Roster in a sentence | Use of the word roster examples

The Marlins were disappointed enough with his slow progression that they left him off their 40-man roster in 2014.

Even as the most prominent member of the Qween Beat roster, achieving that goal hasn’t always been straightforward for Mike.

Madden NFL 18 hits shelves with the usual roster tweaks and gameplay adjustments expected of EA’s flagship football title.

One of the company’s top policy goals this year, the manager said, is building its Chinese client roster.

His brother, Lourdes Jr., just 16, was also on the Santi Spiritus roster.

Regardless, Puig was not on the Cienfuegos roster for 2011-12.

It aims to present those tuning in with a wide range of sounds spun by an ever-shifting roster of DJs.

A lengthy roster from Katy Perry to George Clooney and LeBron James endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton, Trump’s rival.

A marketing company in Minnesota just added an innovative new employee benefit to its roster — fur-ternity leave.

But notably, Crowdfense’s roster of desired hacking tools goes beyond the usual suspects of fully up-to-date phones and desktop devices.

With it, we add an essential topic to our roster: consumer culture.

“I’m very happy,” Johnson told TMZ Sports … “We gotta keep going, fill the roster out.

Akon’s ready to show off the most prized artist on his roster … his own son!!!

In fact, the GDPR has direct implications for a massive amount of businesses worldwide, due to the EU’s vast trading partner roster.

And with the X-Men and Fantastic Four presumably in the mix thanks to the Disney/Fox merger, that roster grows even more.

The Raptors making a move to balance out their roster could change this and put Wright right back down the depth chart, of course.

Their own bona fides aside, they may be most valuable for how they let the Giants refurbish the roster around them.

A further factor in making this exhibition distinct from previous years is the appreciated diversity in the shortlist roster.

Now boasting a record of 12-1, Theodorou’s TUF success saw him walk straight into the UFC roster.

Now boasting a record of 12-1, Theodorou’s TUF success saw him walk straight into the UFC roster.

Duffy has impressed with his striking abilities since becoming a prominent member of the UFC’s lightweight roster.

Can Clarke bounce back from his horrific injury and maintain his place on the UFC roster?

The only other active Irish fighter on the roster apart from Duffy is cult hero Neil Seery.

The roster is comprised of student-athletes from eight states, the District of Columbia, Spain, and Greece.

You’re constantly competing for the roster — some days you’re not on the roster, some days you are.

Time on the ISS is valuable, so NASA opted to switch the roster instead.

to Memphis’ roster this year—and for good reason.

Maybe the Mets will even win a championship because Reyes is on the roster.

That means CZI is where Chan is getting most of her startup experience — though her roster of advisers and mentors is impressive.

One month and four hits later, he was off the roster and subsequently retired.

It’s changing the way teams think about roster construction.

Gonzalez is not the only Latino, or even the only Mexican/Mexican-American, on the Dodgers roster.

Head coach Bruce Boudreau’s job was in question, and there was pressure on Ducks GM Bob Murray to shake up the roster.

But for the price of an 11th-round pick, I’m willing to roster Booker for a few weeks.

While offering their own take on club-ready and left-field fare, Killekill has curated a roster of artists as versatile as they are experimental.

The designer roster includes a great in-house label plus heavy-hitters like Comme des Garçons, Issey Miyake, Jacquemus, Marni, Vetements, and so much more.

Damien Hirst rejoined Gagosian gallery’s roster of artists.

And the roster he ended up with doesn’t include any world-famous stars at the level of Beyoncé.

The galleries tend to hail from New York and Paris, though the artist roster is diverse.

Al Sharpton, and music executive Clive Davis were among the roster of speakers during the service.

The only lottery pick on the roster is D’Angelo Russell; most of the players are ex-G-Leaguers.

What sets Gudetama apart from the rest of Sanrio’s roster is the personal connection many of its fans feel to the character.

Walton and tight end Nate Becker, releasing defensive tackle Quindarius Thagard and tight end Moral Stephens to make room on the roster.

—The Panthers signed former Bucs cornerback Javien Elliott, waiving guard Brendan Mahon to make room on the roster.

Ten of the 23 players on the Pittsburgh Penguins roster during the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals were American.

The county publishes a roster that includes a small amount of information: inmate name, booking date, location, and charges.

Within this tag and its corresponding closing tag is our jail roster table.

Mortal Kombat’s competitors comprised an eclectic group, similar to any good fighting game roster.

Bargnani became an avatar of that failure, even if the problem was largely one of roster composition and coaching.

Most teams would be thrilled to have talents like Embiid and Simmons on their roster.

Gerald Chukwuma, a Nigerian sculptor in his 40s, showed new work at the fair with the Ghana-based Gallery 1957, which has a Pan-African roster.

Alex Rodriguez will play in his final game Friday night at Yankee Stadium and then be unceremoniously dumped from the Yankees roster.

See the full roster of artists on the POW!

Rather, it’s about whether Oklahoma City will go into next season with him on the roster.

Hayward’s absence presents Boston with void nobody on the roster can fill.

DICE scoured the historical record from the mid 1800s to 1918 to find weapons to fill out the roster.

We tapped a roster of gay dudes to hear their life-changing stories from the island, whether ridiculous or profound.

Children, who comprised a large chunk of those walking around, appeared drawn to the accessibility and relatability of the NXT roster.

“We have a good track record as more than half of our current WWE roster has come up through our developmental system.”

Instead, she’s been an amiable screw-up for the vast majority of her time on the main roster.

Nowitzki aside, hardly a player on the current roster was Dallas’s first choice.

