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The music he makes is largely instrumental: Chill beats with hip-hop samples, with a hint of jazz and electronic music throughout this smooth sound.

You’ve been working with more hip-hop samples recently and they have a pretty chill vibe.

However gaining access to samples on the ground would be difficult.

The music associated with the dancing consists mostly of dark, electronic instrumental dancehall, with chopped-up samples and riddims at its core.

The directory includes all the participants, along with samples of their art and an interactive map.

With shuddering found-sound samples, droning synthesizers, and affected ambience too spectral to name, the enigmatic musician has made pieces that echo his own seclusion.

Only three square centimeters of each was sampled, and 36 percent of the cargo was genotyped, producing 3,315 samples to be analyzed.

In the United States, 94.4% of tap water samples contained plastic fibers, with an average of 9.6 fibers per liter.

European water was less polluted, with fibers showing up in only 72.2% of water samples, and only 3.8 fibers per liter.

Its spores are particularly hardy and long-lasting, too: Burnham told NPR that 100-year-old samples pulled from storage could still pose a risk for infection.

After looking at over 1500 samples, the answer came from the way that the creatures fed themselves.

Visuals of brutality are now repurposed like samples in music production and used to provide the backdrop for the spectacular and newly relevant.

In fact, only 1 percent of the samples raised hygiene concerns.

Among the unhygienic samples, three tested positive for rat DNA.

Of 47 samples from fast-food joints, 38 had more calories than labeled.

Because of this, a number of polls — which included more educated voters in their samples — overstated Clinton’s actual support.

But often, they are making educated guesses about what groups are over- or underrepresented in their samples.

And for scientists like Kim Cobb, who uses coral samples to calculate past Pacific Ocean temperatures, it’s a depressing scene.

And for scientists like Kim Cobb, who uses coral samples to calculate past Pacific Ocean temperatures, it’s a depressing scene.

Like a week of listening to only samples.

“Circles,” which he released last year, bops along with 90s R&B tat-tat snare drums and new jack swing-like cowbell samples.

It’s basically a bunch of samples he put on the internet for purchase.

Frank, he’s a producer as well but he thrives in making moments and samples.

Further tests of samples are underway,” Pavel Svagr, the chief of Czech state strategic reserves, said on Twitter.

Tests of meat samples during Horsegate also found that beef sometimes contained traces of pork.

The way around this is pretty simple: samples.

Night Demon Trax is me in ghetto mode, straight-up banging club trax with tough drums and lots of chopped samples.

Where do you get your vocal samples?

They sound like you watch a lot of TV.My vocal samples come from all over the place.

I have very eclectic tastes so have a very broad frame of reference for samples.

More than 110 adverse findings have been found in Olympics since 2004 through re-testing of samples, including dozens from the London Games.

The track is a signature Girl Unit tune featuring a mix of dexterous synths with lovely samples.

I try to use high quality samples and then create my own patterns.

The investigation also identified the source of the contamination: samples from the nearby Stewart Air National Guard Base tested for high levels of PFOS.

The investigation also identified the source of the contamination: samples from the nearby Stewart Air National Guard Base tested for high levels of PFOS.

The organization’s researchers found seven new samples of spyware made by the infamous surveillance tech vendor FinFisher.

Access Now also identified six other malware samples, suggesting its use in Ukraine, Lybia, Venezuela and Indonesia.

The CDC is also helping Wisconsin with testing of samples, including health care products, water sources, and the environment.

Rob samples, Healthcare IT Consulting, Des Moines, IowaI guess I’m the T part of STEM.

Some songs I’m quite proud of, others have quite obvious and clunky samples.

What were some of the samples you couldn’t clear?

I do remember clearing the samples cost more than the album cost to record.

I think it cost about 30 grand just to clear the samples.

Thinking back on it now, you’d think the record company would go, “Well, just don’t use the samples!”

Were there many samples on this one?

So we decided to make an album that didn’t have any samples at all.

Photographs of gleaming ice samples from various depths and ages are installed like totems on the gallery walls.

Other spyware samples communicate with a server belonging to eSurv, according to the researchers.

Glassine, last week shared a dreamy track made entirely out of samples recorded at the January 21 Women’s March on Washington.

The track is held together by fragmentary percussion samples and glistening chords, and interspersed with snippets of interviews, protest chants, and ambient urban sound.

“But the air samples we did analyse showed a wide mix of different resistance genes.”

samples carrying the gene came from 10 countries and included some from each region.

Officials have tested customers’ stool samples but have not identified a source of the suspected illness outbreak and are conducting further testing.

Singh denied the allegations and refused to give samples of his hair and blood for forensic testing.

Like Endtroducing, it featured a dizzying assortment of musical and spoken word samples, and boasted a similar funky grittiness.

“Working exclusively with samples makes it very difficult to obtain ultra-low-end or ultra-high-end,” he explains.

As we continue along the trail, we move into a discussion of specific samples used on the album.

Davis explains that using unusual samples afford him an opportunity to experiment with novel arrangements.

Two of them have already developed symptoms similar to those of Ebola and samples have been removed from them, Aceng said.

As for the moon, China plans another mission later this year to bring back soil samples.

That’s reason enough to go back to the moon and collect some samples.

We need to preserve these sites so scientists can return to them and take samples.

For more information and to see samples of participating students’ work and artist statements, visit

Ornate Circular, through its concrète mesh of otherwise ordinary samples, suggests that there’s no reason to find comfort in mundanity.

