Regard in a sentence | Use of the word regard examples

“Of course, we regard that as a road map for prosecution, for future prosecution.”

They are being released by the tens of thousands into our communities with no regard for the impact on public safety or resources.

But the company added it would fully respect international community decisions on rules and sanctions in regard to Iran.

The answer is that with regard to Hillary Clinton, they heard a lot about email.

With regard to Trump, they heard about nothing in particular.

It’s a strict reading of Sharia by a sultan who seems to have little regard for it.

“Honor” may be defined as the currency of this regard.

It also made an exception for specific committees of Congress without regard to any need.

Trump’s worldwide network of business interests gives rise to unusually severe risks in the latter regard.

I think we should not regard that there’s an obligation for Silicon Valley to save the rest of the country.

I’m completely dense in that regard.

But if Trump is not rational (and when has he been in regard to this investigation?

And that will always be the case if you approach legislation without regard for the views of the other side.

Rather, it remains commonplace for men to brag about sex with women, without regard for what the women themselves may want.

In this regard, I am compelled to see these images as devotional icons.

This violence of fascinated observation, conscious or subconscious, is true with regard to many things including class, gender, sexuality, and so on.

Mueller “doesn’t want to participate in anything that he might regard as a political spectacle,” Nadler told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow earlier this month.

“Any suggestion in that regard is absolutely false – it is demonstrably false,” defense attorney Eric Dubelier said.

And in that regard, they’re just another guy with an opinion.” The New York Archdiocese did not return “60 Minutes”’ request for comment.

And in that regard, they’re just another guy with an opinion.” The New York Archdiocese did not return “60 Minutes”’ request for comment.

Others regard it as one of the driving forces behind widespread student protests against the French government’s proposed labor law reform.

Others regard it as one of the driving forces behind widespread student protests against the French government’s proposed labor law reform.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads LOS ANGELES — Living in Los Angeles, I regard water in practical terms.

Today, however, the ideology of democracy has taken fiercer hold, elites are held in low regard, and those failsafes are themselves failing.

In part, Guedes appears to regard the pension reform as an economic panacea.

“The vice president yesterday said we’re going to have a conversation on Monday with regard to firearms.

The vice president yesterday said we’re going to have a conversation on Monday with regard to firearms.

So we need to have a national conversation with regard to our gun laws, and I think it starts, hopefully, Monday.

The first sentence of his statement mentioned Las Vegas specifically, with regard to the bump stocks.

There’s a loophole that we need to close in that regard.

They found WebMD, along with its sister site Medscape, were the top recipients of industry dollars: They’re not alone in that regard.

He doesn’t seem to regard it as a metaphor for a more sensible immigration policy.

The exhibition ends with a homage to the more outlandish artistic renderings of conspiracy theory, especially with regard to science-fiction.

The tech industry broadly is pathetic in this regard, and the venture industry is worse.

A new rule with regard to how patent suits are filed went into effect Dec. 1.

Of course, the resolution of a charge is ultimately the Crown’s decision, having regard to all relevant considerations.

Sex is the other, and nobody lingers in the public consciousness in that regard as much as Brigitte Bardot.

Q: What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

“Some people regard a number of its stories as unreliable,” Tribe wrote of Palmer.

“Latin America is really a mixed bag in this regard,” said Fernández.

Tuesday’s acquisition of Serge Ibaka is meant to help in that regard.

The latest piece of evidence in this regard comes from Gall, who recently took to Twitter with the following update.

I think Stephen has been right about a few things, with regard to the Fed’s treatment of interest rates, especially,” Cramer said.

With that being said, I think there are diminishing returns in regard to his mileage.

With that being said, I think there are diminishing returns in regard to his mileage.

This G7 meeting doesn’t fit the template particularly with regard to trade,” said Quincy Krosby, chief market strategist at Prudential Financial.

“Low-income communities, communities of color — we get hit first and worst for everything bad with regard to the environment.

How easy it is, indeed how inevitable, to reach the same conclusion with regard to state laws denying same-sex couples marital status.

I think Walmart’s their biggest competitor in that regard, in terms of waking up and understanding.

“He [Jackson] was really angry when he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War.

The United States does not regard the National Constituent Assembly as legitimate and has previously imposed sanctions on other people involved in it.

“His decision to issue a blanket restoration, without regard to the nature of the crimes committed doesn’t speak of mercy.

My dad was in the military, I have a lot of regard for the military, and I couldn’t be in the military.

But things change very rapidly in that regard.

Many indigenous peoples also hold animals in a special, sometimes deified, regard.

JIM ACOSTA: Can you state for the record which outlets that you and the president regard as the enemy of the people?

In that regard, conservatives’ ideal legislation is looking less and less likely.

Because the regard of those men is what will predict how things go.

“I had extensive conversations with the producers in regard to Lara Jean’s style,” Han says.

The right has been extremely effective in this regard.

But the left’s infrastructure is less developed in that regard.

Soon after his appearance on Arsenio Hall, Clinton showed that his regard for the black community only went so far.

