Shape in a sentence | Use of the word shape examples

Three political questions, in particular, will shape both the design and the viability of whatever Democrats come up with.

In the addition trials, one of the two blue displays contained one more shape than the initial sample—the correct answer.

Instead, she saw photo after photo of “girls who fit the criteria of being young, good-looking, and in shape, holding the tea.”

It was the moment the #MeToo backlash truly took shape.

The hand made by the Cornell lab only works when the machine moves and changes shape.

Gillespie is not an outsider candidate in any way, shape, or form — biographically, he’s the anti-Trump.

The good news … Floyd isn’t completely closing the door on MMA, and insists he’s keeping himself in shape just in case.

They vary in size, shape, and appearance.

shape the dough into a ball.

Or: “Haters are saying that [insert name of non-size zero entertainer here] looks out of shape, but she couldn’t care less!

Last night, the rapper delivered another fire creation in the shape of a freestyle over Kanye West’s “Heard Em Say” instrumental.

So, the number “0” encoded as 60 pixels of information would trigger 60 piezoelectric-gel junctions matching the shape of the numerical digit.

(For example, Warhol famously had his nose shaved in 1957 because he was so unhappy with its shape.)

Just two episodes in, the showrunner-network-fan ecosystem has already made clear how it will ultimately shape Discovery’s future, for better or worse.

As Steve rises from the bath to get dressed, Diana examines his body, remarking on his unfamiliar shape.

I really think it’s just the beginning of this whole thing taking shape, both for the big platforms and for companies like ours.

The neutrino is the tear-drop shape in gray.

Pi is also extremely useful for describing the motion and shape of waves.

But then there are series where actresses play characters who would in no way, shape, or form be thinking about having a kid.

I would say that the technology and the way it will shape modern engineering is a given now.

Its closest competitor, Dunkirk, received a respectable eight nods, but nowhere near The shape of Water.

Regardless, our action or inaction both stand to shape the future of our planet.

It’s these disciplinary decisions that the TPS says shape the punishments that a hearing officer can dole out.

The Russian economy, likewise, is in dismal shape.

“We can change their size, shape, charge, or material and load them with molecules or drugs that they can release in a controlled fashion.”

He says Harvey and his foundation were in bad financial shape because of a series of P.R.

“The levels are in pretty good shape to handle the rain, but it all depends on how much rain we get,” Ashby said.

These biases can shape how we act, which the Starbucks incident demonstrated.

Ultimately, Van Aken thinks that the research will help shape the way humans interact with plants.

So if the Blues turn on Obamacare in the way Aetna and United have, that could leave the law in really, really rough shape.

I mean, it was a computer, in the shape of a boat.

In another, a flat, white shape drops from the sky, draping the skeleton of an incomplete building in sensuous folds.

“We used a little bit different shape to find the best one for this ship,” Nilsen explains.

So whatever phenomenon is driving this has been around in some shape or form for a long time.

I think my music will change shape and sounds, but some pop component may remain.

Content is created the moment of the poem’s completion; it is given shape for the first time with the form of the poem.

The Boot Camp is designed for 30 individuals who will emerge better prepared to shape strategies and best practices across the city.

We should imagine better aliens than those greyish-green creatures the shape of lifesize Bratz dolls.

As more Americans realize this new future, it is changing how cultural and political divides take shape.

As I said earlier, the instinct on the right is to claim them and shape them.

What I’ve found is more than just a community twisted into a grotesque parody of its original shape.

Incels believe a man’s sexual success is almost entirely determined by unalterable biological traits: things like his jawline, cheekbones, or eye socket shape.

Matsumoto can seemingly shape them all, doing so by hand “using only balloons,” according to his Instagram.

He’s in good shape.

shape the potatoes into a 5-inch log, about 1-inch thick.

Of course, partisan feelings have long been known to shape the way Democrats and Republicans think about the health of the economy.

Of course, partisan feelings have long been known to shape the way Democrats and Republicans think about the health of the economy.

And so the fight took its shape.

With a few points and clicks on each girl’s tiny shape, he could control the child’s movements.

Over the centuries, more forms of Protestantism have taken shape.

Greatly not in the shape of say, Massachusetts.

~ A state is a shape, and if anything is abundantly clear at this moment, it is that our shapes aren’t holding.

What other shape will you make?

These themes would ripple beyond his own 12 albums, and alter the shape of the genre as it moved into the internet age.

“This time everything north of them is going to be in bad shape as well.”

He tried to get into shape by playing pickup games.

He entered his own team into the league and arrived in his best shape yet.

This is the problem with an alternative reality silo that really does completely shape scenarios.

I mean, when is the last time you saw a president with that kind of an ability to shape and deflect criticism?

This earth helped shape our people, and in everything that we do, throughout all the ceremonies, we acknowledge the ground.

If we didn’t have people in place strong enough to resist these sorts of influences, we’d be in much worse shape today.

It’s an ellipse, a saucer shape that’s longer than it is wide.

Overall, Drummond says the Warriors are in GREAT shape — and he praised Durant for the way he announced he was leaving OKC.

