Safe in a sentence | Use of the word safe examples

That means the vast majority of drugs aren’t safe or effective enough to be used — they don’t do what they were supposed to do.

Jonas says people shouldn’t be concerned for the Balls — his country is safe and the food is great.

safe, fun and legal,” Cabela’s website said.

That second test is more rigorous, assessing whether it is safe for banks to implement their capital plans.

It’s a safe bet that the word “animals” will be used at least once in his speech.

The mandate of the place is to keep people safe, not to sell drugs.”

First, my plan will begin with safety at home which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism.

To make life safe in America, we must also address the growing threats from outside the country.

We will rescue kids from failing schools by helping their parents send them to a safe school of their choice.

And will protect the right of all Americans to keep their families safe.

We will make America safe again.

I work on the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees to keep us safe at home and strong in the world.

They trust Hillary to keep other mothers’ sons and daughters safe.

Scout’s beloved hometown could be the safe haven she loved to play in.

But she acknowledges that even her job isn’t safe.

In other words, your actual ballot is safe, but other countries may still try to influence how you vote.

To allow for that possibility is to admit that none of us are truly safe.

But agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently determined there’s actually no known safe blood concentration for children.

This indicates that more lead exposure may lead to more heart trouble, and also that there is no safe threshold for lead exposure.

You’re safe, right?

Most cars you’re safe in, yeah.

No, they’re very safe comparatively.

And while they do that, they’ll still be safe in the vehicle.

Immediate Review of All Agency Actions that Potentially Burden the safe, Efficient Development of Domestic Energy Resources.

In terms of the professional sport, gaining safe MMA approval is encouraged for both promoters and fighters.

If the job of police is to keep communities safe, then it only makes sense to judge their performance on crime data.

By now it’s safe to say that Sanders’s worst fears weren’t vindicated.

And, he said, it’s safe to say that pressure will keep coming.

But the exit poll isn’t just about whom people voted for — that’s why there are interviewers even in safe states.

Are you feeling safe?

She didn’t confirm, but if Alan sees these photos … it’s safe to assume he misses her too.

Another safe bet will be that the makeup will be come from Marc Jacobs Beauty — or at least the products that you hear about.

Still, the ranking suggests kratom is relatively safe.

He also reassured fans they would take every precaution to keep them safe.

Vida Guerra is worried someone’s on her ass … and she wants help from the LAPD to keep it safe.

Looking at the map here,it seems nowhere is truly safe.

So this is why Waze doesn’t really need to calculate a “safe route” for Arabs.

No matter their age, he says there’s plenty that entrepreneurs can do to stay financially safe and continue accruing funds to last.

In the throes of anxiety, they seemed to tether me to the planet and make me feel safe.

1 job is to get home safe, and they’ll do what it takes to ensure that.

1 goal of public safety policy isn’t to keep officers safe and happy.

Not even former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s family is safe from scrutiny.

He said Bashir was being detained in a “safe place” and a military council would now run the country.

Trump is telling them there is no one who can keep them safe.

Border Patrol always takes care of individuals in their custody and does everything in their power to keep them safe.

“My values and my convictions about keeping the community safe,” Matta told VICE News Tuesday.

“My entire Facebook feed is hundreds of posts confirming they’re safe or trying to check in.

The non-stick, die-cast plates are removable for easy cleaning and they’re dishwasher safe, so you don’t even have to hand wash them.

But maybe it was the way he kept saying “is it safe?”

Still, the overall takeaway is one that’s still probably safe to apply to kids — and adults as well.

These are, as you may expect, not the originals, which remain safe and properly hung in their respective institutions.

In the midst of Manila’s critical housing shortage, the cemetery has become a safe haven for many families seeking refuge from the streets.

But since we can’t put the genie back in the bottle, we must maintain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear force.”

“You work very hard to keep the interests of your customers safe,” said Conru.

I still have a little email printed out from the headmaster saying everyone was safe.

He was also the head of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (safe) from 2009 to 2016.

“Nobody is saying that it should be a free for all, but we need options that are legal and safe.

“I’m trying to avoid the fires up in Montecito … so, hopefully that works out and everybody’s safe out there for the holidays.”

It also puts the onus on the employee to disclose their condition to the employer, which is stressful and not always safe.

So people feel like they are safe to talk about it and safe in the fact they are your legal rights.

There’s not a lot of research on CBD’s effects in humans—let alone in dogs—but researchers generally agree the chemical is safe.

Subhan said Mohammad had called him from university on Wednesday to say that an attack was happening but he was safe.

Refugee support Zuck believes the U.S. should be a safe place for political refugees.

“It was a safe place to put it in case there was a fire,” she told the station.

Some experts suggest a water- and fire-proof safe, preferably one that can be bolted to the floor.

Less than 4 percent of respondents said they do not believe the vaccine is safe.

