Sensible in a sentence | Use of the word sensible examples

“To me it underscores the fact that you need to be sensible with how you interact with the drug,” he said.

Not that we always made sensible choices.

It all seems pretty sensible.

That seems sensible.

Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant are gone forever and in their place will be sensible on-court decisions and off-court accountability.

And so getting an outsider — any outsider — into the Oval Office will be enough to get the country back on a sensible path.

What they hear is we’re going to have a saner more sensible immigration policy.

He doesn’t seem to regard it as a metaphor for a more sensible immigration policy.

“We don’t want further unilateral measures; rather we want sensible agreements,” he added.

The bank is simply planning for the worst possible outcome in economic and financial stability terms, which is an eminently sensible thing to do.

Do you think Oprah doesn’t have the resources to pull together teams of people to tell her what is sensible to eat?

Panicked, I did what any other sensible adult would do: I asked the internet what was wrong with me.

These are sensible things.

Like there’s no sensible middle ground for policy-making.

This broadened tent wants Democrats to offer steady, sensible alternatives to Trump’s erratic policies on both the international and domestic fronts.

He likes to do annual personal challenges, and they are normally sensible.

Doesn’t she know she ought to be sensible, like her sister?

But if police know someone isn’t in control of their actions, it makes deescalation seem much more sensible.

Trump’s former top infrastructure official, DJ Gribbin, told Vox it was a more sensible reallocation of federal dollars.

Aware of the challenges facing elderly judges, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has several sensible programs.

Let’s also work to establish sensible norms for people running for high office.

“It’s just not sensible.

A more sensible energy flows as Venus connects with Saturn on May 31—a great time to get grounded in your plans and share ideas.

Tanned from a recent work trip abroad, Feilding has the sensible long cardigan and kindly eyes you associate with a favorite aunt.

As the book’s last lines have it: “There’s only one sensible thing to do.” But what is it?

Yes, clearly this virtual kick-about has more in common with Smash and Strikers than it does the sensible Software-developed (!)

I don’t condone it, but in a sensible mind, it’s ridiculous: The mafia.

“It is a lesson for us all that what is sensible, reasonable, and logical is losing ground in the world today.”

But if police know someone isn’t in control of their actions, it makes deescalation seem much more sensible.

Perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that’s what the ban is based on.

Ocasio-Cortez’s defections and provocations have been sensible.

That’s the sensible thing to do.

Very sensible even if not costless,” Raymond James analyst Chris Bailey said.

Not that we always made sensible choices.

It’s sexy versus sensible, then, when you put the Bolt and the Model 3 side by side.

Any sensible plan will protect positive developments since Hiroshima and curtail the downward slide we are in.

This is the way of the Very sensible Centrist, an American political creature that rarely produces tangible results, but always garners heaps of praise.

“This is a very sensible kind of dream and one would’ve hoped the beneficiaries would’ve been here,” he said.

These seem like sensible things.

But the more sensible option would be for Genius to address concerns about abuse.

So I take a back seat to nobody in standing up for sensible, hard-hitting campaign finance rules.

What they hear is we’re going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy.

Furedi added, “People are trusted to use a wide variety of medications sold on the shelves of pharmacies in a sensible and appropriate way.

He speaks softly and in full paragraphs while wearing sensible knitwear.

Some of the most sensible people in the world will find themselves making questionable sexual decisions.

As VR becomes more familiar, both culturally and technically, the level of discourse turns more sensible and specific.

In the dark forest of our current ignorance, it seems sensible to apportion one’s credence roughly evenly between (1), (2), and (3).

Floridians for a sensible Voting Rights Policy, a conservative group, posted a short blog post criticizing the initiative last year.

Fast-forward 40-something years, and Johnny Rotten becomes John Lydon — your run-of-the-mill grocery shopper … in sensible shoes.

That’s all it takes to be deemed sensible on climate policy.

It’s not sensible.

I’ve been pretty open about saying we have to have a conversation about sensible gun laws.

When it does, there may be an opening to have a sensible conversation about ensuring that patients receive treatments grounded in sound science.

But doing smart, sensible things is not really Trump’s style.

I’ll never have my sensible little girl back.”

“I think the threats against us are something that any sensible person would take into concern,” he said.

A sensible policy is long overdue.

The other revenue raisers included in the Affordable Care Act are perfectly sensible.

Perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that’s what the ban is based on.

Hillary is totally sensible.”

No matter what else is on your plate, you do not want to be in the place of having sensible people …

And so in a sense you need sensible political reforms to do, to some degree, to do what China did.

That’s perfectly sensible.

There is no sensible answer to this question.

“I suppose it’s similar to Glastonbury in that sense—parents have to be a bit sensible.

Every sensible lawyer in WHCO and every political … 3) … appointee at DOJ wd agree with me (as some have already told me).

So even the poster boy of the uncooperative Europeans is saying a sensible free trade deal is in our interest.

“We believe that the only sensible decision is for all deal participants to honor commitments,” Putin told the conference.