One big reason for the shifting party unity dynamics is that the underlying shape of public opinion has changed.

Once you’ve got a shape, the next stage is recognizing what that shape is and working out if you’ve seen it before.

That’s the shape of her nose.”

The triangle shape is especially kind to small-chested girls, though the sizing accommodates up to a DD.

Now, the iPhone and iPad are helping shape the next generation of my family.

“The electrical grid and other infrastructure were already in very, very poor shape,” he said.

“You either chase a race or shape a race,” Weingarten said.

By doing so, he has helped to shape youth culture in his image.

The rivalry between the two schools didn’t truly take shape until the 1940s.

Two elongated color patch strips intersect at one end to form an open straight-razor- or scissors-like shape set against a mottled blue ground.

Watch out, NFL … looks like Beast Mode is back in football shape.

Wolf seems to be in good shape.

The House of Impossible Beauties gives today’s youth literary access to a history that has shaped and will shape many Latinx individuals.

X like the shape his hands made when he used them to cover my mouth.

And the experience of the hurricane itself could shape the politics of people experiencing it.

Whether Trump and Xi strike a trade truce this weekend could shape expectations on Fed policy in the coming months, analysts said.

Each canvas, which has its own three-color palette, is distinct in color and shape from the other two.

The curvilinear forms can also be seen as the slice of a circular shape.

For now, the economic data suggests Asia’s electronics producers remain in good shape.

“I’m in better shape than most people,” Lundgren said.

“Often we’re taught to think that resistance takes shape in the form of protests or acts of civil disobedience,” writes Becerra.

The shape for the 3D print is based off the brain of a 22-week-old fetus.

He’s in pretty good shape.

Sworkit is the best app to help you get in shape.

The story captures how sky-high medical bills shape patients’ lives.

This whole tumbling parade, cut and glued onto soft yellow paper pulp, leads into a central shape — part Chinese finger trap, part wormhole.

Pay attention to this “U” shape: We borrowed the scale from the Conservative Review, which scores each member’s voting record.

The shape of them, the story wasn’t an interesting movie.

Large carnivores literally shape ecosystems, Zanette said.

I like this drink because it emulates the shape and color of a beer.

And can that live alongside something like The shape of Water, which is basically a fantasy romance between a woman and a fish-man?

There is nothing formulaic about her use of color, line or shape.

There is nothing formulaic about her use of color, line or shape.

In “Bigger,” the forms pushing from the left and right are white, while the shape between them is deep purple topped by dark green.

The rest of the colors are quieter, forming rounded, sexual shapes pressing in from both sides against the magenta shape running down the middle.

A dusty cerulean blue bar bisects the magenta shape.

Gently shape the pieces of dough into a rectangle and wrap with plastic.

shape the dough: Roll the completed dough to 24″ long x 9″ wide.

This helps create the signature slight crescent shape of the pastry.

In Civ 6, players can craft their own religion and shape it as the game progresses.

Players put down special religious buildings, then attract a series of prophets to their civilization to found and shape their religion.

The special ridge shape allows for better airflow and peak performance.

Finally, Hernández joined as well, and Aeromoto began taking shape.

The Democratic Party establishment is, in many respects, in worse shape than it realizes.

Katha Pollitt and Richard Friedman sit down to discuss the power of words to shape our world.

LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade wanted to make it clear — they’re in ship shape.

If your argument against the deal is to go fishing, then things are in pretty good shape.

Having knocked the ball down in front of him, he proceeded to muscle his way past Ramiro Funes Mori and shape up to shoot.

The aforementioned bronze bell actually emerges during this time of design reform, with its shape more boxy that that in Nie’s illustration.

But the outcome is in no way, shape, or form because Crowley was insufficiently “nice” and “respectful” to President Trump.

It is these kinds of contradictions, more than anything, that shape the most unnerving forms of disjunctive politics.

He then described some of the reasons why American cities have trouble keep their infrastructure in good shape.

He’s trying to pull out the sound that the band naturally makes and shape it to the best of their ability.

Other assumptions, such as those about the shape and aerodynamics of a drone, are potentially more problematic.

I knew Phil was not in great shape, but Lemmy was in perfect shape.

Some days I was puking and crying, but that’s what it took for me to get back into shape.

A proactive agenda is starting to take shape.

They may have leverage to help shape what the EU spends money on and who sits on the Commission.

And one way to help shape that future is gaining strength in the European Parliament.

Bradley West ended his post looking back on how the first day and first week would shape his years to come.

The balls will start to lose their shape as they come to room temperature, so dredge in batches and refrigerate until ready to use.

Throughout the campaign, the press has elevated the importance of close state-by-state contests that ultimately have no bearing on the shape of the race.

He decided to take that shape as his generative starting point.

“#9” (from the series Nine Drawings, 1988), is focused on an orange ginger root shape comprised of evenly pressed strokes.

The planters were then rearranged into the shape of the Olympic rings, with trees bursting out, shooting green confetti into the air.

The shape contains multiple areas of lightly applied green, blue, red, purple, and orange.

He continued to explore this territory most notably in the etching “shape on a Base” (1990).

