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The sean Connery and Christopher Lambert fantasy film “Highlander” followed a Scottish Highlands warrior who is cursed with immortality.

sean Casten has defeated Peter Roskam, who served in the House since 2007.

One is what sean Spicer now has on display in WH briefing room.

[sean Hollister / The Verge] What do startups do when their investors implode?

White House press secretary sean Spicer acknowledged the country’s growing opioid epidemic Thursday by likening it to recreational marijuana use.

Wrote sean O’Hagan of the Guardian: “Though they were orthodox Jews, and it was Yom Kippur, they were also Prince fans.

Trump’s transition team and his incoming press secretary sean Spicer did not respond to questions about the upcoming briefings.

I am so excited for you to hear what we’ve put together and for you to meet sean.

sean Gallup/Staff The mumps virus circulates via saliva or mucus, and universities are ideal hotspots for a couple of reasons.

Others, like sean Spielberg at Points North Group, an influencer marketing analytics company, think it could be even more.

Frontman Will Gould, guitarists Ian Miles and Oliver Burdett, pianist Hannah Greenwood, bassist sean Scott and drummer Dan Bratton, all lost to the ether.

Possible names included Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff, RNC spokesman sean Spicer as White House spokesman, U.S.

Kavanaugh and the other football players “were very disrespectful, at least verbally, with Renate,” said sean Hagan, who attended Georgetown Prep at the time.

Forget Kylie … sean Payton is the best influencer on social media.

“Doesn’t surprise me at all,” PFT Commenter told TMZ Sports out in Atlanta … “sean Payton’s a badass.”

But there was some hope that the film might be nominated for Best Screenplay, or that sean Baker’s directing would receive some recognition.

Below are the results of a very large number of psychometric tests of academic achievement assembled by sociologist sean Reardon.

After the 2012 election, the conservative-leaning analyst sean Trende raised one potent counterargument.

sean Rad plunked down $7.65 million for a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom crib in WeHo that screams, “I’m starting a family!”

Big sean – I Am Not a Human Being II, 2012 / “Martians Vs. Goblins” – The Game feat.

That period yielded the odd spectacle of Trukfit and the single that was “My Homies Still” with Big sean.

When my colleague sean Illing asked presidential historian H.W.

With press secretary sean Spicer out doing Naval Reserve duty (lucky for him!

X-Pac (real name sean Waltman) denied the allegations and said the pills were a non-meth medicine to treat a yeast infection.

Crazy screaming Howard Beale, it’s like sean Hannity or whatever, pick your idiotic television personality.

Speaking of sean Hannity, what else did you have?

In Memphis, local chef and food truck owner sean Gilliam is driving around handing out his signature Tuscan spinach chicken dishes to federal workers.

sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist at California Institute of Technology.

He hosted a military history program on Fox News, and he is a regular commentator on sean Hannity’s show.

You can follow sean at @Rameswaram.

“Our source is not the Russian government,” he said in a Tuesday interview with Fox News’s sean Hannity.

(Both men seemed to be in love with sean’s wife, Julia.)

sean Illing You write that you hope people think less of themselves after reading this book.

sean Illing “Ego” is a term without a fixed definition.

sean Illing By egotist, then, you mean someone whose confidence scales with their ignorance?

sean Illing There’s a great Epictetus quote in the book to the effect that you can’t learn what you think you already know.

sean Illing How do you distinguish confidence or a healthy self-assurance from egotism?

sean Illing I like that you used historical figures as case studies to illustrate your arguments about the ego.

sean Illing Who do you think best exemplifies the virtuousness of egoless living?

sean Illing Knowing and doing are different things.

sean chose door #3 — pay nothing, according to the suit … even though he signed the receipt, agreeing to pay the next day.

She was referring to “sean’s Cloud” (2016), hung high up on the wall at Marian Goodman Gallery in Midtown.

It’s a show about sean Penn going to Mars that never actually has him set foot on Mars.

Melissa McCarthy won Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her own reoccurring SNL role as former press secretary sean Spicer.

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We may have lost Melissa McCarthy’s indelible sean Spicer, but we’ve gained Pauly Shore’s Stephen Miller.

Bernie Sanders and sean Hannity are Russian agents.

For Republicans, it made their party more vulnerable to actual penetration by hacks — the “Michele Bachmanns” and “sean Hannitys,” as Nyhan puts it.

The album is out now in a limited run of 300 on vinyl on Static Caravan with artwork by Marvel artist sean Phillips.

“I was at my homie’s house and I got a call, and they said sean was gone.

I had talked to sean like three hours before that, so I went to the last place he was at.

I could listen to sean and just be like ‘I can make so much happen today.

“Even with sean passing, nothing will ever stop me from doing music.

When I lost sean it was like a slap in the face.

sean Parnell, Jacqueline Tupou, and Carolyn Leman — officially becomes Alaska’s three electors.

I don’t have a studio and they don’t give me one, sean, even though I make a pile of money from Vox Media.

The show doesn’t always need to open with, “I’m sean Rameswaram.

sean called the move “disappointing and appalling” and put the blame squarely on the NFL and EA, the company behind Madden.

As we reported, sean name-checked Kaep on his verse of “Big Bank” … a YG track featuring sean, Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz.

We’re here with sean Rameswaram.

sean Hannity,” Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said into the microphone, and the audience erupted in gasps and laughter.

What do you see, just growth, growth, growth, sean?

It might stay simple, sean.

