Rejection in a sentence | Use of the word rejection examples

I settled for a heterosexual lifestyle because I was scared of rejection.

But in 2004, Democrats absorbed Bush’s reelection as more than a defeat; it was a cultural rejection and a political crisis.

It’s also a stinging rejection of the Democratic establishment and Hillary Clinton by primary voters in the Granite State.

The old Hollywood musical requires a complete rejection of cynicism and an embrace of sincerity, two qualities that are hard to fake.

The options left for the BOJ all seem extreme.” In some ways, Japan’s rejection of Kuroda-nomics is a consequence of inflated expectations.

The widespread rejection of the Islamic State by survey participants reflects a regional consensus about the group’s deviant interperation of Islam.

The widespread rejection of the Islamic State by survey participants reflects a regional consensus about the group’s deviant interperation of Islam.

The document states their rejection of mass deportation and their requirements for police accountability.

And it’s also a stinging rejection of the Democratic establishment and Hillary Clinton by many of the party’s voters.

Hartigan playfully alludes, through titling more than composition or form, to her rejection of the masters, specifically Picasso.

“The Reserve Bank must pursue (its mandate) independently, without fear, favor or prejudice,” Ramaphosa said, re-affirming his rejection of that call.

All of us have, at one point, experienced our share of rejection or loneliness.

“As this fight heats up, the importance of a unified chorus of rejection of tax breaks for the Trump family will be increasingly important.

rejection creates a thirst for acceptance.

This exhaustion led to the election of Obama, whose campaign represented a rejection of American militarism.

(Reporting by Hyonhee Shin; Editing by Nick Macfie)

US pursues direct diplomacy with North Korea despite Trump’s rejection

Apparently, he was devastated by that news but, in response, he produced a “rejection Phase” series of paintings and then moved on.

This complete rejection of the old guard means the current candidates have had to quickly adjust.

Stay tuned for the judge’s next rejection … it probably won’t take very long.

Now, he said, “It’s just a complete rejection of regulation across the board.”

“I got a million and one places to go,” she rants at every rejection.

Jubilee is a war veteran who has said that she has rejection issues because her entire family died.

“Anything less than a complete and utter rejection of Trump’s Cabinet appointees and of their Supreme Court appointees is absolutely unacceptable.”

Larian said in a statement that he had not yet been notified of the rejection.

Crispin’s rejection of universalism and individualism, though, feels somewhat new, or at least it’s stated in more urgent terms.

The changes include: The deletions and omissions are an apparent rejection of Obama’s (often unfulfilled) vow to emphasize transparency during his administration.

Sometimes you have to face rejection straight on and work through it.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been calling up the party’s biggest hopes only to be served rejection after rejection.

And do you experience rejection because of your race, too?

He asked about money, her home life; desires and pleasure; fears of rejection.

And just the rejection and the hopefulness, the ups and downs of dating.

Monsanto shelved the genetically engineered wheat in 2004 amid market concern about rejection from foreign buyers.

They face rejection from society and their families; they could lose their freedom or even their life.

In one sense, Load is a total rejection of the sound that made Metallica popular.

Do you see the global resurgence of nativism and right-wing populism as a rejection of Enlightenment principles?

In the ultimate rejection of political expertise, Trump defied virtually every professional pollster and prognosticator who predicted a Clinton victory.

From his perspective, the problem was the total rejection of pragmatic reform.

A lot of the hurt that comes from ghosting is rooted in the pain of rejection.

But the same feeling of rejection remains.

People are going to be in a sensitive mood, and rejection is in the air.

In his films, the stance is not one of total rejection of traditional work.

He then formed the Lijst (List) Pim Fortuyn, a party predicated on his personality and a rejection of immigration.

And some government research grant applications faced extra scrutiny and rejection for mentioning the “double C-word.” It’s not just rhetoric.

It turns out that the switch from pen to pixels is an evolution — not a rejection — of a long history of lettering in comics.

Sanders fans interpret every compromise, every note of caution, every incrementalist policy in Clinton’s long record as a rejection of progressive ideology.

Her refusal to echo Sanders’s grand promises is interpreted as a rejection of his goals.

OTTAWA/RIYADH/DUBAI (Reuters) – For years, Canadian pressure on human rights in Saudi Arabia had elicited no more than a standard rejection.

She screengrabbed each rejection and tweeted them under the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack.

Intentionally or not, the State of the Union served as a stirring endorsement of the Clinton narrative and rejection of the Sanders narrative.

“They gave me a rejection,” he wrote.

The Week called the FISA court “famously agreeable,” highlighting its rejection of just 11 requests since its creation, a rate of .03 percent.

Tevet’s make-do aesthetic shares something with Bruce Conner’s use of markers and preexisting film — a rejection of the 1%.

But the embrace of individualism allowed for a rejection of programs like affirmative action.

Family rejection, neglect, abuse, or a more general lack of support are particularly devastating issues for LGBTQ people, especially young ones.

According to Godwin, there are many kinds of familial rejection that can cause harm.

It’s an argument that connects a rejection of all forms of religious belief to the abuses and constraints of capitalism.

She misfiled forms and gave us poor advice, which resulted in the rejection of our green card application.

Yuichiro Tamaki, leader of the opposition Democratic Party for the People, said Aso’s rejection of the report had deepened public unease.

Falcon’s quick rejection of Sunday’s election, and call for a new vote, was therefore a blow to the government’s strategy.

Italy’s rejection of the Aquarius prompted a spat with France, while the issue of immigration has triggered a political row in Germany.