The district gained this notorious nickname the hard way — at one time, Tjuvholmen was a safe haven for smugglers, pickpockets, thieves, robbers, etc.

I would do — I wanna keep our country safe.

I wanna keep our country safe.

It wasn’t going to be safe.

“Not [to be] a star, but I want to be safe.

“Virgin coconut oil has also been shown to be safe and beneficial when used as an emollient in atopic dermatitis patients,” Yin says.

“Top Gear,” it’s now safe to say, is officially in crisis.

“Not [to be] a star, but I want to be safe.

I felt safe until the illusion was shattered, realizing the culture I grew up in normalized these encounters.

The characters are always happy; life is predictable and safe.

This article is a safe space for the latter.

For a lot of people who live in little suburbs and places that are very safe, it can be soul-killing.”

Without such sources, a sex worker may struggle to expand their pool of safe clients and leave themselves vulnerable to abuse.

The internet has made it easier for us to stay safe.

I think the safe space that we had together where we felt comfortable being vulnerable and open made us unafraid to try any idea.

“I think that the loft parties were a way to create safe space where all were welcome.

They believe that arming more teachers will allow educators to keep students safe by defending them from a mass shooter.

One such prince, Frederick III, Elector of Saxony, “kidnapped” Luther after his trial to keep him safe from his would-be arrestors.

State Farm, an insurance company with a financial interest in keeping its clients safe, challenged the decision.

State Farm, an insurance company with a financial interest in keeping its clients safe, challenged the decision.

For people’s coverage to be safe, something else has to happen.

What started as a Facebook group became a safe haven for families like their own.

Experts believe Kim thinks nuclear weapons keep his regime safe.

When I am president, I will work to keep this country safe, not call Edward Snowden, as you did, a great public servant.

“The vast majority of people are not safe using the internet everyday,” Stamos told me when he was still at Yahoo.

“They’re only safe because they don’t have anybody attacking them at that moment.”

If all Muslims are potential terrorists, then, the argument goes, we must be allowed to spy on “them” to keep “us” safe.

Its natural culmination is the idea that a “complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States is necessary to keep us safe.

Remember: you never have to challenge social norms at the expense of caring for yourself or keeping yourself safe.

These are “safe for work” subreddits and don’t feature any pornography.

I didn’t feel physically safe.

Going 1-4 in his last five fights in the UFC, it’s safe to say Ellenberger will be feeling the pressure somewhat.

It has built transit centers for refugees to return, but U.N. aid agencies say it is not yet safe for them to do so.

These kinds of safe spaces are the lifeblood of the LGBTQ community, especially during pride season.

“Everything north of us was functioning and safe,” said Hale, now an emergency manager in Virginia.

So the solution is to let them run, which the city says keeps the water safe to drink.

So the solution is to let them run, which the city says keeps the water safe to drink.

What researchers have learned in recent years is that no level of lead is safe for children.

Merkel’s 2015 decision to open Germany’s borders to one million refugees was “irresponsible”, Rutkowski said, adding: “People don’t feel safe anymore.

I have a huge responsibility in terms of creating a safe environment,’” Scott told Vox.

“Honestly, I didn’t even feel safe going to this one.

(Read the Reuters investigation J&J has fought back, saying its talc is safe and has never contained asbestos or any carcinogens.

“Tokyo can be trusted to be the safe pair of hands and much more,” he told IOC members.

I think what that really means is how do we secure our schools and make sure our students are safe.

“Moreover, as civilians move around the country, fleeing violence, they have continued to face government restrictions on their ability to access safe areas.”

But again, my concern is Vermont, doing whatever we can to keep kids safe.

It’s safe to say Gary Neville’s time as Valencia coach has not gone to plan.

In the safe space that is conservative media, it kind of didn’t happen, right?

You must feel so safe with such a macho man at home.”

Take that with you as you head out tonight, and stay safe.

“We all in football want to do everything to make it as safe as possible,” Chryst said.

A fresh wave of young environmental activists are taking to the streets to strike for a safe climate.

Kate Fan, a 28-year-old charity worker visiting from Guangzhou, China, said she had heard about the incident but still felt safe.

My experience with the German police has also made me reassess my attitude toward their role of making sure the country is safe.

And because I’ve been stopped for identification so many times and feel targeted, it makes me question if I’m really truly safe.

So how safe is a Clinton national lead of 2 to 3 points, really?

I feel like it’s my job to gate-keep until I think they can handle negativity in a safe way.”

We’re pushing closer and closer to the safe line with every generation of phone that comes out.”

“I want to see the people of California safe,” the judge added.

“The trainers aren’t safe, and the whales aren’t happy,” Gabriela Cowperthwaite, the director of Blackfish, told CBS News.

“We have very little confidence that the rest of Fort McMurray is safe at this point.”

