Releases in a sentence | Use of the word releases examples

It’s not a medium for your press releases.

Several former employees accuse Fadell of a micromanagement that stifles product releases.

Publicists never explicitly write in press releases, “This artist was paid/sponsored by us.” The resulting stories rarely, if ever, mention the partnerships.

But does paid red carpet product use and the press releases I get count as advertising?

He also produces “50 Central” on BET and releases exclusive new music through his shows.

He has also discussed what government press releases describe as “threats” local firms face from “large foreign competition”.

Do you get distracted by new releases?

The Bank of England releases its semiannual financial stability report.

He’d asked me to do a remix for one of his Aus Music releases.

For the last 24 years, I’ve always taken care of everything concerning my releases, from marketing plans to promotion and distribution.

Head here for more information on both releases.

​I love split releases, and I love them even more when both bands involved seem to be operating on the same wavelength.

The Lost City of Z releases in theaters on April 14.

We’ve got over 8 million releases in there; I think we’ve got more pages than Wikipedia now.

We have all of the releases with the tracklistings as just plain text.

“He releases it from the cap, so that as he tosses it out of his hand the bottle already naturally wants to be spinning.

Schulte is allegedly behind the Vault 7 releases, the largest leak of classified information from inside the CIA.

All four data releases are scheduled to drop at 1pm AEDT.

Mid- and post-credits scenes have become a Marvel tradition, something fans look forward to every time the company releases a new film.

A shocking terror attack in northern England; Trump releases his first budget; the president of the Philippines declares “limited” martial law.

The word “final” suggests that, well, yeah, the Die Antwoord that releases records is dead as we know it.

Keeping with the theme of his previous releases, Dedication 6 makes use of other artist’s instrumental tracks.

Apple users are known for their speedy uptake of new releases, so it isn’t a huge shock.

In October, when Microsoft releases the newest build of Windows 10, might be a little more obnoxious.

Later came performances and happenings but there has always been this need to format it on physical releases.

In February 2016 noted that more than 1 million unique “music releases” had been uploaded to the site.

Recent Statscan releases have been encouraging.

And so it goes that we’re bringing you one of 2016’s most upfront releases exclusively here on THUMP.

Today, the duo releases Hyper, a brand new 12” that injects dynamism and subtlety into digital matter.

Are there steps you plan to take that go beyond press releases and calls for a bipartisan select committee?

Not just his own releases, but his A&R which has a sound and aesthetic that he holds true to.

Usually Apple figures this out, and releases updates to fix as many glitches as possible.

We’re told he’s even asked to see proof he signed the appropriate releases, and turns out he did not.

This has become standard practice anytime Bey releases new work, but Saturday was different.

“Yes No Wave releases are very diverse, and we can’t be defined by a single sound.”

Yes No Wave releases all of its records for free—posting the download links on their website for anyone to take.

Don’t worry, here’s a list of their best releases specifically curated for every kind of listener we could think of.

The sonic boundaries in category of Yes No Wave releases are pretty fluid.

Rully Shabara, the vocal extraordinaire of the experimental duo Senyawa, has more releases than anyone on else on Yes No Wave.

Music’s summer releases were all dropping around Scorpion.

But enough about the bad stuff — let’s look back to a better time, when major media companies literally produced musical press releases.

Our contract releases gen0 kitties every 15 minutes, and launches them for sale in an auction, and it will do that for a year.

University press shops are less likely to put out press releases on meta-reviews than they are on a striking and dramatic single study.

3) It’s often the scientific papers or press releases themselves that spread hype about initial findings.

The ranking does not include Tindersticks’ various soundtrack works, nor live releases.

The document then states that an unnamed “senior Trump campaign official was directed” to contact Stone about future releases.

That knowledge, coupled with the directive to contact Stone about future releases, could form the basis of a conspiracy charge, according to McQuade.

LG: How does that compare to Nintendo’s previous console releases?

“They get first access to our releases and will share any upcoming sales,” she says.

The Bad Batch releases in theaters on June 23.

Today she releases a trailer for her documentary of the same name that takes her fans behind-the-scenes of the project one year later.

An unpopular Trump might have less ability to bully corporations into putting out press releases crediting him with new jobs.

When you do that, it releases a lot of energy, controversy, furor, reaction.

“When new stimuli are involved, our brain releases more dopamine, once again giving us a shot of pleasure,” writes the outlet.

Ideas for releases, says Slaughter, come in the form of images and are often motivated by emotions and nature.

The only relief, barring a few rare prisoner releases, is death.

With Fix, Hyperlapse and other recent releases, Microsoft is showing it is willing to let the research team directly bring products to market.

In that stretch there were no new songs, no unexpected releases, not even a rumor of the band going back into the studio.

Berkshire usually releases year-end results and Buffett’s annual shareholder letter on the last Saturday in February.

Earlier this month, Run The Jewels announced that their third album RTJ3 would be available for free download when it releases in January.

Who else even has any releases with this much pure rapping on so many songs?

The campaign official sought information on whether any more releases were expected.

Well, the notion that a candidate or a political figure would put out press releases or generate information on their own is nothing new.

So here are the biggest album releases of August 2018, what critics are saying about them, and which tracks to listen for.

In the meantime, here are a few releases from extremely good people who make extremely good music that you can feel good about supporting!

