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“During Max Thunder, U.S. and (South Korean) aircrews have the ability to fly missions in realistic scenarios.

In practice, the politics of those respective scenarios have tended to play out very differently.

It’s important.”) Approval voting seeks to avoid such scenarios.

It uses 360-degree video to create simulated game scenarios, letting players hone their ability to make snap decisions in with less risk of injury.

STRIVR boils it down to the acronym RIDE: VR lets you train for rare, impossible, dangerous, or expensive scenarios, over and over again.

The worst-case scenarios for a collapse in the US alliance system are terrible.

Corporate earnings could justify stock prices, but there are other, scarier scenarios.

The book is divided into sections based around different categories of fictional cities — floating utopias, post-apocalyptic survival scenarios, adapting to shifting weather, etc.

To put it differently, there are two scenarios possible here.

For technical studies like the one proposed here, a technical advisory committee of affected stakeholders to vet study assumptions, scenarios, etc.

I would imagine these scenarios like, What if I saw him in the street?

The researchers made some assumptions about tardigrades’ upper limit for heat and radiation exposure, and examined three scenarios.

However, in these scenarios, the tardigrades could still survive.

Most superhero movies are, in some sense, science fiction films, derived from vaguely sci-fi scenarios and concepts; so are most video game adaptations.

These are fantasy scenarios, conjured up for spectacle.

Like this, Camryn would role-play sexual scenarios with virtual children.

In other scenarios, Camryn could win a child bride in a contest.

And in those digital bodies, pedophiles can engage in sexual scenarios forbidden outside digital contexts.

Every wall is knocked down, and the artifice of the different scenarios is deconstructed and rebuilt ceaselessly.

This is the problem with an alternative reality silo that really does completely shape scenarios.

The footage thus grants the illusion of effortlessly skillful play, as opposed to real-life scenarios where misclicks and premature shots mar the experience.

So that leads to some interesting scenarios.

“Consistent with its remit, the FPC is focused on scenarios that, however unlikely, could have the greatest impact on UK financial stability.

My brain was coming up with a thousand different scenarios, all of them grim, for when the vitiligo spread.

The researchers also run a few projection scenarios with different rates of population and economic growth.

And I bet you can guess which of the scenarios above I would want them to grow up in.

Elbows in any and all tie up scenarios.

The synth line is outstanding, so energetic and works in so many scenarios.

Makers and buyers of products affecting entry or exit should consider real-life scenarios — and in this case, the electric blinds needed a manual override.

Among the scenarios: mount a write-in campaign, or plan to expel Moore from the Senate as soon as he’s elected.

We cling to worst case scenarios to justify the chains that bind us.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said all scenarios were possible and none was being ruled out.

We’re looking at those scenarios.”

The disparity between these two scenarios suggests something perverse but inescapable about the media’s expectations for politicians’ response to scandals.

There are a number of scenarios under which it can end up consolidating.” (Reporting by April Joyner; Editing by Alden Bentley and Susan Thomas)

However, the plot contains surprisingly few of the white-knuckle scenarios that you’d expect in this kind of genre experiment.

These apps typically offer on-demand content, and in best case scenarios, they’ll have a live stream of the network.

Having watched the series, I find it possible to assume any of those scenarios is true.

There are tons of other scenarios that could wipe us out long before then.

Dreams and discoveries bring him to dystopian scenarios, futuristic buildings floating in space and a mystical talking head offering him different life choices.

The Far Cry series outright embraced absurdity long ago: their worlds are now jam-packed with rules, scenarios, AI behaviors, enemies, and animals.

Right now, neither of these scenarios is an option.

Tillerson’s floundering at State has led to some rather humiliating scenarios for him.

Even under the most optimistic scenarios, there are going to be hundreds of fossil fuel power plants built across the world in coming years.

As I’m unable to document every country in the world, I tried to cover as many possible consequences and scenarios that women face.

These are scenarios that Amanda Little, an environmental journalist and professor at Vanderbilt University, envisions in her new book, The Fate of Food.

In many ways, such scenarios are similar to a “normal” depressed mood state, but more severe.

But there are also many scenarios that fall within those extremes.

“Rising yields should be on the short list of scenarios to be monitored by risk managers.”

Twitter users wasted no time mocking the moment Tuesday night, comparing the call to other infamous scenarios of people not following advice or instructions.

Following are possible scenarios: – DEAL REJECTED Any deal must be approved by British lawmakers.

Foal Eagle is designed to simulate war scenarios and involves ground, air, naval and special operations forces.

Both of those scenarios could absolutely be correct for multiple people.

More driving experience means a company’s car should be able to navigate more scenarios.

scenarios are a good way to help people let go of the idea that the future will be like the past,” he says.

Giant areas like this are impressive to look at, but some of the best “Uncharted” gameplay comes from navigating these scenarios.

The CDC’s bottom line was that physicians should only prescribe opioids in worst-case scenarios, such as end-of-life care.

So the company is rolling out updates on Wednesday to improve these kinds of scenarios for its user base.

South Korea will also prepare responses to other possible scenarios including a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, the ministry added.

Very few of us live lives filled with constant drama, and TV occasionally skews too far away from presenting these sorts of realistic scenarios.

