Replacement in a sentence | Use of the word replacement examples

“We may not have a replacement for NAFTA as quickly as we thought,” said John Toohey, head of equities at USAA in San Antonio.

Many have speculated that McConnell’s reluctance is due to his hope that a future Republican president might nominate Justice Scalia’s replacement.

The replacement of our beloved Justice Scalia will be a person of similar views, principles and judicial philosophies.

The freak accident cancelled the matchup for the fourth time, and a week out from the fight a replacement had to be found.

Samsung doesn’t have a replacement for Apfel, but we will update this story if we hear anything new.

A full-time replacement would need to be nominated by Trump and confirmed by the Senate.

Republicans say a good replacement would give states more control of a healthcare program and provide more stability on health insurance premiums.

I think it’s a widening of the aperture, I don’t think it’s a replacement.

Democrats raised concerns about Sessions’ acting replacement, Matthew Whitaker, who now oversees Mueller and once argued Mueller’s probe was going too far.

Importantly, the Universal Game Translator isn’t a replacement for human translators.

However, the researchers don’t think their method can yet be considered a replacement for histopathology yet.

Leumi said Russak-Aminoach’s resignation would take effect after the bank’s board chooses a replacement for her.

This is simply not realistic under any conceivable Obamacare replacement, as Republicans who work on health care policy understand.

For example, when Apple swaps out your broken phone at the Apple Store, it’s usually giving you a refurbished replacement.

She will stay at the company until a replacement is found and has not gotten publicly dragged into its most toxic messes.

Meadows’ power was on display Wednesday when he confidently told reporters that he has the votes to block Ryan’s replacement bill.

But like the protesters in Washington on Tuesday, he’s not sure the replacement plans will improve matters.

“I should have had my surgery last year.” So what about the new replacement plan?

The current Republican replacement plan, like its previous incarnations, might particularly punish Trump supporters enrolled in Obamacare.

(Fun sneak peak of the future Moore vs. Diana Taurasi debate: Taurasi posted 32.6 wins above replacement in her first six WNBA seasons.

Republicans appear split on whether it would be acceptable to just repeal Obamacare entirely, perhaps on a delay, without detailing an adequate replacement.

And those insisting on a replacement don’t agree on what form that should take.

Last September, Trump said he was terminating DACA and challenged Congress to come up with a legislative replacement by March 5.

“Are human-carrying drones a viable car replacement or a pipe dream?” We talked about this earlier.

Have you read Sarah Kliff’s thorough look at the GOP Obamacare replacement?

When Antonin Scalia died in 2016, McConnell infamously refused to even consider President Obama’s replacement nominee, Merrick Garland, until after the 2016 election.

Odds and Sods Elsewhere on the card, Zabit Magomedsharipov lived up to what was expected of him and bested last minute replacement, Brandon Davis.

(Think how much trouble Republicans are having getting an Obamacare replacement plan through.)

The millennial-focused publisher hasn’t named a replacement.

With Biyombo now down in Orlando, the Raptors have only rookies and bench players to slide in as a replacement.

He said the best approach would be a repeal, with a delayed effective date by which time lawmakers could develop a replacement.

“You use this, not really as a replacement for something like Slack, but in addition to it,” he said.

Parents of the 690,000 Americans threatened with deportation if DACA lapses without replacement are, in general, in a tough situation.

The CIO’s leaders and organizers believed that African-American support was crucial in industrial workplaces where replacement workers were a recurrent threat.

A third defection would doom the Obamacare replacement package.

Carly Telford, drafted in as Bardsley’s replacement, featured in the 1-0 group stage win over Argentina.

Kelly himself, as well as other replacement Trump officials like National Security Adviser H.R.

Her replacement is due to be in place by the end of July.

And if they don’t have a replacement for it, they’re going to have a lot of mad-as-hell voters to deal with.

The problem was finding a replacement.

Planned obsolescence — where companies intentionally make their products less durable to encourage replacement — is another area of concern.

Unless and until Congress enacts a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, President Trump will be stuck implementing a law he detests.

Trump’s full-throated support for a reckless replacement bill has convinced millions of Americans that he’s intent on taking away their insurance.

Are Democrats going to demand that they have a say in Comey’s replacement?

While the administration has yet to name a replacement for Comey, several names, including Acting Director Andrew McCabe and New Jersey Gov.

They can’t kill it off quietly, and would need to work quickly to come up with a replacement plan.

The process requires all changes to have a direct impact on the federal budget, significantly constraining what can be in the replacement plan.

We explained a lot of the ideas that Republicans wanted to include in their replacement plan.

Repeal and replace could happen simultaneously, in late 2017 or early 2018, with the replacement bill mitigating the coverage losses that come with repeal.

A replacement that’s generous enough to keep Susan Collins on board might be too generous for Ted Cruz.

The matter may move into the hands of Underwood’s newly elected replacement as New York AG, Letitia James.

The Senate Banking Committee voted last week to advance the nomination of Kathy Kraninger, who would be Mulvaney’s permanent replacement at the CFPB.

“If people are just using it to find a girlfriend replacement, then no,” she said.

But there’s no way they are going to come up with an ACA replacement plan that does both of those things.

At the time you pass the law, you say you will come up with a replacement later.

This new subgenre was easy replacement for J-horror.

At its F8 developer conference yesterday Facebook announced “Spaces,” a new virtual reality replacement for Facebook Rooms.

(Apple’s battery replacement costs $79 — not cheap, but not the cost of an iPhone X.)

But they wasted no time in announcing a replacement for Ceraso.