And 15 medalists during the 2012 London Olympics, where Russia won 72 medals, had samples that had been tampered with.

— The samples of 12 medal-winning athletes at Sochi 2014 had evidence of tampering.

— Six winners of 21 Paralympic medals at Sochi had their samples tampered with.

— Spreadsheets were found containing lists of athletes whose samples had been saved.

— Three samples at Sochi had salt readings that were physiologically impossible.

According to the test results, Subway’s chicken was by far the least chicken-y chicken among the samples.

The results from both labs found soy protein below 10 ppm, or less than 1 percent, in all tested samples.

samples collected in Houston from 2003 to 2005 found dengue in the spring and summer.

“I did pester them on three occasions, asking if any forensic samples could be used to test for DNA,” he says.

Hughson hopes to recruit eight astronauts to this experiment altogether, which collects ultrasounds before, during and after flight, as well as blood samples.

Each day, TED also brings in a few food vendors to offer samples of their wares.

Police confirmed the connection by obtaining “abandoned” DNA samples from DeAngelo.

Here, the microbial ecologist samples organic material that’s potentially brimming with microscopic life.

But the city had gathered just 60 samples instead of the required 100, according to information uncovered by Curt Guyette at the ACLU.

Russia says the allegations are false, provocative and has demanded that Britain hands over samples of the substance used to poison the Skripals.

She also had some good grub on hand too — everything from pizza to sushi … plus, samples of her actual products.

Even with water filters, recent samples found that the city’s water has unacceptably high levels of lead.

It may have purposely manipulated samples in order to make the situation look better.

Or very rarely you see people who have average intelligence in samples of high creative output people.

Using saliva samples, researchers measured the participants’ cortisol levels before and after the art-making period.

-Craft sound survey questions and draw conclusions from population samples.

One sample of Red Lobster’s lobster bisque contained only langostino, and two other samples included a mix of langostino and lobster.

A person gives two blood samples, taken at different times of the day, and then TimeSignature can “read” the body’s internal clock.

Braun says figuring it out was made harder because measuring someone’s physiological time required many hourly samples to be taken.

samples of each chili are served up while its creator performs its sonic interpretation.

Most notably, “Get It Together,” the fifth track on the project, samples South African producer Black Coffee’s 2010 track “Superman.”

‘Free Smoke’ (Produced by Boi 1da, samples ‘Roll Up’ by Tony Yayo & Danny Brown)2.

‘Jorja’s Interlude’ (Produced by Noah “40” Shebib, samples ‘Doing It Wrong’ by Drake)5.

‘Teenage Fever’ (Produced by Hagler, samples ‘If You Had My Love’ by Jennifer Lopez)15.

Kanye West (Produced by Noah “40” Shebib & Kanye West, samples ‘Devotion’ by Earth, Wind & Fire)19.

PARTYNEXTDOOR (Produced by G. Ry & PARTYNEXTDOOR & Noah “40” Shebib, samples “Clipped Wings” by R. Kelly)20.

“We are mobilizing to get our marine mammal experts and our partners there to get some samples,” Speegle said.

Among the crops stored in the cavernous underground ice tunnels at -18º C (-0.4º F): 150,000 samples of rice, and 140,000 samples of wheat.

Browne even obtained samples from a convicted murderer — before and after his hanging.

Further tests of samples are underway,” Pavel Svagr said.

One broker, James Byrd of Restore Life USA in Elizabethton, Tennessee, offered to sell a cervical spine and sent X-ray samples.

The samples were sent to the Forensic Science Program at Western Carolina University’s Department of Chemistry and Physics.

Using special cameras, nets, and sleds, the team collected samples from habitats 8,200 to 13,000 feet below the surface.

The current exhibition also samples later phases of Dagley’s studio production, including four new works of unprecedented elegance.

The wall presents taxidermied samples of the animals that inhabit Mt.

The Open Cannabis Project is an organization that is collecting DNA samples of cannabis strains in order to publish them in a massive database.

From there, the gameplay samples several video game formats, segueing from a Dance Dance Revolution–style ballroom sequence to more role-play-style quests.

The team has now sent the samples to Texas for scanning and processing into 3D models.

When you look at all of the hip hop stuff, it’s got samples from Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye.

The remains will be identified by DNA, but that technique relies on the families of the deceased submitting samples to the agency.

Olive Garden is offering $0.25 wine samples now, by the way.

Finding out the mineral composition of a particular region requires sending staff into the field to take rock samples, a timely and expensive endeavor.

From there, users can see exactly what samples were used in their most loved songs without toggling back and forth between apps.

The household items were analyzed by a lab in Illinois, the paint and other samples in Georgia.

Check out some samples from B.R.U.H., available now, below.

As Weeden collected more and more samples, she noticed that one of them hardly grew at all.

When the specimen was compared against DNA samples from 605 modern dogs and wolves, a tale of two doggy cities emerged.

Workers swapped samples from areas known to be highly contaminated with dirt from areas known to be clean.

Lastly, experts were asked to review several material samples that are used as “evidence” of chemtrails among theorists.

In regard to the samples, the group of scientists was slightly more divided.

Between 80 and 89 percent of respondents said the material samples could not be explained by chemtrails using Occam’s razor.

Among the experts who did offer an analysis, most said the samples showed pretty normal stuff, like sludge, sediment, and dust.

