Service in a sentence | Use of the word service examples

“The president is now entering a world of public service,” Shaub said.

In other words, Facebook provides an invaluable service to the world, and its advertising business is necessary to keep that going.

“Foreign objects can damage hot springs and geysers,” representatives from the National Park service said in a Facebook post.

The National Park service shared a photo of several dozen coins that were thrown into the geyer and were consequently scorched beyond recognition.

Huawei and Finland’s Nokia were Globe’s equipment providers for its 4G service.

It would be up to the Saskatoon Police service to figure out how the bylaw would be enforced.

There are big opportunities to re-invent government service delivery at all levels.

Apple shares fell 1.2 percent, weighing on indexes, as the company unveiled a streaming video service.

We realize that a more aggressive policy and enforcement approach will result in the removal of more content from our service.

Naturally, Jackson says the thing that really makes Poole’s Land special is the fact that he can’t get good cell service.

Recreational users may face fines or be ordered to provide community service.

Still, he says he’s focused on his mission — he just started a community service group in Nashville.

The service will launch Oct. 1 in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

The 6,600 km cable is scheduled to come into service in 2020.

When the room went quiet, I could hear only the gentle panting of a dozen service dogs.

The Pentagon says there are about 14,000 U.S. service members in Afghanistan.

These days, he thinks of the party as a kind of “community service.”

“We’re not doing anything with blockchain,” said Matt Cutts, the acting administrator of the U.S. Digital service.

The search platform would also make it easier for Chinese authorities to surveill and track those using the service.

Meaning that, transportation as a service — you know, whether it be Uber, Lyft or Didi, right?

Right, which was transportation as a service at the time.

According to its website, it’s no longer offered as a service, and shut down as of September 2017.

The National Park service and the Office of the DC Mayor told me they won’t be releasing estimates of Friday’s event.

Or DNA-testing service MyHeritage exposing 92 million records?

Or DNA-testing service MyHeritage exposing 92 million records?

He must also complete a driver improvement course, anger management and 60 hours of community service in 3 months.

Beaches around Mobile, Alabama were washed by storm-driven waves, said Stephen Miller, a meteorologist for the National Weather service.

The company already shut down Milk Video and is reportedly shutting down its Milk Music service, too.

The “Madden 19” Xbox tournament was being broadcast online via the Amazon-owned Twitch streaming service.

Only 27 percent of Puerto Rico has cell phone service, making it very difficult for people to communicate with authorities or call 911.

Uber and Lyft both depend on good cell service, something that can be spotty in small towns.

In Athens, Ohio, Liberty was the first ride-hailing service the city had.

The photo comparison was shared by the official National Park service Twitter account.

The service will debut in November.

AT&T can afford the low price point because it didn’t have to create and service legacy equipment like satellite dishes, Stephenson said.

It’s also insulting that the White House is only paying lip service to high-skilled workers and their families.

Residents also enjoy butler service, 24-hour concierge, and housekeeping services.

The streaming service released the third season of “Narcos” on September 1.

In its letter, Google also reiterated plans to offer the public a database of election ads purchased through its service.

Sandra suggested that he digitize the shapes of the tea service they were using, a simple Melitta set from a local department store.

And since Vittorio Dominelli has resigned from the Toronto Police service, the two of them have plenty of time to talk.

So, that bring us to last week, when he pleaded guilty to attempting to obstruct justice and resigned from the police service.

I thought this would be a great format for the Academies.” The modules STRIVR designed for Walmart focus on in-store customer service.

Walmart, in fact, has been working on its own variation of the concept, launching a personal shopping service called Jetblack.

Its popularity on the video game streaming service Twitch appears to have peaked in July, at 151 million hours of streaming.

[Andrew Liptak / The Verge] AT&T is shutting down FilmStruck, its two-year-old streaming video service for indie, arthouse and classic films.

The now 21-day long government shutdown has wreaked havoc on the National Park service, leading to irrevocable damage from unsupervised public visitors.

For the November drone delivery service, customers ordered food and beverages, but mostly over-the-counter medicines.

I am enrolled in an income-based repayment plan currently as I pay them back and have also signed up for Public service Loan Forgiveness.

It was service journalism, but it was the same.

Every Senator is devoted to public service and the public good, and I thank all the Senators for their time and their thoughts.

Following the debate, Trump wandered amongst the reporters gathered around a metal pen the Secret service hastily built for him after the debate ended.

The roughly 10-minute experience was launched this month by the Special Broadcasting service (SBS), an Australian public media network.

Mentally incompatible with military service.

Last year, the military declared that transgender service people would be permitted to serve openly.

After all, transgender service people are a visible and easy target for Trump.

Studies have shown as few as 2,000 to as many as 15,000 transgender service people on active duty.

Whatever the exact number, these service people aren’t just losing their jobs.

When I joined the United States Army as a young queer woman in the ’90s, I was already technically banned from service.

Intelligence operations rooted out queer service people.

I was willing to disavow my attraction to women for the duration of my service.

Instead, they sent me to the processing center, to be mustered out of the service.

That’s when I found out they had labeled me Section 8: Mentally Unfit for Military service.

They stripped me of my uniform and my service, and put me on a plane back home.

Military service follows you for the rest of your life.

You can always go forward with a lie: Don’t mention your service at all.

