Separate in a sentence | Use of the word separate examples

“Aha,” says Moses, “we have to use separate dishes for meat and milk and wait six hours between the two!”

For a separate guarantee Deutsch Bank took $1 billion, the sources said.

The White House said on Friday Trump will not have a separate meeting with his Russian counterpart.

A separate issue is that the FBI does not have every email that was on Clinton’s server.

We are all in this together,” Curry said in a separate tweet.

Exxon Mobil Corp also has brought two separate arbitration claims over the 2007 nationalization of its projects in Venezuela.

Amanda Stephens tried two separate polling places in Corpus Christi, Texas, hoping to vote early on her lunch break.

There’s no need to run two separate election processes, one for in-person votes and another for mail-in absentee votes.

WeWork says it plans to run Conductor as a separate line of business available to WeWork members and non-members.

He continued: “The truth is that in America we have race and we have class, but they’re separate things that overlap a lot.”

Saudi Aramco said in a separate statement on Wednesday that it had signed 12 pacts with South Korean partners worth billions of dollars.

It’s really like being inside of a separate reality.

A separate judge in New York later ordered certain banks to turn over assets they had held for Sudan to partially satisfy the judgment.

Now, Asperger’s Syndrome—one of several previously separate sub-types of autism—is no longer diagnosed separately, but amalgamated into “Autism Spectrum Disorders.”

The poll, which has a confidence interval of 5 percentage points, posed two questions to two separate polls of voters.

It has also asked for adjudication in a separate case against China.

Four separate bathrooms are located nearby, one of which has a steam shower.

We submitted papers three separate times.

“None of those things have come up in the four separate background investigations that have taken place,” Sanders said.

The beef issue is technically a separate matter.

They do not caucus in separate rooms.

It’s a company trying to prove that having a CEO busy running a separate company isn’t anything to worry about.

Not surprisingly, the process is a little different than it is for terrestrial breweries, who typically separate the carbonation and fermentation.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a separate statement thanking his Mexican counterpart, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

It was later found that tusks from the Malaysia cargo matched tusks from two separate seizures in Mombasa and Togo.

[Mark Gurman and Brad Stone / Bloomberg] Andreessen Horowitz is preparing to launch a separate fund for crypto investments.

“Big can do good things as well as bad things, and you’ve got to separate the wheat from the chaff.

After a romantic summer spent together, cowboys Jack and Ennis separate for four year, going on to marry and have kids.

A separate statement from the CTE Center said that the disease was “Stage 3 out of 4, (Stage 4 being the most severe).”

The specimens were discovered a month apart in 2016 by separate mining concerns in Canada’s far north, and handed over to researchers immediately.

Le Monde says that the two men used several intermediaries and at least four separate companies to process the transaction.

separate them into two colors and piles, red and black.

Elsewhere in the painting is a set of lungs, two separate hearts, and a set of kidneys — each organ crucial to the blood.

“Regenerated areas become separate, exclusive enclaves no longer interwoven with the city fabric and local built environment.

(A separate video shows Matt, whose abdomen is severely swollen from liver disease, helping another man use heroin during the same photo shoot.)

Some have also questioned DiSabato’s motives, given he reportedly filed a lawsuit against Ohio State University over a separate issue in the past.

(I had a separate discussion with Lilliana Mason on this topic around the same time.)

In the acting categories, it received three separate nominations for its performances (including a mildly surprising nod for Octavia Spencer’s work).

But when you try to turn those recollections into a definition, separate the dives from the ordinary bars, words fail.

A separate taskforce will be set up to recover the assets, Azam Baki, a deputy commissioner at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, told reporters.

You’ve said that your art and your activism are one and the same, that it’s impossible to separate them.

Davis also announced the details four separate memorial events that will take place this week in both Arizona and Washington, DC.

The Court ruled in 1954 that separate but equal is not equal, which offered many people hope for the first time.

(He is also now taking part in a separate documentary series about the Avery case called Convicting a Murderer.)

But he chose to use his time during a separate hearing on Tuesday to defend Diamond and Silk as well.

Into a separate bowl, place remaining wafer crumbs, remaining butter, remaining salt and the cocoa powder and mix well.

Two separate, independent analyses of the AHCA find this isn’t true.

After being asked for money by five separate people an office supply truck passes, GIVE SOMETHING BACK across it.

When Robert Rauschenberg famously said that he worked in “that gap between art and life,” he suggested that the two were separate domains.

Will Thompson and Julius Jones were captured by separate mobs shortly after and similarly hanged, their bodies left dangling from the trees.

Within furry fandom it’s difficult to separate hyperbole from reality, even more so when applied to those furries with alt-right politics.

The three of us will move on and forge our own separate paths.

Through a separate subscription, it also sells wine to accompany the meals.

Let’s all find ways to connect people, not separate them.

This is what makes it so hard for fans to separate West’s new album from his recent statements.

The founders took very separate paths, with Samiof going into hotel trade and Nissen becoming a professional photographer and art director.

Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump discussed North Korea during a phone call, the White House and Kremlin said in separate statements.

The previous injunction was in response to a separate class action, filed by four legislators from the left-wing Workers Party.

I try to keep my politics sort of separate from the business.

