Scooters in a sentence | Use of the word scooters examples

Local children ride Razor scooters wearing N95 respirators.

self-balancing scooters) from 10 different brands, citing their abovementioned habit.

For the video, we did what we do best, which is obviously play with kites and scooters.

The latest trend to materialize here is motorized scooters you can rent through an app.

To start a scooter sharing business, you first need to flood a city with motorized scooters.

The group has also started documenting instances of motorized scooters violating or obstructing pedestrian walkways on its Facebook page.

These scooters do fill a need, however.

Examples include the motorized longboard, a balance board with a wheel in the middle, the caveman-era analog bicycle, and now motorized scooters.

But politicians can’t ignore the problems these scooters have caused.

Well, it was for the scooters, but we scooped them up real quick.

Yeah, I love scooters.

Do you ride scooters in a dress?

So for example, we’re excited about different modes of transportation and having scooters.

Again, I go back to the scooters, everyone had to compete.

Two junked scooters sit in several inches of turbid water.

“Robotic delivery units will complement our existing delivery methods, including cars, scooters and e-bikes,” said Don Meij, Domino’s Group CEO in a statement.

This summer, cities across America fought a strange new menace: electric scooters.

scooters are, of course, not a panacea for urban transportation problems.

In the mobility market, that meant incorporating electric motors and shifting to either e-bikes or electric scooters.

scooters are also physically smaller than bicycles, meaning they’re easier to maneuver and, perhaps more important, take up less space when parked.

Cities have instead tended to take auto-centric urban design for granted and simply debated how scooters might best fit into that.

scooters themselves aren’t going to change the world.

They would also cover a broad set of toys, including scooters and doll carriages, whose imports totaled $11.9 billion last year.

But the process of deploying these scooters isn’t as haphazard as it’s made out to be.

That potential can only be realized, however, if companies deliberately move these scooters to those places where there is a transit or transportation gap.

At this point, about 70 percent of all scooters are picked up by Juicers, according to the company.

This team drives around in a Lime-branded sprinter van with scooters, fully charged overnight, and drops them off in those locations.

In that mode, they will see scooters that become eligible for pickup and charging after 8 pm.

The next morning, they will see where to drop off scooters and are incentivized to drop them off before 7 am.

On the Lime app, riders and juicers have the ability to report scooters that are not being put away appropriately or have been defaced.

There have also been cases of people cutting the exposed wires on the scooters.

Concerns about the wires on the scooters being cut by vandals may soon be done away with, however.

After the operations team picks up scooters that need to be charged and repaired, they deploy them as the scooters are ready.

The scooters take about four hours to charge from zero percent but have about a 22 miles per charge range.

The new scooters, which have yet to be deployed, have about a 37 miles per charge range.

The team can pick up and drop off about 40 scooters at a time.

To start, Li dropped off six scooters per the request of this individual.

Then at 8 pm the team begins picking up all the scooters in the city to charge them overnight.

Lime wouldn’t give recent numbers on how many scooters the company currently has in San Francisco but said it started with 200.

Picking the scooters up can last into the early morning, Li said.

Both Uber and Lyft have expanded into other transportation markets, including scooters.

But then something happened among the high-earning metropolitan elite: that idea of ultra-smooth sexuality, skinny ties, scooters, and chillout compilations suddenly became old hat.

Bonus: Electric scooters had a great year, too.

The company operates similarly to Bird and Lime — users find scooters using an app, and then activate and pay through their smartphones.

Hundreds of motorized electric scooters quietly descended upon San Francisco seemingly overnight in March.

In the months before their rapture, the scooters puzzled, infatuated, and infuriated residents.

The city panicked, ordering that all scooters be removed.

Some city officials, however, are desperately trying to rein in and regulate scooters, which often appear without warning and without local input.

Without docks, scooters are cluttering sidewalks and blocking wheelchair ramps.

As in San Francisco, officials in cities like St. Louis were surprised to see hundreds of scooters suddenly perched on curbs without any forewarning.

Amid the feverish passion for and against scooters, there’s a larger reckoning taking place about rapid changes to our cities and public spaces.

The scooters are forcing conversations about who is entitled to use sidewalks, streets, and curbs, and who should pay for their upkeep.

Electric scooters are also challenging the king of American transit, the car.

Most car trips are short, and if electric scooters do end up replacing some of them, they could alleviate congestion and help the environment.

The electric scooters we’re talking about here are pretty simple.

For one thing, the rental scooters insulate the rider from most of the cost of the device.

But you can start riding many electric scooters for $1 and then 15 cents a minute thereafter.

Bird also rents out Segway-designed scooters.

The proliferation of rental scooters also draws on advances in telecommunications.

The scooters have GPS units and 4G data connections to track riders’ every move.

And the riders all have smartphones that locate and unlock the scooters while automatically paying the fare.

Electric scooters now travel 20 to 30 miles between charges.

On the customer side, there is a cadre of riders primed to adopt electric scooters.

The generation that grew up rolling around culs-de-sac on Razor scooters is now commuting in urban centers.

Skip scooters is valued at $100 million.

In early September, Lyft launched 250 scooters in Denver.

Engineers track where the scooters are going.

Technicians whisk off damaged scooters to hidden warehouses for repair.

