Rivers in a sentence | Use of the word rivers examples

Born Ajibade Tosin in Port Harcourt—the largest city in rivers State, Nigeria—Mr.

Follow the system of lakes and rivers and you’ll see water colors that range from turquoise to azure.

The falls also mark the confluence of the Plitvica and Korana rivers.

EDF’s use of water from rivers as coolant is regulated by law to protect plant and animal life.

In this slider, you can see just how much the Missouri and Platte rivers near Omaha, Nebraska, have flooded.

Wayne and the little Gretzky did some stick handling drills … with rivers even gettin’ a few past Grandpa!!!

When asked specifically if the two men were drunk during the fight — rivers said, “They’re grown men.

Doc rivers‘ Los Angeles Clippers have had four of their five starters locked in every night, barring injury, for the last four years.

When his play slipped, he wound up in rivers‘ dog house and eventually on the trade block.

That rivers‘ own maneuvering put them in that position in the first place somehow doesn’t come up.

rivers is a solid on-ball defender against guards, but has gotten bullied by bigger wings.

Clark said there are likely more alligators swimming around in the numerous streams and small rivers that surround the metro area.

I interviewed Joan rivers about that at length.

Check out the clip … rivers admits he held back tears throughout the interview with “Hardwick and Richards” on XTRA 1360 Fox Sports San Diego.

The regulation protected rivers and waterways from waste disposal from the coal-mining industry, but that has gone now.

That in turn is weakening the headwaters of vital rivers flowing to the rest of the country, scientists say.

Six huge fissures sent rivers of molten rock through a blackened, volcanic wilderness that was once jungle, farmland and rural homes.

And the damage was extraordinary: Laguna del Tigre was settled country now, its lakes and rivers turned brown by illegal villages.

Pure, head-on joke tellers like Phyllis Diller or Joan rivers.

You know half of the rivers and streams that were contaminated when the EPA came around, remain contaminated.

Many even bathed communally in nearby rivers.

Around 70 percent of Iraq’s water flows from neighboring countries, most of it along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

Grain dealers at rivers typically charge more than their inland counterparts because they are more dependent on export markets.

Shares in Specialty Fashion, the owner of women’s fashion stores Millers, Katies, Crossroads, Autograph, City Chic and rivers, fell hard in early trade.

The downside is that Jane’s sickness introduces us to the rivers family, easily the most boring characters in the book.

Inside the gallery, Elsa Lima’s three black-and-white photographs of children playing on the banks of rural rivers resonate with the canoe parked outside.

Net Power’s parent company, 8 rivers Capital, will provide ongoing technology development.

One of them is identify your most important rivers and water basins.

We also estimate that a seventh of all rivers are suffering from organic waste, and organic pollution that comes from agriculture.

What if Larry rivers made comics?

He said violence was greatest in the southern states of rivers and Akwa Ibom.

As Lauderdale and rivers put it, “when things are going badly for a candidate, their supporters tend to stop participating in polls.”

On the first lane is Marquan rivers, a 16-year-old from Compton who goes to Dominguez, the same high school that both N.W.A.

And Florence remained capable of unleashing rain-fueled catastrophic flooding of rivers and low-lying areas across a wide region.

Sure, many residents still rely on ferry service for their commutes, but most of us rarely interact with the rivers and harbor.

In the large diptych, “South East North West” (2017), blue bands again conjure rivers, while myriad accompanying shapes suggest clustered buildings and fecund vegetation.

A solution would be to keep fertilizer and sewage run-off from getting into the rivers, NOAA said.

Such as poisoned rivers and pregnant women with lead in their blood.

The “Allegory of Italy” (1628-29) symbolizes in human form the bounty of Italy and two of its rivers.

Although the harbor and East and Hudson rivers flowed around the city, their water was too salty or brackish to drink.

rivers was reportedly talking an increasing amount of shit from the bench as the game went on and Rockets players were fired up.

For Hindus, Prayagraj sits at the confluence of three sacred rivers – the Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati.

It is done on specific days when bathing in the rivers is considered especially holy.

They’ve even exacerbated flooding, becoming dams when rivers have overflowed.

Experts had no chance to assess beforehand what impact the fence might have on wildlife, plants, and rivers.

FYI — Trump and rivers used to be friends … eating dinner together at a swanky L.A. steakhouse last year.

Cholera spreads more easily in wet weather, because the bacteria live in rivers and coastal waters which swell with the rain.

The storm has killed at least 37 people, and several flooded rivers in North and South Carolina will continue rising even into next week.

Digital artifacts and imperfections in the film mirror the destruction captured by Plesset’s grandfather: ruined brick buildings and bridges half-eaten by rivers.

For centuries, meltwater from the Kaskawulsh Glacier had fed both the Slims and Kaskawulsh rivers.

It’s also a troubling example of how swiftly climate change is affecting rivers and other bodies of water.

To understand what this looked like, let’s start with a satellite image of the Kaskawulsh Glacier and the Slims and Kaskawulsh rivers.

As for the Kaskawulsh, its water level has risen dramatically, which has rippled down to rivers it feeds.

It’s not just glacial retreat that’s permanently altering the courses of rivers.

Leaving the building, I think about the ancient anthropomorphic statues of rivers that are present around Rome, where Hempton lived for a while.

Hopefully this will mean fewer rib bones and plastic forks in the grass or at the bottoms of lakes and rivers.

But despite being an inefficient, borderline first-option with shaky shot selection, rivers is also one of the league’s top one-on-one players.

According to Synergy Sports, rivers averaged 0.94 points per possession in isolation situations last year, a figure that placed him in the 73rd percentile.

This year, surrounded by G-League talent more nights than not, rivers’ isolation numbers are even better.

