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The day’s second match featured Danish newcomer Thorbjorn Olesen playing alongside rory McIlroy against world number one Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler.

“But it’s tough.” Reporting by Frank Pingue in Toronto and rory Carroll in Los Angeles, editing by Ed Osmond

Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Amlan Chakraborty

Many are even looking past the mixed martial arts savant that is rory MacDonald and ahead to Thompson vs. Robbie Lawler.

Saffiedine is also a kicker that rory MacDonald was able to defuse, crowd, and knock out with a beautiful C-cut combination.

Reporting by Steve Keating in Toronto and rory Carroll in Los Angeles; Editing by Ken Ferris/Amlan Chakraborty

Reporting by rory Carroll; Additional reporting by Andrew Both; editing by Clare Fallon / Ian Ransom

rory is off-puttingly domestic in a manner that recalls her stint as Dean’s Donna Reed in season one.

Lorelai spends most of her time compensating for the distance she feels from Luke and rory with a stream of unfunny gay jokes.

It starts off with rory rejecting the idea of enforced femininity; it ends with her strapping on a frilly apron to please her boyfriend.

In terms of both this episode and rory’s character as a whole, it just doesn’t make sense.

This episode undercuts everything that came before that made rory’s season six journey interesting.

Against rory’s shock and protestations.

It makes all of rory’s character growth up to this point highly questionable.

“Concert Interruptus” (season 1, episode 13) This is a lovely early moment in the slow development of rory and Paris’s friendship.

But the rest of the family dynamics play out beautifully, with Emily sublimating, rory overachieving, and Lorelai trying to keep them all together.

“Take the Deviled Eggs…” (season 3, episode 6) Sure, rory and Lorelai are self-centered — that’s a basic part of their characterization.

But this episode plays Lorelai trashing Sherry’s bathroom and rory trashing Jess’s car for light laughs.

The pilot gave us Stars Hollow and rory and Lorelai; the second episode gives us Chilton and Paris and assorted townies.

“Christopher Returns” (season 1, episode 15) This episode has to establish rory and Lorelai’s relationship with Christopher, and it does so beautifully.

When rory tears into Lorelai for getting married without her there, season seven proves it still has the ability to make those fights work.

I have faith that Sherman-Palladino was pointing rory in an interesting direction — but the course correction was fun to watch in its own right.

In “Hay Bale Maze,” overachieving and overthinking rory finally decides to risk everything to reach a goal.

But it’s all worth it for the scene where Lorelai is trying to guess his age and rory keeps gesturing upward.

“Ballrooms and Biscotti” (season 4, episode 1) Mostly the season four premiere is just Lorelai and rory being charming and quippy.

It’s an early suggestion that rory isn’t fitting into Logan’s world as well as she’d hoped.

Logan represents the life that rory would have had if Lorelai hadn’t turned her back on the Gilmores.

“Say Goodnight, Gracie” (season 3, episode 20) And here is where rory and Jess’s relationship gets definitively blown up.

“The UnGraduate” (season 6, episode 3) Here’s where rory decides to devote all of her overachieving, people-pleasing tendencies to her new life.

But rory and Lorelai still both clearly despise their new lives.

Lorelai, in the meantime, is really concerned with the purity and pristine-ness of rory’s bed.

We’re rooting for you, rory Gilmore!)

“Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy” (season 2, episode 5) Of all rory’s love interests, Jess is probably the most controversial among fans.

Depending on whom you talk to, he’s either rory’s soul mate or the worst person ever to appear in Stars Hollow.

“But Not as Cute as Pushkin” (season 5, episode 10) rory is at her most endearingly nerdy in this episode.

Meanwhile, rory finally gets to rip Mitchum Huntzberger a new one a year after he crushed her dreams, and it is incredibly satisfying.

rory is their new Lorelai — a high-achieving, biddable, anxious-to-please Lorelai — and wealthy, charming Logan is their new Christopher.

The extent to which rory finds herself reenacting that primordial family rift over and over again is never clearer than it is here.

“Fight Face” (season 6, episode 2) rory and Lorelai have their first face-to-face encounter since the rift began, and it’s vicious.

And Madeleine Albright’s cameo in rory’s dream is a gorgeous, funny, and wistful moment of surrealism.

And rory sprinting across Stars Hollow, clutching a box of cornstarch and shrieking, “I got kissed!

“The Real Paul Anka” (season 6, episode 18) Jess has probably the most elaborate arc of all of rory’s boyfriends.

But look, rory and Lorelai finally heal their rift!

For rory, who finds most of her self-worth in other people’s validation, it’s a horrifying development.

rory is so relieved that she’s not hanging out with Dean!

Jess asks rory to run away with him, and it’s incredibly upsetting and sad.

You don’t think rory is good enough for your son — as if we don’t know Logan’s reputation.

But he is welcome in our home anytime, and you should extend the same courtesy to rory.

You get why rory finds it so compelling.

“Teach Me Tonight” (season 2, episode 19) rory and Jess are at their most entertainingly flirty when they go on their ice cream run.

rory‘s Dance” (season 1, episode 9) And here’s the first of the really, really great Gilmore Girls episodes.

rory, in the first flush of her relationship with Dean, stays out all night with him (chastely), and our central relationships implode.

