Relocate in a sentence | Use of the word relocate examples

The Elizabeth Dee gallery will relocate from Chelsea to the site of the original Studio Museum in Harlem.

The report said Trump was also unhappy with plans to relocate the U.S. base on Japan’s Okinawa island.

Unless you’re coming in as a top-level engineer at the company, the company requires you relocate to a city with an engineering office.

One way that China has done this is to force entire village populations to relocate.

By then, Taylor and her guardian were looking to relocate her.

Gallery staff were preparing to relocate the latter two when the collapse happened.

There were even rumors of a South African billionaire willing to give Black families $1 million, a house, and a car to relocate.

The discussion to relocate the Christopher Columbus statue from our city hall continues next Tuesday at San Jose State University.

City officials voted 10-0 to relocate the statue from its prominent spot in the building’s lobby within six weeks.

The campaign to relocate the Christopher Columbus statue has been challenging and stressful, but it continues to be an important goal of our organization.

Last February, Pepperdine University decided to relocate its Columbus statue from its Malibu campus to its Florence campus, following a series of student protests.

Controversy: The city’s NBA franchise, the Pistons, sought to relocate to the new arena using public funds.

The order came after LinkedIn declined to relocate its data on Russian citizens to servers in the country.

(Federal judges sentencing immigrants have urged the government to make sure that they have access to phones so they can relocate their kids.)

White Columns will relocate to 91 Horatio Street next spring.

Rising sea levels are also causing flooding along some of Alaska’s coasts, forcing more than 30 tribes to relocate their entire villages.

At its most discouraging, it can feel like you’re trying to relocate an entire beach one grain of sand at a time.

Koenig & Clinton gallery will relocate from Chelsea to Bushwick in June.

If cannabis laws don’t change, Chad and Vicki vow that they’ll relocate elsewhere.

They spent three years in refugee camps in Thailand before they could finally relocate to the U.S.

[The Other Art Fair] Canada gallery will relocate from Lower East Side, Manhattan to 60 Lispenard Street in Tribeca, Manhattan.

[via email announcement] Cristin Tierney Gallery will relocate from Chelsea, Manhattan to 219 Bowery in Tribeca, Manhattan.

Instead they need to relocate their leader, or at the very least, a strong cofounder.

She claims some went as far as to offer to relocate her, as well admit Jojuan’s younger sister.

Amazon could choose to relocate more employees there if its relationship with Seattle continues to deteriorate.

In recent days, county officials have urged evacuees living in tents and RVs to relocate to one of the official Red Cross shelters.

There are plans to relocate it to a separate annex, and a permanent location, by the end of 2019.

So the company is offering to relocate and compensate them?

New York gallery and artist-run collective Essex Flowers will relocate to Monroe Street in Chinatown.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute will relocate its headquarters to San Francisco.

ADR: When people think about flooding, we think about houses being destroyed and people having to relocate, but are there other consequences to flooding?

AT: We have to acknowledge the brutal reality that some of our people have to relocate.

The fact that it doesn’t, conservatives contend, is one reason “inversions” where companies relocate their headquarters overseas have been becoming more common.

Developers have already bought land, forcing residents to relocate, and most locals can’t afford to own homes in the first place.

Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, announced Saturday that he would move to relocate all of the city’s Confederate statues.

Gallery VICTORI + MO announced plans to relocate from Bushwick, Brooklyn to Chelsea, Manhattan [via email announcement].

‘s apparent intention to relocate to Florida.

(Federal judges sentencing immigrants have urged the government to make sure that they have access to phones so they can relocate their kids.)

Loay, a 28-year old student in Zabadani, was forced to relocate to Madaya with his mother when Hezbollah took over his town.

Some people are staying with relatives, some have decided to relocate to the US mainland; others are staying at hotels paid for by FEMA.

The report said Trump was also unhappy with plans to relocate the U.S. base on Japan’s Okinawa island.

Johannes Vogt Gallery will relocate from the Lower East Side to the Upper East Side, at 958 Madison Avenue, Manhattan.

When the French authorities announced the clearance they painted a line on the ground — anyone beyond it would have three days to relocate.

While a few have moved to Oregon in their final months to take advantage of its legality there, most could not relocate.

ADR: When people think about flooding, we think about houses being destroyed and people having to relocate, but are there other consequences to flooding?

AT: We have to acknowledge the brutal reality that some of our people have to relocate.

Some people are staying with relatives; some have decided to relocate to the US mainland; others are staying at hotels paid for by FEMA.

San Francisco’s Altman Siegel gallery will relocate to a new space in the Dogpatch district in September.

The Corps designated a “free speech area,” and tribal chairman Dave Archambault II offered an area of tribal land for protestors to relocate.

Alexander and Bonin Gallery will relocate to 47 Walker Street in Tribeca this summer.

The Calder and two other works will relocate to public collections.

She claims Trudeau personally asked her to “find a solution” that wouldn’t force SNC to slash jobs or relocate.

Worse still, in 2016, the market is due to relocate two miles away to Toyosu—an ordinary, modern space completely lacking in charm.

H: Why did you chose to leave New York and relocate in the Hudson Valley?

The Rubell Family Collection announced plans to relocate to a new site in Miami’s Allapattah district.

He spent the last five years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and will relocate to San Francisco.

At that point, FWS became more quick to relocate unwanted wolves on private property.

[ARTnews/ARTnews] Mariane Ibrahim Gallery will relocate from Seattle to Chicago.

Three out of four technology workers would be willing to relocate for a new job, according to a study from trade group CompTIA.

No, that team probably won’t move, because to his credit, Gary Bettman makes it very hard to relocate a franchise.