Trump’s tweets insist that his ban is based on the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” that transgender service people present to the military.

The US Armed Forces paid $41 million for prescriptions of Viagra alone to active-duty service people.

It will encourage a return to practices that rooted out closeted service people, because once transgender service becomes illegal, their silence becomes criminal.

If history is any indication, those soldiers will lose their service record, their training, their pensions.

But this won’t be the end of transgender service people.

There is a long American tradition of violence in the service of politics—and especially violence sparked by racial and ethnic tension.

But as serious as those shows are, the streaming service still has a sense of humor.

In the eastern cities of Port Sudan and Kassala, protesters attacked the offices of Sudan’s intelligence and security service, witnesses said.

Shipping and freight forwarding companies, who offer a service overseeing the delivery of goods from beginning to end, expect to feel more cost pressure.

It just launched its service in Mexico, an Uber stronghold.

Earlier this summer, Reuters reported that Amazon was planning on making a move into music streaming, with its own subscription service.

Earlier this summer, Reuters reported that Amazon was planning on making a move into music streaming, with its own subscription service.

Receipts at service stations rose 3.5 percent, likely reflecting higher gasoline prices.

Those organizations, like the U.S. Digital service, remain in place, even though Trump has yet to fill other, key government science and technology positions.

In barely three years, the American shale producer has halved their cost of production through operational efficiency gains and large savings in service costs.

They are home to around 7,500 Brits, including service personnel, UK-based civilians, and their families.

“The food was tasty and the service was attentive,” they wrote on their receipt.

For example, Abine’s DeleteMe service removes data from an individual for $129/year.

Whether you sign up for DeleteMe or another service, make sure to opt out of the sites not included in their opt-out list.

Relying on data from another hacked spyware company, Motherboard previously reported that an officer from London’s Metropolitan Police service (MPS) purchased powerful malware.

A DFS spokeswoman said the service did not know why Energomontazhventiliatsia won the tender.

RTR Kids isn’t a standalone service — it’s an expansion of the company’s existing membership model.

That role made him unpopular with many voters who work in or rely on the state-run, financially stretched National Health service.

Early Tuesday, nearly 6 percent of Wilmington, North Carolina stations reported running out of supplies, said retail tracking service GasBuddy.

The service was just as good as Uber, with the added bonus that Hamza told me what he thought about Taxify.

Overall, the service felt just like Uber, but cheaper.

North is under contract with NRA contractor Ackerman McQueen, Inc., an ad agency that runs the online video service NRATV.

Most recently, the Supreme Court permitted the Trump administration to restrict military service by transgender people while court challenges continue.

“We’re aware that our service was hacked and have started an investigation into the matter.

We’ve already taken measures to contain such abuse,” the service tweeted on Wednesday morning, shortly after the offending tweets were published.

China’s homegrown ride-hail player Didi has invested in Brazil’s ride-hail service 99 (formerly 99Taxis), the companies announced on Wednesday.

This does not influence whether we feature a financial product or service.

They have some new initiatives that they’re doing, whether it’s around their subscription service or even around YouTube TV.

But, with what they’re doing around their subscription service, they are picking shows and creating original programming specifically for their platform.

“I will be president for all Americans,” he said, praising Clinton for her service.

That said, using the service can be daunting.

The acreage lost to fires has topped 5 million in 10 of the last 15 years, the Forest service says.

Southwest canceled 444 flights on Wednesday, about 20 percent of total cancellations across the United States, according to flight-tracking service

Somehow I knew it: I’d be stepping in at service station, trusted to pour highballs.

It’s difficult to fall asleep at 10 PM on a Saturday, especially when Secret service choppers are circling overhead, making a racket.

The customer service representative is baffled, but attempts to help within the limited scope of his power to do so.

“I don’t think you vandalized the building,” the customer service rep reassures Wakeman.

South Korea’s National Intelligence service declined to comment, and VICE News could not independently verify the reports.

South Korea’s National Intelligence service declined to comment, and VICE News could not independently verify the reports.

But the company expects the initial iteration to be geared toward a commercial ride-hailing service.

“We see the first application of these vehicles as likely in some kind of mobility or ride service,” Visintainer said.

Then you can have an autonomous vehicle that’s operating in a ride service that would not have manual control.”

The US manufacturing sector has enjoyed big productivity gains, but the inherently labor-intensive service sector hasn’t seen the same efficiency gains.

The companies include Dow Inc, United Parcel service Inc, Pfizer Inc and Honeywell International Inc, Bloomberg reported.

Under this system, retired workers received a fixed monthly payment determined by factors like years of service and final salary at retirement.

Some of the service members say they were not told why they were being discharged.

To become citizens, the service members need an honorable service designation, which can come after even just a few days at boot camp.

But the recently discharged service members have had their basic training delayed, so they can’t be naturalized.

“We have a remedy and a widespread network of engaged dealers who are preparing to deliver service.

It’s unclear how the service members’ discharges could affect their status as legal immigrants.

In a statement, the Defense Department said: “All service members (i.e.

Many service members recruited through the program have proven to be exemplary.

But in order to be crowned Mr. Eagle, where a leatherman must outshine his peers is in his ongoing service to the LGBTQ+ community.

“We look forward to working with SoundCloud and supporting the company’s evolution into a successful commercial service.”

