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It’s trampoline, and it’s governed by the International Gymnastics Federation, which mandates “singlets,” “gym trousers,” and matching slippers.

In 2010, he, his family friend Shane Bullen, and two others debuted ANDY singlets and a more choreographed approach.

…move temporarily to Sydney to “see how it goes” and spend the next year living out what you feel is an indie rom-com where you are Emma Stone and he is Penn Badgley (if Penn Badgley wore a lot of singlets) because the movie you’re starring in will be more like 500 Days of Summer, and you are Joseph Gordon Levitt.

No one likes getting kicked in the face, and $500,000 buys a lot of singlets.

“We eventually evolved and threw cheese singlets,” he told me via text, “which [my friend’s] parents had a shit load of because they would feed them to their dog.

Through its apparel shop, the company began selling wrist wraps designed for women’s bodies, and expect to put out singlets and knee sleeves soon so, as Knight explains, women can stop “shifting around” in gear made for men.

By focusing on strength, this inversion of what’s typically prioritized is why many women are drawn to powerlifting —a sport of “packing your neck” until your chin has doubled, and wearing full singlets as opposed to bikinis.

Before the cholitas, wrestling in El Alto was limited to man-on-man contests, with contenders dressed in the same shiny singlets and Aztec-style masks as their Mexican lucha libre counterparts.

Besides being stupidly presumptuous, don’t you think the old-time grapplers who wrestled shirtless thought the people who wore singlets back then were coddled little cowards?

I’m sure when the notion of taxing t-shirts and “singlets or other vests of cotton, knitted, or crocheted” material came up, this salient point was made and all the European honchos agreed, t-shirts would be taxed.

The NT Official website is selling shirts and singlets bearing the cheeky slogan.

One of my favorite perks of being a Viking queen is ordering the men to change into the costumes of your liking, and this date’s period specific garb was just as amazing as the handball singlets I made the guys wear in Olso.

The handball group date the next day was my favorite competitive and athletic date of the season, probably because of the singlets the guys had to wear.

The singlets prank was a joke Coach Tom and the Norwegian handball players helped me set up but when I saw all that man meat tucked in such a small amount of spandex I conveniently forgot to let them in on the gag.

The real hand ball jerseys remained hidden from them, and I made them play in the singlets the whole game.

It is a departure from the usual free-flowing shorts and singlets we’re used to seeing on long-distance runners.

With the lines between amateur and professional increasingly blurred, another distinctive difference between the codes — the red or blue singlets worn by Olympic boxers — is being questioned.

(VANUATU-VOLCANO/ (TV, PIX), moved, 305 words) White tiger, dark horse: North Korean art market heats up DANDONG, China – Seated beneath tall windows and dressed simply in singlets and trousers, North Korean painters are hard at work.

With the lines between amateur and professional increasingly blurred, another distinctive difference between the codes — the red or blue singlets worn by Olympic boxers — is being questioned.

One of Kipchoge’s singlets had little spikes around it that, in wind tunnel tests, reduced the impact of wind.

When they’re not posing in star-spangled wrestling singlets in front of burned-down schools (possible caption: “You make me wanna la la”) these Fab Four are dealing with just as many insecurities as Cary is.

Bill’s glee when the models then stripped further to be seen clad in bathing singlets, accessorized finally with floral Thom Browne surfboards, can only be imagined.

A century ago, male swimmers wore singlets to compete in the Olympics.

Our resident obsessives are following Rachel Lindsay’s love journey while playing handball in uncomfortably tight singlets.

They set Jetta aside and stripped off their outerwear, revealing skimpy blue wrestling singlets.

Nearby, a fleet of bunnies in black singlets, stilettos and fluffy tails pinned to their backsides served trays of sparkling rosé to Mr. Hefner’s some 400 guests.

Ms. Ekimian, a wrestler who won the 2015 women’s wrestling state championship with the Maryland National Team, recently designed women’s singlets for Adidas Wrestling.

In 2016, through connections she’d made while working at the Reebok store in Union Square, Ms. Ekimian arranged to meet with higher-ups for Adidas Wrestling and explained to them why women’s singlets needed an update.

(Mr. Grotzinger first attracted major attention when an earlier collection, of hand-beaded wrestling singlets, was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize.)

While the gift shop at the recent U.S. Championships here brimmed with women’s leotards for sale, none of the singlets or socks-and-stirrup pants that the male gymnasts compete in were being peddled.

Mr. Faramarz and his cameraman, Ramiz Ahmady, 23, rushed to the scene, where they reported live as young men in their wrestling singlets carried bodies off the bloodied mat and onto any vehicle they could find.

That’s why you see racers in singlets and shorts when it’s 45 degrees out: Once your furnace gets going, winter turns to spring and spring turns to summer.

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