Both samples were taken in 2017.

There were samples of all shapes, sizes and colors.

We worked with samples and I don’t know how many tracks.

samples of DNA have been taken from 244 retrieved bodies, prior to their burial in numbered graves.

Casper will also lend you pajamas, and provide free snacks, coffee, and skincare samples.

You’ll even get some pajamas, skincare samples, and free coffee after your rest.

Along with my PJs, I also got a small goody bag of tiny samples from luxury skincare brand Sunday Riley.

The project is centered on the samples of songs laborers have sung through the ages as they toiled away with their work.

It’s incredibly hype, as club music tends to be, but Byrell’s aim to use samples to tell a story comes through too.

Recently, the museum investigated its contorted body through microscopy, photography, X-radiography, DNA samples, and CT scans.

Even with water filters, recent samples found that the city’s water has unacceptably high levels of lead.

Musically, their live sets combine their heritage with newer influences: traditional Arabic samples mixed into anything from glitchy electronica to liquid DnB.

He sprinkled samples of bee pollen into my hand and the hand of another customer before we could turn him down.

There were two projects she was running samples for.

She put through the climate samples with Audrey III’s setting still set for PCBs.

The climate samples were registering positive for PCBs.

Had she actually run the modern river samples?

The discovery set her off to do a series of tests—was this reproducible with additional samples?

“Yes?” “I had some additional core samples going through the event in the repository.

They made inquiries about the replicated samples.

Stella was asked by dozens of labs for samples they could analyze, and for her advice on other measurements that might be useful.

Her tech still needed to be paid, and the river mud samples still needed prepping and analyzing.

For instance, researchers took blood samples under the guise of being medical professionals interested in addressing the Ainu smallpox epidemics.

One minute, there’s pretty, open-tuned acoustic picking and then the next it’s torn apart by abrasive samples.

You can produce all these different sounds: lyrics, drum beats, bass lines, stabs of horns, backwards sounds, samples, reverb.

Dr. Luke is known for working with both live instruments and prerecorded samples.

Astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell collected samples from the ejecta of the crater and brought them back to Earth.

Instead of finding samples I’ll play instruments and make them sound like old samples that I found.

It also prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes in vending machines except in adult-only settings, and bars the distribution of free samples.

He samples a part of the song and adds chords, baselines, different drums to it.

And Lockheed Martin spent three years collecting thousands of samples from the Clarion-Clipperton Zone of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s filled with mementos of past trips including nets and foot-long bottles containing red-tipped tube worms and dozens of preserved samples in ethanol.

“There would be no point because the samples and drum loops are essential.

A researcher examining samples under a microscope taking from hydrothermal vents in Lauren Mullineaux’s lab at Woods Hole.

LeakBase has given Motherboard legitimate database samples in the past, and provided alleged screenshots of the conversation.

Of course, the video above is nowhere near a complete documentation of Bowie samples.

Sanofi did have blood samples from nearly all of the children but only after they had been vaccinated.

“That was definitely the most famous usage of stock FL Studio samples,” 24-year-old post-EDM experimenter Porter Robinson tells THUMP over the phone.

Police then sought DNA samples from all male employees.

Two more samples … have tested positive.

They were able to secure samples of it through a chemical supplier who creates compounds for scientific research.

We have to make pow wow samples in all our music or it’s not the same music, which is hilarious to me.

Due to the concerns about the symptoms, samples were sent to Porton Down — an experimental government laboratory — for analysis.

Although the publication did not see the full set of data, they did manage to confirm a small number of samples provided to them.

Dubset matches samples in a remix to the original music.

Maybe that’s why I knew jazz was black because I knew these sounds because of hip-hop samples.

The upcoming fifth mission (expected to land in 2017) will land on the lunar surface and then return soil samples to Earth.

The upcoming fifth mission (expected to land in 2017) will land on the lunar surface and then return soil samples to Earth.

I brought samples and the crew loved it.

A lot of these “p-hacks” then lead to the problem of underpowered studies — studies with samples sizes too small to really be reliable.

Relatives have been asked to submit DNA samples to help the identification process.

She is taking part of us back to ground with her – important scientific samples, some from the crew!

The same room hosts Facebook’s electron microscope, which bombards samples with electrons to get visibility at a molecular level.

“Even music composed by assembling samples together is unknown as a form of music.

“These initial positive samples represent another piece of the puzzle,” FDA Director Scott Gottlieb said in a statement.

After taking more samples, they release them, pack their equipment and pile into a van for the trip home to Bangkok.

They offered free samples, inviting would-be customers to test a newly-created batch.

They offered free samples, inviting would-be customers to test a newly-created batch.

The Swiss postal service is using autonomous drones to fly lab samples between two hospitals.

We analysed samples for 150 compounds and we had 61 percent of them detected in effluent.

“If you would prefer that any of your pending samples be destroyed, simply reply to this email,” it added.

Around 1980, the same time as the Boatlift, two things happened that would bring a lot more low-wage black men into the survey samples.

Another is that only men were studied and the samples were small.

His DNA had matched forensic samples collected by investigators at the scene.

Merck (another pharmaceutical company), also sent samples to the ambitious young University of Vienna neuropathology research assistant.

The men had planned to travel on to a laboratory in Spiez, Switzerland used by the OPCW to analyze samples.

They studied soil samples taken from the Indian Ocean off the coast of southwest Australia.

