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At a time when artists are grasping for forms of resistance beyond traditional protests, the thinkers working with Arquetopia offer an alternative pedagogy.

This one-day workshop on June 16 previews a ten-day residential workshop on art as political resistance planned for June 2019 at Sarah Lawrence College.

But, like you, I don’t know that I want June to just suddenly be a vital part of said resistance.

So if June is joining the resistance as part of the show’s increased interest in world-building — great, fine, wonderful.

There is no question that Democrats have identified the border wall as a clear area of resistance to Trump’s agenda.

She is the co-founder of resistance Manual and host of the podcast Self Care Sundays.

Alongside these tumultuous histories are strong traditions of resistance and activism.

For another, any targeted attempt to engineer population decline is going to run into an unholy thicket of moral and political resistance.

The result has been not only local resistance to needle exchanges, but also outright bans in 15 states.

But they were all part of the left-wing resistance; women were part of the art scene, but then were erased.

Arns and Kabisch wondered why these individuals resist, as well as how they justify that very resistance.

“To give these points of view, and their notions of resistance a voice was the final aim of the exhibition.”

For them, the show is an overview of the most notable figures of political resistance in the digital age.

Indeed former leader Peter Robinson was an active member of the Ulster resistance, a group which smuggled weapons into the U.K.

Big is often viewed as selfish because of his resistance to become more like the wholesome, stable, keen-to-lock-things-down dudes Carrie goes on to dump.

Nearly half a century later, as a new generation of activists carry on the fight for racial justice, the same government resistance strategies persist.

“But under current government pressure, resistance is like a loose pan of sand.

And the populist resistance to anything smacking of elite influence in either party makes party coordination even more challenging.

Out of all major sports, boxing (along with football) seems to put up the most cultural resistance to women’s participation.

And for decades, doctors, farmers, and others have been driving the resistance by doling out an overabundance of antibiotics.

But as the antibiotic resistance crisis worsens, it’s clear there’s appetite for alternative treatments like this one.

Young women — a group that’s historically been less engaged in political activities — have been a crucial component of the so-called resistance.

“All aspects of their biology seem to inform us about other animals, including humans, particularly when it comes to healthy aging and cancer resistance.”

Previously the sticking point was Republican resistance to Democratic requests for additional money for Puerto Rico, devastated by a hurricane in 2017.

She felt that becoming pregnant while her husband was imprisoned would help continue the Palestinian resistance.

A fiery brand of resistance came to define that chapter of the gay liberation movement.

Rise of the resistance will open at a later date not yet announced at both parks.

Here’s exactly what you can expect from ‘Rise of the resistance.

Greenbaum’s interest in diverse materials as well as her resistance to learning the right way to use them are central to her work.

The line between resistance and results is bright and undeniable… it shows people everywhere that organizing and resistance is not futile.”

Indeed, have I somehow betrayed the resistance by spending the last few paragraphs reminding people of Kristol’s pernicious views?

He runs and and publishes the Mindful resistance Newsletter, where a version of this piece first appeared.

“The resistance will not allow the establishment of a so-called buffer zone inside the borders of the Gaza Strip.”

Keenan also faces resistance because his wines are subtle.

The two brothers had fought with the Home Army, a Polish resistance movement that used guerrilla tactics against the Nazis.

That resistance to change, that status quo bias?

And public school teachers fueled a lot of the resistance.

It uses magnetic levitation and a vacuum-sealed tube to all but eliminate air resistance.

But look, the conservatives’ resistance to negative information is truly awesome.

So the resistance is so strong to anything that poses a threat.

It’s a visceral resistance.

Then something coy and soggy, offering no resistance.

No Uncharted, no God of War, no resistance, no Gran Turismo.

After encircling the city, they launched the offensive to take it, facing tough resistance.

Or when you’re talking with CEOs, what’s the resistance you get?

It’s because of insulin resistance.

Gregory Sholette and Dread Scott will host a public conversation on the “Aesthetics of resistance” at Station Independent Projects on Sunday, January 29, 4pm.

I think the the president would burn through all the resistance under almost all circumstances and assert his authority.”

But in an ongoing display of passive resistance, they may be trying to take us with them.

But in an ongoing display of passive resistance, they may be trying to take us with them.

Why can’t we have a one-hour mental conditioning session?” But there’s still resistance.

Gold jumped above its long-held resistance around $1,350 per ounce to its highest level since September 2013, rising to as high as $1,392.3.

The Papi Juice collective’s appearance in the exhibit gives weight to the everyday routines, celebrations, or acts of resistance LGBTQ people engage in.

The villagers’ resistance in that raid had been an ominous sign.

We implore you to engage in acts of resistance and support, by all available means, the most vulnerable among us.

Each of us will use the time for what we individually deem to be appropriate acts of non-compliance, resistance, participation, and action.

You can do sympathy, and you can do resistance.

resistance is the tool.

This piling up of various images and styles, of different themes and forms, is in itself a kind of defiance, a resistance to reduction.

June, the show just seems to throw up its hands about it — she’s a resistance fighter!

“With the resistance and with this message of female empowerment going on, we definitely see that particular line at a steady sales pace.

A large part of the delay, she says, is because of the “aggressive” resistance from industry.

The desire to retain that perceived advantage likely explains his resistance to congressional efforts to appropriate the cost-sharing money.

