Shutter in a sentence | Use of the word shutter examples

Its eyeballs shutter, propellers spin, and top fin wags.

Major monuments in and around the city, like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Palace of Versailles will also shutter.

Uber will shutter the entire Rush program at the end of next month.

Obama’s promise to shutter the detention center has been stymied by a Republican-controlled congress since he took office.

Alberto Fujimori’s 1990-2000 government remains notorious for using the army to shutter congress and attempting to silence critical journalists.

Exposure Then, the key thing to getting that meteor streak is exposure time, or shutter speed.

Like, it was a camera app and you clicked the shutter button.

You know, an app that you give it permission to use the camera, but you never clicked a shutter button or anything like that.

Then we have shutter, Final Take, The Tape, 2:22:am, and even Her Story.

The ensuing months-long construction scene to correct the infrastructure problem eventually forced me to shutter the new business shortly out the gate.

Photoworks 1993–2016 “Even a click of the shutter is unnecessary” continues at Eli Klein Gallery through May 18.

Robot meets shutter Island meets The Phantom of the Opera meets Gaslight.

And his penchant for slow shutter speeds in dimly lit nightclubs often lead to blurred images.

Sri Lanka’s decision to shutter social media entirely in the wake of Sunday’s attacks has not been without scrutiny.

Macy’s, on the other hand, closed 66 stores in 2016 and plans to shutter another 34 in the next few years.

Apart from occasional whispers, camera shutter sounds, and visitors’ footsteps moving through the constellation of rooms, there is no noise.

T-Mobile began notifying customers of plans to shutter the service this week.

That hasn’t stopped the president from periodically threatening to shutter the government to get his wall in the months since that shutdown ended.

To handle this, Dodd-Frank provides the FDIC with a special power to take over and gradually shutter financial firms in case of emergencies.

It’s been what Peters calls “seven long years” since the plan to shutter the farms was announced.

Hulls’s work is relevant to contemporary urban displacement problems as Chinatowns shutter and recede in major cities across the country.

Carr refrains from execessive editing, and instead, takes a special pride in the natural wonder that falls into place shortly after the shutter click.

What business owner wants to shutter his operation for nearly a month during a time when customers expect the doors to be open?

Multiple apps available from various app stores, especially on Android, offer to help perpetrators of molka crimes by muting the mandated shutter sound.

Maduro, however, has ordered Venezuela’s border with Brazil closed, and may soon shutter the Colombia frontier as well.

“In one day President Obama has decreased Guantánamo’s population by nearly 10 percent; he has momentum to finally shutter this prison.”

“In one day President Obama has decreased Guantánamo’s population by nearly 10 percent; he has momentum to finally shutter this prison.”

Decisions to shutter or reduce voting locations are often made quietly and at the last minute, making pre-election intervention or litigation virtually impossible.

Amidst the plan to shutter the prison, controversy has arisen as the Mayor’s office announces its plans for the new NYC jail system.

Shortly thereafter comes Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness, a handsome-looking cross between In the Mouth of Madness and shutter Island.

CNN will shutter the app and put the Beme team to work in a new unit targeting millennial viewers.

Harley-Davidson isn’t the only company to shutter a US plant since the tax cuts were passed in December.

Companies that hired me would shutter, taking me down with them.

Each shutter sound of the slide projector becomes hypnotic, until the imagery ends, breaking the spell.

Companies that survive in restructured form will shutter lots of stores.

If it doesn’t work, they can always shutter the stores later.

Google’s camera has a traditional shutter button.

Congress has repeatedly used the power of the purse in an attempt to thwart Obama’s efforts to shutter Guantanamo.

Tapping the shutter release when she felt like it.

Women’s Wear Daily reported employees have been told that the site will shutter at the end of May (subscription).

Enraged at Hayek, Weinstein allegedly worked to shutter Frida, which Hayek had been working on for years.

On Monday, Tumblr’s staff account announced a plan to shutter NSFW content for good starting on December 17.

LG: Super-fast shutter speed.

Three failed casinos, as of next week, when the Trump Taj Mahal will shutter its doors.

He then experimented with a telephoto lens and faster shutter speeds to take candid portraits of these passing faces.

One reversed into a drive-in garage behind a shutter.

In others, backs are turned while the subject marks a brick wall with graffiti, unconcerned or unaware of the shutter’s clicks.

We occasionally discern the shadow of the photographer and her tripod-mounted, medium-format camera as she snaps the shutter cable.

But electric utilities will be less incentivized to shutter existing coal-fired power plants in favor of new renewable energy installations.

An insubstantial presence flits through abandoned landscapes and tatterdemalion rooms, face and figure hazed by the slow shutter speed.

In each frame, a different man faces towards the lens, watching Stehli disrobe and clasping the camera shutter.

This month, Trump threatened to shutter the southern border — a move criticized by Republicans as economically disastrous.

There’s no plan to shutter the older plant, but rather to introduce automation there in phases as well.

The system, which includes three universities, could even be forced to shutter some campuses.

Protests also forced many of the city’s museums to shutter their doors on Saturday.

Earlier this year, the White House and Pentagon unveiled a nine-page plan to shutter Guantanamo before the end of Obama’s presidency.

Sometimes the slowed-down processes of painting and drawing reveal far more than the click of a shutter.

Yet sometimes the slowed-down processes of painting and drawing reveal far more than the click of a shutter.

The plans to shutter local offices were drawn up after a Dec. 1 meeting between State Department officials and representatives of the refugee agencies.

A 2015 fight to shutter the bank led by conservatives in Congress allowed the bank’s charter to expire for five months.

Trump said he would shutter his eponymous charity, the Trump Foundation.

In 2014, Juicy Couture began to shutter its retail outlets.

