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The district will also try to limit the expansion of charters schools and will reevaluate testing requirements.

Jay Inslee (D) signed a bill setting welfare requirements for egg-laying hens — the strongest such bill ever to pass a state legislature.

The Washington law follows up on the success of ballot measures in California and Massachusetts, which imposed similar requirements.

More states are going to roll out work requirements for Medicaid.

Arbitrary height requirements show up all the time in Western society.

“USA Gymnastics will comply with the USOC requirements,” USAG spokeswoman Leslie King said in an email.

Most American parents also say they support school-based vaccine requirements.

Since immunization laws are state-based, there’s variation across the country when it comes to the requirements.

Living and working conditions vary around the world, with differing visa requirements, paid maternity leave and cost of living.

Visa requirements: Working Holiday visas are available for those between 18 and 30 for up to 12 months.

Visa requirements: An employment pass or “S Card” is valid for up to three years.

Visa requirements: Two-year Working Holiday visas as well as Temporary Work visas are available for certain people aged between 18 and 30.

Visa requirements: A residency visa is required before a work visa is permitted.

Republican-led states have increasingly set strict requirements for what doctors must tell a woman before they perform an abortion.

It would be a lot of changes if they upped the SAT requirements.

Now that the technology requirements to start new companies has come down and it’s become about the insight, you’re seeing those companies.

Activism’s time requirements and group-based processes are often at odds with the quantities of alone time an artist needs to work.

There was some question about whether AB 398 could escape the requirements of Prop 26, but Brown didn’t want to take any chances.

It said it works in full compliance within all legal and regulatory requirements and had never knowingly been involved in any illegal activity.

Their website has a submissions tab that lists proposal requirements so artists can apply via email.

Each one curtails the governor’s ability to make changes to Republican-backed policies like welfare work requirements, and political rules like campaign finance regulation.

The document states their rejection of mass deportation and their requirements for police accountability.

It did not involve a timetable for giving, or impose any requirements on how the money could be given.

Each one has different storage requirements and thermal requirements.

Because of these requirements, as well as ethical concerns, many therapists will turn patients away on the basis of their attraction to children.

He later said the city wasn’t using corrosion control but was still complying with the EPA’s requirements.

Under the AHCA, those states would then be allowed to set their own requirements for what insurance must cover.

Any one of those would have met the requirements of the first-impressions-count launch window: graphically awesome, sonically powerful, and spectacularly realistic.

Clinton said: “I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements,” Clinton said in March 2015.

They can approve Medicaid work requirements for the expansion population, which will likely cull people from the program.

Dominica changed its tax rules to comply with EU requirements meant to reduce the risks of tax evasion, the EU said in a statement.

Those efforts include a 2012 loosening of Brazil’s landmark Forest Code that sets requirements for preserving native vegetation.

In a push to win support from the more conservative Freedom Caucus, lawmakers are making EHB requirements optional for states.

HB 565: Changes the requirements for reporting on abortions by providers to require information on how the abortion was performed and why.

It is possible that other agencies could develop their own more rigorous requirements that could make cannabis banking more complex and costly, she said.

Other agencies can put their own requirements in place, adding more hurdles.

Banks that do service the industry have hired more staff to meet FinCEN’s reporting requirements so they charge cannabis clients high fees.

The technology produces fuel compliant with tougher shipping emission requirements that take effect next year, said co-founder Neil Camarta.

It’s seen as an “important macroeconomic stabilizer.” The House farm bill would make the work requirements stricter.

Those who violate the requirements would be cut off from benefits for an entire year.

If they violate the requirements repeatedly, recipients could be cut off from benefits for up to three years.

And among the able-bodied adults without dependents — the contingent of the population subject to work requirements — most already work or are seeking work.

This conversation fails these requirements on two counts.

It is true that Sanders has ducked and avoided what are conventionally considered even the bare minimum requirements for proving competence on foreign policy.

vaporizers, and signage and ID’ing requirements.

Additionally, they’ve said that they’re going to attach work requirements to programs in Section 8, so housing assistance.

Exactly, and then they’re adding more work requirements to programs that already have them, like SNAP.

With those people, work requirements don’t do much, and there’s not very much in terms of supportive services to help people.

And where does that end and will that come with work requirements, do think, UBI?

Zenefits was charged with allowing unlicensed employees to transact insurance and circumventing insurance agent education requirements.

“We will need to work through the safety case and our requirements and then talk to pilots and regulators,” he said.

A fact sheet put together by moderate Democrats backing the bill says such institutions will still be subject to stress-tests requirements.

It also eases appraisal requirements on certain mortgage loans and exempts small banks from certain disclosure rules.

Critics, however, say that exempting small banks from certain requirements is risky and could be harmful to consumers.

“Can people with dietary requirements start knowing what you can and can’t eat?”

The state law imposed a two-year in-state residency requirement for business owners applying for a license and 10-year residency requirements for license renewals.

It’s a struggle out here—the requirements of survival, for working people, are real and sometimes overwhelming.

The Second, Third and Fourth circuits of the US Court of Appeals have rendered similar rulings, upholding good cause requirements for concealed carry permits.

But China sought to soften the legal requirements in the text of the deal, and the United States balked.

Action: The stadium developers have outlined a community benefits plan (which is part of the requirements mandated in a State Senate bill (pg.

“The new requirements will help us to weed out those that are underprepared, under-resourced and unfit to hold a license.

Some in this fetish community say men who’re into giantesses want to escape the requirements of power and control via overwhelming physical domination.

As city supervisor, Breed has helped create more affordable housing throughout San Francisco by passing zoning regulations and increasing affordable housing requirements.

