Remembers in a sentence | Use of the word remembers examples

“I was always around and helping emerging artists because they wanted to get on my shows for free just to show themselves,” he remembers.

“The day Juls put it out, I was so busy at my startup, I wasn’t even on Twitter,” Eazi remembers.

Despite the painkillers and the trauma, Jones remembers the incident clearly.

The field of gerontology remembers this and is going to be slow to embrace air pollution.

That’s what she remembers most of all, she says — the laughter.

He got up to about 228 pounds for “American Hustle” … and everyone remembers how scarily thin he was for “The Machinist.”

I built them roads and labyrinths with Legos,” Duportet remembers.

At Crewe, Woodward remembers the abuse as a kind of open secret.

“Everyone remembers the book fair.” Correction: An earlier version of this article said that Scholastic does book fairs at 120,000 US schools a year.

He says all he remembers is having shortness of breath after suffering bronchitis for a couple of days.

Amavilia remembers the United States.

She remembers watching Dora the Explorer and eating ice cream at a Chinese buffet.

She remembers hanging out with friends after school, living in a three-bedroom apartment, and speaking English.

She also remembers what relatives told her about her parents’ home country of Guatemala.

Amavilia remembers the United States.

She remembers watching Dora the Explorer and eating ice cream at a Chinese buffet.

She remembers hanging out with friends after school, living in a three-bedroom apartment, and speaking English.

She also remembers what relatives told her about her parents’ home country of Guatemala.

Neither remembers their birth country, but Junech remembers the problems they had when she brought them to Guatemala.

Conru remembers going into Kremen’s office, which was covered in his data charts.

In the early dotcom days, Conru remembers the internet being marginalized—the only people online were intellectuals, academics and creative types.

“My sisters meant the world to me,” she remembers.

“It took a while,” she remembers.

“It was just like, little whispers,” she remembers.

“I called him out on the whisper thing, and he admitted he wanted me to hear it,” she remembers.

He remembers DePodesta as incredibly efficient, doing more than what was asked of him and improved whatever system he was tasked with running.

SoundBow, created by the Binaura coding and interactive design collective, remembers these gestures and plays them back in continuous loops.

(No one ever remembers to wear the stretchy pants, do they?

Andie remembers this as a “riot”, adding: “They pushed us to acknowledge what they wanted to see.

She told Brazilian television channel SBT that Mateen had “gay tendencies” and that she remembers his father accusing him of being gay several times.

The next thing he remembers is an Andrew Wyeth show he saw with his parents at the age of ten.

At the time, she remembers being weirdly attracted to the movie, “It’s Pat,” starring SNL’s Julia Sweeney as the androgynous titular character.

Smith remembers this moment too.

It “was the flip of the switch”, she remembers.

Michael Grange, a writer and broadcaster for Sportsnet, remembers it well.

He remembers meeting Saunders and sitting at his desk.

The only sex education she remembers having took place in 8th grade, which was both optional and abstinence-only.

Jade remembers the clinic and doctors being “amazing and so informative,” and is thankful to have made the decision she did.

Who remembers former Rep. Doug Applegate of Ohio?

Tess also remembers being a kid and not remembering who her mother was when she came to pick her up from school.

On Tuesday evening, Kiera remembers messaging Walgate as he was getting ready.

But he also remembers working the third-deadliest aviation accident in U.S. history—another job very early on in his career.

After she started crying, she remembers him telling her, “you should go now.”

That was why I thought he liked me,” Zara* remembers.

He remembers one repair manual that came with pages intentionally removed.

We … EJ: The north remembers.

Becerra came to the United States at the age of ten and remembers only seeing acrylic paint in her art classes at school.

Anna remembers being trapped in a downward spiral.

She remembers looking at her phone and thinking that she didn’t understand what was happening, that she didn’t understand her country.

Oh yeah, yeah, the eyes being … That one, that remembers everything that you saw and heard … Yeah, through your eye.

“He drove down and met my family,” remembers Boo Agee, a sophomore guard from Charlottesville, VA. “It didn’t even feel like recruiting.

“He could not bear the thought that he wouldn’t smoke the food himself,” Carla remembers.

Likewise, B remembers outward expressions of religious piety to be rare during B’s adolescent years.

“Everything was a mess, there was blood everywhere, the whole place was like that,” Safdar remembers.

Faisal Edhi, his eldest son, remembers the first time he saw the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

Sitting in his ambulance, looking at the crowds, Safdar remembers the same event, exactly ten years before.

Safdar, who has led the funeral prayers on many occasions, remembers times when 30 or 40 people have attended.

Her wounds don’t entirely heal, and she can’t speak, but she remembers just how screwed over her family was.

He remembers the panic, the breathlessness, but then a serenity.

“For 24 to 48 hours after jumping in, I felt elated,” he remembers.

Boyd remembers it as Phuket’s first independent gear shop, unattached to any gym and able to offer cheaper prices.

Her eyes get wet when she remembers those early days: “When I came there was no house.

remembers what it was like before indie rock.

