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But where LoftOpera skimps on expensive venues and elaborate sets, it invests in artists, paying everyone a competitive rate and providing paid opportunities for performers when lucrative gigs are rare.

She Never skimps On Her Routine “When she travels, she takes a good skin care regimen with her [including] alpha hydroxys or antioxidants.

Usually, getting a small phone has meant getting a phone that skimps on power or on the camera (or, most likely, both).

In a show that skimps on splash and sizzle, Kia is taking aim at the German car market and the svelte BMW 4 Series of the world.

In the rush to cram in so many details and characters, the show skimps on the thing that would hold all of these people together as they jump from body to body: their relationships.

Even nostalgia goes down better when it’s laced with a healthy dose of the unexpected, and while it hardly skimps on callbacks and fan favorites, The Last Jedi has a flowing moment-to-moment unpredictability that rises, on occasion, to genuinely thrilling peaks of surprise.” Matthew Jacobs (The Huffington Post)
“There’s still something about The Force Awakens that I enjoy more than The Last Jedi ― its unexpected serenity, its constant callbacks.

Ryanair even skimps on refreshments.

“Though flavorful, this meal skimps on protein and may leave her feeling a bit hungry through the night,” Moore says.

Miller gives terrific detail on operations in Cuba and Philippines under McKinley but sadly skimps on economic rebound — 44 in 52 (@44in52) June 1, 2016 To Miller’s credit, he makes it work.

Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it skimps out on details or any of the luxury features: it has spoked rims with low-profile tires, brake discs, and a W16 engine with pistons that move.

Walmart, the nation’s largest private-sector employer, has long been the target of community advocates, who say it skimps on wages and benefits.

It skimps a bit on the camera specs: It has a single, 12-megapixel, f/1.8 rear camera, and an 8-megapixel selfie camera.

Plus you can see the new FitSpark feature.Image: PolarThat’s not to say the Ignite skimps on features.

Neither company skimps on performance.

Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers and Adrian Nicole
LeBlanc’s Random Family, it skimps on statistics and analysis, instead
relying on description alone to create a world that captures the reader and
doesn’t let her go.

According to his lawyer, John Danzi, “Corona skimps on the production process, and it lacks quality controls.

Adelanto, which is owned by Geo Group Inc., the largest for-profit corrections company in the U.S., has faced accusations from migrants and activists that it purposely skimps on basic essentials to coerce migrants into cheap labor.

Though Rubio has touted his proposal as middle-class friendly, and he skimps on the cuts in marginal tax rates long favored by Republicans, the Tax Policy Center said today that his plan would nevertheless favor the rich thanks to his proposed cuts in capital gains and dividend taxes.

Kathleen Sebelius, who served as secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration and was consulted on Harris’ plan, blessed it as “a smart way to get to ‘Medicare for All’ where all individuals and employers can transition smoothly into a system that covers everyone.” But Harris’ proposal skimps on myriad details, including the plan’s cost, and will likely still face skepticism from progressives — worried about propping up insurance companies and the slower pace of change — as well as from conservatives and deep-pocketed health care lobbyists staunchly opposed to any form of Medicare expansion.

And despite recent critiques that the new wave of true crime content skimps on structural questions about how that system works, these reconsiderations of the women’s stories offer critical — or at least skeptical — looks at the protocols of the justice system, particularly the behavior of prosecutors.

The film also skimps on providing any broader political context.

So Mrs. B skimps on her medicine, allowing her blood sugar to rise to worrisome levels.

With weariness more than anger, she said that the government skimps on public safety for black families like hers.

For some residents who said the city too often skimps on police resources in the Bronx, the mobile command post offered a measure of assurance.

But he skimps on the adult characters’ inner lives, and, once the narrative weight shifts to the Lodges, he never finds the tone that balances the movie’s sincerity with its nihilism.

Walmart has periodically struggled against the perception that it skimps on health care benefits.

A plan that results in higher taxes but skimps on cutting-edge medicine may seem unfair — and may well be unpopular.

Here, while full of heart, the writing skimps on the meat of the story.

But he says he never skimps on the sauce itself.

She smashes her piggy bank, skimps on name brand groceries, and takes on a night shift working as a janitor at her local Congresswoman’s office.

When a state skimps on individual income, it needs to collect revenue from other sources, including levies on property.

Of the several ingredients necessary to the making of a holiday classic — artistry with a sprinkling of magic, familiarity balanced with adventure — Cirque skimps on the requisite warmth, which the reindeer (embodied by human performers) radiate.

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