And part of her rejection of Hollywood seems to include rejecting the traditional celebrity interview.

I lost count and interest in those marks once I learned that they garnered surprise and rejection in other people.

But if Obama’s speech in Cairo in 2009 was an implicit rejection of past US policy, Pompeo’s was explicit.

rejection of orthodoxy, in favor of what works best for them, defines every single one of the good guys.

Stevenson kept trying to distance himself from Truman; Truman, stung by the rejection, wrote multiple letters, never sent, expressing his irritation.

The US Justice Department is appealing a rejection of its request to have Apple help it unlock an iPhone.

An eventual rejection would be a personal blow to Murdoch, who has spent decades building ties with prime ministers and politicians in Britain.

While fear of rejection and failure are powerful demotivators, having a creative outlet can do wonders for our bodies and minds.

“The worst that can happen is an epically catastrophic rejection, which gives you something funny to talk about.

I had come so far in my transition, and the actions by the hospital felt like a complete rejection of who I am.

Don’t plan a cute date on this day since rejection is in the air and commitments are ended.

We want to be able to go to the doctor and other public places without fear of discrimination, rejection, embarrassment, and humiliation.

Apparently, the artist’s rejection of the piece was due to the fact that it was owned by a longtime nemesis, artist Denis Wirth-Miller.

He would dramatically roll out observations that were biting, critical, brilliant, frequently rooted in the reoccurring theme of rejection of the Western lens.

There were just too many pockets of dissent and rejection.

He readily critiqued the region’s cultural guardians who subscribed to Western reverence as a profound rejection of self.

If he follows through, it would be the most radical rejection of a negotiated two-state solution by any Israeli prime minister in modern history.

To feel fetishized based on your race—and to determine whether that feeling is even warranted—is much more complicated than facing outright rejection or avoidance.

He was done in, rather, by the results of his policies — the Iraq War, the financial crisis, the broad rejection of Social Security privatization.

For years I wrote books and set them aside because I wasn’t ready for another rejection.

Second, the 79 percent vote for Secretary Clinton represents a profound rejection of Trumpism and its toxic message to Latinos and immigrants.

Tupac clearly knows he devastated Madonna by the rejection, saying, “I never meant to hurt you.”

It doesn’t include a rejection of renewable energy.

There’s a rejection of them already under way.

From rejection, rebirth, and a lot of 905 references to go with it.

Fortas’s rejection meant that Johnson’s choice for Fortas’s old seat, Homer Thornberry, was never considered by the Senate.

rejection is in the air—this is not a fun day for a date as Saturn does not like to cuddle, giggle, or be cute.

And Gen Zs, with their obsession over Instagram and rejection of hourly work, are primed for the utmost scorn by their elders.

A lot of it had to do with the rejection of it all.

I experience the tang of rejection everywhere I turn.

I worry how she will cope financially long-term and how the rejection will affect her.

The message needs to be that nobody gets what they want all the time and receiving rejection is part of the human experience.”

Jones’s surprising rejection made headlines last year, though he did not speak to the press at the time.

Historically, the rejection of a Supreme Court nomination due to partisan fighting is relatively uncommon but not entirely without precedent.

If you look at many of these countries, the rejection rates on visas to the US were already more than 50 percent.

He then signed my rejection papers due to ‘excess weight and a lack of physical fitness.'”

“A two-thirds support in the General Assembly would actually mean the rejection of the decision made by the Security Council,” he added.

So Anti is her best album for a reason so simple it’s tautological—despite its supposed rejection of track-and-hook mechanics, it features catchier songs.

Their rejection of men mirrored my own gradual avoidance of cishet dudes as I chose to move further into queerness.

One is that Trump, despite an initial rejection, somehow backs down.

The background to Robart’s rejection of Trump’s ban was a festival of unforced errors on the Trump administration’s part.

According to the lawsuit, the rejection didn’t sit well with Drake, who became irate.

On Sunday, thousands protested in the streets of Rabat expressing rejection of the Middle East peace plan.

He was willing to learn breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and other methods to cope with stress and rejection.

The langar at the Golden Temple is a living example of the Sikh faith’s rejection of the notion of caste.

As it turns out, the USPTO did originally reject Securus’ patent, but Securus appealed this rejection and was eventually awarded the patent.

This means that someone with cancer or asthma can apply for health coverage without fear of rejection or higher prices.

“And we will never encourage this rejection of foreigners,” he said to a smattering of applause.

Redefining what sex means for you as a couple is also a helpful way to stave off feelings of rejection and resentment.

LB: I think my ideas about bodies have grown out of an embrace or rejection of certain kinds of feminism.

In men with their backgrounds, criticism may be interpreted as rejection, ripping the scabs from old psychic wounds and inducing emotional pain and hostility.

I am relieved to note that some conservative and originalist scholars today immediately joined in the rejection of Trump’s stunt.

This refusal to match colors is a rejection of the visual comforts offered by the grid and by pattern and decoration.

“Throughout history, some sort of androgyny or rejection of the socialization that comes from gender has always been prevalent,” Odesser says.

But I increasingly think it’s a slow burn rejection of the antihero movement that has dominated TV for the past several years.

I think people are misreading the book as a rejection of secularism and the Enlightenment.

It is, fundamentally, a rejection of the rule of law.

Trump’s latest rejection came from conservative kingmaker David Koch.

Trump’s latest rejection came from conservative kingmaker David Koch.