The lower left corner, those are more the inspection, assembly line, telemarketing and customer service.

Uber says its service means fewer people will own cars.

The flight was part of a special charter service for 20 people, relying on two planes.

People look down at the service industry.

Spanish officials said Madrid hopes to lead the bloc’s common foreign service, and possibly also get another deputy head of the European Commission.

It was about a clothes delivery service and a baby.

Was it about a clothes delivery service?

It was a clothes delivery service.

At first, he convinced one single domestic airline, TWA, to offer the service to its first-class passengers.

These were laws that basically regulated the internet like it was a telecommunications service and not an information service.

And a lot of people, except the internet service providers, think net neutrality is a good thing.

In Xiringuito’s kitchen is the equally sunny duo of chef Jackson Berg and front-of-house Conor Sheehan, prepping for their Friday lunchtime service.

Back in Xiringuito and the guys are almost ready to open for service.

— An airline customer service agent “You get more with honey than with vinegar.”

It’s notable that US Forest service is part of the US Department of Agriculture, which is currently shut down.

The forest service in recent years has spent more than half its budget fighting fires, leaving little leftover for fire prevention and forest management.

The Trump administration has proposed cutting the forest service’s budget, including zeroing out critical fire research programs.

The Superjet entered service in 2011 and was the first new passenger jet developed in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The episode’s attention to these details extends even to the choice of New York Mortuary service as the funeral home.

But those estimates don’t factor in the cost of Secret service protection or Department of Defense vehicles that travel with the president.

And, importantly, Apple ends up promoting the service on its own devices via search queries.

Now it is adding new editing tools that are supposed to make it easier for smaller publishers to create content for the service.

RAWTEKK Here’sToThem (official video) from denial of service on Vimeo.

One source tells us he chatted up everyone, thanked them for their service and posed for a bunch of pics.

The order prohibited new trans recruits and cadets — including those in service academies like West Point — from joining the military.

But the streaming service seems to be pushing back.

Until the panel makes its recommendations, expected in February, currently-serving trans service members can remain in the military.

Sixty percent of Republicans support banning trans military service, according to an August Quinnipiac University national poll.

“Military service is a privilege, not a right,” she said in a statement to VICE News.

“There is extensive literature showing that forcing service members to live a lie makes it harder for them to do their job,” Belkin added.

Mark-Viverito’s concern comes after Mayor Bill de Blasio already asked the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret service, about reimbursement.

We don’t kick out every service member who tears their ACL playing softball on a Friday at the Squadron Picnic,” Tannehill explained.

“Regardless of gender marker, there is no kind of guarantee whatsoever for trans service members at any stage of the process,” he said.

The new schedule, which eradicated Tuesday dinner service but added lunch on Friday, meant Maaemo had to hire more staff.

At a hearing last month, service prosecutor Insp.

Preston warned officers in her decision that “The service is at a crossroads for cases of impaired driving and/or driving over 80 mgs.”

It would require Kraft to complete a course about prostitution, 100 hours of community service and submit to an STD test.

But at the same time, Missandei dies mostly to service the story.

That has never made sense to me; it defies that sense of public service.

The hope, of some, that President Trump’s obsession with the service might give Twitter a jolt is now gone.

You’ve talked about how we’ve done too much to remove religion from public life and public service.

It’s true that most convening authorities are high-ranking enough that they may have never met the service member in question.

But the service member’s immediate commander definitely has, and commanders talk to each other and tend to trust one another’s judgment.

And a discharged service member can still apply to be reinstated.

“We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service,” Sanders said.

The artbot, officially titled Send Me SFMOMA, will text art directly to your phone, on demand, in service of your every whim.

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department will lead the investigation of the shooting, the Secret service said in the statement.

The show is still in its development stages, and the Disney streaming service it will appear on, Disney+, hasn’t even launched yet.

So I was going to go in the CIA [laughs], I was at the school foreign service.

Last week, Disney priced its service at $7 per month, just over half the $13 price for Netflix’s most U.S. popular plan.

The Disney+ service will launch in November.

More American millennials now subscribe to a video game service than traditional paid television services, a survey showed on Monday.

In March, Google unveiled Stadia, its new browser-based game streaming service to launch this year through its cloud technology.

The same month, Apple introduced a new digital video game subscription service called Apple Arcade.

He took Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and did us the service of turning it into Yoshi’s Island.

That role made him unpopular with many voters who work in or rely on the state-run, financially stretched National Health service.

According to IP address data, the internet service provider running Fascist Forge is based in Ukraine.

Americans and Canadians will be able to watch “Star Trek” on CBS’s new All Access video on demand service next year.

However, it plans to retain a substantial U.S. operation to service German corporate clients.

Jonathan Tuan-Anh was arrested by Secret service, but it has become one of the most embarrassing incidents for the Secret service in years.

The Secret service says Tuan-Anh first jumped a 5-foot fence and then an 8-foot gate.

Secret service agents are angry over the breach, and believe they have been hindered by insufficient technology to detect intruders.

On Wednesday, the three-year-old service announced it will start shipping perishable items to select neighborhoods in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

As a reminder, the Express delivery service still sits (for now) within Google proper, not under the Alphabet umbrella.

There are still obstacles that Instacart needs to overcome to build a truly mainstream service.