“UNHCR consistently advises LGBTI refugees on areas that are known to be safe and where they can relocate into the wider community.

London gallery The Sunday Painter will relocate from Peckham to Vauxhall.

This nonprofit began to relocate threatened buildings to a plot of land along the Los Angeles River in Montecito Heights.

I decided to relocate to Montreal to partake in that and go to music school.

The After two days at the Bodrum station, police announced that they would relocate a group of around 150 Iraqis and Syrians.

When Venezuela became unlivable, Eduardo’s company helped him and his support team relocate to Argentina.

The outspoken actress and author indeed said she’d relocate north of the border if Trump won.

Zuckerberg and Moskovitz decided to drop out of Harvard and stay to relocate their operations and start hiring employees.

New York’s Peter Blum Gallery will relocate to 176 Grand Street in September.

New York’s Marinaro Gallery will relocate to Chinatown in September.

Jorgensen will relocate to Seoul for the position.

My mind is not now in London, but in our border – how to relocate these new people coming from Syria?” he added.

Now is clearly the time to relocate down under.

This action comes a few years after the English Department originally voted to relocate and replace the portrait in favor of more diverse options.

But Lewis ended up leaving mentally as well when he and childhood friends decided to relocate to Los Angeles in October of 2016.

After Airbnb hit the Treme, Boutte chose to relocate 30 minutes away, onto New Orleans’s Northshore (which isn’t in New Orleans at all).

“As a result of these kind of threats, her family was forced to relocate out of their home.

I’m curious at to why you chose to relocate to Memphis.

“We’re having to relocate them to other cities, other states,” said Ashley Bus, a leasing agent with the housing authority.

Rebels say they are being forced to relocate through bombardment and seige.

To combat this entrenched segregation, the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program issues rental subsidies to help families relocate to wealthy, integrated neighborhoods.

To combat this entrenched segregation, the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program issues rental subsidies to help families relocate to wealthy, integrated neighborhoods.

After their trip, she and Viccky made a plan to relocate there.

And when I do, it’s because I’ve mustered all the energy inside me just to relocate to the couch.

(About two months later, the ACC and NCAA relocate championship games out of North Carolina.)

American Medium announced that it will relocate from the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn to 515 West 20th Street in Manhattan in September.

At the same time, companies increasingly require employees to relocate temporarily as part of their work for weeks if not months on end.

This is why Greygory and Felix have decided to relocate Open Barbers to a new, larger, permanent home.

“It allows staff to constantly relocate an inmate among the four cells to avoid potential escape attempts,” Hood wrote recently.

Louise Mushikiwabo said in a statement that Rwanda would immediately begin working with partners in the international community to relocate refugees from aid-dependent Burundi.

Louise Mushikiwabo said in a statement that Rwanda would immediately begin working with partners in the international community to relocate refugees from aid-dependent Burundi.

in Austin plans to relocate to a new space.

The Dog Museum of America plans to relocate to New York City within a year.

Even the Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor asked Ru-Center to cancel after the website tried to relocate to Russia.

It was enough to cause Wingly to relocate operations, setting up shop in Germany in February of the following year.

In order to continue their season and the tournament, Cobresal had to relocate to Santiago.

But in 2008, before the family had a chance to relocate, Ahmed, then 27, was arrested a second time.

Philippe Botteri, Sonali De Rycker, Luciana Lixandru and Harry Nelis will all relocate their partner meeting to our stage.

ING also dug into some of the details, noting that European financial firms with offices in London could leave and relocate to the continent.

So with no ability to relocate for better work or lower monthly bills, I press on, at least for now.

Some New York staff were offered opportunities to relocate, we’re told, but it’s unclear how many will be making the move.

The Engine is looking for startups based in Boston or who are willing to relocate.

He ultimately ruled that the referendum can go ahead, but forced the government to relocate the polling stations to neutral grounds.

I was able to aspire to bigger positions and to relocate.

I shared our official plans to relocate.

Anton Kern Gallery is leaving its Chelsea space to relocate to Midtown Manhattan.

For businesses seeking to relocate to a specific city, the economic graph can also provide details on untapped skills among city residents.

Mayor Gatta is determined to bring life back to the region and is offering those who relocate around $2,350.

If the costs get too high, then companies will just relocate to the United States to avoid these tariffs.

So if you’re looking to relocate and live off the lay of the land, think twice. Families in the Guizhou Province living within a 3.1-mile radius of the telescope will, controversially, be paid the equivalent of $1,837 to relocate.

He was desperate to fill the room ASAP: His situation was his roommate had decided to relocate to China at the very last minute.

Ever the trendsetters, Kourtney and Khloe relocate to an oxygen bubble in the backyard to have face masks put on.

EL: Historically, many Nordic tech companies like Skype, Unity, Zendesk, Tradeshift have had to relocate in their pursuit for capital, talent and markets.

The reality is that today you don’t need to relocate your business to get funding and be successful.

Elhedery will relocate to London from Dubai to take up the role, effective from March 15, the memo said.

This point was obvious to me after we decided to leave the hotel and relocate to Mia’s home.

At Wizeline, one of the key benefits of operating in Mexico has been the ability to attract and relocate foreign workers.

Last year, SirionLabs told TechCrunch that it was looking to hire and relocate workers from Silicon Valley to India.

This fall, they’ll relocate to a new office in Los Angeles, in order to work more closely with the entertainment industry.

We will relocate our operations organization to Tempe, AZ.

The company will relocate 1,000 employees to a 220,000-square-foot space in late 2018.

Compelled to relocate to New York City to expand her business, Sally tried to convince Hans to come with her.

