Replaced in a sentence | Use of the word replaced examples

He’s replaced Boykins with two white police chiefs.

But this time around, that rhetoric seems to have been replaced by frustration at the Turner Broadcasting executives in charge of their contracts.

Boswell said he felt more confident after President Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe in 2017, promising to restore property rights and revive the ravaged economy.

To fade and be replaced.

Indeed, Facebook has replaced television as my main source of news.

However, auto sales jumped 1.1 percent last month likely as residents in the affected areas replaced damaged cars.

After that date, however, Maduro would simply be replaced by his vice president.

JEREMY HUNT, 52 – “We need to get real” Hunt replaced Johnson as foreign minister in July after serving six years as health minister.

During the Cold War, the United States replaced its arsenal about every ten to fifteen years.

Kavanaugh replaced Justice Anthony Kennedy, a conservative who backed abortion rights in key rulings in 1992 and 2016.

But Republicans never really replaced it with anything.

Last year, Schultz stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Kevin Johnson.

He also challenges the most common narrative about AI in health: that radiologists will soon be replaced by machines.

These features are replaced by that of a brownish-yellow statue, with the thick lips and wide nose typically associated with those of African descent.

JEREMY HUNT, 52 – “We need to get real” Hunt replaced Johnson as foreign minister in July after serving six years as health minister.

Water expands when it’s frozen, and so fluids are replaced with a chemical called a “cryoprotectant.”

Academic blogging and data journalism haven’t replaced traditional interview-style reporting, but they’ve complemented it.

It’s being replaced by YouTube Premium, and it will cost extra.

But the current FDIC chief, Martin Gruenberg, could be replaced within weeks by a President Trump nominee.

When Ghashmi was killed by a bomb in 1978, Saleh replaced him.

It will be repealed and replaced.

Schultz, 50, who is joining Middle Eastern retail group Al- Futtaim, will be replaced by Franprix boss Jean-Paul Mochet.

But following their excellent 2018 debut Negative Houses, Van Herik quit and drummer-turned-bassist Alianna Kalaba replaced him.

Or at least she was, until she replaced her old freezer—and forgot about the $35,000 in cash she’d stored inside it.

Now that Kennedy is retired and Kavanaugh has replaced him, this makes the looming outcome in the Louisiana case seem even dicier.

JEREMY HUNT, 52 – “We need to get real” Hunt replaced Johnson as foreign minister in July after serving six years as health minister.

“He ought to be replaced.

Didi has replaced the CEO of Brazilian ride-hail app 99 with one of its own executives.

Brian Flynn replaced Sparkman and walked Guerrero and Gurriel and allowed RBI singles to Biggio and Grichuk in the fourth.

Flynn, who allowed three runs in four innings, was replaced by Wily Peralta, who pitched around two singles in the bottom of the eighth.

The air disaster has replaced the sea tragedy.

They dare the viewer to join the artist in a weightless world where outer space metaphors have finally replaced those of earthbound space.

Reminder: Uber never replaced its CFO, Brent Callinicos, who stepped down in 2015.

June 21: Benchmark partner Bill Gurley steps down from the board Gurley is replaced by his partner, Matt Cohler.

But the fact remains that Obama’s two Supreme Court appointments both replaced fellow liberals.

Financially it’s very stressed because, again, these declining print dollars aren’t being replaced by sufficient digital revenue.

With security deteriorating, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday replaced his defense and interior ministers with two uncompromising opponents of the Taliban.

You may know me as the lifelike robot that replaced the real Kara Swisher three years ago — oops, I shouldn’t have said that.

And meat replaced fibrous beans and lentils as the main source of protein in many parts of the world.

But that plan has been replaced by electric ambitions.

Hayes acknowledges that meritocracy has advantages over the system of special privilege for white Protestants that it replaced.

Manafort’s resignation comes two days after Trump effectively replaced with him with two major hires.

Manafort’s resignation comes two days after Trump effectively replaced with him with two major hires.

A man competes in a horse cart race, which replaced bullock cart racing this year following a ban imposed by the Indian Supreme Court.

Evans was replaced in 2016 by Jeff Dunn, the former CEO of Bolthouse Farms.

Between the crude fire-blackened posts, the barbed wire they had cut had been replaced.

The immersive and chaotic black metal guitars are mostly absent, replaced by precise, arena-worthy chugs.

The latest and greatest of this month will likely be replaced with something even better before the video even goes up.

A previously transactional relationship, based on rewards for services rendered, should be replaced by “strategic engagement”, including a free trade agreement, he said.

More recently, touchtone systems have been replaced by voice recognition, but these systems are barely less annoying.

The older version was replaced after flames shot from the head of condemned inmate Pedro Molina during his execution in 1997.

“But it was taken off the market (and replaced with a supposedly tamper-resistant version) so when something becomes unavailable, something else often steps in.”

A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by Airbus.

That mid-tier of movies has been replaced by the Netflix series.

Suppose we then double that for Germany, and say that 25 percent of German Muslims want German law to be replaced by sharia.

(Former NAACP President Ben Jealous also suggested today that the city’s monument to Roger Taney be replaced with one to Frederick Douglass.)

And then there are also white-collar jobs that will be replaced.

He’s being replaced by Adam DeVine.

They replaced the CEO.

I think it’s replaced God for us.

Italy soon replaced Greece as the centre of events, with the greatest number of migrants travelling from Libya across the Mediterranean.

So let’s talk about those forgotten values and what replaced them.

(He also noted that iPhone 6s users who replaced their batteries had faster phones.)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also fired police superintendent in the wake of the video’s release and replaced him with Johnson.

UV film was removed from the glass during a recent £2 million (~$2.6 million) restoration project, but not replaced.

