Satisfaction in a sentence | Use of the word satisfaction examples

But there was a strong air of satisfaction, enough to make his “no” vote look much more like an “undecided” vote.

But it has completely squandered the opportunity to bed in and become a mainstay of couch co-op and quick-fix single-player satisfaction.

I owe that satisfaction to the love of my family.

Before the mines detonated, Skaskiw watched in satisfaction as the seven lives he’d saved sped toward safety.

“That’s where you get your satisfaction from, actually seeing it done.

satisfaction is something we can hope for, but not demand, when we talk about the universe.

I’d call it “my kink,” but my feelings have little to do with sexual gratification and everything to do with artistic satisfaction.

For Jones, synesthesia may have actually benefited the mutual sexual satisfaction between her and her long-term partner.

Okay, and then he optimized the browser to maximize click-throughs, as opposed to something that was a better reflection of overall user satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and for you to experience such a thing is embarrassing for us.”

He sliced down the posts with a grim satisfaction.

Ronnie advanced post by post, watching with grim satisfaction as they fell.

But I still managed to leave feeling a certain, base-level sense of satisfaction.

“The housing satisfaction level in the CRPF is the poorest, probably around 13-14 percent,” Sahay told Reuters.

The other one is satisfaction.

CH: Can this kind of satisfaction ever be achieved?

We categorized statements as “approval” if they supported the order, downplayed the rollout’s confusion, or expressed satisfaction after more statements were issued.

I feel like in some weird way, I finally feel more job satisfaction.”

Such a statement by Aoun might give some satisfaction to Saudi Arabia, but it would seem to leave Hariri no stronger than before.

Durability, which takes into consideration zippers, handles and the fabric type among other things, was the single greatest predictor of overall satisfaction.

My team’s investigation into this matter has now been completed to my satisfaction.”

Participatory budgeting programs in New York, Chicago, San Jose, and Seattle all have similar potential to increase satisfaction with government and raise local revenue.

Findings from such experiments are compiled in an Excel workbook, making it easy for finance professionals to slice and dice them to their satisfaction.

He didn’t seem to get any satisfaction out of saying that.

Other important factors relate to people’s commitment to their partner and relationship satisfaction.

Lincoln Continental

Ownership satisfaction score: 92

This would include, for example, metrics that are tied to improving diversity, responsiveness to employee complaints, employee satisfaction, and compliance.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is their number one priority.

apparently responded and asked to speak on the phone, which they briefly did, but not to the tipster’s satisfaction.

According to the latest ratings from the American Consumer satisfaction Index, our collective disdain for companies like Comcast and Charter Spectrum is growing.

Prosecutors alleged the scene was also recorded on video for Raniere’s sexual satisfaction.

For now, we can just see that something is working and we’re auth’d to Twitter’s satisfaction.

Above all, I think that everyone deserves to feel that sense of satisfaction.

True, the unperfected “satisfaction” some hedger stuck in sounds pretty good—how could it not?

Me spending $100 to give you a gift is probably not going to generate as much satisfaction as you spending $100 yourself.

The companies’ compensation is partly determined by the results of resident satisfaction surveys.

Sir Kim deserves to look on his career with satisfaction & pride.

Real consequences, so often very emotional ones, happen there and Clark isn’t afraid to show us the immediate satisfaction and its aftermath.

Despite the near-universal cult of happiness and unprecedented material wealth, happiness and life satisfaction in Western societies have not improved for decades.

The firm claims it has a Net Promoter Score — a measure of satisfaction between -100 and +100 from its portfolio founders — of 82.

I’m not going to give you guys the satisfaction of watching me apologize.” Right.

Sexual harassment affects job satisfaction and factors into attrition.

Despite the remarkable rate at which subscribers leave the service, WWE claims its network has a 90 percent satisfaction rate.

“Although PPFA did discuss women’s sexual satisfaction in their literature, they did this from the point of view of marriage only.

2 driver of employee satisfaction was growth opportunities.

There was something about the perfection of that that brings its own satisfaction and joy, in a way.

After Delacerda heard what happened on opening night, she believed Lima was just “leveraging the women involved for her own artistic satisfaction.

That’s why I take little satisfaction from these charges.

I believe in Martin’s talents, that he would give us such emotional satisfaction.

The audio-kinetic satisfaction of playing with a certain grace is tightly connected to aesthetics and the spirit of art for me.”

Anna Lunoe, “satisfaction” (UNIIQU3 remix)13.

And in the current study, she finds that all men report similar sexual satisfaction overall.

It comes with satisfaction.

But if he’s right, and Zimmerman is a harbinger rather than an outlier, then she can leave the affair with some satisfaction.

But my satisfaction was short-lived — I was the first of nine competitors disqualified for doping in London.

My sense is that you really need to move up to the R-Sport trim to get satisfaction.

(I asked a top staffer if their questions had been answered to their satisfaction; they have not.)

When it comes to storytelling, earned emotional impact, and 21st century heroine-led science fiction, seek that satisfaction elsewhere.

“We of course regard with satisfaction that the better candidate of the two presented to the American voters was victorious,” Interfax reported.

The university claims that it had a 98 percent satisfaction rate.

We’ve built a company that helps organizations gauge the happiness of customers, satisfaction of employees, and the health of businesses everywhere.

But unfortunately, the satisfaction that comes with the disposal of Ratchett is fleeting.

To my immense personal satisfaction, most people (60 percent) prefer that flying cars run on electricity.

I owe that satisfaction to the love of my family.