In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has “pledged to reverse this overreach,” in the words of White House press secretary sean Spicer.

sean Robertson, a Pentagon spokesperson, told me.

sean‘s take seems to be — it’ll happen, but he ain’t rushing it.

sean Rameswaram talked to Dylan for the latest episode of Today, Explained about whom SSDI helps and why the misconceptions are so dangerous.

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Clinton Portis ain’t just shutting the door on Landon Collins’ wishes to wear sean Taylor’s old No.

In fact, when sean tragically died in 2007 … Portis says the Redskins asked him to wear the No.

sean also wore No.

36 with the ‘Skins early in his career … and seems Portis would be fine with LC honoring sean by going that route.

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During an event on Friday, the singer covered Britney Spears’s “Toxic,” twerked with Ariana Grande and raised $7.5 million with ex-husband sean Penn.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary sean Spicer said the administration was “looking into” the reports of gag orders.

Democratic Rep. sean Patrick Maloney is also reportedly thinking of a run, though he withdrew from the legislature interview process.

I think a lot of early Facebookers were talking out about it, not just sean Parker and others, because some of these people …

The 22-track project features contributions from Swae Lee, Brandy, Big sean, Kurupt, and Mali Music.

It’s a great way to secure ratings for a television show, for example, whether it’s The Apprentice or The sean Hannity Show.

During Trump’s first news conference, on Jan. 11, White House Press Secretary sean Spicer claimed Trump didn’t know Page.

Everyone from Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, to Press Secretary sean Spicer and White House counsel Don McGahn might get booted.

White House Press Secretary sean Spicer falsely accused the media of falsehoods — and then made several of his own.

I’ve been listening to Big sean from very early on and I relate to his content.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney and fixer, also worked as a lawyer for Fox News pundit sean Hannity.

Broidy was one of Cohen’s three clients — the other two were Trump and Fox News host sean Hannity.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney and fixer, also worked as a lawyer for Fox News pundit sean Hannity.

sean Payton sure hopes not.

This brings us back to Andre Soukhamthath’s moments against sean O’Malley.

“This is like Watergate but far worse,” sean Hannity said on his Monday night Fox show.

Graham followed his attack by appearing on sean Hannity’s show.

Tamar Haspel, a food-policy columnist at the Washington Post, joins sean Rameswaram to discuss the rise — and potential impact — of the meatless meat movement.

sean Newell: The NBA regular season is garbage.

Four students left wounded in the attack were identified as Drew Pescaro, 19; sean DeHart, 20; Emily Houpt, 23; and Rami Alramadhan, 20.

“It was sean Penn who asked for and demanded the meeting because he desperately wanted an interview with El Chapo,” Cacho told Univisión.

“Once he’d used her to contact El Chapo, sean got rid of Kate.”

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sean Jones, the detectives’ supervisor, counted it a small victory.

So far, several people in high-level posts have quit the Trump administration: Michael Flynn, sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and more.

Hopper’s obvious foil is Bob Newby, Joyce’s new boyfriend played by sean Astin, who Samwise Gamgee’s it up.

Former White House aides Reince Priebus and sean Spicer were both questioned in October.

“When I look at the polls, his approval ratings continue to go up,” said incoming press secretary sean Spicer.

(sean defined “unarrest” for me as “interfering with law enforcement’s attempts to detain someone in the block by using force.”)

Jesse Williams, Kevin O’Leary, Fat Joe, Big sean, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis … should we keep going?

“At some point, you can only do so much,” Press Secretary sean Spicer told reporters at his Friday press briefing.

“At some point, you can only do so much,” Press Secretary sean Spicer told reporters at his Friday press briefing.

sean Stackley told the House Armed Services Committee in 2014, when he was the Navy’s acquisition chief.

Ailes launched the careers of some of the biggest names in news including Bill O’Reilly, sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren.

Vox’s sean Illing spoke with 11 legal scholars about what might happen should the Treasury Department refuse to turn over the returns. Thanks to sean for sending this our way.

He was joined by rappers Big sean, Chance the Rapper, and J. Cole, and by his wife, popular singer Beyonce, as a surprise guest.

Dobber Beverley (ex-Insect Warfare) is a beast of blastbeats while guitarists sean Gary and Anthony Contreras swap solos like they were no big deal.

sean Price also appears on a remix of “Snow.”

sean P just asked for the song, that “Snow” joint.

I miss sean P so much.

Construct runs at sean Kelly New York from May 7th to June 18th.

The comeback made a winner out of sean Newcomb (2-0), who tossed 1 1/3 scoreless innings of relief.

Kershaw had made 15 starts in 2016 without walking two batters until he gave a pair of free passes (one intentional) to sean Rodriguez.

As former FBI agent Asha Rangappa told Vox’s sean Illing, the White House is the one with the final say over this review.

Big sean making cringeworthy ass-related puns?

“FBI under scrutiny for highly aggressive raid on Roger Stone’s home,” a chyron read during sean Hannity’s show.

He is represented by sean Kelly Gallery in New York.

Directed by NYC artist sean Dack, the clip solely consists of imagery depicting light moving through water in eerily drifting shapes.

Other notable finishers … sean Astin (6:02:33), Jax from “American Idol” (5:17:37), Theo Rossi from “Luke Cage” and “Sons of Anarchy” (3:35:48).

sean McElwee is a researcher, writer, and a co-founder of Data for Progress.

And follow our host, sean Rameswaram, at @Rameswaram.

Former White House press secretary sean Spicer had the ignominious job of defending or explaining the decisions and lies of an erratic president.

