Save in a sentence | Use of the word save examples

The homes in Paradise are now almost all flattened save for their brick chimneys stubbornly standing firm.

He said that his minders tried to save money by choosing basic hotels and traveling between the three cities by bus.

Jon hosts a number of his own fantastic podcasts including Pod save America and … Lovett or Leave It.

What is from you guys, you guys talk about this a lot on Pod save America and Lovett or Leave It.

He never signed up for this, to save the world; he just sort of stumbled into it.

Those kind of characters—I’m gonna be the ace pilot and save the day—they’re a little done.

I’m more into people who work in the pizza place, who are also going to save the world.

I didn’t really fight that man to save everyone else,” he said.

Because that’s what going to not just save us, but drive us to thrive.

She was pronounced dead just over 48 minutes later by a doctor working with a paramedic crew trying to save her life.

She was pronounced dead just over 48 minutes later by a doctor working with a paramedic crew trying to save her life.

The change is expected to save the nation £80,000 (~$116,000) annually.

Who will save it is all of us, together.” Reporting by Brad Brooks; Editing by Marla Dickerson

Little Jeff Z has done a terrible job, his ratings suck, & AT&T should fire him to save credibility!

They were just used to save her from facing justice for her terrible, terrible crimes.

In “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” aliens conspire to raise the dead on Earth to save humans from themselves.

Up on the top floor, Mike’s room is nearly empty save for his bed, his studio gear, and mountains of Nike boxes.

Leonard Lance opposed the House’s Obamacare repeal bill, but it wasn’t enough to save him.

There wouldn’t even be a transit authority, save money, make money for someone else.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to make people safer on the road and save tens of thousands of lives.

save energy, which is good for the environment, good for the planet.

Tito turned to social media to call for help — and offered tickets to the show if someone came to save the group.

And they’re offered another way to save themselves from the coming apocalypse.

I didn’t save it, but I recall it as similar to the one he would later send to Padró Ocasio’s friend in June.

save on thousands of items at Nordstrom’s huge anniversary sale Nordstrom is giving back to its customers with its Anniversary Sale.

save 40% on shorts, button-downs, and more at Bonobos Anyone looking to revamp their summer wardrobe should head over to Bonobos.

Perhaps we’d like to save up for a month-long excursion through Europe.

The American Kratom Association described the DEA’s proposed ban in very grim terms: TAKE ACTION TO save KRATOM NOW!!!

Another former Tiger, 42-year-old Fernando Rodney, recorded his first save of the season by getting the last three outs.

After one cut, their home and the streets of the city are empty, save for a few soldiers.

We need everyone to save the rest.”

Not only does going cashless save businesses money, it also cuts down on transaction times and reduces the likelihood that they will be robbed.

Between 2 and 8 percent of Americans already turn to foreign pharmacies to save on the cost of their medications.

My parents were able to save for some of my college costs through a plan that provides tax relief for those savings.

I think we should not regard that there’s an obligation for Silicon Valley to save the rest of the country.

Right now, you can save $20 on Apple’s official AV Multiport Adapter by buying it as an Amazon Warehouse deal.

Republican governors rallied to save the Medicaid expansion.

Related: Internet-Born Artist Collective Provides IRL Spaces for People of Color Can a New Website save Black Arts Criticism?

He convinced United Technologies to save some jobs at its Carrier plant in Indiana before his inauguration, but layoffs there are still happening.

The screen is mostly black, save for subtitles and a reverberating green oscilloscope that rises and falls with the voices’ tones and textures.

“When we looked for land we didn’t realize it was a base, we were just looking to save our lives.”

It’s why it allows users to save snaps to their camera roll, or save private messages.

Closer Will Smith threw a scoreless ninth inning to improve to 17-for-17 in save chances.

Nuclear weapons save lives Since 1945, nuclear weapons have eliminated great power wars, saving the lives of untold millions.

If we don’t save the planet what else is there to worry about?”

Luckily, Kelly is there to save the day.

The other doctors scramble to save the lives of both, but only Carter makes it out.

They want to save things that they found, or they want to go back to things that they saved.

Until now — although the efforts are helping Google save money on its most expensive part.

He earned his 27th career save of more than one inning.

On his Vkontakte account, Whelan posted in support of President Donald Trump — “GOD save PRESIDENT TRUMP!

On his Vkontakte account, Whelan posted in support of President Donald Trump — “GOD save PRESIDENT TRUMP!

You don’t save the world alone; you do it collectively.

“We need to save Buffy from Hansel and Gretel” could only come from her.

Which dead celebrity would he save?

Josh says he wants to save the guy he calls “maybe the best basketball player behind Steph Curry.”

Question now is … who’s gonna save Josh from Michael Jordan when he hears that?