Conversely, cleaning house with regard to Franken and Conyers would leave Democrats in a stronger position.

It’s very similar to spam in that regard.

Oil pulling marks a departure for me in this regard, as the oral health treatment is some 3,000 years old.

3 people in the leadership hierarchy — Reps. Steny Hoyer (MD) and Clyburn — are basically identical to Pelosi in this regard.

And in that regard, his experience defending operations like last week’s ICE sweep will be crucial.

With regard to Soutine, few discount the impact of the life lived on the art created.

I’m also fine with a regard of complete indifference.

In that regard, solo sex might be the perfect vehicle, especially for people with less experience with meditation.

This is particularly important in regard to the sale of surveillance equipment to authoritarian regimes, or countries with a poor human rights record.

One of the last things you said in that interview with Alan was in regard to how pervasive electronic music has become.

Rohingya regard themselves as native to Rakhine State.

(I don’t think that is completely fair in regard to this program, but I do think it is how many feel.)

The United States and other powers do not regard Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Palestinians regard the ancient city – which contains sites sacred to the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths – as the future capital of a separate state.

“I do not regard that goal as realistic.”

My friends were getting increasingly skeptical of the show, but I promised that the premiere is really the worst offender in that regard.

Eddie’s a freaking comedic genius, and Nolte can hold his own in that regard as well.

Ginsburg inspires people, as the popularity of the recent documentary RBG shows, but Sotomayor may prove even more successful in this regard.

There was, apparently, no regard for the role of Congress in any of this.

In one regard, yes.

We’ll get to that, but the whole system’s broken, in that regard.

With regard to the bill, it said the government had put a stop to legislation on the matter.

The king can do little wrong in this regard.

“This is very dangerous territory we are going into with regard to our democracy,” he told Reuters.

His incompetence, his hair, his lack of regard for pomp and manners.

Trump’s election gave the caucus a unique opportunity in this regard.

Those decisions are supposed to be made by the FBI and the Justice Department without regard to the political preferences of the White House.

But Final Fantasy XV, like Duke Nukem Forever before it, is unique in that regard.

Irrationality is more like food in this regard than like illicit drugs.

I was subjected to strip searches in front of grinning white officers who seemed to have no regard for my humanity.

Researchers will have spent decades choosing what data machines learn from and how they learn without regard to what the future implications might be.

We were successful in that regard.

No such announcement with regard to the Office of Engagement has been made.”

Speaking of good examples — Scandinavia is a front-runner in regard to looking at waste as a resource rather than just a nuisance.

“Red Hook is one of a kind in that regard.

In that regard, Trump is right that Democrats have leverage here, but it’s not exactly clear that they are “holding” up the process.

Wellness trends and self-care trends — going out doesn’t align with people’s goals in that regard.

Little progress has been made, particularly with regard to representation from black and Latinx employees.

But in one very important regard, it’s surprisingly broad.

In that regard, we continue to see the September FOMC meeting as the most likely time for the Fed to move on rates.”

Republicans like Ryan regard that 2011 showdown as a profound defeat, even though roughly four-fifths of the Bush tax cuts remained intact.

Trump’s pledges to jail Hillary Clinton are distressing in that regard, but they obscure the wider institutional changes he could usher in.

“We feel forgotten — we have a chip on our shoulders in that regard,” North Carolina state Rep. Josh Dobson said of the region.

“She taught him to regard failure as a calamity.

“The AfD has seen some success in this regard,” he said.

But Vermont’s legislation only legalized marijuana possession, not sales — meaning the Northern Mariana Islands is ahead of all states in this regard.

The film — which won Balagov the Best Director Prize in the festival’s Un Certain regard competition — is not easy to watch.

But he doesn’t need to fire Mueller to change the shape and scope of the investigation, and Whitaker seems abundantly clear in this regard.

Americans are not exceptional in this regard.

“In the minds of some people, they regard Hong Kong as still under British rule.

In this regard, Math Magazine is not for the audience that can be satiated by this material.

He’s never said anything insulting about blacks, or to suggest that he doesn’t hold them in high regard.

It’s the result of truly distinct beliefs about policy issues, and perhaps in that regard the reluctance to cross party lines is rational.

In both cases, this seems to be especially true with regard to the issue of abortion.

Most Democratic professionals seemed to regard him as clearly the less electable choice.

What are you doing in that regard?

(Its closest predecessor in this regard might be the brutal, transfixing French film Martyrs.)

Despite that outcome, Freed is still held in high regard inside the company.

And I have very high regard for Larry Page and Demis Hassabis, but I do think that there’s value to some independent oversight.

Crank this one loud, often, and with zero regard for noise ordinances.

Interestingly, as Roarty notes, Lamb is not alone in this regard.

If you roll back to 2010, it began to look like Boeing had a real problem in this regard.

Sanders has been on quite a tear with regard to Amazon and Bezos in recent months.

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona described Ryan as “very unpopular” in his district, while regard for Trump is “pretty high.”

Even Shanahan had been picked by Mattis for the deputy job and held him in high regard, officials say.

