Spectacle in a sentence | Use of the word spectacle examples

It was very polarizing for critics and was generally viewed as a visual spectacle that was aimless and lacked drive.

The Wachowskis’ “Speed Racer” was an action-packed spectacle based on the 1960s animated show of the same name.

But it is a movie that more than justifies its own existence on scale and spectacle alone.

The battle had its wonky logistical issues, for sure, but it made up for them in sheer epic spectacle.

And as in every battle, moments of individual heroism, sacrifice, and tragedy leavened the spectacle with ground-level emotion.

The hearing was a remarkable spectacle, devolving several times into dueling partisan choruses of shouts.

Poptimism has nothing against rock — it just also genuinely loves the pleasures and spectacle of pop.

Do they exploit vulnerable subjects and make a spectacle out of pain?

For Black people, we’re fighting a society that regularly kills us and then redistributes our harm, death, and hardship as a visual spectacle.

Mueller “doesn’t want to participate in anything that he might regard as a political spectacle,” Nadler told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow earlier this month.

For the Brooklyn Museum stop of the traveling show, the spectacle is joined by two concurrent exhibitions.

A special series at Williamsburg’s spectacle theater screens films by Barbara Hammer, Joan Braderman, and Kayuclia Brooke and Jane Cottis.

That period yielded the odd spectacle of Trukfit and the single that was “My Homies Still” with Big Sean.

These are fantasy scenarios, conjured up for spectacle.

It’s trickier, however, to make that dazzling sight last beyond the walls of the gallery, to provoke something deeper than spectacle.

“Campaign spectacle helped the wavering outline of a child’s nature form into a personal, political identity,” Grinspan writes.

You can’t just enjoy the spectacle.

The spectacle of Shimabuku’s work depends upon what is in view as much as what is hidden.

In a sense, it is the circulation of the images that won; not the Viet Cong, not humanity, but spectacle itself.

Sure, and the spectacle.

So do you see that as a more of a trend, or is spectacle also there?

We trekked to the Whitney because there’s some kind of delight in a Bieber-filled experience: we went for spectacle.

Nevertheless, the spectacle that Villa Design Group ended up producing feels just as ambitious.

This is probably a consequence of Game of Thrones’ hard turn toward moment-based spectacle in its latter half.

Create spectacle, using social media to get news media coverage.

Frame the spectacle through phrases that drive new audiences to find your frames through search engines.

“Otherwise, it runs the risk of being more spectacle than substance.

Disparate elements of all these genres — stylish action, grand spectacle, human drama — merge in his latest film, Shadow.

Is there anything more American than thinking you’ve solved a problem by creating a gigantic spectacle that accomplishes less than you’d think?

In the beginning of the 1890s, there’s a thing called “spectacle lynchings” that begin in Paris, Texas and then spread across the country.

Train companies sold excursion fares for thousands of people to attend these spectacle lynchings.

Instead of just taking our word for it, though, check out some documentation of the spectacle Major Lazer and Fusion have shared below.

That’s worth making a spectacle for.” When New York sold out, we thought that was kind of crazy.

However, if such a contest does happen, the sporting spectacle itself will have little chance of matching the hype likely to precede it.

Below are photos of the spectacle.

It was a cringe-worthy spectacle, even by this White House’s standards, and the cameras were rolling to record the action.

It was a cringe-worthy spectacle, even by this White House’s standards, and the cameras were rolling to record the action.

In “The Let Go” at the Park Avenue Armory, the artist explores jubilation washed with spectacle and an undertow of anguish.

Nick Cave evokes all this with his performance “The Let Go”— jubilation washed with spectacle and an undertow of anguish.

One artist who I run into after the performance says that it rides the line between authenticity and spectacle.

A jubilant Little described the final stages of the pro-choice campaign as a remarkable, and at times moving, spectacle.

“As soon as a catastrophic event occurs, the media transforms the event into a spectacle through endless analysis and speculation,” Topal writes.

I’m in awe of this spectacle.

The spectacle in D.C. was both incredible and incredibly depressing, and not too far away Bill Cosby is calling an 8 by 10 home.

Game of Thrones, in general, privileges spectacle and surprise over everything else.

Game of Thrones has simply gotten so big that its spectacle overwhelms everything else.

At some point, Game of Thrones became all about the spectacle, with less and less room for the little moments.

There’s enormous worms, so you’ve still got the spectacle and stuff like that.

Expect the first debate to be an unwieldy, crowded, spectacle.

At least part of her work seems to traffic in Black spectacle, like the painting of the fight in the elevator.

The thing that most separates film as a medium from TV as a medium isn’t size or spectacle or even typical viewing situation.

And imagine a thirst of the viewing public for having a spectacle.

(I define “spectacle” as a sight unusually rewarding to the eye.)

For now we cannot explain Trump away to them as an isolated spectacle unreflective of this country’s values.

The spectacle of having everybody under one roof is unique and offers a rare glimpse into front offices at work in real time.

The Society of the spectacle’s critical longevity can be partly attributed to Debord’s refusal to describe the spectacle’s form.

By focusing instead on the spectacle’s ever-shifting qualities, Debord encourages the reader to scrutinize the world around them.

The Lake of Illusions is a new multimedia tower that, by night, turns into a full-blown audiovisual performance spectacle.

– Thesis 63 The spectacle is absolutely dogmatic and at the same time cannot really achieve any solid dogma.

– Thesis 71 Debord’s aggressive use of repetition parallels the spectacle’s omnipresence and reinforces his critique.

