Sister in a sentence | Use of the word sister examples

A year later, his baby sister Genesis Mabel died in an accident in their home while he was at baseball practice.

The stars of “Seeking sister Wife” are accused of harassing the crap out of a relative, who now says he fears for his life.

But, just last month … Patrick put his sister on blast … claiming she attacked a fan who has a child with Down Syndrome.

All he has found so far in the dust and desolation is a guitar his 12-year-old sister had loved to play.

The visiting sister and her husband have not been found.

Just last weekend Amber and her sister were hanging out in Elon’s hotel bungalow in Miami.

The middle sister, Edith, is always helping her two sisters get in to trouble.

According to Rumaysah’s sister, the audio from the clip resembles him, reported the BBC.

My older sister had every desirable album stacked up in her room: Hot Boyz, Three 6 Mafia, Jay-Z, Lil Kim, etc.

I didn’t need to scavenge my sister‘s collection or wait for my stepbrothers to come through with the bootleg DVD.

Rushing down 98 feet, the site is actually a double whammy — two sister waterfalls.

To accomplish this project, she enlisted the help of her sister, Lucie Bradley, a medicinal herbalist based in Glasgow.

Like her sister, Bradley prizes autonomy as a technique of empowerment against institutional hierarchies.

I wish that Rachal Bradley’s exhibition had as clear a thesis as her sister’s workshop.

She was a sister.

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We established a sister city program with the Russian city of Yaroslavl, a program which still exists today.

Bottom line — Tristan seems to be back in the fold … but under the watchful eyes of Khloe’s sister.

He then sent the tape and photographs to his sister Esther, Bill’s wife.

Clauson is survived by his parents, Tim and Di, his sister Taylor and fiancée Lauren Stewart.

VICE: I first became aware of you when you photographed my sister, Penelope Gazin.

In a particularly cruel twist, Bennell started a relationship with Woodward’s older sister, and the two married in 1991.

“I knew it was ugly,” he says of the country where he and his sister, both born in the US, now live.

“I knew it was ugly,” he says of the country where he and his sister, both born in the US, now live.

His slight 9-year-old sister, Yaritze de Rosario, was also born in the US.

– Dave, 33 “He sent sexts to my sister.”

When it comes to ministering to the transgender community, sister Luisa Derouen, 74, is a pioneer.

Derouen, a Dominican sister in St. Katherine, Kentucky, has been providing spiritual direction and companionship to transgender people for almost 20 years.

She says: My sister got lupus and passed away a week before I started working on ER.

Being in a hospital after having been in a hospital for months for real with my sister was super weird and felt really wrong.

My sister was down at the hospital giving blood.

In Kleiner’s room, which she shared with sorority sister Karen Chandler, Bundy attacked the two women with a piece of firewood.

But she was enticed into politics in 2010 after helping her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sister, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida, win her seat.

Let’s say you give your kid a toy and they use it to hit their sister.

Following a televised argument with her sister Kim, Kourtney Kardashian is openly trashing her family.

The argument culminated in Kourtney calling her sister “a very distraught, evil human being.”

The report also said Kim was accompanied by his foreign minister Ri Yong Ho, defense minister No Kwang Chol and sister Kim Yo Jong.

When she and her family arrived in 2001, it was to secure life-saving treatment for her older sister.

(Himmelman’s sister told the Tampa Bay Times her brother and Oneschuk were not neo-Nazis, despite Arthurs’s claims to the contrary.)

Alkadri has two siblings in Europe: a sister in Germany and a brother in Holland.

“I’m the older sister, so I felt like, ‘Oh, you need to be the strong one,’” she says.

sister Schodts Reed of Reed Candle Company says her father-in-law invented them in 1937.

In a New York Times op-ed, Alia al-Hathloul described how her sister was allegedly tortured and threatened while in detention.

Her sister, Georgia May Jagger, continues to have a successful modeling career.

My sister is a refreshing antidote to the plethora of Atwood’s high-concept successors.

My sister proceeds in short, sharp chapters delivered in Korede’s characteristic deadpan—a tone that pivots neatly from comic dread to poignant resignation.

“It’s upsetting to think about,” she tells her sister while describing a fight with an earlier lover, lately deceased.

But unlike the growing canon, My sister celebrates its chaos and rage.

They found WebMD, along with its sister site Medscape, were the top recipients of industry dollars: They’re not alone in that regard.

His sister, Israa Abu Khosa, was transported to hospital where she later died, Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al Qidra told Reuters.

His sister, Israa Abu Khosa, was transported to hospital where she later died, Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al Qidra told Reuters.

The brothers who convinced their half-sedated little sister the zombie apocalypse was upon them … are getting their shot to make it in Hollywood.

If you missed it, Cabot sprang the zombie plot on his sister, Millicent, right after she got her wisdom teeth pulled.

My sister and I set Caetano’s album Outras Palavras as our morning alarm.

He added, “She went to be with my sister in heaven.

I walked out to the parking lot in a daze, picked up my phone, called my sister, and cried.

I asked my sister on the phone.

“For the love of god, I never thought I would see this,” said Caridad Miranda, 45, whose sister and niece died in the crash.

He last posted a pic with Keaton and his sister in January 2015.

She also draws inspiration from women in her own life, like her mother, sister, aunts, and friends, and, of course, from Birkin.