Priscilla Chan remembers the moment she decided to become a doctor.

“I couldn’t move my left hand—it just wouldn’t work,” she remembers.

“We were sitting outside in the garden, and I ate three cookies,” she remembers.

Trahant remembers 1973, when the American Indian Movement occupied the town of Wounded Knee for 71 days.

Thrush says he remembers the personal incident I described differently, and he denies he disparaged me in the newsroom.

It’s a sum he still remembers to this day, nearly 20 years later.

“I fought everyone I could in Phuket, foreigners and Thais, whomever I could find,” he remembers.

“We were sitting there and the doctor said, ‘Are you sure you want to take this?’” Buell remembers.

McNall remembers Gretzky having some reservations about the high cost of signing Ismail.

Chris Folkerts remembers the first time he hit a weed vape.

“I made a Bloody Mary for Halloween and it was so disgusting,” remembers Hillard.

“It turned out that she was pregnant,” Stevick remembers.

When reminiscing about this song’s success in 2011, Yankovic remembers: “I heard Nevermind and I thought, Oh this is really great.

“I took a case to a beer sommelier and I honestly didn’t know how it would go,” he remembers.

“This was before I succumbed to science and starting giving her pain killers,” Schiewe remembers in an email.

“I almost kind of cried,” remembers Bricks.

The last visit he remembers was from his mother and his nieces, who came to see him in 2014.

Monica still remembers how excited she was at the prospect of working in the city after growing up on the Chinese mainland.

But everyone remembers Latasha as a bright child — she told me she insisted on going to school even when she was sick.

Latsha remembers thinking the worst that would happen was they might get in trouble for hanging out when they were all on probation.

Feilding remembers taking LSD on a daily basis together, playing endless games of Go, and pondering questions like: “How do you improve the world?

She remembers going to drawing classes during kindergarten.

And every March, when the tournament rolls around, he remembers the game all over again and the heartbreak for Winona State.

He remembers the time fondly: “Working on a desk that was cheap formica.

“And Maame is super kind and always remembers people.”

Charles Florence was vice chair on one of Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Units during the mid-1990s, and remembers of failures of the EZ initiative.

Indeed, who even remembers the Chuck Hagel confirmation fight five years later?

He remembers well the Raiders’ original stint in Oakland, and what it was like to be a part of that original fan base.

One of those actors was Chad Krowchuk, who still remembers the curious way NXIVM rippled through his social network.

He remembers the socratic question and answer therapies being very Freudian.

He also remembers his mother’s strictness: “I didn’t choose ballet, it was my mom’s choice.

“Just get me one,” House remembers Ryan telling his teammates as he came back into the Texas dugout.

He remembers being shocked the first time he saw an Uzbek Witness try to convert him.

He remembers every last thing that we discussed in our prior meetings.

McKay remembers thinking: “‘Oh, my God, we kind of do the exact same thing.

“I was that ‘guy who cams in the garage,'” he remembers drily.

This wine tasted “totally different, and alive, and delicious,” she remembers.

The character who nobody even remembers they worked with.

Toledano remembers fearing that her uniform might somehow erase her evolving womanhood.

He remembers there being a “kind of a jokey element to the band, like you didn’t know if they were completely serious.”

Michael Benson: No one remembers a time when Carmine wasn’t a gangster.

“He always remembers me when I come in.

Brown says she still remembers one candidate who stood out more than anyone else she ever interviewed.

He remembers first trying birria as a young boy with his grandmother in Guadalajara.

Standish, for one, remembers the first bird he really noticed in 1980, and where he was.

Even as a teenager, it was Bisping’s volume that overwhelmed his opponents, as Clarkin remembers.

Djordjevic also remembers the natural curiosity with which the children in her building approached naked bodies.

This time, it seems, her story is the one everyone remembers.

“In England, she had the whole lesbian thing thrown at her in the papers,” remembers Neil Tennant of The Pet Shop Boys.

“I really liked the music,” she remembers.

Anyone who remembers the vendors crying “Bozaaaa!”

Griffin remembers just how much the turn-out at her daughter’s vigil moved her.

He remembers being introduced to Sade, Maxwell, and N.E.R.D.

“It was too many emotions at the same time,” Louis-Philippe remembers.

“He remembers the days when activists would be posted outside of the market where he used to buy his horses.

Anyone who was in Boston at that time remembers it much more clearly.

Trump’s form of comfort is validation: to claim he remembers “the forgotten men and women” and that all their fears are well-founded.

‘I’m going to act like I know who this is,'” he remembers thinking.

“He was the one who made it possible, and who validated my work through music,” she remembers.

“It was a revelation—he’s a genius with his words,” Gainsbourg remembers of Cocker.

“I was completely obsessed with just talking about her, wanting to write about her,” she remembers.

“When my father died, I stopped listening to music,” She remembers.

“Games didn’t start on time,” Pollack remembers.

“He made a very persuasive case,” Altmire remembers.

“It was devastating,” he remembers of the cold.

So I cut a deal with them,” she remembers.

