Sparkling in a sentence | Use of the word sparkling examples

Both Pepsi and Coca Cola have also been offering new products to cater to consumers who prefer healthier options like sparkling waters and teas.

Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta said the company would even launch mini and large cans of its Bubly sparkling water in new fruity flavors.

Entry also includes a complimentary craft beer, sparkling cocktail, or tumbler of wine in the lounge.

There are plenty of perfectly delicious sparkling alternatives that simply don’t have the name recognition to warrant outrageous prices.

The values to me in sparkling wine, are Crémant wines, which are Champagne-style wines made in other places.

Today, we’re premiering Rico’s newest track, “Glo Bottles,” an ode to sparkling bottles of liquor brought up at night clubs.

Ivanka, meanwhile, chose a white puff-sleeve blazer with a peplum and a sparkling belt.

Berg chucks the little crab in a tempura batter made with ice-cold sparkling water, then plunges it into the deep fryer.

This isn’t one of them—homemade violet syrup is balanced with strawberry puree, lemon juice, and sparkling wine.

A live jazz band plays in the corner, while diners eat sliders and sip on smoking, sparkling concoctions.

My sparkling Ruby Cabernet makes the most delicious granita – a perfect idea for the warmer weather!

Enormous rock monoliths tower into puffy clouds, while below flows a broad, sparkling river.

Walt Whitman famously celebrated New York as a “city of hurried and sparkling waters!

Later in the essay, we see Beyoncé submerged in sparkling, foamy water, another nod to Venus, who was born from sea foam.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger announced their engagement this week— and her sparkling ring has the diamond world buzzing.

A few bottles—maybe champagne, maybe sparkling cider—were in rotation.

(We might have also splashed some sparkling wine in there at the end.)

With the ripples of water that branch out from the center of an ice cube, a sparkling bloom resonates with colors.

If Pride and Prejudice is a sparkling and babbling brook, Persuasion is a quiet pool with still, deep waters.

“Shannon had a vision of a sparkling Gold Cody and a Ghostly Blue Cody walking together down a country road,” Brown tells Noisey.

The sparkling number featured a ballgown-like design with a slight train.

Mandy Moore glimmered in a sparkling gold gown.

I used to be a seltzer purist and think that flavoring sparkling water was an abomination.

And like any good cult member, I have converted multiple friends into sparkling gold addicts.

Whole Foods sells sparkling gold, but they are fickle about keeping it on the shelves.

Yet I somehow manage to find sparkling gold in this world of trash I live in.

He was wearing a polo shirt, a glass of sparkling water in one hand, disdain in his eyes.

The diamond-encrusted lid has been dubbed “The Meghan Sparkle” to honour the “sparkling warmth and charm” of the duchess’ personality.

Hundreds of bubbles hurriedly zip to the surface and yield rapid-fire, sparkling pops.

Wines with high volumes of alcohol, and sparkling wines, face a higher tax per gallon.

But the douchiest thing people ask for isn’t alcohol, it’s “sparkling water.”

It’s an introvert’s pop song: sparkling, sweet, a little shy, weirdly compelling.

She forged ahead as a sparkling presence in movie musicals alongside the likes of Fisher and Bing Crosby.

Everything had a sparkling, dewy sheen and the creek we camped by reflected the sky’s bright blue and pink hues.

He bought a sparkling food truck, for instance, and shoots out upcoming appearances to thousands of followers on Donkey’s new social media channels.

The Brew House, sparkling and packed for the opening, is both awe-inspiring and alienating.

On a brighter note, Lilith in Leo’s sparkling charisma is a magnificent thing.

The sparkling eyes and dimples belong to Laurie A.

The @WhiteHouse is sparkling for the Christmas season!

They look at the ceiling with sparkling eyes.

That Christmas, Imani’s mother bought her a sparkling, burgundy hijab.

PARIS (Reuters) – Gems, tulle, rainbow feathers and sparkling details illuminated the runway in Giorgio Armani Privé’s dreamy haute couture collection on Tuesday.

She’s either chasing highs or sinking into lows, and with mythical metaphors abound, she explains that sparkling feeling of falling in love.

Shappley’s held her six-year-old transgender daughter, a towheaded child wearing a sparkling silver headband and navy dress, and began to weep.

Lopez looked like royalty with her voluminous ponytail and sparkling earrings.

Over the years that painting has come to mean, among other things, strength and a sparkling yet bruised resilience.

I saw that he was pointing past me excitedly, his eyes sparkling, a slight look of wonder on his face.

From capturing teenage innocence to 1968, Kurys’s slice-of-life movies are sparkling and big-hearted, but not without a caustic side.

Thanks to its luxurious fragrances, your house won’t only be sparkling clean, but it’ll also smell amazing.

sparkling scouting reports aside, Fulmer had compiled barely 380 innings in the minors, and pitched no more than 124.6 in any one season.

Furnish’s sparkling space coat was a memorable standout.

BEST: A sheer, sparkling cape added drama to Hailee Steinfeld’s second gown of the night.

They capped off their dinner with a small chocolate cake and giant sparkling candle.

18-year-old Tilly Murphy on the other hand, who records sparkling surf-rock as FRITZ, is enviably self-aware.

Horsthuis’ past works include a sparkling journey to the center of the earth and a virtual reality fractal world.

This is classic, old-fashioned glamour, and it’s perfectly suited to her sparkling presence.

Khakpour’s sparkling prose combines the feeling of both realism and magical realism to create a wholly original story.

But Muchova, making her main draw debut this year, was undaunted and took the match to her more illustrious opponent with some sparkling tennis.

A man in a navy blue canvas apron with huge beard brings over a bottle of sparkling water as we marinate over the menu.

Sipping a glass of sparkling wine, we order smoked eel, beetroot and horseradish, mussels, and asparagus with walnuts.

Whatever source materials her books draw from, they’re always witty, sparkling, and a delight to read.