But there’s some sort of satisfaction to be had here.

And if you finally did… did you experience this kind of satisfaction, coupled with the desire to jump right back in?

Perhaps some of the satisfaction comes from seeing before-and-after shots of a dusty PC.

For your satisfaction, here’s that coal-testing PC after its impressive dusting.

Cook also said that AirPods customer satisfaction was 98 percent, and that the company still can’t make them fast enough.

How would Twitter or Facebook successfully prove that to the satisfaction of the FTC members?

It was one of the first ones he decorated, and he couldn’t hide his satisfaction.

An attorney for Kinsman said “the case has been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties.”

“I cried because I had finally achieved the personal satisfaction of completing the tower after so many failures,” he said.

Notifications ended up being a strong driver of satisfaction, but not necessarily of purchase.

One way or the other, Putin must presumably feel some sense of satisfaction with the outcome.

Something that you’d expect from a zealot satisfied to hear “satisfaction” one more time.

satisfaction” was a Snickers commercial.

But when that feeling wears off, many of us find that the satisfaction just isn’t enough to make us do it again next week.

It’s deriving satisfaction from achievements — running a faster mile, reading more books than last year — not for what those accomplishments can earn you.

Once we stop turning our circumstances into problems and start thinking of them as experiences, we can derive satisfaction from them.

However, a sex ed program’s effectiveness is not just reflected in outcomes, but in student satisfaction, too.

From that, Dirlam constructed job satisfaction trajectories for a portion of the participants that starts at age 25 and end at age 39.

Only 31.7 percent of people were in the high satisfaction groups.

“Newer data may find an even stronger downward trend in job satisfaction, resulting in additional deleterious health effects.”

That’s not particularly surprising for an industry with some of the worst customer satisfaction ratings in America.

Who is out there trying to keep the hard rock torch lit in 2018, just for the satisfaction of doing so?

Unemployment is lower among college grads and job satisfaction is higher.

he said with satisfaction “You’re one of the good ones.”

The process of learning—be it a control scheme or learning how to play a particular stage perfectly—is part of what feeds into that satisfaction.

“100% satisfaction guarantee,” one advertisement reads.

Maybe you get satisfaction out of watching Sarah Sanders stammer through something.

It is hunger—but more than that—it is the satisfaction that follows.

With that final chomp, with that last moment of exquisite satisfaction, comes the crushing realisation that it is definitively finished.

“What’s the joy, pleasure, and satisfaction you’re getting?

The process of allowing my thoughts to become colors and shapes soothes me and brings me satisfaction.

It doesn’t give us absolute truth or allow us to feel pride and satisfaction in American Exceptionalism.

No one makes money off satisfaction.

The company has been caught in a vicious cycle of warehousing, customer satisfaction, retention and advertising issues.

(As for sexual satisfaction, 67 percent of Nigerians polled said they were satisfied with their sex lives, compared with 15 percent of Japanese people.)

Dawkins said that while she wishes she had more time to garden, programing her plants in games gives her an identical satisfaction.

Aja Romano: I think your level of satisfaction depends on what kind of Harry Potter fan you are, to start with.

It’s an enclosed space, there’ll be an easy sense of satisfaction that comes with clearing it out.

There is a satisfaction that comes with packing.

“I had the great satisfaction of seeing the dream of the man I loved come true.”

And his family won’t get the satisfaction of knowing the one who killed Philando is rightly punished.

He, and by extension his supporters, gets the satisfaction of bullying with the false nobility of being a hero.

The narrative didn’t care about who you loved as a fan; it didn’t care for your comfort or satisfaction as a viewer.

I don’t mind the occasional bit of narrative satisfaction, but I also want to feel uncomfortable again.

The pan-continental format shows little concern for supporter satisfaction, doubtlessly because television audiences are infinitely more important to UEFA and its sponsors.

There’s a particular kind of satisfaction to be had in skewering the pleasures of the global super-rich.

The live arrangements never lack for satisfaction, each song transcendent and bizarre on its own virtue.

It is also investing in a new platform designed to improve patient engagement, education, compliance and satisfaction.

That’s how triage and chat-based tech can be a guide, and how our satisfaction rate is so high.

For Carlin, the real question is how we can sustainably incorporate the feelings of satisfaction and belonging created here into our daily lives.

They are more social and well connected, they derive happiness and life satisfaction from their friends, and networks, and social activities, and volunteering.

“Your body is going to be looking for difference and satisfaction.

“Yeah, there is,” Hazelbaker said when asked if he got extra satisfaction because the homer came off Urena.

He says the real takeaway for his is “the satisfaction one receives from hearing people complete something they though they’d never complete.”

But can another kind of battle, with good as the object, provide the same sorts of satisfaction?

I just felt a satisfaction,” said Heimlich, who has lived in the 120-apartment complex for six years and swims regularly for exercise.

I really take a lot of satisfaction in making movies, or books, or being involved in art that broaches some of the big questions.

Overall, 88 percent of women and 90 percent of men reported moderate to high satisfaction.

“As customer satisfaction and sales increase, we have intensified our transformation work even further,” it said.

A recent American Customer satisfaction Index survey found pay television service ranked near the bottom of the 43 industries surveyed.

“Unless this rot is controlled at this stage, to the satisfaction of the international community, it is dangerous for the Indian system,” Trivedi said.

Bereft of meaning or satisfaction, they can still vent their frustrations through such an outlet.

Kopitar expressed satisfaction with his team’s battle-back attitude.