Rambunctious, unruly Ramona first burst onto the scene as a supporting player in a story about her older sister, Beezus and Ramona, in 1955.

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It was an idea that started after a conversation with his sister and mom.

Nicholas, who’s 25, was Venus’ plus one at little sister Serena’s wedding.

It was just a few days after what would have been his sister‘s 28th birthday.

-Emirates’ sister carrier flydubai said it has adjusted some of the existing flight paths in the region and will make further changes when necessary.

Twenty-five years later, Blanche is paraplegic, and her caretaker sister has become sadistic and delusional, wearing lacy little-girl frocks and plotting an absurd comeback.

When Blanche and Jane are together, Davis makes a world-class monster, taunting her sister with creepy baby talk and the occasional slap.

Was I was his sister?

Even my two original characters, an estranged brother and sister, have not had one real conversation since the scripted tutorial concluded.

Shortly thereafter, his brother came to the US, met that white woman’s sister, and married her.

She came with her sister, brother, and parents, and they lived with Chun’s brother, Tai, and his white family.

Johnson said she told her sister later on about the incident, who corroborated her story.

Veil, her mother Yvonne, and her sister Madeleine were together in Auschwitz.

Veil’s other sister Denise, held with other resistance fighters, survived the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

Veil and her sister were liberated in April of 1945 and Veil returned to France.

I knew Mike before because him and his sister used to distribute our records, but I never really knew who he was.

In addition to losing his sister, he has a divorce pending after five years of marriage.

While visiting her recently widowed sister in San Francisco in the mid-1950s, my grandmother ran into two friends from back home.

My sister and I, both big-city coastal residents in our 20s, silently cracked up.

Friends and family also spoke of her equally bright and determined older sister, Nur Jahan.

I have a classically beautiful face but will never pull off clothes like my broad-shouldered sister.

The first half centers on Mark and his family, his girlfriend Lisa, as well as his mother, grandmother, sister, and niece.

The North sent Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, to the opening ceremony.

His younger sister, Chyna, had been killed in a car crash earlier that weekend.

My older sister was away at college, and at home, it was just me and my little sister.

And I would be like, “Well, I ate microwaved popcorn, obviously, and my little sister ate Tostitos and melted mozzarella in the microwave.”

(She’s Charles Xavier’s adoptive sister who has feelings for Magneto, his soon-to-be rival.)

He told the first lady that he was preparing to receive a bone marrow transplant from his 8-year-old sister.

My sister, who is gay, can get married now.

After the passport-burning video was written about, RCMP investigators spoke with Shirdon’s mother, Nura, and sister, Idil, multiple times in Calgary in 2014.

My family is no exception: My parents both have graduate degrees, and my sister is currently pursuing her doctorate in economics.

I had seen my sister burn out during her senior year, after taking a demanding course load.

Standing tearfully behind Kim Jong Un at their father’s funeral was his younger sister, 28-year-old Kim Yo Jong.

The Food Network responded, calling the allegations “outlandish” and added that Fieri’s late sister Morgan was gay.

And my mate’s shy sister, who works in the HR department for a prosthetic leg company.

Trainee theatrical makeup artist Amy, 24, got roped in by her performer sister despite having absolutely no interest in comedy whatsoever.

To my cousin, Bebe, like a sister to me, we grew up together, I love you, beebs.

He was surrounded by his brother, sister, Teresa and several family members.

“Very often, it does take one person to be the spark — to be the initiator like sister Bree Newsome.

I know you’ve … And you’ve linked it back to your sister and it was just … Oh my god.

The first time readers meet Lavinia, she flies into the brownstone she shares with her teen sister, Cordelia, at 6 am.

2018: Pictures appear on social media of Ubolratana, Thaksin and his sister, former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, at the World Cup in Russia.

His mother and sister also died in the Holocaust.

In speaking to the press, her younger sister Maggy Hurchalla described how she dealt with the disease.

Otto’s Parents, Fred and Cindy Warmbier, are with us tonight — along with Otto’s brother and sister, Austin and Greta.

His brother and sister gave what little food they had to help him recover and ate dirt themselves — permanently stunting their own growth.

Rapper and activist sister Souljah discussed the riots with the Washington Post a few weeks later.

To him, we mattered when it suited him, which, from Arsenio Hall to sister Souljah, changed from one moment to the next.

I went to business school, frankly, because my sister went to Wharton and her friends were so fascinating.

That year sister Madeline was our teacher.

Though she is mostly known for her work in music and as a doula, some recognize her as Girls actress Jemima Kirke’s sister.

(Unlike Joey, my sister is seven months pregnant).

Don’t worry, I’m just going to steal a pair of my sister’s.

Dorothy’s survived by her three children, five grandchildren and her sister.

After leaving Waer, he and his sister both found jobs in Idlib, with Abu Farhan working as a fitness instructor.

My sister has never read them.

Call your sister, google a colleague, take a selfie: you’re the subject of surveillance.

Vasquez’s sister stayed in El Salvador.

– Hailey, 23 “Pretend friended his sister for years.” – Woj, 34 “Wrapped his house in toilet paper.”

It played down into the structure of our family, and my life, my brother’s life, my sister‘s.

Star of sister Act and sister Act 2: Back In the Habit.

