Shapes in a sentence | Use of the word shapes examples

The bees were exposed to an initial sample that displayed one to five shapes in either blue or yellow.

For instance, say the bee first looked at a sample that had two blue shapes printed on it.

Paris nightlife has taken many shapes.

Sandra suggested that he digitize the shapes of the tea service they were using, a simple Melitta set from a local department store.

Winkfield’s outlined shapes share something with the painter Nicholas Krushenick, who was inspired by Japanese woodcuts.

At the times, the cropped  shapes along the edges vie with the abstract totem for attention.

Technology that shapes human life without any human input is of no interest to me.

“For the most part, people come in different shapes and sizes—seems people want me to be out of central casting.”

Specifically, RGB-plotted, sound-reactive centroids (the intersection points of a triangle’s three medians) define and drive the various geometric shapes seen in the video.

The paintings, featuring geometric shapes of gold and black, bear an uncanny resemblance to a backdrop used in Lamar’s new video.

The deep blue shapes – with white (or unpainted) lines cutting through them – become something to work with, against, and around.

The shapes evoke comparison to jigsaw puzzle parts and irregularly cut pieces of scrap metal.

The dough scraps can be gathered and rerolled, or cut into small irregular shapes and fried as they are.

Flipping through the digitized black and white images, there is something striking about their shapes and interaction with their environments.

The Science Museum also has historic photographs of “pylon failure,” where towers are crumpled and twisted into contorted shapes.

Closed shapes filled with colors, for instance.

Rather than focus on Piper’s typically bright palette, Scott turns to the shapes and rhythms in Piper’s work.

~ A state is a shape, and if anything is abundantly clear at this moment, it is that our shapes aren’t holding.

“It was important to explore alternate head shapes,” the company wrote.

In other instances, we had to ignore some of the attempts to make legible letters rather than geometric shapes inspired by letterforms.

On January 28th, Mattel unveiled three new body shapes — curvy, tall, and petite — for the world’s best-selling doll.

Bush (1909–1977) often worked in series, trying out various shapes and formats.

The shapes have motion, like pieces of driftwood floating in water.

My eyes are focused on lines and shapes, and they communicate that to my hand, while my eyes stay glued on the subject.

Sabrina, your textures have recently took a new direction, unveiling new shapes, colors, motions, and dynamics.

As Allison Meier previously wrote for Hyperallergic, this Alpine male was found to have 61 tattoos of lines and X shapes.

It is the oddness and the likelihood of something unexpected happening in the painting — both in the shapes and colors — that makes them distinct.

We see the white shapes as both abstract and figural.

The rest of the colors are quieter, forming rounded, sexual shapes pressing in from both sides against the magenta shape running down the middle.

The matte surfaces, transparency, interior light, and solid color of the shapes in the gouaches laid the groundwork for the paintings.

That shapes how they govern and what issues they choose to focus their time on.

What is the structure holding these shapes aloft?

Made of four different shapes, each painted somewhat differently, the overall configuration comes off as awkward and blunt.

shapes extend inward from all four sides or sit awkwardly near the center.

The geometric shapes, centered and minimal compositions, and simplistic color choices are balanced, beautiful, and even utopian.

There’s an entire spectrum of body shapes, characterizations, and sexualities and genders that aren’t shown in mainstream media.

“The new works feature up to ten layers of built-up, ‘drawn’ circles or other shapes,” she pointed out.

Instead, according to the artist, “the first things I show her are big paintings of single colored shapes on tag board panels.

The early 1990s would find Dunham refining and expanding his shapes, mounds, and planets.

I began making drawings with the photos in mind, cutting shapes and putting them together and these drawings ultimately led to the shaped panels.

The first shaped paintings consisted of two boat-like shapes, with their curved sides facing down, stacked one on top of the other.

In the work that she was sending to Wiesbaden, she vertically stacked between two and three of the curving shapes.

The succession of internal shapes can be read vertically as well as horizontally, with the seams between the shapes conveying both disruption and sequencing.

The shapes and lines within one panel are variations on those in another.

Because ultimately, Baba Na Gig is a celebration of all of the colors and shapes, variations and vulnerabilities, and strengths of people’s cores.

My work is based on the process of painting, such as brush strokes, color, and shapes.

The compression process strips the hidden words and shapes of meaning, but the documentation reveals the ideas encoded in the piece.

Having taught the likes of Tina Fey, Bill Murray, Amy Poehler and Mike Myers, Close’s approach to comedy still shapes the industry today.

I’ve always been given to defining shapes and using a deliberate line to make that happen.

All of these colors and shapes swim within a pool of copper, nickel, steel, and brass tacks, like the interior of a conjured lake.

Music videos can take an infinity of shapes and It can be also a great laboratory for narrative works.

Those in one group are composed of layered and atmospheric fields in which irregular geometric shapes or negative spaces float.

The others are more graphic, with saturated grounds populated by myriad shapes — each a distinct hue — that are evenly dispersed across the surface.

Later in the process, he filled in each of the shapes with different hues.

The prong shapes above and below the central one point horizontally.

In the atmospheric paintings, Duran takes on the figure-ground relationship and complicates it through the layering and interpenetration of fields and shapes.

In these paintings, the shapes tend to be larger and do not echo each other.

One’s attentions drifts between shapes that echo and those that differ from one another, gently guided and redirected by the snake-like bands.

The echoing of certain shapes is further enriched by the use of different hues to denote each form.

Two watercolors use triangular shapes around the edge of what becomes multiple rectangles arranged in rows.

As we got into it we realized that who you are actually shapes how you build your company.

Directed by NYC artist Sean Dack, the clip solely consists of imagery depicting light moving through water in eerily drifting shapes.

In the earliest works in this exhibition, from 1989, drawing and painting are linked, with both composed of colored lines contained within round shapes.

