Servants in a sentence | Use of the word servants examples

Thousands of children also work in mines or as domestic servants, said Yao.

The Mukodons are the lowest of the low, the servants of the Glukkons, the game world’s elite reptilian race.

Had you thought about other robotic uses in the home, of the actual servants or those kind of things, or not?

Those arrested include members of the police, military,and judiciary, as well as civil servants and journalists.

Those arrested include members of the police, military,and judiciary, as well as civil servants and journalists.

Civil servants were fired en masse, and Fidesz allies were installed in vital roles, like election supervision.

Bedridden and dying from cardiac arrhythmia and gangrene, he’s surrounded by an entourage of servants and physicians.

The movie begins outdoors; servants push the King, seated in a wheelchair, around the Palace of Versailles.

Propped up by pillows, Louis greets an entourage of aristocrats, confidantes, physicians, and servants gathered around his bed.

As the King’s health wanes, servants wait on his every order.

“This is not for the servants” of God.

There are more than 4,000 political appointees in the executive branch and many career public servants doing important policy work.

Thousands of children also work in mines or as domestic servants, said Yao.

Occupation sometimes lends credibility, as well: Public servants, police officers, military veterans, airline pilots and former astronauts are among his most reliable witnesses.

Turkish authorities have suspended, detained or placed under investigation more than 60,000 soldiers, police, judges, teachers, civil servants and others in the past week.

And a renewed value for public service and public servants.

The servants are not allowed to speak about me.

Civil servants and elected officials may weaken enforcement mechanisms to reward allies.

Soldiers want to revolt against their officers, servants against their masters, and so on.

He shocked voters in one of the televised debates when he advocated chopping off the hands of those who steal — including public servants.

In April, Germany’s lower house of parliament approved a draft law preventing civil servants from wearing face veils while at work.

The measure rightly brings the BBC in line with the rest of the public sector, where civil servants above the threshold are named.”

Supporters, many of whom were public servants identified by t-shirts of state agencies, rallied in the center of Caracas to celebrate the new term.

Dreier called him “one of the most dedicated and hard working public servants I’ve known.”

Although CBP maintains an internal code of conduct that prohibits discrimination and harassment, civil servants also enjoy substantive free speech protections.

He spent months routinely maligning the work of career civil servants for no good reason.

Many ended up working as farmhands or servants for French families.

The central bank in Tripoli, which processes the oil and gas revenues, pays civil servants in the while country but not the LNA.

5) Market mechanisms are good servants but poor masters.

And the career civil servants are where people make mistakes.

They could put career servants in some of these jobs.

The crackdown has also ensnared civil servants, who say they have become collateral damage in the accountability drive.

For Ford, the Hosts aren’t robots that are meant to be servants to humans.

The lower classes are generally in evidence only as servants.

Hun Sen promised to increase wages for factory workers, civil servants and armed forces every year.

I wonder if I’m reading about indentured servants.

The museum believes only Adelaide resided there in 1927 — although she was far from alone, having had the company of about 23 servants.

Civil servants were fired en masse, and Fidesz allies were installed in vital roles, like election supervision.

The group is made up of civil servants from both countries.

Turkish authorities have suspended, detained or placed under investigation more than 60,000 soldiers, police, judges, teachers, civil servants and others in the past week.

Francis told the inmates that in Jesus’s time, washing the feet of visitors was the job of slaves and servants.

We must all be servants,” he said.

At one point they’re passed to serve the people, and then they just exist to keep civil servants in business.

Mubarak stuffed the interior ministry with political loyalists rather than effective public servants, which allowed corruption and brutality to corrode public security.

It points to a larger problem with government, where public servants outside the intelligence agencies often treat cybersecurity as an afterthought.

The Dallas shooting victims were not just public servants.

Everyone there, from her parents to her parents’ white friends and neighbors to her family’s black servants, are acting strangely.

Lawmakers interviewed by Reuters said civil servants had not been paid for at least six months.

Following the coup, Erdoğan unleashed a wide-ranging purge and threw tens of thousands of soldiers, teachers, and civil servants in jail.

In this way, female civil servants represented an economic and social threat to traditional notions of American masculinity tied to breadwinning.

“I mean he is one of the finest public servants I’ve ever known.

I think it varied, but we are civil servants.

Good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice.

The complicating factor here is that civil servants are also public servants.

His features are East Asian, a reminder of all the Chinese who immigrated to Latin America, often as indentured servants or coolies.

At the beginning of her imprisonment, Mary still had a staff of approximately 50 servants.

It undermines party building by cutting off public servants who have built their careers at the state and local level.

Newcomers ratcheted up the savagery to intimidate rivals as well as police and public servants who might stand in their way.

They are public servants; they are not contrarians.

They are public servants; they are not contrarians.

rather than letting police officers or senior civil servants sign off on such requests.

They are servants of Generalísimo Franco and they have appeared on the street.

Ana Torres Moreno stands two levels belowground, in the second servants’ basement.

“It’s not up to the civil servants.

There are politicians and public servants in attendance, as well as technologists, educators, archivists, activists, and journalists.

Some were servants, some were skilled professionals — and none of them were slaves.