Sugarlift has a roster of over 100 intensely vetted artists that serve as representatives of their respective styles.

#Steelers 2019 Rookie Minicamp (May 10-12) numerical roster is attached.

The VCUarts Sculpture + Extended Media visiting artist roster highlights the critical role that outside voices play in the program.

If so, the UFC should cannibalize Invicta’s entire featherweight roster WEC style, starting with Anderson.

The roster of participants is all over the place.

And it’s not like Szczur needs that bat right now—he’s not even on the NLCS roster.

A contest where you see the protected lists, then guess at the roster with trades that you think will happen, too.

She also won’t have the degree of creative freedom that she does in Stardom, at least once she gets up to the main roster.

Utah’s roster last year and this upcoming season was/is populated by players from Brazil, France, Australia, Ukraine, Sweden, Spain, and Switzerland.

“The Giants are clearly reacting to the news here, rather than being proactive about trying to ensure high-quality individuals populate their roster.

Blades — who was on the Redskins’ main roster from 2007 to 2010.

The New York Times and Outside magazine wrote about the roster of PhDs who created them; Bon Appétit taste-tested them.

The roster bristles with international players and veterans of clubs like Napoli and Werder Bremen.

Sharine Taylor has a roster.

As the last decade has shown, there are many different ways to build a successful NCAA roster.

You look at any successful private school program, they have at least five kids who are from the inner city on their roster, guaranteed.”

In 2011, the 56-year-old did a deal with Spotify and licensed the company’s use of WMG’s entire artist roster.

The Corporeal sessions also saw Cavernlight’s roster shuffle again with the addition of bassist and synth player, Brandon Pleshek.

Nearly two months into the 2018 season, Kemp has done more than just earn that roster spot.

99 guys on the LSU roster … that means roughly 40 per man … but you know the kickers ate less.

Its roster is Pixar-like in visual diversity and polished presentation—it’s easy indeed to imagine spin-off merchandising and media opportunities.

We’re told publishers fear a major backlash, or boycott, that could impact their roster of authors.

By the time the Capitals made their first playoff appearance in 1983, both Green and Joly were off the roster.

(Aura Dolls has also had requests from women for male dolls and is looking to add them to their roster.)

With their entire roster 100 percent healthy (relatively speaking), the Oklahoma City Thunder are not very good.

It went through a whole roster of names before it landed on the cast that took it to Broadway.

If Hayward is healthy, what does Miami’s roster look like?

Instead, directors Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason assemble a roster of experts on the media and social dynamics to explain what happened.

Cambridge Analytica is a U.K.-based company and while it worked with U.S. campaigns for 2016, its current client roster mostly features European politicians.

But Portland’s roster is filled with talented young players still several years away from their prime.

There are currently three open roster spots for next season, so there’s no real pressure to move the picks.

That’s because Biden’s fundraising roster in Silicon Valley is not very Silicon Valley.

Other execs from Prosper’s roster with Wall Street experience include Josh Tonderys and Wells Fargo veteran Ron Suber.

Improved patient survival, in fact, seemed to depend more upon a revised roster of drugs given pre-transplant.

HBO has revealed a large roster of actors who are set to appear in the pilot.

The Standing Ground Symposium featured lectures and panels from a star-studded roster of activists and artists.

Undrafted out of the University of Houston in 2012, Simmons bounced around for years before making it to San Antonio’s active roster.

Ordinarily, this results in a flurry of roster moves, but the axe fell on fewer players than usual this year.

Of the seven teams with an open roster spot, none have a frontcourt need except maybe the Suns.

Barry: Him and [Daniel] Theis, I mean between the two of them, that’s a pretty good management of your roster.

He faces the same roster crunch Roberts does as a frontcourt player in a league without a lot of open frontcourt roster spots.

The full roster of products is listed on a wall at the entrance.

Other Yankees on the AL roster include Aroldis Chapman, DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres and Gary Sanchez.

There have been several revivals over the years, but none quite like this latest addition to the Furby roster.

In only six weeks she picked a name, found a stadium, designed sharp new uniforms, and assembled a full roster.

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For three months I’ve proclaimed that Ezekiel Elliott owners should also roster Alfred Morris as Zeke’s handcuff.

Up and down the defensive roster, there are minor flaws.

We’ll be adding to the roster quite a bit in 2019, which I could get into a little bit.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Ben Khan, General Fiasco, The Japanese House, Superfood and Wolf Alice have all graced the roster.

After the media firestorm died down, BYD built up a roster of clients from Stanford University to the state of Washington.

The fact is, Boston’s roster is talented enough to stagger extremely good players without ever lifting its foot off the gas.

Meanwhile, the US roster is mostly the same from the 2014 World Cup.

Victim: Calgary The Flames have two players on their roster born in the hockey country of America—Johnny Gaudreau and Brandon Bollig.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Hey @NikonUSA feel free to diversify your all male roster, and start with me.

Usually, you’d look at a roster like Miami’s and say something about indecision, and a team unsure which way to turn.

They’re getting contributions up and down the roster, from imports and from holdovers.

Also absent from the show, amid the roster of internationally acclaimed photographers, are any local artists.

On Thursday afternoon, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) released its 23-man roster for El Tri’s upcoming October friendlies against New Zealand and Panama.

Now he’s sifting through the Republican Party establishment roster looking for diamonds in the rough like Jeff Sessions.

And he’s donated to a roster of candidates, mostly Democrats, who are seeking their states’ governorships and seats in the U.S. Congress.

Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin has appeared to take exception to LeBron James’ recent public criticism of the Cavs’ roster.

While Griffin didn’t seem worked up about the criticisms, he did defend the roster and the job he had done building it.

He declined to share the number of juicers Lime has on its roster or the typical number of scooters charged per juicer.

Prominently missing from the live performance roster at the Olympics was the most popular K-pop band in the universe at the moment: BTS.

I asked if there were any other apartments in his roster that might not come with so many hang-ups.

find its next roster of models.

It’s pretty crazy that the Penguins were unable to win a single breakaway contest despite the bevy of offensive superstars on the roster.

Marshall spent his first five months at CCSU getting to know his team and reshaping the roster.

The Rangers did get an outfielder back from the IL on Monday, though, as Willie Calhoun was activated to take Pence’s roster spot.

He and Parker are two of the thirteen black or half-black players on the Bucks’ 15-man roster.

SVBKVLT are a rising label from Shanghai with a roster of artists who helping to turn the city into a global electronic music hub.

Elsewhere, optimism seeps through Dallas’s roster, some of which indirectly falls on the rookie Smith’s raw shoulders.

That shocking turn of events left Pippen as the centerpiece of Bulls coach Phil Jackson’s roster.

He was on the active roster for the team’s season-opening trip to Japan in March and was also called up in May.

A spot was opened on the Mariners’ roster late Thursday when right-hander Tayler Scott was optioned to Tacoma.

And get this — Brian says it’ll only take 2 of the Boys to hoop up ‘NSYNC’s entire roster!

She says that most of the girls on her roster moonlight as wrestlers to supplement another career.

Things should get easier for Stevens, too, thanks to a fully-available roster.

There’s no natural replacement for McLeod on the roster right now.

He takes the roster spot of Niemi, who was the only NHL goalie (minimum 30 games played) to post a sub-.900 save percentage.

They won as much as they lost, and for every development on the roster, there was another that ran stagnant.

He had his entire roster of players up and cheering on every play.

Richardson and Winslow notwithstanding, most of his players are guys that Howard won’t be seeing on a roster with the Heat anytime soon.

As it stands, Red Star only boasts three native Chinese players on its roster.

He’s now 19-7 overall, and 3-3 since joining the UFC roster in late 2013.

On one hand, it fulfilled Kanye West’s under 25-minute restriction the rest of the G.O.O.D Music roster had been following.

This season, the margins of the roster really complete the effect.

The other question … does this mean Khabib AND Zubaira will remain on the UFC roster?

On Wednesday, 49ers GM Trent Baalke said from the combine that he expects Kaepernick to be on the roster on April 1.

The most notable contenders in tonight’s roster will be Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg.

Much like every other Andrew Luck Colts team, this was a top-heavy roster with no backup.

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Corley finished his freshman season with 453 receiving yards and three touchdowns, each good for second-most on the Spartans’ roster.

If playing through injuries has become integral to the team’s identity, extending their season with this active roster represents its misogi challenge.

That’s especially impressive considering the wide-ranging roster of artists it employs.

Spirit Crusher marks the project’s second outing (and first for Prosthetic, who scooped them up off the Alerta Antifascista roster).

The roster of critics who worked with me at the A.V.

Super Bowl 51’s ad roster wasn’t a series of snide, sarcastic jabs at Trump.

Corkscrew Theater Festival is entering its second year with a near-complete roster of trans people and women as playwrights, producers, directors, and actors.

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Then on the second night, Thursday, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg will be the most notable contenders in the roster.

Last year I was added to the Yuk Yuks roster of stand-up comedians.

She’s also on powerhouse William Morris Endeavor’s speakers circuit roster.

The two were replaced on the roster by infielder Matt Thaiss and outfielder Jarrett Parker.

Someone on the roster needs this.

DC’s roster also includes Catwoman: Soulstealer, while Marvel YA tackles Black Widow’s origin story.

But there are also massive holes on this roster and a lot of free-agent questions to go with them.

After the fight, Dillon gave a Conor McGregor-esque promo in the cage … calling out the entire roster.

Individual studio research is complemented by seminar courses, regular visits with faculty, group critiques, and an outstanding roster of visiting artists.

Nevertheless, Kansas City’s roster looks pretty stacked right now.

Democrats are looking at a very crowded speaking roster this week.

(They unfortunately do not provide a comprehensive roster of the involved works, aside from listing the Old Master paintings featured in this story.)

Each year, the department hosts a roster of distinguished visiting artists.

It’s hard to fill out a roster of great hockey movies, and Miracle just makes the cut.

This is Quarles’s first solo exhibition with Regen Projects since she joined its roster last year.

Golden Door boasts an impressive roster of partner schools, including Oberlin College, Tufts University and Smith College.

Cesaro is one of the best wrestlers in WWE, and arguably the best athlete on the roster.

The #NFL season will start this week, unfortunately once again @Kaepernick7 is not on a NFL roster.

In January Airbnb sank another $5 million in the program, seeking to add 200 more US cities to the roster.

“Unfortunately once again @Kaepernick7 is not on a NFL roster.

And McGowan is joining us — along with an impressive roster of speakers — at Code Media in February.

O’Reilly is a perennial best-seller and undoubtedly a profitable client for WME to have on its roster.

Brown — who currently is NOT on the NYG active roster — released a statement through ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Clippers need to squeeze even more production from their roster.

So, New Orleans waived him and signed Archie Goodwin to take his roster spot.

That, in turn, encourages more balance on a roster flexible enough to play big and small, fast and slow.