While these might seem like sensible ideas, the regulations impose rules on abortion centers that they simply can’t meet.

There is no sensible policy that splits the difference between perfectly opposed goals.

Some doctor’s diet books are more sensible than others, like Yoni Freedhoff’s The Diet Fix.

These are all attempts by (reasonably) sober, sensible, and otherwise un-self harming individuals to justify their pain-inflicting culinary habits.

Sometimes misogyny is actually so ridiculous, so absurd, that the only sensible response is blowing raspberries and laughing in its face.

And yet that targeting is already going on, the insane tyranny of sensible but self-defeating actions on both sides to preserve the peace.

I think it’s most sensible to consume as a food or a vapor; smoking is harmful to our health.”

We trust the providers to fill them with sensible stuff, otherwise the viewers will not view.”

For all its genius, I believe it is more fragile, and less sensible, than civics textbooks admit.

It’d only be sensible that in Marvel’s comic book universe, superheroes would find their way onto reality TV too.

This is sensible as far as it goes, but it still seems woefully inadequate to the task.

“We will always need it because that’s the only practical and sensible universe that you and I are currently sitting in.”

You can use cheaper services and online tools to understand whether you are saving and spending at a sensible pace.

Therefore, an hourly adviser is often more sensible.

If your party is in power, you want its votes deployed efficiently, with sensible but not overwhelming majorities in as many districts as possible.

“But you have to squint to see it.” Caulkins and Kleiman acknowledge that there’s a sensible explanation for “tough” laws.

Patti Smith turned seventy years old yesterday, and for any sensible person’s money she remains the greatest rockstar in the entire world.

Preparing for a price on carbon emissions thus becomes a sensible policy.

It wasn’t exactly feasible or sensible.

“A sensible policy is long overdue.”

You do the only sensible thing and sloppily devour the room-temperature pile of garbage before flinging yourself into the shower.

How do we understand it on a rational, sensible level?

“What I support is sensible regulation that is consistent with the constitutional right to own and bear arms,” she said.

The words “sensible Soccer” are enough to evoke a variety of emotions in almost anyone who grew up with sports gaming in the 1990s.

What it lacks in luxury, sensible Days more than makes up for in spirit.

Requiring customers to enter a PIN — which most debit card customers use to get money from an ATM anyway — is a sensible step.

The idea of sensible Days isn’t anything new.

Numerous community members manage the sensible Days.

Rick Lindeman and Colin Roll are the official tournament organizers of sensible Days 2016.

Roll is a native of England—the birthplace of the sensible Soccer series.

But why sensible Soccer?

“This is a very sensible kind of dream and one would’ve hoped the beneficiaries would’ve been here,” he said.

“It was the game of my youth,” says Rafal Nossek, veteran of the sensible Days scene.

“I play FIFA from time to time, but the gameplay is just better in sensible World of Soccer, in my opinion.”

Almost every interviewee makes a point of telling me how close-knit the atmosphere at sensible Days can be.

Five-time sensible Days PC champion Philipp Habermann is one of them.

“On an average sensible Days tournament, I spend about €220 [$245].

This year’s sensible Days is a weekend-long affair, with the focus on the PC and Amiga versions of sensible World of Soccer.

And it isn’t considered a muddle or a redundant mess, but a sensible way to approach a complex problem.

The problem Perry and Trump face is that no sensible, market-friendly reform will help coal.

That’s all it takes to be deemed sensible on climate policy.

Saving resources for the future when he may hit upon something that does work and needs to be countered seems perfectly sensible.

That is not in conflict with sensible, commonsense regulation.

“Higbee will have that sensible caution,” said Bruce McDonald, another veteran of the Bush administration now at the law firm Jones Day.

For months, almost every sensible political scientist and pundit was sure that Donald Trump would fade.

It’s a smart, sensible primer; you should read it.

But it’s sensible policy that both the insurance and hospital industries should support.

“I think he’s going to have a more sensible approach to rising crime rates,” Loomis said of now President Trump.

But more often than not it’s a sensible strategy that provides positive results.

But they don’t respond to that disgust or outrage by doing something sensible like declining to book her in the future.

It’s probably the most sensible analysis of drug harms I’ve ever heard from someone in a Hawaiian shirt clutching a remote-control car.

But it’s a perfectly sensible worldview.

In a newspaper column, he said: “No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.

But I do think it will become obvious over time that a Space Force is a sensible thing to do.

These seem like sensible things.

Only if fiscal prudence were established first would it be sensible to move forward and spend money on a new program, Carter thought.”

Democrats (and some moderate Republicans) are taking a sensible position when they insist on action to protect DACA recipients as soon as possible.

It’s the push and pull between Anne’s absurd fantasies and the sensible and unthreatening world in which she lives that makes L.M.

It is unacceptable that we haven’t found the political courage to pass sensible gun legislation.

The argument was, miraculously, a basically sensible disagreement about the best way to tackle a legitimate problem.

That’s a very sensible approach.

This is the kitsch end of socialist art — the demagoguery that any sensible artist would want to reject.