When approved, they get special access through the app that highlights scooters that need charging.

He declined to share the number of juicers Lime has on its roster or the typical number of scooters charged per juicer.

The app purports to tell you where nearby chargeable scooters are, but in reality that’s rarely the case.

“Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.” This holds for scooters.

scooters don’t have crumple zones, air bags, or padding, so riders are exposed to everything around them.

Still, given the vast abundance of these scooters, some physicians are concerned.

On the road, scooters can be hard for drivers to see, and heavy, fast-moving vehicles can be deadly.

scooters don’t have turn signals, so it’s hard to broadcast your intent as a rider.

Most city ordinances say (and scooter rental companies insist) that electric scooters shouldn’t be ridden on sidewalks.

Which means scooters often remain on sidewalks, against the terms of service and, in many cases, the law.

The answer is an unsatisfactory “it depends.” Like electric cars, scooters are only as green as the electricity that charges them.

Right now, scooters are doing both.

How does the environmental impact of scooters stack up next to public transit?

And even added all together, the energy use of scooters is trivial compared to the ongoing energy use in cars, buses, trains.

That means scooters fulfill a unique niche of the transportation ecosystem.

And if more scooters are riding in the streets, that could slow down traffic and increase congestion.

But dockless bikes, and now scooters, have made it much more difficult to wrangle wheels.

scooters and bikes blocked sidewalks, disability access ramps, and green spaces.

For people with disabilities or limited mobility, the scooters became a hazard.

For this reason, some urban planners say scooters must be regulated.

The backlash depends on the way you do it.” You know who does NOT have an issue with rental bikes and electric scooters?

The upshot of all this hassle is that scooters are bringing cheap transportation to people who may otherwise not have used it.

For them, the benefit of scooters may just be that they expose gaps in transportation infrastructure.

While cities are working to limit the number of scooters permitted, few have even thought about capping the number of cars.

City officials are already crafting legislation to help target scooters to areas suffering from transit congestion, like the L train corridor.

Earlier this month, the New York Times editorial board endorsed the prospect of electric scooters roaming the streets.

The plaintiffs — some of whom have required surgery after their injuries — don’t necessarily want to ban scooters, but want the companies held responsible.

Bird and Lime pushed back against the lawsuit, saying their scooters are still safer than cars.

“I don’t hate the scooters or people who ride the scooters,” Peterson said in another, more recent Instagram post.

She told the Washington Post that she has received “more than 100 calls from people injured by scooters” in recent months.

In the suit, plaintiffs claim the onslaught of scooters has cause “civil unrest” throughout California.

Under that partnership, Uber will let its users rent Lime scooters in its app.

LG: What about electric scooters?

Crossing the street among the scooters is like an exercise in faith.

I mean, there are places around the world where it’s … People just live on their scooters.

LG: There’s Jump, and then there’s Scoot, which is scooters, not electric bikes.

Neither operates scooters in any market yet.

Users sent in 10,000 pre-written emails asking council members not to “ban” Bird and Lime scooters.

scooters, on the other hand, have been polarizing from the get-go.

Cities are also not instating an outright ban on scooters — regulators are simply being selective about which companies will operate those scooters.

The proposed exemption will apply to all categories of electronic vehicles, including scooters, motorbikes, autorickshaws and cars, the government added.

But you’ve got a lot of people riding around on micro scooters and that sort of thing.

Uber has other ideas for how it can get to profitability, pointing investors to its mobility services including scooters, food-delivery and freight-hauling.

I’ve only been to the one in New York and there was people on scooters and beards.

These companies provide “dockless” electric bikes and scooters for people in San Francisco to rent.

In short, the bikes and scooters share a civic pattern similar to that of homelessness.

It is another to dump a set of bikes and scooters in a city without racks, or places to “put” them.

The strongest argument for San Francisco has been that the abandoned (parked) bikes and scooters are dangerous and create safety hazards.

For example, the bike and scooter companies distributed their bicycles and scooters all over San Francisco without permits, warnings, or permission.

Their customers rode the bikes and scooters and parked them wherever they wanted (again, taking agency).

Simultaneously, the citizens of San Francisco got fed up with the bikes and scooters in their way, and took agency by vandalizing them.

The tech industry’s latest misdeed has cities squabbling over what to do with adults on electric scooters.

The scooters work alongside their respective apps; users unlock them with a QR code, and pay $0.15 per minute to ride them.

When users are done with the scooters, they can technically leave them wherever they want.

Locals argue the scooters are cluttering sidewalks and endangering pedestrians.

“A lot of people hate these things” Ghadieh told me, adding that he believes the electric scooters are good for the city.

He did show me several scooters, however, that had snipped wires.

When Bird first approached him, he says, the company estimated only ten to twenty scooters would need fixing each day.

Bird offers higher bounties on harder-to-get scooters as supply wanes, so people are allegedly hoarding them until the payouts go up.

So, are electric scooters still the next big thing?

So instead we get in San Francisco, you get scooters and a really great take-out.

Who likes scooters and a really great take-out?

India is one of the world’s largest two wheeler markets with sales of more than 20 million scooters and motorbikes last year.

More than 1,000 tickets have been issued and about 600 scooters impounded, authorities said, and a new surveillance force has been set up.

