Sits in a sentence | Use of the word sits examples

The hut he built himself sits on the banks of the Yenisei River which carves through Siberia.

To the right, a woman sits on the deck of a boat, taking her coffee at a desk firmly planted onboard.

The club sits on 20 acres and Trump shares it with 500 members.

One reason is because Disney CEO Bob Iger is friendly with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who sits on Disney’s board.

While the artist sits, his companion stands, wrapping one arm around Kippenberger’s shoulder and shaking his hand with the other arm.

Nevertheless, she said she and her husband will remain in their home, which sits on tall pilings, 24 feet above ground.

The Nintendo Switch console is a tablet that sits in a dock and works just like a traditional console at home.

The Nintendo Switch console is a tablet that sits in a dock and works just like a traditional console at home.

VICE News sits down with Blair to discuss what he, Panetta, and the CVE commission hope to achieve.

DeMoss’s founder, Mark DeMoss, sits on MOTB’s board.

A blank vinyl sign sits to the right of a dress shop in “50 Percent,” among the most engaging pieces in the show.

Whose shoe is the other one — a three-dimensional red and black slipper — that sits near it?

In the main exhibition space sits Lutz Dammeck’s recreation of Kaczynski’s cabin.

He walks the ledge, sits down right in front of the sunset, looks our direction, kind of blinks knowingly.

DeepMind technically sits outside of Google in Alphabet.

US involvement in the war in Yemen firmly sits in this third category.

A few displays down sits the poet Alfred Tennyson’s bent quill, deformed, perhaps, from the frenzied scribbling of verses in creative passion.

Elsewhere, an iridescent illuminated manuscript of Latin psalters sits across a banal display of plastic BIC pens.

Since his defeat last October after nearly 10 years in power, now sits on the very fringes of his party’s benches in Parliament.

Its architecture, complexity and capability sits in a ballpark of its own,” Vikram Thakur, technical director at Symantec Security Response, told Reuters.

But tweaks to the body that sits around the brain — the hardware — can produce different behavior.

Someone sits on a park bench with head in hands.

All photos by Dean Rosen Mazdak Amini sits in a Tim Hortons stirring up a bowl of alginate.

The entrance to the museum sits inside Lasipalatsi, a 1930s-built functionalist landmark in the city center.

The statue is city-owned, and it sits on Parks Department land.

Tsai sits on the board and has served on investment committees of Alibaba Group and affiliate Ant Financial.

It’s a cone-shaped settlement that sits on top of a small hill.

It’s up to whoever sits in Congress in the future.

Pure water, which is neutral, sits right at 7.

A machine named Alexa sits in many homes, turning appliances on and off, playing music, and occasionally laughing maniacally for no reason.

Wade currently is ranked in the NBA’s top ten in points per possession off of isolations; Butler sits in the top 20.

Starting in the morning, a steady stream of visitors stopped at a memorial that sits on a hill overlooking the school.

* The slum sits alongside the disused rail track near Porte de Clignancourt.

The parking structure sits at the center of Porto, a coastal city in northwest Portugal approximately three hours from Lisbon by car.

At their nadir, a leathered mummy, cut out and pasted, sits in a contorted heap.

Lit from within by blue and purple lights, with a ceiling of suspended gauzy clouds, the courtyard sits alongside an active train track.

Paradox sits under an overpass, and we didn’t know what we were looking for.

Scott Pelley sits down with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for an interview the leader didn’t want you to see.

A police patrol sits distant to observe.

Saar sits authentically in those identities.

Green Mountain College, an environmental liberal arts school 90 minutes east of Albany, sits at the very end of Main Street in Poultney, Vermont.

This 3,000 square foot Malibu estate sits right on the Pacific Ocean.

Casa Fiesta in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, sits on the Pacific coast.

They may have leverage to help shape what the EU spends money on and who sits on the Commission.

The Lighthouse Restaurant sits out in the lagoon and offers a variety of seafood dishes.

At the other end of the room sits my trusty coffee machine and a long comfy window seat for napping!

As a reminder, the Express delivery service still sits (for now) within Google proper, not under the Alphabet umbrella.

Pushed all the way down, the Surface Studio sits at a 20 degree angle, which is perfect for sketching and taking notes.

When that conflict subsided, another threatened: The pump sits in territory also claimed by Iraq’s Kurds.

Behind her house sits a small reservoir the size of one football field.

The large rolling work table/paint storage sits in the center of the room and is home base for everything I work on.

The mini-fridge, usually stocked with bagels, coffee, and water, sits on a small flat file I inherited from a former grad school teacher.

Detroit sits on the southeast border of Michigan, one of the regions of the Rust Belt hit hardest by deindustrialization.

But the biggest name by far is McGlashan, who sits on the board of companies like Hollywood powerhouse Creative Artists Agency.

… and attach them to the screen, which sits in the dock.

The country sits on top of three tectonic plates, making it seismically active.

The windowsill is home to antique owl figurines Lloyd collects, and a stack of vintage suitcases sits in the corner.

20-year-old Jamiah Lincoln: “My neighborhood lake sits inside of an 80-acre park named Lake Balboa Park.

In 1986, the hall of mirrors features a stereotypical painting of an American Indian that sits atop its entrance.

Rachel (Angourie Rice) sits alone at a table in her high school’s cafeteria, watching a music video from pop star Ashley O (Cyrus).