Some of these were about as sensible as things said by certain candidates for president.

On the other hand, Krikorian is articulating a perfectly sensible point about appointments in general.

His report, published on Wednesday, offers a clear analysis of the challenges and some sensible remedies.

Systematically bugging the presidential suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton seems like a more sensible idea than that.

Yet despite the constraints and pressure, some workers managed to strike sensible compromises between various demands.

Very sensible even if not costless,” Raymond James analyst Chris Bailey said.

Setting that aside, and assuming that we are dealing with sensible policies, are bureaucracies themselves inherently bad?

“Now people have become sensible.

“It looks like a sensible deal where it cuts in and cuts out,” said Richard Barwick, analyst at CLSA.

Recently, I’ve been exploring the show’s archives, downloading episodes on Binary Domain, Catherine, Speedball 2, sensible Soccer, Chrono Trigger and more.

The core problem of the Great Recession, looking back, is precisely that Lucas’s complacent forecast really did seem sensible at the time.

A rally to celebrate sensible policy goals is fine enough, but it’s hardly a revolution.

What atheism has never seemed to me is a sensible point of political organization.

sensible people, in this situation, however, will have a back-up.

The sunset provision simply is not a sensible way forward,” Tillerson said.

Students for sensible Drug Policy This multi-chapter student network has a presence at over 100 different universities, from Arizona to Minnesota and Colorado.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee doesn’t issue too many proclamations, but those he does are usually quite sensible.

He then paired these primary forms to produce three secondary forms: ludus plus storgē creates “pragma”, a rational, sensible long-term accommodation.

Saga aims to provide a moderate, sensible middle way,” the team wrote.

This morning it looks like we were pretty sensible because Sterling [dropped massively].

“It looks like a sensible deal where it cuts in and cuts out,” said Richard Barwick, analyst at CLSA.

So again, that would seem to be a sensible measure.

Folks in the club say Keke dropped around $11k, Jacquees spent $7k … and 2 Chainz, a sensible $4k.

I would’ve gone to a community college — Bergen County had a good one — and studied something “sensible.”

He’s a solid center-left wonk with tons of sensible ideas.

So I asked myself what the sensible route would be, and I auditioned for a performing arts college in Kent and got a place.

The Moon enters sensible Earth sign Capricorn at 3:33 PM, creating a mature, practical mood.

With sensible spending habits like that, the couple’s plan to not raise assholes, seems achievable.

But doing smart, sensible things is not really Trump’s style.

In vetoing the bill in July, Nixon said the measure struck an extreme blow to sensible safeguards against gun violence.

Not all users appear to have access to tagging right now, but it seems like a sensible thing to roll out.

Trump’s biggest defenders will then try to explain how his comments weren’t racist but actually incredibly sensible.

“Revoke, a public vote or a sensible cross-party deal.

I care enough about my audience to work for sensible gun legislation, so my fans know they are safe when they come see me.

“I have the impression that he is interested in a sensible solution,” Seehofer said before a party meeting.

For now Authory’s product focus being (primarily) on backup, and (secondly) traffic generation feels sensible — if a little uninspiring.

So, Longobardi did what any sensible restaurateur would do and looked for a chef.

The intent is to ensure “sensible, regulatory frameworks,” Peskin said earlier this week.

The first is that the only sensible response is to persuade all those conservatives.

Despite his nefarious intentions, Paul actually sounds sweet and sensible.

The ensuing drama is annoying, but sensible.

That game will forever be the top-down, super-zoomed-out, massively-exaggerated-of-slide-tackle sensible Soccer.

So says sensible Software’s Jon Hare, reflecting on the success of sensible Soccer in this great “making of” article on Read-Only Memory.

“Chipper [sensible Software programmer, Chris Chapman] and I played an awful lot of Kick Off 2 while making Mega Lo Mania.

That was the reason we did sensible Soccer.

“I think what sensible Soccer did better than other football games was that it made defending fun.

And I think defending is genuinely fun in sensible Soccer, with the slide tackles, and the hacking of people down.”

(Damn getting older and more sensible!)

sensible World of Soccer, my Amiga favorite, never had this “problem,” given its many authentic leagues, but it doesn’t bother me now.

“I think what’s kept people playing sensible Soccer is that immediacy,” Hare told me, back in November 2015.

(That’s not necessarily a bad thing — many of Europe’s preferences are sensible; but the point is that US influence is waning.)

Sometimes you just want leggings to be as sensible as cargo pants — and that’s not too much to ask.

mutters singer Dave Vanian, before Captain sensible and Rat Scabies lurch into a cacophony of unearthly, frantic rhythms.

Last week Messenger revealed a redesign that refocuses on… messaging, giving the app a sensible roadmap.

Captain [sensible], as he says, got used to running very fast.

I come from a prosecutor background, I’ve always believed that you have to have sensible gun safety legislation.

Either way, Riverdale takes great pains to make a sensible case for both arguments.

In a more sensible system, the presidential candidates would be quizzed on how they would lead their party to down-ballot victory if nominated.

