Solely in a sentence | Use of the word solely examples

They exist solely to keep mystery flowing.

Vast swaths of the country were not permitted to vote based solely on their race or gender.

The history that has been told solely deals with men.

“Understanding such a place solely by the generic term ‘slum’ ignores its complexity and dynamism,” they wrote.

They did, but not solely.

We’re told the calls are only for a few minutes, but convos almost solely revolve around the plan to appeal his conviction.

The company said it never picks or identifies targets of its technology, “which is solely operated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Late last month, Washington state governor and presidential hopeful Jay Inslee, a Democrat, called for a presidential debate solely focused on climate change.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

It is not a cross solely to be borne by the oppressed in order not to hurt the oppressor’s feelings.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

(The only story to focus solely on women, “Complainers,” is also the only story to feature a deep and authentic friendship.)

It can’t solely be based on anger because you’ll burn out.

In March, she said there was no authority to dismiss litigation related “purely to unofficial conduct” solely because he occupied the White House.

Thanks to Facebook’s paternity leave policy, I was able to spend four months of fully paid leave solely focused on my family.

“They focused solely on the commuter market instead of diversifying their customer base.

The issue is extremely complex and multi- layered, and doesn’t solely rest on the existence or absence of galleries.

Not sure it was an entirely fair fight, as they fought with money while Nick and his team fought solely with heart and purpose.

He says the plan would create “a near-indefinite period of involuntary indentured servitude” where he has to work solely for the creditors’ benefit.

Because really, at this point, any festival organizer stacking bills solely with four-piece man bands needs to face the music.

The University of Virginia and the city of Charlottesville could solely respond with more rhetoric about doubling down on diversity and inclusive values.

There’s a polite fiction that candidates dream up policies all on their own, drawing solely on personal experience and gut instinct.

So at that moment, we pivoted and we focused solely on photos and that was basically the beginning of Instagram.

Our concerns were not, of course, solely academic as all of us know.

These doubts have caused him to take a more diverse approach to curation than solely introducing the art of the developmentally disabled.

I’m glad to not be solely in that world, especially romantically.

Enders, who turns 59 this month, has said he is focused solely on his mandate to 2019.

We’re told he was solely focused on being a great dad, and it forced him to be very smart with money and investments.

My notes from those scenes consist solely of the wide-open-eyes emoji, so: What’s with that?

That’s the job of mortgage brokers, who are “solely responsible for any marketing materials” for syndicated mortgages, Byrne said.

It is possible to imagine an essay devoted solely to the myriad ways Nozkowski uses paint.

It is possible to imagine an essay devoted solely to the myriad ways Nozkowski uses paint.

It exists solely to bring a bunch of characters back together who haven’t seen each other in ages.

Their transpartisan authority exists solely because participants in the game agree it does.

The company would end new research efforts in cardiology, the spokesman added, solely keeping existing research programs.

I don’t agree that all the changes are necessarily due solely to human activity.

And these companies no longer exist solely within Silicon Valley — in fact, Texas ranks fifth highest on the Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship.

The new Pink Nation app’s task is to make shopping and “community” indistinguishable, without relying solely on Instagram.

It’s unclear if other We the People petitions are experiencing the same issue, or if it’s limited solely to the NEA/NEH requests.

The country has a special prosecutor’s office (DNA) that deals solely with high level corruption.

The country has a special prosecutor’s office (DNA) that deals solely with high level corruption.

The uncertainty over the cost-sharing reduction payments isn’t solely responsible for the health care law’s troubles.

Most languages aren’t content to exist solely within specific domains, but this is especially true of languages like Python and Java.

It’s a scary prospect for companies like Viacom that are solely reliant on their television channel brands.

(Does Hollywood use the music of Aretha Franklin, a black woman, solely to help emotionally repressed white people better express themselves?

Famously, Pavlov was studying conditioning whereas Fletcher’s interests lay solely in the digestion of food and how to optimize it.

Directed by NYC artist Sean Dack, the clip solely consists of imagery depicting light moving through water in eerily drifting shapes.

Several members of the incumbent squad – Jose Enrique, most notably – seemed to have justified inclusion solely on social media presence.

On the other hand, I don’t want to be seen solely through that lens.

And his drug czar, Jerome Jaffe, strongly pushed for treating drugs as a health issue, not solely a criminal matter as Ehrlichman suggested.

He claims his foreign policy is solely based on the national interest.

A lot of television fans and critics tend to focus solely on scripted shows, because that’s where their interests lie.

Alternatively, this committee could focus solely on Uber’s remediation of recent issues.

These weren’t solely the result of principled antiwar efforts.

When looking solely at these corporate products, social media feels like the hellish extreme of late capitalism, Faustian bargains where consumers consume themselves.

Mullican’s palette consisted almost solely of either red or yellow, occasionally punctuated by oranges, blues, greens and blacks.

OA: Right now the library is solely through pop-ups.

Without words, Aged has to lean solely on his melodies, the emotional effect of which is diffuse and complicated.

Hong Kong police said their number was “only a rough figure solely for the purpose of effective manpower deployment”.

Human rights defenders and journalists are routinely arrested and imprisoned solely for expressing their views online.

Even at $15 per month, MoviePass couldn’t be viable while relying solely on subscriptions.

Before that, the company had been working solely on the self-driving software: The brains of the car.

Problem is, as has been pointed out elsewhere, when you own part of a company, any deal is no longer solely about sponsorship.

