Rush in a sentence | Use of the word rush examples

Of course, Snap is far from doomed just three days into trading — the stock is simply settling after a crazy IPO rush.

He was sacked twice, and temporarily knocked out of the game by a pass rush that ranked 18th in sacks.

—Dylan Matthews This is a selection from the rush transcript of the night’s debate.

She wanted to know why I was in such a rush.

I was in a rush to leave.

It was important for Cody to meet the right girl and not rush into anything.

I’m not in a rush; I think I have enough time and we’ll work on it.

And I couldn’t get off, because I liked the feel of the rush.

If that continues, the Tigers have to be feeling good about their chances, even if the Alabama rush offense keeps dominating.

“I cannot tell you how beloved Andrew Breitbart was,” rush Limbaugh said in a 2013 monologue.

He makes men feel the need to rush to close the distance.

In Washington, at least, there’s been a mad rush to get kids vaccinated.

“Patient means that we see no need to rush to judgment,” Powell said.

But that rush has put a strain on clinics that lack both the materials and healthcare providers to keep up with the demand.

In multiple statements, Trump insisted that his administration is in “no rush” to sign a deal to rid North Korea of its nuclear program.

Trump’s public comments during the day have been along lines of “no rush” and eventually a deal will come together.

“He didn’t rush me off the phone like every other jeweler I talked to,” he explains.

Once you’ve decided to buy, it’s important not to rush the house-hunting process.

The store also hired seasonal retail workers a month earlier than in past years to make sure they could handle the rush, he said.

A rush transcript of his remarks is below: Thank you.

So why the big rush on Tuesday?

It looks like a bit of a rush,” said Grace, who recently moved to Hawaii from Virginia.

After work, Lucas would immediately rush to a computer and log into his avatar body.

Below is a rush transcript of Clinton’s speech.

Senate Republicans have entered a frantic rush to put a tax overhaul on the Senate floor in the next few days.

People like rush Limbaugh have essentially acknowledged that.

The rush to pass anything that “repeals and replaces Obamacare” has also made some Republicans tap the breaks.

In other words, Bradford doesn’t rush the process.

The retailer was Uber’s largest partner for its ‘rush’ service, which delivered groceries as well as clothes, flowers and other goods.

Uber will shutter the entire rush program at the end of next month.

Serpentine locks of hair float and calligraphic swathes of drapery furl and unfurl, all set aloft by the rush of events.

Gibson and Wade don’t hesitate to rush toward prime rebounding location on the blocks, while Lopez and Rajon Rondo occupy the paint.

Don’t rush yourself!

Trump wished Porter well Friday, essentially saying there was a rush to judgment in believing his accusers.

When movies do exceptionally well, like Wonder Woman did, studios will often rush a sequel announcement and stage a full promotional blitz.

“I don’t want to rush it.

The following contains minor spoilers for Mass Effect: Andromeda and Gravity rush 2.

“We don’t want to rush into anything, we want to understand the outlines and ethics first.

In an otherwise frantic story, Rickman was never in a rush.

I still prefer the mineral stick, but the roll-on options are nice for when I’m in a rush or traveling.

“I don’t think there’s any rush to replace the vacancy,” the governor said last week.

I must admit that I really missed working in a kitchen environment: the work ambiance, the colleagues, the rush.

Mattarella and Cottarelli met on Wednesday and “decided together not to rush things (to favor) a possible political government,” the source said.

There’s something in the human brain, a dopamine rush.

In this work, Höch presents the viewer with a rush of intermingled visual fragments that exceeds any attempt at a clear understanding.

The only thing we could was rush let us use the sample from “The Spirit of Radio.”

It’s a little after 1 PM in the weeds of the lunchtime rush.

To challenge this, Clarke-Stone pitched the idea of Narrative four years ago to the chairman and CEO of rush Communications Russell Simmons.

However, she can’t ignore the singular rush and the feeling of infallibility that follows.

I mean, SpaceX and Amazon, now they all want to rush to send thousands of satellites up there to provide global internet.

It’s like a gold rush because people see, “Oh, wow, there are trillions of dollars to be made with space-based services.

Perhaps it’s the chili rush of the extra hot glaze as part of the No Bones (about it) Platter.

Cover image: Screen shot of body-cam footage showing the victim, Johnnie Jermaine rush.

So when you see imagery from the sequel, the connection is made, with no uncertainty: this is another Gravity rush, and nothing else.

But Gravity rush didn’t look like any other 3D platformer, like any other “action-adventure” game.

Both Gravity rush games see Toyama carving out a distinct aesthetic space for himself, in the middle of the very crowded “action-adventure” marketplace.

Gravity rush 2 bears its maker’s brushstrokes.

Gravity rush 2 is released for the PlayStation 4 on January 20th.

Some even tried to rush migrant shelters, and were held back by Mexican police.

Some even tried to rush migrant shelters, and were held back by Mexican police.

Steve has reason to join the new gold rush.

The pleasant plink of AIM’s original notifications are all there in AIM Phoenix, and they pushed a strange dopamine rush through my brain.

Below is a rush transcript of Sanders’s speech: Thank you.