McGowan joins an impressive roster of speakers coming to the Paséa Hotel & Spa this February.

La Volpe also has an excellent roster to work with, one that could thrive in his preferred formation.

Key Offseason Decision: How can they fill long-standing roster holes?

And, if we’re being honest, how many genuine classics have emerged from the roster?

And get this … think Johnny will still be on the roster during game 21?

Jones thinks it’s just not the right roster for Ty’s skill set.

At the core of this shift is the mass call-up of NXT wrestlers to the main roster.

Two days later, Collins was on his way to Triple-A Toledo because the Tigers needed to return closer Francisco Rodriguez to the active roster.

We’re told some of the players on the league roster include Al Harrington, Corey Maggette and Kareem Rush.

That means CZI is where Chan is getting most of her startup experience — though her roster of advisers and mentors is impressive.

Last season, this same roster finished with a rough 2-5 League Play record and then missed out on the finals.

“The eight-game suspension will take effect as of the final roster reduction on August 31.

That was because Republicans had fielded a roster of candidates with limited statewide appeal and money-raising ability.

He added, “[Making] that roster is the biggest thing.

If they really wanted to do this the right way, they could have looked at their roster for connections with this community.

The company has all sorts of high end models on its roster, including Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham and Gisele.

His films featured an elite roster of skiing legends … including Otto Lang, Billy Kidd, Jimmie Heuga, Hannes Schneider and Stein Eriksen.

There’s room on the roster … the Browns just traded away Corey Coleman — adding even more fuel to Jarvis’ comments.

Let’s take a quick look at the top of the Bellator middleweight roster.

Aoun says that even with an ever-expanding roster of services at Forward, he plans to maintain the same price for its monthly membership program.

Dude’s been killin’ it … and the squad is undefeated with him on the roster.

To open a spot on the active roster for Wainwright, 37, the Cardinals optioned hard-throwing right-hander Daniel Ponce de Leon to Triple-A Memphis.

Scott Disick’s shaking off his friends’ concerns he’s fallen off the wagon … partying again with a roster full of babes!!!

In another roster swap, the Red Sox placed left-hander Brian Johnson on the 10-day injured list and replaced him with right-hander Hector Velazquez.

But, when it comes to Colin’s chances of making an NFL roster, Mr.

We also asked Mark about diversity in the WWE … and whether black wrestlers are fairly represented across the roster of Superstars.

The art there, he said, was not about helping a business look better or representing a roster of artists that sold well.

We’ve learned Dr. Schulenberg has disappeared from the roster at North Memorial … he no longer works there.

Have Dez Bryant on the roster — at least, that’s what the ex-Dallas wideout is saying.

Look at the roster, 2012 to now.

FWIW … Betts is the American League MVP, and arguably the best player on the Sox’s roster.

Obviously, MLB teams have less players on the roster to play — but let’s take a look at the ratings.

Sherk came up short against Hughes, losing a five-round decision, and then was cut from the roster a few weeks later.

He’s widely considered one of the best execs in the league … and helped put together Boston’s 2008 title-winning roster.

Or worse, they’ll get just big enough to rouse the ire of WWE’s monopoly and bled of its roster.

We’re trying to balance out the roster right now and how we’re playing offensively.”

Before his untimely death, Richards was included in a roster of rising African American artists.

She added, “Him and Rob Pelinka, our general manager, have really REALLY re-energized the roster.”

Their roster at the moment includes Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, former PBS chief Pat Mitchell and media entrepreneur Geraldine Laybourne.

GMs have many duties, including trade negotiations and roster evaluation; it’s unrealistic to expect them to see every player.

Odom has already been removed from Enemies’ official roster.

As analytics and big data have moved to the forefront of talent evaluation and roster construction, that shouldn’t be surprising.

Daniel Segal, a 27-year-old working for a beverage startup, rounded out the Rangers’ roster, and was the team’s best hockey talent.

Montreal, Nashville, Minnesota, and Ottawa could all use and find a way to fit Duchene on the roster.

Their roster isn’t that good.

Cleveland selecting Brown to stack the roster reeks of the 49ers’ response to Harbaugh’s exit.

The 49ers gave away a conventional golden goose in Harbaugh, and now their roster is barren.

They buttressed their famous Core Four with a veritable roster of All-Stars, the primary imports—Rodriguez, Johnny Damon, Mark Teixeira, C.C.

He hasn’t been able to get back on an NFL roster, but seems to have found a new calling.

They went all-in on expensive veterans during the offseason, yet carry more rookies on their roster than any other team in the league.

The Arizona State University sculpture major works across a number of mediums, her primary roster including laser-cut acrylic, found objects, and neon.

Detroit’s roster is a pretty simple read.

Touring the NBA’s better conference with a rec-league roster, the Pelicans have plenty more hard nights ahead of them.

Despite advancements elsewhere on the roster, DeRozan is the only creator on the perimeter that can reliably give Lowry a break.

If you let DeRozan leave in free agency, there is no guarantee that you will be able to improve the roster elsewhere.

Biyombo is proof that you do not need to overspend to fill certain holes on your roster.

There’s never going to be a roster of bands like that ever again.

At his convention over the summer, his speaker lineup included a roster of victims, or relatives of victims, of crimes committed by immigrants.

The Huskies are better and bigger, and they sport a roster with approximately a half-dozen future WNBA players.

For the White Sox, it’s back to the drawing board, and trying to piece together the puzzle of yet another weird roster.

Chance the Rapper is among the roster of Chicago’s cultural heavyweights who sit on its board of directors.