The plot points that don’t work at all seem to succeed solely on the strength and momentum of well selected tunes.

abortions sought solely due to the sex or race of the fetus.

The Other Art Fair will host a fair featuring solely women artists to address gender inequality in the arts.

“Investigations were never based solely on a single incident.

These activists understood that the way to win was not to focus solely on the needs of white and middle-class voters.

At Depop, buying and selling happens solely on the app.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

Exercise: My current exercise solely involves walking.

The electoral commission said the postponement was due solely to logistical factors and denied political pressure had played any part in the decision.

And anti-Muslim sentiment isn’t solely a problem on the right in America, he pointed out.

Garcia admitted he had trouble concentrating solely on Vargas leading up to the fight.

Document all his illegal conduct, but then conclude it with “we decided not to prosecute solely because he’s the president”?

To be clear, Hutchinson isn’t going to prevail in Tuesday’s primary solely because of Medicaid expansion.

The Emmys have always been resistant to sweeps by particular programs, and people rarely win awards solely because of industry name recognition or nostalgia.

The song and project are solely produced by Cardo and will out on September 29 via Fool’s Gold.

(However, getting nominated solely because of name recognition happens all the time.)

The city council’s vote was simply procedural; the decision was solely Ambrose’s.

To clarify, we made minimal adjustments, solely for the cover’s design needs.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

What isn’t up for debate is that the Wolverines kicked Swenson to the curb, solely based on his football prowess.

Cryptomarkets do not solely cater for the drug consumer.

Do you view Arcane as solely a record label, or more of a platform?

(Saturday’s proceedings, comprising rounds 2 through 7, were handled solely by the NHL Network.)

Researchers readily admit that they don’t have all the answers — or even total certainty that it’s solely the psychedelics at work.

But there’s no obvious reason to believe the benefits are solely limited to that group.

(The term describes situations in which people with disabilities are described as inspirational solely or in part on the basis of their disability.)

Its fast-growing Assai unit, which sells discounted goods in a warehouse setting, continues to operate solely as a brick-and-mortar chain.

This show instead exists solely to cross pollinate the market of people buying art and people buying dresses.

(This argument would solely apply to existing power plants, not other sources, and it’s legally risky.)

If you search solely for the phone number on Google, the results appear legitimate.

“The FAA has yet to go after anyone solely for operating commercially without authorization,” Peter Sachs, a Connecticut-based drone attorney told me.

If I solely addressed issues that affected me I think it would be a very ineffective comic strip.

These books are not solely about figuring out universal rules of game design.

But Stefano Riboli relies solely on memory.

Her sixth and final album is a DVD soundtrack, recorded solely in her last five years but digging back stylistically.

Some advocates have warned that solely reforming the “back end” of the justice system is not enough.

Tusk Ventures is the world’s first venture capital fund to work with and invest solely in high-growth startups facing political and regulatory challenges.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that solely economic solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were a non-starter.

So it’s operating a wondrous hedge fund, powered solely by the desire of foreign investors to own the ever more watered-down CHF.

“This rests solely now on the shoulders of the Congress of the United States of America,” Green said in a press conference Sunday.

The committee said Ross testified that he added the citizenship question “solely” at the request of the Justice Department.

But there are a lot of hypes these days – music isn’t valued solely on its qualities anymore but on the image.

However, now I am currently playing the smaller downloadable titles, like Fast Racing RMX and Shovel Knight, almost solely on handheld mode.

And that’s the problem with looking at reviews solely as recommendations of whether a film is worthwhile.

An entry that noted solely that one man was “creepy af in the dms” was widely mocked.

The increases are “very significant,” so Levin doesn’t believe the spike can be solely attributed to an increase in reporting of hate crimes.

For 48 hours straight, it seems as if all of Miami and the Keys are solely focused on the clawless crustacean.

Arpaio rose to prominence for his aggressive approach to border security, tactics that included detaining Latino residents solely on suspicion of their immigration status.

We both knew I was being discriminated against solely because of who I am.

The France-based university focuses solely on postgraduate business degrees such as MBAs.

Like the Brother P-Touch PT-P700, the DYMO MobileLabeler isn’t a handheld/mobile-connected hybrid but rather built to work solely as a mobile-connected device.

Earlier he notes that it “has become painfully obvious that his future rests solely in his own hands.”

Doctors diagnosed the cases based solely on patients’ symptoms.

I am not saying that Diaz-Balart brought them solely as a diversionary tactic, but if he did, it didn’t work.

In Washington state, opponents of a longstanding comprehensive non-discrimination law are trying to repeal it by focusing their messaging solely on transgender provisions.

Or do you think that’s someone else’s job, when they should be going out and focus solely on creating news?

solely creating news” involves the distribution of your story.

Trump clearly had the authority to fire FBI Director James Comey, solely on his own say-so.

Her petition says she’s been “solely responsible for making all major decisions” for their son.

But the problems highlighted by Living While Black incidents are not solely about the ways public space is controlled.

Whitmer, McMorrow, Manoogian and others aren’t campaigning solely on their gender, or on opposition to Trump, or on #MeToo.

Since a court struck the latter claim down in 2013, the lawsuit now focuses solely on the App Store.

Here the promise of a vast welfare state solely funded by new taxes on the rich runs aground.

When your story exists solely because another, more famous story made somebody somewhere think, “Hey, I wonder what happened before?” you’re trapped.

But focusing solely on SoftBank misses the totality of the Saudis’ under-the-radar investments that still come from the same oil money machine.

It exists solely as an extension of the masterpiece, lacking meaning on its own.

