Simultaneously in a sentence | Use of the word simultaneously examples

Ali always seemed like a menace and a monk simultaneously.

It’s smart and not smart simultaneously, meaningful and empty within the same shot.

They face, and fail to deal with, the multitude of IoT development challenges — often simultaneously.

In the incredibly silly “Pen”(1980), Wurtz manages to have a laugh at Warhol’s expense while simultaneously producing a memorable work.

It’s practically a given that it would end on a logic-stretching plot while simultaneously rolling around in self-congratulatory glee at its own cleverness.

Almost simultaneously, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected an increase in energetic activity from a galaxy in the same direction.

If an acceleration occurs simultaneously with a short-circuit in a specific electrical network, a driver could be unable to deactivate the function.

His characters are simultaneously actual figures and symbols, most likely because Marshall, like Ellison before him, felt that realism was too limiting.

I don’t know how to talk clearly about this program in which some parts are thriving and some parts are failing simultaneously.

While the ACA expanded access to LARCs and other reproductive health services, aggressive state-level attacks on abortion providers simultaneously created new problems.

Marnie is the lone soldier standing, hoping to remain Hannah’s close friend and simultaneously fill the gaping hole in her own life.

I simultaneously think I’m awesome and that I’m the worst.

UFC 196 had been so appealing based on McGregor’s quest to make history as the first man to hold two UFC titles simultaneously.

But even if we were observing them and we were simultaneously doing in the rest of the biosphere … that should still give us pause.

Houshiary’s installation evokes a spirituality that paradoxically allows the space to become simultaneously Zen and a conduit for conflict.

The result is haunting, a call for peace that simultaneously acknowledges wounds.

Similarly, Ivanka was closing business deals in Japan while simultaneously joining her father in meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Throughout the winter season, we often split up our crews and have two, three, or sometimes more projects happening simultaneously.

But because we’re exposed to these chemicals from many sources simultaneously, it’s tricky to measure their health impact.

With a collaborative project, we work simultaneously on it, which is both more difficult and taxing, but also more exciting and surprising.

simultaneously, communities are encouraged to solve their own problems.

On the court, Anthony is simultaneously cerebral, steady, and relentless.

Coogler is an ideal candidate to help deconstruct the patriarchal fantasies of postcolonial escapism that make the Bond movies so simultaneously irresistible and frustrating.

As Sessions delivered his remarks at Georgetown Law School on Tuesday, the DOJ simultaneously filed a statement of interest in Uzuegbunam’s case.

These images simultaneously evoke the body horror of HIV/AIDS, fear of contamination, and queer fetishism.

Or seeing, hearing and reading simultaneously.

The result feels a bit like browsing an analog Internet, where memes mutate into free-verse poetry, while simultaneously channel-surfing noise radio stations.

She looked simultaneously bored and nervous as other people approached to give praise.

Repeal and replace could happen simultaneously, in late 2017 or early 2018, with the replacement bill mitigating the coverage losses that come with repeal.

It’s simultaneously diabolical and simple: Greatly exaggerate your enemies’ behavior while removing, distorting, or ignoring the context surrounding it.

simultaneously, it makes American imports into China more expensive, which dampens demand for them there.

They are simultaneously successful and yet perpetually unhappy with their very trade.

Folding in on itself, this self-referential tactic allows Villa Design Group to produce work that is simultaneously personal and corporate.

West was self-aware, but his Batman wasn’t, which made his Batman someone who could simultaneously awe children and make adults laugh.

These forms feel simultaneously expansive and compressed.

Publicly, Chechen officials have responded by simultaneously denying and, through that denial, tacitly supporting the violence.

What if Stannis invades King’s Landing while it’s defended by Tyrion, and both sides simultaneously do and do not deserve to win?

The Rio games were the first that NBC also streamed online simultaneously, and those viewers are included in the overall viewership count.

It does so knowing that many of the parties will have to revise (or redo) multiple contracts simultaneously.

I watched my aunt and mother suffer stoically as they simultaneously lost their father and gained an all-consuming, helpless charge in need of care.

Faith47’s latest portraits depict women who are simultaneously exposed and hidden.

The split-screen feature lets fans watch two games simultaneously and toggle between the two to listen to the commentary.

The main challenge here is space to stand back and observe works in progress and to work on several pieces simultaneously.

simultaneously, it was pulled from theaters due to the same threat and public pressure.

The statement said the three raids took place simultaneously.

It wasn’t until we hit that moment of embarking simultaneously on professional lives and family lives that feminism felt personally meaningful and urgent.

At this juncture, you would have two penalties running simultaneously: one for failing to file, and one for failing to pay.

All four are simultaneously fascinated and disgusted by the sight and stare at her like a zoo animal.

As if the truth is always somehow antagonistic to everybody simultaneously.

But the show simultaneously occupies another genre that has a more direct tie to nostalgia: post-apocalyptic fiction.

Her recurring subject is a view of nature that is simultaneously real and imagined.

A field full of beaded lines going in multiple directions simultaneously is visually sensual.

It has attracted some 400 million users, simultaneously seeming to curb rival Snapchat’s growth.

Her subsequent Super Bowl halftime performance of the song was simultaneously celebrated and criticized for its radicalism, depending on whom you talked to.

His opponent, gumming up the roll of barrels, is a mule that’s being simultaneously ridden and consumed by two children.

Once a day, at random, all participants receive an alert to take a photo simultaneously, regardless of time zone.

The senator pushed back on repeated criticisms that policies are unachievable and simultaneously praised Francis.

Taylor has just finished her taxing final high-school exams while simultaneously helping run a high-profile national campaign on climate change.

Drawing from the Old and New Testaments simultaneously he tells us: see the spires or God might tear off your roof.

“Beige nudes and deep reds are making an appearance simultaneously.”

Every week, I watch it and simultaneously love and hate the show a little bit more.

Michael Bluth wants simultaneously to put his family back together and to escape said family.

“The idea was to simultaneously project the profile of each person onto one another,” Leonard says.