If she did nothing, we’d be in much better shape.

It’s the corporate lobbyists who write the laws, who shape the policy, who set the agenda.

You can build up and break down, shape the world of Worlds however you like, once you collect the tools to do so.

Related: The Fight Between Apple and the FBI Could shape the Future of Digital Privacy

At that point, you can do more than just shape the environments the game generates for you—you can build your own from scratch.

Along with age, home life can shape kids’ grasp of its meaning and their level of concern.

“When I hear music I see color and shape,” she said in an email interview with Hyperallergic.

If Moore somehow gets the nomination again, Democrats might be in better shape, but the dynamics will still be tough.

“We shape our tools.

Then, our tools shape us.”

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads How does our understanding of human history shape how we approach the world?

Miraculously, it stands up like a statue in the shape of a beehive.

Biding is at $11.99 Take that, shower curtain with a mold stain in the shape of Jesus!

He turns his broom around and holds it like a lightsaber, his shadow elongated on the ground in the shape of a budding Jedi.

They should be celebrating the fact that change seems to be emerging in the shape of someone so compelling.

The myriad, echoing lines endow the overall shape with a state of flux, enclosing and defining forms that swell, band, and stretch out.

They have been shaped by the world as much as they go on to shape it in turn.

In Guillermo del Toro’s The shape of Water, the pulpy premise was spun out into an Oscar-winning fairy tale.

Today, legislators’ party identities, as opposed to their sex, shape their policy agendas and positions.

He says that historically, art was used to shape a collective narrative and control the populace, whether through icons, architecture, books, or drawings.

Every region does it differently, and in Shanghai the zongzi is wrapped in a pyramid-like shape.

The Task Force, a government-backed panel that reviews medical evidence, helps shape what services are offered by primary care providers and covered by insurance.

Lo and behold, I ascended to the hallowed status of being in “good shape.”

It’s always in tip-top shape.

In Melehi’s painting practice, the flame shape began to emerge in the 1970s.

This country is in such bad shape.

Because this country is in such bad shape.

What you brought into the movie theater helped shape what movie you saw.

Dicks in every shape, size, color and girth.

The people leaving too, are leaving in worse shape.

The animal kingdom boasts wild diversity in size, shape, and features of animals, but some are defined by their weight.

Kevin will help shape our strategy and broader framework for Facebook’s infrastructure connectivity investments with partners.

It is the crucible within which religious identity is formed, rituals are learned and practiced, and beliefs take shape.

Immediately, Justin bounded into the booby-trapped building and found Kenton in bad shape.

The pics say it all … these bros REALLY enjoy staying in shape.

To be clear: Puerto Rico was already in horrible shape before the storm hit.

But the show also highlighted the undeniable ways African-Americans shape popular culture, something Clinton was well aware of in his pursuit of the presidency.

When he reached Magna Carta, Holy Grail as “JAY Z” took shape, other things fell out of order.

There were no boats in the water and this was an obvious aircraft with an obvious shape, above the water.

I let the fact that Romney won shape my evaluation of what had happened beforehand.

It was an assumption that went unquestioned for too long, and it helped shape how I and many others covered the race.

As long as there’s no fire or bugs, you’re in pretty good shape.

Instead of uranium atoms, imagine you have a bag filled with 1,000 marbles, each identical in material, size, shape, color, and texture.

In Simpson’s domain, there is no ideal form but there are many kinds of containers, forms that both adorn and shape.

Today, the FEC is in dire shape.

It gets its name from the building’s flatiron shape, and it was originally a hotel.

The superstar has donated an extravagant ring in the shape of a butterfly to the London museum, where it went on view today.

To my surprise, John Brooklyn, an addiction specialist in Vermont who helped shape and implement the hub and spoke model, pushed back on this.

The central crown-like shape is the largest one in the painting with vertical prongs.

In another watercolor, orange and red brushstrokes are short and clustered together to form an irregular shape.

Lint Camp is an NPS volunteer program to make sure the caves are in the best shape possible.

They, not his ultimate goals and desires, are what most determine the ultimate shape and consequences of a regime.

“Union Pacific in no way, shape or form condones or supports divisive or perceived to be divisive statements,” a company tweet reads.

You can identify it by its signature heart shape, white flowers, and slightly purple underbelly.

Indeed, they will shape the new narrative of immersive and participative storytelling as much as any technology or creative breakthrough.

The exact shape of this curve varies from place to place and season to season, obviously.

I think everyone should have their triangle, octagon, or whatever shape it is.”

Bannon helped Trump shape a populist, anti-establishment message and has been the president’s link to his conservative base of support.

Political appointees are necessary to shape policy, as they serve as a conduit between the administration and foreign governments.

Immediately, Justin bounded into the booby-trapped building and found Kenton in bad shape.

But I think the f-word works just fine, because the genius of fascism is that it is always morphing its shape.

Use context clues to shape your gift purchasing—does the Keurig machine-obsessed deskmate need a cute new mug?

“You’re in such good shape,” he said to her.

He then turned to her husband and repeated his appraisal of her: “She’s in such good physical shape.