She ended up in the 1980s, when she was working for him at two separate jobs, confiding in four, five or six friends …

And everything was tainted by his previous absence; the remnants of our separate endurances surrounded us.

There are so many separate corruption charges threatening to finally bring down Netanyahu that the Israeli press refers to them by numbers.

The Commission also published separate guidelines on what standards a bond marketed as “green” should meet and on climate-related benchmarks for company reporting.

Is there a lot of care given to reflecting the feelings that you’re addressing lyrically or are those processes kind of separate?

When only 80,000 votes separate a winner from a loser, a lot of things can end up mattering.

separate local parties would almost certainly decrease national-level polarization, because they would be a source of cross-cutting national alignments.

We leave the cafe and go our separate ways.

In at least five separate media interviews, several campaign events, and on Twitter, Trump has railed against Bush, one of his GOP primary rivals.

They need to separate.

Trump also ripped into Bush during two separate MSNBC interviews, a CNBC interview, and on a Boston-based sports-radio station.

Disney World once had a separate theme park on a private island called Discovery Island that was focused on birds and fauna.

Chic cocktail casual (those are three separate things!).

He has been personally invited to testify by three separate U.S. congressional committees, which has higher stakes.

He’s the director of the MIT Media Lab, which is separate from MIT itself, which is a university.

Two separate criminal cases in which he was charged with robbery and making criminal threats were also dismissed.

The Defense Department Inspector General is investigating the findings and is expected to issue a separate report, military officials said.

The two separate indictments against him in the District of Columbia and Virginia are seen as unusual.

Now, the Senate has rejected three separate proposals to repeal the law in full or in part.

For the study, a white patient and a black patient left separate voicemails for 320 New York City therapists.

You don’t separate families from one another or demonize those looking to America for a better life.

Or they’re all separate groups?

I think they’re all separate things.

Nissan last week also showed off a separate self-parking car, which fared much better.

Police had advised peaceful protestors to separate from violent “anarchists.

Indeed, there are two separate groups of emails, and some of the accusations against Clinton are contradictory.

You’d have eight separate trials in the courtroom.

separate but equal.”

Moreover, it conflicts with the separate attack that Clinton was reckless about security.

“You’re not going to get clean answers in the studies because you cannot separate the fat from the food,” says Marion Nestle.

But part of our journey was how do we truly not separate the eye from the ear?

Reuters also reviewed a separate agreement between DLS and the foundation.

Online, the collection has its own landing page separate from the rest of the Kohl’s website.

The idea of these separate countries with absolute sovereignty over territory is an idea that’s waning at the moment.

They also keep editorial staff separate from advertising staff.

And he wanted ostrich: prosecutors also pointed to a separate $9,500 ostrich vest that Manafort bought in 2011.

And he wanted ostrich: prosecutors also pointed to a separate $9,500 ostrich vest that Manafort bought in 2011.

By the summer of 1860, there were more than 100,000 Wide Awake members gathered into about 1,000 separate clubs across the country.

The new specimen joins a separate mosasaur skeleton at the museum that was recovered from another ammonite mine near Lethbridge.

I try to separate the institution from the original texts or ideas.

The probation process is separate from San Francisco-based PG&E’s bankruptcy.

Some plans could offer separate coverage for maternity care, CBO theorized.

We treat news as some separate thing that’s sort of free until otherwise proven it should be paid.

If you looked at the legacy publishers, they started out having a separate digital divisions- They did.

So they can’t keep you separate.

Following an intervention by Mr Kaczyński, the speaker opted not to reinstate Mr Szczerba but to restart parliamentary proceedings in a separate committee room.

Following an intervention by Mr Kaczyński, the speaker opted not to reinstate Mr Szczerba but to restart parliamentary proceedings in a separate committee room.

Two separate rulings gave reprieves to Ward and McGehee as well.

The Justice Department has a separate ongoing criminal investigation into the excess emissions.

The al-Sanea case is separate from the main anti-graft campaign.

Finally, there’s often a failure to separate correlational and causal evidence.

Health insurance and career opportunity are impossible to separate for Erin Hoover.

“Each layer is printed and articulated as a separate print.

The city maintains a separate and independent legal system as part of the broader freedoms the formula guarantees.

The raids are related to a separate investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Going carb-free, or low-carb, on the other hand, is a completely separate diet.

Some would prefer to separate the racial scars of their everyday from their art.

It’s still, you know … They’re separate points.

Facebook is set to testify in front of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on Nov. 1 in two separate hearings.

Zahran’s driver was detained in a separate raid, according to a police statement.

I would have maintained separate friendships and committed to spending time with my friends.

The Ninth Circuit is weighing a separate appeal to the ban, but has not indicated when they plan to rule on it.

This is separate.

In a separate incident at another food prep facility, FDA inspectors found water from a condenser dripping in and around prepared food.

In 2017, North Carolina passed a separate law that rescinded the rule.

Marble bath with separate tub and steam shower?

Santa Clara prosecutors have successfully pushed to have him removed from a separate sexual assault case.

(Instead, insurers were required to have a separate premium for abortion coverage and pay for that coverage through a special fund.)

The site also deems a subset of critics to be “top critics” and calculates a separate score that only includes them.

It’s hard for me to separate the two without taking the me out of the equation.

How was it different from the way each of you would put together your own separate projects?