If a subpoena is issued, it would almost certainly meet with resistance from the White House.

“Often we’re taught to think that resistance takes shape in the form of protests or acts of civil disobedience,” writes Becerra.

Obama’s legislative agenda, of course, met with considerably more resistance.

Sworkit uses a combination of aerobic, strength, resistance, and flexibility workouts to create routines that work for all kinds of different fitness goals.

Veil’s other sister Denise, held with other resistance fighters, survived the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

A 32-year-old freelancer from Queens, Munira Ahmed, has become the face of resistance to the Trump administration.

Bharara’s resistance hasn’t stopped people from courting him.

Lopez Obrador recognized the political challenges to eliminating the military, adding: “I can’t do it because there is resistance.

The work’s resistance to language — from description to theory — is remarkable.

God love the man’s adamant resistance in the face of a great drug scourge, his great refusal to accept a compromised reality.

“From today we are transforming the NASA Coalition into a resistance movement,” Odinga said Wednesday, on the eve of the ballot.

“At dawn this morning the al Qaeda gunmen clashed with the Popular resistance forces, killing three of them,” one resident said.

“At dawn this morning the al Qaeda gunmen clashed with the Popular resistance forces, killing three of them,” one resident said.

Twelve squads succeeded each other for a few months, whereupon it was suppressed, each time with a different trick to head off possible resistance.

“It’s more of a form of resistance, a form of protest,” as Fiority described her work to AZ Central.

And even if they’re likely to put up some resistance, bipartisan support is likely within reach — at some point.

“Tell her to say it and move on.” Tanden seems completely baffled at Clinton’s resistance to say sorry publicly.

“Tell her to say it and move on.” Tanden seems completely baffled at Clinton’s resistance to say sorry publicly.

There’s basically no resistance.

It could also combat other problems related to our factory-farming system, like antibiotic resistance.

Is it just about the food cost, or is there something deeper in his resistance?

A few key concepts are raised again and again and again when it comes to the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Innovation on antibiotic resistance doesn’t just mean just developing new drugs.

So improving access to affordable antibiotics would make a big dent in poorer countries’ antibiotic resistance problems.

It’s been the unifying issue for the resistance,” said Sarah Dohl, a spokesperson for the political activism group Indivisible.

The Mercosur deal is also meeting resistance in the EU’s largest farming power, France.

The donor – who was unrelated – had a genetic mutation known as ‘CCR5 delta 32’, which confers resistance to HIV.

That’s what spurred his urge to join the resistance, Ali says.

Nevertheless, Williams’s noticeably consistent subject is viscosity: the resistance of a fluid to deformity under stress.

“Ossoff ran away from the resistance and tried to appeal to the so-called middle of the road voters.

Read more: Can the resistance actually win elections?

Read more: Can the resistance actually win elections?

Northam, a former Army physician, promised to lead “the resistance” against Trump, who he explicitly called a liar.

A resistance problem.

“There are deep concerns with Democrats who are not going all-in on the resistance,” Zaheed said.

Still, progressive organizers fighting the bill are terrified that the resistance won’t mobilize fast enough to stave off the danger.

Have you faced any resistance then?

It’s a pretty serious assertion.” But despite resistance in the Senate, calls for impeachment enjoy much more support in the House.

“We have a job to do,” Kaine said, questioning whether resistance to a new AUMF was simply opposition to congressional oversight.

There are genealogies of resistance,” Williams explained.

Madeleine Godard was a Swiss French literature teacher who joined the French resistance against the Nazis.

Goosefat Bill (Aidan Gillen) and Bedivere (Djimon Hounsou) have been working as resistance fighters since — during a war between men and mages, a.k.a.

Artists have a substantial presence at the camp, where water protectors and their allies are praying and engaging in nonviolent resistance.

In a culture that is constantly critiqued for its anti-LGBT sentiments and the resistance of letting artists evolve, Ms.

Those in the Trump resistance movement, though, see the shuttering of the brand as a victory.

Gold slipped 0.2% but stood not far from Friday’s 14-month high of $1,348.1 per ounce, near a major resistance around $1,350.

Few standards exist for redundancy to improve blast resistance, but the National Institute for Building Sciences does have some design guidelines.

To enhance concrete’s toughness and blast resistance, high-strength needle-like steel microfibers are mixed into the concrete.

“Fears of a disorderly exit could keep the path of least resistance to the downside,” said Charalambos Pissouros, senior market analyst at JFD Group.

Being surrounded by music used as a form resistance was liberating.

Also: skipping means not seeing the mathematician Tekla become totally scatterbrained over BJ and Fergus returning to the resistance ranks.

“But the air samples we did analyse showed a wide mix of different resistance genes.”

Cersei Lannister remained in power in the south, and her continued resistance resulted in some bitter losses for Dany.

The hairy history of the Guerrilla Girls is a readymade guide to resistance.

Feminist resistance movements are exploding all over the world.

Any additional money raised will go towards creating more rats, to hopefully build a sizable rat pack of resistance against the Trump administration.

“The more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are.”

Second, we’ll continue to see resistance for the introduction of new vaccines.

Islamic Jihad and the Popular resistance Committees, two smaller Gaza armed factions, also denied responsibility.

Although antibiotic resistance develops naturally with normal bacterial mutation, humans are speeding it up by using antibiotics improperly.