Dolores, one of Westworld’s robotic “Hosts,” sits, still, as a fly crawls across her open eye.

‘Flip or Flop’ Stars Split after Crazy FightDonald Trump sits With His ArchenemyMadonna: I Survived Bowie and Prince!

“Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem.

On one side sits the suburb of San Pedro Garza García, one of the richest municipalities in all of Latin America.

One American, Frank Amado, sits on death row in Indonesia after he was arrested in 2009 for carrying a pound of crystal meth.

Inside sits a crisp Nike high-top, an omen for things to come.

The company now sits fourth in overall market share, according to the research firm IDC, though its once massive growth has dipped.

Short interest currently sits at 6.1% of total ETF assets, the lowest level since the financial crisis, according to data compiled by JPMorgan.

The measure now sits at $135 billion, down from a postcrisis high of $194 billion reached in September 2015, the data shows.

Plexal sits within the larger Here East complex, which is a £150 million development being built on the western fringe of the Olympic Park.

On the first episode, Singh sits down with rapper Freddie Gibbs—who opens up to the therapist about being accused of sexual assault.

Alongside the mix, Mija also answered a few questions about where she sits in her career right now.

Trapsoul sits right at the intersection of R&B’s and hip-hop’s current, respective shifts toward sounding like each other.

Rob Wittman, a Virginia Republican who also sits on the Natural Resources panel agreed.

A woman who looks to be in her 70s sits in the bar of the Hawthorne Hotel sporting a novelty witch hat.

Swastikas cover the walls and Mein Kampf sits on the bookshelf, alongside works by Mussolini, Evola and WW2 paraphernalia.

Behind her, under the pale white light, sits an enormous cabinet of cheeses, aged right here on site.

She sits cross-legged on a bunk bed.

The table the stage sits on is scattered with objects that may or may not make it into the paintings.

He sits in front of a camera and, like a professor, talks through economic inequalities in a strong but composed manner.

“The vandals have stolen the Golden Egg that sits on top of the lower half of the torso of the Venus.

Man  One, whose studio sits just across the street from El Parque de Mexico.

It’s better anyway if a fat bird sits on this not on his thin branch, with the little trembling quivering living leaf.

Alers, meanwhile, falls to 13-3 overall, and now sits at 1-2 with one no contest in the UFC.

A former Boeing executive, Patrick Shanahan, also sits on Trump’s Cabinet as the acting secretary of defense.

A former Boeing executive, Patrick Shanahan, also sits on Trump’s Cabinet as the acting secretary of defense.

At the center of the space, a single mannequin in an Orioles hoodie sits at a desk reading reproductions of late 19th century schoolbooks.

A photo memorializing it sits in his office.

Eyes follow him to the front of the hall, where he sits down stoically while a compère lists his novels and awards.

Currently, the bill sits in the Senate’s Rules Committee, where it is likely to be tabled.

Spanish acting foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said on Friday that Madrid would seek “co-sovereignty” of Gibraltar, which sits off the coast of Spain.

He currently sits on a United Nations policy committee run by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR).

It sits right at the entrance to the new food hall Lote 23 in the Santurce neighborhood, where we sit to talk one afternoon.

You have to figure out where the audience sits and how the movement happens.

The Rusty Knot sits on Manhattan’s western frontier, a block from the banks of the Hudson.

The building sits on Linden Boulevard … the street that’s soon-to-be co-named A Tribe Called Quest Blvd.

The comfortably air conditioned Keystone Lanes bowling alley sits just a few hundred feet from the 5 freeway.

Now someone else sits before it, fanning out the deck of YouTube videos, picking a card.

As I mentioned, this sits right at the intersection of three of my enduring obsessions.

She sits on the board of L’Oreal and is a founding member of Women@Google, an internal organization.

New President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who sits on the commission, is also expected to announce his council of ministers at the assembly meeting.

But in the story the grandmother sits on the bench.

Faulk, the anchor of the team’s offense, still sits only 9th in defensemen scoring in the league.

Elections determine who sits in office.

His former training partner, meanwhile, now sits at 14-4-1 overall and 1-1-1 in the UFC.

In the image, the female personification of liberty is exposed, passed out on a mattress while a hate-filled monster sits on her chest.

She sits watching the Doors in a recording studio, waiting for Jim Morrison to arrive.

On Monday evening, Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, sent out an alarming series of tweets.

In May, the vault flooded as the permafrost it sits on began to melt.

A signed Trump mask sits in a glass box on the first floor, eyelids empty and cheeks puffy-red.

(The meeting was held at Hauser & Wirth because co-President Iwan Wirth sits on the Board of Trustees.)

Next, it sits for about 12 hours to prove, before the ball is stretched out and toppings are added.

As they settled in the region, which sits in line with Bordeaux on the 45th parallel, grains and vegetables appeared in the cuisine.

He’ll be inside my top ten TEs for Week 13 if (as I expect) Reed sits.

Between Gazzarri’s and Whisky, and smack dab next to Roxy, sits the Rainbow Bar and Grill.

Stroll currently sits No.

It sits on 17 acres and has ridiculous views of the Pacific.

In his world, Bayer sits at his desk on a hill, surrounded by hemp.

They left Camp 3 (which sits at a height of 7,400 metres) in the dark and made good progress to the top.

To ensure the longevity of their project, they rented the land it sits on through 2022, as the New York Times reported.