Brafman said in a May court filing that federal prosecutors in New York had opened a separate criminal investigation into the allegations.

“EDF has been chosen,” de Rudy said in Saint Nazaire where he was launching a separate EDF offshore wind project.

separate CBCPAC endorsed withOUT input from CBC membership, including me.

In a separate medium bowl, mix together the flour, cornmeal, sugar, salt, and baking powder.

As Vox’s Dara Lind explained, there’s no explicit US policy to separate undocumented families.

He’d work to separate the wrists and attack with a kimura or a sumi-gaeshi throw.

Verizon, meanwhile, will require a separate SIM card and disable the built-in embedded Apple SIM on the iPads it sells.

She told police that Paddock was ranting about two separate events that took place in the 1990s.

Two separate Harvard studies have also shown that blue light suppresses melatonin more than other types of light.

Bringing back some family separation would be possible despite a court ruling preventing the government from deciding to separate parents and children.

In a separate report on Friday, the Fed said industrial production rebounded 0.6 percent last month after falling 0.2 percent in October.

A second trial of Manafort, on separate charges brought by Mueller, is set to start on Sept. 17 in federal court in Washington.

Humans who believe they are separate from the rest of the animal kingdom.

We all went our separate ways after the tour.

The Trump administration’s policy to separate parents and children at the border has been met with a mix of outrage and confusion.

As with nearly everything Saunders writes, there’s a joy in the language wholly separate from whatever absurdist plot.

It’s all part of a massive probe into corruption in NCAA basketball — spelled out in 3 separate criminal complaints.

At the moment, there are separate negotiations and contracts for every drug from every company, and those prices are not made public.

Macy’s has separate, well-delineated areas for its men’s and women’s stores.

Invest six months, and you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in a way that nobody will strenuously contest.

A separate lawsuit by New York’s attorney general is pending.

DK: I wouldn’t even separate them like that.

Plans to widen the tax net and separate tax policy from revenue collection also won support.

In February, Mueller added a new set of charges against Manafort, which entailed a separate trial in Virginia.

But landing Amazon’s new headquarters will also bring a separate set of headaches for the city that wins.

But landing Amazon’s new headquarters will also bring a separate set of headaches for the city that wins.

This claim, experts say, doesn’t hold up to scrutiny; the Clean Power Plan is entirely separate from the Paris deal.

Naval Forces in the region received two separate distress calls at 6:12a.m.

“Negotiations and consultations, to have meaning, must be sincere,” Lu told reporters at a separate daily briefing.

But later, I began to feel eerily less separate.

Should we jointly advance regional cooperation or should we go our separate ways?” Xi asked.

Meridian’s Niamonitakis said he revoked the Donaldsons’ preferential rent because, on six separate occasions, Meridian had to inquire about nonpayment of rent.

(Armed service members receive similar raises in a related but separate process.)

A key point to understanding deep learning is there are two critical but separate steps involved in the process.

A key point to understanding deep learning is there are two critical but separate steps involved in the process.

He still faces separate charges in New Jersey in that case.

separate from that sex scandal, Morrissey also allegedly pressured a legal client for sex, though prosecutors declined to charge him in 2016.

In between, he ordered the delay, non-enforcement, or review of a number of regulations in five separate executive actions.

At the airport, I asked for separate plane seats, and cried all the way home.

The following day, a separate derailment spilled about 1,000 gallons of crude oil into the Mississippi.

Shares of Netflix, which will replace Monsanto in the separate S&P 100 index, rose 1.6 percent.

“The goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content,” he wrote.

CEO Travis Kalanick asked Singhal to resign, as the company conducts a separate investigation into allegations of harassment by former employee Susan Fowler.

LS: And so what happens, you witness them being stopped and they separate the men and women and children, and then they …

Some border patrol officers also are beginning to have increased authority in a separate, high-stakes decision-making process for asylum seekers.

Thirty-eight states have their own “two-victim” laws, meaning it is considered a separate crime to harm a fetus.

These institutions need to stay separate.

There’s that eternal question: Can you separate the artist from the art they created?

The U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2000, but other data points to a separate American existence.

Anywhere else, that win might have registered as a fluky example of the slim margins that sometimes separate wins from losses.

Mattis and Chief of Staff Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos.”

It would bar employers from offering separate plans that compete with this new, government-run option.

This suggests that to change minds, we need to separate opinions from identities — a task that proves particularly hard with politics.

In a separate bowl, combine the coffee with the cocoa powder and whisk until smooth, then stir into the eggs.

In a separate bowl, combine the flour with the baking powder and baking soda.

Democrats say they’re aware that advancing too many separate policy proposals could wind up backfiring.

“Talking about 26 separate issues before an election to an electorate is overwhelming.

But that’s a separate discussion.

The charges Weinstein faces now are separate from the Gutierrez case.

Still, handwriting was considered a major skill worth learning; penmanship was usually a separate class, graded separately on report cards.

“It’s frightening how easy it is to separate yourself from the world around you,” says singer/producer Noga Erez.

What we’re saying is that we’d like to separate them from weed culture forever.

Lately it’s seemed like Elliot is on an entirely separate show from Darlene, Angela, and Dom, and that doesn’t change with “Master Slave.”

Banks operating in Britain must separate deposit-taking operations from riskier investment banking activities before January 2019.

