Singing in a sentence | Use of the word singing examples

Incorporating traditional vodou lyrics and instruments (rara horns, petwo drums), and singing in Kreyòl, French, and English, it was a perfect combination.

“My mom did it throughout my childhood, singing and dancing to these rhythms” recalls Morse.

Kathie started her career as the “singing girl” on “Name that Tune” in 1977.

Born into a preacher’s family, her earlier years were spent singing gospel music in church.

Have you ever carved up a turkey while singing “Over the hills we go / Got an extendo and an AK”?

Descendents were bringing oodles of pop hooks to the table and singing about fast food and coffee.

In a 2003 documentary, there’s a moment where Björk Guðmundsdóttir describes her early memories of singing and songwriting.

You may find yourself singing and humming it for hours and days after.

It was very personal … Selena’s stepdad signed Christina when she was just 14 to manage her singing career.

I’ll universalize things I might be singing about, because I have trouble with people who try to shove their ideologies down my throat.

But they never stop singing.

For his part, Jacquees claims the whole thing started because he was singing in the airport … and cops told him he couldn’t.

Mark Cuban just got a ringing endorsement for President from old pal Daymond John … who couldn’t stop singing the guy praises.

There’s Americana everywhere and someone is singing John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads.

But last week at a town hall in Detroit, he was singing yet another tune.

We don’t want to get rid of Trump only to find ourselves singing the lyrics of the old Who song: “Meet the new boss.

Same as the old boss.” So we can’t afford to spend the interim hugging everyone who opposes Trump and singing Kumbaya.

A Perfect Circle Buncha squares, singing about fractals.

He left Washington on Monday singing the praises of the president’s economic policy.

“I wasn’t into singing.

singing wasn’t a thing until recently,” he eludes.

Beyond her tremendous singing voice, she was a voice in the Civil Rights Movement.” – Bernice King, daughter of the Rev.

The actor also made a name for himself singing and on Broadway.

“You’ll be able to walk out of the Oval Office,” Boehner tells Obama with a grin, “singing zippidy-do-dah, zippidy-yay.”

She told us, “I would LOVE to do the Super Bowl” — but she wasn’t just talking about singing.

singing your accomplishments when you ain’t even close to being done is weird.

Examples the researchers generated including a video of Rasputin singing a Beyoncé song and a snippet of Albert Einstein giving a lecture.

‘Respect’ is as precise an artifact as a Ming vase.” The daughter of a preacher, Franklin began her singing career in the church.

After a few years of singing hymns at New Bethel, Franklin accompanied her father on a church tour, playing the piano while he preached.

Franklin’s sermons, released an album of Aretha, then 14 years old, singing nine gospel hymns.

All the singing and dancing adds charm to La La Land, to be sure.

All the DJs played the same songs and everyone was singing “Africa” at karaoke or the like.

“I’m confident Flynn is singing like a bird to Mueller.” (Eight other law professors made similar arguments to Illing.)

“I’m just kind of singing about being M.I.A.

We don’t need 6,000 bands singing about chugging PBRs while doing a second-rate Chuck Ragan impression.

Auto shows off O’Neil’s vocal ability as she flexes an impressive array of high volume singing styles.

So she has suggested self-distraction — like, for example, focusing on a golf ball’s dimples or singing a song.

If you know what I’m singing about up here, c’mon, raise your hand!

Like everything else she does, her performances are more of an event than merely hopping on stage and singing.

There were past projects’ records shelved, years of singing on other people’s tracks or touring with other people’s groups.

We wanted to play electronic music live, and that needed more people—particularly when you’ve got two lazy people just singing.

Neither Grande or Pete have commented publicly on the breakup, but if her singing voice is any indication, Ariana’s doing just fine.

On the monitors, the artist E. Jane performs as her avatar, Mhysa, singing and lip-synching to three different songs.

singing and embracing black diva-ism, E. Jane suggests, could be a form of liberation.

It was only initially about singing covers because we hadn’t written any songs of our own.

So I wrote a thousand-plus words singing his praises.

She chairs the foundation, occasionally singing and dancing at awareness-raising programs.

If I film myself singing those songs in VR, then I just have to do it once.

Eddie’s daughter Harper is seven, and she’s the one singing: Follow Kyle Kramer on Twitter.

It was fairly early on in the run, but clearly, there were people who had gone multiple times and were singing.

Tired of the flannel-wearing folk crowd too focused on singing about dusk, twilight, and other beautiful nature-y stuff?

The song features Swae Lee singing in a way we don’t usually hear him.

I’m not talking about Lizzo singing about loving herself.

He always wanted me to pursue singing.

We’re told the alleged victim brought Cuba a water while he was partying and singing karaoke because she thought he was drunk.