So in that regard, though, Europe, opposite stance.

“I don’t regard them as a threat, I regard them as a worthy competitor.”

The museum does not provide information in this regard, nor are shared or contrasting traits evident in its specific selections.

We’ll let them think and make their proposals and suggestions in this regard.

I’m hopeful in that regard.

In this regard, we mentioned this proposal to the president.

I think we are a little spoiled in that regard.

He does this completely without regard to overall strategy or his own incentives.

Each one of those scenes is thoughtfully choreographed with regard to space, movement, sound, and energy.

None of his readers would escape the impression that he had an investigative regard for his material.

Of particular note in this regard is the Federal Reserve.

In one regard, the Republicans are correct: Terrorism is deadlier than it was eight years ago (although it did decline from 2014 to 2015).

I try not to do that because I have relationships in the NFL that I hold in high regard and are dear to me.

Moreover, the president has behaved remarkably badly in regard to the investigation into the 2016 campaign.

“In the minds of some people, they regard Hong Kong as still under British rule.

My feminist series explores the socio-historical influences on beliefs and behaviors with regard to contemporary gender issues.

It’s become too easy to regard people in power as caricatures, acting outside of time.

Grace, on the other hand, addresses the line between his character-self and his actual self, especially with regard to his mental state.

“We don’t regard them as part of us,” Didak said.

In this thematic regard, there’s stability, but in the structures themselves, there is not.

“Express with us the concern, outrage … with regard to Iran’s activities in the region.

In regard to the US, it has little to no influence in this matter.

As US District Judge James Peterson wrote in regard to Wisconsin, the new voting restrictions are often “a cure worse than the disease.”

Do you think that Trump has any regard for what’s true?

I think that if the truth is not congenial to him, he has no regard for it.

This has reinforced the popular sentiment in the province that Khuzestan’s wealth is extracted with little regard for the wellbeing of its citizens.

“I guess I’m proud of how far I’ve come in that regard.

“Not only we will scrupulously respect the formal procedure, but we will also hold any ECB recommendations in the highest regard,” he added.

“Our democracy depends on public servants who act with integrity and hold transparency in the highest regard.”

Not once did it allow me to plead my case in that regard or even get off easily by paying a fine.

Many men have a lot to learn in this regard.

“In this regard, the position of the Korean Government is not different from that of the US Government.”

The new media landscape represents a great opportunity in this regard.

“Fundamental problems also exist with regard to the due process and fair trial rights of the accused,” Shaheed said at Thursday’s press conference.

This, he said, shows “how little regard” Tulsa police have for the community’s minorities.

A comparable situation applies with regard to racism.

The other big worry, especially with regard to Pakistan, is that nuclear weapons will somehow fall into the hands of terrorists.

Trump’s poor taste in this regard possibly explains the massive failure of his Trump Steaks business.

Some argue that, because of this unfairness, college degrees in general are a scam and should not be held in such high regard.

But it also means that the only alternative to Clinton is a candidate the party leaders don’t regard as viable.

“The approach I’ve taken in the book across the board is relatively agnostic, in regard to God, the Devil, UFOs.

Unlike Somalis, the bandits in Southeast Asia aren’t interested in kidnapping or ransom, so they have little regard for the life of seafarers.

Krzysztof Wodiczko’s “Veteran’s Flame” is most affecting in this regard.

SM: I suppose White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is a pretty important figure in this regard.

But because the Court didn’t make a formal legal finding in this regard, the statement was just dicta, or rhetoric.)

With regard to Secretary Clinton and some of the comments I made, I do believe that that could place me objectivity in question.

Israel, the United States and other Western countries regard Hamas as a terrorist organization.

(Whether the series succeeds in this regard is up to the viewer to decide.)

But Obama’s initiatives, particularly with regard to broadband and spectrum, will be almost universally viewed as laudable.

But advocates regard this as a first step at best.

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is neutral in regard to party politics and election campaigns,” they said.

They regard their northern neighbor as an almost mythological place, a wealth of resources they can only dream of having access to.

“We kill in order to live, and in this regard we share something with animals.

Using the term “partner” can feel complicated despite—or perhaps because of—its neutrality with regard to gender and marital status.

And Republicans did a fair amount of optimization to make the numbers work in this regard.

They are a form of robot, in some regard, if you think about a mobile robot, and someone’s sitting in this mobile robot.

Without fear, without favoritism, and certainly without regard to any partisan influence.” Would you stand up to the president if necessary?

But, in this regard, some dark web markets arguably have even better user security than many large, online services.

“I have to make the point again with regard to vouchers for students with disabilities,” Lowey said.

In that regard, there’s really not a lot of difference.

The show’s centerpiece, “White House v. America” (2018), sets the tone in this regard.

The reason why we continue to hold Roku in such high regard is that unlike its competitors, it’s a platform-agnostic company.

In this regard, Faruqee’s paintings stand apart from those of her predecessors, such as Josef Albers.

Through these works, we can see the formative experiences of his youth and what inspired him — especially with regard to contemporary art.

Trump’s terrible judgment in this regard is one of the many reasons he’s not qualified for the office.