For example, he said, a law on government salaries runs afoul of the Basic Law by discriminating against low-level civil servants.

For one thing, Handmaid’s Tale shows more of the Marthas, particularly Rita, as much more than infertile house servants.

Her name is Bathsheba, he is told by his servants, and she is married to a man known as Uriah the Hittite.

Within cities across the country are longtime public servants who have deep area expertise and passion for improving service delivery.

These public servants are regularly being asked to do more with less.

Understanding the mindset of public servants requires empathy to shed light on internal government users.

Lined up across the shelf are four figurines representing African-American stereotypes of household servants, but turned so that their backs face the viewer.

Steve Hilton, UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s former chief strategist, did an audit of what civil servants inside No.

He browbeats career civil servants but rarely follows through on his rants.

Currently, he is restrained only by the lingering professionalism of public servants and a few thin threads of institutional inertia.

Ramaphosa’s second headache came from an investigation report by an advocate with powers enshrined in the constitution to probe civil servants’ conduct.

“We civil servants want everything to be normal.

Training courses for civil servants on “sexual diversity” have also started.

So they need eurozone-wide taxes, a eurozone treasury, an elected eurozone president, a eurozone parliament, and eurozone civil servants to manage expenditures.

Training courses for civil servants on “sexual diversity” have also started.

It has promised to pay salaries to public servants even in the main population centres which are mostly in Houthi hands.

For Sebastian, it’s being just high enough to look down on his fellow servants at the manor.

Though we are but servants to the roach, the insect knows to keep a close eye on us, so as to maintain its supremacy.

Tuesday’s demonstrations coincide with a series of strikes staged by air traffic controllers, civil servants, and teachers across France.

No, there’ll be servants and people who can pay for servants.

There are great people in the FBI and the DoJ and in government — incredible public servants.

We’re becoming the Philippines in the 1970s, where expats will have servants, we’ll have three million lords and 350 million serfs.

Starting next January, 27 million Japanese, including housewives and civil servants, will be newly eligible to set up private defined-contribution pension accounts.

The ruling came after some civil servants claimed installments were being deducted directly from their accounts and not from the state’s payroll.

“Our democracy depends on public servants who act with integrity and hold transparency in the highest regard.”

It has a staff of nearly 200 people, mostly career civil servants and military officers detailed from places like the CIA.

In the new game Tattletail, the horror manifests more literally as your survive several nights in the company of pint-sized robotic servants of doom.

Barely a year later, the band has returned with an even grander statement entitled servants of the Countercosmos.

servants of the Countercosmos is the kind of album that ends on a lingering note, begging for a repeat journey.

Give in to the urge and join the servants.

Now the servants who always had to carry the coffin to and fro became angry about this.

Here’s how Ashliman translates the 1819 version: The prince had his servants carry it [the glass coffin] away on their shoulders.

Authorities have suspended or sacked 150,000 civil servants and military personnel.

servants, like the rest of the Iremonger family, are inoculated against Heap Fever — but only to make them more valuable workers.

Civil servants have been used as a political target by politicians, and have been blamed for their actions.

The revolts coincided with a strike by civil servants demanding around $400 million in back wages.

Masters and servants was shot in Moscow; most of “masters” belonged to a circle of wealthy people Li-Mi-Yan knew.

When she needs to escape a cage, Beast’s servants help her; when she needs to pick a lock, Maurice handles it.

Li-Mi-Yan photographed both male and female servants while working on the project.

Masters and servants is a valuable documentation of a specific post-Soviet social order, but it also works as a visual riddle for the viewer.

Yesterday her government attacked their civil servants.

The servants did nothing to stop any of this, so they feel responsible.

Why did the servants think they had any responsibility, or ability, to fix a prince following in a king’s footsteps?

Alias Grace fictionalizes the lives of two servants in 1840s Canada who ended up murdering their employer.

The Future Fund was set up in 2006 with contributions of A$60.5 billion ($43.9 billion) to cover pension liabilities for public servants.

It was originally used by the servants in the house.

Civil servants were fired en masse, and Fidesz allies were installed in vital roles, like election supervision.

Both Obama and Bush nominated largely mainstream civil servants with many years of government service.

Civil servants are willing to implement policies they disagree with — or even aggressive interpretations of federal law, says Mark.

“These career civil servants, they know that.

There are thousands of civil servants working through that calculus right now.

“The police, who are like the servants of triads, have completely lost the public’s trust, forcing people to defend themselves,” read the statement.

Summon your real-world servants!

Rio’s state government, badly hit by the country’s economic crisis, has left teachers, doctors, and other public servants unpaid.

Dean apologizes to Chris about the optics of two black servants at a white family’s estate seeming a bit regressive.

For decades, people of color in horror were servants at best.

In the Game of Thrones sourcebooks, indentured servants mine the islands for iron and sometimes tin and lead.

The culprit had left, shouting at one of the servants to clean up the mess.

There, she seeks to bolster the resistance movement run by Joseph’s Marthas, Gilead’s term for infertile women working as domestic servants.

It scaled back wages paid to civil servants in February and March to weather the crisis.

Not wanting to disappoint the hero, Admetos directs his servants to break with mourning and pour Hercules a drink.