People in dominant cultural groups are used to rejection, but they’re probably not used to that kind of rejection.

Alongside her FOIA rejection letters, these recreated paintings were featured in Chasing Justice, an exhibit at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum.

It was a rejection of that.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said there would be no changing that accord, despite parliament’s rejection.

The court’s rejection of the case came on the first day of its new term, which runs through June.

Apple’s rejection of swipe typing is just weird at this point, and the best alternatives find a better balance between speed and accuracy.

TranCanada’s lawsuit in a federal court in Houston, Texas, called rejection of its permit to build the pipeline unconstitutional.

“But really that prepares you for the amount of rejection you get on the job.”

Her rejection of commodity fetishism and a society that worships shiny surfaces is to be admired because she does it with such verve.

Sweden denies permits to only about 1,000 people a year (out of 600,000 permit holders), and they can appeal their rejection to the courts.

What separates Olivier Mosset from the rest of the group, however, is his rejection of a signature style.

Instead, Congress’s spending bill was a clear rejection of DeVos’s education agenda. It’s a stinging rejection for Ryan.

Culturally, it was full-on organ rejection.

Especially for someone like me that self-stigmatized for over ten years, it makes it hard to face rejection.

Wells Fargo can appeal a rejection.

There’s fear of rejection.

If the referendum passes, it would be a striking rejection of the party’s tax-cutting mantra.

They realize that no rejection is set in stone — it’s just one person’s (often flawed) viewpoint.

Obama’s grand bargain offer and the GOP’s rejection both involved a mix of substantive and political calculations.

Ball didn’t invent this reconnaissance scout who really belongs to both countries — and thus risks rejection from both.

It may also help to repair strained relationships with shareholders unhappy with the rejection of the bid.

It seemed an implicit rejection of the full-band rock show he’d become known for.

Every rejection was a brand new excuse to shit on someone weaker.

Palm rejection was a little spotty in some apps, but overall, it’s a great tablet for drawing or note taking.

Part of it might stem from a rejection of the pop music trends of today.

“I celebrate and welcome the rejection of this declaration by the Jewish community of Mexico.”

The Shakers are not plentiful today; their rejection of marriage and procreation probably didn’t help matters in that regard.

Last year New Orleans became the largest housing authority to end the automatic rejection of felons and give all applicants a hearing.

And even more, it’s a powerful rejection of comedy itself.

Two days passed and I got the call: shawarma machine rejection.

“Carlee could go into rejection next week if her body changed,” she says.

LN: It was even more a rejection of, what do you call it?

Under-perception bias could also serve to help minimize the risk of rejection.

Saturn is the grumpiest planet, so rejection is in the air—people aren’t feeling open-minded or they won’t have a sense of humor.

Mayo also cautions people on blood-thinning drugs, chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS medications, and medicine to prevent organ rejection after a transplant that problematic interactions can occur.

But his rejection of the distinction went deeper, and was connected to crucial changes he had made in his life.

Perhaps we don’t deserve to rewrite the narrative of that rejection into a celebration; perhaps we never deserved George Michael at all.

Twelve days later after another rejection of her deal by parliament, she did the unthinkable.

That rejection reflects tension between the (purist) core and the (racist) periphery of the movement.

Voters saw in Trump a total rejection of everything they despised about liberal elite culture.

In some sense, this social intolerance is a rejection of the struggle to maintain “full” democracy.

“Part of the rejection we saw in this election was this elitism within the Democratic Party about people who do certain jobs.

A mood of rejection is in the air on this day—plan a cute date for another time!

Part of the rejection we saw in this election was this elitism within the Democratic Party about people who do certain jobs.

His defensive attitude and outright rejection of the claims have led him and his supporters to blame those victims for “derailing” his confirmation process.

After each rejection, I would spiral into negative thinking, wondering how long I could keep doing this dance.

She said: “Sometimes it helps to think about rejection as a form of protection.”

Valls also stressed his condemnation of that “intolerable rejection of Islam and Muslims.”

Pakistan could also end up embracing the US’s rivals, China and Russia, to compensate for Washington’s rejection.

Manipulation and rejection were constant for Drew growing up.

To celebrate their rejection of extremism, I made duck confit.

She, however, was operating under years upon years of repression, rejection, transphobic media, hate speech at work, and self-esteem issues.

This rejection of transactional politics, more than partisan polarization alone, distinguishes the Obama period from the decades before it.

So we do know this rejection is a huge thing.

But at its core are the ideas of a movement known as neoreaction, and neoreaction (NRx for short) is a rejection of democracy.

In Israel, Tzachi Hanegbi, a Cabinet member close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, described Palestinians’ rejection of the “peace to prosperity” plan as tragic.

rejection,” perhaps, is too strong a word.

For women monastics, renouncing the world included a rejection of marriage and family.

This is not just a rejection of Mitt, but a disastrous national blunder.

rejection all the time.

Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.

Motherboard gained access to the thread, which contained opinions ranging from outright rejection of the manifesto to views that sympathized with its author.

rejection of new filers is more important as a deterrent than processing old cases.

And Clinton gave as good as she got, especially on Sanders’s gun record and his implicit rejection of the Obama record.

But what seemed to upset Trump most was London’s general rejection of the president.

His colleague, Chuka Umunna, suggested the result was similar to Brexit as it represented the public’s rejection of globalisation.

I also asked if there were problems that led to its rejection.

(Submitting an essay to another venue after a rejection is common practice in both mainstream journalism and academic writing.)