The latest Senate plan would relax those requirements.

As a protest against the new law’s extreme requirements, women who opposed the law started a Facebook group called “Periods for Pence.”

Iraq, which sources its wheat from Australia, the United States and Canada, has specific requirements for its imports.

Proponents of voter ID laws argue that they aren’t discriminatory because they apply the same requirements to all potential voters.

The NDA notified the IMPD that they have met the requirements to purchase a StingRay with “restricted software,” called Landshark.

Most countries met those requirements or agreed to work toward meeting them, Taylor added.

It added that the companies had agreed to “unprecedented transparency for the Treasury into their operations” including extensive auditing, certification and reporting requirements.

Cryptocurrency exchanges need to follow the registration and licensing requirements for broker-dealers, alternative trading systems, or national securities exchanges.

The federal government would need to change the requirements for disability programs or help more people start new businesses.

Some Democrats argue that restrictions on voting such as fewer polling places or requirements to show ID restrict the rights of minority voters.

You are doing things that are very 1950s housewife requirements.

The water requirements are low.

Uber should also emphasize the importance of record-keeping to all Human Resources staff, and impose consequences for failure to adhere to record-keeping requirements.

F. Make Promotion requirements Clearer.

Zara USA has stringent health and safety standards, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our products meet these rigorous requirements.”

Congress wrote the rules for how sexual harassment claims are handled, exempting members from requirements that most other employers must follow.

And while 43 states have their own laws for forwarding psychiatric records to federal background check databases, the comprehensiveness of those requirements varies widely.

People avoid financial institutions for numerous reasons, including in order to stay away from monthly charge fees, overdraft penalties, or minimum balance requirements.

In 2017, UEFA said that Paris St. Germain had complied with the requirements and met the objectives of the settlement agreement.

As a result, countries low-balled their estimates of future medicinal opioid requirements.

Congress can also block DC’s laws through budgetary requirements.

It’s counter-intuitive, but repealing benefit requirements doesn’t make the AHCA cheaper.

West has specific requirements for a space to ensure her work pops.

We also saw in Michigan last week how work requirements could disproportionately affect black beneficiaries, while rural white enrollees receive exemptions.

If they don’t meet these requirements, they could lose their coverage.

The Obama administration proposed the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, outlining consumers’ rights to control their personal data and requirements for transparency and security.

In addition, Congress has frequently saddled the FEC with an inadequate budget and time-consuming procedural requirements.

Rules and requirements sometimes changed midway through construction.

Every reactor still under construction at the time — 51 in total — suddenly faced major regulatory delays, changes in safety procedures, and new back-fit requirements.

After the Voting Rights Act, English literacy requirements were banned; Native Americans in Arizona started participating in elections and started being elected to office.

This section is phrased as though such requirements will be brand new to the implementing agencies.

He’s out now, but authorities are holding his passport until he meets a list of requirements … including paying a $264 fine.

So the reporting requirements are minimal, especially when it comes to what Barr is obligated to tell Congress.

While these measures go well beyond any current requirements, they’re reasonably likely to pass.

Proposition 12 would establish new cage-free housing requirements for baby veal calves, mother pigs, and egg-laying hens.

Even more animals would be affected, since the new requirements apply to any farmer who wants to sell animal products within California.

As a result, the new requirements would have an impact across the country and could potentially affect tens of millions of animals.

There are some requirements, though.

They want to add in things like work requirements, small premiums for low-income enrollees, and (in the case of Wisconsin) drug testing for beneficiaries.

But the administration has approved Medicaid work requirements in several states, requiring for the first time that beneficiaries work in order to receive benefits.

Advocates argue that these requirements are contrary to the purpose of the program.

The requirements do not reflect the reality of work for low-income people, whose hours are often seasonal or irregular.

That number could grow exponentially as more states put work requirements in place.

I also think we need to be more strict with capital requirements.

The laws across the United States that determine how a transgender person can update their IDs are confusing and often contain onerous requirements.

Check out the video above to see how the burdensome requirements for updating IDs have affected two transgender women in the South.

Health and safety surely justify licensing requirements for, say, emergency medical technicians and nuclear engineers, too.

12333 to avoid Congressional reporting requirements and regulations,” Snowden said.

Drones have had registration requirements for not quite two years.

The White House has some minimal requirements under federal law.

The CBPP notes that the economy was getting better in 2014 — the same time those work requirements were put into place.

They argue that additional work requirements would encourage more people to get out of the cycle of poverty.

There is a conventional wisdom that, even as Medicaid has shown its political resilience, the public is pretty open to work requirements.

There are also extra storage and inspection requirements.

In other words, apart from Verizon parting with some pocket change and being subject to new transparency requirements, very little has changed.

Wonderschool’s business model works because licensing requirements for in-home preschools are often less strict than center-based ones.

Wonderschool’s business model works because licensing requirements for in-home preschools are often less strict than center-based ones.

Indeed, the new version of the CARE Act also includes some new requirements and money for Medicaid coverage of addiction treatment.

States could also individually up their licensing requirements for police.

The deadline for EPA to issue the final rule on blending requirements is Nov. 30.

Twenty-two states have not banned agency fee requirements, covering about 5 million public-sector workers.

The banks said they had acted within regulatory requirements but declined to offer fuller explanations.

Consistent with requirements under FISA, the application had to be first certified by the Director or Deputy Director of the FBI.

“Some manufacturers (e.g., Nissan, Tesla, and GM) would probably continue to offer electric vehicles, even without the ZEV requirements,” says Graham.

The 290 students whose applications were reinstated Wednesday had failed to meet deadlines and other requirements for transcripts and test scores.

