Reminders in a sentence | Use of the word reminders examples

He said Uber was fairly strict about standards and sent text reminders to drivers about good behaviour.

“These photos are not only reminders of torture committed by US personnel, they may provide potential new evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

They are reminders that the past accompanies us wherever we go, but they are also more than that.

Their lives became monumental works of art which serve as powerful reminders of how easily all our best efforts can go unrewarded.

For those reminders, I was thankful to have attended the event.

All are reminders of the ever-evolving infrastructure under our feet.

She and other immigration advocates said ICE should instead use alternatives to detention, such as periodic check-ins and reminders of immigrants’ court dates.

Life is incredibly precious The deaths of loved ones, and the growing up of young ones, are powerful reminders of how short life is.

As the city continues to change, reminders of what’s being changed are increasingly vital.

Walking through the city of Dublin in California, you see reminders of the five-year drought.

And for fat women, these images merely serve as constant reminders of their outsider status.

It would also be helpful to delete reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, and future plans on your cellphone calendar.

All reminders will only emphasize what you are no longer privy to know.

Even gentle, isolated reminders of identity can swing people’s voting behavior.

Apple is finally doing something to crack down on all those annoying reminders to go rate an iPhone program in the App Store.

He now receives constant reminders from anti-immigrant trolls on social media that he could be deported on any given day.

Moore’s exhibition raises questions and reminders of the need to develop alternative tactics for long-term survival: care, healing, self-expression, and rest.

Rebels, she says, might find daily push alert reminders annoying, and then resent the app for telling them what to do.

“Mere exposure to or reminders of them can affect how we think,” the authors wrote.

And even for some obligers, push notifications and reminders still might not be enough to motivate them to do the thing.

But the reminders of the journey they’ve been through are constant.

Setting reminders on my phone doesn’t always work for me.

These images and stories serve as reminders of ways of life that, even as adults, we could choose to have.

I have an intricate system of calendar reminders, to-do lists, copious notes, and lots of photos.

He later tweeted, “Don’t need any reminders but All the Time God is Great and God is Great all the time!

“They need court reminders, transportation, but they don’t need the drug testing, supervision, the check-ins every week, or electronic monitoring.

In the background, behind her yard’s wooden fence, four townhouses punctuate the landscape, towering reminders of her impending domesticity.

There’s power to be had in reminders, in visibility, in numbers.

She immediately began taking photographs with them, brushing aside aides’ reminders of another meeting she had to get to.

Many lawmakers, civil rights advocates, and regular citizens see the monuments and flags as offensive reminders of America’s shameful racist past.

Women could always use more reminders that they’re killing it in the professional arena.

The lack of context negatively impacts my dependence on the stand-up reminders.

Its vocal refrains serve as reminders of the leveling power of sorrow.

There’s hope that the country recognizes that too—but with that comes unfortunate reminders that progress is, above all else, slow.

While Trump spoke of compromise, his speech provided some reminders of partisan battles over the past year.

Yet beyond these ugly reminders of violent occupation grows hope.

The company is also overhauling its reminders app and implementing new features into its Photos app, among others.

The exhibit explores the personal and material items that commemorate lesbian life, define queer identities, and serve as collective reminders of personal queer histories.

My calendar is riddled with reminders of loss and I celebrate them all.

As at the hotel, there are reminders of human presence — but only just.

The destruction and defacement are reminders of what the disposal of computers is doing to the planet, and to developing economies in particular.

They can show you text messages (or Slack notifications, if you fiddle with the settings), turn-by-turn navigation, reminders from your calendar, and the weather.

We need reminders of what happened in the past.

The exhibition’s archival vitrines present blunt reminders of painful and contested histories, but they also exhume buried stories waiting to be told.

The faces staring at us from Smith’s photographs are ghosts, reminders of what brought us to this place.

Alessandra Sanguinetti: When I shoot, I set out with scenes in mind, with lists, and quickly scrawl storyboard kind of reminders.

As often as I can, I say that officers need constant training, reinforcement, reminders that they have to treat everybody courteously and respectfully.

“The droll lucidity of his images are pungent reminders that card playing spawns all types of sin: gluttony, drunkenness, lust, greed, and folly.

reminders that say: this technology, this system, was not built for you.

Amid the reminders of loved ones she’s lost, periodically she comes across people that she knows have carried out a shooting.

Lynching photographs showed our mangled, disfigured bodies as constant reminders of what was in store for an uppity African American.

While some might not want such reminders included, the reality is that a history of the time would be less complete without them.

Their voices also serve as reminders of the human risks involved in this trade: those who were caught were imprisoned.

But there were still two other “reminders” that needed getting rid of.

They’re also reminders of the continued debate between guarding human remains for science and cultural respect.

Everywhere you look are more cruel reminders that sports are bad after a whole offseason of being reminded that sports are bad.

Palka points out that these exchanges of hair could be the most intimate reminders of a faraway friend.


Notebooks are a great tool for all ages for jotting down everything from thoughts to ideas to reminders.

Two jarring reminders of how far Republicans have to go popped up today.

Implicit and explicit reminders of how precious life is, anywhere in the universe.

Men, as a rule, were weak and needed aggressive reminders to stay on the straight and narrow; politicians were simply men.

To show real commitment, write your schedule down and put reminders in your phone.