Researchers from Monash University in Australia and CU Boulder took soil core samples in Australia going back to 150,000 years ago.

samples of the liquid blood were taken from the animal’s well-preserved heart tissue.

The IPC is also submitting 19 samples from the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi for review, under suspicion that they were swapped out.

This is best done on samples floating in microgravity with no container contaminating the sample.

You do too much washing, you got problems,” McMeans said, as the researchers took water and soil samples.

The Cyberbullying Research Center has been collecting large samples of data since 2002.

You do too much washing, you got problems,” McMeans said, as the researchers took water and soil samples.

We look at samples of their product.

And although analyzing stool samples under a microscope is a valid diagnostic method, it’s not the most sensitive, Mejia added.

As the 90s passed into the 00s, “Funky Worm” wail and Parliament-Funkadelic samples went out of vogue.

samples of the Chernobyl fungi were collected at the site of the accident and at an area outside the fallout zone.

Unlike more traditional pollsters, Morning Consult gets its samples through online questions instead of just via in-person and telephone interviews.

“Berkeley National Lab has an agreement that allows them to collect samples from the Chernobyl accident site,” explained Venkat.

After the samples are returned to JPL, Venkat and his team will compare them to identical strains of fungi grown on the ground.

Built around submerged samples and blissed beatwork, he’s made a lot of songs that radiate with the comforting stillness of home living.

As of last year, it was testing approximately 2,000 hair samples each year for child protection agencies.

They also found that Motherisk lab technicians failed to routinely wash hair samples before analysis, again failing to meet internationally recognized forensic toxicology standards.

Other paintings contain miasmic and diaphanous corrugations that resemble topographical desert maps, or bisected cellular tissue samples magnified under an enormous microscope.

A J&J spokeswoman said that the results it received from the watchdog indicated that formaldehyde had been discovered in the samples.

Many samples were taken from the consulate and the residence, the official said, including soil and water.

All of the samples will be taken to analyse for traces of Khashoggi’s DNA.

In addition to tracking their locations, scientists will be analyzing blood and parasite samples collected from the sharks.

You’ll recall Wayne was outraged over the leak … so his camp wanted assurance from Shkreli there weren’t other samples floating around.

“As a first step we took samples from the captain.

The CDC has an exemption intended to allow for shipping blood and other lab testing samples.

As for any more samples or copies floating around … Martin says he’s got the only one as far as he knows.

These “samples” turned out to be priceless cuneiform tablets.

This can be expensive but has shown to work with small samples.

Unlike Sanofi, Takeda researchers took blood samples from all 20,000 trial participants before they received the vaccine.

He also samples a yogurt parfait with honey, lemon, matcha, oats, and maple syrup.

If it’s not, the IOC will have to handle getting samples to another lab approved by WADA.

The researchers took tissue samples from participants’ muscles three hours and then five hours after each workout session.

They had also taken muscle samples before both of the workouts.

Even with water filters, recent samples found that the city’s water has unacceptably high levels of lead.

It may have purposely manipulated samples in order to make the situation look better.

In early February, the RCMP gathered DNA from men aged 15 to 66 in Garden Hill who volunteered samples.

(See the demographic breakdown of the samples here.)

Hall said collection of DNA samples was not a new technique for RCMP in Manitoba, but the large scope was new to them.

“In the alt-right samples, I’m seeing numbers around 3 or 4, relatively close to the midpoint.

It features material that apparently samples the Soul for Real track “Every Little Thing I Do.

Doctors have been taking DNA samples from relatives.

Still—considering a bag of moon dust Armstrong used to collect lunar samples sold for $1.8 million earlier this month—it could be worth much more.

And one of the other operators contaminated one of the samples by accident.

1, is built on glimmering samples laid over off-balanced kicks and snares.

This album is more just chopping up drum breaks and taking samples from records.

No, what they actually did is they bought Siemens’ machines and they hacked the Siemens’ machines to adapt them to small fingerstick blood samples.

Well, for one thing, we can read it — the company published a detailed methodology, voice samples, and an explanation of its results.

I think eventually there are going to be breakthroughs in diagnostics, including with small samples.

All the samples in the music are represented by the figures on the front cover in one way or another.

A complete application form, an artist résumé, personal essays, and work samples are required.

Smiling saxophone squeals butt up against samples of the ocean and quiet storm synthesizers.

Two more samples … have tested positive.

Has Vaali taken blood samples from patients?

I didn’t have the money to get the samples done, so my girlfriend gave me $1,500 to get the first packages done.

I got samples ranging in size from small to extra large and turned out to be a medium.

They have taken water samples and ordered Formosa Plastics to remove an illegal pipe draining into the ocean.

Some brands do sample sales, but companies like Louis Vuitton and Chanel just incinerate their samples.

I remember when Parsons was doing a student project in 2009, and Louis Vuitton supplied samples that were going to be incinerated.

“SCUMBODY” is an eerie, slow-paced track filled with unusual samples and woozy vocals.

For all other images, the duo plumbed the depths of the internet for samples.

All of the samples came from amber mines in Myanmar via fossil dealers.

Becker spent the next two weeks programming and working on custom samples.

In between coding marathons, Becker composed and recorded the loops and samples that would form the basis of the song.

Water samples from the sound, wastewater, and fish tissue were analyzed for the presence of 150 different types of chemicals.

In addition to the samples, one cocktail is allowed for purchase according to state law.