Her nails are long, turquoise, and sparkling.

Pétillant Naturel Pétillant Naturel, otherwise known by its pet name Pét-Nat, is the garage band of sparkling wines.

Many small produced ciders drink more like sparkling wines, with subtle and complex flavor profiles that showcase expressive apple varietals and thoughtful aging processes.

Kendrick ascending in what was essentially a sparkling chandelier Houdini cage.

Nowadays, he makes two wines a year—one red and one white or rose sparkling.

We taste his 2008 Rosat Escumos, a sparkling rose whose primary grapes are macabeu and xarel-lo.

“We’re built specifically to appeal to a man’s sexual senses,” she said, looking down toward her body with sparkling blue eyes.

The next day, I offered him a sparkling water.

Thompson previously traded his Volvo for two cases of Coopers sparkling Ale, a deal that most businessmen would probably consider to be pretty unwise.

New England enjoyed sparkling run defense coming into the Super Bowl.

For the hard-up carbonation cravers, trick your tongue by swapping in sparkling water.

With aerodynamic efficiency a given, they’re aiming for maximum catchiness, with sharper and fuller songcraft sparkling brightly.

It’s a sparkling tribute to the ordinary, moving us deftly from subways to supermarkets, sidewalks to swimming pools.

It’s sparkling today on the British south coast.

The jewelry stores and fashion boutiques were locked up, but the Christmas decorations on the street were still sparkling.

LaCroix isn’t the only brand to benefit from the sparkling water boom.

The downfall of soda was creating a craving for sparkling water.

Even during a brief Perrier craze in the late 1980s and early 1990s, sparkling water was a European drink, served in snooty restaurants.

The average person drank less than four gallons of bottled water, still and sparkling, per year in 1988.

Bottled water dominates the market, but sparkling water is growing faster.

The amount of domestically produced sparkling water Americans consume increased 58 percent between 2010 and 2014, according to the International Bottled Water Association.

Pinot noir grapes for sparkling wine.

LaCroix sparkling water is absolutely delicious.”

And the sparkling water industry should know that bubbles pop.

I liked that sparkling water just fine, well enough to guzzle at least a can a day, every day, for more than two years.

That DOPE sparkling red Pinot Noir had turned to slush, and it was fantastic.

It didn’t occur to me that anything might be missing from my life, sparkling water–wise.

LaCroix sparkling water is a healthy beverage.

“LaCroix sparkling water is a healthy beverage,” tweeted LaCroix.

Each flavor is identified as “natural,” as in, “natural lemon flavor sparkling water” (LaCroix also comes in lemon).

The other ingredient in that nice, refreshing drink is sparkling water.

sparkling water opens up spirits, getting the alcohol kind of out of the way so you can really get the flavors better.

sparkling wines follow suit.

If You Can Find a Wine with More Than One of These Factors, Even Better Off-dry sparkling cab franc?

sparkling chenin blanc?

The free event will be followed by a rooftop reception with wine and sparkling CBD beverages courtesy of Recess.

The air was sparkling.

The clever, eye-catching container mimics the flow of blood when red (or sparkling pink) liquid is poured down its branching tubes.

Richard finds out anyway, though other channels, and descends upon Erlich with the sparkling blue fury of a thousand LEDs.

When he awakens, she stares at him with wide Hentai eyes of sparkling virgin wonder (not unlike Daryl Hannah in Splash!).

The sparkling falsetto, the biting thwack of drums, the purple splashes of reverb-soaked electric guitar, the flashing shots of synth, the flagrant theatrics.

English sparkling wine has won awards across the world, and the Welsh valleys are producing Bordeaux to rival … erm, Bordeaux.

The glistening ice on top of piles of snow were everywhere and sparkling in the late morning sunshine.

In the first six months, it sold 1.8 million sparkling water maker starter kits and almost 18 million carbon-dioxide refill capsules.

Champagne or sparkling wine 1.

Top with a few ounces of Champagne or sparkling wine and garnish with a lemon twist.

The delightfully greasy linoleum sparkling, as sickly fluorescent light dances about with unquestionable beauty and elegance.

These days, Hulst produces six dry whites and two sparkling wines on the old apple and pear farm.

Their sparkling, intelligent retro-pop earned them rave reviews and suddenly, they were a  thing.

The beverage, a Mango Spritz, includes mango purée, mint simple syrup, rosé, and a splash of sparkling wine—or, if you’re Curry, “ninja champagne.”

(Like soda, sparkling wine goes flat more easily when it’s warm.)

Well, technically “Champagne” can only come from France—this is actually just sparkling wine if you want to be proper about it.

The list is a what’s what of gastronomic specialties, and you know their names: Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese; the sparkling wine of Champagne; Ibérico ham.

You know the ads on television, with the sparkling bright blue water and swim-up bar and the promise of more, more, MORE?

He dazzled us with his sparkling blue eyes and sharp, inspiring jawline, and then he opened his mouth and revealed himself to be British.

sparkling cocktails, cupcakes, and even bagels were a huge viral hit in 2018.

Her sparkling charisma can light up a room, and her lush womanly figure suggests fertility and eroticism.

One is lightweight champ Justin Gaethje, who has extended his win-streak to a sparkling 17-0 with nine-straight wins in the WSOF cage.

I order an $18 glass of Trump sparkling rosé.

A dopey grin spreading across my face, I marched across the sand towards the sparkling ocean.

Have a drink with me.” “I’m fine.” “There’s some of that sparkling white left.

He cracked that bottle of sparkling white, too.

The award was handed out at the 26th annual competition in West Virginia in February, alongside awards for bottled, sparkling, and purified water.

Both Pepsi and Coca Cola have also been offering new products to cater to consumers who prefer healthier options like sparkling waters and teas.

That’s why we’re actually working on a way to make powdered carbonation, so you don’t need sparkling water.

It’s now, more or less, a lifestyle brand and has a 30 percent share of the sparkling water sector in the US.

Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta said the company would even launch mini and large cans of its Bubly sparkling water in new fruity flavors.

It’s a nice house, with a nice yard-gate and a nice kitchen island and some nice sparkling water in the fridge.

It’s a liquid hodgepodge of grape juice (60 percent), sparkling filtered water, some citric acid “for tartness,” sodium benzoate, potassium metabisulfite (yum!

Candles are good, especially when they come in: Crackling Wood Fire™, sparkling Cinnamon™, and Icy Blue Spruce™.

Its sole purpose is to rid your clothes of dirt and sweat and grime and leave them sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

He buys her a plunging, sparkling red gown.

And so Marnie and Charlie’s sparkling night gives way to a harsh, cold morning.

“Canon Diamond – Two Halves” (1982) is like lacework, the white gaps sparkling between the elegant black lines.

They feature sparkling scripts or great performances, or they take a chance somewhere with their story.

@WineJudging awards Double Gold to #sparkling Reserve!

I spot things like sparkling coconut water infused with chrysanthemum and makrut lime milk cheese in the proposed menu.

Kylie wore a sparkling gown to her very first Met Gala in 2016.

It is a spare, sparkling argument for loving someone despite his or her flaws—and despite your own.

(After all, a new swimming pool, sparkling kitchen, and indoor tennis court don’t come without a cost.)

“If you look at the U.S. retail landscape, you see this tremendous growth in sparkling water.

Loot glows green or shows off a sparkling particle effect.

The new Pedialyte sparkling Rush packets are available at Target, at Meijer supermarkets, and on Amazon.

According to the LaCroix website, it’s the best selling domestic sparkling water brand in the USA.

I made her a really fun, refreshing, floral, sparkling wine-based gin drink.

Boshier watches the screen closely during each, his blue eyes sparkling with a youthful enthusiasm that betrays his age.

After a mad 15 minutes when most people retreated to their seats, I’d be left drenched in sweat, ale, and sparkling wine.

Wines on offer included a 2014 English sparkling Windsor Great Park and a 1990 Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

It was the best year and a half that park had ever seen, sparkling clean everyday.

With the sparkling wines, the difference is pretty immediate.

After searching online, Jackson, 23, ended up at the Obria Medical Clinics’ sparkling new facility in an office park in suburban Atlanta.

PARIS (Reuters) – Gems, tulle, rainbow feathers and sparkling details illuminated the runway in Giorgio Armani Privé’s dreamy haute couture collection on Tuesday.

It’s a sparkling grapefruit soda—I usually don’t like grapefruit, but I love Ting.

The sparkling stopped immediately, and the bin became a flat, rather lifeless blue.

I can’t live without sparkling water.

Wisely, Kessel never attempts to reproduce Austen’s sparkling sentences, but they would sound out of place in Mary’s mouth anyway.

That’ll always be better than drenching your brain (and your tastebuds) with that sparkling wine your uncle brings around to every family dinner.

And now the company behind it is being valued at a sparkling $15 billion, as CNBC reported.

And with that, it just broke into this incredible array of sparkling little stars.

The most exciting items of 2016 were sparkling coconut waters and cold coffee drinks on nitro taps; matcha was huge this year, too.

Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t booze; the fancy, foil-topped bottles weren’t of wine, but of of Entourage—a weed-flavored sparkling water.

She paired the minidress with some sparkling matching heels.

In The Arrival the paintings subjects are young and hopeful, with sparkling eyes, bright coats, and a lounging guardian leopard companion.

“So sparkling wines are doing well in this country.

Sakura Champagne Cocktail Drop a sugar cube into a glass of the sparkling wine of your choice.

sparkling white tutus further strengthen the classicism that Balanchine brought with him from Russian training.

Fruity wine—wine [with apple notes] and acidity, and sparkling wines.

The connection between fruit—as you know from Riesling—and sparkling wines or Champagne goes quite well with creamy, salty, greasy döner.

It’s well-lit, so you can see all of the sparkling bottles on the wall.

“For the aficionados, I would highly recommend sherry or sparkling wine with these shrubs,” Carey said.

If it wasn’t a spirit like rum, it was sherry or sparkling.”

The performances play a big role — both Kazan and Nanjiani are born scene-stealers, with deadpan delivery and sparkling chemistry.

Gueuze: The base beer for this style is a lambic, but is consumed like a sparkling white wine.

A deep and dubby number, “Shinkansen” powers forward with the smoothness of a well-oiled machine through sparkling chimes and an onslaught of fraying acid.

It’s easy to see why: the song is a sparkling slab of indie-pop like Ellie Goulding fronting Phoenix.

Made in 1932 for Elizabeth’s grandmother Queen Mary, the sparkling diamond and platinum bandeau has a center brooch dating from 1893.

The sparkling trim on Francisco Lindor’s glove.

Those times were the sickening and sparkling heights of hedonism she and Knipe had always wanted.

Matcha-kinako (toasted soybean powder) lattes, sparkling yuzu matcha soda, and perhaps the most ridiculous matcha-filled ice cream sundae.

Elizabeth Moss wore a belted, off-the-shoulder gown with sparkling details.

Gina Rodriguez wore a sparkling gown with a dramatic, voluminous skirt.

His eyes were sparkling, but he was ruthless.

I was in such a hurry that I did a rolling stop at our corner and the blue-and-reds started sparkling behind me.

I cook green vegetables in sparkling water so they don’t lose their color.

Rondo also made four as the team shot a sparkling 10 of 13 from distance.

That’s a pet-nat, a naturally sparkling wine from the Western end of the Loire Valley.

But there is delight in a familiar story well-told, and Jiles’s spare, sparkling prose is what elevates News of the World.

sparkling water, fruit juices, and energy drinks lined the refrigerator in neat rows.

No grocery would be complete without LaCroix sparkling water.

Its sparkling contemporaneity militates against the ornate frame surrounding it and the encroaching shadows beckoning it into the past.

