Selena in a sentence | Use of the word selena examples

The Weeknd was all about selena Gomez’s public cuddling … until he noticed paparazzi watching.

It was very personal … selena‘s stepdad signed Christina when she was just 14 to manage her singing career.

selena was Christina’s mentor.

selena Gomez also suffers from lupus, and even required a kidney transplant in 2017.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd had to sneak some affection at Coachella …making out in between snack breaks.

The couple roamed the grounds of the Empire Polo Club this weekend with friends, when selena and Abel made their relationship clear to all …

We gotta say, selena looks fantastic.

Even selena Gomez’s “Kill ‘Em with Kindness” features actual whistling.

1: selena Gomez — 103 million followers

selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are now in regular contact, and it has royally pissed off members of her family.

Some members of selena‘s family believe she went to rehab for depression because of the way Justin treated her.

Posting because I like selena Gomez’s hat.

selena Gomez: “The Heart Wants What It Wants” 5.

selena Gomez just posted a puzzling message … calling herself, “unauthentic” and “unconnected” to herself and her music hours after a concert.

selena also reflected on her life … saying she thinks it’s time to do an overhaul both personally and creatively.

selena talking to the crowd in Jakarta.

We’re told things got very “touchy feely” quickly before 23-year-old selena and 39-year-old Orlando started neck-nuzzling and embracing in a booth.

However, we’re told selena absolutely went back to her room alone.

Final plot twist — Miranda was also in Vegas Friday night … at selena‘s concert.

We soon saw everyone from selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian West experiment with some bold, blunt bangs.

Photogs were out in force to get a pic of the woman who saved selena Gomez’s life by donating a kidney.

selena revealed this week her best friend donated the kidney several months ago, after hers were failing.

TMZ broke the story … Francia actually had a harder time recovering than selena.

Not surprising … Justin and selena were a thing for years, so the latest romantic configuration clearly doesn’t sit well.

The INSIDER Summary:selena Gomez and The Weeknd have allegedly moved in together in New York City.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been making headlines a lot lately, especially when they post an sweet Instagram pic.

Congrats on the new digs, selena and Abel!

This summer, singer/actress selena Gomez did something that too few Americans get to: She received a kidney transplant.

The main problem is that there aren’t nearly enough kidneys going around to help everyone in selena Gomez’s situation.

Your recipient might not be selena Gomez, but I promise it’ll be worth it.

Justin Bieber’s new gal pal has a striking resemblance … to one selena Gomez.

We’re still going back by Mi Familia and by selena and by La Bamba.

As we reported … Justin didn’t make a toast at his dad’s wedding, but was pretty preoccupied with selena Gomez during the trip.

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, and selena Gomez have all attended.

Bella Hadid just presented a united front against selena Gomez … with the help of mom and sis.

selena Gomez has returned to social media after a four-month hiatus with an emotional message to her fans.

Cool how selena Gomez is punk rock now, right?

selena‘s often on the sidelines watching Bieber’s hockey games, but looks like they’ve found an activity they can do together.

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lamented selena Gomez.

Taylor Swift brought her long-time bud selena Gomez up on stage Saturday night at her Rose Bowl concert.

selena and Taylor sang “Hands to Myself” — selena‘s song — in the middle of the “Reputation” concert in Pasadena.

It’s the curse of the LBD, really … and selena knows it well.

No sign of selena.

selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant this summer, and the donor was her best friend.

selena posted this pic post-surgery of her and kidney donor Francia Raisa.

selena goes on … “So I found out I need to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering.

selena Gomez had the best time watching The Weeknd from backstage … her face confirms it.

Abel was performing Sunday in Brazil for his Starboy tour — and selena‘s clearly enchanted watching from afar.

VIBES is a popular spot for the rich and famous in Newport Beach — everyone from selena Gomez to Kobe Bryant has been there.

In the build up, the JBAS Facebook page promises a “selena Gomez piñata” and the ticket link guaranteed a “selena Gomez dartboard”.

Justin is dramatically gored in half and the tears of 7 vodka-lemonades begin to fall – at least it wasn’t the selena piñata.

Speaking of selena piñatas, there’s none to be found across the whole venue, no matter how hard I search.

Art Festival, alongside muralists like Cinta Vidal, Pantone, DEFER, selena Miles, Pantonio, Sarah Joncas, and HITOTZUKI.

selena told NBC’s “Today” her kidneys “were just done.”

Francia was with her during the interview, and selena got emotional as she explained how her friend volunteered, and, literally, saved her life.

A big big thank you to [Musgraves] for the love at the Houston Rodeo tonite with that selena Y LOS DINOS Jam!”

Models selena Weber and Lauren Ashley are true soakers, as they proved by sauntering on the beach in Miami.

Lots to remember here — selena‘s new blonde ‘do, Diana bringing back the sparkle outfits … you name it, AMAs had it.

selena Gomez wants to be the only selena Gomez in entertainment … period.

selena has filed legal docs asking for the right to market jewelry … which we get.

So, all you selena Gomez wannabees … don’t even think about it.

selena Gomez is the queen of catchy — remember last year’s “Hands to Myself”?

Though not named in the complaint, the latter is likely the highly anticipated selena series that Netflix announced it was producing in December.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd are still going strong and took in a romantic dinner Thursday night in Hollywood.