The scene calls back to the movie while simultaneously setting up the potential conflict for a future Aquaman sequel, should one get made.

“All these things have to be done simultaneously,” Sawhney said.

These chemicals in the dye are simultaneously reduced — in other words, they lose some oxygen atoms.

One of the things that makes the soundtrack so of its time is that it’s simultaneously cool and uncool.

Allen is simultaneously nineteen years old and seven feet tall, and about as diffident as they come in the NBA.

It manages to romanticize stalking, while simultaneously creating empathy for the perpetrator Goldberg and frustration with the victim, Beck.

The proliferation of self-driving car startups is allowing the industry as a whole to explore all of these possibilities simultaneously.

The song simultaneously opens a space for expressionist outpouring and free self-determination; your feelings could be anything you want.

These are the questions, simultaneously simple and exceedingly complex, that fuel McKay’s infectious brand of curiosity.

(Cuarón also earned Oscar nominations in the Directing and Cinematography categories, making him the only director in history to be nominated for both simultaneously.)

What we’re seeing, I think, is a reorientation, perhaps, or a refocusing on the other values that these companies often simultaneously carry.

But simultaneously, Hello Games was sketching out how No Man’s Sky would change in the future.

I wonder how it could be both simultaneously.

When the Yankees signed Hawkins, they were coming off a run that was simultaneously successful and a complete failure.

In other words, its business end has four holes instead of one, and can simultaneously fire up to four bullets.

But it’s simultaneously easy and difficult to quantify how much the Emmys matter within the industry.

We have to figure out how to do both simultaneously.

The demand was for a plane that was simultaneously new and not new.

You’re coming to these radical sexual practices and ideologies with hopeful credulousness, while simultaneously interrogating them rigorously.

They fired “simultaneously,” a spokesman said.

They fired “simultaneously,” a spokesman said.

They read into a microphone and simultaneously heard their own voice played back through headphones.

Almost simultaneously, the second officer fired his Taser at the man.

One officer discharged their Taser, while simultaneously the other officer pulled the trigger on his gun “several times.”

2 (Partisan) Unlike 2013’s simultaneously out-of-its-skull and pop-curious Negativity (try: “Hey Doll,” “In Our Time”) or 2017’s simultaneously depressive and folk-leaning Vol.

Raad exposes the way in which our accepted notions of historicizing events are simultaneously fact and fiction.

The judge in the case is allowing prosecutors and Cohen’s lawyers to move forward with their review of the material simultaneously.

Meanwhile, in a backstage interview taking place seemingly simultaneously, Dolce explained the shirts in an interview with Vogue: “It’s irony!

According to the suit, the singer had simultaneously signed a “near identical” deal with another promoter.

Lent is, in other words, simultaneously sidelined by many ostensibly practicing Christians and appropriated by the secular world.

And there are multiple bizarre storytelling decisions, including a late-season homage to slasher films that is simultaneously played for horror and cutesy laughs.

They refer to an object, in this case a pair of men’s shoes, but are simultaneously a pair of elegant abstract shapes.

A range of visible colors is reflected simultaneously, producing that metallic golden hue.

“Using multiple products simultaneously throughout the day offers the most relief, since you are bombarding your body with cannabinoids through every orifice.”

simultaneously, the country witnessed a resurgent conservative movement ushered in during the Ronald Reagan era.

MMA simultaneously demands renaissance men and women in their accrual of abilities, but treats them harshly for straddling different worlds.

The authoritarian base will drag the party further to the right on social issues, and will simultaneously erode support for traditionally conservative economic policies.

simultaneously, Google was rejecting a partnership with Uber, choosing instead to compete.

The two shot “simultaneously,” Cameron said.

That makes Trump’s campaign a logical evolution of what has been standard Republican extremism — yet, simultaneously, a perverse and significant refinement of it.

The Democratic Party faces fundamental questions of morality and political identity which it both needs to solve immediately and must move beyond almost simultaneously.

The two shot “simultaneously,” Cameron said.

Hundreds of firefighters spent hours attempting to rescue residents, while simultaneously trying to stem the flames.

Hundreds of firefighters spent hours attempting to rescue residents, while simultaneously trying to stem the flames.

It’s a form of community building that feels simultaneously exclusive and welcoming.

So the US auto industry is in a weird spot, simultaneously betting on cleaner electric cars and bigger, more expensive cars.

By the looks of the videos, the Taser and gun were seemingly fired almost simultaneously.

I hang paintings on the walls so they do not take up so much space on the floor, and to simultaneously decorate the room.

And yes, there is such a thing as a brownie that is simultaneously void of THC but is still illegal.

The dust is still settling after Alex Jones’s InfoWars was more-or-less simultaneously banned by YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and Facebook.

Welcome to the wild west of self-driving, where everybody is competing with everyone and simultaneously working with them.

By pointing these two figures in opposite directions, Gross pulls viewers deeper into the painting’s carefully tilted space while simultaneously keeping them out.

You’ve got to work on those things simultaneously while you’re working on diversity, while you’re working on hiring.

But it’s being done around education, it’s being done around media — everything that can be digitized is being digitized and simultaneously globalized.

In the wall sculpture “Peplum III” (2014), the subject is simultaneously a pleated skirt and an architectural ornament.

The rows of screws in “Peplum VI” (2016) are simultaneously functional and decorative.

For others, who even work with different delivery companies simultaneously, the job can quickly turn into an obsession.

He argued that the region should depend on America’s partnership, while simultaneously suggesting that the US didn’t want to stick around.

This is the crux of womanhood that Guess embodied—to be simultaneously infantilized and vilified.

Imagine if he, simultaneously, has you under his thumb.

Rightfully, she ran the song back and invited fans to come join her, where they all simultaneously took videos of each other rapping.

An entry pass to Amir Johnson becomes a parabola, trying to get it simultaneously around and over the defender Lopez.

And the idea of living in two worlds simultaneously is directly a part of the show’s text as well.