“We have very little confidence that the rest of Fort McMurray is safe at this point.”

Stay safe everyone.

“It’s also the only time of a year some brands feel safe telling a joke,” she added.

Google plays it extremely safe now, and this year announced a new type of technology that allows you to talk to flowers.

But, at just 16 fights into his career, it’s a safe option to build Joshua at this point.

So while the burger industry may be pretty safe, according to this report it’s also pretty misleading.

“This bank safe has never flooded since its building.

We are going to make America safe again and great again for everyone.

Crudely speaking, when people feel safe and cared for, they will be more open to extending the circle of care (that is, more liberal).

It can only be done through power — the power to create institutions, ideologies, narratives, and norms that make people feel safe and cared for.

When people feel safe, they will feel more ready to launch into a national transformation.

as well as resources such as money, fake travel documents, safe houses, and even weapons.

Dedicated kink venues—actual safe spaces free from stigma and hostility—cultivate a less insular, more sociable scene than social media or dating apps ever can.

Lightweight, it provides refugees with a durable shelter safe from both intruders and rain, snow, scorching suns, and strong winds.

We’re going to make our inner cities safe again.

And we will fight to make America totally safe again.

We’ve got to keep our country safe.

We’ve got to keep our country safe.

So we’re going to keep our country safe.

We’re going to have those safe zones.

So we’re going to have the gulf states pay for those safe zones.

We will make America safe again.

Headgear looked safe so it must be safe, science and humanity be damned.

So I knew it wasn’t safe there.

I’m somebody who believes, when the world is safe for everybody, the arts will play a large part in that.

People want us to fix the potholes, they want us to make sure the streets are safe.

It’s not just that you have to have safe wiring, it defines what that is.

We are only as safe as our partners around the world have the capacity to make us safe.”

After the problem was detected, Kmart secured its system and the stores are now safe to shop, Glynne said.

They’re also inspecting major roadways, bridges, and health facilities to ensure they’re safe to use.

Workers are sealing the old structure with a new one they finished building a year ago, called the New safe Confinement.

Workers are sealing the old structure with a new one they finished building a year ago, called the New safe Confinement.

So it’s a pretty safe bet that Mueller will bring some charges related to the email hackings.

But it’s safe to say they’re telling Mueller a good deal that’s of interest — and eventually, we will find out what.

It lurks in the shadows of the decisions we make, dictating whether or not we feel safe in our own bodies.

(Insite, North America’s first safe injection site for heroin users, is located in the neighborhood.)

Importantly, and you pointed this out, it is not as safe as it needs to be and as it should be.

If in other lands the eternal truths of the past are threatened by intolerance we must provide a safe place for their perpetuation.

There is no safe deposit for these but with the people themselves; nor can they be safe with them without information.

Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe.

It’s safe to say that Violette’s French roots are part of her appeal.

Better safe than sorry, we guess.

That’s going to make getting a safe abortion very difficult for a lot of people.

And with that has come willingness to go short safe assets such as gold or Treasuries, and on protective hedges such as the VIX.

In 1997, the FDA established the Packaging and Food Contact Substances program — a regulatory system to determine what packaging products were safe.

Single parents need affordable housing, a safe place for their child after school, and a location in a good school district.

Animal Control officers didn’t feel it was safe to enter so they asked the Sheriff’s Department to figure out the next move.

No one was safe.

“I respect people’s right to protest in a safe and non-violent manner and to have their voices heard,” she wrote.

Do they understand that the values and norms they assume safe and sacrosanct are in fact under heavy siege?

I respect people’s right to protest in a safe and non-violent manner and to have their voices heard.

With streetwear, I was safe knowing I wouldn’t look like anyone in my class, let alone my neighborhood.

Others added that there were no safe spaces, no places to socialize, and no LGBT activities in the area.

Additional federal funds for hiring school resource officers, made available through the safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, ended in 2009.

Is it safe to come out?

“I’m feeling very safe now.”

And if it’s handled properly, the film is perfectly safe.

Schrems, an Austrian law student, successfully fought against the EU’s previous privacy rules called safe Harbour in 2015.

“Every member of this body wants a world in which people feel safe regardless of the color of their skin.

The festival has a clear safe spaces policy in place, too.

The goal, Muir and Cormack explain, is to help familiarize people with the idea of safe spaces.

Rebuilding around a young core feels like a safe enough path with Gordon leading the way.

With safe spaces, we’re not going to ruin your party.

And together we are building a safe, strong, and proud America.

The vehicle then followed her until she could find a safe place.

We want every child to be safe in their home and night.

Investors poured into safe haven assets including gold, and the yen surged.

That means building a great wall on the Southern border, and it means hiring more heroes like CJ to keep our communities safe.

Investors poured into safe haven assets including gold, and the yen surged.