In subverting and referencing the work of other authors, Debord uses The Society of the spectacle as a means of demonstrating its practical use.

Can a détourned work be subsumed by the spectacle, and if so, how does one prevent such an action?

Although the ‘spectacle’ has become a clichéd term for the modern condition, there is no denying the richness of Debord’s original text.

The spectacle, in its entirety, is his “mirror image.” – Thesis 218

— is answered neither by testimony or spectacle.

For a huge surprise he brought out Kanye West, creating a huge and memorable spectacle for the first weekend of the festival.

In its final season, Game of Thrones has gone all in on carrying most of its emotion in its spectacle.

It’s a carnival spectacle.

But the press conference—during which Trump answered no questions—was a bizarre spectacle.

It was a rare but not unprecedented spectacle.

But across the city, many works by the 55 participating international artists also deal with the possibilities, limitations, and consequences of spectacle and spectatorship.

And while you’re reveling in the spectacle of it all, you can be getting sloshed on Pineapple Royales.

A former dancer with a yearning for the theatre, his style combines operatic spectacle with the sumptuous delights of fabric.

It is a silly, silly spectacle.

But the media coverage of the war, because it had become a cable news program, was all about the spectacle of now.

The suffering is part of the spectacle, but the sufferers are just characters in the show.

With the media, truth is always secondary to the spectacle.

It wants spectacle.

“The spectacle is interesting because it’s not a corporate spectacle—it’s very homemade,” he tells me.

She is a slow-motion spectacle.

It felt like the ultimate religious spectacle.

How does the spectacle of religion there compare to that at Mecca?

Humorous moments needed to be respectful and never at the expense of turning Turing into a spectacle.

There are some works, which by sheer force of spectacle, manage to briefly seize your languishing interest.

There is simply too little to see here: too few artifacts to make up a spectacle, not enough historical context, not enough fire.

We’ve just entered Dark Before Dawn, a one-night-only funhouse of art and spectacle, filling an entire empty apartment building in Ridgewood, Queens.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings have been jam-packed with political spectacle, including senators jousting and protestors wailing in the chamber.

It’s a disarming visual spectacle that reinforces the sense of play implicit in all of Araeen’s art.

But for now, the race to bend the Thai cave rescue saga into a captivating big-screen spectacle is on.

Cable news has made a business and a spectacle out of our cognitive biases.

While it is easy to focus on the surface-level absurdity of the phenomenon, the economic realities underneath the spectacle remain enormously complicated.

The shows will sweep into a pretty empty development, turning it into an absolute spectacle for the afternoon when speculators come in.

Finance capitalism is boiled down to its raw essence—pure and unadulterated spectacle.

The combination of death-defying wire acts and gorgeous lighting design by Etienne Boucher made for an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Was this approach intended to counter or heighten the existing spectacle of lights and crowds at Times Square?

“Representation of Arlo” may be read as predatory or a spectacle, but he is working with the same tools afforded other artists, including Schutz.

But for one night only it is worth enjoying the spectacle.

Linguistic games become high camp spectacle: Gary spits out bizarre insults, invents fictitious boyfriends with “chest hairs like weather systems,” and adopts strange personas.

He is uninterested in virtuosity and dance as a mystifying spectacle, presented at a remove from the audience.

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” typifies the wacky spectacle.

This is the only reference to mummy display as spectacle in the exhibition.

Like most Trump rallies, it was a disturbing and unusual spectacle.

The spectacle was, for many observers, reminiscent of another recent July uprising in a key American ally: the 2013 military takeover in Egypt.

More than that, the spectacle has the potential to be as historic as the 1991 Anita Hill hearings, or the 1987 Oliver North hearings.

In terms of mythology and spectacle, each Resident Evil game has become more ridiculous than the last.

Yeah, Nilay’s good at spectacle, I think he would agree with that term.

It plays out on television and social media like an exhausting spectacle, always turned to 11.

But nothing is more striking than the spectacle of performers and audience members cheering on their sisters to ballroom stardom.

As you can see, it’s a party atmosphere and everyone is just enjoying the spectacle,” said Rosalind Von Wendt from Los Angeles.

Even by Donald Trump standards, the president’s press conference on Tuesday was a surreal spectacle.

Then, in a spectacle hatched by Lee’s senior corps commander A.P.

But if the cauldron lighting is any indication, Brazil will make these games work via ingenuity, not sheer spectacle.

The spectacle of Octavian transforming himself into a woman and then back into a man reflects the construction and deconstruction of gender in society.

North Korea suffered an embarrassing spectacle over the weekend.

This is all part of the spectacle, but not anyone’s favorite part.

But the VFX aren’t meant to simply stun viewers with artistry and spectacle.

The exhibition is pieced together from the organizers’ unfettered acceptance of corporate culture, branding, product placement, and spectacle.

The show is an increasingly meaningless spectacle.

And even more significantly, the company was subtle about it, treating Runk as any regular model, without making a spectacle about it.

The sequence alone is likely to cause spectacle tears — when your eyes water at the scale, size, and emotion of the entire thing.

(NASA) When Mercury crosses the face of the sun, it will be more than just a gawk-worthy spectacle.

Graffiti castigating the spectacle as “Crapumenta 14” soon appeared.

Now, even in its most gruesome state, pain can be treated as a hyper-clickable spectacle.

By the time it finally arrives, you’ve moved inside to play board games or something, and you miss the spectacle entirely.