(The three leaders in the House who shot down Pelosi’s rush for a quick vote on minority leader were Mass.

“Being hyperconnected makes you feel like you’re constantly in a rush and stressed out,” he said.

There’s an adrenaline rush you get when you see hundreds of people trying to catch the same pokemon.

“There was just such a rush of news after the Harvey story broke,” Masters said.

Fisher told the media he doesn’t want to rush Goff — even though the team traded SIX DRAFT PICKS to get him.

“They must’ve been in a rush.

— while simultaneously allowing for the visceral rush of watching Jack torture people.

This is the fundamental issue which people have neglected to think about in the rush to the 25th Amendment.

With the sugar rush of U.S. tax cuts wearing off, U.S. profit margins look set to wane while EM margins have further to go.

The rush comes, in part, because tardigrades are the most fascinating animals known to science, able to survive in just about every environment imaginable.

OD: And he does have, still, powerful allies like rush Limbaugh, powerful ally; Mark Levin, powerful ally.

And then between those two, you have the mediators — rush Limbaugh, Drudge, Fox News, Daily Caller — that efficiently connect the top and the bottom.

Even if they’re in a rush, they’re still pretty polite.

At that point the dam breaks and you will get a rush of other establishment figures who will rally around him.”

As Chicago’s rush hour progressed, protestors made their way from Congress Parkway to the stretch of street outside the Art Institute.

They’re trying to get these lockdown corners so the pass rush up front can really create havoc out there.

Invariably, this would lead to a ‘gold rush‘, with everybody and his uncle jumping on the same bandwagon,” Fernandes said.

If you’re wondering what the hell a Toyota car parade is … think your local highway at rush hour, with ONLY Toyotas.

But there are some major side-effects of Colombia’s new gold rush that locals are curiously quiet about: erectile dysfunction and brain damage.

Don’t rush things, Libra!

You’re still sorting out how you want to go about things, so don’t rush to make decisions—information is on the way.

(HuffPost) As the controversy over Omar’s comments grew, the only 2020 Democratic candidate to rush to her defense was Sen. Bernie Sanders.

It was like, “Why rush to play the museum?

As bad as getting your news from Facebook can be, it’s often far better than relying on Fox News or rush Limbaugh.

Why rush to play the Boiler Room party sponsored by Ray-Ban?

Why rush to have an interview with a Vice website?”

This would annoy a bunch of Blue Line riders (they were annoyed when WMATA did something similar and called it “rush Plus”).

And he knew quite a few guys who did rush in to take down the bad guys.

rush survived the incident, but Hickman is facing felony and misdemeanor assault charges, as well as a federal civil rights investigation.

rush survived the incident, but Hickman is facing felony and misdemeanor assault charges, as well as a federal civil rights investigation.

“Don’t look at me with your spitty blood face,” Hickman tells rush.

rush is without basis,” said Amburgey in a statement.

This isn’t the time to rush things, or even get “too deep” (your favorite thing to do!

And that frantic rush has, once again, led to policies with a great human cost.

Making matters worse, George R. R. Martin is in no rush to release his next book.

We don’t have rush Limbaugh who gets 20 million people a day.

Pittsburgh turned their season around when they started getting a rush off the edge.

During Spring rush in February, 2017, sophomore Tim Piazza died after an initiation ritual that forced him to drink 18 drinks in 82 minutes.

Many gas stations in Houston ran out of gas after a mad rush on Thursday night.

He was a key reason that Arizona was able to cobble together enough pass rush to be dangerous last year.

His rivalry with British driver James Hunt, the 1976 champion for McLaren, was intense and became the subject of the acclaimed 2013 film “rush”.

Below is a rush transcript of his speech.

The community is placed in danger as responders rush to the scene, taking them away from real emergencies.

The rush of interest in the new phone came after Apple issued an upbeat sales forecast for the year-end holiday shopping season on Thursday.

In the early ’80s, it was Ian rush.

So, there was a rush to get through as much of George W. Bush’s legacy-building legislation as possible.

So, there was a rush to get through as much of George W. Bush’s legacy-building legislation as possible.

Trump said he was in “no rush” to reach a deal with North Korea on its nuclear weapons.

He calls 911, they rush him to the hospital where he has a massive heart attack.

Instead, they’ve decided to rush to a vote this week — and that means the modified BCRA will need 60 votes to pass.

This month you’ll be presented with an unusual business opportunity, but don’t rush your decision.

3 black men rush him and knock him to the ground.

With their deadline fast approaching, Senate Republicans’ rush to repeal and replace Obamacare remains as unpopular as ever with the public.

I happen to get a particular rush out of being the guy who believes in you when other people don’t.

But utilities wouldn’t necessarily rush back to coal once that happened, because natural gas would still have a cost advantage.

Now, an emerging crop of young farmers are eagerly pursuing this green rush.

Lyle, Lee’s older brother, says these stories give him “an adrenaline rush.

At the height of the August rush, police came through and cut the music with to check IDs.

Falsehoods get squeezed out of it, lazy assertions stand up, naked and blushing, and rush out of the room.

We wanted the movie to play with a rush of information and character and situations.