Amazon Web services, the now dominant cloud computing service, won the “Best Enterprise” award in 2008.

And on Wednesday, Trump said he would reinstate a ban on transgender military service.

It’s a way of disconnecting that doesn’t involve drinking, drugs, smashing cell phones during service, or straight-up disappearing for a few days.

Prior to 1980, most US drinking water systems contained lead service lines.

The charge of anti-Semitism is being exploited by bad actors in service of Islamophobia, cheapening genuine concerns about rising anti-Semitism in America today.

Meanwhile, YouTube’s coming TV service has an unannounced deal for a bundle of Disney networks, including ESPN and ABC.

The unit also includes Xbox gaming consoles, the Bing online search service and Surface laptops.

You’re the sign of service, but do you receive as much as you give?

This chart will tell you what you’ll get when you buy a streaming TV service.

The streaming service says it has at least 139 million paid subscribers around the world.

“Transgender Airmen serve alongside us with integrity, service, and excellence,” said Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James in a statement.

“Transgender Airmen serve alongside us with integrity, service, and excellence,” said Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James in a statement.

In June, the Pentagon said it would lift the ban on transgender service members in the U.S. Army.

Michelle Obama put her legs — and possibly those of her Secret service agent — through the paces Sunday in Washington, DC.

Our DC sources say Michelle and her Secret service agents used to get private classes, but now she spins with the public.

The park service identified the climbers late Saturday as Jason Wells, 46, of Boulder, Colorado, and Tim Klien, 42, of Palmdale, California.

Really, everything is in cloud service now, from photo storage and backups, to streaming media service, anything connected to the internet.

His family will hold a private service in Texas and they’re also considering a memorial celebration.

This country pays a lot of lip service to the importance of the teaching profession, but we never put our money behind it.”

I think that Google Photos is a really great service.

There’s a free five gigabyte service there.

Seldom, however, do we stop to realize that our Internet service provider is also collecting information about us.

You don’t hear very often about hacks of Google’s service or of Dropbox’s service, because it’s hard.

Seldom, however, do we stop to realize that our Internet service provider is also collecting information about us.

Broadband service is different.

You wanna have a different password for every service, you can’t remember 100 passwords, so it’s very clunky and cumbersome.

Maybe that’s one of the more confusing things for people, because almost every other service kind of has this singular name.

LG: In terms of Upthere, you have a service, you have Upthere, but you have a service called Upthere Home.

I’m not sure if anybody gives you those two combinations of things with a pure cloud service.

You can move your photos to another service, but you can’t kinda get yourself out of the iCloud service part.

We recognize that ISPs must necessarily collect and use information you create to provide service.

You have zero choice for it not to be your photo service, which is irritating.

That’s the problem, is finding is literally almost impossible on Apple Photo service.

In 2011 and 2012, its YouTube service spent hundreds of millions of dollars to encourage video makers to create more “professional” content.

Chris Bourdon from Upthere, which is a cloud storage service.

Here in Karachi, a throbbing megalopolis of around 20 million people, there is no state ambulance service, despite overwhelming need.

So, he got a driver’s licence and joined the ambulance service.

WeTV adds to Tencent’s music streaming service JOOX and the mobile version of PUBG games in Thailand.

His usual base is at the Edhi Ambulance service‘s main control centre in Kharadar in Karachi’s bustling old town.

High up on a wall, stuck to peeling paintwork, are photographs of nine drivers killed in service.

A crowd of journalists has assembled, and blue-clad drivers from the Chhipa Ambulance service greet Safdar warmly.

This makes it the world’s largest voluntary ambulance service.

The Chhipa Ambulance service is also philanthropic, running on a similar model to Edhi.

Each of these 83,390 bodies was given a full funeral service, with four or five Edhi staff present.

This does not influence whether we feature a financial product or service.

Everyone at all her community service gigs loves her.

Over the next 5-10 years, we’re pretty much going to need to redesign most service interactions around these new embedded technology interactions.

The things that I set out to do, the best price, best product, best service, I started to hear that back from people.

The best sign of whether a realtor will serve you well is whether his past clients were satisfied with their service.

It now offers more extensive and personalized service.

He held his father’s cremated remains at a memorial service back in 2016.

Maloney also created an encrypted email service called Dmail, and a “spam-resistant” encrypted messaging protocol called Dpush.

Trump lost one of his most seasoned aides, and one of the few staffers with a long résumé of White House service.

I am very thankful for the service of General H.R.

“Federal judges put their lives at the service of justice,” he said.

Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service!

Pharmacies keep an Arabic speaker on staff in order to translate to the Turkish pharmacist, and often advertise this service in their front window.

Despite the scene, line cooks crank through service like it’s any other day.

“It was the first week of service that we were open in Times Square.

Kevin Lynch, the company’s chair, was once head of the federal civil service.

The event is labeled as “underground,” but you should still buy table service to flex on 2016.

“It is a good time for the banks,” said Allen Tischler, a bank analyst at Moody’s Investors service.

Amazon has already irrevocably changed the way we shop at Christmas, but will this new service change the way we perform Christmas too?

To that end, I asked five Christmas tree experts for their thoughts on Amazon’s new service.

I do not see [Amazon’s Christmas tree delivery service] as having an impact on our sales.