The 290 students whose applications were reinstated Wednesday had failed to meet deadlines and other requirements for transcripts and test scores.

In return for the federal match, states must meet certain requirements for coverage set by the federal government.

“You’re not going to build enough new refining equipment nor add enough scrubbers” to meet initial requirements for VLSFO, he said.

The Treasury Department on Monday said it planned to end requirements that certain tax-exempt organizations identify their financial contributors on their tax returns.

After the new reporting requirements kick in, even the IRS won’t know.

Conservatives don’t like it because they think those work requirements don’t go far enough.

And she wants to reduce bank debt with risk fees and higher capital requirements.

To change that, Trump would have to get Congress to repeal the law that implemented NAFTA’s requirements back in the 1990s.

“If you said October I wouldn’t even say that, only because we haven’t finished determining exactly what the training requirements will be,” Elwell said.

“They may try to meet the burdensome requirements for updating the gender marker on their ID if they are able.

But perhaps the biggest hurdle is many states’ requirements for changing a gender marker.

That’s a lot of trans people, particularly trans men, who would not meet requirements for changing their IDs in some states.

Yet states’ ID requirements can effectively force trans people to disclose their medical information and transition history to vote.

Despite public campaigns, and even legal requirements, many clinical trials still report results publicly late or not at all.

The lounge apparently didn’t fit the bill for USADA requirements.

Trump is going to get rid of hygiene requirements for food production.

“Putting these requirements in a law is like pushing away the individuals from working in Tanzania.

“Putting these requirements in a law is like pushing away the individuals from working in Tanzania.

These requirements were implemented as part of the 1996 welfare reform legislation signed by then-President Bill Clinton.

In addition, at half the experiment sites, work requirements caused more people to be in deep poverty.

This is because, late last year, Congress repealed country-of-origin labeling requirements for beef and pork.

“There are no special statutory requirements or restrictions applied to marijuana plants.”

CMS has already approved the first Medicaid work requirements under Trump, and thousands of people in the states implementing them have lost coverage.

Is it something you are entitled to if you meet certain requirements?

Seven states have received approval from the Trump administration to establish work requirements and set other restrictions for many of their Medicaid recipients.

A federal judge has actually blocked Medicaid work requirements from taking effect in Kentucky, ruling they were contrary to the program’s purposes.

But in other states, work requirements are now in force — and people are losing health coverage.

In Arkansas, Medicaid work requirements have now led to 17,000 people being locked out of the program.

They worry that Republicans are trying to use these new restrictions, particularly the work requirements, to stigmatize Medicaid as a program.

House Speaker Paul Ryan was still talking about codifying Medicaid work requirements into federal law, applying them to all states, after repeal failed.

As many as 25 million people population that could be subject to Medicaid work requirements if they were instituted nationwide.

Work requirements, in particular, were off the table for Obama for that reason.

“People are questioning whether its benefits structure and requirements that worked pretty well before are best designed for this new population.

The Trump administration officials clearly don’t see the problem with putting work requirements on the program.

The breadth of the bulk hacking warrants fail to satisfy these requirements.”

The FDA also will introduce stricter age-verification requirements for online sales of e-cigarettes.

Their disposal, according to the office, was governed by NASA Procedural requirements, which outlines protocols for the “identification and disposition of potential artifacts.”

“What concerns us is that they do a very thorough analysis and that independently we can verify that it meets all the requirements.”

However, he emphasized, the work card requirements infringe on the rights of dancers, regardless of gender.

“The City of Reno cannot single out these dancers for work card requirements because they disapprove of the performance content.

”That’s exactly what CMS is doing with work requirements — so why not here?” Sachs wrote.

The revised agreement eliminates some requirements of the original TPP demanded by U.S. negotiators, including rules to ramp up intellectual property protection of pharmaceuticals.

College freshmen are taking remedial courses (for no graduation credit) to meet core requirements.

Still, many residents of Chiapas expressed support for the National Guard, despite the new ID requirements and armed military officers patrolling the streets.

One of the most common requirements is to obtain the necessary permits—such as building and electrical—from your city’s or county’s building department.

Higher capital requirements increase bank costs, and at least some of those costs will be passed along to bank customers and shareholders.

The deal set a five-year transition period once the accord enters into force to meet the new content requirements.

Authorities say the former heavyweight boxing champ didn’t meet the requirements for entry Thursday because of his rap sheet.

We should accept more immigrants, even as we stiffen requirements to learn English.

Four lawyers reviewed the agreements and said some of the requirements looked standard but others did not.

But there’s a lot of variation across the country when it comes to immunization requirements.

According to the supreme court of Kentucky, among the requirements for filing for divorce in Kentucky is a divorce education certificate.

So there’s a lot of room for improvement at the level of the states to toughen up on their vaccine requirements.

There are extensive requirements for qualifying, however.

Such measures could include certification requirements and tests of products or suppliers regarded as potential security risks.

“If you said October I wouldn’t even say that, only because we haven’t finished determining exactly what the training requirements will be,” Elwell said.

(He had recommended adding work requirements for able-bodied adult Medicaid enrollees, which Ryan’s amendment includes.)

These concerns led several state lawmakers to write the governor laying out a list of “significant unanswered questions” and requirements related to the integration.

HLOGA enhanced lobbying disclosure requirements, banned lobbying “gifts,” and tightened revolving-door rules.

The rule also called for real-time monitoring, third-party reviews of equipment, regular inspections and safe drilling margin requirements.

The real fear was that people would lose coverage because the reporting requirements are too burdensome.