In every Civ game I play, I rush economic advances.

Billieux cited a patient who compared the rush he gets playing Fortnite, a very popular online multiplayer game, to his experiences skydiving.

Now, he just needs to turn on whatever device he plays Fortnite on and immediately get that same rush.

After I make my civilization an economic giant, I rush gunpowder and unlock advanced military tech before my opponents.

The industry should see more activity this year as companies rush to conclude deals ahead of the rebound.

It’s just a better rush at 130, 140, 150 miles per hour.”

The rush to restore cultural monuments in Iraq and Syria has papered over the failure to rebuild houses, infrastructure, and people’s lives.

The Tigers were not in a rush to promote him, even though he was ranked as a top-100 prospect.

Then Birhan’s words began to come out in a rush.

Sofia and the Biebs were cruising down Sunset Blvd in WeHo Thursday during rush hour when they ended up stopped next to our bus.

I considered downloading Tinder just get the rush of having matches.

We’ve seen the NHL rush into markets without doing its due diligence in the past, and it never goes well.

“Sleeping late on weekends can ruin whatever progress is made,” Charmane Eastman, who studies biological rhythms at rush University, writes me in an email.

In 1972 prospectors found a giant deposit known as the Mesozoic Chiapas-Tabasco oilfield, prompting a rush to develop the state.

A dreaded “diminished ovarian reserve” finding might push a woman to consider freezing her eggs, or to rush to get pregnant.

Below is a rush transcript of Clinton’s remarks.

On Tuesday, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office in response to a question about North Korea, “We’re in no rush whatsoever.

… As long as there’s no testing, I’m in no rush.

I grew up on motocross and ATVs, and I get no bigger adrenaline rush than when flying a drone.”

Below is a rush transcript of Clinton’s victory speech.

It was a rush of vulgar desperation, with something of Bonnard’s or Nolde’s turning their backs on reality.

In recent years, there has been a rush into the space, including by rivals Seamless, EAT24, Postmates and Caviar.

Adults rush to hug her and people hold up their notebooks for her to autograph.

And that’s why there’s no incentive to rush.

“Right now we are in the machine learning gold rush, and so developers can be selective about what projects to take on.

Unless Donald Trump secretly has rush statistics from the FBI — which is unlikely — he is wrong.

We have often been cautioned not to rush to judgment because we did not know what the Mueller team knows.

He had to rush off, but I think he’s fine.

I can sit alone, for a few moments, and savor the salty rush of shrimp.

After his career is over, he begins to crave the rush of shame and embarrassment in his day-to-day life.

“We don’t rush results; we would like them to do a thorough and proper job,” she said.

Even if rush regresses to his career average from distance, he’ll be a very useful situational player.

The couple met in 2015 while riding the subway during Monday-evening rush hour.

He knows Aldo likes to rush in with heavy hands.

The gold rush to find a VR product that will be as popular as Instagram, Snapchat, or even Dropbox has been fruitless.

But the mad rush to Peru’s border in the past week was largely unnecessary.

One of my finest memories of Shanghai was the rush I felt the moment evening classes were dismissed.

A rush transcript of the meeting follows.

McLendon is a run-stuffing nose tackle with no pass rush ability.

There’s no rush.

The Chargers, thankfully, backed off their early idea that he would play inside and have made him a rush outside linebacker.

At the same time, the rush to declare Turkey “safe” could hardly have come at a more embarrassing time for the EU.

Before Microsoft, Amazon and the digital gold rush, Seattle’s economy was propelled by air and water.

It is not, however, a realistic option for someone who is in such a rush to retire on top.

Below is a rush transcript of Clinton’s speech.

It was that initial rush, right, of Twitter when, “Oh look, we brought democracy to Egypt,” and they kind of believed it.

In 1961, art collector Richard H. rush published Art as an Investment, a beginner’s guide to collecting.

If he could avoid attempting to rush Rockhold he could certainly take advantage of Rockhold’s porous guard on the lead.

Confusing and big emotions are in the air, so take things slow and don’t rush to label situations.

It’s being pushed through in an elitist, anti-democratic, middle of the night rush.

He brought out his mother before, to like I’m gonna be nice ‘cause his mother’s gonna rush the stage.

Subway trains fill with people during rush hour in the capital city, Pyongyang.

Commuting in London at rush hour is pretty grim, as millions would tell you.

The rush to get to home and get to sleep was so great I ended up making stupid errors.

A full rush transcript of the speech is below: So this is the moment they said would never happen.

Some of these friends are found on the video for “Cool rush.”

In fact, he was in such a rush … he backed right into the car behind him.

As the rains shifted toward central and eastern Japan, NHK warned Kyushu residents not to rush home as the landslide danger persists.

But again, I don’t anticipate a law being passed that shuts down Sean Hannity or rush Limbaugh — we’re stuck with them.

Below, Vox will publish a rush transcript of her speech in full.

So did Chance the Rapper and Rep. Bobby rush (D-IL), among others.

Every stop on the subway provides a new influx of attractive humans, and that’s just during rush hour on a Tuesday.

“The adrenaline rush I felt, I wanted to flee, I was scared.