The track is a reworked version of “It Ain’t Me,” selena Gomez’s recent collaboration with Norwegian super-producer Kygo.

selena Gomez caused a Bieberesque mob scene at LAX Friday … just by walking from the plane to her car.

Justin Bieber and selena Gomez have put the dating rumors to bed … because they’re clearly dating!

The Biebs and selena hung out AGAIN on Wednesday morning in L.A. Sure looks like selena has all the feels.

Bieber and then-girlfriend selena Gomez looked elegant at the 2011 American Music Awards.

Most critics don’t focus on megastars exclusively, or even cover that many megastars at all (hello, selena Gomez made a fantastic album last year).

If Bella Hadid’s pissed about The Weeknd hooking up with selena Gomez … she’s doing her best not to show it.

Bella touched down Thursday at LaGuardia — the first time she’s been seen in public since she unfollowed selena on Instagram.

That move made everyone think she’s got beef with selena and/or her ex-bf.

So check out her reaction when a photog fired off a few questions about the pics TMZ first posted of The Weeknd and selena.

Vincent has herself experienced addiction and she lost her daughter, selena, to it at 19.

So, as Taylor’s best friend selena Gomez (you should know that too) says, if you’re ready, come and get it.

The Weeknd is bouncing back from Bella Hadid just fine by making out with selena Gomez.

selena was seen hanging all over The Weeknd Tuesday night outside Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica — getting handsy and mouthy with the singer.

Same goes for selena‘s hands.

Models Jessica Harris and selena Weber got pretty sandy together for a shoot on Miami beach.

J was nice enough to brush selena‘s buns clean when it was all over.

Justin Bieber just can’t shake his feelings for selena Gomez … at least that’s what a recent post indicates.

You might remember, he gushed over selena‘s look at last year’s met gala a few months after the two called it quits.

selena, who’s in town for the tail end of Paris Fashion Week, posted a 19-second clip of the emergency.

The doors eventually were pried open … by a dude inside the elevator with selena.

Justin Bieber and selena Gomez hadn’t been seen together for almost a month … until Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day Justin hit the ice for a little hockey and selena watched rinkside snapping pics.

It’s not only fans in selena’s hometown who still feel strongly connected to the singer.

“I think selena symbolizes a generation and generations to come that are between two worlds.

Based on the optics … Katy’s COMPLETELY over whatever went down in Vegas between Orlando and selena Gomez.

But, what he REALLY wants … is a date with selena Gomez!!

A source close to selena tells us she’s healthy and happy to be home.

We broke the story … a few months ago selena was hospitalized twice when sources say she became despondent and emotional after her kidney transplant.

The snow day is good news for selena, who will hopefully spend the holidays with her friends and family.

The film mirrored the impact selena had on the industry, giving audiences a Latina heroine who defied expectations.

Also, in March, BAM will be showing selena and Corpus: A Home Movie for selena as part of its Chicano Cinema series.)

selena was a good girl who told her young fans to stay in school.

“That little girl’s narrative is all of our narratives as Chicanas,” one woman says in the film, as Lopez had said in selena.

One woman even compares selena to Jesus—both had far more influence after their deaths.

Kim paid homage to the late singer selena with her famous purple suit while Paris went with an oldie-but-a-goodie bunny costume.

With more than 8 million likes, it tops a sponsored selena Gomez post about Coca-Cola.—Noisey Trump Takes Hair Growth Drug, Says DoctorDr.

selena also thanked Francia for volunteering her kidney without being asked … once she found out she was a blood match, which is extremely rare.

Taylor Swift and BFF selena Gomez looked super hot sans makeup after their workout Monday in West Hollywood.

Few of the journalists covering Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump anticipated a Trump win, but a British woman named selena Wisnom did.

The scar is not located near the kidney, but selena had complications immediately after her transplant.

selena was in really bad shape before the transplant, so the scar is, obviously, a small price to pay for another chance at life.

Justin Bieber can spot an opportunist from a mile away … at least now he can, and the opportunist is selena Gomez.

Our Bieber sources tell us … the singer says he’s been there, and believes selena‘s using The Weeknd for promotion.

Bieber’s intel — and ours — is that selena and The Weeknd are working on music together.

When selena wants to push new music, it seems she dates stars with whom she wants to collab.

I love your conceptual selena GIFs!

What does selena mean to you?

selena means childhood.

Growing up first-generation Salvadoran and working class in a Mexican barrio in Texas, the only role model I had was selena.

selena Gomez is now reading to little kids … and it looks staged AF.

He wants to be a reporter and says he’s already landed one-on-ones with J Lo, selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias, and Maroon 5.

A concert by American pop star selena Gomez was only allowed in July 2016 after assurances that she would cover herself up.

Sources close to selena say if Bella truly feels betrayed by her new fling, it comes without merit.

We’re told selena‘s always been best friends with “squad” leader Taylor Swift … but the Hadid sisters were merely distant acquaintances.

As for selena, she was down in Texas doing Turkey Day with her family.

Co-producer selena Gomez, along with stars Tommy Dorfman and Alisha Boe, just got matching semicolon tattoos to raise awareness for mental health issues.

Cardi B and selena Gomez weren’t the headliners Friday at Coachella, but you coulda fooled the crowd.

DJ Snake was performing on Day 1 and about an hour in Cardi B appeared followed by selena.

selena skipped Coachella last year.

Cardi and selena only performed one song — “Taki Taki” … the 2018 song they recorded with DJ Snake.