1) The problem wasn’t the fake inauguration crowd story, it was that sean Spicer didn’t really sell the fake inauguration crowd story.

What Trump did not do was enlist his communications team, including sean Spicer, for help in crafting a response.

(Editor’s note: Welcome to sean McIndoe’s Friday grab bag, where he writes on a variety of NHL topics.

sean Leahy (@sean_Leahy)March 1, 2016 Yes, it would appear that the NHL is keeping that ridiculously awful trophy from the last tournament.

sean‘s no stranger to tricking out wheelchairs.

He hooked up Slim Jimmy for last year’s BET Awards, which is how 2 Chainz’s crew heard about sean.

Email sean at

We immediately went to the sean Spicer press conference event, which again, is hard to recall.

He still has allies like sean Hannity, but the news division of Fox won’t even really touch James O’Keefe videos.

And when sean Hannity tweets out a link, it’s still getting a lot of, it’s still putting it into the ecosystem.

It’s like when sean Bean turns out to be the bad guy in a movie.

But White House spokesman sean Spicer characterized the move as a “direct attack” on the president’s policies.

Of course, Gwyneth was there … along with Julia Roberts and sean Penn, who arrived at the same time.

sean Spicer has plans for getting back on TV.

But it paid even more when it got behind Trump and let popular hosts like sean Hannity play the role of boosters.

Big sean held a special moment for Nipsey at the same event.

Kate del Castillo has resurfaced after sean Penn’s Rolling Stone article … but apparently there’s still a fear factor.

According to a 2014 Pew study, consistent conservatives expressed the same level of mistrust of ABC News as consistent liberals did of sean Hannity.

“It is not a White House document,” White House spokesman sean Spicer told reporters.

Needham also recommended The Lost Majority: Why the Future of Government Is Up for Grabs — and Who Will Take It, by sean Trende.

Former Press Secretary sean Spicer characterized the agreement as “an immediate $110 billion investment” when he announced it in March.

sean Davis, the cofounder of The Federalist, said in an email to Business Insider.

sean Spicer humiliated himself for Trump by stepping out in front of the White House press corps to tell obvious, easily debunked lies.

sean McElwee is a researcher and writer based in New York.

They arrested 32-year-old sean Thompson on suspicion of assaulting a public official, which is a felony, the Sacramento Police Department said in a statement.

sean Paul makes every song better,” the actor said.

No one could’ve predicted Jake Gyllenhaal would be the voice of reason here, reminding the masses of sean Paul’s eternal relevance.

Gyllenhaal was forced to set the record straight after a caller ridiculously claimed that “sean Paul is massively overrated.”

Charlize Theron and sean Penn are starring in a terrifying ghost story, one that speaks to this day and age.

HERE’S THE RUNDOWN’Cash Me Ousside’ Girl: Trump TiesThe Game: sean Kingston’s Black Cloud’Housewives Of Atlanta’: Lesbian War!

HERE’S THE RUNDOWN:sean Spicer Confronted In Apple StorePresident Trump: NCAA Bracket DissJustin Bieber Goes Off On Fan!J Lo’s New Man!

sean Astin’s character made a reference to “The Goonies” during one crucial scene.

“I am the center of these conspiracy theories that I’m behind the attacks in Charlottesville,” Gilmore told Today, Explained host sean Rameswaram.

Indy’s dad (sean Connery) has been taken by the Nazis and is imprisoned in the “belly of the steel beast” (a tank).

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“We wanted to give people something they’ve never seen before, something fresh and inspiring,” says singer sean Bonnette. She also thanked former White House press secretary sean Spicer for his assessment the dinner was a “disgrace.” Thank you!

Big sean‘s an open (comic) book … when it comes to his infatuation with superheroes.

Here’s an idea — Big sean headlines Comic-Con 2018.

He’s known to get informal advice from other network stars, from sean Hannity to Lou Dobbs.

Co-founder sean Rad, along with eight former and current Tinder execs, says IAC purposefully deflated Tinder’s valuation in order to avoid paying him.

As Stanford University pain specialist sean Mackey previously told me, there are 200-plus non-opioid pain medications, not to mention nonpharmacological approaches.

sean Larimer, Undergraduate Assistant: I think it was actually suggested on a comments section on the Internet.

Regardless of whatever time zone sean was in, it was clear his sleeping schedule was skewed and he was sorta losing his mind.

In an effort to decipher the dream, I asked sean to describe it and take a stab at what it could mean.

Then Officer sean Lojacono asked what was in Cottingham’s sock.

Then Officer sean Lojacono asked what was in Cottingham’s sock.

It came from Pat Smith, a woman whose son, sean Smith, was one of the four Americans killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Today, Explained host sean Rameswaram on the growth of podcasting and the trendiness of daily news explainer shows.

(Atkinson and general manager sean Marks were hired in 2016.)

White House spokesman sean Spicer said Trump’s comment was meant to describe the “flawless” manner that U.S. immigration and border authorities worked.

White House press secretary sean Spicer predicted “it will be implemented flawlessly” because of the due diligence of officials.

I have to go.” Adam: “The President’s house.” Jordan: “‘I just got a job at the bank.’ What about you, sean?

sean: “I’m really close to just going out for a smoke and never coming back.” Jordan: “I know what you could do.

But White House press secretary sean Spicer says that’s not the case.

Then, Press Secretary sean Spicer slammed its accuracy.

sean Neumann is on Twitter – @Neumannthehuman

Landon Metz is now represented by sean Kelly Gallery.