Clicking the shutter button becomes like a private shared sexual act.

So I found the angle I wanted, held my finger over the shutter, and waited.

She was upset but unsurprised; in the past several years, the country has seen a spate of gay and lesbian bars shutter.

In the years that followed, conservative lawmakers attempted tirelessly to gut Planned Parenthood and shutter abortion providers throughout the country.

The slower your shutter speed, the longer your exposure, and the more motion blur you’re likely going to have in the resulting image.

By choosing a higher shutter speed, you mitigate the effects of blur.

Margaret Roleke was told to adjust her window-facing artwork following a complaint by the building manager, or the fair would shutter.

Evacuate, don’t evacuate, shutter businesses—our interest is to get the very best information to the public for decision-making purposes.

Next to me, a man snapped a photograph, the shutter clicking loudly as “ZOOM BACK CAMERA” flashed on the screen.

“He fired, and I hit the shutter.

Another is if Kim actually agrees to end his nuclear program, or — more likely — agrees to shutter key parts of it.

His shutter speed is slowed to a crawl to let in every beam of moonlight, yet Midnight Modern captures unfiltered reality.

The company’s largest cafe closed late last week, and the others will shutter in the coming months.

GM announced that it would shutter plants in Lordstown and other locations last year as part of a major restructuring plan.

And second to that is proper professional controlled cameras that come with the drones, not manipulating ISO or shutter speeds, but proper iris control.”

Kan-EYE Wear He could specialize in shutter shades that make you invisible to paparazzi.

“But I believe the environment is on the verge of a significant change.” Jones’ decision to shutter the portfolio was first reported by Bloomberg.

shutter Island and Cape Fear are both twisted fantasias about obsession, violence, and self-knowledge.

The company went through two rounds of layoffs in 2015 and had to shutter its retail stores aimed at drumming up interest among consumers.

In Kenya, half of the country’s 12 health clinics were forced to shutter, according to Engender Health, a global public health organization.

And indeed, Russia’s foreign minister initially did just that, publicly recommending on Friday that Russia shutter US diplomatic facilities and eject 35 diplomats.

But as businesses shutter, the cockfighting industry stays strong, employing countless workers around the island.

If the law is allowed to go into effect it could shutter all but about 10 clinics in the state.

The billionaire investor helped shutter the online news site in 2017 by funding litigation against it.

One example: Sanders’ vote to shutter the Export-Import Bank.

It’s like shooting sports and using slow shutter speeds, blurring the action to try to give the feeling of speed and movement.

“We are demanding and expecting bold moves from President Obama to finally shutter the detention camp at Guantanamo in his final days.

He’s got framed shutter Island poster above his bed, and he’s not afraid to call Christopher Nolan a “friggin’ genius.”

The group will also shutter a program aimed at enrolling the LGBTQ community into coverage.

Toys R Us was weighed down with years of investor debt that eventually caused the company to shutter for good.

Shops shutter, crime rates rise, and the once throbbing heartbeat of gay New York is slowed down to a thready pulse.

We’re talking Kanye in puppet form, with the puppet wearing the shutter shades and doing a damn foot race, too.

On Wednesday, Macy’s announced that it would shutter more stores and cut jobs.

They also want the district to keep two dozen schools open in low-income neighborhoods that the district plans to shutter.

From the look of the trailer, Unsane is a psychological gaslight-y horror film along the lines of shutter Island or Flightplan.

To avoid disruptions, some processors may request that livestock be delivered before the storm or shutter operations until severe weather passes.

The Clintons have been asked why they will make changes only after Clinton is elected and whether they will shutter the charity entirely.

The FDA regulations are expected to shutter many “vape shops” that make their own products and cannot afford undergoing the approval process.

It might seem surprising for Univision to spend $130 million for the company and then immediately shutter its flagship brand.

“I’m not sure what it would take” to shutter the town,” he said.

Then I realized there was this thing that, if I cocked the shutter, it would go like this.

So I cocked the shutter, took the picture, and now I was at least able to take a photograph.

Meanwhile, the other person serves as a human shutter and timekeeper, using his hand to cover and uncover the lens during the exposure.

As Variety reported earlier, Samsung will shutter Milk Music on Sept. 22.

That number likely to go higher as more tradition retailers shutter stores.

The business was about to shutter for the holidays.

The campaign mobilizes local activists and lawyers to push utilities and state regulators to shutter older plants and replace them with renewable energy.

As Palmer explained, while banks can and do shutter, that’s not a problem if they’re federally insured by the FDIC.

That’s an unequivocal statement that gives political impetus to Beijing’s plans to shutter more excess steel and coal capacity.

But rather than put it up for sale or merge the publication with the Washington Examiner, Clarity Media chose to shutter it instead.

Pull out the viewfinder, look through it, and click to trigger the shutter.

The camera’s accordion-like body, shutter and aperture are fashioned from thick paper and laminated cardboard.

People with HIV finding that the local NGO delivering their medicine must shutter for lack of funds.

Havana, however, does not expect the Trump administration to completely reverse the Obama administration policy and shutter the US Embassy in the Cuban capital.

For instance, he did not shutter the US embassy in Cuba — opened by Obama — as some Republicans had hoped.

The shutter speed was set for sports while the continuous shooting mode meant I didn’t have to worry about missing a moment.

Menu navigation is fantastic with the only quibble being a slightly crowded shutter release button.

The app can be used as a remote shutter or as a wireless transfer system.

The shutter works fine, but it feels a bit clunky when many photographers are more comfortable with the standard buttons.

But diplomats consulted by Reuters said few countries were likely to shutter embassies or sever ties with Venezuela.

He has also said he would move the Brazilian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and shutter a Palestinian embassy in Brasilia.