The proof is in celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo’s latest Instagram post, which includes a photo of selena Gomez with… surprisingly long hair.

From that moment on, selena became a lob styling icon.

Forget everything you thought you knew about selena Gomez’s signature look, because long gone are the days of her long, flowing hair.

Looks like he’ll be bicoastal, since he just bought selena Gomez’s old mansion for a little more than $3 mil.

Ugh fine — does anyone have selena Gomez’s number?

Run by 15-year-old Lily, the account is all about selena Gomez, and was followed by the singer back in 2015.

“Before selena followed me, I had around 8,000 followers,” Lily explained.

Update: selena Gomez went and made it Instagram official by sharing a selfie of The Weeknd with his arm draped around her at Coachella.

And even if JB isn’t with selena for V-day … we bet he’ll be grateful for this weekend.

The pair are hiding behind sunglasses in the pic, while the wind whips selena‘s hair back.

This year it’s selena Gomez and The Weeknd.

As for the big elephant in the room, selena‘s still hasn’t said anything about her ex’s engagement.

Justin Bieber swept selena Gomez off her feet and plied her full of sugar … no booze.

December 16: Fan taken video of selena at the Sugar Factory in Seattle, Washington.

selena had to be impressed.

As we reported, Biebs and selena hopped a private jet out of L.A. Saturday afternoon.

selena Gomez even drops in to add a cover of “Only You,” a song originally released in 1982 by Yazoo.

selena Gomez was like a Monet painting Tuesday morning on the streets of Paris.

As any fan no doubt knows by now, 13 Reasons Why was a book before it became a selena Gomez-produced Netflix series.

Up close her outfit looked like a hot mess, but from far away selena looked like a stunning work of art.

selena Gomez has a love/hate relationship with social media — but that doesn’t mean she isn’t grateful for where it has got her.

selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey executive-produced the show.

Watch how you talk to selena.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd are trying their best to not look like international superstars while touring Italy — but they’re failing miserably.

selena Gomez is well aware of the 13 Reasons Why backlash.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd are at it again, holding hands and doing cutesy couple things.

Bella Hadid believes selena Gomez did her dirty by dating The Weeknd behind her back.

The pair split late last year, and The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) seemingly wasted no time in getting together with selena Gomez.

Also interesting … a selena source says the thing between selena and Bella’s ex is 2 months old.

Bella is especially incensed because she and sister Gigi helped selena when she was on the skids dealing with numerous emotional and other issues.

Despite the 2-month relationship, selena never uttered a peep about it to Gigi, who’s her best friend.

And that’s when Bella unfollowed selena on Instagram.

If you were wondering why 13 Reasons Why castmembers were trolling selena Gomez, now you know.

The Weeknd reportedly unfollowed selena Gomez on Instagram following their split.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd seemed like an unexpected pairing at first — but they’ve quickly become one of our favorite celebrity couples.

Case in point: selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber had a special guest at his Wednesday L.A. concert … ex-girlfriend selena Gomez.

According to Niall Horan’s interview with Billboard, he still hangs out with selena Gomez.

selena is the ­perfect role model for young girls,” Horan told Billboard.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston got all handsy and dancy Tuesday night at a selena Gomez concert.

selena Gomez seems to be taking the news her on-again-off-again ex, Justin Bieber, is engaged to Hailey Baldwin quite well.

selena Gomez has finally publicly commented on the rampant rumors that she is collaborating with her boyfriend The Weeknd on new music.

selena surfaced Sunday in a friend’s social media post, where she’s seen in a bikini and in open waters near NYC.

Message received, selena.

So thank you for your brutal honesty, selena.

selena Gomez’s 2015 hit has a lyric that sounds like it’s talking about a bodily function instead of diamonds.

Listeners have also misheard the lyrics of another hit selena Gomez song.

selena Gomez looks good.

Love notes aside, we have some ideas about what selena Gomez might have been relaying to the man on her arm last night.

Classic selena Gomez.

“Even selena Gomez has bladder emergencies.

Expect to write everything from selena Gomez’s fashion evolution to firsthand stories such as testing out high heel hacks.

“Because selena Gomez doesn’t like social media and hasn’t seen the famous “It’s Gonna Be May” meme yet.

After much teasing on Instagram, selena Gomez has finally dropped her latest single, “Bad Liar.”

French Montana just scored with selena Gomez … he bought her Calabasas home for $3.3 million … $150k under the listing price.

selena, repped by the Altman Brothers, put the Mediterranean pad on the market last year after stalkers kept showing up.

(Jude Law, Elle Fanning, and selena Gomez also star in the film.

From Britney Spears to selena Gomez, there’s no shortage of examples.

There’s Flea getting endearingly into it and improvising a “Ho, ho, ho!” There’s selena Gomez drumming on the seat divider!

We broke the story … Justin sat down with selena Sunday morning at a cafe in Westlake Village — sans her BF, The Weeknd.

As if this wasn’t enough … JB was later seen pulling into selena‘s house on Sunday night.

I’m keeping an eye out for what Camilla Cabrero, Hailee Steinfeld, and selena Gomez will drop.

What is the Met Ball except a brilliant opportunity for selena Gomez and The Weeknd to trot out their highly-rumored relationship?

Producer selena Gomez announced the news on her Instagram account this morning with a cryptic trailer and the words, “their story isn’t over.”