Connoisseurs are called servants of the art market — they are said to be oblivious to the political concerns of the social history of art.

Lanchester’s Britain is deeply divided between the young and the old, the defenders and the civilians, and between the servants and their masters.

We talked to a few civil servants.

The Powerpuff Girls are servants of the state, sacrificing their lives to fight monsters and working with authority.

Many blackamoor figures portray exoticized images of servants and slaves of African descent.

Vice-President Aristobulo Isturiz announced civil servants only need to come in on Mondays and Tuesdays, unless they have “fundamental and necessary tasks” on Wednesday.

Downton Abbey, which ran for six seasons, followed the lives of the elite Crawley family and the servants who worked in their country home.

They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.

They’re civil servants; they’re good soldiers.

In Davao, he shamed civil servants on a weekly radio and television program.

He will always be listed among freedom’s most gallant and faithful servants.

The key difference is that Canada’s commission members are all nonpartisan — they’re mostly judges, political scientists, or retired civil servants.

“I think politicians, public figures, and public servants need to be held accountable for their words and actions,” Jones says.

Baobab is fully operated by volunteers – doctors, retired civil servants, designers and others – and funded by donations.

I think politicians, public figures, and public servants need to be held accountable for their words and actions.

Civil servants say they expect to be paid for the first time in a year.

Last year the government was late in paying civil servants, including the army, for several months in a row.

Civil servants say they expect to be paid for the first time in a year.

It points to a larger problem with government, where public servants outside the intelligence agencies often treat cybersecurity as an afterthought.

My heart is with my former colleagues, their families & staff, and the US Capitol Police- public servants and heroes today and every day.

Public servants – including law enforcement officials – are increasingly held to the highest standards of behavior both on- and off-duty, experts say.

The crackdown has also ensnared civil servants, who say they have become collateral damage in the accountability drive.

He’s been howling at his servants to bring him whiskey and then complaining that it’s not water.

Why were these civil servants fired without explanation?

Ralph Northam is facing backlash yet again after he referred to slaves as “indentured servants” in a recent interview.

I apply this thinking with my own design team, but this is also with clients, or civil servants.

Khan plans to have only two servants instead of 524 reserved for a sitting premier.

After six seasons, PBS Masterpiece‘s beloved British series about aristocrats and servants has rolled to a gentle, satisfying close.

“We have to trust our public servants.

We see her repeatedly doing things that a queen does, and her constant hounding of servants (“Look at me!

Lifelong public servants, the Vogels wanted their collection to be accessible to the public for free.

Civil servants have interviewed a number of applicants, and will give a shortlist to Johnson’s new finance minister, Sajid Javid.

They had children, they were public servants – they were a model of bourgeois virtue, role models,” the historian adds.

Subsequent attempts to produce useful robotic servants in the U.S., Japan and China over the years have performed only marginally better.

Authorities have suspended or sacked 150,000 civil servants and military personnel.

Many blackamoor figures portray exoticized images of servants and slaves of African descent.

He shocked voters in one of the televised debates when he advocated chopping off the hands of those who steal — including public servants.

Surrounded by courtiers and servants most of her days and by a large family, Queen Elizabeth prefers nothing better than escaping, says Morgan.

Rather than public servants communicating with the best tool available for communication purposes, they’re communicating with an arbitrary legal distinction in mind.

Some servants came in with another table.

They’re not considered … we’re not the servants and they’re the little princes and princesses.

A rare open letter signed by a group of civil servants criticized authorities’ handling of the violence.

The department, obviously, continues to be staffed by a large number of skilled career civil servants.

Out of the 85,000 job cuts, 15,000 would affect civil servants who work for the central government.

In previous job reduction schemes for civil servants, France met its targets through attrition and offering early retirement packages.

Najib has said that civil servants can expect “good news” in the 2018 budget.

That’s not to say they are servants.

They have penetrated deeply throughout the country, terrorizing police, public servants and residents to assert control.

“Civil servants should never be punished for having executed policies with which a new administration disagrees,” Markey wrote.

We created a very large, 400-people task force composed almost exclusively of civil servants.

And what the civil servants did was work on reform ideas in conjunction with the agency.

It is allowed to go bankrupt and its employees are not all civil servants.

Each country that assumes the presidency sends lots of civil servants to Brussels, plus various nationally flavoured goodies and trinkets.

Their civil servants get a chance to become familiar with the machinery of Brussels.

Politicians are seldom brave enough to cut civil servants’ pay but Nigeria’s governors are desperate.

By December 2015 several states were again failing to pay civil servants on time, provoking strikes.

Still, other more peaceful states such as Osun are scarcely doing better yet hire civil servants by the busload.

The invention of what General Electric called “electric servants” liberated women from domestic slavery.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with technologies or markets, as long as they remain servants, not masters.

On January 4th an executive order, leaked to the press, banned all female civil servants from leaving their hair uncovered during working hours.

We have something very valuable in Britain: civil servants try and stick to the law.

Civil servants do not approve capital expenditure, which means contractors are not getting paid.

Many Latin American civil servants must follow thick procedural codes but are not made accountable through performance targets.

Conversely, competent civil servants risk being fired when a new minister or president comes in.