Beautiful.” Here’s a video of the encounter: WATCH: POTUS to Mrs. Macron: “You’re in such good shape.

She’s in such good physical shape.

A complex series of ideological and psychological factor shape the way humans think about themselves and their policy decisions.

But today the economy is in better shape.

Klopp now has his first real chance to shape the squad in his own image.

The structure conforms to the shape of the remnant, the old determining the form and contour of the new.

No party emerged with a decisive majority of Parliament seats, leaving the shape of the next government unclear.

They shape us, make us more fearless, give us confidence, validate our dreams.

The shape then rotates until its corners hit these points, and as it does, it reveals a new color.

All produced what Yang calls “cylindrical feces,” as opposed to pellets or goo, eliminating shape and consistency as a variable.

Like the creators of so many other designs that shape our worlds on a daily basis, Harrison was part of an interdisciplinary team.

Yet they exist so clearly and quantifiably, with mass, texture, and shape.

Further, when picking out a high-quality knife it’s important to consider the following criteria: comfort, balance, blade shape, and blade material.

The laws that we create must focus on this core element to shape better behavior and outcomes, both by the human and machine.

“[The] iPhone shape is actually more aerodynamic than the GoPro,” Vuignier said.

As the bout progressed Ali’s jaw visibly swelled into a grotesque new shape and Ali lost by a split decision.

The shape of Water, set in Cold War-era Baltimore, is a watery, bittersweet romance that’s rich, moving, and loaded with meaning.

What The shape of Water has to teach, however subtly, is much needed in a prejudiced world.

The shape of Water is playing in theaters nationwide.

The 19th-century Indian taūs (mayuri) is a bowed string instrument in the shape of a peacock.

A popular 19th-century court instrument, its peacock shape evokes Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of music.

Molina added that he can often identify a garbage bag of potential trash treasure by its shape or the sound it makes.

“We continue to work together to shape the future of mobility.” For Maven, it’s simply a means to broaden their car rental platform.

The shape of Water undeservedly racks up 13 nominations.

Electoral rules matter — they shape the way politicians campaign, which in turn shapes how we collectively process and understand political conflict.

And don’t forget that unpredictable outside events can shape an election.

A web of blues lines that shifts from fish scale to grid also demarcates the black shape.

The shape the groomer manages to give dogs is truly incredible.

Our steel industry is in bad shape.

Since the stars produce the light we see, the “galaxy” now appears to have a highly chaotic shape.

Eventually, this new galaxy will settle down into a stable shape, which may not resemble either of the two original galaxies.

You can help shape the next iteration of the workbook with your feedback about your professional development needs.

How does the work you’ve done shape how you approach this project?

“It’s not about whether you like this color or that shape,” he said.

Several important technical details that will shape the spending caps haven’t been agreed on, Cornyn said on Thursday.

It’s not clear what, if anything, will change that, or if Musk will shape up first.

We have to make a special composite material which is durable and lightweight, non-conductive and never changes shape,” he added.

Instinctively, we know the shape of the father, the outlines of learning to ride a bike.

‘s remastered version of shape Shift With Me cut “Provision L-3” is even more rousing in its new clarity.

That doesn’t mean shape of Water star Doug Jones is taking an interest in beltway politics or whatever.

In effect, there is a dire necessity for this community to acquire a name, shape, form and a mandate of sorts.

In the dark of her pupils, I watch myself change shape.

Whatever their shape, these are structures meant to provoke.

A staunch supporter of Trump, Ross helped shape the Trump campaign’s views on trade policy.

Circumstances, her Lannister loyalty, and her own, often terrible decisions shape Cersei and affect her clothes, hair, and bearing.

Other times, it’s the shape of the pie.

Anything aggressive that Trump does on trade now is likely to shape how negotiators anticipate what his posture will be like in the future.

And as a producer on the series, she was deeply involved in helping shape and build the world of the show.

It was red and slightly swollen in the shape of the container, but the itching went away after about 10 days.

An ancient Chinese game called Cuju dates back to the fourth century BC and was originally used to keep military troops in shape.

Aside from its shape, the cross has no other religious themes or imagery.

They found that when modifying the shape of the fiber and heating it selectively on one side can force it to bend.

Back in 2008, a group of researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) noticed a funny-looking shape in their modeling.

They noticed that large-scale deployment had a peculiar effect on the electricity “load curve,” the shape that electricity demand takes throughout the day.

[CAISO came up with “duck curve.”] But we did generate that shape, in February 2008.

A shape That Stands Up continues at Art + Practice (4339 S. Leimert Blvd, Los Angeles) through June 18.

Natasha rolls out the scrap tart dough they brought with them into an amorphous shape.

Though the specifics of what kind of sonics the pieces represent is obscure, somehow each shape communicates a sound.

For that reason, national headwinds are important, because they shape the media narratives that voters pay attention to.

Large numbers of people think the way that they do, and shape their political identity around a sense of white grievance and identity.

It is not just the white nationalists who win when racialized fears surrounding crime, immigration, and terrorism shape the political behavior of white voters.