After a whole lot of teasing and lipstick, selena Gomez has finally shared the first photo from her “Bad Liar” shoot , out May 18.

selena came straight from the hospital to this shoot — from being there for lupus.”

Teresa Giudice sure seems sad now that hubby Joe is behind bars, and selena is back in Bieber’s life.

In their first week on High Standards Music Corner, hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd get “picnic vibes” from Kygo and selena Gomez’s new collaboration.

In their first week on High Standards Music Corner, hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd get “picnic vibes” from Kygo and selena Gomez’s new collaboration.

!Forever 21 Slammed For Black Panther Mishap selena Gomez: Resurfaces After Mental Breakdown Tekashi69: More Legal Troubles

Recently, it’s been upping the ante even further with high-profile collaborations with both celebrities (selena Gomez) and fellow designers (Rodarte).

selena, we’re told, prayed a lot but also knew she had the power to heal herself by aggressively seeking a transplant.

As we reported, selena was on a kidney transplant list and ultimately received the life-saving organ from her best friend, Francia Raisa.

selena Gomez dating the The Weeknd is even a big deal over in Italy.

selena Gomez just made her debut with Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd).

We’re told there were about 20 people waiting to get in who were pushed aside so selena and her beau could get out.

Like me, they were probably dancing to the Latino icons I love, like Thalia, Paulina, and selena.

It seems as though every celebrity — from Jennifer Lopez to selena Gomez — is looking to lighten up their looks.

The ink, an angel on Bieber’s left wrist, happens to be a depiction of his ex-girlfriend selena Gomez.

If selena‘s freaking out, then we cannot wait to hear why.

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name The Weeknd, has since started dating selena Gomez.

selena Gomez’s beachy lob

The imperfect waves amplify the texture in selena Gomez’s piecey ‘do.

Justin and selena cozied up next to each other Wednesday night at a fancy Beverly Hills hotel where they had the traditional V-Day dinner.

Hotel lobbies aren’t usually super romantic, but selena and Biebs did some serious PDA before dinner.

We’ve seen it with Gigi and Zayn (Zigi), and selena and Abel (Slaybel?)

Yes, I’m an expert on Bieber and selena Gomez.

But today, one of MAC’s fastest-selling collections to date was centered around Mexican-American selena Quintanilla.

The bad news: selena Gomez’s Mother’s Day gift might make your own present seem a tad paltry.

There were a lot of great moments, like with selena Gomez.

It’s no lie: selena Gomez has something very exciting in the works, and it’s all connected to the words “Bad Liar.”

We now know exactly what “secret project” selena Gomez was teasing on Instagram: her sultry music video for her brand-new song “Bad Liar.”

We’re guessing selena‘s there because, well … maybe she knew Bella was gonna be there.

Justin Bieber and selena Gomez spent much of the day Saturday in prayer.

Justin and selena spent a good chunk of the day at a Hillsong Church service in Downtown L.A.

As of today, selena Gomez is the most-followed person on Instagram with 119 million followers.

As we previously reported, the church is one of the things that brought Justin and selena back together.

They are back together, after Justin began courting selena a few months back when she had her kidney transplant.

JAMIE selena: That’s great, but how are we going to pay for it?

selena Gomez just posted three mysterious photos on Instagram, and fans are already speculating about what the posts could mean.

selena Gomez is standing by the decision to portray Hannah’s suicide on the series in such detail.

This week’s outing, starring selena Gomez, borrows heavily from the Manic Pixie Dream Girl school of romantic comedies.

(We’re looking at you, Taylor Swift…) Will selena show up hand-in-hand with The Weeknd again?

selena Gomez’s kidneys were failing long before she received her transplant … TMZ has learned.

At that point selena was already on a kidney transplant list.

selena now has a new kidney after a transplant this summer, thanks to her donor/best friend Francia Raisa.

The Weeknd and selena Gomez prove swapping spit with class is possible … on an expensive ass luxury yacht!!!

Last night’s Met Gala included a lot of firsts for selena Gomez.

The “Starboy” singer and selena got hot and heavy over the weekend on the Leight Star yacht … docked in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Around the same time, Jonas himself was dating around, wooing both Hannah Montana-era Miley Cyrus and Lovato’s then-BFF selena Gomez.

“We are so excited to see selena in our newest Spotlight on Lace collection,” Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, told Refinery29 via e-mail.

selena Gomez has been teasing her new song “Fetish” since her last hit, “Bad Liar,” came out in May.

Which is why we all emoji-clapped when selena Gomez confirmed her relationship with The Weeknd via a photo of them wearing matching shades.

Over the past week, selena Gomez show us just why she’s earned a reputation as a Style Star.

BTW, selena, if you’re out there … Arianny says she’s down for a collab!!

selena Gomez and The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) are adorably obsessed with each other and fully in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Well, unless you’re selena Gomez.

Members of selena‘s own family were among those killed during Hurricane Harvey in Texas … this according to her father.

selena was hugely popular in Texas — her birth state.

One noted on Twitter that Lorde’s own social circle includes selena Gomez, who actually does have an autoimmune disease.

“I wonder how selena Gomez feels about this,” the female fan tweeted about Lorde’s comments.

The “Starboy” singer was out at Cecconi’s restaurant in WeHo Thursday night … with selena‘s doppelgänger.

selena Gomez trails in second at $800,000 per post, with Ronaldo in third at $750,000 per post.

Like Miley Cyrus and Mandy Moore before her, selena Gomez doesn’t love all of her old music.