Take this woman out of it, take rush out of it for a moment,” Lewis said in a March 2012 episode.

What’s more disturbing is why Arkansas is in such a rush.

When I first started to buy records (as a DJ), I was buying a lot of Ed rush, and Optical.

rush through the gallery and vote for the gal you wouldn’t mind scoring with.

The stakes of the Republican rush to repeal and replace Obamacare could hardly be higher.

They’re in a mad rush to save the city from the Underminer, the villain introduced at the end of the prior film.

rush Limbaugh had another version of rush Limbaugh before he was rush Limbaugh.

The problem is that the great cryptocurrency rush of 2017 has made the crucial ingredient for Ethereum mining—GPUs—incredibly hard to find.

Don’t worry: You won’t have to rush through these changes and hard conversations.

Space entrepreneurs speak of a new “gold rush” and compare their mission to that of the frontiersmen, or the early industrialists.

The Moistbreezy track, “rush Hour,” is nuts, in a great way.

One whiff relaxes the posterior and imparts a reliable and pleasant head rush.

The piece compared the election to the choice made by passengers on Flight 93, the fourth 9/11 plane, to rush the cockpit.

As rush Limbaugh, father of today’s right-wing media, said way back in 2010: We live in two universes.

A rush transcript of the president’s remarks follows.

Utrecht went into lockdown in the aftermath of Monday’s shooting on a tram just after the morning rush hour.

You know you’re blocking our way home, in rush hour?”

Below is a rush transcript of Hillary Clinton’s victory speech.

The throng of thousands began the protest at Union Square and marched up Broadway toward Trump Tower, halting rush hour traffic in its place.

It’s fun work, but it doesn’t give me the rush of gaming at the highest level, where thousands of people are watching.”

What’s the big rush?

Mini-traffic jams are common at rush hour, despite it being a residential side street.

“I don’t understand the rush to judgment.

Don’t rush anything.

You click quickly, throwing away 20 inches in a few seconds, and feel a rush of vertigo and guilt.

A lot of kleptos talk about getting hooked on the “rush” of theft.

If you want to stick to something Bay Area-specific, though, order the Hangtown Fry, a dish popularized in San Francisco during the Gold rush.

Don’t rush through your chores; try to enjoy them.

Nor is it the first time Secret Service has had to rush onto the stage to surround Trump.

But there’s no rush.

Bonita rush, Indian Trail, North Carolina In 2012, I was having really bad headaches.

Some analysts said this scenario could trigger a near-term land rush by companies fearing higher royalty rates in the future.

The BoE has warned investors not to assume that it would rush to cut borrowing costs after a no-deal shock.

“It’s going to be like the original gold rush days,” remarked Robert Frantz, president of Kepler Energy & Space Engineering.

What a rush — I was hooked and wanted more.

By going public with its plans, Comcast is putting pressure on Fox and its shareholders to not rush into approving the Disney deal.

The file shows social workers were in no rush to reunite Miwa and her mother.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. fund investors are in no rush to shore up defenses against the strong dollar.

The cause: a massive truck bomb, detonated less than 1,000 meters away, during rush hour in the capital Kabul.

The cause: a massive truck bomb, detonated less than 1,000 meters away, during rush hour in the capital Kabul.

This leads to a competitive rush for the front row.

Gun rush was added an update landing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, and lets up to 32 players play at once.

Like “Fortnite,” Gun rush tosses players into a shrinking battle zone and forces them to search for weapons to survive.

It’s a rush.

People with gambling disorders become preoccupied with the action and the rush associated with gambling.

Over the next few years, the contest could take the form of a gold rush for patents.

December is here, which means Christmas cheer, Hanukkah joy — and for some flexible health spending account holders, a mad rush to purchase medical supplies.

We cannot rush to move forward under this cloud.

And she is delightedly telling voters that she will find many more allies to block what she calls a “rush to federalism”.

But you know, you can’t completely rush to judgement either.

A rush transcript of the press conference follows.

You’re not sure what you want— but don’t rush yourself.

The island of Karnaca blends old world beauty with a rush of new imperialism, to create a setting layered and lived-in.

The rush to either defame or defend her is a testament to her pop culture clout.

“The most important message I’d like to share with parents is please don’t rush around stations or platforms,” he added.

It’s easy to dismiss the rush as a Trumpian move — to prioritize flashy nationalistic rhetoric over substance.

Signaled panic, blood rush my embarrassment.

We’re told there’s no rush … Chrissy Teigen and company have held in the ratings post-Tyra.

Anita Hill has some advice for US senators investigating the sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Don’t rush through an investigation.

“Do not rush these hearings,” she wrote.

I feel compelled to rush to Faloon’s defense—and to all transhumanists whose methods are potentially unconventional.

There’s a gold rush happening.

Why did Samsung rush out the replacement units without actually figuring out what the real cause was?

Mars enters hardworking Virgo on September 5, bringing a rush of activity to your professional and public life.

Doesn’t rush it.

I stop myself before I rush to pass judgment — I’ve been in the same position.

Because every … someone else will rush in and cover it, right?

There’s no reason to rush into anything.