What if successfully navigating your way across a ballroom to meet your beloved could help shape the future of a fledgling nation?

Dorsey is in far better shape, comparatively, but the production of NFL banners has slowed to a crawl.

This election will shape the future of Mexico, and there’s been no shortage of violence surrounding it.

A staunch supporter of Trump, Ross helped shape the Trump campaign’s views on trade policy.

In exchange, Republicans would receive more freedom for states to shape their own health care systems.

Martinho and co-author Alex Kacelnik wondered if ducklings might accomplish this by taking abstract properties into account—not just simple characteristics like colour or shape.

That said, the rising stock market doesn’t necessarily mean the U.S. economy is in great shape.

Similar conflicts are already taking shape under Trump.

When you bring your own booze and cutlery, your evening tends to take whatever shape you want it to.

The shape of California loops around the state of Nevada, effectively placing Los Angeles on the east side of Reno.

Rockett’s hair is fuller, and has a similar overall shape to Cam’s shoes—can you believe you read this far?

All these influences came together to shape her style.

We’re every immigrant and entrepreneur from Boston to Austin to Silicon Valley racing to shape a better world.

Marathons have helped me stay in shape, given my life structure, and made me feel good at something He’s wrong.

The intertwining of campaign and business takes shape in other ways.

The intertwining of campaign and business takes shape in other ways.

American Street takes the shape of a coming-of-age story following Fabiola Toussaint, who leaves Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with her mother to immigrate to the US.

The source said the move was being made to boost the Chinese government’s ability to shape public opinion on the world stage.

These may not be the only factors that matter, but institutions decisively shape how attitudes and ideas are converted into outcomes.

Their goal is to shape public discourse and pull other parties toward their own positions, and many are quite successful in achieving that objective.

DACA has taken shape as the top priority.

The sky blue backdrop of the painting lightens slightly near the upper right, where a darker blue flower shape seems suspended in mid-air.

Isgur’s personal Twitter account provides some clues about how she might shape CNN’s coverage.

“You can’t just project anything, you have to build your design around the shape of the individual’s body.

Going into it, comparing Transgender Dysphoria Blues and shape Shift With Me, sonically, I love shape Shift With Me more than Blues.

Another talked about putting on a Spanx body suit at a clothing swap, hoping that it would cinch her body into an hourglass shape.

I love the songwriting more on Blues than shape Shift With Me.

But I love the way the songs came for me on shape Shift With Me.

“We are in better shape [with supplies] but it’s still fragile now,” said Seth Berkley, head of Gavi.

The larger left ear is a darker red with black mixed in — the shape reminds me of a chicken leg.

The rapper says his 74 and 77-year-old parents are in really bad shape.

The case pitted Nestle against rival confectionery maker Cadbury, owned by Mondelez , which argued that the four-finger shape “lacked distinctive character.”

The camp itself has changed shape significantly this year.

It uses basic elements of composition, color, and shape to bring the viewer something that feels irrefutable and substantive.

The figure is crowned with a spindly sun shape casting its own complicated shadow behind itself that’s as interesting as the sculpture.

Now Donald Trump has taken the opportunity to offer up the results of a recent physical to prove that he’s in tip-top shape.

I realized that the shape of our logo provided a perfect contour to enhance the natural shape of a woman’s body.

This year, Guillermo del Toro’s “sex fish movie” The shape of Water swam to the head of the school, garnering seven nominations.

The opportunity, the NGOs contend, is to give power as well as money to poor countries to shape their own low-carbon future.

For the first time since February, the Trump administration’s signature immigration policy is going to shape people’s lives.

Salah Ananse and his efforts help shape the scene as well.

Large, thick, and almost square in shape, they have a physical heft that mirrored their cultural significance.

We wanted to make sure that every shape had a beautiful radial symmetry to it.

“You need to really connect with these women and hear what is going on in their lives and communities to better shape policies.”

It doesn’t think that is a person because it hasn’t been trained to identify that shape or size or skin color as a person.

“Issues of privacy will shape the future of AR and VR.”

“We can shape the course of this century, as our predecessors shaped the post-World War II age.”

Susan Meiselas documented carnival strippers during the early ’70s, at the same time the feminist movement was taking shape in the US.

Another benefit of PUMP is the shape and construction of the place.

Racism can also shape their choice of which fields to study — thereby, in a feedback loop, reinforcing stereotypes.

Some of these appear as fragments of spaces while others he made by playing with cubes, twisting and drawing out the shape.

They are, aside from their shape and color, the exact same pill.

[Alex Hern / The Guardian] Billionaires can’t escape public scrutiny, so now they’re trying to shape it.

The world’s in such bad shape.

His official debut, released quietly after a kerfuffle with his management, distills his curious sensibility into a legible, congenial shape.

Lovesac’s options come in family and apartment sizes, and even in pillow shape.

What about height and body shape?I’d say in terms of height, I’m not really that fussed.

On Tuesday evening, the new shape of our moment hove rudely into view on Fox News Channel.

Child care programs for low-income parents are in rough shape nationwide, but there’s interest from organizations and local governments trying to improve it.