It can set reminders and stuff.

A closer look at the final pieces reveal inconsistencies, serving as visual reminders that these stars were created by hand.

And, Fawcette says she’s consistently observed Nichelle performing daily activities with no issues … she just needs occasional reminders to pay her bills.

Google Assistant has its uses — finding a song name, having a hands-free option for Google searches, creating reminders for various tasks.

I feel like the best that you can do as an artist is not let people forget—just have works that are reminders.

I’m comfortable with MMA fighters being reminders of mortality while they’re fighting.

What remain are three-dimensional silhouettes, caustic reminders of the unfathomable distance of history even when we stand face-to-face with it.

Others might have symptoms like intrusive thoughts, avoiding reminders of the event, having negative thoughts about themselves, having trouble sleeping, and being easily startled.

And if circumstances—professional or creative, let’s say—make reminders of a recent breakup unavoidable, you can always convert that angst into rocket fuel.

It didn’t take long to see reminders of the water shortage.

Do you love pizza, but feel like you can’t enjoy it without grim reminders of your own mortality?

It also incorporates to-dos and reminders, something Apple has never adequately addressed.

The guide starts with some general principles and reminders about the digital footprints that we leave everyday while using websites and social media networks.

10:45 AM: Facebook is bringing appointment booking to the Messenger API so you can have instant booking, real-time availability, and reminders.

Enter nostalgia fatigue—specifically, exhaustion caused by overexposure to reminders of a sentimental past.

reminders of “the way things were” are always around.

Freckleton says that the band will even adjust to users’ unique body patterns and give them passive-aggressive reminders of why hydration rules.

One of the reasons I like Our World in Data is that it offers reminders that, quite recently, things were really bad.

The apps’ constant chipper questions and reminders were mostly tone deaf and annoying, but occasionally they were comforting.

Simple reminders like these can literally be life-saving for someone with severe depression.

In the 70s, we were nostalgic for the 50s, lapping up sunny reminders of the past like Grease, Happy Days and Sha Na Na.

Instead all I saw were reminders of bad things that had happened to me.

I play all three games at Nintendo—in their UK office, with reminders of the company’s heritage at every turn.

BabyCenter’s “Bumpie” feature even comes with calendar reminders so that nary a week goes by without photo-documentation.

In a number of rooms, there are written reminders that these foods are forbidden.

Slack bots can brighten up any drab working environment, with motivational quotes or playful reminders.

Others are reminders of his explicit embrace of racial discrimination.

However, that hasn’t stopped Afghans from attempting to erase, quite literally, the unwanted reminders of conflict.

Some users find it a reliable way to set timers, alarms, notes and reminders, or to find restaurants.

“I have elements within my tattoos that represent strength and empowerment, reminders that I am a survivor,” she says.

One year later, driving through Orlando, it’s impossible to forget what happened that night, because the reminders are everywhere.

There are subtle reminders that the service is about platonic touch, interspersed with photos of young, sexy women.

One year later, driving through Orlando, it’s impossible to forget what happened that night, because the reminders are everywhere.

Also, these invites were physical reminders of amazing times—artifacts before cameras were ubiquitous and instantaneous sharing was possible.

However, the grace of ancient traditions was widespread enough throughout Bali to offset noisy reminders of consumerism.

reminders of Japan’s brutal rule are inflammatory for both sides.

For him and Scholl, the photographs of Sweet and Monroe are beautiful and illustrious reminders of that history.

While the Jewish community has long dispersed to other neighborhoods in Miami, the photographs stand as reminders of the community’s brightest days.

I need reminders.

I don’t think of Bergman’s portraits as eccentric; rather, they are necessary reminders of the perils of being alive.

oldest emails are me forwarding things and reminders to myself.

and The Strange Career of Jim Crow are reminders of how history always haunts the present.

There are constant reminders that most of the most powerful people in the league are pretty awful human beings.

Do you bring physical copies of particular books with you as reminders of home, or are you strictly a Kindle kind of guy?

“They are reminders to spend time considering different aspects of life.

For the rest of us, they’re poignant reminders of the significant role grassroots movements play in enacting systemic change.

Additionally, frequent reminders of positive, ethical behavior among a group can shift perceptions of norms toward more desirable behaviors.

And we get reminders about this frequently, although attempts are being made to curb it.

A guitar case with good reminders on it.

Ideally, Facebook would send occasional reminders to review and update your friend selections.

Spread throughout the exhibition are reminders of the particular political situations and daily discriminations with which Indigenous Americans were contending.

(It also prompted a few reminders that the third-party Twitter dashboard Hootsuite still exists.)

It’s also a potent reminder — as if anyone, especially Iraqis, needed more reminders — of just how cruel the group is.

They serve as stark reminders of the bad old days.” He worries, though, that there is a good argument for removing them after Charlottesville.

They’re little reminders of how wonderous small works of art can be.

The newly released second trailer for this upcoming masterpiece will show you why such GCal reminders are so important.

He bears physical reminders and mementos of that fateful night in September 2013.

Here, there are only a few, subtle reminders, on the windows and entry, that we are in China at all.

But over time, the therapist’s demeanor became friendlier—she sent text reminders of appointments that included “Peanuts” references.

This teaches the Assistant to recognize your voice, providing personalized information like calendar reminders and more.