The MLS currently allows US players to play in Canada without counting as an international roster spot, but the rules don’t apply vice-versa.

Outlook: Last year was a perfect storm—a bad roster full of players having bad seasons while getting pelted with bad luck.

Oddly specific prediction: Only seven players from the 2017 opening night lineup are still on the roster one year later.

What has the impact been of having a dramatically different and younger final roster on your team?

The roster added a handful of useful veterans on low-risk deals, but starting goalie Ryan Miller left in free agency.

There’s only one Robert Sarver, and the stakes for Watson’s dismissal were pretty low, given how unpleasant the team’s roster is.

Outlook: The roster is a year older but otherwise largely the same as last season’s, which would point to similar results.

Outlook: The Senators were a goal away from the final and are returning almost exactly the same roster.

But Ron Francis has quietly put together a good young roster, one that features one of the better young blue lines in the league.

If he’s even above-average, the rest of the Hurricanes roster should be enough to get them into the playoffs.

But I do agree that one of The Americans’ real strengths is its deep roster of women who have full, rich lives.

Generally speaking, it’s silly to pass over a generational talent because he’d be limited in your system or on your roster.

If that’s how you feel, change your system and/or your roster.

That 2011-12 Knicks roster didn’t have much going for it when Lin took over as starter midway through the season.

An all-female lineup is intrinsically no more interesting than an all-male roster of swinging dicks, especially when it has no larger thematic purpose.

Next on the roster are Mexico, Central America, and Africa.

Essential has also gathered a roster of notable executives in the smartphone world, from companies like Apple, Magic Leap, Samsung, and HTC.

Records’ roster would look like were it still around today.

Come fall, he will stand on the sidelines and direct a yet-unassembled Blue Jays roster against Great Northeast Athletic Conference competition.

The fact his roster comes with a “some assembly required” label merely offers one more challenge in a remarkable career.

They’re getting production from the stars and supplemental scoring from the deepest of depths on the roster.

As of June, OSTP’s Science Division has a roster of zero, after its last staffers departed.

Context matters, and Orlando’s roster isn’t built to accentuate a lot of what Payton excels at.

White says they’re both on the UFC roster and it was bound to happen at some point.

Over the years, OG would suffer roster shuffles and heartbreaking loss, while also setting records and wowing crowds.

Despite making it through the European open and regional qualifiers, doubts were still cast on this ramshackle roster.

This roster exists now thanks to months, nearly years, of missing the mark and seeing teammates come and go.

Tasker was ready to come back in November but Houston had already added other players to the active roster.

Should he leave the UFC, he’d mow down much of the Bellator 205-pound roster.

Not all teams have the roster luxuries that Cleveland does, of course; lower-tier playoff teams are simply not as deep as championship contenders.

He hasn’t been on a CFL roster since May 2018.

That roster arguably goes 12 deep with quality rotation players, five of which shoot the three at an average or better rate.

The roster is stocked with long-limbed athletes of the kind that should be able to smother teams defensively.

The football team has four black players on a roster of more than 100 athletes, and is coached by an all-white staff.

Back to what the company does — HowStuffWorks has a roster of 14 shows, which it says generates 40 million downloads a month.

You can check out this year’s jury roster for each category here.

The heavy metal rockers destroy the label, Prospect Park, in a new lawsuit … saying 5FDP is probably the only profitable band on the roster.

RHP Nathan Eovaldi (Tommy John surgery) was moved to the 60-day disabled list to make room for DH Billy Butler on the 40-man roster.

Poe picks up after him, and her roster of power brokers is equally impressive.

The Consumer Technology Association, CES’s parent company, came under heavy fire in December when the 2018 keynote roster was first published.

All told, it was a veteran-heavy roster that had the makings of a special team.

It’s kind of weird,” says Remco “Remkoe” den Boer, captain of Team EnVyUs, whose roster won the RLCS championship in June.

The Mariners had already cleared a roster spot for him with a flurry of moves Monday.

Nationals OF Brian Goodwin was sent to Syracuse to make room for Ross on the roster.

Everyone on the roster, including the players who had not played with him, expected as much.

CSN finished the regular season 41-15, with a 23-9 roster record in conference.

All told, eight players from the 2010 roster were selected in that summer’s draft.

It is “highly unlikely” that Brooklyn would keep both Russell and Irving on the roster, SNY’s Ian Begley reported, citing sources.

Ability is not the reason why no one on the roster, save Dalvin Cook and DeMarcus Walker, has played above reproach.

If you want to know who exactly is on the roster, the names are public (here’s the 2014 literature committee).

FYI … Wright is currently on the roster bubble in Minnesota after inking an $1 million deal with the team this offseason.

Even as the most prominent member of the Qween Beat roster, achieving that goal hasn’t always been straightforward for Mike.

The more ways you can potentially improve your roster, the better your odds of actually doing so.

The roster, meanwhile, has shed its skin.

Making him comfortable and allowing him to be his most efficient self should’ve been the priority when constructing this roster.

It’s obviously early, but Indiana’s roster provides zero short- or long-term solutions.

Elliott wasn’t voted to the game by fans and wasn’t selected as one of the six goaltenders on the initial roster.

The Giants quickly moved Brown from the active roster to the Commissioner’s exempt list … before completely cutting ties Tuesday.

He has that in common with several players on the Thunder roster.

After John Ross left early for the NFL, the question was whether anyone on the Huskies’ roster could replace his big-play ability.

The Rangers had a spot open on the roster after optioning left-handed pitcher Kyle Bird to Triple-A Nashville on Sunday.