But they wasted no time in announcing a replacement for Ceraso.

The replacement order could be issued as early as Tuesday, the Journal reported, citing a U.S. government official.

It shouldn’t be overstated, or serve as a replacement for real-world political action.

Over the summer, she started laser hair removal for her face and chest, and, despite the steep cost, hormone replacement therapy.

Some Say stands out as a work of poetry that refuses to look at past poetic mechanisms as outdated, or needing replacement.

Demand could also have been boosted by owners looking for replacement homes after selling their apartments to property companies for redevelopment.

Trump flip-flopped and called on Republican senators to repeal Obamacare without a replacement.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act without replacing it would leave millions more people uninsured than the Senate’s replacement plan would.

Trump can now pick Shaub’s replacement, though the person will have to be confirmed by the Senate.

His proposed replacement: blues legend B.B.

And they have the most to lose under the American Health Care Act, the Republican replacement.

I also acknowledge that I might have felt differently about this if Minnesota had a Republican governor who would be selecting Franken’s replacement.

Meanwhile, Apple has strongly fought “right to repair” legislation that would make it easier for people to buy replacement parts.

Most of these structures last 20 or 30 years (50 for vinyl), with a projected replacement cost of 120 percent of the original expense.

Boka sells the essentials for good oral care, including an electric toothbrush, replacement brush heads, toothpaste, and floss.

Sales executive Bram Schot is acting as interim replacement.

Throughout the drafting of the replacement plans, members of the Freedom Caucus repeatedly trashed the bill as “Obamacare Lite.”

The band announced they’d likely name his permanent replacement in 2019.

Hulu made some news at CES because it has apparently signed CBS as part of its pay TV replacement service.

His replacement is Amazon’s top voice shopping VP, Assaf Ronen.

All vehicles owners will be issued a replacement at no cost.

“Coaching is about passing your knowledge and insight to the next generation,” Hayes says in a nod to his replacement.

We got Kyle at Craig’s in WeHo Friday night, reacting to the Twitter war between Trump and his replacement host, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Prices start at $79.99 for the iPhone 5/5c/5s and top out at $159.99 for an iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement.

His replacement has not yet been nominated by President Donald Trump.

Assistance can also be obtained for repair and replacement costs.

“We stand against the Great replacement,” intones the voiceover in one German video.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving if we didn’t have a really good [replacement.]

The most popular replacement proposal is a direct popular vote: Whoever gets the most votes nationwide wins.

Production has been halted and the company has put its replacement program is on hold.

If the Senate were Democratic and a liberal justice were up for replacement, it’s unlikely Garland would be in serious contention.

It seems obvious that he would take these priorities into account when selecting Sessions’s replacement.

The one hurdle is that a replacement would need to be confirmed by the United States Senate.

“Shortly I will need either unicompartment or total knee replacement,” he said on Twitter.

After Reshetnikov retired from the institute in January, Putin named as his replacement Mikhail Fradkov.

“He’s been clear not to pre-define the replacement measures other than to say it won’t be one single bill,” Stewart said.

“Obamacare,” for years, their replacement plan was incredibly unpopular because it promised to jack up premiums and leave millions more people without insurance.

But, again, he refuses to say whether he will insist that any Republican replacement actually fix these problems.

I’ve read a number of the Republican replacement plans floating around.

His legislation is among the more detailed Obamacare replacement proposals.

No future replacement is going to be acceptable unless all of those people get back on a health care assistance program.

Harbour Air is currently installing an electric drivetrain as a replacement for a conventional piston motor in a six-passenger de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver.

Trump is seeking a replacement who will implement his controversial immigration policy with more zeal, the Post said.

USA Hockey apparently has decided not to meet their demands and is instead seeking to field a team of replacement players.

So the death toll from the GOP’s Obamacare repeal and replacement plan could be even higher.

Parties change by replacement, and the new wave of ambitious Republican candidates (with a few Romney-size exceptions) are much more in the Trumpist mold.

It’s unlikely that Pruitt’s interim replacement, Andrew Wheeler, will be much of a change.

Dolan says he will not be personally involved in the search for Phil’s replacement.

A replacement is already in the works.

The apologies reignited the controversy as the Matildas made their final preparations for the World Cup under replacement coach Ante Milicic.

But there’s no replacement for understanding historical context, institutional knowhow, or relationship building.

The Navy doesn’t have enough replacement anti-ship missiles for the Zumwalts’ launchers.

But in the wake of the decline of CFCs, the use of HFCs skyrocketed as a replacement.

Republicans are coalescing around a plan to repeal Obamacare — and set up a deadline, three years in the future, to pass a replacement plan.

They’ve passed a bill that ends Obamacare in January 2020 and are starting to debate replacement plans.

And that makes the weird dishonesty of his approach to selling the Republican replacement effort all the more baffling.

In August, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that finding a replacement for Sessions might be necessary as their relationship had grown too toxic.

Puzder had admitted to employing an undocumented housekeeper, and he has a history of supporting machine replacement of workers.

With construction well underway on the Georgia Dome’s replacement, will the past be prologue?

After the hurricane, I continued working with that landscape, but now I talk about the landscape that the hurricane left as a “replacement landscape.”

As one source put it, Coachella is fluid in that Goldenvoice “constantly talks to bands,” so a replacement won’t be difficult if necessary.

And two, the utter replacement of jobs by artificial intelligence.

While the company has had someone fill the role of head of finance, Uber hasn’t found a replacement for Callinicos since then.

His replacement, 33-year-old offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley, likely would have left for another job had Stoops hung around for another decade.