For almost two decades, Democrats have slowly built up the rhetoric about wanting “sensible gun control” legislation.

And Cooper Nielsen (Ethan Stiefel) is back at ABA but on the business side, all sharp suits and sensible haircut.

For example, who are these policies more “sensible” for?

The narrator is sensible, wise, and funny.

How does a person become sensible as you are, and as your narrators are?

There’s the sensible voice, and there’s the sentimental voice.

A sensible and natural perspective, rather than an ultra-technical and systematic one.

There’s ways in which the sensible voice can be bracing and refreshing and energizing after a dose of sentimentality.

Don’t take yourself so seriously.’ And then there’s other times, when the sensible voice can be incredibly cruel and incredibly dismissive.

The more sensible option, of course, is seeking treatment.

Whether the teenagers and their community can push lawmakers to pass other sensible gun safety measures remains to be seen.

He’s super practical and looks out for sensible things like mould, how much energy we’ll use, and distance from a train station.

But Trump’s speech was sensible and plausible, a middle course between George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

I think that there has to be sensible reform so that people by and large understand that immigrants are a strength to the country.

As mystical as the professional title “intuitive” might sound, the women we spoke with described their abilities in highly sensible, practical terms.

You’re talking about sensible reform.

2) The problem is that this (sensible) position has since become anathema in the modern day GOP.

The idea seemed like a sensible one.

They are committed, engaged, inclusive, and sensible (for the most part).

sensible risk management is to look at what are the worst feasible options and take actions to stop them occurring,” he told me.

Instead it put a pause on the program and set about ensuring that future leasing decisions would be made in a sensible way.

This is a sensible reaction for two people paranoid about the safety of their loved ones.

Again, this is sensible.

Here, 25 pieces to help you get in touch with your sensible side.

And that has to be a credible one, it has to be a sensible one, and has to be one that you believe in.

He left me with a gift receipt, so despite feeling guilty, I exchange them for a more sensible navy blue color.

This system is sensible.

But given Facebook’s philosophical intention to demote mindless viewing and promote active conversation around videos, Instagram co-watching is a sensible direction.

It’s a sensible capstone to Lemonade and 4:44, which both dealt with their marital issues.

Bryce Dallas Howard is wearing sensible footwear.

sensible, oatmeal-coloured cardigans.

Hundreds of thousands of John Lockes are logging into these servers and rendering the world sensible and usable with their raw labor.

Of course, such a sensible explanation isn’t enough to burst everyone’s spooky bubble.

This feels like a sensible enough buffer against high tolerance and the mental and physical problems MDMA can cause.

She’s awkward, but sensible (except in matters of the heart).

“After each tragedy, we Democrats try to pass sensible gun safety measures,” Reid said.

“This is a very sensible kind of dream and one would’ve hoped the beneficiaries would’ve been here,” he said.

Nobody sensible would have watched Gavin Newsom in the early evening Wednesday, but he’s really good, too.

The first photo was of her up close, wearing a sensible blouse, a pair of reading glasses, and a huge smile.

This is, of course, totally sensible — they collect what they like and want to have a collection that speaks as a whole.

It would be a sensible decision on their part.

The most sensible strategy might mimic that of the acquirer Snapchat spurned.

“The easiest way to deal with this, it seems to me the only sensible way, is to have a clean vote on the Lee-Sanders.

So for developers, the only sensible reaction to Apple’s new ads is optimism and intent to buy in.

Such calls from the would-be sensible center are a quadrennial tradition.

Nick’s shirt, while sensible compared to his brothers’ sartorial choices, shows that he might be taking style advice from Paulie Walnuts.

which is the sensible response, really).

Zellner is an awfully assured lawyer, so much so that she can end looking left of sensible.

Like any sensible pundit looking back on 2016, I am getting out of the political predictions game.

Virtually the entire American foreign policy establishment rejected these ideas, seeing American strategy on these issues as (basically) wise and sensible.

This time around, we’re skipping the costume shopping trip and taking a more sensible (read: easier) route, one that utilizes our own wardrobes.

“Our aim was to take a step in answering this simple, sensible question,” he told Reuters Health by email.

The team quickly realized that this wasn’t a sensible way of going about it.

Of course, that’s no sensible way to work, which is why Pixar has an incremental rendering technology.

sensible earth signs, for one, may be downright relieved come Saturday.

This makes the huge sums of money flowing into the ridesharing market a bit more sensible.

She said the name change was “sensible.”

So obviously any sensible criminal or terrorist is not going to use the mainstream ones,” says Baillieu.

Believe it or not, Paul Ryan’s original proposal was a sensible proposal, which had backing from Democratic-leaning economists as well.

I don’t agree, but nor do I necessarily think it was a sensible move.

Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations, is camped out in disciplinarian Capricorn, helping you ground your grandiose ideas in sensible work habits.

What remains constant is Ortberg’s narrator, a delicious blend of sensible and sentimental, who parses the stories’ wild events with wit.

So, it’s only sensible we base some of our gift-giving on the series and movies that made our year.