Still, some opponents of Trump’s Cabinet worry that not nearly enough is being thrown at nominees they regard as unfit for office.

If we regard the path of the Moon, your week follows the trajectory of a stereotypical work week: Monday, you’re thinking about goals.

Well, I have to say, my regard for the press has dropped quite dramatically.

In talking to Scott, I’ve been struck by his warm regard and intimate knowledge of New Zealand.

The Silicon Valley upstart has long been frank about its aims in that regard.

In this regard, the arrangements of corpses may have context, but that doesn’t make them any less unsettling.

So, does it matter in that regard?

In short, the institutional conservative movement appears to regard him as a serious heavyweight thinker on economic policy.

“Also capital allocation, particularly in regard to share buybacks and potential discussion for a dividend.

Would he regard me differently now and worry about my well-being, afraid his daddy was made of glass?

“The [Supreme Court] gave us the possibility of alleviating intolerable suffering, and the bill does not take sufficient measures in that regard.”

According to Schultz, the staff consider BRIC a “presenter of free cultural and arts programming,” and a city leader in this regard.

However, Antetokounmpo didn’t always hold his head coach in such high regard, particularly after being benched during his second season.

“So we don’t know who’s doing the killing in that regard.”

The current landscape of easily hacked devices isn’t very assuring in this regard.”

“So we don’t know who’s doing the killing in that regard.”

Do you have things you find particularly restorative in that regard?

“We regard this as another overt provocation by radical Georgian forces designed to undermine Russian-Georgian relations,” it said in a statement.

Democrats rightly regard this as an alarming development both for their party’s issue agenda and for the stability of American democratic institutions.

In this regard, President Trump stressed that the door was always open for dialogue with Chairman Kim,” the statement said.

“NATO’s policy with regard to Russia has remained unfriendly and opaque,” Medvedev said, according to CNN.

“NATO’s policy with regard to Russia has remained unfriendly and opaque,” Medvedev said, according to CNN.

In this regard, Godfrey’s work shares an affinity with his contemporary Michael Gizzi.

And they have come to regard some of his threats as empty, concluding that crossing the president poses little danger.

He ‘outed’ me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognize as homophobic.

Most countries regard Israeli settlements as illegal, a view that Israel disputes.

Before that, Wills suggests, Ginsberg seemed to regard anything more than trips between New Jersey and New York with thin romanticism and fear.

The US is not unique in this regard, and I don’t think Cruz is saying that America is uniquely evil.

Though Trump is unusually bad in this regard, all presidents make a certain number of rookie mistakes.

Palestinians regard Trump’s move as yet another pro-Israel step.

And in that regard he is following something of a trend.

Early Trump picks were often made without regard to the nominee’s previous stances.

But there are a couple of things to know before toasting the Court’s high regard for privacy in the digital age.

“Some people who know or should know the law in this regard choose to ignore it.

Such an admiration and regard motivates crisis pregnancy centers, for instance, to support mothers in their work of bearing and raising children.

In particular, with regard to his involvement in your firing, which the president has acknowledged was because of the Russian investigation.

In that one regard, at least, this confirmation process is fairly normal.

We seek unconditional positive regard in most aspects of our lives, especially our relationships.”

By sleeping with my boss,” Ivankovich says, I was ensuring I would never get that regard.

Microsoft says it isn’t taking a position on either the European Union case against Android or an earlier EU inquiry with regard to search.

“In the minds of some people, they regard Hong Kong as still under British rule.

“In the minds of some people, they regard Hong Kong as still under British rule.

There is a tendency among immigrant groups to the United States to follow a particular trajectory with regard to cultural and social assimilation.

The Red Crescent, like other aid organizations in Turkey, was “taking necessary measures in this regard, whether within Syria or within Turkey”, he said.

Bellator is perhaps the worst offender in this regard, having infamously pitted a 49-year-old Royce Gracie against a 52-year-old Ken Shamrock earlier this year.

“With regard to differences (on trade) between the United States and China, Japan of course won’t take sides.

“This puts a cloud over the company with regard to the CSeries,” said Bryden Teich, portfolio manager at Avenue Investment Management.

“We absolutely felt this was calculated in terms of timing,” Baker-Porazinski said in regard to the news of the cuts.

Nadler’s letter suggested he, too, would like some clarity in that regard.

In this regard alone, Anne Brigman’s photographs are remarkable.

Large numbers of conservationists regard that as a bad thing.

Things are worse than ever in that regard but at this stage of the season, things have always been just about over.

In regard to the samples, the group of scientists was slightly more divided.

At the end of January, it announced that it will allow insurers to sell plans without regard to Obamacare’s pesky rules.

But as Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy detailed in a New York Times story on Tuesday, social media can be misleading in this regard.

Investors’ complacency in this regard may be warranted.

It’s possible the New Hampshire GOP is unique in this regard — New Hampshire has, if nothing else, some very distinct politics.

In this regard it is like the push kick but without as much danger of being knocked off line.

In this regard, what question should you ask me?