The company reached a separate settlement covering 80,000 3.0-liter diesels and agreed to buy back about 20,000 of those vehicles.

I think the reference to “separate but unequal” was very significant.

For me, and this is the definition we use—”meme” and “viral” were two separate things.

But a separate study, published a year earlier, found that yoga assisted in stroke recovery.

And select units have these sliding oak panels that can be shut to separate the kitchen from the eating nook.

The point of filing for legal separation … from this point forward all assets will be separate.

The U.S. is very well-segmented companies with Google, Amazon, Facebook, each having clearly what they did as a separate … Their lane.

But now, after the demonstrations, “the window for policy has shifted so much”, he told a separate climate week event.

But leader Kim Jong Un did on three separate occasions.

On two separate, recent occasions, I found myself at a park and in direct sun without any sun protection on.

Queiroz credits the success with having a separate profit-and-loss line for his team, something many Google experimental units lack.

In separate statements, Jaish al-Islam and Failaq al-Rahman pledged to protect aid convoys that come into the besieged rebel enclave near Damascus.

We leave the cafe and go our separate ways.

“These are in some ways separate epidemics, but in many ways they are two sides of the same coin,” Alexander said.

Drugs administered by doctors and hospitals are covered under a separate Medicare benefit.

It’s not easy to make separate labels just for one state.

Subsequently, a separate judge ordered a pause on Lula’s appointment, suggesting it may have been illegal.

Julian Alarcon, the chef and a partner in the restaurant, also quit—and was reportedly meeting with an attorney to separate himself from the backlash.

Making enriched uranium requires the use of centrifuges, devices that spin uranium really fast to separate U-235 from the less potent stuff.

Last November, a federal bankruptcy judge in Indiana approved a separate settlement forgiving nearly $600 million of ITT student debt.

But now, they’ve announced the engagement is off and they’re going their separate ways.

Amazon’s Alexa platform could generate $10 billion in revenues by 2020, a separate report from RBC Capital Markets estimated.

Is there a separate lunchroom to eat or breakout spaces to have a change of scenery?

I mean yeah, there’s a separate thing about why … We’re in that genre though, we’re in that …

The proposal breaks Bears Ears into two separate monuments and Grand Staircase-Escalante into three.

Its 2,885 square feet of living space includes a separate bedroom and living room, as well as an expansive bathroom with designer toiletries.

The G10 Rates Finance Team will be separate from the new combined Rates and Currencies business.

Last year, Amazon faced fines following the death of two warehouse workers who were killed in accidents at separate facilities.

His turn to figuration would definitively separate him, aesthetically, from his peers.

Series A bonds’ trustee also disclosed in a separate filing that funds were not received.

However, Juncker has warned against Macron’s suggestion that euro zone states create their own separate institutions.

FBI Director James Comey said Friday that the bureau was reviewing the emails after finding them during a separate investigation.

FBI Director James Comey said Friday that the bureau was reviewing the emails after finding them during a separate investigation.

They could take one comprehensive decision on Phase 2 or break it down into separate ones on the transition and future ties.

The hard part about this conversation has been balancing these two issues, criticizing Omar without providing cover for a separate kind of bigotry.

(The US’ treatment of non-Mexican unaccompanied children is governed by a specific law separate from the general asylum law.)

She and Murdock begin a love affair and eventually go their separate ways.

The startup is also securing a separate credit facility of several million dollars.

For 2018, in-between Biennials 13 and 14, SAF’s spring exhibition program featured no less than six separate, significant exhibitions.

The hearing’s been rescheduled for November 1st … the same day Kylie’s set to come in for a separate interview.

Cook and Musk joined Trump for separate meetings after the other technology executives leave, according to a spokesman for Trump’s transition team.

“But in a separate, larger universe, the onetime rising star is ascendant once again.”

Impale the cheeseburger on a separate skewer and add to the drink, sticking out from the top.

Obviously the two young girls at the centre of the documentary were not able to separate the fiction of Slenderman from the reality.

The modern mythmaking involved in creepypasta allows each separate story to persist outside of a messageboard environment.

“We’ve been approached by six separate women who tell six stories,” Avenatti said.

In 2015, there were three separate suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia, all of which were claimed by extremist groups.

She also plans to use it for a new clothing line, according to separate docs.

(The company has submitted a separate application to sell IQOS in the US, which is still working its way through the FDA.)

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor teaming up to separate a whole bunch of suckers and their money.

We don’t have two separate problems, a gun problem and a terrorism problem.

His campaign has capitalized on the simmering racial resentment that keeps whites and nonwhites in separate neighborhoods to begin with.

The genre-bending novel follows their three separate but interconnected lives.

A spokesman for Puzder, George Thompson, said he expects that Puzder will turn in a separate questionnaire to the committee by Thursday morning.

This trend belies a certain impulse within Evangelical Christians to separate the entire world into two categories: sheep and goats, wheat and chaff.

It’s great that two generations of fans get to experience these separate streaks and can argue over which team was better.

The AHCA includes separate caps for different groups of beneficiaries — the elderly, disabled, non-elderly adults, etc.

Cohen’s family office, Point72 Asset Management, which manages his billions, already has a separate quant arm called Cubist Systematic Strategies.