I asked Jha how this research would shape his own views of the American health care system.

One important — and perhaps overlooked — way childhood poverty can shape our bodies is in our height.

On the quilt are crystals, jade eggs, and flowers, arranged in the shape of a cross.

We wage so many battles to direct and shape our desire for our love objects.

U.S. adversaries will “use online influence operations to try to weaken democratic institutions, undermine alliances and partnerships, and shape policy outcomes,” Coats said.

It coheres into a twisted, friendly, aurally amusing shape.

There are round stickers and diamond-shaped stickers and, in Memphis, stickers the shape of Tennessee.

This series is named Dracula because the silhouetted shape was said to look like a flying Dracula, as well as a flower.

He’s in such bad shape that he hasn’t made a public speech in seven years.

People in bad shape, feeding on them won’t be so rewarding.

There was the suggestion, made by Philippe, that the more you kill, the worse shape London can find itself in.

However Palitz decides to shape New York’s nightlife, she’ll have a good amount of firepower to get it done.

“The Monstera was one of the first plants we brought into our home—the shape is just so good.”

Throughout this series, Albers stuck to one pictorial formula, the square, in which each shape (color) within was also a square.

Those histories shape how law enforcement, from street patrols to FBI directors, perceive threats in America.

Foodal says that this spiralizer is easy to clean and use, but found it annoying to store because of its shape.

I do it now just to stay in shape.

Each reference is a thank you of sorts, celebrating by name the culture that shaped and continues to shape him.

This dust has perfectly accumulated in the shape of the fan that was attached to this radiator.

In this, we can see how documentarians make conscious choices to shape the narratives they build.

The purpose of gluten in these foods is to help them keep their shape and hold the goods together, according to The Spruce.

The author will still shape the project, however, serving as series co-creator with showrunner Goldman.

At least the Rams know Aaron Donald’s staying in shape during his contract holdout …

He’s working hard in the gym and were traveling round, sometimes due to work, so he gets in good shape.

Scutoids are the perfect shape for fitting the cells together tightly and efficiently, and can act as a shield against infection.

According to Escudero, the scutoid shape allows an embryo to advance from a simple structure with minimal cells to a complex organism.

It’s going to be up to her; I just feel a big responsibility to shape that.

How did spending time outdoors while growing up in New Hampshire shape you today?

Indeed, one of the strategic goals of social activism is to shape the public’s perception of how widespread a view is.

Liberalism, by contrast, is about the norms and practices that shape political life.

The story began to take on a more specific shape when Santimov brought the concepts into Photoshop and After Effects.

Parties have played that role of trying to shape public policy.

OAKLAND, Calif. — For a state where the car is king, California’s roads are in pretty terrible shape.

As for his claim to being in great shape … just check out his human being squats in the park.

“This is one of the true treasures of our country, and keeping it in good shape is a great idea,” said Paul Atkinson.

They can be either highly affordable or very expensive, and come in virtually every shape, size, and hardware configuration.

Everyone was in tip-top playing shape for that entire album really, and it was phenomenal.

The painting “U shape Sung” (2016), for example, features the top half of the word “ANGELS” sunk into its lopsided composition.

Guessing their medical tests are a little different … but Chuck told us the UFC’s cleared fighters in way worse shape than him, anyway.

It’s got drones instead of nukes, and the gimmick is that viewer interacts with the story to shape it.

Instead, you have a pile of yarn that used to hold the shape of a person but never actually was a person.

He had orange hair, a purple birthmark on his face in the shape of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, and an open mouth.

The shape of the shell amplifies normally inaudible frequencies, creating an oceanic effect.

This isn’t a crazy anomaly in any way, shape, or form.

The latest of these come in the shape of a new EP, Ventoux.

Interactive elements are layered over Google Maps to preserve the shape and size of the documented communities.

The result was the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, the basics of which continue to structure our immigration system and shape our debates.

But you need to step back for the shape to appear progressively.

“I’m very picky about where I place things, which areas are full, and which shape object fills it up,” she said.

However, some taxidermy artists take an animal’s natural form and shape their bodies into strange, almost unrecognizable structures.

Traditionally, Chinese design champions the sphere: a shape which represents universal balance and an ultimate oneness with the world.

“The animal’s body is inflated and then the leather is sewn together, into a ball shape.

But though problems certainly remain, overall the economy appears to be in decent shape.

Perhaps most importantly for Trump, the public currently believes it’s in decent shape.

This Model S is beginning to take shape.

It is a fantasy vision incapable of answering deep-seated anxieties about dislocation and loss that inevitably shape democratic politics.

This means it is supposed to move between people and to help people collectively consider how to shape life together.

You don’t see him in any of these meetings out here helping to shape the agenda.

TM: Your recent exhibition at Sargent’s Daughters included “Bird Car” (1987), a pigeon coop in the shape of a car.

As president, she would have an expanded ability to shape a policy agenda.

Suddenly, a thing is there, and it fits the shape of a void you hadn’t previously noticed.

The figure disappears, and it looks like the shape of a tooth, or reminds me of the moon reflecting on water.