This is projected to save $203 billion over 10 years.

“The vaccine will help us save lives in the Equateur province, in the DRC and in neighboring countries.

(The state budget office also couldn’t say for sure the measure would save money.)

“I save a lot of stuff for later… So I have a ‘saved for later’ icon,” one person wrote.

)” To save you a Google search, that’s the official newspaper of Vatican City holding the copyright.

With a paid off mortgage, we’ll be able to save for our first rental property and begin generating some true passive income.

If an ambulance is stuck in traffic, a drone could potentially save a life.

Different individuals will likely disagree on whether these proposals go too far in restricting personal liberty, even if they do save some lives.

“Congrats to @JunckerEU, @realDonaldTrump: Breakthrough achieved that can avoid trade war & save millions of jobs!

“We know that the U.S. will save us,” one defector said over lunch at a local Subway.

save it and use it to hire someone to clean your apartment before a potential romantic partner comes over.”

The simplest explanation is the likeliest: Trump wants to save coal and he’s put Perry on the case.

“I would save half and buy myself something small like a piece of jewelry.” —Tanya, marketing executive in NYC 67.

save for a car!” —Daniela Vidal, junior at Robert Morgan Educational Center in Miami, Florida 91.

He’d failed to save his own daughter.

At least he could save someone else’s.

At least Benanti is here to save us all from this election season.

If you want to give to your Ivy League alma mater, great; if you want to give to save people from malaria, great.

The Chinese-American trade war is off to the races; the world scrambles to save the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave.

If only people who don’t own guns had voted, then Hillary Clinton would have won every state, save West Virginia and maybe Wyoming.

How does she save face?

But if you’re willing to be patient and are comfortable searching for stuff on the internet, Redfin can save you some money.

He said it’s difficult to save money in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty met with Senate Democrats and Republicans in Washington, D.C., yesterday to urge them to save DACA.

Trump on Thursday ordered an investigation into the leaks in an effort to save face.

“Yeah, ’cause there’s really no point trying to save the planet anymore, right?” My stomach sank.

Now the Old World is baring its teeth to save the accord.

Now the Old World is baring its teeth to save the accord.

READ MORE: Europe can still save the Iran nuclear deal.

A new study shows a more serious approach would save lives.

“What we want to instill in people is that we should recycle because it’s our duty, because we have to save the world.”

Read more: Why one former astronaut is trying to save the world from asteroids

Even before taking office, the president-elect has claimed to save thousands of jobs by cajoling companies into keeping jobs in the United States.

The Boston bullpen blew its American League-leading 17th save, and the club has dropped five of its past seven games.

So why not save by cutting back on expensive, ineffective criminal justice policies?

It’s too late to save it.

“This man can save us from Trump — and Hillary,” blared the headline of Noonan’s article, published in the Daily Beast on March 26.

He realized my brand of harsh self-regulation wouldn’t save him, so he did not deny himself average teenage mischief.

They’ve read Paul Stamets, who believes that mushrooms can save the earth.

The idea is that if he’s successful in his fight, American consumers will save money on those prescriptions.

The new system would save more than $213 billion over 10 years.

I think the Democratic Party is clearly not going to save us from this authoritarian onslaught.

“The latter would not only save the economy but also help increase his tenure — the question is, will he?,” Aydintasbas said.

That’s because the “Defend Europe” Identitarians want to explicitly target humanitarian boats that race against time to save the lives of refugees.

This builds on the hours he’s spent playing via save states.

You think the Martian colony will save us from the problems of Earth?

Over a decade ago, Elon Musk laid out Tesla’s master plan to help save the environment.

And Trump’s wan attempts to save coal look sillier and sillier.

It’s likely to save my life, starting with surgery next Tuesday and with other treatments in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

“Once those port-a-potties fill up, there’s no amount of cleaning that will save them,” she told the Washington Post.

“If voters couldn’t feel they could trust us on Moorside, could they trust us to save the hospital?”

— Safecastle offers a $19k bunker which is bare bones but it could still save you … so they claim.

Francis’ contribution, the aching “Still I’m Running Back to You” was overshadowed by Houston’s hit single “Love Will save the Day.”

Trump’s reasoning for thanking Putin: The move would “save a lot of money” by cutting the federal payroll.

I did it to save their lives, and I never even wore a Nazi uniform.

I have heard stories of foundations that are literally making grants to save the environment, but then their investments are in fossil fuels.

Once the playlist is ready, you can import and save it on Spotify.

Here’s a full list of keyboard shortcuts to save you time (and preserve your nerves).

By 2024, the committee estimates pass-throughs will save $60.3 billion on taxes via the new law.

save a horse … ride a cowboy.

Trump’s foreign policy is a little like calling for the United States to abolish all government so we can save money on taxes.