No longer are business phone systems used solely for making and receiving calls.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

These higher death rates can’t solely be pinned on lack of screening access, to be sure.

This decline is not driven solely by one industry.

By not solely concentrating on the child labor photographs, Lewis W. Hine.

This isn’t solely because police disproportionately patrol minority and poor communities due to their higher crime levels.

And the concerns raised in the CAGE report are not solely relevant in the British context, according to experts and advocates we canvassed.

All actors who attended were considered based solely on the content of their audition.

It was understood she was solely practicing pungent performance art.

It’s illegal to racially gerrymander, or draw congressional districts based solely on the basis of voters’ race.

He argues that Sanders and Trump both designed “public policy solely based on vengeance” during their 2016 campaigns.

“I’m under no illusion that enforcement of our federal immigration laws fall solely in the jurisdiction of the federal government,” said de León.

De León said he assumed, when Trump took office, that the administration might focus solely on removing immigrant criminals.

Often, authors will not let you excerpt solely a particularly controversial portion because they’re concerned it will overwhelm the rest of their argument.

At this point, it felt to me as if the restaurant exists solely as a museum of reality television.

Unlike the rest of Lewis’ discography, Rabbit Fur Coat is the only album to date that was solely influenced by women.

Dudes are great, but there’s something really powerful about songs crafted solely by women.

And it has value simply and solely because we believe in it.

Judging solely from appearances, one would never guess that this polite man with his neatly trimmed silver moustache worked in nightlife at all.

Empathy “is not a cross solely to be borne by the oppressed in order not to hurt the oppressor’s feelings.

Tastemakers & Earthshakers is a wide-ranging survey of youth culture in Los Angeles that focuses primarily — but not solely — on a Latino/a experience.

Eventually, I will make my way back home to the southwest and when that time comes, I will solely focus on Southwest regional food.

Available on Hoopla We’ve previously highlighted how the complete work of veteran documentarian Frederick Wiseman is almost solely available on Kanopy.

It’s illegal for agents to stop someone solely because of their race, or for no reason whatsoever.

It’s true that excessive CEO pay isn’t solely responsible for the growing income gap in the United States.

With all these women buzzing around us, I couldn’t help but wonder why the work was attributed solely to Tunick.

With little time or expertise to properly determine an account’s authenticity, journalists often rely solely on the government’s word.

Finally, the decline of Rockwell’s popularity cannot be blamed solely on “his predilection for visual storytelling,” as the curator suggests.

K-1 actually changed the rules on using the double collar tie to land knees solely because of Overeem.

As our landlord corresponds solely by mail, we have run up a notable tab of repairs she needs to commission.

Very few vertebrates live solely among the treetops.

I suppose solely focusing on the music is the goal, but the important thing is how to stay relatable.

In New York City and San Francisco, Motivate is solely responsible for the costs of the infrastructure and operations.

Berriolo is a performance and installation artist who has committed to working solely with books since 2009.

(Something similar happened at NBC, which almost solely picked up shows produced by NBCUniversal.)

Roca told me later that when trains new fighters, he works solely on “footwork” for days.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

Most mayors courting China focus solely on investment, but Parris was playing all the angles.

Barr’s advocacy was not expressed in a social vacuum and he was not solely concerned with disinterested appreciation of Edmonson as an artist.

Taken together, this means it will likely be decades before you can book a flight powered solely by electrons.

Because we’re not solely in an advertising business, we can be thinking much more about what readers want.

Nvidia’s neural net isn’t solely used to generate videos of cars navigating cities, or interactive driving games, however.

Not all of these deaths are solely the result of polluted environments.

The Trump administration’s interpretation that regulations should solely apply to intentional discrimination would not necessarily require that disparate impact standards be completely removed.

In the end, North Korea’s rogue leadership and nuclear pursuits exist as political, not solely military options.

We don’t want to just be partnered with a client solely because the judge wants to keep the case moving.”

Democrats are uniformly opposed to Trump’s wall and say any blame for a shutdown would rest solely with Republicans.

One Instagram feed, iluvbathrooms, run by Everlane social media manager Isadora Sales, is solely dedicated to the bathroom selfie “movement,” as Sales calls it.

Iron Man 2 brings her back solely to re-slut-shame her for the scene she was already shamed for in Iron Man.

There are also some venture firms—including Female Founders Fund, which closed a $27 million fund in May—that invest solely in businesses run by women.

Beil, who was the museum’s former director, was fired with solely a day’s notice following a planned exhibition about fossil fuels.

When I was younger, I thought feminism was solely and exclusively about “women’s rights” and breaking the glass ceiling.

Another recently launched fund, Rivet Ventures, is specifically targeting women-led markets for investment, even if not solely for female founders.

He was sure we’d be able to afford this apartment solely on my salary, and with our good renting history.

I’ve had entire relationships that exist solely in my head.

Under the business agreements, however, the landlord is solely responsible for addressing problems in day-to-day operations, he said.

“My actions were a result of someone acting in an aggressive manner towards me and solely defensive in nature.

While some justifications could feasibly be argued as rational, it’s clear that others are created solely to bypass guilt.

For these people, Varadkar’s sexuality is a non-issue, and he will be assessed solely on his political skills.

The question was directed solely to Rubio, however, who criticized the politicization of the issue.

That’s because she’s not relying solely on soft power as Aislinn did.

ISIS propaganda isn’t created solely for American viewers like Mateen, but it is designed “specifically to engender a physical reaction,” according to Shaikh.