They stand brown, broken, and brittle revealing homes, rivers, and roads once hidden within lush tropical landscapes.

Washington State, where wild salmon leap from icy rivers straight onto farm-to-table plates?

There are no rivers here unless we are talking about the ones in people’s pants (sorry).

If rivers and mountain passes historically have determined routes of exchange and cultural transformation, what happens when a map erases cities or other markers?

You’re going to be blocking access to the water all along the Rio Grande, the Colorado, and some of the other smaller rivers.

Blankets, rivers, lens flares, stuffed animals, wide open night skies, cats purring, maybe a little facing traumas with LSD as an aid.

There are no individuals in Burtynsky’s hyperreal panoramas of oil refineries, landfills, polluted rivers, transportation networks, mining pits, and densely populated cities.

First they hid in the rivers, caves, and crevices running through the area’s mountains.

If you zoom in on particular ecosystems, like freshwater streams, lakes, and rivers, you see even more frightening drops.

But the methods leak chemicals into rocks, soil and rivers.

Contaminated water is returned to rivers, slowly poisoning the people who need the water to live.

The National Weather Service reported some of the region’s larger rivers were running at record high levels, causing levee breaks.

Portland has two rivers, which are now gently rippling and churning: the only clue of the infrastructural calamity occurring below the surface.

Cassini revealed that Titan has lake and rivers — but it’s not water flowing through them.

This is what we live on, we survive on, we don’t have rivers.

The ruling means that MVP can no longer cross rivers and streams.

“The system will cause some additional rises on several of the rivers in the area,” Chenard said.

Scientists who study South America’s rivers are worried the hippos might one day topple the region’s delicate ecosystems.

“Hippos can also really disturb the sediment in lakes and rivers, which causes stored sediment to come back into the water column.

There’s more … we also asked rivers about certain NBA players saying they would boycott a White House championship visit during Trump’s administration.

rivers will continue to rise days after the rain has stopped, he said.

A much colder weather pattern is expected in the coming weeks, which should clear up the fog as the rivers freeze.

Where these rivers converge is considered sacred ground for many Northern Plains tribes, but traditionally the Lakota would have never spent a winter here.

Say Trump gets the money, and he somehow figures out a way to build a wall through rivers, canyons, and jungles.

Please enjoy the full reveal of the interior of rivers‘s mobile QB room, after this timely and relevant internet meme.

Winning shorthanded has become as much a hallmark of Doc rivers‘ squad as the ill-timed injuries.

“They were more uptight than I’ve ever seen them, from Doc rivers on down,” Goldstein said.

Turn their crippling doubt into self-assurance and suddenly Austin rivers hits seven threes or Crawford bags a game-winner.

“Basketball players like to play,” rivers said.

They are willing to cross rivers with strong currents, to lose any belongings they had, to struggle through the water with their children.”

However, the future of the United States’ third-longest river, and that of other Southwest rivers, remains clouded by a warming climate.

I didn’t realize that dolphins lived in rivers.

Did you guys know that there are dolphins in rivers?

KLEBE: Right there is a perfect example of someone watching it and, “Oh shit, there’s dolphins in rivers.

It’s dolphins in rivers.

Somebody go check on Doc rivers

Iraq gets the vast majority of its water from two rivers; the Euphrates and the Tigris.

It’s hard to imagine Iraq existing without these rivers.

Multicolored waterfalls and rushing rivers!

We know the portraits of O’Hara done by Larry rivers, Fairfield Porter, and Alice Neel, but this one was new to me.

“I was DMing with Mac Miller…” “I was DMing with rivers Cuomo…” “I was DMing with Ezra Koenig…” “I’m not even on Twitter.”

He sees forests, and rivers, and cities and roads.

This is what we live on, we survive on, we don’t have rivers.

“The bulk of calls we’re expecting will be over the next week as the rivers rise and the storm surges.

The road winds across rivers, rattling over bridges.

The people living in Lago Agrio still wash their clothes and their bodies in rivers that run black with oil.

The glaciers supply water to 250 million people, and feed into rivers that support 1.65 billion citizens of nearby countries.

Maybe it was J.R. Smith,purpose-driven son, or Austin rivers, neglected scion?

“We see rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands drying up, and shorelines receding.

rivers and forests have already won legal rights in countries like Ecuador, Colombia, India, and New Zealand.

In 2017, Colombia granted rights to the Rio Atrato river and India recognized the Ganges and Yamuna rivers as legal persons.

rivers, water pans and dams are drying up as a result of the prolonged dry spell.

We are needy and demanding and fragile — rivers of heat and blood, sparking neurons, ticking pulses.

“By optimizing the river for flood risk and hydropower, we automatically impact salmon,” Pacific rivers’ Haller said.

rivers aren’t normally that blue, and also, it hurts our feelings.

Originally defined as an academic museum of Anthropology and World Archeology, the Pitt rivers Museum has morphed into something much more extensive and meaningful.

From here, most everything in the world lies south—the rivers and pipelines and roads, everything heading south (mostly).

Pitt rivers is a museum of “stuff”: the amazing things that people make, globally, from antiquity to today.

Pitt rivers was a relatively enlightened Victorian collector.

For me, Pitt rivers is a stunning and archaic monument to the history of collecting, a kind of museum about museums.

The contemporary curators of the Pitt rivers Museum have sought to address these issues in several ways.

With Aqib Talib sidelined, it was Roby’s turn to tangle with Philip rivers‘ floaters.

The Pitt rivers Museum is located at the Oxford University Museum Natural History (South Parks Road, Oxford, United Kingdom).

Instead, they’re casually discarded as quickly as they’re used, washing into rivers and making their way out to sea.

After rivers moved in, she noticed the apartment was always cold.