Recently, the timeline for a replacement bill has stretched out.

His likely replacement, Mike Pompeo, doesn’t believe humanity is warming the planet.

No more.” And fear of “replacement” has long been a rallying cry of the European youth alt-right movement, Generation Identity.

replacement is the very essence of modernity that things are being replaced [by industry].

I think the replacement is, in general, a phenomenon.

But it’s not essential to the very idea of replacement.

And for instance, in Western Europe, the replacement is just as much by black Africa as it is by Northern Islamic Africans.

But the idea is that of a replacement of white, Christian Europe, right?

This “replacement” is not a positive — in your mind, it’s negative?

Like Las Vegas is a replacement for Venice.

Well, Trump is, of course, a very complex figure because he seems to be, by his culture, part of the big replacement.

The administration accepted his resignation without having a permanent replacement in line for him.

Libertelli’s replacement will inherit that battle — along with a full plate of fast moving policy debates in the European Union, too.

A quarter-billion dollars of public money has been earmarked for the Bradley Center’s replacement.

Azelene Inácio, a former director at Funai, is a potential replacement for Freitas at Funai.

FYI, GGG just announced Canelo’s replacement for their May 5 fight — he’s facing Armenian-American boxer Vanes Martirosyan.

His replacement will be announced shortly.

His replacement will be announced shortly.

Her replacement while she was out on vacation was much better!

But the search for the GOP replacement bill is still ongoing.

“Samsung informed consumers they would have to wait several days, and even weeks in many cases, before receiving a replacement smartphone,” the suit alleges.

You get stories about a Defense Department school who had a teacher who resigns and leaves, and now they can’t hire a replacement teacher.

We owe it to him, & the Nation, for the Senate to ensure that the next President names his replacement.

“The delivery range on the replacement order they created for me has moved from September 20-27 to October 1-8,” she wrote.

Short notice replacement needed for a high profile fight?

They call for CEO Jacobson to resign and replacement of board “old guard”.

So other than wanting a replacement that is structurally different than Obamacare, what do they ultimately want?

It’s gonna be an expensive proposition … a fender replacement on a $450,000 whip costs a fortune.

Square, meanwhile, will hunt for Friar’s replacement with the help of a few of its board members.

The replacement for the late brothel owner — who was posthumously elected Tuesday night — must be Republican, and must live within the district.

Chief Operating Officer Joe Ianniello will take over as interim CEO as the board searches for a replacement of Moonves.

But for users who own the KM632 combo, the company suggests a replacement.

But if a candidate did decide to voluntarily step aside, he or she wouldn’t be allowed to pick a replacement.

Any replacement presidential nominee would have to be chosen by the parties’ national committees.

But the DNC and RNC — the ones that would pick any replacement presidential candidate — are actually much larger organizations, with hundreds of members.

The process requires all changes to have a direct impact on the federal budget, significantly constraining what can be in the replacement plan.

There are multiple provisions in the replacement plan that are unlikely to meet that requirement, according to two congressional procedure experts interviewed by Vox.

Bernhardt, his replacement, is a former industry lobbyist and has previously worked at the Interior Department.

RBC, owned by Royal Bank of Canada, has not yet announced a replacement for Golub, a person familiar with the matter said.

A 3D-printed replacement handle costs roughly 50 cents.

They are not a replacement.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) proposed a fleet of diesel-fueled buses as a replacement for the train.

But if a candidate did decide to voluntarily step aside, he or she wouldn’t be allowed to pick a replacement.

The “replacement” fertility rate of 2.1, enough to renew the population, is typically viewed as the optimal level for stability.

I was a big fan of Hugo in SFIV, and Abigail will act as his replacement in SFV.

Any replacement presidential nominee would have to be chosen by the parties’ national committees.

But the DNC and RNC — the ones that would pick any replacement presidential candidate — are actually much larger organizations, with hundreds of members.

The American people, of course, already did have a voice in the selection of Scalia’s replacement.

A replacement substance — ideally, one that’s safer — has to be found that can perform the same function as well or better.

Reformulation may be necessary because the replacement may interact differently with the rest of the product.

However, Pai hasn’t put forward an exact replacement.

There’s no natural replacement for McLeod on the roster right now.

Locked-out professors have also accused the administration and replacement teachers of intellectual property theft.

“The administration has stolen the locked-out professors’ syllabi, taken our names off them, and given them to students and replacement teachers,” Barry says.

The 21-year-old was a last-minute replacement for injured defender Jorge Sanchez in the Mexico squad for the tournament and the addition paid big dividends.

Bobby Wood made a huge case as a replacement for Altidore as a possible fulcrum for the attack.

I say “replacement” because it’s hard to imagine two players so proficient at holdup play and distribution working well off of each other.

Khan immediately named Ehsan Mani, a former International Cricket Council chief, as Sethi’s replacement.

Smith’s replacement is his character’s son, hotshot pilot Dylan Dubrow-Hiller, played by Jessie Usher.

The problem with the Republican health care vision is that it’s hideously unpopular; that’s why the GOP’s Obamacare replacement efforts collapsed.

Given that McCall was still healthy and fight-ready, he was quickly booked for a replacement fight with another young prospect in Ray Borg.

Of course, McConnell is showing no indication he plans to wait until January, saying the Senate will vote on a Kennedy replacement this fall.

And during their respective tenures, Davies and his eventual replacement, Steven Moffat, took the show in opposite directions.

When Facebook has an important job opening, CEO Mark Zuckerberg usually just looks around the office for a replacement.