He claims that he was able to take samples from ice that was not contaminated.

“We were able to complete the HIV genome from eight samples from the 1970s.”

The report said that for now France did not have chemical samples from the attack site analyzed by its own laboratories yet.

Many would-be protesters were forced to give fingerprints and blood samples and prevented from traveling to Beijing.

Records played samples on a continuous loop, and audiences were invited to remix the sounds, even walking away with their own vinyl.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) re-tested samples from 2008 using more advanced methods developed in the interim.

After a crime, investigators collect evidence like blood samples and footprints.

The team has collected samples from the calf to help determine its cause of death.

Three days later, on Oct. 11, air samples collected by US aircraft confirmed that a nuclear explosion had indeed taken place.

“As a first step we took samples from the captain.

Typically, our conservators would help the curator by creating various dye samples and presenting them next to the painting.

At the time of King’s conviction, the DNA samples gathered as evidence couldn’t be tested.

Makers of branded drugs have long been accused of refusing to provide samples of drugs on a government list of restricted medicines.

Without the samples, generic competitors cannot prove their medicines are as safe and effective as the more expensive versions.

At the time of King’s conviction, the DNA samples gathered as evidence couldn’t be tested.

All the while, NASA is taking vital signs, including blood and saliva samples, and monitoring his progress.

Melodic vocal samples are chopped and screwed, gleaming atop of warped harp sounds, bombastic grooves, and elements of dancehall on the bouncy anthem.

“We are having the samples tested again to determine the validity or source of contamination.

A research team, led by Alan Sanders at NorthShore University, compared DNA samples from 1,077 homosexual and 1,231 heterosexual men of European descent.

As such, we need to replicate these findings with larger and more diverse samples before we can draw firm conclusions.

Shortly after, researchers obtained samples of malware found within the affected network.

You know how DJs dig through vinyl record stores for good hooks and samples?

[Holmes] added that, thanks to “miniaturization and automation, we are able to handle these tiny samples.”

On the small islands and archipelagos they visited, experts collected samples of plastics for analysis.

“We couldn’t believe it — in one of our samples, the concentration of plastic in the sand was very high,” she said.

The samples collected by Race for Water’s experts are currently being analyzed by three European universities in Switzerland and France.

Passwords in the samples provided to Motherboard were hashed with MD5, a hashing algorithm that has long been trivial for hackers to crack.

And 15 medalists during the 2012 London Olympics, where Russia won 72 medals, had samples that had been tampered with.

Even with current soil and groundwater samples testing within government-regulated limits, countless studies since have directly linked exposure to plutonium to cancer rates.

Even with current soil and groundwater samples testing within government-regulated limits, environmentalists and activists question whether those limits are actually safe.

Several people, for instance, brought up the countless uncredited female vocal samples that have riddled dance music’s history.

— Maheras (@JimmyMaheras)September 13, 2016 So when shall we mention all the vocal samples which are used without permission *opens popcorn* ???????????

In August, the FDA took samples from several talc suppliers and cosmetics brands at all price points, including products from Maybelline, Nars, and Revlon.

The original version of “Fade” features prominent samples from two house music classics, namely Larry Heard AKA Mr.

Vocal samples are cut-up and deployed liberally as a drum beat sloshes forth erupting in occasional bursts of break neck speed.

samples were extracted from the remains of Viking ship cats, Egyptian cat mummies, and modern wildcats, among others.

Here we have comprised five of 40’s most ridiculous how-the-fuck-did-he-do-that flips and samples.

That said, according to the Guardian, Blumenthal’s samples did come from his “groin area.”

Aside from solar-system samples, all we get from space are pictures and plots—evidence that immaterial photons hit some telescope’s detector.

My official task here is to take samples of building materials, which we’ll use to fine-tune AccuSpackle products for our Ancient Rome customers.

Take your samples, don’t make eye contact, and leave.

The company doesn’t let me analyze samples myself; these are highly sensitive and expensive machines and I’m just a product manager.

I submitted 17 samples of various kinds of materials from the authentic Roman past.

Every single one of the samples is AccuSpackle.

On their journey, they take samples and measurements, and they discover that time is warped inside.

Seventeen samples of nano-enabled AccuSpackle in a supposedly original Roman village.

All the stuff on the album is from manipulating samples and digital instruments, but I really want to write orchestral pieces.

Like that other … Hey, one day people might take random DNA samples and upload them there.

More than 110 adverse findings have been found in Olympics since 2004 through re-testing of samples, including dozens from the London Games.

(samples larger than a few milliliters often crack or crystalize when they’re warmed.)

For a new study in Science Translational Medicine, investigators showed how they successfully thawed samples without cellular damage via a process called nanowarming.

They tested the nanowarmed samples for viability and none of the tissues showed signs of harm, unlike controls that were warmed slowly over ice.

Then the nanoparticles were successfully washed from the samples after heating.

Two of them have already developed symptoms similar to those of Ebola and samples have been removed from them, Aceng said.

By her early twenties, Khan was experimenting with samples and freestyle raps.

No asbestos was found in any of the talc samples, the agency said.

The “Series of Salesman samples for Memorials” are part of Expiration Date, a group show centered on mortality.

The salesman samples reflect this aesthetic, with monikers like “Grant,” “Lane,” and “Cole” depicted on granite memorials.

The drone delivery cut the transport time of crucial medical samples from about half an hour to just over three minutes.