Then I was born, and my sister was born.

My sister and I soon enrolled.

Mom stayed in Jamaica Estates, and my sister and I stayed with her during summers, weekends, and holidays.

This threat is neatly represented by a pair of photographs of his sister, Lise.

We know that he’s artificially reduced 15 years of sister‘s life to one frightful symmetry.

And of course she’s joined by her sister Stephanie and her best friend from the original, Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber).

Crooks told her sister and her boyfriend that day — she started crying hysterically after work — and they confirmed her story to the Times.

She brings up her sister again.

Doesn’t she know she ought to be sensible, like her sister?

He has a little sister who will begin her first semester of college very soon.

Malevolent follows a brother and sister duo who dupe people into believing that they can communicate with the dead in order to make money.

Do you think “My sister” has aged well?I think it has.

“My sister” was something that was a great adventure.

I have a classically beautiful face but will never pull off clothes like my broad-shouldered sister.

Luke telling Leia she’s his sister.

“My other sister with my three remaining brothers are still living in the camp.

August is releasing a new EP soon, this time on Ninja Tune sister label Counter Records.

Eventually, the storyline eases back into the modern world, as the sister leaves the village and studies to become a doctor.

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So we’re going to call it a sister site, damn it.

That’s right, sister.

Let’s just call each other sister all week next week at South By.

sister women, we’d be related by marriage to the same man, but let’s move on.

“Big Love.” sister women.

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Jacob Latimore plays Bo, who was left to care for his younger sister Tina (Storm Reid) after his mother died.

As the pool guy flexes his muscles, raking leaves from the water, a brother and sister lustfully gaze at him from inside their house.

He’s struggling to keep it together and care for his sister with the help of his next-door neighbor Georgi (SNL’s Sasheer Zamata).

Africans who believe homosexuality is a sin “don’t realize that you’re born gay and your brother, sister, your children could be gay.

“I knew we were onto a good thing when my sister and my husband saw the film and they both came out weeping.

I sent this photo because my sister, Camille, has always been my idol.

Razia Palacios, the sister of the whistleblower, told local media that her brother had received threats leading up to his abduction.

And that’s because my sister and I were obsessed with the Spice Girls—and they always did the peace sign!

Obviously, my sister had taught me how to do that, too.

My sister‘s the punk, right next to me.

He also showed Micah a video of himself shooting a shotgun, dedicated to “you, your mother, and your sister,” according to Yolanda.

So right before the first show—literally a minute before going onstage—I took a selfie with my sister.

He also showed Micah a video of himself shooting a shotgun, dedicated to “you, your mother, and your sister,” according to Yolanda.

That was of my sister‘s birthday this year!

I wanted to share that photo because, once again, I’m very close to my sister and that was a really fun evening.

Moments later, Washington’s older daughter noted that her sister wasn’t responding.

And my sister‘s been very unwell, so my mom hasn’t been able to work either.

He went pretty seriously into debt fighting for custody rights for my 13-year-old sister.

Then last year, my sister’s mom passed away suddenly, leaving my dad as her sole caregiver.

So, with no other family or income I decided to move home to support my dad and sister.

My sister has dyslexia.

Henrietta’s daughter — my aunt — and Henrietta’s sister’s daughters all lived well into old age.

The most oft-cited and deeply damning Armada review was at Slate, by Laura Hudson (now an editor at Vox’s sister site The Verge).

‘Our sister Republic Of Luhansk Air Defense Force Shoots Down A Kiev Junta UAV Drone!’

and “Our sister Republic Of Luhansk Air Defense Force Shoots Down A Kiev Junta UAV Drone!”

After that, as Twisted sister‘s star steadily began to fade, Snider refused to go gently into that good night.

To that end, I’m saying farewell to Twisted sister.

People know you, whether it’s from Twisted sister or from the many other things you’ve done.I said, ‘Really?”

“He just didn’t want to get back up on the roof after that,” his sister Sharon said.

My manager who signed Twister sister, who has been with me for years, will say no.

Anyone of us could have been victims—you, me, a sister, a cousin—yet the reporters maintained a calm demeanor and eyeliner perfectly applied.

“We don’t know him,” Meat-Meat’s sister Bridgette told me of Dillard, her face firming up into a scowl.

his sister Bridgette said he asked her.

His sister, Betsy DeVos, is the administration’s education secretary.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson who claimed not to be aware of any known will has filed paperwork to become executor of the estate.

Himself the son of a teenage mother, Rodriguez started the project after his sister became pregnant at a young age.

Her sister, Solange, also joined her on stage at one point to dance.

Wendy Otieno had been waiting with her sister to welcome home their mother.

Beyonce and sister Solange had a dance-off … a definite fan favorite.

“Well is my sister getting the same treatment?” he demanded to know.

God called them home together,” Dennis’ sister Sue Harris wrote on Facebook.

I left my sister Draenei and went to the trade district of Stormwind City.

The Canadian MMA fighter passed away surrounded by family, his sister Jackie wrote in a Facebook post.—VICE Sports

2:30 P.M. PST — Guests including Prince’s sister Tyka have started to arrive at the estate.

She picked up her sister from the school the day of the shooting.

Were you racing from a young age?Since l was 13 and my sister was 12.

(You may remember Erica from season two; she’s Lucas’s little sister.)