Because first we used to go to travel agents and rely on them solely.

They have rejected me solely on the basis of my being transgender.

It’s also possible that the findings aren’t explained solely by racism.

He continues, “As a result, I decided not to attend so that the focus would be solely on fixing our prison system.

He said his activity was free of politics and based solely on business considerations.

According to the new rules, the 2018 competition “will be judged solely on one criteria: maximum speed with successful deceleration.”

At its worst, it is offensive — as offensive as curating a show based solely on the artists’ religion or race.

It’s not solely that he thinks reparations are too politically unrealistic, but also that he believes they’d be too divisive.

But alcohol hasn’t been linked solely to risky sex that leads to STD transmission or liver cirrhosis.

Instead, the incident discussions are based solely on eyewitness testimonies.

In these pieces, the situation in Syria is oversimplified and threats to heritage are attributed solely to ISIS.

She’s Instagrammed pictures of the giant tubes that exist solely for that purpose at the brand’s New York City showroom.

Its efforts were solely directed towards increasing the number of voters in the election.”

Film fans have been hyped for Moonlight based almost solely on its trailer, which is essentially two straight minutes of downright gorgeous shots.

But based solely on his “Melania” tweets, it seems he’s less anti-Trump or anti-GOP than he is convinced that the government is lying.

—AR Earlier this month, America’s oldest federal cultural institution launched the first phase of its new digital archive dedicated solely to internet-based comics.

It’s what I imagine what would be playing at a rave populated solely by nerdy video game programmers.

America has always presented itself as a “meritocracy,” where success is solely the result of talent and hard work.

Is that solely about identifying with success?

I am solely a messenger.

Even in her architecture, Bo Bardi’s approach was not solely aesthetic, but practical.

But opponents of legalization have rejected the idea that they are losing — and remain dedicated solely to stopping legalization.

Neither Xhi nor Margot have their own Instagram accounts, and they exist solely for Balmain ads.

solely for the fact that he appeared to be a live human being talking to another human being.

It’s a seemingly unsustainable cycle that persists solely because nobody involved in it seems to mind being caught in it.

Why it’s not normal: Nominees do attend meetings with White House officials, but those meetings typically focus solely on their confirmation hearings.

Saratoga WarHorse uses interaction with horses to address the physiological basis of PTSD rather than focusing solely on the mental ones, Nevins says.

This mess isn’t something that can be blamed solely on Donald Trump, however.

This is by no means a comprehensive list — there are great websites solely dedicated to that kind of catalog.

So the increased optimism, including the optimism in markets, is not solely due to the expectations of the new administration’s policies.

It was not immediately clear if the marshals would travel solely on U.S.-owned airlines or also on Mexican carriers.

Fans glommed onto the character, not only because of her untimely end but also because they knew she existed solely as a tragic figure.

But when other mammals begin to rely solely on plants to survive, it may not be the best thing for their species.

In all cases, decisions are set forth “solely on the basis of the best scientific and commercial data available.”

Tusk Ventures is the world’s first venture capital fund to work with and invest solely in high-growth startups facing political and regulatory challenges.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

I am the Congressman, this is my campaign and any further attention on this issue should be directed solely to me,” he said.

** EU states and Britain will remain solely responsible for their own national security.

We don’t have an explanation.” For his part, Green remains adamant that he OD’d solely from getting powder on his fingers.

The company now focuses solely on drone software.

In Holland’s hands, iPads and and iPhones were treated solely as canvases — both digital and traditional ones.

But what Donald Trump doesn’t understand is that not everyone in government is solely motivated by the desire to keep their jobs.

“The issues facing Flint won’t be solved solely through government intervention and emergency support,” Gores said.

He also questioned whether big oil companies are solely at fault.

In addition, their assessment shouldn’t be solely based on whether you use recreational drugs—they should pay attention to how you use them.

The frustration is not solely directed at the military.

An unnamed former senior DHS official told NBC News that it’s against U.S. policy to stop travelers solely because of their profession.

Lyft, which operates solely in the US and Canada, had a net loss of $911 million.

Experts are clear that the impact of post-9/11 Islamophobia on Muslim Americans is not solely about victimization.

You could have a device solely dedicated to Signal, with no Apple ID signed in so iMessage won’t work, or other apps.

We’re the only fund that, I’m aware of, that works solely at the intersection of tech and politics.

So every decision a politician makes is solely based on the ability to keep their job and nothing else.

If you have acne-prone skin, though, you might not want to rely solely on Bioderma for your cleansing step.

Bitcoin was the first currency to run solely on cryptographic algorithms instead of on a centralized system like PayPal or MasterCard.

This latest drug epidemic is not solely about illegal drugs.

Even though bitcoin solely exists in digital zeroes and ones, the computers that run the network are huge energy hogs.

Centennial encompasses much more than Penn’s portraits — there are rooms solely dedicated to nudes and a great deal of innovative still life work.

“The Justice Department’s criminal case against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is based solely on the evidence and the law.

The Customer Service agent said that it was solely because the dollar amount of my returns triggered a flag.

“Bands built their business solely off the community on MySpace — instead of also using websites, newsletters, Facebook pages, etc.

But they’re not solely cynical — they’re also believers in something.

When people talk about decarbonization, they often focus solely on electricity — the stuff that keeps our lights on and powers our homes and businesses.

“Usually, Asian characters have been defined solely by their ability to do martial arts.

But given that time is running out, is climate change something that can solely be left to the whims of the free market?