Ray will still play a big role in the venture, with a goal to provide users with scooters to get around town with ease.

We’re told the scooters will begin to pop up in cities across the United States and Canada … with plans to go global.

The Uber of scooters is going to be Uber.

So you commented on scooters, so this is sort of adjacent to what you had been doing.

The fundamental difference is you need to have scooters charged and redeployed.

They’re people that will go pick up the scooters, charge them overnight, and then redeploy them where they’re needed.

Imagine you’re an Uber driver, you’re done with your evening, you go, you pick up some scooters … And charge them.

Well, where do the scooters need to be?

There’s no gray area for scooters.

scooters, who’s pissed off at you?

So what about the social impact, too, because — talk about people hating on scooters.

I mean, the right thing to do is to create areas for the scooters to be.

That’ll be- You can take over a parking space and that’s space for dozens and dozens of scooters, and dockless bikes.

I know, for example … they are kind of useful, the scooters, compared to …

Well, in other words … scooters turn themselves in?

Yeah, so you could imagine … Ghost scooters?

When the scooters entered, people were putting excrement on them.

But scooters are here to stay?

scooters are … They’re coming back here in San Francisco, and they’re still in lots of other cities.

The introduction of dockless electric scooters and bikes posed a clear threat to one aspect of Uber’s ride-hail business: Shorter trips.

The proposed exemption will apply to all categories of electronic vehicles, including scooters, motorbikes, autorickshaws and cars, the government added.

So Bird, we invested in their series A, we have been working all over the country to make scooters legal.

Which is the scooters.

There are jurisdictions where the law in no way prohibits scooters.

Like 300 scooters on the corner.

And the other issues along with scooters are obviously safety … Yep.

Well, I’ve used all of the scooters in DC.

You can just put scooters everywhere, and it doesn’t really matter.

But as Umair Irfan has explained for Vox, scooters, while inelegant to some, do fill in an important gap in our transit system.

If we could replace more of those short rides with transport on electric vehicles, like scooters, we could potentially burn less fossil fuels.

Also overlooked: scooters bring cheap transportation to areas that lack access to subway lines.

People who make under $50,000 a year, tend to view the scooters more favorably than others, the mobility platform Populus finds.

But favoring bicycles overlooks a key draw of the scooters: You don’t have to expend much effort to ride them.

Subjects go to church, ride scooters, throw their head back in laughter, chat.

Lime, which is backed by Uber, has said that it has been unfairly denied a permit to operate its scooters in San Francisco.

Bangalore: scooters, a clearly effective method of transportation, are plentiful in India.

“An attacker would have to find the scooters using the ‘Find Riders Nearby’ function.

“Also, vandalism and theft can be a serious issue as scooters in cities are often rounded up and shipped by boat to other countries.”

Lime and Bird, two scooter companies, had been granted a one-year permit for their scooters in the city.

The stated purpose of the data is for city-planning, such as seeing which communities are actually able to access the scooters.

Remix’s website reads, “How many scooters are on your streets at any given time?

One fundamental difference this year at SXSW was the plague of dockless electric scooters.

I saw scooters abandoned in the middle of railroad tracks.

San Francisco is only granting up to five scooter-sharing permits, covering a total of 1,250 scooters for a six-month pilot.

But how many scooters each company is willing to commit to serving these areas depends on how many scooters each gets to operate.

Bird says it will dedicate half its fleet to disadvantaged communities if it receives 500 to 1,000 scooters as part of its permit.

The companies will eventually build software that can detect whether the scooters are not parked in the right of way or strewn about.

Many of these companies are looking into or have already integrated tilt sensors to determine if scooters have been knocked over.

The company may also have Uber drivers re-park scooters that aren’t parked properly.

The company has also committed to giving out $150,000 in incentives to make sure riders park the scooters properly.

Lyft, Jump and Lime are also considering creating incentive programs to users to park the scooters properly or bring low-charged scooters to be charged.

(The companies famously employ armies of freelancers to move scooters around by hand and keep them charged.)

It’s why electric alternatives are popping up from long-haul trucks to city buses to scooters.

Instead, what everyone is calling “hoverboards” are technically self-balancing electric scooters — basically, it’s a much cooler name for a hands-free Segway.

The scooters aren’t particularly practical: their top speed is around 6 miles per hour, not too much faster than a brisk walk.

They would also cover a broad set of toys, including scooters and doll carriages, whose imports totaled $11.9 billion last year.

A couple of months later, in February of 2011, two foreign nationals in wetsuits were caught with self-propelled dive scooters.

Xiaomi also makes dozens of internet-connected home appliances and gadgets, including scooters, air purifiers and rice cookers.

We’ve considered electric scooters, but who knows if they’ll be legal by then.

“We have to travel to get the scooters, and if you have someone get there a second before you it can be infuriating.

(Bird was also moving in that direction when it came to the people who repair their scooters in a few cities.)

Artisanal jam-obsessed, kale-munching urbanites scoff at these convenience items as pedestrian; microwaves have somehow become akin to Razor scooters in terms of their shamefulness.

No, I’m not taking one of those scooters or anything.

Those things are … Not scooters, E-bikes.

So bikes, scooters?

Bikes, perhaps scooters.