Triple Canopy will relocate to a new space in New York’s Chinatown in September.

According to its website, the publishing company plans to relocate “imminently.” Los Angeles’s Thomas Duncan Gallery will permanently close next month.

Do you ever think you’ll relocate?

New York’s Claire Oliver Gallery will relocate from Chelsea to Harlem.

Arts East New York will relocate to a larger space on Livonia Avenue in April.

Then I get an email from the council, which wants to relocate us to a site in Bromley it’s developing.

New York’s Bortolami gallery will relocate to to 39 Walker Street in Tribeca next year.

“Survivors often relocate to other states to escape their abusers, but H.R.

According to the docs, Lee says the cemetery has refused to exhume and relocate the body without a court order.

As for other details, challenge winners needn’t relocate to participate.

However, many islanders — who have deep ancestral ties to the island — don’t want to relocate, and would rather take their chances.

Trying to raise the funds to relocate, they stage a home robbery to get the money and clothing they need for the trip.

Eventually, Cunanan convinced Blachford to relocate to La Jolla.

And it is not just those who will be forced to relocate who will suffer mentally, Moser said.

But with no plan to relocate the residents, the move was heavily criticized by local activists, most notably Father Felipe Berrios.

The artists’ collective will have to relocate.

Unlike some startup incubators, the “hybrid” means startups aren’t required to relocate to Tampa during the entire 14-week program.

The uncertainty has prompted more than 2,000 companies to relocate their legal headquarters out of the region since Oct. 1.

Since late October, when the leak was detected, thousands of residents of the nearby Porter Ranch neighborhood have been force to relocate.

The Essex Crossing development now underway will relocate the old food hall, with sleek glassy architecture rising where once there was low brick.

The Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas will relocate to a newly renovated space at 1305 Wycliff Avenue next month.

He didn’t relocate and start the job.”

AIPAD‘s annual photography fair will relocate from the Park Avenue Armory to Pier 94 in 2017.

With limited ability to increase prices or reduce costs, Tesla’s other option would be to relocate manufacturing to the United States.

The blaze forced the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce congregation to relocate prayer services for Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice.

Marakby will relocate from Detroit to Pittsburgh, where Uber is busy expanding its Advanced Technologies Center.

The synths took over the world 50 years ago, forcing humans to relocate to Mars.

Those moves have prompted over a dozen homegrown players to relocate from mainland China to Japan or Hong Kong.

Where did you guys move from and why did you choose to relocate to Memphis?

A: Actually, we’re looking to relocate to the west coast, so now we’re saving up for that.

When a new job in the Chicago-area required him to relocate, it sucked, but I went.

As CityLab previously reported, the Kiruna government came up with billion-dollar plan to relocate the entire city two miles over to the east.

After initially fleeing to Riyadh, the government of Saudi-backed President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi has attempted to relocate temporarily to the port city.

After initially fleeing to Riyadh, the government of Saudi-backed President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi has attempted to relocate temporarily to the port city.

Many rural towns are so hard to access, why would anyone want to expand or relocate a business there?

The Chechen diaspora is so strong and that’s why we need, as soon as we can, to relocate them abroad.”

The team is expected to relocate in 2019.

In a major counterterrorism speech on May 23, 2013, Obama announced that he was going to shut Guantanamo and relocate detainees to the US.

Charter further noted Friday that it planned to relocate all of its call center jobs back to the United States.

A number of them, mostly dealing with sales, will have to relocate to mainland Europe.

“Our policy was not to relocate, but rather improve those places,” Hernandez Colon said in an interview.

The government approved the decision to relocate the pipeline crossing downriver, by Standing Rock.

UniCredit would only relocate a small number of people from London due to Brexit, CEO Jean Pierre Mustier said.

The verdict, announced Wednesday, follows similar votes in other cities, from San Jose to New York City, to relocate controversial artworks on public land.

As part of the new policy, the EU promised to relocate 40,000 asylum-seekers to other countries over two years.

Simon Gleeson, a regulatory partner at international law firm Clifford Chance, said there is no question of UK clearing being forced to relocate.

Heck, relocate the Blackhawks to Soldier Field.

Broadcom had planned since last year to relocate its legal headquarters to the United States, avoiding the need for a CFIUS review.

Jorgensen will relocate to Seoul for the position.

But I did negotiate a $10,000 signing bonus to cover my moving expenses since I had to relocate for the job.”

We play a few drinking games with the group and eventually decide to relocate to another bar.

In Alaska, entire communities are attempting to relocate as a unit.

She is both part of this world and also not, slightly alien but trying to relocate her humanity.

(Good news if we need to relocate.)

Thousands of residents of the Porter Ranch community near the field were forced to relocate because of the leak.

The Czech Republic has accepted just 12 refugees since 2015, in violation of an EU-wide plan to relocate migrants pouring into Italy and Greece.

Though they wanted a private, intimate ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park, just four days beforehand, they were forced to relocate.

Now it was time to relocate.

The IRC said the al-Dhalea clashes have forced it to suspend and relocate health clinics, cholera treatment, education and other services in recent weeks.

“They close emergency rooms or relocate emergency rooms out of places where they’re exposed to uninsured,” McKay says.

A number of companies also have a high number of remote offerings, seeking candidates with coveted skills who don’t want to relocate.

The changes will be official on January 1, 2019, and Ammann will relocate from Detroit to San Francisco, where Cruise is based.

Korematsu was decided in 1944 after Fred Korematsu, a Japanese-American man in San Leandro, California, refused to relocate to an internment camp.

This could be a great spot to house your items, or to relocate something else to make room for a dedicated office section.

