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The Eufaula massacre of 1874 was followed by the murder by a white mob of the son of a local judge — who was a “scalawag,” a Southerner who took part in the Reconstruction government.

He is also an editor at scalawag magazine and on the advisory board for 500 Pens.

“I’m not interested in arguing with her in public.” Editors at scalawag, a magazine of Southern politics and culture for which Reece was once an editor, posted a statement on their website on April 2 apologizing for not taking complaints about Reece more seriously when they were raised at the publication in 2016.

In response to the scalawag statement, Reece told me, “I’ve spoken to them, and they know I recruited the first two women of color to the editorial board.” A 20-year-old undergraduate student at UT Austin told me that in March, she was near campus looking through profiles on her Tinder app when she noticed a man whose profile said he was a professor at the university.

Well, the self-identified “bald-head scalawag” threw fans for a major loop when she posted a series of pics on Instagram yesterday while wearing a Marilyn Monroe-inspired wig.

There’s Depp as the scalawag pirate Jack Sparrow fans have come to know over the previous four films.

The cheeky Star Trek-esque space caper has one thing so many shows lack, which is dashing scalawag Nathan Fillion leading the Serenity’s endearing band of misfits.

14 years after Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl introduced the world to Johnny Depp’s scalawag hero and made pirates cool again, the franchise is still inexplicably plodding on, but now toward a clear finale.

He is a contributing writer for Parle Magazine and scalawag.

It’s also where I got this essential gif to use for the 2017 award season: We open with our narrator, Naina Catherine Kapoor (Preity Zinta), whose plate is pretty full; she has two younger siblings, one in a wheelchair and one the receiving end of verbal abuse from their grandmother for being adopted; she’s constantly keeping her mother and grandmother from waging a full-on war; and she has M.B.A. classes in Manhattan with her scalawag of a best friend, Rohit (Saif Ali Khan).

Caballero, the most prolific scalawag identified by the super-recognizers to date, received only four years in prison.

MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippine defense ministry on Wednesday asked President Rodrigo Duterte to issue an order for the military to play a role in his war on drugs, including granting troops powers to arrest “scalawag” police.

“By the same token, the president’s verbal directive to arrest ‘scalawag cops’ should also be covered by a formal order,” the ministry said in a statement.

As I noted in scalawag earlier this year, the Ninth is not an outlier for the region.

He has said that he also wants to grant troops powers to arrest “scalawag” police.

Goebbles also warned “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.” Are scalawag’s lies to the American people being exposed by their political, economic and social consequences?

Stewart also called Paul a “scalawag and a ragamuffin” after Paul called him a “guttersnipe.”

It took a while and a few tries to get the northeast corner – I stuck with LOVE NEST rather than SEAT for a while, and also, stubbornly, hung on to “scallywag” as the real spelling of scalawag, so that slowed me down.

On “Brace for Impact (Live a Little),” he’s a stern father telling unpleasant truths: “Some scream like a baby and some go out crying/Some bid the world goodbye and welcome the dying.” On “Keep It Between the Lines,” a fun wallop of brassy soul, Mr. Simpson maps out a rule book for his son: Don’t turn mailboxes into baseballsDon’t get busted selling at 17Most thoughts deserve two or three moreAnd motor oil is motor oilJust keep the engine clean Those first two lines are drawn directly from Mr. Simpson’s teenage years, when he was a Céline-and-Rimbaud-reading scalawag with a side business dealing weed to fellow students (and even some teachers) and a penchant for mischief.

I recall sitting there as Starr, his blue eyes owlish, his skin pink and dimpled, sat before Congress and in a sonorous I-say-this-more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger tone, pounced light as a cat on a scalawag president.

But Mr. Reece’s online magazine is engaged in a broader re-examination of Southern identity that is playing out in a clutch of ambitious regional publications, some of them provocatively named — Garden & Gun, scalawag — and all describing a multifaceted, multiracial future that seems to have already arrived, right alongside the incessant re-litigating of the past.

On the other end of the spectrum is scalawag, a Durham, N.C., based nonprofit quarterly begun in 2015 by a three 20-somethings, with an unapologetic left-wing agenda and dispatches from self-identified queer Appalachia, gentrifying East Nashville and North Carolina’s death row.

Its motto: “Reckoning With the South.” “The South is not this homogeneous place — it has a deep history, a really full history, and one that’s not just for the upper class,” said Alysia Nicole Harris, 29, an African-American who grew up in Virginia and is an editor in chief of scalawag.

And ultimately, we believe that the South is going to be the voice that emerges to lead this conversation about trauma and healing, because here is where the trauma was the thickest.” Somewhere in the middle is The Oxford American, the venerable literary journal, less overtly polemical than scalawag, but more apt to tackle the hard questions than Garden & Gun, in part by publishing some of the region’s best black authors.

But Southern Living has generally left the grappling-with-the-South lane open to the likes of The Bitter Southerner, scalawag and The Oxford American, which responded to Charlottesville with a mix of probing essays on history and politics, and first-person reporting from the streets.

scalawag, another nonprofit publication out of Durham, also reports regional politics with a progressive eye, though it covers regional art and literature, too, and includes a section titled, simply, “Witness.” The magazine, which is published online and in print, fosters “critical conversations about the many Souths where we live, love and struggle” and aims to empower “activists, artists and writers to reckon with Southern realities as they are, rather than as they seem to be.” Recent stories confront toxic masculinity, explain how to fight racism through the auspices of craft beer, collect a range of Latinx poetry from around the American South, and report on Syrian cuisine in small-town Georgia.

The site — in partnership with The Montgomery Advertiser and scalawag — launched with a four-part series on the breakout of tropical diseases in the rural South owing to failing sewage infrastructure.

“Meet the Glasscos: Lesbian foster parents in the Bible Belt” by Katherine Webb-Hehn, scalawag Magazine.

Mr. Auburn tries to correct for this by breaking the book’s first-person narration into shards and assigning it to various characters as if to suggest that Augie isn’t so much a person as a collective identity: America of a certain bootstrap scalawag vintage.

scalawag reported on how the climate crisis is uprooting public housing residents and other poor, disabled, elderly, and vulnerable people in New Bern, North Carolina, a refuge for free black people before the Civil War, and a place that is still home to their descendants.

But while 2Pac’s song was a flirtatious encouragement by a sexual scalawag, Megan’s version is brimming with stern resentment to a man who can’t seem to commit.

The inspirational scalawag.

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