“We’re going to do it simultaneously,” Trump told “60 Minutes“ last November when asked about repealing and replacing Obamacare.

This paradox of resisting the art world and simultaneously courting it is evident in the very way Althoff’s work is presented at MoMA.

“We’re going to do it simultaneously,” Trump told “60 Minutes“ last November when asked about repealing and replacing Obamacare.

That’s a bit like flying over Bern at 15,000 kilometers per hour and simultaneously getting sharp pictures of cars in Zurich.”

The results are a simultaneously funny and horrible look at the realities of many of these allegations and how men respond.

But the fact that it’s, simultaneously, a tech demo robs it of its best qualities.

The way he pulled off his Centriphone is simultaneously simple and involved.

The president can’t be everywhere simultaneously — an effective Cabinet is how he extends his reach, influences more people, and gets more done.

“The idea that you could go 100 percent (clean energy) in 10 years would require a lot of things happening perfectly, simultaneously,” he said.

But it’s simultaneously easy and difficult to quantify how much the Emmys matter within the industry.

At other points during Lemonade, the singer appears simultaneously incensed, heartbroken, and devastated.

He was inspired by designer Charles James, who like him was simultaneously brilliant and difficult.

simultaneously, Talibov has been unveiling mosques and statues honoring the ruling dynasty’s patriarch Heydar Aliyev.

He simultaneously endorsed Begich to succeed him.

Population growth is a consequence of fertility and mortality not declining simultaneously.

Diplomacy requires gentle touches and subtle signaling that simultaneously maintains stable relationships while having the power to pressure or persuade.

The original game launched on PC and elsewhere later, while Outlast 2 was released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously.

“We will work simultaneously with the economic managers of this country.”

It makes sense, then, that he worked from television, video, music, or any immediate stimuli, drawing simultaneously and seemingly without over-contemplating it.

They’ll have to negotiate a new relationship with the Brits while simultaneously worrying that other countries will follow the UK’s lead.

The oval video projection of his throat as he spoke displayed active slimy pink tissues, simultaneously repulsive, vulnerable, and threatening.

(It seems to simultaneously be broadcast online and via HAM radio, which is one way to distribute an underground program.)

The call, in effect, is running simultaneously over Wi-Fi and cellular data networks.

Since these devices are indiscriminate, thousands of phones may be simultaneously surveilled when they are deployed at full range in a bustling city.

In this Youtube video by Steve Scherer, a kid rides around on his hoverboard while simultaneously plowing through piles of snows.

LeBron James carries himself as a basketball player and a brand, simultaneously.

simultaneously, Edmund argues, these tech companies do not care about black people and black life in America.

Designing and building both combustion engine and fully electric cars simultaneously costs automakers $2.3 billion per platform per year, the study said.

House of Cards rouses itself to life a few times during the season, mostly by simultaneously celebrating and skewering white feminism.

Between that and, you know, things on Hulu or Netflix sometimes simultaneously, by the way.

The size of the studio is sufficient to work no a couple of large paintings simultaneously.

“There’s all these things going on at once, literally happening simultaneously, about which we as senators have direct responsibility over,” Schatz said.

The unseeded Germans simultaneously fell on their backs after sealing the result on their first match point.

ICE sent agents to 98 stores simultaneously — an operation requiring extensive resources and coordination — but arrested only 21 people.

ICE sent agents to 98 stores simultaneously — an operation requiring extensive resources and coordination — but arrested only 21 people.

They simultaneously want the job to be more and less interesting than it is.

Chaumont says that the various iterations of the series are “like an onion,” because the concept can simultaneously function at multiple levels.

One of the things that … It’s doing a bunch of different things simultaneously.

Café Society plays out as if Allen, who wrote and directed the film, is simultaneously LARPing through both men.

You can watch The Jersey Shore with irony and without irony, simultaneously.

Imagine Europeans struggling to cope with waves of migrants while simultaneously grappling with dangerous climate change.

Imagine Europeans struggling to cope with waves of migrants while simultaneously grappling with dangerous climate change.

But while all these pieces of equipment are simultaneously creating and uploading this data, large questions have not been answered: Who owns the data?

However, these forms and shapes are simultaneously allowed to fall away from any such structure.

Hoping to simultaneously quell suburban sprawl and establish physical points of common connection, Gruen devised and starting building shopping malls in the 1950s.

The trouble is that the closer global economic and trade ties which have helped French enterprises to thrive have simultaneously weakened the state.

Hundreds of firefighters spent hours attempting to rescue residents, while simultaneously trying to stem the flames.

As I was getting used to “stereo” hearing, I was also simultaneously getting to grips with Senua’s own battles.

And so now, all four major U.S. carriers are simultaneously offering some form of unlimited pricing for the first time in seven years.

She also dives into the simultaneously occurring operations of the mainstream sex toy industry, which was international at scale, largely male-dominated and sometimes criminal.

simultaneously sparse and immersive, Valerian Dials for Trembling Hands evokes the stillness of an ocean after a shipwreck or storm.

Sport a bowl cut and/or mullet, possibly simultaneously.

simultaneously sparse and immersive, Valerian Dials for Trembling Hands evokes the stillness of an ocean after a shipwreck or storm.

The lack of clarity emboldened immigration hardliners in the GOP caucus while simultaneously raising hopes for a deal among immigration reformers.

But ranked-choice voting is superior to the two-round system because it simultaneously maximizes voter participation and broad-based coalition-building.

“Forgive us for imposing on your valuable time,” these ambassadors said simultaneously in the official languages of the six legislatures.

simultaneously direct and nuanced, Damn thrills and unnerves.

Attacking and moving simultaneously is challenging, but standing still is a death sentence.

While CPUs are essentially optimized to do one thing very fast, GPUs are optimized to do lots of relatively simple things simultaneously.

The result is a range of curious objects with indefinable form and texture that simultaneously attract and challenge the would-be viewer’s gaze.

Putting something like this in the context of a gallery brings up an notion of functional/ dysfunctional, and it happens simultaneously.