The rumor du jour is that Donald Trump is promoting/demoting sean Spicer to communications director and looking for a new press secretary.

Guests on sean Hannity’s show have started calling for Clinton to release her complete medical records.

On Fox News, sean Hannity showed a photo of Clinton making a face and suggested that she’s having a seizure.

“These albums of the 1970s were very well recorded,” sean Ono Lennon told me.

sean, the whole idea— HEANNITY: This looks like violent, out-of-control movements on her part.

People want me to make fun of sean Hannity tonight, but I cannot do that, this dinner’s for journalists.

Rangy, position-shifting second-rounder sean Davis has helped Pittsburgh’s secondary become tighter.

sean Murray (Managing Director, Hello Games): Yeah.

sean‘s cool!

I’ve got some advice for past sean.

She considers her Fox News colleagues Kimberly Guilfoyle and sean Hannity her close friends.

Austin: sean, am I going to get killed by pirates, by human player pirates who hate me and my freighter?

But I know that team is bigger than sean Murray.

After his grandfather killed himself, sean Scully and his family left Ireland for north London.

sean Scully is tall and broad and loud, and so uncensored that at times it’s quite disarming.

sean Hannity The conservative Fox News pundit has struggled to get a handle on this whole Moore situation.

sean Scully: I started at school.

Right around the same time Trump and Giuliani were posting those tweets, Scott was on sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

The human rights organization reports sean Binder and two additional NGO members were also released.

sean Penn busted out his sense of humor all over his pal Bradley Cooper … just in time for Bradley’s huge Hollywood achievement.

sean Spicer – Resigned as White House press secretary in July, ending a turbulent tenure after Trump named Scaramucci as White House communications director.

sean did praise Bradley and labeled him one “handsome motherf**ker.”

And then I’m interviewing Eric Garcetti who is supposedly running for mayor and sean Hayes from Will & Grace.

(sean Gallup/Getty Images)

He’s got some big shoes to fill, after all … sean Connery, Richard Harris and Clive Owen — just to name a few.

Once-successful establishment Republicans like Reince Priebus and sean Spicer became mouthpieces for absurd propaganda before being pushed out of the administration.

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He got sean Parker to sell him to Silicon Valley, famously.

sean Spicer, arguably the most well-known White House press secretary in recent memory, has resigned.

(Editor’s note: Welcome to sean McIndoe’s Friday grab bag, where he writes on a variety of NHL topics.

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As recently as Saturday, Gorka appeared on sean Hannity’s Fox News show discussing the growing tensions with North Korea.

As recently as Saturday, Gorka appeared on sean Hannity’s Fox News show discussing the growing tensions with North Korea.

sean says he felt lost and stepped back from life to examine why.

sean says his therapist told him he needed clarity … clarity on who was around him, on what he was doing … and for what purpose.

Along the way, sean says he also started doing things by himself for himself … like skydiving.

(Editor’s note: Welcome to sean McIndoe’s weekly grab bag, where he writes on a variety of NHL topics.

Check out the Biscuits podcast with sean and Dave Lozo as they discuss the events of the week.)

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Janaina Tschäpe is now represented by sean Kelly.

sean told the AP he’s “got nothin’ to hide” from Mexican officials when asked about surveillance photos that surfaced in Mexico.

Plus, sean Dyche, suspected Brexiter himself, said English managers don’t get a fair shake in the Premier League.

“He was clearly conducting himself as a United States senator,” White House spokesman sean Spicer told reporters aboard Air Force One.

For instance: One person who has spoken critically of actions like this is sean Spicer himself.

White House Press Secretary sean Spicer has said a lot of words since the start of the Trump administration.

sean and Dave talk about the hidden bonus of the first big trade before the deadline, and whether the Avalanche will deal Matt Duchene.

Oscar-winning actor, occasional activist, and reportorial dilettante sean Penn, of course.

sean Penn is an Oscar-winning actor who thinks he’s a global statesman.

With her excellent politics, fine acting, and no history of domestic abuse, she’s our non-insufferable sean Penn.

According to White House press secretary sean Spicer, appearing on ABC’s This Week, it was only 109.

Image courtesy Daily Vice sean Seaton, a.k.a.

Former White House Press Secretary sean Spicer wore the Easter bunny outfit during 2008’s Easter egg roll at the White House.

[sean O’Kane / The Verge] ESPN is hiring Yahoo’s star basketball reporter Adrian Wojnarowski.

Republican National Committee spokesman sean Spicer confirmed on CNN on Friday morning that Tebow would not be speaking at the convention.

He stars with sean Penn in The Professor and the Madman, set to be released this fall.

Often Lobov will do so with a straight armed clothesline rather than a punch because of his sean Sherk-esque 65 inch reach.

sean, 13, sleeps on a couch in the living room; Hadley, 11, shares the bedroom with her parents.

(Photo by sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Now Trump says he opposed the war in a secret phone call to sean Hannity.

sean Spicer – Resigned as White House press secretary in July, ending a turbulent tenure.

Arizona: sean Miller’s squad is always a tough out, but injuries and uncharacteristically mediocre defense have made the Wildcats vulnerable.

According to the Washington Post, Trump remarked in March, “I’m not firing sean Spicer.

Related: sean Penn, Who?

Beck was different from Bill O’Reilly or sean Hannity or the network’s other conservative personalities.