These efforts are still being met with resistance.

What is concerning about the mcr-1 gene discoveries in the United States is that bacteria have the capability to share resistance genes.

In the United States, antibiotic resistance causes at least 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths annually.

But they’re facing fierce resistance from the country’s white population.

Angela Arrocha presented a short shadow-puppet piece inspired by a scene in László Krasznahorkai’s novel The Melancholy of resistance.

Manchin has a strong history with the state, though his brand of centrism might risk alienating actual progressives in the year of the resistance.

These objects bounce off each other, sometimes literally, in what could be called a design arms race between the resistance and the resisted.

And the history of resistance in US women’s prisons continues to rapidly unfold, even if the media pays it little attention.

The image resembles an alpaca and is a widely used as a symbol of defiant resistance against Chinese censorship.

We also live in a time of resistance that our country hasn’t seen in well over a generation, if ever.

According to Brockwell, the medical establishment’s resistance to sterilizing women is a result of sexism.

Other than the potential sexism at play, age is an obvious facet of the medical establishment’s resistance.

Electricity always follows the path of least resistance, so you’d expect it to ignore the copper board.

Borbon focuses on jazz, “the improvisational music of the United States,” something which has “always been resistance music.”

Their resistance gave rise to the national and global LGBT+ movement for equal rights.

Does the so-called “resistance” have the right strategy?

Trump’s reorganization looks like a success for McMaster, who encountered resistance when he entered the White House in February.

In the period after the Women’s March, 6,000 new locally based resistance groups formed.

That’s a lot of wasted drugs, not to mention possibly another reason people are building a resistance to them.

What do you make of the broader resistance to Trump right now?

Richard’s personality in the film is an idealized portrait of French resistance in the face of English cultural dominance.

The Tea Party challenges rested on an ideology: resistance to Obamacare, immigration, and social programs.

“The Identitarians stay clear of neo-Nazi language and symbols,” says Bernhard Weidinger, a political scientist at the Documentation Center for Austrian resistance.

His lifelong preoccupation with paint’s materiality, with muted colors, and with softly trembling light informed his resistance to branding his work.

The plutocratic wall of national resistance to sane climate policy cannot hold forever.

In part due to local resistance, Cerdà’s plan was implemented slowly.

Although the state is now the 30th to do so, it’s still a big deal because the measure faced so much local resistance.

In the past, she had to fight, calling and demanding that producers hire female directors, often meeting resistance.

The progressive resistance took down Trumpcare.

The progressive resistance took down Trumpcare.

But the resistance groups also might be victims of their own early success.

But the resistance groups also might be victims of their own early success.

“In general, the theme is about demonstrating we aren’t going away,” said Brian Stewart, the media direct for MoveOn, which recently launched resistance Recess.

In November 2014, Ghomeshi was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

But the “resistance” leaders hope that Trumpcare could be just the beginning of something bigger rather than the end.

Feeling defeated by 2016, I went to Standing Rock seeking a post-Trump formula for resistance.

Positions of otherness become the site of real resistance, of collective strength, and of success.

The zombies (the lobotomized masses that Cole writes of) are actually the strongest force of resistance.

He’s emphasized that Russia intervened in the 2016 election and become a hero of the anti-Trump resistance.

He’d so far invested $300,000 in the resistance at Standing Rock, and planned to spend another $300,000 too.

But after years of city life, some rodents have begun to genetically mutate, developing a resistance to poison and a gift for outsmarting traps.

It was beautiful, everything a resistance camp should be — flags fluttering, teepees rising picturesque against the snow — but almost no one was visible.

What could “we urbanites” learn about resistance?

Frank Pallone Jr. may be a surprising resistance hero, but our model suggests the New Jersey congressman is the most above-replacement anti-Trump Democrat.

He flooded the paint and was met with little resistance and zero rim protection.

Jared Polis, though conservative for much of his career, is now focused on gubernatorial bid, which may lead him to flex some resistance muscle.

The Assad regime launched a brutal crackdown on the protesters designed to stamp out resistance to the strongman’s continued rule.

Can break through some initial resistance.

Now is the time to think about which issues will be most important, and how resistance can be mobilized around them.

What I’m saying is, if you’re standing with the erotica writers in their fight against our capitalist overlords, welcome to the resistance.

Wojnarowicz, in an act of quiet resistance, has overlain an image of two men, mouths locked, arms around each other in a deep embrace.

There was very little resistance and police did not appear to make any arrests as they pushed the protesters back and cleared the building.

It’s thanks to bold acts of resistance.

That means Trumpism will make progress, even in the face of effective resistance.

More diffusely, resistance is already costing Trump politically.

It is telling that in most of these cases, the Trump administration is committed to pretending that resistance isn’t the cause of the reversals.

The PKK entrenched itself in the community, even creating a local unit, the Sinjar resistance Units (YBS) which controls multiple checkpoints around Sinjar.

Another noteworthy and exciting difference between this show and many recent queer shows is the resistance to nostalgia.

“But if the activism is pretty middling, then it doesn’t give the resistance the power and the leverage to move.”

There has been some resistance from the left to the rise of forced arbitration.

A cry of resistance.

This then correlated to insulin resistance, the body’s inability to properly break down sugar, and a precursor to diabetes.