Some of these creations function simultaneously as both.

It’s saying you can simultaneously critique whiteness even while addressing (and enduring) misogyny and fat bias.

To spend all its cash, Apple would have to launch dozens — perhaps hundreds — of iPhone-sized research projects simultaneously.

Hamilton is attractive on numerous levels — and to different audiences simultaneously.

The other is that Apple has an unusual structure that makes it difficult for the company to do a bunch of different things simultaneously.

Now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic, 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously, and it’s getting better every year.

simultaneously, we see Greg and Sophie, the lead characters from The Romanoffs’ season premiere, “The Violet Hour,” descend the opposite escalator.

His deft and once-in-a-lifetime skills allowed him to flirt with pop chart success and progressive instrumentation simultaneously.

Upon its release, he also became the first artist ever to simultaneously hold the top three spots on the Billboard R&B chart.

I guess the explanation is that there are two Steve Rogers alive simultaneously in the current timeline, but that’s a little gross, right?

Florist is simultaneously wise and innocent, sad and goofy, bursting with mortality but rooted in the mundane.

One of the neatest things about nature is that it is totally chaotic at all times, while it is simultaneously totally organized.

Illuminated from within, the structures would then inflate simultaneously over the border to create six glowing archways, as shown above.

The painting process replicates the natural forces that cover the face of a tree or cliff, and I’m simultaneously representing its appearance.

I can do three simultaneously like I’m doing in Canada — like we do in communist Canada.

On the most challenging parts: Making bread is simultaneously the simplest and most challenging pastime.

Instead they drift and, at times, Dufresne appears in three different roles and outfits simultaneously.

It works simultaneously to build up the boomers and tear them down, and even if it’s not wholly successful, I admire the attempt.

In this way, it is a profoundly sweet and simultaneously bold picture.

In American Capitalism, Galbraith was picking three fights simultaneously.

The second disc, Swaecation, is slower, blanker, simultaneously more melodic and more vacuous, defined by the ringing drone of Swae Lee’s Auto-Tuned singing.

It’s a nice touch for a work that operates as visual abstraction while simultaneously inviting viewers to imagine a puppet show.

Another filmmaker, Ramón Gieling, was simultaneously making a film about Van Der Keuken filming Sang, resulting in a second documentary about Sang that year.

They are two different languages spelled out simultaneously.

Here we have a species that starts off rare, becomes widespread in the world and simultaneously important to humans.

We also plan on expanding into new genres so that we can serve a larger audience simultaneously.

Though seemingly banal and unobtrusive enough to be forgotten after use, bathrooms are simultaneously sites of danger for some.

In doing so, Simon manages to foreground form and content simultaneously, setting them in conflict with one another.

She encourages museum workers across institutions to organize into unions to challenge and simultaneously affect the status quo of museum workers’ rights.

Yet when you vilify the working classes while simultaneously encouraging their vilification of others, anger becomes inevitable.

Trump has been simultaneously evasive and vacuous on the question of how he would fix what, in his own words, is a complicated issue.

simultaneously, says Sid Ypma, a college chaplain at the University of Ottawa, student awareness of chaplains has decreased.

She’s simultaneously preparing to battle back Daenerys with all of her other wily knowhow.

The piece also shares the story of one victim of uranium mining and his family, thereby simultaneously personalizing the enormous problem.

The listening booths sit in the space like an island chain, isolated but connected, simultaneously public and private.

Late Shift is a curious creation that tries, simultaneously, to be a meaningful interactive drama and a compelling movie for any passive viewers.

“Using multiple products simultaneously throughout the day offers the most relief, since you are bombarding your body with cannabinoids through every orifice.”

Aamis can be simultaneously read as a slow-burning forbidden romance, an allegorical nod to socio-cultural repressions, and as macabre corporeal horror.

Acts two and three are simultaneously dazzling and discomfiting in the ways they demand accountability from their audience.

But at 11:08, my entire team stood up simultaneously around me and I got shivers.

simultaneously massive and delicate, and floating eerily above the ground, two torsos are reinforced by curved carapaces, dangling shriveled, ash grey limbs.

At times, the exhibition pushed me in two directions simultaneously, and made me uncomfortable with the incongruities.

Working on 59 separate painted panels simultaneously isn’t easy and this installation is by far the most ambitious artwork I have attempted.

You see how these soundbites say everything, and totally nothing, simultaneously.

You can’t investigate and legislate simultaneously – it just doesn’t work that way.

Health workers there know the important role access to local health care providers plays in increasing knowledge around family planning while simultaneously removing barriers.

It’s simultaneously disheartening and freeing to watch—it hurts to see the icons (or iconography-adjacent characters) of my youth experience heartbreak again and again.

simultaneously, they’re faced with both an exciting opportunity and a potential land mine that could severely damage their show’s legacy.

The five large canvases commanding the gallery space are simultaneously overwhelming and confidential, representational but formally abstract.

These look more like charts, their meaning mysterious and elusive while simultaneously simple and — in their own curious, restrained way — logical.

I left exhilarated by the film’s power while simultaneously depleted by the endless violence it touches upon.

Usually, that goes for their claims that they’re eradicating corruption, while simultaneously fostering an environment that breeds total corruption.

Tang’s work is simultaneously familiar and difficult to place because, while the imagery is easily identifiable, the materials are unexpected.

It’s simultaneously the easiest and hardest part of the episode to explain.

It is a world that is tragic and whimsical, populated by isolated figures or pairs that seem, paradoxically, simultaneously bonded and estranged.

simultaneously, there’s so much anti-immigrant attitude in greater parts of the world.

Light playfully dances across Green’s drawings, creating a simultaneously dreamy and hyperrealistic effect.

They’ve specified their formal approach and become more exemplary simultaneously: a classic pop paradox.

Obama and McConnell’s claims of democratic legitimacy are simultaneously correct.

Keeping your back flat and core braced, simultaneously extend your left leg straight behind you and your right arm straight in front of you.