In fact, there are reminders of that era all over this place.

The Chernobyl accident, in addition to the more recent Fukushima meltdown, are reminders of the consequences of breeches in safety culture at nuclear facilities.

Still, blunt reminders can be painful, healthy.

Quick reminders: Under Obamacare, states could expand Medicaid eligibility to up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

The many selves that live in her poems aren’t just a meditation on being, but reminders of our mortality as well.

Across town in the Mohandiseen district, there were plenty of reminders of Islamic State’s reign of terror.

The resulting images, called Microsculpture, are reminders of why the ancient Egyptians made scarabs into precious jewelry and considered dung beetles sacred.

She set up systems for my schedule and customer service processes, canned responses for my client requests, and organized reminders on my calendar.

Dark shapes like veils surround many, but these shrouds are the sole reminders of classic Christian iconography.

There needs to be a deeper understanding of the various ways in which people grieve—not all of these ways require reminders, she says.

Unsullied by reminders of the uneasy state of the real world, or the need to pretend that it’s okay.

“What I learned from photographing these people and hearing their stories was that permanent reminders aren’t all bad.

Elison slyly narrates this tale of cold feet, impulse decisions, and prenatal heists entirely through the gestation company’s upbeat prompts and reminders.

So Uber will be using that information to send drivers things like a weekly driving score card, speeding alerts and reminders to take breaks.

Often his apocalyptic end-of-the-world artworks serves as reminders of his childhood Sunday school teachings.

You can create itemized checklists, set reminders that sync with your calendar, and send notes to Google Docs.

Boxes are a step towards the comfort of home and reminders of the love of family and friends.

“This lack of organization also means that people accidentally encounter painful reminders at unexpected times.

Users receive reminders about court appearance dates and documents required, even directions and check-in procedures for court-ordered drug and alcohol treatments, said Ellis-Lamkins.

And enough reminders that joy persists, somehow.

reminders of my future.

You know, 25 million reminders in the last year.

They are reminders.

Everything from guided meditations to talks to looking at different impermanence reminders and cultural things.

Most recently, though, the most difficult reminders come from my limited ability to protest the way I’d like—the way everyone I love does.

It is so hard to be in that space where you literally can’t avoid the physical reminders of what happened.

And a disservice at a time when our people need reminders of what we can achieve when we work together.

It’s also one that’s required him to maneuver with extreme pushback from the Toronto Police and frequent reminders of his past.

JC: I use Apple’s built-in reminders app, actually.

I make a lot of reminders via Siri, so I just speak it and Siri adds it to the list.

I probably should just set reminders using voice.

It’s helpful to be very good with reminders, not only about logistic things like appointments and birthdays but also about emotions.

The Asian American community’s response on social media has been vocal and varied—outrage combined with reminders for solidarity with other victimized minorities.

But those players serve more as reminders of what has been lost than as beacons for better things to come.

Setting reminders on my phone doesn’t always work for me.

One year later, driving through Orlando, it’s impossible to forget what happened that night, because the reminders are everywhere.

Snapshots are reminders of what’s important and meaningful.

These are reminders of his skill as a draftsman.

While Trump spoke of compromise, his speech provided some reminders of partisan battles over the past year.

Although the physical reminders of destruction are still visible, evidence of the lingering radiation is far less apparent.

But these stories are reminders that beneath all the feisty rhetoric around trade, there’s no real strategy or vision to Trumponomics.

There are also repeat reminders that institutionalized sexist and racist power hierarchies persist savagely at the bottom.

The Blaze and Alta, meanwhile, are getting software updates that will bring new notifications, clock faces and move reminders.

SendGrid helps businesses like Spotify or Airbnb send email confirmations, password reminders and more.

Plus, as Facebook Events, marches could take advantage of built-in Facebook features, like Notifications, reminders, discussion boards, Messenger and more.

Trucks washed the streets morning and night, creeping in the darkness, their brushes shushing like reminders to keep quiet.

But there were constant reminders that Cleveland was different.

Regardless, today they live on as shining reminders of our legacy as wonderers and explorers.

In that way, it mimics Woodcock himself, who is in the habit of sewing reminders of his mother into the clothing he makes.

The buzzing reminders become little more than minor annoyances.

Traditionally these scrolls were often displayed in temples and shrines, as not-so-subtle reminders of the consequences of immoral behavior.

Parents can monitor activity from the app and assign reminders for things like chores, homework and brushing their teeth.

When the fatberg was first discovered, in September, it was the latest in a string of reminders that London has a dire sewage problem.

Her scars and her limp are visual reminders of the violence she survived.

His instructions were strict on arrival time and included reminders that I bring “a water bottle and sun protection,” both of which I forgot.

The Apple Watch Nike+, which was also announced, will ping you with friendly reminders (“Are we running today?”)

“There are lots of reminders.

The aptly named “Done,” lets you set your own goals and get reminders.

Fugleberg’s hometown, Orlando, is haunted by reminders.

The constant mistreatment and reminders of the crime he didn’t commit places him on the fringes of his new city.

Daily aches and discomfort create nagging reminders that are, at best, annoying, and at worst can be debilitating.

Despite his background in animation, Pates chose to insert his graphics sparingly, as if they were reminders of their author’s origins.

The result is a landscape of gorgeous views muddled with shattered reminders of humanity’s past—a past that happens to be our present.