It appears that in 2007, she did receive at least five of her Christmas trees via some kind of delivery service.

As for Kanye … his Sunday service in Calabasas has caught fire and is attracting huge crowds and tons of celebs.

Just this week, Facebook launched a service called Workplace — formerly known as Facebook at Work — to the public.

And in this era of streaming, I hear this question all the time: “Why isn’t my favorite show on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/insert niche streaming service here?”

The service aims to be the holy grail for the world’s burnout 11th-graders.

He points to a service called Chegg, which provides specific answers to classroom textbook questions for $15 a month.

In contrast to Friday’s upbeat employment report, data earlier this week showed U.S. manufacturing and service activity in June declined to multi-year lows.

Two of its co-founders had left the business, its coffee-subscription service had recently been scrapped, and its idea of reusing found (but sterilized!)

They have landed orders from big fleet operators such as Walmart Inc (WMT.N), United Parcel service Inc (UPS.N) and Anheuser Busch Inbev NV (ABI.BR).

Except, apparently, when he makes them with the families of fallen service members.

I wouldn’t say that Secret service was thrilled with that, but we know our people, right?

Every ride-hailing service in Cape Town is allotted a certain number of operating licenses for its drivers.

A game of cat and mouse has ensued: drivers alert each other to the whereabouts of traffic cops through the WhatsApp mobile messaging service.

When YouTube launched its over-the-top TV service this week, it joined a growing crowd of companies trying to sell TV over the internet.

Loan service providers are supposed to offer their clients an application that triggers the program, which can often take months to process.

Watching with a VPN The NFL offers its own streaming service, NFL Game Pass, which provides access to the entire regular season.

However, if you go this route, keep in mind you could be in violation of the Game Pass terms of service.

The search giant canceled the domain registration of white supremacist site The Daily Stormer, hours after it was booted from web hosting service GoDaddy.

The language Lyft uses to explain the new service to drivers expands on that: “Your black car is your moneymaker.

Another man responds that he hopes the woman will give them good service, emphasizing her professional skills.

But Congress has never used that authority according to a recent report by the Congressional Research service.

And that’s a great service.

It attacks, just to spell it out, attacks service because they’re open to the world?

They’re growing really fast, as is Hulu’s live service, and some others in that space.

The company told Gizmodo the move was intended to cut back on moviegoers exploiting the service.

But when I started doing the public service work, I stopping wanting to work from observation.

It looks like Apple is also offering Apple Music, its subscription music-streaming service, free for three months.

He is now a professor of history and public service at New York University.

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Iran has increased its missile production three-fold, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said Wednesday, according to the Fars news service.

The Trump administration is hoping to erase these distinctions, via changing the Department of Health and Human service’s interpretation of Title IX.

But only around 100 of the country’s 1,800 service stations were operating due to the blackout, according to gas station industry sources.

Oil is trading near its highest level since early 2015, fueling demand for service firms to bring new shale wells to production.

Other service firms also have updated their filings, signaling they may try again.

Nine Energy service in late December also filed an amended registration form, a possible sign it is positioning itself to go public this year.

He estimates as many as five oilfield service companies could go public in the first quarter of this year.

She said a proposal by Silver’s lawyer, Michael Feldberg, to impose “rigorous community service” would not be appropriate.

In exchange for a light sentence of community service, and a 700,000 shekel ($193,000) fine, Harow will now testify against Netanyahu.

That role made him unpopular with many voters who work in or rely on the state-run, financially stretched National Health service.

He is quickly detained by the secret service.

This story was produced by Kaiser Health News, which publishes California Healthline, an editorially independent service of the California Health Care Foundation.

A spokesman for the national Dutch prosecution service declined to specify what would be announced.

Citing anonymous sources, broadcaster RTL reported that the public prosecution service had decided to launch a case against several MH17 suspects.

There’s been no funeral yet, but a memorial service is planned soon.

He played off our fears and our weaknesses and became an overwhelming denial of service attack against our entire society.

In response, YouTube introduced an ad-free subscription service in the hope of mollifying the labels.

Today they are rolling out a new version of that service.

By and large, oil pulling can be used as an adjunctive service, but not as a replacement.” No.

That intimacy has also led to some troubling uses of the service, though, specifically around racial profiling.

They were simply just driving along the service road when this happened to them.”

I have tremendous respect for the work and service done by the men and women of this community to our great nation.

Meanwhile SoundCloud, which had been pushing a $10-a-month subscription service like the one Apple and Spotify offer, is changing its strategy.

Cell or internet service may also not be consistent or available.

Sign up for a free trial of our full service at and follow us on Twitter @Breakingviews and at

But will anyone bother paying for what seems like an invasive service?

In addition to the prison sentence, they proposed Shkreli complete 2,000 hours of community service and undergo court-mandated therapy.

Plastic surgery is considered an essential service largely due to the efforts of a surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy.

That movement has largely been led by service industry workers, particularly fast food workers, who have led strikes and work stoppages in major cities.

Kaepernick has also been accused of dishonoring veterans and military members for exercising the First Amendment right that service members serve to protect.

Twitter, of course, is still an extremely popular service among certain populations, including journalists, celebrities, and technology elites.

President Trump, at a memorial service for fallen officers in May, promised to support law enforcement just as they’ve supported him.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in lip service.