Connecting these and other artists was the removal of both the image and the artist’s sensuous touch, replaced with rigorous conceptual procedures.

Suddenly, their relaxed weekend brunches after sleeping in were replaced with strict meal plans on regimented schedules.

The panel, which is still on display in the control room, was replaced by two laptop computers in 2012.

If either of them were replaced by a hardline conservative, it would drastically shift the middle.

He was replaced briefly by Matthew Whitaker until William Barr was confirmed to the job.

McMaster – The national security adviser was replaced on March 22 by John Bolton.

Reince Priebus – replaced as chief of staff by Kelly, Priebus lost Trump’s confidence after setbacks in Congress.

The bridge loan is expected to be replaced, in whole or in part, by senior unsecured bonds in a public offering or private placement.

Tillerson was ousted on March 13 and replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo amid various clashes with President Trump.

Noreika replaced Thomas Curry, who had served as comptroller under President Obama.

The messaging service has basically replaced normal text messaging.

His critics were further incensed when the mayor replaced the chief with a succession of white officials.

He’s replaced Boykins with two white police chiefs.

One would have expected the new commanders that replaced them were Erdogan loyalists.

(One fan replaced NPR with Infowars.)

Everything good and interesting about it has been taken out and replaced with some sort of weird agreed-upon facts, which still aren’t always correct.

Joe Biagini replaced Kingham after Dozier’s one-out double in the seventh and allowed one walk in 1 2/3 innings.

Kevin McCarthy replaced Keller in the sixth and pitched two perfect innings.

Tim Mayza replaced Pannone and walked Christian Vazquez with one out to load the bases.

is replaced by the specific (“Oh my god, our children”).

After decades of lobbying influence, that leadership slowly but surely corroded, replaced by revolving door regulators and ideologues pushing lobbyist narratives du jour.

Old houses and buildings were being destroyed and replaced by new ones including modern skyscrapers.

After that, Boente will continue as head of the Eastern District in Alexandria, Virginia, until he is replaced.

Then, of course, Kroll replaced Yusupov at HQ.

Gone are the quiet, easy, unnoted pleasures of the average anonymous citizen, Conor, replaced by life under a microscope.

Or when your family car must be replaced, as opposed to when you are out looking for your own sports car.

Chris Mazza replaced Matz and allowed one run on five hits over four innings in his big league debut.

A lot of jobs are going to be replaced.

He could be replaced by a more euroskeptical leader on the right.

He previously served as the Minister of Finance until being replaced and named to head the social security fund last November.

Lawyers, accountants, all kinds of things are going to be replaced by digital solutions eventually.

Trian wages few proxy contests and lost two years ago at DuPont but within months the CEO was replaced.

Because as soon as ‘the clone’ replaced Beyoncé, it started to leave clues and slip up.

Obama’s chief political adviser, David Axelrod, has argued that presidents tend to be replaced by their opposites.

The game could be fixed if they phased Star Cards out and replaced them with a cosmetic system, much like Overwatch has.

She replaced the seams with velcro and I got it back home and tried it on.

On Monday, NASA announced that Koch will be replaced by fellow ISS astronaut Nick Hague, due to a spacesuit sizing snafu.

(He’s been replaced by Casey Bloys, most recently the network’s head of series, late-night, and specials.)

He called May’s deal with the EU “appalling” and wanted her replaced by someone who could come up with a better one.

Over time, Cataudella explains, “the simplest sketches have been replaced by more complex drawings.”

But that was replaced by a sense of retreat into the private sphere as a new season began — one of paranoia, anxiety, and waiting.

But that was replaced by a sense of retreat into the private sphere as a new season began — one of paranoia, anxiety, and waiting.

What if we got rid of all our natural gas boilers and replaced them with electric heat pumps?

They have a large, unionized workforce of drivers who probably aren’t too excited about the prospect of being replaced by drones.

According to the outlet plates not returned in that period will be replaced during an annual review.

Never steal from small businesses, friends, private citizens; don’t take anything of sentimental value or anything that can’t be replaced.

I’ve replaced my fair share of meals with “protein shakes.”

(The site’s article on the story has since been taken down and replaced with this one.)

Moon recently replaced his chief of staff and other top aides in a bid to revitalize momentum for his presidency.

Food replaced joints as my main source of stress-relief.

That was a serious problem that only really got solved when cars replaced horses and created their own set of environmental issues.

Encarnacion and Vogelbach led off the sixth with back-to-back homers off Cody Allen, who was then replaced by fellow right-hander Nick Tropeano.

Flynn, in turn, was replaced by McMaster — a man who is in many ways the polar opposite of both him and Bannon.

And then Facebook replaced it, Google’s replaced it.

He ultimately failed to do so and was replaced with Robert Stanfield.

Working with Russian investors, Sater found an old pencil factory he believed could be destroyed and replaced with a luxurious skyscraper.

On the plus side, Swansea have added a striker, a vital move given that they never truly replaced Wilfried Bony.

The entire perimeter, which had once been a mesh of chain-link fencing, had been replaced with thick adobe-colored stone.

Kennedy was replaced by Republican Scott Brown, depriving Democrats of a filibuster-proof majority and therefore almost destroying the centerpiece achievement of the Obama presidency.

She’s been in office since 1992, and she would almost certainly be replaced by another Democrat who shares her overall values.

Justices should not serve 30 or 40 years, particularly when they can be replaced by someone from their own party.

Kim Reynolds, who replaced longtime Gov.

(The historic building was demolished and replaced with the current structure in the 1840s.)

Your man, it should go without saying, is just waiting to be replaced by Bryson Tiller, a.k.a.