“You have folks who will say, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t have a choice,’ and they will provide resistance,” Merkley tells me.

We know that art institutions have not historically been sites of revolt or resistance.

Here are just a few of the uplifting developments that befall General Leia’s resistance: I mean, that is some awful, awful stuff.

It triggered the final blow that wiped out the resistance.

In the penultimate shot of the film, everyone in the resistance — all of whom now comfortably fit on the Millennium Falcon!

And so, between defying orders, mutinying, and leaking highly sensitive information, he almost single-handedly gets the entire resistance wiped out.

After he repeatedly threatens the entire resistance effort, only to finally be knocked out and restrained, we see Holdo and Leia … regarding Poe fondly?

But I’ve encountered… resistance.

Now more than ever, we need massive resistance in the streets to shut down Trump’s agenda of racism, sexism, migrant-bashing, cutbacks and war.

There is much talk of the resistance to the Trump administration, and many protests happening outside the White House.

The fortitude of social connections is a predictor of resistance to Alzheimer’s and overall mental health.

“Antibiotic resistance genes are in our soil.

Follow Charles Parkinson on Twitter: @charlesparkinson Related: Evictions and resistance: On the Front Lines of London’s Housing Crisis

Rising drug resistance to gonorrhoea treatments is also a growing health threat.

resistance to interpretation may no longer be an option.

I was amazed by the directness of language, the resistance to metaphor, in each of the poems I heard.

How about the resistance?

Their resistance gave rise to the national and global LGBT+ movement for equal rights.

So let’s talk about the resistance, because … JL: People say you’re a very tough interview.

Talk about what you feel the opportunity is now with the resistance, when you talk about the resistance.

“The resistance by some galleries is understandable and expected,” Resch said.

Lopez, 46, advocates hardline resistance to the government.

#MAGA Trump’s resistance to taking responsibility for his actions is perhaps the single greatest threat facing his presidency.

And why bother with resistance training or trying to resist a notification?

Arguably the biggest pitfall is that the Zika or dengue viruses might one day develop resistance to Wolbachia, rendering this strategy ineffective.

House Democrats are fixated on presenting a unified front, as the vanguard of the anti-Trump resistance.

Everyone — including the resistance and Organa — knows that this is coming, regardless of whether they’re prepared.

former Stormtrooper FN-2187, and resistance pilot and BFF to BB-8 Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac).

They later reunite in GIF-worthy fashion for the resistance’s big attempt to destroy the First Order’s Starkiller.

Is there a resistance to it?

“Today’s situation is not suitable for talks and our choice is resistance only,” state news agency IRNA quoted Rouhani as saying.

So yes, you’re right, there’s some resistance on the part of physicians that machines will be able to do diagnosis.

So we shouldn’t be too confident that internal resistance at the NSA would stop him.

Trump is facing little meaningful resistance from congressional Republicans, and his favorability among rank-and-file GOP voters remains quite high.

Their resistance gave rise to the national and global LGBT+ movement for equal rights.

But friction doesn’t need to be about choice, only effect and resistance.

The Scholl siblings soon formed a non-violent resistance group called The White Rose along with friends Alexander Schmorell, Willi Graf, and Christoph Probst.

Characters are struggling to live life after political failure, finding ways to resume their resistance to a value system that remains ever-present and crushing.

Meanwhile, the Gestapo became convinced that a large resistance network was operating all across the country.

This pattern holds across Southern states that demonstrated resistance to school integration.

By the end of 1942, the White Rose had evolved from a small circle of courageous students into an organized anti-Nazi resistance group.

It is non-binding but has met fierce resistance from governments including the United States, Austria, Hungary and Poland who frame it as encouraging migration.

“The resistance front will be strengthened and it will have more capacity to act against (U.S.) acts of intervention.

Iran often refers to regional countries and forces opposed to Israel and the United States as a “resistance front”.

The acronym CIS stands for Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the account refers to itself in its description as “immigration resistance.”

Did it inspire resistance to Romaphobia?It’s more about advocacy.

They’re questions of faith and belief, questions of resistance and acceptance, daddy or chips.

But I approve of his resistance to massive immigration, yes.

The will not to be replaced was at the center of resistance to colonialism.

Scholar Shirley Moody-Turner has called attention, for example, to the troubling resistance that Cooper faced from African-American sociologist W.E.B.

I wrote: A series where the occupation forces slowly but surely wear down all resistance would be almost unbearably grim.

But the version of Colony where the resistance gradually drives back the aliens is also a lot more typical and a lot less interesting.

resistance is not futile, but it is painstaking.

The resistance is strong with that one!

He manipulated, isolated, and wore down the resistance of the many women he drew to him, and he used them ruthlessly.

Good bosses know that some resistance adds value and depth.”

It’s a sonic dialogue highlighting difference within the diaspora in resistance to generalisations and false notions of solidarity.”

Something about resistance to Trump and response to the measures that have been rolled out feels uplifting and collaborative and hopeful.

Look No Further Than This Center 100 Days of Artistic resistance Against Trump Begin Now The Guerrilla Girls’ Readymade Guide to resistance

Art has always been a force of resistance in dark times and places.

The Iranian nation has chosen the path of resistance,” he said in comments carried by Iran’s state TV.