), or skip their turns, attack other players, relocate kittens and more.

But some conservation groups believe authorities should trap and relocate birds where possible, rather than kill them.

London’s tuition free art school, Open School East, will relocate to Margate next year.

When on-prem applications migrate to the public cloud, the first step is to simply relocate them to the cloud.

New York’s JTT gallery will relocate to 191 Chrystie Street next month.

The Regeneración center and its pirate radio station Radio Clandestina would relocate several times during the late ’90s before formally dissolving in 2002.

HSBC Singapore said last year that it would relocate its head office to Marina Bay Financial Centre, within the central business district.

European countries agreed last year to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy, but fewer than 2,000 have been relocated, figures show.

Experienced BLM employees who choose to relocate to the West will be able to mentor a new generation of BLM staff, he added.

Experienced BLM employees who choose to relocate to the West will be able to mentor a new generation of BLM staff, he added.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads It is no easy task to relocate a 12,000-pound painting.

– Temporarily or permanently relocate families when hazards are found.

But he and his wife turned down the offer to relocate and never felt any ill effects from the radiation.

French officials aim to relocate roughly 7,500 refugees and migrants to accommodation centers set up across the country.

French officials aim to relocate roughly 7,500 refugees and migrants to accommodation centers set up across the country.

It’ll relocate clients to places like McKinney, Texas.

Honeywell will also relocate the headquarters of its safety and productivity solutions (SPS) business unit to Charlotte from Fort Mill, South Carolina.

But many businesses said it would force them to lay off workers or relocate to the suburbs, where they could pay employees much less.

This has led business to threaten to lay off workers, cut back their hours, or relocate outside cities considering a wage hike.

Mining firms will also be pressured to implement measures to protect or even relocate valuable ecosystems.

Some one billion people would be forced to attempt to relocate from unlivable conditions, and two billion would face scarcity of water supplies.

“Hiring bankers from London used to be hard, no one was too keen to relocate as London was the place to be in finance.

“In September we saw the government announce that they’re planning to relocate 20,000 refugees, prioritizing children.”

There is no mass exodus, however, with only dozens of Italians choosing to relocate so far.

HOUSING, whose mission is to support artists of color, will relocate from Bed-Stuy to an as-yet undetermined location in the fall.

Will you maintain a relationship with them even after being forced to relocate?

Many opportunities have opened up, and we have decided to have pop-up spaces throughout Manhattan until the fall when we relocate.

How might your opposition to gentrification influence where you decide to relocate?

Marakby will relocate from Detroit to Pittsburgh, where Uber is busy expanding its Advanced Technologies Center.

Tragedy continued to follow the enterprise—the Great Kanto Earthquake wiped out that shop, forcing the couple to relocate to Kobe.

Koons’s practice will relocate to Hudson Yards.

Raghavan will relocate from the Seattle area to Silicon Valley for the new role, according to two people familiar with his move.

(The “hard fork” is a more extreme plan that would forcibly relocate the coins rather than simply making them unspendable.)

I tried to relocate multiple times but was eventually forced to go home because of the flies.

So, firms and companies will have to relocate or move elements of their business to other EU countries to protect those European operations.

The effect could be to force them to relocate.

The Käthe Kollwitz Museum will relocate to a new premises after 2019, after its present landlord announced he would end the museum’s lease.

The city fo Kassel wants to relocate Olu Oguibe’s public sculpture, commissioned for last year’s Documenta.

Yet slum dwellers have long opposed efforts to relocate them to distant suburbs which limit their access to jobs.

Tens of thousands may ultimately decide to relocate altogether.

Must be willing to relocate to San Francisco.”

Once it refuels the probe, Restore-L will also demonstrate that it can relocate the satellite.

In 1990, Harvey and James decided to relocate to the second-largest and flattest piece of land in the US: Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

Gallery Wendi Morris will relocate to 8 Octavia Street in San Francisco later this year [via email announcement].

Uber has already run into regulatory hurdles in California, forcing the company to relocate its fleet of self-driving SUVs to Arizona.

It is not clear whether Zapata, a former jet ski champion, will indeed relocate his business.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he expected European countries would likely follow Trump’s move and relocate their embassies to Jerusalem.

Yet as more people relocate their precious content — be it email, original writing, a lifetime’s worth of photos, etc.

Before another docking adapter can be installed, though, NASA wants to relocate the PMA it will sit on — called PMA-3.

“If I get my content back, I will relocate the blog to a new host,” he said.

A decision to relocate a factory, as Nissan managers threatened, is not an issue unions can negotiate.

Coastal businesses could relocate or simply go under, taking jobs with them.

London gallery Arcadia Missa will relocate from Peckham to Soho, a move its founder, Rózsa Farkas, attributed to gentrification.

It’s become so normal that the Canadian government drew up guidelines in 2011 for how mining companies should drain lakes and relocate fish.

It’s become so normal that the Canadian government drew up guidelines in 2011 for how mining companies should drain lakes and relocate fish.

Black Rock City, the current home of Burning Man, will not relocate to this new site.

AT&T and Verizon may also relocate equipment from current towers to serve these new ones.

Companies will relocate their operations outside the US if they can’t get engineers in.

Miller first began considering a move in 1997, when a fire erupted on the building’s fourth floor; she couldn’t afford to relocate.

It forced thousands of residents to relocate over the holidays.

Another series chronicles her father’s work as a cultural resource consultant, helping relocate native artifacts once they are discovered on construction sites.

Once home to the indigenous Mixteca people, the Spanish forced the site’s remaining population to relocate after the 1545–1550 epidemic.

The studies were shared with the realtor and the sellers, including alternative plans on how to carefully relocate the house.