On one hand, Trump wants a victory, and the ability to tell voters he repealed and replaced Obamacare.

It will soon be replaced by 500 Lexington (200,000 sq.

Southern conservative Democrats got replaced by Southern conservative Republicans.

Trump replaced Sessions with Matthew Whitaker, a critic of Mueller’s probe, as acting attorney general until he nominated William Barr to the post.

Every time he slipped up, the fans taunted him with calls for the man who he’d replaced.

So for next year, any sabbaticals will be replaced by a visiting full-time faculty, rather than individual adjunct faculty teaching in different classes.

“From my standpoint, I would have fully repealed Obamacare and fully replaced it with something that worked a whole lot better,” he said.

The Hackney Brewery have replaced about a third of the malt barley with the leftover bread, toasted to add a caramelly note.

Vito constantly meets new employers who seem important, but who almost always end up getting whacked and replaced with someone else.

Today, Redstone replaced five of Viacom’s board directors with new members who include venture capitalist and BuzzFeed Chairman Ken Lerer.

Persuasion was replaced by self-expression; policy reform by recrimination.

Hunting and gathering is dead: Large-footprint stores will be gone, to be replaced by those that can differentiate themselves from the commodity-based goods.

Indeed, by the time the Court takes up the case, the temporary ban may well have been replaced with an indefinite one.

David Hernandez replaced Castillo after the weather delay and got the final out of the eighth.

Adjunct faculty and fellowships have replaced them.

But what replaced the trucker hat was possibly even more sinister.

That means all the natural gas will have to be replaced (or its carbon buried).

Preventive maintenance requests show desperate attempts by school staff to have lead filters replaced.

The photo was replaced within the last year while the accompanying text was replaced within the last ten months.

The paintings feel temporary, as if they might be taken down and replaced.

What replaced them was happiness for my husband.

Still, knowing how important movement is has in many ways replaced my need for medication.

By the time the spinner craze was over, I’d long replaced them with a pile of other gizmos.

But Obamaism, they say, has been a political failure and needs to be replaced by something new.

In other matters, Rosenstein would be replaced by Attorney General Jeff Session’s Chief of Staff, Matt Whitaker.

Bill Gates eventually gained sentience and replaced most of his organic body parts with computers.

As shown in the chart above, quantitative easing looks set to be replaced by quantitative tightening, or QT, by the end of this year.

Once upon a time, players had to buy new glyphs from scribes every time they replaced them.

If any of my team members breaks down, it will be a big loss, because they have expertise that can’t easily be replaced.

KS: That was when he went into the store with the eyes that he had replaced and he says, “Hello Mr. Hashimoto.

Trump’s 120-day ban on refugees ended on Tuesday and is set to be replaced by a new set of restrictions.

It was a replaced with a modified, open-ended ban involving eight countries.

Noe Ramirez replaced Pena and got two outs but left after an error and an infield hit put two runners on.

Over the next few years, Palin began to fade, but she was replaced by a small army of candidates who picked up her mantle.

C-2 aircraft have been in operation for more than five decades and are due to be replaced by the long-range tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft.

He was replaced by former foreign minister Philip Hammond.

People who replaced saturated fat with unsaturated fat got the most benefit.

Mixed-income neighborhoods have been on the decline, replaced by concentrated pockets of wealth and poverty.

Without Kennedy, that majority has evaporated, likely replaced with a harder-line majority that could preserve the practice.

“They will be replaced, and we hope to get this turned around before the main event.”

It hasn’t replaced them with a strategy of its own.

Lundgren’s predicament highlights some of the issues that refurbishers face—too often, electronics manufacturers design products to be replaced instead of repaired.

Indeed, Geert Wilders, the leader of the Netherlands’ far-right Freedom Party, tweeted on Sunday, “Our population is being replaced.

Replacement is the very essence of modernity that things are being replaced [by industry].

Objects are being replaced, landscapes are being replaced.

Everything is being replaced.

Everything is being replaced by mass production.

The refusal to be replaced is a very strong feeling in man.

The will not to be replaced was at the center of resistance to colonialism.

I can very well understand why people in America would think “we won’t be replaced,” and I approve of that.

Are you saying all the people marching and chanting, “We won’t be replaced,” are Nazis?

But the white nationalists chanting against being replaced are against both African Americans and Jews, among other groups in America.

Then, in 2010, the long-form census was phased out, and replaced by the American Community Survey, so the question was moved over there.

Alexander Hamilton is staying on the $10 bill, and Andrew Jackson is coming off the $20 — reportedly to be replaced by Harriet Tubman.

The proposal also raises questions of how ICE would be replaced if it were, in fact, eliminated.

Today the boom of mortars around al-Masri has been replaced with voices.

Hummels can be replaced relatively straightforwardly by Benedikt Howedes, with Julian Draxler coming back in on the flank.

When Muhadjir Effendy replaced Baswedan as minister in 2016, the exams were almost cut entirely.

That incident prompted the FAA to propose last year that similar fan blades undergo ultrasonic inspections and be replaced if they failed.

He was the company’s first CEO, but was replaced in 2012 by fellow co-founder Tom Preston-Werner.

funding to our universities and we will be seeking assurances from the government that this will be replaced and sustained long term.”

Brian Flynn replaced Sparkman and walked Guerrero and Gurriel and allowed RBI singles to Biggio and Grichuk in the fourth.

Flynn, who allowed three runs in four innings, was replaced by Wily Peralta, who pitched around two singles in the bottom of the eighth.

This is the company’s first full quarter of results under Squeri, who replaced long-time boss Kenneth Chenault on Feb. 1.

Although the star’s been replaced, there’s obviously still plenty of anger to go around.