Chinese private equity firm GSR Capital has also been vying for the stake, two separate people familiar with the matter said.

(This means if you’re shooting for 150 grams per day, you need five separate doses of protein.)

The company had previously raised $8 million in funding to build other apps, including a separate mobile video app called Hype.

Blankenbaker said the officer was able to separate himself but the man charged again and the officer shot him.

It’s just my wife and I have been in two separate places and we like to watch together or watch with the girls.

Girls and younger children are held at separate facilities.

Then again, separate the farmers from individuals from rural Mexico.

You can tell that from the fact there are no solid rules on e-commerce,” Seko told a separate briefing.

We have seen that people want to separate their dating lives from Facebook.

So that was clear, that they wanted to separate their dating world from their Facebook world.

Both the Senate and House have passed separate bills that would reopen the government.

But if you can separate yourself from that, and focus on the visceral aspects of what was happening, I love it., then one of the more prominent online metal sites, posted SIX separate reviews of the album.

You can’t entirely separate my incredibly privileged and lucky autistic ass from these devastating statistics.

Farage, who led a separate pro-Brexit campaign, never contested this claim.

The Fed is supposed to be an entirely independent body, completely separate from politics — but Trump doesn’t seem to see it that way.

There were three charges: One is obscenity, which is a separate issue.

Indeed, the US team is so unbelievably deep that the alternates could compete as a separate sovereign team and take home silver or bronze.

separate from these incentives, Lore will receive somewhere between $450 million and $750 million in cash from the deal.

The committee will vote on the nominations in a separate business meeting.

Upon leaving the clinic, I immediately felt separate from humanity.

In a separate tweet, Trump also said: “Very sad day & night in Paris.

According to the Post and a separate report by CNN, that arrangement was structured in the form of paying Steele’s expenses.

separate aspects of laws at both the state and federal level criminalize drugs.

He added that there are five separate reviews under way at the SEC following the hack.

A federal judge recently blocked a separate Obama administration effort to boost overtime pay.

All of a sudden, you feel like this is a country where people are living very distinct and separate lives.

In a separate pan, he warms them up with butter and white wine until softened and sets them aside.

A separate vote on whether to approve the bill itself would occur later on Friday.

The money we make on them, we keep in a separate account for the next one.

But it also received three separate nominations in the supporting actress in a comedy category, so the love for the show was real.

India’s emancipation from the British Raj occurred alongside its bloody partitioning into two separate states: India and Pakistan.

“Since Neil and I both worked on separate songs, I was able to really appreciate what he did, and hopefully he appreciated my parts.

“I am afraid they will separate me from my parents.” Next to speak in the Annapolis church was Nathaly Uribe, 22.

Which is why it’s so hard to separate people from their dogmas.

I think Dewey is right here, but Lippmann’s point about people effectively living in separate worlds still holds.

separate meetings of Shire shareholders later on Wednesday also secured overwhelming support for the transaction.

“In separate regions we can say there is already a generalized HIV epidemic.”

What were once separate entities eventually become dependent on one another as they evolve into a single organism.

Miller said he didn’t know; the FOIA office is separate from Public Affairs.

In a separate bowl, whisk eggs until yolks and whites are blended.

But they could separate themselves further if they wanted to.

Is there a separate category for him?

But this is also because he used many plates for multiple, separate exposures and afterwards cut them up.

In his photographic work, Girault combined two very separate strands: artistic and scientific.

That’s absurd.” It is, separate from today’s developments, a deeply confusing piece.

Six officers were shot, two fatally, in three separate incidents in Florida and Pennsylvania late on Friday.

Note that this is not the same thing as acrotomophilia—a separate paraphilia that describes a sexual attraction to other people who are amputees.

Qualcomm filed a separate civil lawsuit accusing Apple of infringing the patents at issue in that action.

Specifically, they involve two separate tanks of fluids containing chemical components, which are circulated past a membrane, where ions and electric current are exchanged.

We will continue to be a distribution center for those in need,” said Donald Iloff, church spokesperson, in a separate statement.

“We don’t see this slowing down at all,” McMullen had told Reuters in a separate interview in May.

I freelance occasionally and have a separate website for my freelance business.

The exhibition makes this distinction clearly, dividing the two aesthetics of chaekgeori into separate sections.

The men are represented by separate legal teams, each led by civilian lawyers with experience trying death penalty cases.

These systems are not separate.

The men are represented by separate legal teams, each led by civilian lawyers with experience trying death penalty cases.

Questions and answers from separate interviews have been edited and combined here for clarity and brevity.

The facility also has a separate, high-security unit, where the U.K. has imprisoned terror suspects without formal charges.

The facility also has a separate, high-security unit, where the U.K. has imprisoned terror suspects without formal charges.

Overcrowding is also a problem at the facility, according to a separate report by the U.K.’s Inspectorate of Prisons.

After the valet got slammed into a monitor, another guy stepped in to separate them … but Faizon was still itching for a fight.

After sitting down, he felt himself “blast off” into dissociative hallucinations; he felt separate from his body.

“Often, if you separate marketing from developers, you get different visions,” Ansell explained.

It’s notoriously hard to study these issues — how do you separate stop and frisk from other policing actions and contributors to crime?

In the paper, Hawking argues that existence is simpler: that space doesn’t spawn countless separate universes.