Miles Coolidge, Paul Fägerskiöld, and Enoc Perez join the gallery’s roster of artists.

“He meant that they have a star-studded roster, and that’s what we have.

Here we are, years from his Wrestlemania moment and subsequent retirement, and he’s still the most over guy on the roster.

Why won’t an international hockey body let me pick its roster and set its lineup?

The Boston Red Sox added left-hander Drew Pomeranz to their roster for the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Wright was originally on the team’s roster for the ALDS before being removed with a knee injury.

Under MLB rules, Wright could not have been added to the ALCS roster, though he was eligible to return for the World Series.

The Dodgers also made a change from their National League Championship Series roster.

Lip Sync Battle’s deep roster of A-list contestants has a lot to do with the show’s celebrity producers and hosts.

Also keep in mind that the 1992 team—in a pretty weak nod to Olympic tradition—also included one amateur athlete on its roster, Laettner.

on the roster are above-average shooters from the outside at their respective positions right now.

The Bad Dream Team of 2004 is the only one of the seven with a lower team VORP score than the 2016 roster.

Fourteen NFL teams currently don’t have a fullback on their roster, up from ten a year ago.

Both have since been waived or released, though, so Seattle now does not have a fullback on the roster.

This roster has seen its peak.

Other roster possibilities include Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers, P.J.

He was just 17 when he played on Samsung Galaxy White’s world championship-winning roster, which netted him $200,000 dollars as a teenager.

Not to mention the the additional roster flexibility said player would provide, and the potential marketing opportunities.

Why was he left off the All Star roster again?

Pagourtzis is listed on the roster for the high school’s Freshman football team for the 2015-2016 season.

He has allowed two earned runs or fewer in three of his last four starts and could have earned a postseason roster spot.

Sometimes, this is heavily dependent on the surrounding talent on the roster.

The roster‘s too expensive for that.

When Lobov hit the main roster he was easily handled by grappling savant, Ryan Hall.

To take Burakovsky’s spot on the roster, Washington recalled forward Chandler Stephenson from the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League.

G Ray Emery, whom the Flyers signed at the end of March as an emergency fallback option, remains on the roster as well.

He played professionally before making the Orlando roster last season.

18 and devoid of the first-round NBA Draft picks that have dotted its roster in recent years.

He’ll be part of a growing roster of former White House ex-pats taking up residence in San Francisco.

Collison’s suspension left G Ty Lawson as the only true point guard on Sacramento’s opening night roster.

… C/IF Austin Barnes was optioned to Triple-A Oklahoma City to make room for Venable on the roster.

The deal will save the Cavaliers approximately $3 million in luxury tax payments and open up a roster spot.

The Cubs called up LHP Rob Zastryzny from Triple-A Iowa to fill Russell’s roster spot.

The WHA’s existence had ramifications more far reaching than the merger, which grew the NHL’s roster of teams from 17 to 21.

RHP John Gant was recalled from Triple-A Gwinnett to take his place on the roster.

Amy Davidson Sorkin of the New Yorker offered up a bipartisan roster of women who might be the 46th president.

The Broncos would not have to surrender the pick to the Eagles if he is not on the roster to open the season.

Fantasy sports contestants build a roster of players from real-life sports teams and accumulate points based on how those players perform in actual games.

The Wii U—as much as we might still rate its roster of games—has pretty much bombed at launch versus its predecessor, the Wii.

Barkley is the 4th running back on the Roc Nation roster — joining Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette and C.J.

His roster of donors, perhaps unsurprisingly, trends young.

On Wednesday, the league’s newest franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights, will use those lists to select 30 players and construct their roster.

First, we must consider the fact that four players from the Chivas roster recently left to train with Mexico’s Olympic team.

With a depleted roster and a busy schedule, a couple of losses were perhaps to be expected.

Maybe owner Ted Leonsis doesn’t care, but diving under it should probably be a priority over upgrading the roster.

The team already has a win in hand, and that full roster, whenever it gets back, is still a strong one.

Keep up with Vignettes and its diverse artist roster here.

That roster is not exactly the most pleasant walk in the park.

He was a member of the Vikings practice squad last year and was competing for a spot on main roster this season.

His 60-person VIPER force serves a client roster of over 5,000 private citizens and 100 businesses.

Compounding the issue is a roster that, outside Irving, only enlists two perimeter-oriented shot creators, in Rozier and Smart.

1 overall pick on the roster, and swingman Andrew Wiggins finally seems to be pulling himself out of a shooting slump.

Boston transferred pitcher Nathan Eovaldi (elbow) to the 60-day injured list to make room on the 40-man roster.

Basketball has point-shaving, to say nothing of that one time a Paralympic hoops team stocked its roster with ringers.

No one else on the roster is coveted elsewhere in the league, and Charlotte isn’t exactly a free-agent destination.

The makeup of the opening day roster is always a big deal but we tend to ignore how fluidly things go from there.

Pitcher Josh A. Smith was optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket to clear a spot on the 25-man roster.

To make room on the active roster, the Marlins optioned right-hander Jeff Brigham to Triple-A New Orleans.

The Rangers had a spot open on the roster after optioning left-handed pitcher Kyle Bird to Triple-A Nashville on Sunday.

He’s not, however, completely indifferent: he hopes to see a Trinidadian artist on the roster in the future.

One of these options is Stefan Struve, the only fighter on the heavyweight roster who is taller than Browne.

Gotti will be joined by Rae Sremmurd, Rick Ross, and an all-star roster of very special guests.