“We are in discussions with our like-minded allies as to the next steps with regard to Saudi Arabia,” Trudeau said.

It is important for all of us to regard these nexuses as sites of decolonial intervention.

But there is a complete lack of regard for these cultural and environmental casualties when planning dams in Southeast Asia.

The far-right believed Trump would bring about cataclysmic change, especially with regard to immigration.

The Rohingya regard themselves as native to western Myanmar.

“So, we’re certainly going to try to get better, but I don’t think you can ever be perfect in that regard.”

Not only with regard to specific people and specific incidents, but also with regard to culture.

Like a rapidly growing city, we’ve built our applications quickly and without regard for the fact they exist in a hostile environment.

Both Assad and the YPG regard Turkey as an enemy.

Personal emojis are a logical fit in that regard.

There’s the main competition and there’s Un Certain regard, which I guess means another look in French.

with regard to Hitler using chemical weapons to kill Jews.

Since my inauguration, we have achieved record-breaking success in that regard.

In this regard, Cameron Clayborn’s sculpture “Coagulate 1” (2017) is patient, proud, and sensual, but never vulgar.

Fox News Sunday unsurprisingly favored guests on the political right, but it wasn’t alone in this regard.

Maybe you believe humans naturally pay more attention to, and empathize more with, the suffering of those they regard as more similar to them.

Not all of Patterson’s pieces were this specifically legible with regard to content.

But lining his pockets with vast sums of public money is the least of the problems with Trump’s conduct in this regard.

According to Lizza, Trump said yes — and the crowd roared their approval: Trump’s fans tend to express little regard for political norms.

A major section of the show focuses on Orientalism, though nothing suggests that Delacroix was unique or pioneering in this regard.

So what has happened recently in that regard?

However, Microsoft’s first effort in this regard, the 2012 introduction of Windows RT, was a massive flop.

Two disarmingly personal short films about her father’s death, Invocations (2013) and Que Sera, Sera (2013), stand out in this regard.

In this regard, Tibú is hardly unique.

He was a global modernist long before the term became fashionable and in that regard he was a true visionary.

I am unique among the 100 senators in that regard,” she told Politico in 2011.

They are shameless.” Resling Books is held in high regard locally for its catalogue of quality theoretical and political publications.

In the past, unions sometimes shied away from knocking down systematic injustices, especially with regard to race.

This theory works on paper though some may regard it as overly optimistic interpretation of the artist’s intent.

It’s a really good movie in that regard.

Traders regard the supply and demand report as the gold standard for crop forecasts.

Human rights organizations regard the Kaibiles as the most barbaric of Guatemala’s units, with its own members calling it a “killing machine.”

But we’re biased in that regard.

More than two dozen witnesses painted a picture of Manafort, 69, as a lavish spender with little regard for the law.

Trump’s advisers are confident, particularly with regard to U.S.-China policy, that a show of strength will play well with his base.

In regard to man-made climate change, Rep. Paul Ryan said, “”I don’t know the answer to that question.

“Honestly, I really think there’s no excuse for bad manners, and I was kind of violating my own rule in that regard.

The Oscars have—in this regard, at least—proved educational, and perhaps we’ll be hearing about inclusion riders more often in the future.

I didn’t regard computers as at all creative, and creativity is a huge part of doing mathematics.

Pharmaceuticals are not unique in this regard; computer software and blockbuster movies share these characteristics.

In this regard, there appears to be an abundance of content to enjoy even if you’re not into creating levels.

Meanwhile, Pence’s record on reproductive rights makes clear he has little regard for women’s health or autonomy.

“The culprit is the construction of massive tourism accommodation, without a proper regard to Bali’s environment.

3) But accusations of Trump’s regard for minorities go back to even before the Central Park jogger.

But Coates’s post underscores the fact that Sanders’s problem in this regard is bigger than any particular issue.

Someday, people will regard and binge The Americans with as much esteem as we reserve for The Sopranos nowadays.

“I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard.

“I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard.

The Rohingya, who regard themselves as native to Rakhine state, are widely considered as interlopers by Myanmar’s Buddhist majority and are denied citizenship.

“Therefore, we have a somewhat conservative outlook with regard to contract hikes in 2019.” Reporting by Rajesh Kumar Singh; Editing by Richard Chang

Is there transparency with regard to his activity with his business interests?

It’s important to remember that none of this really matters with regard to Trump administration policy.

Nevertheless, ancient customs continued to influence Egypt’s broader population, during the Ptolemaic period, especially with regard to religious practices.

Van Soest recognises her potential imperfections in that regard, but she has a camp of high-level mixed martial arts to combat these shortcomings.

Rights watchdogs are particularly alarmed by Yemen’s migrant detention facilities, which they say are being run with no regard for international standards.

Cockroaches are able to get stable, legged locomotion with seemingly simple movements and without much regard for where their feet will land.

The Ted Cruz campaign has outclassed Trump’s people in that regard, placing delegates loyal to the Texas senator in seats won by Trump.

But Vladimir Putin ought not to regard this as an undiluted win, because there are some buried risks for Russia, too.