He always loudly proclaimed his innocence, demanding (but not getting) a separate trial from the seven other accused players.

Mnuchin said the U.S. security concerns raised by the Huawei case were separate from the trade issue.

It’s impossible to separate Wajda’s artistic trajectory from Poland’s messy political history.

Mueller has already singled out two separate groups of Russians for alleged roles in 2016, both accused of different conspiracies.

Working on 59 separate painted panels simultaneously isn’t easy and this installation is by far the most ambitious artwork I have attempted.

Many of the groups on the list appeared on a separate database that SPLC sent to Facebook twice in 2016.

KS: Should everyone have a Switch or should everyone have a separate Switch?

One Switch or separate Switch?

Weinstein has also been charged with sexual assault in a separate criminal case in New York.

Tepco said the equipment could remove all radionuclides except tritium, a relatively harmless hydrogen isotope that is hard to separate from water.

Then there’s an entirely separate matter of whether Flynn improperly acted on Turkey’s behalf during the transition or while in office.

After the speech, we went into a separate room to take pictures with President Obama.

However, a separate human resources investigation of sexual harassment at Uber is said to be picking up steam.

She fights back by punching his arms and upper body, but he doesn’t let go until several other employees successfully separate them.

Huston and his bloody face weren’t faring any better, and the two men ended up in separate hospitals, hoping to avoid unwanted publicity.

Some of those states require the woman to make two separate trips for the procedure.

Period,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in a separate statement.

Naval Forces in the region received two separate distress calls at 6:12a.m.

While Gorsuch ultimately upheld the felon’s conviction, a separate opinion he wrote arguing against his own decision raised some eyebrows.

While Gorsuch ultimately upheld the felon’s conviction, a separate opinion he wrote arguing against his own decision raised some eyebrows.

Certainly you could foresee the harassment and the abuse that ordinary people, separate from the political event.

It strikes me as difficult, but not impossible, to separate out the useful information from the biases.

On Monday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and House Democrats introduced separate legislation to force Trump to divest entirely from his foreign business holdings.

It issued a separate recall for about 150 Buick Encore SUVs in 2013 over the same issue.

He even set up a separate investment vehicle at Hayman Capital.

“It’s hard to separate out what happened to my brother, and thousands of others, from the war after, and the torture,” she said.

Sources familiar with the situation as well as outsiders agree that the modem diversification effort is the likely reason for the separate phone versions.

Palestinians regard the ancient city – which contains sites sacred to the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths – as the future capital of a separate state.

These are not separate problems.

Participating jurisdictions also, as part of their agreement with ICE, have the option of signing separate contracts to house immigrant detainees for a fee.

Democratic state attorneys general have filed a separate suit asking for an injunction to uphold the law.

UNVIM still needs to sign a separate agreement with the Saudi-led military coalition that monitors ships on the high seas heading to Yemen.

Wash the turnips thoroughly and separate the roots from the greens.

separate research shows that patients use less health care when they have to pay more.

In a separate statement Saturday, President Donald Trump said the region had been “liberated,” but added the United States will remain vigilant.

So they are kind of two separate, different stories.

In a separate interview with WMUR, Ayotte defended her position.

Comcast and Walt Disney (DIS.N) are locked in a separate $70 billion-plus battle to buy most of Fox’s assets, which would include Sky.

The fourth defendant, US-based Gambian activist Banka Manneh, was indicted after a separate investigation accused him of assisting with the coup plot.

The fourth defendant, US-based Gambian activist Banka Manneh, was indicted after a separate investigation accused him of assisting with the coup plot.

But Net Power claims it can capture the carbon without a separate facility, as part of the combustion process itself, at no extra cost.

Fox News’s Sean Hannity was one of the most enthusiastic rumormongers, devoting segments on three separate occasions last week to Rich.

While Lucasfilm and Disney seemed pleased with his movie, even tapping him to take on a separate trilogy, some fans felt the opposite.

He pared these down into 60 separate monologues, which he recorded himself with musical accompaniment from Chattanooga-based ensemble Prime Lens.

A separate resolution against President Barack Obama’s proposed $10-a-barrel oil tax won support from 253 lawmakers, including 230 Republicans and 23 Democrats.

Courts separate child from spousal support.

“He called me and gave me a briefing on his visit and that was all,” he told Reuters in a separate television interview.

Between April 2011 and April 2013, Drudge had linked to 244 separate articles on Infowars or PrisonPlanet, according to Media Matters’ Ben Dimiero.

Last November, a federal bankruptcy judge in Indiana approved a separate settlement forgiving nearly $600 million of ITT student debt.

I didn’t want to separate the different worlds of music I love, so I threw them together.”

A separate fog bank enveloped onlookers as a series of extended synthesized notes resonated, building and waning in overlapping waves.

The licensing for these stores will take place through a separate first-come-first-served process.

The couple will stay in separate luxury hotels on the eve of the wedding.

(Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, held a separate forum aired on MSNBC at the same time on Wednesday.)

Keep work and love separate tonight for best results.

The newly discovered mosaics frame two men and two women in four separate squares within a border of repeating motifs.

Third, when she flips over and twerks uncontrollably (a moment which deserves its own separate article), what is that strapped to her back?

Those are two separate things.

separate polling in Utah found that most voters who describe themselves as “somewhat conservative” were supportive of the Medicaid expansion.