The move is another sign that Khosrowshahi, who replaced the ousted Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick as CEO, is consolidating his management team.

Graf later replaced Baker when he left the company in March 2017.

“Within hours, the 4chan story was algorithmically replaced by relevant results.

“Within hours, the 4chan story was algorithmically replaced by relevant results.

Retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, the 82-year-old jurist who Kavanaugh replaced, was in the courtroom, as were members of the new justice’s family.

Karp left the company in November 2017, and was replaced by D’Onofrio, then Tumblr’s COO and formerly an executive at post-Google-acquisition Zagat.

It replaced kitsch with a respectful, cosmopolitan take on its source theme.

In addition, the balloons each cost tens of thousands of dollars and must be replaced every five months as their plastic shells degrade.

America’s tragic sensibility has faded and has increasingly been replaced by a worldview that is equal parts naive, dangerous, and ahistorical.

With Ryu lifted after six innings, Yimi Garcia struck out Brendan Rodgers to start the seventh, but was replaced by Caleb Ferguson.

It’s basically a Black Friday scrum with all the discounted TVs replaced by Peter Hook’s discography.

Over the next three months, Skipper will be replaced by his predecessor George Bodenheimer.

Nevertheless, I find myself slightly affronted every time a perfectly harmless piece of incidental dialogue has replaced a famous line-reading catastrophe.

“What’s replaced it isn’t satisfying: either outright silence, or more often, unidirectional narratives offered through social media,” he wrote.

Later, candle and wax were replaced by fabricated versions.

Many producers may wait until the old barns have to be replaced to actually install cage-free systems.

(“Pokémon” replaced “Restrooms” after some clever photo-editing of the sign.)

Bush replaced the liberal Thurgood Marshall with the conservative Clarence Thomas.

In radical changes outlined by Maduro last week, the “strong bolivar” was replaced with the “sovereign bolivar,” devaluing the currency by about 90 percent.

Basil Hallward’s use of the word “beauty” in reference to Dorian Gray is, for example, replaced by the softer “good looks”.

The word “passion” becomes “feeling,” “boy” is replaced by “lad”.

In radical changes outlined by Maduro last week, the “strong bolivar” was replaced with the “sovereign bolivar,” devaluing the currency by about 90 percent.

Maker replaced its CEO/co-founder about a year before that deal closed.

What has replaced these privacy rules?

The NL pitchers who were replaced were right-hander Zack Greinke of the Arizona Diamondbacks and left-hander Josh Hader of the Brewers.

He will be replaced by Brian McGee, who joined GoPro in 2015 after working at Qualcomm.

I’m ready for a future in which all human models are replaced with far superior puppy models.

The trend toward “dispersion” (i.e., suburban sprawl) is strong everywhere, especially as older, pedestrian-oriented cities are replaced or supplemented by new car-oriented cities.

By 2003, mailing lists had been replaced by online message boards, and James admitted to The Wire that he’d trolled them.

Graf later replaced Baker when he left the company in March 2017.

Iverson will be replaced as coach by former L.A. Lakers star Michael Cooper.

The bank said the information was shared on an anonymized basis meaning the customer’s name is replaced by a unique identifying number.

Democratic lawmakers may be forced to resign their posts in red states, only to be replaced with Republicans by Republican governors.

North Korea’s “Juche” ideology of self-sufficiency officially replaced Marxism-Leninism in 1972.

He was replaced by his deputy Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist and Senate staffer who’d previously worked at the EPA.

We also stripped out all of the print stuff and replaced it with a pair of arrays: rows and cells.

He’d replaced Pindé before in another band.

She reportedly gave up her Thanksgiving to reshoot the scenes with Christopher Plummer, who replaced disgraced actor Kevin Spacey at the last minute.

Postmodern theory replaced the absolute with the relative.

Trump’s campaign deleted the tweet and replaced the star with a circle.

If you repealed Obamacare and replaced it with this plan, you’d see millions more people fall into the ranks of the uninsured.

(Sammi, who isn’t participating in the show and stayed at home in Jersey, has been replaced by a sex doll.)

In an opinion column published on Forbes on Saturday, a professor of economics argued that local public libraries should be replaced by Amazon.

The accoustic has been replaced by electronic, but it definitely won’t disappoint fans.

The Walk itself is maintained by the City of LA, meaning Trump’s star was replaced with taxpayer money.

It accelerates the permafrost thaw, he explained, and “succession,” or one species being abruptly replaced by another.

(For example, after a fire, mature spruce trees in the boreal forest might be replaced with deciduous birch and aspen, he said.)

“I could see a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced with a recess appointment,” Whitaker said.

First of all, it goes against basic common sense: How can an area’s biodiversity increase after being destroyed and replaced by golf grass?

One agent said supplies needed for forensic processes are being used up and not replaced.

He replaced Rafael Ramirez, a once-powerful loyalist of the late Hugo Chavez, Maduro’s predecessor.

Last January, Maduro replaced many of his top executives with political and military appointees.

He is due to be replaced in Des Moines by Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds, who would be the state’s first woman governor.

And to make matters worse,the legendary Bo Ryan retired mid-season, replaced by interim coach Greg Gard.

According to USA Today, Pederson began designing the play in January specifically for Foles, who had recently replaced the injured Carson Wentz.

This campaign comes seven months after Williams, a longtime Groupon exec, replaced co-founder Eric Lefkofsky as CEO.

He’s fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him, perhaps unconstitutionally, with an unqualified loyalist.

He hadn’t yet formally replaced Lewandowski as campaign manager, but his power was on the rise.

The more the ship is used, the more its planks get damaged; one by one, they get replaced.

He tried to walk it off, flicking his hair back across his forehead repeatedly, but he had to be replaced soon after.