McCain’s replacement might not make a huge difference since there aren’t signs that any Republican, including McCain, would vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Twitter accounts run by HHS and Price have also been used to criticize Obamacare and promote Republican repeal and replacement legislation.

For seven years, Republicans had campaigned on repealing Obamacare, without settling on a replacement plan.

So President Donald Trump took to Twitter to demand that the Republican-led Senate repeal Obamacare immediately and start over on a replacement healthcare bill.

This analysis does not include the effects of a replacement bill because, at the moment, there is no such plan to analyze.

So President Donald Trump took to Twitter to demand that the Republican-led Senate repeal Obamacare immediately and start over on a replacement healthcare bill.

This analysis does not include the effects of a replacement bill because, at the moment, there is no such plan to analyze.

It’s a long-rumored replacement that has America’s nuclear experts freaking out.

Border officials have said they need 722 miles (1,162 km) of new or replacement barriers.

The company said deputy group CEO Mark Hurst would lead the airline until a permanent replacement was appointed.

The question for Republicans is whether the party’s voters will turn out in November if Kennedy’s replacement is already seated.

“It is not a replacement in and of itself.” But skinny repeal is essentially what Republicans have attached to their tax bill.

Given the list of likely nominees, President Donald Trump will probably pick a replacement in the mold of Antonin Scalia, a solid conservative.

“Any of our players who currently have Hunt on their Ultimate Team will receive a replacement generic player with identical stats.”

While she got a replacement ring, she never lost hope that one day she would find it.

“I would love to know why the replacement phone is doing what the other one was doing,” she told the the Courier-Journal of Louisville.

Today, we’re finally seeing the details of the replacement plan.

Although she had a replacement, she never lost hope that she would be reunited with the original.

However, if Bannon does end up with McConnell’s scalp, it’s not necessarily clear that his replacement would be much of an improvement.

Trumpcare, like other Republican replacement plans, has plenty of cracks to slip through.

Harvard’s John McDonough’s analysis of eight recent replacement proposals shows that most follow Obamacare in relying on tax credits rather than deductions.

But they still haven’t written out legislative language for what their replacement plan might look like.

“Note: Non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly.

replacement screens are also purchased from electronics recyclers and LCD refurbishers.

Justices wouldn’t feel pressured to stay on the bench until they get a friendly president to nominate a replacement.

“I think the iPhone X will stimulate a replacement cycle but one that is smaller in magnitude compared to the iPhone 6,” Windsor said.

The term 2-in-1 is in full flow, and so is the animated discussion about what device would be the perfect PC replacement.

If they did, “replacement” for me implies a like-for-like substitution, which certainly does not help the new devices.

This is why I feel strongly that vendors should move away from positioning devices as a PC replacement.

The iPhone did not really look like something we had before, nor was it positioned as the replacement for something.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) tells me she wants an Obamacare replacement to cover MORE people than Obamacare.

And most of the Republican Obamacare replacement plans I’ve read end up doing the opposite of what Sen. Moore Capito suggests.

He is the feature of the fight as Mayfield comes in as a late replacement.

Chetty emphasizes that his class isn’t a pure replacement for Ec 10.

Samsung officials say they should have replacement units ready in most retailers by Sept. 21, with some carriers likely to have models sooner.

Some federal officials were critical of Samsung for initially working outside the CPSC on the replacement program.

“We can come back later and work on patient-centered, free market–based replacement provisions,” the group’s president, Adam Brandon, said in a statement.

We’re using this technology and more devices to treat what happens when you get a knee replacement.

But now that Congressional Republicans have officially introduced an Affordable Care Act replacement bill, she’s worried about her own health coverage.

The Maidan protests of 2014 led to the replacement of Ukraine’s pro-Russian government with pro-Western leadership.

Trump could cite that law, when appointing a Rosenstein replacement.

But he wasn’t a candidate for knee replacement surgery.

He also was vital in selecting head coach Doug Pederson as Kelly’s replacement.

It’s a good policy, not the sine qua non, a complement to other policies, not a replacement.

Twitter does not have a permanent replacement for Seibert, and is opening up a search to fill the role, according to sources.

After his mother’s job left her with too few hours to qualify for coverage, Stallman found himself curiously browsing for a replacement.

Then he’d order the Justice official elevated as Rosenstein’s temporary replacement — Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand — to fire Mueller.

There are at least seven different replacement plans that Republican legislators and conservative think tanks have offered in recent years.

In general, conservative replacement plans offer less financial help to those who would use a lot of insurance.

Alec Baldwin’s got his Donald Trump replacement lined up if ‘SNL’ ever needs one … and he’s just great, so great!!!

FWB situations are common among young adults, he says, and “not necessarily a replacement for romantic relationships but function as a romantic relationship.

It’s clear, Ben Simmons is now in Kendall’s rearview, and her fellow model Luca seems to be a quick replacement.

First: that a price on carbon is a replacement for other carbon regulations.

NATO hasn’t decided yet on a replacement.

Samsung has said replacement devices will be made available as soon as next week.

Kennedy, meanwhile, took on a late replacement in Kelvin Gastelum, lost, and promptly retired.

For those of us who remember the 1995 show, this sweet-sounding replacement carries a whiff of sarcasm.

“His wife has just had a hip replacement so she’s bed-bound,” Glass explains.

“On that day, fish became the logical replacement for meat, and since cheese was also restricted, the two foods evolved distinctly from one another.

And even for those getting coverage, it’s not clear whether treatments for drug use disorders will be covered under Republican replacement plans.

Instead, it’ll aim to provide a fixed wireless replacement for home and office connections that may rely on cables.