Their latest song “Party Down” is a jewel of sparkling synth and melodies.

I love people’s sparkling souls and letting them be themselves, finding themselves, expanding.

The second, a semitone higher in E-flat major, is a sparkling piano ballad with different chord variations compared to the “D” version.

In every shape, size, and color, the drag queens at DragCon gleamed from the crowd like a box of sparkling gems.

Back in Montreal, at Joe Beef Garden, David McMillan is drinking Pinard & Filles’ sparkling wine and tending to the trout pond.

Top with sparkling wine and garnish with a slice or 2 of jalapeño.

The beer is frothy and sparkling, almost like a sorbet.

Top with sparkling wine and garnish with strawberry and lemon slices and the bachelor buttons (if using).

The entire time Vitas sits placidly, his jacket sparkling like a black diamond.

A dreamy mix of violet syrup, strawberry purée, lemon, sparkling wine, and cachaça, it’s even topped with a sprinkle of fresh flowers.

It shows a close-up of a hustler’s hand clutching a wad of $100 dollar bills, diamond rings sparkling on his fingers.

Their sparkling, intelligent retro-pop earned them rave reviews and suddenly, they were a thing.

“There is no scientific evidence that sparkling waters are any more dangerous or damaging to the teeth than regular water,” Dr. Messina told MUNCHIES.

But as far as there being any reason to not drink sparkling water for your teeth, there is no evidence to support that.”

In victory, Kowalkiewicz stays perfect in her first three bouts with the UFC, and extends her overall record to a sparkling 10-0.

They rebranded the flavored sparkling water, creating its distinctly Floridian can design.

The flavored sparkling water has also built a reputation as a party drink throughout the Sunshine State.

Apparently, neither Harvard nor Harvard Law was ritzy enough to expose Cotton to sparkling water, because he attended both.

Sales of bottled and sparkling water are up.

Make it look a lot more like sparkling water.

Lake McKenzie, Australia

Dip your toes into the sparkling waters of Lake McKenzie, located on Fraser Island.

The attractive, attentive salespeople will offer you still or sparkling.

The flight featured two sparkling wines (which Gloria Ferrer is best known for), a chardonnay, and a pinot noir.

Fortunately, the tasting was fully redeemed by the sparkling wines.

Top with sparkling wine and garnish with strawberry and lemon slices and the bachelor buttons (if using).

Ambient Swedish music pours over the loudspeakers and he offered me a glass of sparkling water.

This is the elephant’s graveyard; where all the fairy dust that’s been sparkling around everybody all night settles and turns to ash.

I love disguising it in that way.” She takes a long, considered sip of her sparkling water.

“I liked the sparkling wine more,” she says.

“Or maybe I’ll drink some sparkling,” she adds a moment later.

“The sparkling wine is really awesome!”

Everyone else at the Sula Vineyard appears thrilled by the experience, with the vast majority taking to the sparkling and dessert wines the most.

I think about the thirsty roots sparkling, just like in lars’s garden, the leaves perking up and beginning to unfurl.

It’s not often that a sparkling grapefruit beverage becomes a meme that facilitates conversations about institutional racism.

Offset celebrated his 27th birthday in high, sparkling fashion … and the prized present was clear to all.

Your memes touch on a lot of larger issues than sparkling water.

Listen to more of their sparkling pop here and “Love Is Bad” below.

My whole Chateau Marmont vibe is always, “Drink as much sparkling wine by the pool as possible.

And more sparkling wine.

The only way to do this without going completely broke is to bring the aforementioned excessive amount of sparkling wine.

When he arrives, I order the Stellina di Notte Spumante Prosecco, which is the cheapest glass of sparkling they have at $15.

And the seltzer water isn’t a surprise either because there are a ton of batters and cakes that benefit from sparkling water.

But what’s going on in his gut as he guzzles all that sparkling water?

The resulting carbonation means two things: First, sparkling waters have a lower potential of Hydrogen (pH) than flat waters, which makes them more acidic.

Step 1 – Pick the Right Bottle “The way that a bottle of sparkling is constructed varies,” Pietropaolo explains.

She topped the look off with a pair of sparkling diamond drop earrings.

But that $9 sparkling wine from the spot on the block will do just fine in its place.

The country is justly famous for sparkling beaches, pulsating nightlife and beguiling culture.

The result is a reflecting pool made up of sparkling illusions.

A passenger has filed a lawsuit against the Canadian budget airline Sunwing for serving him sparkling wine rather than champagne.

“It’s not about the pettiness of champagne versus sparkling wine,” said Paquette in a statement.

Sunwing says it is no longer referencing champagne in its marketing, and its website now clarifies passengers will receive sparkling wine.

Stone looks like an actual Oscar statue herself, wearing a sparkling gold Givenchy Haute Couture gown with a fringe skirt covered in Swarovski crystals.

I also learned how to look fabulous when you wear your sparkling spandex, hence the outfit today.

The sparkling piano she was playing is also famous.

Morris took to the stage first, crooning her song “Once” in a sparkling leotard with long, wide sleeves.

Asha took a swig—the dust had parched her throat, and she welcomed the sparkling relief.

The sparkling lobby still has the original terrazzo floors, while newly installed rounded windows and herringbone flooring pay tribute to the building’s history.

Showing off the sparkling engagement ring Rodgers picked out for her, Fletcher said she got emotional watching his beachfront proposal back on TV.

Jenna Johnson‘s sparkling Dancing With the Stars costumes aren’t the only eye-catching pieces she’ll be wearing on the dance floor.

Bennett nude heels for $345, a matching clutch for $245 and sparkling sapphire and diamond earrings.

BRUS means “sparkling” or “bubbles,” because everything we do has bubbles in it.

We also want to produce sparkling cocktails in a nonclassic way—no Cosmopolitans or strawberry daiquiris.

In 2017, the action-adventure Horizon Zero Dawn arrived sparkling like a high-definition BBC wildlife documentary.