Well with that being said, her worries should have been on customer satisfaction,” Neico wrote on Facebook.

“At the same time, satisfaction with the performance of the cleaning process rose.”

The people who reported the greatest daily life satisfaction were the ones high in attachment goals and in a committed relationship.

“Despite initial laser problems,” Brydegaard wrote in a recent email, “the systems performed to the satisfaction of all our expectations.”

Google’s former head of human relations is launching a startup that appears to be related to job satisfaction and work-life balance.

“We’ve experienced a reduction in lock-outs, so that increases resident satisfaction.

It was great to see the satisfaction on his face as it was all unfolding.

He says that open communication is a vastly more healthy practice to communicate one’s needs and achieve mutual satisfaction in a relationship.

Over and over, we convince ourselves of our satisfaction, but how could we be satisfied with empty calories?

A typical unemployed male sees his life satisfaction rise by 0.3 points on a scale from 0 to 10.

If he was unemployed and still trying to find a new job, his life satisfaction rises by almost 0.7 points.

These numbers might seem small, but remember: Persistent changes in life satisfaction are rare.

Marriage, for instance, “causes a mere 0.2 point increase in average life satisfaction.”

And building a narrative of satisfaction.

I think success for us will be measured by player satisfaction.

“Dogspotting is built on the concept that honor and satisfaction come from doing the work of spotting,” he said.

So this video on the Hydraulic Press Channel of a hydraulic press smashing dental implants fills me with a strange satisfaction.

Work is important and can provide satisfaction, but there is more to life than working and putting so much trust in your employer.

We’ve all heard the advice that focusing on what we have versus dwelling on what we lack results in greater life satisfaction.

As you buy fewer treats for yourself, your level of satisfaction and happiness with life will increase.

To him, a big reason he’s been successful is because of his inability to really draw satisfaction from that success.

I don’t feel any satisfaction; I don’t feel any glee, or joy, or accomplishment.

This moon highlights a tense struggle to balance your responsibilities at home and your satisfaction with your career progress.

“We can take satisfaction from the fact that the PMIs haven’t deteriorated significantly,” said Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa Capital Markets.

In spite of her achievement, Lomas didn’t even get the satisfaction of visibility.

But the activists’ satisfaction was short-lived.

“If he insists on making this a personal issue with me,” Landis said, “then he will find every satisfaction.”

Now, she draws for her own satisfaction, selling her drawings on a humble Etsy store.

There is nothing in any game that’s approached this level of satisfaction for me, but UFC 3 really gets the progression.

I just want to train, and find satisfaction in edging ever closer to greatness.

Customer satisfaction with government and private sector services isn’t quite a full measure of happiness.

“We are pleased to have resolved this matter to the satisfaction of all parties,” said AT&T spokesman Michael Balmoris in an email.

It’s exactly that feeling—the satisfaction of successful time management—that drives Cooking Craze, a cartoonish freemium cooking game created by Russian developer EleFun Games.

“That’s my point,” she smiled with satisfaction.

The satisfaction of capitalist impulses has always led to a more diverse and multicultural America.

Now I’m torn between feeling the satisfaction of rejecting this guy, or feeling the satisfaction of having the equal experience as my partner.

Guaranteeing the privacy and security of guest information is key to improving customer satisfaction and establishing trust with tourists and travelers.

Unfortunately, Russ is not about to give anyone the satisfaction of a sound byte.

Verizon’s biggest competitor, Spectrum, is routinely ranked as one of the worst companies in America in customer satisfaction.

I’ve also written books about sexual pleasure and satisfaction and doing research with organizations like the Kinsey Institution.

—Kristin Corry | LISTEN Urgent and intense, the searing post-punk from Control Top hits with the same satisfaction of finally sticking up for yourself.

Firstly: look at the satisfaction on Questlove’s face when he gets to play the big drum break.

The results of the survey also showed that Cameron and Corbyn were on very similar satisfaction ratings for their role as party leaders.

Recently there has been some anxiety amongst Android enthusiasts who are frustrated by Google’s apparent disregard for consumer satisfaction.

Recent research may explain why: Past studies have suggested that sex plays a key role in pair bonding and relationship satisfaction.

Meltzer noticed that couples reported heightened sexual satisfaction up to two days after having sex.

But like the cronut, rainbow bagel, and countless other things, there is pleasure in the delayed satisfaction.”

In terms of patient satisfaction, it has one of the highest success rates of almost any operation on the NHS.

Active engagement, Facebook says, has been proven through research to increase overall happiness and satisfaction from using the site.

But still, being noteworthy in a niche is its own satisfaction, and Ryan claimed he’d grown frustrated nobody noticed him.

I felt I was being used for his sexual satisfaction.

But if you get the same satisfaction watching other people throw down, then we’ve got you more than covered.

Delfin gets much more satisfaction, however, from being able to connect Mexicans to a new way of appreciating their old comfort foods.

The average transfer was $709, which the researchers find predicts an increase in life satisfaction of 0.13 standard deviations.

While life satisfaction — as measured by asking, “All things considered, how satisfied are you with your life as a whole these days?”

And Haushofer, Shapiro, and Reisinger note that the hit to life satisfaction dissipates over time, just as the increase for individuals and households does.

Life satisfaction is a good measure of well-being, and the magnitude of the changes here are big.

That huge gain has to be weighed against the life satisfaction effect.

But I’m pathologically unable to give these people an iota of satisfaction, of letting them know it got to me.

Are you finding emotional and physical satisfaction with your lovers—and alone?