On the other hand: Live singing is not exactly Britney’s strongest suit as a performer.

The millionaire and another guest who had shown up late to the party started singing along to 80s songs.

But what’s a mother to do when her young daughter starts dancing around, singing about how sexy, sexy, sexy she is?

She recites each button she presses to get to there, and then starts singing along.

Golden dreams were shiny days, the bell was ringing, and our souls were singing.

Some attend a school that uses parks as the classroom, while others focus primarily on singing and dancing.

singing and dancing is an important part of the curriculum, which allows children to put on public performances.

While the younger ones are also treated to an afternoon nap, all children participate in arts and crafts, games, and singing.

They march in singing and someone says “Walk in hope.” It’s an imperative, a call looking for a response.

Before she started singing, the audience heard audio of reporters doing stories about white supremacists and terrorism.

Janet did not disappoint … singing a number of her hits from her catalog.

There was definitely a message beyond just singing hits.

“People don’t want me singing country music.

Audio files play street noise — voices, drumming, singing, car sounds — from each of these countries throughout the video.

In one scene, the lights went out and left Tracy Turnblad (Maddie Baillio) singing in the dark.

singing it at the age of 44, though, you can see how it’d make people uncomfortable.

Best of all … Luann was singing her hit, “Money Can’t Buy You Class” when the wardrobe malfunction happened.

I’m done singing that song.”

“For the most part, I stick to singing and my quote-unquote lyrics and just let the band do its own thing,” he says.

Protest and pride – both shouting and singing – are integral parts of what Stonewall means, said Burgess.

But they keep singing.

Upstairs at the gallery, a video of “singing Sculpture” (1991) plays.

There was Inuit singing and Japanese saké, both presumably intended to favorably influence the judges.

Voices escape, singing sad, sad songs” and “Voices whine/Skyscrapers are scraping together.”

Springsteen enthusiasts weren’t the only ones singing the bot blues.

And what was funny was that her dog, a cute wiry-haired mutt, howled and howled, like he was singing along when she laughed.

Jakes’s stems from the possibility that his voice will break while singing.

Some beautiful singing has been unleashed in the most drab of places.

To blow off steam, she spends her nights drinking and singing death metal at karaoke bars (as seen in the video above).

I find some fundamental contradictions in imitating Mayan rituals in a public park in Denmark by singing in English and playing Tibetan instruments.

At this 1967 performance of the song in Antibes, France, and many others, Franklin wasn’t just singing about a love affair.

Ariel — pop star and record producer

“Ariel has always excelled in music, having natural talent and a passion for singing.

She’s looking a helluva lot more grown up than the teenager most remember singing that annoying (we say that lovingly) one-off hit.

Could the announcement of this singing be another leg to a joke that we’ve completely fallen for too?

When he returned the following June, the only bird singing was the sapsucker.

Guess we know who’ll be singing along when the T.L.O.P.

A pop-classical baritenor singing his own songs isn’t a crusader for honest self-expression.

And then on the way down the hill, that’s when the song came to me and I started singing.

‘Cause you sure ain’t singing that to me and I sure ain’t singing that to you’.”

singing came later.

I wanted to try and make a record where I was singing.

Me supporting him and me singing or rapping or backflipping at his inauguration.

They weren’t screaming or singing, they were just talking their way through it.

They launch into a group chorus of “867-5309/Jenny,” with the lead singer singing into his sacrificial knife like it’s a microphone.

That’s actually the amazing River Tiber singing there.

The key difference is that instead of Lopatin’s vocals, there’s a synth lead laying out what Usher would have been singing.

So he literally listened to a few seconds of the beat, jumped in the booth and started singing it right away.

It’s just going out and singing some songs.

Alvin Kamara was singing — and the girls were swooning … ’cause after the Saints beat the Bucs on Sunday, A.K.

The reviews are mixed … which is weird since he had a trivial role and stuck mostly to singing … by a campfire, while eating rabbit.

Chris Cornell’s daughter, Toni, posted this incredible tribute to her late father … singing “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

We’re certainly not sitting around holding hands, singing ‘Kumbaya.’” Perhaps he is ready for the presidency.

To see a good friend of mine, Mel Blatt, absolutely in her element, whilst singing was an amazing moment to witness.

He also contributed on vocals, singing the lead on tracks like “Long Title: Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?”

As the cameras turned to them, many fans appeared on screen singing through tears.

Franklin is there to sing, and her composed, almost placid expression when she’s not singing is the picture of something like peace. is like you can record yourself singing and stuff and do fast motion or do dancing videos.

“Wild is the Wind” is exactly the kind of song Bowie had no business singing.

The hangers-on rain flattery on Manon’s singing and dancing.

There was the COO of a company with a very famous CEO and the COO started singing this little song.

Amy is on it singing and writing beautifully.