Emily is furious with Lorelai, and Lorelai is furious with rory.

Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Sudipto Ganguly/Peter Rutherford

The international development minister rory Stewart was fourth on 37 votes and the interior minister Sajid Javid was fifth on 33 votes.

“The big driver behind U.S. resilience is that tech has been strong,” said rory McPherson, head of investment strategy at asset manager Psigma.

rory Glacken tells me he struggles with tinnitus.

We had a chat to rory to find out more.

They’re happy to help pay for rory’s education — provided that she and her mother, Lorelai, attend a weekly Friday night dinner.

Where Lorelai saw leaving her parents’ home as a kind of last-ditch moral stand, rory has no such compunctions.

Often, when Lorelai and rory have a falling out, money is either at the center of that argument or directly adjacent to it.

(One exception: their fight over rory’s rekindling of her relationship with her now-married ex-boyfriend at the end of season four.)

We know what happened to him, but rory’s fate was left open, since she’s not a real person.

The episode where rory goes off to follow the Obama campaign was the series finale, and she was never heard from again.

Lorelai and rory stand as clear correctives to that ethos.

rory’s dorm room at Yale prominently features a Planned Parenthood poster, and her friend Lane’s room sported a Fahrenheit 9/11 poster.

Lorelai and her daughter rory, the two titular Gilmores, reference David Bowie, Sonic Youth, and joke about the Menendez brothers.

rory, meanwhile, is a walking parable of class and inheritance in modern America.

It made sense, and he joined up, going on to coach his brother, rory, and Forrest Griffin in the UFC using those methods.

Will rory end up with Jess, Dean, or Logan, or someone else entirely?

The first teaser features rory and Lorelai debating whether or not various late-night hosts might like Lorelai.

Here are some refreshers: Andrew ran the Stars Hollow bookstore, rory’s favorite non-coffee-serving haunt.

The “both of you” is presumably Lorelai and rory, but it’s possible she means Lorelai and Emily instead.

Meanwhile, rory is dating, “like any young woman with that face would be,” says Sherman-Palladino, but she’s still single.

Fans have been speculating wildly over the picture above, which some say shows rory wearing a wedding band.

But odds are good that rory will be ending up with one of these three characters.

The new character could be making eyes at either Lorelai, rory, Emily, or Luke.

The books were a smash success, picking up glowing reviews from the New Yorker, the New York Times Book Review, and even rory Gilmore.

rory MacDonald was able to do his best work against Woodley in this way.

rory MacDonald returned with a vengeance at Bellator 179 on Friday night.

Fight fans are quick to declare a fighter ‘done’, and it seems like that was the case with rory MacDonald.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Peter Rutherford

What drives its story is rory and Lorelai and their relationship, and the trailer shows them at their fast-talking best.

Lorelai has apparently gotten addicted to late-night cable, because she wants to know if rory thinks Amy Schumer would like her.

No, says rory.

), rory points out that Amy Schumer is into water sports.

Ireland’s rory McIlroy, ranked No.

Writing by rory Carroll; Editing by Peter Rutherford

Go out and just have fun.” The Texan breathed life into what began as a dithering duel between Reed and rory McIlroy.

rory Brown and Joe Yanarella I get choked up thinking about these guys and I’m eternally grateful to each of them.

Matt Hancock won 20 votes and rory Stewart 19.

It will need to respectfully protect its citizens,” said rory Medcalf, head of the National Security College at the Australian National University.

But it arrived at the endpoint the series always needed to get to: Gilmore daughter rory beginning her career in journalism in earnest.

But if you were closer in age to rory’s mother, Lorelai, the insertion fantasy worked just as well.

rory returns to Stars Hollow, yes, but she’s no longer the kid who needs a whole village to be her parent.

“But I definitely don’t think it’s over.” Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Sudipto Ganguly

Post-fight, he used his station in the division to make a callout of former UFC title challenger and recent Bellator signee rory MacDonald.

Full disclosure: I have never seen an episode of Gilmore Girls, but I understand that many people love rory and Lorelai’s signature banter.

The curator, rory Hyde, says the gesture of placing Mohammed Qutaish alongside Norman Foster poses a simple question: “Who owns the future?”

The same kick which rory MacDonald bothered B.J.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Ken Ferris

Still best known for playing rory on Gilmore Girls, Bledel has never been better.

Without the fire in his belly and the chip on his shoulder, I still wonder, could Robbie Lawler have broken rory MacDonald that night?

Ahead of Henderson’s sophomore outing with the promotion, the news broke that rory MacDonald had signed with Bellator too.

“It is an honor to get to play with a guy like that.” Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Frank Pingue/Amlan Chakraborty

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Greg Stutchbury

“Would it kill Hollywood to give us one grown-up rory Gilmore?” asked writer Marin Cogan.

At least some of rory’s journalistic problems are internal production issues.

rory’s unprofessional behavior as a journalist also fits her within the genre’s ongoing tendency to fuse romantic and professional relationships.

In fact, throughout the revival, rory’s professional life is framed mainly in terms of how it complicates her romantic life.

None of these structural elements entirely explain rory’s behavior — but they do contextualize Gilmore Girls’ rom-com elements.