Her older sister, Becky (Lecy Goranson), is in her 40s, working in a Mexican restaurant as a waitress, and DJ seems perpetually adrift.

For men’s, head to the just-as-glossy sister (brother?)

Diane Jooris agrees; mounting anxiety had her sister wanting to cancel breast cancer treatments.

“You have to understand my relationship with my sister – we have been through a hell of a lot together,” he said.

His mother kneads dough in a plastic bowl in the corner as his younger brothers and sister play on the balcony outside.

She told them she had a sister.

“Why wasn’t your mom’s doctor so concerned about you and your sister at the time of her surgery?

(Showtime and The CW are sister networks under CBS and the WB, so at least it stayed in the family.)

“He’s handsome,” I remember him telling my sister, while watching 10 Things I Hate About You, seeking some sort of assurance.

My cousin Melissa and my sister, they’re young and their kids are young.

Parable of the Sower is one of my favorite books — that’s Octavia Butler — and then sister Outsider by Audre Lorde is another favorite.

I think your sister and your cousin about to get into it.”

Catherine, my little sister, will be collecting butterflies and fireflies for him.

My sister manages to get a swing and pushes this girl so she falls in front of me.

My sister and my cousin Melissa, they go out the side door and we leave.

But my sister and Melissa are celebrating.

And my sister and cousin said, “Take them.

We pull up next to him and my sister and cousin are still talking about the fight.

But I tell my sisters to open the door and he gets in and sits between my sister and Melissa.

Toebbe depicts homes belonging to her parents, in-laws, herself, and her sister.

Sharpton called Ocasio-Cortez “our little sister, who went from being a bartender serving customers to congresswoman serving the people.”

Mendonça: Well, over the phone it’s not so easy, just give me a second… do you have a brother?Me: A sister.

More than 600 students who transferred to a sister campus will likely not return to Garissa University College.

“Yes, the wife and daughter were injured in the attack,” said Mohamed Hashim Mathaniya , sister of Zahran.

More than 600 students who transferred to a sister campus will likely not return to Garissa University College.

Harsh criticism came from senior Conservatives and Goldsmith’s own sister soon after the result became clear.

I’m a more “suck it up, sister” mother type of thing.

Momtaz, however, found her second sister through a combination of determination and luck.

“It’s not a problem for me to be injured, but there are so many scars and burns on my sister’s body.

She says that she feels helpless to change their situation, but she can, at least, visit with her sister.

I can explain that this one is the oldest sister and so on, but there’s no political meaning behind my work anyhow.

Big L didn’t actually kill his parents and his baby sister.

On some points, the CIA and its sister intelligence agencies were just wrong.

She’s clearly becoming her own person because she does festivals way different from her big sister, Malia.

Hield’s sister, Jalisa, told Bleacher Report, “People laughed at him.

In the documentary, Burden’s sister confesses that they were rather “misanthropic characters” who often felt alienated from the community at large.

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His sister Dee Dee dances around him, chanting, “It’s all you can say!

For instance, on Sunday, Mia Román, Adrian Román’s sister, organized a “Make Your Own Nicho” workshop.

He sent North Korea’s ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong Nam, and, most crucially, his sister Kim Yo Jong, to attend.

“My sister and my roommate goaded me into doing it after my initial tweet got people’s attention,” he wrote.

The romantic comedy passes the Bechdel Test due to conversations between Abby, her mother, and her sister.

For other viewing and streaming options, our sister site The Verge has put together a detailed how-to guide to Olympic viewing.

Kensington also released an adorable pic from May 2 of Louis’ older sister, Princess Charlotte, giving him a kiss on her third birthday.

There were five kids between the ages of six and twelve talking to the cashier, who looked like their older sister.

I was given a week off work, and my father and sister wanted to go to Miami.

It was awful, and I felt awkward that this was happening in front of their sister.

She was the sister of my aunt’s office assistant and had some mysterious medical problem.

She doesn’t say which sister threw the shade.

Aban says she plans to try to speak with her sister the next time ICRC makes its satellite phones available.

My mother was really interested in art and encouraged my sister and me to become artists.

–Nick Gazin, Art Editor My sister was obsessed with Lian Hearn’s Tales of the Otori books.

Conor’s sister, Aoife, showed off the interior — complete with custom drawers that have Conor’s nickname, “Notorious,” etched on the sides.

Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, and officials who played prominent roles in recent nuclear talks with the United States were also on hand.

Asawa was 20 years old when she and her sister arrived at Black Mountain in the summer of 1946.

The government has taken months just to get his sister cleared to visit him.

Like they didn’t know who his sister was?

Her sister commented on the video … “I’m so heartbroken.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum received an anonymous donation of 110 letters written by Georgia O’Keeffe to her sister, Anita O’Keeffe Young.

And in adding backup vocals using slang she and her sister had heard among women, she recast the song from a specifically female perspective.

And that is when I remembered that exercise from when my sister and I were kids.

Later, Burney wrote a long letter to her sister, Esther, describing this battlefield-style operation. A number of news outlets will run the speech live online, including Time and our sister site

One Thanksgiving, I grabbed a piece of turkey at the dinner table, and my sister called me out.

Magik, Colossus’s little sister, died from a virus that was an allegory for AIDS.