Should the US simultaneously end its longstanding alliances with both Japan and South Korea, as Trump has suggested, Northeast Asia would be transformed.

Trump is simultaneously promising A) No changes to Social SecurityB) $9.5 trillion tax cut The moderators attempts to correct Trump are sweet, and pointless.

The whole picture gets even weirder when you remember polling reveals most Democratic voters simultaneously worry about Chinese economic influence while favoring free-trade deals.

The record manages to sound simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary, a love letter to club culture and its encompassing emotions.

Bourdain saw food and feasts like a moment in the backseat of a car, with something like eagerness and awe simultaneously.

Was it always the plan to do two different records simultaneously?It was always the plan to do two separate ones.

And simultaneously I was going really, really deep into my philosophy studies, then also going full throttle into the whole spirituality thing.

The formal ideas, wrangled from improvised splashes of pigment, confound abstract flatness with spatial illusion, simultaneously playing it straight and fooling the eye.

But why not a wholesale switch to a shape that is simultaneously more portable and better tasting?

simultaneously, though, Black artists need to represent our authentic visions in the mainstream.

I want their genuine individuality to manifest and permeate these constructed settings, while simultaneously insisting on their presence with their directness and gaze.

At the end of his career, he was simultaneously the creative head of Chanel, the Italian fashion house Fendi, and his own eponymous brand.

But nuclear weapons are simultaneously defensive and offensive.

These days we turn on the news and feel simultaneously stuck in mud and tossed about in shock waves of violence, anger, and fear.

Confederate commemorators suppressed these unwelcome blemishes to their preferred version of history while simultaneously making the Confederate cause virtually sacred.

They are simultaneously separate, governed by different laws, and joined together.

This salsa will simultaneously sear your mouth with its Szechuan peppercorn-like tingle and temporarily turn you into an uncontrollable eating machine—it is that addicting.

Teyana Taylor’s in perfect position to simultaneously win MILF and Mommy of the Year awards.

Movies and television depict sexbots as women who are simultaneously objectified and untrustworthy; sexbots personify a metaphor for a walking, talking, seducing monster.

Like a fire burning in a fireplace, the process of melting was similarly repetitive and hypnotic while simultaneously chaotic and unpredictable.

You reach for your phone and pretend to be looking at something important, while simultaneously hoping no one sees you refreshing your Instagram feed.

Draper’s photograph is simultaneously about tone and form, on the one hand, and black history and culture, on the other.

The upshot is that Manning will remain among the most simultaneously revered and despised figures in the recent history of American foreign policy.

In October, Theranos pivoted to focus solely on developing its technology instead of simultaneously operating clinical laboratories.

Americana is everywhere, simultaneously familiar and sinister.

These generic platitudes remind us of the pensive thoughts that surround death but also its absurdity, reading simultaneously like memento mori and roadside billboards.

I would not be simultaneously riding and photographing so a car was also needed.

“Heyyy,” Ryan says, almost breathing more than speaking, simultaneously flat and kind.

In the finale, this idea is underlined in one potent shot that allows the show to simultaneously save money and cement its central themes.

Social media has simultaneously connected us and disconnected us.

On the day of my visit, the start point has enough of a crowd to sustain four large groups simultaneously.

Spaciousness and heft combine with electrifying coloration to turn the landscape simultaneously majestic and forbidding.

At times, we may have as many as six live video feeds running simultaneously on our digital platforms, often in different languages.

She is trying to remain faithful to Delacroix’s figures while simultaneously making them her own.

It’s as if the world is drifting simultaneously towards abstraction and dissipation.

“We’re capturing the actor’s motions, their voice, and their facial expressions simultaneously.

Following the lonely protagonist as he plays hopscotch on the runway and hangs out with his mannequin, the work is simultaneously poignant and kooky.

I feel that I am living multiple realities simultaneously.

A beautiful choreography between four drones simultaneously in flight.”

The station hasn’t just recorded their voices, but their movements, too, which means conversations can be happening all over the place simultaneously.

Little Simz) back in October, and simultaneously discovered that these two should always make tracks together.

“Those (American) politicians are playing with fire by destroying Russian-American relationship because simultaneously they shake global stability,” Ryabkov said, according to RIA.

How do you turn violent religious extremists into amoral gangsters, while simultaneously making people who get high look like terrorist funders?

Abracadabra!—a misinformation missile striking simultaneously at gun-toting jihadists and anyone involved in buying or selling drugs.

I want to be able to be all of those women simultaneously and at will.

Games that feel simultaneously at odds due to their scope and intricacy.

Three teams per group is another problem, as the group cannot end with all the teams in action simultaneously.

Wireless carriers do not prepare or write the alerts but they run simultaneously on all networks.

It would be as if the same synapses could simultaneously serve as both RAM (fast, volatile memory) and hard-drive memory (slow, long-term).

Depending on the glasses style, they can make you appear more intelligent and simultaneously less attractive.

Last year, he created Border Crossers, giant internally illuminated inflatables designed to simultaneously balloon on both sides of the US-Mexico border.

No need to muddy the health care discussions further by simultaneously pushing for contentious pharmaceutical reforms.

The science tells us that there is a negative relationship between using more media simultaneously and working memory capacity.

From the back of mission control, National Security cell phones began ringing simultaneously.

That would have felt true to her character while simultaneously signaling that her self-righteousness had hardened into something much more dangerous.

I think we were doing this dance where we’re trying to keep everything simultaneously grounded and up in the clouds.

Exhibiting such strict control over our physiology, overwriting our body’s most basic instincts, is what makes freediving so simultaneously impressive and terrifying.

It’s a difficult situation to be on a team and simultaneously separate from it.

The process is one of total engagement with the given image, while simultaneously making an intervention to reclaim it as his own.

In “God’s Plan,” it’s something else: Drake exhibits a hubris that’s simultaneously muddled and sick.

It remains to be seen if his next plan — squeezing China and North Korea simultaneously — works any better.

It was simultaneously spongy and gritty.