As part of the acquisition, it will shutter its existing app and its enterprise APIs.

The shutter button is square in the middle on the top of the camera.

The Trump administration is demanding that North Korea completely and irreversibly shutter its nuclear weapons program.

#DroneShot #HurricaneMatthew #HopeMills #Fayetteville @ImSoFIRST holy shit that’s my brothers house..the one with one shutter.

He could break off diplomatic relations with Cuba and once again shutter the US Embassy in Havana.

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown represents Ohio, where GM plans to shutter one facility.

Japanese bank Nomura said it would shutter a similar product as well.

The George Motchan Detention Center, one of nine such centers on Rikers Island, will shutter first.

The smallest first-run theaters will shutter soonest, followed by mid-sized chains.

The George Motchan Detention Center, one of nine such centers on Rikers Island, will shutter first.

The announcement that this facility will shutter is the first concrete action taken as part of de Blasio’s plan.

Light painters regularly play with time by shooting the movement of light through 3D space with cameras set to extremely slow shutter speeds.

Studies have shown that over half of businesses shutter because they are under-capitalized or lack a profit from the start.

Retailers have announced plans to shutter more than 6,700 stores in the US.

But it would not make guns prohibitively expensive, nor would it shutter most gun shops.

Ford has closed truck plants in Kansas City, Missouri, and Louisville, Kentucky, and will shutter a third, in Dearborn, Michigan, on Wednesday evening.

Sketching aside, the Snap stylus is Bluetooth-enabled so it will also work as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera.

Bejar calls the decision censorship but complied with the gallery director’s decision to shutter the exhibition early.

Churches would shutter.

In recent months, regulators have taken severe and unprecedented moves to shutter content and media across a variety of platforms.

When photographing a missile at night, photographers would use a wide-open aperture and fast shutter speed to capture the missile’s rapid ascent.

The Coolpix P900 splits shutter and aperture controls between two dials about an inch and a half apart.

The shocking video prompted authorities to shutter the slaughterhouse for two months.

The shocking video prompted authorities to shutter the slaughterhouse for two months.

Ramírez Jonas fitted his kites with an alarm clock rejiggered to depress the shutter of a single-use disposable camera.

If not, they would shutter the Canvas Cathedral.

Next to the screen there’s a single big red shutter button.

As clinics continue to shutter, wait times at those that remain are skyrocketing, reaching four to five weeks in some parts of the state.

Then in 2013, exorbitant rent prices forced it to shutter once again.

Now, Toys R Us may shutter its stores this week.

Democrats outraged Democrats blasted the leadership of the House Intelligence Committee over the decision to shutter the investigation and release conclusions.

The toy store mega-chain will shutter or sell all 735 of its stores in the US.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (CNN)This is a battle that could shutter some classrooms indefinitely.

Teen-focused apparel retailer Aeropostale and sports equipment chain Vestis Retail Group are both using bankruptcy to shutter stores as part of their turnarounds.

The shutter speed also must remain slow, requiring subjects to hold still to avoid blurriness.

Many shop owners decided to just shutter their stores.

Kim’s declaration that he would shutter the country’s nuclear test sites Punggye-ri, also rang hollow to some analysts.

| via email announcement The Norfolk Nelson Museum will shutter this fall.

It limits how people talk about sex and sex work online, causing websites to shutter forums that host sex-based conversations preemptively.

There was the pink polo of The College Dropout and the shutter shades of Graduation.

They are also preparing to shutter the company’s turkey processing plant in St. Paul, N.C. if the storm turns dangerous to that area.

Shoddy grips and flimsy half-baked shutter buttons and special apps are needed to work — I’ve seen them all.

There’s also a zoom switch connected to the shutter button.

The shutter clicks.

In protest, Iranians to stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran, forcing the Sunni kingdom to shutter its embassy, and diplomatic ties were quickly severed.

Now, when recording a video for Instagram Stories, you can zoom in by dragging your finger up from the shutter button.

Although a refusal to adapt stands to shutter Wiseheart’s way of life, too, the senior seems reluctant to change her views.

Few predicted that Tower Records would shutter a decade later while OM would carry on, its name shorn of context.

In 2011, anti-abortion state lawmakers in Texas sought to shutter Planned Parenthood clinics and slashed state funding for family planning by 66 percent.

Hunt said that “the decision to shutter the National Guideline Clearinghouse was not based in any part on the study.”

The NRA says it will have to close its headquarters, shutter its internet presence and stop holding rallies if this doesn’t stop.

Just pick a spot, find your best side, and snap away using the included Bluetooth remote shutter.

“Holy shit that’s my brothers house..the one with one shutter.

Honestly, any camera-equipped device that’s always “looking” at you should have a privacy shutter just for peace of mind.

He believes Barnes & Noble will shutter more stores: “Barnes & Noble needs to slim down in order to survive.”

Mattress Firm has more than 3,300 stores across the country, and it plans to quickly shutter 200 of them.

Kanye was coming off of his biggest album ever, Graduation, the year before and coasting on the fact that shutter shades were still cool.

But not a pair of boring old sunglasses, or the beloved Obama-era Ray Bans — no, he’s wearing patriotic shutter shades.

Unifor said in a statement on Sunday that GM (GM) plans to shutter its plant in Oshawa, Ontario, as part of the overhaul.

General Motors announced Monday that it will shutter production at five facilities in North America next year.

The company is on track to shutter 47 stores across the country, with the bulk concentrated in Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, it said.

The plans to shutter the plants has caused a backlash on both sides of the aisle.

Two months ago, Google said it planned to shutter Google+ in August.

Eager to one-up Snapchat, Instagram ais preparing to expand its collection of shutter modes beyond options like Boomerang and Superzoom.