According to Donate Life America, your organs could save eight, give sight to two more, and your tissue could help as many as 75.

Look at the pictures and save yourself some trouble.

Assuming you spend this average and save everything else, it would take you 12 years to accumulate 240 million thoughts ($2.4 million worth).

A lot of the pro-Trump-to-be-anti-Trump liberals assume that nonwhite voters will save them.

And without radical reforms to save its legitimacy, the Court may never recover from its transformation into a nakedly partisan institution.

To save what is good about the Court, we must radically change the Court.

In opposing the satellite camps, the SEC might have been trying to save the SEC … from itself.

The number of Americans who voted against Donald Trump because they wanted to save Obamacare is significant.

The number who voted against him to save Dodd-Frank is negligible.

The shortage of available currency in the last month has made many Indians save the cash that they have for essentials.

It is expected to save about $4 billion in cash annually.

Of course I decided not to play a tournament before Wimbledon, I’m 33 so I need to save energy.

LK: The plan is to save the messages and make them available again for future generations in the year 2030 and 2050.

We gotta solve these business structural issues because the billionaires are not gonna save us, believe it or not.

Again, all your political figures now are talking about we need the power of philanthropy to save journalism.

Iceland then defended superbly, almost fanatically, with Halldorson making another fantastic full-length save from substitute Cristian Pavon in the dying moments.

save, maybe an insane double overtime victory by a rival team to keep you in the playoff picture.

“Judicious use of water can save India from future calamities,” Shekhawat said.

save a few to slice for garnish.

I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack.

Some folks would buy two meals, one for now and one to save for dinner.

In 2014, Sen. Chuck Schumer outlined this case in the New York Times in an op-ed titled, “End Partisan Primaries, save America.”

Will human ingenuity save us?

Technology alone can’t save us, but judicious applications of technology can.

Through their friends and family sale, you can save 20% on your purchase with the code “FRIENDS” at checkout.

Its lock-and-key puzzles, artificial save system, and insistence on resource management make it feel very, very much like a video game.

Shop furniture and home decor at West Elm and save 20% on your entire purchase.

Until tonight, you can save 20% on rainwear and boots at L.L.Bean.

Shop rainwear and boots at L.L.Bean and save 20% on your purchase.

You can save up to 50% on all Nespresso machines and accessories like a milk frother.

Shop menswear at East Dane and save up to 25% on your order.

Shop womenswear at Shopbop and save up to 25% on your order.

Shop small kitchen appliances at Target and save.

Shop prescription eyewear at EyeBuyDirect and save 25% on lenses.

The street was mostly quiet, save a few confused-looking dog walkers and doormen.

I’ve already given my opinion…..” He added: “We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives.

And they’re hoping to save lives in the process.

And they’re hoping to save lives in the process.

Far From Home sees Peter Parker grieving and trying to navigate life after Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save the world in Endgame.

Variants have explored the conditions under which we’re willing to kill some people to save others.

These cuts would in fact save Medicaid patients in the long term, Johnson said, by protecting the long-term solvency of the Medicaid program.

Trying to save a guy’s life.”

Sakai knew he would have to save himself.

He’s just a kid who wants to do the right thing, who will risk anything to save all of us.

And Meg, our beloved heroine, is the one who’s able to save the day — but not through words.

Ross Thomson, a Brexit-supporting Scottish Conservative lawmaker, said on Twitter: “I fought head, heart, body and soul to save our Union in 2014.

“The immediate situation is extremely desperate,” save The Children director Mark Pierce said.

save the sexy stuff for your arrangement.”

10:45 PM: Emma, who trekked here all the way from Birmingham, says she came to save the planet.

He’s incredible generous — he even sent me a ‘happy birthday’ video — I’ll save that one for posterity!”

He underwent emergency surgery to save his life, the lawsuit said.

I think what happened is they decided to not save houses, but knock on doors and get people out.

Ghaemi’s own back-of-the-envelope calculation is that we’d save 15,000 to 25,000.

It would get people’s refunds out sooner and cost people nothing and save the government money.

In Asia, stocks were lower as the lift from the agreement to save the North American free trade deal faded.

John Gant (5-0) threw 1 1/3 innings of scoreless relief, and Jordan Hicks pitched the ninth for his 12th save.

The CBO estimates that repeal would save the federal government $338 billion in the next 10 years.

Right now you can save up to 50% on PC, laptops, and tablets.

You can also save 30% on ink when you buy one at full price.

The Trump budget plan says eliminating the program will save $125 million.

Today only, you can also save up to 40% on select nailers and compressors.

So I started asking students and professors what I could do to save money.

Even if you just did this for half of your classes, you would save about $600 a year.