I was thinking about it, worrying about it the whole time, every day, going through all the worst case scenarios.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The Statue of Liberty is a favorite victim of Hollywood’s climate change disaster scenarios.

It’s more likely that we’ll see scenarios that change the popular vote, but don’t change the electoral vote.

The clips are alarmist, poorly acted, and kind of amazing—so much so that I decided to see these mock scenarios performed live.

When we make scenarios, we are looking at what kind of policies governments put in place and where those policies bring us.

Will you do a new set of scenarios that factor in likely Trump policies?

Policymakers and analysts often seem to confuse IEA’s scenarios with predictions.

There is always room for improvement in everything — for making scenarios, writing articles, making movies, there are many ways of improvement.

IEA’s scenarios, however, show it extremely dependent on policy.

scenarios like these are closer than you may think, and none of them are acceptable.

I can spin fanciful scenarios all day, but I’ve given up on prognosticating.

Any of those scenarios will lead to an escalating burden of suffering for billions of humans yet unborn.

“I even have a few scenarios that I like.

Cannabis has been shown in some scenarios to lower testosterone levels, and lower testosterone may lead to erectile dysfunction.

And they were already doing live narrative martial arts scenarios in front of audiences.

In other words, gamers play out the plot of Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, Sword Art Online, or any number of last-man-standing battle scenarios.

It’s what you’ve been writing about and talking about and companies like Facebook, they didn’t imagine forward some of the potential scenarios.

Most modeling scenarios for staying below 2°C now envision massive CO2 removal efforts, but few policymakers have acknowledged this fact.

When we were talking about Facebook, who are the bad guys that could come in and use … What are the scenarios for the future?

But I like to think through weird scenarios, you know?

Are you constantly thinking through some of those different scenarios?

Or whether it even has a plan for live video scenarios that have not yet played out (many of which we hope never do).

And then it’s a crazed toss-up, with all sorts of potential scenarios.

Iran deal experts say there are other possible scenarios.

Do different demographic groups fear different AI scenarios, though?

They hope to find out which virtual reality scenarios work best, and why.

What, exactly, qualifies as violent or dangerous in these scenarios?

Yuskavage now locates the ambivalence in the aesthetic awe of the painted scenarios that we know better than to believe in.

But gagging government researchers is one of the worst-case scenarios scientists can imagine if this administration wages a war on research.

A spokesman for Swiss stock market operator Six said the bourse was prepared for all likely scenarios.

As you spend more and more time in solitude, though, it’s important to not get stuck in fictional scenarios.

Even before these nightmare scenarios materialize, we know the gene editing tools on offer are far from perfect, and potentially dangerous.

Since these sticky scenarios can happen, paying with a credit card will help you resolve the issue faster if it does.

The “business as usual” (BAU) scenarios that typically dominate these discussions are outdated, the researchers argue.

New baseline scenarios should take into account updated information on PV, EV, and battery costs.

And baseline scenarios should take into account the commitments made in the Paris climate agreement, they say.

They use baseline scenarios that assume no further cost and policy changes when, in reality, cost and policy changes are both rapid and inevitable.

In an additional experiment, the group demonstrated that this is theoretically possible, but that “more work is required to apply it in real-world scenarios.”

After a brief introduction, they’ll unveil the custom-designed deck of cards, which will prompt and inspire the audience to imagine diverse possible scenarios.

Because #Putin doesn’t believe in win/win scenarios & thinks only way to make Russia stronger is to make U.S. weaker.

NREL ran four scenarios, based on varying penetrations of VG.

They try on ideas — frightening, damning ones in both cases — by way of stories and scenarios that both support and complicate their theses.

Here’s how they break down: Among other things, these scenarios produced some gorgeous visualizations.

Achieving the kind of smooth inter-regional coordination envisaged in these scenarios will involve lots of changes in how the grid operates (again, see No.

But in reality those scenarios are extremely rare — rarer, no doubt, than accidents while texting or muggers preying on distracted phone users.

You’ll find, I think, that nightmare scenarios fail to materialize, that reality doesn’t depend on digital documentation nor relationships on texting.

But we’re still a long way from a lot of the dystopian scenarios we envision.

There are plenty of examples, past and present, of glass cliff scenarios.

Let’s talk through some scenarios.

More of the optimistic scenarios of like, “Well, what if family members were more connected all around the world?

Right now they have actuaries gaming out different scenarios.

“None of them are good scenarios,” he said.

In Donald Trump’s mystifying mind, one of these scenarios is true.

She provided a series of hypothetical scenarios, showing a slide in each that is sexual harassment and another slide that is not.

It sounds like most of these scenarios are.

These poems visit seemingly commonplace scenarios, often with an unnamed “she” and “he” sharing confidences or company, which leads to some unexpected catastrophe.

He points out that the last IPCC report assessed 116 scenarios for keeping temperatures below 2°C by 2100.

“I think people who are naysayers and try to drum up these doomsday scenarios — I don’t understand it,” Zuckerberg replied.

Typically this means three policy scenarios are run, using discount rates of 2.5, 3, and 5 percent respectively.

On top of that, the scenarios didn’t include private computers operated by defense contractors providing critical services or managing vital programs.

As a result, the authors emphasize that conventional risk approaches tend to downplay worst-case scenarios despite their plausibility.

Because this is new territory, several wild scenarios are possible.