Later, when Pandora releases all the evils of mankind from a jar deceptively gifted to her by the gods, only hope (Elpis) remains trapped.

That’s all speculation until Trump releases his tax returns.

From independent documentaries to would-be blockbusters, from Oscar contenders to foreign animated releases, there’s a little something for everybody coming out this fall.

Just a warning: All of these release dates may change or be for limited releases.

It remains a valuable resource, continuing to raise awareness of overlooked, non-mainstream releases.

LF: There has never been a better time for music as today, with a zillion daily album releases.

Amid the flood of reissue releases currently hitting the shops or download platforms, I regret the conformism and unimaginative choices of record labels.

When you bend your fingers, the fluid releases tiny gas bubbles that come and go very quickly.

Apple typically releases the final version of its new mobile software in September, to coincide with its new iPhone launches.

Then, when the doxylamine starts to wane, your brain releases a bunch of acetylcholine.

Every quarter, Juno releases 25 million shares of restricted stock units that are prorated based on the earnings of each driver.

Warner Bros. and New Line’s “Annabelle Comes Home,” the seventh installment in the Conjuring Universe, had the best showing among new releases.

The genre peaked in the early 2000s with a string of classic releases from the likes of Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian, and Rhapsody.

“When we hear sad songs, the brain releases the neurochemical prolactin, the same comforting chemical that a mother releases when nursing a child.

VIEWS releases tonight.

Furthering the shadowdy allure, its vinyl releases come stamped with the ever-so-suspect disclaimer, “for promotional use only.”

And then I worked my way through … Just press releases, right?

But so many in the market incorrectly assumed that if they made their own releases gory, gamers would come in comparable droves.

Every year, the doughnut chain releases a confection that captures the festivity of the season.

LG: I got some bitcoin exchange press pushes and press releases and stuff like that.

So you’re not opposed to doing UK releases too?Sam: Nah, but weirdly we’ve met loads more US people.

Bentley said the Drumm email was “inaccurate” because the department will still be issuing press releases and other documents.

The latter three colors are limited releases, which means once they run out, Essential may not make more.

We’ve done releases with Sabotage before and Franz, who runs the label, has always been great to us so we aren’t surprised.

The Golden Ravedays is a 24-track release that will emerge in two-track intervals every month in 2017, making up 12 individual releases.

And their press releases and everything else.

We’re often misled by press releases trumpeting the latest findings and don’t know how to check it against the best evidence.

The Institute for New Feeling’s “Air Freshener” releases Oxytocin into a bathroom, rendering the most mundane of places a therapeutic space.

“Your body releases stress hormones including cortisol, which may increase the skin’s oil production, making you prone to breakouts.”

Such screenings serve several purposes, many of which are mutually beneficial to both the studio and the press who cover the studio’s releases.

The final three Disney releases—The Jungle Book, Fantasia, and Lady and the Tramp—would be released as Studio releases.

It’s not surprising that recent PS4 releases like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be updated, a process that Sony is dubbing “forwards compatibility.”

But the rest of the list consists of movies that have barely received American releases — and nonetheless went on to be major hits anyway.

This is not to say that American releases will suddenly cease to make money overseas.

Germany releases industrial orders figures on Tuesday, and Friday brings a raft of British data, including first-quarter GDP.

I’ve obviously worked on boxed releases before, but I never really understood or appreciated what was happening then.

No reliance on wires, press releases, or even the internet.

Well, he’s going to release a mixtape called Slime Season 3 before Young Thug releases his long-awaited mixtape of the same name.

At Noon the EIA releases monthly STEO report, just before the 1pm Auction of $24 Bln 3-Year Notes from the US Treasury.

IHS Markit releases June service Pmi data (0745 GMT).

The EU leaders meeting in Brussels on Thursday demanded that Russia releases the Ukrainian servicemen “unconditionally”, their joint statement read.

As per usual, there was an abundance of solid releases this week.

Until now, a few of your series have gotten DVD releases, but never any theatrical run or airing.

That would be a really good thing to try to figure out: what releases the artist.

Paul also admired Ruthless Records, a label whose releases regularly positioned co-owner Eazy-E in the executive producer position.

Quietly, officials at these and other science agencies have been removing the words “climate change” from government websites and press releases.

Netflix rarely releases viewership data.

Mid- and post-credits scenes have become a Marvel tradition, something fans look forward to every time the company releases a new film.

Then, finally, the releases through major label Columbia Records.

(The heated tobacco still releases addictive nicotine.)

“—i-D A$AP Rocky releases Another New TrackThe rapper shared “MONEY BAGS FREESTYLE” on Soundcloud, his third new track this week.

Press releases were dutifully sent around after the events.

On his latest record, the succinctly titled Care, the Chicago artist has embraced directness in a way unlike that of his previous releases.

And they will be hackable until Microsoft releases patches, which could perhaps take weeks or months.

Bank of Italy releases April data on public finances, state borrowing and debt.

In late 2015 Trump team releases paper saying higher visa fees/fining remittances.

I would come in, meet people, do releases, and I would do back-to-back interviews and photo sessions.

The EP will arrive via Atlanta imprint CGI Records, and follows releases by the artist on labels including Opal Tapes and Black Opal.

And at the time, Trump said in public that he hoped there would be email releases to come — including Clinton’s deleted ones.