Alicia Keys was on stage singing “Girl on Fire.” The crowd erupted in cheers.

Wearing a cream-colored suit and pumping her fist, Childs is featured on The White House Official Snapchat Story singing: “Fired up!

Artists singing about how much wealth they had accrued fit cleanly into a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous culture.

singing is all about the timing and getting me into a particular mood.

At a young age, Mary and her elder brother Dion began singing and making tape recordings in their parents’ garage.

Black Coffee and vocalist Jorja Smith are listed as featured artists on the track, which also features Drake’s return to singing.

But that, too, with Robyn singing “nothing lasts forever/ not the sweet, not the bitter” doesn’t even feel emotionally catastrophic.

We gather and walk through the city, singing and chanting and drawing in everybody around us.

It’s classic Keys, showing off how powerful her singing can get, especially when backed by a capable band.

Hence, you can feel the ache in I.U.’s singing.

She later told reporters after the ruling that she would like to pursue singing and acting after she’s freed.

Fallon said, singing Rihanna as Obama joined in.

Before this sugary sweet kid was singing about candy, she was just another feline-loving little girl growing up in Nashua, New Hampshire.

There was often dancing, an exchange of jokes, singing, speeches and slapstick musical skits or satiric interpretations of popular plays.

“It was weird watching one guy, singing Usher’s “You Got It Bad” and then dropping down to return fire like clockwork.

“When I first started [singing], I moved to the UK.

It was at that particular point in her life where she realized writing, singing, and performing were what she wanted to do, really.

Maybe I’m not singing, “Capitalism sucks the feeling out of life,” but the sentiment is there.

For most of them, she performs in a candlelit room, wearing an oversized nightgown and singing to a bare beat.

Blake sounds more than ever like a dissipated choirboy singing R&B.

Their first task in the study was to figure out what songs users of their app were singing in traditionally blue and red states.

In the case of this study we looked at 100 million performances of people singing songs through their phones.

The kids loved singing with you and showing you our bears.”

This article originally appeared on Noisey Australia.It sounds like The Stevens are singing about a detective TV program.

Breitbart’s most famous writer, Milo Yiannopoulos, has openly courted the alt-right, singing their praises across Breitbart’s site.

Her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, was singing a different tune.

I was singing to the site of love and warmth and care in my life, abstractly speaking.

I was singing to that and trying to keep my finger on that the entire song.

That’s what I was singing about in this song.

singing in a room by herself, she imagines an outside world.

If you look really closely, I’m singing along in the Kingston, Ontario, protest.

(He can dance like a dervish and very competently does his own singing, if you were wondering.)

And everyone is singing about how their hopes and dreams of fame will come true one day.

Divide’s standout rap tracks include “Eraser,” “Galway Girl,” “New Man,” and, arguably although it could be called “rap singing,” “Barcelona.”

Madeon proves a fitting partner in this particular endeavor, singing sweetly about taking comfort in interpersonal connections during life’s trials.

For many in the city, nothing had broken the peace of a serene afternoon except the eerie sense that the birds had stopped singing.

This is a video of young slugger Kyle Schwarber singing and dancing in his high school choir back in 2010.

Or rather, singing about these things.

Look, Jimmy Fallon’s singing again.

Fallon’s character is singing to win Strong’s character back after he dragged an innocent man off a United flight.

For months we had no idea what the song actually was despite singing it over and over in the shower.

The six-track outing is stacked with washed out synths and hooky, Auto Tuned singing on cuts like “Ride” and “Interlude.”

Jeffress once held a de facto Trump rally (complete with a choir singing “Make America Great Again”) in his church during a service.

A singing Jeff Goldblum.

“, Wayne Coyne was projection-mapped while singing sitting on top of Chewbacca.

I was too busy singing the words to “Toxic.”

The films are sustained close-ups of his many tortured emotions; she’s essentially a sexy singing lamp.

Every hip kitchen in New York had a Michael Graves singing whistle teakettle on its counter.

Maybe I’d show Elsa singing!

The dance itself is a beautiful interpretation of the recurring feelings about which Peter Barbee, the man behind Among Savages, is singing.

Hailey’s got a type … rich, famous, singing Canadians.

“Listen!” he says, as the sound of girls singing a traditional Syrian song reached him.

He conveys his character’s many sides: seductive, repulsive, and tragically heartbroken through a superb combination of staging, acting, and singing.

At this point you weren’t singing that much.

We had established this mold of Hayden singing beautifully about his pain and us whipping up a shitstorm behind him.

I mean, can you imagine Avril Lavigne singing that?

I start singing.

singing with other people is so nice.

She sent me an amazing birthday video, singing happy birthday to me.

You see O singing and dancing along to Nelly’s “Hot in Here” with her friends.