Let us remember 2017 as the year selena Gomez, former Disney star, current “Bad Liar” singer, became selena Gomez, Fashion Girl.

Style Icon selena has fully come into her own — and we are here for it.

With the debut of her first campaign, of course, comes more rumors about a potential selena Gomez x Coach capsule collection in the future.

selena Gomez can do pretty much anything.

Former Disney Channel stars stick together — at least, they do in the case of Bella Thorne and selena Gomez.

Multiple sources connected to The Weeknd and selena tell us, their relationship had been fizzling out since Summer.

We’re told Abel enjoyed being single before he met selena and felt unfairly tied down in a relationship that had lost its passion.

Our sources say several weeks ago Abel called selena, explained how the relationship was no longer working for him and then ended it.

Justin’s apparent reignited relationship with selena didn’t start until after she and The Weeknd went their separate ways.

selena Gomez rested an embellished bomber jacket on her shoulders at a September 13 Coach event in New York City.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) are going pretty strong.

selena Gomez missed out on The Weeknd’s 27th birthday bash … even though she picked up the nearly $30,000 tab for her bf.

selena Gomez is paying homage to her own famous photo in her new video for “Bad Liar.”

Meanwhile, selena was in NYC for Fashion Week … but made sure to leave her credit card to handle all charges.

I don’t know if she was selena Gomez, but this morning Elle Magazine told me that he was crying on-stage about her.

While he has yet to comment on flirting with Perry, he did recently praise her pal selena Gomez.

selena is the ­perfect role model for young girls,” Horan told Billboard.

Demi Lovato wants to kill ’em with kindness… but not all of selena Gomez’s fans feel the same way.

selena Gomez is the queen of Instagram for the second year in a row.

selena Gomez likes cheesecake, but she loves The Weeknd.

selena Gomez

Gomez’s account, @selenagomez, has more than 130 million followers.

selena, Kourtney and maybe Kendall …cover your eyes.

Her Instagram post became the site’s most-liked image ever in less than 24 hours, knocking selena Gomez off her social media throne.

selena Gomez is an advocate for the LGBTQ community, and she credits her mother with helping cultivate her acceptance for everyone.

You probably know the retailer as a fashion hot spot — even selena Gomez pops in the store every once in a while.

Interestingly, no sign of selena Gomez watching her bf’s athletic skills this time around.

Justin and selena were inseparable during Jeremy Bieber’s wedding Monday in Montego Bay.

No word on if Chelsey tossed her bouquet, and if selena made a play for it.

Turns out fans aren’t the only ones impressed — ex-girlfriend and pop star selena Gomez loved it, too.

If selena Gomez decided to go country, we kind of assumed it would be for a duet with BFF Taylor Swift.

“We have this girl named selena Gomez sing on a song on the record, and she’s pretty cool,” he said.

But yes, selena did sing a song of mine.

Look out selena … Bella looks like she’s not to be messed with.

Harry Styles Stickers, selena Gomemes, Justin Biebmojis.

As selena, she plays a classically trained actress best known for her role as a “crisis management expert” in the shoot-em-up cop show Collusion.

At the show’s premiere, many of the stars, including producer selena Gomez, wore blue nail polish in solidarity with the show’s protagonist.

Guillaume Canet plays selena’s caddish husband Alain, the fox of the Parisian publishing world.

Alain is cheating on selena and selena is cheating on Alain.

The Weeknd has already officially made selena his plus 1 for Clive Davis’ huge annual bash on the eve of the Grammys.

selena‘s career is just poppin I’m so proud and happy for you!,” said a third.

selena Gomez just release the movie video (and mini movie) for her single “Bad Liar,” and boy is it a trip.

selena, on the other hand, isn’t performing — nor was she nominated — despite her #1 hit, “Hands to Myself.”

selena Gomez and The Weeknd turned the streets of Harlem into their own runway show … flanked by bodyguards, of course.

But hey, if it makes you feel any better, even selena Gomez feels your pain.

selena Gomez was also there but apparently arrived separately.

selena Gomez continues to surprise her large fan base with treat after treat.

selena Gomez has no words for Justin Bieber … she’s too busy lookin’ great and hittin’ the town.

It’s unclear what happened this time around to end the relationship, but they sure seemed tighter than ever following selena‘s kidney transplant.

The Weeknd and selena Gomez didn’t let a little thing like ZERO Grammy Awards stop ’em from hitting the post Grammy party scene.

selena wasn’t nominated, and neither was The Weeknd — “Starboy” was released after the cutoff date.

selena Gomez’s mother Mandy Teefey wrote a post in memory of her miscarriage in 2011.

The hackers mainly targeted celebrities and verified users, including selena Gomez, who’s account was hacked two days ago.

In order of my girls, selena, Scarlett and Gracie.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd are not only inseparable … they’re attached.

He’s on a break right now before the second leg begins in September and selena‘s clearly got a tight grasp … still.

(selena, girl, where is your sweater?!?)

According to Instagram’s year-end roundup, the pictures that garnered the most “Likes” belonged to Beyonce, Ronaldo or selena Gomez.

Just a quick catch-up: he’s dating selena Gomez now, shortly after splitting with Bella Hadid.

It’s JB’s first relationship since splitting with selena Gomez after the two tried to rekindle things a few months back.

But also, power to selena Gomez for encouraging The Weeknd to be frugal!

selena Gomez looked serene Friday night as she left her boyfriend’s house.