The Saviors certainly have enough firearms and vehicles to relocate.

So he asked the director to relocate to Osaka and work out of the offices of Platinum Games, the studio charged with creating Automata.

The 12-person studio will relocate to Valve’s headquarters in Seattle.

She is now helping build a new village for residents to relocate to.

“UNHCR consistently advises LGBTI refugees on areas that are known to be safe and where they can relocate into the wider community.

Erosion is also forcing the 400-plus residents of Newtok, Alaska, to relocate.

The organization announced that it will relocate to a new space in the Marais next year.

You can build these bases anywhere, and the CAMP also lets you move them around if you want to relocate.

Remember that Venmo also now offers a debit card for spending your balance directly instead of having to relocate those funds elsewhere first.

After all, kids who had to relocate and switch schools were the ones whose lives were especially changed by the fires.

Slum-dwellers have long opposed efforts by authorities to relocate them to distant suburbs, which limits their access to jobs and amenities.

Government buyouts were able to relocate many people, but another major storm could bring the same or worse levels of devastation.

IPC president Andrew Parsons says the Israel ban is unacceptable — and has moved to relocate the July 29-Aug. 4 event to another country.

The village rushed to relocate dozens of residents, pushing some to leave under threat of eminent domain.

In effect, pushing out older majority immigrant families and forcing many to relocate and other still homeless.

“We will lose that efficient center,” he told reporters, forecasting that many financial firms would relocate to various cities in the EU.

Hall was living in Los Angeles and decided to relocate to Las Vegas.

In 2016, the federal government paid $48 million to relocate the entire population of Isle de Jean Charles in southeastern Louisiana.

Corporations will beg us to relocate their factories to the US.

Aspiring teachers earn their MA degree plus licensure without needing to relocate.

The first ten embassies to relocate to Jerusalem would receive “preferential treatment”, he said without explaining what that might entail.

In 2014, as Debra Brehmer reported for Hyperallergic, there was a plan to relocate Nohl’s home to Sheboygan County, where JMKAC is based.

Residents had several times urged authorities to relocate the warehouses in the area, but were not heeded, said school teacher Mohammad Hemayet Uddin.

If she does relocate, it would continue a trend among the younger royals living relatively close together.

Mayor Jim Gray of Lexington, Kentucky, made the announcement on Twitter on Saturday: I am taking action to relocate the Confederate statues.

New labor rules, the Trump administration hopes, will incentivize manufacturers to keep jobs in the US or relocate them there.

Prior to the shooting, Beaudette and his wife had been preparing to relocate from Southern California to the Bay Area.

To achieve this, it said it would curtail the power of rich investors to relocate or rebrand teams on a whim.

Jonathan Levine Gallery will close its Chelsea space and relocate to Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.

Take how she handled Trump’s controversial decision to declare Jerusalem to be the official capital of Israel and relocate the US Embassy there.

Officers arrived on the scene and eventually called in a professional trapper to safely remove and relocate the massive animal.

The woman, her husband, and her small son were forced to relocate to a camp a few hours away.

“Only 20 to 30 percent will actually relocate from London to Frankfurt, the reluctance to moving is quite high,” the person said.

(Perhaps BGFT should relocate to Idaho, where “Bigfoot” is among the most-searched Google terms.)

The US Embassy in London will relocate to its new building designed by KieranTimberlake next month.

A number of them, mostly dealing with sales, will have to relocate to mainland Europe.

UniCredit would only relocate a small number of people from London due to Brexit, CEO Jean Pierre Mustier said.

A plan to relocate communities is being drawn up, the agency said.

The Gallery will soon relocate to Chinatown.

Friends from his flip-flopping to Germany and back convinced him to relocate to Berlin full-time.

The creepy clown emerged to inform us that toxic mold was growing in our ceilings and it would be best to relocate.

The Swiss Institute will relocate to the site of a former Chase bank branch at 38 St. Marks Place next year.

The couple was preparing to relocate to the Bay Area.

likes the move … and says if the Silver and Black do relocate, expect Vegas to host a Super Bowl in the near future.

“As a result we’ve had to stop or relocate activities in about a quarter of the villages we operate in,” he said.

In May 2002, Wimbledon Football Club were given permission to relocate to Milton Keynes.

Once in orbit, the solar sail will deploy from Prox-1; later, Prox-1 will autonomously relocate the sail and inspect it.

He set a timeline to relocate in eight months, then pushed it to three months.

Although Vassilopoulos survived, the company had to relocate him and six other employees who feared for their lives.

Crain’s Chicago Business first reported McDonald’s plan to relocate to 1045 W. Randolph Street in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

We don’t know, we might relocate to Nashville, too.

They add that, “careful consideration is given to whether asylum seekers can internally relocate in the country they are returned to.”

This is the last solo exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery before they relocate to Jersey City.

Therefore most people relocate from farms to villages, looking for alternative sources of income,” Siabatho said.

“We love L.A. We just want to be together.” The Texas-based lawyer, 32, reaffirms that they want to relocate soon.

“And I’m never leaving again.” A source told PEOPLE that Kardashian West is not worried that West is actually going to relocate.

In a 2015 interview, Ono said she would never relocate from the apartment where she and Lennon shared many otherwise happy memories.

The few of us who were still alive had to relocate.

Soon Kayvon will relocate out of South Los Angeles entirely.

“He should have had somebody come and relocate the animals.”

Thousands of residents of the Porter Ranch community near the field were forced to relocate because of the leak.

Oli: If you’d relocate the team and come here I’d over the moon!

Mauzy told the Tribune that Howard wanted Prince to relocate to California for long-term care under his supervision.