Her dog refused to go inside, and rivers once found strange writing written on the walls.

rivers eventually hired a “Jewish voodoo priestess” to clear out the apartment’s spiritual energy.

It’s possible to browse for hours within the main museum before noticing this portal to the Pitt rivers.

Lobley consulted with Hélène La Rue, a music curator at the Pitt rivers Museum, about his findings.

The Pitt rivers Museum (South Parks Road, Oxford) is open Tuesday–Sunday, 10am–4:30pm, and Monday, 12–4:30pm.

Clippers head coach Doc rivers waited until he had a solid bench to rejigger the rotation.

A Jordan, Griffin, Bass/Speights frontcourt is worth exploring even though rivers has long prioritized transition defense over second-chance points.

At worst, it strangles rivers, lakes, beaches, and oceans, and is ingested by species, large and small, who live in them.

Fertilizer and cow dung also run into rivers and cause toxic algal blooms that kill plants and fish, Behrens says.

With Kim Deal singing along sunnily, he goes tubing down one of the primordial rivers feeding Eden on “River Euphrates.”

The planet’s ground is harsh and sparse, but the rivers are like jungles of monsters.

The storm’s torrential rains caused the Buzi and Pungue rivers, whose mouths are in the Beira area, to burst their banks.

“I just liked his pace, and he wasn’t hesitating offensively,” Clippers coach Doc rivers said.

Top Clippers reserves Jamal Crawford, Wesley Johnson and Austin rivers all got the night off for a rest.

Ben rivers was awarded the second EYE Art and Film Prize.

Coach Doc rivers believed the Clippers’ star could use a rest.

Before Wednesday game, rivers said more playing time would help Griffin overcome his struggles.

He just needs to play basketball,” rivers said, when asked about possible playoff rotations using Griffin.

rivers was a third Clipper with 19 points, while Harris finished with 15 and Sam Dekker 10.

Did you know Doc rivers and Glen “Big Baby” Davis are feuding?

rivers made a joke this month when he saw Paul Pierce get all verklempt in his final game in Boston.

Apparently, Davis thinks rivers didn’t do much to help Boston win the title in 2008.

Calling rivers “a great guy” will obviously cool off the whole situation.

Many areas still were battling floodwaters from swollen rivers that were expected to last for a week or more.

“I’m very thankful that I’ve been able to be out there every week,” rivers told reporters about the streak.

Eric Gordon added 21 points, Danuel House Jr. scored 15 and recently signed Austin rivers came off the bench to score 10.

rivers was on his way into “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Parts of Kashmir are strikingly beautiful with forest-clad mountains, rivers running through lush valleys and lakes ringed by willow trees.

And by November, when the salmon were in the rivers, the fishing boats were in dry dock.

The comparison that comes to mind is Philip rivers‘ 2012 season.

Lara must crawl through hundreds of decomposing bodies, channel rivers of oil and blood to open passageways.

rivers was the epitome of consistency for a solid decade.

It was just a weird, wacky year against the rest of rivers‘ career.

We’ll see how his minutes are affected with Avery Bradley in the mix and after Austin rivers gets healthy.

“He’s still working on his offense, he’s getting better and better,” Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc rivers said.

rivers Cuomo sings: “I love the USA / I love the USA!

Unfortunately, some of his growth has been overlooked thanks to rivers, who used to hype Jordan like a sleazy boxing promoter.

rivers first saw greatness in Jordan back when he was still coaching the Celtics in 2012.

And I remember Eddie saying two things and both of them came true,” rivers said.

But I really liked how rivers Cuomo’s voice soars, much like a rocket.Yeah, I was waiting for the rocket ride.

In rivers‘ eyes, Jordan has reached his potential.

Sounds like rivers Cuomo maybe did his research on the Juno mission and its details?Seems like he might know what’s going on.

How much do you think rivers Cuomo loves the USA?

Henry Villatoro: Would you rather stick with Philip rivers sans Keenan Allen for the rest of the season, or nab someone like Osweiler/Ryan/Wentz?

Boat races are held at local rivers, but they are mostly attended by family members, friends of the attendees, and the occasional tourist.

After all, Phil rivers makes a habit of coming out big early in campaigns, acquiring a litany of injuries, and fading late.

I probably wouldn’t dump rivers at all, but if I were picking one guy on your list, it would be Matty Ice.

While the storm has moved away, the rivers are still rising.

The rivers aren’t as navigable.

Between the Olympics and the presidential election, this year’s most anticipated competitions have been reduced to rivers of shit, both literally and figuratively.

Houston closed the period with a 10-0 burst, ignited by a four-point play from Harden and capped by a buzzer-beating 3-pointer from rivers.

This robust Greek mythological god of rivers and marshlands is often depicted as a mature bearded man with horns.

The defensive line looked strong again against the Chargers, pressuring Philip rivers 28 times on the day.

“We have to inject more value into this waste, so that it doesn’t end up in the rivers, and then in the oceans.”

Without a natural place to flow, stagnant water pushes toxic algae blooms into the rivers, and turns pristine ocean into sludgy waste.

In 2013, 2016, and this year, USACE discharged billions of gallons of water from Lake Okeechobee into the rivers to avoid flooding.

The flooding also caused rivers to overflow, fields to fill with water, and millions of farm animals to drown.

The Cape Fear River, shown here, and other rivers overflowed their banks, with water saturating nearby land.

Darma, for instance, was mentored at Bob Mackie, the eponymous company of the designer best known for dressing Joan rivers and Cher.

Following the rivers farther across to the coast, it seems that the diverted waters from Lake Okeechobee only get messier.

He used a virtual scenario developed by Wiederhold called Enchanted Forest, in which users can explore rivers, lakes, trees, and mountains.

One reporter asked rivers about how the No.

rivers is out here slapping up some reporter for toe-ing the line.