When Brian was younger, he’d sit and watch his father play games, and specifically remembers spending hours with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

She remembers tensing her neck muscles and using all her strength to wriggle free and stand up.

Yang Jianjun still remembers the stress of working on drone miniaturization with others at Qualcomm.

Yang Jianjun remembers its May 25 official release — the same day as the release of Xiaomi’s drone.

The next thing Bailey remembers is waking up in the hospital, he said.

“I only met him when I was 35,” he remembers.

“My father was over the moon,” Shamov remembers.

Her tender smile returns as she remembers the most important lesson she’s learned thus far.

Simpson, just four years old at the time, still remembers seeing his father bleeding.

Afterward, Sharkey remembers, Lewis, their new leader, told him: “You realize if this doesn’t work, we’re one-termers.” But they pressed on.

What she remembers is in 2001, the World Trade Center in ruins.

Most were younger than him and he remembers their stories.

She remembers when members of white-supremacist groups were a mainstay on tabloid TV shows like Geraldo, Sally, Oprah, and The Phil Donahue Show.

The next thing she remembers is waking up to a sexual assault, she said.

He remembers thinking “this needs to be addressed one way or the other.

Tara Haelle remembers the moment she opened her hospital bill about two months after giving birth to her son in 2010.

The entire exchange took less than 15 seconds.” Realizing this was the “consult” she was being charged for, Haelle remembers thinking, Oh hell no.

Everyone kind of remembers it, but it’s like anything, you have an idea, you have to go execute it.

“I was then placed in a nursery run by nuns with my older brother, Jean-Bernard,” she remembers.

The alt-right remembers.

“I was finally told who my mother was,” she remembers.

Stuff happened in electronic music 10 years ago that we were really excited about and now no one even remembers it.

He remembers being 4 years old and feeling the body he occupied wasn’t the one he felt was his.

“I was kicked out countless times by my mom…countless,” as he remembers his time in the rural BC township.

Peter remembers things differently — he tells us Link was aggressively drunk, and had to be escorted from the bar by security.

Moore remembers leaving the meeting in a daze.

“The North remembers”?

She remembers her parents emphasizing stability, and she hoped for the same for her children.

“But who remembers the twentieth guy who climbed Mount Everest?”

Malhotra remembers the time in the mid-1990s when a group of four inebriated men started pounding their fists on the outside of his cab.

When Walker remembers that this is the single he’s premiering he’s ecstatic.

The woman testified she never let the men in her place and remembers waking to see them all in her bedroom.

Jakobsson remembers being overwhelmed by the foreignness of South Korea, not being able to read anything, not quite knowing how everything worked.

Thomas Kong, bodega owner and collage artist, remembers reading Miller and Fitzgerald back at university in Seoul.

Recalling the moment in a profile with SportsNet, Osuna remembers thinking OK, “this guy can’t hit my fastball.

The woman says she remembers saying “No” and trying to leave the room, but the door was locked.

The app remembers the last workout you completed so that will be at the time as kind of a shortcut option.

Okay, his real name is Dave Ryder, but no one remembers that one.

The 28-year-old’s parents had just split, and she remembers channelling her feelings about their breakup into her first piece of music.

Griffin remembers his first fight and the all the subsequent ones.

“I made $8 in the hour I was there and felt so accomplished,” she remembers.

Missy remembers what it was like to grieve her son, while fighting for PMSR both in the hospital and in the court system.

One thing Penn remembers is Chapo naming “a host of corrupt major corporations, both within Mexico and abroad” who help him launder money.

Szady remembers leaning over the long, wooden table in the boardroom, and stating plainly, “We want to play.

When the jacket arrived in the mail, she remembers eagerly pulling it out of the box and doing a double take.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she remembers.

Check it out … he remembers things much differently than Heather.

Fletcher remembers it, too, and said Meat-Meat’s feet were even sticking out of the door at one point, exposed to the block.

Fletcher remembers the cop saying something to the effect of “Oh man!”

The song’s video deals with the subject of police violence, but all Edwards remembers is Meat-Meat’s goofy dancing.

“My uncle goin’ crazy,” she remembers saying.

Josh Garcia, who remembers the last bust, is cautiously excited.

She remembers clients dropping hints that she didn’t know anything about women’s hair, or making repeated comments about her having large hands.

But you can’t help but wonder, is this how Clinton remembers what happened to him in real life?

“They have a unique sound everyone remembers and reminds you of classic chiptunes,” he told me by email.

When Spellman was a child, he remembers his father, Willie, writing an essay to win tickets to a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

He remembers teammates running plays at him because he was so tired and couldn’t guard anyone.

It was aspirational,” he remembers.

Finally, Kosinski remembers, Kogan revealed the name of the company: SCL, or Strategic Communication Laboratories.

“Pretty much every message that Trump put out was data-driven,” Alexander Nix remembers.

She said she remembers Cosby stroking her hair before she blacked out.

However, Sargent remembers, “We’d daydream about traveling, and we decided the money was better spent on travel.”

Aisha remembers when relations were better.

“Every time we Googled opportunities to volunteer, we found places that charged thousands,” Sargent remembers of their initial travels.