Once Hallie is united with her twin sister, Annie, the gloves come off between the trio.

Hey my sweet sister.

Lasha said she told her high school guidance counselor and her sister what had happened.

As we’ve reported … Lori and Mossimo allegedly paid $500k in bribes to get Olivia and her sister into USC under false pretenses.

The ringtones, the call tones, he says, “Remember those?” Yeah, actually my sister had one until like three days ago.

Mike Padden is an attorney who repped Prince’s half sister Lorna and stepbrother Duane in the early 2000s.

A Belgian woman, who was in the city on a trip with her sister and mother, was also killed.

None of the characters have much reason to trust Jaime, but he also increasingly seems uneasy about siding with his sister.

Hundreds of our fellow citizens are now mourning the sudden loss of a loved one, a parent, a child, a brother or sister.

The episode ended with the added tragedy of Theon Greyjoy failing to save his sister and jumping ship, seemingly retracting back into Reekdom.

That’s in large part due to its supporting role in the ever-popular relative-value trade with “sister” metal zinc.

“We have no room for hating, so we have to forgive,” said the sister of one victim.

“Reach out to a sister of another color, or ethnicity, or religion,” she urged, “and learn what unites us.”

(In Oath’s case it was Fleetwood Mac front-woman Stevie Nicks; Spotify had Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce.)

Prince’s nephew, Pres Nelson, did the honors as his mom, Prince’s sister Tyka, cleared the way.

Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is Trump’s Secretary of Education, and he has said the Seychelles meeting had nothing to do with Trump.

Kylie Jenner is about to start World War III … between “Cash Me Ousside” girl and Honey Boo Boo’s big sister!

When she was young, she spent some time living there, frequently visiting her father and sister in Rio de Janeiro.

There’s something romantic in the obsolescence of its physical sister, and its forgotten moment in history.

If a woman’s mom or sister had endometriosis, she’s believed to be at a higher risk.

Max arranges for Marianne to gain passage to the UK, where he (as a Canadian) is working, living near his sister Bridget (Lizzy Caplan).

sister,” came the parallel’s response.

His mom’s not his mom, his sister is.

“My father killed my sister.

Mel B said she and her sister were by their dad’s side when he passed.

“Scott… ” “Revise: Mother died giving birth to me, so my father and sister gave me up.”

“Revise: My sister abused me, and dad let her.”

Adams first discovered Kelly’s work when he was a child flipping through the pages of one of his sister‘s Elle magazines.

The contrast between Up Your Alley and its sister festival, next month’s 32nd annual Folsom Street Fair, is sharp.

“When I started Kensington Blues, my older sister was already many years into her own heroin addiction.

Her social mead bio reads, “Wife, mother, sister and daughter.

That summer, we went to Boston to meet my new brother and sister.

My new sister had signed up for the Donor Sibling Registry a year back, not really expecting any results.

Is Janey-E being Diane’s sister significant, or merely pat?

“I was always responsible for my brother and sister,” says Seb*, 35, who grew up in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto.

Guests at the event said Kushner’s sister, Nicole Kushner Meyer, spoke for about 10 minutes, including about her family’s humble roots.

I always felt like a buffer between the insanity of my dad and my brother and sister.

My sister has albinism too, and my parents were always open about it to us.

In Turkey, he says he met an “Iraqi girl” whose sister who was formerly married to an IS fighter.

Other than my sister, I’ve never met anyone else with albinism.

Rachel and her older sister Cheryl (Kimberly Elise) resent each other for reasons that still aren’t quite clear when the movie ends.

After I saw my sister address the nation, I thought, This girl has to be crazy!

Chapin sister were followed by their compatriots and his band.

Indeed, Arya Stark provides an even stronger example than her sister of the nuance Game of Thrones achieved in season six.

Later, Sansa stumbled upon her younger sister’s bag of faces, prompting Arya to play the Game of Faces with her.

A woman who identified herself as Hasan’s sister in the same interview said she was certain her brother would not have committed suicide.

His sister, Betsy DeVos, is President Trump’s controversial Secretary of Education.

The witness testified that her sister was showered in expensive gear and free lessons, and began to spend more time with Cafritz and Raniere.

The witness later discovered her sister was also in a sexual relationship with Raniere, something the guru caught them discussing.

At one point, Daniela said, she was invited to have a nap with Raniere and her sister, which quickly turned sexual.

Her father is a cardiologist, her mother is a nurse, and her older sister graduated from Brown.

The witness said Raniere was kissing her sister and touching her, and had pulled down his pants, which made her burst into tears.

It’s sister club Story is just as opulent, but caters to a deeper taste in house.

Heart Nightclub is its sister spot, open for business on Fridays.

(Technically, Within provides the tech tools for these films;, a sister company that Milk also runs, is the production company.)

Oh, and his sister, Cersei Lannister, already hired Ser Bronn to kill him.

“My sister has no idea what I do.

The mission to return humans to the moon called “Artemis,” after the Greek goddess of hunting and twin sister of Apollo.

I got a degree in human rights that encouraged me and my sister to be exchange students.

“My elder sister got married when she was in seventh grade (aged 14).

“She is also the sister of Sinaloa Cartel drug trafficker and Chapo Guzmán associate, Manuel Fernández Valencia, who is currently in US federal custody.”