The fire service said the aircraft was engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived.

Facebook said the project aims to uncover how usage of its flagship social media service has evolved, potentially informing decisions about new products.

South Korean national intelligence service director Lee Byung-ho had said authorities in Pyongyang were trying to assassinate Jong Nam since 2011.

What’s the most unique dating service that you own?

Is there a specific group that might surprise people that there’s a dating service just for that group?

Webster runs Oracle’s retail strategy, sales, service and support operations, and has been around the retail industry for 28 years.

The island also has a service and maintenance area that was used by Disney’s cast members.

Or it’s just a free service?

Here’s an exception: The streaming service has bought StoryBots, a media brand focused on educational kids’ shows.

The StoryBots deal comes shortly after Disney announced plans to launch its family-oriented streaming service in November.

Trump and the National Parks service have also deleted tweets, a violation of public records law.

service members will have to choose between their careers and their health.

“Emmet Flood, who came to the White House to help me with the Mueller Report, will be leaving service on June 14th.

Now, to service the misanthropic Snapchat-loving hordes, Wendy’s is the latest fast food chain to install self-service kiosks at its restaurants.

A Dropbox folder containing hundreds of explicit photos of female U.S. service members is currently circulating online, VICE News has learned.

A few are of service members fully clothed, in apparent attempt to shame or discredit them.

A Dropbox folder containing hundreds of explicit photos of female U.S. service members is currently circulating online, VICE News has learned.

A few are of service members fully clothed, in apparent attempt to shame or discredit them.

On the surface, 2015’s Kingsman: The Secret service might not look like a particularly political movie.

Initially Nicholas Negroponte, who was the founding director, and actually Megan, reached out to me, and they were doing a service … Megan Smith.

The United States has also suffered several tsunamis caused by volcanic activity, including in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington, according to the national weather service.

This was an early internet service provider.

Does Burger King know what a Title II telecommunications service is?

“This is that they (Twitter) need to stop providing (IS) with the same service they provide the rest of the world.”

It’s transactional, it’s ego-driven, it’s in service to his ego.

It’s transactional, it’s ego-driven, it’s in service to his ego.

I am a retired state police officer from the state of Arizona after nearly 35 years of service.

The individual who gave the information on Chaffetz to the Washington Post has resigned from the service.

GM plans to roll out a similar service in Chicago sometime this quarter, collaborating with the real estate firm Magellan Development.

GM’s shiny new announcement is another Maven-branded on-demand rental service that will be launching in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The revelations “brought real discredit to the Secret service,” Johnson said in a statement.

“I hope and expect the Secret service has put sad episodes like this behind it.”

The individual who gave the information on Chaffetz to the Washington Post has resigned from the service.

Another existing GM service that will now live inside Maven is its Germany-based, peer-to-peer car-sharing program CarUnity.

The revelations “brought real discredit to the Secret service,” Johnson said in a statement.

“I hope and expect the Secret service has put sad episodes like this behind it.”

For instance: This morning, at 8 am ET, Pandora announced that it “launched Pandora Plus,” its new $5-a-month subscription service.

Investors had been urging the car service company to stop burning cash inside the country and concentrate on profits elsewhere.

“These jihadists in San Bernardino attacked a social service center for the developmentally disabled.

Investors had been urging the car service company to stop burning cash inside the country and concentrate on profits elsewhere.

So, because there once was a terrorist attack on a social service agency, all social service agencies now need to have small arsenals?

It would help TIM offload big chunks of its 25 billion euros of debt and leave behind a capex-lighter service stub.

Pilot attrition has been a problem for years, with many pilots leaving the service to work for commercial airlines.

Pilot attrition has been a problem for years, with many pilots leaving the service to work for commercial airlines.

After looking for an investor or a buyer, SoundCloud has settled for a lender: The music service has raised a $70 million debt round.

An anthropomorphic character from a 2005 comics series roped into the service of white nationalism.

Remember, she feels insulted by a $500k offer from the streaming service — especially because Tony’s older bro, Chris Rock, got $22 million.

Visionary curator, collector, and philanthropist, Estrellita B. Brodsky, will receive the Distinguished service to the Visual Arts Award (DSVA).

Previously, users wishing to “flag” offensive content were required to fill out an extensive web ticket for customer service.

Let me tell you, it is never good news in the service industry when a guy starts whispering.

WarnerMedia recently announced it will introduce a new subscription video service by the end of 2019, anchored by HBO.

Hulu is cutting the price of its video streaming service.

Hulu is also raising the price of its video streaming service.

Within a year, the service will also include original content, WarnerMedia Chief Executive John Stankey previously told Reuters.

According to the Congressional Research service, the US sold them more than $90 billion in armaments and weapons systems since 2010.

According to the Congressional Research service, the US sold them more than $90 billion in armaments and weapons systems since 2010.

Hulu is also raising the price of its live TV service, which offers a cable-TV-like package of channels, from $40 a month to $45.

And it is keeping the price of its ad-free version of its basic service at $12 a month.

Sberbank, Russia’s top bank, is also building its own service system and has a golden share in Yandex.

Now she’s no longer in a “specified service” — she’s in the real-estate business.

Amazon also celebrated (without offering any numbers) its $99-a-year Prime service, which offers free two-day delivery along with other perks.