“I was angry,” said Gardner, who typically sits during the national anthem and prays.

Salvador sits at an altitude of nearly 8,000 feet on a flat plateau in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

That vague there’s-something-about-him doubt sits with people like Judi Picinini, who is backing Denham.

For this remarkable installation, artist Lee Mingwei erected a worktable where a volunteer sits in front of a wall of multiple spools of thread.

For Hindus, Prayagraj sits at the confluence of three sacred rivers – the Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati.

The most famous marker of change in this particular pocket of the city sits a block and a half from the park, on Bowery.

He sits over a small hole in the Arctic ice, watching for a seal to swim by below, spear at the ready.

He’s waiting for a better world, but we know the ice he sits on is only going to melt.

A man in traditional Germanic dress sits on horseback behind the barbarians attempting to topple the Roman statue.

[…] The once beautiful pool sits empty because no one has come to fix it.

He organized the firm’s 2011 investment in Airbnb and still sits on the company’s board.

In a genre that’s sits on such a delicate teeter between chaos and melodies, Counterparts finds a perfect balance of the two.

He sits at a table, working on a wood-mounted collage.

One of the main individuals responsible, Conservative Senator Don Plett, still sits in the upper chamber.

So he sits and waits, for more than two hours, until a janitor opens the door and he can get out.

“President @realDonaldTrump sits down with @seanhannity for his first interview following his meeting with Russian President Putin.

And here’s another wrinkle: Bates is joining the board alongside Donald Carty, who also sits on the board of EMC.

This week on Noisey Radio, 19-year-old British songwriter Yellow Days sits down for an exclusive interview.

Tidwell also says that the developers would like to take an industrial building that sits on the complex and rehabilitate it for luxury housing.

Tommy Ahlquist, a first-time political candidate, former physician, and wealthy commercial real estate developer from Boise, sits somewhere between the two.

It sits in a pool of red chili sauce with hints of soy sauce and vinegar.

In front of the players sits an island made of tiles that can be explored to create events, quests, and sites that augment gameplay.

You had a little wardrobe malfunction the other night,” he says, raising his eyebrows meaningfully as Hathaway sits very still opposite him.

Lynne poses in trees drinking from coconuts, or sits on a balcony eating bananas, creating divisions between herself and the island.

Their offense is never worse than when he sits.

But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, ‘Stay the course’ …

In a barren valley in Idaho, a man sits and reads the newspaper on a plaid couch engulfed in flames.

In “Man Overboard” (2017), a dory sits on a shelf, its oars untended.

The district sits in central Kentucky, encompassing the city of Lexington and rural counties around it.

Finally, where Sixth Street runs through downtown, it sits adjacent to its tech epicenter which is currently booming on a national scale.

When he sits down with Peter to question him, he says, “Rachel’s not perfect.

On a low plinth sits a little monochrome assortment of what appears to be broken stone.

In each of these earlier works, an abstracted, geometric form sits on top of a rough concrete remnant.

They are currently living in limbo, as the fate of the program sits in the courts.

Cover image: A MX or “Peacekeeper” missile sits at the entrance of Warren Air Force Base July 11, 2001 near Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The district, which includes San Antonio, sits along the Mexican border — making immigration a key issue.

At the forefront sits the disproportionate number of minority lives affected by the War on Drugs’ prosecution mentality.

The 30-year-old sits cross-legged amidst the merchandise, methodically folding a pile of baby clothes.

So we’ll look across the landscape for opportunities, and ultimately the price that we pay is a function of where that business sits.

The 30-year-old sits cross-legged amidst the merchandise, methodically folding a pile of baby clothes.

She also served on Baker Hughes’s board of directors from 2012 to July 2017 and sits on the board of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L).

Whether Sanders or Clinton sits in the White House, Congress isn’t going to enact a Medicare-for-all bill.

Yet despite the fact he clearly sits in the same canon as Young Thug, people have been going wild for Kyng.

She sits on a workbench that she designed and made.

She sits on a wooden chair, and I made her hips out of mirrors.

I say that as someone that sits fine and even breath-ed during every gory, super stupid, forcefully disturbing moment thrown at me.

Sidi Bou Said is located near Tunis, Tunisia, and sits atop a steep cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

“We tried time-outs,” says Joe, who sits by Arlene’s side.

Albarracín sits perched high on a mountaintop above the Río Guadalaviar in the Spanish province of Teruel.

The Swiss town of Arosa sits against the peaks of the Weisshorn, Hörnli, and Schiesshorn, the perfect backdrop for year-round activities.

Given where he sits in the polls, though, they might not be so bold as to expect it.

The circuit court that Kavanaugh sits on, in fact, ruled that she needed to be released to get the abortion.

The statue sits on New York City park land and as such is owned and managed by the City.

But it also sits just inside the M25 ring road, a traditional boundary between the center of England and its provinces.

Flake, who sits on the judiciary panel, has called for a delay on the vote until they’ve heard from Ford.

Jesinne Dhewedza sits almost catatonic most of the time, murmuring just a few words now and again.

“Megiddo was important because it sits on the international road which connects Egypt with Mesopotamia, with Damascus, with Anatolia.

So whoever sits here controls the most important road of antiquity in the ancient world,” Finkelstein said.

Flash forward just one decade, and that number now sits at $1,350.

Rivka sits in her dilapidated home in Kutaisi, Georgia.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Rabbi Ahimelech Rozenblat sits in his office in Tbilisi.