But you don’t win elections by appealing solely to your base.

In fact, there are now premieres, critics, and even a version of the Academy Awards, called The Golden Trailer Awards, focused solely on trailers.

Lyft is solely domestic, while Uber has stakes in companies like East Asia’s Didi and Southeast Asia’s Grab.

Do the world’s plutocrats subsist solely on chocolate bars and chicken, like Howard Hughes?

Unlike LimeBike, Bird is focusing solely on scooters, which could be an advantage for the Santa Monica-based company.

It is focused on a few key markets and is aiming solely at the premium segment.

But it is wrong to analyze the protests solely in terms of the zero-sum dynamics of partisan politics.

Getting more qualified workers in those areas will take time and education to be filled solely by American workers.

But you can’t rely solely on your impressive answers to get the job.

Vegeta was the epitome of this mindset, a character many picked up solely because of how necessary his assist was.

Donald Trump believed he could do it, based solely on the value of his name.

So we thought Cousineau and Sally would be furious that he got this audition solely because he’s the right height.

In that context, his problem isn’t that serious—a relationship isn’t based solely on the frequency of sex.

“If you look at a human solely from a cellular perspective, we’re just a pile of microbes and a human skeleton,” Cichewicz says.

Rather, the problem is ignoring the massive scale of threats to cultural heritage by focusing solely on one entity.

It’s important to point out, though, that none of the candidates elected on Tuesday won based solely on their immigrant experience.

The two were never married, but have two boys together … so it’s possible the rendezvous was solely kid-based.

Do they have a point?Sometimes folks forget discipline is not solely based on the act.

As Recode reported in April, the firm was working this spring to create a new fund to focus solely on crypto deals.

But Obama was reacting partly to circumstances; Trump was reacting solely to his own desires.

Namely, it isn’t solely the responsibility of nonwhite actors and actresses to be spokespeople for representation.

“This announcement marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car,” said Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson in a company press release.

One thing about this record is that all the music is pretty much solely from James Murphy.

But the US would be remiss to owe their group-topping success solely to their skill against Paraguay.

Unlike when deploying conventional troops, which requires congressional approval, starting a nuclear war is solely in the president’s hands.

Some are solely an online presence like the Broncos UK, others organise trans-Atlantic trips like the UK and Ireland Packers.

“Her interactions with us have been solely on Lean In.” But for others, the two roles are inextricable.

“We designed our Enterprise Developer Program solely for the internal distribution of apps within an organization,” an Apple spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

However, said Haque, that doesn’t mean ICE is solely relying on the subpoenas.

He also managed to set two world records, for the first and longest solely solar flight by a lighter than air vehicle.

We’ve also turned to art and literature, with many local bookstores coming up with entire reading lists solely devoted to the political apocalypse.

“I will not discuss any issue that has become public solely on the basis of WikiLeaks,” Rubio said in a statement Wednesday.

Many Poles have refused to accept such findings, which have challenged a national narrative that the country was solely a victim.

It isn’t solely a fun jab at old-school RPG’s.

Comstock is the first lawmaker to call for Koskinen’s resignation solely for cyber security reasons, an aide said.

As of now, there is no public evidence to support trans service members can’t meet set standards or deploy solely because they are trans.

That lawyer has no connections to Trump’s role as president; the lawyer is there solely to represent Trump as an individual.

And Jews have long been accused of being disloyal citizens secretly working to maneuver governments to pursue disastrous policies solely for their own benefit.

Amazon isn’t solely responsible for Whole Foods’ game plan to win over budget shoppers.

So if that rhetoric leads to trouble, it can’t be pinned solely on Trump.

Put simply, despite his many, many failings as both a person and more importantly as a politician, we can’t simply solely blame Johnson.

Senior Iranian officials have repeatedly said that the Islamic Republic’s missile program is solely defensive in nature and is not negotiable.

The Bernard storyline feels like it’s hiding a bunch of cards from us solely to hide the cards from us.

This isn’t just a personal feud, born solely of two male politicians’ bruised egos.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

What that suggests, then, is that the Khan feud is not an isolated incident, rooted solely in the two men’s particular views.

[The Guardian] + Jason Rohrer gets the world’s first museum show solely dedicated to a single game creator.

The move is part of Theranos’ pivot into focusing solely on developing its technology instead of simultaneously operating clinical laboratories.

Indeed, UK law does allow the government to exclude foreign nationals solely because of their speech.

Some are designed solely for dry kibble while others can accommodate semi-moist or wet food.

Each succeeded solely because of dedicated advocates and acolytes who fought to prove the merit of what others said was folly.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

Out of eighty-seven national pavilions, only three exhibitions are dedicated solely to a photographer: Australia, Belgium, and Poland.

And the work of reducing racial bias can’t fall solely on people of color.

So it’s not unsurprising that Mehta designs Delhi Crime solely to put that question to rest, though it is concerning.

I think DeFeo deserves a large survey retrospective that looks solely at her work in photography.

The ‘City of Angels’ is not solely focused on the Olympics, however.

The Justice Department is clear in its report: The fault for these issues does not fall solely on a few bad apples.

In the second study, participants assessed people’s physical attractiveness based solely on personal ads that mentioned their disorders.

“This is an important enough committee to solely focus on this one issue,” said Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) in an interview this fall.

The latest drug epidemic is not solely about illegal drugs.

When I showed him the pictures I took — solely three — he decided, hopefully out of embarrassment, to “allow” me to keep them.

Not that critics should focus solely on those collective problems.