But there generally aren’t industry-wide requirements for hair to be restrained in kitchens.

Switzerland already meets the requirements for granting stock market equivalence,” a government spokesman said by email.

Background checks, licensing requirements, and the like are positive steps.

It said on Wednesday that the split between ADR’s and ordinary shares will be dependent on market conditions and legal and regulatory requirements.

And we make arrangements according to your requirements.

We require a stamp, those are TSA requirements.

And in Missouri and New Hampshire, courts in the past few months ruled against newer requirements for voters to cast a ballot.

Arkansas and North Carolina are also voting on photo ID requirements to cast a ballot.

It’s also considering new requirements for data collection, which will be a crucial and contentious area of policy itself.

Lawyers for some immigrants say consular officers are denying visas even when applicants fulfill legal requirements to prove they will be financially independent.

These new requirements would simply add extra costs and make it harder for US mining and drilling companies to operate overseas.

“Next steps for the project will involve establishing all the technical, financial, operational and commercial requirements,” the firm said.

Peru only tightened entry requirements on Venezuelan migrants, leaving its policies regarding asylum-seekers unchanged.

Medicaid work requirements will be in federal court on Thursday, as conservative Kentucky Gov.

Boasberg already put the Kentucky requirements on hold.

But his decision was based on narrow procedural grounds, so it was not the final word on whether work requirements are legally permissible.

Agricultural interests have lobbied for the sales after the Trump administration gave breaks on ethanol requirements to some oil refiners.

Kentucky’s proposal was blocked, but Arkansas has instituted a similar Medicaid work requirements measure — and thousands of people have lost health coverage there.

“This signal omission renders his determination arbitrary and capricious.” That ruling put the future of Medicaid work requirements in doubt.

If they fail to meet these requirements, they could lose their health insurance.

Seven states — Arizona, Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire — have had their work requirements approved by the administration.

Politico reports that decision to add the requirements to a larger elections bill was an “11th hour” change.

Houston itself, meanwhile, through parking requirements, largely manages to recreate many of the pathologies of single-family zoning.

Brownback said the measure failed to eliminate waiting lists for disability services, did not add work requirements and was not budget neutral.

Supply is restricted through taxes, licensing requirements, and prohibitions on advertising and sponsorships.

China says its laws enshrine no requirements on technology transfers that are a result of legitimate transactions.

Beyond rejections and prior authorization requirements, some insurers also set dose and duration limits.

Bombardier said the new facility will help it meet U.S. content requirements.

Switzerland already meets the requirements for granting stock market equivalence,” a government spokesman said by email.

It contains “12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements” and costs $22.80 a month for 12 bars.

It contains “12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements” and costs $22.80 a month for 12 bars.

New capital requirements require firms to have enough liquid funds to survive a crisis and make required payments to other firms.

“It meets all the requirements while keeping the cost at a reasonable amount.

A total of 33 states hold similar voter identification requirements at varying levels of intensity, according to watchlist Ballotpedia.

You try to find something that meets all the requirements, but you want some value added to make good selling points.

Those organizations of the US government are responsible for administrating federal requirements for disclosure of foreign involvement in certain domestic activities.

We provided no other content requirements for contributors.” Murphy, who is not the only ReSensation influencer, has not undergone the procedure herself.

Individuals who enroll in catastrophic plans would be eligible for the tax credit so long as they meet other tax credit eligibility requirements.

Obamacare prohibited individuals enrolled in catastrophic plans from receiving a tax credit even if they met all other eligibility requirements.

But the district had previously added other graduation requirements, such as demanding that students take the ACT, without legal challenges.

The Senate will next look at improving its harassment reporting requirements, Klobuchar said.

“ExxonMobil Corporation has not met our key minimum requirements, including on emissions reporting and targets,” LGIM said in its report.

Tesla said U.S. manufacturers cannot “meet the alloy composition or thickness requirements.

Pavilion supplies natural gas for one-third of Singapore’s industrial requirements, including the power generation, petrochemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

For products sold online, the agency wanted to heighten age verification requirements.

New York eliminates religious exemptions to vaccination requirements; thousands of Swiss women protest for gender equality.

The TSA said most of the requirements were already being voluntarily applied by airlines around the world.

In 2010, production was stopped after it failed “to meet threshold requirements.”

It aims to impose new legal requirements on internet companies, and hardens policing of online dissent.

Congress allows the department to shift some money around, as long as certain requirements are met and as long as Congress gets notified.

“I realize there are many people, his time is certainly impacted by all of the requirements of where he has to be.

“You’re not going to build enough new refining equipment nor add enough scrubbers” to meet initial requirements for VLSFO, he said.

These are the requirements from just one investor.

Every year by the end of June, they must notify the INCB of their estimated drug requirements for the coming 12 months.

Non-bank financial institutions have increasingly turned to stock exchanges to borrow cash, where requirements for collateral remained less stringent.

These restrictions often benefit Republicans, studies have found, because minorities, young voters, and others who might struggle to meet their requirements often vote Democratic.

It would also put new limits on state governors’ ability to waive work requirements in economically depressed areas.

This may be surprising, given some of the reports about voter ID requirements in the past few years.

The Senate Republicans’ bill doesn’t impose those requirements, and so loses out on any revenue they bring in.

But those three requirements are still a higher bar to judicial approval than affirmative action faced before Fisher was decided for the first time.

And the court ruled against Li because he didn’t meet the residential requirements to buy the property.

One of the Army’s four requirements for the bar is that it must taste “a little better than a boiled potato.”

So you make a rule that requires all food being given to the birds meet certain basic requirements.

The requirements, however, mean insurers typically lose money on these plans.