These four pillars represent a down-the-middle compromise, and one that will create a safe, modern, and lawful immigration system.

And our nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.

Young guys like me can’t go back to Syria—it’s just not safe.

Around May 2005, Wonnie came to Atlanta, even though I told him I didn’t feel like it was safe.

“Increasing livestock production goes hand in hand with raising farm animals safe from various diseases,” said Kim according to the newspaper.

And the Freedom Caucus members are in safe seats, so they won’t be the Republicans who lose.

But Granville All-Age didn’t always feel like a safe haven.

We’re told DaBaby left because of a contract provision that allowed him to bounce if he wasn’t feeling safe.

But the team still has to keep safe.

Our primary concern is to ensure all residents in these buildings are secure and safe,” said an Engie spokesman.

But whether Nielsen would be safe could depend on how Trump feels about Kelly’s departure, if it happens — and who would replace him.

He can live in either place, and he has, but that does not necessarily mean he feels safe in either one.

In currency markets, safe havens like the yen and Swiss franc gave up some recent gains.

I don’t plan on going back to school until gun control legislation is passed, to the point where every American feels safe.

That’s how safe it is.”

There’s nothing safe about it, which is contradictory to the Canadian personality, because we’re sorry about everything.

He added that it was further proof that a “travel ban” was necessary to keep the U.S. safe.

@daveweigel: safe to say that had Hillary not made the coal gaffe, we’d have finished KY an hour ago, right?

The FDA makes drugmakers go through an intensive application process before it deems new drugs or medical devices safe and effective.

Instead, they say it’s really, really hard to find new and safe drugs that deliver on their promises.

There are few safe spaces in Ferrante’s Naples, where domestic violence is a staple of family life and street brawls are commonplace.

Most legislators at all levels enjoy safe seats and have constituents who mostly just want them to toe the party line.

They don’t procure or provide the drugs, they’re just there to make sure you have a safe experience.

“One of the typical things we could say [is], You are safe.

Proponents argue lounges give adults a safe environment to consume cannabis.

In addition to providing a safe place for locals to consume cannabis, Roach said lounges and similar businesses are great for tourism. And Chief of Staff Kelly has paid lip service to the notion that women should be safe at work and at home.

This week provided yet another reminder that no black American is truly safe from racism.

That’s not our legacy, our legacy is are we keeping people safe online.

The one thing I hope every single company copies from Instagram, my hope is our effort on keeping people safe.

(We say stick to the Neapolitan, but it’s probably a safe bet that everything else rules, too.)

The main gripe was Fairstein didn’t represent safe Horizon’s values — specifically, assisting abuse victims who are predominantly people of color.

We’re told another issue for safe Horizon staff was Linda’s link to the Harvey Weinstein scandal when it broke in 2017.

Again … we’re told their concerns of safe Horizon employees fell on deaf ears.

safe to say, Dilfer will NOT be partying with Snoop anytime soon.

Autostrade has denied wrongdoing, saying regular, state-supervised inspections had indicated the ageing viaduct was safe.

We must keep them safe.

“We are not challenging the role of the FDA in determining that drugs are safe,” Coleman said.

Attorneys to play a more active role in helping reinvigorate the Project safe Neighborhoods program.

I rushed home and thank God my kids and myself are safe.”

I rushed home and thank God my kids and myself are safe.”

But it also meant the once quiet, safe space for women suddenly had a lot more attention from the average redditor.

In currency markets, safe havens like the yen and Swiss franc gave up some recent gains.

A Normal Lost Phone, released back in January, is a safe place to explore these fantasies.

Is your stash still safe, after weeks or months of lying forgotten in your room?

More people are free, and more people are safe.

“It’s very easy to hire that person and feel safe.

“It’s about creating a safe environment where women can get an education.

Maddy Parrasch & Emma Soucek continues at safe Gallery (1004 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn) through July 14.

But safe harbor protections have also allowed tech companies to move slowly when it comes to taking down content like hate speech or threats.

Though abortion is usually safe, it becomes more dangerous the longer a woman must wait.

Though abortion is usually safe, it becomes more dangerous the longer a woman must wait.

“No worker is safe until all workers are safe.

In an uncharacteristic display of concern, my brother had called to tell me to be safe.

“There must be safe passage for the sick and the wounded and the dying civilians,” he said.

Leaders believe that they will restore Billy Long—who represents a safe, R+23 district—to the “yes” column.

YouTube has spent the last year telling advertisers it’s safe to run their ads on the world’s biggest video site.

It’s safe to say she errs on the mad side.

“The child doesn’t feel protected and safe,” he said.

The spread over safe German Bund yields narrowed to 231 basis points, nearing its tightest levels since late last year.

Better to be safe than sorry!

All of the company’s deodorants are natural, cruelty free, and safe for sensitive skin.