Knowing that, some couldn’t help but notice that Lovato’s teaser has an interesting selena Gomez connection.

Photogs snapped selena as she got into a waiting SUV before taking off from Justin Bieber’s pad.

At least selena wasn’t there.

Unsurprisingly, selena‘s new ‘do looks fantastic.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the 24-year-old man showed up Friday morning at selena‘s San Fernando Valley home.

selena‘s people told the guy to beat it, then called police to report the incident … and this is where it gets even creepier.

Our law enforcement sources say the flower shop description matched the guy selena‘s security reported, and LAPD’s now on the case.

selena Gomez has come to some of Justin’s games in the past, but no sign of her last night.

I tried to copy selena Gomez’s sleek, sci-fi lob from this year’s Met Gala, but my version came out…a little uneven.

selena Gomez just owned Justin Bieber so hard … mocking his “call to arms” against his fans.

selena deleted the post — an old trick — knowing it would be seized and emblazoned on the Internet forever.

Justin Bieber got an awesome body check from his gf, selena Gomez, during a hockey time-out when she planted a serious kiss on him.

Recently, selena Gomez has come forward to share that she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease as well.

selena went to hockey night a couple weeks ago, but no PDA that time around.

Chris Brown’s daughter paid selena an adorable tribute, and the late singer’s family couldn’t be prouder.

selena‘s brother, A.B.

The singer/songwriter, with almost 2.5 million Instagram followers, has written massive hits for artists like Eminem, Rihanna, and selena Gomez.

Bieber’s particularly amused selena ripped him for threatening to quit Instagram, because she did the same exact thing earlier this year.

selena Gomez celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday.

And selena‘s kidney transplant raises the question … What would you do?

(And, while we’re on the subject, the same goes for Bella Hadid and selena Gomez.)

We got pics of selena walking into her Studio City pad Sunday evening… about 10 minutes after Justin arrived there in his white G-Wagon.

They’ve been talking — first reconnecting around the time selena announced she’d undergone a kidney transplant … but it’s all copacetic.

Our Weeknd sources dispute there was any other face-to-face meeting besides Sunday … but we’re told the singer knows selena remains friends with Justin.

Reigning queens Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and selena Gomez have all released new songs this year.

Justin was just at selena‘s house last Sunday … and stayed ’til midnight.

Like we told you … selena‘s BF was fully aware of them hanging out, and we’re told he’s totally cool.

Not to mention, it spawned three sequels, one of which starred selena Gomez as a breakdancer.

selena Gomez is turning 25 on July 22 and her future has never looked brighter.

selena Gomez nailed down her come-hither look … with a little help from her ass.

selena Gomez is quite the busy lady.

Since canceling his Purpose Tour, in part to focus on his religion, Justin’s reconciled with selena Gomez … and now his mom.

And if you remember, in 2016 selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor, and Charlie Puth all canceled their tours to focus on health as well.

Today, stars like selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, Mila Kunis, and Vanessa Hudgens are Instagramming reasons we should root for its return.

selena Gomez is continuing on her road to wellness … with a positive New Year’s message emblazoned on her sweatshirt.

Bella Hadid, selena Gomez, Kerry Washington, and Kim Kardashian are just a handful of celebs rocking the look.

Sources with direct knowledge of the incident tell us Mandy had a heated convo with selena that day about the reunion with Justin.

When selena revealed she and JB were in couples therapy, Mandy flipped … realizing the relationship was going to be more long-term than she thought.

selena was beaming on the ice as she watched Justin’s hockey scrimmage Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Right afterward, the couple left the rink together — Justin still sweatin’ and selena sporting a hoodie and the jersey.

Emilio was good friends with selena Quintanilla — they performed and recorded together and popularized the music style in the ’90s.

Twitter went off on selena‘s first public performance since getting a kidney transplant earlier this summer.

selena Gomez, Marshmello – Wolves (Live at the AMA) PART #2#selenaxAMAs #AMAs

And already signs of trouble between Justin and selena.

One thing led to another and suddenly there was a full-on argument between commenters regarding the legitimacy of selena’s freckles.

selena superfans came out of the woodwork to insist that, no, their patron saint does not have freckles.

selena couldn’t hide in that silver dress, while Orlando tried to slip out low key … head down with a hat.

After that though, selena‘s insisting she and Orlando went to separate corners (hotel rooms).

As TMZ first reported, the pair got super handsy at an after-party for selena‘s concert.

selena Gomez, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to have a care in the world about the news.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd have officially gone social media official … with one of them finally including the other in a post.

In the clip, viewers first glimpse a moment of affection between TheWeeknd and selena Gomez.

The Weeknd posted a pic of the pair early Saturday, with selena planting one right on his cheek.

Your move, selena.

We’re told selena had “a meltdown” and “freaked out.”

Not one mention of the selena Gomez-backed production is seen in the 67-page Emmy nomination press release.

selena tried ripping the IV’s out of her arm.

We’re told selena is currently at an East Coast psychiatric facility and is receiving dialectical behavior therapy — DBT.

selena has received DBT in the past.

There has been a virtual blackout of information regarding selena for several weeks.

selena posted on September 23 she was taking a break from social media … noting, “Just remember- negative comments can hurt anybody’s feelings.

Before leaving social media, selena did an Instagram Live answering questions from fans and said depression had consumed her life for 5 years.

selena‘s last public appearance was on September 22 at Jennifer Lopez’s Vegas show.