In this same interview, Poly talks about moving back to the country with her mom and sister after feeling utterly sucked dry.

We were first told by Fee’s nephew Sosten Price and sister Ayesha that the 59-year-old died Tuesday after the medical emergency.

Licking his wounds, the gentleman turns to the mellow Vinnie, who is often responsible for damage-control after her sister’s actions.

She and her drag sister, Rubber Child, really helped snowball my fixation on the internet drag scene.

None of this feels real.” Louis Tomlinson’s teenage sister has died after suffering a heart attack … TMZ has confirmed.

“My sister, classmates and I were taking pictures at the peace garden when the car bomb hit the gate of the park.

Is that somebody telling their sister to watch … KS: Her sister is not smart, technically literate and what she should do about her kids.

So, what should his sister do in order to monitor the activity?

“My sister, classmates and I were taking pictures at the peace garden when the car bomb hit the gate of the park.

If all goes well, Gawker and its sister websites will be able to continue operating under new management — and perhaps different editorial standards.

“I didn’t know if I would be dishonoring her memory,” she said of her sister.

In Boston, event planners for a sister Women’s March were expecting around 25,000 participants.

On the Fuji Instax: “This camera was an instant hit at my sister’s engagement party” from an Amazon customer named Mariana.

Lautaru, his parents, older brother, and 8-year-old sister live together in a wooden shack patched up with tarpaulins at one end of the slum.

“My sister goes to school, here,” he told VICE News, in broken English.

It’s essentially a front, as sister factories will use a commercial name for outside trade, intentionally mislabeling products that are made in prisons.

Prisoners are never physically sent to the sister factories; the main bulk of the production happens on prison grounds.

Once nearly complete, items are then sent to the sister factories, where they are prepared and labeled for international delivery.

Chenoweth said she was stunned by how many communities across America held sister marches to the main event in Washington, DC.

Unclear which Hadid sister said it, but doesn’t really matter.

He had recently settled in Cebu, which he often called “the happiest place on Earth,” his sister said.

Bonhoeffer died for his efforts; ten Boom lost her sister Betsy in a concentration camp and narrowly escaped death herself.

El Paso and Ciudad Juárez for a long time were true sister cities.

I am coming with my boyfriend and my sister to help in whatever way we can,” said Jessica, 29.

The full-figured model is stepping out of her sister’s – model Alyssa Miller – shadow and making a name for herself.

“Nine-month-old Kalani inherited her mother Whitney Meyer’s lighter complexion, while twin sister Jarani got her darker complexion from her father, Tomas Dean.

He was repped by real estate agents Tiffany and Christy Martin, his nieces, and sister Samira.

And it’s sister Sarah Joan, ultimately, who opens Lady Bird’s eyes to her real feelings about Sacramento.

When Lady Bird replies that she just pays attention, sister Sarah Joan says, “Don’t you think they are the same thing? Cutts cites other articles that poke holes in SourceFed’s theories, including one on our sister site Vox.

Shane jived and backpedaled in a suit and high-top Nikes as his sister stood, mouth agape, next to their father.

In Gone Home, you follow one person, Katie, throughout the house, seeing things her sister left behind and listening to journal entries.

As Shane joined his father and sister in the ring, Vince went in for a hug.

After his exit, his sister Stephanie gained a more centralized, visible role as the public face of the brand.

“I envision her wearing something quite subtle, allowing her sister to take center stage on her big day.

“If you’re going to wear a shirt,” Bayley told her, “you gotta have the new one, sister.”

His sister, Betsy DeVos, is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education.

she said, referring to my sister‘s young kids, who were in the other room.

And your sister is going to let them take the lesson in karate, so promote the hitting and kicking.”

“Mommy love you and your sister.”

[USA Today] Our sister site, The Verge, handed out year-end report cards to nine big tech companies.

Her sister, to some extent, and as does her father, of doing impressions, but I do not.

Otto’s Parents, Fred and Cindy Warmbier, are with us tonight — along with Otto’s brother and sister, Austin and Greta.

But, the thing is, both she and her sister embellish.

His brother and sister gave what little food they had to help him recover and ate dirt themselves — permanently stunting their own growth.

My sister and I both got brand-new cars when we turned 16.

So will Maureen Ohlhausen, the acting leader of their sister agency, the Federal Trade Commission.

In 2013 I moved back to L.A. to find out my sister had started playing drums.

I ask Natalie Curie—Leo’s sister, who also works the line—whether they live up their name.

He was raised at various points by his parents and grandparents; his grandmother’s sister had a place in the Robert Taylor Homes.

The unaccompanied minor was attempting to cross the Channel to reach his sister and brother-in-law, who are already living in England.

The unaccompanied minor was attempting to cross the Channel to reach his sister and brother-in-law, who are already living in England.

The show, due to open at Pathshala’s sister organization, Drik Gallery, was closed by the state police.

Newsflash, sister: this world is chaos, but we like to hide that with stories of progress.

Additionally, each sister could choose the length, time and type of her individual prayer, and group prayer would be shaped by the community.

Recode’s sister site, The Verge, has a more detailed story on how the new product actually works.

Steinem was invited by Brenda Feigen, a friend of Nochlin’s, and the sister of art dealer Richard Feigen.

His sister offered to help him find a psychologist, but he declined.