—Abraham Lincoln The only safe pleasure for a parliamentarian is a bag of boiled sweets.

Trump said women in particular liked his support for a strong military as they often wanted to feel safe at home.

Since the law took effect, Lachowitz said she’s had to be even more vigilant about keeping herself and her 8-year-old daughter safe.

I think they want to be safe at home,” Trump said.

Since the law took effect, Lachowitz said she’s had to be even more vigilant about keeping herself and her 8-year-old daughter safe.

A Hong Kong Monetary Authority spokesperson told Reuters “the banking system of Hong Kong is safe and sound.

We have always strongly opposed the use of illegal substances, and we reiterate that there is no safe way to take drugs.”

MORENA’s leader in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, said on Monday that a safe third country agreement would be “inadmissible” for the legislature.

We will keep it free and keep it safe, as the media knows, but refuses to say.

It isn’t 100% safe, but nothing is.

This is not about religion — this is about terror and keeping our country safe.

No level of lead in the blood is considered safe, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Quitting work at 43 isn’t the safe route.

In currency markets, safe havens like the yen and Swiss franc gave up some recent gains.

They are safe and well,” Bernhard Schulte said in a statement.

“I don’t care what they say, no computer is safe,” said Trump, who does not use a computer.

It’s probably safe to say that many, many Egyptians — like the families of the 60,000 political prisoners, for example — would beg to differ.

How do we keep Americans safe without getting trapped in more foreign wars with no end in sight?

Just be safe, ladies, take it slow.

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply-held but likely-unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

We’re in 2018, the three couples we’ve been watching are in couples therapy, and Starbucks is their safe word.

Vila Autódromo was safe and quiet.

Before these drugs can be introduced to the market, the Food and Drug administration requires drugmakers to prove they are safe and effective.

It views women as fragile flowers who require safe spaces, trigger warnings, and special protection from micro-invalidations.

At both Oberlin and Georgetown, activists organized safe spaces where students could flee if they were panicked by my arguments.

At Oberlin, 35 students and a therapy dog sought refuge in a safe room.

Arriving back to literal safe harbor, I feel the total relief of my stress response returning all the way to “normal.”

… Don’t worry, you are safe.

As for the property itself, it has state-of-the-art security, including cameras, alarms, motion detectors and from what we understand, a safe room.

As far as replacements go … safe to say Ariana would make a big splash.

I’m watching you, and no one can see.’ “But I wasn’t safe,” Performer A said.

(If you’re thinking about co-sleeping, check out La Leche League’s safe Sleep Seven for some advice on how to do it safely.)

How long are the jobs safe for?

Keeps them safe, keeps us safe.

I think a small part of my father believed, right until that moment, we would be safe.

It’s not like Gringotts in Harry Potter and there’s a safe and your little jewels are in there.

He was safe here.

You were all safe here.” “So it’s his fault, then?” Khadija said.

In an emailed response to questions from Reuters, J&J said its Baby Powder is safe and asbestos-free.

It’s safe to say this will be a topic on everybody’s mind.

“Here’s my passport, safe and sound,” Guaido said, showing it to the crowd.

In other words: It’s safe to say that NBC is banking hard on Will & Grace succeeding.

I felt very safe, I felt very liberated, free for the first time in my life.

Much of Medicaid should be safe, or safer, from the Trump administration’s meddling.

And in opioid marketing, drug companies hired patient advocates and doctors to tell patients and other physicians that the drugs were safe and effective.

Indeed, about the only actual “answer” we got is that Andrea’s cat is safe.

Wray, who was willing to repeatedly contradict Trump at his confirmation hearing, appears to Senate Democrats to be a safe bet.

In general, the answer is, yes, they are safe to download.

Once it reaches a safe depth, the clam anchors its inflated foot in the sand, before deflating it to draw down its protective shell.

So she shot, based on her account, just to be safe.

“Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe.

I have a Masters degree in Accounting and have had a safe career in that field working in public accounting and for startups.

“We are committed to ensuring a safe work place that is free of discrimination and harassment,” the statement said.

(If you think that’s a safe bet, may I suggest you recall the 2016 Republican presidential primary.)

You’re all safe, okay.”

They hurt police’s ability to keep the public safe, too.

And despite those costs, millions of people still use marijuana — a drug that most Americans view as relatively safe.

It has vowed to defend itself in court, citing regulators and studies as saying the products are safe.

You’re in a safe place where people will protect you,” and that her school also reaches beyond students to their families.

It just takes a very long time to design and build a spacecraft that’s safe for humans to use.

Republicans in Congress overwhelmingly come from safe districts and fear primaries from the right above all else.

(That’s assuming no Democrats lend their support, which is an extraordinarily safe assumption.)

(That’s assuming no Democrats lend their support, which is an extraordinarily safe assumption.)