The thing everybody remembers about the original One Day at a Time is it’s about a single mother.

“Mardonn was genuinely concerned about our mortal safety,” Lee remembers about the first few rounds of press.

The conversation, as she remembers it, was short.

The North remembers the horrors of the Mad King, but perhaps Sansa will side with anyone who can set the Lannisters on fire.

The motto “When we do right, nobody remembers.

Among the things Christine Blasey Ford remembers most clearly is the laughter.

Castor was a sergeant in 2001, and remembers the public response though she was not directly involved in the facial recognition program.

“I started to feel like, OK, this is something I want do, music—this is it,” she remembers.

One thing that’s interesting that RJ says, that he remembers this time of these customer upsells.

Not that anyone remembers Japan Aid, the festival Gabriel put on in the waning days of 1986.

Perry, meanwhile, remembers those events differently.

One of my favourite pop-punk bands is a fictional group hardly any one remembers.

Everything looked different and there was a plate made with brick pastry and you could eat the plate,” he remembers.

“I was more agnostic at the time,” she remembers.

So, he sees you for the first time, he remembers all the people he’s seen, and he’s super happy to see you.

Lakeeya said she remembers walking through the park with Curtis and Andy and stopping suddenly when the children noticed bodies facedown in the distance.

“I’ve asked him and I’ve asked him and I’ve asked him,” Goodwin remembers Boucher complaining about the senator’s lawn etiquette.

Bryan Richardson, a forward who played for Laval, remembers the shock he received during his first game.

Richardson remembers a radio advertisement in Verdun, Québec, which lured fans with this enticing promise: “Puck drops at 8 o’clock.

“Persepolis is where I filmed my Kickstarter to do The Saffron Tales,” Khan remembers.

Looking back on his childhood, Max remembers when his perception of his dad’s disability began to form.

But the King that America remembers (and uses to sell pickup trucks) and the man that actually lived are very different.

“I’ve asked him and I’ve asked him and I’ve asked him,” Goodwin remembers Boucher complaining about the senator’s lawn etiquette.

From her desk in the carpeted hush of a reception room, Heather remembers the old days.

Dailey remembers picking up Taurasi and her mother, Lily, at the airport for a recruiting visit.

She still remembers vividly what it was like to grow up there.

Whenever Practical Magic remembers that the sisters are the reason it exists, it clicks into a groove that feels exactly right.

“They can do scary shit on air too,” said Cuttin, who remembers many times when Billy Ed said something particularly racist or otherwise sketchy.

He’s seventy-seven, so he remembers what the carnival was like when he was the kid.

Of course everyone remembers Gov.

This was an old snap I sent when I was in Venice — Snapchat remembers the location it was taken in.

Despite their reluctance, the workers went into the building, but everyone was in a bad mood, Rehana remembers.

It was total chaos, she remembers.

She remembers their first encounter vividly: “He was drinking like a maniac—beer, sake, you name it.

“It was just me and my uncle,” he remembers.

Jeannette Walls, at least in the film, remembers her father fondly, even through all the murk of the past.

Perkins remembers going on the site and finding that people would post pictures of themselves.

I think the only reason anyone remembers the drink at all is because of the excellent Dave Chapelle bit.

Linus is not speaking as an expert — he’s speaking as someone who remembers the line he has to deliver in a Christmas play.

“[My brother] was playing music kinda loud,” remembers Tracey.

As Hozoji and her dive partner descended that day, Dillon remembers, there was no wind.

Mohammed, too, remembers Aleppo’s former grandeur.

He remembers when two immigrant day laborers were key witnesses to a murder in suburban Washington, DC.

The curator remembers the marine biologist handing him a three-ringed binder.

Smokes remembers them saying, “This [particular] guy is around the corner.

“You can have my tray if you give me your water,” he remembers saying to another inmate regarding his food.

She mainly remembers seeing an enormous octopus and some electric eels there.

He remembers his son as a keen footballer who had bought a new TV to watch the World Cup finals in Russia this summer.

Following the 1953 coup and the overthrow of the Mossadegh government, Armajani remembers a pall fell over the country.

“It was Ronda [Rousey] against Holly Holm and I bet on Holly Holm that she would knock out Ronda,” Fernandez remembers fondly.

And then actually before that I was at, the then-famous and now nobody remembers media site.

In another glorious section, Lynch remembers kissing Elizabeth Taylor at the Oscars when he was nominated for Blue Velvet.

Only Sara remembers what happened next.

That was more than five years ago, and he still remembers his first audition as a newly minted amputee.

“I don’t know,” Wardlow remembers telling his father that morning.

Phet laughs when he remembers first hearing about it.

Mazur remembers a world that no longer exists and isn’t nostalgic for it.

I really don’t care how history remembers me—I won’t be here.

“Well, I guess neither of us are going to get a house,” Brendan remembers thinking.

“Look, man, you’re gonna be OK,” Fowler remembers him saying.

This is a world that remembers we’re animals, just bodies for a spiritual self to exist in for a while.