“I really put my head down,” added Finau, whose closing rush lifted him to a seven-under 281 total.

From the bass-heavy rush of a song like “Prove” to the mesmerizing thump of their 2014 self-titled album opener “Since I’ve Been Thinking.”

“We have, in essence, learned to love the dopamine rush we get from carbohydrates.”

Cruz would rush to catch Garbrandt, Garbrandt would step in, and suddenly Cruz was in the pocket with a much bigger puncher.

Did they really cut corners in order to rush the product out ahead of the iPhone 7, as had been reported?

After the initial recall of the Note 7, did another rush job lead to the second battery failure?

Normally, I would rush to catch up with the group.

Then there’s no great rush for them to mature and go out and think about forming their own families.

Consider driving one hour through rush hour with no traffic lights.

So there’s certainly a rush to, in some cases, for companies to …

But the instant rush of utter unfairness lingers.

At any rate, the utter rush of unfairness lingers, even though he’s had a pretty sweet columnist gig for more than 40 years.

They added the woman was never in a rush to leave Mally’s mansion.

Andrew Wishart, an economist with consultancy Capital Economics, said the pre-March 29 rush accounted for some of the second-quarter weakness.

“I am glad to see the federal government following through on this request,” rush said in a statement on Thursday.

All the rest of the results were like, “You always take your time, except when you rush,” and “You are organized.”

“Congress is trying to rush consideration of a tax proposal that will have profound and widespread impacts on California,” Palmer said.

But there may not be a big rush as the world’s top oil exporter has other ways to supply European and U.S. markets.

This is a thing unique to programming: the immediate, nearly continuous rush of problem solving.

rush, especially “BLHV Woman in Protest,” taken in 1982.

I was telling a friend how rush has a famous lyric that if you choose not to side, you’ve still made a choice.

A friend told me that’s actually Pascal who came up with that before rush.

People rush to close doors, windows, and vents of any kind.

In December, rush sued Sydney’s Daily Telegraph for defamation over the allegations.

He doesn’t rush the technique.

So after I break things, I have regrets about the way I rush through things.

Some reporters had gathered outside the courthouse before dawn in case police tried to rush through the proceedings.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premiered this weekend to a rush of praise online.

If you don’t have your D joining the rush it’s almost impossible to score.”

rush Perez, Communications Director for Council Member Margaret Chin, insists that fears that street food vendors will drive restaurants out of business are unfounded.

The following is a rush transcript of Vice President Joe Biden’s DNC speech: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you, thank you.

Everyone he fought he showed his back to and they would always rush to grab hold of a bodylock.

All you have to do is remain philosophical, and leave your private life and your adrenaline rush out of it.

Despite Texas still being far from legalization, it was refreshing to see the festival acknowledge the green rush as a viable business sector.

@sapphicgeek After the usual Saturday rush, a teenage girl comes in.

The rush to capitalize on Millennial nostalgia is strong to say the least.

It could also be partially explained by a rush to get to the border, just in case Trump’s wall is built.

“There was a rush to buy something, anything,” Marian Schneider, the president of Verified Voting, told me.

rush, an Illinois Democrat, said in a press release announcing the censure resolution.

rush, an Illinois Democrat, said in a press release announcing the censure resolution.

(March and April bring a similar rush on cable, where networks still tend to roll out one episode per week.)

Even Democrats calling for the new inquiry are careful to frame it as just an inquiry — not a rush to pass articles of impeachment.

One challenge is to keep up the pace of sales after an initial rush when an “instant” collection goes live.

The Wildcats are a big name in college basketball, so when they lose on the road, opposing fans often rush the floor.

rush is tall and blond and barefoot, more movie star than author.

Cruz is simply operating on the same wavelength as a dedicated rush Limbaugh listener in a way that none of the other candidates are.

Somehow, in keeping with the persistent and uncanny spirits in the memoir and rush’s life, the bullet was always missing in the chamber.

In Green’s library of occult manuscripts, rush writes that he studied mystery schools, aliens, and occultism.

rush is characteristically uncritical of the situation.

He had kind of a high squeaky voice [at this point, rush mimics Green’s voice].

When I first meet the younger rush at dinner, I say, “I love your father,” risking a very serious faux pas.

I’m not sure how rush feels about him, as the man nearly killed him in so many ways.

“Don’t be silly, they adore you,” a character says to rush at one point, speaking of rush’s parents.

And a knife,” rush responds.

Reading over the passages of his father’s abuse, I wondered how I could tell rush I loved his father.

And after I do tell rush I love his father, his demeanor softens, he smiles, laughs maybe.

Also, I admit to myself, I feel let down alone without rush.

Don’t rush yourself, especially not this morning.

While the Gold rush dominates the town’s historical register, it’s the story of the Nisenan tribe that begs to be told.

Meanwhile, Litchfield’s prisoners rush to establish dominance in this brand new order.

When the impossible-to-overrate comedy Clueless made Silverstone a star, the rush to commodify her was swift and fiercely stupid.

On this sophomore release, Wode’s urgency is apparent—but this is no rush job.

The cost-cutting and rush to reach profitability could be viewed as a strategy to dress the company up for a sale.