“We grieve the loss of our beautiful, loving daughter and sister.

The way Dani’s sister kills their parents and herself is so awful and elaborate as to be baroque.

The woman was able to escape and she immediately told her sister and then ex-husband of the assault.

As for the claims that Samantha is working on a memoir called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s sister?

It has sister publications in Miami and Minneapolis.

Prince’s sister Tyka, and his estate have already said there is no will.

Sure, she’s smart, and sure, she’s a good sister.

And if you still read about technology and culture, you probably read Recode sister site and Vox Media property The Verge.

Simone de Beauvoir, as a child, used to make up “Little Women” games that she played with her sister.

“I remember my sister screaming, ‘They’re going to kill Aida!’,” she said, shaking as she told her story.

The “red shirt” movement of ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister, Yingluck appealed to poorer voters, particularly in the populous northeast.

My sister and I tried using it as a sled, an unsatisfying experience in a carpeted apartment.

On to the next one, sister Jean.

“One billion people will depend on what you say or do,” sister Mary urgently tells her former charge at one point.

Tell it, sister.

My sister was also undocumented, living in Miami.

His sister mentioned out loud that he rapped, and even though he tried to shy away, he was encouraged to perform.

Why does her mother hate her, and does it have anything to do with how her sister died?

The death of Reynolds’s daughter and Todd’s sister, Carrie Fisher, of a heart attack Tuesday “was too much,” he told reporters.

Tyga, of course, also dated Rob’s sister, Kylie.

Both Parker Tyler and the artist’s sister Ettie referred to it with the title, “A Nude,” rather than identifying it as a self-portrait.

He sings tenor in the choir and his favorite pastime since the age of 12 is composing love songs with his older sister.

She claims some went as far as to offer to relocate her, as well admit Jojuan’s younger sister.

Stevie — who said Aretha couldn’t talk when he visited her Tuesday — said he told her to “say hello to my sister.”

Stevie’s sister died earlier this year.

Since she relies on Andrew for babysitting his little sister and for minor housekeeping, she can quickly turn from solicitous to nagging.

“I was crying tears of joy when I heard,” Mobley’s sister Caamilya Beyah told VICE News.

“I was crying tears of joy when I heard,” Mobley’s sister Caamilya Beyah told VICE News.

The ace of clubs is my sister Sophie, and so on.

Africans who believe homosexuality is a sin “don’t realize that you’re born gay and your brother, sister, your children could be gay.

In one fourth season episode, Jaime rapes his sister Cersei right next to the body of their dead son.

The mission is called “Artemis,” after the Greek goddess of hunting and twin sister of Apollo.

Growing up in Spanish Harlem, she formed the Ronettes with her sister Estelle Bennett and cousin Nedra Talley in the early 1960s.

Xing’s sister said she sold a property for 3 million yuan to fund her investment.

She basically took it upon herself to track down his sister because Arthur died of AIDS as well.

He had no direct heirs except for his sister, and she basically proved very difficult to find, so Jenni eventually tracked her down.

Amid the acrimony over the loss, Xing says, her sister divorced her husband.

Not when he was in the running to split time with his omnipresent sister, Stephanie, even after Shane-O-Mac lost to the Undertaker.

She and her sister, Alaia, are kicking it down there in a vacation home … a short drive from the beachfront.

‘s sister, Precious Harris Chapman, and reported the Medical Examiner’s official findings on her cause of death … we were wrong to do it.

She said that her sister found the selfie funny, too.

Blackstone’s sister, Wendy, died in 2015 from a combination of carbon monoxide poisoning and Xanax.

Klara needed space from everything, her sister included.

And he went up to my sister and told her “Don’t tell Sonyae you saw me, we’re already going through enough problems.

She struggled in Stockholm without her little sister: learning to drive, taking Japanese lessons, getting lost.

“To me, my identity was being your sister.

Also, Rafael may plead guilty to cooking his father’s books, while his sister continues to sleep with a murderous drug kingpin.

And he both survived and flourished: He became a US citizen, and moved his sister to Michigan.

Hei’s older brother and sister were among those who died, leaving him the only surviving son.

“Do I think what Lena Dunham did to her sister was sexual assault?

Before this grinning gal was shining as reality royalty, she was just another sequined sister growing up in Los Angeles, California.

Honey Boo Boo has been staying with her older sister, Pumpkin, in the meantime.

As Rani Molla noted at Vox Media sister site Recode, the industry’s diversity problem was clear even before this memo surfaced.

Before leaving, my sister had stopped by the campus health center because her eye had been itching.

After the exam was done, my sister asked the doctor, “By the way, what happens when someone’s kidneys fail?”

my sister shrieked.

My mother and my oldest younger sister read Surah Ya Sin.

That sister is important too.

Alexia (Ella Rumpf) wants to help her sister fit in, wants to help her get the most out of college.

My third younger sister, the one who cried after seeing the eye doctor, was majoring in Indonesian literature.

The fourth younger sister was getting her degree in management.

“He’s in love,” my sister said after she finished reading Ya Sin.

My sister chuckled.

I do eat some meat now and then these days, but I’m gluten and soy intolerant and so is my sister.

My sister and brother-in-law are farmers and a good portion of my friends are teachers, loggers, and work in service jobs.