For populist reasons, presidents have sometimes capped the pay of senior civil servants, making it impossible to recruit good, honest people.

Civil servants are far more likely to have a university degree than in the past.

It’s the responsibility of good politicians and good public servants to educate yourself about what’s out there.

For example, on skills you have a situation where civil servants are deciding which courses further education colleges should be running.

The government has also driven up its costs by awarding public servants a big pay rise to make good on an election promise.

We don’t have immersive virtual reality environments or robot servants.

The Palestinian Authority said in March it was cutting civil servants’ salaries by half.

Private schools teach 7% of Britain’s pupils, but account for half the country’s senior civil servants, cabinet ministers and leading journalists.

They are now looking for work as servants.

In the Biblical parable of the talents, a master entrusts his wealth to a range of servants.

Two of the servants doubled the master’s money but the third buried it in the ground, rather than “investing it with the bankers”.

Zimbabwe, which is suffering its worst drought in decades, is near economic collapse and unable to pay civil servants.

“Yes, public servants should be able to use their expertise when they leave government,” she said.

Given Aadhaar’s relatively smooth implementation, civil servants across the world would do well to seek inspiration from it.

Hiring civil servants according to calibre has been rare throughout history.

Others fail to maintain meritocratic principles through civil servants’ entire careers.

The first is of the idea that civil servants should be unsackable.

In other words, Comey was, for reasons both of personality and position, one of the hardest civil servants to intimidate.

The second problem is that the tasks civil servants must perform are becoming ever more complicated.

The US government has many dedicated and brave public servants, and some of them will do exactly that.

“Every day they arrest minor civil servants who took $25,000 but those who made $15m, where are they?” asks Mr Eskander.

Civil servants passed around fries, mayonnaise, and cigarettes while glued to news on their phones or calling their families across Europe.

Last year they made tweaks, such as curbing benefits for public servants.

Austria is currently led by a provisional government of civil servants, not politicians, ahead of a parliamentary election expected in September.

A strike by civil servants in Kuwait has hit its output.

Some 160,000 people have been detained and a similar number of civil servants dismissed since the failed putsch, it said.

A big comfortable house, servants, understanding parents and a pursuit of intellectualism,” he said.

Venezuela’s populist president, Nicolás Maduro, told civil servants to work a two-day week to save electricity.

Swarms of servants attired in classic maid and butler uniforms moved about in zigzags, passing out plates of food and snatching up empty ones.

The king has armies of servants.

We’re servants.”

Civil servants have been told to work just two days a week.

You so-called high officials and VIPs magnates, national cadres, public servants.

The king has many palaces and armies of servants.

It will not, for example, be using them to pay civil servants.

The left-wing Syriza government’s policy of taking the moral high ground on asylum-seekers, while admirable, has made things harder for Greek civil servants.

Presidential decisions are diluted or simply ignored by civil servants appointed by Mr Rohani’s predecessors.

More British graduates and top civil servants could be encouraged and supported to apply for jobs in the institutions.

Such fragmentation strains poor countries, both because of the endless report-writing and because civil servants are hired away to manage donors’ projects.

He was educated at the Ecole Nationale d’Adminstration—ENA—alma mater of many of the republic’s top civil servants and politicians.

The ANC called on Catalan civil servants to respond with “peaceful resistance”.

This week civil servants took to the streets, and protests have broken out across the country.

They wait in disorderly queues, often for hours, only to be frustrated by indifferent civil servants.

R’hllor is Lord of Light, Jon Snow, and it is given to his servants to weave with it, as others weave with thread.”

Under the maximal form of withdrawal, civil servants would painstakingly have to copy, or scrap, 12,295 EU regulations.

Much of the Brexit bureaucracy can be handled by Britain’s 393,000 existing civil servants.

As such, only about 20 civil servants in London now have experience of these complex tugs-of-war, according to an initial government review.

So have academics, teachers and civil servants, though there is little sign they had anything to do with the coup.

Civil servants no longer hope to get their salaries on time, and in some places their already meagre pay has been slashed by half.

Thousands of civil servants, including teachers and health-care workers, are being paid late or not at all.

The rich and powerful also offer up some pretty nice gifts for public servants to do their bidding.

And, yes, public servants should be able to use their expertise when they leave government.

Even after civil servants began moving to the modernist capital, cariocas thought important ministries would stay put.

There are dedicated public servants that enforce our ethics laws, but they have less authority than security guards at the mall.

They are career public servants, serving here at home and in remote corners of the world.

They also instructed civil servants not to obey orders from Madrid and respond with peaceful resistance.

Yet Mr Bongo still proudly talks of giving civil servants a 30% pay rise.

A key test will be when 200,000 civil servants return to work on Monday.

Austria is currently led by a provisional government of civil servants ahead of a parliamentary election expected in September.

In the first instance, this money would go to contractors, suppliers, civil servants or welfare recipients.

A law to cut civil servants’ lunch break to one hour to allow them to go home earlier has been widely ignored.

Career staff may view themselves as public servants, loyal to principles that transcend partisanship, but that’s not the kind of loyalty Zinke wants.

China also flies thousands of Africa’s ruling-party officials, civil servants and trade unionists to attend political-training schools in China.