Yes, it’d be a spectacle.

“The spectacle of an indicted president still trying to serve as Chief Executive boggles the imagination,” the memo stated.

PK: Kara loves a spectacle.

By “spectacular,” I mostly mean that Westworld hasn’t lost its taste for splashy spectacle rather than it being particularly well done.

pic.twitter.com/aFJnXvvcLx The spectacle served as example of how not to interview Trump — assuming the interviewer is trying to make news, not spread propaganda.

Today, the word “Benghazi” is as or more likely to conjure up that unseemly political spectacle as the actual tragedy.

Still, it felt like a missed opportunity for spectacle.

He was not a clever sidekick or an odd spectacle for the straight gaze.

A woman walking her dog heard the jazz band approaching and turned; both she and her dog stopping to take in the spectacle.

But as the rest of the media tries to make sense of the spectacle, these conspiracy theories end up completely dominating news cycles.

In fact, Israel’s Eurovision win means it’ll host the contest in 2019 — a spectacle that BDS activists are already angry about.

At stake are vast sums of money and the spectacle is undeniably captivating.

A truly radical spectacle if there ever was one.

It seems Rousey is coming back to mixed martial arts for the sport and giving the finger to the spectacle.

I just think this is the great spectacle of American life, in many ways.

For this show, he is building an immersive environment that will question the spectacle of media and propaganda.

It’s a haunting absence, one that resists the spectacle that has historically conferred lynching with such power.

West has long been known for his tendency to make a public spectacle, whether through on the fly comments or behavior.

Inspired by statistical reports on public acts of trauma and torture, its title alone is a reference to the spectacle of black pain.

The first set of days have passed — the spectacle occurred on May 29 and 30.

This spectacle would conceptually—in time and in space—contain the entire universe.

Today’s games are driven by visual spectacle set against the backdrop of heavily developed fictional worlds.

Museums have always aimed to engage their visitors with the spectacle of their displays, be they works of art, fossils, or historical artifacts.

It is commensurately less about the Goya, and more about the spectacle of recreating the Goya.

Some blamed the scale of the spectacle, as the original video had been filmed in the comfort of a deserted gym.

Game of Thrones continued to chase the same themes around politics, espionage, and spectacle until the final credits rolled.

And as a visual spectacle, Lepage’s memory palace is of the highest order.

Given what a huge event this is, at least some Americans will probably want to watch the spectacle.

His work has an immersive you-are-there vérité aesthetic that can transform into a grotesque spectacle in the following scene.

https://t.co/k7HkrhOUAT pic.twitter.com/nPlocfLOeI You mentioned [during an earlier answer] that you think the left gets distracted by spectacle.

The spectacle of black suffering has long been turned into entertainment for white people, as the minstrel tradition demonstrates.

spectacle (124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn) hosts Missing Links, a companion series programmed by Macfarlane, until June 30.

I approached Walker’s new show of figures sketched and collaged onto paper and linen with somber eyes and a growing impatience for spectacle.

“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” reminded me that what got viewers hooked on Game of Thrones wasn’t the spectacle or the battles.

What is the importance of producing a spectacle?

Quantum Break developer Remedy became known for this kind of spectacle back in 2001 with its first big hit Max Payne.

It’s just an embarrassing spectacle at this point.

Even basic tasks become spectacle in these programs.

We’re now hostage to spectacle and theater in a way we never were before.

As a spectacle it never starts: the wrestler isn’t allowed to wrestle and the boxer has nobody to box.

But if Rosenstein did send the report to the GOP-led Congress, it could turn into quite the political spectacle.

I remember reading that quote when I first picked up The spectacle of Skill, and promptly closing the book.

The spectacle of Skill (2015) is published by Vintage Books and is available from Amazon and other online booksellers.

But if she is right, Trump could face the embarrassing spectacle of a vote from the full convention on whether delegates should be unbound.

And the novelty of an Instagrammable outdoor spectacle is something brands crave now more than ever.

On its Facebook event page, the play describes itself as “an immersive, participatory, psychoactive and dissociative spectacle.”

If the show’s relatively low on spectacle, it’s unbelievably high on potential.

You can imagine health and safety might get in the way but if they pull it off, it’s bound to be a spectacle.

New Yorkers are concerned, legitimately, about escalating voyeurism and spectacle, particularly since bodies are still being unearthed from the site.

Many people were hoping that Trump would break the mold and produce a new kind of convention spectacle.

But about halfway through the spectacle of impressive world-building and character designs, the story’s weaknesses begin overtaking the impressive cast and well-designed action.

Morel’s career, meanwhile, has focused more on dance (butoh, flamenco, experimental) and what she calls “the spectacle of art.”

So, all this is great spectacle.

As parents photographed their offspring posing with machine guns and American troops, a smartly dressed man observed the spectacle skeptically.

With this new adaptation, Harebrained Schemes have made a game that captures both the lurid imaginary spectacle of mech combat, and its tactical suspense.

And, much like Trump himself, the spectacle started loud and ended louder.

Bourouissa portrays the riders’ performances as bathed in glory; the costumes, music, and horsemen’s prowess meld into a moving spectacle.

The sequence alone is likely to cause spectacle tears — when your eyes water at the scale, size, and emotion of the entire thing.

The absurdity of the spectacle isn’t lost on the one-time London School of Economics dropout.

Her Vegas show, therefore, will undoubtedly be an outrageous and enormous spectacle: if there are no holograms, I’ll feel short changed.