She recently sung the praises of longtime pal selena Gomez when the pop star dropped her new single “Fetish.”

But there is one celeb who tends to stay relatively mum about her beauty routine, and that is selena Gomez.

selena was a target of hateful comments on social media after her ex, Justin Bieber, got engaged to Hailey Baldwin.

selena did a stint in rehab back in 2014.

As for what it means … we’re told selena says she is not romantic with Justin and it’s not in the cards.

selena Gomez’s Instagram account just got hacked … and whoever’s behind it immediately posted nude photos of her ex, Justin Bieber.

How is it 2017 but there is still drama involving selena Gomez and Justin Bieber?

selena GOMEZ GOT HACKED OMG,” a Twitter user captioned a screenshot of the incident, followed by the hashtag #selenaHACKED.

Other fans couldn’t help but chime in on the unfortunate incident, which is a total violation of both selena and Justin’s privacy.

selena quickly deactivated her account after the hack.

selena Gomez might be taking a break from Justin Bieber, but not the Bible.

selena was MIA for the Biebs’ bday earlier this month, which he spent with his mom and church pals, including pastor Carl Lentz.

selena Weber and Lauren Ashley brought several swimsuit options for their Miami trip … and they keep revealing more about themselves with every outfit change.

On Thursday, Coach confirmed its new collection with selena Gomez after months of speculation.

selena Gomez became the cool new kid on the block … ’cause she went for a bike ride and conquered a school yard.

selena posed with the posse as they chaotically flocked around her.

As for new solo selena … seems like she’s very much over Abel by the looks of her biking face.

Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and selena Gomez.

selena Gomez will remember that for a very brief period pre-Weeknd, the actor and singer dated EDM prodigy Zedd.

He told Billboard that he didn’t know what being famous really was “until selena came into my world.”

Sources close to the situation tell us selena and Abel split recently — this after publicly dating for a little more than 10 months.

As we reported … selena received a kidney from her BFF this summer, and The Weeknd was around to support her at the time.

But it’s no secret now … selena and Justin have been spending A LOT of time together recently, sans Abel.

“She’s literally identical to selena Gomez.

Another wrote, “She looks like selena more than selena.

“I love selena Gomez and I declare myself a fan of her,” she told E!

Justin pursued selena while she was still in a relationship with The Weeknd, although that relationship had been fizzling for months.

As one source put it, “selena had to be won over.”

Our sources says Justin and selena are not collaborating in any way.

Once seated the cameras caught Taylor complaining to selena Gomez, “I missed that note.”

If selena Gomez feels like wearing [our swimsuit], which has happened before, it’s going to sell out in probably 14 seconds.

Justin Bieber and selena Gomez are answering Bob Marley’s eternal question … yes, this is definitely love.

selena and the Biebs are back stateside as of Thursday, but they’ve gotta look back on the trip fondly.

Christian rock will never get hotter than selena Gomez doing a surprise gig in the middle of a religious themed event.

We’re told selena wrote the song “Nobody” with Shane Stevens to deliver one message — that no one can love us like God.

As for the breakup, we’re told they’ve done it before — Justin and selena style — so who knows?

We’re told JB flew down, stopping in Texas on the way to pick up selena … before touching down in time for the wedding.

selena Gomez has a lead foot — at least in reverse — and a poor innocent fence paid the price.

With summer coming to an end, selena Gomez is already welcoming the fall with a brand-new haircut.

All eyes were on selena as she left a salon’s parking lot Wednesday in WeHo.

Last year, selena Gomez canceled the remainder of her Revival tour to get treatment for anxiety and depression related to her Lupus.

selena‘s already taken steps to keep her identity separate from her boyfriends.

We’re told the song was written before he started dating selena, so the stories are ridiculous.

Way better than a selena Pantene billboard, right?

Street Style selena is here again, and damn, it feels good to see her.

On Tuesday, Ariana reportedly hit 146,286,173 compared to selena‘s 146,267,801.

selena received mental health treatment last year after having an emotional breakdown.

Here’s hoping selena‘s got new tunes on the horizon.

But there was another musician who dominated much of 2017 who we didn’t see at the celebration: selena Gomez.

Seems like it’s going that way with selena Gomez, too.

selena Gomez refuses to be defined by her relationships.

selena Gomez and The Weeknd brought another man into their lives while in Italy … and he was totally naked.

Justin Bieber and selena Gomez spent a full day together Sunday … from morning until night.

These are pics of Justin and selena attending church services Sunday morning … this after grabbing some grub together at Joi Cafe in Westlake Village.

The exes left together and later in the evening Justin showed up at selena‘s doorstep.

We’re hearing from sources connected to The Weeknd all is fine between him and selena, but there’s certainly a lot of smoke.

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Don’t expect selena Gomez to reveal her album title anytime soon.

More reality … everyone, especially Beliebers, will judge a lot based on selena‘s words — or even just her facial reactions.

The role of backstage girlfriend has been well established in relationships … just ask selena Gomez.

Hopefully things end differently for Millie and Jacob than they did for selena and Abel.

Her killing was reminiscent of the 1995 fatal shooting of selena Quintanilla-Perez, a 23-year-old singer best known as selena.

Already an established star, selena was gunned down in a Texas motel by the founder of her fan club.

Justin Bieber and selena Gomez are working things out in couples therapy because of a fight over Hailey Baldwin … TMZ has learned.