Some were indentured servants, not lifelong vassals: chattel slavery had yet to be codified.

“The president is merely the most important among a large number of public servants.

Last week 50,000 civil servants were dismissed by decree.

The MGI report will be widely read by African politicians and civil servants.

Another 10% are covered by government insurance for soldiers and civil servants.

But Doug Engelbart said no no, this is how it should be; the computers should be servants of humans.

As civil servants, Britain’s national museum directors are meant to be apolitical.

Civil servants who keep their lips zipped or cultural warriors prepared to speak their mind?

Turkish authorities had already dismissed around 160,000 civil servants since the failed military intervention, the U.N. human rights office said in March.

Nearly 50,000 people from various professions including civil servants, police officers, judges, teachers have been arrested in the ongoing purge.

I read searing tales from reporters and techies, chefs and yogis, civil servants and mountain climbers.

A law passed in 2014 allowed citizens to look up salaries of civil servants; it turned out that several were drawing more than one.

Like India’s other ministries, defence is run by rotating civil servants and political appointees more focused on ballot boxes than ballistics.

Many civil servants resent his plans to stop them giving jobs to party loyalists and contracts to pals.

Some 70,000 civil servants, including judges, prosecutors and teachers, have been sacked or suspended, sometimes on the thinnest of evidence.

These include cutting subsidies, reforming the pension system for public servants and freezing government hiring.

Among the variety of servants for hire were armed guards and on-board DJs.

The castle’s servants need Belle to stay as much as the Beast does — their lives depend on it.

This month the National Audit Office, a watchdog, revealed that civil servants were concerned by public spending on the bridge.

Lawmakers interviewed by Reuters said civil servants had not been paid for at least six months.

Even as public servants, police officers maintain their Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination, according to Burbank.

Austria is currently led by a provisional government of civil servants ahead of a parliamentary election expected in September.

The government now threatens to punish civil servants who ignore court rulings or fail to observe party policies.

Since 2008 the number of civil servants in the euro zone has fallen by about 6%.

It has been burning through its dollar reserves at such a clip that earlier this year it seemed unable to pay civil servants.

They also instructed civil servants not to obey orders from Madrid and respond with peaceful resistance.

Civil servants in the petroleum ministry (one of a handful of fuel ministries) talk of turning India into a gas-based economy.

Senior military officers, like all military personnel (and civil servants, too), swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

It will make Mr Fillon an easy target for irate trade unions and fearful civil servants.

One leaked note from a consultancy portrays a flailing government that needs up to 30,000 more civil servants to manage Brexit.

Civil servants are not being paid.

On Saturday alone, 4,000 civil servants were fired.

Most of the civil servants implementing Brexit think it a mistake.

CIVIL servants mostly operate behind the scenes and off camera.

Perhaps this is unsurprising; all six of the senior civil servants running education are SADTU members.

Visitors to its grand townhouses, or to the sumptuous plantation mansions nearby, might be shown suspiciously well-appointed “servants’ quarters”.

She then asked to bring along two “servants” (in fact, they were colleagues).

British curators can be a bloody-minded lot and the wily ways of civil servants in Whitehall are hard for a foreigner to fathom.

It would ensure regular, reliable payment for civil servants and avoid these periodic disruptions of federal employees’ lives.

We want to root for Katherine, but then she turns around and acts cruelly to her servants.

“We do not need new laws,” he told civil servants at the Department for Homeland Security.

But civil servants can wear the hijab.

It also reduces demands on Norwegian civil servants.

The FBI’s force of dedicated public servants will not be alone in bearing the burden of this hyperpartisan moment.

Usually, the group includes a few celebrities, as well as public servants like veterans and young people like girl scouts.

When she was made social-security secretary, her deputy told civil servants to bypass her and take big decisions to him.

He curbed the rapaciousness of his civil servants and clerical reactionaries.

As well as businessmen, those detained over the weekend include police officers, civil servants, and teachers.

It also causes a headache for civil servants who will have to make repayments and manage the funds.

Being closer to the physical centre of the country would save MPs, ministers and civil servants travel time and money.

I think our party’s public servants are stronger.”

Its centre, where MPs, ministers and civil servants would be based, voted for Remain in the Brexit referendum.

The state of Rio supports more public-sector pensioners than working civil servants; for every police colonel on active duty five are retired.

Civil servants are facing particular pressure to enroll, according to more than a dozen state workers.

Staff talk of civil servants simply disappearing.

More specifically, it wants you to know that politics and upheaval are also going on in the various relationships among Victoria’s royal servants.

Even Rwanda, with no great commodity riches, is soliciting patriotic donations to build its own (civil servants coughed up $2.5m last year).

With luck, though, they will return to being science’s servants, rather than its ringmasters.

The roles played by the outgoing administration and by career civil servants have increased.

“We struck at the very heart of the Kremlin and its servants,” he told a press conference after the assassination.

And that required relying on an image of the Kennedys as upstanding, clean-cut, even glamorous public servants.

But most civil servants are not parking their yachts in Washington harbour or meeting with lobbyists.

Smiley asserts that the gig economy isn’t about sharing; it’s about service, and it clearly demarcates the served and the servants.

“Now, dignified public servants are forced to deny being the source.