Maybe I would have taken singing lessons instead of piano, which I hated.

He starts singing, he runs up and around a scale in slow meandering fashion, crooning, aching, sometimes yelling.

Then I heard his lyrics, his melodic rhyming, and his singing and I got shivers hearing the track really coming to life.”

Chick-fil-A developed some unique employee traditions over the years, such as singing songs about how much they love the chain.

He loved softball and singing karaoke to country songs.

The key moments in the verse are based on Grande singing a two-note melody, seemingly building to something.

Rose’s voice flows between rap verses, and auto-tune drenched singing.

He was always singing something.

They were always singing from other people’s voices and seeing things from other people’s perspective.

For many years, urbanists have been singing the praises of urban density.

Once upon on a time, Bonnie Tyler was singing about falling in love.

He loved softball and singing karaoke to country songs.

He was always singing something.

Red demands your attention, and the performance group held us captive the entire night with their swaying and chanting and singing.

I was receiving, marveling, swaying, and singing in response to everything we had won, not just that day but over the weeks of planning.

As a self-taught musician, she’s transformed her rapping, singing, and production skills into something more celestial, fitting for her obsession with the nocturnal.

(The session ends with Perel singing Edith Piaf.)

His singing spans several octaves and styles, from new wave archness to gospel expressiveness.

The point was underlined by the sensuality of Prince’s music: his seductive singing, his spine-tingling harmonies, his brittle funk, and his soaring refrains.

“Help me, information, more than that I cannot add,” he was singing on the record.

singing Saw Cool instruments don’t come from Home Depot.

As for what type of music … rap, “poetry music” and traditional singing.

I quickly did the lyrics, and Ozzy was reading them as he was singing.”

Sightlines are pretty nonexistent, and I can barely see Prowse seated at his kit, singing his heart out in response to King’s lead.

John was smooth as silk Tuesday night while singing “Slow Dance.”

As for the scene inside, it appeared to be relatively peaceful and joyous, with people singing “Happy Birthday” to O.T.

Dolls and figurines are arranged to reenact scenes from everyday life, like women doing aerobics, children jumping rope, or churchgoers singing at Sunday service.

The parade attracted mostly young people dressed in colorful clothes, who made their way through the streets dancing, singing and carrying rainbow flags.

The one that goes [singing] “tienes tremendo Culo.”

“When @zacposen makes you a custom gown it doesn’t matter if you’re singing or not,” she wrote in the caption.

At this point in my life, singing along feels like a cheeky celebration of my self-sabotaging tendencies.

Did you have any apprehensions about singing and taking that leadership role in CRX?Nick: Me?

The visual is broken up into different scenes for each character as a singing Postell asks, “Now what’s this consciousness you speak of?”

Anyway, the worst thing about Cats the movie probably won’t be its terrifying singing and dancing Animorphs.

Also just like growing up a little and having just more experience playing a guitar and singing.

That’s actually why I found Fetty Wap so refreshing, because he’s singing about being truthful to his one trap queen lady.

The couple dies singing Oasis.

Dressed as Han Solo for a backing singing gig, during the days of Myspace Top 8.

They were singing the songs word for word.

My hologram is like, “Who is this person who is playing bass, drums and singing at the same time.” GET MORE SKILLS HOLOGRAM.

But you really have to watch its semifinal performance, which involves a naked man singing to a holographic wolf.

Just before singing “Million Reasons,” Gaga paid homage to Hollywood’s #MeToo movement, whispering “Time’s Up.”

The spare clip finds Waxlimbs vocalist/producer Alex Metcalfe singing and playing piano alone in a house while wearing a mask.

Today, however, Trump is singing a different tune: Muhammad Ali is dead at 74!

The two seem genuinely at ease singing with each other, figuring the harmonies out as they go.

How does Stevie Nicks feel now, singing “Landslide” more than four decades later?

I simply stopped doing many of the things I loved, like singing.

I only started singing again a few years ago.

Well, maybe you can’t really call it singing, but I hum along to the music I like a bit.

Families protested at theaters around the US and picketed its premiere, singing Christmas carols outside the cinema.

Here’s what’s up with RAINSFORD: Her birth name is Rainey Qualley and she splits her time between acting and singing.

“We had been there for like 18 hours and we’re singing and holding signs and signing our shirts.”

Their courtship takes place as the group climbs the volcano in search of reception, singing Jimmy Buffett songs all the way up.

The England fans had been singing on the French terraces throughout the championship: “We all hate you––we voted Leave!

Even compared to the current reggaeton norm, his deadpan singing and spacey hooks share an affectless quality, as if mechanized into blankness.

There are almost always people dancing and singing along.

He faces a maximum of 65 years in prison, but he’ll clearly get way less by singing like a bird.