The Atlanta bullpen finished the game with three scoreless innings — two from sean Newcomb and one from Jacob Webb.

We saw him dishing at a Fourth of July party while co-hosting with sean Penn.

“I loved watching sean work and was inspired by his patience, vision, and creativity.

Thank you to my friend and mentor, sean Baker for believing in me, and to the amazing crew and cast.

Pat Smith’s son sean was killed in the Benghazi attacks.

Illinois’ 6th — Incumbent Rep. Peter Roskam vs. Democrat sean Casten Forecast: Cloudy and windy throughout the morning and mid-afternoon.

James defeated US Rep. sean Maloney, attorney Zephyr Teachout, and Leecia Eve, a Verizon executive with past government experience.

Obviously, I went in and asked for the “sean Paul cut.”

But again, I don’t anticipate a law being passed that shuts down sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh — we’re stuck with them.

“Deadliest Catch” captain sean Dwyer was in hot water after officials discovered his crab fishing gear wasn’t up to par … TMZ has learned.

sean McElwee is a researcher, writer, and a co-founder of Data for Progress.

Last week, he told Fox News’ sean Hannity that he wasn’t initially planning on live-tweeting the debate, but he might wind up doing it.

sean Doolittle (5-2) pitched a scoreless top of the ninth to get the win.

(sean Gallup/Getty Images)

With two outs in the eighth, Marlins pinch hitter Harold Ramirez broke a 0-for-16 drought with a double against reliever sean Newcomb.

KS: sean Rad’s getting a call right after this.

In March, Buchanan declared on sean Hannity’s Fox News show that Trump could create “a different, new, exciting, robust party.”

sean Illing: “Political correctness” has become a catchall term.

The rally began when Todd Frazier crushed a solo homer, his 11th, off sean Newcomb (2-1) to cut the deficit to 5-4.

Check out t he last vestiges of Anthony Scaramucci, Hope Hicks and sean Spicer … again, hilarious.

(Cohen responded by saying he had two other clients, Elliott Broidy and sean Hannity.)

Press secretary sean Spicer is choosing to play it by, essentially, passing the test.

Decades ago, he played a loyal knight to sean Connery’s King Arthur in “First Knight.”

sean Kingston was cuffed by Vegas cops shortly after he was allegedly beaten up bad by Migos.

We’re told someone in sean‘s camp fired a shot in the air but no one was hit.

sean bolted from the scene, as did Migos.

The video (above) shows cops questioning sean and a passenger after cops stopped his car.

Earlier in the day, it was all kumbaya between sean and Migos at the Venetian.

“This is what a man collapsing under the weight of his own shame looks like,” sean D. Illing (@sean_illing) tweeted on Tuesday.

(sean Gallup/Getty Images)

sean picked it up and put it in their van.

“Always happens, and if anyone says it doesn’t, it’s a lie,” claimed sean Hannity.

Democratic Rep. sean Patrick Maloney is also reportedly thinking of a run.

Reps for Lil Wayne, J Cole, Future, Big sean, ASAP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and Rae Sremmurd did not return a request for comment.

Mario Lopez was all smiles in H-Town and rapper Big sean spread the love flanked by Michigan’s marching band.

But incoming press secretary sean Spicer said the words are fully Trump’s.

sean Rankin, executive director of the Democratic AG group, said it raised about $5.2 million in 2016.

The coroner, sean Cummings, called Pret A Manger’s allergy labeling “inadequate.”

sean Booth: In Rob there is.

White House spokesman sean Spicer told reporters Obama had communicated concerns about Flynn.

Rob Brown: I think sean‘s maturing nicely though.

sean Booth: I like it more than I did, I listen to a lot of ’80s soul now.

As for what to do next, sean says he’s going to follow his brother’s lead … so the FCC better watch out.

Listen as hosts sean McIndoe (of Down Goes Brown fame) and Dave Lozo react to the week’s biggest stories and most absurd news.

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Other countries stand there with machine guns ready to fire,” Trump said to sean Hannity.

Other countries stand there with machine guns ready to fire,” Trump said to sean Hannity.

Journalist Jonathan Katz also weighed in on the issue in an interview with Vox’s sean Illing.)

Shanahan’s meeting with Ghani covered a range of defense issues important to the bilateral relationship, Pentagon spokesman Commander sean Robertson said.

Melissa McCarthy nailed her Saturday Night Live impression of White House press secretary sean Spicer.

Watch sean Spicer try to defend Donald Trump’s Twitter rant about Nordstrom ditching his daughter’s clothing line.

The following is from an email exchange between Dave Lozo and sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown).

You can also check out the Biscuits podcast with sean and Dave as they discuss the events of the week.

The following is from an email exchange between Dave Lozo and sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown).

[Note from sean: Yes.]

While sean McDermott says he’s “still evaluating” the situation, the Bills would be crazy to try Peterman again.

You can also check out the Biscuits podcast with sean and Dave as they discuss the events of the week.

sean Lowe, the ‘Bachelor’ from AshLee’s season, is still married to Catherine Giudici.

We already reported L.A. Rams head coach sean McVay is in town with his smokin’ hot girlfriend.

Trump’s original chief of staff and press secretary — Reince Priebus and sean Spicer — both left the White House just months later.

She started out as a deputy press secretary under sean Spicer, and became press secretary in July 2017.

It’s where UFC star sean O’Malley got his start.

Email sean at .

“I was a bridesmaid at sean Parker’s wedding when he handed out live bunnies as plush toys,” she says.