Over the past few years, New Orleans has become a popular vacation spot for young Americans—and for some, the temptation to relocate is high.

Moving to Manchester or Birmingham forces staff to relocate, he points out; moving to Slough doesn’t.

A quota scheme to relocate asylum-seekers across Europe has succeeded only in reviving an east-west split in the EU.

Alexandros Ziniatis of Viva Trust, a firm that advises businesses seeking to relocate within Europe, reports similarly brisk interest from Greek companies.

Greece has already agreed to host up to 60,000 asylum-seekers who enter an official programme to relocate them to other EU countries.

“They said that doing this would make it very easy for hackers to relocate to Nebraska.”

In the 1950s drought forced colonial authorities to relocate hundreds to the Solomon Islands.

Increasingly, refugees feel they have no options to relocate, the worker told me, since the US has followed other countries in limiting its aid.

Losers from globalisation and technological change need more ambitious support, from wage insurance to retraining and help to relocate for work.

The sector would grow more slowly and some firms would relocate to other EU financial hubs.

What will happen once you and Scott relocate there?

Bangladesh Disaster Management Secretary Shah Kamal said the government was working with the UN to relocate 133,000 people living in high-risk areas.

Frankfurt-based public-sector bank Helaba has estimated that about 8,000 bankers will relocate to Frankfurt due to Brexit.

Ahead of a presidential election next April, Hollande has faced mounting public pressure to dismantle the camp and relocate its inhabitants.

If Scotland were to become independent—now more likely because of Brexit—Britain could well have to relocate its subs, at further expense.

“People have had to relocate their camps where, for generations, they’ve hunted and fished.”

After considering a bid, Little Rock, Arkansas created an entire economic development campaign about how it didn’t want Amazon to relocate there.

The government has repeatedly backed down in the face of public demonstrations, twice agreeing to relocate a uranium-enrichment plant, for example.

Students and friends of the family came together and raised enough money for them to relocate to their current location in just three weeks.

Whose career should the family relocate for?

“Did you know that Brussels is planning to relocate a town’s worth of illegal immigrants in Hungary?” asks one.

They’ve taught farmers about predator-friendly farming techniques, like trapping the cheetahs and calling CCF to relocate them instead of shooting them.

It might encourage some businesses exposed to trade, such as aluminium manufacturers, simply to relocate to a different state.

“Any bank that wishes to relocate from the UK to the euro area should really have submitted its license application already,” she said.

South Korea says that it only agreed to ask civic groups to relocate the statue in Seoul.

The beauty of podcasting is that you don’t need to relocate to Los Angeles or New York to follow your dream.

He was one of around 40 street vendors forced to relocate to another neighbourhood, far from their homes, where business is slow.

Just you wait ’til the Kings relocate to Las Vegas.

The Tunisian government has proposed that residents in the area relocate elsewhere.

Conference organisers may decide to relocate events if they think that delegates will have trouble entering the country.

“We are beyond excited to relocate the Arcade City headquarters to Austin effective immediately,” David said in an email to Motherboard.

The NHL will absolutely stick a knife through your heart and relocate this team if it means a few more dollars for everyone.

There was further delight that Intel will relocate its existing car-technology business, which is sizeable, to the country.

The target set in 2015 was to relocate more than 63,000 in two years.

Due to strict immigration restrictions, these people simply cannot relocate to another country.

Moreover, by improving productivity, automation can sometimes create new jobs for humans, or at least relocate them.

By the end of 2017 the municipal government is due to relocate from the centre to Tongzhou, a suburb to the east.

Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe of Oslo University says that to avoid cumbersome checks many Norwegian firms simply relocate to Sweden.

Why did you choose to relocate to that city from Toronto?

But a judge denied Adelson’s motion to relocate the children.

But that process has been hampered by a severe shortage of safe land to relocate people, officials said.

The phone’s edges also don’t have enough room for power and volume buttons, so Oppo will have to find somewhere to relocate them.

But soon after Macron took office last year, aides said he would relocate it from within the palace walls to a street nearby.

He says that after the venue shut down, he was forced to relocate to a banquet hall, performing on a red staircase.

Brexit is prompting UBS to relocate some of its 5,000 staff in London to Frankfurt.

In most cases, tenants were given just seven days to relocate.

The decision to relocate the capital was vindicated when the Nazis laid siege to the city, which had been renamed Leningrad in 1924.

Alexion also said it would relocate its headquarters to Boston from New Haven, Connecticut by mid-2018.

Eli Cohen, the economics minister, this week called for Teva to take care of employees and to relocate its foreign activities in Israel.

One-fifth said they would not relocate any capacity, and 5 percent planned to increase UK operations.

A domestic carbon tax could encourage people to switch towards imports, or hurt the competitiveness of companies’ exports, possibly even encouraging them to relocate.

It has sent a lobbyist to Nebraska, who reportedly warned local politicians that the legislation would make armies of hackers relocate to the state.

It aimed to relocate 160,000 asylum-seekers through 2017, but handled just 31,472 by November 3rd.

For 1909, Austin would relocate to the city.

Now, however, she has made plans to relocate into the city within three months to escape the waves already hitting her front door.

If Brexit limits London financiers’ ability to trade with the continent, parts of the industry could relocate.

They relocate Joe’s bedroom to the garage, coach him through his comedy routine, and put him in a bomber jacket.

The CBI cites a cosmetics-maker which would have to relocate to the continent.

The drugmaker will also relocate its headquarters to Boston from New Haven, Connecticut by mid-2018, the company said.

The prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has plans to create a special visa for Pacific Islanders forced to relocate because of rising sea levels.