Bowie declares his love for the fellow rebel he’s singing about but also calls her a “tacky thing.”

Franklin’s father was a Baptist preacher in Detroit, and the gospel singing she heard in his church was her musical foundation.

In 2014, they filled a baseball stadium with 14,000 people singing back their songs to them as generational anthems, which they have absolutely become.

“Dana White put a belt on me and all the Brazilian fans were singing for me.

He did all this singing while complaing about a stomach ache.

But we came out that first show, and we had kids in the front row singing along, girls crying.

It required singing on the fly, we didn’t have much rehearsal, just one very brief hour.

The parade attracted mostly young people dressed in colorful clothes, who made their way through the streets dancing, singing and carrying rainbow flags.

Similarly, I’ve visited projects where the entire village turns out, singing and dancing.

People usually aren’t singing out of spontaneous joy, or because of ancient traditions.

In those moments, I comfort myself that the ends justified the means, but I know I’m still singing for my supper.

The video showed four young women singing and clapping in a room as two young men danced to the music.

On Wednesday night, James Corden brought the instant-viral-hit-machine that is Carpool Karaoke to Washington, DC, to do some singing with Michelle Obama.

Lou is better than, say, Lava (the odious singing volcano short attached to Inside Out).

Playing guitar and singing “ETC.”

It’s easy to see why Garland might have been wary of singing them to a seven-year-old kid.

You know—the bugs and birds that were singing in my hometown of Houston.

It’s akin to singing, because you have to take a breath at some point.

It’s mainly just him and an acoustic guitar singing a delicate falsetto.

Herzog described the choir as having “this very strange, very ancient way of singing.”

Do you want to read about a Britney Spears analogue who retires from professional singing to solve murders?

Her singing was gorgeous and, more than ever, packed an intense emotional weight.

Elon Musk has said he will also add an Easter Egg that plays Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday.”

And yet, here is Jay Kay, singing about cosmic girls and space cowboys and giving me my absolute unfettered life.

The duo’s angelic voices peek through the twinkling track, singing the iconic chorus: “Can you feel the love tonight?

VIP parties, brands and billboards everywhere, Chris Rock selfies, even Fat Joe singing at a block party.

For years, I’ve been singing a familiar refrain: Congress is weak because it doesn’t invest in its own internal staff resources.

There’s a vintage fun fair, a Battle of the Somme reenactment, and a local troupe singing numbers from The Lion King.

He opens a Snapchat of his friend singing to an unfinished version of “Finesse and Kawal.”

— but it takes on an added poignancy when you know who the man playing the piano and then singing over the credits is.

singing well makes birds feel good, and this has some interesting implications for our general understanding of neural reward systems.

It was sort of like the birds were unknowingly singing through an effects pedal, but only at certain random intervals.

Some in the Canadian news media fawned over Grégoire-Trudeau’s “singing chops,” (including another of Power & Politics’ infamous all-white panels).

The NHS choir was also in attendance, singing the song that was a Christmas hit last year.

I got pictures of him smiling, pictures of him singing, pictures of him looking like hippie Jesus.

He is the one who trained Jérémie, the chef at La Bonne Mère, whose praises Mahéva was singing earlier on.

The Menzos are playing Gov Ball this weekend if you’d like to join us in singing along about how horrible things are.

In a sense his melodies and arrangements are inappropriate to such a presentation, implying, as they do, a happier singer singing more frivolous words.

He had a series of now legendary recording artists covering his songs and singing his praises, but his own records did shit all.

Lo hitting her marks (like a Fly Girl should) — and, apparently, really singing instead of lip syncing.

The closest I’ve come was when we recorded all the screaming and singing for the film in the same session.

Plus, everyone knows Ursula is less about singing and more about … body language.

No, your grocery store doesn’t just play Celine Dion for her singing chops.

Billy Joel’s celebration of Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday had some serious New York flavor … and about 18,000 people singing “Happy Birthday.”

A study conducted near a large airport showed that birds tended to avoid singing at noisy times.

It’s as if somewhere in her soul, she truly believes the person she’s singing to is the only one for her.

And I was singing along to every song, and that made it better,” Swilley said.

For an app with such a simple mission — singing!

Dedication furthers this project, but the forms have changed: breathy singing and dimly lit electronic atmosphere are ultimately more familiar devices for depicting interiority.

He told me his fans knew the words and were singing along even on the first stop of his tour.

Maybe we need to send a singing telegram to get them to commit.

Seemingly on cue, the crowd bursts into applause, singing Guevara “Happy Birthday” in Spanish and clapping in anticipation of the power coming back on.

By the second verse he’s singing about walking through the streets “taking sips of the sky” through his nose.

Does that parent say, “oh honey, he’s singing about being in a relationship with a meth addict.