Aside from high-priced gifts, Offset also had his pals Quavo, Takeoff, Big sean, Swae Lee, Lil Yachty, G-Eazy and Ashanti there to celebrate.

White House spokesman sean Spicer was asked about Trump’s tweet about Comey.

MIDAFTERNOON, May 9, 2017 At his afternoon daily briefing White House spokesman sean Spicer was asked whether Trump still had confidence in Comey.

Just late last month, the Emmy awards featured a bit with sean Spicer, President Trump’s disgraced former press secretary.

And sean called me up and said, “Let’s do it for this thing.” And that’s what we did.

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“We have sean Astin … he’s Winona’s new boyfriend — much to the chagrin [of] the chief of police,” Harbour said.

But Yondu wasn’t just a father figure to Star-Lord, he was also one to Kraglin (sean Gunn), his loyal crew member.

“I don’t see a peaceful, stable Syria in the future that has Assad in charge,” White House spokesman sean Spicer said on Tuesday.

sean Archuleta, who was riding in the jump seat, died in the crash.

(sean Gallup/Getty Images)

sean Hannity ran a story about Mueller’s “massive conflicts of interest,” citing Democrats on Mueller’s team.

“We have sean Astin … he’s Winona’s new boyfriend — much to the chagrin [of] the chief of police,” Harbour said.

The rally began when Todd Frazier crushed a solo homer, his 11th, off sean Newcomb (2-1) to cut the deficit to 5-4.

Four people, including Hicks and former press secretary sean Spicer, who also resigned, have held the communications director mantle.

sean Doolittle recorded his 18th save.

Big sean is at the hotel as well, most likely to collaborate with Kanye on the album.

Also, the Twins recalled both catcher Willians Astudillo and right-hander sean Poppen.

Melissa McCarthy as sean Spicer!

Thing is, too many group chat firms obsess over killing email, says sean Regan, head of growth at HipChat.

Also, I got into a sean Hannity worm hole recently because of his drama with Jon Favreau and Ted Koppel.

The day after his inauguration, Trump directed press secretary sean Spicer to call an impromptu press briefing that would permanently damage his credibility.

It’s a great question, sean.

“Our source is not the Russian government,” he told Fox News’s sean Hannity in January 2017.

sean Doolittle came on to get the final out and his 14th save.

I don’t know how they’re going to respond,” White House spokesman sean Spicer told reporters.

That latter number wasn’t actually terrible for the era, and ranked Ing ahead of guys like Mike Vernon, Kirk McLean, and sean Burke.

Everyone’s trying to find the next sean McVay or the next sean Payton.

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sean: I’ve been staring at this thing for a while now.

The White House communications staff (including sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders) routinely lies in service of the president.

Press secretary sean Spicer had said them Tuesday night.

Last Wednesday, former presidential candidate Herman Cain went on sean Hannity’s show to say, “They couldn’t make ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ stick.

was produced by sean Lennon, and features contributions from Yoko Ono and Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Family.

Maybe sean Connery is free?

For sean Estelle, a member of the Chicago DSA Executive Committee, endorsing Sanders is at least in part a strategic political maneuver.

“They would be so foolish to throw it away,” he told host sean Hannity.

White House spokesman sean Spicer said the United States has “serious concerns” on the U.S. trade relationship with China.

At Friday’s press briefing, sean Spicer told an absurd lie to the assembled members of the White House press corps.

Several videos taken inside the club show G-Eazy partying with friends — including girlfriend Halsey and rapper sean Kingston — and handing out shots.

sean Rowe, a Troy NY native and folk singer/songwriter who makes melancholy sound sexy.

You’d have to prove that the purpose of sean Penn’s visit was helping El Chapo avoid the authorities.

The following is from an email exchange between Dave Lozo and sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown).

You can also check out the Biscuits podcast with sean and Dave as they discuss the events of the week.

Those endorsing the former judge include conservative media rockstars Ann Coulter, sean Hannity, and Mark Levin — all big Trump backers in the GOP primary.

“Now some Democrats are giving some of the money back or donating it to liberal causes,” sean Hannity wrote on

(Editor’s note: Welcome to sean McIndoe’s weekly grab bag, where he writes on a variety of NHL topics.

Big sean confirmed as much when he tweeted about the incident … saying it happened after signing the guy’s CD.

Check out the Biscuits podcast with sean and Dave Lozo as they discuss the events of the week.)

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“I am reading zero pages, but sean Hannity has read it and he was so excited he texted me an eggplant,” Trump says.

Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tommy Lee Jones, and sean Penn typically participate in more dynamic screenplays that allow for a wide emotional range.

sean: I live in Parkdale, which is the south west corner of downtown, specifically King St W & Dufferin.

The other three participants — Medellín, Peter Cantu, and Derrick sean O’Brien — were executed in 2008, 2010, and 2006, respectively.

So she wouldn’t want to like hang out with sean Hannity, for example.

Well, no Democrat likes to hang out with sean Hannity.

Robin was married to sean Penn for 14 years.

sean Hannity is not one of them.

sean Clarke, the principal investigator for the X-57 at NASA, explained that the design helps resolve a key trade-off that plagues many aircraft.

The Braves were saved by a stellar long-relief effort by sean Newcomb (1-0), a former starting pitcher.

I think it was called, with sean Connery, and I think it was called “The Wind and the Lion.” Yep.

A whole lot of ink has been spilled about sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, and his April 11 memory lapse (?)

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This week, Arizona coach sean Miller asked a different question: Is any game worth court storming?