Third, how do we keep America safe and lead the world without becoming its policeman?

“I don’t feel safe here,” she says.

Sometimes the government provides urea-free fertilizer, but often it simply adds dust to the urea fertilizer to make it safe.

The World Health Organization states that benzene causes cancer, and “no safe level of exposure can be recommended.”

Both exchanges get at one of Daredevil’s worldviews: that the lawlessness of this world has made the patriarchy seem safe.

“Excavation would be long, dangerous and expensive,” the Coalition to Keep Us safe, the lobbying front for the landfill operator posted on their website.

These are poems you want to wrap your arms around and keep safe.

safe to say, the wit is free-flowing as are the good vibes in Arosio’s artwork.

He adds that he’s visited the Persian Gulf on three different naval ships to cook for sailors who are “keeping our country safe.”

Full of robust dialogue, safe spaces are not a bubbled-wrapped echo chamber, but a places where “civility and mutual respect” actually matter.

But you do not get our “diversity” without safe spaces, trigger warnings, or some institutionalized form of respect for people with different experiences.

Recklessly painting trigger warnings and safe spaces as enemies to academic freedom will only make UChicago a more hostile environment for marginalized first-years.

“Iran-controlled airspace over the Persian Gulf and other flight routes are completely safe,” its spokesman, Reza Jafarzadeh, was quoted as saying.

(APPLAUSE) BUSH: And while Donald Trump was building a reality TV show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe.

One wipe should be enough to keep your arms safe all night.

safe passage to the next moment, and the one after that.

The most solemn responsibility of the president is to keep this country safe.

Under this context, along with the lyrics and song titles on the album, it’s safe to say that “Awaken, My Love!”

“Yes or no — is stable and safe housing a social determinant of health?” Pressley asked.

BTW — Odell was only charged for the 3 pizzas he ordered, so it’s safe to say he’ll be a returning customer.

The landmark labor law, which established a worker’s right to a safe and healthy work environment, also left out domestic workers and farmworkers.

Yet the Institute for safe Medication Practices study found 80 percent of users reported being on their antidepressants long-term.

KS: It was almost useless and then I just … LG: Kara’s like, “I was safe.

Are those safe?

Nobody noticed as he bypassed security and stealthily emptied the safe.

The contents of the safe in this scenario form some abstract concoction of political power, decency, and truth in America.

She’ll keep it safe for you.

It’s a safe and measured way of being in that state of mind but having some control over it.”

It doesn’t feel safe to imagine riding in a shared driverless vehicle.

Not just because the technology doesn’t work — but because it doesn’t feel safe to be alone in a small, enclosed space with strange men.

What kind of testing did they do (or not) to be sure the replacements were safe?

As the old saying goes: Better safe than sorry.

“But growing up as an African-American, or even a minority in society, you never feel safe anyways,” she added.

“At least now I don’t feel safe for a reason, not just because of my skin.”

It’s making us less safe, it’s costing taxpayers too much money, it’s violating our values.

I never thought I could feel so safe in a two-story building filled with hunky men.

They are where I can go and feel safe.”

But they are by no means safe.

“Finally, a personal lubricant that’s made with clean and safe ingredients, is fragrance-free, and isn’t embarrassing on your nightstand.”

It’s safe to say that she would know a classified document when she saw it.”

When written lovingly, romances like Dream Daddy allow self-exploration and safe expressions of queer identity.

Very grateful that everyone is safe.

It’s safe, yummy, and not so heavy that you’ll want to nap right there at the table.

The Vault is also remote, and therefore a “safe place, quite far away from conflicts,” Asdal told me.

Or do they have the effect of making marijuana legalization seem like the safe, centrist choice?

The imperative for Republican politicians, most of whom come from safe seats, is to satisfy their radicals, lest they face a primary challenge.

And together, we are building a safe, strong, and proud America.

The document did not reference the possibility that Guatemala would act as a “third safe country” for U.S.-bound migrants seeking asylum.

We want every child to be safe in their home at night.

That means building a wall on the Southern border, and it means hiring more heroes like CJ to keep our communities safe.

These four pillars represent a down-the-middle compromise, and one that will create a safe, modern, and lawful immigration system.

She told him she did not know where to turn, but badly wanted a safe home for her baby.

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality repeatedly said that the water was safe, and they had the test numbers to back it up.

And our Nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.

Most people actually value things like clean air and clean water and safe food and not getting ripped off by banks.

The rule also called for real-time monitoring, third-party reviews of equipment, regular inspections and safe drilling margin requirements.

“However, the sad reality is that hardly any of H&M’s supplier factories in Bangladesh can be called safe.”


So long as Republicans hold power in Washington, Obamacare will never be entirely safe.

Luckily, all 109 passengers on the plane were safe, but the wreck they left behind looks bad.