Among other responsibilities, rush oversees the rail industry’s homeland security plan, environmental protection and safety programs, and tank-car safety standards and design.

If I couldn’t track down a horse to rush across the desert, I’d track down a teammate with a weapon.

However, the wholesale rush by pharmaceutical and biotech companies into the cancer area poses a dilemma for investors.

Last weekend, however, riders were given a glimpse of what may come to their rush hour commute.

Dopamine is the energetic neurotransmitter; a rush of dopamine is like a high,” he says.

rush Limbaugh said one of greatest ever,” Trump tweeted.

Gravity rush 2.

In its mad rush, the editor splices in bits of truth with whatever filler is handy.

Senate Republicans have sought to rush Kavanaugh toward confirmation even as these allegations have emerged.

Please bathe in the sheer absurdity of that sentence, let it rush over you like the Hells Canyon rapids.

Kabul has experienced a renewal of terrorist attacks since May, when a suicide bomber killed at least 150 people during morning rush hour.

Don’t rush to armchair-diagnose every mass murderer with autism — like what happened with the most recent Florida school shooting.

Oromo activists say these rights have been ignored in the rush to expand.

Dallas is still paying for its failed gambles chasing the pass rush.

That took the rush of the breeze as you drove, with the windows rolled down, and made it into candy.

In these moments you can’t help but feel the rush of a level-up or bonus multiplier every time Gagno unlocks a new achievement.

Of course, Arum isn’t in a rush to have his fighters beat one another and hurt their marketability going forward.

Daily VICE: Deep Sea Drilling in Papua New Guinea: The Eco-Friendly Gold rush?

Daily VICE: Deep Sea Drilling in Papua New Guinea: The Eco-Friendly Gold rush?

America was jolted by infrastructure concerns in 2007 when the Interstate 35 bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed during rush hour.

But they don’t appear to be in a rush.

We had to rush the whole show, we had to change the whole news cycle just for you.

After the tackle, several people rush over to the fallen man and begin to stomp and punch him.

TMZ broke the story … the couple separated back in April, but we’re told there’s no rush to officially file for divorce.

rush Limbaugh has been relying on sensationalism and bombast for decades, but almost no one would question whether he believes what he says.

They all want a piece of what people in Midland, the Permian Basin’s major town, are hailing as a new gold rush.

Trump said he had “plenty of time” and was in “no rush” to reach a deal.

What rush Limbaugh would be saying?

With the closure of Djado, the gold rush expanded south to the base of the Aïr mountains.

The recent gold rush only reinforced images of a lawless “wild west.”

If I wanted to rush, but walking is just as fast, it seems like.

They made it through security without raising an eyebrow, and shared a high from the rush of not getting bagged.

Doesn’t really make sense, but something’s clearly up for Katherine to rush back to L.A. for court.

It was capitalism run amok, a borderless and lawless Wild West not witnessed since the Gold rush.

Members of Parliament (MPs) have eight minutes to rush from their offices, meals and meetings.

Crew members immediately rush to his aid, and the crowd is clearly in shock from the brutal fall.

rush a helicopter without making sure it sticks to scouted hexes and it will probably stumble into some Taliban rockets.

The problem is that adrenaline rush affects what’s called the H-P-A Axis (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis) and creates the fight-or-flight adrenal response.

On the day Trump’s first immigration ban order was announced, Patrick and I were busy writing about class struggle in Gravity rush 2.

“I don’t like to rush myself though.

In the end, the gold rush made Friedrich rich.

I know you love to rush around, but now it’s time for you to simply be.

Article continues after the video below Which is why you can never rush anywhere in Infestation.

Someone who can validate my experience and be comfortable enough to witness my pain and not try to rush me for it.

That’s more than National Review, America’s premier conservative journal, and nearly four times as much as rush Limbaugh’s site.

The deal comes amid a blurry rush of agribusiness consolidation in recent months, with ChemChina-Syngenta and DuPont-Dow Chemical forming their own multibillion-dollar Voltrons.

Too often white people rush toward these hard conversations seeking the relief of confession or forgiveness.

With that, she kickstarted a rush of exercise tapes from entrepreneurs eager to capitalize on consumers’ enthusiasm.

There was just such a rush of news right after the Harvey story broke.

Things have felt unclear thanks to Mercury retrograde—don’t rush to conclusions, Virgo.

They were in such a mad rush to see Rick when they arrived they didn’t even shut the car doors.

In the group poster, Evans is facing to our left, looking like he’s about to rush to our defense.

So they invested in delivery services, Uber rush and things like that.

At Vox, for example, we didn’t initially rush to cover the Senate filibuster on gun control last week.

Don’t rush.

For a while we crack the door during my baths so my parents can rush in if they hear splashing.

Breitbart is pushing Trump officials on building a wall; rush Limbaugh has already hinted he thinks the administration is caving on it.

The disposition also makes it clear how determined Ilyayev was to get in on the cryptocurrency gold rush.

Trump seemed particularly pleased by praise from one appreciative fan, conservative talk radio host rush Limbaugh.

If they must rush, it would be easier for them, and less harmful to the country, to rush through a repeal of the taxes.