“We would never work with a factory that solely relies on one client for their revenue,” he says.

And as I say, we have a business that’s completely flipped over which is solely about the money.

Diana, in Marston’s eyes, was raised in this perfect world, on this perfect island, inhabited solely by women — a deliberate decision.

The first book is told solely through Quentin’s perspective.

This sense of aching, though solely hers, is a historical, ancestral lineage belonging to women.

But all that work amounted solely to putting one non-banker in prison.

Iran already rejected a call in November by French President Emmanuel Macron for talks on its missiles, saying they were solely defensive in nature.

It hurts Diana, sure, but it doesn’t function solely to show her vulnerability or provoke her to action.

Zachary Crockett / Vox But Eriksen’s study solely focuses on plastics found on the ocean’s surface.

And who is targeted is almost entirely random, based solely on what story happens to go viral and trigger the mob.

The move, however, was not solely targeted at India, the source said.

You suck.” Feinstein adds that partners often fall into a pattern of relying solely on each other for emotional support.

The company would end new research efforts in cardiology, the spokesman added, solely keeping existing research programs.

To their credit, the Dikers do not restrict themselves solely to collecting artifacts: works of contemporary American Indian art are presented alongside their predecessors.

They are boycotting Bahrain and on Sunday, Abbas said that solely economic solutions were a non-starter.

Instead, it existed solely to have temporary intimacy with someone in order to recreate closeness for fans who’ll likely never have it.

That means fewer Americans will have savings when they retire — and they’ll have to rely solely on Social Security.

The researchers found that that 27 percent of HTTPS sites that display insecure “mixed” content are doing so solely because of trackers.

EPA’s actions are politically driven, unnecessary, and geared solely toward getting these regulations out the door before President Obama leaves office.”

U.S. officials have said the countries given temporary exemptions will deposit revenue in escrow accounts for Tehran to use solely for humanitarian purposes.

What’s worse, this diplomatic skirmish happened solely because of something Bolton said.

Indeed, the Women’s March has pushed back on suggestions that it’s solely anti-Trump.

So far we’ve had one person who has successfully completed treatment who was solely addicted to cryptocurrency trading.

Note: Several readers have argued that Trump Jr.’s tweet solely refers to Syrian refugees.

This should be a rule in general, but don’t plan work events solely centered around alcohol consumption!

U.S. officials have said the countries given temporary exemptions will deposit revenue in escrow accounts for Tehran to use solely for humanitarian purposes.

Within days, the clown hoaxes spread rapidly throughout the Carolinas, again via solely anonymous reports, and so on through the rest of the nation.

Plus, HMV recently went into administration for the second time running, putting mainstream CD sales solely in the hands of supermarkets.

Far too many of us have implicitly believed technology would solely be a force for good.

While Ford’s strategy worked at the time, it doesn’t make sense for us to track our work solely by required hours anymore.

However, his refusal to reveal himself underlies his true intention which is to focus solely and only on the music.

Iran says it is developing missiles solely for defense.

“I was recently at a meeting full of conservatives who solely supported the citizens initiative,” Meade said.

The easiest complaint to make against the ending of Infinity War is that it exists solely for Marvel Studios to reverse it.

Now on view at Regen Projects, Opie’s silent ode to the city is solely told with still, black-and-white images.

#TrumpinUK It’s possible Larry just wants some attention, since May is solely focused on Trump right now.

Solar Impulse 2 is the record-breaking aircraft that achieved the first ever trans-Atlantic flight powered solely by the sun.

Authoritarians can’t rely solely on family members to maintain control, much as they’d like to; there just aren’t enough of them.

To perform an act of transformation is neither completely about an audience nor solely about the performer, but concerns a shared space between them.

This is reflected in the production of new works dedicated solely to the study of ancient graffiti.

There’s a good chance the interviewer’s attention might not solely be on you.

But she similarly was now posting it solely at the prodding of MovingForward.

However, the agreement didn’t cover those issues because it focused solely on Iran’s nuclear program.

By removing the 10% material benefit [with Sense of Promise] we’re catering solely to the consumption of beliefs.”

For preparations sake, she said we should have the equivalent of a disease-monitoring organization like the CDC solely focused on bioterrorism.

The participants are identified solely by their name and age.

But with very, very few exceptions, I don’t think you can have an economy where people derive their income solely through donations.

People were not upset solely as a result of one police shooting or killing.

I’ve lost two jobs solely based on the reporting of my case.

Defining the phenomenon as solely a musical genre or an inside joke fails to capture the full picture.

Some of these materials are called “topological insulators,” which conduct electricity solely on their surface.

John Kasich, who hasn’t raised much money and has been focusing solely on New Hampshire.

Bold Aries

When considering what is most attractive about each sign, don’t think solely in terms of a sexuality horoscope.

But DiMola sees his career as more than solely cleanup, as he plucks precious and ordinary objects from the waste.

These are solely production subsidies — taxpayer money that goes directly to producing more fossil fuels.

They’re cartoonish villains whose existence seems to hinge solely on being villains.

Johns Hopkins and subsequent medical parties were solely concerned with Henrietta’s afterlife.

TPG is interested almost solely in the ad tech and how to rightsize the business to make it work better.

Accordingly, ANTI seems to long for art that no longer has to justify its existence solely with reference to well-known political agendas.

Alongside Thomas again, Gorsuch wrote in his concurrence that denying funds solely because an institution is religious would constitute discrimination “anywhere else” too.

By that time, the Fed would maybe be able to shift focus solely on the economy.