Devoid of hard edges or distinct shapes, they nevertheless pulsated with understated but unmistakable nervous energy.

Successful reform could take many shapes.

There are numerous geysers spread across the black and silver shapes, suggesting another world that exists beneath the surface.

Wroten’s current approach to illustration is full of beautiful organic textures, powerful shapes and poses, and pretty patterns.

Both five letters, interlocking shapes.

All of them have a loosely brushed monochrome ground, on which Korneffel has painted three or more circular shapes.

Earlier compositions of circular shapes often peer through the surface, muffled and muted but not completely covered over.

There is never a sharp color contrast between the ground and the shapes.

From afar, they awe; from up close, they become abstract amalgamations of cool colors and organic shapes.

Self works from a premise similar to Dunham’s: the female body flattened into simple shapes, but she arrives somewhere worlds apart.

Ion Oprea imagines the world as if it were a sweet, taffy-colored wonderland, filled with softly-textured whiffle shapes or psychedelica swiss cheese.

All varying sizes, but shapes always the same, i.e.

Responding to the environment, Hassinger constructed the sculptures out of branches that echo the shapes of rocks and flower beds.

It shows how those two things twine together, country and ideology pushing and prodding their characters into shapes that ultimately determine their fate.

This feeling occurs again in the center of the image, with the pink and green petal shapes seemingly crushed between the cream-colored blocks.

As with the flower shapes in “Cliff Flower #7,” the cloud formation was cut off by the left edge of the canvas.

Emlen focuses on sections of tree trunks, the vertical shapes recurring in different formats, including eight black-and-white monotypes that punctuate an otherwise full-color staging.

What does the section that is filled with black and cream-colored geometric shapes, all further marked by the gouged lines, relate to?

What about the interplay between flat and volumetric shapes, as she does in  “Watching and Waiting” (2017)?

We don’t just see these shapes: we experience their scarred skin and their entrapment in a frenetic web.

Her shapes owe something to Brancusi and cartoons, which is to say they always feel perfect and malformed, graceful and awkward.

She paints some of the shapes flatly while shading others.

He’s also still making work in which he takes multiple photographs of torsos and other body parts and maps them onto abstract shapes.

The presence of the Black head actually distinguishes them: Without its sharp contrast, the other shapes would fade into nonexistence.

The motto of JORTSFEST shapes its atmosphere: “Always free.

In her paintings, flat planar “cut” shapes are interwoven with translucent passages.

That didactic approach — hard-edged, opaque shapes coexisting with instances of pouring — was part of my work for a long time.

JS: Your discussion of the graphic shapes reminds me that you use collages as a preparatory stage in your process.

I sit around and basically draw with a blade, building up a pile shapes that I put together.

Gaffs come in different shapes and designs.

“People respond to the colors and shapes differently, allowing gender to be the fluid concept that it is,” as she puts it.

It’s true that commercial pressure shapes almost all her projects.

Fuller was famous for her Serpentine Dance and her Fire Dance, which used fabric and lighting to transform the dancing body into abstract shapes.

In the large diptych, “South East North West” (2017), blue bands again conjure rivers, while myriad accompanying shapes suggest clustered buildings and fecund vegetation.

Each is a complex, all-over mesh of lines, shapes, and muted, yet still vivid, colors.

There, customers would have also been viewers seeing their own bodies reflected in the negative shapes of Shin’s sculpture.

Yang evokes traditional Chinese landscape paintings of mountains, that on closer look reveal mountain shapes filled with details of an urban landscape.

Different radar views show different measurements, including one that identifies objects that have similar shapes by using different colors.

Fusing together globular, colorful shapes, each sculpture punctures the field, with their protuberances all balancing carefully on a slim base.

These programs came in all shapes and sizes but typically targeted specific populations like the formerly incarcerated, people with disabilities, and single mothers.

The jagged lines, the uneven gashes, and distorted shapes are like the blues in 3D, helping add dimension and depth.

While that gives the toy-like objects a melancholy edge, they have a lot of joy in their detailed shapes.

His work moved fluidly through media and styles, from wood reliefs of abstract shapes to ripped-up paper and monumental sculptures.

Their argument is about the basic structure of American foreign policy and the big picture, often invisible ways in which it shapes our world.

All the instructors have their own taste, and it shapes the way they teach and structure their rides.

At times, the shapes recall robots, Hugo Ball’s dada costumes, or the art deco furniture you might see in a Carole Lombard comedy.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads MINNEAPOLIS — With just four shapes made out of crude line drawings, Andrea Büttner captures the essence of shame.

Remember how some of the singles were pink and had little green shapes on it?

Today, the EU includes a political and economic bureaucracy, based in Brussels, that shapes and controls many aspects of European political life.

Choucair was largely interested in lines that continue infinitely, and the potentiality of lines to create shapes that again flatten into two dimensions.

In time, shapes might be found to emerge, suggesting forms.

Amazon has hundreds of types of male condoms available, in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors.

In his essay, “The Romantics Were Prompted,” Rothko writes: “I think of my pictures as dramas; the shapes in the pictures are the performers.

We’ve all formed shapes out of mud or natural clay, but few of us have managed to make anything beautiful.

She then coupled them to create matches based on shared compositions, shapes, textures, and surprising resemblances in subject matter.

“(T)his includes Gang Members, Drug Dealers, Human Traffickers, and Criminals of all shapes, sizes and kinds,” he wrote.

Everything is just — shapes.

Watch the video above to see how we humans perceive aliens and how that shapes our imagination of life beyond our planet.

Piano, strings, quietly subtle rhythm guitar, and cannily minimal drum machine create thin, restrained, readymade shapes.

That’s definitely a part of it, and like any mental illness, the reason and “feeling” comes in various shapes and guises.