Alas, it seems Hollywood just isn’t ready for the rory Gilmore of our dreams.

Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Sudipto Ganguly/Nick Mulvenney

The people playing the song are Kristofer Hivju (Tormund), Iain Glen (Ser Jorah), rory McCann (Sandor Clegane), and Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion).

Because she’s there,” rory explains to Logan when she finally decides to end things between them.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Greg Stutchbury

(Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Chris Reese and Matthew Lewis)

His answer is a little rory Gilmore, but we’ll take it: “The only things I had when I was a kid were books.

Like when rory praised her in season 3, or when Lorelai casually signed off, “See you when Hillary is president!”

“He was amazing.” Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Sudipto Ganguly

Stephen Thompson also used this set up against rory MacDonald and Jorge Masvidal.

Today, it announces rory, a line of products for menopausal women.

In total, rory offers six products treating four conditions, with prices starting at $13 per month.

rory Culkin is set to star.

“We aren’t used to talking about issues like vaginal dryness,” rory co-founder Rachel Blank told TechCrunch.

rory’s leadership team.

In order to launch rory, the trio — Rob Schutz, Saman Rahmanian and Zachariah Reitano — had to bring on talent knowledgeable of women’s health.

That shift has given rise to a generation of monster-driving youngsters like rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson.

In this video rory McKernan, host of the CrossFit Games, investigated what he called “EIUL.”

Sociologist rory McVeigh has since indicated this was a misinterpretation of his historical commentary.

Specifically, that Logan was rory‘s Christopher.

Maybe rory and Logan are Emily and Richard, not Lorelai and Christopher.

I have definitely always been in the “Logan is rory‘s Christopher” camp.

That act of defiance certainly rivals rory‘s dressing down by the Huntzberger’s at a family dinner.

I would also point out that despite the circumstance of their kind-of relationship, Logan and rory seem like partners.

As adults, rory uses him as a sounding board.

Of course, that bun in rory‘s oven differs from Richard and Emily’s story.

rory isn’t another Lorelai like we always suspected or have been told she is.

Having grown up the way she has, rory also has a bit of Emily in her, too.

“But any team that combines, rory wants to lead it,” the spokeswoman said.

He has somewhere to be and he will not let rory Gilmore stand in his way.

There’s Paul himself (sweet, forgettable Paul) and a guy in a Wookie costume, with whom rory had her first one-night stand.

rory McIlroy has announced that he will skip the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for fear of contracting Zika, via BBC Sport.

Specifically, the question of who the father of rory‘s baby is.

Naturally, Logan seems like the logical choice, since we know he and rory were together.

And come on, Logan is so clearly rory‘s Christopher, which would bring everything full circle.

Why, what do you know, rory was dating Paul (kind of), seeing Logan, and Jess was in town.

It also could explain that final exchange between Jess and rory in “Fall.”

Will we ever know what rory decided to do next?

But show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino sure has some thoughts on rory Gilmore’s fate.

rory doesn’t have to keep the baby.

If and when it happens, we’ll be curious to see what choice rory ultimately makes.

“We wanted rory to date her father,” Sherman-Palladino told Entertainment Weekly last month.

“Connecting the dots, it’s easy to then say that Jess is rory‘s Luke.

He was rory‘s college sweetheart and clearly they can’t keep away from each other.

“Maddeningly, he won’t even confirm that rory‘s baby is his.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life did a pretty fantastic job of bringing back all the men who crossed paths with rory Gilmore.

But that’s what season eight is for: The Hound’s actor rory McCann has even hinted that it’s going to happen.

rory McIlroy

Current odds: 10/1 World ranking: No.

Or rory, for that matter.)

Yet, for all of his bravado, rory Shayne was and remains a mysterious figure in the underworld he occupied.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Nick Mulvenney and Sudipto Ganguly

In 2007, the grassroots Vote for rory campaign tried to get journeyman rory Fitzpatrick voted to the All-Star Game.

Still, many hockey purists from Wayne Gretzky to Don Cherry called Vote for rory a “joke.”

rory was into stuff like astral travel; he thought he could go into his mind and travel around.

“When the cops broke in at night, while rory was sleeping, they found thousands of rounds of ammunition and calibers.

Though his creativity and intelligence were undisputable, pretty much everything else about rory Shayne is an enigma.

“We need another Vote for rory,” Marek said.

rory, described in adulthood as “a child of violence,” was coming to Canada as an already damaged nine-year-old.

“His story is very sad,” says rory’s former lawyer Gary Martin, who rory once tried to shoot in court.

rory was adopted from Germany and brought over to Canada by his aunt, I think, who was a nurse.

rory got up a few minutes later and appeared in front of the judge and set a date,” Martin recalls.

“It turned out her mother was an old girlfriend of rory’s who kept in touch with him after he was deported to Germany.

She told me after he was deported, her mother and rory still corresponded and she was quite smitten by him.

Throughout his research, Gravenor has also become increasingly perplexed by the mystery of rory Shayne.

It seems that the world would have better things in store for you than that.” rory’s old teacher is a little more cynical.

Alive or dead, one thing is sure; rory Shayne left the world in a more chaotic state than he found it in.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Nick Mulvenney

“Who do you think rory‘s baby daddy is?