Buried within Instagram’s Android Application Package (APK) is an icon for a Portrait shutter for the Stories camera.

The icon would show up overlaid on the Instagram Stories camera shutter button when you swipe to the corresponding mode.

TechCrunch has learned that majority owner Grant Thornton, the international professional services company, has made the decision to shutter Geniac as of April 5th.

If the deadline is not extended, those agencies will shutter just days before Christmas.

If the deadline is not extended, those agencies will shutter just days before Christmas.

Concerns over the diminishing public trust in Facebook led to the inclusion of a privacy shutter in front of Portal’s wide-angle video camera.

Mirroring her background, Stephanie straddles both the accessible and inaccessible, emotional and bare in all things captured through her shutter.

Many retailers have had to shutter stores on key year-end shopping days as protests originally against fuel-tax hikes turned violent in November and December.

But he said he would rather shutter the business than submit to any request by the Chinese government to spy on its behalf.

His reflection smiles a sheepish grin as the shutter clicks.

It adds a grip with a shutter button and three control wheels to the iPhone.

For all of these reasons and many more, I was shocked to see Facebook shutter its War Room.

The shutter button includes focus / exposure lock on a half-press much like you would find on traditional cameras.

I’ve certainly never felt I needed a real shutter button on my phone.

While Carrier forestalled its plans to shutter the factory, Trump was lumping in administrative jobs the company had not planned to eliminate.

The company also announced plans to shutter facilities in Maryland and Michigan.

In photo mode, it can be used as a shutter, with a double-click flipping the camera around for a selfie.

The market has already made its choice — especially as many utilities have decided to shutter coal-fired power plants — cementing coal’s death spiral.

Reuters first reported Michaels’ decision to shutter Aaron Brothers stores on Wednesday.

As part of its plan to shutter the Aaron Brothers stores, Michaels will rebrand its online custom framing website as

New hardware won’t capture the same content as our phones and may not even require a shutter button.

Munchery is just the latest in a line of food delivery startups to shutter.

Last week, the United Auto Workers union sued General Motors over its plans to shutter three of the plants, including Lordstown.

Press the shutter button once and the camera will power up and start recording in less than two seconds.

The launch of Day and Messenger Camera complicate this, cluttering Messenger’s home screen with a shutter button and a Snapchat Stories clone.

After two years of supporting an in-house virtual reality movie company, Facebook’s Oculus unit said Thursday it will shutter its Story Studio.

But they rarely shutter the accounts of users who violate them.

Sometimes Spectacles would require a “hold the shutter button for 55-seconds” reset that wasn’t clearly explained on any of Snap’s support pages.

Bullying, campus hate crimes, and criminal investigations eventually caused Formspring, YikYak, and Lulu to shutter or change user policies.

On top of all that, it also alerts you to calls or texts and can function as a shutter for your smartphone camera.

Or use it a camera shutter remote.

An increase of new anti-choice policies will force more clinics to shutter, and leave many more women without access to abortion services.

Most prominently, Lily, a Kickstarter success story, was forced to shutter earlier this year due to financial issues.

Global vehicle sales declined 5.6% to 908,348 after US sanctions forced the carmaker to shutter its operations in Iran.

BCBG has already informed mall owners of its plans to shutter most of its approximately 200 U.S. stores.

Think of sweaty hordes and white vests, shutter shades, and multilingual smoking area the size of a Tesco Metro.

With the setting turned on, you can adjust camera settings like white balance, shutter speed, ISO and exposure.

The camera has a vibration-free silent shutter, so taking shots in the wild or other tenuous scenarios won’t be an issue.

Topshop is the latest retailer to shutter stores.

It’s the mechanical shutter click of an old rangefinder compared to the sound of a disposable camera.

UN sanctions imposed in 2017 are supposed to effectively shutter these restaurants.

You’ll have a physical photo within seconds of triggering the shutter.

But the president still faces an uphill battle from the same people who have opposed his plan to shutter the prison for years.

Not having blackout means your view of the scene is never interrupted by the shutter in the continuous shooting modes.

As for the shutter speed: it’s fast, that’s it.

For most of my time with the X1D, I exclusively shot in Manual mode, occasionally trying out the shutter and Aperture priority modes.

3,000 apps including Spotfiy, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, and GoPro shutter will ensure you’re never bored.

Ford’s decision to shutter its bus-van-techie-transport startup that it bought back in 2016 was surprising news.

Since HB2 passed in 2013, more than half of the state’s abortion clinics have been forced to shutter.

I would message photographers on Instagram asking about F-stops and shutter speeds.

Luckily for the gaming world, Fergusson left the company before he could shutter the project.

McConnell reached out to Acosta and Perdue to reconsider their proposal to shutter centers in Kentucky.

The front-facing camera, like the iPhone 6s, features a built-in “flash” in which the screen itself flashes for a moment before the shutter snaps.

Most recently, FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. announced plans in late March to shutter two plants in Ohio and one in Pennsylvania by 2021.

The company said last month it would shutter its Amazon Restaurants service in the United States.

Bloomberg reported last week that Qualcomm was looking to sell or shutter the unit.

Last year saw Y Combinator-backed VOD startup Afrostream shutter.

In the future, the Justice Department may shutter the program in the face of pressure.

I lounged, arched, and did yoga while his shutter clicked as fast as a rolling snare drum.

I also shop for a remote release shutter for my DSLR.

Even the sounds the phone makes when you lock it with the power button or tap the shutter button are cringe.

These things basically just hit the shutter button for you, though some have things like mode switches and so on.

Tutorials on shutter speed and aperture combinations are also included, as well as lessons on digital image construction and popular image editing software programs.