That said, he’s critical of democracy because he thinks of it is a leveling device, as a rejection of natural hierarchies.

Giving chase as a narcissistic response to rejection This is one of the typical narcissistic responses to rejection.

A term I use in the book is “misarchism,” which is a rejection or hatred of authority.

Devaluing is another common narcissistic response to rejection Tara sent him a few sweet texts and thanked him profusely for his generous gift.

And I think that is where we are today — there’s a rejection of elites, of the establishment, of authority itself.

Resentment, for Nietzsche, always starts with a rejection of the other.

Yuichiro Tamaki, leader of the opposition Democratic Party for the People, said Aso’s rejection of the report had deepened public unease.

The line from family rejection to homelessness and prison that Hill described is far from atypical.

According to the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), 57 percent of trans and gender nonconforming people report family rejection.

So family rejection can potentially play a tremendous role in a trans person’s future — and it appeared to in Hill’s life.

In the first preview of the upcoming season, Underwood appears to struggle with rejection and shed quite a few tears.

Their first single, “No More Dream,” was an ode to teen apathy, a rebellious rejection of Korean traditionalism.

rejection is never easy, but Swae seems to have a solid backup plan.

But it has met broad rejection in the Arab world, even as some in the Gulf called for giving it a chance.

The rejection of settling Palestinian refugees who must have the right of return stands at the forefront of these principles, he said.

The findings and rejection of the plans should be released to the public soon.

It would be organ rejection.

I’d like to think that people are more open-minded, but now I’m so terrified of rejection that it hurts.

Rather, stalking behavior is often triggered by a life event that’s difficult to cope with, such as a breakup, firing, arrest, or rejection.

The records request rejection may not seem like a big deal, and maybe it’s not.

For Martine, the neighborhood’s rejection was a tough pill to swallow: “They all turned their back on me.

I was in search of freedom from homophobia, transphobia, [and the] rejection of my personhood.

The filmmakers may have skipped Oakland after their rejection in San Francisco.

(Naturally, the rejection of femme gays sounds exactly like misogyny.)

That season’s overt rejection of Game of Thrones’ usual chauvinism also shined a spotlight Theon Greyjoy.

He thanked Aoun on Wednesday for respecting constitutional norms and “his rejection of departing from them under any circumstances”.

Maybe this staunch rejection of fruit is somehow related to the aforementioned ideological freedom?

There was no room in Dial’s aesthetic vision for the rejection — so celebrated by certain theory-driven, too-cool-for-school (or just too schooled?

The decision also reversed the January 2018 rejection of the settlement, and decertification of the class action, by a divided three-judge 9th Circuit panel.

This kind of family rejection is downright dangerous for trans people.

This rejection of WWE’s latest corporate chosen one forced another swerve, with Reigns leaving the event a loser, not the Next Big Thing.

An atmosphere of rejection descends as Venus opposes Saturn on July 17 right after the eclipse, which might find you feeling not-so-popular.

I wrote that I just respect Tommy so much because he got his movie made in the face of endless rejection.

Despite his formal rejection of racism, people who make racism their life’s work have received a different message from Trump.

Although he has no signs of rejection, infection, or bleeding, he still has a catheter.

As contributors like Gleizes and Apollinaire saw it, Synthetic Cubism expressed anarchist ideals through its non-illusionism and its rejection of long-standing pictorial conventions.

Researchers at Berkeley have found that this technique, called self-distancing, can help people bounce back from distressing events like rejection.

I think this rejection is both aesthetic and ethical: he knows that such seeing betrays the complexity of modern life.

rejection hurts, but fortunately I had a paper tiara made of myself to see me through it.

Someone else’s surplus or rejection was her starting point.

His remarks on climate change, along with those of his Cabinet members, also show a habitual rejection of facts and scientific consensus.

“Infernal Decadence is a rejection of the need for purity and order,” the band told Noisey in a statement.

To that end, they focused on the British anti-slavery movement, the widespread adoption of nuclear power in France, and the rejection of GMOs.

“I just think it’s a rejection of the ‘millennial ethos.'”

cites the statute of limitations as the reason for the rejection.

This might make me a weirdly calibrated person, but I don’t think we should feel rejection at all.

rejection is a thing we choose to feel.

When in fact the rejection I feel is usually about my relationship with myself.

Sometimes I take rejection and try to project that energy into taking on that quality.

rejection isn’t always something to internalize.

My favorite way to approach rejection is with empathy.

Sometimes people take rejection extremely personally.

But usually, what’s going on isn’t rejection at all.

For instance, he reminds Terkel that what we might now call “resistance” is not simply rejection — either of the present or of the past.

For Arab and Muslim states, anything less than total rejection of Trump’s Jerusalem decision would have been impossible, he said.

Arab countries are unanimous in their rejection of Trump’s Jerusalem move.

I say that the first step to reform in Islam is rejection of infallibility.

As Rawlings told me, “many gay men have experienced great rejection from and have felt second class to straight men.

Pressed on whether he’d issue a blanket rejection, Ryan said: “I haven’t given any thought to this stuff.

It was rejection at first.

Shutterstock Shutterstock The fear of rejection — particularly family rejection — is one of the main fears LGBTQ people deal with before they come out.

And there’s a good reason for this: By several metrics, family rejection can significantly worsen a person’s life.

The document cites several examples of Trump’s rejection of commonly-held beliefs about the environment.

It launched on the idea of using coarse language in a rejection of what Trump calls “political correctness.”

She also received a ton of rejection letters before her fantasy series was picked up.

