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Still, one detects a trace of self-doubt in this protestations, a fear that his allusiveness may be no more than an armor against oblivion: “This endless name-dropping, with and without handles, is not — I repeat — my form of coping with the nameless thing, our final and fatal lot.” In his 1998 book Canaan Hill had denounced the 1992 Maastricht Treaty establishing the European Union as “an international corporate fraud” and the EU as a “community of parody.” In 2016, with the Brexit vote looming, he decided, “In the impending referendum I shall vote to remain […] The alternative now is an England of rotten boroughs and Hobbits maudits.” On June 23, Britain narrowly voted “Leave” and shortly thereafter Hill drafted his last section, which juxtaposes a sourly satirical portrait of a post-Brexit UK with the timeless, politics-free cycles of the natural world — among which are emblematically English “roses”: The numbness after the shock of exit, big-bummed Britannia in her tracksuit; her phantom lap of honour; no other runner.

And while Giesing learned nothing from Morell about what he had administered, Morell had no idea what the new doctor was prescribing to the patient: “I was not briefed by ear specialist Dr. Giesing,” Morell noted sourly.

Hofman has, rather sourly, also accused Brazilian anti-corruption protesters of copying his duck.

That might read as a canned compliment, the kind of claim that starts off a diatribe about how one hard-working athlete stands apart from a general tendency toward the casual and the half-assed and so sourly on.

I sat sourly in corners sipping flat Red Stripe while everyone else swanned around making effortless, intense social connections.

He sourly noted that the process was “too medical,” sighed, and stopped.

“Unlike some of us, who leave the salon sourly disappointed by a big hair change like this, Jenner was content.

Buddy’s voice mutters sourly.

Tarantino responded sourly to the question, saying that he rejected her “hypothesis.” Still, it must have struck a chord, as he later revealed that he added nearly two minutes of dialogue to the final cut.

When the OECD, an international think-tank, this week ventured that Brexit would damage the economy, Brexiteers noted sourly that, like the CBI business lobby, the OECD takes EU money.

As its competitors sourly point out, finance is a notoriously sticky business.

Trump is a man of that past, whose family’s business was accused by the Justice Department of racially profiling rental applicants and who once sourly told interviewer Bryant Gumbel about how affirmative action made it better to be a “well-educated ” black man than to be white.

Richter peered at Maguire sourly.

Diminishing chances for Middle East peace by abruptly moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.Abandoning a nuclear weapons control agreement with Iran, which European signatories favored.Trying to entice France to abandon the European Union.Undermining the NATO alliance, which he has called “obsolete”Using the last meeting of economic leaders — the G7 — to sourly complain about how they each took advantage of the United States.

Harbaugh and the Niners split sourly in 2014, and he just finished a successful first season coaching his alma mater, the University of Michigan.

When I pointed out that Raúl, not Fidel, was President at the time, he said sourly, “Fidel doesn’t govern, but he doesn’t let anybody else govern, either.” “Go find out why a peasant is giggling at midday.” In fact, Raúl Castro had been slowly bringing about change.

It’s just human nature.” Cosgrove regarded him sourly.

“Millions of children and families across the globe were sourly disappointed with coal in their stockings, in the form of a bait-and-switch marketing scheme perpetrated by Spin Master, the manufacturers of this Christmas season’s ‘it’ gift, Hatchimals,” the lawsuit says.

Shows that still rely on this familiar format often seem as if they’ve been culturally left behind as well, relying on jokes that feel like comfortable carbon copies of sitcoms past, or sourly trying to cram current events into a format so falsely cheerful that the results can seem downright surreal.

Cramer agreed with the board’s reasoning — that the $103 billion bid undervalued Qualcomm — but said he would advise holding shares of Qualcomm in case its dispute with Apple ended sourly and the Broadcom “safety net” would have to be put to use.

BROOKLINE, N.H. — Jeanne Cleveland, a retired teacher, pursed her lips sourly at the mention of his name and tried to summarize her distaste in diplomatic terms.

“That’s because while ‘Anomalisa’ is filled with uncomfortably, at times sourly, humorous moments, it’s also a horror movie about the agonizing, banal surrealism of everyday life,” she wrote.

“My mother was Blanche,” she said a bit sourly.

Directing his first feature, Adam Randall (who wrote the screenplay with Gary Young) shows some aptitude for the tease and for maintaining a stranglehold on the movie’s sourly cynical tone.

“It’s in me alone that my parents forever mingle, sweetly, sourly, along separate sugar-phosphate backbones, the recipe for my essential self,” ­McEwan’s narrator informs us.

at 5 minutes 3 seconds I was all for the curdled edge of Jaap van Zweden’s take on Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony last week with the New York Philharmonic; theirs was a vision of the work less redemptive or humane than sourly pessimistic.

“I wanted to see her happy with or without Cole/Noah in the end.” And Jamie@ImposingLaird tweeted sourly: “Her character deserved so much better.

The residents of rural postindustrial areas came to view globalism sourly, he said, as an urgent problem.

A dozen years of these movies left the fictional Ryan sourly single enough to arrive at “Kate & Leopold” (2001) as a snappish wine guzzler who declares: “Maybe the whole love thing is just a grown-up version of Santa Claus, just a myth we’ve been fed since childhood.

“‘“Bitter salad,”’ he quoted sourly — he had memorized the entire review.

… We are on the path to victory,” he added, as Clinton peered sourly down at her lectern.

TIL that MEAN MUGS can be used as a present tense verb meaning “Glares sourly at, in modern lingo.” 13D.

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