And we haven’t even gotten to the possibility that the Wookie who rory had a one-night stand with could be the father.

Ethan, the man Renee starts dating (rory Scovel) after coming on to him in a laundromat, worries that he’s not manly enough.

$4 7:00 p.m. — How would rory and Lorelai improve upon this lazy day?

And rory will say, “Hang on a minute.

He might, for example, mix it up with rory MacDonald, who currently holds the welterweight division’s top spot—behind champion Robbie Lawler, of course.

It’s fun too.” Additional reporting by Simon Evans, Mark Trevelyan, Mark Bendeich and rory Carroll, editing by Greg Stutchbury

At 6 feet 6 inches, rory McCann is terrifying and imposing as “The Hound.”

“But any team that combines, rory wants to lead it,” the spokeswoman said.

rory McIlroy bounced back from a missed cut last week, shooting 67, while defending champion Dustin Johnson battled to a 71.

Reporters from three Hearst publications even arrived in rory Gilmore cosplay: skirts of various plaids, white blouses, and navy neckties.

When rory graduated from Yale, I graduated high school.

The show, and rory‘s character in particular, served as a sort of guidepost for me, and for the path I wanted to follow.

“The season where Lorelai and rory aren’t talking to each other, that’s like the Gilmore Girls version of Jon Snow dying.”

To rory McIlroy, however, the decision came much too late.

Czuchry himself has called it “time to say goodbye” for rory and Logan, but he hasn’t shut the door on more episodes completely.

You’re, of course, the only one for rory, give me a break,” Fallon said.

“Were those guys Team rory?”

We’d like to think Jess was always Team rory, though.

rory’s goals for herself never stood a chance against Sherman-Palladino’s larger narrative arc for Gilmore Girls.

First, there’s that ridiculous cliffhanger ending (“Mom, I’m pregnant), and we would very much like to know what happens with rory.

The revival shows rory revisiting moments with all of the men who represent milestones in her mother’s emotional development.

Throughout the series, though she feints in other directions, rory expresses constant homesickness and longing to be with her mom and with the town.

But while she’s realizing she has to leave Stars Hollow to find clarity, rory is returning to it.

rory isn’t alone, of course.

Is this really what rory wanted for herself?

rory will have the illusion of happiness, surrounded by community and family.

They were: Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, rory Stewart and Dominic Raab.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Adrian Croft

Basically, I’m the rory Gilmore of the Refinery29 beauty team.

“Between legends like Fedor, free agents like Chael, big names like rory MacDonald, and prospects like Pico, we have a very solid base.”

rory MacDonald is a killer.

The Daily Mail quickly identified the student as rory Farquharson, a Harvard sophomore from the UK.

rory Farquharson is 19 years old.

[rory Carroll | Reuters] This article originally appeared on

Which is good, because we NEED to know what’s going to happen with rory and that baby.

“I am extremely disappointed in their actions.” Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Lisa Shumaker

“I would be cautious to recognize any national trend based on one week in which passions have been high,” said Republican strategist rory Cooper.

One generation of teenagers will remember Keiko Agena for her role as Lane Kim, rory Gilmore’s best friend in Gilmore Girls.

Between the years of 2000 to 2007, Lane was the rock to rory’s roll.

Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Sudipto Ganguly

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Alison Williams

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Alistair Bell

Or “how do rory and Lorelai digest all that coffee and not die?”

In a slightly less abstract video, he analyzes rory and Lorelai’s coffee consumption.

(For more on the case’s legal details, read rory Little’s great preview and analysis at SCOTUSblog.)

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival last fall and stars rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake, and Pearce Quigley.

Additional reporting by Robin Respaut and rory Carroll in San Francisco; Editing by Diane Craft, Matthew Lewis and Bernard Orr

“This is the biggest threat facing our civilization, our planet, our world,” aid minister rory Stewart told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

One of rory MacDonald’s few moments of success against Thompson was in skipping up and tapping the lead foot of the elusive karateka.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Ed Osmond/Nick Mulvenney

Lorelai Gilmore has some theories on who might be the father of rory‘s baby, at least according to actor Lauren Graham.

Matt Hancock won 20 votes and rory Stewart 19.

Another possibility for the father would be rory‘s college boyfriend, Logan, or even dark horse candidate, Jess.

But if that guy played a round against rory McIlroy, he might have like a 15-20 percent chance to beat him over 18 holes.

Ro is raising at a $500 million valuation to support its three digital health brands: Roman, rory and Zero.

Directed by Bathory’s Jonas Akerlund, it stars rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, and Sky Ferreira, all succumbing to chaos.

Or rory McIlroy blasting L’Internationale from an old-school boombox attached to his golf buggy?

It’s really pretty simple: Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) will face off against younger brother Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (rory McCann).

“We like the valuations and favorable business cycle which supports the Japanese equity market,” said rory McPherson, head of investment strategy at Psigma.

Some athletes, including the world’s third-ranked golfer, rory McIlroy, have even said they’re considering dropping out of the games because of Zika.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Ed Osmond and Chris Reese

There are some prime originals coming in the comedy realm too: new specials from Chris D’Elia and rory Scovel, to name a few.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Larry King

rory McIlroy has pulled out of this summer’s Olympic Games over concerns about the Zika virus.