Moving medical samples around WakeMed’s sprawling medical campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, can sometimes take up to 30 minutes in traffic.

UPS, in collaboration with the drone technology company Matternet, made its first revenue-generating delivery of medical samples at WakeMed Raleigh on Tuesday.

In clinical trials, volunteers correctly diagnosed samples with 98 percent accuracy.

Turns out it’s a Frankenstein combination of samples and recordings, which might be why it was so difficult to pin down.

Her entire Recall sound is made up of 12 different samples all together and is a mix of recorded, synthesized and sampled content.”

In one scene, Rob leaves the gym and grabs too many snack samples, claiming they’re for his kids.

samples come back to the University of Colorado, where they’ve analyzed about 200 so far.

China has been conducting aerial surveys and taking water samples at the wreck site, according to the country’s daily reports.

She and several friends then collected samples of polluted river water that helped bring about a court case that forced the factory to close.

In a few studies, we collected scent samples from women.

They rate the high fertility samples as more attractive.

The costs range from a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars depending on how many samples are taken.

NASA has seized lunar samples from private owners in the past.

This prompted a reckoning: Common practices like drawing on small samples of college students were found to be insufficient to find true experimental effects.

But often, significant results from small samples turn out to be statistical flukes.

As there was no precedent, they asked for samples, and of course there were none.

But either way, don’t be surprised if some fish samples pop up on your friend’s new ambient project.

On the other hand, some of the samples that have been unearthed are left-field.

Otherwise, they send samples for a toxicology report — and cross their fingers that the tests come back positive for drugs.

Otherwise, they send samples for a toxicology report — and cross their fingers that the tests come back positive for drugs.

Roc Marci’s latest effort, RR2: The Bitter Dose, showcases his hushed street sermons laid down over melancholic samples.

And they really care about the sound and the samples and that comes through in the music.

I knew that Al was the man with all the samples and all the records so we arranged to work together.

By that, I mean he samples a dolphin.

One of them samples the vocal from Rhythm Controll’s 1987 single “My House.”

Soil samples are currently being analyzed, so hopefully, we’ll have more answers soon.

“They told me that they had collected the samples but it was up to me if I wanted to test them.

She and the laboratory staff take me to see if there are any samples being cultured from swabs taken from patients’ penises.

The trouble was that there was no way to routinely, reliably collect samples.

“[Bees] are really good at going out, gathering samples, and bringing them back every single day,” Slavin says.

Typically, three voices are selected and presented to the client, who can listen to samples of each voice.

Turkish police were investigating water samples from a well at the consulate on Thursday after initially being denied access, broadcaster CNN Turk said.

As part of our efforts to thwart pandemics before they start — or before they get severe — we take samples of the viruses currently circulating.

samples of them are now stacked like an Aladdin’s cave of vintage machinery inside the BEA’s headquarters at Le Bourget airport, Paris.

The hot dog and beer vendor sound samples were legit.)

For planetary scientists, research on lunar samples is invaluable.

Scientists are still studying the lunar samples from the Apollo moon landings.

“That was definitely the most famous usage of stock FL Studio samples,” 24-year-old post-EDM experimenter Porter Robinson tells THUMP over the phone.

And scientists have been able to use the Apollo samples to accurately date those craters.

Would the scientists like to study samples from other areas?

These geometric patterns resemble what DNA samples like when run through gel in a lab during profiling.

Enthusiasts send Mello, the founder of Bootleg Biology, samples from their neighborhood which he saves and records.

The mapped coral was surveyed visually and with lead lines that retrieved samples.

In addition to a CV, sample syllabuses, and some writing samples, he’d like one other thing: their party registration.

Second, it’d be great if North Korea allowed inspectors into the country so they could take samples.

That connection surfaces more clearly in the Mixtape, which samples, rewrites, and gets playful with Hamilton — it’s a mixtape, after all.

Yes, I think it would be a typical part of an inspection process to take environmental samples.

And by environmental testing, you mean like air samples?

He met the prospector responsible for excavating the dinosaur tail, who guided Xing through the mines and showed him new geological samples.

But at times, they find those samples somewhere else.

He found several, created tracks around the samples, and then went about the difficult task of tracking each person down to humbly ask permission.

It samples a Pakistani boy singing the chorus of Chris Brown’s “Loyal” from a Vine that went viral a few years ago.

I feel like that was the impetus to use the samples in that way.

It wouldn’t weigh people or take their blood samples.

It’s why companies often give free samples as a sales technique, or why smiling waiters get better tips.

So before the Games, the USOC tested athletes at the doping lab set up at UCLA, which would test samples during the Olympics themselves.

Here is an overview of their objectives and challenges: – A top priority will be collecting samples, both environmental (such as soil) and biomedical (eg.

The samples will be returned to the OPCW’s main laboratory in the Netherlands.

The samples are generally split, up to four times in some cases, and sent to independent national laboratories affiliated with the OPCW.

In the past, the OPCW has worked with medical staff from the World Health Organisation, who have provided samples from victims and witnesses.

– By the time environmental samples are taken in Douma it will have been a week since the alleged attack.

Public Rec sent me a few samples, and after wearing them a few times, I actually like them even better than the tees.

There’s a part that samples Stevie Nicks singing in a semi-legendary rehearsal video that lives on YouTube.

Russia has also not released stored samples from its Moscow lab.

“I thought they was just taking skin samples,” she said and began to cry.