Key products to be hit by the duties include semiconductors, chemicals, plastics, motorbikes and electric scooters.

That is compounded by the addition of e-bikes and scooters.

They took their scooters into a city but only after they talked to the city, which we thought was pretty polite.

Do you like the scooters?

I love the scooters.

Or you can do what has happened in Austin, where they’ve dropped 400,000 scooters on a very small city and it’s insane.

The food is delivered by an army of couriers on push bikes or scooters.

Dockless electric scooters don’t clutter the sidewalks.

“Marble’s robots are built around the form factor of modern-day electric mobility scooters,” CEO Matt Delaney said in a statement to Recode.

Electric scooters were to blame for at least 1,500 injuries and deaths in the US last year.

There are more than 10,000 users enrolled in the network, and over 400 scooters on the road.

This summer, San Franciscans will spot more cherry red electric scooters on the road than ever.

Users then search for nearby available scooters on the company’s smartphone app.

(The first generation Scoot scooters required a key to put it into drive.)

The scooters reach 25 miles per hour and boast a range of 20 to 25 miles.

Twelve companies including California’s Lime and Bird operate close to 20,000 dockless scooters in the city.

Uber did not make executives available to comment, but the company has made its own commitments to bikes, scooters and other sustainability initiatives.

Dockless electric scooters made waves when companies released them to city sidewalks, often without permission.

But we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the potential of electric scooters.

But the growing popularity of tiny vehicles — Segways, electric skateboards, and now scooters — may change the status quo.

The Uber of scooters is going to be Uber.

To be successful, scooter services must position scooters when and where there is demand from consumers.

They engage scores of “chargers” — people who pick up, charge and redeploy scooters.

Will that information be dramatically different between rides and scooters?

So there is no meaningful moat, or barrier to entry, resulting from the logistics of scooters.

If a scooter rider is using Uber or Lyft to find scooters, what happens when it is raining, or the rider is running late?

Consumers who use scooters or public transit are also consumers who will use ride-sharing.

This past holiday season, airlines and the FAA warned passengers not to bring hoverboard scooters aboard flights.

And you know those pesky, ubiquitous electric scooters everyone is complaining about?

Lyft’s bikes and scooters team is still taking shape; its July deal to buy the U.S. bike-share leader, Motivate, still hasn’t closed.

How are e-bikes and electric scooters and electric mopeds fitting into Dutch bike culture?

Oh, and Uber is also working on electric scooters, as well as flying cars via its Elevate program.

Traffic piles up behind the Ark-goers riding mobility scooters.

Often, I’ll go to Whole Foods, Home Depot, or Target and borrow one of their motorized scooters.

Spin has been one of the more quiet scooter startups in the industry after announcing its expansion into scooters in February.

Bird, on the other hand, said in May it inked an exclusive deal with Ninebot for rights to the company’s supply of scooters.

However, Spin is now solely focused on electric scooters, according to a source close to Spin.

eMio offers the same sharing concept for electric scooters: Don’t laugh at the idea of shared scooters.

I’m highly excited by 1970s Harleys, Ford pickups, Jamaican scooters, monster trucks…anything that goes fast and looks radical.

The street was dense with scooters and bicyclists.

More than 1,000 tickets have been issued and about 600 scooters impounded, authorities said, and a new surveillance force has been set up.

scooters could be available for rent as soon as this week, PBOT officials said.

The duo was cruising around on rented electric scooters near the National Mall with David leading the way.

It all started after PBOT tweeted a PSA about the rules for scooters.

Also, people need to know the helmet laws for scooters are different than for bicycles.

We’re excited to welcome scooters as a new transportation option into our city and to see what we can learn from this pilot.

The scooters have had a polarizing effect on residents living in cities.

(scooters are supposed to be used in the bike lane, not on sidewalks.)

Still, the wave of scooters doesn’t appear to be slowing.

The Milwaukee City Council is now considering a ban of all electric scooters.

The ban, and subsequent permit process, was the result of several startups deploying their electric scooters without permission.

Meanwhile, back in Portland, the number of scooters will be capped at 2,500, with each permitted company receiving a portion of the total.

Companies are allowed to deploy up to 200 scooters during its first week of operation.

Twelve companies including California’s Lime and Bird operate close to 20,000 dockless scooters in the city.

I love scooters, I’ll ride scooters.

I’m not gonna not use … You’re on scooters?

Yes, I love scooters.

Elon Musk made fun of me and my scooters.

I get on the scooters, I ride them, I have my little helmet.

I will put it up, but I love scooters.

Dayang makes a range of electric scooters and motorbikes, as well as a tiny two-seater micro-car called Chok with a top speed of 49mph.

Employment: The startup will need people to repair and service its scooters, and wants to help create job training programs for disadvantaged groups.

Go deeper: Bird is building the Uber of scooters.

Lime often uses freelancers to charge its scooters, and could also use these workers for food or grocery deliveries.

scooters: As of late April, scooter rides made up 60% of Lime’s monthly revenue.

The average charger makes $30-50 per day, charging seven scooters at $5-8 per scooter, amounting to $1,400 in earnings per month.

scooters will be serviced at Lyft’s facilities.

Riders can reserve scooters for $0.15 per minute, up to 10 minutes.