Unfortunately, a bit like filters, shutter release devices are often model-specific.

Last week, activist firm Elliott Management Corporation mandated that California-based Sempra Energy return to basics and shutter future growth activities.

You’ll also have easy access to settings like flash control, ISO, aperture size, shutter speed, and shutter timer.

These settings, along with the slow shutter speed, let a lot of light into the camera.

Restricting access to this funding is likely to shutter health centers or dramatically narrow the scope of care health centers are able to provide.

I wish it had more settings like ISO and shutter speed, but I’m in the minority when it comes to wanting manual controls.

This shutter lag will be tracked and scored, as will the effect of motion in the scene, either from the subject or the photographer.

Moreover, the autofocus while fast would often flash a warning to “Hold camera steady” before the shutter fired off.

There’s a button just under the lens, a circular cut-out that acts as a manual shutter.

It helps if you hold up your fingers in a square and make camera shutter noises while you’re doing it.

All I can hear is the beep-click of the shutter and Lana Del Rey on the stereo, for mood.

Photobooth uses the front-facing camera to detect smiles and other expressions so you can snap selfies without actually physically pressing the shutter button.

For instance, I forgot that you can take burst photos by keeping your finger on the shutter button.

Shooting with Night Sight requires that you hold the phone steady for a few seconds after tapping the shutter button.

Now, all you have to do is tap the shutter button once to take a photo or hold down to record a video.

That’s fancy videographer speak meaning that you’re shooting relatively long shutter speeds.

At 30 fps, you probably want 1/60 second shutter speeds to make the motion flow well.

Sometimes Spectacles would require a “hold the shutter button for 55-seconds” reset that wasn’t clearly explained on any of Snap’s support pages.

She was a month away from releasing The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook, based on the very restaurant she was about to shutter.

The app makes editing, shutter speed altering, and sharing a breeze.

The decision to shutter Gawker Media’s namesake site was announced in an article posted to the New York-based blog on Thursday.

Willingness to shutter the government doesn’t speak too highly to the perceived value of the job or its employees.

CAT-AND-MOUSE While this regulatory sweep has forced some firms to shutter onshore offices, others are less fazed.

Hangouts, for example, has just seen its API shut down, which will effectively shutter the app ecosystem on the platform for most developers.

The decision to shutter Gawker Media’s namesake site was announced in an article posted to the New York-based blog on Thursday.

You’ll still have to actually press the shutter button yourself but it’s a handy way to open the camera.

But the Mexican government emphasized schools should not shutter their doors due to the flu.

Prosecutors are considering issuing charges for slavery against pit operators as part of the drive to shutter the mines.

So Fleming and his team at MAST turned to GALEX because it’s equipped with the astronomical equivalent of a high-speed shutter camera.

Apple said they do something like a billion calculations to generate each image, some of which start before you even press the shutter button.

OPM will tell Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield thanks for its cooperation, but then shutter the multi-state effort, according to the draft letter.

Days after all the reporters were hacked, the UAE demanded Qatar cease funding any media networks and shutter Al Jazeera.

China is also looking to shutter more ‘zombie’ enterprises, a term loosely used to describe inefficient firms with surplus capacity.

The official censorship method is known as “Formal Interruption of Normal Commercial Operations,” also known as “Modified Operations” or “shutter Control” [pdf].

But shutter control has never been officially invoked.

shutter control and its checkbook variation off the table, we decided that the censorship must be either via backdoor communique or existing, ongoing agreement.

The cameras do seem significantly better than those on the last generation of Nexus devices, and the shutter speed was impressively fast.

Money: Meredith tried unsuccessfully to sell Money and opted to shutter the print edition of the magazine, leaving only a digital version, instead.

[Harman]Photo by shutter Stock/ambrozinio

He regularly spends seven hours a day walking the streets, and snaps his shutter 400 times in a regular session.

It adds physical buttons on your device to turn on the camera, shoot pictures, control the shutter, zoom, and record.

However, the metal shutter is exactly the right size to house an SD card.

By default, the app launches in photo capture mode, where you tap the virtual shutter button to grab a still.

Obama said that despite significant political hurdles and congressional opposition he is making one last effort to shutter the facility.

Essential stitches the image on the fly, so what you see is what you get when you tap the shutter.

The Phantom 4 Pro has a mechanical shutter and a 20-megapixel, 1-inch CMOS sensor that produces more refined footage.

Once you’ve reached the end of the first 10-second clip, just continue pressing down on the shutter to keep the video going.

Pro tip: you can also use the EarPods as a remote shutter release.

I love how the shadows and light shutter over the mountains throughout the day.

And according to Jaidi, the plane’s front wheel actually left a black mark on his shutter finger as it passed overhead.

When anybody is a victim of bullying—I take care of kids who are bullied—what happens is that they shutter and close down.

The iPhone’s camera app shutter button isn’t always in the most convenient place—particularly if you’re trying to operate it one-handed.

[TechnoAlpin via Outside Online]Photo by shutter Stock/Volodymyr Baleha

If you’re Nicki Minaj, you endured a new diss track and had a business partnership shutter.

Syncing to your phone now just requires Bluetooth and a seven-second press of the shutter button, rather than a shoddy QR code scan.

In Photobooth mode, the Pixel 3 can snap the selfie shutter when you smile, no hands needed.

You can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, focus, and flash intensity in Manual Mode or paint with light in Light Paint/Color Paint Mode.

1/4 shutter speed and 11 aperture setting, no flash.

There’s a shutter button, a dial for exposure compensation, and a very approximate focus selector.

This one will allow you to make finer adjustments to settings, hit the shutter from a distance, or manage multiple-exposure shots.

Tekserve will live on as a small- and medium-business tech repair shop, but the brick-and-mortar store will finally shutter.