He gave Congress until early March to come up with a legislative replacement.

Still, Trump and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer expressed confidence that the NAFTA replacement would pass Congress.

She will be temporarily replaced by her deputy, Pranesh Anthapur, while the company searches for her replacement, according to the Journal.

She said the firm, valued at around $70 billion, needed a replacement in the region to tackle the issues it faces.

Why did Samsung rush out the replacement units without actually figuring out what the real cause was?

replacement Names: You know how this works.

The GOP has long had a variety of replacement plans floating around, which differ from one another in important ways.

Which is why, over time, GOP replacement plans kept evolving to look more and more like the status quo.

In other cases, it may be worth supporting a challenger at replacement for non-ideological reasons.

Since 2012 nearly 6,000 work orders for the scheduled replacement of lead filters — nearly 99 percent of such requests — were not marked complete.

Right-wing non-interventionists, hungry for a Paul replacement, were intrigued by Trump.

Since 2012 nearly 6,000 work orders for the scheduled replacement of lead filters — nearly 99 percent of such requests — were not marked complete.

Trumpcare, like other Republican replacement plans, has plenty of cracks to slip through.

Trump has not yet picked a replacement for Mattis, who said he will officially step down in February.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is making concessions on his Obamacare replacement plan to win Republican votes, but it still may not be enough.

Eliminating cash bail reduces the influence an individual’s wealth has on the pretrial process, but finding an adequate replacement has proven difficult.

In this sense, everything about the fight over Scalia’s replacement is unprecedented — because it’s occurring in an unprecedented political environment.

replacement devices should be available at most retail locations by Sept. 21.

For Senate Republicans, the idea of the Good Comey replacement serves a critical psychological and political role.

But they see the wall as a complement to their own work, not a replacement.

He wanted a replacement for the Affordable Care Act that spent less and covered less.

Ducey’s appointed replacement will occupy McCain’s seat until 2020.

However, on the big-ticket items — namely, Obamacare repeal or welfare reform — McCain’s replacement might not make much difference.

The 2016 incident prompted the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to propose ultrasonic inspections of similar fan blades and their replacement if needed.

His replacement as CEO, former Zynga exec Jon Tien, did not respond to requests for comment.

By law, product owners are allowed to open their products, can make modifications to them, and are allowed to use third party replacement parts.

From what we can tell, this policy is now stripped from the Republican bill without an apparent replacement.

He says he plans to stay on, however, until a replacement has been found.

Current FanDuel executives — including Eccles’s replacement as CEO, Matt King — are set to make millions on the merger.

If it were not, if it was a true substitute and replacement, I think that might be different.

The phone market as a whole has been slowing in China as it becomes largely a replacement market.

Either way, it’s not a long contract, and it wouldn’t be surprising if ownership is already searching for another replacement.

Republicans have promised to repeal the health law, but haven’t yet shown what their replacement plan looks like.

GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath will step down from his role as soon as he finds a replacement.

Wanstrath will become executive chairman once a replacement is found.

Sprint has also said it will provide a loaner smartphone to customers who want to wait for a replacement Note 7.

Mogg is tipped as a potential replacement for May and the PM’s allies wish to put him to the test.

Samsung said it expects to have replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices as soon as next week.

The administrator emphasized that in some schools the lead abatement measures have been strictly maintained and replacement water filters were promptly provided and installed.

Because they didn’t have a replacement plan.

And I do not expect Republicans to give Democrats a sliver of oversight over Kennedy’s replacement.

(Think how much trouble Republicans are having getting an Obamacare replacement plan through.)

The editorial board argued that Republicans would regret taking a hardline against the replacement legislation.

For the moment, Pai isn’t expected to articulate a replacement, the sources believe.

And I don’t present art therapy as a replacement for any other kind of healthcare practice.

It’s not a replacement for talk therapy.

And the promised repeal and replacement of Obamacare has led opponents of the idea to take to lawmakers’ town halls to voice displeasure.

Turner told me he wants the technology to be a complement to existing infrastructure techniques, rather than a replacement.

President Trump tries to make oil pipelines great again; Merrick Garland’s replacement is almost at hand; OSCARS.

But they never got around to figuring out what the right replacement plan was.

Airmega 400’s replacement filter set comes with two filters but is currently $122.50 on Amazon, so it can be pricey for some.

This includes school level actions, such as the following of filter replacement protocols,” the Cerf administration said.

This includes school level actions, such as the following of filter replacement protocols,” the Cerf administration said.

If Justice Anthony Kennedy or one of the Democratic-appointed justices leaves the bench, would these three senators vote to confirm a staunchly conservative replacement?

But Vitiello is staying on as acting ICE director, presumably until a replacement is nominated and confirmed by the US Senate.

It added that GE will no longer support or make replacement parts for the H turbine.

Sepp Blatter’s replacement will be announced at the congress in Zurich later today.

So without really phenomenally efficient and effective energy storage, wind and solar are not going to be really replacement technologies for fossil fuels.

The OECD says the comparable U.S. replacement rate from Social Security benefits is about 50 percent.

Scrapping the law altogether without a clear plan for providing replacement coverage for so many people would be politically risky, experts said.

Lawmakers have until Jan. 27 to write a repeal bill, which could include replacement legislation.

Last week, after starting the season 0-2, the Buffalo Bills fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman and named Lynn as his replacement.

Right now, cell-based meat techniques can make a decent replacement for, say, ground beef.

In 2014, Pieratt launched a Kickstarter for Very Goods, a Svpply replacement that’s still active.