People outlined what happened: He started off by singing, “I wanna cry right now.

Will just sent Katie a minute-long production loop over WhatsApp, and she replied immediately with a voice-note of her singing the chorus.

It’s a sweet collection of songs to get you into summer, with Malone’s silky singing over some tropical and fun beats.

She’d call me and leave long voicemails of singing then it would cut off and she would call right back and keep singing.

Adding to his doppelgänger bond with Justin and Zayn, he said he’s “been singing since childhood.”

The plush “Paradise” is the record’s standout—showing most readily the ease with which each member can bounce from lithe singing to rapping.

By the time Demi Lovato finished touring in support of her fifth studio album, 2015’s Confident, she was sick of singing straight-up pop.

Here are some of the funniest misheard lyrics of all time as well as what the musicians were actually singing.

Melodic singing songbirds.

singing her Christmas carols, but getting the words wrong on purpose, so Astrid is almost sobbing with laughter.

recalled more of the piano memory: Someone was singing the Louis Prima tune “Oh Marie.”

Since he’s acting, singing and appearing in concert, it’s hard to know what he was doing afterward.

But what we do is so much more than singing: Yegna is also a talk show and a radio drama.

We used to go the park in all black, scaring grannies and singing Blink-182 out of our tinny phone speakers.

A couple of highlights were Lisa singing Kiss Me , while also opening a can of tuna and spewing it all over herself.

Is the eight-year-old at the helm singing “boats and hoes” having a try before he buys?

In fact, I had been discussing Netta Barzilai’s victory in the international singing contest with my fiancée the day before.

This was my first experience writing, singing, and playing music with other people.

Then I began freestyle singing, and people were playing instruments.”

I — and other members of the Insider Picks team — have been singing the praises of a company called Bellroy for a while now.

What is he singing about?

The singing came towards the end, with Marco, Zikiki, and Mimi improvising vocals.

Bjork might have 2-4 collaborators on her records and people still question ‘oooh, but is she actually doing anything aside from singing?’

What is he singing about?

What is she singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What’s he singing about?

He’s singing about sex like a 14-year-old sings about sex.

He’s singing about sex like a 14-year-old who should have his internet cut off sings about sex.

What’s he singing about?

She’s really, really good at singing.

What is she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What’s he singing about?

He’s singing about how to write down what he wants to sing about.

What are they singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s she singing about?

What are they singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What are they singing about?

Willem Bijkerk started off singing on the Dutch kids’ TV show Telekids in the mid-’90s, but he always loved country music.

What’s he singing about?

What’s he singing about?

What’s she singing about?

– The earnest way he furrows his brow while singing and squatting with some sneakers.

has been singing in the shadows, creating an elusive persona around last year’s self-titled project.

After an hour of singing, the pair bid goodbye.

It’s billed as a record of urban solitude against singing Saw’s expanse.

I know, I’m singing on the other podcast, right?

TL: [singing] “When I was seven years old …” I’m feeling like Lukas Graham right now.

“I’m more focusing on me just singing well,” she says.

For any doubters it’s Sia actually singing under that mop of hair … a Rocky Mountain breeze has your back.

All we could think of was Evita Peron singing “You Must Love Me.”

We had a great time, singing and drinking a few beers.”

singing songs, doing concerts, instead of sitting at home fuckin’ bored out my mind.

“They are dancing and singing in the rain.”

It’s fuckin’ picking the thing up, singing the songs.

The outlier on the Cleveland playlist is Luciano Pavarotti singing, “Nessun dorma,” one of the most famous opera arias of all time.

People always talk about your iconic onstage presence: that singing stance and your tambourine… I don’t really play the tambourine.

In her performance here, there’s no polish or pretense — Franklin seems like she’s singing directly to her no-good lover.

Like many soul artists, Franklin began her singing career in the church.

Fiorina actually started singing one of the songs to Cruz’s daughters during her own speech on Wednesday.

Throughout The Ride’s 12-track journey, Furtado cares less about delivering pop anthems and more about singing honest lyrics.

After she finished singing, Furtado snuck off to Congleton’s bathroom, where she cried standing next to his Grammy.

Pretend it’s cool like when that guy starts singing on the subway and you just keep reading your book.

People were losing their shit and everyone was singing the words.

Jared Leto really can do it all … singing, acting, dancing and scaling a gigantic cliff like it’s nothin’.

He sounded like someone singing in the shower — if that shower was a torture device for other people.

It also signals that she’s going to be singing about intimacy.

I mean, can you imagine Avril Lavigne singing that?

A passenger forced a flight to make an unscheduled landing after she wouldn’t stop singing “I Will Always Love You.”

He assumed that he’d get good enough at the drums and back-up singing that some great band would want him.

You can hear in vocalist Shehzaad Jiwani’s singing a kind of pure emotion.