Costco just upped their sparkling water game.

Then top it off with sparkling wine to give it that crisp summer effervescence.

Beyond just the savings – find out what else I love about the new Kirkland Signature sparkling water!!

The consumption of sparkling wine, in particular, goes through the roof.

Alko’s sparkling wine sales climb by a whopping 510 percent because of Vappu.

On Monday, the 24-year-old model took to Instagram to post a photo of herself standing in sparkling blue water.

Richard Reeves, author of “John Stuart Mill: Victorian Firebrand,” a sweeping and sparkling book, describes Mill as having a “lifelong mission to deify Harriet”.

It’s a depilatory that will make your eyes turn a sparkling blue and even out your nasty moods!

Garner accessorized the ensemble with fine jewelry by David Webb and coordinating strappy, sparkling Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

That sparkling french tip?

His overall record now stands at a sparkling 17-2.

We don’t try and compete with sparkling wine from New Zealand, we’re sitting alongside Champagne, for example.

KeVita sells drinks that include sparkling probiotics, master brew kombucha tea, and vinegar tonics.

In this way, Bloodlight and Bami is a sparkling example of how to document our icons.

Her narrative is a lively mélange of stories about people, culture and science, recounted in sparkling prose.

“I’m just planting a bunch of red now,” he says, half-joking, “this traditional method sparkling is a lot of work!”

The looks were accessorized with sandals with straps knotted at the ankle, some sparkling.

Time to crack open the champagne, or at least the sparkling English white wine?

We’re at peak #cleaneating now, so even our mid-price range sparkling wines aren’t safe.

Indeed, many religious state schools have a sparkling reputation.

Young Thug’s a chameleon on the tracks — and his presence is behind the album’s most sparkling moments.

Around me, expensively dressed industry executives tap smartly on MacBooks or raise sparkling toasts to future deals.

I’m having fun going through budget for days on end”, she says, eyes sparkling and evidently pleased.

He was overjoyed.” For the awards, Blunt wore a custom sparkling pink Michael Kors Collection gown accented with big satin ruffled shoulders.

With this victory over Johnson, which was won with a bone-bending, second-round kimura, Dagestan’s Nurmagomedov improved his overall record to a sparkling 24-0.

The campaign features Harris (and the sparkling beverages) starring in a large series of funny GIFs.

The possibly-soon-be “park-formally-known-as-Glacier” is known for its sparkling ice formations and breathtaking arterial road.

“Yes…I’m a tall 6’4″(with these heels) skinny glass of sparkling water and I love it.

We added cost-effective and fun extras like flavored syrups with seltzer and sparkling wine so people could create their own inventive drinks.

It’s the stuff you don’t normally see at the palatial, colonial-era Airbnbs and sparkling government-run hotels where tourists often spend their nights.

Top off each glass with sparkling water.

On Day Two of the convention, Albright made her speech on the stage wearing a striking, sparkling eagle brooch.

The first single, “Missing U,” serves as connective tissue between the last era and this new one: it’s sparkling, half-euphoric and half-elegiac.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and the rapper were spotted out in Los Angeles, both wearing sparkling bands on their ring fingers.

But Parliament also contains a fair number of people with sparkling CVs, such as Rory Stewart, or remarkable life stories, such as Angela Rayner.

The name of PepsiCo’s line of flavored sparkling waters is getting a little makeover, thanks to Michael Bublé.

It’s a girl from a Disney film, wide-eyed and smiling, watching as white sparkling rain falls from the sky.

The commercial is the first Super Bowl spot for the sparkling water line since it launched in early 2018.

I remember driving home to Los Feliz, then walking up the dark hills around my house until all of LA lay sparkling before me.

Fanged creatures emerge from pink sugar walls, along with high heels and sparkling crystals like Versailles through the looking glass.

It isn’t through showing us wreaths or sparkling decorations.

Jones, however, was not rattled and made sparkling saves on Crosby and Conor Sheary to keep the Penguins from extending their lead.

Ed Sheeran‘s fiancée Cherry Seaborn was seen for the first time wearing her new sparkling engagement ring while out in London.

The supermodel, who turned 22 Friday, celebrated the occasion in a cropped ribbed tank and baggy ripped jeans, plus some massive sparkling hoops.

A sparkling red clutch and fiery red platform heels completed the bold look.

Kidman chose a Calvin Klein by Appointment crimson pleated A-line dress featuring a pleated bodice and a sparkling silver halter neckline.

The men are in braces and cravats; the women in sparkling dresses and pork pie hats.

A sparkling red that’s been gaining popularity…what do I know?

But I buy it, because it sounds fancy enough and I’ve never tried a sparkling red.

This recipe from Mischa of The Accidental Farm Wife requires ginger, sugar, sparkling water and lemon juice.

Lovato’s hotel rider today is straightforward: no liquor in the minibar, lots of lemon sparkling water, and a humidifier.

With her dark locks, sparkling brown eyes and Audrey Hepburn-inspired brows, Fitz-Henley is a dead ringer for Meghan.

(Make sure to look up to catch every last sparkling touch!)

Sure, one moment you can feel like a sparkling dolphin leaping through perfect waves.

Katy also revealed to The FADER the inner-workings of the production process on an album studded with sparkling collaborators.

If you go to Amazon right now, the SodaStream Fizzi sparkling Water Maker is on available for $42.75, down from the listed $49.99 price.

Bill is a gregarious man, white-haired with sparkling eyes and streaks of paint on his faded jeans.

With it, you get a the sparkling water maker and a reusable, one liter bottle to bring those tasty drinks with you.

Instead, it uses CO2 canisters that can make up to 60 liters of sparkling water.

SodaStream Fizzi sparkling Water Maker — $42.75 See Details

Wearing a very dramatic, sparkling red Gucci suit with a flared leg trouser, the singer delivered an emotional (did we mention flawless?)

LaCroix sparkling Water has been a little-known secret for 30 years, according to Vox.