Of course, this kind of huge transfer of economic power from rich shareholders to middle- and working-class employees would provoke fierce resistance.

Despite these hurdles to civil society, there are still some in Hungary trying to organize popular resistance to Orbán.

“We were the point of least resistance, or so they thought!”

In Independence Day, for instance, it’s by leading Earth’s resistance against an invading alien force.

He’s focused on something called Stand Up America, which is an organization that tries to channel a resistance to Trump’s agenda.

Your husband is working on the resistance and Facebook has gotten smacked hard.

Other sanctuary state efforts have encountered resistance or roadblocks from wary lawmakers.

The length of the antibiotic regimens is the primary culprit for TB’s growing drug resistance.

When people stop antibiotics early, they’re at a high risk of developing drug resistance and then passing that resistance on to others.

So we’ll do that.” If literature is a form of resistance, then so is the act of building community around it.

Each of these performance gestures constitutes a tiny act of bodily resistance whose efficacy depends precisely on its smallness.

They’re definitely sites of resistance against perceptions of abuse of power.

There was some initial resistance to the superblock plan in Gracia, but it faded quickly; the neighborhood was particularly well-suited to pedestrianization.

“Never!” But tactical urbanism also stirred up early resistance, when there were only fast and cheap changes and no concrete promise of anything else.

Are progressive politics in general—and “the resistance” in particular—accessible, inclusive, and diverse enough?No.

I’ve accepted the risks of bodily harm and worsened health in exchange for the movement and the work of resistance.

In some cases, forgiveness of offenders has doubled as a political act of resistance.

Video footage showing someone taking a sledgehammer to the memorial’s base was posted on Popular resistance’s YouTube channel this morning.

But while many of the period’s notable techno artists, from Altern-8 to Underground resistance, hid behind masks, James instead proffered a mad-scientist persona.

That’s the path of least resistance in many ways.

The other, as a resistance fighter.

Political resistance to an evolving society has been apparent for years.

Despite this decline, cryptomarkets can still be understood as a form of political activism and resistance of dominant paradigms.

“There was great cultural resistance” to graft probes, said Elek, who led the Petrobras compliance department from January 2015 through April 2018.

“It is wrong to say that, from the beginning, the Petrobras chief compliance officer has encountered resistance,” the firm said.

One type of bacteria that causes pneumonia and bronchitis has already shown resistance to doxycycline.

There’s really a lot of resistance to inserting poor people in market-rate neighborhoods.”

“But there’s still resistance.

There’s always resistance.”

We gave in when we kind of hit resistance…. And that’s when they go on the runs.

See resistance, BIG AND SMALL

Rising to the challenge requires stout resistance against the usual partisan impulses.

The Turkish chef/Internet sensation was down on Miami Beach for Halloween going through some intense workouts … thanks to this resistance chute.

The Twitter account of the right-wing Nordic resistance Movement’s English-language podcast, Nordic Frontier, was taken down.

So how much resistance do those big banks put up to you?

Then, three and a half years later, they asked parents to rate difficulties with bedtime resistance, sleep initiation and nighttime waking.

Ghomeshi has pleaded not guilty to four charges of sexual assault and one charge of choking to overcome resistance.

Israel is intent on showing that resistance is futile, that Palestinians must roll over and accept their fate.

But I had a lot of resistance to that idea.

Because of stout Republican resistance, he would be compelled to go in a different direction.

When the time comes to meditate or exercise or write, resistance arises and we procrastinate.

In response to that resistance, a police officer is more likely to overreact.

And in early 2016, Collins stepped down from the committee, citing the Vatican’s “shameful” resistance to redressing its wrongs.

Gold slipped almost 1%, having hit a 14-month high of $1,348.1 per ounce on Friday, near a major resistance around $1,350.

Bump up the virus resistance of a potato, that’s going on right now.

resistance is futile”?

This late set wave, paper of resistance, right?

I, in college, lived in the jungles of Burma with the democratic resistance that was there.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull proposed the plebiscite, but it has met with resistance from the opposition Labor Party.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull proposed the plebiscite, but it has met with resistance from the opposition Labor Party.

Despite the evidence, needle exchanges have long faced public resistance.

Do you see a future for that kind of Christian resistance?

Local resistance — often due to pressure by immigrant activist groups — can cause problems for the federal government.

He met resistance inside the party, whose members had criticized Kabila for having inherited the presidency from his assassinated father, Laurent Kabila, in 2001.

In central London the leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party will join tens of thousands in a “Carnival of resistance” against the president.

But the resistance to get on board with Clinton might have something to do with the profile of a Sanders primary supporter.

Knitting has long been a cornerstone of “craftivism,” the blanket term for crafting as a form of political resistance.

Even if the warnings are not out of the ordinary, there is certainly a growing British resistance to Trump.

The embassy’s warning to Americans, then, may be normal — but the resistance to Trump in the UK looks very out of the ordinary.

resistance comes in many different forms.

Gold slipped 0.8%, having hit a 14-month high of $1,348.1 per ounce on Friday, near a major resistance around $1,350.

Jane Sampeur (left), also with the Attorneys of Color Caucus, told me, “Today we are organizing a lawyers’ resistance.

We want to make sure that lawyers are participating in the struggle and the resistance to oppose these racist Trump policies.

There’s a lot of resistance to the idea that minority Americans should have the burden of reaching out.