Her early career is filled with sculptures and paintings that paired minimalist shapes with bright colors.

Good.women: POCKET–exec: shapes that require new bras!

Knowledge of the world can only be accessed through the body, and the body shapes experiences.

Little figurines are placed on maps, and there are dice that have shapes and sizes that I didn’t know existed.

Their twisting shapes elaborate further on the illusionistic possibilities of the 45-degree angle.

It presents a modern-looking, close-cropped rendition of anthropomorphic shapes etched in stone.

Electoral rules matter — they shape the way politicians campaign, which in turn shapes how we collectively process and understand political conflict.

Rather, the more pressing issue might be how this move shapes the landscape of combat sports in the state of New York.

The guns exist only suggestively, in the elided spaces between these shapes.

Blake’s characteristic ability to syncopate odd shapes that speed up, slow down, and deform space is in full force.

Whittle is highly recognizable, prone as she is to wearing homemade fashion adorned with colorful iterations of her shapes in felt or foam.

That’s when we noticed these weird shapes that were happening in the spring.

AIM’s design, with its bright colors and square shapes, would become indelibly associated with nostalgia for ‘90s internet culture.

Hamilton had a singular way of making shapes that were both something and not something.

They refer to an object, in this case a pair of men’s shoes, but are simultaneously a pair of elegant abstract shapes.

The art of Elrod is soothing, and it’s fun to try and imagine shapes within them, like looking at clouds.

Hamilton portrays bits and pieces of his life, seemingly random shapes, that may have had deeper significance for him.

He recreates mythological and spiritual figures using pastel palettes and fluid shapes.

He started playing with lines and as he continued this process, began adding color and morphing the shapes and contours of his projections.

Sticking to flowy shapes, he aims to imbue a sense of constant change and motion to his characters.

It’s a story about how power shapes what can and can’t be said.

It is a social phenomenon with much broader effects: It shapes how all women think and act.

Think of it like a spreadsheet where certain shapes make up columns and rows.

“Contact Improvisation #3” is distinctive in playing roughly circular shapes off the boxier forms (and the “box” of the canvas itself).

Mosley’s compositional sophistication also shapes “Picnic,” which probably dates from the late 1940s.

By subverting the roles of subject and viewer, I was recognizing the way that how we see one another shapes the other person.

The stream of data forms usually elongated shapes that seem to splatter or blossom across the screen.

To put this simply: You cannot discuss this topic without discussing its toxic past and the way that shapes our present.

And this place, at least for Lerner, is the synesthesic connection between colored shapes and sounds.

The work depicts an abandoned, craggy landscape of gray skies that morphs into globular shapes and watery textures.

LACMA’s Agnes Martin retrospective, her first in the US since 1992, featured seldom-seen early works that incorporated circles and other shapes (shocking!

Depth and volume are suggested through planar twists and turns and by reading between the spaces of flat wall-to-wall shapes.

Bertolucci draws heavily on German Expressionism, with its exaggerated, distorted shapes, and the deep, heavy shadows and stark contrasts of film noir.

The drawings’ colorful, repetitive shapes fan out from centerpoints, like quatrefoils in Christian churches.

More likely, the shapes represent a building, filtered through Tal R’s imagination.

However when viewed from afar the shapes all coalesce into the abstracted features of a portrait.

The design is a symphony of bold gestures, smoothly flowing lines, and exotic shapes.

The GT shapes the airflow from front to back.

Jablon gives voice to a new lyricism: a physicalized language where words take on organic, gestural shapes.

The sea heaves and shifts, but its shapes slip away from him.

And it was a part of the way a nation shapes its symbols and citizenship, and I am not a part of all that.

By reducing these sites to their basic shapes, the places become sharper, the movement of people through them more explicit and harrowing.

“For me it’s about how technology shapes our body and vision of the world…

They then based its uppercase lettering on classic geometric shapes and the lowercase letters on tradition — early typefaces like Akzidenz-Grotesk, Berthold Grotesk, and Futura.

He carried this profusion of shapes into his paintings, where a cell-like structure, complete with nucleus, can be found in many of the petals.

This dense bouquet of colored shapes is balanced on top of a neck and shoulders (or is it the top of a jug?)

Their shapes resemble an explosion or cartoon splatter.

One side of the sculpture, the overlapping shapes often evoke a face but never add up to one.

But Allwood says the shapes of the stromatolites and chemical signatures the team did find are “fairly credible hallmarks of microbial activity.”

Freeman’s art, however, presents complex silhouettes with many shapes and edges that seldom appear in this visual culture.

Against the bright value of white, this blue looks deeper, which further energizes the shapes’ edges.

It’s what shapes the way we see the world and how the world sees us.

It shows how those two things intertwine, with country and ideology pushing and prodding the characters into shapes that ultimately determine their fate.

But it remains to be seen how well Francis shapes the political discourse this time.

But we do let dead people donate money that shapes the world, using charitable trusts.

Pacifiers come in lots of shapes and sizes, and every baby will have a different preference — some won’t like them altogether.

However, these forms and shapes are simultaneously allowed to fall away from any such structure.

The legacy of slavery shapes that story, even though the steel bridge itself was not built until the early twentieth century.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The square, circle, and triangle are the most basic shapes on Earth, supporting structures both synthetic and natural.

the list goes on — the women’s face shapes were nearly identical: they all had round cheeks, giant round eyes, and tiny button noses.

Each installation is made up of straight lines cast from powerful theater lamps, programmed to create different immersive and satisfying shapes.

However, there’s a broad appreciation possible for this eccentric exploration of the three shapes through Munari’s omnivorous approach.

The hands in the title are reified in hand-like shapes recurring throughout the exhibition.

Medrie MacPhee’s newest paintings are made from the shapes and contours of disassembled garments, giving “pattern painting” an entirely new meaning.