When she arrived, she said, Tyson played romantic music and talked about how everyone needed “releases” in life, including physical releases.

If the octopus sticks to the grill when you try to move it, continue to cook until it releases easily.

ISTAT releases January-March Italian regional export data (0800).

Frequent sex releases hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, which both play a role in creating physical and emotional attachment between two people.

It is like an oracle a person releases, with complete control, out to the world.

OECD releases April composite leading indicator (1000 GMT).

Bank of Italy releases April data on bank lending and domestic government bond holdings at Italy-based banks.

Those releases are putting some strain on cities like El Paso.

In late December, Cassini releases the Huygens probe to explore Titan.

October brought in a bumper crop at the box office, with new releases breaking records and raking in profits.

It’s a wonderful evening to connect with people—just stay grounded in reality and know that some major emotional releases are coming soon.

But the recent high-profile game releases coming shoulder-to-shoulder have put a lot of things in much starker relief than usual.

We find ways to contextualize it and try and present the truth on the ground without letting them write their own press releases.

I squeeze the peel firmly above the glass, which releases some oil.

Another introduced a $150 bedside lamp, the Aromarest, that releases melatonin and aromatherapy.

We’ll have a better picture of the future of science funding when the Trump administration releases a full budget request in May.

But when he looks back, he doesn’t see the clear-cut triumph portrayed in press releases.

More importantly, will other artists follow Taylor’s lead and try to destabilize their rivals with strategic streaming music releases timed to overshadow them?

For the prisoners treated as bargaining chips, releases can move at alarming speeds.

Even more so than the last couple Ahnnu releases it feels unmoored from traditional electronic songwriting.

UK rap dons Section Boyz and the benevolent god of grime Skepta blessed us yesterday with not one but two new releases for Halloween.

Bands like The Silver Field and Average Sex have upcoming releases and we’ve recently put out albums by Richard Youngs.

The energy it releases as it forms clouds is 200 times the world’s annual electricity use.

Kushner releases a short statement calling Trump a “loving and tolerant person.”

But the larger reason plastic is so dangerous is that it releases toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) when it breaks down.

Some teams consider overseas releases as just extra change on the side.

Was it two years ago, when I convinced my bosses that Vox should review major movie releases?

If Trump releases detailed medical records, as he’s been promising to do, it’s not clear they’ll be truthful, either.

Both have generated goodwill, but that can also be said of previous Sonic releases that turned out to be duds.

Aamer became one of the most high-profile Guantanamo releases following an international campaign backed by politicians, celebrities, and activists around the world.

Aamer became one of the most high-profile Guantanamo releases following an international campaign backed by politicians, celebrities, and activists around the world.

ISTAT releases June consumer and business confidence data (0800 GMT) and May non-EU foreign trade data (0900 GMT).

I played couple tracks from the previous SPE:C releases; “Xempa” and “003.”

As clinical psychologist Dr Dathan Paterno says, “Listening to powerful music releases dopamine and oxytocin.

We defrost the tundra and it releases soil carbon and methane.

The LinkedIn employee mentioned efforts to search through Department of Defense press releases and internal company resources to find other, potentially troubling, contracts.

He is regarded with distaste by many in Washington, although Trump, then the Republican candidate, supported the group’s email releases last year.

That’s correct, it is similar in that customers will receive a selection of brand new releases on a regular basis.

The trend of surprise music releases continues — and the latest one, from Chance the Rapper, comes with a particularly unexpected wrinkle.

We’ll most likely integrate a demo page on which labels can submit their releases for consideration every month.

It will enable us to fulfill our customer’s requirement by providing a mix of classic records and brand new releases.

He was to use publicity tools, which included press releases, films and speeches, to urge Russians to remain in the war.

He has also discussed what government press releases describe as “threats” local firms face from “large foreign competition”.

We generally only stream new releases prior to their street dates, but for Skullflower, I couldn’t resist making an exception.

But the releases have not come from the Illinois State Police, which is tasked with the main investigation.

I’ve been closely following and buying pretty much every one of their releases.

When the meditation ends, Biet releases us into the October morning with wishes of positive energy and self-reflection.

They reiterate policies they’ve already suggested in press releases or past years, trying in vain to get Congress to pass them anyway.

The biggest leap for Goes Cube is the added emphasis on melodic vocals, more so than any of their other releases.

Each female releases approximately 15,000 eggs at a time, and can spawn every four days in warmer environments.

I’m enjoying the Mood Hut releases, Lnrdcroy and PSS (Pender Street Steppers).

The tearing releases chemical bonds, expending energy as heat and light.

“[She] makes these fake scenarios, releases them as real through news, social media and whatever else,” the source told Del Signore.

Igniting those gases releases some energy, which then can be used to break down more cellulose and generate more combustible gases and heat.

You know, I’ll give you one example: In the early days we’d have frequent talks about the value of press releases.

(The oxygen bonds with the carbon in the wood to form carbon dioxide, and releases heat and water along the way.)

Because of the shutdown, government data releases were delayed.

They make money hand over fist, and their releases turn into genuine pop culture events.

I don’t think anything I do will change the world, but nothing in the world releases me from my obligation to try.

They were also cross-checked where possible against official Russian military releases.

The group prefers to stay busy, leaving little room for rest in-between festival appearances, club sets, guest mixes, original releases and interviews.