Lyft will also charge a $100 fee for scooters left outside its permitted zone in the city.

scooters: Unlike many other companies using scooters made by Ninebot, Uber seems to have selected scooters manufactured by Fitrider, another Chinese-based supplier.

Its Jump bikes already have locks, and the company plans to develop similar ones for its scooters.

Uber will charge a $25 fee for scooters left outside its operation zone in the city.

And some startups could eventually develop their own scooters instead of getting them from companies like Segway-Ninebot.

Ye got the idea after noticing the popularity of electric scooters in southern Europe, according to a blog post.

Increase in ride-sharing and ride-hailing, scooters, and e-bikes have also diminished the demand for buses.

Bottom line: Ride-hail companies are seeking to expand their urban offerings, whether that be via bikes, flying taxis or scooters.

To many San Francisco residents, the ubiquitous scooters symbolize the tech industry’s disruptive presence in their city.

One organizer told me the scooters were collected this morning, but said they couldn’t share more.

Electric scooters take the dockless rental model one step further, adding a mini motor.

“[The homeless] don’t get a chance to be here, but scooters show up without any repercussion,” Bhakta added.

No doubt, the integration of scooters into urban transportation has been far from smooth.

Some companies deployed their scooters overnight without getting approval from city officials.

scooters ended up blocking sidewalks.

Nonetheless, scooters have also won passionate loyalists: Commuters.

To the extent that scooters replace driving, they yield a huge gain in efficiency and a reduction in the environmental footprint of travel.

scooters can also encourage people to use public transit: A 20-minute walk to a train station becomes a 5-minute ride.

As such, scooters are filling in gaps in transportation networks and addressing transit deserts.

Electric scooters are by no means a complete solution: It can be hard to find one at busy times of day.

Ever since transportation startups—Bird, Spin, and Lime—launched in San Francisco, sidewalks have been covered in scooters.

The city recently ordered all scooters off the street by June 4, and is requiring these companies to apply for permits.

“I don’t know why we’re being identified with scooters,” a Google employee who exited one of the buses told me.

It’s also worth noting that neither Uber nor Lime said when scooters will actually begin appearing on the Uber app.

The Trump administration’s new tariffs on Chinese imports may include a new Silicon Valley darling: Electric scooters.

The story has been updated with additional information to clarify that tariffs on scooters are still being reviewed by the administration.

India is one of the world’s largest two wheeler markets with sales of more than 20 million scooters and motorbikes last year.

Electric scooters and e-bikes like ones from Uber-owned Jump and Bird.

LimeBike, the dockless bike-sharing startup, wants to pay people to charge its scooters.

The company is looking for people who will collect and charge its electric scooters.

In San Francisco this month, the electric scooter companies LimeBike, Spin, and Bird all distributed their scooters across the city.

But residents complain that riders take the scooters on sidewalks and leave them parked across sidewalks, blocking ADA ramps and tripping unsuspecting pedestrians.

Unlike LimeBike, Bird is focusing solely on scooters, which could be an advantage for the Santa Monica-based company.

It’s a racing game where instead of motorbikes, cars or skateboards, you are on a race against death on mobility scooters.

Lime scooters make beeping sounds when operating normally, for example when they are unlocked.

The vandal physically broke into the audio file port, and did not access the scooters’ operating system.

Eight scooters were affected and have since been removed from use.

There’s a version of this with scooters right now, right?

“You’ll see more mobile police on bikes and scooters to close in quickly,” he said.

Bird, Lime, and Spin rolled out their scooters in San Francisco this spring before the city had finished formulating its pilot program.

Scoot has been operating full-sized scooters in San Francisco for years and has already forged a positive relationship with city officials.

Skip, also based in San Francisco, has only deployed its scooters in a few cities where it has obtained the city’s permission.

But while some upset residents are destroying scooters, many are embracing them as an easy option to get around.

Safety concerns: There are genuine concerns over the safety of scooters.

Residents and city officials have been frustrated with the number of scooters left to block roads, sidewalks, and entrances.

Uber rolled out its own line of electric scooters Wednesday in Santa Monica, which they’re calling JUMP.

We’re guessing it’s not recommended since these seem to be similar to scooters Bird and Lime are using.

People our age shouldn’t be on scooters.

We shouldn’t be on scooters.

Super-fast coffee delivery via scooters — and if your coffee is more than 30 minutes late, it’s free.

Complete this sentence: The problem with young people today is…… scooters.

This past holiday season, airlines and the FAA warned passengers not to bring hoverboard scooters aboard flights.

She’s responsible for the ramp-up and onboarding of additional mobility services, including public transit integration, scooters, car rentals and bikes.

This past holiday season, airlines and the FAA warned passengers not to bring hoverboard scooters aboard flights.

Still, some investors are waiting until cities more fully embrace scooters.

Lyft launches scooters in Denver.

After months of speculation, preparation and a big letdown in its hometown, San Francisco, Lyft finally rolled out its first scooters this week.

I’m probably up to about 4,000 scooters at this point.

I know for sure I’ve done 1,200 Lime scooters, because that’s the only one that keeps a lifetime counter.

I’d combine the scooters with [dog-walking] and the Uber Eats deliveries.

I would look at the scooter map, I’d drop off food and grab a couple scooters.