“We had kind of flipped out half of Manhattan because everybody thought it was terrorism,” Hammond remembers.

Veteran news photographer Richard Harbus remembers being stopped in the woods by three plainclothes cops with assault rifles.

He was about to leave for the day when, he remembers, “Three photos come across my screen.

“The show is proof that history remembers,” he said.

Chuck Brown remembers the exact moment he realized he was part of the problem.

“I touched the brick and I walked through it,” he remembers.

Carberry told VICE News that her generation remembers the Rising “in a really symbolic way.

There have been hundreds of VMA performances since the awards kicked off in 1984, but here are the 13 everyone remembers — or should, anyway.

JVB: Yes, George remembers things better, because, although I’m in the same class, I’m a bit older.

Priscilla Chan remembers the moment she decided to become a doctor.

When he was 15, he remembers being with a friend at a mosque when a nearby woman fainted.

“But we went the next day, and the [provider] kept asking question after question,” Hassan remembers.

That simple gesture “was somehow helpful for her,” Goldstein remembers.

I’m in Los Angeles, California, anytime, and no one remembers my name.

Gundy acknowledged most of this a month ago; it’s anyone’s guess whether he remembers, or cares.

Thirty-two-year-old Drew* also remembers the split from her mother several years ago as anti-climactic.

Juliet, a 34-year-old writer and artist living in Cleveland, has a 14-year-old son and remembers her experience with DARE as infantilizing—not helpful.

Perched on the washing machine to be at eye level, she remembers bursting out, “What do you mean, I have to choose?”

Instead, “I’d be awake and ready to go,” she remembers, “and the doors are still locked!”)

Get the VICE App on iOS and Android Dr. David Glidden remembers the lowest moment of his research career.

“I really hated that the ideal solution to a new problem was to use a known solution,” Tarter remembers.

Mindy, however, remembers their visits.

Kevin Siam, the stalwart Muay Thai correspondent for Siam Fight News, remembers him as much.

As Shuki Rosenzweig, who fought Nokweed at the time, remembers well.

“I remember his birthday,” remembers Robert Ng, “and we all bought him cake, some cigarettes and a case of Red Bull.

“The first song we made was soooo bad,” Young remembers when we spoke via email earlier this month.

It was the first time she remembers seeing mostly Latino neighborhood kids, some of whom she recognized, partying away from their relatives.

So is Louise omniscient, or does she just receive flashes, some of which she remembers and some of which she only remembers dully?

“Brett was laughing,” Ramirez remembers.

We’re told the next thing she remembers is Batali on top of her, having sex with her … and she was physically helpless.

He remembers Jenkins as enthusiastic, quick to smile, a man who called everyone “hoss.”

She remembers how when Inflo (who she calls Flo) first played her clattering, declarative opener “Offence,” “I didn’t really like it,” she says, chuckling.

As a child, she remembers, “100% my vibe was ‘I’m just doing my thing,’ literally.

History remembers him much more kindly than pundits in 1972.)

He remembers sitting in the living room drawing when his grandparents’ neighbor visited with his seven-year-old daughter.

But Agalarov remembers their chats just fine.

She remembers “the big homie Tee” was the “pretty girl in the neighborhood.”

“My older friends, the ones who was teaching me [to rap], I couldn’t listen to heavy metal around them,” he remembers.

A lot of the news was filled with rogue trading, things like that,” he remembers.

And medicine, he remembers, became very real to him when he went into combat.

Navy Master Chief Raina Hockenberry remembers everything from that day in 2014 when an Afghan soldier shot her five times.

Can I get rid of it?’” she remembers.

Almost from the moment of Michelle remembers’ publication, its claims and allegations were repeatedly and thoroughly debunked.

The false narrative of Michelle remembers would directly impact the nation for over a decade.

Some he remembers, some that he doesn’t.

“There was a push that we had to get pain to zero,” Beckett, who was in medical school at the time, remembers.

He also didn’t vote in the 2014 midterms and remembers “not being interested” in politics that year.

He remembers that in the mid-’90s, he kept overhearing the same conversation in his clinic.

George certainly remembers the comment, and he seems to imply that his own run-in might’ve been more than just a neck grab.

When he recounts apologizing to his father, he remembers that his father said, “It’s not you.

As Robinson remembers it, his father wasn’t the only horse and wagon-striding produce vendor around.

It’s a miracle that Tim remembers to breathe.

Evelev remembers with a chuckle.

In any event, the aircraft landed smoothly, although Beckman remembers that “the aircraft was within meters of the end of the runway.”

“It’s surrounded with a wall and has a broken iron cross,” he remembers.

“Everyone remembers what it’s like to be a student and not have any money or funds to put things on,” says Schady.

Don’t lose sight,’” McGruder remembers.

His wall was plastered with photos of babies, she remembers, which struck her.

—George Bernard Shaw Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other who never forgets them.

The tangible items I mentioned—food, shelter, healthcare—those are what history remembers.

She remembers the picturesque countryside and riding horses and her private school—which “didn’t do me any good.”