“Every night we go into the game thinking defense first.” Clippers coach Doc rivers gave full credit to an undermanned and inexperienced Philadelphia team.

“I give the 76ers full credit, they play a good game,” rivers said.

“Insects are ferocious at searching for food,” rivers says.

“It doesn’t have to be that extreme,” rivers says.

rivers says that maggots can be used to test if a victim had been taking drugs, or poisoned.

rivers calls them “sloppy.”

rivers says that even the most advanced tests can’t tell if it’s human blood from a fly, or directly from a body.

It also warned authorities to be on their guard against severe thunderstorms and the possibility of small rivers bursting their banks in coming days.

Many, many rivers and watersheds have been damaged; the Kalamazoo River, the Yellowstone River, the town of Mayflower, Arkansas that had to be abandoned.

Okachi Chukuigwe runs a small confectionery in Port Harcourt—the capital and largest city of rivers State, Nigeria.

rivers were expected to crest by early June to the highest levels on record all the way down to Little Rock, Arkansas, Burke said.

Weezer and their Extremely Online frontman rivers Cuomo began subtly tipping their hats to the account.

Discussing his own team’s potential, rivers noted, “You need luck in the West.”

On another level, rivers was speaking from the perspective of a former NBA champion, and frankly he was right.

It has raised concern about impacts on rivers and streams, and on human health in surrounding communities.

(RE)APPROPRIATIONS at Tibor de Nagy exhibits rivers’s passion for and innate ability to paint figures convincingly, rendering them with sensitivity and expressiveness.

That rivers earned a place on that chart is unquestionable.

The unavoidable reality is that rivers shunned a central vision.

Any single coordinate in the weave of the rivers tapestry leaves one no better oriented than another.

The astonishing impertinence of both, appearing as they did in the mid-1950s, reveals how passionate rivers was about the figure.

rivers’s talents were best suited for the nuts and bolts of painting, not its theoretical potential.

Perhaps the cliché of a painter’s painter offers the best escape from the difficulties of analyzing rivers.

Larry rivers: (Re)APPROPRIATIONS continues at Tibor de Nagy (15 Rivington Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through Oct 29.

rivers burst their banks in several parts of Japan and fishing boats were tossed up on land.

Before Glen Canyon was flooded by a reservoir, photographer Eliot Porter documented its sandstone formations, small rivers, and sculptural chasms.

Religious symbols – like crosses and the Star of David – can be seen painted on dam walls and rocks alongside rivers.

For instance, the law is clear that major navigable rivers and lakes and any connected waterways should be protected.

That includes major rivers like the Mississippi River, the Colorado River, and the Ohio River.

Artists painted breathtaking scenes of forests, meadows, rivers and seas.

There’s rain, thunder, wind, waterfalls, rivers, springs, waves, and oceans.

Highways have become rivers in America’s fourth-largest city.

And that rip is almost indistinguishable from the rivers that intersect with it.

Griffin suffered a sprained MCL during a collision with Austin rivers last week — and he’s expected to miss around 2 months.

Some museum somewhere should organize a big, pan-historical exhibition of artworks revolving around rivers.

Religious symbols – like crosses and the Star of David – can be seen painted on dam walls and rocks alongside rivers.

Carp are crowding rivers in the Murray-Darling Basin, one of the nation’s vital agricultural areas.

Carp are crowding rivers in the Murray-Darling Basin, one of the nation’s vital agricultural areas.

That has prompted a rush by China and India to invest billions exploiting their neighbour’s rivers.

“It was 66k, mostly on ice: frozen rivers and ponds,” he says, before explaining that this event also posed some big challenges.

Along the Midwest’s big rivers, hundreds of miles of levees protect people and property.

The Corps has been scrambling to patch the broken levees before the rivers rise again — but gaping holes are still unfilled.

It built levees, dikes and dams along thousands of miles of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

The level of poverty in Iquitos is intense and the destruction of the Amazonian rainforests and rivers is horrifying,” Helene explained.

It was stunningly beautiful, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and it had some of the best fishing and camping in the state.

The Peel Watershed networks together at least six major rivers and several lakes, draining 14 per cent of the Yukon.

Many species of fish (such as whitefish and trout) live in its rivers and lakes.

Secondly, they’re crossing between ports of entry, either across rivers or through the desert.

His opening line: “Your eyes are like rivers of jannah (heaven).”6.

Look at what you all are doing to lovable psychopath Philip rivers: Philip rivers said he has to ‘laugh to keep from crying.’

“Your eyes are like rivers of jannah.” There was a “lol” reply and she blocked me soon after.

Net Power’s parent company, 8 rivers Capital, will provide ongoing technology development.

If Mars ever had an ocean or rivers, they have long since dried up, so no hydropower.

Doc, Austin rivers and the rest of the rivers gang was also on hand for the special moment.

It should also measure how much water goes back into rivers, or seeps into the ground after it’s used.

It continues to be updated with new features, such as rivers, house shapes, shanty towns, outskirts, wall-less layouts, and coastal cities.

It’s a pretty hot topic in sports and politics — but rivers‘ feelings on the topic are clear.

Birds sang, rivers ran, there were caverns measureless to man (because man did not exist).

Wildcat miners who once searched for gold alongside rivers using wheelbarrows and buckets had started tearing through pristine rainforest with heavy machinery.

(At least the Mafia drops its victims in rivers.)

“Indigenous people drink water from rivers because we don’t have running water in our homes.

We eat fish from rivers because we don’t buy meat from the market,” said Cusurichi.

A new biography, Last Girl Before the Freeway by Leslie Bennetts, repositions rivers as also a business trailblazer.

For the first half of her career, rivers relied on men to make her business decisions.