Dark shapes huddled under its sawn-off lid.

As if to prove Fendrich’s point, MacPhee wittily fits her human-body-derived lexicon of shapes to unyielding, rectangular stretchers.

“Offenders come in all shapes and sizes, and they’ve done all kinds of things,” says Bianca.

Hanging shelves come in all different shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your closet and your wardrobe.

Now that she’s in LA, though, her environment shapes her work in another way.

Jarring and impossible to ignore, these dark shapes remind the viewer of Wilbur’s hidden activities.

“You couldn’t help but be excited by those big bloopy shapes,” she said.

The shapes of the canvases are an E and two As with E on top.

By paring down his forms to memorable abstract shapes, Stout maintains a connection with his source.

“I think that geometric patterns have subtle stories they tell the viewer through the arrangement of shapes,” he tells The Creators Project.

The shapes are mesmerizing— they evoke the archaic but do not feel the least bit nostalgic.

It’s long enough to be flattering on all face shapes and hair textures, and short enough to enter the cool-girl lob crowd.

Each “untitled” sculpture was a stack of different geometric shapes, from triangles to semi-circles to cylinders and cubes.

The pressure exerted against the edges of these tightly fitted geometric shapes is not uniform.

A nozzle spurts out plastic spaghetti and weaves it into minimal geometric shapes that look like a progressive architect’s office furniture.

And you get shadows forming eerie crescent shapes.

“He had a wonderful way of organizing nature into distinctive shapes.

Beneath them, denatured shapes squirm across the narrow, blackened linen like minimalist reductions of damned souls in hell.

Penises of various shapes and sizes protrude from every wall and are crammed into glass cases that crowd every available surface.

Add a consistently solid sale section and models in slightly more relatable shapes and sizes, and this Austin favorite seals the deal.

Squared-off bluish green lawns contrast sharply with the artist’s network of showy geometrical shapes and unlikely color pairings.

As I spoke with his brother, I noticed Locorio scratching letters, shapes, and symbols onto his arm.

Each year features hundreds of hot air aviators showing off their crafts in marquee colors, some of which feature standout custom shapes or characters.

Much like humans, chili peppers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, and hotness.

Our environment shapes the way our DNA is read and transcribed through something called epigenetic regulation.

After that, there’s no missing the import of the negative, cut-out shapes that punctuate many of these paintings.

The fossil record has revealed a spectacular diversity of oviraptorosaur shapes and sizes, ranging from turkey-scale creatures to the intimidating 16-foot-tall Gigantoraptor.

An actual ribbon-like strip of twisted cloth puts in an appearance as if claiming its rightful place among Ruggeri’s lexicon of shapes.

Lindemann says that technology actually shapes our sexual lives.

From cinematic interludes to sparse shapes, the visuals informed the songs and the songs informed the visuals.

Politics shapes almost everything here, from the problems with our social safety net to our laws around same-sex marriage.

The pills inside are multicolored, in beautiful shapes, and refract light.

“I’m not a geometric artist,” he once insisted, despite his frequent use of crisp geometric shapes.

Bits of unpainted white paper pierce the surfaces and limn the edges of the flattened shapes, leavening the overall darkness of the palette.

Doctored with bright cut paper shapes, glitter, and fabric snips, these images take on kaleidoscopic dimensions.

Sure, we can all admit that it has moves—the thing can cut some serious shapes on the dance floor.

At a glance, Bollinger’s shadows merely seem like dark shapes, but on closer look, they disclose a bevy of hues.

Cunningham integrates the camera as collaborator in a non-hierarchical way whereby it shapes space much as the dancers do.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but is instead illustrative of the different shapes and forms that activism can take across the US.

In “Evidence of a Struggle,” a rusty haze rises off the deep browns beneath, with no strong shapes or outlines.

The smooth geometrical shapes are contradictory empty structures — they are massive in essence, but have been emptied out by the hand of the artist.

The president shapes the national vision for emergency management, assures funding for emergency management, and is responsible for appointing competent officials.

For the work, Quevedo applied colored pieces of vinyl tape to the museum’s atrium floor in the shapes of athletic field boundary lines.

Depending where you look, you can spot such shapes as a center circle, a free throw line, a sideline, and a three-point arc.

To put it as simply as possible, the animator shapes lines of clay of different colors into a loaf.

In a separate wooden panel, Jeyifous playfully recreates the display case of a typical barbershop, carving out the shapes of combs and hairdos.

Their work, the wood and the shapes and the neons, they just fit.

Little figurines are placed on maps, and there are dice that have shapes and sizes that I didn’t know existed.

The process of allowing my thoughts to become colors and shapes soothes me and brings me satisfaction.

John Berg shapes his dough by hand, with love, lets it rest, and then starts putting together his famous pizzas with bewildering expertise.

Did Sime paint these lines over his paintings because he saw shapes in the sky, trees and water?

Ushev recalls the abstract objects and geometric shapes of artists like Kandinsky, and Picasso, among others.

A complex series of shapes and configurations are bent and morphed into motion as they briskly drift in and out of the frame.

Balancing the priorities and resolving the conflicts shapes a different kind of energy strategy.

We see the shapes of their bodies, with hardly a one falling into the “perfect” idealization of form favored by so many games.

Her loose, rounded shapes of color are echoed in Matthew Ronay’s playful sculpture and the mixed media works of Tschabalala Self.

Despite this highly calculated nature of the pastel-colored shapes, Despont’s arrangements are fluid, ever-shifting in what they present.

The corporeal, curvilinear shapes in the pale blue and white painting suggest a mountainous landscape.

Women of color have, for years, been depicted in film in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Poetry shapes the topography, which in turn inspires the poems.

In response, Tremblay asserts some of her own power over the film; she twists and contorts the reel into shapes its creators never intended.

“Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes; they are different combinations of behaviors, and they are really serious across the spectrum.”

Figuring out exactly how this shapes his worldview — are Russia sanctions just bad for Exxon, or the US more broadly?

The rubbly shapes in the wartime abstractions return as a wallpaper motif designed by junger westen.

These are an iteration of Reilly’s “Islands Game,” a collaborative drawing exercise that asks participants to connect the shapes with lines.

But it still stands impressively with its bare metallic hues, dynamic shapes, and lines.

The elliptical teardrop shapes can be solid or translucent.

They evoke the act of counting, while the tear-like shapes invite a metaphorical reading.

Every year, pedigreed dogs of all shapes and sizes (and their dedicated handlers and groomers) gather outside Philadelphia to vie for fame and glory.

There are performers of all sizes, shapes, ages, gender identities, and ethnicities.

In the diptych “Spiral” (2014), Webster depicts two circular forms made up of concentric circles of bead-like shapes.

Iridescent neon sculptures bubble up from piles of gravel like crystalized coral or clam shapes.

After drifting onto the runway, the drone leads viewers into arcs of light and illuminated geometric shapes.

None of her patterns or shapes feel contrived or generic.

It shapes choices we make, the way we looked at the world, and even facets of our personalities.

None of the ribbon-like shapes repeat.

While the blown glass shapes are elegant, Scott’s beaded faces are cartoonlike.

Watch the video above to see how “normalcy bias” shapes the way news networks talk about political crises.

What shapes our society more than the money we all pay into it?

Here, anxiety is represented by a series of ridged zig-zags; arctic moss by clusters of leaf shapes; falling snow is translated into circular blobs.

In designing tactigrams, Manouach aimed for simplicity and distinctiveness — the shapes had to be easy to memorize by touch.

Are these shapes from the same body or from two bodies?

For example, in kindergarten students must be able to understand shapes and operations around the number line.

“It’s much easier to make these sorts of shapes with computer drawings, rather than wood,” Sparke says.

Turner, instilled their landscapes with dynamic texture and warring shapes that responded to this new science.

One by one the objects’ acoustic shapes are revealed, and you notice you’re standing in a kitchen.

Manufacturing technologies also made it easier and cheaper to produce curved shapes in aluminum than before.

The ornaments are in many shapes, including teardrops, stars, guns, and flat mirrored circles.

That’s the stuff that shapes ordinary people’s opinions, on all sides of the political spectrum.

At the same time, we must recognize that our coworkers come in all shapes, stripes, and sizes.

In another example, Lauren Faigeles’s painting of a woman’s body via three linear “W” shapes suggests the Venus of Willendorf.

The scale shift between the identical shapes allows for an open reading of this strong historical reference.

Kawakubo then presented a series of women whose shapes were obscured by insulation foam.

The vessels’ round shapes and sinewy handles, too, emphasize the painter’s curving lines and fluid treatment of the body.

When he stimulated one section, they saw shapes, colors, textures; another, and they felt sensations in various parts of the body.

Poliakoff preferred to struggle with the negotiation of boundaries, as if each place of contact between shapes was of its own importance.

XYZT is all about the distortion of shapes and meanings, creating fictional digital spaces (of course, digital spaces are always fictional, right?

VICE: 8-Ball has taken a bunch of different shapes since you started it five years ago.

In Phoenix, she said “Hola!” and gave high-fives to 5-year-olds gluing construction-paper shapes to make pictures of dogs.

Inspired by Zen meditation, they are composed mostly of simple, geometric shapes whose lines and erasures are derived from breathing, movement, and stillness.

As Farnsworth found, ideological sympathies definitely shape constitutional jurisprudence — and personal experience shapes ideological sympathies.

“I saw shapes, color, values and something that interested me, so I pursued it.”

All shapes and sizes, I’m not biased.

The film’s forms and shapes, and the actors’ bodies, are kept in perpetual motion, conveying the priest’s inner torment.

And it was, like, complete trust on the sculpture and organizing shapes, one level in something she’s equally in the dark about.

Its just completely packaging and formal sculptures and organized shapes.

Because the majority of Attic vase shapes were used in the symposium… their imagery often illustrates these activities.

The 2016 race shapes not just the current election year, but also the future trajectory of American politics.

But cubic shapes in nature are very unusual, says mechanical engineer David Hu of Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

The shapes were rounder, the characters more cartoonish, and the art belied Deadpool’s seriousness and violence: For example, in Deadpool No.

The art by Anka showcases characters of all different shapes and sizes, and shows them all as equally capable.

Sweat and smoke mixed in the hot, strobe-lit air, so thick the crowd, people of all shapes and sizes and mannerisms, was just silhouettes.

The shapes reveal what she discusses in her sculptures: patterns beneath the surface.

They had a major influence on the fluid shapes of Art Nouveau.

Som uses clusters of close sounds to string words together: A ship’s bow’s shapes writes an A To mark the indefinite way.

But almost at once you begin to recognize colors, symbols and shapes.

New camera effects bring Animoji, filters, text effects, iMessage sticker packs, and shapes to the photos and videos you capture in Messages.

Visitors enter an installation of projectors and screens, in various geometrical shapes, creating something akin to the mirror cabinet of the funhouse.

On the 15th day of the New Year, red lanterns of all sizes and shapes light up the night.

“Our works are always inspired by nature, geometric shapes, textures and science.

This one also has the most Balearic video, as Cliff stands beachside, astride an actual Cliff and throws some oddly tense shapes.

The whole thing’s cut up into little diamond shapes, so each bite somewhat resembles a pizza nacho.

An image from Coney Island, “Heckyl and Jeckyl,” which appears in Selected Photographs, brings sly social commentary to a study in shapes and tonality.

It simply has learned a correlation between certain colors and shapes with the income information we’ve given it.”