Swedish industry groups — heavy electricity users like Volvo or steelmaker SSAB — lobbied to save the reactors.

I decided to take a semester off to work full time to save up money.

Watch out for miscommunications and delays, and save a big purchase or contract signing for after this retrograde ends on August 19.

No one will ever make their children go hungry to save the environment.

Aroldis Chapman gave up an unearned run in the ninth before sealing his 22nd save.

Once the plane is soaring through the sky, the eight vertical propellers can be turned off to save power.

— Emails were found asking for instructions from the Russian Ministry of Sport on what to do with a positive sample — save or quarantine?

How do we get in front of people so that we can save those people before they harm themselves?

save yourself some hassle in the morning and make a big batch of this slushie the night before.

Harneet Barweja and Nirmal save of London’s Gunpowder are known for harnessing the flavors of their Indian upbringing in bold and delicious ways.

So you see a cool sweater from this brand, you save it.

According to the survey by pollster Realmeter, just 6 percent say the government should inject public funds unconditionally to save jobs.

That lime light is all hers—Tink still won’t lean on features, save for a Lil Durk slot on “Stay On It.”

It will save you struggling with your pillowcases ever again!

Try the inside-out duvet cover trick, which is bound to save you tons of time.

As I said last week, we weren’t living in some digital dystopia until the FCC delivered these Depression-era rules to save us.

Preventing suicides isn’t something we typically include in discussions of gun control, but other countries’ experiences show it can save lives.

How you can help save the planet Whatever Nestlé’s stated position is, the world is indeed heavily stressed by water and meat consumption.

Take shorter showers to save water?

One study found that avoiding hiring one terrible worker can save a company up to $12,500.

TV: I do a foreign policy show called “Pod save the World,” you can all subscribe.

These phone trees save the company money, but they’re almost always worse from the customer’s perspective.

Email lists, chatbots, virtual reality, and Facebook’s latest product that publishers are dependent upon won’t save or eliminate anything.

But, Lapuk continued, “It comes down to if you save one life, you save the world.

It’s not about how many acres of open space did we save.

They held the hands of desperate mothers who entreated them to save babies burning with fever.

And how many lives we save.

Clearly, Glacier National Park will not be able to save its glaciers.

Roenis Elias notched his sixth save with a scoreless 10th inning.

Greg Holland earned his 10th save in 11 opportunities and the 199th of his career with a scoreless ninth.

Shane Greene handled the ninth for his 20th save in 21 chances.

“I think the U.S. armed forces in Korea were not mentioned to save it for the North Korea-U.S. talks.

Divorce couldn’t save us.

Pocket lets you save items to read or watch later and, Mozilla said, will help the company establish itself in mobile.

But failing those qualifications, please just save yourself the humiliation and heartbreak that will haunt you for years.

“We’re simply trying to save kids.” Call your representatives.

But odds are she’s going to have to save him from his own darkness first.

She was transported to nearby Westside Regional Medical Center where they continued efforts to save her, but she was pronounced dead.

The contestants (save for Jubilee) seem to be well aware of the show they’re appearing on.

They can put you on an anticoagulant that could save you from a stroke.

People don’t know they can carry a stick in their purse that can save their lives.

Kenneth Clark wrote of his affinity with da Vinci, and, save for the androgynous face, his Demophoön could be a Michelangelo.

The service lets you save any webpage you come across and read it later in a beautifully minimalist reading environment.

“I would like to keep on doing my research …so that this immune treatment could save more cancer patients,” he said.

Lots of apps integrate directly with Pocket, including the iPhone’s built-in Safari browser, to let you save articles and videos.

save your money, here it is for free.

Art doesn’t save.

But isn’t the point to actually reduce the toll of addiction and save lives?

It happens when 11 percent of Americans don’t take their prescription drugs as directed by their doctor in order to save money.

Naturally, he has to save the world.

I was just burned out, and I knew I had to save myself if he didn’t want to be saved.

Giant pandas have been the face of conservation since the 1960s when China issued a plea to the global community: “save our endangered species.”

As Motherboard’s Kaleigh Rogers wrote earlier this year, if we can’t save pandas, then we can’t save anything.

A soft tentacle reaching out to help you might sound unsettling, but one day such a device just might save your life.

Kirby Yates picked up his 26th save, tying the Padres’ record (set by Heath Bell in 2011) for most saves before the All-Star break.

Yates has yet to allow a run in a save situation this season.

Larian also set up a GoFundMe page to try to save Toys R Us at the end of March.

Instead, Christmas Ranch follows a rebellious girl named Lizzie as she fights to save her grandmother’s ranch from foreclosure.

save our Swirled is no longer on the company’s list of current flavors—but it’s not in the Flavor Graveyard yet either.

Using my Google account to save my contacts means my contacts transfer over to any new phone I use, even iPhones.