In the end, the fluorescent signs were replaced with silver reflective tape and kerosene lanterns.

Dark impenetrability gives way to shocking brightness, and comforting ambiguity is replaced with glaring clarity.

Since being replaced by Whetstone, however, Plouffe’s role no longer included day-to-day policy issues.

Renault has so far not replaced Ghosn as its head, saying his compensation had been in compliance with its own guidelines.

The foundation has not yet replaced Schmitz-Krummacher.

Realmuto finished the inning but was replaced by Andrew Knapp to start the bottom of the sixth.

McMaster, both of whom thought the US should stay in the deal, and replaced them with Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, respectively.

Additionally, CFO Jonathan Chadwick left the company in January, replaced by Zane Rowe, the former CFO of EMC.

He replaced Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui, who led negotiations in the run up to the first Trump-Kim summit in Singapore in June.

Thae said at least 10 diplomats were killed under Kim, and replaced by younger aides and loyalists.

JEREMY HUNT, 52 – “We need to get real” Hunt replaced Johnson as foreign minister in July after serving six years as health minister.

Bamboo and paper have been replaced with lightweight, near-indestructible metals and fabrics specially treated to block cancerous UV rays along with the heat.

Sam Gaviglio replaced Law and allowed a walk to Mookie Betts and a two-run double to Andrew Benintendi.

Xavier Becerra, who replaced Harris as attorney general, settled the lawsuit in May 2017 for $400,000.

The order, which replaced a broader January one that was blocked by federal courts, was one of the most contentious acts of his presidency.

It knows how many retire each year, and what they’re replaced with.

Mike Shawaryn replaced Johnson and pitched a perfect sixth with two strikeouts before giving up three runs in Toronto’s four-run seventh.

Marcus Walden replaced Shawaryn and walked Luke Maile, who took third on Gurriel’s two-out single and scored on a wild pitch.

Halperin was fired from NBC News and MSNBC, and replaced on The Circus by Alex Wagner.

Diermaier replaced crash cymbals with what looked to be the side paneling of an air conditioning unit.

First, they could say they had replaced Obamacare without actually owning the hard — perhaps even impossible — choices necessary to replace Obamacare.

Not replaced with new ones, actually eliminated.

This negligence is found in both the postwar reformism of social democracy and in the now stagnating and chaotic neoliberalism that replaced it.

Its demolition begins February 5th at 10pm, to be replaced by a flashy, $420 million homage designed by Michael Maltzan Architects.

That has meant those who withdrew could not be replaced.

“They should have replaced the system they are now destroying before taking it down, because the patients are now going to suffer.”

Kosovo’s government has said that goods coming from Serbia have been replaced by imports from elsewhere in recent months.

Up until 2004, drug crimes were the most prosecuted federal offense, but immigration replaced drugs at the top.

Cristopher Figuera replaced Gonzalez Lopez at Sebin last year.

Two U.S. sources familiar with the F-35’s intricate worldwide production process and U.S. thinking on the issue say Turkey can be replaced.

Several components of the F-35 made in Turkey can be easily replaced.

Diaco was replaced by Randy Edsall in late December, and reportedly assured Dickens on New Year’s Day that his scholarship was safe.

From the start, militias took over these facilities and replaced transmissions of Ukrainian channels with a ubiquity of pro-Kremlin fare from Russia.

Your blunt (but effective) way of navigating the world is replaced by a character that, quite often, never touches the ground.

His shorts and vest were gone, replaced with a velvet red pencil skirt and a matching suit top.

“Will moderate governments in the region who have large Islamic fundamentalist populations be overthrown and replaced by extremists?”

You may soon be replaced by a tooth-growing drug.

Rhodes replaced one of Michigan’s most controversial emergency managers in March.

KPMG issued written audit reports for China Medical from 2003 to 2008, and was replaced by PwC Zhong Tian in August 2009.

They replaced her with a stepmother instead.

While they will save some parts of the original object, others will be replaced.

When these elected leaders died, people with decidedly different views replaced them.

Regulations replaced by some other approach, perhaps something “market-oriented,” is a new direction.

Hunt, a long-serving health minister, is replaced by culture minister Matt Hancock.

May replaced him with another Brexit campaigner, junior minister Dominic Raab.

Money replaced bodies as the turn on.

Horrific infanticides will be replaced with humane, painless chicken abortions.

Instead, as happened across the country, coal was replaced by natural gas, while renewable energy and energy efficiency also grew.

Xi replaced them with 15 new agencies that report directly to the Central Military Commission he chairs.

He also scrapped the seven geographically based military regions and replaced them with five joint-service theater commands.

Turnbull will be replaced as prime minister by Treasurer Scott Morrison who won a Liberal party leadership vote on Friday.

Many libraries, unfortunately, disposed of their catalogues as computers replaced them.

The Arab Spring revolution in Egypt replaced one dictator with another.

The duo who replaced all the billboards in a tube station with cats to protest advertising have just been hired by an ad agency.

Yesterday’s firings send the same message in Zurich as they did in Washington: anyone can be replaced.

And really, Yoku’s Island Express is a platformer, “jumping” replaced with slamming a ball against walls and loop-de-loops.

Motherboard can provide closure on this traumatic event, and sadly, we have bad news: Steve is dead and has been replaced by a clone.

She was replaced by Lululemon alum Sheree Waterson.

Ideally, the meat is replaced with more vegetables, which could help you feel fuller.

The day after the Best Buy and Discover quasi-defection, MCX announced that it had replaced its chief executive with Brian Mooney.

In terms of carbon dioxide emissions, wood smoke can be carbon neutral if the wood you burn is replaced by new growth.