Tatour denies these allegations, saying her words appealed for non-violent resistance.

When the goal is to maximize revenue through speed, people tend to take the path of least resistance.

The three play resistance fighters near the end of the movie on Crait.

He’s the only resistance trench soldier without headgear on when the group is first showed preparing to defend their stronghold.

“Baby Driver” director Edgar Wright is in the resistance.

“If you are looking for my cameo in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ this is my grubby resistance costume.

It’s good: resistance is fertile, as the old placard slogan goes.

During this period, he produced a visionary body of drawings, signs of resistance against an unsympathetic and unjust correctional system.

If resisting temptation is a virtue, then more resistance should lead to greater achievement, right?

More broadly, the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which the US supports militarily, will continue to be an easy bipartisan target for resistance in 2019.

resistance to far-away masters goes back centuries for the Purepecha of Michoacan.

Some election officials say a solution to rising resistance among indigenous communities lies in more local control over public finance.

Still, he said resistance to voting is not as widespread as activists assert.

These informants were utilized by the Syrian military to sniff out resistance and place missile trackers at the places they found resistance gathering.

Our house was not being used for the resistance to gather, but our enemy saw an opportunity and used the tracker to target Mohamad.

Kimmel isn’t a #resistance figure like fellow hosts Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers.

The city, he said, is largely in the hands of the Syrian democratic forces and the pockets of enemy resistance are shrinking daily.

One example is a superconductor, which at low temperatures conducts electricity without resistance.

Both intended their interventions as explorations of and resistance to current politics surrounding the female body.

Creating a space for resistance in Cleveland during the RNC was key for both artists.

Robert, was that the same for you with the radicalism of Underground resistance, were you questioning some of the orthodoxies of the Christian faith?

At the same time, a number of German women, particularly minorities, got involved with the resistance.

It will require organizing and advocacy to overcome fossil fuel resistance.

The Turks have shown a great deal of resistance to an attack,” he said.

According to people familiar with the project, Clinton’s organization will help allocate funding to “resistance” groups opposing the Trump administration’s policies.

(Its efforts in India also hit some very unexpected resistance.)

It could also combat other problems like antibiotic resistance.

Social Practice Queens will bring two projects, “resistance Theatre” and “DebtBank,” to the Queens Museum on June 11.

In late April, Yemeni and Emirati soldiers seized Mukalla AQAP, which withdrew its men with little resistance.

Moser runs Daily Action, a system that coordinates resistance to Trump through concerned calls to elected officials.

That’s why the average nonviolent resistance campaign has so many more active participants than the average armed rebel movement, for instance.

Even his addition of resistance bands to squats, Viada says, helps makes sure he explodes all the way through the finish of a movement.

That’s why this resistance to funding fellow American citizens has infuriated Democrats.

The young boys who make up much of the key resistance to the big baddies are still a D&D party.

It furnishes abstract forms with vital energies of resistance and tension.

Alongside these legal acts of resistance, a highly coordinated global advertising takeover was organized and implemented on March 23.

The artist recalls yielding and entertaining those concerns at the moment, only to commemorate later the adobe’s resistance and agency as a contaminant.

The assault has also been complicated by resistance from hardened jihadists holed up inside seeking a fight to the death.

He attributed this to fierce resistance from YPG fighters who are from Afrin, and the hilly terrain of the area.

You’re in charge of the resistance on your bike; there’s no preset settings.

Believe me, I work on a campus, and do you know the resistance of the faculty to this idea?

There’s a lot less resistance now.

It shows how the public, media, and the other candidates at the time reacted to this early act of creative political resistance.

At the time, this was an outrageous idea, and was met with stiff, stubborn resistance by the scientific establishment.

resistance through violence and killing is wrong and it does not succeed.

resistance first came from his opposition, Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate who claimed Khan had been “giving platform, oxygen, and cover” to Islamic extremists.

Black resistance movements in the US have long been demonized and punished for even the hint of potential violence.

What is expensive is the supermarket itself: around 15 million euros, I am told after a bit of resistance.

I know that resistance continues and grows in strength.

But the new president has put up strong resistance to other new sanctions, especially those that target Russia or Russian individuals.

They are corporeal, but also metaphysical — totems for resistance and transcendence.

The vicious debate is re-traumatizing victims, sending a message to women that they will still struggle and face harsh resistance to coming forward.

“The resistance and the taint of coup bothers the executioners of democracy,” Rousseff tweeted on Friday, ahead of the weekend’s protests.

Kawlo, recently elected as lawmaker, has organized fierce resistance against the dog park for years.

There was a lot of resistance everywhere, right?

TECHNICALS: Upside resistance for copper comes in at $6,080-$6,090, near the 50-day moving average.

The resistance to migration was not limited to those who might have been in wage competition with migrants.

Indigenous Women Rise is a grassroots organization the celebrates resistance and resilience.

The resistance will be branded — but it may not be union-made.

Did we continue to innovate malaria so we could stay ahead of drug resistance?

That sparked fierce resistance from corporate America, which had been making strides to reduce its carbon footprint.

The resistance will be branded — but it may not be union-made.

“It’s a virtual certainty at this point,” a senior aide to a GOP Senator told VICE News, citing Democratic resistance.

“It’s a virtual certainty at this point,” a senior aide to a GOP Senator told VICE News, citing Democratic resistance.