A momentary rejection can lead to enduring despondence.

And so I continue, and I go into that area between permission and rejection.

My favorite rejection letter was from the Wall Street Journal because I had misspelled a word.

After the rejection of her second quote, Doe declined to participate in the design of the memorial plaque.

“In fact, I’d play up Danny’s rejection of his Asian heritage prior to venturing to China.

“There’s a sense of excellence there that has always been about rejection of the mediocre.

“[Critics] offer nothing but kneejerk rejection of discussion around one of the most meaningful initiatives to come through the ballot, ever!”

If true, it would be the second school shooting in recent months driven by such rejection.

Saying the US should dominate auto production in North America so plainly appears to be a rejection of that principle.

Trump also announced the federal government’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, reversing an Obama-era rejection of the proposal.

That kind of wit and creativity is exactly how so many of us trans kids have trained ourselves to combat rejection.

But Harley doesn’t let the Joker’s rejection get her down, at least not at first.

He argues that otakus’ consumption habits represented a complete rejection of social interaction in favor of immersion in a cocoon of endlessly customizable information.

Trump’s campaign represents a rejection of our democratic norms.

The depth of that rejection, and the rage bubbling beneath it, has yet to be understood.

Kennedy attended Columbia Law School after an initial rejection because she was a woman.

Still, as past cases show, rejection can happen.

After the surgery, doctors don’t implant embryos until after the first year, when a rejection is much less likely.

“They are informed that rejection is part of [the risk],” Fronek says.

Children who are released or escape from the group are normally stigmatized, facing suspicion and rejection when they return home, according to UNICEF.

Boko Haram’s fundamentalist ideology preaches the rejection of all types of western culture, from democratic elections to clothing.

Simultaneously, the figure’s rejection of formal composition communicates the essential information.

To younger feminists, voting for a man who offers policies that help people — especially women — is not a rejection of feminism.

The rejection of an entire religious group is now normalized in a segment of American politics, in large part thanks to Trump.

Even stranger is Barakeh’s other simultaneous rejection.

So how can we participate in this war against the status quo, the rejection of the either/or?

But we saw a lot of outright rejection of some of its multiplayer stuff, which we fixed in content updates after the fact.

The options left for the BOJ all seem extreme.” In some ways, Japan’s rejection of Kuroda-nomics is a consequence of inflated expectations.

When it comes to the science of love and pain, researchers are primarily preoccupied with understanding how people react to rejection.

In fact, discrimination and rejection are major contributors to dysphoria.

The initial rejection letter from Mandy’s health plan, for example, had no significant details explaining why her specific prescription was rejected.

The stunning 230-vote loss was an unequivocal rejection of that deal.

The recommendation “is a rejection of Trump’s policy to withdraw from Syria,” said the person, who asked not to be further identified.

Even a rejection of the basic tenets van Dyck left behind constitutes recognition of his historical significance.

They also submitted arguments based on India’s rejection of a similar law in August.

In these authors’ telling, Trump isn’t a rejection of conservative movement ideals.

Both Bolsonaro and Haddad had sky-high rejection rates going into the election, both of them eclipsing 40 percent.

“He frames his lack of status as some sort of rejection,” Erdrich told Hyperallergic.

But line officers still have discretion over individual cases — and they don’t necessarily share the administration’s instincts toward mass rejection.

We now talk to boys about consent, he says, but not how to “retain their dignity” in the face of rejection.

It’s the social rejection that causes many sufferers to develop depression and anxiety; in extreme cases, some even become suicidal.

One lady wrote on a TMAU forum, “I’m exhausted with the negativity, rejection, and isolation.

Sometimes a clash between these two planets can be really crummy, creating feelings of hopelessness and rejection.

The comments were not a difference in opinion brought on by enlightened thought — they were a rejection of history and of facts.

This is at least the second recent shooting at an American school to be publicly connected with romantic rejection.

The pound rose more than 2 percent on the rejection of ‘no-deal’ and was headed for its biggest daily gain this year.

Eva Orner: I left Australia three years after the rejection of refugees began [in 2001], which is when the Tampa Crisis happened.

I think there’s a subtle rejection where you know that you do, but you’re not aware of it.

In fact, the constant rejection was making me a bit emotional.

Here he is switching from Ian Mahinmi to Porter to Bradley Beal, shuffling his feet all the way to an impressive rejection.

Some folks react to this sort of heavily mandated faith with an utter rejection, a drift toward atheism, or both.

In practice, Tuesday’s rejection doesn’t mean much — the US, after all, is not interning Japanese Americans anymore.

But that said, it is a clear rejection of Korematsu.” He added, “A holding is something necessary to the result in the case.

That rejection of typical metal imagery: demons, rotting corpses…I look at it as humanist.

Pages five and six contain “The Richard Mutt Case” text which discusses the rejection of Duchamp’s entry.

My sense is that, if nothing else, Russia supported Trump because he represents a vague rejection of American democracy.

Some underline their rejection of public transportation in Mexico by contrasting it with the systems in other, wealthier, parts of the world.

Two sources told Reuters the senators were particularly concerned about Wheeler’s rejection of the initial staff proposal on biofuel volume targets.

The teams’ rejection of the aggregate idea, and insistence on the 2015 format, leaves FIA president Jean Todt and Ecclestone facing a dilemma.

A young person who is not successful at school and is facing rejection at home has literally no alternatives.”

McMaster’s rejection of the option about a week prior, they do see it as a potential boon for Maduro.