The families secured a donated medical transport to relocate Dalton closer to Katie, if only he could rebound to make the trip.

“They may relocate.

Now that it is a ward of Uncle Sam, Qualcomm may be unable to cut back on pointless research or relocate jobs from America.

Israel cancelled a deal with the UN to relocate African migrants who entered the country illegally, many seeking asylum.

The World Bank project in Saint-Louis aims to relocate about 10,000 people at a cost of $30 million.

relocate this team to Montreal already.

Google’s Canadian headquarters would relocate there.

They then decided to up sticks and relocate the night to a city that was crying out for a proper clubbing experience: Sheffield.

Might more links in the chain simply relocate within Asia instead?

Donald Trump reacted angrily to Harley-Davidson’s decision to relocate the production of motorbikes for sale to Europe outside the United States.

At least in some countries, the focus seems to be more on forcing companies to relocate.

Labor mobility, a concern for Canadian technology companies, could be improved by updating the list of professions that allows workers to relocate between countries.

The agency is setting up another unit in Guadalajara, and hopes to relocate up to 5,000 refugees next year.

I had to expand elsewhere.” She asked her employees to relocate, both to other American cities and to the Philippines.

But one day, after a huge fight with her husband, Khandabattu asked for a divorce and told her company to relocate her to Amsterdam.

“Most people here do not want to relocate and we would be killing the whole culture here if we do,” he added.

Viewers have watched Culberson and her family relocate multiple times for his job and share milestones, including Troy’s birth.

The move does not alter the EU’s medium-term goal of coaxing business to relocate.

To enroll in a startup accelerator like Y Combinator, for example, it’s expected founders relocate to the Bay Area for three months.

On December 3rd the university said it will relocate its American-accredited programmes, the bulk of its operation, from Budapest to Vienna from September 2019.

Chengdu officials ordered the people of Yumin to relocate to high-rise housing a short drive away.

Senior bank executives are already looking at contingency plans that could relocate staff and operations to places like Frankfurt, Dublin or Amsterdam.

Lower costs have allowed it to grow quickly, and it entices the best to relocate by paying them rich-city salaries.

Will they relocate?

Garment factories, in particular, are easy to relocate; some firms are reportedly already contemplating moving to Vietnam or Bangladesh.

Recently, Oceania’s most formidable ratite—the cassowary—has been breaking and entering the houses of Queensland residents, requiring wildlife officials to relocate them.

My siblings and I had to relocate to my aunt’s apartment in the Polo Grounds Towers, right across the street from Rucker Park.

What do I need to do to relocate to Hawaii and never have to look at the internet again?

Moufarrige said in a telephone interview he would relocate to the United states by the end of the month.

But many industry officials believe the EMA, as an EU agency governed by EU legislation, would relocate from London to a remaining member state.

Flooding also forced 3,000 people in the western Rakhine state to relocate, the disaster management department said.

Other officials advised the Commission to find adequate places for mobile homeowners to relocate, such as Orlando, for example, four hours north of Miami.

Heller succeeds Elizabeth Rozek who will be leaving Basilea to relocate to the United States, the company said.

“The danger is that, in the absence of clarity, firms will restructure or relocate on the basis of a ‘worst case’ scenario.

“We’ve got no current plans to relocate to Singapore or anywhere else,” he told a parliamentary inquiry.

In the future his administration will try to encourage businesses to relocate or expand to more affordable areas within the state.

The government is attempting to relocate some 5 million people of out the city, offering up generous financial incentives and other solutions.

The EU would like to use Brexit to force much City activity to relocate to the European mainland.

Few rule out a fresh attempt to force euro-denominated clearing to relocate.

Apple reportedly asked its Chinese suppliers what it would take to relocate production of the iPhone stateside, but cost is the biggest barrier.

Elhedery will relocate to London from Dubai to take up the role, effective from March 15, the memo said.

Jacksonville is frequently mentioned as a candidate to relocate to London.

In recent years, the German government has begun work of digging the mine out again to retrieve and relocate the waste.

At the same time, investment firms might also relocate.

Early stage startups are agile and can relocate if need be.

Two years later, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina forced him to relocate to Houston.

You can relocate, rotate and scale accordingly so you can see how that sectional truly looks in your home.

Fiji itself has already started to relocate its own communities in response to climate change, according to the Fiji Times.

That makes it challenging to know when species who have been forced to relocate are facing threats to their population.

Lexington, KY: Saturday afternoon, Lexington, Kentucky, Mayor Jim Gray tweeted that he is “taking action to relocate” the city’s two Confederate statues.

The canine will then relocate to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to assist more veterans like Bush, according to CNN.

With Brexit looming, the EU has changed its rules in a way that could force LCH to relocate to the bloc after Britain leaves.

I’m concerned that more villages have to relocate,” said Isaac Savua, head of operations in Vanuatu for aid agency CARE International.

But the lack of drinking water up the hill has kept her from embracing her husband’s idea to relocate.

The White House has been undergoing renovations this week, forcing President Trump to relocate to his golf resort in New Jersey.

The gas leak has forced thousands of residents to relocate, with the company paying their expenses.

But soon after Macron took office last year, aides said he would relocate it from within the palace walls to a street nearby.

Investors from Silicon Valley or New York need to stop asking founders to relocate.

To ensure the animal’s safety, Animal Control called in a rescue group to help relocate the unusual pet.

Wealthier Americans can relocate more easily, can pay energy bills more easily, can rebuild from climate disasters more easily.

Detectives within the LAPD deemed the woman’s protection “very important,” with TMZ reporting that police may possibly relocate her into hiding.