Her husband, Edgar Rosenberg, served as her manager and the producer of The Late Show Starring Joan rivers.

In 1987, Fox cancelled rivers‘s late show after one season, making rivers a Hollywood pariah unable to find work.

He committed suicide, and after he died, rivers discovered she was $37 million in debt.

At age 54, rivers decided to start relying on herself to run her business.

She went on to provide commentary on the red carpet, inventing the genre, and in 1990, she launched the Joan rivers Collection.

In a phone interview, Bennetts discussed her new book, the stigma surrounding QVC, and rivers‘s “rosebud.”

Did rivers value work?

But this is a contract year for Williams, and both Jordan and Austin rivers can opt out of their deals in July.

But that was before Donald announced his decision to run for president … a decision that has seemingly cost him his friendship with rivers.

You want to find mountains, rivers, lakes, unknown to you.

However, the future of the United States’ third-longest river, and that of other Southwest rivers, remains clouded by a warming climate.

rivers, water pans and dams are drying up as a result of the prolonged dry spell.

Last week, I asked Doc rivers if he wanted to shoot more of them.

TUMBES, Peru (Reuters) – Mothers dragged their children across three countries, trekking around border checkpoints and crossing rivers in waist-high water.

Lawyers argued that means the pipeline goes against the Clean Water Act and rivers and Harbors Act.

Last month frontman rivers Cuomo played a set in Chicago jam-packed with covers.

All good, but no “Africa.” (Also, rivers kept his puffy winter coat on the whole time.

Between the two rivers is Lanchkhuti’s main thoroughfare, which closes every Easter for Lelo.

How would the wall deal with rivers, given the environmental and economic concerns involved in blocking off these waterways?

We’ve cleared away forests, dammed up mighty rivers, paved vast roads, and transported thousands of species around the world.

Pipeline companies use horizontal drilling to cross under large obstacles like highways and rivers.

While in office, she pushed for causes like removing coal ash from Detroit rivers.

While in office, she pushed for causes like removing coal ash from Detroit rivers.

CNN’s Matt rivers is on the scene, and the BBC’s Helier Cheung explains how British colonialism complicated everything.

rivers didn’t come to Los Angeles to rebuild, but if the Clippers stand pat things will likely get worse before they get better.

Historically, the Aral Sea was fed by both the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya rivers flowing down from the mountains.

The EPA advised people to boil water from rivers and streams for one minute, or disinfect it with bleach.

Jakarta is one of the world’s fastest-sinking cities, built on swampy land, located beside the sea and cut through with multiple rivers.

She did for wrestling what Joan rivers did for comedy.Read more on Broadly

Philip rivers should keep the passing game afloat, but the rest of this team just isn’t that good.

Jamal Crawford paced the Clippers (22-9) with 26 points, while Austin rivers scored 16.

rivers’ 3-pointer just before the horn lifted the Clippers to a 51-50 edge at the break.

Iowa is currently dealing with severe flooding, with parts of towns underwater as heavy rain has caused rivers to swell.

In May, Maryland was drenched in more than 8 inches of rain in just two hours, turning streets into rivers.

Iverson was first spotted at the rivers Casino in Des Plaines, IL on Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

That allowed Clippers coach Doc rivers to rest his starters in the fourth.

“The great players are a nice blanket for guys, but when you take that blanket away, now you have to play,” rivers said.

Some areas are soaked wetland, but much is elevated, islands of hilly tundra so large they have their own rivers and ponds.

“Obviously he’s an elite shooter and scorer,” rivers told VICE Sports.

The Carnegie Mellon team has collected images of boat wakes in rivers; one of my first searches was for clusters of yellow taxi cabs.

The overwhelmed systems then pump this dirty water directly into lakes and rivers.

Tori Handsley Trio – “rivers of Mind”27.

They start looking like fixed features of the landscape, like mountains or rivers, rather than choices we are making.

rivers burst their banks, and swamped homes – forcing some people to take shelter in a sports center in the nearby town of Manacor.

Pittsburgh doesn’t have much waterfront property on its rivers.

Industrial waste streams into increasingly dry rivers and wetlands, even in residential areas.

But more and more, the drying of Khuzestan’s major wetlands and rivers is one source behind worsening dust storms.

Five major rivers also run through the province.

The Karun and Dez rivers together compose the greatest surface water system in Iran.

The newspaper he left behind is called RioDoce, or River 12, a reference to 11 rivers that criss-cross the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

The newspaper he left behind is called RioDoce, or River 12, a reference to 11 rivers that criss-cross the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

rivers Cuomo: “Say It Ain’t So” and “Hash Pipe”

rivers, fisheries, waterways, and other sources of food on land have genetic memories of food, just like we do.

The first side of the single, “rivers,” has a relatively similar tone but comes backed up with a strong, synth led groove.

You’ll most likely be drinking from lakes and rivers, so be wary of flooding, roads, and construction that can contaminate water.

Areas with shallow water tables and close to the sea or rivers are also susceptible to liquefaction.

Not considered harmful in low doses, tritium is released into oceans and rivers by nuclear plants around the world at various national standard levels.

The group allegedly pointed out a Two rivers parent who was escorting students into the school saying, “This man is supporting baby killing!”

Two rivers is a public charter school focused on the method of learning based on the teaching of German educator Kurt Hahn.

According to Bill Harper, a Two rivers parent of a five-year-old and a seven-year-old, those fears are being tested by anti-abortion zealots.

Fed up, Two rivers finally filed for an injunction against the protesters in December of last year.

San Diego’s scapegoat could easily be Philip rivers, who didn’t play particularly well.

Weiler has stood outside Two rivers to protest at least twice, school officials claim.

Once he held a giant sign that read: “Two rivers Hates Free Speech.”