The first is that plant-based proteins will gain popularity as a replacement for slaughtering live animals.

Air New Zealand said it had begun an international search for his replacement.

Organ replacement is pretty routine at this point.

Chief Operating Officer Joe Ianniello will take over as interim CEO as the board searches for a replacement, according to the announcement.

The P-8A is a replacement for the earlier P-3 Orion, which started service in 1962.

Rose says he will stay at Facebook until February, in part to recruit a replacement.

What worries you most about a potential repeal or replacement plan in terms of public health and mortality in America?

Republicans have struggled over the past six months because they never came up with a clear replacement plan that the public actually wanted.

After Republicans swept the House, the Senate, and, finally, the White House, they still had no clear replacement plan.

The consequences of that negligence became clear to Republicans themselves as they took on the hard work of coming up with that replacement.

And so far, nobody’s found a replacement.

Just five years ago, some investors were convinced that Lyft would fail, and board members discussed finding a replacement for CEO Logan Green.

Kennedy’s replacement could cast a deciding vote on limiting or ending the right to abortion.

But the average consumer is still not turning from their PCs to iPads or Android tablets as a replacement.

But of course, to HIAS, this isn’t about demographic replacement but a simple matter of justice.

Instead of getting replacement organs for everyone whose kidneys have failed, the current US system relies heavily on dialysis, where machines replace kidney function.

On May 4, House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), their replacement for Obamacare, which later died in the Senate.

No word on who will be Linda’s replacement … but Trump says she’ll be part of the process.

Insurers might still head for the hills because they doubt that the Republicans will pass a viable replacement.

However, the department will cease some activities, such as issuing new or replacement Social Security cards.

USSFreedom (LCS 1) — a seawater leak in July necessitated replacement of one diesel engine.

Now Whitaker is that replacement, until a permanent successor for Sessions is confirmed.

There will be no replacement story.

That could make these clocks a viable replacement for the cesium ones.

Her replacement, Kelly, has struggled to grow into her Today spot and is off to a slow start in the ratings.

His temporary replacement, Robert Swan, has been Intel’s CFO since October 2016 and previously spent nine years as CFO of eBay Inc (EBAY.O).

So it’s no surprise that they — and Pence, whom Flynn lied to — seem to have converged on Harward as their preferred replacement.

Enbridge also received approval for the replacement and overhaul of its Line 3 pipeline from Alberta to Wisconsin in the United States.

The replacement of the pipeline will nearly double its carrying capacity to 760,000 bpd.

Methadone is a long-acting prescription opioid primarily used as a replacement therapy for opioid addiction.

Tumblr president and COO Jeff D’Onofrio will take over while the company seeks a permanent replacement.

We’re told Salling’s replacement has not been cast yet.

Instead, the ACLU had to sue in order for Manning to even receive hormone replacement therapy, which was finally administered in 2015.

And there’s no clear replacement in sight.

Ratty, who was owned by Lerner, received the first feline knee replacement on campus, and was also the first feline stereotactic radiation recipient.

And there’s no clear replacement in sight.

Those don’t go away in a hundred years even if replacement trees successfully grow.

PC and tablet replacement cycles are longer.

Congressional Republicans appear unable to cohere around any kind of replacement plan.

This continuous coverage policy has shown up a lot in Republican replacement plans.

The Republican replacement, like Obamacare, envisions that Americans will use tax credits to purchase individual health insurance.

(There’s a replacement word percolating in the digital underground, but I’m not telling.)

Sprint is letting customers with second thoughts about using a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exchange the device for another type of smartphone.

Samsung said it traced the problem to a battery issue and last month began shipping replacement units.

The agency has not said whether or not it continues to believe the replacement units are safe.

Update: Verizon says it, too, will allow customers to trade in their replacement Note 7.

“This applies to recalled, replacement and newly purchased Note 7s.” This article originally appeared on

The resolution nearly passed straight down party lines, 51-48, with Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) objecting, “Because there is no replacement, I vote no.”

Trump gave Congress until early March to come up with a replacement program, but Democrats and some Republicans want to do this in December.

So how does mitochondrial replacement therapy work?

Mitochondrial replacement therapy offers a solution for mothers who may not want to pass down their mitochondrial DNA.

“[MRT] can technically be construed as germline modification, so mitochondrial replacement got swept up into that rider,” said Brown University’s Adashi.

Since mitochondrial replacement has only happened over the past few years, we don’t know the long-term effects yet.

Price used this question as an opportunity to spout the (bogus) Republican talking point that its replacement plan is going to increase choice.

The company doesn’t have a replacement for Westergren.

And Lee, a University of Alabama alumna, offers a worthy replacement.

The government provides Employment Insurance —  it’s not a salary replacement but it helps cover some costs while I’m off.

The venue’s notoriety led to a succession of tabloid stings and drug squad raids that forced Raquel’s—and its replacement, Club Uropa—to close.

Roberto Alagna acquitted himself admirably as des Grieux in his last-minute replacement of Jonas Kaufmann.

If this drug economy was able to be taken back and tamped down, you’re arguing that there would be a replacement for that?

Trump is willing to take his time making the change to avoid humiliating McMaster and carefully choose a strong replacement, the Post said.

However, if a seat should become vacant in the middle of a term, the governor can appoint a replacement justice.

Chris Christie was rumored to be considered as a potential replacement for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The article should have stated that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was rumored to be considered as a potential replacement.

In the meantime, it has started to hand out filters to residents with lead lines and is ramping up their lead line replacement program.

Accenture recommended in presentations seen by Reuters to six clients, including PSA, Honda and Volvo, that prices of many replacement parts should be doubled.