(Curiously, all of these Rosewood locales reside across from the gazebo that Lorelai and rory frequent in Gilmore Girls.

“He (Johnson) keeps saying he will deliver Brexit by Oct. 31 but how?” one of his challengers, aid minister rory Stewart, said.

(rory would beg to differ.)

Her defense of the paternity mystery is that rory‘s pregnancy is about rory, not the men in her life.

Tomer Fridman of Compass repped Kris and Marc & rory Shevin represented the seller.

Those final four words we’d been hearing about for years turned out to be the news that rory‘s pregnant.

I’m not rory levels organized, but I think even she would appreciate having all the Stars Hollow scoop in one place.

Just like many other millennials, rory is still struggling to make her career dreams a reality.

Richard’s death will touch Emily, Lorelai, and rory‘s lives in unexpected ways and shape the year the revival is set to cover.

They need a boost after Ventimiglia shattered their hopes that Jess is the father of rory‘s surprise baby.

Instead, you can expect rory to be out in the dating world as she figures her life out.

The Show Is Returning To Chilton

rory will be returning to her old high school, Chilton, but the reason for her visit is unknown.

Their return could mean rory will revisit her old college days, when she spent many nights partying with Logan and his rich, adventurous friends.

rory & Lorelai Are Still BFFs

Some things never change.

rory McCann, who plays The Hound, has some feelings about what he calls that “Cleganebowl shite.”

rory McIlroy must slay at mini golf.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Alison Williams

In it, rory McCann, AKA The Hound, happily sings a little folk song while playing the guitar.

If anything were to balance out all the death and war in this show, it’s definitely rory McCann’s rendition.

Now rory MacDonald’s handling of Woodley was masterful.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Ed Osmond/Greg Stutchbury

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Mary Milliken

rory Smith is a freelance data journalist based in Europe.

The masterminds that brought us Lorelei and rory are back, and they’re bringing new shows with them.

“The humanitarian need in Afghanistan is severe,” International Development Secretary rory Stewart said after meeting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in London.

The four-part miniseries ended on a with two huge questions, namely, who is the father of rory‘s baby?

According to rory Wakemup, the director for the local Native gallery All My Relations, Straight Line is owned by Louis Peters of Lower Sioux.

In the meanwhile, we’re going to let our imaginations run wild; rory and Jess shipping lives in our dreams for another day.

rory McIlroy (71) missed the projected cut line of one over by a stroke.

Here’s an incredible rory Hayes original that Scott Eder had for sale.

If you don’t know rory Hayes, Google his name.

rory McGuiness of Columbus’s Department of Development says, “We had meetings with Alphabet about the kiosks.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by John O’Brien

Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, they’re all big hitters.

They were: Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, rory Stewart and Dominic Raab.

But in those moments, I still see and feel your support and appreciate it greatly.” Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Greg Stutchbury

We all want to watch Lorelai and rory Gilmore quip their way through Stars Hollow or Will and Grace be codependent best friends.

Reporting by Andrew Both in Cary, North Carolina; Additional reporting by Gene Cherry and rory Carroll; Editing by Peter Rutherford

It’s been exactly one year since Lorelai and rory Gilmore resurfaced in our lives — did they ever really leave?

Who could not feel a bond with rory MacDonald in that moment?

We bet Lorelai and rory would be binge watch right along with us if they could.

(Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Ed Osmond)

AS-P heralded rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) as a superstar in her field… and AYITL proved the younger Gilmore girl is a terrible journalist.

To think, he could have been a contender for rory‘s (Alexis Bledel) heart.

He is a vlogger known only as rory, and he is going to rule the internet.

rory is a child music vlogger who loves Brockhampton and Migos, and thinks Lil Yachty and Lil Pump are “so-so.”

me) could probably do with a dose of whatever rory‘s having.

You bet: Basically I just wanted to point out that rory, a child, is basically coming for my job.

Lorelai and rory kept bantering about late-night comedians and corpse flowers?”

rory is feeling rootless and unsuccessful, mournfully telling Jess that she could have been a contender.

Well, now there’s some good news for fans of the fast-talking rory and Lorelai.

rory Gilmore is willing to come back, too.

But her older rory, now as old as season one Lorelai, is as driven and charming as she ever was.

“The Jaybird team will have all the scope to innovate they had before,” said rory Dooly in a post on the Logitech blog.

The couple met around 3-and-a-half years ago — after Caroline’s breakup with golf superstar rory McIlroy.

The movie also stars comedian rory Scovel as Renée’s love interest.

Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Amlan Chakraborty

I don’t usually have the attention span to binge-watch shows, but I can’t get enough of rory‘s love life.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Tom Brown

As the card’s name suggests, headlining honors went to top-ranked welterweights rory MacDonald and Stephen Thompson.

The other half of the episode focuses on Emily (Alexis Bledel), or, as I like to call her, Not rory Gilmore, But Pretty Much.

rory Parness (VP Finance), Meghan Lapides (VP HR), and Brian Chase (General Counsel) also join the executive team.

ATLANTA (AP) — rory McIlroy finally won the FedEx Cup when he least expected it.

ATLANTA (AP) — rory McIlroy finally won the FedEx Cup when he least expected it.