Teenagers are sending press releases and putting together press packets.

Snatched releases in theaters on May 12.

“Of equal importance will be the tone of the three activity releases for June, industrial production, retail sales and fixed assets investment.

His set relied almost entirely on newer tracks, combining highlights from Blond, Endless, and his recent Blonded Radio surprise releases.

Each year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation releases its annual Goalkeepers Report.

“There’s a lot of different ways you can create films that don’t have to prop up massive 4,000 screen releases.”

Unlike her past releases, focused on near-fantastical worlds and dream-like states, Grey Area is grounded in today, in London, in her.

As releases came, went, and resurged, more people shared their photos.

Like Huffington Post releases, ‘xenophobe, racist!'”

Barrott releases his own music on the imprint, too.

I mean, like a lot of other media outlets, we’re probably structured towards what releases are coming up.

The toy giant maintains a Bratz app, releases Bratz Youtube “webisodes,” and encourages fans to submit art to their Instagram.

Netflix releases entire seasons of its shows at once, so you can watch them all over a weekend or whenever you want.

These releases are truly something else.

They have more substantial audiences, but more recent releases like “Bullet Catcher” … What is “Bullet Catcher”?

There are questions about how carefully ORR vets the sponsors to whom it ultimately releases children.

US officials said the most damaging releases were the cables that showed the private stances of US allies.

Here’s how three recent releases — two fiction and one nonfiction — have incorporated that theme.

Anonymous has distributed attention-grabbing and ready-to-publish imagery or press releases that were easy for journalists to quickly report on.

It’s also why I’ve often changed styles in my previous releases.

Until Disney releases Episode VIII in 2017, that may remain just another mystery.

“I am convinced that he only releases around one per cent of everything he makes.

Exchange operator JSE Ltd releases data on foreigners’ buying and selling of South African bonds and stocks during the previous week.

Tentenko, culled from the Japan-only releases of a 28-year-old, Hokkaido-born ex-“idol,” is so good that I’ve found it confusing.

The 14-track project is one of the most energetic releases of the year, fueled by the chaotic wonder of the new generation.

Known for their euphoric crowd-surfing performances, the Oxford-based band is not playing it safe in 2019 with two album releases.

“FlexiSpy releases the first SpyPhone for Symbian, launching a brand new industry,” an internal roadmap presentation reads.

The proposals have more meat on them than earlier “unveilings” that proved little more than skimpy press releases.

When Netflix releases a full season of episodes of a show, I tend to watch them all in fairly quick succession.

The proposals have more meat on them than earlier “unveilings” that proved little more than skimpy press releases.

So the antibodies nestle the ball into the cancer cells, then the structure falls apart and releases the drugs.

But then, she told McAfee, Tyson put on romantic music and talked about how people need “releases” in life, including physical releases.

From harmony-based girl rock to slacker guitar tunes to ultra-happy pop, May’s releases didn’t disappoint.

Hidden away in the documentation for their releases, CPY includes a clue about the next game they’re working on.

Summer of Screamo is a month-long, weekly column spotlighting new, recent, and upcoming releases in screamo, emoviolence, and generally offbeat hardcore.

The releases were designed and times to interfere with our election and to damage a presidential candidate.

Some of my past releases are really smooth and unnerving, but this DON project is right in your face.

Consolidating a decade’s worth of releases is a daunting task, as is trying to pinpoint those that define hardcore’s new canon.

Here are a few recent releases that are moving hardcore forward at ludicrous speed.

It appears that Operation Lanhydrock wasn’t the “joined-up, multi-agency” effort being touted in press releases.

Further details on the policy meeting at the end of January are expected when the Fed releases records from its deliberations on Wednesday.

Alien: Covenant releases in theaters on May 19.

October 11 it’s out, which near enough puts it in competition with the next Battlefield, Titanfall, and Call of Duty releases.

Marvel hasn’t said what its schedule for 2020 releases and beyond will look like.

No two Snowflake releases are the same (you know, like a literal snowflake).

ISTAT releases deficit/GDP ratio Q1 data (0800 GMT).

If and when Apple releases smart glasses, those apps will come right over.

For those who don’t know, PR Newswire is where everybody puts their … You put your press releases.

It’s the most rock-heavy of her releases so far, with a soaring guitar solo and accompanying banjo rhythm.

Speaking of which, one of my favorite new-ish releases this week comes courtesy of Nazi Killer.

For a brief period, as West geared up for a busy summer of album releases, it seemed like his political commentary would cease.

These new releases burn with creepy surprises, rubbery jitters, musical knots, and basslines that run into your arms.

Take a deep breath: Below, we’ve compiled a guide the 43 biggest releases to keep an eye on, arranged in chronological order.

Thankfully, the band has a good amount of live releases, and somehow, they all feel essential.

Once the missile leaves the atmosphere and the warhead releases, the balloons inflate, and one of them surrounds the nuclear warhead.

I will release my tax returns, against my lawyer’s wishes, when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted.

As soon as she releases them, I will release my tax returns and that’s against my lawyers say don’t do it.

2 is relatively lean compared to the last couple Migos releases, which have tended toward 20 and in some cases almost 30 tracks.

The first broad read of their views will come in March, when the Fed next releases forecasts for the economy and rates.