This 11-bedroom, 15-and-a-half-bath, 35,384-square-foot Georgian Colonial mansion sits at the end of a majestic tree-lined driveway and at the top of an 8-acre knoll.

Now Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, is running for president.

It was put there by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) in 2015, and sits roughly 18 miles off the coast of California.

Harry Sarfo, the would-be recruit, now sits in a German jail cell, having escaped Syria and confessing his crimes to a German court.

The factories on Zug Island, which sits in the Detroit River and is closely guarded by Homeland Security, are likely the culprit.

A baby in a high chair sits just a few seats down from a teacup chihuahua sitting underneath a table.

Its chief executive officer, Hiroshi Mikitani, sits on Lyft’s board.

Its co-founder, Ben Horowitz, sits on Lyft’s board.

It owns 12,828,964 class A shares and David Lawee, a partner at Capital G, sits on Lyft’s board.

But, Janet’s most clever foray into dance music sits between janet.

KS: Again, what could people do with a smart TV, someone who sits outside your house?

And what that does is it basically sits between my machine and the machine I’m talking to.

At one point, he walks up to a piano, sits down, and begins to play.

The gigantic pad sits on 20 acres, featuring 9 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 4.5 baths.

The council sits within the executive office and advises the president on economic policy.

It’s worth noting, too, that The Bell Curve sits in a broader context within Murray’s work.

The flagrant kitsch of the work also sits uneasily with the show’s conceit.

The founder was ousted as CEO in June, but he still sits on the board and owns a significant voting stake in the company.

The home, designed by Barton Meyers, sits on 10.4 acres and blends sleek steel, glass and concrete.

Now that Kavanaugh sits on the Supreme Court, a rollback of Roe v. Wade is a distinct possibility.

The largest crude oil processor in the United States, Motiva Enterprises’ Port Arthur Refinery, sits along the port.

The Facebook angle there: Thiel was an early investor and sits on its board.

Imagine, next, that someone you’ve insulted sits on the prize committee.

Reza sits, hands bound, in a dingy interrogation room.

Reza sits, hands bound, in a dingy interrogation room.

To the right of these, a tarnished zinc tub sits in the center of a mirror-and-steel-gridded frame attached to the wall.

It also sits above your wrist.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who also sits on the committee, is still expected to vote against Pompeo, which would split the vote evenly.

The U.N.-backed government sits in Tripoli in western Libya.

In Oakland Cemetery, an obelisk sits on the highest point in the historic property.

In one print, a woman sits at a bistro table, brown, bare-breasted, and rife for extraction.

Jogs in circles in the park, sits in a puddle of sweat in coding class.

I’m in Target, it just sits there.” That’s a hard sell, Sonos is a hard sell because it’s complicated.

A replica of “Laocoön and His Sons” sits atop a Trojan horse tethered to the rocket.

In another, a dead body, filled with gas from decomposition, suddenly sits up and moans.

“The plan is no small part about who sits at the table,” Warren said.

That’s where Stormer sits, flanked by the American flag and the state flag of Ohio.

The ninth-seeded Denver Nuggets and 10th-seeded Utah Jazz are only two games back from Minnesota, which sits in the six hole.

He sits with me and asks gently: “Are you okay?

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and is regularly hit by earthquakes.

The scenic town of Palu sits at the mouth of a narrow bay in northeastern Sulawesi and is home to around 380,000 people.

The brownstone sits on a tree-lined street, with skyline views from the rooftop penthouse.

Hubner, who sits on a six-strong panel dealing with Brexit in the European Parliament, said the EU-UK divorce deal was final.

In one, he sits on a couch, the disgruntled gamer, discussing his violent fantasies and desire for simulated sex.

The painter sits facing the screen like a monk meditating before a wall.

The venture capitalist sits in limbo even though DFJ’s investigation has concluded.

He sits across from me.

Avdiivka, which sits along a vital supply line for both sides, has been under Ukranian control since 2014.

The property sits on 5 acres of land.

Who sits at the commentator’s table?

Jimmie sits on the floor leaning back against the couch.

New age music sits at this interesting boundary between being functional music (whether for meditation or commerce) and like vaguely spiritual practice.

It sits on a quiet block of the Ridgewood neighborhood in Queens, and even from outside you can smell rubber and sweat.

“If I hadn’t left, I would be dead.” Cover: Marlin sits in a shelter for homeless immigrant minors in Tijuana.

Nelson Gonzalez, a luxury realtor, gave me a tour of the home, which sits on a 1.2-acre lot.

This all sits on top of Mario’s already expressive and fluid moveset.

Vocally, she sits somewhere between mid-90s Mariah, Prince and Solange, her voice cushioned beneath twinkling synth lines and R&B bass lines.

“I believe that a knowledge of that perfect life sits inside you just as the North Star sits in its unaltering spot,” she writes.

In one sequence, Adi sits with one of them as he plucks away at several tunes on an electronic piano.

The most famous of these, the “Stryge” gargoyle sits atop the cathedral watching Paris with its head resting in its hands.

The bacon booty sits atop a patty weighing in at 1/3 of a lb.

I want to be one of the people who sits on the sidelines and judges everybody.

As per tradition, all of Pete’s meat sits in a brine for ten to 14 days.

On screen, Fumai as Palladino sits at her talking board with her planchette in a darkened parlor lit by a single candle.