Colors and shapes fit together just so, creating scenes that seem strange yet familiar.

It’s these circular shapes that turn into spiky peaks, hinting at a cause-and-effect happening across dimension lines.

The pairs putting shapes into a whole had 13 percent more speaking errors than the pairs cooing over cute kids.

Mosset’s painting is a composite of different found (or borrowed) sources: found shapes, found colors, found processes, found titles, etc.

The red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and gray shapes are painted freehand, with no assists from tape or stencils.

The story itself, written out in longhand, is tucked inside shapes silhouetted against a dense field of charcoal and ink.

My life is certainly full of people with different body shapes, which everyone’s are.

Two identical red magenta shapes, which resemble socks, are painted over the aquamarine blue ground.

The effect is jarring since the red magenta shapes seem to float in front of the ground.

The red magenta is raucous and electric — the shapes seem to want to jump out at you.

While the shapes can be associated with a martial sensibility, the application of the paint undermines that reading.

Using a cookie cutter, cut out shapes and place them onto a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.

Arumugam reported to McCarthy, before his ouster, and saw his role take various shapes during his less than two years at the company.

The memorial is presented as a gigantic cascade of white dots, forming patterns and shapes and lines.

And to a certain degree that shapes you, who you are, before you can even begin to know yourself.

Why do we expect the shapes to fit together?

Several paintings, for example, feature subtle tilts in the black shapes that conjure doorways or windows.

Within his universe of shapes, Voisine will often play with expectations.

“Mesa,” 2013, exemplifies this sense of the landscape: its arrangement of shapes represents a hard-edge rendering of a southwestern tableland.

The bands and stripes of color play a role in this, activating the visual field, while the interacting shapes create the illusion of movement.

“Maine” (1972) also has some of the same feeling, of abstract shapes based on something in reality, but you have no idea what.

Like the song, the video’s pace is frenetic, with pulsating, colorful light, and various 3D animations, from rotating geometric shapes to angelic sculptures.

Hsiao, though, offers endless variations on concrete as canvas; her arrangement of brightly stained, diverse shapes is more akin to a sonatina of sculpture.

The shapes that her variably layered, structure-inspired abstractions eventually assume are more rectilinear, by and large, than circular.

His upper body is formed from bone shapes, as if we’re seeing through to his skeleton.

Some shapes resemble polychrome clouds; others, sheets of marbled sugar glass, freshly cracked.

Blue Prints: The Pioneering Photographs of Anna Atkins is luminous with organic shapes against seas of Prussian blue.

This paradigm points to the application of shapes and color as symbolic of identity.

But to dismiss Trump scandals as unrelated to the problems in the lives of ordinary voters misinterprets how money shapes American life.

Eloquii offers beautiful pieces for work or cocktail hour and is even working to develop specific collections for different body shapes.

And the exhibited spread affirms the diversity of the cuisine, with sculptures created in an array of shapes, textures, and colors.

I mould or carve my shapes and then pour the concrete.

But the unsettling reality is that the drama shapes the policy.

“Instafamous is a fictional exploration of a very real phenomena that shapes so much of our understanding of the world,” Young adds.

Here, color acts as a framing device, allowing the shapes and textures of Murray’s work to stand out dramatically.

In addition to the change in size, “b/w/g #12” offers new textures to the colors and shapes that characterize much of the exhibition.

Wong has meticulously balanced this show with a complete spectrum of colors, textures, and shapes in a triumph of synthesis.

Part of what fascinated me about the work was how the predominately cream surface camouflaged the smaller shapes and layers underneath it.

The shapes and textures in his work are everywhere, as long as one is willing to look.

Shape, volume, and construction are highlighted, as all black reduces body shapes to solid, flat silhouettes.

Seeing his pure, stark, structured shapes in a sculpture museum makes sound sense.

I prefer simple plain geometric shapes, like cubes, triangles, and spheres.

The garments’ audacious shapes became more than wrappers, growing to be almost independent of the female bodies they cloaked.

There’s something happening in the US that shapes their lives, and they can’t do anything about it.”

The duo are also in the process of turning the 3D animated shapes into 3D-printed sculptures.

We are training the artificial intelligence, and we’re making it better at its job of recognizing shapes, patterns, and objects.

Children’s scribbles may appear random but they often repeat shapes, like the mandala or the Greek cross, that suggest the beginning of language.

For Scorpio, you’ll consider how your upbringing shapes your impulses.

They are particularly captivating phenomenon because they form ghostly, ethereal shapes, which people frequently anthropomorphize for kicks.

The angles are created by laying bricks in diamond shapes across the middle of the building.

What if the only available colors were red, blue, yellow, and black, and the only shapes were squares and rectangles?

Although only four colors are available, and the blocky shapes force Mondrian-esque forms, this gallery shows how creatively people have played within these limitations.

You could, in theory, argue that this denial is unfair, because autobiography shapes how we interpret art.

FL: Well, there are six basic shapes.

Apparently all living things are amalgamations of those six shapes.

So I figure, if that is true, those are true shapes.

Now we are going to talk about shapes for a little bit.

“The main concern is with the lack of understanding that people come in different shapes and sizes, as do their genitalia,” he says.

That is the root of many of the shapes I use in my work.

Now, collage is readymade materials, where you can project your identity onto shapes, colors, pictures, forms.

The two teams allegedly took on the roles of Jews vs. Nazis, and arranged their cups into the shapes of swastikas and Jewish stars.

After Busta’s declaration, a “wall” was broken through, and people of all shapes, sizes, and colors joined the group onstage.

She says, “I find negative shapes to be visually appealing, I value white space in a drawing.”

The installation itself is progressive in the sense that one walks through various rooms and the shapes of the excavations change into something.

But depictions of 9/11 have not slowed or even stopped; merely changed shapes.