Check out these 17 smaller, under-the-radar releases if you want a break from the summer heat and the blockbuster shenanigans.

I’ve always loved cassette tapes, and he does these really cool limited releases.

Under pressure from her aunt, Ashley O releases an AI-powered doll named “Ashley Too” that’s crafted from her own brain scan.

We’ll know more when leadership releases a revised bill in the coming days.

There will be much more to say once Ocean finally releases his full second album.

It used to be slides and press releases and now it’s [digital] files.

These 13,000 releases occurred on Hillary Clinton’s watch.

So the company releases genetically modified males into the wild.

releases New TrackYoung M.A.

If basis goes above $1 and supply needs to be diluted, the system automatically releases new basis tokens to share token holders.

While the DCEU has been struggling in recent years, the universe hopes to get back on track with its upcoming releases.

I like giving my releases a theme, and choosing love songs gives me a lot of scope to play with.

FACT profiled the Japanese house music geniuses and dissected their past releases.

He has also discussed what government press releases describe as “threats” local firms face from “large foreign competition”.

The exact allocation of party seats won’t be known until the Election Commission releases unofficial results, which are expected on Friday.

There used to be a term for releases like Vampyr: B-games.

A Kind of Murder releases in theaters on December 16.

Bill Richardson, who has spent decades negotiating hostage releases with North Korea.

What’s it like to negotiate with North Koreans on hostage releases?

You can catch the rest of the releases on Red Bull Sound Select’s Soundcloud.

What happens immediately after North Korea releases the hostages?

If Pyongyang releases the detainees, does that mean they have less negotiating leverage?

Mid- and post-credits scenes have become a Marvel tradition, something fans look forward to every time the company releases a new film.

HIS Markit releases June manufacturing PMI (0745 GMT).

They were looking for some psychiatrist who had to sign off on psych releases.

ISTAT releases May employment rate data (0800 GMT).

Transport Ministry releases June car sales data (1600 GMT).

And to help you decide what to read, we’ve rounded up 18 of the summer’s best new releases.

This directly relates to the fact that there is so much time in between releases.

A week before it was due to be published, the press releases and the embargoed copy of the paper went live.

Wall Street expects Netflix to earn three cents a share on revenue of $2.11 billion when Netflix releases its Q2 earnings report today.

The company then releases genetically modified males into the wild.

July 28, 2015: Clinton’s doctor releases a note explaining the candidate’s medical history, including detailed information about the 2012 concussion.

When Beyoncé releases new material with no warning, it’s a flex.

They make money hand over fist, and their releases turn into genuine pop culture events.

The My Critter Catcher snaps up bugs with its bristled head and then releases the unharmed insects them into the wild.

Today, Kadiata releases a new track called “Dumb”—and, in all honesty, he’s not messing around.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming debut Pink Sky, which releases August 10 via Buzz Records and Moorworks.

In life, the artist was almost obsessed with having full control over his releases.

Then this administration fires off tweets or sends out press releases about how bad it is.

The releases were designed and timed to interfere with our election and to damage a presidential candidate.

Recent Statscan releases have been encouraging.

Nov. 6, 2016: WikiLeaks releases more DNC emails.

A spokeswoman said Bachelet had requested the 22 releases directly to leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

OECD releases May composite leading indicator (1000 GMT).

ISTAT releases May retail sales data (0800 GMT).

Bank of Italy releases May data on bank lending and domestic government bond holdings at Italy-based banks.

ISTAT releases May industrial output (0800 GMT).

That’s when to expect a new round of phone calls (and probably a first round of press releases).

Bank of Italy releases May data on public finances, state borrowing and debt.

ISTAT releases May foreign trade data (0800 GMT) and June CPI and HICP final data (0900 GMT).

ISTAT releases May industry orders and sales data (0800 GMT).

ISTAT releases June non-EU foreign trade data (0800 GMT).

Saipem releases H1 results, followed by conference call.

STMicroelectronics releases Q2 results (before European bourses opening), followed by conference call (0730 GMT).

ISTAT releases July consumer and business confidence data (0800 GMT) and Q2 wage inflation data (0900 GMT).

Eni releases H1 results (before bourse opening), followed by conference call.

Italgas releases H1 results (before bourse opening), followed by conference call (afternoon).

ISTAT releases June employment rate data (0800 GMT), flash July CPI and HICP data (0900 GMT), flash Q2 GDP data (1000 GMT).

IHS Markit releases July manufacturing PMI (0745 GMT).

Transport Ministry releases July car sales data (1600 GMT).

Assicurazioni Generali releases H1 results.

Snam releases H1 results (before bourse opening), followed by conference call (afternoon).

ISTAT releases industrial output May data (0800 GMT) and retail sales June data (0900 GMT).

IHS Markit releases July service Pmi data (0745 GMT).

ISTAT releases monthly bulletin on the state of the economy in July (0800 GMT).

Bank of Italy releases July data on Target 2 liabilities and European Central Bank funding to Italian banks.

UniCredit releases H1 results, followed by conference call.

OECD releases June composite leading indicator (1000 GMT).

ISTAT releases June foreign trade data (0800 GMT) and July CPI and HICP final data (0900 GMT).

Cattolica Assicurazioni releases H1 results.