I could be working 24 hours a day just on scooters and dog walks.

I try to run scooters as often as I can.

Then I can get some sleep so I can put out scooters in the morning, usually 4 am to 7 am.

Now, instead of only being able to put out scooters at 4 am, you can put them out any time in the day.

I’ve walked to so many Lime scooters, and within 30 seconds, someone else has grabbed them and put them in their car.

It can definitely be hard sometimes to take a break, and then to look at your phone to see all the scooters around.

For instance, a lot of experts think there’s a bubble in scooters right now.

The businesses then pay contractors to collect, charge, and repair the scooters and bicycles overnight when they’re not in use.

scooters and e-bikes are also capitalizing on the Election Day rush.

If one introduces a new product, such as bikes or scooters and breaks into a brand-new market, they escape Bertrand and gain an edge.

Founded in 2016, Neuron has offered electric scooters in Singapore since last year.

scooters from Neuron and other rivals have been impounded in Singapore in recent times because they have been parked in illegal areas.

Last December, Lime brought its bikes to a number of European cities and in June, Lime brought its scooters to Paris.

Rappi users will be able to rent Grin scooters via the former’s app.

Lime vowed Tuesday that all rides on its electric scooters and bikes worldwide will be “carbon neutral.”

Here’s something that everyone I talked to agrees with: scooters should not be ridden on sidewalks.

Scooter companies, some of which also include bikeshares in their offerings, are intent on making sure scooters stay on roads, and preferably, bike lanes.

But with only a few thousand scooters on the road in any given city, there’s a ways to go.

Poon said that Spin’s data sharing policy allows cities to see where and how scooters are being used to help build around them.

(It’s worth noting, however, that the city also decided to ban scooters on certain bike paths).

Because while scooters can be a nuisance, the vast majority of people are not dying on them without cars involved.

And Didi is thinking bigger than Uber, with ambitions for bike-sharing, scooters and motorcycles in Mexico, the people say.

Didi is also considering offering bike-sharing, scooters and motorcycles in Mexico, while Uber so far has stuck to ride-hailing.

Already, people are abandoning cars for ride-hailing and tooling around on electric scooters.

And so it was like a year before people doing scooters.

India is one of the world’s largest two wheeler markets with sales of more than 20 million scooters and motorbikes last year.

We all know Jerry Seinfeld takes his love for cars quite seriously — and, apparently, he feels the same way about luxury scooters too.

Those super popular/publicly menacing Bird scooters are NOT the most convenient way to get around …

Driving the news: Earlier this year, Los Angeles announced it wants to create a data standard for transportation modes like shared bikes and scooters.

It’s also driving strategic investments in everything from AI to electric scooters.

When I ask them why they’re here, they murmur about scooters, beer cans, and loud music in their neighborhoods.

It’s also driving strategic investments in everything from AI to electric scooters.

Both Uber and Lyft are also expanding their offerings to include bicycles and scooters.

The ride-hailing company is trimming 50 staff members in its scooters and bikes unit, reports TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden.

Details: Browner is already drawing on her experience as an environmental regulator to think about the role that bikes and scooters can play.

To us, this all seemed more like a cute publicity stunt to introduce their reindeer-decorated scooters.

Uber already has a small equity stake in Lime and made its scooters available via its app in some cities.

“The scooters are best for that last mile gap of getting back home,” Kaufman told VICE.

They boast 500 customers using their product including Square, WeWork, Vice Media and Lime scooters, among others.

scooters were graffitied, disemboweled, and even pooped on to make a point.

In May, piles of scooters were used to blockade Google and Apple commuter buses during a protest against “techsploitation” in the Bay Area.

Gig economy contractors who earned money by recharging the scooters told Motherboard the job was exploitative at times.

For the first six months of the program, SFMTA will allow 1,250 scooters within city limits.

That number may be increased to 2,500 scooters if things go well.

During that time, even more transportation companies branched out into scooters.

Uber did so through JUMP, a bike sharing startup that it acquired for roughly $200 million—eventually, it hoped, integrating scooters into its app.

Why it matters: AV ride-sharing could help to efficiently bridge gaps between other forms of transportation services, from public transit to bikes and scooters.

Scaling electric scooters and bikes to connect to mass transit.

Spin was of particular interest to Ford, Klevorn adds, because it was working with cities, not just dumping scooters on sidewalks like some rivals.

Unlike many other scooters on the market, Rev features wide air-filled tires to help with shock absorption and traction.

The scooters out there from the likes of Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot and others are not in the same arena as Boosted.

Meanwhile, Lyft acquired bike-sharing operator Motivate and has begun to roll out Lyft-branded scooters in a small number of cities.

They ride scooters in flimsy shorts and T-shirts.

The company operates in over 20 cities across Europe, with around 10,000 Tier scooters on the streets.

scooters: They’re too slow for the road and too fast for the bike path.

Still, in theory, scooters are great for getting around town, especially in population- or traffic-dense cities.

In Amsterdam, one of the best cities in the world for two-wheeled transportation, nearly 60,000 people use scooters to commute, according to the city.

This rule is enforced using cameras; offenders caught on pre-2011 scooters get a €90 ($108 USD) fine in the mail.

A 2015 poll commissioned by Milieudefensie reported 56 percent of Dutch people in four major cities—Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague—find scooters really annoying.