The documentary is full of these moments — unsubtle reminders that even after his arrest, Bundy continued to run his own show.

For instance, you could improve your retention rate by sending email reminders.

(The official Twitter account is back to tweeting reminders to sign up.)

Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter have added small reminders to their feeds, as have Reddit, Tinder, Bumble, Lyft and several other big tech companies.

These reminders are working, especially for the Times.

There are few reminders of what was there before, save for some signage and furniture.

But any reminders of nuclear war and its dark aftermath will be erased.

Users can quickly identify which leads are hot and which are cooling and could use a follow-up with lists and reminders.

The flip side of that feature is the addition of reminders to Move.

And building cities to be defensive could also make them feel suffocating, with too many physical reminders about the risk of attack.

These reminders will begin today and roll out over the week, it says. is urging its members to set daily reminders on their phones to call at least one Republican Senate office every day.

Packing lunches, homework check-ins, scheduling, and reminders can all mask symptoms in youth.

When you visit La Chinesca today, there are only these faint reminders of what they once were.

They are reminders.

Couple reminders … please don’t punch horses, eat horse crap or climb onto hotel awnings.

HomePod can do things like read the news, play music, set up alarms and reminders, check the weather.

It can handle reminders, control HomeKit devices, deliver sports, news and traffic info.

Despite the aftermath of Brexit and some recent reminders that the laws of gravity also apply to startup valuations, entrepreneurship is still incredibly hot.

In this age of bionic eyeballs and fecal transplants, reminders of our basic humanity are certainly welcome.

reminders: Amazon has registered some .health domain names, and it already sells some medical supplies.

People will receive email reminders every two or three weeks that it’s still on.

And hopefully you also with the app will sign up for voting reminders.

Or it can text you reminders at a scheduled time.

Another might have Alexa dictate their schedule for the day, then receive a list of reminders that are in need of scheduling.

While Alexa itself has reminders and to-dos, her reach is more limited.

– With iPhone 7 reminders, you can organize your life to spend the time doing the things that matter to you.

I use the Apple reminders app, which lets you store multiple bullet-pointed lists of stuff.

“Charlottesville and Berkeley are rampaging reminders that the political spectrum is much broader than we Americans are used to acknowledging.

Down here, you’re constantly faced with physical reminders — the flag, Confederate statues — of our nation’s bigotry.

And hopefully you also with the app will sign up for voting reminders.

Well, we know that people are signing up for our voting reminders in the dozens of tens of thousands, which is great.

I actually, no, I think maybe 75,000 people have signed up for voting reminders.

Law enforcement agencies around the nation have continually sent out reminders, mostly to parents and children, that wielding replica weapons can prove lethal.

Other reminders of fevers past: Most of these Asians buying bitcoin are the general public, not professional traders.

Like Google Now, it can tell you the weather, and it lets you set timers, alarms and reminders and ask general questions.

The resulting pairings are poetic reminders of the borderless sky, in contrast to the artificial boundaries separating nations below.

They literally wear those reminders back home.

manage pipeline stages, set reminders for follow ups, track emails/notes, etc.

reminders of suffering were cleared off the streets.

This we understand, and a lot of us are exhausted by the reminders of it.

This month’s war of words over North Korea have brought reminders of that paradox.

It can last five full days before it needs a charge, which is nice, and also includes movement reminders.

For example, IT-enabled communications and reminders could be repurposed to positively influence individuals to stay healthy.

They could accompany the sharing of posts with reminders of the harm from misinformation.

Jiff also uses predictive analytics to provide to plan members personalized recommendations, such as prevention reminders and healthy living suggestions.

They might be using calendar reminders when contracts are due for renewal, says company co-founder and CEO Barak Kaufman.

After all, it promotes setting and achieving goals, and comes with handy vibrating reminders (and inspirational messages!)

And there are African-American residents who say the monuments should remain as reminders that long-dead white oligarchs could not thwart black progress.

Insulin injections were daily reminders that I was broken and couldn’t be fixed.

reminders of its violent history are everywhere.

— Amy Siskind (@Amy_Siskind) February 22, 2018 “Since when do we need written reminders to show how much we care?

Well, they’re not totally alone — she leaves behind a bowl filled with advice and daily reminders for her roommates.

Most of the time, On This Day serves up happy reminders or neutral memories.

The Adobe survey focused on the most irritating phrases in work e-mails, which exclusively related to passive-aggressive reminders about previous messages.

The program utilized a text and email system to get patients into follow-up appointments by sending reminders ahead of the visit.

Dad can tell Alexa to play music, check the weather, set schedule reminders, or even manage other smart devices in the house.

Other towns, plagued by overzealous parents of their own, have installed similarly snarky reminders.

Rather than being aspirational, coming-of-age milestones become reminders of your own mortality.

Viewers can enter twice per day at, and sign up for daily email reminders.

The Wi-Fi-connected device features a display that issues reminders and alerts when it’s time to take a pill.

From there, you can do the standard array of Alexa features, from setting reminders to controlling smart home devices.

According to Siksnans, the team also often turned to email as their go-to reminders application of choice, and had grown frustrated.

“Alternative apps like Apple’s iCal or reminders took too many taps to input a simple reminder.

The women shown are reminders that making the wrong choices about tanning can be not only disfiguring, but fatal.