First you feel anticipation and excitement; next, your heart and mind are simultaneously filled with a combination of wonder and satisfaction.

He says the real takeaway for his is “the satisfaction one receives from hearing people complete something they though they’d never complete.”

Do you feel personal satisfaction about giving back in this way?

Most all of the time we are able to make things better, and that’s where most of my satisfaction comes from.

They could set their own rates and rules, and reap the benefits of a machine that fostered client satisfaction and loyalty.

“If women systematically experience harsher punishment than men following ethical violations, this could help to explain well-documented disparities in pay, advancement, and job satisfaction.”

Relationship issues included problems with joint decision-making, values, affection and satisfaction with the relationship.

People tie sexual satisfaction with marital happiness.

In fact, those that quit Facebook immediately experienced a boost in life satisfaction and positive emotions.

It had an indescribable transformative power that has made me regard it with a kind of respect and quiet satisfaction.

Customers don’t see cash leaving their wallets and focus on the satisfaction of a purchase, so they spend more.

She’s visibly satisfied with his creation (and he is as well), but their satisfaction will probably be their downfall.

From their findings’ abstract: “More intelligent individuals experience lower life satisfaction with more frequent socialization with friends.”

Arya killing Cersei would bring satisfaction and symmetry to the series, as Cersei and the Lannisters haven’t really met proper payback from the Starks.

“In order for you to get a promotion or raise as a Genius, they look at customer satisfaction reviews.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from the cleanliness and the detail that I can achieve there.”

You don’t feel your body, in satisfaction or revolt.

Remember, if you feel any satisfaction about the literal conjoining of our two leads after seven seasons, you are cheering for incest.

There’s a lot of satisfaction to be had in exploring and Rockstar makes it worthwhile for the most part.

“The situation has been resolved to the club’s satisfaction,” Saputo said.

“They liked it just fine when Lara Croft was a character created for their satisfaction.

The studies conducted so far have found benefits that apply to anyone: a reduced fear of death, greater psychological openness, and increased life satisfaction.

June even gets the satisfaction of a power game with Nick—a beat of triumph over a kneecap.

Nicole: I don’t really think it’s about satisfaction as much as it is about acceptance.

I hope people get some comfort, some satisfaction, something, out of what I’m doing.

We took a simple idea and built an entertaining and enjoyable Web destination, while staying focused on customer service and satisfaction.”

What’s given us some satisfaction, is that the subjects themselves are satisfied with how they’re being represented.

I actually get a lot of satisfaction out of playing rhythm guitar.

The men who had received the shoddier light box showed only a minimal increase in sexual satisfaction, and no increase in testosterone levels.

My sense is that you really need to move up to the R-Sport trim to get satisfaction.

“Like you, I draw a tremendous amount of stress relief and satisfaction from cooking.

Power and Associates 2016 North America Airline satisfaction Study, flying on an airplane hasn’t been that bad lately.

One was that men achieved higher grades than women and men had higher self-reported satisfaction than women.

The satisfaction I’ve gotten from the process of building this machine—and my connection to it—has paid dividends.

Informed, sex-positive customer service at adult boutiques not only ensures customer satisfaction, it destigmatizes the entire sex-toy-purchasing process.

Frontier was lowest for customer satisfaction in J.D.

Both women struggle and find satisfaction in their own ways—and despite their differences, they find their way back to each other as close friends.

Burge says that there are no measures of sexual satisfaction in his trials, so that element remains a mystery to him as well.

This approach to playing a lot of other benefits too, beyond just the satisfaction of helping out.

When women’s goals for a FWBR involve a desire for sex without romance, women show higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

As shown by these studies, the strongest indicator of satisfaction in FWBRs is having realistic expectations at the start of the relationship.

Sexual communication, satisfaction, and condom use behavior in friends with benefits and romantic partners.

Sex isn’t simply an act; she demands full satisfaction.

Hughes permits himself a flicker of satisfaction.

It is with great sorrow, yet unwavering satisfaction, that I sign off for the season.

“Reaching the quarter-finals is a huge satisfaction.

Mexicans rule in the US, he tells me with satisfaction.

Other health care providers don’t want to discuss sex or satisfaction at all.

Reframing what “vigorous sex” means can change expectations and increase satisfaction.

The sixth-ranked Spartans didn’t execute to Izzo’s satisfaction and he was disappointed with the performance of his big men.

It is also investing in a new platform designed to improve patient engagement, education, compliance and satisfaction.

In that context, Booker’s jumpshot is comfort food, dripping with grease and familiar satisfaction.

The employment data site PayScale has ranked some of the most meaningful careers based on a combination of self-reported pay, satisfaction and meaning.

The ending brings no resolution to either of these women, though Vera has the satisfaction of passing on her knowledge to younger dancers.

“One word from me can silence a wing of 80 men convicted of violent offences—largely against women—and that gives me job satisfaction.”

Where is that moment of satisfaction?

They are the three moments of satisfaction.

But it’s also about much more than denying your enemy some satisfaction.

Last year, Lifetime branched out with UnREAL, while USA strayed from pun-titled procedurals for prestige-baiting dramas like satisfaction and Mr.

“The matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Chinese authorities,” he said in a release.

If I pay $24.44 for a sandwich, I want to get my money’s worth not just in meat, but in true satisfaction.

– Anna, 30 “Achieved satisfaction only pleasing higher-ups.”

Additionally, satisfaction is far more challenging to engineer than gratification or enjoyment.” “Can I speak to Thomas now?