As social costs mount, Japan has asked local governments to draw up by next March a roadmap to base alternative care around family scenarios.

Here are some scenarios in which an asteroid could come plummeting down onto tri-state area.

Those are the optimistic scenarios in which Trump’s presidency and the forces it represents are turned back.

There is also considerable uncertainty about the kind of scenarios that could trigger ‘snap back’ of the removed/suspended nuclear sanctions.”

In scenarios like border control or law enforcement, will the results hold water?

Are there any other realistic scenarios where McPhee and the Knights can get a first-round pick from someone?

Similar scenarios have since repeated themselves in an escalating cycle of street violence, drive by shootings, abductions, arson attacks, bombings and random sniping.

The IPCC groups these scenarios into four categories of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations known as Representative Concentration Pathways.

So I’ll tell you what I’d say is the informal general consensus about ultra-high-penetration renewables scenarios.

Any of those scenarios would have been better for Trump than a plagiarism scandal.

Fitzgerald had Hollywood ambitions, and several of the stories in the collection were intended as movie scenarios.

This algorithm is similar to what’s used in deepfake videos, and what self-driving cars use to “imagine” road scenarios.

Both scenarios are unlikely.

Austin, Rob, and Joel dig into the game’s aesthetics, politics, characters and scenarios of this cyberpunk RPG.

Low probability aside, one of three scenarios could play out if enough electors defect.

These two scenarios as seen in life — I know them for myself.

It’s about worst-case scenarios, i.e., what is likely to happen if we do nothing to change our current greenhouse-gas emissions trajectory.

Another critique of the piece’s accuracy is that it details worst-case scenarios when worst-case scenarios are unlikely to occur.

My life sucks.’” Francis was able to prepare for the worst-case scenarios by imagining his missions the night before they were deployed into theatre.

“I’d run through scenarios in my head before bed.

I would imagine the scenarios, if I get shot from that way, what am I going to do?

As noted, some of these scenarios are way more plausible than others — and they’re not all mutually exclusive.

“Because you just don’t know what can happen in these scenarios.”

Going through several different disaster scenarios in my mind, I also started to wonder: What do I do if it does?

Franits pulls out various readings scholars have offered to Vermeer’s scenarios and typically weighs in with his own (often the most convincing one).

At some point, you simply can’t capture all the scenarios you need, so using physics is the right answer.”

Some of them could almost be film scenarios: She goes into the woods.

But there are plenty of plausible worse scenarios as well.

But the numbers themselves aren’t giving us much reason to believe that dire scenarios or radically changing poll numbers will happen.

“We are prepared for a wide range of scenarios,” chief spokesman Ronen Manelis said.

“We are prepared for a wide range of scenarios,” chief spokesman Ronen Manelis said.

Grim scenarios suggesting his presidency would grow too strong missed the likelier scenario that it would be extremely weak.

There are only two scenarios for boxing fans now, and they’re both winners.

I imagined several different scenarios.

All three scenarios point to a shock effect of oil price fluctuation, which eventually settles down into an even path.

What’s more, average urban density declines across all regions in all scenarios, at least through 2050.

Those latter two scenarios are even less likely than a contested nomination — which, let’s repeat, is pretty unlikely.

In his study, Greenblatt modeled three different scenarios.

Possibly the state can do this: As Greenblatt told me, his scenarios aren’t meant to be comprehensive.

It might have benefited from putting the player into more unexpected scenarios, circumstances that made them uncomfortable and forced them to be bold.

Will it deliver more of the thrilling true-crime scenarios that hooked you on the show (and possibly the podcast format) in the first place?

But as top Republicans increasingly lose hope that anyone can beat Trump outright, the remaining scenarios for stopping him are necessarily fanciful and unprecedented.

Even in the best of scenarios, and with the most able of leaders, changing the ideology of a political party is a difficult effort.

Will and should win: Sarah Paulson You can game out all sorts of scenarios from this category.

This could certainly be used for gaming, but could also be used for educational and other scenarios, too.

A “soft” Brexit means a much less severe break with the EU than some of the other scenarios that have been proposed.

Any of those scenarios would have been better for Trump than a plagiarism scandal.

In Korea, those scenarios were rarely portrayed on television.

“It was through American media where I learned how people act in different scenarios, how people talk, [how Americans use] body language.

That friendship makes it easier to navigate the kinds of tough scenarios Facebook keeps finding itself in.

The incident resembles the “fast lane” and speed-throttling scenarios that net neutrality advocates have warned about for years.

“We need to be prepared for worst-case scenarios,” police chief Michel Delpuech told RTL radio.

Demand and energy efficiency: Though virtually all decarbonization scenarios involve massive amounts of energy efficiency, we remain unable to model it very well.

As with future participation in the workforce, I will explore what happens under three possible scenarios for productivity growth.

These are shoot/don’t shoot scenarios that are likely to occur on the job.

This may be why, for me, at least, the most effective scenarios in Doomocracy were the ones in which I played a part.

Unfortunately, but perhaps understandably, he declined to talk about these videos or his interest in the scenarios they depict.

There are essentially two scenarios in which I’ll eat at Subway.

It’s hard to say which of these scenarios is most likely.

The idea is simple: Learn about different types of levels and scenarios by playing through a series of Nintendo-created levels.