The gospels repeatedly emphasize that the Christian life demands a rejection of the social status quo even when it is difficult.

His campaign — even more so than Obama’s — is based on a rejection of the power that wealthy interests wield over American politics.

So, not just in Rotterdam, but in cities across the Netherlands in the ’70s, there was a real rejection of this car-centric urban planning.

The group also provides “welcome refuge for LGBT victims of violence and rejection from their community,” said the fund.

Its content was a hard rejection of American right-wing idealism, racism, and homophobia.

“We believe his presidency to be illegitimate,” the official said, reiterating Washington’s rejection of the outcome of Venezuela’s elections earlier this year.

Despite its innocuous imagery, the painting’s clear rejection of Soviet-style realism could have lead to the artist’s punishment, exile, or much worse.

Trump’s neglect or rejection of key democratic elements — anti-racism, legitimate opposition, accountability — have made a crisis all their own.

And if that still looked to be the case, Cruz’s rejection of Trump would have looked prescient when he lost big.

Trump responded to Pelosi’s rejection of his suggestion on Twitter, where he said “We will not Cave!”

These policies do far greater damage to our country than many understand and it’s a rejection of our immigration laws.”

She named her position to the world, or rather to the art world, as a designation of otherness and refusal, rejection and critical defection.

When I first took heroin, I felt like I was home, safe and loved—after years of dread, rejection, and loneliness.

Right now, transplants come with a price: rejection.

Speaking with the Museums Association’s Museum Journal, Othman expressed his surprise at receiving a rejection from the UK.

Why it matters: It’s another rejection for Trump from the business community following his controversial remarks on Charlottesville.

“Working for a newspaper, I was used to sales rejection all the time, so I knew what that was like,” says Bonnie Kalanick.

That fervent rejection of corniness may be a reason for two-step’s resurgence with young people, at O’Donnell’s bar especially.

In fact, I’d play up Danny’s rejection of his Asian heritage prior to venturing to China.

That rejection has now led to the formation of the ultimate Wimbledon super-couple as between them Williams and Murray have won 26 singles majors.

Paulmier views his vote for Trump as not just a rejection of Clinton but also the Republican establishment.

rejection of TARP by the House of Representatives on Sept. 29 triggered an almost 10 percent fall on Wall Street.

And that freedom always takes place in the face of resistance, dislike, rejection, and risk.

A lot of the content created by them is a rejection of the status quo.

Again, rejection led to innovation.

The Court’s answer, “Trust us,” is increasingly out of place in an era of populist rejection of elite rule.

The guns are a rejection of political correctness that creeps into everything.

Difficulties around communication and rejection are in the air.

In a society that punishes difference with violence, family rejection and isolation, I can believe it.

Drake’s big moment, his chance to propose, his one opportunity ever to share his undying love for Rihanna, met with rejection.

In a rejection of Trump and his administration, some prominent lawmakers have decided to boycott the event.

Sisi expressed Egypt’s rejection of the move and of “any implications resulting from it,” the statement said.

“The contrast with Trump’s rejection of Paris is striking.

Even the children who get adopted risk rejection later in life if their parents can’t support themselves.

But it was also a wholesale rejection of the idea of expertise, especially economic expertise.

And that rejection seems set to carry through to the way Trump governs.

He specifically cited Congress’ rejection of President Trump’s proposed budget cuts at the National Institutes of Health as an example.

But it was also a wholesale rejection of the idea of expertise, especially economic expertise.

And that rejection seems set to carry through to the way Trump governs.

It eased some anxiety that any femininity I exhibited would be met with rejection.

(Reuters) – Britain’s stunning rejection of the European Union marks globalization’s biggest reversal since the end of World War Two.

Sort of like a college rejection letter or news from the doctor that your smear test results have come back abnormal.

As to the art world, my work directly comes out of a rejection of that place, culture, and identity.

It also tends to show a higher impact of religious beliefs as a predictor of acceptance or rejection of evolution compared to other locations.

Why it matters: The rejection is inconsistent.

Even if the ad doesn’t promote the sale of guns, leading to a page that does will result in rejection.

Nazism was a rejection of the basic tenets of socialism entirely, in favor of a state built on race and racial classifications.

But even in this post-modern, post-trope high school setting, the fears of rejection, the yearning for belonging, and the aching loneliness still exist.

Paletta endured this teasing with the same humility and professionalism with which he faced rejection at Anfield back in 2006.

1964 Tokyo Olympics: The IOC banned South Africa from participating to demonstrate the international rejection of apartheid.

Witnessing this kind of public rejection is perhaps the most gut-wrenching viewing experience possible that doesn’t involve bloodshed.

The scene marks a turning point in Marianne’s character arc, signaling a rejection of self-abasement.

Eventually, he delivered the definitive rejection I thought I’d wanted and I found myself drinking alone, wondering what was wrong with me.

Even tech giants like Amazon are now seeing double-digit rejection rates.

Despite progress on gay rights in recent years, LGBT+ young people face rejection, discrimination and bullying, posing mental health dangers, Trevor experts said.

Mars connects with Neptune but opposes Saturn, making this a complicated day for communication: Empathy flows, but rejection is also in the air.

The rejection of winter is a rejection of adulthood.

The disavowal of blighted Brutalist structures is a rejection of the unconditional love of imperfection.

These shoes are comfortable, disgusting in many ways, and a fabulous rejection of the social demand to look good.

He laughs each rejection off.

Indeed, Joanne, her fifth album, has seen a total rejection of the Gaga from days past.