Munch may have made the painting, and in that regard been in control, but he recognizes that power has its limits.

In short, the institutional conservative movement appears to regard him as a serious heavyweight thinker on economic policy.

Crepinko said the “deathtraps” traffickers used to smuggle migrants showed the lack of regard for their safety.

I don’t know many shows that consistently do right by their characters in this regard.

But Alayna Treene of Axios noted over the weekend that an important partisan divide is opening up in this regard.

The live studio audience seems to give this sort of sitcom an advantage in that regard.

It’s doubtful that Trump is exactly changing what’s in people’s hearts with regard to race.

And in the case of Kavanaugh we are seeing something similar develop with regard to sexual assault.

The restaurant has strict rules with regard to its rabbit selection and cooking process.

Trump, though a rare candidate in this regard, deserves a different label.

I can’t hold someone in much higher regard.

It was a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial.

Trump is like other Republicans in this regard.

But beyond that, the sole criticism to be seen repeated is in regard to the trailer’s music.

But we are awaiting the Mueller report in that regard.

But this regard for her will is what first softens Beauty’s heart.

He alleged that Trump “told lies, plain and simple” with regard to why Comey was fired.

They were victims of their own success in that regard.

(You could argue that things have actually gone backward in this regard just a little bit, and I probably wouldn’t disagree all that much.)

A lot of the younger generations are feeling different with regard to black pride and black power.

“The side effects of antidepressants are not pleasant, but most people regard severe memory loss as a much bigger risk,” he told me.

And we have to protect ourselves and our allies in that regard.

One is that most people are risk-averse with regard to their health insurance coverage.

Right, so they’ll let you speak up, but not do much in that regard.

In his introduction, he says, in regard to his practice, “I’m always in doubt.

In this regard, Facebook has been the epicenter.

Israel isn’t alone in this regard.

I think Stephen has been right about a few things, with regard to the Fed’s treatment of interest rates, especially,” Cramer said.

I am the first nanny of ability who refused to regard it as guilt.

You get clarity with regard to what’s happening in your mind.

We’re relatively modern in that regard.

And the show’s fragmented design, with all of those characters scattered to the winds, doesn’t help in that regard.

But it’s also a looming warning against cutting corners without regard for life — and one we can’t afford to forget.

Bosch has always had great casting, so it’s had a leg up in this regard.

In this regard, Sutil’s works become a material manifestation of a meditation on time, an uncoded pulsating message delivered to the viewer.

I wish him and the agency the best with regard to that goal.”

We’ve had a lot of luck in this regard, because we’re really doing things that no one has ever done before.

“It fits the limits of human cognition.” In this regard, the abacus provides some important take-homes when it comes to learning.

Most countries regard Israel’s settlements as illegal.

The deliberators at the MPAA have also demonstrated clear biases with regard to female and queer pleasure.

(Since gene drives spread through a population with no regard for national borders, every country with a malarial mosquito population is potentially a stakeholder.)

And the CEO’s doing a far better job than I ever could have in that regard.

To avoid any further confusion as to Black Bear Bar’s stance in this regard, tonight’s show is cancelled.

“Any instructions you leave with regard to your body are really advice,” Madoff said.

In this regard, the law hasn’t much changed in a century.

It was a private, ten-course meal with the prostitutes coming in for dessert and no shame, and no regard for money.

Open elections are certainly better in this regard.

There’s good evidence that stricter gun control would save lives in regard to suicides.

Supply-side targets make sense in that regard.

My own learning experience in this regard wasn’t fun, but I survived, and I grew.

That final image of Janine cradling Angela in front of a window where snow softly fell was a gorgeous one in this regard.

Handed out tax cuts without regard to deficits.

In this regard, Twitter, this most contemporary of media, performs a crucial democratic function.

If you were to talk to anybody outside of Brazil, “Mas Que Nada” is probably what they’d regard as the Brazilian anthem.

It was a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial.

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is neutral in regard to party politics and election campaigns,” they said.

And change in this regard really can come from the top down.

His mother is suing Phi Kappa Psi for negligence with regard to drinking, partying and pledge hazing.

We no longer respect nature as a shared gift; instead, we regard it as a private possession.

In at least one regard, however, those who worry about an overreaction to Trump are correct.

And at least in this regard, there is nothing exceptional about our current predicament.

[Baskets] is really interesting in that regard.

In these final paintings of the exhibit, we see most clearly Degas’s empathy and regard for the milliners.

He’s going to do what he wants to do with no regard for larger obligations.

Tillerson fell in line with Trump in that regard, saying the administration was not “going to signal an increase, decrease, timing, any of that.

How special is LSD in this regard?This is unusual.

It would also be plausible for the Trump team to regard this as too risky.

It makes sense that he’d regard those as unwelcome bureaucratic constraints.

Even with emerging skepticism of tough-on-crime attitudes, though, today’s politicians are still too cautious to emulate the founders in this regard.

In this regard, DiBenedetto is a relentless experimenter committed to working in oil paint on a stretched canvas.