Beverages were provided by GuS, Aquafina sparkling & Brooklyn Brewery.

We stop at Mariano’s and I buy some soda, La Croix sparkling water, and a brownie tray for dessert.

Everyone else seems to have sparkling skin, and you’re bombarded by smooth-as-glass complexions in magazines, on TV, and on Instagram.

You won’t win and battles, but your place will be sparkling.

a man shouts, as brilliantly sparkling foam crests the lip of the cylinders.

Heineken’s subsidiary Lagunitas is out with weed-infused sparkling water — a collaboration with AbsoluteXtracts, another cannabis company.

A sparkling celebration of the female anatomy big and bold enough that even the most clueless sexual partner would have no trouble finding it.

Combined with its exaggerated size, the golden sparkling organ cuts a figure that’s more than a little imposing.

All were dressed in the sparkling blue costume that designer Gregg Barnes crafted for the character.

White Claw says its spiked seltzer is like “sparkling water with a hint of fruit.”

Vikander completed the look with a set of sparkling Bulgari earrings.

Andrew Grima’s sparkling design includes yellow gold and carved ruby with diamonds.

Geodes are volcanic creations that look just like normal rocks until they’re split open to reveal a sparkling crystal interior.

In the romantic photo she shows off her sparkling, Monique Pean ring as Chazelle plants a kiss on her cheek.

“The green was shocking, the mountains epic, the water full of what looked to me to be sparkling diamonds.

You can now turn the most basic and unappealing objects and sights into gloriously sparkling wonders that’ll probably blow up your Insta notifications.

kirakira+ made my sparkling water literally sparkle ✨💦✨💦 — Rachel Thompson (@RVT9) September 26, 2017 Who doesn’t love a sparkle?

Realistically, she’d like to see more herbal flavors on sparkling water displays.

What are you dressed as?I am a sparkling mermaid fairy with some shoulder pads.

The drinks include a new Bellini made with sparkling wine and peach puree.

Go out there, dip your toes in a sparkling new kiddie pool, and taste your own discount paradise.

That the case for Ashley, 17, who was already in her red halter with sparkling trim when we arrived.

Spa water can’t compete with the celebratory pop and fizz of a sparkling wine.

LaCroix sparkling Water has more or less shut the club down in terms of the hippest beverage to consume.

Legends: French Designer Sonia Rykiel has died.The designer was best known for her colorful striped sweaters and sparkling knits.

Inside he found a sparkling diamond eternity band from XIV Karats that he had been eyeing for months.

We finish off the evening with some sparkling white wine.

In the pic, Aguilera stands next to glamazon supermodel of the world RuPaul, wearing a sparkling crystal gown.

Later, she stopped to admire her sparkling engagement ring.

Both have signature sparkling eyes, full heads of hair and chiseled jaw-lines.

The only thing more beautiful than the Smith clan … the sparkling blue waters.

sparkling crystal-covered boots — a go-to for the star — completed the look.

I like everything: Coke, [sparkling] iced tea, Sprite… Carbonated drinks give my girlfriend hiccups.

sparkling water is always a help first thing.

“Mine is honestly just a glass of sparkling water (Badoit or Vichy Catalan ONLY) and a pinch of salt.

Says Lane, “On the dance floor, Jade was sparkling!” –Elizabeth Leonard

George Washington was a lot of things, but having sparkling white teeth and a killer smile was not one of them.

The actress capped off her look with sparkling gold heels and a classic red lip.

Wearing a sparkling tiara and diamond-and-gemstone necklace, the Queen and Trudeau had a chat in Buckingham Palace’s Picture Gallery.

Adding fuel to the rumor fire, Rodriguez posted a photograph of herself wearing a sparkling diamond ring to her Instagram Story.

A bottle of water will set you back about two bucks ($2.50 for sparkling!

They have some great sparkling juices here with real gold in it.

First off, remember that sparkling wine is always your friend.

Steve watched from his bed on as his daughter, wearing a flowing white gown and sparkling headpiece, wed her fiancé.

A prime example, Parmigiano-Reggiano from Emilia-Romagna in Italy, and sparkling Lambrusco from the same region.

It’s my journey.” His line is available in still, alkaline, sparkling, and spring water.

While it is a surprise to see her switch-up her go-to jeweler, is wasn’t a shock to see her sparkling from head to toe.

As in Pepsi’s new line of flavored sparkling water.

But despite the brazen Bubly’s attempts to seduce me to the sparkling side, I remain committed to my long-term relationship with cola.

And this XO ring, set with clear crystals, is a sparkling statement ring without all the weight.

“ Mary Alice then got the five-star treatment and enjoyed some sparkling grape juice en route to the hospital.

Hough, wearing a sparkling tiara, addressed Rose from her place at the judge’s table.

The star also gifted him with a sparkling diamond eternity band from XIV Karats he’d been eyeing for months prior.

She told PEOPLE of her new bling: “The ring was so gorgeous and sparkling.

PepsiCo just launched a new line of sparkling water, bubly, with zero-calories, no artificial flavors and no sweeteners.

sparkling Swarovski butterfies [sic] flutter throughout the entire garden!”

She launched another extension of her brand, 5-calorie sparkling waters called Skinnygirl Sparklers, in September.

She told PEOPLE of her new bling: “The ring was so gorgeous and sparkling.

But you put these thoughts aside when you are faced with a sparkling, beautiful day.

Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube-famous series, Miranda Sings, has moved out of the grainy web-cam world and onto a sparkling new platform: Netflix.

sparkling cider party!” she wrote on one video, which featured her sipping the champagne substitute.

Lopez’s longtime manager Benny Medina also gave a heartfelt speech and presented Lopez with a tiered, sparkling vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cake.

But her sparkling sense of humor — a quality that’s made her a star — is only half of the story.

), opting for a baby blue bow-embellished blouse, a sparkling choker, Minnie Mouse ear-shaped tiara and jeans.