It’s a French crime thriller about these guys breaking into a safe, to steal diamonds or something.

Police in riot gear and angry protestors have become commonplace when controversial speakers visit college campuses, but keeping the participants safe isn’t cheap.

It’s likely to be one of many cases that set legal precedent about the the cost of keeping free speech safe on campus.

When it comes to combating opioid misuse and addiction, needle exchanges and safe injection sites have solid evidence behind them.

Police in riot gear and angry protestors have become commonplace when controversial speakers visit college campuses, but keeping the participants safe isn’t cheap.

It’s likely to be one of many cases that set legal precedent about the the cost of keeping free speech safe on campus.

They found that about 39 percent of Americans support needle exchanges, while around 29 percent back safe injection sites.

safe injection sites, meanwhile, provide a place for people to use drugs under medical supervision in case anything goes wrong — like, say, an overdose.

Yet despite the preponderance of empirical evidence supporting needle exchanges and safe injection sites, stigma holds back these policies.

And so it’s like, “How do the Nigerians stay safe?

“There’s no clinical need to discuss whether there’s a need to take a safe medication.

I really, really want for space to be safe, secure, and sustainable long term.

The city’s heavy smog often exceeds the levels of pollution the World Health Organization deems safe.

Does it give other girls and women any more power to be safe from misogyny and sexual assault?

There is an ongoing debate in the industry over whether rolling out semi-autonomous features incrementally is safe.

It’s all fodder, and being in Griffin has built up that safe space to try things in.

Moore’s misconduct is jeopardizing what should be a safe Republican Senate seat.

Minnesota is a blue-ish state, but the seat isn’t nearly so safe that Democrats should feel complacent that a scandal-plagued nominee could hold it.

Conyers’s seat, by contrast, is extremely safe.

That’s something we do want to preserve and we’ve got to be very, very careful to keep that safe.

“‘We’re safe here now.'”

“We just want to make sure you are safe and we will respect your wishes,” Doubt said.

In 2015, Geoghegan’s firm settled a civil rights suit on behalf of Coalition for safe Chicago Communities with three municipalities outside Chicago.

Schools are no longer safe institutions.

—Marina Garcia-Vasquez 17-year-old Kiyah Gentle: “I need safe spaces because sometimes my headspace can only hold so much.

We as people need safe spaces to let go of pain, safely.

My safe spaces vary depending on my opportunity to get to them.

18-year-old Justin Candys: “My safe space?

safe spaces are so important because in our current sociopolitical climate, almost every aspect of our lives is under attack.

That’s what safe spaces do, and they absolutely must be protected.”

safe places are most necessary for the youth.

safe spaces have always provided me with the tools I need to collect my loose ends and reestablish a relationship with my mental stability.”

So for me, I found my safe space in the art— mainly music—I make.

safe environments are a way for young people of color to remind ourselves that we are more than just stepping stones for others’ success.

16-year-old Miabella Chavez: “My safe space is Las Fotos Project.

safe spaces allow people to step out and away from the rigors of life and just be.”

17-year-old Choyce Brown: “My safe space is my backyard because it calms me and balances me.

It is so necessary to have a safe place.

We must keep our children safe!

Now, they are safe with their parents in Berlin.

In the swirling uncertainty of newfound adulthood, I felt safe with Richard.

The FDA also cited a number of studies that show weed is relatively safe, including findings that state: It’s not a “gateway drug.”

“I told them, ‘Brother, you are safe now, get up, he’s gone.

The suit was filed by safe Diesel on behalf of 2,435 people, the ruling, which was shown to Reuters by safe Diesel, said.

safe Diesel was set up to take on the case for the claimants.

“It is a breakthrough in the European branch of the affair,” safe Diesel’s lawyer Frantisek Honsa said in a company statement.

safe Diesel said it has been collecting demands from more owners of the affected cars.

They say his safe contained cash and a loaded Glock with 9 rounds, and there was a Beretta handgun in his office.

No thanks,” and, “What place does @Beyonce who vilifies police officers who keep us safe have to do with #CMAawards50?”

For many migrants, danger doesn’t end upon their safe arrival into Italy.

Boeing, which maintained that its planes were safe to fly, said in a statement that it supported the latest FAA move.

Not only is it gripping and well-written, but it also blows up the idea that childbirth in America is safe.

Before being healed, participants had to fill out “informed consent” forms, complete with a safe word to end things if they got too intense.

Each column represents one site of concrete-entombed radioactive waste; the numbers count the seconds remaining until it becomes safe for humans (a long time).

What follows is a guide to where you can feel safe drinking among fellow fans.

A single overhead light illuminates his face, bruised and bloodied by the soldiers who raided his safe house.

A single overhead light illuminates his face, bruised and bloodied by the soldiers who raided his safe house.

The North Korean leader believes nuclear weapons keep his regime safe.