As part of this funding round, rory O’Driscoll, a partner at Scale Venture Partners, will join Cognata’s board.

“I was really excited to work with someone of rory‘s caliber,” explained Daniels.

“It’s been awesome to be able to show rory the game plan that I had.

rory‘s had that experience now so the shock factor is gone.

“We aren’t looking for rory to become a kickboxer, we just want him to know what’s coming at him.

rory has upped his IQ drastically when it comes to different set ups.

“People are going to pleasantly surprised when they see what rory is capable of doing in the striking exchanges against Thompson.

rory is really prepared for this fight.

“I’ve said it before, rory is the most dangerous fighter in the welterweight division.

That’s how good rory is.

International development minister rory Stewart managed only 27 votes and was eliminated from the contest.

On that earlier series, Lorelai took a more traditional approach to mothering, reorganizing her entire life around that of her teenage daughter rory.

Then I met up with my producer rory, who I do a lot of stuff with.

[rory Carroll / The Guardian] This article originally appeared on

Just like rory Gilmore had Lorelai and Meredith Grey had Cristina Yang, you probably have someone you call or text when things get sticky.

By November 2017, Rodriguez was standing on the steps of City Hall with Councilman rory Lancman, telling her story and advocating for the bill.

rory and Lorelai are sipping coffee somewhere in the television ether in celebration.

Early in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) is trying to answer a phone call, with little success.

10 p.m. — After another episode of Gilmore Girls, (rory goes to visit Jess in NY and misses Lorelai’s graduation, oh no!)

That’s how it goes.” Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Peter Rutherford

Remember when Dean told rory that he loved her on Gilmore Girls?

When rory said that she needed time to think about how she feels, Dean should have allowed her that time.

Clara recently married Scottish actor rory Boyd.

rory Gilmore (Emmy-winner Alexis Bledel) would love this episode.

Additional reporting by rory Carroll in Los Angeles; Editing by Ken Ferris/Ian Ransom

International development minister rory Stewart managed only 27 votes and was eliminated from the contest.

Reporting by rory Carroll;Editing by Peter Rutherford

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Amlan Chakraborty

WWE hype man Paul Heyman hilariously officiated the wedding of Macaulay Culkin’s brother, actor rory Culkin.

Now TechCrunch can reveal that rory Stirling has joined London seed-stage firm Connect Ventures as partner.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Nick Mulvenney

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Sandra Maler

“He (Johnson) keeps saying he will deliver Brexit by Oct. 31 but how?” one of his challengers, aid minister rory Stewart, said.

Then she essentially took a brawling internship with Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (rory McCann) and Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie).

Lorelai is blissfully sipping champagne; rory, next to her, looks nervous, and her champagne bottle is untouched.

Finally, she turns to Lorelai: “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant.” Lorelai turns to rory, mouth open in astonishment, and the episode cuts to black.

Its first series finale was 2007’s “Bon Voyage,” and that episode gave rory a very different ending to her arc.

In “Bon Voyage,” rory gets her first real job as a reporter, after devoting herself to that goal for the past seven seasons.

So rory got past the Mitchum thing.

rory has always wanted to be Christiane Amanpour — she told her high school headmaster so on the second episode of the show.

At last, rory is going to achieve her dreams.

But that’s not the ending Amy Sherman-Palladino had planned for rory.

In “Fall,” rory’s pregnancy announcement comes shortly after she decides to redirect her career.

But it’s also never been part of rory’s plan to be a mother.

Is rory being punished for having ambitions that stretched beyond the safe and cozy streets of Stars Hollow?

It’s especially off-putting considering the ending granted to rory’s best friend, Lane.

“You’re me,” Lorelai says with disgust as she tries to talk rory out of her plans.

And then in later seasons, rory takes up with Logan, who is in both personality and looks nearly identical to her father, Christopher.

rory deliberately models her first kiss with Logan on Lorelai’s first kiss with Christopher.

rory doesn’t, in the end, marry Logan.

As a character, rory may have been devoted to journalism.

But as an archetypal figure, rory’s drama was all about navigating the enormous familial rift caused by her own birth.

“Bon Voyage” served rory’s personal journey.

They would both be seamlessly intertwined, and what was good for rory would be good for the show as a whole.

As rory suggests, the most attractive trait in a board member is a “rational decision maker”.

(ll of this was undone, however, by Lorelai and rory‘s perennial fat-shaming.

Scottish actor rory McCann has harnessed the Hound’s fierce mood swings since the first season of Game of Thrones.

“But any team that combines, rory wants to lead it,” the spokeswoman said.

Reporting by rory Carroll

As Cersei and her entourage try to escape the Red Keep, the Hound (rory McCann) stops them.

“Zimbabweans suffered for too long as a result of Mugabe’s ruinous rule,” Minister rory Stewart said on arriving in Harare.

The international development minister rory Stewart was fourth on 37 votes and the interior minister Sajid Javid was fifth on 33 votes.

rory McCann, who played the Hound, was fist pumping and Sophie Turner was all smiles.

At the beginning of the episode, Sansa sits down with Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (rory McCann).

rory O’Driscoll

rory O’Driscoll is a partner at Scale Venture Partners.

rory wasn’t bitter — in fact, he gave the guy a hug and helped him celebrate.