We’re told the case stalled, and was ultimately closed when sean refused to return cops’ calls.

As we’ve reported, Game is convinced Meek lied to sean‘s people, telling them Game was behind the chain job.

White House press secretary sean Spicer pushed back on accusations that he was too tough on reporter April Ryan during a press briefing Tuesday.

In addition to “A Little Uncanny, ” by Oberst, Brownstein comments on: “Halfway Off the Balcony,” by Big sean.

One developer, sean Riddle, has dedicated himself to, in his words, “decapping or deglobbing the chips and taking pictures of them and the displays.

Recent research by sean McElwee, Jesse Rhodes, Brian Schaffner, and Bernard Fraga sheds some light on this topic.

My friend sean, he’s mocking my beliefs, and I say, I would rather believe in too much than too little.

sean Doolittle (5-2) pitched a scoreless top of the ninth to get the win.

sean Scolnick, whose stage name is taken from his birthplace of Langhorne, Pennsylvania — is no stranger to the world of country-Americana music.

Stef Chura admits that there aren’t a lot of artists breaking out of Detroit (except for Big sean and Dej Loaf, of course).

(Editor’s note: sean McIndoe looks back at recent play in the NHL and the league’s biggest storylines in his weekend review.

Republican National Committee spokesperson sean Spicer said he hasn’t seen any direct evidence that the Russian hacking allegations had any impact on the election.

sean McElwee is a researcher and writer based in New York.

As Washington lawyer Mark Zaid recently explained to Vox’s sean Illing, in most presidential administrations, permanent security clearances aren’t so problematic.

— didn’t sit well with Wisconsin congressman sean Duffy.

-The deceased victims are 18-year-old Stef’An Strawder and 14-year-old sean Archilles.

Check out the vid … sean couldn’t believe his ears when we told him the NFL superstar’s eliminating dairy.

Many of Trump’s top supporters, like conservative radio host sean Hannity, have been irate at Ryan’s behavior during the campaign.

[via email announcement] Kelly Cahn was named director of private sales at sean Kelly Gallery.

In recent months, prominent Trump supporters like Laura Ingraham, sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin have all expressed their support for Nehlen.

On Tuesday White House Press Secretary sean Spicer repeated the Trump administration’s position that Assad was now a “political reality.”

On Friday Har Mar Superstar—born sean Tillman—announced his new record, Best Summer Ever.

In the latter show I discovered the work of sean Sullivan, Alain Biltereyst, and Alison Wade.

However, on Fox News on Thursday evening, sean Hannity, whom the president is known to take advice from on occasion, was much less circumspect.

A screen cap of the recording sent by Chapo Guzmán to sean Penn.

I thought when he was born that I could park my career the way that John Lennon did, to bring up sean.

I deeply regret that reality and its consequences,” Law’s successor in Boston, Cardinal sean O’Malley, said in a statement.

One of those worried people is sean O’Keefe, the former Navy secretary and NASA administrator.

View more of sean Morris’ work online here, and more of Michael Hsiung’s work here.

I had numerous conversations with sean Hannity at Fox, and he called me the other day and I spoke to him about it.

He said you used to have fights with me, because sean was in favor of the war.

Not very much, because we should have never been there, but nobody called sean Hannity.

But if somebody, and I’ll ask the press, if somebody would call up sean Hannity, this was before the war started.

Napster founder sean Parker has a similar goal with Screening Room.

3:19 PM PT — sean Spicer has formally apologized for his comments comparing Hitler to Bashar al-Assad.

sean Spicer should be fired for saying Syria’s president is worse than Hitler … so says the Anne Frank Center.

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Also on Wednesday, the Twins recalled both catcher Willians Astudillo and right-hander sean Poppen, who is set to make his major league debut.

Establishment types like sean Spicer and Reince Priebus have vacated the White House.

The best movies are often never nominated for awards … according to sean Gunn, who plays Kraglin in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ films.

On Friday, the United Kingdom’s West Ham United football club announced it had signed on sean “Dragonn” Allen as its eSports player.

Doesn’t seem sean thinks there’s a correlation between good films and awards.

[sean Captain / Fast Company] Do you have questions about the role social media is playing in American politics?

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The same thing is true, but even more so, of Trump and sean Hannity.

And she’s just like a low-rank sean Spicer in that job, and that is gonna matter at some point.

He starts with sean Spicer making up what’s kind of a comical lie about crowd size.

On Jan. 29, White House Press Secretary sean Spicer thrice alluded to a terror attack on Atlanta.

I started it when they had this sort of no-name guy name Mike Dubke, and then sean Spicer was sitting in, and then Scaramucci.

1 and has to be consoled by his agent, who is played by sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

sean Illing: Apart from the delightful reference to Donald Trump’s seedy attack on Megyn Kelly, what’s the show about?

Nothing about sean Kingston’s face says he got his ass whooped by Migos … according to sean.

(The app appears to be very similar to sean Parker’s new Airtime, which also debuted this year.)

It began with revelations that host sean Hannity helped spread Russian propaganda about Seth Rich’s murder.

(sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Fox News’s sean Hannity was one of the most enthusiastic rumormongers, devoting segments on three separate occasions last week to Rich.

On his 10 pm show, Fox pundit sean Hannity devoted segments to Rich on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday last week.

White House press secretary sean Spicer said the word “prong” 16 different times at a briefing this week.

Mocking the White House press secretary, sean Spicer, Colbert said, “This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period.