Austria is prepared for all scenarios.

Each and every one of these scenarios represents one day too long.

We’ve collected several of those scenarios for you here.

In other words, even this “worst-case scenario” falls well short of actual worst-case scenarios.

In varying scenarios, she may be painting him or he painting her, she receives an art lesson or discovers the young prodigy.

So while US taxpayers will pick up the tab in a few scenarios, for the most part, workers are largely on their own.

It will take a few more years to know which one of these scenarios is playing out right now.

The Eric Andre Show isn’t an Aaron Sorkin–type show that presents politics as people talking quickly in suits within made-up, pseudo-intellectual scenarios.

The worst-case scenarios haven’t come true.

Both low-probability scenarios played out in the Royals’ favor.

Many individual studies have found that presenting people with hypothetical scenarios involving terrorist attacks leads them to express less tolerance for minority groups.

When primed with frightening scenarios involving attacks, people are also willing to sacrifice freedom for safety.

Riggle is funny but the value of the book is in the real world scenarios he offers and his thinking through of difficult topics.

Here are some possible scenarios.

Rho and I led a group of 20-odd players into large combat scenarios called raids.

Below are several scenarios of what could happen in the next few days.

The WEO is IEA’s annual compendium of facts, statistics, scenarios, and analyses on global energy trends.

(For more on IEA’s scenarios — more interesting than it sounds!

I just want to add a quick word on scenarios, for the nerds.

Its scenarios have fallen far short of the reality of renewables for so long that it faces frequent charges of bias.

The IEA has responded, again and again, that its scenarios are not predictions.

The WEO typically uses two main scenarios, which it continues this year.

Yet in the long term (for instance, 50 years out), the public health benefit is substantially less and is even negative under some scenarios.

I thought of it through the eyes of a little boy while his parents are getting divorced, of all these crazy scenarios.

But it does include a much wider range of scenarios.

What sort of scenarios do you imagine your fetish in?

Videgaray said Mexico must be ready for the “different scenarios” that the talks could produce.

All the while, the value metrics would suggest he was still providing as much as ever (even in “clutch” scenarios).

The surreal scenarios, all of them non sequiturs — why is Magrey sleeping on three sides of a rotating triangle clock?

I saw her completely focused, particularly as the scenarios got riskier.

In both scenarios, the first year of his new contract will be worth about $35 million.

They still go back to the same scenarios, and you say, ‘Why you want to go and do that?

The last days are about visualization, running through scenarios, cutting those last couple ounces to make weight.

In short, there are lots of scenarios that could play out on Tuesday.

Among the possible scenarios: Judge Samuel Glasscock of Delaware’s Court of Chancery could decide to send the dispute to arbitration.

There are other, far scarier scenarios, and I don’t understand why we wouldn’t want to prepare for those.

The study’s authors used various emissions models from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, basing their predictions on medium- to worst-case climate scenarios.

If you look at the outcome closely, there has been nothing particularly that would make investors change their scenarios.

The U.S. central bank has ramped up its worst-case scenarios each year.

Under the law, a police officer could go to jail for prohibiting another cop from taking part in the above scenarios.

We need more of these scenarios.”

Here are the scenarios from least likely to most likely: Any of these is theoretically possible.

Symbolic scenarios mirroring what’s going on in the stress-filled world above?

Here is a look at possible scenarios following the completion of Mueller’s report.

Those scenarios are extremely sensitive to changes in culture and context, and are difficult to recreate.

In the uglier scenarios, we’d need to figure out removal of 1,000 gigatons, the equivalent of 20 years of global greenhouse gas emissions.

In the three previous impeachment scenarios in US history, the president has been faced with a congressional majority of the opposing party.

South Korea will also prepare responses to other possible scenarios including a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, the ministry added.

I would use them as a starting point and write my own fantasy scenarios.

“Body-worn cameras may have great utility in specific policing scenarios,” a team of researchers involved in the 2017 DC study wrote.

Here are three different scenarios facing Pichai and his company.

“This causes people to minimize and compare their own symptoms to worst case scenarios such as psychosis.

It’s not one of these far-fetched scenarios.

Currently, Clinton leads Trump in both high and low turnout scenarios, according to the latest poll.

Until we transition to a fully autonomous transportation system, there are always going to be scenarios to consider.

It is easy to imagine the scenarios that might pop up.

“You don’t really know that until you’ve tested enough theories or had enough factual scenarios.”

And they played emotionally charged music, explaining that it helped trigger and prolong their favorite scenarios.

Below are several scenarios of what could happen in the next few days.

This creates millions of different scenarios.

The worst-case scenarios, nudging up to 4 or 5 degrees, seem unlikely at this point.

Here are some possible scenarios for what happens next: This article originally appeared on

You, in those scenarios, are at the whim of what prosecutors or other law enforcement will want to do with you.

“Liz and I wanted to show you different types of scenarios, but all involving Costa Rica.

That line of reasoning, experts warn, opens us up to some of the scariest possible scenarios for AI.

The best time to come up with sound policy and international agreements is before these science fiction scenarios become reality.

But if worst-case scenarios about the fall of the republic seem overhyped, the damage Trump is doing is real, and it’s terrifying.

U.S. carriers have discussed putting pilots in scenarios similar to the 737 MAX crashes as part of recurring training.