“Lets [sic] help him find A new job where his sparkling personality and exceptional customer Service will be valued!

Take Alex Proba, the stylish multidisciplinary designer and art director we’re spotlighting with the help of Perrier® sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

As for Caitlyn, she sported the simple black bag with a sparkling patterned dress and black heels.

Save $32.50 on SodaStream Jet sparkling water maker on Amazon.

The mix is vivacious and sparkling, full of chutes and ladders and baroque oboes and pizzicatos alongside fart jokes.

For jewelry, she kept things relatively simple — but sparkling — with a pair of diamond stud earrings from her go-to jewelry brand, Birks.

From most high points in the West Bank, you can see the sparkling of the sun on the Mediterranean in the late afternoon.

But it was really Udta Punjab, a sparkling film with huge stars and intense scenes, that had the entire country looking north.

The new mom uploaded another photo of the mother-daughter duo in their monokinis — now with the pair posing in front of sparkling blue water.

“I knew she had all those sparkling qualities that make stars shine.

He lives near a sparkling beach in Carrara, Tuscany, but can’t wait to go home to Senegal.

Was the sparkling tiara that Meghan Markle wore to her wedding her first choice?

The Spice Girls singer stepped out Tuesday wearing a pink camo coat with, “Ziga Zig Ha,” emblazoned across her back in sparkling silver letters.

After dodging relationship rumors for months, they confirmed that Foster had proposed with a sparkling emerald-cut diamond ring while they vacationed in Anacapri, Italy.

So happy for you Shay!” said Kylie Bunbury, while Olivia Munn shared a comment with several sparkling heart emojis.

Raanta made a sparkling game-saving pad stop on a Jonathan Huberdeau break-in during the five-minute overtime period.

Just tell us these sparkling layers of silver pigment, liquid, and cream goodness aren’t tempting you.

“Mary Queen of Scots” nominee Margot Robbie wore a sparkling gown with exaggerated tulle sleeves.

Supporting Actress winner Rachel Weisz wore a frilly feminine cream tulle dress with a sparkling belt.

Their sparkling varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier will run you about 25 to 30 pounds ($35 to $42).

Instead, the actress was seen leaping into the air just above the sparkling water.

It’s adorable, with holiday-themed packaging and sparkling makeup options.

On Friday, LaCroix sparkling Water posted a 15-second animation of a solid pink can with its signature bright green and pink accents.

“It’s sort of God-given,” says the smartwater sparkling spokesperson with a laugh.

But when December rolls around, she decks the halls with greenery from Balsam Hill, custom stockings and plenty of sparkling lights.

Diamond expert Michael O’Connor told Us Weekly the roughly 6-carat stone is surrounded by smaller inset diamonds and a sparkling diamond band.

The model’s legs go on for miles in her ultra-mini sparkling dress (that just barely covers her back side).

“Chris Hemsworth, with whom I’ve pretended, is a sparkling human being and a stunning actor,” he said.

Last year, Buffalo Wild Wings opened a sparkling dining room in the heart of Mexico City, commemorated by this amusingly over-produced video.

Rodgers finished a sparkling 30-of-39 passing, with 313 yards and two scores to Adams.

And yet, for every sparkling victory there is an ugly loss, and in this case, that loss belongs to Rockhold.

Stir in chilled sparkling wine, and serve immediately.

With this crazy-easy highlighter trick, we’re welcoming the new year in a sparkling blaze of glory.

The tiny tots, who both have light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and infectious, toothy grins, could pass for sisters.

But that hasn’t stopped one retailer from marketing a product designed to transform your lady parts into a colorful sparkling wonderland.

Hart recently showed off Parrish’s sparkling engagement ring on Instagram, joking about the placement of her hand on his leg.

and now Jodie Sweetin has debuted her sparkling new bauble from fiancé Justin Hodak.

After the cherry trees she follows the river into a cave, its rocky walls covered with strange drawings and sparkling gems.

She accessorized the look with a sparkling necklage, drop diamond earrings and a pair of beige Christian Louboutin pumps.

The outfits are definitely going down in history as some of the most sparkling to ever grace a Super Bowl stage.

Red-hot, sparkling lava is shooting into the sky in eastern Sicily.

But there was nothing defiant about these gowns: Many were strapless with sweetheart necks and full ball skirts, and covered in sparkling crystals.

The show may not be all that interesting anymore, but my Twitter feed is still sparkling with Bachelor commentary.

A sprawling reception room with walls covered in sparkling lights and glass circular tables stuffed with roses?

Coupes are also an alternative to flutes for champagne or sparkling wine, meaning a set will do double-duty on your bar cart.

So when we noticed that she recently made a major upgrade to the sparkling stunner, we sat up and took note.

Or Daisy, shimmying at Gatsby’s opulent, sparkling affair.

And if you want to go all-out, another look from cassisel uses nothing but sparkling rhinestones and a very steady hand.

Where lots of television in 2018 focused on darkness, Pose emerged as a sparkling, spinning disco ball of light.

The queen’s sparkling wine is available for preorder now at British retailer Laithwaite’s at just £34.99 — that’s about $44.

We’re sure that the Windsor Vineyard English Quality sparkling Wine will be tough to buy for the foreseeable future, but don’t fret.

I get a chicken sandwich and a bottle of sparkling water.

Plot twist: The brand made a sparkling navy, shimmery purple, and a ruby red that compete against Dorothy’s slippers — and they’re gorgeous!

The sparkling gems look too real to eat, but knowing that they’re made of sugar has us drooling already.

TL;DR: The eco-friendly SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker is on sale for £38.99, saving you over £60 on list price.

sparkling water is a pretty divisive drink.

If the idea of sparkling water makes you feel unwell, then we have a couple of points that might change your mind.

SodaStream Spirit sparkling Water Maker — £38.99 (list price £99.99) See Details

She looked full-on glam — what with her sparkling choker, bright red lips, and bold lashes.