I’m sure this is me singing Shining Star by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Then President Barack Obama went to Charleston and gave a moving speech, soothing America, singing “Amazing Grace.”

Still, when one of the girls started singing a disco song that Mylene performs in the show, she shuddered again.

We’re told she’s been laying down tracks featuring rap, “poetry music” and traditional singing.

With Laima and Hen at the helm, the rest of us get to infuse our life experiences into our singing.

“At Standing Rock,” Billy says, “we were singing with the earth,” with the Lakota leading the way.

Most recently, the artist put n her singing hat and released her third album, K.T.S.E., in June.

Her flow is truly special; the artist switches between rapping and singing with complete ease.

But there’s something about the tradition of R&B and gospel of singing hard.”

If we heard this song today, it’d probably be impossible to resist nostalgically singing along to the lyrics without even realizing it.

His average singing voice.

Her voice incarnates pop-punk singing — loud, elated, given to and indulging in joke melisma.

“They’re singing songs about liberation, just be aware.” said one guard over his walkie-talkie — a message that could be heard throughout the lobby.

Gospel music, if you just start singing a church song out of nowhere—because I went to church every Sunday.

Soon, she created a signature Instagram singing series where she showed herself singing harmonies in a grid of boxes.

When we were in Cali it was the song that everyone was singing, that was stuck in our heads.

Childish Gambino singing to Rihanna is the best thing you will see today.

She felt people wouldn’t take her as seriously if she were, simply, a girl standing onstage with a guitar, singing about her feelings.

Now Kornfeld is singing the praises of the synthetic opiate, saying it should be more accessible to addiction patients everywhere.

This week, I have a piece in the New York Times singing the praises of contested conventions.

In the Odyssey Penelope, still awaiting Odysseus’s return, overhears a bard singing tales of the Greek warriors’ homecomings.

As I wander into the crowd, I hear people singing her lyrics, see them dancing to the rhythm of her catchy melodies.

Tomorrow belongs to the Nazi youth singing the song — but it also belongs to you and you and you and me.

“Whenever I felt pain, singing soothed me and took the pain away,” she has said.

When asked about this, he shares, “These characters are metaphysical representations of the members who are singing the part.

He is singing about holding back a river.

In punk rock circles, you were supposed to be angry about what you were singing, you weren’t supposed to luxuriate in the words.

The pleasure that he takes in singing the words was horrifying to people in that scene.

An angel all dressed in black singing straight to me.

You hear the joy the children have in singing this song.

BTW — we don’t know what exactly he’s singing.

Did anyone call The Beatles “whiny babies” for singing the lyrics ‘This boy wants you back again’?

They were singing in black dialect and acting “black” on stage.

— ought to add an 8th superhuman strength to his arsenal … superb singing!!!

A 16-year-old classical singer, she’ll be singing the national anthem.

Greenwood will be singing “God Bless the USA” — his most well-known song — at the inauguration celebrations.

Toby Keith will also be singing at the pre-inauguration concert.

Aside from singing to her five pets, she also made a special cake for them.

Chloe was singing in her other band and now she’s playing guitar for us, and Gabby hadn’t done much singing.

But Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala — real name Susana Alimivna Jamaladinova — was covering Whitney Houston and singing about forced migration in Crimean Tatar.

And singing karaoke in Chisinau with the Moldovan diva who dressed up as a lava lamp at Eurovision 2013.

The work found reasons to celebrate together, singing, hands clapping, bodies moving in rhythms that we always know, but at times forget.

Markie broke up the fight and dragged Bobby upstairs, where Eddie sat alone in a dark room, strumming an electric guitar, singing.

Reznor leads the track with a measured, agitated vocal, singing over utilitarian drum hits and bluesy synth bass while orchestral strings swirl in discordance.

And, since it was Rosario’s birthday, the Cormiers busted out their singing voices for a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

What if you walked into an opera and could read the thoughts of the person singing?

They’ll perform, we’re told, but we don’t know if it will be singing or dancing.

The video showed four young women singing and clapping in a room as two young men danced to the music.

And we would hear them cheering and singing along from the other side.

Then for some reason, they’re all singing Harry Nilsson’s “Put the Lime in the Coconut” in perfect harmony.

We played out for about five years before I started singing anything more than an “Oooh” or “Aahhh” in the background.

She immediately began singing along involuntarily.

Paris Jackson proves there’s something heredity about singing, because she was awesome as grandma Katherine looked on.

That song “all in all is all we are…” [singing] reminds me loads of The Beatles.

Ok, I think we need to end the date now before I lose my shit to Sean Paul singing Nirvana songs at me.

“She was singing ‘Auf wiedersehen, mein herr.’

He was already singing in his first band, U.R.N., which would release the Breaking Away demo in 1991.