But even though he is always drawing and painting, Smithe still finds himself searching for a piece that will give him total satisfaction.

Addressing all those issues to the teachers’ satisfaction requires money that district officials say they don’t have.

You may speak to Mr. Isidore when you both have completed your Mendings to the satisfaction of the Department.” She sighed.

We also obviously look at things like satisfaction of our users, and satisfaction of our users can be viewed in many different ways.

Indeed many studies have shown a strong association between a positive self-image and increased sexual satisfaction.

Strine expressed satisfaction that, in his view, the current deal environment offers a level playing field.

We also have metrics in terms of satisfaction of our creators.

‘Memba the Men’s Wearhouse pitchman who had those iconic commercials guaranteeing satisfaction?

The study also found that men with low levels of genital satisfaction reported having less sex, including both penetrative sex and oral sex.

A 2016 airport satisfaction study by market-research company J.D.

The American Customer satisfaction Index reports that no industry in the country is more disliked than the ISPs.

He takes a gulp from his coffee and explains that, on a site like SeekingArrangement, his “satisfaction rate is higher.”

The girls that make his satisfaction rate soar are those who pass the test of the first meeting.

My clients had to first assume and withstand responsibility for their actions to their victim’s satisfaction.

In return, customers get a sense of identity, some degree of satisfaction, cultural cache, and a common bond with family, friends, and their community.

I don’t need to see them sing “satisfaction” again.

They said that the warranty policy includes first a 45-day satisfaction guarantee.

Maybe if Pamela McGee went to the NBA and said, hey, tell your proxy network to cut it out, she’d get some satisfaction.

“This was a hobby to Michael Madison, a thing he did for personal and sexual satisfaction.

Here, satisfaction is climbing a tree.

So far, just moral satisfaction.

“As customer satisfaction and sales increase, we have intensified our transformation work even further,” it said.

It has to get my attention and satisfaction first.

Is it sexual in any way?No, it’s just a deep sense of satisfaction.

“It’s about much more than just physiological functioning—it is about intimacy, affect, relationship satisfaction, and trust.

Do not give your harasser or bully the satisfaction.

The look of hard-earned satisfaction on their faces is more than a little moving.

Not so much the technical aspects of the operation, but the satisfaction of mastering a craft, a craft that serves others.

Aligning your job with a preexisting passion doesn’t affect your job satisfaction.

When doctors didn’t acquiesce, however, patient satisfaction scores in surveys after the visits were dramatically lower than when requests were fulfilled.

satisfaction scores ranged from -30 (lowest) to +30 (highest), with zero representing an average, or neutral, level of satisfaction.

satisfaction was lowest for denials of requests involving referrals to another clinician (-20), non-pain prescription drugs (-20), pain medications (-11) and lab tests (-9).

There wasn’t a meaningful difference in patient satisfaction based on whether or not doctors fulfilled requests for antibiotics, radiology or other tests.

Increasingly I find a lot of satisfaction in Wayne’s monologues on his projects, especially his mixtapes.

“We’ve experienced a reduction in lock-outs, so that increases resident satisfaction.

Without giving these ominous ghosts the satisfaction of resolution, you might not be able to escape.

Canadians ranked their life satisfaction, on average, at 7.6, coming in third out of all countries.

Residents of Norway and Sweden were the two countries that bested Canada, whereas Americans had an average life satisfaction ranking of 7.

For what it’s worth, both Canada and the United States do better than the OECD average life satisfaction rating of 6.6.

For Lexy and I, it starts here: with the satisfaction and comfort of knowing ourselves and our words.

And a longitudinal study by Edelstein suggests that hypersensitive narcissists develop more depressive symptoms, physical health problems, and lower life satisfaction in mid-life.

But Tepper notes that even patients who only use these sensations report full satisfaction.

Filled with a sickening sense of satisfaction, I jumped in a taxi home, checking the time to see if McDonalds had started serving breakfast.

There was also a great satisfaction in the slow, meditative process of gluing each and every rhinestone to the surface of the painting.

He found no satisfaction.

I owe this satisfaction to the love of my family.

Not everyone agrees with the premise that more efficiency will result in greater customer satisfaction.

Jagger dances along then escorts him to the microphone so they can sing a earth-shattering duet of “satisfaction.”

It really had never dawned on me how many women were truly being denied that satisfaction

I want to inspire women to pursue greater sexual satisfaction and connection and not accept lackluster loving.”

“Our customer satisfaction scores continue to improve,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on an earnings call in August.

But I will say, Dawnbringer was always more about the hunger than the satisfaction.

It’s a clear move on both companies’ parts not just to ensure driver satisfaction and thus retention but also to attract new drivers.

I did end up working as a home carer, going around to old people’s places, so I found some satisfaction in that.

He said that seeing all these happily pregnant women had been the greatest satisfaction he had gotten out of his work.

These findings echo other research on similarity and satisfaction in relationships.

Pooling the preferences of urban and rural areas leads to less overall satisfaction than more local approaches.

Everything I’d ever worked for was done and I’d never achieve more satisfaction from anything else again.

There’s a satisfaction because you’ve been part of the process of building it.

You have to be flexible and understand that things are changing and there’s a way to find satisfaction in the new world.

When you do, and it works, don’t be ashamed to at least allow yourself a broad smile of satisfaction.

Meltzer and her team hypothesized that getting it on would lead to a short-term spike in sexual satisfaction.

That, in turn, could help maintain couples’ bonds between romps and boost their long-term relationship satisfaction.