The 3 bedroom, 3 bath Spanish home sits on top of a hill with breathtaking 360 city views.

She always sits in front of the place where the guy stands to make cocktails.

Then sits on the side and watches you film the rest of the time, just staring, talking shit.

In profile, a shirtless Willie Causey Jr., who is a teenager, sits holding a rifle in his lap, looking bored.

In it, the DuBois clan sits silently and glumly around a corked champagne bottle.

He sits on a wheelchair and looks despairingly at a wall, while she stares morosely at the food.

What sits before us today would more than likely make any kid beg for a bite.

He sits by the window, scrolling through Twitter and preparing for a well-deserved weekend at home.

The 10th sits near the top of Democratic targets in 2018.

In the large painting, Putin sits, hands folded, foregrounding a stormy sky and the White House itself.

The best part of the performance is when the prisoner sits and stares into the distance.

The further north you go, the greater amount of the landscape sits atop permafrost.

The further north you go, the greater amount of the landscape sits atop permafrost.

A young man in a hot-pink turban raises his hands humbly as he sits crossed-legged on the floor.

Systems of disenfranchisement menace African-American life everywhere in Milwaukee, but this old and half-empty basketball arena sits on the fault line of cultural inclusion.

When Antoinette sits a suspect down in the interrogation room, she has the full weight of the state behind her.

The Dark Zone sits squatly in the middle of our maps, its ghostly skyscrapers colored blood red.

The cheese sits for 60 days, stewing in its own beery juices, getting riper and riper.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who sits on the subcommittee, spoke to Vox after the hearing.

Indonesia sits on the geologically active Pacific Ring of Fire and is regularly hit by earthquakes.

Sessions now sits on the committee.

This sugar intake is especially cavity-inducing: the daily recommended value of sugar for women sits at 25 grams.

Glenn actually sits out this episode, but the show hasn’t forgotten about its long-running power couple.

It uses a sensor and a BLE transmitter that sits on top of the sensor.

Our table is placed directly under a video camera, and a padrino sits on the other side of the room.

In a downstairs office for the padrinos a bar sits stocked with booze.

The U.N.-backed government sits in Tripoli in western Libya.

It sits in the heart of the Wrangell–St.

Unthinkably, unfathomably, he sits down during a Chicago timeout—and refuses to reenter the game.

The main lodge sits on top of a hill with five smaller cabins down below.

She’s breathless and sits with her right leg balanced up on her walking stick, rocking it back and forth as she speaks.

Anderson sits on the side of the road leading towards the concert, selling hats and bandanas alongside hundreds of other merchants.

With video games, however, the kid sits and plays for hours of adrenal-elevated fight-or-flight.

Cherri Foytlin, who is Din’e, Cherokee, and Latina, sits on the camp’s advisory council.

After the tube has been inserted, it’s connected to a valve that sits on the abdomen.

“These are stopgap measures,” said Shim Ki-joon, a ruling-party lawmaker, who sits on a parliamentary special committee set up to support the Games.

Propped up in his bed, his laptop sits in front of him and he listens to it through headphones.

“What is your case?” Fairstein sits forward, her hands folded on the table.

On the more competitive side of the spectrum sits Wrestler Mike.

But I tell my sisters to open the door and he gets in and sits between my sister and Melissa.

Rebecca Irving sits on a lawn chair with friends and her bulldog Jackson.

We later see these tableaux echoed in Kogonada’s feature, such as when Casey sits or stands in her kitchen chopping and peeling vegetables.

Get in front of it.” And as soon as she sits down to report it, it comes out of her competitor’s mouth.

When I visit his production room, the equipment is in pristine condition but sits idle, waiting for the next shipment to come.

The system is embedded inside a glossy round pod (called the Orrb), which the listener sits in.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) also sits on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

Nico, the Warhol superstar and Velvet Underground member, doesn’t speak — she just sits pretty, looking here and there while Warhol makes her portrait.

A small, smooth, unremarkable nugget of silver sits on a hooded plinth.

Now he faces death threats, an armed guard prowls Cumhuriyet’s perimeter and a bomb-suppression blanket sits at the entrance.

The dual-carriageway bridge was slated to open in November 2015 but today sits abandoned.

Cover: A U.S. Border Patrol vehicle sits above the Rio Grande River at the U.S. – Mexico border Tuesday, June 26, 2018, in Brownsville, Texas.

The US ambassador to NATO, also called the permanent representative, sits on the North Atlantic Council, the alliance’s decision-making body.

Amongst all of this, one Syrian man sits, alone and composed, waiting for his unexpected layover to finally come to an end.

It’s also no accident that Beykpour now sits on Twitter’s executive team, a show of confidence (and interest) from Dorsey.

Ceuta is a Spanish enclave which sits on the tip of Africa’s north coast, across the Straits of Gibraltar from mainland Spain.

But beyond that sits a more complex ache.

In his nightmares, Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker sits down at the blackjack table.

Behind it, a pale figure in white sits to the side.

“This might disrupt transaction banking and financial market intermediation,” Weidmann, who also sits on the European Central Bank’s Governing Council, said.

That expansion sits close to the heart of everything good and bad about the series.

Now Marshall is a registered Democrat who sits on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Nicholson, meanwhile, comes up short in his debut, and now sits at 6-2 overall.

In defeat, Jackson loses his pro debut and now sits at 0-1.

The island nation sits right atop two tectonic plates slowly pulling apart, drawing up magma from below.