Apart from these reminders of the room’s purpose, the vinyl-floored, fluorescent-lit units resemble a 1970s dorm room.

My Notes app is a mélange of grocery lists, pitch ideas, and context-free reminders.

The key to Productive, though, is its reminders.

Uber customers set their pickup information in advance and receive reminders the day of.

I feel everyone needs constant reminders, because there are constant setbacks.

via GIPHY We need all the reminders we can get that it’s 2016.

Within chat we could send video, audio and little reminders like “Thinking of you.”

She suspects the texts are just reminders to David and Victoria’s son that they’re all always watching.

Voter registration tools — including reminders — are also now available directly on YouTube’s homepage.

The subscriptions also support seven-day free trials, trial expiration reminders and are billed together on a single statement from Roku monthly.

Everywhere you look in Rio, there are reminders that the 2016 Olympics are here.

What begins as a slow trickle of email reminders from hospital administrators regarding mandatory flu vaccinations inevitably becomes a deluge.

As the days turn to weeks and physicians such as myself become delinquent, the friendly reminders turn into threatening rebukes in large, bold font.

The drag-and-drop interface lets you prioritize your tasks, and you can set a “due date” for reminders on those you don’t want to forget.

Once enabled, you can get restaurant recommendations, turn off alarms and schedule reminders, among other features, all without having to unlock the handset.

“I like the little reminders,” she said.

Life is full of reminders that time passes so very fast,” Zelda Williams wrote.

Life is full of reminders that time passes so very fast….Now, excuse me while I go reenact this with my baby brother’s face.

You can schedule smart reminders for this app throughout the day so that you stop and take a moment to relax.

AAA also found that relatively recent advancements like maintenance reminders and engine alerts haven’t lowered the amount of drivers stuck roadside.

She keeps track of every detail and sets reminders for when they’ll need new shoes or jeans to replace old versions.

“While today’s vehicle technology incorporates maintenance reminders and dashboard alerts designed to prevent roadside trouble, drivers still must take action.”

Maybe the reason I have kept these items secretly locked away is that nobody needs constant reminders of their low points.

And recent breakthroughs in policy, from road financing to criminal sentencing, are reminders that Mr Northam remains an effective governor.

Captain Fantastic is full of lovely reminders about the pleasures of living simply.

It’s really important, those reminders, of why you’re doing it.

But recent instances are reminders of how often women feel targeted or singled-out in a variety of settings, even those that are most familiar.

And a disservice at a time when our people need reminders of what we can achieve when we work together.

And the app’s artificial intelligence features can even send helpful reminders or suggest the most diabetes-friendly meals when you walk into a restaurant.

The design offers a more on-the-go take on things, designed around functionality like calendar reminders, driving directions and text messages.

They are fashion statements or artistic choices, admonitions against a fast culture and reminders of our morality.

Out of the gate, users will be able to use Bixby with Contacts, Gallery, Settings, Camera, reminders and a few others.

DeKonick told the station that parents receive payment reminders when accounts have $5 left.

This suggested reminders functionality was first announced a year ago, and was developed in conjunction with Microsoft’s Research division.

Other suggested reminders will also appear in the Cortana home, Microsoft notes.

Users in the Windows Insider program have been able to test these proactive reminders ahead of today’s public launch.

A radiation counter from the 1950s and plans to counter the millennium bug provide reminders of physical and digital threats of the past.

I used it to search and set location-based reminders, both of which it handled without issue.

Here are some of our standout stories, and reminders that the future is indeed both wonderful and terrifying.

Like when you want to see your to-do or reminders list, or watch a movie trailer, or see, not hear, the weekly weather forecast.

“I think there were a lot of reminders with how difficult this environment can be.

“They were reminders for homework.

They were reminders to study for a test.

Behind the scenes, DocPlanner offers calendar management and various other clinic administration/office features, including a personal tele-assistant, and automatic appointment reminders.

Filtering options let you find notes by tags or reminders, and you can search across your account or within a single notebook.

After all, reminders gets its own section in there.

You’ll also have to tell the app when it should send reminders about your bedtime.

The ever-present reminders hurt and heal in equal measure.

Prince William didn’t need any reminders for today’s special significance.

I don’t think our crazy, busy lives could remain intact if we didn’t have a bunch of calendar reminders keeping us on schedule.

You may schedule a cleaning, check on the robot’s progress, and even receive maintenance reminders all via your phone.

I never need reminders.

reminders remain of the fragility in Britain’s economy as it faces up to leaving the EU.

iCloud Drive, Mail, Calendar, Notes, Keychain, reminders, iWork, Photos, News and others all experienced downtime.

You can play your favorite tunes, receive reminders, communicate with loved ones, and monitor smart devices with this small, yet powerful device.

You can use your voice to ask for reminders, check the weather, and search for local restaurants.

Is it too much to have our October calendar filled with Kylie Cosmetics launch date reminders?

Cruz gained some buzz for using technology to fundraise and send voting reminders amid a not-so-digitally inclined GOP field.

Those videos are just reminders that if you’re Black, you aren’t entitled to due process of law.

Even its advocacy apps seem to be all election all the time, with reminders to vote for Trump overwhelming the NRA’s app page.

The addition of Alexa brings 5,000 skills to the wrist, including some legitimately handy features, like calling for a Lyft and creating calendar reminders.