Dark shapes like veils surround many, but these shrouds are the sole reminders of classic Christian iconography.

Roll into corndog shapes and stick them with skewers.

Just like in the single-player game, the multiplayer characters’ banter with each other shapes their relationship to the worlds through which they walk.

The work runs the gamut of shapes painted in hues of saturated color, gradients, scribbles, to drips.

The featured designers firmly situate their creations through typically feminine forms, shapes, and ornamentation.

Strippers come in all shapes and sizes here, but they all have one thing in common: They’re incredibly aggressive and very, very expensive.

But it’s not about the shapes in this methodology.

The language featured a handful of primitive operations, including reading/writing pixels, filling shapes, perspective projection, and a few others.

Mourning breads, commissioned by friends of Wintjes, are baked in various shapes to honor a specific individual’s passing.

This pattern is inspired by traditional Ethiopian patterns, framed in geometrical shapes that refer to functional aesthetics,” said Skinner.

Their curving shapes are comforting as the clock approaches 8am.

By using synthetic materials like polyurethane foam and acrylic to create naturally curvaceous shapes, Lam critiques contemporary society’s ideas of female beauty.

I see pit bulls of all shapes and sizes lurking around, while gabber parents pushing strollers excitedly greet their old rave buddies.

Savinio muddies his approach by interjecting solidly rendered but unnamable geometric and biomorphic shapes into conventional illusionism.

Certain allusive shapes reappear: a bearish hump; repeated curlicues; double curves terminating in horizontal or vertical lines.

So they used geometrical shapes to express their feelings.

Kent took a slab of dough and placed it on this machine, which flattens and shapes its crust in the metal plate’s rim.

The partisan divide shapes public opinion on solutions — clean air and clean energy — just like it does on climate change.

“One of the major issues that shapes our identity is our concept of life, death, and the traditions and beliefs that revolve around it.”

Baseball players come in all shapes and sizes.

Players of all shapes and sizes—from David Eckstein to Bartolo Colon—can carve out long, successful careers.

I become lost in the shapes, the curvilinear loops and puddles of color, contained within clean, purposeful lines.

You’ll have to solve puzzles and fight enemies by drawing different shapes with the analog stick (or Wii remote, in the Wii version).

He carried this profusion of shapes into his paintings, where a cell-like structure, complete with nucleus, can be found in many of the petals.

This dense bouquet of colored shapes is balanced on top of a neck and shoulders (or is it the top of a jug?)

Smaller readymade components that quickened the mass production of the models, like glass eyes and shapes, are exhibited nearby.

“They are so, so sensual: the shapes, colors, smells, and textures.

Oil lamps became highly decorated wares, featuring designs that play with the shapes of their handles, nozzles, and bowls.

Strange colossal shapes dot the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, x-shaped relics of a once top-secret Cold War spying project.

Their shapes, too, changed.

It is one of the factors that shaped Hillary Clinton, and it is one of the factors that shapes how we respond to her.

Roll out balls into loaf shapes, and place onto parchment-lined baking sheet.

Rather than etched on vinyl, tiny grooves were cut onto a medical X-ray, tracing shallow circles over the ghostly shapes of bones.

Rather than etched on vinyl, its tiny grooves were cut onto a medical X-ray, tracing shallow circles over the ghostly shapes of bones.

Ruilova obscures images of women’s bodies with black velvet floral shapes.

There are chocolate advent calendars in all shapes and sizes.

There are calendars with puffy, soft shapes that slowly form a nativity scene or depict the adventures of Olaf from Frozen.

Five large, head-like shapes extend from inside the dress’s wide hem, which stretches across the lower part of the painting.

At the same time, the geometric shapes — which brought to mind the paintings of Burgoyne Diller — add another layer of perceptual complexity.

My shapes are really hard, and I use a lot of black.

I bent the wire into snake shapes, then hot glued plastic tubing around each strand.

He is just one of what the community refers to as “oddbodies,” or Furbys that have been given handmade additional parts and strange shapes.

1980s and ’90s kids may remember messing around in Microsoft Paint and Powerpoint as a child, filling in shapes with these same gradients.

Fenchel paints vessels from his imagination, including vases, amphoras, jugs, and the like, taking liberties with their shapes and surfaces.

Even without this conceit, the color and surface are seductive, and the inscribed shapes suggest something primal and strange.

Despite its flaws, psychology is still the best scientific tool we have to understand how human behavior shapes the world.

These were made of white geometric shapes activated by a hidden motor playing over a black background.

Representation of different body shapes is a particularly weak point for brands that show at fashion week.

These form abstract shapes and structures, around which creatures dart like marine life from the darkest recesses of the sea floor.

Squares, triangles, rectangles—you’d think the list of shapes we have names for is pretty well settled by this point.

Nicknamed “Op Art,” the period played with geometric shapes and exercised a fearlessness with color.

The climate we live in shapes agriculture, it shapes cities and economies and trade, it shapes culture and learning, it shapes human conflict.

Even the geometric shapes on the canvas have philosophical implications.

Inka, you’ve utilized a process of automatic drawing, with forms emerging from shapes and lines, like the arabesque.

The 3D fractal worlds of Julius Horsthuis are typically epic affairs, with a maximalist aesthetic of mathematical shapes and colors.

And it shapes the choices we all make about food, which is part of the reason companies are so eager to invest in research.

Depero apparently envisioned people decorating their sofas and beds with carnivalesque, robotic characters, each composed of angular shapes and invigorated with palpable energy.

Beeman also plays with the visual nature of patterns and shapes to suggest natural elements even where they might not actually be any present.

Not surprisingly, this is complicated in the world of contemporary politics, where partisanship increasingly shapes attitudes and behavior.

He noticed that the beak shapes of birds differed drastically from island to island.