Everyone rated their marital satisfaction at the start of the study and again after four or six months.

“The cost of the existing catering service hasn’t been reflected in customer satisfaction,” a spokeswoman said, declining to provide figures.

That’s because they weren’t really “concessions” — they were ways to improve driver satisfaction, which benefits Uber in the long run.

We guarantee you’ll get a lot more satisfaction out of this than the England team’s performance over the next few weeks.

But he hasn’t, at least not to the satisfaction of some of his supporters and Black Lives Matter activists.

My sterility was confirmed 12 weeks later, and I still take a great deal of satisfaction in my decision to own my reproductive destiny.

Millions of prospective auto buyers consult the magazine’s rankings, which are based on road testing, reliability, safety and owner satisfaction scores.

It was funny—there’s a great satisfaction in that.”

“You’re seeing companies letting productivity and satisfaction trump preferred relationships,” according to SAP Concur Chief Product Officer Tim MacDonald.

Still, I get a lot of satisfaction out of encouraging girls to succeed.

This suggests that men take responsibility for a woman’s sexual satisfaction, the authors note.

But those in the experimental group had noticeably greater improvements, and these attitude shifts predicted greater jumps in marital satisfaction.

Here, satisfaction is climbing a tree.

The research found Tinder users reported lower levels of satisfaction with their faces and higher levels of shame about their bodies.

It just… is, and it asks no more from you than your own sense of personal satisfaction.

I wave, with a smile that hides a perverse satisfaction.

There is a huge bit of satisfaction in doing what you like to do.

“I think there’s some weird sense of satisfaction,” Berrill says of people who post horrific things online.

We know this because research has shown a correlation between seemingly instinctual elements of their game and their partners’ level of sexual satisfaction.

A final experiment addressed relationship satisfaction and its impact on interest in alternatives.

Anyone who has worked a dirty job knows the satisfaction of watching the dirt run down the drain.

In the culture and world we currently inhabit, it is rare to see justice meted out to our satisfaction.

And studies of customer satisfaction have found that people are generally pretty happy with Alaska Airlines.

Moral decision-making is a constraint satisfaction process whereby your brain takes many factors and integrates them into a decision.

We also create a total index score to get to a composite number based on five categories: valuation, fundraising, exits, survival, and satisfaction.

Hearing a recorded reading because you simply want to expresses satisfaction and respect.

Emerging from stealth today in a TechCrunch exclusive, this shoe startup’s obsession with satisfaction allowed it to replace my Nikes.

“That is literally unheard of in customer satisfaction scoring,” Singley, head of Jet’s member services team, said in an interview.

It’s taken 32 years to be in this position and that gives a real sense of satisfaction,” Martinez added.

The ultimate goal is improving the key customer satisfaction metric known as CSAT.

In a tweet posted in the wake of the tragedy, she wrote: “No satisfaction now, just anger.

Increasing both customer satisfaction and the mobile range is also on the agenda,” it adds.

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he doubted the trade talks with China would turn out to his satisfaction.

Part of the pleasure of reading about Ramona comes from the deep satisfaction she gets from all of her pranks.

While it was all very nice, very wonderful, it didn’t, as we say, really move the needle of deep satisfaction.

Enterprises are already embracing big data and predictive analytics to hire and retain talent, forecast staffing needs and improve employee satisfaction.

He may not have had a lot of software experience, but he was fanatical about customer satisfaction.

And its in the satisfaction of finding just the right approach to every scenario, puzzling over various factors.

Apple had some questions for Moment, which they answered to Apple’s satisfaction.

Beyond that, workplace satisfaction has been plummeting in recent decades.

A share of $200,000 and the satisfaction of having bested a machine—for the second time.

The satisfaction of watching Constance out-work and out-detective her male colleagues is enormous, and knowing that she really existed only makes it better.

“You have to take satisfaction from having saved some of these items from destruction and from being lost in history.

“Women want satisfaction.

Instead, we want to give them contemporary psychologies, so that we can have the satisfaction of watching them act out their desires with impunity.

The updated software rolled out in August, and Target says guest satisfaction scores have increased as a result.

Apple said this game offered a great balance between difficulty and satisfaction.

It’s a simple change, but a big one in terms of helping Uber fairly assign responsibility for ride satisfaction.

Foria Pleasure sparked such popularity because it was the only product marketed at women to aid low sexual satisfaction or libido.

We also started adding satisfaction into our recommendations, so after people watch a video, were they satisfied with those videos?

Strine expressed satisfaction that, in his view, the current deal environment offers a level playing field.

TC: Is there a customer satisfaction guarantee?

As much as there is movement and change in this book, as in life, satisfaction would be stasis.

There’s a conceptual satisfaction in imagining the artist confronting this symbol of hate on artistic terms and choosing to erase it.

The studies conducted so far have found benefits that apply to anyone: a reduced fear of death, greater psychological openness, and increased life satisfaction.

A recent study suggests that women who meditate experienced greater sexual satisfaction than women who don’t.

Basically, in order to experience sexual satisfaction, we can’t just experience physical arousal.

As the full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your house of material resources, think about what brings you satisfaction and why.

In the last two months, Shypmate has facilitated over 150 transactions with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and is growing 10 percent every week.

It feels like a proper maze, a series of puzzles that offer sweet, sweet satisfaction as you progress.

“The increased levels of testosterone explain the greater reported sexual satisfaction,” he said.

“Before treatment, both groups averaged a sexual satisfaction score of around 2 out of 10.