Tillerson said the US’ main objective with regard to the east is a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

I will challenge anybody with regard to my record on LGBT issues.

(Trump’s hawkish rhetoric on trade doesn’t bode well in that regard.)

“In this regard, establishing dialogue between the Kurds and Damascus takes on particular significance.

And so there’s a possibility of a fine coming up for Mark Zuckerberg in that regard.

“It’s possible that what counts as an emotional and arousing experience is always relative and with regard to our own personal baselines.”

Now there’s inherent advantages on the web to this regard, I’m not sure they’re always taken advantage of.

“Luckily for me, I regard most of the accounts of The Smiths story as utter—not utter, well yeah, utter—bullshit.

Palestinians regard Trump’s move as yet another pro-Israel step.

“With regard to our situation do not be worried at all.

Millennials also hold Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp in higher regard than members of Gen Z do.

In that regard, how are facial expressions mapped and morphed in a satisfying way from actor to the non-human forms of Snoke and Maz?

Whether I Love You, Daddy is actually as smart and self-aware as it acts, though, I still regard as an open question.

Ostensibly, the awards honor “artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.”

Now, a new analysis by the Brookings Institution takes stock of the terrible toll the civil war has taken in that regard.

A big problem with this, however, is that data show Instagram has been gaining on Snapchat in this regard over the last few months.

In that regard, it’s an incredible cinematic artifact that deserves to be reconsidered and appreciated once more.

So I asked eight lawyers and experts if he can, specifically with regard to Twitter.

History does spin forward in that regard.

But recently, YouTube has received particular criticism for its moderation policies with regard to harassment of LGBTQ groups and individuals on the platform.

Crepinko said the “deathtraps” traffickers used to smuggle migrants showed the lack of regard for their safety.

The information in regard to the sharks is indefinite and I hardly believe that Vansant was bitten by a man-eater.”

Nazarbayev retains sweeping powers and many observers regard Tokayev, a career diplomat, as little more than a figurehead.

Our employees make this work possible, and we hold them in the highest regard.

He seems to be invisible in this regard.

In retrospect, some Chinese artists and activists regard Xiao Lu’s gunfire as “the first shot” signaling what would become the pro-democracy movement.

The Shakers are not plentiful today; their rejection of marriage and procreation probably didn’t help matters in that regard.

It was done with no regard for the lives and safety of these individuals who law enforcement has a duty to protect.”

Large tech companies in particular have enormous power and are held in high regard.

3 people in the leadership hierarchy — Reps. Steny Hoyer (MD) and Clyburn — are basically identical to Pelosi in this regard.

And, in regard to Putin, it’s what George W. Bush attempted to do….

And the law in that regard is pretty far-reaching.

Elon Musk is held in high regard around the world.

The agency or official starts to regard the object of evaluation as a constituency that must be supported.

But there is hope for Morales in this regard, as well.

I’ve been lucky to have had great role models in this regard.

He was fearless in that regard.

Gorsuch, befitting a jurist with a sense of personal dignity, denounced some of Trump’s excesses in this regard.

All of these factors play a part in her art without it ever becoming overtly autobiographical: she is not a storyteller in that regard.

“We have replied,” the doctor wrote, that “we would not regard the usage of our powders as presenting any hazard.”

Trump campaigned in 2016 and has governed on a tough law-and-order stance in regard to immigrants.

But some of his most serious allegations regard the current Mexican president.

He added that this was often the case, describing the country as a “complete black hole” of information in regard to arrests.

“I don’t regard no deal as national suicide.

PEG tells us Adore’s allegations are “categorically inaccurate in every regard, including [Adore’s] income, expenses and PEG’s commissions.”

“On behalf of all who have failed in this regard, I offer my sincerest apology.

“On behalf of all who have failed in this regard, I offer my sincerest apology.

Shammo also clarified what the company is and isn’t doing this year and next with regard to next-generation 5G technology.

It’s similar, in that regard, to The Sopranos’ contemporaries The Wire and Deadwood, but its ambitions are often even larger.

Many of the events the team regard as most significant, like the president’s address at Hiroshima, are almost footnotes in the American media.

The judge accepted the Divisional Court’s conclusion that people were detained without “regard for the individual characteristics or conduct of each class member.”

Anyone who loves comedy or animation should regard it as essential viewing.

Because Hei’s family continued to speak the Chaozhou dialect, some Cambodians would always regard them as foreigners.

Her dissatisfaction with her life seeps out of her every pore, especially in regard to her waning marriage.

The first thing about that is that we do regard Twitch as a full-time job.

Most people — and certainly all mainstream journalists — would regard it as bizarre to waste valuable time during a debate to discuss such a hypothetical.

Under Armour has since released a statement saying Plank’s comments were in regard to Trump’s business policies, not his social viewpoints.

Her work is … kind of gross in regard to her process and really muddy colors.

In regard to public art commissions in Denver, the first for me was at the convention center.

In this regard, Schor and Badura-Triska’s light curatorial touch succeeds in bringing viewer and artwork together in active engagement.

“It’s bittersweet in that regard.