Knowing that the journey across the Qalandiya checkpoint can take a long time at rush hour, I tried to hold off for a bit.

With talk radio host rush Limbaugh’s star rising and George H.W.

That one just came by in a rush.

Right, and Twitter’s even better at the dopamine rush.

Bush’s reelection campaign flailing, Ailes swapped Bush for rush, becoming executive producer of Limbaugh’s new television show.

Bush lost, but rush kept accruing power.

rush Limbaugh calls it “the Ninth Circus”; Newt Gingrich, while running for president in 2011, called it “anti-American” and “dictatorial,” and demanded its abolition.

The Blue Jays have been unsuccessful for as long as the average length of a rush song—a seemingly endless amount of time.

Phil Witmer loves rush.

There are moments of strange and serene beauty, as you rush over a fog-covered hill, eyes scanning the horizon, waiting for the enemy.

The “grand gesture,” for instance, was often a breathless rush to the airport to stop someone from boarding a plane.

It could be quick, but like with Brexit, my instinct would be not to rush it,” she explains.

When it does, the neatly lined up pots go flying as the villagers rush forward.

They have to let us pass.” Cover image: Honduran migrants rush across the border towards Mexico, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.

Suddenly, other concerns and ideas are allowed to rush in.

The painter wanted the viewer to see actual gold, without metaphor: the Gold rush.

That’s the implicit question in the whole health-monitoring rush.

The blast happened in a crowded market in a Shia district during the morning rush hour.

rush options were available and reliable (we chose them a few times) but more expensive.

He introduced himself after the show but he was in a rush.

The community is placed in danger as responders rush to the scene, taking them away from real emergencies.

“The summit was a rush decision and quickly overtaken by unrealistic expectations,” Davenport told me.

“I would share with those within the synagogue in Pittsburgh to be patient, to not rush the process,” he said.

Quit listening to rush Limbaugh and try to think as clearly as you can about what’s going on.

And if they stop, others might just rush in.

But in the rush to arrive at each goal post, elements of character and rationality have been lost in the mud.

They wanted to be in on this gold rush.

From the Court’s perspective, they probably don’t need to rush.

You wouldn’t rush to judgments without facts, would you?

She would always bug my ass and order a club sandwich in the middle of a rush.

warns Johnny to not get too eager to play just yet … “My advice is don’t rush back.

It’s like the dopamine rush from licking the buttercream icing straight off the cake.

Convinced I was covered in blood, I didn’t even rush home after yoga.

May I use the Xerox machine because I’m in a rush?”

Golden Dawn members did just that, and started to rush the anti-fascists while riot police looked on.

We’d say beat the rush, but …

Dante Fowler’s rookie year was lost due to ACL surgery, but that’s a promising bookend pass rush.

The leader of Orlando’s Islamic faith community, Muhammad Musri, urged people not to rush to judgment or “sensationalize” the shooting.

And when you win a huge hand is that a similar sort of adrenaline rush as kicking an amazing goal?

“In the summertime, it smells and stuff,” said Lowndes County resident Pamela rush, the mother of two who lives there.

Tonight, there’s some confusion about your feelings—don’t rush into things.

Laced with both horror and humor, “Green Room” is the most enthralling adrenaline rush of 2016.

rush can’t afford a septic tank at all, so she copes by avoiding the sewage when she can, she explained.

Residents like McMeans and rush live in fear of being reported to the authorities.

I believe in what she’s saying,” said rush, who said she might not have participated in the Baylor study if Flowers wasn’t involved.

It’s an adrenaline rush prickling with a disorienting eeriness, thanks to nose-diving sound effects and disembodied, girlish vocals that pop up sporadically.

There isn’t much daylight between rush Limbaugh’s angry monologues on “feminazis” and Yiannopolous’s thoughts on feminism.

“I don’t think they are in a big rush to overturn Roe or any of these other things they claim to be doing.

Bodega workers who are worried about losing that rush hour surge.

Best of all, you can order this box with two-day shipping if you’re in a rush.

Donkey’s Place—a third-generation, family-owned bar that serves cheesesteaks, fries, beverages and nothing else in Camden, New Jersey—was packed during a recent lunch rush.

Blind spots aren’t inevitable in all vehicles, argues user Kristen rush.

The water that could rush into the cabin makes it harder to move if you’re more buoyant.

The freedom of Salman Toor’s paintings stems from the rush of finding home in the kindness and shared sensibility of other people.

And that adrenaline rush often lasts the entire game as camera operators strive to grab the shot that will make highlight reels.

Officials say that will include how to rush through emergency EU legislation to cope with huge disruption to transport and trade links.

But only if they work selectively at the most high-demand hours of the week: rush hours and weekend nights.

We’re not even seeing a major rush in the production chain to get more TV episodes finished before May 1.

Well, because fools rush in where angels fear to tread, I said, wow, we should try that!” says Durning.

The program’s budget lapsed on September 1, and there has not been a rush on Capitol Hill to fix it.

So the audience of Republicans rush the stage and kick him and beat him, and a guy gets out a gun and shoots him.