I’m not sure The Secret World community always remembers me fondly.

“Hefner was very kind—he helped me get my green card,” Randall remembers.

It’s the kind of thing your body remembers.

She remembers, on one of her early shoots, a bitter male assistant telling her to “load your own bloody film.”

Despite the disrespect, she remembers the assistants who helped her fondly.

Pepperidge Farm remembers (+2) that season 2 joke like it was yesterday.

Oh, that was too much for Hefner,” Randall remembers.

he remembers, laughing.

He put me in there with him…” Herr remembers with an anguished groan.

“One of the best years was Shirley Bassey,” he remembers.

Darroze remembers how in the 60s ortolan was on the menu at his grandfather’s restaurant, Chez Darroze.

She remembers being teased by her male supervisor when she complained of cramps after starting work at a spinning mill.

Despite the craziness of an adrenaline-fuelled MMA fight, Meek remembers every step towards his now-famous victory.

The artist remembers hearing stories about the island in Greek-accented Turkish.

“The reception was overwhelming,” she remembers.

Wherever we see you, we will kill you,'” Khpalwak remembers.

It might be the only thing history remembers about Taio Cruz, but hey, that’s fine.

(It’s no wonder Eve remembers this moment so vividly when describing Villanelle to the sketch artist.)

Ponzo remembers showing off a duck leg from the circulator for the first time, saying, “Look at the duck.

Matt Kennedy remembers the show and weekend, which in typical Meat Thump fashion featured booze and self-deprecating banter.

“The acoustics in there were just exquisite,” she remembers, regaling me with tales of chords reverberating around the walls, enveloping her with sound.

Rima remembers panicked shouts and demands to return.

As Pitawanakwat remembers it, that day police fired a first round near ceremony leader Percy Rosette.

Many of the sculptures the exhibition remembers — through photographs, drawings, documents, and maquettes — are confirmed as destroyed.

Ahmed remembers seven shots into the water and another three bullets into the bottom of the boat.

“I was looking for any job at the time,” Suggashie remembers of the reserve, where many young people struggle with unemployment.

“I was looking for any job at the time,” Suggashie remembers of the reserve, where many young people struggle with unemployment.

I was eight or nine and I’d watch him with his open top Bentley and glamorous women,” remembers Armstrong.

When Hallberg came out as transgender, the shortage of information was a consistent theme, he remembers.

“We were receiving loads of comments from other gay guys saying they were inspired by it,” remembers Luke.

But the internet doesn’t just remember scandal, corruption, and crime—it also remembers addresses, phone numbers, financial information, embarrassing photographs, and juvenile drama.

Virginia remembers the US’ first president by keeping his Christmas traditions alive.

Tails is an amnesic system, which means your computer remembers nothing; it’s like a fresh machine every time you boot up.

Unsuccessful, moderately talented singer-songwriter Jack Malik wakes up one day and is the only one who remembers the Beatles’ songs.

“These wolf ones looked cool,” Monks remembers.

As he remembers, “Nobody was giving us a break, nobody.

Real Biden remembers his working-class Scranton roots.

This wasn’t just a momentary escape: After that night, “the flashbacks weren’t as vivid or consuming,” she remembers.

Yeah, 6LACK still remembers, too.

Our host Frank Pinello, a born and bred Brooklynite, remembers the importance of his neighborhood pizzeria growing up.

A refrain she vividly remembers him using frequently over the course of their interactions, in response to her rebuffs: “I’m Patrick Witty.

When remembering it now, that slap doesn’t hold anything painful for me, although I’d guess my friend still remembers it with shame.

He remembers discussing marriage when he was seven and saying “I don’t want to marry a girl.”

Tom, a 21-year-old shop worker, remembers the same thing.

“I met Jacob many, many, many years ago at bible camp, and we connected over synthpop, of all things,” remembers Pierce.

Bachelor Nation remembers Kraus as the one who felt it was just too soon to get down on one knee, despite loving Rachel Lindsay.

There’s no point in trying to scream, he remembers thinking.

And she remembers her adrenaline pumping while she sat in the courtroom a few seats away from El Chapo.

Talking with a fansite about his musical background, Igor remembers going to soccer games as a kid.

And she remembers her adrenaline pumping while she sat in the courtroom a few seats away from El Chapo.

She remembers one television station that went blank at 10 p.m., when she would watch static for a bit.

Everyone remembers the last war, and worries about the next one.

Harris tells me she remembers where she was, in her hometown in Philadelphia, when President Obama was sworn in.

● Richard Jefferson vs. Kevin Durant Richard Jefferson was more of a stud than anyone remembers.

Chris says Randy coached him at a college wrestling camp 21 years ago, and he still remembers it like it was yesterday.

Caswick remembers watching movies as a child, the ones with the “good” kids—almost always white—with nice homes, two parents, fancy watches, and pretty girlfriends.

People would come by and talk to one another,” he remembers.

“They didn’t like that,” she remembers.

He who remembers nothing but facts and past events, and is never brought back into the present, is a victim of amnesia.