As for LeBron’s singing … it’s never too late for lessons, bro.

Jess likes control, polka dots, and singing her feelings.

Elsewhere, she’s less delighted: “Be Careful,” a slower song that showcases her singing, rides the crooked hop of a Lauryn Hill sample.

I sing because I grew up singing with my mom and my sister.

Nobody had ever hired me just for my singing before.

Best moment, besides the singing and dancing, is when Carol asks her name.

It opens with Baldi emerging from his depression, singing that “I came up to the surface / released the air.”

With singing skills beyond her then-11 years, the role ended up in her lap.

“Get up, stand up,” he added, laughing as he remembered loudly singing Bob Marley songs, among others, while in captivity.

It was an excellent way to see two generations of smooth, soulful singing come together on one stage for the enjoyment of us all.

At times, his ability to shuttle between rapping and singing is reminiscent of an early Anderson .Paak.

Do you want me to start singing some Barry White tunes, just to refresh your memory?

He concluded the evening by grabbing a microphone and singing a rendition of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”.

A lot of the time people don’t even know who is singing because [those bands] switch so much.

One section reads: “I do not like to hear strangers singing.

By Wednesday, Trump was singing a different tune.

They really hadn’t done a lot of singing before and I just tried to capture what they did automatically.

I heard him singing high stuff, and I said ‘You need to push the vocals on this.

I’m singing in three different voices on here.

He is a man singing a sometimes-inaudible lullaby about fiscal gaps, the “pied piper coming along talking about free college.”

Raisins, then as now, “lacked a cool factor.” The solution turned out to be a Motown group of singing raisins.

That’s changed in recent years, evidenced by several Øya acts singing exclusively in Norwegian.

Scientists refer to these shifting dunes as “singing” or “booming” sands, which for centuries mystified explorers from Charles Darwin to Marco Polo.

Artist Lotte Geeven is hoping to make these sandy symphonies more accessible, however, through a machine that replicates the singing.

To do so, she’s trying to collect samples of singing sand from around the world, which is no easy feat.

Of course, you have to live near one of these singing dunes or at least have the means to access it.

And following the character into that dynasty is Auli’i Cravalho, the teenage newcomer who provides Moana’s speaking and singing voice.

To accept what we give you — screaming, loving, singing, dancing — and let it set you free.

“I’ll be singing the song from Pirates of Penzance: ‘a paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox!

Gladys introduced Donnie McClurkin, and he energized the room by singing “Climbing Higher Mountains.”

The memorial performance ended with gospel duo Mary Mary singing a traditional gospel, “Old Landmark.”

Listen to Alice singing about being eighteen the rest of the year; tonight, it’s all about referencing Vincent Price.

Actors were clearly singing without much energy and off-key, and perhaps worst of all, the sound seemed to be very badly mixed.

With Hunt singing live for that audience from a wheelchair as the pretaped rehearsal was broadcast on a screen, the show had gone on.

Just take your time [begins singing “Sexual Eruption”].

His face made the girls scream, his emotional singing style made them stay, but his physical and musical sexuality is what frightened American adults.

And now, singing really soft and just being more comfortable with my range works for me.

My aunt, who I lived with, would be like, please stop singing.

He starts breaking the mic stand but he’s still singing.

We were let through, but my sister and I didn’t stop singing until we knew we were out of earshot.

We kept singing as loudly as we could.

The animation is so photorealistic that it’s disconcerting to see these lifelike animals walking (and singing) through the familiar drama.

People at Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah spontaneously started singing “America the Beautiful” during their protest on Saturday.

She started drumming and singing at six years old.

Aaron went through a short-lived grunge phase in the mid-90s, and then ultimately quit making rock records altogether when she started singing jazz.

if I was singing in Spanish maybe I’d stick with the actual name.

Their second album, Countdown to Ecstasy, was released in ’73, with Fagen taking over singing duties after the departure of Palmer.

Another photo, another young man, this one singing into a studio microphone.

He’s like a zen cowboy singing the blues.

A newly-clean artist singing through past addictions, inhabiting a past self onstage, can be fascinating and important.

Fellow country legend Loretta Lynn says, “you can’t miss who he is when he starts singing.

Willie loves to stay behind the beat, literally singing to the sound of his own drummer.

You named your guitar Trigger after the name of the horse of your favorite singing cowboy hero, Roy Rogers.That’s right.

Nick Levine is dancing round London singing “Bet you wanna taste it”… probably.

“In fact, the only reason I’ll argue with him is if he’s not singing!”

But Clark said he always remembered that first rehearsal of Mercury singing alongside keyboardist Mike Moran on the piano.

“We were singing the national anthem and I felt nauseous.

We hope singing in a sentence examples were helpful.