The women’s match was more reliant on returning stars from the past, simply because the roster isn’t as large as the men’s.

She remained a buzzsaw throughout, and the earlier worries over her main roster debut have faded.

He had hurt it three weeks earlier, but the Mets didn’t put him on the DL; they kept him on the roster.

The amount of ego and hubris it took to create this roster and burn the Jim Harbaugh brand in a dumpster is staggering.

It’s a massive blow to see him have his life taken from him soon after receiving a place on the Avengers’ roster.

Its playing roster is equally broad, featuring players from some 30 countries and territories.

Some months later, an agent, Daniel Hoff, came to the acting class looking for seniors to add to his client roster.

Baltimore has soured on Eugene Monroe at tackle, but they have no ready-made replacement for him on the roster.

Marvel’s roster is full of badass superheroes — and Team USA legend Gabby Douglas wants to join the squad.

What’s more, Clifford found out that she was off the roster through Facebook.

But have you taken a look at that 1996 roster?

Who are the future Hall of Famers on the current roster?

Boston recalled right-hander Josh Smith from Triple-A Pawtucket to fill the roster opening.

That roster imploded and missed the Season Two playoffs last fall.

That’s a key point to consider, especially since X Games marked this roster‘s debut in a LAN setting.

—The Miami Marlins highlighted a handful of roster moves by acquiring outfielder Cesar Puello from the Los Angeles Angels for cash considerations.

It’s impressive, and, on this roster, will unleash itself beneath a dark cloud of necessary selfishness.

The Round Mound of Rebound recently called out the Cavs superstar for publicly declaring that the team needed to fill out the roster.

By the way … Tebow IS an All-Star this year, getting named to the Eastern League roster last week.

Even if one player is throwing up bricks, there are enough shooters on the roster that the Hoosiers can adjust.

For more information, including the extensive artist roster, click here.

In baseball, we typically see two kinds of roster teardowns: Rebuilds, and reloads.

Its roster had been half blown-up in order to bank future money.

One of the nice things about having Jacksonville’s roster is that talent trumps need.

Building roster depth creates a different sort of barrier.

Samart’s opponents’ are a roster of Muay Thai titans.

They’re as big or bigger than the top stars on the men’s roster, the top of pops you get on unexpected debuts.

Seemingly every spot on the Arizona roster is filled by a best-case scenario.

The artist was briefly part of the gallery’s roster during the early 1980s [via press release].

Browse VAWAA’s full roster of artists and book studio sessions online at

Amidst this, I managed to catch up with one of the best- known characters on the Arsenal Fan TV roster: Angry Claude.

OF Magneuris Sierra was optioned to Double-A Springfield to make room for Peralta on the roster.

According to FanRag’s John McCullen, Brown doesn’t have any guarantees on his deal going forward until he’s made the roster.

This includes the usual roster of security and law enforcement agencies, but also some pretty obscure ones, such as the Foods Standards Agency.

LeMahieu will be a first-time All-Star starter, though this is his third roster nod at the exhibition.

Exploiting the “free agent business” When Coker became Bellator boss in 2014, he says the roster was “not great.”

With an increasingly burgeoning roster in place, organising edge-of-the-seat fights becomes an easier process.

“We have the best welterweight division in any league in any roster [including UFC].

Michigan’s roster was buckling under the weight of Lloyd Carr’s mediocre recruiting well before it collapsed under Rich Rodriguez.

The three men went down the roster of each team, asking each other what their former teammates and coaches were up to.

Currently, the team website does not have a listing of either player on their roster.

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Marvel really has an A+ roster.

Yes, there’s roster churn, but that front seven still has so many good players.

Lindsay was certainly someone he would have vacated premises for, but he hadn’t seen her name on the roster for that day.

A roster of players with a nose for goal [eyes continue rolling past Robert Green’s outstretched hands].

“But we just didn’t have a roster spot.

One of the performers is from the Roc Nation roster.

For decades, the game shipped with a massive roster of real pro wrestlers and martial artists from all over the world.

In it, he called Suu Kyi “the single most embarrassing name on the roster of the Nobel Peace Prize recipients.”

The Steam Workshop does the lifting, with the shipped roster being original creations of developer Spike Chunsoft.

“At first I was worried that the limited size of the starting roster would disappoint fans,” admits game director Tomoyuki Matsumoto.

Having the benefit of leaning on the leadership of Paul, he continues to see improvement from a roster that is finally healthy.

But the GOP is only sabotaging itself by allowing Trump to draft this C-list roster.

Fortunately for you, Netflix has added the movie to its roster, and brought along the two sequels as an added bonus.

And given how their roster is built, Thibodeau will likely lean on dated lineups that can be exploited when up against modernized rotations.

It already has Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steven Spielberg on its roster.

And below the GM is the head coach, who is rarely given a say in the players on the roster.

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The Broncos already had the on-paper talent to get this kind of production out of their roster.

PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi was also on the roster.

The entire roster of the Dumbo based LAND—League, Artists Natural Design—Gallery, however, consists of artists with developmental delays.

Quite simply, for the fighters on our roster, the future is now.”

The board advising Higher Ground Labs, meanwhile, is plucked right from the roster of Obama’s two White House tours.

The roster alone reads like a cross between poetry and tactical outline.

This severely constrains the roster of senators she can responsibly select, while also directly denuding the party of governors who could fill the job.

This year’s international artist roster delivered a stoned-for-effect display of immersive artworks and ambitious installations that got the 30,000 visitors mesmerized beyond comprehension.

This past summer, the Spurs signed Simmons to their Summer League team before signing him to the official roster.