The last thing he remembers is sitting down on some stairs to smoke a cigarette.

“I came upon that song again and I thought, This movie starts with the words, ‘I always flirt with death,’” he remembers.

Congressman Steve Scalise remembers George H.W.

Comedian Godfrey is heartsick over the fall of Bill Cosby because he remembers the day when Cosby made black people look good.

That’s when Pete says he saw it … a wiener so big, he still remembers it to this day.

The family lived near the Tate, and Akomfrah remembers spending a lot of time there as a teenager.

Chris Babcock, a player development coach for the Sixers since 2013, remembers flying overseas a few years ago to watch Saric play.

But he does it with the bright-eyed appreciation of someone who remembers being 10 years old in 1990.

“If this guy figures out this bike-handling thing, he’s going to be good,” Vaughters remembers thinking.

She remembers holding her megaphone in the parking lot, looking out into a sea of angry, stunned faces, not knowing how to comfort them.

“I was just extremely antisocial, in my shell, not really going out to clubs or anything,” she remembers.

Deckard remembers seeing the white bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder on the changing table where her mother diapered her new sister.

Now 61-years-old, Bowen still remembers coming to Burger King for ice cream during his own childhood.

An exhibition at Burning in Water remembers Catlett’s long and remarkable career in sculpting the female form.

“He had scar tissue on his chest and up to his neck,” Martin remembers.

He remembers watching through a hole in the wall of a cattle car as American soldiers rolled in with tanks.

Last year’s NBA playoffs were garbage until the Finals, yet the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead is all anybody remembers.

Devin Pacholik remembers those weird chocolates called Cherry Blossoms.

She was very grand so I don’t think it went down very well,” Lee remembers.

in Ga.” Bulley remembers growing up with Ga in the background, hearing it like “music.”

Yazmin remembers hearing one machine start to make a noise, and then more and more noise.

Aashna remembers walking out of VR class at the start of the semester and not feeling smart enough.

… Ms. Roberts remembers apologizing on the way out, telling Mr. Weinstein that she was too prudish to go along.

Mahdyar, an Iranian producer and pioneer in Iran’s rap scene, remembers laughing as he watched the scene.

He recalled one official telling him, “‘No one remembers you.

“Officers would call us names and tell us how disgusting we were,” remembers Bunch.

“On one project I was working with women refugees,” Gauri remembers.

He remembers little else about New Jersey.

At night, he remembers suffering from frequent dreams about getting cancer.

He remembers Harry constantly running away from home.

“I’m a rapper,” Harry remembers saying.

“We weren’t interested in showing off or trying to prove anything,” Garvin remembers.

“Richard would go down to London every now and then and told me about Shoom,” Woods remembers.

Jim Gerow, another dyed-in-the-wool film buff, fondly remembers “lining up once a week to see each new installment” of the 14-part TV miniseries.

He remembers running into issues when he first tried to create his own nightlife events between 2014 and early 2016.

We did not take anything, only the clothes we had on and a little amount of money,” Azucena remembers.

Benedict cited irreconcilable differences, but it’s been so long you gotta wonder if he remembers the exact nature of the differences.

Hodge remembers that show working particularly well.

This is what I have been searching for,” Betchart remembers.

“I was coaching all process,” he remembers.

This was obviously before computers so I’d draw all the lines in the banking books and write in the dates,” she remembers.

Cristy remembers long days playing in the park, then bathing in the river together when they were kids.

She also remembers part of the reason why they wanted to leave Honduras: A transgender friend was was murdered.

Ariel considered this normal because her family had always believed in spirits—she even remembers seeing demons as a toddler.

Alex, a 24-year-old Jewish girl from Fort Lauderdale, remembers mistaking her brother’s babysitter for a monster.

Carroll remembers the boy as quiet, not particularly standing out one way or the other.

Daniela remembers being driven blindfolded through the desert in northern Mexico, thinking she was going to her death.

She remembers Mohammed Rashid, an engineering student, and his sister, a fellow aspiring pharmacist, who were both killed in a roadside bomb explosion.

“It was the first time I’d ever been told to watch anyone, and they looked so sad,” she remembers.

A child star during the time, Angela Cartwright still remembers the excitement she felt whenever the word “action” was announced on set.

“Daughter, you are alive,” Daniela remembers her mother cried when the penny finally dropped.

Everyone remembers that in 1986, President Ronald Reagan passed an “amnesty” law.

But most importantly, by Trump’s own admission, second place makes him a loser: “No one remembers who came in second.”

Everything you remember also remembers you.

She remembers everything about election night.

Hodkinson remembers one client who, after his consular appointment, had tears streaming down his face.

On marathon day, at least, the whole city remembers it.

“Andrew was such a character,” remembers Ethridge.

She remembers that time as a golden age of sorts for her work.

“My mother was a great cook,” he remembers.

Goursaud remembers what that felt like.

Tony Burns, who grew up with the Krays and now coaches the Repton’s latest prospects, remembers them as “nice fellas”.

“[Dunce] was the first song we made together where it was like, ‘This is gonna be different,’” Deacon remembers.