And since 2010 Conservative-led governments have slashed the number of civil servants, in a bid to right the public finances.

There are more than 4,000 political appointees in the executive branch and many career public servants doing important policy work.

State agencies have lost expertise as senior civil servants are canned.

His ministers called civil servants lazy and not only unveiled a transformation plan with austerity measures, but actually began implementing them.

Clean silver is a measure of busy hands, a guarantee of your servants’ industry.

A pay rise to central-government civil servants is expected to be matched by states.

Civil servants are in line for whopping pay rises.

A cash crisis means public servants often do not get their salaries paid out in full.

Although chancellor Philip Hammond previously said civil servants were “overpaid” he is understood to back the move.

They also want to cut monthly pension payments for other civil servants and teachers while raising the retirement age to 65.

Youssef Chahed, the prime minister, has proposed sweeping austerity measures, such as firing civil servants, raising taxes and suspending investment in infrastructure.

“Good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice,” May said.

Mrs May showed civil servants who was boss—no mean achievement in a huge and lethargic bureaucracy—and took on vested interests such as the police.

“I liked that he said we won’t be Trump’s servants, nobody has said it like that,” Abelardo Ochoa, 32, said at the rally.

Although its aspiring professionals are more likely to vote Conservative, many are public servants who work in hospitals, schools and universities.

Civil servants have reportedly been told to dust off their plans for a hung parliament.

I’m going to go with that, as far as public servants go.

The earthquake made the weak state even weaker, killing many civil servants and destroying their records.

Amid the destruction of public services, Jensen said that many civil servants have thanklessly continued carrying out their jobs without payment.

In colonial times the British set up universities to train civil servants, while neglecting schools.

But in reality, the gender of our public servants sets the women’s health agenda, and in the US, men control a filibuster-proof majority.

They paid civil servants’ salaries, and were surprisingly flexible in their interpretation of sharia (Islamic law).

“The Maids” picks up after the war, telling the stories of household servants working for a family similar to that in “The Makioka Sisters”.

TURKEY’S president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, responded to last summer’s attempted coup by sacking or suspending 160,000 public servants and arresting 60,000 more.

Civil servants and ministers, including Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, are among the heaviest users.

Like servants and goalies, pollsters are noticed only when they fail.

The upheaval empowers civil servants, who privately favour the least-disruptive Brexit possible.

brought servants with them to Johnson’s Island.

I have not heard that any of the Gettysburg prisoners bringing slaves or servants.

When civil servants howled about plans to cut their ample pay, the government backed down in April.

Cabinet officials are public servants.

But it also foments disdain towards public servants, who seem to be aloof most of the time and turn oppressive when pressed from above.

(While masters used the facilities, the servants guarded their elaborate robes, apparently coining the term garderobe, as historian Dan Snow explains.)

Many Liberian civil servants are former fighters who were given jobs to buy their good behaviour.

All but the lowest-paid public servants had their salaries frozen between 2011 and 2012.

For reasons that are not understood, the pay of public servants appears to be falling fastest in London.

For that the government needs to reduce spending, for example by speeding early retirement of civil servants and not replacing them.

A weak prime minister weakens those around her, whether politicians or civil servants.

Civil servants are willing to implement policies they disagree with — or even aggressive interpretations of federal law, says Mark.

Civil servants would have very good reasons to resist.

“It soothes me, like I’m a baby.” Hey, no judgment — this season especially, LaLa’s our queen, and we but her humble servants.

“These career civil servants, they know that.

He has cut the pay of civil servants there (many of whom went on being paid by Ramallah despite the split).

There are thousands of civil servants working through that calculus right now.

The EU, with about 33,000 civil servants, is dwarfed by the British government, which employs over 400,000.

So the change will be made on the margins: as individual civil servants determine their individual carrying capacities.

Miftah Ismail, chairman of the Board of Investment, reckons that the country, with a workforce of 65m, has around 10m domestic servants.

“Thanks to the great bravery of all our firefighters, and as well all the public servants there, we had a very quick intervention.

“This is really what’s required of us as civil servants, whether it be foreign service officers or civil servants,” he said.

It would’ve banned all public servants from wearing religious symbols including, hijabs, turbans, or yamakas.

Abandoned by the servants, desperate for food, they become increasingly selfish and combative.

British Ahmadis are more likely to be hedge-fund managers and civil servants than impecunious DJs, and it shows.

But the separation of powers depends on checks and balances, and civil servants are uniquely well-situated to bolster them.”

Two groups of people risk being alienated by Emmanuel Macron’s latest moves: the armed forces and the civil servants.

As she puts it in the suit, “Fashion models are not indentured servants.”

She asks everyone who crosses her path for an opinion—her sisters, her brothers-in-law, the servants, the suppliers, the gardener.

Thousands of teachers and bureaucrats from Egypt and Syria filled posts vacated by France’s fleeing civil servants.

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Pro-government rallies, meanwhile, are attended mainly by press-ganged civil servants and young men paid to join in.

Civil-society groups were shut down, civil servants sacked, access to parts of the internet blocked.

Modern democracy depends on the transparency of civil servants, and the advancement of science depends upon open and informed debate.