But the majority-Republican General Assembly says it won’t expand Medicaid unless work requirements for coverage are included.

It has fast-tracked infrastructure projects, cut taxes for companies and raised export tax rebates, along with rolling out targeted cuts in banks’ reserve requirements.

In contrast, elected Democrats have been more cautious in highlighting the incoming Trump administration’s violation of fundamental democratic norms and constitutional requirements.

State of Oregon Building Codes Division, Earthquake Design History: A Summary of requirements in the State of Oregon (2012), 4↩ 5.

Uber is dropping mandatory arbitration requirements and nondisclosure agreements for sexual assault and harassment victims, the ride-hailing company said on Tuesday.

“Uber takes legal requirements as a starting point for negotiation — which is a brazenly aggressive strategy,” Edelman says.

Traders said the lower borrowing costs on the exchange and the less stringent requirements for collateral drove smaller players to the exchange.

The state law imposed a two-year in-state residency requirement for business owners applying for a license and 10-year residency requirements for license renewals.

It also would put in place new requirements for administration reports to Congress and the public on how force was being used.

New York City imposes minimum parking requirements on the vast majority of the city, raising construction costs and decreasing the number of available units.

The Reno rules go on to state that the special counsel must follow specific Justice Department requirements known as the “Urgent Reports” procedures.

[Other] requirements that will kick in over time: reporting ingredient information to us, registering with us.

Canada said some of the localization requirements might increase costs, uncertainty and risks for Canadian businesses and inhibit their global operations.

Meanwhile, President George W. Bush signed off on NSA spying without a warrant, sidestepped disclosure requirements, and authorized torture.

Diplomats also say it has dragged its feet on allowing access to some sites, without explicitly violating the requirements of the deal.

Similarly, Aetna Inc this year began a behavioral health program that eliminates prior authorization requirements for admission to some high-performing hospitals.

“At present, the SIB’s core capital … is not only strong but is way above the Central Bank of the UAE’s requirements.

Technology companies’ reliance on H-1B visas means proposed tightening of H-1B visa requirements could disproportionately affect the industry.

National regulators across the EU have been told by Brussels they cannot soften requirements on staffing new hubs to lure business from London.

In some states, burdensome requirements for abortions mean extended wait periods for women seeking the procedure.

The Washington Post, which earlier reported the filing, noted GSA would be required to follow specific privacy requirements.

Studies suggest that the voting requirements Republicans have pursued disproportionately hurt minority voters who are more likely to elect Democrats.

His administration on Friday undermined requirements under Obamacare that employers provide insurance to cover women’s birth control.

The EU is also creating rules to make it easier for new entrants to compete against big tech, such as data portability requirements.

The few employers who showed interest in me said I fell short of their established requirements.

If that’s the case for you, contact them to make sure you meet their requirements.

They say it could harm small independent broker-dealers that lack the financial resources to invest in meeting all of the rule’s requirements.

“Once you have characters in the room with you, there are requirements,” Zimonja explains.

Many credit cards come with confusing terms, annual fees, or minimum requirements for rewards points.

If the request had been accurately logged, it would have failed the incentive requirements.

All vehicles that are allowed to operate on public roads must meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards — 16 of which include human-driver-based requirements.

China says it has no technology transfer requirements enshrined in its laws and any such transfers are a result of legitimate transactions.

The men’s short program has the same requirements, but with a camel or sit spin instead of instead of the layback spin.

Other states don’t have the same permit requirements, and Uber could have certainly picked another state for its second test.

How are they going to replace what are really requirements for daily living from people without pulling back everything?

But miniature horses are typically preferable to large horses because of space requirements.

What administration officials described as requirements to preserve the “integrity” of immigration programs could make it much easier to deny applications for protection.

States could also choose to accept a flat “block grant,” which would sweep away most coverage requirements and not adjust money for population growth.

For a complete position description, requirements, and to apply, please visit our applicant site at

The head of each military branch expressed support for the expanded draft requirements in their testimony to the committee.

California and 17 other states have vowed to sue to block any freeze of the emissions requirements.

The only requirements are that a) you’re 18 years of age or older and b) you RSVP here to attend.

On Wednesday, the central bank eased reserve requirements and freed up $4.2 billion in banks’ reserve requirements on time deposits.

The film is legally able to screen for seven days (through September 29) to meet the Academy Award’s requirements.

According to Tupac Shakur’s longtime friend and collaborator Shock G, the late rapper’s dietary requirements included “hot wings, weed and Hennessey.”

The National Defense Authorization Act passed late last year added 1,500 visas to the program, while tightening requirements for eligibility.

Various contractual and legal requirements also restrict MGM’s ability to release such material.

“They can’t keep up with current volume requirements, they cannot stockpile,” he said.

The requirements process was done in 90 days, as opposed to the three to five years.”

In 2016, for example, Idaho enacted a law that removed permit requirements for concealed carry.

New Mexico doesn’t have the ASC or admitting privileges requirements that Texas insists are needed to protect women’s health and safety.

Those requirements drive up plan costs, and the AHCA, as currently written, cuts subsidies without eliminating the requirements and making cheaper plans available.

You should review the Warranty and FTC Acts and if necessary, revise your practices to comply with the Acts’ requirements.

Right now, for example, lets any insurers who meet a checklist of requirements sell coverage.

Warren’s proposal, the latest of many in her presidential campaign, would establish a new set of requirements for federal elections.

Researchers say the study can be used to help improve safety measures that meet NASA requirements for deep space human habitation.

The Obama administration added new requirements and rules to reduce the risk of these factors aligning again.