He knew how to simultaneously shock audiences and also collaborate with a fellow performer to manipulate producers and protect his brand.

The student, now a professor himself, described the event as being simultaneously uncomfortable and somehow comforting.

This may be true, but simultaneously we’re also losing something: our ability to control what we carry forward into the future.

He worked at acting, while simultaneously falling in love with making music.

It’s like a rush that can cripple or propel you, a wave that simultaneously crashes somewhere along your spine and between your ears.

She even breaks out a revamped version of the circular needle necklace, a nod to new Sansa that simultaneously expresses pride in her identity.

Trump is a vain pragmatist who simultaneously craves and reviles the media’s attention.

That’s a lot to put on a process that’s simultaneously mundane and idiosyncratic.

The result is simultaneously too devoted to its source material and too unwilling to seriously engage with it in a truly cinematic fashion.

simultaneously, everyone in baseball knew he was a player you shouldn’t dream on so long as he belonged to the Yankees.

The result is dreamlike, even as it simultaneously presents a critique of Jamaica’s colonialist history and a vision of its beauty.

Because this operation is applied to each pixel independently, it makes sense to do them simultaneously.

They spin lies to keep you hooked, while they simultaneously chip away at your self-esteem.

That such a number would allow you to build a serious ads business, but that simultaneously you wouldn’t be chasing scale.

“The woman throwing the drink is simultaneously aggressive and ridiculous,” she says.

There are many whites who feel strongly connected with other whites, but they do not simultaneously score high on measures of racial prejudice.

At one point, eight patients were in surgery simultaneously.

simultaneously, traditional cigarettes continue to pose a public health threat.

Our antipathies are simultaneously a record of our desires, our sublimated wishes, our deepest envies.

It’s a space where I am allowed to simultaneously be in control and fail.

Especially perplexing was the widespread evidence of skull fractures, suggesting that the group was somehow simultaneously bludgeoned to death.

What’s more, Taylor, who is also a mother, may be the only Olympian in that pool, training for both professions simultaneously.

De-evolution was simultaneously a joke and a realistic view of life on planet Earth,” Mothersbaugh explains to Creators.

Evertz has found a way to be simultaneously improvisational and strict; it is quite a feat.

If you’re the kind of person who thought it made sense to run two podcasts simultaneously, you’re probably that same person.

Immediately before the end, over 90,000 users were simultaneously viewing the canvas and placing tiles.

Perhaps The Inverse is, simultaneously, weirdly at home in Lima’s oeuvre and strikingly at odds with it.

Which is why Facebook is simultaneously pushing its solution: More, better Facebook!

Watch Intel’s record-breaking flight with 500 drones in the air simultaneously under the control of a single pilot.

There’s a simultaneously pleasant and unnerving nostalgia in the room—a relatable pang of being a girl on the web post-millennium.

VICE caught up with Soda to chat about the show, femininity, and how the internet simultaneously liberates women and tears them down.

It’s simultaneously very beautiful, that we’re all sharing these experiences and doing this stuff, but also very isolating and lonely.

He’s running a media campaign, and an anti-media campaign simultaneously, and pretty effectively.

Taken together, all three works express simultaneously a certain longing and unease Hatoum harbors towards her homeland.

In “Heroes,” he sings of an impossible love and longing that simultaneously feels intimate and relatable.

But I felt trapped between how simultaneously interesting and uninvolving I found the show to be.

The case’s hearings will start almost simultaneously with the Kavanaugh hearings in the Senate.

simultaneously, we were seeing this surge in energy from people who had not previously been politically engaged.

The Brown family disputes this claim as well as claims that Joshua was driving over 100 mph and simultaneously watching a Harry Potter film.

Rules are made to be broken when you live simultaneously within and above the law.

What is going on is not only this rise of authoritarianism but also, simultaneously, you are seeing this country move very rapidly toward oligarchy.

It will rotate throughout the rest of the day Thursday and potentially into Friday, with staff members simultaneously briefing senators.

The Twilight Zone is a study in contrasts, and one that almost always works on multiple levels simultaneously.

“The Secret Agent” is presented on six screens, often depicting different sequences of the film simultaneously.

In addition to marine mammals, several bird species use USWS to keep tabs on their environment while simultaneously drifting off into dreamland.

Also like Fidesz, the GOP has built up a state-aligned media infrastructure while simultaneously working to discredit neutral outlets.

It is unclear how someone is supposed to simultaneously avoid moving and put his hands on a car.

At 56 seconds in the Alien trailer, the alien egg cracks, and simultaneously, a kind of shrill wail begins.

It’s this stuff that has helped simultaneously prop up email and turn people off from it.

The Ojipockle games are simultaneously inexplicable and completely straightforward.

There’s no way they can deliver on all these promises simultaneously.

Baker is candid with his discomfort with these themes, but is simultaneously unable to detach himself from them.

If we didn’t know, they could do a very quick strike simultaneously from the east to west coast.”

This all needs to happen while simultaneously creating a system that allows communities to recover quickly and fully.

“Last but not least are the candy-colored worlds that Kristen Liu-Wong’s fearless females inhabit, which simultaneously complements and elevates each narrative,” says Chefas.

Crude excels in criticizing the western discovery of oil in the Middle East, while simultaneously acknowledging how it modernized the region.

Can Brolin continue playing two Marvel characters simultaneously?

It’s a smart way of tracing the lineage of a look while simultaneously illustrating the idea of camp.

Could you do both simultaneously?

They can assume contradictory meanings simultaneously, in this case both multiplicity and absence.

Instead you and a friend or family member can charge your devices simultaneously.

They seem to both occupy a singular parallel universe, one that they each simultaneously imbibe, but depict in different ways.

Even in films centered around QTPOC, like Stonewall for example, the plots so often revolve around a white protagonist while simultaneously erasing QTPOC.

The collection is strange, no doubt, and, with its descriptions of sex and sexual tension, simultaneously tantalizing.