(The men are among the 110,000 civil servants purged from their jobs since last summer.)

And public servants balked at paying private investors to profit from the handicapped.

Fountains erupted in wine and servants scrambled everywhere to serve the royals, their noble constituents, and sizable armies.

His predecessor, Neelie Kroes, a Dutch former politician, was bold but tended to follow the advice of her civil servants.

Now that the pay cap has been lifted for some public servants, others are expecting a pay rise too.

Egyptian officials have said they expect the first civil servants to start working from the new capital in mid-2020.

If all public servants were given a 2% rise, the overall bill could be an extra £5bn or so higher by 2021.

The pay cap is starting to come off, but in the coming years public servants will be squeezed in other ways.

Those points and others to limit benefits have drawn criticism from public servants and labor unions alike, irking lawmakers who face elections next year.

Ministers have mused about banning gay student groups from universities, or attempting to weed out gay civil servants.

They are the servants of imperialism,” he told AK Party members in the northern province of Amasya.

“We have judges, police and civil servants,” says a Shia ironmonger in Cairo, who secretly converted from Sunnism.

The kind of disrespect, for example, that allows public servants to speak for prisoners without providing sufficient proof to back up what they say.

Since then Hamas has run the coastal strip as a separate fief, with its own civil servants and police.

Civil servants in Whitehall had been urging their counterparts in Hong Kong to introduce high taxes for some time.

It is encouraging elderly people to keep working and is debating raising the retirement age for civil servants by five years, to 65.

It also did not provide specific details on the allegations against the 10 public servants or the sanctions they face.

The middle classes lived in solid contentment, with enough space to bring up a family and enough servants to lighten the domestic drudgery.

Surveys of the civil servants who work there suggest that it is not a happy ship (see chart).

To do that it would need an extra 5,000 civil servants.

Our servants are now dealing with us like a nanny would to their child.

A deputy prime minister, for example, was caught on film instructing a group of civil servants to vote for him.

But EU negotiators might ask how Britain calculates the pension liability for its own public servants.

They all worked as servants, essentially, on the trains.

Two servants of the Kinnear household were convicted of the crime.

A likelier reason is that civil servants have become more wary.

My primary role was conducting security background checks on public servants and military personnel who had security clearance.

Biannual releases detailing civil servants’ pay and rank have become similarly tardy.

The number of civil servants in central government has fallen by a fifth in the past five years.

Most of its functions are being carried out by local civil servants under the supervision of Westminster.

More than 110,000 judges, teachers, police and civil servants have been detained or suspended in a response that critics say is quashing legitimate opposition.

The rich got cheaper servants, while taking advantage of private health-care and schools for themselves and their children.

I’ve been living in a servants‘ quarter for years.

In Stellaris you can build your dream society where there are no servants and no masters.

It helps that some states hire Scrabble players as civil servants.

So he moved the bank from Sana’a to Aden in 2016 and stopped paying the salaries of public servants in the north.

Legally, the public-sector entity can be liquidated or made bankrupt and employees are not civil servants.

“If they come here, we would be their servants and I don’t want that,” says Ms Vasilieva’s daughter.

Noting how they like to copy the old feudal style, with big cars, browbeaten servants and brazen tax avoidance, Mr Laleka calls them “pseudo-feudals”.

Conventional opinion will be turned on its head, as liberals rediscover the virtues of a revising chamber of experienced public servants (the meritocracy incarnate!

I thought: Well, I have servants for the first time in my life, feeding me, doing my dishes, my laundry.

Aadhaar IDs provide a quick, easy and theoretically foolproof way for civil servants and firms to know for sure with whom they are dealing.

The metaphor of dedicated public servants tasked with taping together the president’s shredded paper is too perfect; its triteness is cringeworthy.

To cushion the blow, civil servants will receive an extra 1,000 riyals ($267) per month.

A couple of decades ago inexperienced civil servants were routinely diddled by armies of lawyers hired by private firms.

“(But) his network of regional politicians, local civil servants, and business people has been weakened and disrupted over the years,” she said.

In this reality television show, honest civil servants working in corrupt countries compete for glory, fame and, occasionally, a live chicken.

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Mr Trump seems unable to believe that public servants are capable of putting country ahead of personal beliefs or interests.

The cleverest computer scientists dream of IPOs, and senior politicians and civil servants cash in when they retire with private-sector jobs.

Others work in businesses that may be formal or informal, or are domestic servants.

Mr Ramaphosa may not be able to act much more boldly, particularly in cutting the wage bill for civil servants.

The ruling comes as a relief to organized labor because unionized civil servants in states without right-to-work laws comprise its main power base.

Mr Ramaphosa cannot begin to reform South Africa without honest and capable public servants running the state and its companies.

On Saturday alone, 4,000 civil servants were fired.

About 145,000 civil servants, security personnel and academics have also been suspended or sacked as part of a related purge.

An attempt to delay pay hikes for civil servants was blocked by the supreme court.

About 145,000 civil servants, security personnel and academics have been suspended or sacked.

Civil servants also received a special bonus in January and can expect another in June.

Architecture graduates and civil servants have cashed in on the boom and taken up farming.

He turned up at offices to check if Tanzania’s famously lackadaisical civil servants were at work.

