone is my life, I’m going to spend money on it.

Here’s an interesting way to spend a Tuesday morning: reading the Amazon Prime member horoscopes for your friends and loved ones!

spend time alone, meditate, or get lost in a good book.

The future is uncertain, and anxiety is lucrative — people will always spend money to get away from it.

“I spend my time doing what a congressman and senator has to do.

With soda and chips we could spend hours creating monsters.

The witness testified that her sister was showered in expensive gear and free lessons, and began to spend more time with Cafritz and Raniere.

Know Your Price Chan’s Advice: “Know how much you’re willing to spend before you engage in a conversation.

Once you spend it, it’s very hard to earn it back.

Would you spend some time with Scott Guthrie?

Narcissists spend more time on Instagram

Finally, that 2016 study published in Personality and Individual Differences found narcissists generally spend more time on Instagram.

If convicted, he could spend life in prison.

That’s going to force employers to spend more money on lawyers to figure out who is eligible for overtime.

If convicted, he could spend life in prison.

By branding sleep as a luxury and wellness commodity, Casper has proven that customers are willing to spend on sleep.

Over the summer, it debuted its experiential retail concept, the Dreamery, where customers spend $25 to take a Casper-branded nap for 45 minutes.

“I don’t care if I have to spend $50,000 in legal fees to get back my $1,000 worth of stuff,” Rossmann said.

We can spend a lot of time talking about the Midwest, but no one wants to hear that much.

This is where models and Madonna often flock, where mobsters ran megaclubs, and where most visitors spend most of their time.

White House counsel lawyers typically spend much of their time responding to investigations, Painter said.

spend some time alone, Libra—listen to music, dance, and draw.

People who don’t need another suit or another handbag but still have fantasies and money to spend.

In Britain, political parties are barred entirely from airing television ads, and can only spend $29.5 million in total for any election cycle.

In Canada, spending limits curtail parliament elections to the point where an average candidate will spend between $12,000 and $90,000 on a race.

You spend three days there and then move on.

The extra money goes directly to the workers who made the garments, and they form a committee that decides how to spend it.

According to a 2015 study, 66 percent of consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand.

Kenny basically had to spend his time defending himself against a racist instead of with Rachel, and that’s what gets him eliminated.

With money to spend, they have threatened to sabotage a planned ballot measure to raise the cigarette tax.

With money to spend, they have threatened to sabotage a planned ballot measure to raise the cigarette tax.

“I would always spend Christmas with my family,” he said.

Altogether, consumers now spend $1 billion every year on brain games.

And if you took note of that, you might spend most of the episode wondering why that is.

(We don’t know how long Westworld has been operational, but it’s been long enough for various Hosts to spend years in assorted personae.)

The value of the internet was such that companies were actually willing to spend massive amounts of capital on those last-mile fiber-optic connections.

It’s often lamented that members of Congress no longer spend time socializing with each other — both between parties and often even within parties.

Members spend their time working, voting, raising money and traveling to and from their district.

The government plans to spend 40 billion rubles ($475.20 million) on fighting HIV/AIDs in 2016.

But Ross explores how code will transform commerce and how people around the world will receive, spend and transfer money.

“To not have someone privileged talk about how they spend would be to ignore that privilege exists,” Svokos wrote.

There could be an upper limit for the amount of time a human body can spend in space.

There may be an upper limit for the amount of time we spend there.

In the US, taxpayers spend $140 billion every year supporting research they can’t easily access.

As such, lines admonishing, “Don’t spend all your time chasing your mother’s shadow” are interspersed with pithy songs delivered deadpan.

All these documents are available on one, state-run website, which means you don’t have to spend time poking around each hospital’s website.

I think you spend your entire life on display, whether you want to be or not.

For example, doctors are forced to spend much of their time interacting with patients taking notes.

The analysis concludes that with these different projections, the US will raise $2.9 trillion less in revenue and spend $216.6 billion more.

Suppose I spend $100 on a card and give it to a friend.

It would be way worse, in some sense, to spend $100 on a sweater that my friend values at only $75.

But if you rather spend your work week blasting space debris away from valuable satellites, the US Space Corps might be more your thing.

I spend more time making mods for it now than playing it.

I found these vacations pleasant, and it was no big deal to spend the days by myself, visiting museums, eating at pubs, wandering around.

No one actually wants to spend money hiring someone to go to City Hall and ask the mayor what happened.

It would then be up to the states to figure out how to best spend those funds.

How much are parents willing to spend for their infants to sleep soundly?

Try to spend time around exciting people or read up on exciting things— but expect miscommunications or delays, as Mercury retrogrades into Aries today.

This not only enables me to create truthful and accurate paintings, it also is a great excuse to spend more time in nature.

“They spend a lot of time these Republicans, spending a lot of energy trying to separate themselves from Donald Trump.

It would be interesting, wouldn’t it, for a film about a woman artist to spend a substantial amount of time on her creative output.