Users can also schedule calendar reminders to drink water or take medication at specific times throughout the day.

reminders of our mortality motivate people to take better care of their physical health and can even increase prosocial feelings of compassion.

The watch promises to send medication reminders as well as dosage instructions.

It’s not yet clear why it was delayed, or exactly how it will handle who can send reminders to whom.)

The ever-present reminders hurt and heal in equal measure.

Tala customers can view their credit status, track payments, get reminders and ask for help, along with making and receiving payments.

A feature called “My Day” gives you a daily briefing of your upcoming events, reminders, weather and traffic.

Okay, Lola won’t answer all of your general questions and set reminders like Alexa.

Updates to reminders app, Safari browser and Apple Maps, where Apple expects it will have remapped the entire U.S. by the end of 2019.

You may schedule a cleaning, check on the robot’s progress, and even receive maintenance reminders all via your phone.

“As you prepare for Saturday’s festivities, keep an eye out for signs of the supernatural or reminders of late loved ones.

And both Google and Facebook have begun to introduce screen time reminders and settings for addictive apps like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“She tried so hard to get over it, but the reminders were everywhere.

I see so many reminders from people that things aren’t always what they seem on Instagram,” she began.

In addition to Routines, location-based reminders is another new feature set to roll out in the near future.

If a Tesla driver habitually ignores reminders to “Hold Steering Wheel,” Autopilot will disengage.

Beyond stickers and payments, M Suggestions also can recommend location sharing, timed reminders, group chat polls and ridesharing options from Lyft and Uber.

What they found is that almost everything—there have now been over 600 experiments done around Terror Management Theory—can be affected by subtle death reminders.

In another study, death reminders increased the amount of money people thought should be rewarded for reporting a criminal.

Interestingly, only death reminders could produce effects in their experiments.

Interpreted alongside the story of Switzer’s run, these advertisements are reminders that bodies are a part of history.

So butter some popcorn and kick back — these 15 reminders don’t require leaving the couch.

Because the bot was originally written as reminders to myself, it’s catered specifically to that Twitter-obsessive type of anxiety.

We all need these reminders.

The new OS should bring improved, personalized reminders as well, though that’s “coming later in 2018,” according to the company.

The reminders app is redesigned with a new look.

But even in these uncertain times, we’ve had plenty of reminders that love is love love.

Some card games are classics, and everyone knows the rules without much instruction or too many reminders.

One small step toward this is the Alta’s workout reminders.

A child can even use Hello Barbie Hologram to set reminders.

The startup also sends reminders, which reduces no shows.

For those who often quit diet and fitness programs, like me, the reminders are very effective motivators.

These include creating time-based reminders to collect your items; a rechargeable smart tag battery; and water resistance.

His laugh, and a shot of Arkham Asylum, serve as reminders of where this is all headed.

Two beat-up Reliant Rialtos in the studio served as reminders of the Robin Reliant abuse we’ve seen in Top Gears of yesteryear.

Like your own personal trainer, it’ll give you little reminders throughout the day to keep moving.

Some apps will receive updates, such as Mail and reminders.

Users got reminders of their state’s voter registration deadlines via the app this fall.)

For eight years, the white people in my small Wisconsin town gave me daily reminders that, to them, I was the Other.

When I sing these songs now, they’re reminders that I survived it.

But long before Apple pre-installed its reminders app on all iPhones, Clear ($4.99) led the pack.

Clear is a simple, powerful to-do and reminders app that now commands over 2.5 million downloads.

The update added support for iOS reminders so you could easily combine your calendar and to-do list.

She balanced quick reminders of her laurels with the “new Kacey,” in-love and feeling good about her place in the middle.

Now I’m getting constant reminders about how I will “never make Australia home” because of it.

– Angie Han  Civil War is excellent except for the reminders that Avengers: Age of Ultron happened.

reminders of lines like this make that whole crossbow incident seem a little more understandable.

There, in addition to everything else, you can ask the assistant about your calendar, set reminders and get the latest headlines.

Multiple timers can be set for different people for the same time, and all reminders can be managed in the Alexa App.

In the meantime, he keeps on working in the kitchen, a place that offers small reminders of the life he used to lead.

Other changes include Screen Time, effects and stickers in Messages, Siri Shortcuts integration, a new reminders app, and Books upgrades.

Sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, all these things were sometimes too much to handle, but the scars are reminders of why it was worth it.

Jin Soon Choi, founder of the brand and longtime manicurist, adds that the words serve as especially important reminders in today’s climate.

Inside the band is activity tracking, sleep tracking, move reminders, a clock and smartphone notifications.

The new interface instead has a mobile-first focus, with swipeable screens, larger imagery and (planned) support for push notification reminders and alerts.

We’re surrounded by constant reminders, and it’s stressful as hell.

One feature plucked from the Apple Watch — reminders to stand up.

Teams can collaborate to send reminders and make sure everyone is on the same page.

YayPay also eliminates a bunch of pesky tasks, such as gentle email reminders.

Kinside then makes automated childcare payments with funds from their FSAs and bank accounts or sends payment reminders.

The company launched Texts From A Mom Thursday morning, a project that lets anyone sign up for text reminders to brush their teeth.

Why not carry on, alongside reminders of how good you look?