It’s sure to be a political spectacle.

Liberal and conservative outlets were united in their use of the word “spectacle” to describe the day of hearings.

Not only did Trump create a spectacle, he set a new standard for what should matter in a presidential campaign.

The man will no doubt turn the event into a Harlem Globe Trotters-esque spectacle and so far it’s nothing but net.

I’m not trying to say we’re not weed smokers, but we came here today to just enjoy the spectacle.

It was such an enjoyable end to a fun, fascinating spectacle.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The 70th annual Met Gala once again exceeded expectations for over-the-top fashion, spectacle, and pageantry.

This memorial, intentionally or not, reproduces the opportunity for white onlookers to engage in the spectacle of lynching.

Reducing those existences to just prurient transformation spectacle is neither progressive nor inventive storytelling.

The spectacle is enhanced when cisgender men play trans women, as seeing said actor “en femme” becomes part of the draw.

I had flown across the country to spend the weekend with Caitlyn, hoping to get to know the person behind the spectacle of celebrity.

We’re automatic witnesses to the spectacle of wild nature, which comes along and re-appropriates things as it desired.

I love that idea of absurdity and spectacle coming together.

Edwards has widely been criticized as loving spectacle for its own sake, rather than loving human beings.

For many people, the spectacle that usually accompanies the Grammys’ live performances is the real reason to tune in for the ceremony.

Since 1989, a group of artisans in Tultepec, Mexico have created a festival dedicated to the spectacle of fireworks.

Today, it’s all about the power of the image, of entertainment, of spectacle.

Trump’s public campaign against his own attorney general is a bizarre spectacle.

When you ask non-Americans about the patriotic spectacle that suffuses American sports, they tend to find it bizarre.

And for a president fond of spectacle, the signing was unusually private, with no media present.

And for a president fond of spectacle, the signing was unusually private, with no media present.

The artist also imagined a grand spectacle in the sky over Osaka with colored gases and controlled lightning.

For example, one scene involving a garage full of cars cascading down onto the many levels below is a colossal spectacle.

The set should be a huge spectacle.

Ya know … don’t make a spectacle of your testicles.

Adding to the spectacle … Trump will reportedly invite reporters in for at least a portion of the lunch.

What really distinguishes MS-13 is the spectacle of its executions.

What was supposed to be an intimate moment became a public spectacle.

Check it out … everyone seemed to enjoy the spectacle, and GLo was pretty relieved too.

The mob attack was a spectacle, for sure, but it couldn’t keep Diddy and his boys down on Halloween.

Our sources say Wendy does not want to create a spectacle in the New Jersey courtroom.

What was supposed to be an intimate moment became a public spectacle.

President Donald Trump has turned the White House press conference into an exhilarating spectacle.

It was played in neon, every at-bat a spectacle.

Other regions further south may also get a glimpse of the color-filled spectacle, the institute found.

Overall, this spectacle highlights some of the unforeseen social and technical problems that are likely to surround the smart city movement more generally.

If the beginning of Stone’s legal drama is any indication, it will turn into quite the spectacle.

King Kong (1933) exemplified the broader science fiction transition from survivalist battles against megafauna to their confinement for public spectacle.

You can be Drake and arrogantly assume the burden of carrying the entire spectacle.

You could see the spectacle once and then it was gone, only to be recounted in increasingly hyperbolic fashion to friends.

I’m questioning, “Is it a comic that sort of leverages the spectacle of black identity?

But it’s also good to remember the thing that a live TV musical special can handle better than any other medium: spectacle.

Suddenly, the rules of political spectacle collapsed.

The true draw of Spelunky is the spectacle of watching yourself, or another player, die over and over again.

Even as it became more controversial, Game of Thrones only got better at providing grand spectacle.

Spelunky’s spectacle of death alleviates so much anxiety.

In the review, inspectors applaud the chef for creating a dining experience that’s just as captivating as the spectacle.

As it heads toward a massive climax, it knows it can always rely on spectacle.

Pornographic images, however, turn this willing madness into a capitalistic spectacle.

Like, don’t make a spectacle out of how mad you are.

It’s this reality TV spectacle of politics, which InfoWars very much is.

Like all showmen, he put on quite the spectacle, as is tradition.

I stared at the spectacle in front of me.

spectacle has it’s place but we cannot let the focus leave the people present, they are the reason we assemble.

Crossing the bridge to the free-form empiricism of the Impressionists, this show delights in the visual spectacle of life.

The fact is that people love violence, and the Romans merely perfected the showmanship of spectacle in the ancient world.

And nowhere was spectacle more spectacular than in the gladiator contests in the Roman Coliseum.

His paintings leave no doubt about his delight in the visual spectacle of life.

All of this talent and spectacle is wrapped around the daring spirit and the world of the revitalized Star Wars franchise.

And that’s pretty exploitative considering that S-Town is on one level a spectacle of public mourning itself.

There are safe ways to watch the spectacle known as the Transit of Mercury, though.

This is a sci-fi film built on people as much as spectacle, especially the alabaster-hued face of Amy Adams, who carries nearly every frame.

It was art as spectacle, no doubt, but the kind that also upends your expectations.

Yet, where those bands have thrived by successfully translating their strange music into big-stage spectacle, Hecker’s live presence remains brutally minimal.

The translator, Hiroaki Sato, while certainly necessary, was secondary to the spectacle.

The animation, paired with Nelly Kate’s song Unreceived, is a moody spectacle dripping with glitter.