Mostly, though, they want to lay down a marker at what they regard as a center of intolerance for conservative views.

In that regard, a 1996 shoot for Vibe with Biggie and Faith Evans stands out.

We fail to regard other cuisines as competition and we are slow to adopt new marketing opportunities, such as social media platforms.”

In surveys of county-level party leaders, for instance, officials say that they mostly recruit professionals and that they regard workers as worse candidates.

So in that regard, it’s super important.

A few studies have shown that conservatives hold protesters in disproportionately low regard, but they were conducted with liberal ’60s protests as backdrop.

I wear a collar, but I don’t regard it as mine.

“China is willing to continue playing a proactive role in this regard,” it added.

You have to regard the workplace as though it is your home.

Batman v Superman dealt with question about superhero morality, especially with regard to the collateral damage caused by superhero action.

“Glasshouse Fiori” — a series of glass reeds, plants, and flowers convincingly interspersed among the flora in a conservatory arcade — is representative in this regard.

Yeah, banking has been slower in that regard.

The new season doesn’t let up in that regard, as its twists and turns pull off a three-season hat trick.

Sometimes teams even worked around that last part, which started to feel a little sketchy, but any complaints in that regard were largely muted.

The GOP tax plan would make that problem — and most Americans regard it as a major problem — even worse.

So in that regard, there is a ritualistic feel to it, but that’s easily framed along the conventional lines of nonhuman animal violence.

“Viewers may no longer regard a lovely face as sufficient ground for respect, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a prerequisite.”

His philosophy of painting pervaded his writing as well, prioritizing the description of an artwork’s interior logic without regard to theoretical systems.

Vollero says that “you’re thinking of the right key drivers” for Q4 in regard to the mention of football and holidays.

“Before determining whether it is true or not, I realized the people of the North and South regard our talks as important,” Ahn said.

And federal projects like the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Plan were carried out with little regard to the potential impact on Native Americans.

Everybody knows exactly where we are on that regard,” Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) told Vox.

The only thing Cook gets wrong is when he says Apple is in an “unusual” position in that regard.

On the other hand, Sanders could come up with a bill so costly and disruptive that Senate Democrats regard it as politically radioactive.

In this regard, I felt better but not whole.

A lot of these players are ushered through a system without much regard for their academic development.

Social media companies can, and do, remove content with little regard for its evidentiary value.

I don’t see anything good about a situation in which athletes are held in higher regard than any other student on campus.

It was for Fox News viewers, and in that regard, it was a home run.

Russia and the U.S. will work jointly (in this regard).

But such a narrow purview, specifically with regard to Apple, misses some important points.

While there’s certainly a similarity here, Madigan’s argument is more pointed with regard to Oprah’s status and inequality in America.

With regard to Schumer, it’s hard to figure out where the so-called backlash ends and the genuine questions about her comedic integrity begin.

Trump, who appears to have little regard for the truth, might be at particularly high risk of perjuring himself.

Last month the company bought startup Xamarin, whose tools help in that regard.

In this regard, the smartphone hardware landscape will start to feel similar to the PC hardware landscape.

In that regard, the (China-U.S.) talks do not alleviate concerns over the region’s growth outlook.

In this regard, they are a far cry from the current, popular go-tos of Japanese cuisine.

It was more of a pop production in that regard.

Trump has been nicer with regard to Barra.

They did add some really good people also, like Julie Henderson from Fox, who I have great regard for.

In that regard, achieving the goals of the People’s Cultural Plan requires both community leverage and the resources of CreateNYC.

Well, I have to say, my regard for the press has dropped quite dramatically.

Now you’re to 80 hours, so it’s like totally manageable in that regard.

Yeah, 80 or 90 … You’re just like a regular lawyer in that regard.

And I have very high regard for Larry Page and Demis Hassabis, but I do think that there’s value to some independent oversight.

Either way, Trump seems to regard it as an idea that gets good ratings.

Some regard the spike as yet another sporadic outbreak of hostilities.

With regard to Secretary Clinton and some of the comments I made, I do believe that that could place me objectivity in question.

They have been denied citizenship in Myanmar, where many Buddhists regard them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Much of the international community cut aid to the Palestinians in Hamas-controlled areas because they regard Hamas as a terrorist organization.

But 2017 is slightly different in this regard.

With regard to myself, seeing my film on the big screen was very important because it was made for the big screen.

I think that the question of demographically who’s most impacted, I can say with regard to the Russia scenario, African-Americans were really targeted.

One of the sources ruled out the discussion would regard the potential involvement of Atlantia in the rescue of trouble flagship carrier Alitalia.

You also get to see attractive people enacting those tropes, which gives film a boost over novels in this regard.

JZ: It depends what we regard as modern.

Rush hour occurs at breakneck pace and largely with scant regard for your fellow rats.

Under the circumstances, it’s not clear why Trumpworld figures would regard discussions with Russian officials or Russia-linked figures as problematic.

However, she says the main mistake women make with regard to exercising is focusing on aesthetics, rather than health.

We hope regard in a sentence examples were helpful.