Anyone with any computer, regardless of operating system can understand how incredibly annoying update reminders can be once they start.

Facebook also announced Monday it will launch local election reminders — for the first time ever — to get out the vote.

But for some members of the LGBTQ community, the season offers reminders of family rejection and a lack of acceptance.

Google Assistant can also execute certain tasks, like changing reservation times or setting calendar reminders.

What’s more, it could track the billing over time, and send out reminders, help the companies stay engaged with their customers.

This, it turns out, is a common experience for sexual assault survivors, since certain items can trigger reminders of the event.

From step counting and calorie checks to daily movement reminders, it’s got all the trappings of an awesome fitness tracker.

Social media managers can also now draft Live video announcements for their celebrity clients to review, and send the star reminders to start broadcasting.

“He still needs gentle reminders but has become increasingly receptive to direction.

Mark your calendars and set all the reminders on your phone, because tickets for the tour are set to go on sale May 5.

It allows you to prioritize tasks, auto-schedule them in your calendar, and utilize smart reminders so you get everything done.

I kept the tiny reminders, but those became easier and easier to ignore.

“[Kendra] tried so hard to get over it, but the reminders were everywhere.

Wesson smartly decided to pad out the big reveal with little reminders of what a great husband he’s been (thus far).

Smart brush head replacement reminders also alert you when you need to replace your brush head.

Some are reminders for himself, some are notes for his wife, and others are pithy observations about parenting in general.

The app interface is designed to be intuitive, so it’s easy to view your orders and even set reminders for yourself.

… I think there were a lot of reminders with how difficult this environment can be.

The messages address three main areas important to women throughout their experience with motherhood: warning signs, reminders and encouragement.

The app focuses on four major points: data collection, patient monitoring, health education or appointment reminders.

To shield my wife from these reminders would be to lock her in our apartment and keep her off of social media.

You can call an Uber, set reminders, make calls, get text notifications, and track your vitals.

reminders of the attack are constant, especially as the season is getting started.

I’m a runner, and found the tracking to work pretty well, along with plenty of reminders to get off my lazy ass.

But one of the starkest reminders is Rickey’s dark green Mustang, which sits unrepaired in her driveway.

The bottle will then track how much water you’re taking in, and adapt its reminders to your schedule.

But they don’t fully take advantage of mobile’s ability to push alerts and reminders that are personalized to your interests.

And it’s an assistant, providing tips, notes, and reminders for both kids and parents.

Amazon says both reminders and named timers were among the top requests from customers.

With its configurable reminders, Aloe Bud will encourage you to take a break, drink water, move your body, rest, breathe, and more.

Maybe Facebook and Twitter should add their own in-app kindness reminders, as well?

If you have a FitBit or some other type of smart watch, set reminders on there.

These references to the original Washington town are always comforting; they are reminders that the original premise is out there.

Another suggestion was to broadcast reminders over the PA system to deter passengers.

), and the reminders that they are “big boys now,” at age 5.

Plus, it sends you reminders to make sure you don’t forget to take that break.

And despite Apple’s continued reminders to developers over the last few weeks, many developers still have not made the necessary changes yet.

That way, you can easily print reminders, shopping lists, and more anytime and anywhere.

Photos like Hayek’s are important reminders that bodies are beautiful and should be celebrated at every age and at every size.

Below, some Twitter highlights from Obama’s question and answer session — and a few reminders that her fantastic sense of humor is intact.

A: Adobe’s utilitarian logo may be most commonly associated with reminders to update your Flash player.

It has also seriously upped its safety game, with multiple reminders to users to wear helmets and not ride on sidewalks.

“We were shocked,” he says of this appetite for bill reminders.

“The holidays are reminders, and you really feel the absence of the person,” Sandberg, 48, tells PEOPLE.

Taking notes, sketching on screenshots, drawing ideas, setting Sticky Note reminders with Cortana; those sorts of tasks.

Reaching for my phone, I brace myself for the several dozens of notifications and reminders silenced during my slumber.

In general, the Show can do everything the Echo can do, like check your calendar, set reminders, and ask general interest questions.

And I eventually found peace in all of those reminders.

It then emails that employee with a notice of their package’s arrival, and daily reminders until they have come and picked it up.

American discourse is littered with subtle reminders that a socially acceptable build is a prerequisite for kindness, respect, and acknowledgement.

reminders has been completely redesigned.

The reminders kept coming and I kept getting annoyed.

I can imagine some women wishing for no reminders of a miscarriage.

And it offers more utilitarian functions, such as adjusting device functions, sending texts and emails, placing calls, or creating reminders.

Those include the likes of for — you guessed it — weather data and Twilio for sending reminders to a driver’s phone, for example.

The other half of the problem is digging through calendars to differentiate critical meetings from junk reminders and other unimportant calendar items.

A water bottle dedicated to hydration reminders is ideal for those hectic work days full of meetings and errands.

Facebook also tries to minimize the emotional impact of losing a loved one by no longer sending birthday reminders about writing on their wall.

And there are reminders that Downton Abbey was more than just a house.

In fact, Kramer admitted that news of ongoing cheating allegations against Tristan Thompson dredged up reminders of Caussin’s infidelity.

“His texts include inspirational quotes, heartfelt messages of encouragement and reminders of how much he loves me,” she wrote.