The symbols lead me to watch, if not comprehend, the spectacle of the poems – much like the performance I saw.

These films, like many that become hits abroad, tend to be heavy on spectacle and action and light on story.

Ailes’s news judgment was indistinguishable from his instinct for spectacle.

At night, LED lights transform the installation into a luminescent blue and green spectacle, contrasting with the natural landscape surrounding it.

It’s a tremendous visual spectacle that everyone from kids on iPhones to NASA’s top scientists will be documenting with photos and video.

So sickening was the spectacle that even Nazis in the city were horrified.

But the people I admire most are those who watch the holy spectacle from balconies turned into makeshift theater-like boxes.

The original “Beer Hall Putsch” was the first Nazi spectacle in 1923.

It’s difficult work: to use spectacle to create intimacy, but I think I’m getting better at it over the years.

It became a media spectacle and turned a murder trial into prime entertainment.

We are reduced to the spectacle of our appearance, as if we have nothing else to contribute.

I remember it being a spectacle Noisey: Well if it was before 1993, it was probably Sun Ra and the Arkestra.

Bradford puts forth no such claim toward the battle or even Philippoteaux’s grand spectacle.

But the spectacle wasn’t enough to distract from the project’s troubled legacy.

spectacle Like most of us, the Academy loves “big” shots that feature a grand set teeming with drama — like this shot from Cleopatra.

Caught up in the spectacle, these moments washed over me.

The former YBA does for literary writing what Damien Hirst has done for sharks: prose has become a harmless spectacle; texts purely visual.

Ideal settings aside, Canadiens’ David Desharnais decided to put on a bit of a spectacle in his own right.

“I was hoping for a spectacle, a ghoulish cabaret,” says Olivia Dee afterward.

He has an instinct for the theatrical that will likely draw us more and more into a politics of spectacle.

The spectacle was enough, and the actors were fun.

The action spectacle is also resonating with foreign crowds.

This kind of mass spectacle has become common.

Here, though, Boiler Room seemed to be replicating the logic of the spectacle in service of a utopian aim.

If being transgressive involves the violation of set boundaries, then why does Laugh Back continually fall into a binary spectacle?

Here’s Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan clearly condemning the events: The views fueling the spectacle in Charlottesville are repugnant.

Universal’s $100-million-plus CGI spectacle “Mortal Engines” earned only $42.3 million worldwide over the weekend.

Apparently no one wants to go to the movies and see a CGI spectacle in which London is on wheels eating up other cities.

The last time WWE broadcast this kind of spectacle of its own self-regard was 2012’s Raw 1000.

It’s not really about that, though; it’s about the spectacle.

Despite taking place in an alien filled space station, Prey is a game with little pure spectacle.

Provided the weather is good in your area, this Super-Hunter’s-Moon should be a gorgeous silver spectacle in the skies.

For such a masturbatory spectacle, the efficiency of the livestream was actually pretty impressive.

You can watch the moment Fonseca swashbuckled his way into the press conference right here.Here are some other photographs of the spectacle.

The judge condemned prizefighting and those would who participate in such a spectacle of immortality.

Originally made for the 2007 Venice Biennale, the artist’s “Maypole: Take No Prisoners” manifests the spectacle of violence and war.

It’s a bit of a spectacle, but one certainly worth exploring.

But after five closely fought rounds, fans were cheering on their feet and we all felt better for the spectacle we had enjoyed.

Maybe it was already in the works before then: People have always turned other people’s lives into public spectacle regardless of their will.

For instance, big technological leaps can provide prestige, exposure, glory, and spectacle.

The spectacle really has to be seen to be believed.

However, their live show was already developing into an impressive spectacle.

In the past Trump has praised Spicer’s combative daily press briefings, which have become a spectacle of daytime television.

If you’re a serious MMA fan, the matchup is likely cheap spectacle.

The essay opens with: “The virtue of all-in wrestling is that it is the spectacle of excess.”

Neverthless, it seems certain that Barthes would recognise and relish the spectacle playing out before him.

With the third debate out of the way, the spectacle of the US presidential election is drawing to a close.

Wargames and tactics games transform empty, unremarkable space into a stage for drama, spectacle, and brilliance.

“There’s a zoo spectacle that I’ve experienced both in Peckham and Brixton.

The spectacle of churches, mosques and sacrificial pagan altars, sometimes all in the same small village, is dizzying.

TV necessitates a character-first storytelling form, which pushes spectacle to the side.

“He makes a spectacle of himself,” Kelly said of King.

At the Biennale, with its multistory sculptures and flashy installations, photographs alone can’t compete with the spectacle.

It might seem a bizarre spectacle, but it is not unusual in Taiwan.

It’s hard to believe the two are still going back and forth after the spectacle they created this summer.

The Navigator is a remarkable work because it’s a dazzling spectacle, but a haunting, hopeful story could never truly just be fiction.

The video also suggests that our indulgence in spectacle can be spiritual.

Religion and spectacle offer an escape, an alternative reality just beyond the screen.

So, why did I choose to endure this surreal new media spectacle?

Greatness was imminent, but operating in place of flair and spectacle was a robotic efficiency that never really needed to evolve.

For LaChance, it was the spectacle of heavyweights Malefaction, which he unflinchingly calls the “Best Canadian grind band of all time.”

The novelty and the spectacle of the thing is typically a draw too.

An empty spectacle at the center of the maze.

The museum yokes the spectacle of fashion and the spectacle of Catholicism in its largest costume exhibition to date.