Broadcom announced yesterday it will relocate to the U.S. thanks to the tax plan.

Manafort has been hoping to relocate to his property in South Florida.

Trump will sign such a waiver delaying the move, but will announce intent to relocate the embassy during his speech.

Interested parties need to provide a prototype of their project and be willing to relocate to either San Francisco or Shenzhen.

Are you sure you’re not blowing the salary question every time because you’re not 100% sure you want to relocate?

Snap has also offered some the opportunity to relocate to the company’s L.A. headquarters.

They worked like this for nearly three years, before saving up the necessary funds to relocate to their design studio, a former cannery.

Tina (Peet) is Michelle’s older sister, who decides to relocate to Los Angeles and restart her life.

Geography lesson: Broadcom (formerly Avago) is based in Singapore and is looking to relocate its headquarters to the U.S.

But the EU program to relocate asylum seekers from Italy to other EU countries remains far off target.

It might be necessary to change the game plan or even relocate in order to bring a dream to life.

There are so many things wrong with Samsung’s choice to relocate this reader.

Or when you relocate to a desert island.

That said, if you’re planning to relocate to Canada, try not to be these people.

He also stressed that EU states need to relocate refugees stranded in Greece and share the burden.

Ultimately, Trump agreed to relocate and lower the flag in a compromise.

Both cities also already have a substantial Amazon presence, which helps reduce the issue of having to recruit and relocate talent from elsewhere.

@ParkBoard @CityofVancouver @BCWildlife @vanaqua can anyone help relocate this little guy back to the wild?

Quit high paying jobs to relocate across the country for love.

Luckily, quick garden staff have been able to catch and relocate one lucky koi to the Vancouver Aquarium.

French authorities have approved plans from aid group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to relocate another squalid camp outside nearby Dunkirk.

The bank has no plans to relocate UK-based employees to run the subsidiary.

Some Virgos could even relocate for love or give a long-distance relationship a go.

Oppenheimer co-wrote a somewhat famous 2010 paper on the topic concluding that 1.4 to 6.7 million Mexican adults would have to relocate by 2080.

That said, if you’re planning to relocate to Canada, try not to be these people.

“There are no plans to relocate.

when my family and I decided to relocate to Arizona with my employer to open up a new laboratory.

It already has forces in Niger’s capital Niamey and will eventually relocate them to Agadez, the U.S. Africa Command spokesperson added.

Concerns remain as firms are expected to relocate jobs from London, especially in the finance sector.

“Our London office has a very international and diverse workforce so it will be attractive for some to relocate,” Scholz said.

They relocate to Washington but struggle to adapt to city life.

), relocate to a bright window to double-check that you’re making highlights, not racing stripes.

“Gisoni also said that Ziegler is itching to relocate to Los Angeles and move in with a famous friend.

1,400 Apple employees from existing offices around London will relocate to this magnificent new development at one of London’s best known landmarks.

They need to relocate the aforementioned earpiece, sensors, and selfie camera.

), both phones merely relocate them to the bottom bezel — an awkward place that’s not ideal for shooting flattering selfies.

More specifically, the awful, terrible place Samsung decided to relocate it to.

To avoid creating squeeze marks, go easy and be sure to relocate the position of your fingers.

If Silicon Valley wants other people to pump their gas so badly, they should relocate to New Jersey.

Second, the company’s team in Paris is going to relocate to Station F (that’s 10 people or so).

The U.S. Embassy is due to relocate its unit on May 14.

The rise of remote work means companies whose employee typically didn’t relocate may now need to bring in distant workers for a multi-month sprint.

Here At Home: Over 1,000 people in Indiana public housing must relocate after the EPA revealed massive levels of lead poisoning.

The couple was preparing to relocate to the Bay Area.

Now, women are far more likely to want to relocate.

Our design was made reflecting the regulations, but we made a subsequent decision to relocate certain systems for a better design.

If The Smell does end up having to relocate, a lot of memories and history would be left behind.

Zorya were forced to relocate, leaving friends, family and supporters behind.

The subsidies helped entice the company to relocate its headquarters from Hartford, Connecticut, which it had called home since 1853.

No matter how it goes, make sure to follow up with any individuals you meet and emphasize your desire to relocate abroad.

Brown also revealed that his daughter was set to relocate to Los Angeles to live closer to him just two days before the incident.

Crain’s Chicago Business first reported McDonald’s plan to relocate to 1045 W. Randolph Street in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

Israel said it plans to relocate the residents to an area about 12 km (seven miles) away, near the Palestinian village of Abu Dis.

Hollenback uploaded a video of his father playing with a raccoon that they rescued from their attic with the intention to relocate.

Pakistan hopes that some industry will relocate from China, due to cheaper wages and production costs, Iqbal said.

The women slept on the ship, which would relocate in the night.

It follows an announcement of A$2.5 million in funding to relocate the bats on Monday.

Maybe, some kind of city-wide hydraulic suspension system, possibly with wheels to relocate to less flooded land, should be the solution.

(Which is good news since the Chargers might relocate to this stadium, too.

You are entirely sane and therefore need to relocate to a tropical climate and never look back.

It doesn’t blast through bedrock or relocate utilities.

For example, a mother cat will routinely relocate her litter, often moving the newborn kittens from one dark and quiet location to the next.

They’ve also been observed to hide food in front of other birds, and then relocate that food when the other birds aren’t looking.

The agency itself is due to relocate to another city inside the EU.

– STATS to relocate its Shanghai facility to Jiangyin (within JCET’s existing facility) in 2017.

Concerns remain as firms are expected to relocate jobs from London, specially in the finance sector.

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