When elections happen, the app sends you two reminders: one early notice and another the day before the election.

Bird safety reminders from @CityOfCincy Councilwoman @ElectAmyMurray!

Use it to answer questions, set schedules and reminders, play music, control smart devices, and more.

Implicit and explicit reminders of how precious life is, anywhere in the universe.

You can use Slack shortcuts to add reminders.

All the reminders  Adding a reminder is easy in Slack.

You can use Slack in a variety of ways to solve this problem — using Google calendar, group messaging, and reminders.

But in the medical field, Jan faced reminders of her traumatic birth experience everywhere, meanwhile her daughter’s condition continued to worsen.

“I am the keeper of reminders.

Persistent reminders in the media and from many financial advisers about the value of later filing also is likely seeping in to public awareness.

It will also provide “election reminders and an absentee ballot FAQ.”

A friendly robot named Ida explained what I needed to do, and guided me along with reminders about which buttons to push.

Both the show and the collection are powerful reminders that celebrating and defending trans lives are so important, especially now.

And if you’re feeling anxious, it can even send you helpful reminders to slow down with some deep breaths.

So revel in the idea of having a car payment and needing to set reminders to get your car’s oil changed.

Hammer’s letter to her daughter is full of reminders and advice that empowers girls and women of all ages.

“They are reminders of the places I have visited and the individuals I have met along the way.”

You can receive reminders to add water and nutrients.

You can set limits for yourself, set up bill reminders and discover what kinds of things you spend the most money on.

This means you’ll see upcoming appointments, reminders, a graphical view of what traffic on your route to work looks like, etc.

In other news, Rambo also shared a screenshot of the new version of the reminders app.

Yes, you can only set reminders, check in on activities, and view your own timeline, but anything else runs the risk of being distracting.

For $1.99, you can buy an expansion pack of reminders and reactions.

For $3.99, you’ll be permitted to write personalized reminders for any activity on your dashboard.

Their stories are heart-breaking reminders of how important all your work is to keep the river safe.

They have also created a system for med reminders that help pill takers remember to take their pills.

They simply hit a button to request a delivery or setup medication reminders.

Speck and Kemper are reminders that the show’s compelling narrative is shaped around nuggets of cold, hard truth, which F.B.I.

She finds people frequently thank her for posting little prayers or reminders.

Now coaching football and tennis at a club in suburban Buenos Aires, Batista is by now tired of the repeated reminders.

No reminders to stop.

Important reminders for safety after a hurricane and flooding: DO NOT GO INTO FLOOD WATERS.

Similarly, you can set up offline budgets for your employees, and Spendesk will make sure your employees upload receipts by sending reminders.

Then Calendar will automatically find open slots, fill them in with your goal, and send reminders.

Northern states have such reminders, too.

That software, which complements this new release, helps businesses schedule appointments with customers and automate appointment reminders.

It also includes smart watch features like alarm reminders and GPS route tracking so that you won’t get lost on your jog.

Use it to call up an Uber, set reminders, make calls, receive text notifications, and more.

Pro-tip: Set reminders in the app to be alerted to upcoming matches you don’t want to miss.

It’s a sad state of affairs when some people still need these reminders, but hopefully the signs will do their intended job.

Do we truly need to rehear those constant reminders to GTL: gym, tan, laundry?

These DAILY reminders from @Airtel_Presence to claim my FREE data by paying Rs.349/- are a bit too much.

Voter registration tools — including reminders — will also be available directly on YouTube’s homepage.

Every single day without your mom is a void, and there are constant, year-round reminders that she is now gone.

Use this lunar phase to restore your emotions, clear away reminders of the past, and express something you’ve unnecessarily bottled up.

The new addition allows you to push messages or reminders across a network of Home devices to mimic an in-home intercom system.

And today, reminders of the attack are always present for Nyang’au.

But he was served several reminders of how difficult it will be to win the nomination, saddled with his notable departures from party orthodoxy.

But he said they do provide some reminders of the long path of his presidency.

She tried so hard to get over it, but the reminders were everywhere.

Apparently, even Stannis needed regular reminders.

What this does is ensure you can use certain Apple services — chiefly Messages, Calendar, and reminders — with the HomePod.

They also prevent the shows (even in rerun) and movies from becoming painful reminders to anyone who’s experienced unwanted sexual advances.

Now they serve as rusty reminders of how life used to be.

Use Your PhoneTimers, reminders, checklists — these are all tools that can help you get in the habit of maintaining a regular routine.

Setting reminders holds you accountable.

All while receiving constant text reminders of people I need to call back or things I need to confirm that are time-sensitive.

Amazon just announced its AI assistant Alexa will now be able to recognize commands to set reminders and named timers.

The voice-enabled reminders are simple to set up.

You’ll be able to manage the timers manually via the app, just like the reminders.

Death was everywhere; there would be reminders of the horror for years to come.

Sometimes I’ll open these reminders from beyond unwittingly, but sometimes I’ll do it with one eye open.

And even though it’s freezing outside, we’ve already starting to grow weary of all those “cozy” cold-weather reminders inside our abodes.

It seems there’s a big appetite for reminders about the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

Several people praised BART’s “honesty” and its reminders about the importance of investing in infrastructure.

For instance, the device cannot add reminders or events to your calendar.

We hope reminders in a sentence examples were helpful.