Cops say they took two breath samples five hours after the crash, which registered at .082 and .084.

The state has contracted Oregon-based Fortes Laboratories to examine the samples.

In addition to filming the animals, Pitman’s expedition obtained three genetic samples of the orcas’ tissues by firing crossbow darts at them.

Just over a quarter of the samples had it — more evidence.

The team was also able to get a radiocarbon date on one of the domesticated samples: 5,300 to 5,400 years ago.

A six-person crew aboard the Pilgrim 7 mission are delighted to finally receive samples of dust and debris from Mars’s surface.

Family members had gone to Jakarta to give DNA samples to help with identification, but Seriani’s mother, Susmawati, had remained behind.

Easy PGD has no such limit, because the eggs are being created from tissue samples.

Look at what happened to Theranos, a company that promised to change the way blood samples are drawn.

It’s been with relatively small sample sizes, because it’s hard to get huge samples when you’re doing field research.

Everyone else set their own baselines — which means each state in the map above includes different populations of children in their samples.

Researchers conducted immunological tests on the blood samples, looking specifically for antibodies targeting two proteins (PCDH11Y and NLGN4Y).

hanks of spun fibers and woven samples.

In it, we don’t quite hear the soul-fronted samples that perpetuated the early rise of Kanye’s career.

The FDA’s own examinations found no asbestos in J&J powder samples in the 1f970s.

To do this, they took samples of blood from eight people who had been infected with different strains of Zika all over the world.

From research samples taken from latrines all over the world, de los Reyes has seen all of that and more.

He has been vaccinated and routinely takes a de-worming pill after gathering samples, just to be on the safe side.

But the company never adopted the Colorado lab’s 1973 recommendation that samples be concentrated before examination under a microscope.

And the talc samples that were subjected to the most sensitive electron microscopy test were a tiny fraction of what was sold.

Are those two combatting violin samples?

The Forbes Pigment Collection contains samples of material that represent all shades of the rainbow — plus brown, white, black, and metallic.

samples will be transported back to the Netherlands and onward to the organization’s network of designated labs for analysis.

Across 12 tracks, he arranges samples and synthetic melodies in these sharp, geometric ways, then punches through them with asymmetrical rolls and teetering microrhythms.

Then in those sports we need to have a higher rate, a higher percentage of samples tested for EPO.

They examined 400 samples and found 3 to 10 milligrams of gold per liter in every sample.

For the past six years, other labs have been attempting to replicate the results in larger samples to little or no effect.

The playful “Sorry” samples Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By” and reads like a taunt from a jilted lover turned indifferent and unapologetic.

The samples will be dropped off on September 24, 2023.

Budtender Genavie Sisneros shows two popular smell jar samples of pot at the Grass Station Dispensary, Denver, Colorado.

He and his collaborators tested the samples themselves and divided them into higher-toxin and lower-toxin categories.

The song samples Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” track from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

After taking their samples, the students poured them into popsicle molds and stuck them in the freezer.

This particular Salmonella strain was identified in samples collected from 10 hedgehogs in Minnesota, where five cases have been reported.

For one thing, it samples conservative anchor Tomi Lahren’s post-Superbowl Beyonce criticism (“Your husband was a drug dealer.

It comes with a great conga loop and some looped key samples, plus some vocals.

A number of samples were tested and two swabs showed contamination of Novichok.

The first Hayabusa mission, launched in 2003, successfully collected samples from asteroid 25143 Itokawa, and returned the goods to Earth in 2010.

), but unfortunately the Alpha Brain samples didn’t get here in time for the experiment.

He tested soil samples from the family land in Kfifane for their suitability.

“Initially the paint samples were embedded in wax and then cut with a microtome,” explain Rogge, research scientist, and Bomford, senior conservator of paintings.

We bring grape samples by taxi from Syria to decide when to harvest there.

Some schools had as many as four samples above this limit with several samples showing lead well over 100 parts per billion.

Pretty Maw does not list the similarities between her song and his, but says “Swap Meet heavily samples” her work.

Chinese authorities have begun scrutinizing import documents and product samples more closely, said Taimy Cruz, director of logistics at Toronto-based BroadGrain Commodities.

China Inspection and Quarantine Authorities now tests samples of each pea shipment before authorizing it for import.

Check out these samples.

The single from her new album samples an old ‘NSYNC hit.

Last November, producers said “We did not use any samples in Demi Lovato’s song Stars.

Cullen-Delsol went for an amniocentesis, which samples amniotic fluid to test for genetic abnormalities.

Over a decade later, they’ve drilled for their first samples, paving the way for a possible shift away from fossil fuels.

“The minute I saw a photo of one of the boxes of soil samples I could see the entire sequence.

I was struck by the beauty and variance of the samples and the stories they held.

Guest vocalists sure, but songs where there are no samples?

Or songs where samples serve as ornaments to the song, rather than the backbone?

‘Fight Club?’ I look more like a free samples vulture at Sam’s Club.

There are three main vocal samples on the record.

Reports coming out of China now state that samples of the ice, which contains methane, have been collected in the South China Sea.

I didn’t want to overwhelm the record with samples.

Effects are a whole bunch of samples, obviously.

The three vocal samples are pretty literal.

It is based on samples and it is based on projections of samples.

These combined snippets of racist dialogue with accounts of hate crimes and samples galore.

“Having the capability of returning the samples to the researchers within three to six hours is crucial to the data.”