These statements did not appear in documents and were instead quotes given to us by attorneys for Two rivers.

Manning and rivers, two iconic morons (and, in Roethlisberger’s case, alleged sex criminal) have both won two Super Bowls each.

* rivers sat on the bench until the end of 2005, when Brees suffered a torn labrum.

*An earlier version of this piece did not sufficiently detail the complicated machinations that led to the Chargers drafting of Philip rivers.

Doc rivers just signed a two-year extension that makes him head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers through 2021.

1 in the RSP’s ranking of quarterbacks, drawing comparisons to Jay Cutler and Philip rivers from Waldman.

When he left the Boston Celtics for Los Angeles back in 2013, rivers had three years and $21 million left on his contract.

rivers can really coach, is widely respected by players around the league, and wouldn’t flinch under the abnormal pressures that accompany a relentless limelight.

But if rivers is happy where he is and the Lakers want to move on from Walton, the list of qualified applicants isn’t long.

rivers, mountains and distant wheat fields needed to feel organized, understandable.

Smoke from forest fires causes breathing problems and heart attacks, or people drown trying to cool off in lakes and rivers.

I remember when I interviewed Joan rivers, she was like, “There’s nothing bad about being famous.

The categories are sometimes titled straightforwardly (Lakes and rivers), but usually involve corny puns (A Matter of Wife & Death).

As Wall dribbles up the floor, he points to his right, where Austin rivers is jogging around Kelly Oubre and Jeff Green.

The intention is not for rivers to catch the ball, though.

Mamadou has to avoid fast-moving vehicles, trains, bombs, and rivers during the six levels of the game.

Vast sections of the country’s seas, lakes, and rivers — a preferred method of cooling off — teem with chemical and bacterial pollutants.

So a combination of the rain and snow melt had a large volume of water going pretty quickly into the rivers,” Chenard said.

The Amulsar gold mine is surrounded by three rivers and two artificial lakes.

“I feel like changes to gun laws need[ed] to happen a long while ago,” rivers told me in an interview.

“I have friends, friends of friends and kids at school who have been personally affected by gun violence,” rivers said.

Austin rivers added, “Stay up bro!

According to Pitchfork, Northern Lights will feature artists including Pusha T, Twin Shadow Jadakiss, Styles P, and rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

Over the past two years, the wall has become “see-through” and perhaps less contiguous (there are canyons and rivers, after all).

What followed was a series of hairpin turns, as we drove through villages next to rushing rivers and past tiny mountain shrines.

Every time we wash synthetic clothing, plastic microfibers wash out and right past water treatment plants into our rivers and oceans.

The Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas trade might be on hold right now … but it’s GOING DOWN eventually — so says Austin rivers.

Bridges have been swept away and roads turned into rivers of mud.

A solution would be to keep fertilizer and sewage run-off from getting into the rivers, NOAA said.

Instead of having the option to stagger his star’s minutes, Doc rivers now must turn to… a comatose Wesley Johnson?

That awareness of how fragile, solid, and resilient it all is fills these paintings with rivers of feeling.

(Ongon are the souls of one’s ancestors and spirits which inhabit sacred places in nature, such as mountains, trees, rivers, lakes.)

He also joined them in visits to sacred places like forests, lakes, and rivers.

Officials said in some areas rains had eased but some rivers in the eastern part of the country were still above flood level.

In an earthquake, the chances of hazardous materials accidentally spilling into ordinarily clean rivers and streams is greatly increased.

“They consume about the same amount of blood, but some of the larger rivers can produce millions of blackflies per square meter.”

“We can say now that the rivers will certainly not overtop the levees anywhere on the Mississippi,” Edwards said.

Well, his ability to divert rivers and to show how water flows.

“We can say now that the rivers will certainly not overtop the levees anywhere on the Mississippi,” Edwards said.

That rumbling is actually the sound of cellos when you first see Tish rivers (KiKi Layne) and Fonny making love for the first time.

The Chargers have spent most of the past decade being mediocre and wasting the end of Philip rivers‘ prime.

As for his former Clippers teammate, Austin rivers … buckle up.

Coach and Quarterback Confidence Rating: 6/10 Philip rivers is still an upper-tier quarterback in this league.

rivers actually has some decent receivers to work with going forward; 2015 was just a year where they were mostly banged up or injured.

Austin rivers is one of the more polarizing players in the NBA.

So far, no response from rivers.

These are our rivers that have a spirit and are part of our nation, and our original mother that we all belong to.

Doc rivers reportedly tried to fight him in Boston.

Industry sources said there were investment opportunities in Mosul and some western areas close to the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

“The rivers located near oil reserves get polluted.

Such rivers occur when plumes of moisture over the Pacific Ocean start to mesh with a larger storm system.

Even before the dam burst, fish had disappeared from its rivers for some 60 years, killed off by the cyanide leaking from the mine.

Over the long term, researchers expect that atmospheric rivers will grow more intense as the climate changes.

We need 1,000 miles.” — Donald Trump Definition: Who needs a concrete wall or even steel slats when we already have mountains and rivers?

You really gotta give it up for rivers Cuomo and the Weezers.

Hopefully this means more upcoming TV appearances (who wouldn’t want to see Colbert grill rivers right?)

“These are places where the streets are lined with pastries, the rivers flow with lemonade—you can have everything you desire and more.

“While the industries are gone, the rivers are still there and the pollution is still there,” said Hung.

The track traverses rivers, uneven terrain, and thick, deep bogs.

Sleeper Coach of the Year: Doc rivers Ten years ago, Doc rivers was universally considered one of the NBA’s top three coaches.

“It’s directly above one of the most productive salmon rivers in southeast Alaska.

“It’s directly above one of the most productive salmon rivers in southeast Alaska.

And I love, as their opposition, the rivers family.