The GOP’s solution was simultaneously straightforward and ridiculous: All the tax cuts expired 10 years after they passed.

In fact, my colleagues and I believe the goals of the Paris agreement cannot be met without simultaneously saving biodiversity.

While horizontals and verticals are resolutely flat, diagonals and ellipses can be simultaneously flat or indicate the receding edge of perspectival space.

However, if North Korea is now capable of firing four missiles simultaneously — as it did Monday — this could overwhelm the system, according to analysts.

Years past his prime, Wade is living up to the mythologized version of himself, evoking old memories and creating new ones simultaneously.

So we began making art and communicating sort of simultaneously through the mail.

The construction of Patanjali’s own factories has been dogged by delays, which the company attributes to starting multiple projects simultaneously.

She’s simultaneously overhauling her newsroom, and reaching out to would-be readers who’ve been ignored by big news publishers.

Keep a tweet or video open while simultaneously able to still scroll through the feed.

This culminates in a thousands-strong plan to simultaneously blast the “shofar,” a musical ram’s horn used in the Jewish tradition, on election night.

The problem with the exhibition is that it’s simultaneously too self-aware and too clueless to capture the essence of camp.

Financial regulators have tended to welcome startups in banking because they increase choice, while simultaneously worrying about lower lending standards.

Could one man simultaneously embody such grace and such brutality?

It’s simultaneously a great thing and a means of destruction that can make or break friendships or romantic relationships.

We don’t know much about Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show, and simultaneously we know exactly what it’s going to be.

The company decided to do its own analysis simultaneously, reasoning that “Independent investigations of the same set of data frequently yield differing results.”

It’s fitting that the city and the Bohemian pilsner are simultaneously being resurrected.

It’s very hard to do both simultaneously,” Noonan, an associate professor at the University of Iowa, said.

He’s a radical, simultaneously ferocious about his beliefs and stoic in demeanor.

“It tells them that they are the natural rulers of the world, but that they are simultaneously being oppressed by a secret religious order.

Together, we have built open partitions, a setup that simultaneously allows for enough privacy when creating, as well as an uplifting collective experience.

she said encouragingly, simultaneously thrusting her hips and throwing me clear off her.

But one thing’s for sure—it’s an interesting way to watch and participate simultaneously in the convention coverage.

Maybe they, like Louise, are constantly living in many different moments of time simultaneously.

simultaneously, the citizens of San Francisco got fed up with the bikes and scooters in their way, and took agency by vandalizing them.

Today’s appearance was billed as a “social media conversation” that was simultaneously livestreamed and carried on the television network.

We had to take that all into account simultaneously, and there’s a learning curve at first.

The war grinds to an end and two things happen nearly simultaneously.

She ornaments her portraits with an amalgam of rhinestones and bling, exploring the simultaneously performative, sleek, and over-the-top nature of hyper-feminine identity and sexuality.

Having simultaneously this fun little, [sings] “Doodle-doo, doodle-doo!” juxtaposed with this terrible situation — that counterpoint is always really interesting.

I think the scholarship is at a point where we can see that lots of factors can be at work simultaneously.

simultaneously, the move signals Google’s emerging intent to build a viable enterprise business.

And like the term “on fleek”, they have seeped into popular American culture, while simultaneously side-lining their creators.

I was simultaneously terrified and fascinated by it.

and AIDS, unless the government simultaneously invested in programs to discourage people from engaging in same-sex relationships.

In Sweeney Todd, that’s the cathartic “Epiphany,” in which Todd simultaneously grieves his lost wife and daughter and hatches his murderous revenge plot.

simultaneously, some red peas cooked slowly on the stove with olive oil, shallots, garlic, and vegetable broth.

So May says, “Of course it’s on the table,” while Chancellor Philip Hammond says, “No, it’s not on the table,” almost simultaneously.

As you produce more value for the world and increase your income, simultaneously increase your efficiency and decrease your material needs.

Knight’s sculptures are more tactile than visual; they don’t photograph well; they’re simultaneously porous and invulnerable, gross and alluring.

The left wall pictured is my painting area, where I hang my canvases directly on the wall to simultaneously work several pieces.

We are simultaneously in control and washed away in the torrent.

But those answers should simultaneously answer nothing at all.

To pull them all off, simultaneously … well, one doesn’t want to be a Negative Nancy, but the likelihood seems remote.

Can invest in multiple funds simultaneously.

Administration officials could be trying to play hardliner and dealmaker simultaneously.

Through his thin, strained harshness he’s simultaneously an average guy and the very model of a worldly English gentleman.

I doubt that you will come across another painting anytime soon that is as simultaneously measured, stark, and ravishing.

simultaneously, Netflix also launched a dedicated aftershow, hosted by Community’s Jim Rash.

simultaneously, he was having an affair with writer and gardener Bernardine Coverley, and Bella and Esther were born in 1961 and 1963.

BoJack struggles with adapting to his new life, maintaining relationships, and honestly expressing his emotions while simultaneously seeking praise.

Six large fires are now simultaneously burning around Southern California.

So the plan would simultaneously repeal the payroll taxes to avoid a big tax hike.

The new order does not require that the repeal of the two regulations be done simultaneously with the release of additional rules.

simultaneously faint and ornate, the album accrues light, feathery instruments to no end — strings, bilious keyboard swirl, breathy harmonies.

Padgett’s poems can be simultaneously amiable and wistful, or self-mocking.

The effect was transporting—as if the artist had unveiled an astral dimension where different eras of her life existed simultaneously.

Few people could simultaneously wear a black turtleneck, pleated miniskirt, and stiletto boots — and make it look good.

Particularly in the Mueller probe and some of the things, I think we can simultaneously both over- and underreact.

Dreher can be simultaneously grim and funny.

The portraits are scanned by simultaneously using 240 DSLR cameras and 3D printing the resulting file.

– Ray, 31 “Peed and puked simultaneously on lawn.”

The compressed air source, in the shape of a cube, can connect to four pipes simultaneously.

This dark, impressive season finale argued for all four simultaneously.