Bossed about by servants who refuse to play with her, she watches out of the windows as donkeys, slaves and nuns walk past.

The Cabinet Office is working on a service to put startups in touch with civil servants.

Many civil servants and factory workers were cajoled into voting by their bosses, and driven to the polls.

Civil servants cited regulations; cynics noted the mayor’s rivalry with the president.

(Civil servants are, mysteriously, common beneficiaries.)

As significant is the rise of mid-size farms (those between five and 100 hectares), often owned by civil servants in the cities.

Civil servants say they expect to be paid for the first time in a year.

Those leaks may well have been payback from Home Office civil servants, whom Ms Rudd originally tried to blame for the scandal.

In Belgium, civil servants who access data on the registry have their own ID numbers recorded.

Mr Najib has offered big voting groups, such as civil servants, billions of ringgit in bonuses and other goodies to soothe them.

It showered goodies on important voting groups, such as civil servants, in its budget in October.

And customers think it’s OK to swear at servers because they’re indentured servants, apparently.

Last year, a wide-reaching survey conducted by leading civil servants found that a third of 15-year-old girls had reported harming themselves on purpose.

We were all servants in the Kingdom of Heaven, which set the hierarchy on earth.

Because we’re public servants.

This year she also increased civil servants’ pay by 3%.

The government’s (much needed) cuts to pensions for civil servants and teachers prompted big demonstrations.

“Among the respondents were farmers, doctors, civil servants, care workers, bank clerks, accountants, electricians and company directors,” according to the study.

Last week civil servants also took to the streets to defend their special status.

Ministers routinely let their guard down when they demolished the ministerial drinks cabinet with their civil servants and advisers.

The lion’s share comes instead from unusually generous pensions, corporate subsidies and salaries for civil servants.

A total of some 150,000 people, mainly civil servants, security personnel and academics have been suspended or sacked as part of a related crackdown.

In return, the UN hopes the coalition will allow the central bank to resume paying civil servants in rebel-held areas.

A Home Office briefing note lists 17 types of abuse, ranging from forced labour to coercing spouses or servants into domestic work.

After the energy crisis, data collection and forecasting would be led by impartial civil servants at national and international levels.

The victims were Tsar Nicholas, the Empress Alexandra and their five children, along with their doctor and three servants.

The ecstatic crowd, which was composed mainly of civil servants and second- and third-ranking politicians sent on behalf of their ministers, applauded.

In Spain, the center-right government restored before elections in December part of an annual 13th month bonus paid to civil servants canceled in 2012.

Dozens of civil servants raised their eyes to the glass dome as if they were praying.

It recently announced pay hikes for civil servants (17.5%), police (20%) and soldiers (22.5%).

The PA has cut public-sector pay in Gaza by over 40% and forced thousands of civil servants into retirement.

Some are Britons, half-hearted servants of empire.

Let’s create bootcamps to train civil servants.

Some of the civil servants her team encounters do not seem entirely sure where Anguilla is.

He said he had not defended the ambassador more because he did not think civil servants should be dragged into political disputes.

It does not treat its academics as civil servants, as do France and Germany.

How can you create world-class universities if your academics are civil servants trapped in a national labour market?

Today some of the schools are reserved for retired civil servants, but others are open to all.

“Unemployment here is very bad and these public servants are all we’ve got now.

All of this would be subject to the miles-long queues at Channel ports which British civil servants have warned Brexit could cause.

Both of his parents are civil servants in Selimbau, a village in West Kalimantan, a province in the Indonesian part of Borneo.

“Many [officials] who remain, who see themselves as apolitical civil servants, have been disturbed by displays of overt partisanship.

“Civil servants need to realize that the power is in their hands.

Civil servants were not paid on time last month.

Social services were under stress, civil servants were going unpaid, and a city-owned firm that finances infrastructure had started to miss its debt payments.

Brooklyn trio Think Tank take the “experimental” part of their description seriously, as their last album, servants, Animals, or Anything Else, made clear.

The PA employs about 170,000 civil servants in the occupied territories.

That apparently hasn’t stopped some Ingress players from asking civil servants to play the game.

Instead, the commissions are headed by a senior judge, supported by a mixture of lawyers and civil servants.

The inquiry will also investigate allegations that the scandal was covered up by doctors, civil servants and politicians.

Domestic servants and farm workers face some of the highest levels of harassment and some of the flimsiest protections.

Senior civil servants have poured honeyed words into her ear.

State pensions are often excluded from generous exemptions but Cyprus taxes all pensions at 5%, making it particularly attractive for retired civil servants.

“People could leave home and become servants and then be overcome with homesickness,” said Shorter.

Some at the top of the hierarchy take advantage, with senior staff humiliating juniors and MPs treating staff “like servants”.

Many doctors and civil servants have gone unpaid for more than a year.

Meanwhile, public servants are scrambling behind the scenes to maintain the status quo.

While technology would seem to offer opportunity—the women find out about free surgeries through Instagram—in fact it relegates them to the status of servants.

I adopt the role of the lazy queen who lets servants fight for her and dote upon her with food.

Lawmakers, judges, journalists and civil servants will have to work hard to limit the damage.

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