Bob Iger’s Disney has agreed to buy Sky from Fox, along with other assets, in a separate $52 billion follow-up deal.

I don’t know if I can even begin to separate those things.

At this point, the narrative splits off into separate timelines, one for each mystery.

story’s gonna come out.” Well, we had a separate thing with Louis C.K.

It was replaced in 2003 by the Elite League (EIHL), with an administratively separate and semi-professional English Premier League (EPIHL) also operating.

The division also moved swiftly to charge Fields with 30 separate hate crime–related counts for his attack in Charlottesville.

We then examined how the survey data interacted with separate data about terror attacks.

It’s separate from YouTube Red, the ad-free subscription service the company launched last year, which hasn’t had much success.

Brussels alone used to have 19 separate police departments, one for each of its constitutive municipalities, each with its own mayor.

Popular Mobilisation is a separate force from the regular army and officially reports to Abadi.

Anker has her own show, as does Gillette, each with a separate title: Suzanne Anker: 1.5° Celsius, and Frank Gillette: Excavations and Banquets.

It should not be necessary to draft separate policies for these events.

In court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, officials say Collison SPIT on his wife in a “separate but related incident” from the same night.

Using heavy black curtains to separate the spaces, the curators deliberately refuse an orderly experience.

And then there’s this whole separate issue of pictures.

“Any given scene in the game is not a single drawing, but many layers of separate drawings,” Roberts told Hyperallergic.

Now, it’s important to separate the politics from the policy.

Nowadays, he writes, “[i]t is evident that architecture must be part of nature, not separate from it.

Was it always the plan to do two different records simultaneously?It was always the plan to do two separate ones.

Putin said at a separate news conference he thanked Obama during Sunday’s meeting in Lima “for the years of joint work”.

That would raise a separate set of problems for the new president.

Mary Nichols, who heads the California Air Resources Board, will also testify Thursday on a separate panel.

The United States had forged a separate trade deal with Mexico, the third member of NAFTA, in August.

“I think there’s a time and place for that separate experience to exist,” he said.

In January 2017, the smaller bags provided in stores to separate produce will also be discontinued.

“If I separate myself from it, it’s actually a pretty complex character,” she said.

Communication and reasoning are what separate us from other animals.

Pink dividers separate each station giving the whole the feeling of a communal workplace (think WeWork or The Wing).

According to ICE, Aguilar has been “physically removed” from the United State three separate times in 2008, 2011, and 2014.

The easiest way to do that is to put them into separate companies.

For one, Congress has failed to raise federal alcohol taxes, which are separate from state taxes on alcohol, since 1991.

You would give those two different people separate treatments.

Voters will manually punch five separate paper ballots for president and vice president, and legislative candidates.

Three separate hotels at Stewart Avenue, White Street, and Seigel Street offering a total of 400 rooms are coming online in the coming months.

She came to think of that account as a separate persona that could take the hit on her behalf.

In three separate examples, Gorsuch’s writing resembles that of authors Ian Dowbiggin, Paul Lombardo, and Abigail Lawlis Kuzma without properly citing them.

A separate service bulletin will go to 737 MAX operators to do inspections before the MAX fleet returns to service.

They will resume their fight in January, aiming to win on the next spending bill or a separate measure.

A separate court ruling limits detention time for immigrants whose countries refuse to repatriate them.

“See if you can take a step back and separate that dream from your self-concept and your identity,” she says.

“I don’t think you can separate the two issues.

A separate court case from anti-tobacco groups may force the FDA to set an earlier deadline.

City officials also passed a separate ordinance prohibiting the manufacture and distribution of all tobacco products on city property.

Place the eggs and breadcrumbs into two separate bowls.

In a separate wooden panel, Jeyifous playfully recreates the display case of a typical barbershop, carving out the shapes of combs and hairdos.

On the day after the trial, Robinson got into two separate hit-and-run accidents while driving with a suspended license.

The Seventh Fleet has had four separate accidents in 2017 with two causing loss of lives.

Sugar and ethanol subsidiary Atvos Agroindustrial Participacoes SA, which already filed for a separate bankruptcy protection, is also excluded.

And while they’re not necessarily a form of environmental advocacy, it’s hard to separate them from the site’s polluted past.

Unmasking refers to the largely separate issue of how Americans’ names kept secret in intelligence reports can be revealed.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is leading a separate probe by the U.S. Justice Department.

And that was really easy to keep separate since Last Pale Light was based on a novel.

Yet if separate wrongdoing comes to light about the Clintons or any Democrats, it should be investigated through the normal governmental channels.

In a separate report on Tuesday, the Federal Reserve said industrial production rose 0.5 percent in March after jumping 1.0 percent in February.

But what unfolds during Cosby’s trial will be hard to separate from the national debate happening outside it.

Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow was convicted by a San Francisco jury Friday on 162 separate charges.

A separate email from the company to its shoppers explained the changes: “Instacart is a growing company.

Person 1,” is facing a separate criminal fraud investigation by federal prosecutors in South Dakota, Kenerson said at Wednesday’s hearing.

He declined to comment on the separate fraud case, and Erickson has not returned several calls from Reuters for comment.