“Our core values are centered around the table being a place of defiance and inclusion, simultaneously,” says Blake.

1 on pop, black, and dance charts simultaneously.

The stories are simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring—and many choose to remember the day as the time they received a second chance at life.

It could mean permanent disability, and simultaneously losing the only means you had of paying for long-term care.

He’s been pushing for simultaneously growing the economy and becoming a nuclear power.

It’s remarkable how well labor market power alone can simultaneously explain all these trends.

Cappadocia, like this family’s plot of land, feels isolated and precious yet simultaneously occupied and commercialized.

Managing to make work that is simultaneously conceptual and profoundly material, Alisa Baremboym creates forms that respond to their materials’ haptic qualities.

Wag and Rover are fighting each other for dominance while simultaneously embroiled in a different, messier kind of feud — one with pet owners themselves.

For instance, you might experience temporary synesthesia, where one sense—sound, let’s say—is simultaneously perceived by other senses.

But how to keep the whole planet and one’s own little self in view simultaneously?

But it’s not easy preparing for a boxing match while simultaneously being a vocal partisan for a madman.

As she told the curator Javier Sánchez Martínez, one reason she chose a metal support was because it was simultaneously firm and fragile.

The flavor of the ponche itself, while cleaner than pork, somehow simultaneously rippled with wild notes.

In “Horizonte circulares #15,” she engages two perspectives simultaneously, one below the horizon line and one above.

Allow daydreams to give you a feel for ideal relationships while simultaneously staying grounded.

The Plume can connect many devices simultaneously and can cover up to 2,500 square feet of your home.

Adam: For me, Human Leather feels simultaneously more and less collaborative than other projects.

Germany and Chile—who tied Australia in a simultaneously scheduled Group B game—both advance to the second-to-last round of the tournament.

In the 52nd minute, four people simultaneously charged onto the field in old-fashioned police uniforms.

But simultaneously, wars between them and Trump serve both parties’ interests.

So though Jon and Dany have united, they’ll now have to face threats to their north and south simultaneously.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads I am simultaneously grateful for the existence of Documentary Now!

Likewise, as New Hampshire looks to continue its work requirement in its new waiver application, it is simultaneously dropping the private option.

Monàe simultaneously evolves her conception of an “android” and uses the story to transform herself.

The residents who lived nearby, and many in the surrounding neighborhood, have been forcibly evicted and simultaneously harassed, neglected, and ignored by the government.

The result is something Seifu conceives of as simultaneously rooted directly in the present moment and “eternally Ethiopian.”

Are you searching for a way to commemorate the occasion while simultaneously punishing your poor body for two days straight?

The layers he uncovers are simultaneously broad-ranging, extremely personal, and complex.

These commanding portraits weave together yarn, thread, microscopic shimmer, pearls, fabric, canvas, and vinyl, producing simultaneously chaotic and organized depictions of human forms.

Their exaggerated sizing is a playful augmentation of a sentimental Dominicanidad, but simultaneously amplifies the implications of Washington Heights as a food desert.

It’s tough enough to imagine one element in place, now imagine all doing so simultaneously.

If Trump has inspired many to do more for the collective good while simultaneously doing less for their own well-being, concentrate on the former.

Wii Us are grinding the level simultaneously.

However, his work simultaneously maintains a reserve, respect, and reverence for the past – all present in his personal demeanor as well.

Through their transition from 4D virtual objects to 2D physical ones, the Animistics simultaneously manifest as originals and representations of themselves.

But the effect is simultaneously nostalgic and uncomfortable, because the game’s creator is somehow both present and absent.

One is really around this question of how, when you’re doing an explainer, do you simultaneously represent a debate that is contested.

The images invert the curvature of the earth, exposing views that are simultaneously straight-on and aerial.

simultaneously horrified and intrigued, she was amazed at how easy it was to pass off fiction as reality.

CreateNYC is a sprawling, 175-page document that is simultaneously thorough and vague, though committed to the frame of culture.

There were some really scary moments, like 1990 when the Kuwait invasion happened simultaneously with Oracle missing.

The Italian hyperrealist jokester’s simultaneously self-deprecating and self-aggrandizing works benefit from being sparsely installed in the ostentatious rooms of the Paris mint.

Because the “Overwatch” servers are going online simultaneously, some will be able to play May 23, ahead of its advertised May 24 release date.

Often simultaneously celebratory and reflective, he has songs for your sad dance party and songs for your happy apocalypse.

With 1984’s Purple Rain, he could simultaneously boast the No 1 album, single and film in the US.

The reasons are varied and grotesque, but they are simultaneously the best and the worst of us.

Unframed and pinned to the wall, “Lazarus” is simultaneously large and portable.

A series of volcanoes and snow-peaked mountains seem to simultaneously emerge from her body and drift away from her.

This is why I teach business to artists, and anyone else; because the way forward is to think about business and imagination simultaneously.

But the idea seemed to be simultaneously undermined by staffers within the White House and the health department who opposed a bipartisan compromise.

There is something simultaneously soothing and energizing about these runs.

They often put out the same material, near simultaneously.

Yet Harris said the company was simultaneously committed to “protecting civil rights and liberties,” without providing specifics.

— while simultaneously allowing for the visceral rush of watching Jack torture people.

I am interested in relationships of contradiction and the beautiful monotony of inhabiting our bodies while simultaneously trying to escape them.”

Because in fanfiction, especially queer fanfiction, writers tend to simultaneously embrace and explode rom-com tropes.

The temporally and spatially challenging group show simultaneously rejects the confines of a conventional gallery space and the United States’ current entanglement with fascism.

simultaneously, I started throwing what I called Vanguard Parties.

With each crisp snap, he amps up the sultriness while simultaneously slowing down time.

“It would be impossible for all market participants in our industry to simultaneously move sourcing to other countries.

The game’s enduring popularity is simultaneously obvious and confounding.

There might be a point at which it is impossible to simultaneously protect public safety and allow controversial speech to occur.

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