Thus, Mondo performed the motion capture for a lot of the smaller wrestlers on WWE’s roster.

Those two had a productive relationship on the Orlando Magic and reuniting them made sense for a capped-out roster that had very little upside.

Turner’s the oldest guy on the roster and he won’t turn 28 until the third day of the regular season.

They take a financial hit this summer, when upgrading the roster with a savvy signing (i.e.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Chicago Cubs’ World Series-winning roster was—at least on the hitting side—how predictably it came together.

The Lakers have talent, but everyone else on the the roster is either past their prime or still finding themselves.

Consequently, more than any other player on the roster, Rizzo has married his considerable youth and abilities to clubhouse clout.

C Tony Wolters was placed on the seven-day concussion list to make room for C Nick Hundley on the 25-man roster.

Bradley joins a rebuilt roster around LeBron James that features a multitude of newcomers including Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Danny Green.

carnival calls of an unregulated fertility industry, who relentlessly seek attractive and healthy women to add to their roster.

On top of that, the Extreme Vs. series combines 35 years of Gundam History in order to offer a huge character roster.

The performance made the concerns of the preceding week—was the roster poorly constructed, had the thanks-but-no-thanks-es piled up?—seem hilariously overthought.

Play transfers to a new character in DedSec’s roster, who picks up Ian’s torch and recruits the drone expert into the resistance.

Here’s the full roster; the event is officially sold out, but you can sign up for the waitlist in case space opens up.

Besides, the Jaguars already went to New England in the preseason and defeated the best quarterback on the Patriots roster this season—Jimmy Garoppolo.

Simultaneously, the Yankees, with an aging, fragile roster, had players dropping all over the field.

Turns out Henderson had shown enough during the early part of camp to make the roster.

He said he feels more secure these days, now that his spot both on the roster and in the defensive rotation seems stable.

“But Artest lit a fire under the roster and the team snuck into one last playoff hurrah,” Wissinger says.

The roster of House Democrats Warren has built to introduce companion legislation for her bills isn’t just a slate of staunch progressives.

Vanderbilt’s roster shrunk to nine this week, when a pair of seldom-used players announced they were quitting the team.

Matt Drake played guitar for me originally when was a wee babe teen on the major label roster.

Last August, Ding was the only recognizable face on a rebuilding Shandong Bulls roster.

One could argue that we could have chosen to not advertise the all female-identifying roster in an effort to avoid a heated debate.

They’ve been unlucky, too, but even when healthy, Miami’s roster is nothing to write home about.

The sun won’t stop rising in South Florida if Whiteside and Dragic are still on the roster in March.

It’s straight out of the MOBA playbook, as is the wide roster of characters, each with a unique set of abilities.

On the other side: California, a coalition of like-minded states, most automakers, a growing roster of utilities, and climate hawks.

The Arizona State University sculpture major works across a number of mediums, her primary roster including laser-cut acrylic, found objects, and neon.

Kevin Cheveldayoff has been painstakingly putting this roster together piece-by-piece since 2011.

The rotating roster of Kidz Bop Kids have gone on six national tours, serenading audiences across the country.

That means that, when weighing Penn’s options, we’ll have to comb the UFC featherweight roster.

A few days later, thank God, they sent my official team roster and a congratulations notification.

One possibility is to stop thinking of the 25-man roster as sacrosanct.

That made her a luxury on the roster last year, someone who allowed Stewart to grab some rest occasionally.

The way it works now, a player is either on or off the active roster.

There are more than 200 brands on the roster, which means there’s more room for size inclusivity.

Of course, Brooks would technically remain a member of the Bellator roster until his contract expired.

Pressley and Trahan join a roster of women candidates that has grown with nearly every primary election night.

Some of this is due to factors Carlisle can’t control, but there are players on that roster who would benefit from less micromanagement.

Reid was always blunt about his reasons for getting Nevada into the roster of early states in 2006.

The Astros selected C Juan Centeno to the major league roster as a corresponding move to McCann going on the concussion DL.

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A team that did not have a roster this time a year ago moved three wins from a Stanley Cup.

The so-called street serial shooter is just the latest in a dense roster of repeat killers to terrorize the sweltering desert city.

There are countless such characters in the current roster.

In Indianapolis, Andrew Luck’s injuries and poor roster management sunk the Colts, the division’s traditional powerhouse.

To open a roster spot, left-hander Tim Collins was designated for assignment.

Her sophomore outing can only help the chances of the organization adding more women of her size to its roster.

In addition to former Thunder teammate Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are all on the Western Conference roster with Russ.

According to Google, Stadia will deliver a small roster of modern titles—without downloads—to any device with a Chrome browser.

The less experienced wrestlers coming through are mostly stalling on the main roster or end up getting released.

NXT hasn’t had an unambiguous success on the main roster since Owens made the move in 2015.

Asuka’s much hyped, highly anticipated main roster debut was on October 22’s TLC pay-per-view.

She grew into the roster, even if she didn’t cement her place with title reigns and high profile feuds.

The Cubs have the best young roster in the game, and they didn’t lose any key players after a successful 2015 season.

In 2011, the 56-year-old did a deal with Spotify and licensed the company’s use of WMG’s entire artist roster.

Opposed: OK, but even putting aside the trade deadline, what’s the deal with some of the roster decisions they’ve been making?

Lyft is adding another self-driving startup to the roster of software companies it’s working with.

Sure enough, a standout season in the AHL catapulted Subban onto the Canadiens roster just in time for 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

We hope roster in a sentence examples were helpful.