Most states don’t have laws that explicitly ban employers, including schools, from firing people solely due to their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The EPA hasn’t confirmed whether the freeze applies solely to new grants or to existing grants as well.

So if someone finds out a teacher is gay or trans, he can be fired solely on that basis.

The truth is, in a very real sense, WWWINGS is an entity that exists solely online.

Vast swaths of the country were not permitted to vote based solely on their race or gender.

This is judging someone through a truly superficial perspective — one that solely looks at a person’s skin color.

How difficult might it be to make a legal argument that the president was acting solely in his own “self-interest”?

So the decision point really resides solely within the attorney general and the governor.

WeWork investigated this employee’s complaints, took appropriate action, and this employee was terminated solely because of her poor performance.

There are people whose lives are solely based around clinging to athletes.

Under those circumstances, my wedding to Katie was no longer solely a celebration of our happiness.

“We must clearly establish the role of our nuclear weapons — do they serve solely to deter nuclear war?

“This is done solely to humiliate the prisoner for interrogation purposes,” the report added.

The ‘City of Angels’ is not solely focused on the Olympics, however.

Prosecutors relied solely on witness statements to convict eight young men of first-degree murder.

Of course, locality in Mountain Sites isn’t solely defined by the “sites” or the lingosphere the artists share.

In “Olokun” (2017), another man’s lower half appears to consist solely of a grass skirt.

At the same time, the works are solely about experience: intangible, ephemeral, beyond words and ideas.

The court’s ruling emphasizes that SB4 doesn’t allow officers to stop someone solely because they suspect the person to be an unauthorized immigrant.

He even published his own modern designs for combs and pipes, filling two entire volumes with 150 illustrations of solely the former.

The Massachusetts case, however, is one of the few to focus solely on Purdue Pharma, and name members of the Sackler family as defendants.

In the new lawsuit, he says he’s never had access to Chris’ money because another business manager is solely responsible for finances.

The Massachusetts case, however, is one of the few to focus solely on Purdue Pharma, and name members of the Sackler family as defendants.

She was and is a great person.” But if the yearbook entry was intended solely to show affection, what, exactly, was Kavanaugh apologizing for?

The blame for this can’t be placed solely on UKIP.

“The clown arts are based solely for the purpose of serving to create joy and evoke thought,” Ahern explains.

In the days of my parents, mothers solely took on childrearing, but that’s simply no longer the case, not with a two-income household.

That’s not solely the Gateses’ doing — but it’s pretty fair to say that they played a major role.

He exists solely to do whatever the plot needs him to do, to cause chaos when the action becomes too sedate.

One example Fortune cites is Epstein’s decision to highlight makeup -— and not solely analytics — when he took over the Cubs.

The premiums paid by individual employees or retired persons have long been solely a fraction of the individual’s income.

It will be especially familiar if you watch a lot of college football, where teams like Alabama can win solely based on it.

Perhaps a show solely devoted to these works, which are like no one else’s, is what should happen next.

He denied these claims in a Facebook post, saying he donated $10,000 solely in support of the group’s ability to reach younger voters.

“For the Humane League, the cost is solely our time put into the conversations,” Jessie Lingenfelter at THL tells me.

Twitter used to measure itself solely on monthly active users, the same basic metric used by Facebook.

Can this console survive solely on more classically Nintendo-style games?

“All trading’s profit or loss should be solely borne by the users,” OKCoin said.

The case against him depended solely on a confession that, according to medical records, had been extracted under torture.

That’s insane.Remember when Minoxidil was used solely to treat high blood pressure?

Last week, he signed a bill, the Public Energy Policy Law of Puerto Rico, to power the island solely by renewable energy by 2050.

“Instead of challenging me on my votes, this website relies solely on unfounded accusations and slut-shaming,” she said.

Turkey’s military has stated that the 570 miles southern border cannot be protected solely by Patriot missiles.

And his approach is only bolstered by Patriot Act’s focus on the wider world rather than on solely American politics.

Taher says his target is to rehabilitate 1,000 homes and has so far finished rehabilitating 75, relying solely on donations from locals.

They are boycotting Bahrain and on Sunday, Abbas said that solely economic solutions were a non-starter.

However, this data pertains solely to albums—either physical or digital—and does not include streaming.

After 9/11, six of the top 10 schools granting doctoral degrees to Top Secret workers are solely or predominately online for-profit schools.

They’ve been given guidance that focused solely on avoiding sin, never on expressing love: a catechism of “no.”

The committee said Ross testified that he added the question “solely” at the request of the Justice Department.

By 1974, he was painting solely on prefabricated 16 by 20-inch canvas boards that could be bought in any art supply store.

Judged solely against its predecessor’s trainwreck of a storyline, Destiny 2 is a success.

For Buffet, abstract art was solely decorative; it was a false art form that did not represent real life.

The only ritual that is solely related to Mohammed is the climbing of Mount Arafat, which is where Mohammed preached his last sermon.

Moving forward, the collection will focus solely on contemporary art, but the old masters will have their place.

Paige has since withdrawn from five of the six races and is vying solely for the secretary of state slot.

But libraries are no longer solely filled with books.

Unless his company’s latest state-of-the-art loose-leaf vaping device—the PAX 3—really is designed solely for inhaling herbs like lemongrass, lavender, and basil.

Its fast-growing Assai unit, which sells discounted goods in a warehouse setting, continues to operate solely as a brick-and-mortar chain.

(This site tracks total deaths, not just killings, but there’s no on-duty death tracker with 2016 data that solely tracks killings.)

