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The base of the container is also lined with elevated rings, which provide an air gap between the pizza and the material, and the sidewalls are fortified to prevent any potentially devastating pie-crushing in transit.

The tubular carbon wheels and classic sidewalls really complement this Argon well, and to complete the package there’s the fast-looking oversized CeramicSpeed pulley wheel.

The Bontrager wheels and classic sidewalls complement the bike nicely without being overbearing.

(A zero-pressure, or run-flat, tire boasts strong reinforced sidewalls so that when it loses pressure, its walls are substantial enough to hold the tire’s shape.)

I start passing sidewalls with murals of cows and farm animals.

Medianeras (sidewalls) (Argentina) Martin and Mariana are attractive, slightly damaged neighbors (although they don’t know one another) and soul mates (also not yet hip to that one) who both feel stifled by the imposing new walls — both literal and figurative — going up every day in Buenos Aires.

The stadium is just unworkable because it’s got a roof and the seats stop and the sidewalls go up for another 20 to 30 feet and then there’s the metal roof and there’s no treatment [for audio] anywhere.

Dr Sivak and Mr Schoettle think the light arrays could also be fitted to various parts of vehicles’ interiors, such as their door pillars, sidewalls and seats.

“These are the blank sidewalls of buildings that emerge and disappear as new developments come and go, providing hundreds of acres of available ‘land.'”

Uptis tyres are also different from “run-flat” tyres, which use beefed-up sidewalls to remain upright if punctured and must be driven at reduced speeds for a limited distance only.

The prototype looks like an old-fashioned tire, but has treads in the middle and no sidewalls.

The plane has high ceilings, sophisticated LED lighting, almost vertical sidewalls and a low noise level.”

But as a new patent shows, Apple is serious about this all-glass iPhone idea.Image: USPTOIn the patent, first reported by Patently Apple, Apple describes a curved display wrapping around the edges to for active sidewalls with “virtual buttons” or what appears to be a set of customizable touch-capacitive buttons.

The plane has high ceilings, sophisticated LED lighting, almost vertical sidewalls and a low noise level.These features, along with a maximum in-cabin simulated altitude of just 6,000 feet, all combine to provide an improved passenger experience, according to [Florent Petteni, Airbus’ aircraft interiors marketing director].“You may not exactly pinpoint why it’s so comfortable and so nice to be flying on this airplane, but everything was done on purpose.”As someone who has taken his fair share of flights from Perth, Australia to different spots in the United States I can tell you it’s incredibly unpleasant to be flying for over 24 hours with layovers in Sydney and Los Angeles.

“I immersed myself in his persona.” He described his technique: “As a portrait artist, you want to slightly overemphasize a distinguishing characteristic.” For Reagan, Johnson focussed on his “pronounced jowls.” Rendering Kennedy’s “buzzed sidewalls” in clay was difficult but crucial.

– Pirelli has added hyper-softs and super-hards to its ‘rainbow’ range of seven compounds, with the sidewalls color-coded as ever for easy recognition.

The main spillway is as wide as a 12-lane highway with sidewalls ranging from 22 feet to 30 feet tall.

But there are no sidewalls.

If a tire suffers all but the most catastrophic failure, it allows a driver to keep going — typically up to 50 miles — thanks to super-stiff sidewalls.

To judge from the remaining sidewalls, the researchers wrote in Friday’s issue of Science, the dam would have risen some 800 feet above the river’s present level.

Halfway down, the flat planes of the leaning sidewalls crack into a tessellated field of triangles that reflect light, activating the surfaces and dynamizing the shape.

“Last year we were getting a call every four minutes.” Mr. Sinclair also said that trendy low-profile tires, which have narrower sidewalls and offer less cushioning on pothole impact — and are what my car came with — were “totally worthless in our area.” Would those run-flat tires with stiff sidewalls help?

Nearly every weekday morning for much of last year, Mr. Forseth would board a van at the minimum-security prison outside Madison, Wis., and ride to Stoughton Trailers, where he and more than a dozen other inmates earned $14 an hour wiring taillights and building sidewalls for the company’s line of semitrailers.

It has sturdy mesh sidewalls, one of which folds down to make it easier to reach over to your baby.

The tall sidewalls on the standard Bridgestone Ecopias fitted to the 17-inch wheels may have influenced our opinion on ride comfort, but the Tiguan’s comfort-first mission is undeniable.

The men’s models display colorful Aztec prints that stretch from the sidewalls to the heel, while premium black nubuck starts from the tongue and ends at the edge of the toe cap.

And the external stainless steel layers make the cookware stronger and sturdier overall.Fully clad stainless steel cookware is built with these layers of metals throughout each piece’s body — along the bottom and up the sidewalls to the rim.

Thickness of sidewalls and overall weight: The thicker the walls, the better the thermal conductivity and insulation.

With thick sidewalls, these pieces heat up quickly and evenly.

The copper core and aluminum layers warm up and distribute heat quickly and evenly through the bottom and sidewalls; the stainless steel layers shield the copper and aluminum in order to prevent reactions with foods and subsequent leaching as well as warping.

As expected with bottom-clad stainless steel cookware, the thin sidewalls don’t retain heat well.The Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set is compatible with electric, gas, glass, ceramic, and induction stoves.

Antonio Moreno, its skipper and the artisan who made the vessel, paddled his craft and crew of two out into open water, the bulrush sidewalls of his canoe barely rising above the waves.

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