But we never stopped to applaud Rizzo’s equally powerful rejection of norms — like being a teen girl experiencing a pregnancy scare.

I don’t have the same rejection instinct for Head Music that I do for A New Morning.

And I think Britpop’s rejection of that was quite brave and interesting.

Along with that performative rejection of self-improvement comes an equally wary attitude toward mental health support.

It also criticized Aiban’s rejection of any foreign investigation.

The rejection followed Republican-led political maneuvering that tied repeal to a second provision that would have temporarily banned cities from affirming transgender bathroom rights.

This naivete gave me great courage, but also left me totally unprepared for the inescapable reality of any creative life: rejection.

Everyone on this earth — with the possible exclusion of Beyoncé — has experienced rejection at some point in their career.

rejection is a huge part of any creative industry, and I have no doubt that I will continue to fail, and fail spectacularly.

“I stand firmly with Muslim American communities in rejection of the voices that seek to divide us,” he said.

The measure followed the Senate’s rejection on Monday of four measures that would have restricted gun sales.

Parents’ rejection of vaccine recommendations often emerges from fear of the uncertainties that surround children in a world that feels increasingly risky.

On the other hand, there is a rejection of any and all values linked to femininity and, by extension, to homosexuality.

She didn’t recall receiving a detailed explanation for the rejection.

Amateur football associations and grassroots clubs have been set up in an attempt to counter this arbitrary rejection of homosexuality.

Arie, meanwhile, claimed that he chose to film his rejection of Becca because he wanted audiences to know this was “all on him.”

However, according to Maasch, there are some parents whose rejection is resolute.

No one is good enough and constant failure and rejection are part of doing art, even when people like your stuff.

Hyde believes that parents would be more willing to accept and support their trans kids if they knew the harrowing consequences of family rejection.

But these hurt feelings also sometimes conflate political opposition with personal rejection.

We have some very nice rejection letters from some of the most prestigious film festivals all over the world.

Still, his rejection was a major blow to my self-esteem.

Monsanto shelved the genetically engineered wheat in 2004 amid market concern about rejection from foreign buyers.

Will you tolerate objectification, unsolicited opinions about your body, and inevitable rejection?

They play into a long history of evangelical rejection of environmentalism.

“It’s clear that there’s a rejection of Trump among these key groups,” Gardner said.

Frank’s health is a complication and doctors warn him that too much air travel could cause a sudden organ rejection.

In the case of social media, the motivation is people’s cravings for social connection; it can also be the fear of social rejection.

Prominent among the reasons, according to a Mercy spokesperson, was the rejection of Medicaid expansion by three of the four states where it operates.

The price of North Korean seafood has fallen by half as Chinese rejection of exported fish overwhelms the local markets.

A letter from the Treasury Department, released last week, actually laid out the case for the president’s rejection.

Inside, I struggled with repeated rejection, so embodying disruption was the easiest way to register complaints.

“This (playing without fans) was a measure to show our rejection of what took place today,” Bartomeu told television network BeIn Sports.

Only in reality TV can we go from massive public rejection to massive public search for a husband.

The suspects all walked free, following a stern rejection of the police actions by the prosecutor.

The suspects all walked free, following a stern rejection of the police actions by the prosecutor.

Beyond the world-class music and vibes within its hallowed entrance, the concept of rejection has likely contributed to the club’s mystical allure.

So what if reviewers were merely responsible for deciding whether the papers are above the threshold for immediate rejection?

rejection isn’t the most fun, but without it, there wouldn’t be eventual victory.

For those who didn’t make it inside, all they have is their rejection, and dreams.

rejection is never fun, so when you are being accepted by someone playing hard to get, that makes you feel even better.

Rowling bolstered followers seeking writing advice with a little lesson from her own annals of rejection.

One way she finds to deal with this rejection is by preparing an elaborate dinner, but who are the guests she’s anticipating?

What these groups shared—outsider status and a strong rejection of mainstream society—got them hounded and demonized by the British government.

And in countries like Russia, the rejection of public health programs for drugs has fostered HIV/AIDS epidemics.

Activism on behalf of the ACA was not a rejection of single payer.

I count myself extremely lucky to have not faced rejection as a result of my poor decisions.

Sexual rejection can give off a psychologically very violent message—like, “Your body doesn’t deserve to be reproduced with.”

Romantic rejection is always difficult, but structural sexual rejection and the ensuing loneliness can also touch us deeply.

That rejection could give off a psychologically very violent message—like, “Your body doesn’t deserve to be reproduced with.”

The questions it leaves open can actually help take the edge off those feelings of rejection.

Ghosting only sucks because rejection sucks.

My therapist says it’s something like “rejection sensitivity”?

Your therapist may be right about rejection sensitivity (some people can more easily shrug off a perceived slight than others).

When a confusing conversation ensued about who had rejected whom, Abramovitz forwarded Gilad the faux rejection email.

What are you doing here, Elizabeth?” Acting is one of those professions where you have to learn to let rejection wash over you.

It was heartbreaking seeing Pariah make her peace with what was her first rejection, the second being that of her mother.

I found myself nodding as she described the cycle of rejection that comes along with getting a role.

I am one step closer to what is bound to be an epic rejection letter.

“She was saying it’s hard not to take it personally — it feels like a rejection of some sort.

Then both of you engage in this strange mating ritual of seeing and being seen, validation and rejection, the ultimate power play.

No rejection, no pain.

That’s part of what makes his rejection by George Washington so disappointing for him.