Foal Eagle is designed to simulate war scenarios and involves ground, air, naval and special operations forces.

We’re talking about different scenarios – I mean obviously that would be on a temporary basis.

Lakuti:I think both scenarios are possible.

At the heart of the study are three scenarios, running out to 2050.

Obviously, none of these scenarios is likely to play out as described.

But the scenarios can serve as signposts, rough indicators of the consequences of various choices.

In the great pantheon of apocalyptic events, few scenarios inspire more dread than the threat of a cataclysmic asteroid impact.

Both scenarios won’t feature the best version of at least one of the fighters.

I began reading stories of caregivers neglecting their children to see the worst case scenarios.

I wouldn’t count it as particularly likely that Disney completely scraps FX, but as worst-case scenarios go, it’s not impossible either.

Elliott also suggested alternative scenarios such as a merger with a large rival, added the same source.

Some of these choices may make sense for some people in some scenarios.

If [a company] has access to the keys, there is any number of scenarios where the data can be compromised.”

During training, the Sacramento Police Department tells officers they have the opportunity to mute their body cameras in certain scenarios, Chandler said.

Disenrollment scenarios may also be higher than researchers anticipated because the proposed rules might threaten families’ immigration status, the study team also points out.

I asked Lewis to lay out some of the worst-case scenarios in North Korea.

So Rhodium modeled three scenarios: low, reference, and high oil prices, drawn from International Energy Agency forecasts.

As a low-post mastodon with incomparable vision and a picture-perfect fadeaway jumper, he creates some of the most fatalistic scenarios in NBA history.

During one montage, actors practice their lines in clothing stores, behind the wheel of a car, while cooking, and in other strange scenarios.

You have to attempt to remove all possible dangers and consider all possible scenarios,” he says.

“Mini-programs are mainly used for low-frequency, offline scenarios, such as fee payments, parking, and customer inquiries,” Dong said.

This sets them up for trauma and future complications when interfacing with similar scenarios because of those triggers.

She is a latter-day luminist, interested in scenarios of extreme contrast in light, for instance, nighttime, beneath a dappled sea, or sunrise.

In polling scenarios including Lula in the race, he wins more than twice the support of his nearest challenger.

And those are just a few of the dire scenarios possible.

The cabinet debated a detailed paper on preparations for various scenarios including Britain crashing out of the bloc with no negotiated transition.

Trainers model the scenarios on real-life events recorded by officers’ body cams, dash-cams, and the media.

The researchers wrote that they now hope to apply the technique to more complicated scenarios, such as text and video.

For instance, in several scenarios, nurses asked the robot, “What is a good decision?”

The same system was also tested in a video game simulating missile-defense scenarios in the Navy.

We’re talking about different scenarios – I mean obviously that would be on a temporary basis.

These included new use-of-force policies; training for officers to deal with realistic scenarios; and a streamlined, independent process to review shootings when they occur.

In some cases, the Justice Department simply recommended clarifying these policies to address specific scenarios.

Her illustrations are composed in the abrupt lackadaisical style of a children’s drawing but explore very adult issues and scenarios.

SG: When I initially received the transcript of the interrogation I ran through a number of scenarios for how to make it public.

But each of these three scenarios requires the current Tory government to do something drastic.

“In all scenarios, the Good Friday agreement will continue to apply.

“We must be prepared for all scenarios,” he said at an event hosted by the Social Democrats (SPD) in Berlin.

Since BitGo claims it wasn’t hacked, only a few scenarios seem plausible.

But many shark species, such as hammerheads, don’t do so well in catch and release scenarios.

We get anxious, imagine all sorts of worst-case scenarios, but the reality is usually far less scary.

While the postures readily suggest complete scenarios, in reality what is being presented is the stuff of CSI crime scenes.

These aren’t the only scenarios of interest.

Foal Eagle is designed to simulate war scenarios and involves ground, air, naval and special operations forces.

Below are several scenarios of what could happen in the next few days.

The new Nature Conservancy report sifts through all this research and lays out some global scenarios.

Interestingly, Brattle analysts recommend against attempting to assign probabilities to the scenarios.

“[She] makes these fake scenarios, releases them as real through news, social media and whatever else,” the source told Del Signore.

And with good reason: The wind chill index is optimized for worst-case scenarios, so it gets people to take the threat of frostbite seriously.

Laser Shot, the company that makes the program, recently added school shooting scenarios to its virtual library.

My view is that ARKit will become closely connected with business scenarios across commerce, training, assistance, trials, advertising and more.

The scenarios in which AI goes beyond human intelligence are, by definition, the scenarios that we cannot imagine.

For this reason, Section 4 is a favorite of thriller writers concocting scenarios in which malefactors use some bogus pretext to depose the president.

And given how well Ctrl stands up in this busy year, there’s every reason to indulge in some best case scenarios.

He said the ECB was determined to act in adverse scenarios.

To try to get a better sense of what the possible scenarios are, I talked to nine experts on British politics.

Sometimes, in best-case scenarios for employees, unions can help avoid layoffs altogether by negotiating organizational restructuring or voluntary buyouts instead.

Related: On the Frontline of Libya’s Fight Against the Islamic State Experts said two scenarios are at play in the fight.