For now, at least, we have a beautiful spectacle to indulge in this summer.

It’s disrespectful to FIFA, the fans, the players and spectacle,” former coach Jorge Luis Pinto said.

The whole scene was enough to make veteran sports and basketball reporter David Aldridge laugh with glee, just at the spectacle.

“Denying an alt-right speaker of such a spectacle,” the pamphlet points out, “is the worst insult they can endure.”

That sense of flow and spectacle extends to other mechanics.

In other words, it’s a task that’s designed to decimate the vulnerable and make a spectacle out of their suffering.

The spectacle of it all is a little tiresome.

The kids seems to be enjoying the spectacle!

The African-American artist Parker Bright staged a one-man protest in front of it wearing a t-shirt reading “BLACK DEATH spectacle“.

And for a simple reason: The game remains a pure, swim-in-an-Olympic-sized-poolful-of-money spectacle and success.

It’s an engrossing spectacle that manages to successfully speak to our reptilian brain.

He could have built up the spectacle and drawn attention to himself.

Even more than the structure’s aesthetics, I was captivated by this low-key spectacle of human delight.

Boxing emerged as a popular spectacle along with cock-fighting, bear-baiting, and the theater during the Renaissance.

The spectacle turned Savchenko’s detention into a symbol of Russian aggression in Ukraine, and Savchenko herself into a symbol of Russian resistance.

Lady Gaga taught us that part of the spectacle of pop stardom is reinvention.

Apocalypses are supposed to be grand events of world-breaking disaster and spectacle.

The homes are lit with a spotlight, recalling the spectacle aesthetics of crime shows.

In scene, an autopsy is performed on a suspected host before it breaks into a gory spectacle, one gut-busting transformation after another.

Both movies delight in the charm of eccentric artists and the spectacle of bad filmmaking—which, oddly enough, make for two pretty great movies.

His role in transforming the UFC from a shocking spectacle to a legitimate and lucrative sport, however, cannot be denied.

It’s the cover of Guy Debord’s Society of the spectacle, but configured differently.

But despite the amount of energy the Democratic Party poured into the spectacle, the dissenters managed to signal-jam the vibe.

All that money, all that marketing, all that big-budget spectacle: It’s quintessentially American, and quintessentially Hollywood.

The spectacle of the awards has come to eclipse the other activities of the Academy.

Always masked, her art practice is in making a production out of self—but don’t let the idea of the spectacle misguide you.

Watching in 2016, we know the spectacle will doom the trial; back in 1995, Darden thinks he’s just had a great idea.

Many VR experiences tend towards the sci-fi futuristic “spectacle.”

However, strolling through the vast caves, you’ll encounter the sheer spectacle of their youth.

(Arguably, trial diehards were always much more interested in the spectacle.)

Actions are drained of their spectacle and heft.

Watching Peter grapple with his purpose makes for a truly human spectacle; it is profound and it is painful.

For many, the spectacle of its destruction could have emerged from the imaginary of the War on Terror and its mythic clash of civilizations.

The stark emptiness of each room turns the whole spectacle into a TV trivia quiz.

“The video documents the performance and spectacle of governance,” Reas said in a statement.

When you are in Miami, there’s a ritual and a spectacle to the club-going experience.

Cheerleading is really, really hard and so much more than a sideline entertainment spectacle.

The spectacle is both the point and the problem.

I’m afraid of becoming a spectacle — of showing them just how “abnormal” I actually am.

That’s how much of a spectacle this has become.

But take a step back, and a dark, compelling spectacle reveals itself.

Both shows recognized that people go to Vegas not only to see pop stars, but to see “spectacle” shows featuring magic or circuses, too.

But science sparkled on Monday, and helped us appreciate the spectacle in the sky.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for us.” Let’s be clear: A partial solar eclipse is a wonderful spectacle.

Despite all the spectacle, the Puppy Bowl has stayed true to its tradition of giving a major platform to adoptable dogs and animal shelters.

But if he’s headlining, I want a spectacle.

I never meant for it to be a spectacle.

And this is precisely why My Bloody Valentine doesn’t need a refreshed catalog or on-stage spectacle to perform emotional exorcisms on its crowd.

It wasn’t long before the also-ran Minutemen became a spectacle in their own right.

The scenery in the video alone is a spectacle, a reference to the the short, prickly, cactus-like Joshua trees in southern California.

The actual comic books—you know, the namesake of the event—have taken a back seat to the spectacle.

It’s not just about the words you’re writing down—it’s a visual spectacle, too, and Westworld is a very visual show.

Yet in these two later robotic tour de force works, Léger clearly sets up tensions between the human narrative and the mechanical spectacle.

His energy and command of the stage, though, were undiminished; if anything, the injury added to the spectacle.

What does this grand and monumental spectacle mean for the DIY community?

Which is aptly named for the spectacle the product’s launch has caused.

What’s your opinion on this glorious spectacle of DIY?

On Thursday night, during the first round of the draft, Manziel appeared to be watching the spectacle from a bar.

And when it comes to superhero comic book movies, you can forgive a lot of things if the spectacle succeeds.

He turns his death into a spectacle that forces everybody to think about the end.

“Without reaching a consensus on that, my appearance (at the CDU congress) would be nothing more than a media spectacle,” he said.

The collective body is in thrall to the spectacle.

It’s not necessarily the same spectacle as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Coldplay onstage — but it’s definitely something to see.