Bank of Italy releases June data on bank lending and domestic government bond holdings at Italy-based banks.

Bank of Italy releases June data on public finances, state borrowing and debt.

ISTAT releases August consumer and business confidence data (0800 GMT).

ISTAT releases June industry orders and sales data (0800 GMT).

ISTAT releases July employment rate data (0800 GMT), flash August CPI and HICP data (0900 GMT), final Q2 GDP data (1000 GMT).

Called XSTAT 30, the syringe releases its sponge contents and can stop a gunshot wound from bleeding.

You can also head out on the Dead River, with 16 miles of continuous rapids, though the class level depends on scheduled dam releases.

Other bands’ 2018 releases hinted at similarly huge, but less specific anxieties.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – As press releases go, it was vague and brief — six paragraphs, 394 words in all.

(Catt would become a regular collaborator on Saint Etienne releases, as well as a touring member of the band.)

This releases the hydrocarbons, which are then collected.

You have a handful of different releases as The 83rd out there, all with differing sounds and styles.

At least we have 2019’s new releases to look forward to.

That’s why senators will be paying very close attention next week when the CBO releases its report on the Trumpcare legislation.

Vale said it will postpone its planned February earnings and production releases until March as a result of the disaster.

I still think Age of Ultron is a terrific movie, and one of Marvel’s most interesting releases on an artistic level.

In Obama’s last year in office, ICE conducted 18 “surges” (according to press releases on the agency’s site).

Those releases were unauthorized according to the estate.

And when it comes to carefully-orchestrated releases, like earth-shatteringly huge albums, public relations nightmares will be worked out ahead of time.

The heavy weight of humidity associated with so many echospace releases holds everything down.

And soon after he signed on, his name also began appearing in a string of press releases touting inventions and other promotions.

The north node brings new opportunities, while the south node releases them.

Without further ado, here are my five favorite releases of this week.

Crooked Feet can draw, however, and their releases all represent a uniquely appealing style.

He appeared in promotional videos and was quoted in company press releases, drawing on his background as a US attorney to reassure customers.

And decomposing food isn’t just stinky; it releases potent greenhouse gases, mostly in the form of methane.

Today, the music streaming company releases its first-ever earnings report.

Wayne’s age at release:17Cunnilinguistics: After two albums with the Hot Boys, Wayne releases his solo debut.

ALL TIMES GMT (Czech Republic: GMT + 2 hours) =========================ECONOMIC DATA========================== Real-time economic data releases……………….. Summary of economic data and forecasts………..

Gone were the press releases, issue statements, videos, blogs, speeches, and photos of the Obama years.

Anxiety’s self-titled record was one of the releases of 2016.

While one of the best community releases does have a version that can run on a 64 bit system, it still sometimes crashes.

Swedish producer and vocalist Olsson doesn’t like to leave a lot of time between his releases.

Grey ultimately lost his job because Paramount’s output of motion picture releases became fewer and fewer.

Extremely lavish multimedia releases and similarly expensive tours.

Next to all of those releases though, one caption stood out.

The Violence Policy Center releases annual statistics on the number of female homicide victims killed by men for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

July 22: WikiLeaks releases 19,252 hacked internal emails from the DNC, just before the Democratic National Convention.

Amidst a day of many key rap releases, one should never stop believing in Santa.

Vale said it will postpone its planned February earnings and production releases until March as a result of the disaster.

Research suggests that this is because cannabis is stored in our fat tissues and slowly releases into the blood over time.

Italy and France are known for regularly making payments to secure the releases of their own citizens who have been kidnapped abroad.

The company then releases genetically modified males into the wild.

But solo guitarist Daniel Bachman releases such albums with a remarkable consistency.

Hungry is a unique album and one of the most progressive British releases of the year.

Of all the unusual releases 2016 has produced, The Life of Pablo keeps rising further and further to the top.

That’s a lot of what the studio’s recent and upcoming releases manage to accomplish.

Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin homed in on cortisol, a hormone the body releases during emergencies.

App developers will also get some new features, including “phased releases” that will make it easier to launch major new updates.

The other two — “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame” — were both Disney releases as well.

When the sun comes up, agave releases the stored carbon to complete photosynthesis without opening its stomata.

It’s the same thing that’s happening with the fake accounts and, more broadly, with the community standards the company releases.

But unlike when Apple releases a security update for the iPhone, that’s only one step in the process.

The report lists 206 such releases, all from the week of Jan. 28.

Barnett and Cody are utilizing the newly signed First Step Act as grounds for the releases.

The report lists 206 such releases, all from the week of Jan. 28.

Here are 9 standout releases.

When its cargo is in place, the ship releases its ballast and is now able to move under its own power.

Windowed releases tend to be popular among artists, especially high-profile artists, because they help to amplify our collective sense of music’s value.

Together, the changes mean that thousands of people will no longer get the chance to seek early releases from prison.

Every year, the Economist Intelligence Unit releases two reports on which cities are the most expensive and the cheapest to live in.

“When we do these releases, we really like to promote music as much as we can instead of arbitrarily dropping a product.”

I could go find a [collection, or “collage”] made by some user featuring Nigerian Disco releases.

Microsoft might use agile development processes internally, but its releases are definitely old- school.

The LuckyMe artist channels similar sonic templates to his past releases and to LuckyMe owner Hudson Mohawke on this newest track.