“What have you seen recently that has influenced how you think about the world?” I ask 2D, as he sits back down.

Yazan Khalili’s “Falling stone, Flying stone” (2017) is the most visible piece in the show — it sits atop the museum.

Tybring-Gjedde, who sits on the Norwegian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, also confirmed the joint nomination of Trump when contacted by Reuters.

James Bobick, the stubborn, domineering father of this religious family, sits silently brooding at the dining table.

Bernd Osterloh, the company’s powerful labor chief who also sits on the VW supervisory board, is still in place.

Melzer sits on a bench press staring straight at the camera, his body a wall of power yet his eyes somehow beseeching.

He sits us on the edge of the fantastic, pondering whether it is marvelous doubt or uncanny certainty that seems to lure us in.

Syndergaard’s sits at 92 and has hit 95.

A portable television sits on a small table, part of it in one painting and the rest in the other painting.

Meehan also sits on the Ways and Means committee, the House’s main tax-writing panel.

Lee is a stodgy fan though, one who sits behind home plate and keeping score, rarely emoting or standing.

Jurvetson still sits on the board of SpaceX and Tesla and is working at DFJ as the investigation unfolds. Still, it’s a major announcement made more major still because of who sits in the Oval Office.

And why not take a gander, given the huge trove of data that Twitter sits atop globally and its unique worldwide digital distribution system?

On the outskirts of town sits an imposing, beige brick fortress that resembles a military base or prison.

Twenty inches tall, the red woman sits with crossed legs like a Buddha.

EMW sits in the middle of bustling downtown Louisville.

It sits along a vast, green meadow; nearby, a two-lane highway bisects several acres of solar panels.

So right now, it’s often CVS that sits down and negotiates prices with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The distillery sits in a refashioned warehouse under Johannesburg’s busiest highway that also hosts live bands and art markets on weekends.

In the case of the gingham dress featured in The Body, the padding sits around the hipbone and on the opposite shoulder.

Karakhanyan, meanwhile, has a two-fight streak snapped by the loss, and now sits at 26-7-1 overall.

He sits in his super-cool home movie theater and watches Jerry Maguire and eats ice cream — alone.

But when Tucker sits, they fall from “not great” to “maybe the worst defense in NBA history.”

The restaurant sits next to the Chena River,* which runs brown and lazy beside us, full of ducks and gulls.

The parent control system sits atop a broader system that adults, too, can use to monitor and limit their screen time.

Ford sits by, looking on in pleasure: “The anguish, the horror, the pain, it’s remarkable,” he says.

Occasionally, a whole bird— an African starling, even an owl — sits atop a hat.

The pamphlet, available for guests to take, sits in a bin next to one of the two entrances into the ICA.

The customer happiness team sits in an open-plan area in a space where the hallway widens.

Another tells me it’s not overwhelming because “no one really sits at their desk all day every day”.

Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán sits handcuffed on the edge of a bed in the Doux motel after his detention.

1903) sits on an intersection called Martin’s Corner.

The Nigerian immigrant sits at the till shrouded in an anorak, chewing on a bitter kola nut.

Although this is obviously a feature of musical theatre itself, the form occasionally sits uneasily with the social realism of the content.

If the Madonna sits in the center of the Western history of painting, why can’t her intimate relationship with her child be expanded?

(Memphis sits in Shelby County.)

Patrick Carney sits down with VICE News Tonight to offer weekly music reviews on new songs.

Patrick Carney sits down with VICE News Tonight to offer weekly music reviews on new songs.

The Spaniard sits on 17.

“This might disrupt transaction banking and financial market intermediation,” Weidmann, who also sits on the European Central Bank’s Governing Council, said.

His overall record now sits at a baffling 21-1, while his UFC record—which spans almost 5 years—sits at a mere 4-0.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who, along with Biden, sits atop the 2020 Democratic field in opinion polls.

Its opening track, “Soundboi”, sits neatly between the restlessness of Skepta’s tireless lyrical pace, and A$AP Rocky’s highly aestheticized production.

And, well, a phone often sits in your front pocket.

At the center of all these changes sits one device: the smartphone.

On the record’s back cover, Medina sits behind a bass drum featuring the band’s name: the Outlaws.

Even as it portrays a newly confident woman, the movie itself sits uncomfortably in its self-presentation.

Arriaga sits with the indigenous authorities at those festivities.

Everyone.” Twin #2 sits next to me and whispers “Follow your dreams” in my ear.

The 10th sits near the top of Democratic targets in 2018.

It was just the way that sort of technology sits so much at the heart of these democratic systems.

In addition, he also sits on the Senate’s Finance, Agriculture, and Veterans’ Affairs committees.

Going into Election Day he sits about six points behind the Republican incumbent.

Jasmin sits back on a pillow and spreads her legs.

Sulawesi is one of the earthquake-prone archipelago nation’s five main islands and sits astride fault lines.

Harvard University sits on a gargantuan and growing pile of money.

Palu sits astride the Palu-Koro fault, which runs north-south along the edge of Palu Bay.

Formed in 2013, this startup builds tech that sits between the high-flying access strategies of Internet companies and mobile operators in emerging markets.

“The plan is no small part about who sits at the table,” Warren said.

Right now, “Bodak Yellow” currently sits at Number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, its peak position.

The district sits in central Kentucky, encompassing the city of Lexington and rural counties around it.