For 57 years, Barbie dolls have had one shape: bullet-breasted, tiny-waisted, and anatomically impossible.

First, Jaime had become one of the show’s best characters, his redemptive arc taking shape when he prevented the sexual assault of Brienne.

Barbie’s body shape has been criticized as unrealistic and harmful to young girls since 1963.

Once you’ve adapted to the album’s austere, almost empty shape, behold a trickier, more imaginative listen than is initially evident.

Viewed from a distance, their nebulous quality suddenly takes shape, and they become an uncanny assembly of anthropomorphic creatures.

Afghanistan is in such bad shape that US troops may be bogged down there for decades to come.

It provides roomy shelves for neatly stacking sweaters or pants and is made of high-quality canvas fabric that retains its shape.

The shelves have enough backing to hold their shape when items are put on the shelf.

Sometimes, we do it through narrative, through stories that help us shape and define how we think about our most core beliefs.

But the outcomes of those studies shouldn’t shape your health decisions.

Here’s how they managed it, and how things look set to shape up in the next round.

And his thoughts on “Get Out” losing to “The shape of Water” at last year’s Oscars?

“I ended up exactly where I needed to be with amazing friends and faculty who have continued to shape my life to this day.”

Decimated by firepower and bullet holes, these artifacts seem to lose their shape, volume, and surface.

And while there is room for debate about the shape of the remedy, the status quo is clearly not working.

This “comma” shape reappears in paintings like “Bean” (1982).

“A story only works when it gives shape to something true, something felt,” Finck writes.

You gotta go to the combine and all that, so I’m in shape working out.”

Steve Scalise, one of the truly great people, is in very tough shape – but he is a real fighter.

Inspired by the colors and sounds of the ocean and computer graphics of the late 1980s and ’90s, seapunk took shape.

Even so, public opinion, not legal statutes, may shape how airlines respond to the alleged incident.

Protruding from the wall, the smaller works are intrinsically linked in their shape to the physical gestures that created them.

So I wanted to do a large-scale study looking at men’s physical shape in relation to their egalitarianism.”

Her structures are like “frozen gestures,” infinitely linked to the shape and form they inhabit, while entirely amorphous and unspecific, not-yet-realized.

With Cerrone’s back foot to the fence and nowhere to retreat, the fight began to take its shape.

Also in bad shape were the Indus Basin that straddles India and Pakistan and the Murzuq-Djado Basin in Africa.

We polled this before things went nuts, and on September 10 he was in better shape.

Time somehow gained shape and the future she never thought much about transformed into a place of possibility.

I’ll be 77, in better shape,” Biden said to Colbert as the audience laughed.

As it rose into lower air pressures, it would expand into a squat pumpkin shape.

What Sanders understands, and what Trump understands, is that you don’t shape attention by crafting compromise policies; you shape attention by creating controversy.

Impending began with the big black shape at the top of the painting.

shape of You” is playing on every radio.

Which is a shame, to be honest, because “shape of You” really does have an impressively catchy hook.

They aren’t built to positively shape our society, or ensure we learn more about the world around us.

Although it can be easy to overlook, it’s actually incredibly important because its data informs the government decisions that shape millions of lives.

In the 1930s, people began to associate the oval shape of jelly beans with miniature eggs, thus eternally associating them with Easter.

The top tier consists of a pair of identical silhouettes in the shape of an urn against a pink field.

A second Gloria, lacking a base and tipped on its side, rests on a rotated kettle-like shape on the left.

I would absolutely love having the opportunity to shape the future of my country by voting or campaigning in an election.

The images, specifically the movement, sound, shape, burn into our mind.

Men and women have different anxieties about the virus, which shape their approaches to testing and adherence to ART.

I do think the people at the top really shape the culture of the company.

HM: You’re good at reducing the figure to a basic shape.

Many pieces depict ziggurats, in keeping with common interpretations of the fabled tower’s assumed shape, though skyscrapers and ruins are just as common.

Forget round tables … Charlie Hunnam says he drew inspiration for his role in ‘King Arthur’ from a different shape — an Octagon cage.

He seems to want to effect change through his attention to the smallest components of a shape or grid.

They also say it keeps their minds fit and their bodies in shape being out at late hours.

Adams then painted that shape to resemble locally mined marble which is ubiquitously used as stone steps in older row houses in Baltimore.

Its shape hosts a central vignette from 2017: documentation of the historic removal of the same monument.

As a source told the Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel, “the program’s in great shape.”

She told me people would read the piece and decide not to get in shape.

Though Sketch’s pods are vertical rather than horizontal, their shape resembles that of a float chamber.

Congress is typically allowed to shape the other branches of government; it just can’t directly interfere.

different iterations that all play with proportion, shape, and metal mixing.

It’s the next logical step in the process, said shape co-founder and VP for product management Sumit Agarwal.

“As soon as someone deploys shape the attacks on their traditional website stop almost immediately.

Alongside the mobile service, shape said it has raised $25 million in new funding from Northern Light Venture Capital, a firm based in Beijing.

[Lead singer] Klaus Meine is 70—he still kicks ass; he’s in great shape.