The key to body horror is to make sure it’s properly gross, and he concocts some terrifically vile-looking creatures and scenarios.

Yet the prison system has consistently failed trans people, putting them in similarly grim scenarios.

But in order to understand the ramifications, we have to play out some scenarios.

I can’t stop imagining bad scenarios,” she said.

They were equipped with cameras, SIM cards, drop phones and, if needed, “evacuation scenarios,” the indictment says.

They enable us, in theory, to blow past our target, but then ratchet our way back down (“overshoot” scenarios).

“Look at these incredible fantasy scenarios,” I say, turning the picture sideways.

Following are some scenarios.

Those two were simulating search and rescue operations, while Wing’s three drones were testing delivery scenarios.

Obviously these are just guesses, and there are plenty of other possible scenarios one could envision.

But Krisel and Galifianakis play such scenarios perfectly straight.

There are “fondant fiascos” and pudding sabotages and biscuit boxes and all kinds of other very serious baking-related scenarios endured by the contestants.

Meditation, and a mindful state of consciousness, had given me the ability to concentrate through the most trying and testing of scenarios.

Some of that research could potentially be valuable for preventing destructive scenarios.

Thinking about worst-case scenarios can limit creativity and increase anxiety and stress.

When someone commits sexual assault in any situation more complicated than those incredibly basic, facile scenarios, they become fraught with pedantic bullshit.

This may sound futuristic, but scenarios like this are starting to play out.

This particular app’s data collection methods and use-case scenarios are no more or less ominous than those of any other app out there.

Truth be told, her saturated paintings, which blend the everyday with imagined nightmare scenarios, come from a highly personal place.

They did not simulate a cyber attack, but rather played out various scenarios to learn how to react if there were one.

On its website, one of the possible scenarios was how Trump could win the election by adjusting turnout levels.

None of these are theoretical scenarios.

Robo-advice could help people learn, and try out different scenarios, without the worry of appearing ignorant to a person.

“It expands the scenarios under which the United States might use nuclear weapons and therefore increases the risk of nuclear weapons use,” Rief said.

The proposal offers several scenarios of usage to the proposed park, including climbing walls, retail spaces, and housing opportunities.

In all scenarios, an underground six-lane highway (split equally to north and southbound lanes) will replace the current highway.

“Instead of using hypothetical, abstract or speculative scenarios that may not be relevant to U.S. networks, this report provides practical mitigation schemes and recommendations.”

Let’s start with just regular case scenarios.

In Southeast Asia 90 percent of coral reefs will be severely degraded by 2050 under the most conservative of climate change scenarios.

I too believe that the worst-cast scenarios on climate change are genuinely catastrophic and that we are doing far too little to forestall them.

Computer scientist Paul Christiano, who works on AI safety at OpenAI, has a nice recent post laying out two broad scenarios.

The claim, rather, is that the odds of all possible catastrophically bad scenarios when added up represent a significant risk.

Still there is some evidence now that something as simple as a few strategically-placed infrared LEDs could cause some pretty dystopian scenarios.

Defenders of the rule dismissed these scenarios.

Naturally, both of Christiano’s scenarios are fairly theoretical.

The aftermath of Hurricane Maria shows how the impacts of our developing environment are quickly moving from abstract scenarios to grim reality.

It’s all about how a nuclear war would kill you, and the three most-likely scenarios that could lead to nuclear war.

Rho and I led a group of 20-odd players into large combat scenarios called raids.

NHTSA said it is evaluating preliminary testing that suggests carbon monoxide levels may be elevated in certain driving scenarios.

From here, there are two broad scenarios that could play out, both of which will vastly increase our understanding of nature.

Let’s go through the two scenarios step by step.

We can come up with some scenarios and then compare them to estimates of emissions needed to keep global warming manageable.

I show a daunting number of scenarios above, but they’re color-coded to make following them easier.

The greenish lines show emissions under different population scenarios.

Whether you rent or buy, you need to invest in both scenarios!

There are a number of scenarios under which it can end up consolidating.” Reporting by April Joyner; Editing by Alden Bentley and Susan Thomas

It said food prices could rise after Brexit in the two most likely trade scenarios, which should delight farmers.

Justice Anthony Kennedy could be the key player in any such scenarios, which would require at least one conservative to join the four liberals.

To be clear, I don’t think either of those two scenarios is going to come to pass.

Their scenarios are eerily realistic situations that women may encounter on a daily basis—unsolicited touching, “compliments” that quickly turn predatory, then physical.

Robot may have set the bar for realistic hacking scenarios, but House of Cards isn’t too far behind.

You’ve said that you use your songwriting to introduce characters and scenarios you’ve created.

And those are just a few of the dire scenarios possible.

Either one of these scenarios is frightening.

Still, there appear to be three basic scenarios for what happens next.

Still, “it is the role of counterintelligence to consider unlikely or even implausible scenarios.

(These scenarios are based on the work of climate scientists Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows.)

scenarios for the OPEC meeting include: * Rollover: the base case.

Consequently, they have strong psychological incentives to think up optimistic scenarios about a Trump presidency, and Pence features heavily in them.

Those aren’t just hypothetical scenarios.

In terms preventing sexual abuse between teachers and students, Stern advises to “watch for scenarios where the teacher is playing favorites.”