It’s safe to say there aren’t huge rewards to be reaped from warming ties with Russia.

Surely the Emmys were too staid, too safe and bland in their choices, to ever nominate five new dramas in the same category.

Removing the leadership is easier than denying the group a safe haven, Morell said.

“I don’t feel safe when I say the pledge of allegiance,” said Piña, the daughter of two unauthorized immigrants who stood silently behind her.

Passengers and drivers will be sent the same “safe word,” so that passengers can confirm the driver is who she says she is.

Investors have flocked to safe assets such as gold and the Japanese yen.

You’ll feel safe and secure today, as lovely Venus and lucky Jupiter connect in the sky.

Speaking in Ankara, Erdogan said Turkey had would maintain its presence and activities in Syria until the country became safe for everyone.

8/10 The Product: Marshmallow (ESP Enjoyable safe Pleasure) Taste Test: Strong, fruity sweetness relentless enough to resemble candy floss.

If you’re going to build a pipeline, this is as safe as it can be built.”

safe words are established in the event that someone feels uncomfortable.

Our community is safe from this killer,” Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar said in a statement.

There’s a number of apps for smartphones that help people with information on how to access safe passage.

“It’s not healthy for the nurses, it’s not safe for the patients,” Melnyk says.

Make said reuseable rockets safe enough for human travel in two to three years.

In September, Musk said that in just two to three years, SpaceX rockets will be safe enough to carry people to and from space.

We want to help make sure you are safe.”

In the case of a flash flood, you’ll move to somewhere with higher ground if it’s safe.

No matter the disaster, you should stay in a safe place until all warnings have been canceled.

Critically that means early diagnosis, early isolation, safe burials and understanding the social context.

1 job is to get home safe, and they’ll do what it takes to ensure that.

“You cannot make football safe.

The blast released 18.6 kilotons of power, and knocked those watching from what they thought was a safe distance to the ground.

It’s pretty safe to start thinking blanket legalization is on the horizon.

Are the numbers like those on a safe?

To prove the water is safe when filtered, Snyder decided he would take the plunge himself.

Unaware of those perils, the Prices removed the couch, and, assuming their baby was now safe, continued living in the house.

The CDC says there is no safe level of lead in children’s blood.

That means the rule is probably a safe bet to pass.

But the polarization of congressional districting has created a lot of safe seats, helping those with decades of experience hold on to office.

Handeyside said counterterrorism cases like Medina’s are not only a waste of resources, they might actually be making America less safe.

Even computers in bakeries aren’t safe with all the flour in the air.

But self-administration is less safe, of course, since they’re unsupervised.

Ketamine is getting more and more attention as an exceedingly safe drug.

In the Vietnam War, it was nicknamed the “buddy drug” because it was safe enough that it could be administered by a fellow soldier.

But I am pretty shocked both tests pointed to the same tendency to keep a safe emotional distance from the people around me.

Do what makes you feel comfortable, but do whatever makes you feel safe first.

In 2016, the EPA included bromide in the safe Water Drinking Act as an unregulated contaminant to be monitored by public water systems.

One quick result of this would be that no seat is truly safe.

I’m not excited about Jarvis Landry’s week-to-week ceiling, but even with Tannehill playing poorly, Landry’s floor feels safe.

Another frustrating thing is that if you’ve been using Ware as a starting running back, that’s no longer a safe harbor, either.

VICE: Air traffic control is, in part, responsible for the safe landing of airplanes.

“I think it’s safe to say that I’m the first person to bake this specific variety of cookies here,” she says, laughing.

Some companies find it essential to process their mail at a safe location before bringing it to their headquarters, O’Rourke said.

Wearers say they’re showing people of color they’re “safe” white people.

It’s just a bit too safe, in some way.

Despite what the mass consumer market tells us, newborn babies need very little: a safe place to sleep, some diapers, and food.

Swaddle blankets

Babies are swaddled minutes after they are born — this helps them feel safe and secure.

It allows parents to actually suck the snot out of a baby’s nose in a safe, hygenic way.

Pharmaceutical companies took advantage of this desire, marketing opioid painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin as a safe, effective solution to pain.

We will make America safe again.

“We want to show them this is a safe space and God loves everyone,” Glasspool said.

Lopez Obrador reiterated investments in the country of 130 million people would be safe, and pledged to respect central bank independence.

Create 20 mile safe zone …

Terrorism and foreign affairs were the topics of Monday night’s proceedings; the theme was “Make America safe Again.”

Historically, looking at Nintendo, I think the safe bet would be no.

“Would you feel safe putting it in a backpack for on-the-go stuff, i.e.

So yeah, I think we’re probably safe.

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve accomplished that.

The second is to keep herself safe, and allow her warriors to fight her battles for her.

Law enforcement is in the process of rendering them safe.

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