They strengthened the drilling permit review process, added stricter safety requirements, and forced companies to conduct better environmental reviews.

But oil prices are rising, and lower safety requirements and weaker environmental protections would lower operating costs for coastal rigs.

Still, businesses say applicants must meet legal requirements and pass security checks.

For example, just take a peek at the 50 sets of requirements for House races in 2014.

To drive home the scope of the challenge, remember these requirements are for each candidate in each congressional district.

“This is not going to allow us to reach women who remained underserved by the current prescribing requirements.”

“This is not going to allow us to reach women who remained underserved by the current prescribing requirements.”

But and Gokada bought fleets of 200cc motorbikes that met legal requirements.

A U.S. Transportation Department draft proposal would freeze these requirements at 2020 levels through 2026, rather than allowing them to increase as previously planned.

We will then provide our foreign partners with 60 days to cooperate with our national security requirements.

His platform is term limits for state lawmakers, tax cuts, and work requirements for welfare benefits.

The administration has proposed barring California from setting its own emissions requirements or requiring more zero emission vehicles.

Major automakers say they do not support freezing requirements.

Nine other states, including Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, have adopted those requirements.

A nationwide ZEV plan would give automakers more flexibility to meet a single nationwide target, rather than specific state sales requirements, GM said.

In February, Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services made dramatic changes to the grant application requirements.

Within the cargo fleet, NASA will have a variety of options and be able to select a vehicle based on mission requirements.

“This will update Washington state law so the requirements to purchase semi-automatic assault rifle will match handguns,” Ellingboe said.

One of Stratemeyer’s writers, quoted in Billman’s study, explained the stylistic requirements succinctly: “A low death rate but plenty of plot.

What were the other requirements?

These laws include in-person counseling requirements, waiting periods, and parental notification laws.

Still, businesses say applicants must meet legal requirements and pass security checks.

But the federal requirements leave plenty of room for each province to tailor its own solution.

According to them, Uber drivers don’t have to pay the same fees or meet the same licensing requirements.

We have high standards, and our internal policies build on the regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction.”

Different levels of government enacted laws requiring seat belts, airbags, anti-lock brakes, and other safety requirements in cars.

Some of those new requirements take effect this week as well.

Still, there’s a lot of variation across the country when it comes to immunization requirements.

It’s unclear, though, if the deal meets the NCAA’s requirements.

Banks have said that the effective tripling of capital requirements would make it harder to keeping lending to companies at the same pace.

In California, utility procurement slowed because power companies have fulfilled near-term renewable energy procurement requirements.

It’s a pure universal basic income, with no phaseouts for top earners or work requirements.

Those that work on eligibility requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

“Since implementing work requirements and time limits, the number of able-bodied adults on food stamps has dropped by 75 percent,” the report said.

Jordan’s bill goes farther than eligibility requirements have ever gone before.

As Rosenbaum and Bolen note, Kansas’s economy was getting better in 2014 when these work requirements were being reinstated.

Once a student has officially entered the program, she is required to fulfill a series of requirements during a six-month probation period.

The lawsuit notes that these requirements can often be more extensive than those determined by a court for the same infractions.

While working to meet these requirements, Andrew still was sent a court summons for marijuana possession.

These requirements should prevent collapse when a massive earthquake happens.

Since 2011, Texas has mandated that anyone who wants to register voters must become ‘deputized’ through a litany of requirements.

He met all other requirements.

The draw is that attorneys general typically face fewer restrictions and disclosure requirements than other elected officials.

Still, the DOJ maintains the right to establish requirements for future grants to advance its “law enforcement priorities,” Sessions said.

If the request had been accurately logged, it would have failed the incentive requirements.

They added that the petro issue violates constitutional requirements that the legislature approve borrowing.

The Senate debate was expected to center around three main approaches: – “Dream Act” legislation to shield Dreamers who meet specific requirements and background checks.

Those who meet the new requirements have to apply for restoration with the Board of Pardons and Parole, which has 44 days to respond.

DJ-ing is, after all, nothing if not a versatile art—but are there special requirements for DJ-ing at an afternoon nookie session?

A good number of private prison contracts include occupancy requirements mandating that governments keep the facilities between 80 and 100 percent full.

States also have to institute work requirements.

Some, such as licensing requirements against working with children for people with a conviction for child endangerment, clearly make sense.

We basically build the power system to meet our peak requirements.

Research has found that work requirements on welfare don’t do much to increase the share of recipients working in the long term.

“It might be worthwhile to just understand what the implications and requirements would be,” he told me.

Then, to complicate things further, Barr has his own reporting requirements.

He is presently trying to institute work requirements and drug testing for Medicaid.

This result suggests that stringent requirements for frequent inspection of two-girder bridges may be overkill.

But he refused to commit to making the Mueller report public, instead focusing on the AG’s reporting requirements.

The memo outlined medical requirements and specified how the applicants’ sex would be identified and even which undergarments they would wear.

Prozialeck thinks that, rather than banning the plant, the FDA ought to consider labeling requirements and quality control—a common request among kratom advocates.

“When acquisition and sustainment funds are combined, annual funding requirements could easily approach $30 billion in some years,” Sullivan said.

Bogdan anticipates the Joint requirements Oversight Council will approve the follow-on modernization/Block 4 capabilities development document this summer.

Sasse listed a number of a requirements for this new leader.

“The person had worked under a well-known cryptographer; he had experience in really hard skills that nicely aligned with our requirements,” Schmitt said.

Yet researchers have found that food donations too often fail to meet basic nutritional requirements.

But the nonpartisan senate official took issue with the energy committee measure as it did not fully consider requirements under a national environmental law.