The replacement … the very same drapes Hillary Clinton chose for her husband back in 1993.

What if you’re 26 and on your parents’ plan, but you’ll turn 27 likely before there’s an ACA replacement?

The most glaring example came in Bellator’s main event between Liam McGeary and his second last minute replacement opponent, Brett McDermott.

If May lost a confidence vote there would be a leadership contest to decide her replacement.

However, a general election would not automatically be triggered, and her replacement would become prime minister.

He had a replacement that served him for 38 years before it started to become misshapen and had to be removed.

Spiralizer stands behind this product with a “lifetime no-hassle replacement policy.”

“Any replacement rule will be done carefully, properly, and with humility, by listening to all those affected by the rule,” said the EPA.

Indeed, studies show that 2.8 million people with drug use disorders would lose access to care if Obamacare were repealed without a replacement.

Repairs of the recalled Hondas and Acuras will begin immediately in the United States with replacement parts made by alternate suppliers, Honda said.

“I left Simferopol, in Crimea, after they shut down the replacement therapy (OST) program,” says Andrei, an HIV positive drug addict.

Notably, however, no decisions regarding a replacement have been made, which could leave many uninsured and in grave danger.

Both voted against the last two Obamacare replacement bills earlier this week.

Both voted against the last two Obamacare replacement bills earlier this week.

McSweeny’s term ended last fall, but she has stayed on pending confirmation of a replacement.

(To enact a full replacement, at least eight Senate Democrats would probably have to be won over too.)

So I see these self-driving vehicles as a complementary service to the existing transport network as opposed to a replacement,” he said.

We’ve seen other reports suggesting any tax hikes might effectively be a replacement of insurance premiums that workers and companies are already paying.

But Green said the search for Tibbens’s replacement is under way.

“The current Intel problem, if true, would likely not require CPU replacement in our opinion.

The ride-hail company is in the middle of finding a replacement for Kalanick after he was ousted by a handful of major shareholders.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently made a public vow to prevent President Obama from appointing Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement.

Full statement: Samsung initiated a formal recall of the phones on September 15 and sent customers replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Tim Stone, who joined in May from Amazon, is leaving — and Snap doesn’t have a replacement.

But by early October, it became clear that some of these replacement devices also had exploding batteries.

The original Note 7 devices came with batteries from one supplier, but Samsung switched to another battery supplier for the replacement models.

And don’t forget the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

I have played with this model for about four days now and can see this as a great replacement for the Air.

That is: He’s effectively the replacement for outgoing Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes.

It repeals Obamacare without a replacement plan and is often referred to as the “repeal and delay” option.

This bill repeals Obamacare’s coverage expansion in 2020 and presumes that Republicans would come up with a replacement plan in the interim.

If Strange resigned, the theory goes, Ivey would have to pick a new interim replacement and schedule a new special election.

This number would obviously change, however, if Republicans came up with a replacement plan after passing this repeal bill.

The A4M calls this “bioidentical hormone replacement therapy” (BHRT).

She needed to find a replacement quickly, or the case would likely be dismissed, and the officers would walk free.

She needed to find a replacement quickly, or the case would likely be dismissed, and the officers would walk free.

(This was arguably good news for Trump; Manafort’s replacement, Steve Bannon, honed the nationalist message that helped Trump win the White House.)

He said Haley would help him make the final pick for her replacement.

Senate Republicans have settled a six-month waiting period as their replacement policy.

That’s why scientists propose geoengineering as a supplement to cutting emissions, not a replacement.

“Huawei is in the process of potentially launching a replacement,” Williamson said in an interview in Mexico City.

The Washington Post reports that moderate Republicans have reservations about effectively repealing the law without more details about its replacement.

It often has a deductible, and may not cover the full cost of the repair or replacement.

And on Tuesday, the agency revealed its replacement, one it said will smooth over the problems that made the 2015 regulation so contentious.

She wants a replacement for Obamacare, but she wasn’t pleased with the AHCA either.

As we have learned through TARC, there is no replacement for skill development through hands-on experiences.

How do you feel now that AHCA, the Republicans’ replacement plan, failed to pass Congress?

The absence of Iranian oil drove spot premiums for crude sharply higher as Asian buyers scoured the world for replacement supplies.

The group’s goal has long been the toppling of the Egyptian government and its replacement with a Sunni theocracy.

In the replacement home, they sleep on air mattresses.

I don’t think it’s meant to be a replacement of anybody, I think it’s more supplemental than anything else.

Jeff D’Onofrio, Tumblr’s president and COO, will take over while the company seeks a permanent replacement, according to The Verge.

Again, the Republicans’ “replacement” health care bill is a prime example.

The company said deputy group CEO Mark Hurst would lead the airline until a permanent replacement was appointed.

I asked.’” Two months later, the release of House Republicans’ replacement plan — the American Health Care Act — has made Obama look prescient.

Granted, having Grace Jones step in as a replacement headliner didn’t hurt.

They have been promised a replacement that costs less and covers more, and the GOP’s plan does neither.

Rep. Phil Roe is a Tennessee Republican charged by the conservative Republican Study Committee with drafting the group’s Obamacare replacement.

Doctor costs, hospital costs — that’s where we have to focus our attention.” They aren’t yet — at least not in their replacement bill.

Trump, who has seen almost a complete turnover in his press and communications teams, did not immediately name a replacement.

While all these criticisms are correct, the Republican replacement plan will make them worse.

So Crowley didn’t write an amendment to the replacement plan.