China National Travel service, which oversees CTSG after a series of mergers, did not respond to requests for comment.

The same is true for Echo, which allows customers to subscribe to Amazon’s music service and buy items from the online retailer.

Sailors participated in a memorial service for the more than 2,400 Americans killed in the attack.

In March, the House of Representatives rolled back FCC privacy regulations that mandate your Internet service provider obtains consent before selling your browsing history.

The streaming service is expected to spend more than $6 billion on programming, more than Hulu, HBO, or Amazon.

Goldstein said he was preparing for a service on the last day of Passover, a holiday celebrating freedom, and heard a loud sound.

Floor plans to President Trump’s NYC home base are now in the hands of someone who stole a Secret service agent’s laptop.

Our sources confirm a few stolen items, like a black bag with the Secret service emblem, were recovered … but the laptop’s still missing.

Ronald Reagan couldn’t get rid of Medicare or Social Security; Margaret Thatcher couldn’t dismantle the National Health service.

The volunteers got the stockbroker’s name, occupation, address, college and year of graduation, and dates of service in the military.

The National Park service awarded $517,471 in Tribal Heritage grants to 14 American Indian and Native Alaskan organizations.

He will also serve 2 years probation, 200 hours of community service and will have to pay $7,500 in fines.

The Ministry of Sport (“MofS”), RUSADA and the Russian Federal Security service (the “FSB”) were all involved in this operation.

Mavericks also has a shuttle service to AT&T Stadium for $9 a person.

If so, Apple will send any messages using its own service (they appear in a blue bubble).

The EU’s foreign service, the EEAS, was not immediately available for comment on the meeting.

The fund has backed the likes of music streaming service, “Angry Birds” creator Rovio, and taxi app Hailo.

And a renewed value for public service and public servants.

In other words, the values he holds around public service outrank the values he holds in conflict with the president.

I am finding in these unprecedented times that the value I now hold around public service is more important to me than I thought.

In 2013 and 2014, she served as the U.S. deputy chief technology officer, where she helped found the U.S. Digital service.

Men ages 21 to 36 were required to sign up for military service.

Nearly three-quarters of the island is without cell service, as officials work to repair damaged telecommunications towers, a government official announced Monday morning.

In February, the company announced a $5 paid subscription service, which is an updated version of SoundCloud Go.

“I dropped out of school and went into the chemical warfare service with Dr. Gilman here at Ames.”

There would be cheesy public service billboards in high schools about how uncool driving is compared with taking the bus.

The other blast killed eight people and injured 16, said Abdikadir Abdirahman, the director of Aamin ambulance service.

Mike Pence is a real Republican Party politician with years of service in Washington under his belt and experience in statewide office.

The company said it will also extend financial assistance to its traditional domestic franchisees in the form of lower royalties, royalty-based service incentives.

All of these elements come together in When They See Us in service of a pointed theme.

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Stream the service right here and read the band’s official message below.

“Wherever you are, PLEASE get together and watch the service with fellow Motörheadbangers and friends.

That is the most compelling set of ingredients for a new OTT service that I’ve ever seen.

Glenn Beck has created a successful subscription service called The Blaze, which marries an ad-supported news site along with premium video content.

Glenn Beck’s competitive concerns aside, the environment is ripe for the successful launch of an OTT service.

Smartphones and service providers can easily handle video streams with even just a modicum of service.

“I’m not going to put that boy back in active service just because the Phillies need a first baseman,” he said.

Also out is Chris Daniels, who has been running Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service.

I got involved with the Pilipino Workers Center shortly after and started doing bar-centered community service.

To keep up with all of his bartending-based community service, follow him through his Instagram account.

One last note: Amazon spent time trying to build a pay TV service, then backed away from the idea.

Consider this article a public service.

The government has not yet said how much most Cubans would pay for mobile internet, or when exactly sales of the service will begin.

Squarespace’s inclusive, all-in-one service provides content management, hosting, domains, social integrations, e-commerce, and 24-hour customer support.

The past month has given people good reason not to use Yahoo’s email service.

When he started acting, he told producers he’d been wounded during military service.

The past month has given people good reason not to use Yahoo’s email service.

As the National Park service celebrates its 100th anniversary August 25, it’s clear its parks are more beloved than ever.

[Johana Bhuiyan / Recode] Uber Eats is the fastest-growing meal delivery service in the U.S.

Postal service to provide banking services.

FuboTV, an online TV service, has raised $75 million from TV programmers and other investors.

And like all presidents who golf, when he hits the green, he is accompanied by Secret service agents.

Evans added that someone could obtain medical goods or service in the victims’ names, which would taint medical records.

The Secret service has, similarly, paid $64,000 for “elevator services” in Trump Tower.

** Consumer firms China International Travel service Corp Ltd slumped 5.5%, while Guangdong Haid Group Co Ltd dived 6.4%.

One question that interests me a lot is, who’s that in service to, and how does it not get so navel-gazing?

PetCo is launching a pet wedding planning service, haha?

(Sorry, ladies, but I’m not employed by the US Secret service.)

JD: They’re service businesses.

It’s not a streaming or rental service, with Audioville you own your books.

It was then that Cisneros realized that he had something, not only as a business venture, but also as a service to the community.