Cluck, his youth football coach, remembers Jones playing games in which he never even got his uniform dirty because nobody could tackle him.

Andrew remembers feeling a “tinge of apprehension” when he logged on to 23andMe.

In Goldthwait’s segment, he remembers the time he was on tour with Nirvana.

Kissinger was one of those people during the Vietnam era who talked about the domino theory, not everybody remembers that.

“You’re not going to give up like that,” Kalambay remembers telling Oezdemir.

I’m the only boy in my family, so my parents wanted to run away,” Mohammed, who is now nearly 26, remembers.

Another contestant remembers dropped jaws and laughter.

“It was very loud,” the 30 year old remembers.

The media also remembers the shootings, the disappearances, and the attacks with machine guns and grenades.

I had seashells braided in my hair and was living in a tent in Maui,” Smith remembers with a laugh.

Kusick remembers how insane the whole situation was, mostly because it would have been impossible for Van Gogh to paint the Eiffel Tower.

“Moms use it to make white wine spritzers with ice cubes,” remembers Sarah, another Floridian.

Lyn remembers when Hiatt called her on the way home from the second day of class.

She remembers how overwhelming social media felt, during the Grenfell Tower fire one-year remembrance anniversary.

He remembers the bitter war they fought before he was ordered to lay low in mid 2014.

She remembers when her first patient died.

Joel remembers his first experiences of football in Jamaica with clarity, speaking quietly but fondly about kickabouts in his early teens.

She’s a 21-year-old college student who remembers tagging along with her mom to visit the hospital when she was younger.

Gutierrez remembers bad basketball across the board.

Elaine was a teenager during the acid days and remembers them vividly.

“They’d inject 10 degree Fahrenheit water into my ears and that’s when my whole body would shake and stop functioning,” Funk remembers.

But no one remembers … what was the DC one called?

Walter Schreifels of Quicksand remembers: “Dwid gave me this Integrity cassingle of “March Of The Damned” and I was really knocked out by it.

MC: Right, I guess 1861, but no one remembers that directly.

Remembering Dr. King’s death, Robinson remembers how he felt as a child.

He remembers that the walls were covered with graffiti praising Kim.

The first time Joris’ parents went to one of his shows was in 2003, he remembers.

“One girl was arrested and sentenced to a three-year conditional jail term after she used tear gas on her attacker,” Ramona remembers.

But hey, nobody remembers that now, right?!?!

Erdogan clearly remembers the call differently and said Turkey has proceeded on the basis that Trump would follow through on his initial promise.

A nightly one, as Woody remembers.

“We couldn’t be the only ones with a kindergartner who is transgender,” Jeanette remembers thinking.

She is Facebook’s third-longest-tenured employee; she remembers a time when Zuckerberg was not recognizable in public.

Rina remembers that Banishanta was full of underage sex workers.

She remembers how much it hurt, physically and mentally, and took paracetamol, a common painkiller, night after night.

She remembers how much she cried alone in her room.

Like Kirby, Rachtman remembers the era wistfully.

My tape recorder remembers all of it.

Omar remembers his friends a little differently.

Her son Yoshi remembers, in the narrative accompanying his portrait, the time a military policeman touched him with the tip of his bayonet.

“We were the first group into the unfinished camp and then we had to help dig trenches for the outhouse,” he remembers.

Omar remembers his friends a little differently.

he remembers thinking.

As Yacoub remembers it, his tormentors kept insisting that he confess to burning the police kiosk — something he says he refused to do.

He remembers that the first time he heard villera-style cumbia was in some songs by Fidel Nadal.

The 44-year-old remembers those first scenes from Daraa vividly.

He still remembers the name of the teacher who gave it to him.”

And it’s fitting that Rhimes won an award that remembers his legacy.

However, she remembers smoking weed.

Høiberg came back the next year in a Rocawear sweater (“I really stepped my shit up,” he remembers) and did a little better.

“I had never heard this music in my life before, but he was playing it in this way I knew,” he remembers.

But he also lights up when he remembers spotting Thomas Bangalter in the parking lot one day.

“I could get a goth night at a sports bar if I didn’t have any dignity,” Val remembers.

“I just can’t draw comics anymore—I did that for ten years,” he remembers thinking.

Loki remembers visiting New Orleans during the halcyon goth days of yore, even before SoGo existed.

“By the time we were drinking them, they were kinda warm,” she remembers.)

Hewlett’s animations in the SM:TV opening credits Hewlett remembers this time as his wilderness period.

At the fire’s edge, Laurenda Kokopenace remembers her niece as a quiet, loving girl who gave lots of hugs.

Miki Tsukishita, 75, remembers watching something shiny falling from the sky over Hiroshima on that August morning in 1945.

He remembers spending his 20th birthday in the Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad, overlooking the city and watching car bombs explode in the distance.

Assault AAU’s 12-and-under team, coach Eric Moses remembers that he preferred blending in the background.

When the meeting was over, she remembers, he kissed her on the mouth again.

She remembers being told to take an Advil.

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