Those people will spend a week watching both teams in several practice sessions, evaluating their NBA-grade gifts and flagging potential demerits.

I mean, it was built mostly by behavioral psychologists who tried to figure out how to get people to spend the most money possible.

Facebook makes money by convincing people to spend as much time within its app viewing advertisements as possible.

Smaller tax cuts would, in turn, free up more money for McConnell to spend on Medicaid and insurance subsidies for poor and middle-class Americans.

Do you spend a lot of time on photographs?

We spend our lives hating our bodies, having conflicts with ourselves.

We spend more time with each other than most of our families.

While they’re there, Maciek develops an acute crush on the hotel barmaid, Krystyna, and eventually convinces her to spend time with him.

People would go and say, “I just want to spend money, why can’t I spend money?” It was a pretty powerful argument.

I’m lucky to have the means to spend tens of thousands over the years out of my own pocket.

“I would spend it either on those 24 karat gold chicken wings or aged beers that cost around 45-50 bucks a bottle.

“I would spend it on a massage.

“I’d spend that money on a sushi pillow.

“I would transfer the $100 into 10,000 pennies so I don’t spend it.” —Alex Norcia, copy editor at Vice NSFW 59.

“I’d spend it on a hot male escort.” —Greg Brainer, owner of Down State Desings in Mildford, Michigan 62.

“I would spend it on a therapy session because stepping into the real world from college was jarring.

“If 100 million users grows to 200 million, and the spend grows to $5, that’s a billion-dollar opportunity.

I think Activision is happy to spend $46 million to capture some of that.” This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

We’d spend a lot of time working on things.

AAS: How many hours a week — not including the time you spend teaching classes — are you listening to music?

AAS: How many hours a week — not including the time you spend teaching classes — are you listening to music?

AAS: How many hours a week — not including the time you spend teaching classes — are you listening to music?

Let’s say the only money that any person or corporation could spend on any political activity whatsoever is $250.

In fact, businesses and consumers may have a lower marginal propensity to spend in uncertain economic times.

We’d spend all of our time on that, nothing else.

“Usually, women spend this time telling us about their sex lives, or the problems they’re having with their vaginas,” Ketut says.

The Department of Energy agreed to spend $450 million in 2009 to fund a clean coal development from a Texas energy company.

The Department of Energy agreed to spend $450 million in 2009 to fund a clean coal development from a Texas energy company.

As of now, Rittidet plans to spend another year or two at Sitmonchai, working and saving up.

Spencer had to spend $10,000 just to make it habitable.

Spencer had to spend $10,000 just to make it habitable.

If you can use it, great, but we’re not going to spend time …

They spend a lot of time with you.

According to one story, he volunteered for guard duty on Christmas Day so a young Marine could go spend time with his family.

He compares himself to young writers who make it in their 20s and spend the rest of their lives at cocktail parties.

It’s very intense—you literally spend 40 hours out of 48 with people that you have an artistic connection with.

We spend a little time with Dany, the Greyjoys, and Tyrion, but we don’t visit King’s Landing, which is unusual.

Those who couldn’t take the whole day off to protest were encouraged to spend their lunch breaks at a rally.

And I desperately want to spend time with my own grandchildren one day.

You spend the whole game watching them smash into each other, or explode into chaos in reaction to your own misadventures.

“I think I spend more time now looking at how—instead of just reacting as a player would.

They don’t want to spend their lives taking from more than giving to society.

Governments could spend much, much more on prevention and treatment programs alongside legalization to deal with a potential wave of new drug users.

We’re going to continue to push things like that that give people an opportunity to spend some time in Juárez.

This is Photobomb, a series about the photojournalists who spend their days in crazy, dangerous or just plain weird situations to document the world.

Douce says on the average day in January, about 425,000 people visit the nation’s parks and spend $20 million in nearby communities.

They tend to spend less money on expanding coverage, and cover millions fewer than the Affordable Care Act currently does.

Crowley told police she and Manziel met up at a hotel on January 29 and planned to spend the night together.

Do you see a path for the United States to spend the same amount of money on health care that Canada does?

Forecasters now expect Medicare to spend $12,527 per person in 2019 — significantly less than their estimate of $13,990 in 2010.

Less spending on health care means more money for the government to spend on other things like education or infrastructure.

I could spend an hour just here.”

“She debated again whether to spend a penny on a prize bag,” writes Smith.

So you’re going to spend the next few years pushing for Bernie Sanders and/or a proxy for Bernie Sanders.

These programs thus incorporate citizens into policymaking and give them authority on how local governments spend their budgets.

A senior Republican aide said McConnell is “loathe” to spend time trying to move bills that lack the needed Senate votes.

The people who are fired, of course, will have less money to spend.

So we could spend the entire half hour, 40 minutes, 45 minutes talking about Trump.

And you can definitely spend most of the summer in shorts and short sleeves.

Trump wants to spend $1 trillion on improving American infrastructure, and the Saudi money would certainly help achieve that goal.

We hope spend in a sentence examples were helpful.