What would Beyoncé think of that sparkling leotard?

Though she (sadly) left her tiara at home, she did wear a pair of leaf-shaped sparkling diamond earrings.

sparkling drinks and fingers,” Slaver wrote of the shot of her and her husband-to-be (and a peek at the rock on that finger!

They can be fizzy fermented teas like kombucha, milky yogurts like kefir, or sparkling flavored waters.

Cabrera turned a sparkling 3-2-3 double play with the bases loaded and nobody out in the seventh to get Detroit out of a jam.

She clarified that it was some sort of sparkling wine, so the cork was easily removed by hand.

That means you can enjoy chocolate two ways: via the delectable filling and the magical, sparkling exterior.

Frankie Grande definitely stood out on the red carpet with his sparkling jacket and equally sparkling silver studded hightops.

I asked Isabelle for a sparkling water with ice, even though there was no ice or sparkling water on the beverage table (muahaha).

On top, the bodice was encrusted with sparkling crystals (the entire look was by designer Hengki Kawilarang).

And Kate isn’t the only famous face who fell for the sparkling gown.

A few weeks ago, Instagram star and sparkling unicorn Bretman Rock went viral because of his over-highlighted ID photo.

There’s free internet, cable, beer, and sparkling water.

It’s almost sparkling rosé season, after all.

Thanks to his already shaved head, sparkling smile and the addition of a gold hoop earring, Jackson easily snagged the part.

If you have leftover fruit and a bottle of sparkling fruit juice, mix them up and pour.

According to the Sugarfina Instagram page, the company is launching two new gummies: sparkling Rosé and Baby Rosé Bear Gummies.

In addition to the sparkling sundae, the ice cream chain is also adding the Triple Berry Wonder cupcake to its menu.

Luckily, there’s plenty else to get your spirit fingers sparkling this month.

Beneath that sparkling pink bodice, there’s a full-on fit-and-flare skirt.

We’re picturing it sparkling on our feeds already.

It’s a mix of sparkling wine, blue curaçao, and peach, so it’s fruity, a bit sweet, bubbly, and best of all, blue.

By “Meteor,” SJP is referring to the sparkling, glittery material up top, which shimmers and shines with every movement.

The actress took the spotlight in a custom sparkling pink Michael Kors Collection gown accented with big satin ruffled shoulders.

Hair color inspiration can come from anywhere and anything: sparkling gems, childhood school supplies, and even unicorn Starbucks Frappuccinos.

She accessorized the look with a black clutch, gold shoes, simple earrings and sparkling statement necklace.

loves to play this movie because they’re featured in it), pay special attention to the sparkling soundtrack.

Inside the sprawling midtown conference room where the “show” would take place, sparkling rosé and cupcakes were served.

Crémant is a sparkling wine but is not as quite bubbly as Champagne.

In true Twin Peaks fashion, we even see what’s meant to be the Boy’s sparkling “soul” ascend to the sky.

It’s also the time when I, at least six times per day, want to pitch my stupid glasses into the beautiful, sparkling ocean.

Their smart water cooler dispenses flavored still and sparkling water beverages while reducing plastic and aluminum waste and saving customers money.

“The ring was so gorgeous and sparkling.

After dodging relationship rumors for months, they confirmed that Foster had proposed with a sparkling emerald-cut diamond ring while they vacationed in Anacapri, Italy.

Dasani sparkling
Crisp, simple and naturally flavored, this sparkling water is fizzy perfection.

A bright yellow and turquoise take on the brand’s Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, and a sparkling gold version of Lush’s easter collection.

Aquafina sparkling
Craving a hint of sweetness?

The 10-calorie sparkling sipper contains a pinch of real fair-trade-certified sugar, plus natural flavors.

The show is a flamboyant sparkling dizzying array of art and expression.

Around the same level as a sparkling red wine like Lambrusco.

If sparkling still isn’t your thing, we think rosé would be an excellent substitute, especially considering the pink ping pong accessories.

Who needs a short bandage dress when you could comfortably slay while wearing loose-fitting sparkling loungewear?!

Now £389.99, list price £583.74 Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Bulb Twin Pack Now £79.99, list price £134.98 SodaStream Crystal sparkling Water Maker.

Available in gray, silver, slate, and black shimmers, they imbue hair with sparkling sheen and shine with the same two-to-10 wash longevity.

Move fast and break things clearly has limits when it comes to sparkling conversation.

She accessorized the look with black shades, a sparkling chunky choker and knee-high silver boots.

She was shown laying on a table, wearing a sparkling, silver bra with her legs and torso covered by a thin sheet.

In January, the retired basketball star, 40, rung in the new year with a special announcement — featuring a gold, sparkling graphic — on Instagram.

For the sparkling gold option commemorating Pirates of the Caribbean, the usual cinnamon-sugar mix had a dash of lemon.

I’m not the Skittles with no red in a bowl or sparkling water kind of guy.”

champagne or other sparkling wine
3 Tbsp.

And the use of cracklin’ is wordplay, since “Crackling” is used in the wine world to describe a wine that’s lightly sparkling.

A man elected to sue Sunwing Airlines for advertising a “Champagne service” when, in fact, he was served a cheaper sparkling wine instead.

Davis also wore diamonds on her head Mane’s white tux was finished with sparkling loafers and a glittering bow tie.

We gathered around a wooden, circular table under sparkling green eaves, anxiously awaiting the Super Souler In Chief.

We must say, her sparkling Lanvin jumpsuit from the 2015 Golden Globe Awards definitely makes up for her lack of a prom pantsuit.

I’m not in the mood to drink and just order sparkling water while he has a couple of beers.

Blooming into this year’s Met Gala, Emily Blunt makes a sparkling solo entrance in a fresh flowery design.

I buy a Cobb salad and sparkling water from my favorite local lunch spot.

I also grab a large sparkling water and a cookie for later.

We hope sparkling in a sentence examples were helpful.