Conservatives in Congress, the media, and well-funded advocacy groups attacked the Obamacare replacement bill unveiled by House Republicans and President Trump late Monday night.

“We look forward to exploring options for Japan’s F-2 replacement fighter in cooperation with both the Japanese and U.S. governments.

U.S. Representative Francis Rooney of Florida is being considered as a replacement, one Republican fundraiser said.

Trump defended the Republican plan on Monday, telling a group of Obamacare opponents that the replacement would offer more coverage choices at lower costs.

The football legend has been getting gyp from his hip replacement surgery, so wasn’t in “physical condition to take part.”

The deductibles from Google’s device replacement partner Assurant are $79 for the Pixel 2 and $99 for the Pixel 2 XL.

There was the Obamacare Repeal and Reconciliation Act, which would have repealed Obamacare without specifying a replacement, and which failed 45-55 on the floor.

His replacement, the company’s current chief operating officer, will get the same salary.

The second problem Republicans face is they don’t know what they want their replacement to achieve, and they never have.

Her replacement is due to be in place by the end of July.

A permanent replacement for either Sessions or Rosenstein would have to be confirmed by the Senate.

Bennett becoming an Aaron Hernandez replacement.

And traditionally, the temporary replacement would be whoever’s next in line in the Justice Department’s line of succession.

Trump’s replacement plan, such as it is, is even worse.

Full repeal without replacement takes insurance away from 22 million; Trump’s plan takes it away from 21 million.

Flood, Cobb’s likely replacement, was one of several lawyers on Clinton’s legal team during his impeachment proceedings.

We owe it to him, & the Nation, for the Senate to ensure that the next President names his replacement.

News organizations have released shortlists predicting replacement possibilities, though Obama still has not confirmed any names.

Price also supports the Republican Obamacare replacement plan which contains a provision that would slash half the funding for the federal vaccines program.

But legal experts said a replacement could hamper the investigation while avoiding the political uproar that firing the special counsel might unleash.

Price also supports the Republican Obamacare replacement plan which contains a provision that would slash half the funding for the federal vaccines program.

One lucky fan got to a view of the glove in its abysmal grave: A batboy soon brought Stanton a replacement.

So they actually, they inadvertently expanded their footprint for S7s quite a bit, because they had to use it as a replacement phone.

Instead, some conservatives are calling for ways to shore up the ACA, as they try to come to a consensus on its replacement.

“New Note 7 replacement devices will be issued to exchange program participants upon completion of the CPSC process.

Senate Republicans are inching closer to a final draft of an Obamacare replacement bill.

Trump moved quickly to nominate a replacement for Kennedy, who announced his retirement on June 27.

The latest bill, passed in 2014, expired on Sept. 30 after talks over its replacement broke down.

I need a fourth hip replacement so going to the stadium is hard for me.

It suddenly seemed unacceptable for the governing party not to have a replacement plan.

But now that they had to write a replacement, Republicans were stuck trying to completely overhaul the American health care system absurdly quickly.

They aren’t sure whether to repeal now and decide later what program should take its place or even what replacement plan might come next.

Democrats could instead refuse to work with Republicans on health care reform and an Obamacare replacement.

If you love the Wall Street Journal, it’s not a replacement.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will soon embark on a $150-million replacement of the skylights above its European Paintings collection.

“GOP’s Obamacare replacement Will Make Coverage Unaffordable For Millions — Otherwise, It’s Great,” Avik Roy wrote for Forbes.

Now my replacement phone is doing the same thing.

I was one of the earliest advocates of this approach, of saying that we should include broader Medicaid reform in the Obamacare replacement bill.

How can technology be a vehicle of job creation and not job replacement?

The Republican replacement plan for Obamacare hurts the most vulnerable people in our society: poorer and older Americans.

He released his Obamacare replacement plan in 2014, and his work has received high praise from both the left and the right.

After the city decided to replace the statue of an antebellum songwriter, they are now asking the public to help vote on its replacement.

Phil Bryant, who more or less laughed off McDaniel’s pleas to be appointed Cochran’s replacement and went with Hyde-Smith instead.

The bill, the GOP’s replacement for the Affordable Care Act, now moves to the Senate.

What makes this situation even stranger is the on-again, off-again alliance between Sirisena and Rajapaksa, the replacement prime minister.

It allowed Parliament to reconvene on Wednesday, where members held a no-confidence vote on Rajapaksa, rejecting his appointment as replacement prime minister.

There has not been — college replacement, which is what you’re talking about now.

However, this doesn’t sound like it would be any sort of replacement for watching the actual ceremony.

Republican leadership moved quickly to discredit the numbers, arguing that they were “misleading” because they didn’t include any replacement plan.

The reason CBO did not score a Republican replacement plan, of course, is because Republicans have not offered a replacement plan yet.

Doug Ducey, a Republican, will appoint a replacement to serve in the Senate until 2020.

Republicans hadn’t even submitted a replacement plan yet, at least not publicly.

This campus will be in addition to the company’s existing office space, not a replacement for it.

I think we’ll repeal and then we’ll work during the transition period for the replacement vehicle.”

The same was true of Trick’s replacement, who was killed by a drone strike just four months later.

Politico has obtained a leaked draft of a Republican replacement plan for Obamacare.

That means at least eight Senate Democrats in addition to all the factions described above would have to agree to enact a replacement.

(replacement is a different matter.)

Republicans aren’t anywhere close to a consensus on what this replacement would entail, policy-wise.

They’re even undecided on the timing and the legislative strategy for trying to pass a replacement.

We hope replacement in a sentence examples were helpful.