“People just couldn’t believe it,” rivers told NBC 4.

“Obviously he’s an elite shooter and scorer,” rivers told VICE Sports.

The gray is practical and the blue could signify her mom’s family, the Tullys, who live at the intersection of two rivers.

It is impossible to fully control the rivers, mountains, and seas that make up Europe’s borders.

They come mostly from states in southern Nigeria, including Delta, rivers, Bayelsa, Anambra and Edo.

After Game 6, I watched rivers, who had a 21-point, eight-assist performance that night, give a press conference.

#HurricaneIrma #Irma @WFLA pic.twitter.com/F0wALvDpJz Streets in downtown Miami are literally becoming rivers, and even shops and storefronts are getting buried in water.

She even appeared as a guest on the short-lived Late Show Starring Joan rivers.

Pares, whose colleagues and former players all said she had a great sense of humor, managed to hold her own with rivers.

Clippers coach Doc rivers called James’ return “the worst-kept secret of maybe ever.

The blooms usually grow from January to June or July, corresponding with nutrient availability from the Amazon and Mississippi rivers.

In that sense, rivers is actually a hero for his four fourth-quarter interceptions against Miami.

Supposedly, rivers is a Tyler Durden-esque anarchist who devotes an enormous amount of energy and physical pain to her own private Project Mayhem.

(Consider the way Joan rivers found herself unexpectedly moved during an appearance by Rogers on The Tonight Show.)

Starbucks denies that any “Shanell rivers” works anywhere in their corporation.

Snopes, meanwhile, sourced rivers‘s Facebook avatar to an unrelated Instagram profile and traced the initial viral post back to 4chan.

It’s also the one that reduces rivers to tears in the clip above.

Speaking on Radio Mocambique, President Filipe Nyusi said he had flown over the affected region, where two rivers had overflowed.

Spills in Tennessee and North Carolina leached sludge containing toxic materials into rivers in those states over the last decade.

In northern California, officials reported power outages and roads closed due to overflowing rivers.

Researchers expect that atmospheric rivers will grow more intense as average temperatures go up, allowing more moisture to evaporate and reach the sky.

While India’s trans-boundary rivers are governed by treaties on how water should be shared, disputes are increasing as water shortages stoke tensions.

Others captured devastating fires engulfing homes after rivers of molten rock flowed through the neighborhood.

Here is rivers singing some Fetty Wap You know what I was thinking the other day now that spring is finally upon us?

Anyhoo, rivers Cuomo is one of the few artists that pretty much everyone on Noisey follows on Twitter and Instagram.

Um… So below is a video of some of rivers tweets made into a cartoon.

(This also applies for someone like Avery Bradley, who has a previous relationship with rivers and matches up exceptionally well against Golden State.)

Fire lines can join together other barriers, such as paved highways and rivers, to corral the blaze.

An estimated 70 percent of the coastal city’s trash—waste from 12 million people—flows untreated into Guanabara Bay from 55 dying, ecologically degraded rivers.

For generations, the Suns plied their fishing boats up and down the Huai and Yellow rivers, living off their daily catch.

And season to season, it can shift from no rain to downpours from atmospheric rivers.

Doc rivers needs to figure out how he wants to sort things out.

WeezerCover “Africa.” Also rivers return Dan’s calls.

For pollution, eight of 10 rivers around the world with most plastic waste were in Asia.

Television pictures showed flooded rivers with cars and homes partly submerged, while rescuers picked up stranded people by helicopter.

Over the phone from his home in LA, we chatted about finding new love and Joan rivers.

He’s been here for a long time,” rivers — Blake’s longtime Clippers teammate — told us at LAX.

That’s why Joan rivers was so valuable: She was the first female comedian who would go onstage when she was pissed off.

The workers were abducted on Friday from a site in the Andoni local government area, rivers state police spokesman Nnamdi Omoni said.

Kidnappings in the oil-producing Delta region where rivers state sits are not uncommon.

“He’s just a beast,” Clippers coach Doc rivers said.

It has a thick, nitrogen-dense atmosphere and features like rivers, lakes, mountains, and, potentially, volcanoes.

About 200 more were injured after several rivers near Mocoa flooded, causing mud and debris to swamp entire neighborhoods.

Not in rivers; death matches have had their day and too much dulls the impact.

But it’s swampy — the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet there — and relatively easy to protect.

It’s magnetic, all that history and the rivers of shed blood.

In some places, rivers run directly over the road.

So, we asked rivers what he thought about the very serious allegation … and the Clippers honcho was quick to shoot it down.

rivers thinks the guy may have just been in a bad mood when he wrote the book.

Officials said in some areas rains had eased but some rivers in the eastern part of the country were still above flood level.

Resembling landscapes, complete with intimations of rivers, mountains, and valleys, they are, upon first sight, confounding.

That brings the risk of dangerous flash floods from already bloated rivers across much of the gulf region and Mississippi Valley, he said.

People are drinking streamwater,” said Fuller, who described seeing Puerto Ricans using PVC pipes to capture natural water from rivers and streams.

People are drinking streamwater,” said Fuller, who described seeing Puerto Ricans using PVC pipes to capture natural water from rivers and streams.

Two dark rivers intersect at diagonals in this nightscape with roofed houses proliferating against forest and mountains in the far distance.

“When I went to walk outside with my dog, the rivers and streams were dry,” he said in a phone interview with Motherboard.

Janice rivers found her dream home on Souder Street in northeast Philly.

rivers is one of the numerous black and Latino homeowners in Philadelphia who believe Wells Fargo has ripped them off.

Now, facing monthly mortgage payments of about $1,000, rivers doesn’t see a realistic scenario in which she can consistently pay off the loans.

rivers thought the matter was taken care of after her daughter spoke to the bank to verify the account and authorize the payment.