But after treatment, the group exposed to the bright light was scoring sexual satisfaction scores of around 6.3.

The rankings were determined by the combination of three factors: number of job openings, salary and overall job satisfaction.

I think you get a lot of satisfaction in life from helping other people.

She was very dynamic and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction.

That’s where the satisfaction comes from.

That’s where my satisfaction as a teacher …

You don’t get the same levels of satisfaction.

“We provide one centralized command center for team collaboration without losing context and that is one of our biggest sources of customer satisfaction.”

Then in 2012, satisfaction began to decline.

For Gifford and others like him, though, any risks are outweighed by the satisfaction of feeling that they are making a tangible difference.

satisfaction to me is not reached until the numbers are increased,” Saint John said.

Perhaps it’s a particular trophy, necessary for that 100% satisfaction?

1 in customer satisfaction surveys — an asset that is, if predictions are correct, about to get even more valuable as demographics shift.

First you feel anticipation and excitement; next, your heart and mind are simultaneously filled with a combination of wonder and satisfaction.

Those with a college degree are more likely to find a job, keep a job, have higher job satisfaction, and earn a higher salary.

Data can be an important driver of customer satisfaction.

So what could he possibly mean when he says, “to the players’ and owners’ satisfaction?”

It’s a pretty safe bet the “satisfaction” he’s looking for involves silencing this debate.

Google personalization via queries drive engagement and customer satisfaction.

Spotify personalization preferences drive engagement and customer satisfaction.

Interests are driving engagement and customer satisfaction, growing very rapidly with artificial intelligence.

The only downside: You’ll never get the same satisfaction from a breakfast-buffet omelette station again.

On one hand, there’s nothing that gives me greater satisfaction than when a Texan walks into our restaurant and compliments us.

This question is almost never answered to anyone’s satisfaction.

“In terms of employee satisfaction alone, Acrobat pays for itself,” an IRS official told Adobe.

Pizza is meant to be a great equalizer, yet a pizza with some clearly better and worse slices would create a disparity of satisfaction.

The satisfaction of finally completing a song with a group of people, each adding our own quirky bits, was thrilling.

It was not only one of the hardest decisions of my life, but it resulted in a lack of relief, satisfaction, and identity.

They have the potential to increase user engagement and satisfaction for a brand.

In order to decide which perspective actually has bearing on satisfaction in the bedroom, the authors conducted a series of six studies.

The feeds confirmed his satisfaction, rendered his relief a substrate of pure pleasure.

(By more “work,” she explains, she means that it’s not typically as easy for women to achieve sexual satisfaction as men.)

“I think Tom gets more satisfaction out of bringing people through.

To hear Novitzky tell it, pulling fighters from cards and causing scrambles for late replacements doesn’t him bring personal satisfaction.

The other firms included, Amazon, LG, Asus and Acer all had below-average satisfaction numbers.

“Is everywhere the same solution,” Rueda says, regarding the lamppost with satisfaction.

That puts us on a hedonic treadmill, working harder to earn more to buy more to maintain the same level of satisfaction.

At times, Red Dead Redemption 2 is so uninterested in immediate satisfaction that it almost feels like developer Rockstar Games is trolling the player.

A 1992 study by Southern Methodist University marketing professor Daniel Howard tested whether wrapping paper influences present satisfaction and found that it absolutely did.

Those who received the wrapped gifts rated their satisfaction higher than those who were handed presents unwrapped.

At the top of that list are country fans, with 66.3 percent reporting satisfaction with their sex life.

I also cursed with added satisfaction when Totuccio greeted me with massive cannoli that vaguely resembled forearms stuffed with ricotta.

There’s a little bit of satisfaction in that.

“I can see the satisfaction on their faces when they taste it, ultimately creating a moment we can both enjoy.’

I’ve always been suspicious of digressions from “She Loves You” and “Please Please Me” and “satisfaction.”

—Robert Frost (1874 – 1963) There is not any memory with less satisfaction than the memory of some temptation we resisted.

Customers don’t see cash leaving their wallets and focus on the satisfaction of a purchase, so they spend more.

Trump has threatened to withdraw from the 24-year-old accord if it is not reworked to his satisfaction.

Researchers also took stock of daily work-family conflict and marital satisfaction.

They carry on like this until Jessica feels a kind of satisfaction she hasn’t experienced in a long time.

Dawkins said that while she wishes she had more time to garden, programing her plants in games gives her an identical satisfaction.

“Most people, regardless of age, gender, or orientation will have both an upper and lower limit for sexual satisfaction,” he tells me.

“Our success is based on the continued satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

“I think much of our sexual satisfaction comes from what we do and share before intercourse and after,” Siegel says.

Luckily, a primer on how to mitigate such impediments to sexual satisfaction can be found here.

Social media sites are being barraged with complaints that the festival organizers simply didn’t provide the fromage-based satisfaction they had promised.

Checkout automation holds big opportunities for reducing overhead costs of brick-and-mortar businesses and increasing customer satisfaction.

There’s an almost frenzied genius to his videos, a pure and unique satisfaction that can only be found in watching things explode.

And, apparently, for customers: Cook cited a 98 percent satisfaction score.

“In a similar way, Compass is embracing the digital future and revolutionizing a legacy industry with agent satisfaction at its focus.

“But we realized they represent a long-term cycle when it comes to player satisfaction.

In any event, next time you get high before getting down in bed, remember: Your dose could influence your performance and satisfaction.

I am always very curious, and I like the confidence and satisfaction that comes with knowing things.