The decomposition of coffee grounds releases methane— a greenhouse gas that’s up to 35 times as potent as carbon dioxide.

In the metal world, we are experiencing thousands of releases a year.

Today he releases “Dum Surfer,” a track and video that’s horrifically fitting with the title of his new album.

What came out in our releases was our unique take on what we liked.”

Republicans, of course, will flay Comey if he releases truly damaging information about Clinton only after the election is complete.

Back when the internet was younger, nicer place, the game company frequently gave away charming little Flash games to tease major releases.

Major releases like Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime, and Luigi’s Mansion were all accompanied by browser-based counterparts hosted on Nintendo’s website.

It gave me an understanding that there isn’t a great deal of money in record sales anymore, especially when doing vinyl-only releases.

I have a good relationship with Zack Snyder, so we’ll definitely stay in touch for future releases like ‘Justice League.

Deviating slightly from Turner’s previous releases, the song maintains an almost club-ready backbone but combines it with spoken word and an earworm-like hook.

Theater giants like Regal have publicly denounced this release policy, and Netflix’s previous films have seen very limited theatrical releases.

Aug. 7, 2018 United States releases the list of $16 billion of Chinese goods to be subject to 25% tariffs.

At this point, the answer will only be found if someone with the alleged tape actually releases it.

Over the past couple years, the 20-year-old Oakland rapper and producer has created an increasingly distinct sound and seen success with sporadic single releases.

Any decision will likely come next year, possibly in January when the Fed releases its annual statement of longer-run goals and strategy.

Cows chew grass and digest it in conditions in the stomach with no oxygen, and that releases methane.

Are strategy games so important now that we’ll be seeing multiple major releases every year, alongside dozens of compelling smaller games?

During sex and post-coital cuddling, the brain releases the chemical oxytocin, making you feel happy, loved, and attached to the person in your arms.

But 2018 didn’t see as many impressive releases from DeepMind as the previous few years.

It also releases dopamine in the brain, the same chemical released during sex, drug use, and eating delicious food.

Every year Samsung releases a new high-end Galaxy S phone.

I can monitor the portal that releases the monsters.

You had to break into the clubs through releases on [vinyl] records.

Technically, the House and Senate have no obligation to go along with the plan he releases.

I effectively have a licensing deal with somebody cool enough to put out physical releases for me.

@MarcoRubio releases a statement supportive of Trump’s military strikes in Syria.

The FBI is responsible for ensuring that State processes and releases the records to VICE News, Moss said.

The FBI is responsible for ensuring that State processes and releases the records to VICE News, Moss said.

There are always many press releases, but where are retailers, mobile operators, banks or advertisers playing, beyond their typical environment?

I’m trying not to be super critically of these two because not every loosie he releases is flames.

They also touch on his new label, Thread Imprint, and the artists that will soon be gracing their releases.

West dropped his Yeezy Mauve 700 shoe Saturday, and the product didn’t sell out instantly like past releases.

Pretty soon they took it a step further, sending stations press releases for fake people to invite on their shows.

Sources close to Kanye say the shade is ridiculous, because product volume was up nearly 10-fold compared to releases in the past.

THUMP: This album is one of your last releases before you step away from your SHAMS project and from making music in general.

Short story — more shoes moved this time than in previous releases.

And when it releases its upcoming 33-year single malt, Dublin’s new distillery can claim ownership of Ireland’s oldest single malt.

One study found that top-loading washing machines releases seven times the microfibers as front loaders.

There’s a great place for low-budget comedy and limited releases.

But this version also plays into the fantasy that Jackson’s suicide releases his wife into stardom.

—Will Schube The promise of [Dehd’s] first two releases has culminated in their electric debut album, Water.

Radiohead has previously established a fondness for nontraditional music releases.

It was also the longest time between releases.

Below, I’ve listed 15 upcoming releases that should do well at the 2017 Oscars.

“The odds of exaggerated news were substantially higher when the press releases issued by the academic institutions were exaggerated,” the study authors conclude.

In 2009, researchers at Dartmouth looked at a random selection of press releases from 10 medical centers in the United States.

During the final weeks of the year, as companies rushed out press releases crediting Trump for their year-end bonuses, they emphasized the bonuses.

Policies with long-term implications are being based on speculative press releases intended to raise capital parading as science facts.

Mid- and post-credits scenes have become a Marvel tradition, something fans look forward to every time the studio releases a new film.

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As the result of her ministrations, the body releases a spirit in the form of an angel — another one of Monkman’s recurring motifs.

I have gotten one positive press release — no, I’ve gotten two positive press releases about the Republican bill.

This is one of the highest quality set releases I’ve ever seen: classy, original, and nicely priced.

Following the latest batch of releases, Amnesty says at least seven political prisoners remain in the country’s prisons.

As we first reported, Kanye’s in Wyoming now working on his upcoming releases.

This was an unusual announcement: The CBO does not typically send out press releases about upcoming publications.

Notorious for dropping multiple releases a year, Master recently released a new APL EP in late January 2018.

ISTAT releases June consumer and business confidence data (0800 GMT) and May non-EU foreign trade data (0900 GMT).

This was our first time recording in a studio, not just whatever basement we were practicing in at the time like our previous releases.

That’s doubly true when it comes to Marvel’s penchant for using its movies to help set the table for future releases.