One is what sean Spicer now has on display in WH briefing room.

Trump then had press secretary sean Spicer call an impromptu briefing in which Spicer lashed the press for estimating crowd size.

(Photo by sean Rayford/Getty Images)

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Reflection of Press Secretary sean Spicer #caughtgrammin’.

Those conspiracy theorists aren’t relegated to the internet, either — they also include Fox News host sean Hannity.

Email sean at

His attention then turned to the “right-wing media” and specifically Fox News Channel’s sean Hannity, whom Stewart referred to as “Lumpy.”

sean Reid-Foley replaced Thornton and ended the inning on a groundout to shortstop by Bogaerts.

The evening included tributes from presenters Streep, Stiller, Levindon, Whoopi Goldberg, sean Penn and Harvey Keitel.

It has also gotten huge bursts of attention via top conspiracy theorists Alex Jones and sean Hannity.

White House Press Secretary sean Spicer discussed the bomb drop during Thursday’s press briefing.

White House Press Secretary sean Spicer discussed the bomb drop during Thursday’s press briefing.

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White House press secretary sean Spicer said Thursday that Conway “has been counseled” regarding her remarks.

sean Spicer, chief strategist for the Republican National Committee, answered the Weekly Standard’s question this way: “I don’t know.

On Wednesday, White House press secretary sean Spicer said the two sets of sanctions would be treated differently.

“I don’t believe that that was known,” White House press secretary sean Spicer said at Thursday’s press briefing.

“I don’t believe that that was known,” White House press secretary sean Spicer said at Thursday’s press briefing.

Bringing airport security to schools, as Geraldo Rivera proposed to sean Hannity, is also baffling from a conservative point of view.

That was sean Vegezzi, one of the four features from our first issue.

Press Secretary sean Spicer said a few hours later that the White House would release a list of these underreported attacks.

TransCanada’s Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling and sean McGarvey, president of North America’s Building Trades Unions, stood nearby.

Music’s Big sean.

After the game, both Coleman and Saints head coach sean Payton offered explanations they got from referees for why pass interference wasn’t called.

Saints head coach sean Payton offered a slightly different explanation.

Yesterday (June 14) Yoko Ono attended the annual meeting of the National Music Publishers’ Association with her son sean.

After the court session, I met sean Walker, a patient who’d graduated from the New Day Court under Stormer.

The New Day Court handpicked sean to speak with me.

sean McElwee is a researcher, writer, and a co-founder of Data for Progress.

His press secretary, sean Spicer, was equivocal when asked last week about whether Trump views the BLS unemployment rate as a reliable indicator.

I was so keen for a quiet one when my friend sean called.

sean: Oi, I’ve got free tickets to Hot Dub Time Machine tonight.Me: I don’t know what that is.

All photos by sean Foster.

“I’m going in danger with these Border Patrol agents to report on this story,” Jones told sean Hannity on Thursday evening.

In 2011 I moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where I worked for sean Brock at his restaurant Husk.

RealClearPolitics’ sean Trende, for instance, argued that Kasich was handing the nomination to Trump by staying in.

Rich’s sophomore album — slated to drop at midnight — features Big sean, Offset and Lil Pump among others.

(White House Press Secretary sean Spicer and Presley’s agent did not return Broadly’s request for comment.)

But fear not: this exhibition has as much to do with makeovers as sean Scully’s “Wall of Light” paintings are about masonry.

RNC spokesman sean Spicer confirmed to BuzzFeed News that they ditched the National Review because “a debate moderator can’t have a predisposition.”

sean Copeland was the vice president of North and South America for Kapow Software, family friend Jess Davis told the Statesman newspaper.

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Surely, sean Spicer knows this.

He is ALWAYS down to geek out on baseball and also, he was on the GIlmore Girls set in 2007 with sean Gunn—KIRK!

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Candida Höfer – In Mexico continues at sean Kelly Gallery (475 Tenth Avenue, Manhattan) through March 16.

Tinder CEO sean Rad is switching jobs again.

Thursday morning, White House press secretary sean Spicer tweeted a bizarre string of eight numbers and letters before deleting them shortly thereafter.

“They cut off banking to North Korea — that’s something they’ve never done before,” Trump told conservative political commentator sean Hannity.

But he wants to control the purse strings to make sure Kevin isn’t squandering the cash on matters unrelated to sean and Jayden.

sean McVay had a GREAT first season with the Rams.

sean Illing: So let’s start with the obvious: Why have you taken on marijuana as a cause? The Republican National Committee’s Chief Strategist and Communications Director sean Spicer tweeted out a photo from the tech summit.

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“It’s a disqualifying act,” Glenn Carle, another former CIA officer, tells my colleague sean Illing.

Last year, green carpet attendees included Marc Benioff, Kalanick, Tinder co-founder sean Rad, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and angel investor Ron Conway.

sean Fennessey and I are friendly, and Simmons and I are friends for 20 years.

(Editor’s note: sean McIndoe looks back at recent play in the NHL and the league’s biggest storylines in his weekend review.

I wrote Mallory, I think, and I was like, “Oh, by the way.” Or I wrote sean.

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Brit and K-Fed chummed Saturday it up as they watched their sons, Jayden and sean, play at a soccer match.

The White House is undertaking a “full review” of America’s foreign policy toward Cuba, press secretary sean Spicer said in February.

Colmes teamed up with sean Hannity in 1996 and became a cornerstone of Fox News Channel.

We hope sean in a sentence examples were helpful.