Stories give shape to experience, sometimes by accommodating traditional literary forms, sometimes by turning them upside down, sometimes by reorganizing them.

I nibbled on a piece that had been cut into a half-moon shape.

Part of getting in shape is keeping track of the progress you’re making toward your goal.

They identified the pills only by color, size and shape.

Tolkien’s riff on the shape for Hobbiton’s spherical-roofed homes.

Obviously Facebook is considered one of the more successful companies, in very good shape.

“It’s the perfect shape.”

Tracking an open road afront a setting sun and an amorphous shape of a man running into the beyond.

Heading into the night, del Toro’s The shape of Water leads the nominations with 13, followed by Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk with eight.

David Osborne, an early fellow at PPI, was especially influential in helping achieve and shape this mission.

Hands down my favorite new special shape this Fiesta.

And I know how books have helped to shape my own life.

Nudges can be used by both businesses and government to shape the behavior of employees, customers, and citizens.

This appetite was nurtured by black women and helped to shape the Cosby trial.

He moves through the roles of Baker Dill and Moondog like liquid silver, untouchable and constantly changing shape.

There was no collusion by President Trump in any way, shape or form.

The industry is not in good shape.

That bodes ill for this particular crisis, and it also shows how easily regional clients can shape U.S. policies during Trump’s presidency.

These gigantic reservoirs, which help store and supply water from the Colorado River to farmland and cities throughout the Southwest, are in rough shape.

But that might only be the first step in how the film might shape Marvel’s future.

Now, it’s time to shape the dough.

Coat the dough lightly with flour and start to flatten the ball with the tips of your fingers while keeping its round shape.

As one of the 52 Republican senators, Moore would have outsized power to shape the Republican agenda.

But shape and improve it he did.

They have only recently coalesced within the GOP — and thus become large and united enough to directly shape national politics.

You can’t control the shape that way so it exudes from the body,’ and all these things,” the artist says.

“Birth and death are what give shape to our lives,” Saba told me during a phone interview.

The stories we tell shape the expectations we have and impact how we meet them and how experiences play out for us.”

“They started leaking feathers all over the place, the cushions didn’t hold their shape.

I couldn’t wrap my head around not being able to see my best friend, someone who helped shape who I am today.

In a number of photos, an ochre strain (or chemical emulsion) is visible, usually along the edge of the monochromatic shape.

That cropped shape is echoed by many of the works on the walls of the front and back galleries.

The cropped shape recurs and changes.

They need to come together to shape more positive futures for themselves and for others.

And the shape of its southward intrusion is influenced by high-pressure systems.

However, Flynn wasn’t in great shape during Gentleman Jim.

At the same time, the medium can shape the message.

If community was a shape, it would be a circle.”

Even if these presences are just superstitions, they still shape one’s perceptions and choices.

The U.S. economy is in fairly good shape.

The U.S. economy is in fairly good shape.

And the country’s transmission lines remained in shoddy shape, unable to handle major fluctuations.

“I don’t mean forcing the bad things into a happy little shape.

When buying leeks, for example, look for the ones that don’t have their pointy tops cut to a uniform shape.

The Freedom Party’s model antagonist took the shape of an ordinary Muslim — and then, more recently, a Muslim refugee.

Photo by Courtney Chavanell, courtesy of Dana Falconberry Dana Falconberry has been sprinting up and down hills to get in shape.

“And some of them are in such bad shape that we’re surprised they’re still floating.”

Even in the dark, the prospective passengers quickly realized MC had lied to them — it was in bad shape.

That’s how the common public heard it, but it was always about what happens when you shape 2 billion peoples’ attention?

Doug Jones portrayed the fish monster in “The shape of Water.

Those who have seen Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar-nominated film “The shape of Water” know that it’s not exactly your typical love story.

“In ‘The shape of Water’ Doug has the most amazing physique in the world,” she continued.

The Titans, 1-3 in-division and having been swept by the Colts, are not in great shape with tiebreakers.

At check-in, guests received burlap sacks with party favors like notepads in the shape of $100 bills and chocolate-covered gold coins.

As MCX has said many times, the mobile payments space is just beginning to take shape — it is early in a long game.

The curiosities of light and darkness on long-haul flights offer additional, quite beautiful clues to our planet’s shape.

4) The best shape for a fire is one that’s as tall as it is wide.

He realized when a fire is built into a pyramid shape, it will burn the hottest for the longest amount of time.

“If the shape of the fire is extremely flat, shallow, then the fire does not draw [oxygen],” Bejan explains.

To him, the universality of the fire shape is evidence that humans have an innate sense of physics.

“Michael Bibby did not participate in a sexual assault of any way, shape or form that was alleged by this lady two years ago.”

It’s all part of his worldview, which has been taking shape since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The ability to help shape a company’s strategy “all depends on whether you are an owner.

Nevertheless, there are recognizable figures, at least, in Tacoma—the station’s holograms are very clearly human of shape and movement.

shape the dough into 1 1/2-inch balls (about 1 tablespoon per ball), and roll each ball in the cinnamon and sugar mixture.

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