But the IRS ought to be prepared for a last-minute rush of web traffic.

And the people very often they do not appreciate that you’re doing things, but rush to offense because they do nothing.

It starts with the pass rush.

But I can guarantee you that you’ll appreciate the gentle rush of warm memories Hero’s Path provides.

But these days, it’s usually used as a warning against a rush to judgment.

Lawrence pointed out that while he thinks the “rush Hour” pilot will pull viewers in, “shows change after the pilot.”

rush Hour” stars Justin Hires and John Foo in the roles made famous by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the 1998 buddy-cop movie.

Yet the president seems to be in no rush to get more help to Puerto Rico.

The discovery triggered a rush of research into LSD and similar substances in the 1950s and ’60s.

Read the rush transcript below: Thank you.

You want to rush through everything, Aries, but Mars retrograde is the warrior planet’s time to turn inward, rest, and rework its goals.

“It’s a rush.”

But in the months since, Trump has repeatedly insisted that “we’re in no rush” to strike a deal, once again moving the goalposts.

Along with the epidemic, there’s been a rush of new knowledge generated about the disease.

But it’s unlikely that all 150,000 who are eligible to renew will rush through the application and gather the money in time.

It’s the latest tech company to file in a rush of high-profile IPOs at the start of 2018.

That includes congestion pricing, which would charge private cars to enter Manhattan’s busiest areas at rush hour.

It’s like a rush that can cripple or propel you, a wave that simultaneously crashes somewhere along your spine and between your ears.

It could even endanger tax reform if Republicans’ plan to rush a bill through next week (before Jones takes office) doesn’t work out.

“We are excited to lead the charge for a true Green rush,” American Green CEO David Gwyther said in a statement.

“We are excited to lead the charge for a true Green rush,” American Green CEO David Gwyther said in a statement.

I’m in no rush.

I was in such a rush that I had forgotten both a rain jacket and an umbrella.

Vox will run a live rush transcript of Monday’s 90-minute debate below.

But there’s no real rush to do it.

Instinctually, I’d rush to flip off the TV the moment I heard my wife’s key in the front door.

But when you open doors that are not supposed to be opened, you certainly send the message that you want people to rush through.

They’ve seen people like Prince, like rush Limbaugh—there’s an opioid epidemic ripping through America.

In December, Newton became the first player in the NFL to pass for 3,000 yards and rush 500 yards in his first five seasons.

It can be such a rush to look around the room of full of people ready to fight alongside you.

Will an Uber-for-pot gold rush follow?

But traditional graphics cards are not especially well-suited to the cryptocurrency mining gold rush.

A rush of warm colors and an unusually squat landscape evoke Chagall’s eagerness to see Russia’s revolution through.

Bostic, for his part, repeated on Friday that he is in no rush to raise rates.

“What is behind the rush by Western capitals to provide targeted financial help only to Raqqa?,” said Konashenkov.

The titular Yukon town, an early focal point of the Klondike gold rush, exploded in population from 500 to around 40,000 in the 1890s.

Chaplin’s The Gold rush illustrates turn-of-the-century conditions, augmented by Eric Hegg’s astonishing photographs.

Then, without warning, everyone started to rush into Popcaan’s tent like some unknown signal had been let off.

Everybody looked so friendly and all of a sudden I had a rush of energy.

Below is a rush transcript, lightly edited for clarity.

Telegraph operators throughout the US and Europe found their machines suddenly possessed by a rush of unexplained current.

Upshaw is a fine run-stuffer but offers little pass rush.

He felt a surprising rush of emotion.

“We are not in a rush because we have liquidity,” he said.

Below is a compendium of last-minute gifts that offer more substantial comfort than the rush brought on by the swipe of a credit card.

Trump said he had “plenty of time” and was in “no rush” to reach a deal.

Their answer lies in patience — there’s no need to rush and mistakenly house a counterfeit canon.

and slid into my third listen in a row of “Nico” by Ed rush, I nearly wept big, fat, taurine-laced tears of regret.

Around the 40-minute mark, I tried screaming, just to see if anyone would rush in, but nobody did.

Last summer, Syrian government forces fired missiles at the town’s center on market day at rush hour.

“We are in the final rush.

I turned it over, waiting for that rush of surprise.

This rush among Yiannopoulos’s supporters to defend him against perceived liberal grandstanding is familiar.

A massive bomb ripped through the diplomatic district of Kabul during rush hour Wednesday morning, with civilians the main casualties.

Suppose the demonstrators say they want to hold a fairly large demonstration on Main Street during rush hour.

“People place gods in the high blue sky because looking up causes a rush of dopamine in the brain,” Carson says.

I would gaze at First Responses in the supermarket, getting a rush just planning when I would let myself buy a fresh pack.

No wonder she was in a rush … can’t leave the Prez hangin.

Since it was a rush job each body part had to be bronzed separately, and it wasn’t cheap.

“You get behind an anchor desk and it’s like there’s a rush of adrenaline.

Kate Beckinsale is enjoying the single life, but it doesn’t look like she’s in a rush to find a new man.

Corey took the L in stride … tweeting after the ruling, “Never rush through life better luck next time!”

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