“Everyone was simply fed up with scooters on the cycle paths,” he said.

It also makes internet-connected home appliances and gadgets, including scooters, air purifiers and rice cookers.

Further back, there was clique of middle schoolers clinging to their Razor scooters, who seemed equally as scared as I was.

The wreckage of three-wheeled scooters caught up in the blast at the hotel, which also housed a massage parlor, lay overturned around the scene.

It orders the startups—the most well-known being Bird, Spin, and Lime—to remove their scooters and cease operations by June 4.

Bird alone has more than 1,600 scooters in San Francisco, according to recent estimates by the company.

Any scooters left on the street will be impounded, and could also result in daily fines of $100 per scooter.

Refusing to remove its scooters will disqualify a company from obtaining a permit, said SFMTA.

Tensions became so high within recent months that people began destroying and vandalizing the scooters, as Motherboard previously reported.

As of Dec. 31, Lyft had $23.3 million worth of scooters not deployed yet.

Spin told Motherboard that it “will remove all scooters by June 4th” and is in the process of completing its permit application.

Go deeper: How Los Angeles wants to manage bikes and scooters with data

The company did not address whether it will be removing its scooters from San Francisco streets by the city’s deadline.

Lyft not only invests in other micro-mobility efforts like bike sharing and scooters, it also has major AV initiatives.

Each company pays independent contractors to charge and repair their thousands of scooters.

(In San Francisco, Bird alone has more than 1,600 scooters.)

When they contacted Bird’s help desk, a representative simply said to remove the pilfered scooters from their app.

(Bird chargers get access to additional app features that itemize the scooters they’re servicing, and log information such as battery life and barcode.)

Bounties depend on their location (harder-to-retrieve ones are worth more), and how many scooters are available at that moment.

“It is very important to us that scooters are available to customers who want to use them.

“She’s joined girls in climbing or riding their scooters, and joined boys in running around and playing football,” Dani said.

We can’t just have all these scooters dumped in front of this building.”

Other bets, with gross bookings of $132 million for Q1 2019, includes freight and new mobility, which entails bikes and scooters.

“Lyft is going big on scooters and cutting bike people,” said the tipster.

Other companies and investors are certainly putting their money on scooters right now.

All that is despite what has been a very uneven path for scooters.

Of the nearly 250,000 trips from mid-October through February, 90% were on Skip scooters and 10% on Scoot.

Electric scooters have overtaken station-based bicycles as America’s most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars, per AP.

Why it matters: Smartphones are powering a “micromobility revolution,” where consumers tap shared scooters and bikes for short trips.

Go deeper: Why scooters have faced backlash

It’s worth noting that some of Segway’s Ninebot scooters created safety hazards for Lime.

In August, Lime says it became aware of a potential issue with some of its Segway Ninebot scooters.

Bird, which also uses Ninebot scooters, said it conducted an investigation and found that none of the vehicles it purchased from Segway-Ninebot were affected.

The permits will allow a maximum of 625 scooters for each company in the first six months.

Scoot also proposed using swappable batteries instead of manually taking the scooters off the street for regular recharging.

Bird, and soon after, Lime and Spin, released their fleet of scooters into the city in March without permission.

They also soon became a pariah as scooters inundated sidewalks and rights of way.

Feb 8 (Reuters) – scooters India Ltd: * NOMINATED RAJ SHEKHAR TIWARI AS CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER OF CO Source text: Further company coverage:

Yellow raised a $63 million Series A within a year after launch, then merged with Mexico’s Grin scooters.

The city plans to limit the number of scooters in the city to 1,250 and will require companies to register with the MTA.

Unlike rival bike-sharing services, McMaster says Bond competes more with cars than scooters or walking.

Neighborhoods from downtown to Silicon Beach have been carpeted in scooters and bikes.

Beverly Hills has banned dockless scooters and impounded more a thousand, in an effort to send a message to Bird.

Uber also has applied for a permit to deploy electric scooters in San Francisco.

What may seem to be the problem: scooters are useful and fun for many, but discarded scooters are an unsightly mess.

Yes, scooters came up, but we have some later-stage notes that should be a welcome reprieve for regular listeners.

— Romain Dillet Tiny but mighty micromobility scooters have received mixed responses in cities.

Collectively, those 11 companies sought permission to operate 37.7K dockless bikes and scooters.

Nine were on rented scooters and two on ones the victims owned,” the AP reports.

Between the lines: People aren’t wearing helmets on these rented scooters, and the head injuries are piling up.

Lime halts rentals overnight in some markets but in most its scooters are available all night.”

Via, a shuttle-based carpooling service and platform that partners with cities in the U.S. and Europe, could soon add scooters to its business.

Starting with scooters and e-bikes, the pieces of that personal mobility vision are beginning to come together.

Bird on Wednesday said that it has acquired Scoot, which provides on-demand rentals of mopeds, scooters and bikes.

Last year, it expanded to Barcelona, and added bicycles before getting into the small motorized scooters.

Via hasn’t launched scooters yet.

But Ramot told TechCrunch backstage that Via is looking at launching scooters in Sacramento and is already in talks with city officials.