You use the app’s own camera to take pictures, and just above the shutter button is the label you’re about to apply.

Related to the closure, Amazon will also shutter workplace lunch delivery service Daily Dish, according to GeekWire, which broke the news.

As you can see, the on-screen slider just above the shutter button lets you zoom in and out.

Grupo GEPP, PepsiCo’s bottler in Mexico, said it would temporarily shutter its own distribution center in the city in June.

So when lighting conditions get difficult, you can use a faster shutter speed without totally juicing the sensor’s ISO sensitivity.

The firm acquired bike-sharing service Mobike last April only to shutter its operations across Asia in less than a year for cost-saving.

While Uber can file an appeal, it has 10 days to shutter all service in the country.

The cameras promise “no shutter lag” and promise to help users take great photos with a special HDR+ mode.

And a big transparent shutter button was overlaid in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom.

When you snap the shutter it combines the depth data, the segmentation map and the image data into a portrait shot instantaneously.

I would have preferred an electronically activated shutter for time-lapse, app-triggered exposures, and so on — but maybe that proved too hard to implement.

Tap the shutter button once.Next, four white dots will appear on the screen in each corner of the photo you’re backing up.

More store closures — on top of the 400 outposts slated to shutter, as announced earlier this spring — are expected.

The catch: I’d have to stop freelance writing and shutter Broke Millennial.

But third-party apps also let you control exposure, shutter speed, and even ISO (the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to light).

Another useful feature is the electronic shutter (which lives alongside a mechanical shutter option in the camera).

Since the camera’s shutter was open for a long period of time, it captured the technicians’ movements, making them look like ghosts.

Even using the mechanical shutter, you’re going to get about 15 fps at the top end, which is, again, category leading.

They contend the law was intended to shutter clinics and make it harder for women to end a pregnancy.

shutter relieves you of the horrific burden of getting up to close your shutters after a long day of blogging.

It’s not clear what took the company so long to shutter Yaxley-Lennon’s pages given repeated breaches of its community standards.

Continued losses, particularly against success from other units, might eventually see LG shutter its mobile business.

To turn it on, users just need to hit the AI Cam button by the shutter.

A white backlight shines through the pixel and the LCD shutter controls which subpixel is viewable.

For instance, if the pixel should be blue, the LCD shutter will cover the red and green subpixels.

In order to make purple, the shutter only needs to cover the green subpixel.

When I posited the question to my coworkers, one confidently speculated the shutter Island star must have been toting around condoms.

All images: Victor Jeffreys II/GizmodoThere’s a terrible noise every time I click the shutter.

Wearables, on the other hand, have stagnated, forcing brands to exit the space, sell or shutter entirely.

The above shot was a single exposure taken with the electronic shutter around midnight.

This way, you won’t need to worry about accidentally bumping your phone when you press the shutter button.

Four second exposure at ISO 1600.The A9 has mechanical and electric shutter options.

You’ll also want to use the mechanical shutter if you’re using an external flash (the A9 doesn’t have one built in).

If you’re shooting medium or high speed bursts, the camera switches over to electronic shutter, which is also better for fast moving objects.

When using the electronic shutter you can also shoot completely silently, which is almost eerie, but awesome.

The Miami and L.A. pop-ups are expected to shutter July 13, that is if their stock lasts that long.

She will shutter it later this month, unable to make rent or loan payments.

I can still see his silhouette walking out our front door, and hear the screen door shutter behind him.

The front features that recognizable red shutter button, a timer button, and a little yellow switch to adjust the power of the flash.

They contend the law was intended to shutter clinics and make it harder for women to end a pregnancy.

The only way I knew the silent electric shutter was still rolling was seeing the tiny blip of black screen between each shot.

You’re more likely to know it as the company behind The Revenant and shutter Island, and the TV show The Right Stuff.

Top shot captures the moments before or after you hit the shutter to take a photo and then automatically recommends the best one.

That may have contributed to its decision to shutter its business in that market.

Back in October, Oath (the combined entity of Yahoo and Aol) announced that it would shutter AIM on December 15.

A few months later, Uber announced it would shutter its self-driving trucks unit to focus on autonomous cars.

This is the shutter.

If there was hard evidence suggesting the world would be a better place without Facebook, would you shutter the service?

For the shutter, Dudley rejected a few common mechanically simple designs and found a solution in a camera from 1885.

But it’s hard to imagine that if evidence pointed to no—or that it was poisoning our minds—Facebook would shutter its social networking services.

Even with 400 speed film on a bright day, it just doesn’t have the shutter speed to capture a fast-moving subject.

An anti-pollution drive sweeping across the Asian economic powerhouse and a campaign to move up the value chain will also shutter traditional smokestack industries.

Features include full manual adjustment over ISO, shutter speed, white balance, image format and more.

A lens, a shutter, a light-sensitive surface and, increasingly, a set of highly sophisticated algorithms.

In traditional cameras the shutter opens and closes, exposing the light-sensitive medium for a fraction of a second.

For the purposes of traditional photography, this enables nearly arbitrarily short shutter speeds, which isn’t much use to tiny sensors.

Starting this week, Lush is preparing to shutter 29 of its existing products.

Though at the pan-EU level it would have to at least pause before taking a unilateral decision to shutter an entire product.

It’s also pretty sluggish to start, and the slight delay from tapping the shutter button is too long for my liking.

But at least the photographer doesn’t have to fiddle with focus, shutter speed, or depth of field.

Like all modern gadgets, the I-1 connects to an app via Bluetooth, which lets you manually adjust the the aperture, shutter speed and flash.

The long and short of what’s happening is this: the HDR processing has been defaulting to a longer shutter speed.