When an underwater volcano erupted in 2015 and formed a small island in the South Pacific, NASA caught the whole spectacle on tape.

The highly anticipated return of Tetsurō Araki’s feudal future anime after three years brought all the spectacle and brutality anyone could hope for.

When an underwater volcano erupted in 2015 and formed a small island in the South Pacific, NASA caught the whole spectacle on tape.

It’s about that spectacle of what people can engage in or consume.

Many people ignore me, some enjoy the spectacle, and others laugh.

The audience is left to contemplate the expressions and mentalities of those onlookers, who ushered in the modern spectacle of black suffering.

This is the big one, the event the people have been waiting for, the hurdling spectacle that has the world enthralled.

The insistence that white people cannot understand black pain and only seek to profit from the spectacle of black suffering is reiterated throughout.

She also suggests that such representations cater to a morbid fascination with black death that she associates with lynching as a public spectacle.

Millie Chen suggests that spectacle can be destructive, but the shared act of looking, and looking back, can also build empathy.

As straight-up, visual storytelling spectacle, the episode was a marvel.

spectacle can be destructive, but the shared act of looking, and looking back, can also build community and empathy.

With more than 240,000 people in town, the march through the streets is something of a spectacle.

Despite all the spectacle, two people were brutally murdered and that’s something that people shouldn’t forget.

Tonight it happened, which was a huge spectacle of a short film, and a righteous follow up to her most recent release “Formation.”

The whole spectacle is emblematic of Trump’s unusual relationship to the news media.

So long as the damage is “elsewhere”; so long as our vantage stays safe — aren’t we endless feeders at the spectacle?

Do you think this is spectacle, or is there a looming conflict over which destination to prioritize?

Instead, it brings me back to the kinetic spectacle of my favorite mech stories.

It would be theater, a spectacle, come pay, or come lie down in fluid bosom of woe mankind.

The whole thing was a lurid spectacle, shameful even by the standards of Washington show trials.

And so people went to see celebrities and see the spectacle, not just to watch the people walk.

And then there’s Uriah Hall, a middling middleweight with an affinity for spectacle.

They present an escapist spectacle, which fans hunger for.

But is art really all about the spectacle of how much money you put into making it?

In the current climate of moneyed spectacle, Leaf is the truly radical artist, aesthetically and politically.

Beyond the razzamatazz of spectacle and the lucre of ratings, this was also a big human drama, too.

It would have been considerably less of a spectacle, but it would have been fair.

Every tough primary raises the spectacle of disunity (remember PUMAs?

This is art that’s stripped to the essentials yet doesn’t shy away from spectacle — a paradox, but not a facile one.

It will be a spectacle where the songs live again and again.”

This feud, like anything mega-celebrities do, has already become another avenue for monetizing relationships in the age of social-media spectacle.

But that all changed in 1993 when Michael Jackson was the featured attraction, transforming a modest spectacle into something far more over-the-top.

Today’s proceedings illustrate another sense in which press briefings of late have become matters of pure spectacle.

Their live shows—of which they played more than 150 last year alone—quickly became legendary, both for their spectacle and their energy.

Ancient Romans also enjoyed fighting sports and treated them more as a form of spectacle, as an opportunity see violence as entertainment.

Over the years, as with everything Sink The Pink, the spectacle has only grown in size.

Mortal Kombat pulled players in with controversy and spectacle, but they stayed because it also has real substance.

Mary Poppins Returns also triumphs in its understanding of when to employ technology-driven spectacle and when to leverage world class musical theater showmanship.

They call him “The Golden Bolt,” and with our combined ages of over 200 years, I think that would be some spectacle!

This year, I went along to enjoy the spectacle.

Wilson, who had been having a rather unremarkable Summer League stint to that point, exemplified the spectacle he can seemingly create whenever he wants.

“We wanted to create this strange-looking device and turn the tour into a performance, a spectacle.”

It’s a dizzying spectacle, one that’s nearly impossible to look away from.

More recently, he has focused on intensely dramatic themes, ranging from operatic productions to the honky-tonk spectacle of New York’s Times Square.

The rollout of spectacles has been, well, a spectacle.

For all the showmanship and made-for-TV spectacle of Trump’s visit to North Korea, very little has changed.

The nods to spectacle did not override the solutions-focused air that prevailed throughout the week.

It was a pretty lackluster spectacle this time; Putin himself seeming bored.

Anxiety accrues when the visitor considers the paradoxical absence of spectacle in an artwork that consists of literally thousands upon thousands of tiny dots.

“This is the decision expected by all Colombians who are outraged by this spectacle of mockery of justice,” he said in broadcast comments.

This lack of spectacle also belies Frank E. Campbell’s reputation as funeral chapel to the stars.

Back in the day, we watched TV to be razzled and dazzled by the spectacle.

Or at least, it may not be as disgusting a spectacle if the fighters were attractive.

What a tragic spectacle.

Any new hardware that arrives next week will maintain this strategy and be the spectacle of the show.

The work brings a refusal to sensationalize the spectacle of black death to bear on the questions of the construction of race and violence.

But seeing Kraftwerk in 3D on the main stage on the first night of the festival was a humbling spectacle.

Jones is the kind of person whose presence invites spectacle.

Batman was a phenomenal spectacle for hundreds of thousands of suburban children during the late 1960s.

After leaving picturesque, tranquil Carloforte, I learn the tuna harvest can be a bloody, brutal spectacle.