The portable toilet rentals alone cost a small fortune … with the federal government shelling out 2 separate payments of $31,764.24 and $9,534.

NBA YoungBoy has officially been charged in his weed case … and it could have a serious impact on a separate and ongoing criminal case.

That’s why I started a separate non-surgical page, where I’m letting people know I do lip fillers, Botox, and facials.

We got further abuse going into the ground in totally separate incidents.

In a separate incident in August, 10 sailors were killed when the guided missile destroyer John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker.

He has organized a separate, apolitical “Peace Festival,” which he says promotes values of tolerance and coexistence.

It has passed five separate bills to enact the program.

However, May’s government had argued that a separate convention against revealing confidential legal advice supplied to ministers had precedence.

Our bay is divided into about 10 separate rooms with a large common area.

His decision was based on a separate 2018 decision by another justice.

The proposed increase would raise more federal revenue under the tax bill being offered by House Republicans, with Senate Republicans offering a separate bill.

That’s the benefit of being separate from a woke-monolith that would favor the forced over the honest.

(If you count her one Daytime Emmy — which most Emmy aficionados do not, because it’s a separate, less competitive thing — she has nine.)

Unlike many other bags, it also has a separate tablet pocket.

(The criteria that separate top critics from all critics are opaque, and, for the record, I am not included.)

The United States of America is a federal republic composed of 50 separate states.

I don’t have a separate hotspot like a lot of people do, but I just use my phone.

Nor can the auto industry, he said, expect already-stretched app makers to write separate programs for each brand of vehicle.

A separate petition calling for the app to be reinstated has just 49 signatures.

A separate petition calling for the app to be reinstated has just 49 signatures.

He later pleaded guilty in separate prosecutions to lying to Congress, bank fraud and campaign finance violations.

We need to separate out things that are hard to figure out from things that are hard to understand.

And I think it’s hard for people to not separate those two things.

Lack of seating separate from the bar.

“Those are two separate questions,” Peter Altmaier told the ARD public broadcaster.

SpaceX attempted this on two separate occasions in the past year, but both rockets toppled onto the robo-ship and blew up into fireballs.

The report didn’t include IUDs, although a separate study in 2015 found that IUD usage has increased almost five-fold in the last decade.

(A separate lawsuit filed by 10 environmental groups makes a similar argument, but for the Grand Staircase-Escalante monument.)

We reached out to the IOC and asked if there were plans to separate the delegations moving forward.

They also voted in 100 elections for the House of Delegates, each held in a separate district.

The victim was then forced to perform oral sex on Vance and Corley at separate times in the bathroom.

Every time fighting breaks out, families are forced to scatter and separate in search of safety.

Every time fighting breaks out, families are forced to scatter and separate in search of safety.

Her husband will appear at four separate organizing events on her behalf on Thursday.

Many church-run shelters have separate areas for single men, single women, and families to help prevent assault, Forrester said.

U.S. President Donald Trump, in a separate tweet, cited the “very bad terror attack in France” but gave no other details.

The groups met in their separate Moscow offices and gave regular updates to Deripaska, in person and by emails, the people said.

We need to separate immigration issues from criminal justice.

It’s one of three separate wildfires rampaging across California Friday.

Those two initiatives are emblematic of just how widespread the congressional campaign to separate Washington and Riyadh really is.

(Comey reassured the president on three separate occasions, according to his testimony, that he was not.)

She can afford to do so—a face slapping treatment, which takes place over four separate appointments, costs $860.

I just think yoga and fitness are completely separate from one another, and they need to be considered as more separate.

If you’re serving tables, it’s your task to keep this angry, secret world separate from the happy, open one inside the restaurant.

A separate Reuters/Ipsos/UVA Center for Politics poll found Illinois Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker holding a 20-percentage-point lead over Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner.

More evidence they were trying to keep the meeting on the DL — they pulled the classic Hollywood move of leaving through separate exits.

Post-conviction hearings allow inmates to get a fresh review of the fairness of the original trial, separate from the appeals process.

Criminal prosecution of illegal entry was what gave the Trump administration the power to separate thousands of families in 2018.

But it’s a separate interest we have, in the same way that we watch different TV shows.”

It was kept separate.

Yeah, it’s separate.

It’s albums like 7 that separate retrogazing mid-00s indie rock from the artists who happened to be born from that era.

Former NBC News correspondent Linda Vester told the publications Brokaw made unwanted advances toward her and tried to forcibly kiss her two separate times.

How can you separate them, when you’ve been through both so completely?

That means it’s difficult for people to separate out “good” and “bad” information.

Both candidates this week launched their campaigns in the Empire State, each highlighting their ties to New York at separate events.

Both candidates this week launched their campaigns in the Empire State, each highlighting their ties to New York at separate events.

A 2016 South Dakota law requires out-of-state online retailers to collect sales tax if they clear $100,000 in sales or 200 separate transactions.

What do you think, so we’ll leave Netflix for a separate conversation right now.

separate legislation has been introduced on tightening procedures for Congress handling sexual harassment cases.

It’s a separate company.

Seven separate incidents in Chicago left three dead and nine wounded.

“The second situation when we separate is when we prosecute.” “People are dying trying to enter this country.

Reuters first reported the government’s idea to separate parents and children apprehended at the border in March 2017.

We hope separate in a sentence examples were helpful.