We use surveys, likes, dislikes, shares and other information to measure and improve satisfaction.

The companies continue to expect the deal to close by the end of the year, subject to the satisfaction of all closing conditions.

“And,” she adds with evident satisfaction, “Queer Ghost Hunters started right then and there.”

With his laptop open and empty cardboard containers lined up around him, Kyaw expressed satisfaction with the dining experience: “The taste is great.

Even if you don’t care for makeup, it’s worth stopping by r/panporn just for the satisfaction it brings.

But while it doesn’t currently tally mistakes to Makary’s satisfaction, the CDC knows about them.

“I tried this stuff and I got no satisfaction at all.

The only thing that could make Disrupt Berlin more exciting is the satisfaction of knowing you got the best price on admission.

At what point does satisfaction with one’s circumstances become collusion with the exploitation of others?

In recovery, I’ve discovered that the satisfaction and pleasure of living well in the moment is the greatest reward.

And the justification for capitalism has always been enjoyment and satisfaction — and that’s a powerful message.

Giant ISPs often help scammers rip off their own customers, earning them the worst customer satisfaction ratings of any business sector in America.

“The team has tripled revenue year over year, and earned extremely high satisfaction and retention numbers on both sides of their marketplace.”

He enjoyed the satisfaction of playing but the higher he climbed in basketball, the more basketball demanded of him.

“I’m looking for satisfaction.

The project, entitled Gromm•It, combines the strange satisfaction of the hole-puncher with a contemplation of the industrial aesthetic.

They’re concerned about customer satisfaction.

And financial satisfaction hit a 24-year high this year.

There is satisfaction in beating a roguelike game.

The winner won more than just the satisfaction of slapping people silly too!

Soon after, my grandmother convinced me to watch some DVD, which, for its two-hour entirety, linked rap music to the satisfaction of Satan.

He nodded in satisfaction, bouncing a remarkable pompadour in the jet-black hue of a much younger man.

Twelve victims had been identified to the satisfaction of the coroner and six of those had been returned to their families, they said.

That Trump himself expressed satisfaction with many of the protests that day was telling.

Despite my initial hustle, no satisfaction followed.

If it does so to the DPA’s satisfaction it will not face any sanctions, the DPA said yesterday.

And if they’re successful, they can be rewarded with gifts and, more importantly, the satisfaction of finding their best friend a new lover.

“Bovis’ operational performance continues to improve with better customer satisfaction and quality helping to drive a better sales rate,” Peel Hunt analysts said.

The told me about satisfaction surveys I could take where I might win $1,000, or $3,000, depending on the drugstore.

Individuals born to teen mothers tend to have lower earnings and report less satisfaction with their lives than those born to an older parent.

They registered low job satisfaction and were likelier to look for a new job.

The rankings, which take into account job satisfaction and median base salary, also include number of job openings.

Within six weeks, she had polished the text to everyone’s satisfaction and the paper was accepted for expedited publication.

“The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle to the players’ and owners’ satisfaction.

As for the Time Warner Cable guy — he received a perfect score on his customer satisfaction survey despite running an hour late.

I just felt a satisfaction,” said Heimlich, who has lived in the 120-apartment complex for six years and swims regularly for exercise.

To qualify, jobs had to score high in three categories: salary, current openings, and job satisfaction.

Yet what gives García the most satisfaction, he says, is that “¡Donald nos va a pagar las cheves en un fiestononón!

Providing opportunities for them to pursue their passions improves their productivity and job satisfaction.

“Arya, the demon barber of Westeros,” has a certain roundness and satisfaction to it.

What about fighting speaks to you and brings you satisfaction?

We’ve seen our customer satisfaction scores, for lots of reasons, go through the roof.

It’s the best greasy-food satisfaction for zero dollars.

The CDC reports that some teens have oral sex before vaginal to “maintain their virginity” while (subtext) maintaining their partners’ satisfaction.

There’s satisfaction in helping others, and the pressure is moderately low.

“Nothing can bring me more satisfaction than seeing that muscle line that separates my abs gradually appear.”

In an average of overall satisfaction ratings (which Market Force calls a “Composite Loyalty Score”), Nordstrom scored the highest, with 58%.

But it’s not just about Lázaro’s own professional and personal satisfaction.

When I switched to the standard earbuds, I had to crank the volume up considerably to get similar satisfaction from the music.

Now with VSpot, Barshop’s focusing even more on women’s sexual health and satisfaction.

The survey contained questions to measure body satisfaction, mood and appearance management behaviors.

Of course, this satisfaction isn’t satisfaction at all but a crushing realism.

The survey found that 15-year-old girls in Britain, France, and Poland are most likely to report poor health and declining body satisfaction.

“In fact, I take great satisfaction from having shifted the House of Representatives from Republican control to Democratic control,” he told reporters.

They are possible, and yet, even a partner who is a “best friend” cannot be our only source of satisfaction.

So here’s a summary of what really does and doesn’t matter for job satisfaction, according to the evidence.

But the evidence is pretty strong that easy work isn’t the path to lasting job satisfaction for anyone.

Understanding the science behind job satisfaction will certainly give you a leg up in finding a career you love.

Enter a world where romantic satisfaction is guaranteed—that is, if you trust in an algorithmic dating app called Coach.

He rode down the valley, too full of a deadly inertia of spirit to find satisfaction in the sight of his land.

I’ll wager you could give a woman satisfaction.

A study published in April’s Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin followed couples over four years to track their relationship satisfaction.

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