As with the Gargoyle King identity reveal last week, the biggest shock of “The Red Dahlia” is just how sensible a major resolution is.

One, it’s another reminder that she’s sensible, fun, and oh-so-relatable.

It’s a very sensible dream to have and one Luca should be open to.

The paper has two main ideas: sensible wonks would also be interested in seeing proper experiments.

These are the fans whose rock ‘n’ roll reverence knows no sensible bounds.

I set up sensible guard rails, but, otherwise, I let people explore and experiment.

For Cindy Laux and patients like her, a sensible solution means the difference between agony and relief.

“We have worked through the withdrawal issues for Gibraltar in a constructive and sensible way,” she said.

Should users wish not to configure settings on their own, they can rely on preset, sensible defaults, which are calculated using sophisticated algorithms.

Pisces and Taurus are also a sensual combination, though sensible Taurus may occasionally get annoyed with dreamy Pisces.

Based on all measures of logic, their predictions were perfectly sensible.

For Cash, it was the most sensible way to end the show “I think it’s the most romantic way to end.

“You could just take the honey and skip the alcohol,” answered both of our practitioners in almost identical irritatingly sensible tones.

In a newspaper column on Monday, he said: “No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.

I think that’s really sensible.

I am on board with Hasen — equality is a much more sensible and practical justification for regulating campaign finance.

At surface level it’s sensible that Peter, a science nerd randomly imbued with superhuman strengths, is still coming into his own.

“We believe that the only sensible decision is for all deal participants to honor commitments,” Putin told the conference.

The projects — things like decarbonizing electricity, transportation, and industry, restoring ecosystems, upgrading buildings and electricity grids — are necessary and sensible (if also extremely ambitious).

A more sensible fate might be what recently happened to several other creative tool startups.

They don’t have a reasonable system for navigating this kind of problem and they don’t have a sensible appeals process.

There may be some scope for sensible policies to expand the workforce, but nothing that can overcome that dramatic changes in demography.

Another unimplemented 1996 provision is more sensible, as a means to induce compliance with final removal orders, and probably deserves this closer look.

Yet another reason why the traditional sci-fi proscription against robots capable of violence toward human beings is a deeply sensible one.

— Overall, Facebook’s plan is sensible, even if it comes a year later than needed.

President Trump has a surprisingly sensible idea: get rid of the legislative filibuster.

Once that was taken care of, I did what any sensible person would do—I spent the rest on new sneakers.

After years of partisan warfare, a sensible compromise isn’t going to just sell itself.

)Calling out a reputed gangster in the press is not sensible.

At first glance launching a new social app may seem as sensible a startup idea as plunging headfirst into shark-infested waters.

She’s prepping because the debate is important, and preparing for important moments is what sensible people do.

And he needs to be able to personally sort out sensible ideas from ridiculous ones.

The House recently passed a modern, sensible framework for ridesharing with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote.

Paris says a single-payer system is “the only sensible way to manage the financing of health care.”

So we did the sensible thing, and hopped on Tinder to find out why men swipe right, from men who swiped right.

“Both deals seem to us financially and strategically sensible.

“I think it’s a sensible time to do it.” The U.S. IPO market has also been encouraging so far this year.

Or maybe they’re actual wolves, and the song is a sensible ode to the virtues of not getting eaten.

#ImWithHer #pantsuitnation Today’s a really good day to wear a #pantsuit and sensible shoes.

Sakai pole dances, guilelessly, in sensible lingerie, while a bored-sounding male voiceover berates her: “Who taught you to do that?

At around ¥100,000 (about $850), the CM10 isn’t really a sensible buy over something like a Wi-Fi-connected Sony RX100.

While that’s not exciting news for fans, it’s a sensible decision.

He says the team takes “sensible” precautions to make sure the data is safe, particularly where it is transmitted wirelessly.

As a human being, I’d like to think that he will make the sensible choice: take the money and the trophies, and run.

But the fear is sensible enough given the desire of the Founders to settle for the inferior governance of a presidential republic.

It’s a bad enough outcome and a very sensible comparison.

And if we take that, then his consistency on Russia becomes much more sensible.

It’s a perfectly sensible policy, though it’s probably most significant for Amazon feeling the need to spell it out.

Even if you ignore its modular Friends, the phone itself has a neat, sensible design that’s received a lot of positive attention.

“Listen, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be laws that place sensible restrictions on marijuana as there are with other substances,” Oliver said.

This new initiative is a sensible move for Medium, which looks to be on the cusp of solving its identity crisis.

“No one sensible is saying that we should go back to the old system,” Harry Holzer adds.

Maybe you just like a good, sensible family sedan like the Passat.

Andreas Geisel, Berlin’s head of urban development, has said that the law is “a necessary and sensible instrument” to keep housing affordable.

This might be a sensible business decision.

The new layout is way more sensible!

Yeah, that’s iTunes from 10 years ago, with a more sensible lefthand bar.

(Needless to say, this kind of sensible local progressivism will be more important than ever in the Trump era.)