But even if Marshmello was just having a laugh, it still brought us a few realizations about spectacle, anonymity, and music festival culture.

M.I.A’s video for “Borders” is one grand visual spectacle.

The “HQ2 spectacle” was a race to the bottom.

The most powerful and disturbing moments in “The Bells” aren’t the big spectacle ones, the grand shots of an entire city in flame.

For me, there’s something more disturbing about that than about making a grand spectacle of somebody’s death.

The spectacle is dubbed Corso Zundert, a parade in the small town of Zundert, consisting of nearly two dozen flower-decorated floats.

Yeah, and then at the end you have the grand spectacle.

Dani at the Specsavers spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards: sort, sort, sort, glasses-face emoji, banter with Eyal in the comments section.

Schwarzenegger, like Trump, certainly understands the power of spectacle and how to leverage celebrity for political gains.

The spectacle carries through to online.

Still, there was a suitable amount of spectacle: a Frozen reindeer!

The Trump Show is a macabre, fascinating, appalling, thrilling spectacle.

The spectacle of death fuels the game’s elaborate, grotesque imagery, and the game makes you slowly appreciate it—admire it, even.

Sooner or later, every crayfish party turns into a macabre spectacle of boozed-up beasts in silly hats, brutalizing an inferior species.

He indicated that he was looking for the best venue to provide a spectacle that draws the fans and can stimulate the local economy.

The viewer is embarrassed by this act of violence, implicated in the debasing spectacle and, finally, victimized by the sensory assault.

James doesn’t render him a complete spectacle.

This detail makes the landscape of Blade Runner 2049 feel even more surreal, even more of a spectacle.

“It’s time to put this embarrassing spectacle behind us.

“But they would have really been automata; objects of spectacle.

All the while, the omniscient Maitreya bears witness, smiling beatifically through the spectacle of human misery.

That must’ve been a spectacle.

spectacle is an essential thing for all the games that we show,” he says.

And that concept, that spectacle, can take several forms.

The fan hanging from the banner was wearing a Brett Favre jersey and dabbing, giving the whole thing an added element of bizarro spectacle.

Mayweather-McGregor is on a sped-up timeline with no pretense of greatness, just spectacle.

Cody can be a latter-day traveling spectacle, working everywhere in the world, honing his craft.

Depending on your tolerance for animal cruelty, that could have been an interesting spectacle, I guess.

I don’t care how many people we reach and how much of a spectacle we create.

The movie revs its motor and becomes more about a supercharged spectacle of a fight than Diana’s understanding of heroism and mankind.

But she didn’t cancel, and instead offered a fantastic spectacle of a show in Raleigh Tuesday night.

Acting otherwise and turning their deaths into an obscene political spectacle is a disservice to all of their memories.

Each is pegged to the same old CoD promise: that ironic combination of Hollywood spectacle and referent-grounded grit that made the series so popular.

Military shooters have moved on, even if the more fanatical members of the Modern Warfare when it comes to speed, style and spectacle.

It’s true cinema, not simple spectacle.

“Invitation,” the opening track, welcomes us to her boudoir—except Britney’s bedroom is a multi-million dollar Vegas spectacle.

You can read about the legal details of her conservatorship, the spectacle of her Vegas residency.

The theme guaranteed gaudiness and spectacle, and just as importantly, it was familiar to people from many walks of spiritual life.

Note: no mention made of writing a sensible, particularly original, or even sort of good story to go with the spectacle.

Framed by her vibrant paper sculptures, the spectacle is something to behold.

Produced by a group of six French animation students, this computer-generated 3D spectacle is downright stunning.

In a way, contemporary police killings in America recreate the same sort of spectacle.

He pointed to the fan hunger for the spectacle of speed, the love of seeing records broken and the human body’s edge pushed.

The film presents the spectacle of both the lovers and the despot, though it falters in its exploration of the consequences of their collision.

There is, actually, a precedent for this sort of heavily fortified spectacle unfolding in a remote corner of Scotland.

The Islam to be practiced in the Moslem Mosque of Highland Park would not be exotic, foreign, or a thing of spectacle.

Greer’s contributions—a resin doughnut and a coffee cup—are less spectacle and more symbolic of his relationship with the city.

Why anyone would want to watch such a miserable spectacle is beyond us, to be honest.

Millions of butterflies are taking to the skies of Southern California, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for onlookers.

But 30 months into Trump’s tenure, the lackluster TV ratings are another indication of how the Trump spectacle is becoming normalized.

That includes “an impact from the spectacle of the Olympics,” the company said.

Not just an altar for the ceremony, this piece reinforces the dramatic spectacle of the wedding as a performance.

Simpson saga last year, Casting JonBenét introduces the story of the Ramseys to a generation who missed the original media spectacle around it.

I was shocked early on, because early on the whole Trump spectacle bored me, frankly.

), of being penned behind barricades intended to democratize the viewing experience, of the sheer spectacle of it all.

The community spectacle reaches its peak during the annual Halloween celebration and performance by Mr. Creepy.

Mumford rarely focuses on the spectacle of war, but instead on more intimate human dramas and predicaments.

The goal wasn’t sharing culture so much as making a spectacle of it.

I just think she thought the spectacle was too much.

A visual spectacle showcasing the power of its PS4 platform, and maybe nothing more than that.

At the same time, thanks to Call of Duty, high production values, action and spectacle were creeping further into shooters.

Nonetheless, some key factors: Either way, Alibaba puts on a real spectacle for the world during 11.11.

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