Different individuals will likely disagree on whether these proposals go too far in restricting personal liberty, even if they do save some lives.

For those bashing Mischa’s career path, save it — Spencer ain’t havin’ it!

in the buff save for a now mostly missing olive wreath), in the Getty Villa in Malibu.

Ian Kennedy picked up his seventh save.

And he will save us.

There are a lot of cases out across the country where enrollees could save hundreds or thousands of dollars by switching health insurance.

If only it would’ve been in time to save Adam Morrison.

It does show the pilots fully engaged in trying to save the plane.

Knowing this, Batman has begun assembling a team that is destined to fight to save humanity.

She could save tomorrow without him, he theorizes.

Like if you save a life, you extend your own.

But I have student student loans, so to save money, I moved back to the suburbs outside Louisville, KY with my parents.

“We’re going to save the coal industry,” Trump promised.

That you should chop a lot of things up [to meal prep], and you can save money that way.

Fortunately, the janitor who was tasked with dumping the precious artifacts had the foresight to save some of them.

So Flint, under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager, decided to save money on water.

The switch would save millions of dollars per year.

I’m as keen to save pennies as the next wombler, but I’m not willing to risk my life.

All in all, I’d managed to save a breathtaking 32 cents.

It’ll even share the save files, allowing you to switch platforms at will.

In the short term, it’s hard to be sad about a major US defense contractor facing pressure to save American jobs.

save as much as you can, and pay for things out of earnings.

There are signs the effort to save jobs will focus on the factory floor.

Often, it is poets who save other poets’ works, at least until the writings are published.

He’s said he hoped to protect DREAMers and save DACA — while his administration did just the opposite.

You can save an additional 10% on any watch while shopping during the holiday season, no coupon code required.

Right now you can save 10% on any suit in the startup’s clearance section by using the code “12DAYS” at checkout.

Just use the code ” MERRY” at checkout to save.

The Original Peppermint Bark, available at Williams Sonoma, $23.16 (originally $28.95) [You save $5.79] 8.

Shop and save 50% on a second bean bag here.

What’s pro-life about defunding programs that literally save lives?

The proposal was vehemently opposed by a number of conservation groups, including save Britain’s Heritage, the Spitalfields Trust, and the Twentieth Century Society.

Someone needs to save The X-Files from itself.

It’s important that Mueller has continued to make sure that a presidential pardon won’t save Manafort.

But it will be even more satisfying to see her save the day (again) after getting to know her on her own terms first.

The Pod save interview guys are a little bit in that boat.

Some experts believe maternal vaccinations could be a powerful and low-cost strategy to save the lives of tens of thousands of children.

Proponents of private prisons argue that they can save money, since private companies can run them more efficiently.

And while there are some big winner-take-all states later in the calendar, there likely aren’t enough to save him.

Brooks doesn’t have much to say about Cruz’s policies, save that he’s “sympathetic” to much of the Texan’s platform.

So how can we save it if we don’t know what we have?” she said.

save a little pasta water to add to your sauce.

After draining pasta, save the last half-cup of the water if you’re making a sauce from scratch.

You can save baking time by freezing individual cookie dough balls that can be placed straight into the oven.

Since new vehicles are safer than old ones, this would save lives, upward of 1,000 per year.

Stewart, 30, was released by the Broncos to save cap space in March.

Still … might wanna save that action for UNC.

“Here’s a backpack that will save your life,” said Weaver, picking up one of the models he was showcasing at the conference.

Let’s save music for the end.

Will we resolve our differences, save the planet, and go on to explore the galaxy?

That, according to the most authoritative research to date, is the amount of money humanity could save through a global shift to sustainable development.

He has 10 wins and an .899 save percentage in 21 games for Quinnipiac this season.

Are you willing to add a layover to a cross-country flight to save $50?

The teacher needs saving, and the kids are the only one who can save her.

“I believe art is going to save the world,” she said.

I used to paint on a large scale, but recently I’ve been using smaller canvases to try and save space!

The bill aims to save the public purse around 1 trillion reais ($264 billion) over 10 years.

UNHCR spokesman Babar Baloch called for better search and rescue operations to save Venezuelans fleeing via the Caribbean.

A robust district energy system could save Seattle money for a hundred years.

But, as with Sanders’s promise that a Muslim army is coming to save the day, the accuracy isn’t the point.

Taxpayers would wind up paying to save a lot of jobs that weren’t actually in danger in the first place.

The live-for-fucking-victory mindset isn’t going to liberate this species, decrease suffering, save us from terrorism or global warming or anything.

Then you assemble that in a designed experience, but save some of the best stuff for later.

Sources connected to Vince tell us he’s hoping he and Tamar can work things out and save their marriage.