Under the aegis of art, they stage scenarios, all too realistic, that make visible the quiet cruelties of the political process.

— it’s not difficult to conjure scenarios in which things go poorly.

It is among the best-case scenarios.

Familiar scenarios are flattened yet stretched across each piece of paper, illustrating the breadth of our smallest moments, those of intimacy and kindness.

“Most of them don’t have the time or the energy to really invest in a complex plan to prepare for these disaster scenarios.”

“There’s a whole bunch of different scenarios here.

None of the scenarios look good.

Even under the most optimistic scenarios, there are going to be hundreds of fossil fuel power plants built across the world in coming years.

Its everlasting ray of light bestows cinematic brilliance upon your finger, while adapting to the many lighting scenarios of your eclectic life.

The most benign scenarios are the ones in which conservative ideas have the least uptake.

This principle could play out in day-to-day scenarios like job hunting, too.

The car responded quickly and efficiently to the choreographed scenarios along the predetemined route.

But the real world isn’t a test track with choreographed scenarios for a car to navigate.

Having these scenarios play out anywhere on Twitter, especially in the public eye, is not good business.

In the best-case scenario, the script is built atop a rock-solid story, but not all movies are best-case scenarios.

“For me it’s important I deliberate all options … running through scenarios, and not simply theoretical experiments in my head,” she told the BBC.

All these potential scenarios are alarmingly frequent for activists like him.

“But in the scenarios that SETI and METI folks deal with there’s no possibility of that.

It is just the center in a range of scenarios.

Building on this body of work, great rhythms of prismatic forms would come to transform Kupka canvases into dynamic scenarios of spiritual ecstasy.

This might make Linklater sound like a director who’s obsessed with, say, countdown scenarios.

But these reports, too, are strictly in the language of estimates, in scenarios, in potential plans.

There are scenarios.

These scenarios may sound hypothetical, but more North Korean provocations of one sort or another are inevitable.

The department had previously told its officers during training that they could mute their body cameras in certain scenarios, Sgt.

We don’t, right now, have enough information to determine which of the two scenarios is closer to accurate.

But two of the air force’s own scenarios also highlight why the approach may cause concern.

For me it’s important I deliberate all options … running through scenarios, and not simply theoretical experiments in my head.

“At this point, the probabilities for both scenarios having major impacts on the technology sector in the short term are low,” Garnry said.

And he stores them with an eye to different potential disaster scenarios.

In its place is their new private investigation firm in Los Angeles, which opens the show up to so many more possible scenarios.

Here are some possible scenarios: When Islamic State seized much of Iraq in 2014, Iran was quick to support Baghdad.

However, the use of augmented reality in workplace scenarios allows the technology to largely sidestep these social ramifications.

For others it will be additive, used for new processes and sometimes for client-facing scenarios.

The simple scenarios of Jaime Lannister being nice to Brienne, or Ayra losing her virginity feels like a monumental investment that’s uniquely Thrones.

So here are a few scenarios for what the endgame might be.

Or when I stage scenarios, the people are in a way acting.

Gun ads, like this one, depict drills that almost look like training for a zombie apocalypse — but these are not scenarios civilians will face.

That doesn’t mean we are right, but sometimes we see certain scenarios more clearly.

“We can’t speculate about other possible causes because we have not been trained to do investigations about such scenarios.”

Well, I wrote a big piece a couple years ago that was looking at worst-case scenarios for warming.

This is something games are potentially brilliant at and in all sorts of different future scenarios.

They each make sense in scenarios of wildly different I/O event timescales.

Below are the main points of an analysis published by the government, based on different Brexit scenarios.

Here’s a rundown of these three scenarios.

A set of scenarios show the cumulative potential.

There are also more ambitious scenarios, in which each solution is pushed to its full potential.

All scenarios use only existing, commercialized technologies, so they should be considered conservative.

There’s also a “coming attractions” category of not-yet-commercialized technologies, but they are not included in the scenarios.]

You have three scenarios.

Here are 5 scenarios for what could happen next.

Neither of these alleged scenarios, both Nesbitt and Gelperin emphasize, has anything to do with virginity.

“The doomsday scenarios are not justified,” he said.

The FAA order allows for special flight permits for testing and other scenarios, so Boeing could use this provision to fly its planes off-site.

Want to appreciate the logistical complexity that goes into some restaurant delivery scenarios?

According to BuzzFeed, EU leaders have offered three scenarios in which they would likely allow a Brexit postponement.

The latter creates baroque and complicated serial killing scenarios attached to orchids, origami, and rising rainwater levels in the city.

It’s easy to inveigh against silly scenarios.

“In working with patients, we have them diary, writing about their lives and thoughts and scenarios, and using that as a tool in therapy.

It’s practically a litany of survival scenarios playing out in high-drama action-adventure form.

These scenarios illustrate that a basic truth: A situation where one side is constantly provoking the other is extremely volatile.

This technology already exists and is deployed in real-world scenarios today.

Running through all these different scenarios and readying your approach for whatever happens is hard, and it takes time.

“I try to channel scenarios, emotions, reactions, sounds, dynamics, when I write a record.

In a digital survey, each student was presented with six short, written scenarios involving a woman.

There were these actors that came in to do scenarios with us.

They give you scenarios and they see how you handle it.