At the same time, Democrats hope the momentum for the resistance will help them win.

Uncooperative “localism” — resistance at the level of city or town — can be just as effective as uncooperative federalism.

“He will keep pushing until he meets serious resistance, and so far he hasn’t,” the official added.

Modular bodies moving in grids, in formation, showing their power or maybe their resistance to power — that’s a march.

And it could add an extra layer of resistance to the lock-’em-up movement if crime did happen to rise under President Sanders.

The resistance is provided by electromagnets, and the machine automatically adjusts if it senses you struggling.

But they will face just as much resistance from women in India.

An abandoned house says “Mapuche resistance“.

The Ahwaz National resistance, an Iranian ethnic Arab separatist movement, and Islamic State have both claimed responsibility, though without presenting evidence.

But that’s a fight climate hawks would eventually face regardless; there will always be pressure to take the path of least resistance.

This erasure robs us of a rich legacy of resistance to draw upon when confronting the oppression of today.

Anti-Trump “resistance” groups are holding dozens of protests outside Senate offices Wednesday night demanding a special prosecutor.

Anti-Trump “resistance” groups are holding dozens of protests outside Senate offices Wednesday night demanding a special prosecutor.

What started for Ali and Siedenburg as a last-minute resistance, is also becoming a long-term endeavor.

What does resistance to that border regime realistically look like?

With repression, though, often comes underground resistance, and a black market of bootlegged records was eventually born.

Was there any resistance against making games expressly for a female audience in Japan at that time?

resistance to sexist marketing has also contributed to the feminist repurposing of fictional characters.

After some initial resistance, the ladies compromise their principles, deciding that a little fun won’t hurt.

And a group of people allied together to create resistance events.

There’s lots of things in your community where they’ll have a role in the opposition and the resistance.

resistance is futile!

There’s the potential for drought resistance, nutritional improvements, and removal of allergens.

At its core, Feeding the resistance is a book of recipes and ideas to help you get involved.

They have led the resistance to Trump from the beginning.

I realized the greatest act of resistance I could perform was simply to keep existing.

Whatever the reason, businesses’ resistance to anti-LGBTQ laws is enough to make any lawmaker reconsider whether to pass these bathroom measures.

(It was met with resistance by locals but opened anyway.)

Manning experienced that resistance firsthand.

That measure has already encountered resistance from some within the Republicans ranks.

Perlongher evokes Argentina, its people, and their resistance in the face of violent dictatorship.

Bestseller faced no resistance in acquiring planning permission from Brande’s city council.

The civility of segregation was upheld by the threat of violence, a threat King helped make clear through his program of resistance.

Her act inspired other acts of resistance and garnered allies across racial divides.

I honestly believed my passive resistance would make a change.

The WHO has found that artemisinin resistance is growing more common, with artemisinin-resistant parasites detected in five countries in East Asia.

Manchin has a strong history with the state, though his brand of centrism might risk alienating actual progressives in the year of the resistance.

Abadi has faced resistance to a government overhaul aimed at tackling corruption.

In 2017 it proposed an ambitious plan mainly for electric cars but rowed back after facing resistance from car makers.

Thank you for leading the resistance!

The Republican National Committee thought it was a great story that underscored heroic resistance to the Obama presidency.

“And that’s a hard pill to swallow.” There are other factors to explain law enforcement’s resistance to reform.

Beyond “resistance” organizing and business lobbying, Republicans are also seeing a series of polls showing that Trumpcare is extremely unpopular.

In Ohio, a chapter of Indivisible, an anti-Trump resistance group, will bus dozens of people to Washington, DC, on Tuesday.

Now that Senate Republicans have removed the town hall from the resistance’s arsenal, activists are brainstorming ways to build other weapons.

During the 2011 uprising, Madaya, which has a population of around 40,000, was one of the centers of rebel resistance against the government.

For the next 40 minutes or so, you perform various movements while pedaling against resistance.

“Maybe tomorrow I can put on more resistance,” I’ve thought to myself.

In Garrett’s classes, you’re inflicting the pain and resistance on yourself, and you’re pushing yourself to get stronger.

Traditionally, denouncing Nazis is the path of least resistance in any argument, and saying supportive things about the Jewish community is an easy win.

After all, what is resistance without joy?

Because I could, and it was, in a way, the path of least resistance.

So the first number refers to the dust resistance and the second number refers to the water resistance.

resistance to Obama’s policies combined with the rise of the Tea Party to push the GOP further to the right.

But resistance was relatively light, and both Peshmerga and Sunni tribesmen criticized the speed of the advance.

It matters that people like him are pushed in these directions without resistance or context.

But as the CDC report frequently notes, antibiotic resistance is making gonorrhea harder and harder to cure.

“Bitcoin skeptics are cautious in trying to stop this surge and may look for the next key resistance level which is $15,000,” he added.

Was this corn modified with a Bt gene for pest resistance?

If so, there may be concerns about weed resistance, although that really depends on the farmers’ practice.

For decades, tomato breeders have selected traits related to performance — yield, disease resistance, how well tomatoes ship, how well they last on a shelf.

They also have a run-in with an anti-traction resistance led by Anna Fang (Jihae).

Now, a week from the start of the administration, members of the movement are beginning to reckon with their new status as resistance members.