Key number: .951, Pekka Rinne’s save percentage so far in the postseason.

But he’s giving up nearly three goals a game, and his save percentage is just .908.

“This is the last chance to save America from ruin,” a right-wing militia member told Reuters in between drills preparing for post-election chaos.

Philip Morris claims it can cut users’ exposure to tobacco carcinogens and save the lives of smokers.

The company also expects that taking control of more of its logistics operation can save it money over time.

“We asked them to be concerned about us, to save our life.

Ryan said the typical family of four would save $1,182 annually on taxes under the bill.

Something that we’re actually trying to do which is improving as people and also save our mortal souls.

[20% off] save on a $25 Red Robin gift card.

Before Britton blew the save, the Yankees held a 7-6 lead thanks to Luke Voit’s RBI single in the sixth.

[Starts at 2:50 p.m. EST] save on a $25 Famous Footwear gift card.

[20% off] save on a $50 Ruby Tuesday’s gift card.

[Starts at 6:50 p.m. EST] save on a $25 Brinker (a.k.a Chili’s) gift card.

[Starts at 7:50 p.m. EST] save on a 2-pack of $50 Darden-Fandango Dinner and a Movie gift cards.

[Starts at 8:50 p.m. EST] save on a $25 Yankee Candle gift card.

[Starts at 8:50 p.m. EST] save on a $25 Express gift card.

[Starts at 9:50 p.m. EST] save on a $25 Cold Stone gift card.

It’s an invention that has spurred a whole new biotech industry and helps save lives.

Scrapping Keller will save teachers 40 minutes and Clinton 30 minutes, according to the Dallas Morning News.

To facilitate transactions, Facebook also created Calibra, a subsidiary that will offer digital wallets to save, send and spend Libras.

The automaker had sought wage concessions from the union as well as government funding and incentives to save its remaining three South Korean factories.

Mike Gillis, save the date.

Remember when you could save the world from cancer by buying a Livestrong band?

The House tax bill included an addition to its provision on 529 plans, which allow families to save money for college tax-free.

The Newman’s Own Foundation has lobbied for years for a provision to save it from a 200 percent tax bill.

I’ve always urged journalists, young journalists, to always save the subject for way up the road.

Through 18 hours of wind and rain, Ashlee braved live power lines and deep water, to help save more than 40 lives.

We also believe that patients with terminal conditions should have access to experimental treatments that could potentially save their lives.

Basically, some companies started to sail close to the Somali coastline again and dropped their speeds in order to save on fuel costs.

There she underwent eight hours of emergency surgery to save her arm.

There she underwent eight hours of emergency surgery to save her arm.

Could limiting access to dangerous pesticides save lives?

Those kinds of opportunities to save lives are rare — and we need more people like Utyasheva to seize them.

The Flint water crisis started with a bankrupt city trying to save money.

Read This Next: Drones Could save Lives Faster Than Paramedics

Retailers save on packaging and delivery costs as they have items on sale in their in-store backrooms rather than a distant warehouse.

“I am going to save Social Security without any cuts.

“We weren’t able to save anything from the house.

So, will automation ultimately “save” local news outlets?

Not even Laurene Powell Jobs can save all the local newspapers.

Jake Diekman threw a scoreless eighth, and right-hander Ian Kennedy pitched a shutout ninth for his eighth save.

And that’s pretty much the plan right now, is hope billionaires show up and save your newspaper, which they did in Minneapolis.

save for the hues of human skin, spilled blood, and select muted outdoor scenes, it is entirely in black, white, and gray.

Yet for short-term food security, it is the greenhouse and root cellar that will save lives.

If we produce in Mexico we’ll a save a lot on freight and it will reduce the time for delivery.

“The unquestionable strength of digital archaeology is its capability to save a site’s knowledge and memory,” Iconem co-founder Yves Ubelmann told Hyperallergic.

It didn’t save his candidacy.

What’s the one thing they would save in a fire?Maybe some sort of analog piece of equipment or his vinyl.

What’s the one thing they would save in a fire?Her USB stick stick.

What’s the one thing they would save in a fire?I reckon his laptop.

It didn’t save his candidacy.

What’s the one thing they would save in a fire?Probably Thierry the rabbit Who’s their guilty celebrity crush?Thierry Henry.

What’s the one thing they would save in a fire?Records!

What’s the one thing they would save in a fire?Her football memorabilia.

After Gant pitched two innings, Jordan Hicks — throwing as hard as 102 mph — pitched a scoreless ninth for his 13th save.

Frost, tried desperately to save the books as the British prepared to march on Washington, but almost everything had been requisitioned by the army.

Our city’s children were poisoned by toxic water because the governor wanted to save a little money.

We save the auto industry thanks to President Obama.