But the reality is that Meals on Wheels, like many other social service programs, is already strapped for resources.

The clauses are used for nearly every U.S. consumer product and service since the Supreme Court ruled them legal in 2011.

But the service, which launched one year ago, should reach profitability by 2023, she said.

I also called a local stalking service for help once, but was on hold for a long time and that cost me £11.

The company also launched its first-ever corporate ride-hail service called Grab for work.

The current shutdown has not affected three-quarters of the government, including the Department of Defense and the Postal service, which have secure funding.

The info is only visible to recruiters that work at other companies and pay LinkedIn’s $9,000 annual fee for the premium recruiter service.

The National Park service, under the umbrella of the Interior Department, is operating with a skeleton staff.

The National Park service is providing no visitor services such as restrooms, facility and road maintenance and trash collection.

Later this year, we are also launching a standalone premium sports streaming video service which will leverage Turner Sports properties and Bleacher Report.

EDF said the so-called B7 reactor is now scheduled to return to service on Oct. 1 and not the previous date of July 31.

Airbnb waived its service fees for evacuees and organized a program for hosts to list their rooms for free.

“These dates present our most likely view of return to service.

Accurate forecasts by the national weather service, Meteo-France, also gave early warning, it said.

Second, the fragmentation of service provision could increase costs and risks.”

In addition to the screening series, SFMOMA has partnered with the library-based streaming service Kanopy to host the films for online viewing.

All American hearts are filled with gratitude for their service and their sacrifice.


WhatsApp, the encrypted messaging service that Facebook bought in 2014, has 1.5 billion monthly users.

Here’s a look at the five most popular sports on the service.

Hulu made some news at CES because it has apparently signed CBS as part of its pay TV replacement service.

Corvias said it is reviewing its service request system to better address resident concerns at all bases where it operates.

Corvias is among more than a dozen private real estate firms housing service families on U.S. bases under the two-decade-old privatization program.

Spotify is removing bands affiliated with the white power music scene from its catalog, the streaming music service announced on Wednesday.

The messaging service was reportedly used by the man who killed four people last week.

for its HBO Now streaming service.

Almost two-thirds of the 1,100 people surveyed said they supported transgender military service, including about half of those who said they viewed Trump favorably.

Because it’s a service business, and you are servicing them.

The Petrocedeno-PDVSA venture’s 220,000-bpd upgrader was already out of service when the decision was made, one of the people said.

I got my first job in tech when I was just 17 years old, at a Cleveland-based internet service provider.

Crucially, one of those restrictions is on events guarded by the Secret service.

The king also ordered a restructuring of the intelligence service, to be led by Prince Mohammed, suggesting the prince still retained wide-ranging authority.

In 2014, HBO said it would finally let viewers subscribe to the service, over the web, without buying any other TV channels.

Luxe launched Drive Home six months ago, when Lee realized few of their users were using the service for anything other than commuter parking.

That’s why Lee decided to replicate a similar service he encountered in Korea and created what is essentially a designated driver service.

Their solution: the Safety Pin Box, a monthly subscription service modeled on services like Birchbox.

Starry’s notion of fast Internet service wirelessly beamed to your home sounds great.

Even respondents who said they were pro-gay marriage or pro-interracial marriage believed the photographer had the right to deny service.

Instead, it frames individualism as the right to refuse service to anyone.

Respondents didn’t even distinguish between a photographer who would refuse service for religious or nonreligious reasons .

National Weather service radars routinely capture birds, bats and insects in other parts of the country.

The company recently launched a new service, Wish Express, which fulfills orders within six days. Soon after, Uber’s grocery delivery service was launched and expanded to four markets.

She said Walmart will use other delivery service providers in the four markets where it had previously used Uber.

This affects women across the country, and especially rural women for whom a Catholic hospital may be the only service provider in their area.

The three executives were also criminally convicted, each sentenced to three years of probation and 400 hours of community service.

The retailer was Uber’s largest partner for its ‘Rush’ service, which delivered groceries as well as clothes, flowers and other goods.

Postal service, as well as startups like Instacart and Deliv, vying for a share.

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Take Google Fiber, for instance, which has expanded to offer service across its first pilot city, Kansas City.

Home sharing options like CoAbode, an online service that matches single mothers, help provide that.

Today, one service that aims to change that left its beta stage.

In August of last year, Lavaboom, a similar service to ProtonMail, declared bankruptcy.

An Oxford University spin-off company is now developing a service to analyze CT scans from across the globe in around 24 hours.

Trump has a Secret service detail protecting him at all times.

Disgruntled by the many changes to the service over the past few weeks, on August 5, you decided to cancel your subscription.

Another service called StalkScan, run by ethical hacker Inti De Ceukelaire, allowed users to streamline similar searches.

The adoption service advised against any separation.

At 2:52 PM, Sato received an email containing JMA’s tsunami alert for Miyagi Prefecture from an online weather service.

Mitu, a Latino-targeted video network, gets a new CEO; Zefr, a YouTube ad service, gets a new president.

Banks that do service the industry have hired more staff to meet FinCEN’s reporting requirements so they charge cannabis clients high fees.

A source who’s taking language classes at the government’s Foreign service Institute to serve overseas told me that language classes have stopped.

We hope service in a sentence examples were helpful.