It’s a sensible step for Twitter.

I poured a sensible amount into my hands and applied it to my hair first.

In a newspaper column, he said: “No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.

Consequently, sensible people of Westeros — and not just villains — do not believe they exist.

But doing smart, sensible things is not really Trump’s style.

That seems like much more sensible approach.

He’s the only sensible man up there.

So from that point of view, it seems a sensible and obvious choice,” Canaccord Genuity analyst Aynsley Lammin said.

“We are very close to an economically sensible solution,” he told the magazine.

The DUP was equally unimpressed, with Nigel Dodds, its deputy leader, calling the proposal “neither realistic nor sensible”.

And the Labour left also had sensible reasons to be skeptical of the people trying to oust Corbyn.

sensible views about taxes or any other subject do not reliably triumph over less sensible ones in the short run.

And I think people have become much more sensible and really—not only tolerating, but lifting up and celebrating LGBT members of our community.

Are your schools groaning with sensible and stable children named after video game events, each more methodical than the last?

It’s sensible for the conceptual end of things to match that.

If that argument begins to gain purchase with the mass public, sensible Republican judges will hopefully turn back from the brink.

It’s thin, yes, and record-breaking — but it’s also a perfectly sensible laptop.

But the team has quietly won four straight division titles on the back of some smart trades and the sensible allocation of far-from-scarce-resources.

Only if fiscal prudence were established first would it be sensible to move forward and spend money on a new program, Carter thought.”

In the light of those reports, it seems only sensible to stop people from bringing a potentially explosive device into the sky.

What did that money enable you to do?I was actually really bloody sensible with it.

It seems like a sensible approach, but patents very rudely don’t do you the favor of naming themselves in understandable ways.

Analysts had said that BJ’s debut in a competitive market was “sensible” as investors’ confidence in the retail sector had risen.

Winstock’s advice is sensible and almost impossible to forget: “Men, don’t be daft, take a half.

It gets out of the way with a simple, sensible design that is Applesque in function, if not form.

But she’s a sensible badass.

He drives a sensible Volkswagen.

No, but I find modular speakers an interesting and sensible way to create a speaker system that’s also portable.

I am reasonably confident that Nintendo has made sensible tradeoffs in the Switch’s design.

The more sensible voices had tried to damp down rampant speculation.

But let’s be clear: The alternative is not small, sensible, bipartisan steps, as so many pundits and pols are promising.

What about the Republicans who pose as sensible on climate change?

Sen. Marco Rubio criticizes the GND and instead suggests sensible policies like … a study he once commissioned.

So Stahelski and writer Kolstad make the sensible decision to not take their premise or their world entirely seriously.

In photos that range from silly to unsettling, looking at the US’s oddest, most surprising, least sensible — and sometimes outright fake — laws.

Make purchases of Klondike bars and sensible knee-length dresses at Target?

(That’s 11AM PT until 8PM PT for those of us who live in a sensible time zone.)

Tubal ligation has seemed like a sensible solution, being both hormone-free and permanent.

There is no sensible policy that splits the difference between perfectly opposed goals.

In recent years, people have started collecting health data from smartphones, which seems sensible given how common smartphones are.

Would it make you any healthier than any other sensible approach to eating?

But it also proves that the company doesn’t yet know how to differentiate itself in sensible ways.

The app icons (and thus the cards for each app) are a far more sensible size.

In a newspaper column, he said: “No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.

I don’t think there are too many governments that would find building a light rail system with their own cash all that sensible.

In Overwatch, Blizzard has created perhaps the most balanced and sensible approach.

No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.

Perhaps less ambitiously but no less importantly, it may also lead to more sensible workflows.

Buff the entire shoe with a buffing brush for about five minutes longer than you think sensible.

“Be safe, enjoy the holiday weekend and be sensible.”

Schaft was spun out of the JSK Robotics Laboratory within the University of Tokyo, making it a sensible purchase for SoftBank.

And considering the fact that Dubai’s previous high-tech purchases have included jetpacks for firefighters and autonomous quadcopters, the O-R3 is sensible by comparison.

She’s prepping because the debate is important, and preparing for important moments is what sensible people do.

To me, it’s not a sensible proposal,” he added.

To be clear, this particular provision — section 2(a) of the Lanham Act — wasn’t a very sensible or consistently enforced restriction on trademark registration.

And the sheer weight of dozens of bogus scandals piled up over a quarter-century means any sensible person tunes it all out.

Instead, its Republican Party voters did the sensible thing and stuck with the incumbent.

It’s sensible.

But this “embrace your incest” business is just straight-up madness, on a level that makes Dany’s new burn-anyone-who-says-boo rule look mild and sensible.

The biggest problem of driving this Model S: keeping speed in a sensible range.

If nothing else, Ricky seems a lot more sensible than everyone else, at least for a while.

Lovely Jeremy Corbyn and his sensible manifesto that is actively trying not to kill poor people.

“Nonetheless, the proposed assets for acquisition are high margin and high growth and represent a sensible bolt-on addition,” they added.