He blackens the space under his photographer’s hat, save for an exaggerated nose and receding chin.

She pulled her kid out of day care to save money to go to the convention.

I went to an exhibition when I was a young boy, titled Can Art save the World?

You can shop everything individually, with bundled kits available to save you some money.

A priest serving as the chaplain for the Paris firefighters reportedly helped save some of this relics.

This prompted a massive fundraising effort to try to save the landmark, which is one of Paris’s most famous attractions.

After the testimony, Republicans seemed more or less united on confirming Kavanaugh — save two moderate Republicans: Sens.

This may not be kosher, but hey, it could save lives.

Raisel Iglesias stranded Yelich at third base for his 16th save.

“This group wants to save money, appreciates saving money and cares a lot about experiences more than just having more stuff.”

Teddy will save the day, and all will be well.

There’s nothing that’s been scientifically proven to save lives when it comes to suicidal teens, except what they discovered in this paper?

But it is a promising glimmer of hope that a simple education program can save lives.

If Lippmann is right, more and better information won’t save us, because the problem isn’t access to facts; it’s flaws in human cognition.

Luckily, Elsa was there to save the day.

Again, if it’s true that this intervention can save 50 percent more lives, it would be huge.

After Burmese pythons enjoy a meal, they undergo an extended period of fasting to save on energy.

[The law applied to me] of course, but I chose to ignore it save my own life.

“But for everyone else, do as the pharmacists do and save your money.

After Mamout was freed, he worked to save $100.

Switch owners can now transfer save data between systems, sort the icons on their dashboard, and—most importantly, for gamers with visual impairments—zoom in.

There was a movie made about him because he created a biotech solution to save his children’s lives from Pompe disease.

He’s also a musical comedian, God save us.

It’s easier to save space by offloading most photos, video and music to the cloud anyway.

But we can’t pretend that some unnamed cavalry is coming to save us.

Phil has tried to save himself but his self keeps slipping away.

We have to save ourselves.

One major problem: Although these policies can save money in the long term, they can require a big initial investment and culture shift.

That was the big revelation: We just said, ‘We’ll save money first,’ then we decided to travel and our minds just changed.”

In a bid to save money in April 2014, the city opted to switch its water source from the Detroit Water Authority.

Although there haven’t been many rigorous studies looking at how these laws play out, there has been some work analyzing whether they save money.

Hawkins tells us she thinks she got the boot because Tinder is trying to save its brand.

“I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying,” she said.

McKesson also recently launched “Pod save the People,” his podcast on on activism, social justice, culture, and politics.

She was told she could work there for a while and save up enough money for her treatment.

“I feel relieved because I know the policy will save lives on a macro level—this is bigger than just me,” Ferguson told VICE.

It was the sixth blown save of the season for Jackson (3-2).

I like the Pod save America guys sometimes.

Create a new configuration files with just the Tor repositories listed in it: Add these lines to the document, save the file and exit.

Makes me wonder what else is a lie Let me save you some time from looking it up.

“I started holding more easily, I’d had to save so many break points before that,” Opelka said of the turnaround.

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Buildings collapse, but the heroes are supposed to save everybody in them, so that they’re empty toys toppling over.

If successful, his innovations could save the DLI Museum.

My focus is on trying to save one museum.

Boxberger, 31, is 1-3 with one save, three blown saves and a 5.40 ERA in 29 appearances this season.

And I don’t turn on the maps, I don’t sign into the maps, so that they don’t save that stuff.

He can always be counted on to save the day no matter how silly he gets.

Senate leaders seemed to think more time to negotiate will save the bill.

Senate leaders seemed to think more time to negotiate will save the bill.

The auditor can then prescribe the steps to take, how much they’ll cost, and how much you’ll save over time.

529 Savings Plan A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed specifically to let you save for future educational costs.

“The European signatories of the deal lack the will to save the deal.

A blood-smeared man lay in front of the restaurant, shouting “save me, save me”.

We figured out that biodiversity was essential for wildlife and have worked to make the changes to save it.

The save My Care movement — which is organized against ACA repeal — is bringing its campaign to the airwaves.

Firefighters fought valiantly to save the home, but the fire was just too ferocious.

“And I wasn’t able to save them.

“And I wasn’t able to save them.

They also helped me save some money, which I am bad at.

They have their little bank accounts for us helping us save for an apartment.

Later in the stream, the modder wiped out the bank accounts for SnowieLive’s single-player campaign save.

One might expect basic political prudence to start pushing some congressional Republicans to distance themselves from him in order to save their own necks.

One of the things I learned in therapy and support groups is I’m not here to save people.

And sometimes it can seem as if all involved in the show believe she’s here to save the republic.