While the right side holds a privacy shutter that can cover the Smart Display’s built-in camera.

Grab plans to shutter the Uber app in less than two weeks and migrate passengers and drivers to its services.

After the shutter clicks, the app then uses A.I.

It will lay off 350 people and shutter some operations in the process — 200 announced today, on top of 150 announced in February.

Instead, the team followed up and improved things like image quality and camera shutter lag.

Amazon’s response was to shutter its overseas shops.

And as long as it clearly shows shutter speed, ISO, aperture, battery life, and shot count clearly, that’s totally fine.

(And the offensive nature of the content offers more than enough justification for Google to shutter the channel.)

So why shutter the print edition?

This noise reduction is necessary because the iPhone is taking multiple photos at once, each with a shorter shutter speed and higher ISO.

“My only real trick is a phone tripod and a Bluetooth connected button that makes the shutter go off.

When you hold the phone horizontally, there is a physical “shutter” button with the Kodak “K” that you press to take pictures.

Yesterday Twitter said it would begin enforcing new hate speech rules to shutter accounts that promote violence against citizens to further their causes.

It’s a fairly insane zoom for a mobile device, and holding down the shutter will autofocus the subject matter.

Footage exhibits a lot of rolling shutter effect (objects wobble like jelly when you pan the camera).

Do: Shoot With An App Download NightCap Camera or Slow shutter Cam before the fireworks begin.

You throw an SD card in it, which conveniently fits right into the floppy’s metal shutter.

Burst Mode is a setting on most phones these days; on iOS, you can activate it simply by tapping and holding the shutter.

There’s a speaker friend made by Harman Kardon and a camera pack that adds a physical shutter button to the phone.

Cloud sharing giant Dropbox announced this week it will shutter document collaboration service Hackpad, which it acquired way back in 2014, next month.

A phone that promises to capture more detail and over a thousand levels of depth sensitivity with one touch of the shutter.

For a while now, iPhones have been keeping a few images in memory before you even press the shutter button.

Mainly because they have control over the shutter speed as well as the flash.

Solomon Souza spay paints a graffiti portrait onto the closed shutter of a stall.

It does this using intelligence around the subject matter, distance, ambient exposure and more in the time it takes to pop the shutter off.

Just tap the shutter, try not to shake your hands for a beat, and that’s it.

I knew I wanted a longer shutter speed, a wide open aperture, and a low ISO.

Then I adjusted the shutter and aperture quickly enough.

Washio, the on-demand laundry startup that launched in 2013, has today announced that it will shutter its service.

That means you can do some interesting things like use your smartphone as a remote control for the shutter.

With the LiPlay, you can record 10-second audio clips while taking a photo—there’s a handy microphone button right under the shutter.

(If you choose to use the camera’s mechanical shutter, burst capture slows down to 8 FPS.)

But when you hit the shutter button, the mirror flipped up out of the way and the shutter opened on the film.

Inside an Olympus mirrorless camera – notice nothing intervenes between the lens and the sensor except the (invisible) shutter.

Inside an Olympus mirrorless camera – notice nothing intervenes between the lens and the sensor except the (invisible) shutter.

You don’t need HDR to get those water droplets — that’s a shutter speed thing, really.

A few months later, in September, Theranos was finally forced to shutter.

His breath hitches as he presses the shutter.

Hammering the shutter produces nothing but an empty clicking.

Daniel presses the shutter.

The new generation has optical image stabilization, RAW capture, improved color gamut, and a sensor to eliminate rolling shutter artifacts from flickering lights.

With the Apple Watch app installed, photographers can do things like remotely frame their shots, trigger Halide’s shutter and set timers.

When activated, the shutter button stays depressed and you’ll see a countdown in the icon around the button itself.

After watching the last hotels shutter, Scheinfeld spent five years photographing their abandoned remains.

That quickly led to speculation that a Ziff Davis-owned Gawker Media could shutter

A web interface is used to control the camera’s settings, such as the shutter, aperture, etc.

Since Apple’s API mandates that the camera shutter only stay open for a maximum of 1 second, PABLO need to find a workaround.

However, it didn’t offer any details as to when those sites would eventually shutter their doors.

Total Raised: $21.5 million Like many failed startups before it, San Francisco-based Lantern was forced to shutter operations after an acquisition deal fell through.

They even have a remote shutter you can use for taking selfies.

Finally, Google Camera is making it easier for you to switch between video and photo modes with a button next to the shutter.

So far, he’s had to shutter his Georgia factory, laying off 80 people, and cut about 10% of his workforce in Indiana.

Macy’s closed 63 stores earlier this year, while JC Penney and Sears Holdings announced plans to shutter about 290 department stores.

So far, he’s had to shutter his Georgia factory, laying off 80 people, and cut about 10% of his workforce in Indiana.

The conservatives and FDU may accept the Greens’ ambition to shutter polluting coal-fired plants and promote green energy, but at a slower pace.

The maximum mechanical shutter speed has been doubled to 1/8000 seconds, with an increased flash sync speed of up to 1/250 seconds.

An anti-pollution drive sweeping across the Asian economic powerhouse and a campaign to move up the value chain will also shutter traditional smokestack industries.

It hid a cable release in the shutter button.

Still, Fura’s Shetty says it is impractical to shutter all tunnels at once.

It can shoot RAW images at 10 frames per second, or up to 20 with the electronic shutter.

The best external feature of the camera is definitely its dedicated shutter button, located on the lower right of the phone.

Just to the left of the shutter button is another button that takes you straight to video recording.

Spray painted on the shutter of one abandoned building reads “Maute ISIS”, a term used for the militant alliance.

Starting in March, the company will shutter the Picasa desktop app, and in May, Picasa web albums will no longer be editable.