3 rory McIlroy as Gilligan, Barney Rubble, Barney Fife or George Costanza.

Champion golfer rory McIlroy practiced his short game here in 2011.

Lorenz Larkin and rory MacDonald, top ten welterweights by anyone’s reckoning, recently failed to come to terms with the UFC as well.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Alan Crosby, Steve Orlofsky and Ben Klayman

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Nick Mulvenney/Peter Rutherford

Pre-championship favourite rory McIlroy was also out of contention, 11 back.

International development minister rory Stewart won 27 votes and was eliminated from the contest.

rory, obviously this is a huge week for him.

rory and Erica — who works for the PGA — got engaged back in December.

“The humanitarian need in Afghanistan is severe,” International Development Secretary rory Stewart said after meeting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in London.

Neither Greg Clark, business minister, or rory Stewart, international development minister, intend to resign over the vote, the aides said.

Business minister Greg Clark and international development minister rory Stewart both abstained on the vote, but do not plan to resign, their aides said.

She brings in rory Gilmore.

Business minister Greg Clark and international development minister rory Stewart both abstained on the vote, but do not plan to resign, their aides said.

“We love them, we love them back.” Additional reporting by rory Carroll, Kevin Fogarty, Brendan O’Brien.

rory is an hour down the road and obviously had some great times here.

I think rory summed it up perfectly: The Open wasn’t about him; it was about how far our country has come,” Clarke said.

“No worries rory, mate”, I reply.

The guy standing behind rory is holding onto him with a smile that says, “I’ll never experience pleasure like this again”.

Though my knowledge of golf is limited, I’ve always interested in the life of rory McIlroy.

Neither Greg Clark, business minister, or rory Stewart, international development minister, intend to resign over the vote, the aides said.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Greg Stutchbury

What was it that made you want to get a bee tattoo?rory Armstrong: It was just about how everyone came together.

They were: Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, rory Stewart and Dominic Raab.

Neither Greg Clark, business minister, or rory Stewart, international development minister, intend to resign over the vote, the aides said.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Sudipto Ganguly/Peter Rutherford

International development minister rory Stewart managed only 27 votes and was eliminated from the contest.

rory McIlroy talked himself into a hole on Wednesday, telling reporters that this week’s Open Championship is a “good week to back me.”

In 2016, North Carolina voters elected a Democratic governor, rory Cooper, seemingly breaking the Republican stranglehold on state government.

(Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Peter Cooney)

No, maybe at the margins, but probably not.” Reporting by Jonathan Allen in New York; Additional reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Peter Cooney

Writing by Zoran Milosavljevic in Belgrade and rory Carroll in Los Angeles; Editng by Toby Davis, Pritha Sarkar, Ken Ferris and Sudipto Ganguly

Stephen Thompson and rory MacDonald will mix it up in Ottawa on June 18.

International development secretary rory Stewart lost in the third round.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Pritha Sarkar

Editing by rory Carroll/Andrew Both

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Andrew Hay

Reporting by Gene Cherry in Raleigh, North Carolina, and rory Carroll in Los Angeles; editing by Pritha Sarkar / Ian Ransom

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Ed Osmond

rory ends up with Dean, because he’s her first love, or whatever.

Or rory ends up with Logan, because… he’s blonde and rich?

Instead, we learn that the car crash happened when rory calls her mother, Lorelai (Lauren Graham), from the hospital.

Or rory ends up with Jess (duh), because he respects her brain and got rid of the leather jacket eventually.

Or rory ends up with Paris, because they are intellectual soulmates and they did kiss that one time.

(To rory🙂 He’s a very talented man, your father.

RICHARD: (To rory🙂 Always was a smart one, that boy.

When rory and Lorelai make up from a fight, they almost never talk about the thing that pushed them apart.

What was the point of the fight if Lorelai and rory didn’t learn anything from it?

You can follow Sean Rameswaram at @Rameswaram, rory Smith at @rorySmith, and Mo Salah at @MoSalah.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Nick Mulvenney

(His friend, Eric, played by rory Scovel, lectures him about being in the moment.

Spieth (first-round 72) and third-ranked Northern Irishman rory McIlroy (77) are among half the field who will start the second round on Saturday.

3 while Northern Ireland’s rory McIlroy dropped to No.

(Can you even imagine ” Gilmore Girls” without rory and Lorelai’s pop-culture-heavy, mile-a-minute exchanges?)

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Leslie Adler

Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Diane Craft and Tom Brown

“I’m not saying you’re not going to see Koepka, Dustin and rory contend.

She does “experiments” on an entire box, leaving rory — the daughter — without breakfast, and then launching into a classic Gilmore fit (whimsical, natch!).

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Peter Rutherford

While I’m in the “real” Stars Hollow, I try repeatedly to figure out what rory and Lorelai would think about the proceedings.

It’s when rory‘s alt-boy lover Jess yells after her, “Nice spin, you should work for Bush!”)

Younger women tell me rory was their permission to be brainy, ambitious, and a little bit of a snob.

One of them mentions that she has a two-year-old, and wants her to grow up to be like rory.

I did feel close to rory, because she’s most relatable when she’s low.