In order to move around, you need communications, you need streets and rivers, you need infrastructure like buildings,” Rid said.

This is a practice exercised by many banks in dragged-out residential mortgage cases like rivers.

Editor’s Note: An earlier edition of this article incorrectly stated that Janice rivers had already sued Wells Fargo independently.

John Elway, unbelievable…Many times I was at Three rivers Stadium when you pissed me off!”

He told me about his lands, which sat between two rivers.

I liked the fly-fishing thing as a visual motif (rivers are pretty!

All are dumped illegally, whether in forests, drains, sea, or rivers, killing flora and fauna and contaminating soil.

These small freshwater fish feed on algae in the rivers of South America.

Four towns along the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin rivers were in danger of being inundated as the rivers rose, the Department of Disaster Management said.

Additional fires were known to blaze up on rivers in Detroit, Baltimore, Buffalo, and other cities.

The Army Corps of Engineers was set to work trying to clear drift and debris from the Potomac and Anacostia rivers in 1973.

And if rivers Cuomo continues to so charmingly take the piss online… …then there never will be.

Animals would visit each other’s houses, steer through puzzles, and explore the psychedelic pastel landscape, dotted with candy-colored mountains and snakelike rivers.

Often, bodies appear in bags on the banks of the city’s three rivers.

When the lyrics are raw and honest, rivers is mocked for the things that his lyrics reveal about him.

Weezer, and rivers Cuomo, have always been complicated, at once funny and silly and embarrassingly raw.

The forests, houses, barns, rivers, and fields captured in these images are shrouded in darkness, lit only by the moon and stars.

It showcases rivers’ great voice and the band’s constant versatility and dexterity.

We’re losing our rivers, lakes, mountains, and our caps are melting.

But then a small tribe in Azerbaijan created the first boat technology and we started moving ourselves and our things across rivers and streams.

“I know NOTHING about any of that,” rivers said … “I don’t know where that’s coming from.

When asked if he’d like to play with both guys again, rivers said … “Yeah.

“Mars had water for an extended period of time, so we can see evidence of lake beds, rivers, and oceans,” he explained.

“If you think it’s offensive, it probably is,” Melissa rivers said.

“If you think it’s offensive, it probably is,” Melissa rivers said.

We also asked about whether Austin rivers can actually scrap or if he’s all talk … and you gotta check out his answer.

The big questions: How much can the rivers buffer the effects of warming and prevent the ice shelves from collapsing?

Tina rivers Ryan was appointed assistant curator at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Doc rivers is up to his old tricks.

And sure, rivers finally got his two-way small forward.

Torrential rains can send the hog waste over the top of the lagoon, where it washes into rivers and streams.

Oh, and rivers acquired Gallo in a sign-and-trade, which means he has once again subjected his team to the hard-cap.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is still testing rivers and swamps to see if a measurable amount of waste reached the watershed.

But it’s also a market town with a port, situated on a lake connecting the highly trafficked Congo and Ubangi rivers.

Joseph Franklin Fulks was born in 1921 on a farm outside Birmingham, a small town between the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers in Western Kentucky.

In some parts of Puerto Rico, rivers and streams became contaminated.

That meant raising dikes and levees, rerouting rivers, and, in some cases, moving villages out of harm’s way.

“If the water comes in, from the rivers or the sea, we can evacuate maybe 15 out of 100 people,” he said.

Melting of the 7000-year-old glaciers could affect run-off into rivers and streams and, in turn, wildlife, as well as tourism.

“We do manage all of our rivers in California, and all the water is allocated many times over.

As of March this year, the BLM was no longer posting images of rivers, forests, deserts, and mountains.

Beyond flash floods, rivers rising more slowly in places like Iowa have threatened drinking water.

Even as floodwaters receded, rivers remained swollen as late-season snow continued to thaw into May.

The disaster sent millions of tonnes of iron ore tailings and sludge into two of Brazil’s most important rivers.

Other sections reveal the glyphs for rivers.

By meeting with Durant, rivers is effectively announcing to the world that he’s willing to sacrifice one of his three best players.

And rivers polluted with cocaine increased dopamine levels in eels.

Despite the improvement, locals still know not to eat the fish that can be caught from the rivers‘ shores.

Inland flooding, particularly along creeks and rivers, may also become life-threatening.

Amid that conflict, Syria’s rivers and water resources are literally overflowing, and few people are left to use them.

The army patrols the rivers in “piranhas” — small but zippy speedboats outfitted with machine guns that are manned by baby-faced soldiers.

Players traverse Anthem’s vast environments using their Javelin suit, an exoskeleton which is cooled using the running water of rivers and waterfalls in-flight.

Roads became rivers, so while hospitals were open, it was almost impossible to reach them by car.”

Images of Titan, which Cassini confirmed has methane seas and rivers on its surface.

How many of these particles reach rivers and streams, and eventually the ocean, is still unclear.

Officials had worried the water would overwhelm several pits where coal ash had been stored, potentially contaminating rivers.

Just a few days ago Weezer’s rivers Cuomo felt moved enough to record an acoustic clip of Lukas’s song for Instagram.

Rachel rivers, the manager of the farm where the fire was successfully extinguished, had no problem delivering the sausages to the fire station herself.

At the center of the rebel-held town is a market place where stalls sell tea and some dried fish from the local rivers.

The basic idea is that these lines of meridian points are like rivers in the body flowing with energy.

“Some locations won’t see rivers crest until this weekend and flooding won’t subside until next week,” he said in another twitter post.

rivers Cuomo’s iconic geek-chic look is still rockin’!

The rivers of Existence and Influence each diverge at separate deltas.

We hope rivers in a sentence examples were helpful.