“Man, if believing in facts is an act of resistance well then, so be it.”

“Common diseases are becoming untreatable.” That’s the blunt warning issued on page one of a major new United Nations report on drug resistance.

Drug resistance is what happens when we overuse antibiotics in the treatment of humans, animals, and plants.

Yet doctors, farmers, and others continue to dole out too many antibiotics, driving the resistance.

Now, the UN report adds that drug resistance could also severely mess up our economy.

But Murdock doesn’t face any resistance; his way is the way.

The resistance is now on offense.

The request to states was initially met with bipartisan resistance and a number of lawsuits.

The first thing we did because the resistance was out of the TV industry, they did not want us in.

It’s a neighborhood with a storied history of fierce, principled resistance to gentrification.

Then we started getting a lot of resistance from agencies and others because we became pretty threatening in the market.

There, it’s more of a resistance to change.

resistance can take many forms.

The group also unfurled a large banner saying “Hypocrites: Our resistance to your decadence.”

Like all bacteria, N. gonorrhoeae will eventually develop resistance to antibiotics.

We’re seeing absolute resistance to everything this president does.

Gold jumped above its long-held resistance around $1,350 per ounce to hit its highest level since September 2013, rising to as high as $1,392.3.

For an industry that has seemed almost allergic to the language of class, the current wave of resistance marks an exciting start.

This resistance is what  threads many of Burckhardt’s distinct bodies of work and styles together.

From the improbably lofty height of a functional liberal democracy, the path of least resistance is definitely down.

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“Happiness is the feeling that power increases — that resistance is being overcome” — Friedrich Nietzsche, alive in late-19th century.

She’s put up the socially acceptable amount of resistance, and now she can have the fun she wants to have.

But wearing down a woman’s resistance isn’t romantic.

He had been using an elastic resistance band during CrossFit training, and the plastic snapped back in his eye.

The White House’s response has been to provide as much resistance to that congressional oversight as possible.

The Force Awakens does a great job showing, rather than telling, why he stands out compared with other fighters in the resistance.

If people think resistance is futile, even regime loyalists will just go with the flow.

Since Donald Trump locked up the GOP presidential nomination, resistance to his candidacy from the party’s elites has crumbled remarkably quickly.

In the eyes of the resistance, the not-quite-Trumpers posture and tweet and make sad sounds to reporters, but they don’t actually do anything.

This shows the resistance to Trump’s ban is growing and gaining more firepower.

Real creativity comes with a certain amount of resistance.

Of course, we’ve done everything we can to get rid of all this resistance.

Democrats said the Republican resistance had been so feckless, and so thoroughly quashed, as to be mostly useless.

Minter told Artnet News, “I’ve been making nothing but resistance propaganda since November 9…

For her theme, Hannah chose to focus on ideas of regeneration and resistance, specifically in relation to sound.

Due to Congressional resistance of United Nations treaties, Congress did not ratify this agreement.

The original Drug Abuse resistance Education, or D.A.R.E, program is the poster child of a mismatch between message and audience.

Barrett’s eventual story portrayed McCabe as trying to push forward the Clinton Foundation investigation, over resistance from an Obama Justice Department official.

But he soon became a symbol of resistance to foreign occupation, deriving much of his authority from his family.

Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Al Green of Texas have become resistance folk heroes in recent days with their calls for impeachment.

resistance Records is one example of that.

(That said, DDT resistance is a real problem too, and Hill notes that R&D for newer, better pesticides is lagging.)

Those who could, escaped into forests and organized local resistance.

A lot of the local resistance, the Forest Brethren, saw a chance for revenge and joined the German Army.

Some people joined guerrilla resistance, the ‘Forest Brothers’ but their fight was futile.

It was an act of resistance that still reverberates.

Why do they think physical violence, as opposed to nonviolent resistance, is both justifiable and effective?

“They put up heavy resistance.

resistance bands

These lightweight, sturdy bands fit into practically any bag or suitcase for toned muscles anywhere in the world.

When we say convince people … Oh, I can imagine resistance.

In Monáe’s work, finding a connection to a history that’s been taken from you is a crucial part of resistance and self-empowerment.

“The Iranian negotiators underestimated the amount of resistance there would be, particularly among European banks, to doing major business in Iran.

Her ongoing process keeps the dialogue alive around immigration reform while continuously reimagining what resistance can look like.

Appalachian communities are mounting a stiff opposition to the MVP and the ACP, joining grassroots pipeline resistance around the country and internationally.

Before climbing her tree, Bowman posted a statement to the Appalachians Against Pipelines Facebook page, a group which supports MVP and ACP resistance.

The resistance has continued even as individual tree-sitters have been forced to return to earth.

The Three Sisters resistance Camp remains in the ACP’s path.

Many indigenous organizers, for whom pipeline resistance is also a stand against colonization, object to that rhetoric.

We’re starting to see the bigger picture.” But pipeline resistance didn’t begin with Standing Rock, and it didn’t end there.

Spoon directed me to a list of pipelines that have been stopped by popular resistance.

Because of grassroots resistance, mostly indigenous-led, TransCanada decided that the financial benefit wasn’t worth it.

Long-term creatine supplementation appears to enhance the quality of resistance training, generally leading to 5 to 15 percent greater gains in strength and performance.

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