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Beyond that, his vines are also tended to with minimal intervention–he prunes them aggressively in the winter, allowing for greater sugar concentration in the grapes, and sprays a little caldo bordeles (Bordeaux mixture, a combo of slaked lime and copper sulfate) in the spring, after the vines have flowered, but that’s it.

We learned of our thirst for understanding only as we slaked it.

Inevitably, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was forced to choose between love and morality, realizing that the warlike tendencies of his queen and lover, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), wouldn’t be slaked by her demolition of Kings Landing.

With skin slaked with enough of the potently neurotoxic batrachotoxin (BTX) to kill a staggering 20,000 mice, the golden poison frog somehow doesn’t poison itself.

But nothing has slaked car buyers’ thirst for high-riders, and Lamborghini is just the latest of its brethren to break from tradition to meet the market.

One centuries-old technique is to candy slices of pumpkin with slaked lime to preserve a crisp exterior before reaching the jellylike center.

There seems to be no more coveted addition to a restaurant kitchen these days than a hulking metal mill for grinding corn softened with ash or slaked lime.

Big whoop.” It is a big whoop for Mr. DiCaprio, whose thirst for the O-man statuette for best actor — denied to him four times before — seems sure to be slaked this year.

From Mumbai’s chic waterfront neighborhood Breach Candy comes a layer cake of a grilled sandwich built on three slices of white bread slaked with coriander chutney and Amul butter, strong and salty; Amul cheese, comrade-in-arms to Cheddar, grated and half-melted so tendrils droop from the sides like icicles; and mashed potatoes, raw onions and green bell pepper.

But you might nonetheless feel like an older kind of moviegoer while you’re watching it: an adult, for one thing, whose intelligence is respected by an intricate, thematically thorny plot even as your thirst for visceral excitement is slaked by clean and breathless action sequences.

To try to speed decomposition, one official had the yard at Trinity Church slaked with lime; he later wrote to a colleague, “The stench was so offensive as to cause several of my laborers to cascade freely.” (Yes, “cascade” means exactly what you think it does.)

A compact patty of beef or chicken, suffused with a profoundly warm curry blend, is folded inside a yellow-white tie-dye of egg cracked right on the grill, then slid into a bun slaked with brown butter and chile mayo.

Mr. Oda builds his from slabs of pork or chicken, battered and fried, slaked with tonkatsu sauce as sweet as barbecue and surrounded by lettuce and, improbably, cheese.

Into a vast pot of warm water goes cal — food-grade calcium hydroxide, the modern equivalent of the slaked lime the Mayans extracted while building their limestone temples.

Still, the desire for a distinct identity was not slaked.

The egg is a traditional Chinese snack, often called (poetically, if inaccurately) a 1,000-year-old egg, preserved for a few weeks or months in lye or slaked lime, salt and tea.

“This shows that they should get over their fears and their weakness — especially the women.” Though Ms. Tamimi’s arrest — in a night raid captured on video and publicized by the army — slaked a thirst for punishment on the Israeli side, the scene of the young woman being hauled away may have given Palestinians the clear-cut propaganda coup they had been denied by the original confrontation.

The Versai, layered with fried catfish, carrots and pickled cabbage and slaked with a sauce of satsumas (mandarin oranges) and chile, calls to mind the sweet-sour tang of banh mi.

Here is hanger steak, rugged on the outside and blushing within, slaked with house-made sriracha.

It was made in Oaxaca, Mexico, of masa (a dough of dried corn steeped in slaked lime) pressed flat until kerchief-thin, then baked on the comal to an even crackle, as crisp at the circumference as at the center.

This is rich, and richer still when slaked with a heady sauce of raw smashed ginger, garlic and tao jeow (fermented yellow soybean paste), with competing vectors of vinegar, sugar and a low kindling of chiles.

Her specialty: tlayudas, great wheels of tortillas a foot wide, slaked with asiento — pork lard rendered through the slow cooking of carnitas — and black beans simmered with avocado leaves.

Earlier this decade, an online report on CNN placed pidan, or century egg, a snack and ingredient beloved in China and throughout Southeast Asia — the egg preserved in slaked lime until the whites brown and the yolks turn green — on a list of the world’s “most ‘revolting’ ” foods.

(Masa harina, the corn flour used for tortillas, has been nixtamalized, or treated with slaked lime to remove the corn hulls, soften it and improve the digestibility of its nutrients.)

To wean me away from reading only baseball box scores, my father, a philosophy professor, read to me C. S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower novels, which whetted an appetite that I slaked, decades later, with Patrick O’Brian’s 20-volume Aubrey-Maturin series, also set during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Best is the Crazy Rich Sandwich, built of bak kwa, panels of grilled ground pork with the salty-sweet fervor of jerky but juicier, and pork rousong, the meat dried and shredded into a crackly haze, on a toasted potato bun slaked with Kewpie mayo.

Cool without refrigeration, sweet with the taste of earth, nothing slaked the insistent thirst of the tropics better, according to some residents of Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city.

“It should have just three ingredients: corn, cal and water.” The process of nixtamalization starts with heating and soaking dried corn with cal, or calcium hydroxide (also known as slaked lime).

But here, too, is bulalo steak, an innovation of a couple of decades back, in which the meat is simmered for two hours with lemongrass, bay leaf, black peppercorns and celery, then slaked with a gravy of thickened bulalo broth and crowded with mushrooms and lopped disks of corn cob on a sizzling plate.

Work along the border, according to tribal leaders of the Tohono O’odham Nation who live on both sides of the border, is blasting ancient burial sites and siphoning an aquifer that feeds a desert oasis where human beings have slaked their thirst for 16,000 years.

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