The crowd sits in collective silence for several minutes, after which we are asked to yell out things that have “come up” for us.

Cantwell is now the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where she sits right next to Lisa Murkowski.

The house has 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and sits on 5,427 sq feet in a super secure gated community.

He also sits on a workforce policy advisory board to the president.

The president sits down and charts the course forward … with the actual leaders of the Republican Party,” a White House official said.

A blonde, beautiful and lithe Scottish transsexual called Lucy sits across the table from me at Luthra’s villa soirée that night.

Ben Kafka: Mostly he just sits on his bed and plays Fortnite.

Or at least made it to the tier that sits below the arena tier.

“Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem,” Trump tweeted.

A seemingly random collection of objects, including a picture of Saddam Hussein, sits next to a harshly lit set of genitals.

Metropole sits right in the center of crowded streets, so it’s difficult to ensure security,” Cuong told Reuters.

Rehana sits in a wheelchair with her baby on her lap.

Ruri sits obediently next to her, shaking a tambourine.

Aki, 27, sits at a table of an Italian restaurant in Tokyo’s shopping district Shinjuku.

Gunnar Birkerts, 1967), with the exception of Synergia at Indiana University, which sits on the lawn below North Christian Church.

After dark, Synergia emits a shifting glow of colorful light as it sits in communion with Saarinen’s masterful work.

In most other developed countries, the government sits down with drugmakers and haggles over how much they will pay.

He mists Furtado’s hair a few times as she sits perched on her coat that may or may not be inside-out.

The GBA sits in the Indo-Burma hotspot, one of the world’s most biodiverse areas, but also one of its most threatened.

The non-profit healthcare system is one of the state’s largest employers and sits in the heart of economically depressed coal country.

While he sits, Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry zine is conveniently placed on his table.

So 18F sits in the General Services Administration.

Everyone around her is scrambling to turn it off, but Reynolds sits serenely, smiling.

In “Untitled (Legs and mirror #2)” (2016), Rasmussen sits on a concrete floor against a featureless wall, creating a gray palette.

The Broadmoor sits 6,000 feet above sea level, its rooms and pools and golf courses splayed around a small lake.

Hacksaw Ridge, Trump voters’ second pick, sits at the 46th spot, lower than Arrival (29).

The country formerly known as Burma now sits at the heart of a multi-million dollar industry.

In the model, the citadel sits on a low paper hill on which Mohammed’s brushstrokes stand out clearly.

5:43 P.M. Sophie C sits slumped in her chair, resting her head in her hand.

When it comes to romance films, The Notebook sits comfortably in the top tier.

Marshawn Lynch sits during the US national anthem, stands for Mexican anyhem

“There is a new story and a new headline every day,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who sits on the Oversight Committee.

In “Invisible” by artist M.A.G.E.-X, a female-identifying person sits with an arm wrapped around one knee and gazes over her shoulder.

Currently, a red version sits in the Tate in London, and the others are spread across museums around the world.

That odd, hazy, heavy heat that sits in the hills and is impossible to shrug off.

The charger sits on top of the lamp’s base, with a circle showing you where to place your phone down.

Stephanie Shults is the general manager of the Penalty Box, which sits next door to Heartbreakers.

It sits in with a 4.2-star average on Amazon.

As he sits down, he makes a sound on his trombone.

This moment comes as Eritrea, which sits like a narrow, slanted pistol along the Horn of Africa, continues to face fierce criticism.

Every charred brick in a hearth attached to nothing, every burned detail in a metal chair that sits still-propped against a partially collapsed wall.

Hawk sits, listening to his friend the Log Lady, on the other end of a phone call.

An Xiao Mina sits down with Hyperallergic for a conversation on meme culture and its influence on politics and social issues.

Christo’s giant floating sculpture, “The London Mastaba,” sits on the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park as tourists on paddle boats circle around.

On the right panel, which is slightly shorter in length, the arc is wider and green, and sits on a black background.

Poethig’s own installation, which is about eight feet tall, sits in the middle of the gallery space.

The most eye-catching detail is the fierce-looking creature that sits atop the disc.

Wilson enters to cheers and sits at the piano.

What ought to happen is that the US sits down with the European Union and Japan and decides on a carbon tax.

Everyone sits quietly, reading the lyrics as the song plays through.

Just west of the Indiana border sits a little white smoke shack called Calumet Fisheries.

But those eruptions stayed mostly within the confines of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which Kilauea sits within.

Millennium Tower sits on the edge of San Francisco’s eastern shoreline.

Millennium Tower sits on an array of nearly 1,000 pillars shoved into the ground.

The skyscraper sits on land that is “prone to liquefying,” though it probably won’t fall.

But today it sits empty and dilapidated, with two or three smaller properties and a medieval church as its only neighbors.

If true, the president may not face criminal charges while he sits in the Oval Office.

According to our source, Biebs is staying at the $10,000/night palace in Los Altos Hills that sits on 12 acres.

Here, a man sits on a cart carrying wood on a road outside the southern town of Kaesong.

The Calais refugee camp sits on the northern-most tip of France, just on the Strait of Dover.

The 3,336 square foot house sits on nearly an acre with unobstructed city and coastline views.

The 9,200 sq ft home sits on nearly 3 acres, and apparently … it’s mostly intact after the fire.

You have a person who is literally one of the most courteous people on earth, sits on the board of Tesla.

ft. house has 3 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, and sits on a promontory on a 11,600 sq.