At the heart of this movement is a rejection of globalism, which has fueled opposition to diversity, multiculturalism, and immigration.

“Action and solidarity should be based on full rejection of dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela,” Barbosa told the meeting.

Whatever your feelings on the Kardashians, it’s hard not to appreciate Khloé Kardashian’s rejection of all bullshit.

The other leaders are happy it’s not a flat-out rejection and are hopeful that with more time Trump will come to his senses.

Be prepared for that rejection, and don’t look at it as something permanent.

Now, I freelance and work on fiction — two avenues filled with rejection at every turn.

Every rejection, every time a story is killed, every time I stare at my dwindling bank account, I go through my routine of self-flagellation.

I look at the rejection of the Affordable Care Act in the South.

A feeling of rejection is in the air. It was a brief, definitive rejection — and not for nothing, one with some impeccable comic timing.

Socialist officials countered that rejection of the budget showed they were not making concessions to Catalan separatists.

The rejection means that last year’s budget will for now be rolled over.

In the latest rejection letter to DCMS, Facebook writes: “Thank you for the invitation to appear before your Grand Committee.

The incident was the most significant membership rejection spree from OSM since 2011, the board said.

Fear of rejection by peers.

While rejection is possible, it’s just as likely that Brussels will view the time limit’s deferential language as acceptable.

The rejection, the waiting, the curt emails back – all of these are arrows to the back.

As for 25-year-old Raven … we gotta say, she took her rejection pretty well.

Poland stressed it “condemns all forms of anti-Semitism” while Israel expressed “rejection of anti-Polonism and other negative national stereotypes.”

I felt an overwhelming, nagging sense of rejection and loneliness, and also found myself being wholly defined by my partners.

Researchers agree that these issues are closely related to the experiences of discrimination, rejection, and isolation shared by many members of the queer community.

Like Elliot Rodger, intimate and sexual rejection or lack of interest in him by women was a main reason for carrying out his attack.

She tweeted some of those rejection letters Friday: By popular request, 2 of @RGalbrath’s rejection letters!

Yes, the publisher who first turned down Harry also sent @RGalbraith his rudest rejection (by email)! Rowling wanted to offer some encouragement to aspiring writers: rejection is a fact of life.

rejection is in the air, and the mood is not affectionate.

I pinned my 1st rejection letter to my kitchen wall because it gave me something in common with all my fave writers!

In 2016, the rejection rate was 10%.

If your brain is soft, you even think about suicide because of the rejection from the community.”

“True rejection is evolutionarily devastating.”

It is important for these trans people to learn how to move beyond the trauma of rejection in formative years.

The psychologists believe that men under-perceive their female partner’s desires as a way to combat sexual rejection.

Following a day of rejection at Fashion Week, he approached a sullen Yaeger and told her: “Child, who cares if we’re not invited!

Why can’t we be adults and handle rejection appropriately?

Despite progress on gay rights in recent years, LGBT+ young people face rejection, discrimination and bullying, posing mental health dangers, Trevor experts said.

You could argue that the social dystopia of the late 2010s is fueled by a general rejection of a collective humanity.

I was hit with a lot of emotions: dread, shock, incredulity, and rejection.

But Christian refugees have faced increased rejection due to President Trump’s lowering of the refugee cap.

Despite progress on gay rights in recent years, LGBT+ young people face rejection, discrimination and bullying, posing mental health dangers, Trevor experts said.

There is one other variable to consider, though: How both party’s voters react after Kavanaugh’s confirmation (or rejection) in the Senate.

And rejection is par for the course as a model.

The options left for the BOJ all seem extreme.” In some ways, Japan’s rejection of Kuroda-nomics is a consequence of inflated expectations.

In a statement, Saudi Arabia said it “affirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it.

The SEC rejected a number of proposals recently, though it eventually stayed its rejection of three of them and will reconsider them.

The platform also doesn’t reflect the candidate’s rejection of the invasion of Iraq or his more moderate stance on same-sex marriage.

“I absolutely had no read on that whatsoever,” he says.Immediately following his rejection, he said that he regretted telling JoJo that he loved her.

Among me and my disabled friends, there’s also general fear of rejection, a fear of failure.

There was a total and institutional rejection of the advice of economic experts by the Leave campaign.

The options left for the BOJ all seem extreme.” In some ways, Japan’s rejection of Kuroda-nomics is a consequence of inflated expectations.

A lot of rejection In 2012, Perkins had already tasted success once.

rejection is just part of the process,” Perkins says.

“Becky personifies the cruel rejection of Black women’s bodies through a small-minded policing of white beauty standards.”

Trump has left little doubt of his complete rejection of the Obama approach, tweeting just before Kerry’s speech: not anymore.

He says that despite not really knowing his new sibling, he felt her rejection deeply.

High rates of suicide and homelessness in the transgender population can probably be traced back in part to parental rejection.

Ravyn’s saccharine vocals and raw songwriting have a way of making rejection sound like a revelation.

Then after receiving rejection after rejection the company’s founders began to worry.

reforms, and after four decades of rejection, we passed a V.A.

But its radical rejection of the State Department’s mission is useful for understanding the White House’s foreign policy priorities.

You hold onto your rejection letters, I’m sure, right?

Ideas about “criminal” immigrants, fears of infiltrators, and rejection of refugees are clanging those same nativist bells Reynolds sounded.

Watching Ingrid’s pain as she experiences rejection is excruciating, even if the route toward that point is very funny.

We hope rejection in a sentence examples were helpful.