The approach would be to add scooters in cities where it already has a presence.

scooters wouldn’t be launched without its core shuttle business or platform, Ramot said.

The SFMTA’s proposal lays out a 24-month pilot program, which would grant up to five permits and 500 scooters per permit.

That means the city would allow no more than 2,500 electric scooters on the streets at any one time.

The company is using the buckets of capital to expand beyond bikes and scooters.

Here’s how SF wants to regulate electric scooters The electric scooter saga in San Francisco

In Detroit, the city outlined its official pilot program last October, capping at 400 the number of scooters each company could deploy.

Beyond electric — which also includes electric scooters — Zoomcar has gone further still.

Electric scooter startup Bird got its start with this exact model but has since unveiled custom scooters.

To figure out if you have one of those affected scooters, you can head over to this site and enter your serial number.

Google has partnered with Lime to show nearby bikes and scooters in 13 cities worldwide.

The WE vehicle-on-demand platform will initially focus on car sharing, but eventually will include other modes of transportation, such as scooters.

And in the last month, Uber deployed electric scooters in Santa Monica, Calif.

Launching on Kickstarter today, Unagi is looking to raise $30,000 and start shipping the scooters in January.

Right now, Unagi’s minimum production goal is 300 scooters upon launch, but Hyman thinks it’ll probably be somewhere between 500 to 1,000.

Compared to other electric scooters you could own, Unagi is a bit more expensive than its competitors.

A 23-year-old suspect named Corey Roberts was seen arguing with someone on a sunny, summer afternoon, as young children passed by on scooters.

Lyft has 250 scooters available for customers and will eventually ramp up to a cap of 350.

About 100 of those scooters will be dedicated to what Lyft calls opportunity zones, which focuses on helping customers reach bus and train stops.

The pilot program is designed to evaluate whether scooters and dockless bikes can help the city reduce single-occupant vehicle commute trips by 2030.

Lyft was one of several companies, including rival Uber, to lose out in their bid to operate scooters in San Francisco.

Designed to handle 72 Uber Air trips per hour, this concept also allots space for bikes, scooters and electric vehicle charging.

If you live in San Francisco, you have probably noticed the plethora of bikes and electric scooters.

Bird is now selling its electric scooters directly to consumers Bird One will cost $1,299 and come in three colors.

Called the “Sky Loft,” this 3,700-square-meter skyport features a landing pad, lounge, parking areas for JUMP bikes and scooters and retail.

In Los Angeles, firm Mithun envisions turntable parking, and spaces for bikes and scooters.

By now his girlfriend Haley Williams is busy corralling the girls as they zoom around the house on little scooters, falling and laughing.

For one thing, Rickert, like others of us, has seen scooters abused in settings involving large numbers of people and alcohol.

“I saw some pretty bad behavior” as it relates to scooters, Rickert recounts with a stifled laugh.

Lime, the electric scooter and bike-share startup, has pulled some of its scooters from the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego and Lake Tahoe.

In August, Lime says it became aware of a potential issue with some of its Segway Ninebot scooters.

We then worked independently to create an even more thorough software program to ensure that no potentially faulty scooters remained in circulation.

It’s also not clear if Lime will continue to use scooters from Okai.

It’s worth noting that in San Francisco, operators Skip and Scoot do not use Segway scooters.

Scoot has built out a network focused primarily on electric push scooters, seated scooters and electric bikes.

As part of the pilot program, Uber can have up to 500 bikes and 250 scooters on the streets at any one time.

In mid September, Lyft launched electric scooters in Santa Monica just a couple of weeks after the company deployed them in Denver, Colo.

In addition to Uber/JUMP and Lyft, both Bird and Lime operate electric scooters in Santa Monica.

Through October 7, Uber’s JUMP scooters will be free.

After that, the scooters cost $1 to unlock and then 15 cents per minute after the first five minutes.

If electrified scooters in SF are a sign of the apocalypse, things like the Tushy are a sign of a renaissance.

Moving forward, Uber is looking to launch electric scooters in additional U.S. cities this year.

Uber also expects to fully integrate Lime’s electric scooters into its offering by the end of the year.

But during the short period of time (from March through June) that Lime did operate in San Francisco, its scooters saw 300,000 rides.

Over in San Diego, Calif., its scooters facilitated 1 million bike and scooter rides in five months.

Lyft, for example, has laid out its ambitions for electric scooters, as well as bikes.

Meanwhile, Uber, as mentioned above, invested in Lime as part of a deal to put Uber branding on Lime scooters.

In October, Lime recalled some of its scooters due to battery fire concerns.

In Paris, you’ll find Coup and Cityscoot scooters.

In Berlin, you’ll find Coup scooters.

Interestingly, electric scooters from Bird and Lime aren’t in there just yet.

Spin was one of the three companies that initially deployed its scooters in San Francisco back in March.

Along with Bird and Lime, Spin was forced to remove its electric scooters from the city until the city determined a permitting process.

Earlier this year, San Francisco denied Spin’s appeal to operate electric scooters in the city.

Just like other e-scooter startups, you unlock the GPS tracked scooters by scanning the QR-code on the scooter using the Taxify app.

Taxify will collect the scooters in the evenings for recharging.

We have two great deep dives on the future of scooters and the future of media.

We hope scooters in a sentence examples were helpful.