That sits just fine with the family of Anthony Williams.

The 4-bed, 6-bath crib, which sits on a cliff, features floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls in every room, plus a huge pool and spa.

A damaged Costa Mesa Police cruiser sits at the corner of Fair Dr. and Fairview Rd.

The group is planning a “Cancel Kavanaugh” march on Thursday beginning at the federal appeals court in Washington on which he sits.

The participant sits on a chair placed inside the semicircle, while six lasers are trained onto the outside of the shape.

Most of the village’s former inhabitants still live in government-supplied temporary housing, and the place sits empty and eerily silent.

It definitely sits atop a mountain of injury.

“Untitled” (2015) sits on the floor, forcing the viewer to squat to see its details.

The 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom pad sits on 1,895 square feet and is listed at $5.75 million.

“Modi has made business easier,” said businessman Sunil Alagh, who heads consulting firm SKA Advisors and sits on several boards.

That miniature mass grave monument sits just steps away from the orderly tombs of Confederate soldiers.

About an hour north of Los Angeles in Simi Valley sits another folk art icon: Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village.

And in Edvard Munch’s “Puberty” (1894–95), a girl sits naked in front of a muddy, greenish-brown wall awash in variations on Pantone 448C.

Mom sits back in her seat, hands over mouth.

For all I know, the man sits at home thrashing “Malibu” out on an old Spanish guitar every night.

Maggie sits on the edge of the bed.

Far to the left sits Africa.

Simply put, voice-activated content sits right at the heart of what consumers want: Control.

A stack of copies of the anniversary issue sits in a newsstand in central Paris.

(The United States, by contrast, sits 103rd out of 163 ranked countries.)

It sits underneath the four-bedroom penthouse the family also owns in the same Park Avenue building.

It sits on 6.3 acres with jetliner views of the Pacific.

A den sits off the living room.

He suddenly sits up straight.

Fragments sits alongside a number of robotic sculptures and installations that collectively examine the relationship between humanity and machines.

Keg SouthThis dusty hole-in-the-wall sits under a billboard on US1.

On this episode of The VICE Guide To Right Now Podcast, Broadly editor Sarah Burke sits down with Solis to unpack the dynamic.

In places like Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, the government sits down with drugmakers and haggles over how much they will pay.

The NATO ambassador sits on the North Atlantic Council, the committee that makes decisions about military involvement and votes on behalf of the US.

President Donald Trump sits at the center of the fight to reopen the federal government, and it’s posing a major problem.

As she sits on the rope swing, the male figure winds the rope around and around, then releases.

My Apple Watch sits forlornly on my cabinet.

Campbell’s light touch sits well with her direct confrontation of the tradition of the female nude.

The project sits at the intersection of science, philosophy, and art.

An old woman in pink sits on a scooter, looking at her watch.

Engineers at Amazon have programmed the company’s voice assistant to provide general election updates through the various devices that she sits inside.

When we’re younger, hangovers are a distant land that sits in an ocean we’ve not yet glimpsed, let alone swum in.

My grandparents were part of the British occupation of Kenya, which sits uncomfortably with me.

It sits in the garage.

More moderate members like Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), who sits both on the Budget Committee and the Appropriations Committee, have also floated the idea.

Jesus sits on the couch next to a ghoulish Grim Reaper, as they both placidly watch TV, lounging next to a casually-leaning scythe.

“It also sits on a campus of buildings that in their era have tried to push boundaries.”

In The Marchioness, a female figure sits in fur surrounded by portraits that allude to generational aristocratic wealth.

Gutter sits there and listens to me patiently.

The home, built way before its time, sits in the gated Malibu Colony.

Pasco County sits just north of Tampa, on the Gulf Coast.

Our conversation meanders for a bit, as our food now sits cold on our plates.

A chair sits beneath an exposed electrical outlet from which two sinister wires dangle down.

Glass Man Michael, for instance, sits on the street, next to glassworks he sells for a living.

Sen. Jeff Flake, the retiring Arizona Republican who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, gave Washington whiplash this week.

Her delicate, colorful, purse-like structure sits within a glass case, mimicking a typical department store display.

Pickney’s grandmother, sits in a rocking chair in her living room, holding a photograph of her grandson in her lap.

In this way, “The Garden” sits as an allegory of closeness and belonging.

Marilí Vallejo sits in her mother’s living room holding a picture of her abandoned house.

Yet there it sits, responsible for one-third of all global deaths.

“Praying,” which was released as a single in July, currently sits at No.

So the new investment money sits for now — a cushion in the event of unexpected challenges, or a small war chest for new opportunities.

@POTUS sits in Winston Churchill’s chair as a guest of Prime Minister May at Chequers.

It’s one that sits directly in concert with his view of American politics.

US involvement in Yemen sits perfectly at odds with this worldview, at the nexus of an unrelenting war abroad and a corrupt foreign alliance.

He sits on the science committee and the space subcommittee, which oversees NASA, and chairs the environment subcommittee, which overseas NOAA.

By contrast, the landmass sculpture that sits inside the museum’s garden indexes the entirety of Manhattan.

In all of this, he never really sits still, which is what makes the video for “Search.

Next to a portrait of Hitler, and amid the mess he’s made, she sits in the tub and washes herself.

He shakes my hand with the hand not holding a Costa coffee and sits down.

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