Rather than modifying DNA, researchers engineered a version of CRISPR that targets RNA, a sister molecule to DNA.

While he was gone, his sister moved back home, and there was fighting.

Shortly after that, my mother moved with my older sister and me to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My mother and sister were back in Oklahoma.

Rene Byck is the owner of the Paradise Ridge Winery, and runs day-to-day operations there along with his sister Sonya.

Two siblings, the baby boy of the family, 2-year-old Naif, and older sister, 14-year-old Sharoug, were killed instantly.

She says she’s black.” Or the Egyptian cab driver who insisted I looked like his sister and needed to confess my Egyptian roots.

A rebel Dalit leader on the run from the police is in love with the sister of one of the missing girls.

Two days after my mother died, her only surviving sister suffered a massive heart attack in our home.

“Lana Dunham [sic] molests her sister for a decade and goes on The View to a crowd of applause.

One year ago, Syrian refugee Yusra Mardini was swimming for her life as she fled Damascus, Syria with her older sister.

Before that, Mardini and her sister have been swimmers for many years.

Mardini and her sister left Damascus, Syria in early August.

Mardini and her sister were the only two swimmers on the boat, so they jumped into the water to swim the boat to shore.

She told her sister what happened two years after the incident, she said, and she only told her 77-year-old mother four years ago.

I live with my older sister as both our parents passed away.

My mom was always pro-choice, and so was my sister.

“Alice was my sister.

He enjoyed rushing from the dinner table to consult the encyclopedia, settling an argument between my sister and me, or enlightening us with trivia.

They recently moved closer to my sister, who just became an empty nester and has more time to devote to them.

Dutch public newscaster NOS later named the brother and sister as Alexander Pinczowski and Sascha Pinczowski, both 21, who lived in New York.

Thomas Markle Jr has flown to London ahead of the royal wedding to show support for his sister.

Thomas Markle Jr, 51, has flown to London ahead of the royal wedding on Saturday to show support for his sister.

his views on sister Ms. Markle appear to have softened.

The lecture capped off the three-day conference, a sister event to the SXSW music and art festival, which focuses on tech and the environment.

Who cares?”) and would-be singer sister Kate (“that pilot didn’t define her by anything other than her weight”) were pretty accurate.

Nick’s sister Leslie died suddenly at 25 back in 2012 of an overdose.

He said: “My sister‘s going to be one of the best things ever to have happened to the royal family.

Katie Kerwin McCrimmon, 1979 champion: My older brother placed ninth in the National Bee, and my sister placed seventh.

I had a sister, and we would go skiing and be on the ski bus drilling each other on words.

Minutes into The Keepers’ first episode, the series unveils its flashy, tantalizing mystery: the question of who killed one sister Catherine “Cathy” Cesnik.

“How are you so old?” Kim Dal-in, 92, asked his sister, Yu Dok, after gazing at her briefly in silence.

I work a few desks away from Mike Hresko, the editor in chief of Fightland, our sister site for fighting and MMA news.

I was like a prisoner,” said the younger sister, Rawan, referring to two brothers aged 24 and 25 as well as her father.

A bystander live-streamed the aftermath of Olango’s shooting on Facebook, which showed his sister wailing and distraught.

A bystander live-streamed the aftermath of Olango’s shooting on Facebook, which showed his sister wailing and distraught.

Olango’s sister had dialed 911 requesting emergency assistance because her brother was “not acting like himself” and endangering himself by walking into traffic.

Sometimes we will stay for months without even seeing the sun,” the elder sister, Reem, said.

Barakat’s older sister, Dr. Suzanne Barakat, fainted in the courtroom as the video was played, the AP reported.

Barakat’s older sister, Dr. Suzanne Barakat, fainted in the courtroom as the video was played, the AP reported.

Her sister doesn’t sound at all like her, which leads me to conclude that Ravenna and Freya went to different boarding schools.

One picture shows Emily and her older sister dressed in Halloween costumes sewn by their mother.

Another the next month shows Emily brushing her sister’s hair in the master bedroom.

Krupa is the younger sister of reality star Joanna Krupa — who’s appeared on ‘Real Housewives’ and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Bianka will have a new baby sibling with and Natalia and Gianna are super excited to welcome another little baby sister to love.”

“Your mother made a really special thing,” my father said two weeks ago, as my sister and I walked through the house’s doors.

More than 600 sister events were held around the world.

Hernandez-Llach’s older sister, Offir, was especially moved by the book.

“Seeing him as a character inspires me and makes me feel so good about being his sister,” she says.

My sister wrote for the site.

So I put on a nun outfit and started going out to protests, and the movement dubbed me sister Occupy,” she told the Guardian.

“Yes, the wife and daughter were injured in the attack,” said Mohamed Hashim Mathaniya, sister of Zahran.

Daphne’s sister, Corinne Vella, said Daphne would never have handed her laptop over to the police.

She was slated to arrive in Los Angeles on Sunday, according to her sister, Sahara Muranovic.

níchiwamiskwén | nimidet | ma sœur | my sister is a step, even a leap, closer to the autonomy of the people.

Officials say Smith attacked his sister‘s boyfriend on July 4 — beat and stomped on his head in Pasadena in the early hours.

“Is my sister getting the same treatment?,” the Kim lookalike said as he was escorted out of the stadium.

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