That has happened in past reform efforts, and one of the first requirements is usually to prove that a person has been paying taxes.

The House’s bill, passed with no Democratic support in mid-June, focuses on adding new work requirements on SNAP recipients.

It would also slowly push up work or training requirements up to 25 hours per week over the next few years.

These new requirements would likely impact several million SNAP recipients.

Sometimes, he successfully navigated the requirements of his imagination by working from photographs of actors hired to portray the mise-en-scènes of his paintings.

The group said it was updating its audit requirements to include “a broader definition of conflict-affected and high-risk areas”.

The Trump administration has defended work requirements, proposed by at least six states this year, using rhetoric about the dignity of work.

But these findings, which track with other research we’ve seen, raise questions about the practical value of these requirements.

Gyms, meanwhile, typically provide safer environments due to requirements from the Americans with Disabilities Act, but many, including my own, remain inaccessible.

PwC also had to publicly declare that its audit reports did not satisfy the relevant requirements.

FADA would exempt religious actors from those requirements.

“United Airlines has begun to roll out changes to its systems to address China’s requirements,” a company spokesman told Reuters.

Other tests include real-life user testing and measurements to insure that the product complies with regulatory requirements.

The question is whether the Act’s extraordinary measures, including its disparate treatment of the states, continue to satisfy constitutional requirements.

First, measures to ensure the requirements for moving goods across borders are as simple as possible.

And fourth, measures to reduce the cost and burden of complying with customs administrative requirements, including by maximizing the use of automation.

Work requirements would be plainly inappropriate in those cases, and so proposals typically exclude them.

Alker also notes that work requirements could wind up hurting children, even though they’re obviously exempt.

Robert Rector, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a longtime critic of programs for low-income people, opposes imposing work requirements on Medicaid.

And that’s not the only reason work requirements could wind up costing, rather than saving, money.

Rector also expressed skepticism that work requirements for medical care would be politically viable.

But the case for work requirements on any means-tested government aid program is pretty weak.

In most studies, work requirements led to an increase in the share of recipients working in the first year or two.

Even when work requirements had the intended impact, the effects were modest.

In Portland, 83.4 percent of those not subject to work requirements were in poverty, but so were 79.4 percent of those subject to them.

The evidence, Pavetti concluded, was clear: In most cases, work requirements didn’t cause more people to work.

“Too many disadvantaged individuals want to work but can’t find jobs for reasons that work requirements don’t solve,” Pavetti writes.

Work requirements would, barring an act of Congress, have to be authorized through what is called a Section 1115 waiver.

Work requirements aren’t: The government experimented with them extensively during welfare reform.

“It’s not just a free pass to alter the program requirements for Medicaid.” That’s what the Obama administration thought, at least.

I was sentenced in 2004 and by 2006, I had completed that sentence — all jail time served, all fines paid, all probationary requirements satisfied.

For example, the EPA also doesn’t yet impose requirements on many contaminants, of which we don’t know the long term effects.

States would also have the ability to waive some Obamacare requirements for health plans.

The company also announced a number of major changes to its advertising platform, including new transparency requirements.

“If sludge isn’t meeting the regulatory requirements [to be classified] as biosolids, it has to be disposed some way.

As Lind laid out in her piece, the requirements include: This “conditional status” designation would last for 10 years.

Officials said its final adoption may however be delayed to December to allow states to adapt their national rules to the new requirements.

They simply aren’t fast enough or flexible enough to meet these new requirements.

The Honest Ads Act would amend the law to include internet ads in those requirements.

“What these requirements are really intended to do is to shame [women], to make them feel ashamed of their decision,” says Allen.

The existing body of high-quality evidence suggests that generic drugs consistently meet these requirements.

The actions seen in the video at a franchised Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant are absolutely inconsistent with our strict food safety standards and requirements.

The Virginia House passed a budget that did expand Medicaid but also instituted work requirements for some Medicaid beneficiaries, as the Washington Post reported.

Work requirements — that gets the attention of the Democrats.

So would you be willing to support a plan where people could lose coverage if they didn’t meet certain work or job training requirements?

Failure to meet GDPR requirements could result in stiff financial penalties.

The FCC rules also seek to bar states from imposing their own net neutrality requirements.

We have minimum parking requirements and minimum lot sizes.

It’s essentially saying if a project meets general zoning requirements, local planning processes can’t get in the way.

But J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the FBI, didn’t have to abide by the same secrecy requirements.

“Medicine, like any profession, would feel threatened by measures that [appears to relax] entry requirements.”

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber ruled that the city could suffer “irreparable harm” by complying with the requirements.

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber ruled that the city could suffer “irreparable harm” by complying with the requirements.

Just four years later, though, the high-class spirit had been completely discontinued because “the company failed to meet the threshold requirements,” according to Gothamist.

To understand why it can be easy to opt out of vaccines, you need to understand our national system of vaccine requirements.

Suddenly, there were stricter conditions on how HMIT could issue fixed deposits, including insurance and rating requirements.

In simpler phrasing: Because of stricter requirements, HMIT couldn’t find new depositors and therefore couldn’t pay back its old depositors.

Medicaid work requirements build on this bedrock of racial inequality.

When racial discrimination in hiring prevails, work requirements necessarily place a disproportionate burden on people of color.

“The lax DSHEA requirements for proof of product safety led to a rapid increase in the number of supplements in the marketplace,” Cohen argues.

Reuters reported in April that officials expected the final rule would include a small increase in the yearly fuel efficiency requirements.

The flat line, apparently referred to the freezing of the emissions requirements to 2020 levels.

Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

In his remarks on Friday, Kirby asserted that the State Department is “in complete compliance with requirements for end-use monitoring in Egypt.”

After the latest data breach, Justice Minister Katarina Barley said she was considering stricter security requirements for software makers and Internet platform operators.

After years of court losses, Republican Governor Greg Abbott in June signed the new measure, which relaxed some photo identification requirements.

The lack of disclosure requirements makes it impossible to answer this essential question.

A bill currently in the California legislature would subject DAFs in the state to additional reporting requirements.

Viroment also signed a $100-million agreement with Guangye Guangdong Environmental Protection Group to address sewage sludge solids disposal requirements in South China.

And they did some very impressive work that gives me confidence that Israel’s security requirements can be met.

It includes provisions to suspend requirements for individuals and employers to obtain health coverage under Obamacare.

In late July, the Army said it had “instituted new procedures to ensure that all reporting requirements are properly observed” nationwide.

But as independent contractors, those drivers aren’t subject to requirements around minimum wage, overtime, or healthcare, let alone other benefits and regulations.

As recently as May 2018, only 17 states have fully implemented the federal requirements, according to court papers.

We make sure the product fully complies with all regulations and labeling requirements.”

“The requirements request no denial of access to the mobile networks for devices outside the perimeter fence,” he said.

Consider one popular financial reform that should be easily quantifiable: increased capital requirements.

There’s no conclusion there, and there’s also no conclusion on the costs of higher-capital requirements from reduced credit.

The law governing the reporting requirements of such outside investigations was changed soon after, and that has Republicans painting today’s Democrats as hypocrites.

More to the point, they aren’t hopping on the bandwagon of favoring Medicaid work requirements or embracing Maine Gov.

Because of local requirements, one 170-mile leg of Dragoon Ride turned into a 330-mile steeplechase.

Non-bank financial institutions have increasingly turned to stock exchanges to borrow cash, where requirements for collateral remained less stringent.

So: a ratcheting set of requirements for utilities that will result, by 2045, in a carbon-free electricity system in Washington.

While the requirements vary depending on workloads, FPGAs are known to be optimized for applications like signal processing and high-speed data transfers.

All existing industries were required to comply with the first round of requirements by 1 April 2015 and stricter requirements by 1 April 2020.

Those requirements are having consequences.

There’s age requirements even in a post-recreational environment.

“DOT and our partner agencies are complying with all applicable environmental review requirements for this project,” writes Eric Beaton, a DOT deputy commissioner.

For instance, it imposes “new build” requirements, meaning RECs can’t just go to existing projects.

“These requirements are a trap.

Peru’s government announced immigration measures similar to Ecuador’s on Friday, with passport requirements for Venezuelans beginning on Aug. 25.

The company, which has invested almost $500 million in the project, said it fulfilled all legal requirements to start work.

The cash comes from a one-two punch of decreasing benefit amounts, and tightening eligibility requirements.

Most American parents also say they support school-based vaccine requirements.

SIU voluntarily agreed to follow U.S. safety requirements and set up an IRB for all research involving human subjects, according to records.

Since immunization laws are state-based, there’s variation across the country when it comes to the requirements.

Recently, President Donald Trump’s administration and Republican state leaders have moved to tie work requirements to Medicaid.

Chinese policymakers are paying more attention to the downside risk on the economy now as seen from the latest RRR cut (banks’ reserve requirements).

Microsoft Sues Federal Government Over Secrecy requirements This article originally appeared on

“ExxonMobil Corporation has not met our key minimum requirements, including on emissions reporting and targets,” LGIM said in its report.

The lender added that it had suspended relevant traders’ qualifications based on the central bank’s requirements.

The new guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers some parameters for these requirements.

States are expected to consider various activities, including volunteering and caregiving, to comply with these work requirements.

States are advised to consider a range of activities to fulfill the work requirements, including actual employment, job training, volunteering, or caregiving.

CMS officials said states would have broad authority to decide what will actually be considered in compliance with their work requirements.

However, several experts noted that CMS will not be providing federal resources for states to administer their work requirements.

“They gave us very minimal requirements to get something up and running that they could at least use internally in their office,” he said.

After the system was launched, “they kept changing their requirements,” said Weiss, necessitating frequent updates.

From 2013 to 2016, when Patriot’s contract ended, the company met or exceeded ORR’s requirements, he said, according to evaluations it received.

Twin Metals said the renewed leases added new conditions, including higher annual royalty payments and additional environmental requirements.

The composite material must meet all performance, durability, and regulatory requirements for the particular application before being placed on Ford vehicles.

They reject U.S. claims that protecting metals output is needed for “defense requirements and critical infrastructure”.

Vehicle designs and ownership models are largely unchanged from today, as consumers buy for their peak requirements.

The message was clear, I think: State-proposed work requirements for Medicaid would be approved by this administration.

There is a real question about whether work requirements make any programmatic sense.

But the states do project some drop in coverage as a result of the requirements.

All three of these provisions — work requirements, time limits and drug testing — would send Medicaid in a new direction.

The automaker’s voting requirements require that two-thirds of shareholders approve major changes, including merger and acquisition deals and adjustments to its board.

Apparently Trump’s not the only one checking off the ‘RHODC’ requirements.

The requirements are simple: gore, dated references, and hilarious portrayals of metalheads.

In Time, Tannen writes, “the requirements of a good leader and a good woman are mutually exclusive.

“Countries that met the requirements – and in some cases they didn’t initially but then raised the bar – don’t face restrictions.

Even asbestos has failed to meet those requirements.

We hope requirements in a sentence examples were helpful.