Once inside, the beam ominously approaches, illuminating some glowing foreground calcite samples as it hovers overhead.

Right now I’m working on a weird dancehall mixtape using only samples from new age, ambient, and minimalist tracks.

Sometimes we take samples to do histological studies.

That’s where you put samples underneath the slide and examine them under a microscope.

In order to trigger playback, the robot has to collect 100 samples.

These samples are then sent to a federally licensed USDA lab where their pesticide content is evaluated.

To ensure the validity of their results, researchers conducted two tests of samples from the NVAW survey.

For their study, the researchers analysed Deformed Wing Virus sequencing data from samples collected from honeybees and Varroa mites.

It’s put together following a medical exam, and can include samples of bodily fluids and garments.

That includes the software for pushing samples into the machine, as well as the MIDI hardware and cable.

“Our current work is focused inch-sized small samples, for materials study,” study author Yu Qiao told me over email.

Qiao and his colleagues created their samples by compressing Mars-1a soil at ambient temperatures, without treating the material with any additives.

After landing on the asteroid and extracting samples, the probe will kick off back to Earth, and should arrive with the goods in 2023.

samples taken after Hurricane Floyd found dangerous levels of illness-causing bacteria in some drinking water sources for weeks after the event.

It was a fast-paced album that was heavy with samples that were sound portals to songs like “Sweet Sahumerio” and “Claroscuro” (“Chiaroscuro”).

“Today we only get 120 to 130 samples per month, and we gather a sizeable portion of the total amount ourselves.

He got his hands on ten samples: seven made in Asia and three made in France.

It’s ultimately a house record, letting samples and melody take the lead over his typical compositional excavations.

The interactive map, powered by Esri, includes images of his plant samples as well as his documentary photographs.

Improper precinct selection, for example, leads to non-representative samples that inflate support for Republicans.

You can listen to samples from The Real Deal over at New York Haunted’s distributor site, Clone.

There are few samples to study in the fossil records and huge gaps in our understanding of how human anatomy changed, and when.

Another brief comes from Advocates for Youth and features samples of stories the group has collected from about 900 women.

I guess this track, which is my favorite, samples Doc Severinsen’s “I Wanna Be With You.”

A separate question is how the pollsters take their interview samples and use them to create a projection of the electorate.

Britain’s Primark said unsold products and samples were donated to charity.

Developers can find a sample Android app here (image above), while many more samples and tutorials can be found in the Cardboard documentation.

It contains just under a hundred wallpaper samples, each of which is saturated with potentially dangerous levels of arsenic.

We worked at a clothing company where samples were easy to find.

I had a lot of fun doing that, but it’s the samples I really love working with.

Police were also taking handwriting samples from the passengers, the Irish Times reported.

From there, Nielsen estimates viewership based on its demographic samples, which account for age, race, family size, and other things.

(It also samples a great video by Jermaine and Trevaunn Richards of Brampton’s 4YallEntertainment.)

The second instrument analyzed the chemical composition of lunar surface samples, like rock and dirt.

I had a couple of 90s drum samples that I put together, then I chopped up a Biggie sample and put some chords down.

The sound of the record is appropriately in higher spirits, built around twittering soul samples, lilting strings, lens-flare dub echoes, and pointillist chorales.

The samples tested positive for precursors needed to make the nerve agent sarin, he said.

Every few minutes, Marc Bernhard sips samples to ensure that the liquor still bears the distinctive licorice-like flavors of anise and fennel.

Scientifically speaking, you couldn’t get DNA samples from such a wide range of dinosaurs.”

They take soil samples and send them to a USDA-licensed lab.

Actual samples from these questions ranged from 60 to 348 respondents, with samples of 100 to 200 in most districts.

On Thursday, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced that their scientists “have analyzed samples taken from Khan Sheikhoun.

“Sofacy was three times more common than X-Agent in the wild, with over 600 distinct samples,” Google’s report stated.

On Thursday, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced that their scientists “have analyzed samples taken from Khan Sheikhoun.

The Lausanne lab was found to have destroyed 67 samples provided by Russian athletes before London 2012.

The Lausanne lab receives the vast majority of samples which will be tested at a later date.

Given the drummer’s five-year tenure in the touring band, Lewis reworked tracks with samples and drum machines instead of replacing Bauer.

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige’s “Unconformities” (2016) includes photographs and exquisite, lapidary sketches of core samples taken from Beirut locations.

Molero-Chamizo also hopes to collect saliva samples from the participants to establish their cortisol levels, indicators of stress that might hint at aggressive intentions.

No saliva samples were collected.

Bollywood samples were prevalent in hip-hop.

It said companies generally do not inform it if they have made samples available after a generic developer has reached out to the agency.

Generic drugmakers may not be able to develop alternatives without access to samples of branded products they intend to copy, the FDA said.

Glencross carefully stows away all the samples (“They become like your children.

Recorded in the Himalayas, the audio samples will be accompanied by kaleidoscopic videos made using crystals and glass.

The court audits EU accounts on the basis of samples.

She meets a fitness-focused couple who makes her work out to earn her beer, then samples a tropical Belgian blonde made with coconut.

Researchers collected air and surface samples at Helsinki-Vantaa, the main airport in Finland, weekly during the peak flu season in 2015 and 2016.

“Moscow will not respond to London’s ultimatum until it receives samples of the chemical substance,” Russia’s embassy in London said.

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