That was a sensible strategy on their part.

The speaker told the Guardian it was not “sensible to vacate the chair” while there were such major issues before parliament.

The sensible response is not to denounce globalization but to make it work for as large a share of the population as possible.

sensible regulations, they argued, would pave the way for faster growth of the industry overall.

Kim: Tiffany’s character was kind of the most sensible character.

A sensible single-payer program should say no to questionable or overly costly interventions more often than our current system is able to do.

Preparing for a price on carbon emissions thus becomes a sensible policy.

One of her rare qualities was that of being a sensible, realistic prophet, who sees both herself and humanity clearly.

sensible, practical tweaks abound.

From here, you can tweak how far away the network roves from a sensible baseline.

Think only of how rarely people who feel any or all of the above are presented by mainstream mass media as sensible.

Preparing for a price on carbon emissions thus becomes a sensible policy.

The $500 price the black and white models are currently being sold for is more sensible.

The sensible thing would be to pull out, join my team back in the comparative safety of Europe.

For those looking for something more sensible, Hyundai premiered its new Kona Electric.

It’s a sensible approach considering rival telepresence robots sell for less than $5,000.

sensible design adds a sophisticated note to the whole affair.

By any sensible market rules, violence should violate property rights.

But it does seem to be taking small, sensible steps in applying the technology.

It’s a futuristic-feeling device, for sure, and the trade-offs seem fairly sensible.

One group of conservative writers and policy entrepreneurs proposed a sensible path forward.

“It’s the sensible thing to do,” Emmett Reistroffer, a marijuana consultant who worked to get the bill passed, told AP.

It is a sensible step towards simplifying the sprawl.

But I was really sensible of many artists, and Marc Séguin was one of them.

To call someone “spineless” is an insult on land, but in the ocean, it’s simply a sensible lifestyle choice.

“A deal with a sensible transition period would remove the uncertainty and should deliver a real boost to business spirits,” he said.

She looks good, she’s sensible, she always solves everything by the end of the program.

For the past several years, many in the Republican Party have deliberately demonized this group to shift the conversation away from sensible firearms restrictions.

It’s the more sensible option.

Programs that automatically enroll workers into sensible low-fee target-date funds — and then let them opt out if they want to — would be helpful.

Jividen views the WWE’s reforms as sensible in a changing legal environment.

On the one hand, this understanding of AI as an idiot savant is perfectly sensible.

I had to look my parents straight in the eye and say, “This is the only sensible choice.

Reforms that are specific to child sexual abuse are sensible first steps, but they should not be the end of the road.

That was a sensible change.

Iowans, or at least the Iowans I talked to, pride themselves on being sensible, level-headed, and practical people.

These all seem like sensible, common sense measures.

It’s a sensible realization, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it came from anyone but Zuckerberg.

At this point, the sensible action is to sleep it off before rising later in the day, groggy and disorientated, for a second gorging.

If 401(k)s were necessary to get such sensible measures a second look, then they deserve our grudging respect — at their funeral.

It’s a sensible move for Sonos, though.

Both are sensible.

Or — and hear me out here — you could just get a normal phone with a notch, which is really the most sensible solution.

The Moon enters solid, stable Earth sign Capricorn at 1:45 PM, creating a mature and sensible energy.

The S9, in fact, was pretty much just an S8 with the fingerprint reader repositioned to a sensible place.

This is a sensible move — isn’t it?

Any sensible businessman would know better, and so we’re all probably better off heeding Yellen’s advice and just focusing on our jobs.

It’s a set of aspirations that don’t really bring us to sensible action.

We have to get out of this overly simplistic framework and create more sensible policy proposals.

Barlow didn’t want to make a “straight-up sequel” to Her Story, though he says it would have been the easy, sensible thing to do.

They stop asking sensible questions.

That would require Jon doing anything sensible, and as he’s proven time and time again this season, that’s just not his style.

In a newspaper column, he said: “No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.

Alas, the MW65s also cost an impressive $499, far higher than Sony’s sensible $349.

Every sensible incentive pushes the US and China to collaborate.

DOJ should instead pursue enforcement strategies that are sensible, effective, and enhance public safety, and the Judiciary Committee should be included in these discussions.

BILL FARREN-PRICE, DIRECTOR, RS ENERGY GROUP, LONDON “The nine-month extension is sensible but it’s only half the job.

Eat a sensible breakfast and light lunch, or you might go overboard at dinner.

“We began by being sensible,” she told Architectural Digest in 1991.

“I think it’s a sensible time to do it.” The U.S. IPO market has also been encouraging so far this year.

But if police know someone isn’t in control of their actions, it makes deescalation seem much more sensible.

“But viewed correctly, sensible safeguards are part of freedom, not a retreat from it,” he said.

The anti-smoking group ASH UK welcomed the report, saying it showed “that switching to vaping is a positive and sensible life choice” for smokers.

The Sanders campaign, to its credit, took swift and sensible steps to try to improve its followers’ behavior.

Seinne, in a remarkably sensible display of levelheadedness for someone on The Bachelor, says she likes Arie but can’t use “the L word” yet.