THUMP: Can we start by talking about the artwork of all the Audion releases?

His work for the Audion releases is very geometric, and colorful and it helps you get into a separate world.

Okja releases in limited theaters and on Netflix on June 28.

The other two — “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame” — were both Disney releases as well.

They’ve developed a wearable patch that releases pilocarpine (a drug that induces sweat), which it then tests for blood-alcohol concentration.

A few days ago, the controversial children’s book disappeared from Amazon and Post Hill’s upcoming releases.

Over the last decade, he’s been especially prolific, turning out over a dozen releases that push the boundaries of his six-stringed experimentation.

When Supreme releases clothes featuring the faces of Dipset, William Burroughs, and Raekwon—all traditionally Pretty Cool Things—you Get It (even if you don’t).

Samsung routinely releases estimated earnings figures before posting detailed results and elaboration toward the end of the month.

Instead, it’s planning to hold off until the next wave of VR headsets releases.

The office of special counsel Robert Mueller rarely releases public statements, and when it does it’s almost always through court filings and indictments.

The office of special counsel Robert Mueller rarely releases public statements, and when it does it’s almost always through court filings and indictments.

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There’s lots of dead air between releases.

And the result is a world where the tail of upcoming releases is wagging the dog of the movie right in front of you.

There’s not a lot of extra space to generate from releases.

According to dozens of interviews conducted by the FBI, DocX originally created lien releases, signifying when mortgages got paid off.

We’ve also enjoyed a pair of strange, mysterious releases that’ve got us questioning everything we ever thought we knew about anything.

Holy Mothers P1//Axioms releases this summer.

So what should you be looking for when the CBO releases its report?

These companies spent days with the Aurora Police Department preparing them for the operation, and discussing local news coverage and rewriting press releases.

Representatives from all parties coordinated the timing and content of Facebook posts and press releases.

For instance, the National Archives releases census records to the public 72 years after they’re conducted.

Here’s that first GIF (warning, it’s slightly NSFW): Mendel releases a new GIF each week that corresponds with the most recent episode.

After joking “I can’t even remember all of our records” beforehand, Waggoner spoke to us about the band’s seven full-length releases.

Whenever he releases a pin, he usually knocks it out of the park.

She was granted escorted prison releases to take her newborn son to medical appointments.

‘Annual’ releases exist in a strange place in the comic world.

Both of those make it onto this week’s 13 most significant releases.

Timberlake’s last releases were the two parts of the album “The 20/20 Experience,” which came out in March and September 2013.

So far, Kelela’s releases from her upcoming album Take Me Apart (which drops October 6) are 2 for 2.

Plenty of others have been paying close attention to the releases too.

Blank Face drops July 8 and it’s shaping up to be one of the year’s most exciting releases.

This June saw the back-to-back releases of new albums from two of pop music’s biggest producer-artists, DJ Khaled and Calvin Harris.

Videoport fastidiously stocked new releases, but the heart of our store was its permanent collection.

The calendar consists of purchasing managers’ (PMI) surveys of services firms alongside trade and credit releases.

Meanwhile, late releases like The Revenant and The Big Short surged, with The Revenant in particular picking up telling awards.

Soft data releases have been surprising to the upside whereas hard data has been underwhelming.

(A splash of water or dip in the tub releases Golden and Silver from their human forms.)

But when he looks back, he doesn’t see the clear-cut triumph portrayed in press releases.

More releases are in the works, including a box set.

Each cremation uses about 28 gallons of fuel and releases about 540 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Trump administration releases a new plan on climate change; women activists in Saudi Arabia face the death penalty.

No way to know — at least until he makes voluntary financial disclosures or releases his tax returns.

Grind has turned his attention to two of the past year’s biggest thrash-adjacent releases: Metallica’s Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, and Megadeth’s Dystopia.

There are three main reasons this time of the year is so stacked with prestigious releases.

The study found that any form of conception that releases hormones, from the pill to the hormonal IUD, carries similar drawbacks.

Between 1990 and 2009, releases in which courts used money bail in felony cases rose from 37 percent to 61 percent.

And it’s great that the precedent set by these 2015 releases is continuing into 2016 and beyond.

I’m continually disappointed in new releases that lack edge, originality, and a definitive point of view.

The first month of any year is typically slow for new game releases.

“Current releases remain within the capacity of downstream channels,” the Department of Water Resources said on Monday.

“The Tor Project decided to include our solution in the hardened releases of the Tor Browser, which is currently undergoing field testing.”

Notably absent from the final batch of releases were Prince Turki bin Abdullah, the king’s nephew, and dismissed Economy Minister Adel Fakieh.

These releases, scientists have discovered, can last for decades.

This results in slow releases of nitrogen to plants, which is more effective and efficient than synthetic fertilizers that can be easily washed away.

They also include government and company policies on greenhouse gas emission reductions — some mandatory, some voluntary — that also reduce harmful nitrogen releases.

But right now, these efforts don’t yet take what might be described as a holistic approach to nitrogen releases throughout agriculture and food production.

Player signings mean team press releases announcing those signings, and most of those releases won’t include the actual dollar value of the deal.

We’ve got over 8 million releases in there; I think we’ve got more pages than Wikipedia now.

We hope releases in a sentence examples were helpful.