Mammoth Cave in Kentucky needs to have dirt trails replaced for safety.

Will USBC be replaced, or will all devices switch to this STD,” which I think means standard.

By contrast, Obama replaced about 38 percent of those judges during his two terms in office.

He has failed conservatives and must be replaced.

Boom timesFireworks are dangerous and loud and can only be used once — they’ll probably be replaced by drones someday soon.

In a case of cosmic justice, Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks will be replaced by a woman.

Maduro, a leftist who replaced President Hugo Chavez after his death in 2013, was unharmed but Rodriguez said seven National Guard soldiers were injured.

In a case of cosmic justice, Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks will be replaced by a woman.

UPS and FedEx trucks could be replaced by fleets of delivery robots, eliminating the need for a human driver.

Kikuchi was replaced in the fourth by right-hander Tayler Scott, who became the first South African pitcher in major league history.

But when Phil Anselmo replaced Glaze in ’86, the band’s sound started to shift.

It used to be more commonly thought that Neanderthals had settled in Europe, died out, and then were replaced by humans.

That ethos is gone and it’s been replaced by a cult of individualism.

He’ll be replaced by Howard Mittman, a longtime Conde Nast executive who joined the sports site as chief revenue officer in 2017.

The campaign this year also replaced the part of the site describing Trump’s healthcare policy with a different version.

It was replaced in 2003 by the Elite League (EIHL), with an administratively separate and semi-professional English Premier League (EPIHL) also operating.

Following media reports that Ren may not have fully cleared the deal in Beijing, he was replaced last year by Sinochem Chairman Ning Gaoning.

While Stephen Breyer is about as liberal as Blackmun, Clinton replaced White with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is substantially to White’s left.

The investors cited what they said was a lack of governance after Seto abruptly resigned in October and was replaced by Ushioda.

The interior of the plane has a nightclub vibe—the rows of seating have been pulled out and replaced by swanky couches and lounge chairs.

He said moderators won’t be replaced by the software, but that their jobs would be augmented.

Constructivist architecture was gradually replaced by Stalinist architecture.

—The New York Mets fired pitching coach Dave Eiland and replaced him on an interim basis with Phil Regan, 82.

One outer wall, destroyed by fighting, has been replaced by a stack of firewood.

Like Lamb, O’Connor is running as a moderate and says House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi should be replaced.

Along with these, the stained glass windows can also be replaced along the side of the hall and behind the throne.

The longtime company veteran had previously run its Swedish unit and replaced Peter Agnefjall, who led the company for only four years.

In 2015, a CBS affiliate in Kansas City fired a 47-year-old anchor and replaced her with a 32-year old.

Putin replaced a staggering 35 percent of the country’s governors between 2016 and 2017.

In December 2017, an NBC affiliate in Nashville fired a 58-year-old anchor and replaced her with someone a decade younger.

Putin replaced a staggering 35 percent of the country’s governors between 2016 and 2017.

Since they’d fired the editor I loved and replaced him with one I, well, didn’t, I’d been drinking too much.

So has that been replaced with something specific?

Sean Reid-Foley replaced Thornton and ended the inning on a groundout to shortstop by Bogaerts.

Once in office, Trump replaced Yellen with Powell, breaking with the tradition that Fed chiefs serve two terms.

Derek Law replaced Reid-Foley in the seventh and allowed Vazquez’s 12th homer of the season, a solo shot with two outs.

Colten Brewer replaced Price in the bottom of the seventh and allowed Jansen’s fifth homer of the season leading off the inning.

Regrettably, he was forced out of this fight with an injury and replaced by Willie Gates.

Finally, they replaced one amino acid (aspartic acid) with another (asparagine) and succeeded in making thaumatin 1.7 times sweeter than before.

Then yesterday, at a pre-fight media scrum, Jones himself said that if he had his way McCarthy would be replaced.

The usual color palette has been replaced with green, red, and yellow, and some of the stars have escaped and scattered over the stripes.

The cacophony of friends chatting and children laughing had been replaced by birdsong and the rustle of wind through the trees.

The cocaine buzz that had propelled me through that particular performance was now gone, replaced by a familiar anger.

Over time, these inflexible plants should be retired and replaced with flexible resources — newer natural gas, storage, and (some) renewables.

That’s a huge amount of power to have disappear from your lineup, let alone to have it replaced by Kyle Higashioka.

According to Tracy Wolfson, the field at Levi’s Stadium has been replaced three times since before the season started.

These would be replaced with age-based tax credits ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 per year that would be capped at upper-income levels.

When Dio left for tour in early 1985, Boleyn was fired and replaced by Richard Parrico.

Tarsila replaced the ubiquitous European depiction of the nude female bather with a Brazilian black woman.

Boswell said he felt more confident after President Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe in 2017, promising to restore property rights and revive the ravaged economy.

Gorsuch is ideologically aligned with the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, whom he replaced on the court in 2017.

Yeah, you can definitely get a screen replaced for, as you said a couple 100 bucks.

He was replaced on Sunday by Eric Rowe, and Butler watched on feeling helpless as the Eagles ran up 538 yards.

Law & Order: SVU (NBC) Lethal Weapon (Fox) (Actor Clayne Crawford, who played Riggs, has been fired and replaced with Seann William Scott.)

Thermal coal is mainly used for power generation and is being increasingly replaced by renewable energy sources.

The transition team shake-up last week, in which Vice President-elect Mike Pence replaced New Jersey Gov.

Most of them are in gangs from different areas, which have sprung up everywhere and replaced old crime families.

Refugee advocates say they worry Bartlett could be permanently replaced with someone with far less experience.

Xi announced last October that under the supervision commission the “shuanggui” system would be replaced with a “liuzhi” or detention system.