Michael seems sensible, but only in comparison to the other Bluths.

She doesn’t charge you anything for the visit, and she gives you basically sensible advice.

It’s hard to make a sensible financial plan when you don’t know what you’re spending.

You can’t follow a sensible plan if you are always frantically managing your daily cash flow.

He makes the plan seem like a sensible strategic discussion between two allies plotting their course together.

There are sensible arguments for legally prohibiting drugs, given how dangerous these substances can be.

This is vendetta, not sensible law enforcement.

In a newspaper column, he said: “No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.

Of late, the media has become convinced that Donald Trump is going to reinvent himself as a sensible moderate.

The Moon is in practical, sensible Earth sign Capricorn today— how well are you taking care of yourself, Leo?

Lawmaker Ian Duncan, who is shepherding the changes through the European Parliament, described the overall report as a sensible compromise.

Most sensible people have better things to do with their time.

Of course, neither of them could pull off the Queen’s off-duty look: blue cardi, knee-length skirt, sensible black shoes.

If you ask me, “Sairat” is a sensible film.

“We are two nice, sensible, homeless men, looking to get our lives back on track,” their advertisement read.

Not because they are interested in sea level rise or ocean temperatures but because it’s economically sensible,” he told Reuters.

It mostly contains sensible recommendations that DOE, FERC, regional RTOs, and utilities have been working toward for a while.

That’s perfectly sensible.

I loved her sensible turban and statement eyewear as she worked away on her princess and sidekick looks.

“It’s all about just being sensible and wearing mosquito repellent when you need to.” Editing by Ed Osmond

“Mass shootings are the status quo because Congress has voted against sensible gun safety measures.

“Mass shootings are the status quo because Congress has voted against sensible gun safety measures.

Speaking to local news, Peter Gibson, a CASA spokesman, said “A busy retail car park is never a sensible place to fly a drone.”

Eat a sensible, balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

And yet climate policy is moving forward in the country in what appears, to this American’s eyes, an almost surreally sensible fashion.

It’s an understandable and sensible choice.

What they hear is we’re going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy.

“I do what any sensible 16-year-old does and tell him I’d like to give him my employee discount.

Instead of arguing for a “sensible immigration policy,” he called for a wall on the border and a ban on Muslims.

She wore a windbreaker and a sensible bob, as well as a pink sash expressing her solidarity with the Women’s March.

While it isn’t required, it’s more about being sensible should it be needed.

Regulation should not weigh too heavily on clearing services and should not undermine sensible business planning and risk management, he said.

A kid calling for sensible gun reform has outnumbered the entire NRA—in just 10 days.

Forget Jar-Jar, this is by far the least sensible detail from the prequels.

It’s sensible, short and maintenance-free.

The result of the meetings and research was the “blueprint” of reforms released Tuesday with a focus on “sensible, cost-effective strategies to reduce crime.”

The sensible thing to do in this situation is to boost the plan’s ambition.

“Too many previous attempts to create sensible gun laws have failed.

Let’s address the fundamental problem — repeal the drug laws and replace them with a sensible system of regulations.

“Whether in London or Brussels or indeed Dublin, now is the time to work for a sensible deal.

He acted in mature, appropriate and sensible after being struck.”

They are sensible.

“Whether in London or Brussels or indeed Dublin, now is the time to work for a sensible deal.

PrEP advocates want the debate to focus on just that: a sensible, empowering approach to sexual health.

All that is done on trust, I don’t pay deposits… so I have to keep my business volume sensible.

“There are development gains which could be reversed if we don’t address and do sensible things around climate,” Gill said.

I decided instead to get rich, that it was the only sensible but senseless thing to do.

Another sensible partner would be Grab, which shares a backer in SoftBank.

It made me realise how not sensible I’d always been.

—Kristin Corry Domesticity is supposed to be peaceful and sensible.

“Whether in London or Brussels or indeed Dublin, now is the time to work for a sensible deal.

Is The Guv any less sensible than anyone else who interacts with Arsenal Fan TV, or the people who willingly appear on it?

Instead, Twin Peaks: The Return is about making the thing we are seeing, this thing in front of us, sensible.

Take the UK: Is it rational and/or sensible to have three chicken shops on every street in every major city?

Civil society, however, can and must work to generate sensible responses to this problem.

“Deidre is more pure of heart and sensible.

Only they’re also grrrl-smart, and sensible to boot.

Candace Cameron Bure‘s approach to eating well revolves around a sensible, achievable diet—with the occasional exceptions, of course.

David Juurlink agrees with the idea, calling it a “very sensible” step toward controlling street sales of fentanyl by “predators.”

I was always the sensible one.” But turns out there were still major upsides to being the most stylish girl.

But these studies are important because they reiterate the importance of general hygiene and taking sensible precautions.”

“We were just getting so busy at the cook shop it just seemed sensible to take on a bigger space,” says Hill.

But governments are often not sensible about such things.

We hope sensible in a sentence examples were helpful.