This, in turn, was misinterpreted by many on the left as Clinton rewarding her for malfeasance rather than simply letting her save face.

If I failed, my parents weren’t going to save me, you know?

Members of the band have launched a “save Faiyen” campaign appealing for asylum in an unspecified country.

He takes the roster spot of Niemi, who was the only NHL goalie (minimum 30 games played) to post a sub-.900 save percentage.

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Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker, $119.99 (Originally $200) [You save $80.01] 9.

Now through May 31, you can save an extra 40% on sale items by using the promo code ” EXTRA40″at checkout.

If you’re interested in just a mattress, you can save $100 by using the promo code ” MDW100″ at checkout.

Stories didn’t save Instagram — it didn’t need saving — but there’s no doubt it super-charged it.

We can’t predict who will become a mass shooter, nor can we save every potential victim of domestic violence.

To save more lives, relief workers need better maps.

For some patients who have tried everything else and failed, several experts told me, ECT could very literally save their lives.

In another bucket you have people who just hope someone is going to save them from themselves.

When Pekka Rinne and his .951 save percentage through two rounds that’s begging for a course correction was awaiting in the conference finals?

There are a number of reasons it’s strange to see Sanders turn to the superdelegates to save his candidacy.

“Why do you want the government all over my booze?” The simple answer: It would save lives.

And if more primary care and community-based services could save 30 percent, we would have done that already.”

Will Harris (3-1) got the win despite allowing one run in one inning, and Roberto Osuna pitched a scoreless ninth for his 18th save.

By simply raising alcohol taxes, America could save lives, combat crime, and slow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Lefty Roenis Elias pitched the ninth for his 11th save of the season.

There have been a handful clandestine efforts to save the country’s cultural heritage, but the latest one involves forensic technology.

There have been a handful clandestine efforts to save the country’s cultural heritage, but the latest one involves forensic technology.

And repealing it will save more than $300 billion — which can pay for big tax cuts for corporations and the very wealthy.

I idolized the titular boy genius, Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, chosen at the age of six to save the world from the mysterious Buggers.

We have to save that for later?

“It’s an attempt to distract from what we’re trying to do, which is save children’s lives,” he said.

KS: Do you like to save?

Louie: I save things that I find funny.

What would you save?

KS: Or pretty quickly unless you save it.

Peters got active in trying to save the farms for a few different reasons.

We’re going to save a lot of money.

They were trying to save certain early computer stuff and I was working with them about it.

These obscure rules have the potential to save thousands of lives.

That could go a long way toward ensuring OPOs are collecting as many organs as possible — and save thousands of lives in the process.

Ian Kennedy pitched around a ninth-inning walk to earn his 11th save.

And again, if you’re way past deadline or screwing up, even the nicest “check in” email won’t save you.

To be clear, the young woman said “only Horus” can save us.

Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) would save $34 billion and Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) $20 billion.

Another said, “He wants to save our country from terrorism.”

Donations like Raisa’s save lives.

Not long thereafter, the referee was jumping to save him from any further punishment.

So even an investment of tens of billions could save money in the long run by preventing even more in costs.

So if deployed on a broader scale, this treatment has the potential to literally save thousands of lives.

Edwin Diaz worked a scoreless ninth, striking out two, to pick up his 17th save.

So if some pain patients shift over to marijuana from opioids once pot is legal, it could save some lives.

DC: Well, it’s not Groupon, right, but in Foursquare’s DNA — like how do we help people save money?

And then you tell it to save it.

New Zealanders have plenty of experience taking drastic steps to save the country from destructive, non-native species.

Business Insider Coupons wants to help save you money.

What happens when the ATF acquires a box of records?Investigators scan and save them as digital image files.

The work began in almost complete darkness, save only the tiny aisle lights in the audience, which had been dimmed for the performance.

To channel your inner rich person at the grocery store (and still save money), check out these 25 Daily Habits Rich People Swear By.

Border Crossing raises questions of how we define relics, what we choose to save or care about, and why.

If you only stick to those items on your list, you’re sure to save.

For more ways technology can help you save, check out The 10 Best Budgeting Apps to Boost Your Savings.

The internet has fundamentally transformed the way we do business, educate our youth and save lives.

The Senate version instructs the Energy and Natural Resources Committee to save at least $1 billion over the next decade.

I’ll save my answer for comments.

(Battery woes aside—woes that Nintendo, save for my report, apparently hasn’t heard of anywhere else, despite one similar account below.)

Why do we close down needle exchange programs that are proven to save lives?

And Lampert’s leadership over the years to save the chain hurt it more than helped.

The app allows you to save ROMs to your phone and play them right on your device.

Let’s save that big thought for a minute.

Closing down FM will save around $23 million a year.

In order to save that person life?

We hope save in a sentence examples were helpful.