Interesting … Kourtney posted the pic on social media a day after Justin Bieber posted a throwback of him with ex-GF selena Gomez.

selena packed on the PDA Tuesday after his concert in Paris.

For the record, selena was NOT at the H&M show.

selena‘s in the same hood!

All this scene’s missing is selena.

Read these stories next: Learning To Live With My Borderline Personality Disorder selena Gomez Says Dialectical Behavior Therapy Changed Her Life — What Is It?

Looks like selena is in his rear view, but then again …

selena Gomez’ best friend and kidney donor Francia Raísa may be the real-life Wonder Woman.

selena scurried inside when she saw photogs and Bieber followed shortly thereafter.

We won’t mince words: A fan attempted to send selena Gomez a bouquet of penis-shaped flowers last Friday.

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selena had a short career, but her influence in the Latino communities has been felt for decades.

selena Gomez and the Weeknd — aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye — are cute as hell, and they want everyone to know it.

selena and Abel are in NYC for her role in the new as-yet untitled Woody Allen film.

He never quite matched the chart success of “Like A G6,” but did write for selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias, and Robin Thicke.

Lately, selena Gomez has been using fashion to discretely display her political views.

Is a city that holds God, selena, and Spurs basketball as its greatest exports ready for a transformative voice to emerge?

While selena Gomez spends her time in 2017 dominating Instagram (and the music charts), 10 years ago, things were totally different.

On his most recent single, “It Ain’t Me,” he joined forces with actress and pop princess selena Gomez.

selena‘s voice is beautiful and welcoming.

“Samhain is one of my favorite festivals,” Reverend selena Fox tells Broadly.

“My heart is with selena gomez and lady gaga today,” she wrote.

From selena Gomez to Demi Lovato, we’d forgotten just how many of our favorite pop culture anthems come from former Disney stars.

So far you’ve got fake relationships with Meghan Trainor and selena Gomez under your belt.

Getting tagged by selena Gomez on Instagram is a weird experience — just ask Elle Fanning.

Me and selena were teasing our song (“We Don’t Talk Any More”) and we’d just finished performing at the Jingle Ball.

So many jingling balls.It was in Philadelphia, and afterwards me and selena were on my tour bus just jumping around and singing along.

They’ve graced the feet of Gigi and Bella Hadid, selena Gomez, Olivia Palermo, and Blake Lively.

As People points out, Giorgio Baldi has been a popular Italian go-to for celebs like selena Gomez, The Weekend, and even Rihanna.

I felt like selena or something.

Clear the way, because street style selena Gomez is back.

“I got hired at the time in selena’s career when she was ready to take it up [a notch],” she said.

“The most popular feet are Emma Watson and selena Gomez,” says Ozer.

Even though selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up many, many moons ago, some fans just can’t let that relationship go.

Recently, she spoke with People about selena Gomez undergoing a kidney transplant describing her as a “strong woman.”

But it also presents several quick-link options for searching celebrity lookalikes, including selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, and Courtney Cox.

selena Gomez shared a heartfelt Instagram post on Thursday morning, writing that her friend Francia Raisa gave her “the ultimate gift.”

Neuroscientist Professor selena Bartlett led the study, which was just published in the research journal PLOS ONE.

Previous guests have included Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, and selena Gomez.

Refinery29 has reached out to TheWeeknd and selena Gomez for comment and will update the post if we hear back.

Justin Bieber Instagrammed a picture of his ex girlfriend selena Gomez and apparently she’s been invited tonight.

“I looked at big celebrities, big singers, who are younger girls, like Taylor Swift or selena Gomez,” the actress explained to Bustle.

Do you think that if selena Gomez turns up tonight they should get back together?Allie: I mean only if they want to.

In an interview at the start of summer, series producer selena Gomez sounded very excited for everything coming up in the next season.

Perhaps co-star Dylan Minnette or the selena Gomez would want to get involved, too.

Tranter and Golan then name-checked selena Gomez, someone they both praise as being “the best curator in the business”.

That’s where someone like selena Gomez, according to her own collaborators, excels.

In this way, selena is like this generation’s Britney Spears.

Likewise, Revival is unequivocally a selena Gomez album, steeped in emotion, vulnerability and her meticulously specific identity.

He even impersonates a selena Gomez cover, how meta is that?

And then there’s selena Gomez.

“They were excited about the selena Gomez concert, disregarding views from PAS, Muslims and Muslim NGOs,” he said, according to The Star.

Luckily, he and selena are still following each other, but it’s safe to say that something is going down on the sidelines.

PKR’s deputy president Azmin Ali took a different approach, asking reporters: selena who?

“[People are] angry at me for supposedly supporting selena Gomez,” Azmin said in local media.

“Honestly, I don’t really know this selena Gomez…

Well, first of all, this really has nothing to do with selena Gomez.

It needs… selena Gomez.

Yes, your Cher costume was great, Kim Kardashian; and, Demi Lovato, you looked amazing as selena.

“We expected manufacturing to be down but the print is more severe than we thought,” selena Ling, OCBC’s head of treasury research said.

It was announced today that Rousey will host Saturday Night Live on January 23rd, along with musical guest selena Gomez.

selena Gomez’s latest single, “Bad Liar,” is indisputably good and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me.

(selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Bella Hadid have all proven that.)

We hope selena in a sentence examples were helpful.