As the speech goes on, the protagonist is replaced by a crocodile, punk rats, and horses.

Even if there is a referendum next year and Maduro is removed, he would be replaced by his current vice president Aristóbulo Istúriz.

Vajiralongkorn’s portrait has replaced or hangs alongside that of his late father in many streets, public buildings and private businesses.

Two singles and a walk loaded the bases before Buck Farmer replaced Carpenter.

They’ve got the nervy energy of someone who’s replaced their blood with pure caffeine.

But thus far, in practice, retired nuclear plants have been replaced mostly by natural gas.

While Guaido has replaced him as the most prominent figure in the opposition, Lopez still commands the protesters’ respect.

In that post he replaced Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, another potential candidate for the supreme leader post.

Two effectively replaced the old ones.

The 63-year-old will be replaced by Pedro Sánchez, leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, who proposed the no-confidence vote.

The 63-year-old will be replaced by Pedro Sánchez, leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, who proposed the no-confidence vote.

He’s replaced Boykins with two white police chiefs.

He replaced retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, a conservative who sometimes sided with the court’s liberals on social issues like abortion.

Current Ohio State coach Thad Matta then replaced Collier for a season before departing for Xavier.

KS: She just went on CNN to say that he would absolutely not be replaced.

It’s an ambitious push, but Slack hasn’t replaced email yet: You can’t talk to people at other companies using the service.

“I mean, if it was anybody else, any other quarterback, he would have already been replaced.

It will be reportedly replaced by a virtual bar along the bottom of the screen for multitasking and closing apps.

The Touch ID fingerprint reader will be replaced with a facial recognition system set to be called Face ID.

7 feels less careful in its construction (drum programming is replaced with rumbling crashes, for example), and less precious about the space it explores.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari used a U.N. speech Sunday to deny that he had died and been replaced by Sudanese imposter, Reuters reported.

Honest Company, the baby and household product company co-founded by Jessica Alba, has replaced CEO Brian Lee with Clorox Company executive Nick Vlahos.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari used a U.N. speech Sunday to deny that he had died and been replaced by Sudanese imposter, Reuters reported.

Within ten years, college may well become”unbundled, with the classrooms, textbooks, and professors of today replaced by project-based learning.

What if a hearing aid could be replaced with a pair of wireless earbuds and a smartphone app?

In less than a decade, an ink-and-paper system of managing records that goes back thousands of years was digitized and replaced.

Eventually, when drivers are replaced by robot cars, Uber could capture close to 100 percent of the fare.

Wilmer Font replaced Vargas on the mound.

Brown issued a “new chef alert” Monday night to announce Niko has been replaced.

I was served an image of the gates of Auschwitz, the famous words “Arbeit Macht Frei” replaced without irony with “Machen Amerika Great.”

The central government has removed the Mossos’ chief, Josep Lluis Trapero, and said units could be replaced if warranted.

“The era of division will be replaced with a future of unity.

But if the vote happens after January 10, Maduro would be replaced by his vice president.

The chief justice – who was suspended and replaced with an acting replacement last month – could preside over a dispute over the election result.

A recent X-ray analysis revealed a silver platter that was replaced by a woman, who was later covered with a looming black diamond-shaped timepiece.

In his 8 pm time slot, O’Reilly will be replaced by Tucker Carlson.

The office is a converted penthouse apartment where the walls have been replaced with glass partitions, and doors have been taken off their hinges.

The hospital is gone today, but the graveyard is still there, right behind the modern condos that replaced it.

The excitement many undocumented immigrants felt when DACA was first announced has been largely replaced by a steady diet of anxiety.

Interesting note — some of the rooms were replaced with 7-foot beds to accommodate the massive stars … so says the Daily Mail.

Bridges made of rebar and cement have replaced the old wood walkways, and the roads are wider to accommodate cars.

Missouri’s amendment originated in the state constitution of 1875, which was then replaced in 1945, with the Blaine Amendment kept.

The prank icon replaced the “Send+Archive” button, which users employ to reply to then immediately file away an email thread.

Effective immediately, he will be replaced by Channing Dungey, ABC’s vice president of drama development.

Kroger replaced Home Shop with Instacart, one of a handful of third-party delivery firms that now serve more than 1,200 Kroger stores.

Health Secretary Tom Price was forced out and replaced last year after reports emerged of lavish spending on flights.

In one, she replaced Alexa as a human virtual assistant.

Slowly, the grumbling of doubting neighbors was replaced by the exclamations of fans of modernism and curiosity seekers.

In some parts of Afghanistan, the white flag of the Taliban has been replaced by the black flag of IS.

Some people felt their appetite fade away; others simply replaced their food addiction with other addictions or found ways to eat more food.

People basically replaced domestic or local foods with Western or fast food, and it’s a hamburger culture.

He was replaced by club legend Zinedine Zidane.

He closed down the state-run hospital system for the poor, and replaced it with public-private partnerships, which have increased hospital costs for Louisiana.

In the mural, select nouns have been replaced by images, like emojis in a text message.

They also decided to call these roads “free roads,” a term that was later replaced by “freeways.”

(Lady Gaga replaced her set.)

At the first sight of him, all my criticisms folded, replaced with a delirious recognition of Hey!

I saw this first-hand when I was at the New Yorker when David Remnick replaced Tina Brown.

He was replaced by Army Lieutenant General H.R.

The iPhone, the large-screen iPhone replaced

ZTE has replaced its board of directors and senior management, as required by the June settlement, the Commerce Department noted.

Innisfil, Ontario in Canada replaced its public transit system with subsidized Uber rides and saved $8 million.

The notion that MINUSCA, which replaced a flailing African Union mission in 2014, has accomplished little is common.