Later, rory tells Lorelai that the pain of breaking up with her college boyfriend “comes in waves.

Washington Depot is a beautiful town where rory and Lorelai never, ever lived.

There’s also a Ben Affleck joke, because rory and Lorelai are obviously Team Jen!

rory is unemployed and talking about doing peyote.

Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by Ed Osmond and Chris Reese

rory McIlroy won the Irish Open in about as much style as possible.

In one of the new episodes, rory has her first one-night stand with a man dressed in a Wookiee costume.

It’s hurtful to see talented, brainy, driven rory spiraling out 10 years down the line because she still has a terrible self-aggrandizing attitude.

Reporting by rory Carroll; editing by Sudipto Ganguly

We lived without rory and her mom, Lorelai Gilmore, for nearly 10 years, and suddenly they were back.

Especially for those who are not well-established — and let’s face it, rory isn’t.

For 22-year-old rory, pregnancy probably would have ended her journalism goals.

rory has always been a rallying point for both Lorelai and the Gilmores.

Opens, Woodland went about his business in anonymity as headliners Brooks Koepka, rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson and Woods took the spotlight.

In the final episode, rory goes to visit her father.

Lorelai and rory were always meant to grow together, the two of them against the world, everyone else be damned.

Lorelai sacrificed for rory, as many parents do.

Compiled by rory Carroll; editing by Clare Fallon

From her recent interview with Time: “It’s just such a small part of who rory is.

We were left wondering about all the ways rory could succeed in the years ahead.

To me, those last words seem to say: “No, rory’s career and mind weren’t her most important aspects.

Kaitlyn: Bear with me, but as it exists, with rory at 32, this ending doesn’t really bother me, aside from its obvious narrative laziness.

rory’s life story isn’t a product of the real world and the uncontrollable events in it.

They were written on purpose by a woman who seemed to be on rory’s side (and ours) for many years.

We’ve seen this happen with Lorelai, Sherry, Lane, Paris, and now rory.

Does rory even want to be a mother?

rory, you’re a terrible role model.

Kaitlyn: I feel the frustration, but I’ll still defend rory’s pregnancy as an end to this reboot (and only this reboot!)

The only way to be truly inspired by Gilmore Girls is to watch it and want to be rory, but better.

That’s why when rory fails, she fails hard.

Loren: I’m just confused now about what rory’s arc is supposed to mean.

rory isn’t just writing the story of Lorelai’s pregnancy, she’s living it, as a reboot of Lorelai’s mistakes.

“It’s tough, but personally I want to come back to the Dodgers.” Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Andrew Both

rory‘s a Brit who pretty quickly set his sights on the former First Daughter.

Malia’s 19 — a freshman — and rory‘s also 19 and a freshman at the Ivy League school in Cambridge.

Why does rory McIlroy say he’s happier dating a “normal person” instead of a celebrity like tennis star Caroline Wozniacki?

Of course, rory famously broke things off with Wozniacki AFTER they already sent their wedding invitations out.

And rory Reid is pretty good, too.

What struck me the most is how comfortable the new lineup of hosts — Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and rory Reid — seemed with one another.

It wasn’t that rory was doing badly … quite the opposite.

But there’s an unusual amount of testosterone at this tourney … and rory drew a line in the sand.

And rory Reid is someone I used to hang out with at the Geneva Motor Show, gawking at the latest Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

The news comes just a few weeks after the UK version of Top Gear restarted with hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and rory Reid.

Only flight engineer rory (Ryan Reynolds) talks like he isn’t being polite in a library.

rory McIlroy made a hole in one on 16 today at Augusta National.

Additional reporting by rory Carroll.

(Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Richard Chang)

The new match play format was adopted last year, with rory Mcilroy taking the title.

It’s currently hosted by Friends star Matt LeBlanc, car enthusiast and reviewer Chris Harris, and automotive journalist rory Reid.

But the friend/parent dynamic often gets blurred, and rory takes advantage of their relationship.

It was a pretty dovish rate hike and wasn’t voted through unanimously,” said rory McPherson, head of investment strategy at Psigma Investment Management.

While all her friends were making moves to score internships over summer, rory headed off to Europe with her grandmother.

One of the most infuriating aspects of rory‘s character is her inability to recognize just how privileged she is.

It was an honest mistake,” rory Dooley, head of Logitech’s Harmony division, told Wired.

This time around, will Mitchum’s intuition about rory “not having what it takes” to be a notable journalist reveal itself to be true?

It’s like when Logan reminded rory in season seven: “Wake up, rory, whether you like it or not, you’re one of us.

The privileged lifestyle rory feels so uncomfortable identifying with is the very thing that’s made her who she is.

Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Clare Fallon

“Globally, the movie is in really good shape,” said rory Bruer, Sony’s worldwide distribution chief.

“It’s been 29 years and I feel like I’m 17 years old again.” Reporting by rory Carroll; Editing by Andrew Both

But now, it’s just [become] an epic event.” His marathon companion, rory Hearn, is of the same mind.

Reporting by Andrew Chung in New York and rory Carroll in San Jose; Editing by Alexia Garamfalvi, Diane Craft and Leslie Adler

(Reporting by rory Carroll, editing by G Crosse)

We hope rory in a sentence examples were helpful.