For more than 50 years, van Dalen has been exploring the relationship of humans to technology, and how that bond shapes our behavior.

Through photography and models, the suffocation of city living is played out in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The intermediate layers will look for basic shapes or components, such as leaves.

“We do design for a range of body shapes.

These 3D shapes are, in a sense, like digital musical instruments which can produce dynamic 3D soundscapes.

Mike Vos Kakis, a.k.a., UON, creates hypercolored 3D shapes and patterns that twist and warp in geometric, fractal and other mathematical ways.

Like the nano world, each layer has its own governing principles, defining the shapes, colors, and actions, materializing naturally from the preceding one.

The panes’ flat, rectangular shapes visually echo the pond’s many lily pads.

Juan changes Chiron’s life, and shapes him into the man he becomes.

For costumes, we kept the shapes of the period, but we used a lot of contemporary materials.

The study shapes alcohol policy to this day, as Garrett Peck explained for Reason.

What they all convey is a state of being wonderfully unembarrassed about their body shapes.

I’ll bring a bunch of raw shapes and leave them out on the table of wherever we are staying.

HM: You often use well-known shapes.

Santosh and Biren De‚ who were trying to represent the masculine and feminine energies of the universe in their shapes.

HM: Where do tantric shapes take your work?

The torqued structures and shapes he begins with are already undergoing pressure and transformation; nothing is static or secure.

So while the grids and centrally located shapes might strike us as familiar modes, his attempt to undo and interfere with them is fresh.

At Timothy Taylor, Eduardo Terrazas’s embroidered, geometric works are objectively flawless — meticulously sewn and contained within perfect shapes.

Designer Sophie Monet marries blocky, Matisse-like shapes with materials like exotic wood, precious stones, and metals (sustainable whenever possible).

Ancient ruins may also be identified by perfectly linear and circular shapes or by certain shades of vegetation.

Amidst vibrant swatches of color, a swarm of floating women form elegiac shapes under the water.

Robots come in all shapes and sizes, to do different things.

Usually this method involves using very small stones to make tea ceramics, but Kuwata uses oversized pebbles and rocks to distort the shapes.

That shapes how they govern and what issues they choose to focus their time on.

But what we know, at this point, about elected female officials is this: Their experience shapes how they govern.

These create very interesting shapes, colors, and types of light.

The three wander around lyrically, and the song is more about absence than anything else: “Into empty space / We’re hollow shapes.”

To create the classic ’90s shapes across your cheeks, use highly pigmented eyeliner pencils to draw squiggles, triangles, and any other geometric shapes.

Instead of wearing character-themed makeup, draw traditional Halloween shapes.

So one’s individual struggle to find meaning today takes on different shapes than it might have in the past.

The style relies heavily on bold, colorful, and asymmetrical shapes.

They are black and white, almost sepia, and in ornate silver frames that wrap around the images with swirling shapes.

The liquid shapes underscore the inevitability of change.

One work appeared to be an image of two Alexander Calder mobiles in which the artist has erased/obscured the suspended shapes.

“She would make the small designs of flowers and different shapes.

“It’s not even my body anymore, just shapes, textures and shadows.

In Bryan Chapman’s abstract photography, questions about the nature of seeing are playfully examined amidst a colorful swirl of shapes.

The canvases are massive and their idiosyncratic shapes, squiggles, and colors provide the viewer with an overwhelming sense of wonder.

With drawn-to-scale illustrations and species names, this print is both decorative and educational for bird lovers of all shapes and sizes.

Pape started out as a Concrete artist in the ’50s, making primarily wood reliefs and engravings of oscillating and dislodged geometric shapes.

What about the yellow surface and the blue shapes and the feeling they convey, that everything is damaged and worn but not used up?

Like geometric shapes and faces you don’t recognise and other, intangible stuff you couldn’t even explain to someone with words?

She draws basic shapes with complex dimensions, singing songs that must proceed from unrepresented emotional reserves.

It shapes the environment and yet is very difficult to disentangle from other factors.

A geodesic dome has an incredibly strong structure through its triangular shapes, all based on a geodesic polyhedron.

Many of these scraps take the form of abstract shapes.

On a formal level, I also loved how I can work my linear patterning into it, along with the shapes.

Four shapes of ravioli cinesi, with four different fillings, each one about half the size of what you’d find in America.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Art Nouveau’s organic shapes surfaced thanks to some underwater inspiration.

These districts sometimes take on exotic shapes to include certain areas and exclude others.

Donna from Apron String cooks eggs inside a ring of pepper or onion for fun little shapes.

Bamme’s other videos depict more abstract shapes, often playing with fractals, like the flower-filled Acetate.

It continues to be updated with new features, such as rivers, house shapes, shanty towns, outskirts, wall-less layouts, and coastal cities.

Social commentary and the creation of art to relay, relevant modern-day information shapes the art of Abby Elizabeth.

The shapes become a history of that.

Pet food bowls come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be made from a wide variety of different materials.

Amorphous shapes float, twirl, and bounce against a neon-blue background.

On a nearby page, his Washington Skeleton and Washington Skin chairs are displayed, their cantilevered shapes formed from carefully structured aluminum and reinforced nylon.

Kaiser’s shapes are reminiscent of paper airplanes and Futurist faceting.

With their focus on abstracted patterns and shapes, these photographs evidence the influence of contemporaneous art movements such as Cubism, New Vision, and Constructivism.

Cold War is about how country and ideology twine together, pushing and prodding Wiktor and Zula into shapes that ultimately determine their fate.

The formats included a notched circle, a vertical rectangle that doubled as a bas-relief with raised and sunken sections, and idiosyncratic geometric shapes.

“The Coral Forest” has freestanding sculptures that flow over their pedestals with their organic shapes.

We hope shapes in a sentence examples were helpful.