China is also looking to shutter more ‘zombie’ enterprises, a term loosely used to describe inefficient firms with surplus capacity.

Its metal shutter lay on the sidewalk in a heap, like unfurled cloth.

The thumb on the shutter release is his.

A sign scrawled in green paint on a piece of plywood propped against the window shutter says: “My son is very happy in Germany.

The modular battery add-on is rumored to include a 1100mAh battery and physical buttons for various camera functions — zoom, flash, shutter release, etc.

Samsung says the idea behind Motion photos is to capture moments you may have missed before the shutter snapped.

To activate the shutter, he pulled back a switch, which made a tiny thwang as it returned to position.

At the same time that GM is laying off thousands of U.S. workers and planning to shutter five North American factories, Flint is hiring.

The Pen-F can shoot stills at up to 20 frames per second using the electronic shutter.

Handheld with the shutter at 1/30th of a second and an ISO of 3200.

Less light coming in to the sensor means the iPhone has to hold the shutter open longer, resulting in a blurrier photo.

Her shutter is never closed, not even near midnight in the back of a taxi on a frigid February evening in Stockholm.

U.N. officials have repeatedly warned that they could be forced to shutter the territory’s schools or even curtail food aid.

The camera connects to a companion app via Bluetooth, which allows users full manual control, including shutter speed, aperture, flash strength, and remote firing.

The unit jogged upstage, to where the sixty-three-year-old graffiti artist Futura was adding his mark to a steel shutter.

You get physical controls for the essentials (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO), but producing quality images is all up to you.

Last month, the company announced plans to shutter 100 more stores.

And this may sound silly, but the X-Pro2’s shutter makes the most satisfying thk-thk-thk of any camera I’ve ever heard.

Thing is, those phones also go far beyond that, giving you all sorts of manual controls for exposure, white balance, ISO, and shutter speed.

Two Harbors said in July it would shutter its mortgage loan securitization business due to challenging market conditions.

The whole app has a delicious Mac OS 6 feel — even the shutter sound is retro.

The shutter sits on the right side of the camera and has two stages: half-press to focus and full-press to shoot.

Instead, the I-1 implores you to use the half-press shutter autofocus.

The new lenses have integrated shutter mechanisms and can shoot up to 1/2000th of a second.

She will shutter it later this month, unable to make rent or loan payments.

The Japanese company’s new flagship even has a dedicated shutter button.

The company also claims that the V20 all but eliminates common video distortion like rolling shutter.

You can hear the shutter, for sure, but it’s not as loud as other, full-size DSLR cameras.

It even comes with a mechanical shutter, and a 3-inch touchscreen display on the back (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE are also included).

(The camera has a focal plane shutter instead; Fujifilm says this allows it to use both leaf-shutter lenses and shutterless lenses.)

Plans to shutter branches and axe roles have however sparked criticism from lawmakers and campaigners.

The camera also uses HDR+ by default with “zero shutter lag” to achieve the maximum dynamic range for each shot.

Instead of firing the shutter 30 times in a second, they essentially capture a 30-second video and chop it up into individual frames.

Torrential rain and catastrophic flooding followed the hurricane that slammed into Texas over the weekend, forcing refiners to shutter operations as a precaution.

What is the shutter button’s role in the future of photography?

Fujifilm has altered the locking mechanism for the shutter speed and ISO dials, making it way simpler to adjust those settings on the fly.

A 2015 fight to shutter the bank led by conservatives in Congress allowed the bank’s charter to expire for five months.

“The moment you press the shutter it’s not actually taking a shot — it already took the shot,” says Levoy.

More than 20 health departments across the US had to shutter their STD clinics between 2014 and 2015.

DJI says a new mechanical shutter on the Phantom 4 Pro will help to alleviate that.

As the shutter made its loud “click!” it dawned on me: I’m really going to miss these guys when this is over.

The only parts that are exposed are the viewfinder, the shutter button, the power button, and the lens.

Swiss utility BKW AG already plans to shutter Muehleberg in 2019, citing the high costs of maintenance and operations.

The Mark II tops out at 15 frames per second, RAW or JPG, when using the mechanical shutter.

If you use the electronic shutter, though, you can shoot at a rate of 60 frames per second.

Shooting at 15 frames per second with the mechanical shutter, the camera will capture up around 80–90 RAWs or about 120 JPGs.

shutter Island, to name another, would not be a great TV series.

Like the camera shutter button, for instance.

Microsoft will shutter its UK game development unit Lionhead Studios, canceling its Xbox One game Fable Legends, it said today.

There’s no way around this, either — for whatever reason there is no electronic shutter mode, a feature that most other mirrorless cameras offer.

But it’s only modest until you press the shutter button, because after that there’s no mistaking that you’re taking pictures.

It’s missing staples like in-body image stabilization and an electronic shutter.

The shutter button also functions as the on/off switch.

A Twitter spokeswoman told Reuters the app will shutter in coming months but did not specify a date.

The company on Friday also said it would shutter 130-140 underperforming stores over the next few months to focus on more profitable ones.

The company’s cases also feature physical shutter buttons with DSLR-like behaviors.

Grandpa tries to direct the scene, the cousins get antsy, and someone invariably blinks just as the shutter fires.

The company’s cases also feature physical shutter buttons with DSLR-like behaviors.

The company’s cases also feature physical shutter buttons with DSLR-like behaviors.

The company’s cases also feature physical shutter buttons with DSLR-like behaviors.

Basically, the prosaic moments of everyday life that require fast shutter speeds, good image stabilization, and reliable exposure.

The company’s cases also feature physical shutter buttons with DSLR-like behaviors.

The company’s cases also feature physical shutter buttons with DSLR-like behaviors.

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