You really showed me.” But Howard does, solely because the movie needs him to.

Ilić and Heller write: Rather than solely representational, Shakespeare’s imagery can be metaphorical.

He has two rooms in his house devoted solely to Gemmy animatronics.

Unlike some competitors like Uber, Deliv is solely a business-to-business service, so retailers don’t view it as competitive in any way.

So I don’t think that Uber would be able to survive solely on their international business right now.

solely relying on mirrors to paint results in distorted views in photos, because I am capturing a three-dimensional subject on two dimensions.

“When the THAAD system is deployed to the Korean Peninsula, it will be focused solely on North Korean nuclear and missile threats.”

So far, that cause has largely been championed solely by Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat and digital privacy advocate.

The scope of In Close Proximity is broad, and I think it could have focused more — even solely — on the Sahrawi people.

I’m just solely known for my kind of athletic ability first and foremost.”

But the league can’t expand the definition of what it means to be an NFL player solely in order to restrict player conduct.

Judge Durkin said Wednesday that he had to focus solely on the structuring charge.

Yet on Wednesday, Trump made it clear this was solely campaign talk.

Along similar lines, Trump isn’t solely to blame for the increase in black unemployment in January.

To them, a man cave takes on its “masculinity” solely by holding items that don’t totally belong in the rest of the house.

Their focus was narrow, solely on BLM valuation and auctioning procedures.

Most of the portraits focus solely on the head, the person’s distinctive face and skin tones.

The speech that started the formal war on drugs in 1971 did not focus solely on criminalization.

That his entire film career was built solely as a front for his black ops?

Rooney left Manchester United to re-join his boyhood club Everton in July and now, aged 31, wants to focus solely on club football.

“These challenges cannot be dealt with solely at a national level.

“These types of inquiries appear to be harassment solely for political reasons.” Jared Kushner’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment.

(Ever since then, NASA has relied solely on Russia to taxi its astronauts to and from the $150 billion International Space Station.)

In both the PrEP trials and the literature that followed, the focus was almost solely on cis, gay men.

That’s not all … Keshia wants Ed to register all his guns solely under his own name.

This, on paper, is another bad Colts team that will need to be driven almost solely by Luck and the passing game.

And those in and out of photography circles have known for years that color film was created solely with white people in mind.

“I wanted to produce a sensual work that could bypass verbovocovisual stimuli, solely by the universal use of touch,” Manouach told Hyperallergic.

However, the VICE News investigation found a number of “terrorism” profiles whose allegations were derived solely from conservative blogs, Islamophobic websites, and political organizations.

These observations are not solely my own.

The question that you’re being asked to decide is not solely whether or not you believe this person.

Never having visited Africa they relied solely on their impressions of imported works, images, and ethnographic studies that Cory collected and showed in Zurich.

In the long term, they seriously want to establish an “ethno-state” solely for white people within the United States.

Iran says its missile program is solely defensive in nature and is not negotiable as demanded by the United States and the Europeans.

I knew you, and it was solely through Twitter.

Because they are.” The essay isn’t popular because it’s provocative — or at least, not solely so.

That doesn’t mean Spicer’s stunt was solely a distraction.

It’s impressive how fast everything happened but we are not solely responsible.

There is not a millinery school that exists in the United States anymore that’s solely dedicated to millinery.”

But even in a hyperpolarized environment, Obama’s popularity can’t solely be explained by the fact that he’s on his way out.

Despite the circus of a sloppy rollout and a missed release date, Taylor isn’t pointing fingers solely at Kanye.

The unpredictable power of ever-changing atmospheric phenomena is punctuated solely by very short parenthesis of anthropic landscape for pure nourishment: Supermarkets, for example.

It can now be celebrated for what it creates, rather than be damned solely by its headlines.

Assuming that Wong Kim Ark applied solely to noncitizens who had permanent residency, the children of green-card holders would be fine.

In October, Theranos pivoted to focus solely on developing its technology instead of simultaneously operating clinical laboratories.

It provides the most convincing evidence yet that cultural change might not be solely responsible for improvements in women’s rights.

Until this year, this publishing house represented solely visual artists, and only Mexican ones.

In a sense, Miller’s use of classical music is a way of communicating that these are not new stories or solely current ones.

It highlights the problem with thinking of school safety solely as stopping school shootings, which are especially rare in communities of color.

Not solely because fun stuff counts for something, too, but because we’re more likely to achieve our goals when we’re having fun.

It allowed me to leave a terrible job that I was keeping solely for the health coverage.

“He attacked me solely based on the fact that he treated me like a human when he thought I was female,” she said.

She claims Kane tried to turn the tables and accused her of extortion — and ultimately instructed her to solely deal with his attorney.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that solely economic solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were a non-starter.

This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely about illegal drugs.

But this isn’t Vichy France, and these advisers aren’t solely helping implement terrible Trump policies.

The World Cup is an opportunity to circumvent the suffocating rhythms of geopolitics and humanize nations that often exist solely as abstractions.

Ultimately, the briefs argue, this isn’t solely a case about LGBTQ rights, or “religious liberty” as a license to discriminate.

His own experience of independently developing a form of Minimalism convinced him that modernism was not solely a Western development.

Vermeer, by contrast, focuses solely on the lacemaker, accompanied by her loyal sidecurls, her gaze intent upon her bobbins.

It challenges the earlier, widely accepted view of her solely as a dealer.

We hope solely in a sentence examples were helpful.