Now when they do scenarios, every scenario they do now is recorded and they play it back for you.

“[There are] two scenarios based on the accusations that are being thrown around,” he said.

I’m less interested in sci-fi scenarios or doomsday proclamations.

Other scenarios are possible as well, especially if there are significant global crises.

With that enormous caveat in mind, here’s are some of the scenarios to watch for in the comings days and weeks.

In most of the scenarios in the report, immigrants and their descendants are a net fiscal benefit.

The Beast is designed with the worst-case scenarios in mind.

(The World Resources Institute has a great infographic comparing the two scenarios.)

His scenarios work as pointed satires, but they also have their own verisimilitude, glittering with finely imagined details, searing images, and profound, relatable emotions.

Font, and they are creative because to come up with the 10,000 scenarios takes true creativity.

To avoid these scenarios, many people just don’t admit to using drugs.

Here are 3 scenarios.

The term gerrymandering is also sometimes used to describe somewhat different redistricting scenarios.

I’m always trying to psych myself out and run different scenarios in my head so I’m motivated and I’m hustling.

Writers can declare all sorts of doomsday scenarios, but the fact remains: New York is still an incredible place to see art.

There is no “blank slate.” Believing in the best-case scenario doesn’t even begin to prepare us for all the other possible scenarios.

“We just get frustrated when the term is abused in doomsday scenarios, like these are somehow especially monstrous systems,” Lev wrote in an email.

Pelosi has brushed these scenarios aside and has been adamant she will be elected with Democratic votes.

Anyone who spends much time exploring music has probably experienced both scenarios.

Pisces get off on daydreaming and are forever imagining beautiful, borderline cinematic scenarios that they’re not actually working to make a reality.

You can see how it’d be useful to scientists to be able to predict the public’s response in these scenarios.

Gale, Khitatrakun, and Krupkin find that the overall distributional impact of the tax cuts depends wildly on which of the scenarios they considered occurs.

Countries along the equator will be hardest-hit in all scenarios.

The agency ran three scenarios, based on three different rates of coal production from the new mine expansions.

Let’s think about the scary scenarios for a second.

The clown hysteria seems to revolve around two nightmare scenarios.

But there is no evidence anywhere that either of these scenarios is actually occurring.

In both scenarios—in all scenarios actually—unplugging works.

IEA, in one of its scenarios, projects 4 cent per kwh solar by mid century.

But these two scenarios depend on significantly different characterizations of what the basic complaint is.

Think boxing and your mind probably jumps to one of two scenarios.

“I used to tie up Barbies, dress them in raunchy outfits, and create the most sexually gruesome scenarios.

According to experts, there are four broad scenarios that could play out — each with vastly different and potentially dangerous consequences.

Most of the SO2 reductions in both RPS scenarios come from coal plants shutting down in the Central and Eastern US.

A thousand scenarios to end up in the position, and one finish.

It allows the company to run scenarios showing how various technologies and practices could reduce emissions.

It ran three scenarios.

At least 56 troops were killed or injured in non-combat scenarios since June 2017.

The first thing to remember is that no one is required to answer a Border Patrol agent’s questions in these scenarios.

The administration attributes the spike in non-combat deaths to a lack of funding that helps troops prepare for all scenarios.

Different groups of participants got different scenarios: Some were asked to consider attacks with conventional weapons, and some with nuclear weapons.

It presented specific scenarios and included details like the odds of success and the predicted casualties.

But scenarios that involve retreat don’t need to be.

The scenarios that could lead to war are discussed in greater depth here.

Re-running the original studies using 169 children and adults, Nobes posed two fictional scenarios.

In most scenarios that require gunfire, rifles are loaded with dye-filled “simunition,” or paint-based simulated ammunition.

You now have two possible scenarios.

Many commonly used scenarios (including the International Energy Agency’s) are built around a 50 percent chance of hitting 2 degrees.

So the authors of the Oil Change report choose two scenarios to model.

In those scenarios, how much of the world’s fossil fuels can we burn?

On the right are our carbon budgets, for the 2 degree and 1.5 degree scenarios respectively.

There are modeling scenarios that show us hitting our climate targets.

The alternative scenarios are to be examined by 2021, according to the documents, which ruled out a partial sale of the property business.

The system needs to be prepared to deal with worst case scenarios, long concurrent periods of high cloud cover and low wind.

It examines 24 scenarios for 100 percent renewable energy with enough detail to be credible.

Here’s what it looks like: (B2DS and 2DS are two International Energy Agency scenarios.

While some of these scenarios overhype the mass destruction, the individual risks are all real.

However, as I wrote recently, most of those scenarios rely heavily on “negative emissions” — ways of pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

She is focused on her family & role as FLOTUS – not the unrealistic scenarios being peddled daily by the fake news.

The three scenarios I mentioned are different in a number of ways.

2) Radically increase renewable energy All the scenarios envision renewables (primarily wind and solar) rapidly coming to dominate electricity.

Notably, all three scenarios heavily involve electrification of sectors and applications that currently run on fossil fuels.

The IRENA and Ecofys scenarios, like most rapid decarbonization scenarios, rely overwhelmingly on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Like most climate-economic modelers, the Nature Climate Change researchers use integrated assessment models (IAMs) to generate their scenarios.

We hope scenarios in a sentence examples were helpful.