But the direct effect of one chief of staff being replaced with another is not the only consequence of a Kelly resignation.

To overcome the legal hurdles, he replaced it with a new order in March.

But clearly some of these 60 million workers would be laid off and possibly replaced with automation, particularly in industries with tight profit margins.

“Signs were detected that North Korea has replaced all border security officials following the defection,” the source said.

However, Rosenstein lost his role as Mueller’s supervisor on Wednesday after Trump forced Sessions to resign and replaced him with Matt Whitaker.

Raisi, a former presidential candidate who is seen as close to the elite Revolutionary Guards, replaced Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani.

So each year, a few million newspaper readers die and are not replaced by new readers.

Fiers pitched into the bottom of the seventh, but he was replaced with two outs and a runner aboard.

Most of the names listed above have been replaced.

Jeremi Gorman, from Amazon, has replaced Imran Khan to lead Snap’s business.

It always feels problematic when something we understand is replaced by something else.

She will be temporarily replaced by her deputy, Pranesh Anthapur, while the company searches for her replacement, according to the Journal.

And some of the diminishing coverage is being replaced by coverage on gun control.

It was replaced with a tattoo that’s a tribute to her ex, Mac Miller.

Now they’re gone, replaced by a single control panel for things like checking battery life and setting airplane mode.

In many ways, optimism has replaced the unruly skepticism for Washington’s innumerable misdeeds that has long been present in his work.

OxyContin was removed from the shelves in 2012, replaced by a supposedly tamper-resistant version.

OxyContin was removed from the shelves in 2012, replaced by a supposedly tamper-resistant version.

Because when you talk about these things, many of these jobs will be replaced, like you said no matter what.

“These people who are looking for oxycodone, which they were using before … but it’s been replaced by illegal fentanyl,” he explained.

Ibn Auf was replaced with by Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan, who served as the chief of ground forces for the Sudanese military.

Floods from heavy storms have replaced drought in Northern California.

Provincial assemblies modeled after the national assembly are eliminated in the new version and replaced by an appointed governor and deputy governor.

And according to a New York Times analysis, nearly half of the men who have been replaced were succeeded by women.

Seann William Scott replaced Crawford for season 3 … but now it looks like they are going to need a replacement for Wayans too.

We had some really old ones in the house, so we replaced those — at that price, it seemed worthwhile.

Its skeleton replaced that of a diplodocus dinosaur, which until last year guarded the building’s main entrance.

By 2030, 400 million jobs could be replaced by automation worldwide, a McKinsey study found.

After returning to the gate, the attendants were removed from the flight and replaced by different employees, a United spokesperson said at the time.

Every burger replaced with a Beyond Burger has an impact on CO2 emissions, demand for factory farming, and need for antibiotics.

Rod Rosenstein replaced Boente in that role when the Senate confirmed him as deputy attorney general last month.

That’s not hard to imagine why the new, popular Amazon has replaced Apple as the thing people are most interested in.

Here’s a fun way to spend a long weekend: Contemplating whether you’ll be replaced by a robot.

Retsuko is an effigy of childhood meant to be burned and replaced with something new, something darker and more powerful.

After vandals stole baby Jesus’s head off a sculpture, a local artist replaced it — with disconcerting results.

After Johnson’s resignation, he replaced him as foreign minister.

Nicasio walked Brian Anderson and was replaced by Morgan, who surrendered Walker’s run-scoring single.

Sony apologized for the mistake, took down the trailer, and replaced it with a version that didn’t include Ubisoft’s art.

Eventually, when drivers are replaced by robot cars, Uber could capture close to 100 percent of the fare.

Earlier this year, Canopy also replaced long-term Chief Financial Officer Tim Saunders with a former Constellation executive.

Her blanket was never replaced, even when she was through with the physical withdrawal. April – Chief Financial Officer Jason Wheeler leaves to pursue public policy projects; replaced by Deepak Ahuja, who served as CFO before Wheeler.

“As you know leaders can be replaced.

They will be replaced and we will continue to go after their leadership.”

“As you know leaders can be replaced.

They will be replaced and we will continue to go after their leadership.”

They don’t fear it, which cramps the floor more than if he were replaced with a more lethal outside threat.

However, over the years, some have been moved, replaced, or their environment has changed.

What replaced it was the special counsel position, which was established by Justice Department regulation rather than law.

days before … when he replaced Lane Kiffin.

I replaced it, so I don’t consider that a compulsion, it’s a compulsion for reading.

Instead, developers have replaced them with the canonical images of Hercules’s labors, which belong to the Temple of Zeus at Olympia.

And Lester Young, sick and weak, had to be replaced [on an earlier part of the show] on the big-band numbers.

That expired in September after a court fight and was replaced with the current version.

Boston Gas, a unit of National Grid, replaced 107 miles of leak-prone pipes in 2016, disclosures to regulators show.

But the utility has said it does not expect to have all of leak-prone pipes replaced until 2039.

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday replaced his minister in charge of political relations with Congress, the presidential spokesman said.

Postwar Europe has been long characterised by cosmopolitanism and solidarity – recently too easily replaced by monetary policies, budget controls, and fiscal compacts.

By dinnertime the cupcakes and gourmet yogurt are gone, replaced by almond milk, apples, and a bag of grapes.

According to news reports, Trump replaced Brotman with an announcer who had volunteered for Trump.

Chants of “Modi Modi” have been replaced by “Yogi Yogi” in the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Maintaining ownership of the vehicles will allow them to guarantee that they get regular maintenance and that defective parts are replaced promptly.

In each case, a negative conclusion about glyphosate leading to tumors was either deleted or replaced with a neutral or positive one.

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